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Phantom Operative insignia

The Phantom Program is the title used for a covert, multinational unit of elite soldiers in the Battlefield universe that was active during the War of 2020 for unknown purposes. While the force had no apparent role in the outcome of events in the war, they were known to have been active by the time of the United States' Invasion of Mainland China .

In the real world, the Phantom Program is an Alternate reality game that DICE Stockholm and DICE LA created and continually expanded on throughout the course of Battlefield 4's supported lifetime. The ARG was facilitated through special Phantom assignments that were added to the game with each expansion and had their requirements initially hidden, and were only unlocked through the efforts of the community to solve various puzzles both in the real world and in-game.

In-Universe Overview [ ]

While specific details of the nature of Phantom Program and it's purpose are mostly uncertain, it is known to have been made up of specially selected soldiers from the military forces of the United States , Russian Federation , People's Republic of China , and later the Pan-Asian Coalition . Agents in the program are known to have special skull-patterned camouflages for their uniforms and weapons, and trained to use the Phantom compound bow in combat.

The Program's selection process for units consists of four "phases": Prospects, Trainees, Initiates, and Operatives. In order to access each phase, members of the Phantom Program had to access a special login system and enter specific codes to activate each phase, excluding Phase 4, which has a "Physical access restriction" and requires the agent to physically make their way to one of the Program's bases to continue.

Two confirmed bases of operation for the Program are known, one located in a secret military hangar operated by the PAC in Siberia, and the other located in the Harau Valley of Indonesia. Particularly, the Siberian facility is where soldiers who had arrived at Phase 4 of the Program's selection process were activated as Phantom Operatives and given the Phantom bow for later use.

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Real World Overview [ ]

  • 1 Battlefield 2042
  • 3 Battlefield 2042 online ranks
  • Battlefield 1

This is a checked version of this page

Main Page > List of Investigations > Battlefield 1

This wiki page documents the ARG that is hidden in Battlefield 1 . This page includes step-by-step instructions to unlock the secret A Beginning , A Conflict , An Omen , Angel Sighting , and Belly of the Beast dog tags, the An Escalation skin, as well as the Peacekeeper revolver and its associated service dog tag called An Awakening . Currently, the primary solving hub for this ARG is the Battlefield Easter Egg community, who have a Discord server here , a wiki here , and a YouTube channel here .

In addition to the main ARG/Easter egg which unlocks the secret dog tags and skin, there are several other prominent Easter eggs which have been discovered in the game:

(Note: Main ARG/Easter egg is disabled in password-protected servers!)

  • 1.1 Headphone Locations
  • 1.2 Fall Update
  • 1.3.1 Symbols
  • 1.3.2 Second Message
  • 1.3.3 Third Message
  • 1.3.4 Fourth Message
  • 1.3.5 Fifth Message
  • 1.3.6 Sixth Message
  • 1.3.7 Seventh Message
  • 1.3.8 Eighth Message
  • 1.3.9 Ninth Message
  • 1.3.10 A Beginning
  • 1.3.11 Additional Resources
  • 2.1 Four Square Cipher
  • 2.2 Lights Out
  • 2.3 Tile Puzzle
  • 2.4 A Conflict
  • 3.1 Skull Icons
  • 3.2 Location and Code
  • 3.3 Albion Morse
  • 3.4 Using the Code
  • 3.5 An Escalation
  • 4.1 Morse Messages
  • 4.2 Letters to Numbers
  • 4.3 An Omen
  • 5.1 River Somme
  • 5.2 Carporetto
  • 5.3 Passchendale

Headphones and Morse code

One pair of headphones is hidden on each map. The headphones are indestructible and can be located on every server, as long as they have not already been picked up. It appears that there are 5 spawn locations per map, although some of them remain undiscovered. The headphones can be picked up by any player by walking over them. Upon approaching a hidden telegraph station after having retrieved a pair of headphones, the player will hear some Morse code being tapped out. A player can carry only one pair of headphones at a time, and only the player wearing the headphones will be able to hear the Morse code when near enough to a hidden telegraph station.

Headphone Locations

Here is is a series of images which display locations of headphones and telegraph station on each map. In order to hear the Morse code, the player needs to pick up the headphones from one of the 5 locations on each map (It might be necessary to check all 5 locations before finding the headphones) and bring them to the telegraph station.

