The Opposite Gender

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" The Opposite Gender " is episode 6 of Season 2 of The Two Phantoms series.

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Synopsis [ ]

A new ghost named Genderbender sents Danny, Sam, Tucker, Danielle, Jazz, Maddie, Jack, and Ember to another world where everyone they know is the opposite gender of themselves. Can Danny and his friends get back to their world and help his genderbent counterpart Daniela deal with the male version of Ember, Ash McLain?

  • David Kaufman as Danny
  • Krista Swan as Dani
  • Grey Griffin as Sam
  • Ricky D'Shon Collins as Tucker
  • Tara Strong as Ember / Daniel
  • Colleen Ann Villard as Jazz
  • Mark Famiglietti as Ash
  • Kari Wahlgren as Daniela
  • Kath Soucie as Maddie / Janet
  • Rob Paulsen Jack / Matthew
  • Cree Summer as Tanya
  • Dante Basco as Samuel
  • Greg Cipes as Jake
  • Carlos PenaVega as Pablo
  • Nicole Sullivan as Daisy
  • Maddie Taylor as Genderbender

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Transcript [ ].

  • The moment Danny and his friends, Daniela and her friends point at each other, this is reference to the famous meme of Spider-Man pointing at himself.
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Girls' Night Out

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"Girls' Night Out" is the forty-third episode in the TV-series Danny Phantom and the third episode of season 3 .

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After a fight with their respective boyfriends, Kitty , Ember McLain and Spectra team up to get rid of all the men in Amity Park . With Danny out of town on a fishing trip with his father (where he gets frequent disturbances from Skulker ), Jazz , Sam and Maddie must work together to dispose of the ghostly trio and bring all the men back before they're all gone for good.

Synopsis [ ]

A battle with Johnny 13 and his Shadow eventually causes Danny to learn that Johnny and Kitty had a fight over her belief that he loves his motorcycle far more than her, thus Johnny fighting Danny was merely to take out his anger. Johnny also asks Danny on what he and " the gloomy chick " do when they have a "lovers' quarrel," but Danny (once again) explains that he and Sam (technically) aren't a couple. Skulker watches all this from afar, vowing to again capture Danny, this time to prove to Ember he is not a "lousy ghost hunter" (the two are a couple as well).

In the Ghost Zone , Kitty herself relents angrily over Johnny to Ember McLain and Spectra when Bertrand gave the news over Johnny's fight with Danny when the three phantom femme fatales demanded for the whereabouts of their boyfriends. Frustrated, Kitty sends out a kiss towards Bertrand, causing him to disappear, a power of hers. If they do not reappear in 12 hours they disappear forever in an unknown dimension unless Kitty reverses it, which she later does to Bertrand. Bearing that in mind, the three ghost girls go to hunt down Johnny and Skulker. At Fenton Works , Danny and Jack prepare themselves for a fishing trip at Lake Eerie to spend quality father/son time together, leaving Maddie and Jazz as well as Sam and Tucker behind. Danny asks Jazz and his friends (mainly Sam and Jazz) to at least try to get along while he and Jack are gone.

An excited Maddie afterward works on her own set of inventions (a nameless device to alter spectral frequencies and reverse the process), happy she doesn't have to deal with fixing anything Jack broke while Tucker and especially Sam tries to deal with Jazz who keeps claiming herself as a member of Danny's team (naming themselves the "Ghost-Getters") despite the former's opinions. Meanwhile, Skulker, spotting them from afar, follows Jack and Danny. At the park Kitty angrily eyes Johnny flirting with a meaningless human girl, so she gets her revenge by using her kiss power while Sam further criticizes Jazz.

Ember increases the volume in her guitar, its waves hitting Kitty's kiss, causing not only Johnny to disappear but every single man in Amity Park. Ember then possesses all the females except Jazz and Sam, who are both armed with anti-ghost equipment which spares their minds. Meanwhile, Jack and Danny's father-son bonding time (during which Jack asks if Danny has a crush on Sam) turns into a disaster when Danny spots Skulker coming his way.

Using creative methods to distract his father so that he can turn ghost whenever Skulker appears, he manages to evade him long enough to spend quality time with his father. Eventually, Skulker sends out a giant red monster that successfully catches Danny in its mouth. Danny screams for his father's help as the monster gulps him down. Danny slides down the throat and lands in the monster's stomach and passes out. An angry Jack retaliates and defeats the monster. Once defeated the monster regurgitates Danny, and he watches with an impressed look as Jack defeats Skulker.

With all the females possessed, Sam and Jazz argue over to Maddie, who was also left unaffected due to the anti-ghost walls surrounding the lab (which she occupied herself during the duration of the ghost girls' rampage against men). Deciding to approach it logically, Sam and Jazz argue over their own set of plans, Sam winning out in the end. Each of the three take on each of the ghost girls:

  • Maddie (in disguise) walks over to Spectra's live cooking show where she mistakes her for a volunteer -- unfortunately (for Maddie), she ends up having to work alongside Sam's mother, Pam, whom Maddie doesn't like.
  • Sam handles Kitty in her boot camp training, not getting the chance to use the Fenton Thermos on her as she's forced to fight against Helga, a massive trainee who's so strong that she's able to break punching bags or thermos with her teeth. Helga grabs her with one arm and gives her a big punch.
  • Jazz disguises herself as one of Ember's back-up singers, failing when she proves she’s off-key (much to Ember's annoyance) and gets trash thrown on her.