( Note: you can click each image to get a larger version. )

battlefield 1 phantom program

Argonne Forest

battlefield 1 phantom program

Ballroom Blitz

battlefield 1 phantom program

Empire's Edge

battlefield 1 phantom program

Fao Fortress

battlefield 1 phantom program

Monte Grappa

battlefield 1 phantom program

Sinai Desert

battlefield 1 phantom program

St. Quentin Scar

battlefield 1 phantom program

When the headphones and telegraph stations were first discovered, the Morse code was meaningless gibberish. However, the contents of the Morse code changed in future patches.

Fall Update

On November 15th, Battlefield 1 received an update which changed the Morse code heard on all maps' hidden telegraph stations to the following:

Additionally, the patch changed the following:

  • Ballroom Blitz had a telegraph station and headphones added to it, whereas pre-patch it was the only map with neither
  • The spawn locations of many headphones on most maps were changed
  • The above Morse message now plays on loop until the telegraph station eventually explodes, although this appears to be buggy
  • Once the telegraph station explodes, headphones stop spawning on the map
  • Dying after having retrieved a pair of headphones will no longer cause a new pair of headphones to spawn
  • Only one pair of headphones will spawn upon the initiation of a round on each map

Winter Update

On February 14, the Winter Update was released. The Morse code changed again, to the following message:

Each user hears a different location name; locations are randomly assigned to players. There are 27 locations total: 3 locations on each of the 9 maps. In order to advance through the Easter egg, you need to know which location you are assigned; here is a tutorial (courtesy of Dunem) to help you read your Morse code. This is the list of locations, along with their respective maps, in alphabetical order:

  • CRATE JABAL JIFAR : Sinai Desert
  • FERRO FIRE VENETIAN : Monte Grappa
  • HILL BARN ADRIATIC : Empire Edge
  • HOTEL CHECK PERONNE : St. Quentin Scar
  • OUTPOST BARREL FAW : Fao Fortress
  • PILLOW MAZAR JIFAR : Sinai Desert
  • RUIN VENTURE PERONNE : St. Quentin Scar
  • TRAVECY ATTIC PERONNE : St. Quentin Scar
  • TREE FORTRESS FAW : Fao Fortress

The message will repeat until you move away from the telegraph station, at which point the telegraph station will explode. Each of the locations mentioned above has a symbol near it.

The first symbols discovered at each location are difficult to find; they are small double arrows pointing to the left and right, and only appear when the player comes within 0.4 meters. A player will typically need to crouch or go prone in order to be able to see their symbol. Additionally, players can only see the symbol at the location they've been "assigned" to. When examining a symbol up close, a distinct sound is played ( video ). Pictured below are all 27 symbol locations, sorted by the map they appear on (maps made by Darrel).

NOTE: If you're having trouble finding your location with the images below, Jambajeww has made a video guide for all 27 locations, with timestamps for each location in the description of the video.

battlefield 1 phantom program


battlefield 1 phantom program


battlefield 1 phantom program


battlefield 1 phantom program


battlefield 1 phantom program


battlefield 1 phantom program


battlefield 1 phantom program


battlefield 1 phantom program


battlefield 1 phantom program


Second Message

battlefield 1 phantom program

After a player discovers their symbol, returning to a telegraph station with headphones yields another message in Morse code. Additionally, the telegraph station's lights glow yellow instead of their usual white when broadcasting this message. The message starts with one of the above location names, but reversed:


An L PILL is short for lethal pill , a pill intended to be taken by soldiers to commit suicide rather than be tortured. Visiting the specified reversed location, the second location, yields a triangle symbol in place of the normal double-arrow symbol. The second symbol appears in the exact same spot that the first symbol may appear for other players.

Third Message

battlefield 1 phantom program

After a player discovers the triangle symbol at their second location, returning to a telegraph station with headphones yields another message. This time, the telegraph station's lights glow purple . Here's the text of the message:


Solving the Atbash cipher in the message yields another location from the list above . Visiting the third location leads to an arrow symbol pointing right.

Fourth Message

battlefield 1 phantom program

Returning to a telegraph station after discovering the third symbol yields yet another message. This time, the telegraph station's lights glow green (previously, they glowed white, yellow, and purple for the first, second, and third messages respectively). Here's the text of the message:


Solving the ROT cipher with a key of 7 (N = 19) yields another location from the list of locations , leading to a fourth symbol, which is shown on the right.

Fifth Message

battlefield 1 phantom program

After finding the fourth symbol, the telegraph station's light color turns transparent . This message begins with a location from the list of locations :


To get the plaintext, the ciphertext must be reversed and decrypted using the rail fence cipher with 5 rails, and 0 offset.

Note that the previous symbol, the fourth symbol, is in the shape of a fence, which may be interpreted as a hint for the correct decryption method for this cipher (rail fence cipher).

The fifth symbol is a pattern of broken and unbroken dashes.

Note: the cipher on this stage can also be solved as an anagram.

Sixth Message

battlefield 1 phantom program

After finding the fifth symbol, the telegraph station's lights turn to an orange color. Here's the content of the sixth message:


The "double_cipher" is comprised only of single dots and single dashes: E's and T's in Morse code. The cipher can be solved by converting the transmission into A's and B's, where A is a dot and B is a dash. Then decode the ciphertext (AABBABABBAA etc) using a Baconian cipher , then decode the output of the Baconian cipher with an Atbash cipher to obtain another location from the list.

Visiting the sixth location yields the sixth symbol: a series of horizontal and vertical lines with the name "EDWARD" prominently featured between them.

Seventh Message

battlefield 1 phantom program

After finding the sixth symbol, the telegraph station's lights turn to a pink color. Here's an example seventh message, which is a Vigenère cipher:


This transmission is encoded via Vigenère Cipher with the key "Edward". It decodes to:


In the example above, LUGGAGE BASEMENT VARENNES may be replaced with any of the locations from the complete list . Going to the specified location reveals the seventh symbol, which prominently displays the word "George" above a crude drawing.

Eighth Message

battlefield 1 phantom program

After finding the seventh symbol, the telegraph station's lights turn to a lime color. Here's an example eighth message, which is an autokey cipher:


This message decodes to the following, by using an autokey cipher with passphrase of "George" and alphabet key of ZABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXY :


In the example above, HILL BARN ADRIATIC may be replaced with any of the locations from the complete list . The eighth symbol, which is just the word "LONDON", will be at the specified location.

Ninth Message

After discovering the eighth "LONDON" symbol, the telegraph station's lights turn cyan . In a deviation from the normal structure of the Morse code, this cipher is identical for everyone :


After a long search, it was finally discovered that reversing the above ciphertext and using the reverse as input for an autokey cipher with key "LONDON" and custom alphabet ZABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXY yields:


If you reverse this output, it reads:



A Beginning

The final Morse code, once deciphered, directs the player to the balcony of a windmill on the map Giant's Shadow; specifically, the windmill nearest to the German Empire deployment. Standing on the balcony of the windmill and looking outward/slightly upwards ( video ) while waiting for exactly two minutes will trigger a courier pigeon to swoop past the player. The same dramatic sound effect heard when viewing the symbols will play, and it is a this point that a new dog tag becomes available to the player. The tag is named " A Beginning ", and has the description " You've found something that does not belong to you. ". It should be noted that a player will only be able to trigger the pigeon if their telegraph station is on the cyan lights stage (stage 9) - you cannot skip the previous stages. If the dramatic sound does not trigger when the pigeon passes, the process must be repeated until the sound is triggered. Some reports indicate that the sound will not trigger unless the pigeon passes through the player, touching them. Nonetheless, if the pigeon is flying past you, you are at the right stage and have completed the necessary prerequisites.

In addition to the dog tag, the player's telegraph station's lights will change to a red color. Another Morse code message can be heard with headphones, but at a lower pitch than before, and accompanied by eerie background noise and apparent screaming ( video ). The message decodes to:

The code repeats indefinitely. The meaning of MASTER MAN has yet to be determined, and the whispering/screaming noises in the background have yet to be clearly transcribed. It has been noted that the Morse code definitely has a space between "Master" and "Man".

One theory is that MASTER MAN refers to a radio operator, as shown below. As shown, he has access to telegraphs and colored light signals on a master control board. Through an in-game message by a DICE employee, we were told that "Red is a signal color", in response to queries about the telegraph station's red light.

The Master Man.png

Additional Resources

All the telegraph station's light colors:

battlefield 1 phantom program

Stage 1 (white lights)

battlefield 1 phantom program

Stage 2 (yellow lights)

battlefield 1 phantom program

Stage 3 (purple lights)

battlefield 1 phantom program

Stage 4 (green lights)

battlefield 1 phantom program

Stage 5 (clear lights)

battlefield 1 phantom program

Stage 6 (orange lights)

battlefield 1 phantom program

Stage 7 (pink lights)

battlefield 1 phantom program

Stage 8 (lime lights)

battlefield 1 phantom program

Stage 9 (cyan lights)

battlefield 1 phantom program

Stage 10 (red lights)

The following image was datamined after the release of the Winter Update patch on February 14, 2017:

Bf1 Symbols.jpg

Between its color channels, this image contains all of the symbols mentioned above.