Feeling dejected, the three soon spot the ghost girls and their legion of armed women. Jazz, stating she has an idea (something Sam isn't pleased with), says the only way to reverse the effect is to bring the men back by using Maddie's invention (which Jazz names the "Maddie Modulator"). In order to get Kitty to use her powers, Maddie and Jazz come up with a plan to trick the trio of girl-ghosts into thinking that there are some males left in town, which ultimately means that one of them is going to have to dress up like a man -- Maddie and Jazz ultimately make Sam be the one to dress up in drag. Later on, Sam (now dressed to look like Danny) approaches the ghost girls causing Kitty to use her fatal kiss. Maddie counteracts with her machine, restoring the town's male population back again. Afterward Jazz, Sam and Maddie each take on the ghost girls, placing them all inside a Fenton Thermos.

Getting back from their fishing trip, Danny's surprised to see that his sister and Sam are actually getting along -- he and Jack end up questioning Maddie on what happened during their fishing trip, but she just shrugs it off. Afterward, Jack introduces the "fish" they caught, the giant red monster Skulker sent.

Series continuity [ ]

  • While all the men are disappearing, during a news report, there is a picture of a cartoon cat that looks very much like Sayonara Pussycat from the episode " What You Want ."
  • This is the second time Danny suggests that one of his foes get a "lonely-guy cat" since " Maternal Instinct ."
  • In the opening scene, Shadow flings Danny into a billboard that shows Vlad Masters is now the Mayor, which came to be in " Eye for an Eye ."
  • Kitty was mad at Johnny for flirting since they broke up and used Danny to make him jealous by overshadowing Paulina before they worked together to get back together again in " Lucky in Love ."
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  • This is the only episode in the series where Danny himself is a side character instead of a main character, as the main protagonists here are instead Jazz, Sam and Maddie.
  • Strangely, the ghost girls do not once prioritize going after Danny, even though he is by far their most despised male enemy. Granted, it’s likely that they were confident that Kitty’s kiss really did work on erasing all males within Amity Park, and thus weren’t concerned with the possibility of Danny interfering.

Danny: "It's a guy thing, Jazz, you wouldn't understand." Jazz: "Thank goodness."

Kwan: "Wow! Ember McLain! Sweet! I'm your biggest fan!" Dash: "No! I'm your biggest fan! That one song, you know, where you sing and the guitars really loud. I love that song!" Kwan: "I love it more! Go back to listening to boy bands!" Dash: "You promised never to tell anyone about that!"

Jack: "Ah! Good ol' Lake Eerie. With two e's!

Jack: "Hey! How are you and that Sam person doing?" Danny: "What?!" Jack: "You know, that gloomy chick you like? Uh, like!" Danny: "Gee, uh. I, I, don't know if I exactly like, uh, well, maybe.

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Kindred Spirits

  • Episode aired Apr 7, 2006

Grey Griffin in Danny Phantom (2003)

Vlad Plasmius is up to another plot- this one being by far his creepiest yet. What is this plot? A clone of Danny Phantom. Danny, meanwhile, is having trouble with Sam and Tucker: as they sa... Read all Vlad Plasmius is up to another plot- this one being by far his creepiest yet. What is this plot? A clone of Danny Phantom. Danny, meanwhile, is having trouble with Sam and Tucker: as they say, "he's got to start being more considerate." However, this is interrupted by the mysteri... Read all Vlad Plasmius is up to another plot- this one being by far his creepiest yet. What is this plot? A clone of Danny Phantom. Danny, meanwhile, is having trouble with Sam and Tucker: as they say, "he's got to start being more considerate." However, this is interrupted by the mysterious appearance of twelve-year-old Danielle, who claims to be Danny's third cousin once rem... Read all

  • Gary Conrad
  • Daniel de la Vega
  • Butch Hartman
  • Steve Marmel
  • Sib Ventress
  • David Kaufman
  • Dee Bradley Baker
  • S. Scott Bullock

David Kaufman in Danny Phantom (2003)

  • Danny Fenton

Dee Bradley Baker

  • Bed Sheet Ghost
  • Dash Baxter
  • Tucker Foley

Grey Griffin

  • Vlad Masters

Rob Paulsen

  • Jack Fenton

Ron Perlman

  • Vice Principal Lancer

AnnaSophia Robb

  • Danielle Fenton

Kath Soucie

  • Maddie Fenton
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Danny Fenton : Okay, I've said it before, and I'll say it again: you really are one seriously crazed-up fruit-loop.

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  • April 7, 2006 (United States)
  • United States
  • Burbank, California, USA (Nickelodeon Animation Studios)
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  • Runtime 25 minutes

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