Prise de Tahure Update

On July 20, 2017, another map was added to the game called Prise de Tahure . Located on the map were several records, along with a gramophone, much like in the Megalodon Easter egg . Bringing a record to the gramophone makes it play the Battlefield 1 theme tune. At this time it is unknown if the records and gramophone have another purpose.

Four Square Cipher

battlefield 1 phantom program

Also on July 20, a cipher was added to a pillar near the lake northeast of the Château on Soissons. Above it were several graphical hints, including the icon of the A Beginning dog tag that was unlocked earlier in the ARG. The text of the cipher is as follows:

When solved as a four-square cipher using the keywords of MASTER and MAN , and reversing the remainder of the alphabet, the cipher was decoded:

It was discovered that destroying every light source in the château on the Soissons map causes a mechanical sound effect to play. After doing this, the bases of the candle stands become interactable - players can switch them on or off. Interacting with candles causes the states of surrounding candles to switch, along with the position in that candle's cycle. There are a total of 7 candles in the château. Once all the candles have been illuminated, another mechanical noise is heard, which allows us to advance to the next stage.

The seven candles each switch the state of one or more others. When any candle is activated, the candles' functions would rotate one position counterclockwise (explained more here ) around themselves. By activating a single candle seven times and recording the results, you can learn all of the switch patterns and know they are back where they started. With this knowledge it is possible (with some brain bending) to work out how to illuminate all the candles. This could of course be done with pen-and-paper, but there is an Excel spreadsheet (link may expire, made by Disposalist) as well as an app that may also prove useful.

Also, after pressing a candle seven times, only one candle's state will be changed. All candles go back to their original states after a candle has been pressed fourteen times.

Note: If you don't press anything for 4 minutes the candles will reset and the switch patterns will change!

Tile Puzzle

battlefield 1 phantom program

After lighting up all the candles in the château and hearing the second mechanical noise, some wall panels on pillars on the outside of the château become interactable. There are 8 pillars on the north side of the château, and 8 on the south side.

To the northeast of the château, there is a statue sunk into the ground, along with concentric square steps leading down towards it. After the second mechanical noise is heard, a randomly-generated pattern of sandbags appear on some of these steps. They only appear while no one is near the steps. The goal here is to manipulate the floor lights inside the château so their pattern matches the pattern of sandbags around the statue.

The pattern of tiles inside the château consists of an 8 by 8 grid. At the beginning all tiles are turned off. Each individual tile can be manipulated using a pair of wall panels. There are 8 panels on the north side of the château, and 8 panels on the south side - each panel corresponds to either a row or a column on the grid. Pressing the pair of panels corresponding to a specific row and column cause the appropriate light to toggle on or off. For example, if you were to press the "2nd column" panel and the "4th row" panel, then the light in position (2, 4) on the board would be toggled.

However, there is a twist: the rows and columns the panels correspond to are completely randomized in each round (or pre-round) . There is no grouping to the panels; for example, not all panels on the north side are the row-controlling panels. This randomization means that players need to use trial and error in each round (or pre-round) in order to determine which panels activate which rows and columns.

One method for accomplishing this is as follows:

  • Choose an arbitrary panel from one of the 16 panels outside the château. (You could start with the panel labelled '1' on the map shown above .)
  • Try pressing your chosen panel followed by another arbitrary panel. (Again, you could use the panel labelled '2' on the map.)
  • Check the light grid. If no lights have changed, pick a new panel as your second panel, and try pressing it along with your first one. Repeat this until a light changes on your grid.
  • Once a light on your grid has changed, note its position in the grid along with the panels you used to activate it.
  • Pick a different panel that you haven't tried yet as your second panel, keeping the first panel the same. Continue to try new combinations that include the first panel until another light is toggled.
  • By this point, you should have toggled 2 different lights, and you should have had 1 panel (the first panel) in common with both of those lights. The two lights you toggled will share either a row or a column on the grid.
  • The panel the lights had in common (the first panel) can now be associated with the row or column that contained the toggled lights. The other 2 panels you pressed can be associated with the intersecting rows or columns.
  • Repeat the whole process, starting with a different panel. Continue until every panel's row or column is identified.
  • Let's say we start out trying to identify Panel 1.
  • We try pressing Panel 1 and Panel 2, but nothing changes, so we move on.
  • We try pressing Panel 1 and Panel 3, and a light changes at position (1, 5) (first column, fifth row). We note this down and move on.
  • We try pressing Panel 1 and Panel 4, but nothing changes.
  • We try pressing Panel 1 and Panel 5, but nothing changes.
  • We try pressing Panel 1 and Panel 6, and a light changes at position (6, 5) (sixth column, fifth row). We note this down.
  • The two lights that changed were both part of the 5th row, and we pressed Panel 1 in both cases. Therefore, Panel 1 must be the button for the fifth row.
  • In addition, from the first light that changed, since we know that Panel 1 is the button for the fifth row, Panel 3 must be the button for the first column.
  • Similarly, from the second light, since we know that Panel 1 is the button for the fifth row, Panel 6 must be the button for the sixth column.

From here, determining the rest of the panels' functions by trying unknown panels with known ones is easy.

Note: If a given pair of buttons causes no change in the light grid, they must both either be for rows or columns, since they do not intersect.

Once each panel's functionality has been determined, matching the lights up with the sandbags is a fairly simple (if tedious) task. The sandbags appear on only some of the concentric steps, which correspond to square "rings" on the light grid. The position of the sandbags along each step indicates that the light in the corresponding location on the grid needs to be turned on. All other lights need to be turned off.

An example sandbag pattern is shown below:

battlefield 1 phantom program

A pattern of sandbags on the square stairs around the statue (up = northeast)

battlefield 1 phantom program

Fitting the sandbag positions to the 8 by 8 grid

battlefield 1 phantom program

The corresponding pattern that needs to be illuminated on the grid (up = west)

battlefield 1 phantom program

Once the tile/sandbag puzzle has been completed, a plume of black smoke appears, and the A Conflict dog tag is awarded to the player who activated the final panel - the dog tag is NOT awarded to all players on the server , only the person who completes the Easter egg! The dog tag has the same skull icon as the A Beginning dog tag, but is silver instead of bronze.

Note: The A Beginning dog tag is not required to unlock the A Conflict dog tag!

The dog tag's description is as follows:

Turning Tides Gallipoli Update

On December 11, 2017, the Turning Tides update was released for Battlefield 1. Little progress was made on this Easter egg until January 30, 2018, when mysterious Morse messages were added to the lighthouse on the Heligoland Bight map. These messages are only audible when the player is playing as the Infiltrator Elite class, and only one of these messages can be heard in any round.



These clues were used throughout the Easter egg.

Skull Icons

A skull icon was discovered in all 6 maps from the In The Name of the Tsar expansion - the SIX OPERATIVES IN THE SNOWY REGIONS . Below are the locations of each of the skulls (credit to BFEE ) :

battlefield 1 phantom program

Tsaritsyn CASE

battlefield 1 phantom program

Brusilov Keep WEB

battlefield 1 phantom program

Albion Appears above a switch, hidden behind a cupboard in a house. Pressing the switch is a step to reveal Morse code, which is unique for each player - it must be LOOKED UP each round.

battlefield 1 phantom program

Galicia FEAR

battlefield 1 phantom program

Volga River B█D Note: its location was " CAREFULLY CONSIDERED " - the blacked-out letter is an A , since the skull appears near Control Point A.

battlefield 1 phantom program

Łupków Pass No text, but standing in the southeast corner of the ruins causes a small orb in the opposite corner to flash out the following message in Morse code: TEST FAILED ANGELS LOOSE PROCTORS DEAD TRI ODIN NOLX ETYRE ODIN DWA . The Russian words at the end are numbers, translating to 310412 .

Location and Code

battlefield 1 phantom program

According to the Morse messages, the next task was to USE THE NUMERIC KEY TO PUT THE PIECES IN ORDER AND SEPARATE THE LOCATION FROM THE CODE . The numbers 310412 , obtained from the final skull, specified the positions of letters that had to be taken from each word:

This produces the message SWORBE , the name of a lighthouse on Albion.

Additionally, the location had to be SEPARATED from the code; accordingly, the remaining letters were isolated. Because the Morse explicitly stated that there needed to be 18 TOTAL , the third segment of code was determined to be 5 letters long.

Albion Morse

battlefield 1 phantom program

The switch beneath the Albion skull does not necessarily do anything by itself; in order to hear the Morse code required to complete the Easter egg, another step is required.

At the base of the radio tower near Control Point D, there are 9 metal cases which are interactable. The Morse code is audible after performing the following steps:

  • Interact with each of the nine cases once
  • Interact with the switch underneath the Albion skull once
  • Interact with the switch underneath the Albion skull four times

After performing these steps, going prone at the base of the radio tower will yield 5 letters of unique Morse code, which fill in the gap of the code that was previously determined:

Using the Code

Inside of the Sworbe lighthouse, there are 6 switches. Each switch is initially not interactable, but the switches can be made interactable by destroying lanterns in nearby houses, as shown in this map (credit to Sir-Pint-a-lot) :

Bf1 escalation lanterns.jpg

(Note: Destroying any of the light bulbs inside the house marked with green will stop lighthouse switches from being enabled. Be careful!)

The Morse found at the beginning of this hinted that the switches need to be numbered from TOP TO BOTTOM . The top-most switch of the lighthouse is A and the bottom-most switch is F . The code CAEEB <5 letters of unique morse> FEAADDAD can now be entered.

After inputting the code, the switches in the lighthouse will cease to be interactable. A glowing cylinder at the top of the lighthouse becomes interactable for one minute afterwards - interacting with it yields the An Escalation skin for two variants of the M1917 MG. (Note: if you fail to interact with the cylinder in time, the code will need to be entered again.)

An Escalation

battlefield 1 phantom program

The An Escalation skin has a number of distinguishing features. First, it is adorned with the skulls that have been prevalent all throughout the Battlefield 1 ARG, and have been present on the A Beginning and A Conflict dogtags. The number 0627 is also visible on the skin. Finally, some Morse code is visible on the skin, which translates to UNKNOWABLE .

Turning Tides North Sea Update

On January 30, 2018, the Turning Tides North Sea update was released.

Morse Messages

When using the Infiltrator kit and standing in a few specific spots on different maps, Morse code can be heard:

  • Zeebrugge - inside the cabin on Control Point E: I5.D2.E7.S9.M9. EAGLE IS DOWN. GO THERE AND RETRIEVE SENSITIVE MATERIAL. ( video )
  • Achi Baba - at the crashed plane: T0.L7.U3.N6.K8. MEET AT KANLI 6 LANDING. ( video )
  • Cape Helles - at one of the boats: O2.P0.B5.R4.G8. MOLE SEVERED. LOST CONTACT WITH SISTER SUB. ( video )
  • Heligoland Bight - near the beached submarine at Control Point F: Z4.X6.C1.A3.F1. SABOTAGED AT LAUNCH. INVESTIGATE APPLE OVERLOOK. ( video )
  • Zeebrugge - at the top of the water tower near Control Point A: ( video )

The Morse code in the final message is unique for each player, but takes the form of the following Latin quote with 8 letters missing:

Letters to Numbers

The number / letter combinations that preceded each message provide a key that is used to convert the eight missing letters into numbers:

These numbers will be input into the generator rooms on Zeebrugge (near Control Points C and D). This is accomplished by using Morse code. A dot denotes a switch in the on position, while a dash denotes a switch in the off position.

The first four numbers are entered in this fashion in the generator room labeled 1, near Control Point C. The second four numbers are entered in the generator room labeled 3, near Control Point D. In both rooms, the numbers are entered from left to right when the generators are in front of the player. A full map is below (credit to MrHated) :

Bf1 zeebrugge map.jpg

Upon putting the switches into the correct position, the An Omen dogtag is unlocked.

battlefield 1 phantom program

The An Omen dogtag is a gold variant of the A Beginning and A Conflict dogtags, but with the skull image slightly askew. The dogtag has the following description:

June Update

On June 27, 2018, the the final stage of the Easter Egg was released.

River Somme

There is a half buried generator between B and E flags. Using limpet charges to dig it out reveals 5 interactable buttons as well as one switch to confirm the input. The generator behaves similar to the ones from Zeebrugge , a dot being on and a dash off. Using these switches to enter 0627 , which is found on the An Escalation skin, will trigger a light to flash morse reading:

Using this hint, heading to the farm house on the south-western edge of the map and blowing up its chimney will reveal a switch that once pressed will trigger the next stage of the Easter Egg. After it has been pressed, the lights on the generator from the first step become interactable once again. Using them to enter 03222110 , confirming each number with the top switch, will trigger a monster howl and unlock the Angel Sighting dog tag.

Using the description of the Angel Sighting dog tag as a guide will unlock the Belly of the Beast dog tag. Heading to the angel statues on Carporetto, shooting off the head of the left statue, the wing of the right statue, the torso of the center statue and completely destroying the angel statue in front of them, will trigger a screaming sound and unlock a button on the base of the statue in the back. Pressing the button will unlock the dog tag.


To continue further, ALL five Easter Egg dog tags as well as the An escalation skin have to be unlocked!

Following the instructions of the Belly of the Beast dog tag, heading over to a caved in entrance underneath a wooden bridge near the E flag on Passchendale will reveal the path to the conclusion of the Easter Egg. Destroying the "Munitionslager" sign above the entrance will make two switches behind it interactable. Entering Unknowable in morse, where the left switch is dot and the right switch dash, will make the entrance blow up and unlock a new path. Going down the path and pressing the switch at the end of it will make the player fall down a trapdoor into a cave system. Using the scribbles found on Fort Vaux, using the compass to navigate the tunnels in the following order

will make the player drop down to the final room where he will find the Peacekeeper revolver as well as a few wooden boards spelling out Simps . This might be a reference to Kevin Simpson from the Battlefield 4 Phantom Program. G Gaining 100 kills with the Peacekeeper will also unlock the An Awakening service dog tag.

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Battlefield 1: how to unlock the hidden dog tag A Beginning

The very first Battlefield 1 Easter egg has been unearthed, and solving it nets you a unique dog tag.

A Beginning is the name of a Battlefield 1 Easter egg the community recently uncovered. This hunt is not dissimilar to the ones we've seen before in Battlefield 4 like the Phantom Program, though this one is a lot more complicated.

In the video, Westie outlines the process of figuring out the first part of the Easter egg, and how to get the free dog tag. This is the same headphone Easter egg the community identified around the game's launch , it's only now that the first part - A Beginning - has been solved.

First, you'll need to a find a pair of headphones on one of the maps. Only one pair of headphones will spawn at any one time, so you'll need to join empty servers until you locate a pair and pick it up. All possible locations can be found here , to make the hunt a little easier.

Then you'll need to find a hidden MCOM station on the map, and approach it. The MCOM will play Morse Code, so you'll need to record what you're hearing. Capturing footage will do, too, so long as you can hear the audio.

Once the video has been captured, you'll need to extract the audio track from it using editing software such as Adobe Premiere or Vegas. This should give you a sound file, free of all the noise, which you're going to need. Now, take this sound file and export it into an audio editor like Audacity.

The reason for this is that through Audacity's visualiser, you're going to isolate just the Morse Code parts to be able to understand the message. To do this, you'll need to change the Waveform view to Spectrogram, apply a Split Stereo to Mono effect, and finally Normalise the audio through the Effect menu.

This will make it easier to see a few orange blips in the visualiser, which is what we're looking for. Now, it'll be easy to type out the dots, dashes, and spaces into a notepad, as this will help you decode the message later. Decrypting the Morse Code requires a translator, and you can use this one to do it . Simply copy what you typed into the notepad and pay attention to the translation.

The message will be different for each person, and you could be directed to any one of these locations to continue the hunt. Once you arrive at the place, you'll see an arrow pointing right and left, and looking it at it will play some music, letting you know you're in the right place.

From there, you'll need to go to pick up a new set of headphones and return to the MCOM station to receive the next message, record it, and decipher. If you did everything right on the previous trip, the lights on the MCOM station will change colour.

If the second code is jumbled, you can reverse the order of the letters on the message to receive the next set of instructions. The sign you see at the correct location will help you decipher the next clue.

In Westie's case, the symbol was a triangle. This means his next code would need an Atbash Cipher to be cracked. Repeat the same process until a you reach another location, with another symbol.

An arrow pointing to the right means you'll need a Caesar cipher to decrypt it. A fence icon means you need a Fence cipher . A set of dots and dashes will require the use of a Baconian cipher to crack, after you've switched the letters over to As and Bs.

In cases where you're required to use the Baconian cipher, the resulting code will need to be decoded again using the Atbash Cipher. When getting the word Edward as a clue, you'll need to use the Vingenere cipher using Edward as a passphrase. George is another clue you can come across, which requires the use of an Autokey cipher to decrypt.

Use George as a passphrase with Z as a key. If you get London as a clue, you'll get the same MCOM Morse Code message as everyone else. To solve this final riddle, you'll need to reverse the converted Morse Code message, then use Autokey cipher with Z as a key and London as a passphrase.

Finally, after reversing the resulting message, you'll need to load up the Giant's Shadow map and spawn as a German soldier. Now, all that's left to do is climb the top of the windmill behind the German spawn, keep looking up at the pigeons in the sky until one of them flies over your head. When that happens, you'll hear the same success music you've heard before, which brings this part to an end.

You should now have the A Beginning dog tag in your collection. You're also now ready for the next part, which has yet to be uncovered.

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battlefield 1 phantom program

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battlefield 1 phantom program

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battlefield 1 phantom program

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Re: Is the phantom project still available to be done by a new player

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Accepted Solution

Is the phantom project still available to be done by a new player

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Solved! Go to Solution.

battlefield 1 phantom program

June 2021 - last edited September 2021

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September 2021


You've played your part in BF4

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There May Be Another Phantom Program In Battlefield 1

DICE is known to entice its audience through providing secret Easter Eggs on their games such as the popular Phantom Program in the Battlefield universe. Apparently, the thrill and adventure continue as one player managed to find a peculiar dog tag  which sparked a lot of speculations from the community. Is this another Phantom Program for Battlefield 1?

Battlefield 1: The Secret Dogtag

A Reddit user, DANNYonPC, managed to obtain a hidden dog tag  in the game that says: "You've found something that does not belong to you." According to the poster, he managed to unlock the said item via deciphering a lot of Morse codes and completing the so-called "Headphone Easter Egg."

For those that didn't know, there is a pair of headphones that are hidden on each map in Battlefield 1. These headphones are indestructible and can be obtained on every server, so long as nobody has picked it up yet. To date, there are five known locations of the headphones; to which the items will randomly spawn once.

Battlefield 1: Solving the Headphone Easter Egg and Obtaining The Secret Dogtag

The poster said that he had undergone a series of "quests" in order to solve the Headphone Easter Egg and obtain the Dogtag. Here's the brief summary of Battlefield 1's version of the Phantom Program:

Step 1: Find all pairs of headphones across all maps in the game. Step 2: Decode all the Morse Codes obtained from the headphone. Step 3: Find all the icons  all the way to London. Step 4: Go to Giant's Shadow map. On the German's side of the map, go to the top of the furthest windmill. Players must then stand here for approximately 2 minutes or until they see a pigeon flying towards them. Afterward, the completion sound will play and the secret dog tag will then be available on the Miscellaneous tab.

Battlefield 1: Phantom Program?

As of this moment, the community is still buzzing with speculations as to the purpose of the said item. Many speculated that this item will play a part in the upcoming DLCs  of the game. Check out the entire process of obtaining the secret dog tag down below. 

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  • Unlock Phantom Bow without completing the Phantom Program.
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Easter Egg Hunters Discover A Hidden Weapon In Battlefield 1

kotakuinternational Avatar

An Easter egg from last year – which initially granted a dog tag – escalated to include weapons skins and secret codes. Recently, Easter egg hunters completed the last step, finding a hidden weapon.

The hidden quest started in February last year, when players decoded hidden morse codes to find a special dog tag. Easter egg hunters, including those in the hardcore Battlefield Easter Egg Discord , speculated it was the first step of a larger secret.

Battlefield 4 had an extensive series of puzzles called the /”Phantom Program” that eventually led players to a special bow and arrow weapon. Battlefield 1 ‘s version of the program also led players to a new weapon: The Peacekeeper revolver.

Finding the revolver is a complicated process. It requires players to have completed one of the previous dog tag-granting Easter eggs as well as a secret that rewarded a special weapon skin for the Support class .

If players have done this, they can go to the River Somme map and find a hidden radio console under some debris.

There, they must spell out a series of numbers (0627) in Morse code. Easter egg hunters used clues on the previously-unlocked weapon skin to find the right sequence.

After that, players can find a switch hidden in a building that they must press before punching in a new sequence of numbers at the console.

Easter Egg Hunters Discover A Hidden Weapon In Battlefield 1

If done correctly, players receive a dog tag with a riddle that leads them to the Caporetto map and a group of angel statues. Following the riddle and shooting out certain body parts on each statue eventually grants another dog tag.

All of these steps were solved by dedicated Easter egg hunters in a community effort, but even after tackling these puzzles there was still one more.

Players equipping the new dog tags and the hidden weapon skin can uncover a hidden underground maze on the Passchendaele map.

Easter egg hunters used clues previously discovered in a long locked room to determine where players needed to go in the maze. Heading down the wrong path leads to a quick death at the hands of poison gas.

But if you follow the sequence outlined in the video above, it brings you to the Peacemaker revolver.

The Peacemaker is a punchy sidearm with animations that would make Metal Gear Solid ‘s Revolver Ocelot blush. Like the Phantom Program bow, it’s a weapon that you show off more for the bragging rights.

2 responses to “Easter Egg Hunters Discover A Hidden Weapon In Battlefield 1”

claymore35 Avatar

I love that they do this and that dedicated groups and individuals solve them.

jerichosainte Avatar

Seems like more fun than the game itself…


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