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The Funky Phantom

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Uploaded by SR99-Kirby on October 5, 2022

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The Funky Phantom

The Funky Phantom (1971)

Three teenagers and the ghost of a patriot from the American Revolution set across the country to uphold justice and fight discrimination. Three teenagers and the ghost of a patriot from the American Revolution set across the country to uphold justice and fight discrimination. Three teenagers and the ghost of a patriot from the American Revolution set across the country to uphold justice and fight discrimination.

  • Casey Kasem
  • Micky Dolenz
  • 8 User reviews
  • 3 Critic reviews

Episodes 17

The Funky Phantom (1971)

  • Professor Lundgren …

Micky Dolenz

  • Skip Gilroy

Hal Smith

  • Widow Wilson

John Stephenson

  • Attendant …

Daws Butler

  • Augie Anderson

Julie Bennett

  • Lori Elwood

Jerry Dexter

  • April Stewart
  • All cast & crew
  • Production, box office & more at IMDbPro

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Did you know

  • Trivia With the heavy production load at Hanna-Barbera Productions, this became their first series to have the animation done overseas (Austrailia).
  • Connections Referenced in Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated: Mystery Solvers Club State Finals (2011)

User reviews 8

  • May 2, 2017
  • How many seasons does The Funky Phantom have? Powered by Alexa
  • September 11, 1971 (United States)
  • ドボチョン一家の幽霊旅行
  • Hanna-Barbera Productions
  • Air Programs International (API)
  • See more company credits at IMDbPro

Technical specs

  • Runtime 30 minutes

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The Funky Phantom (1971)

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The Funky Phantom: Scooby-Doo’s Mischievous Copycat

Let’s rewind to 1971. While we were all swinging our flared pants to “American Pie,” Hanna-Barbera was deep in the creative catacombs, sculpting their next masterpiece. There, amongst the discarded sketches of Wacky Races and The Jetsons , was born The Funky Phantom.

But hold on; this wasn’t your run-of-the-mill, oh-so-original concept. If you’ve ever squinted at the screen, rubbed your eyes, and mumbled, “Isn’t that just Scooby-Doo?” well, give yourself a pat on the back!

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but one wonders if Scooby might have preferred a simple, handwritten note instead.

The Funky Phantom: Scooby-Doo’s Cheeky Doppelgänger

“The Funky Phantom” was an animated television series produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions that originally aired in 1971-1972. The premise of the show borrowed heavily from Hanna-Barbera’s popular “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!” series, leading many viewers to see “The Funky Phantom” as a bit of a rip-off or copycat of the former.

First episode date: September 11, 1971 Original network: ABC No. of seasons: 1 No. of episodes: 17 

The Ghostly Gimmick

the funky phantom

In the thrilling saga of three courageous teenagers – audacious Augie, sharp-witted Skip, and intrepid April – a captivating tale unfolds as they inadvertently unleash the spirit of Jonathan “ Mudsy ” Muddlemore, a jovial ghost who had been sealed within a stately grandfather clock for a staggering two centuries.

This uncanny event occurs when one of our spirited protagonists mysteriously adjusts the clock hands to the stroke of midnight. Accompanying Mudsy from the spectral realm is his ethereal feline companion, Boo, further adding to the eerie yet enticing spectacle.

Embracing their unanticipated spectral companions, the adventurous trio, along with their loyal dog, zoom across landscapes in their funky dune buggy, the Looney Duney, embarking on an exhilarating journey that would make even the Scooby Doo gang envious.

As they set forth, cracking mysteries and solving riddles that boggle the mind, they instill a fresh twist to the classic whodunit scenarios.

The Uncanny Similarities

the funky phantom crew

Our Funky Phantom crew of three teenagers, a cowardly dog, and a spectral sidekick isn’t exactly a subtle departure from the Scooby-Doo team. And we thought recycling was just for soda cans and paper! Who knew it also applied to cartoon characters ?

They even had their very own Mystery Machine – but don’t worry, it wasn’t a van. No, sir! They mixed it up and gave us… drumroll, please… a dune buggy. Talk about pushing the envelope!

The Copycat’s Conundrum

the funky phantom scooby doo

So, why did Hanna-Barbera get all ‘copy and paste’ on us? Well, in those days, producing a new cartoon series was a bit like throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what stuck.

If one show was popular, they figured, why not try something similar? Basically, they tried to repeat their success by serving up Scooby-Doo 2.0, but the flavor was just off, and alas, the Funky Phantom ended up being more like the funky leftovers.

Daws Butler provided the character voice for Mudsy, which sounded identical to his voice work for Snagglepuss , even using Snagglepuss’s catchphrase, “…even.” Butler originally impersonated comedian Bert Lahr for the Snagglepuss voice.

Hanna-Barbera created many animated series with studio-created laugh tracks in the 1970s, and this show was among the first to include one. However, syndicated versions on Cartoon Network and Boomerang mute the track.

Unmasking the Phantom

the funky phantom 1970 cartoons

Despite the undeniable creativity of taking a winning formula and making it…well… less winning, The Funky Phantom did manage a decent run on the air. And to their credit, the producers attempted some originality with the addition of historical ghost figures. Imagine Ghostbusters, but instead of Slimer, they hang out with Benjamin Franklin. Wacky, right?

In the grand scheme of things, The Funky Phantom is a shining example of what happens when you try to reheat a TV dinner. Scooby-Doo was the original steak dinner of Saturday morning cartoons .

The Funky Phantom? Well, let’s just say he was more akin to a microwaved hot dog – just not quite the same. But hey, at least they gave it a shot. And in the process, they provided us with a whole lot of laughs – even if they were mostly unintended!

The Phantom Himself – Mudsy

The Phantom Himself - Mudsy

The stand-out character and show’s namesake was, of course, Mudsy – the Funky Phantom . Unlike Scooby-Doo’s grounded-in-reality (okay, that’s a stretch) gang, this team had an actual ghost in their midst. A Revolutionary War-era apparition with a penchant for cravats and tri-corner hats.

Think of him as a cross between Casper and George Washington, but with an inexplicable Snagglepuss accent. Truly, he was the ghostly cherry on top of this bizarre Scooby-Doo sundae.

The Slightly-Less-Famous Dog – Elmo

the funky phantom cartoons

In every self-respecting crime-solving, teenage-crew-led, mystery-solving cartoon, you’ve got to have a mischievous dog. The Funky Phantom had Elmo, a sheepdog who mirrored Scooby-Doo’s signature skittishness and offered his own brand of comic relief.

We can only imagine the elevator pitch for Elmo – “Imagine Scooby, but with longer hair and an even more minor role!” Yikes. While Elmo provided some good old doggie fun, he could never truly compete with Scooby’s magnetic canine charm.

Same Old Villains, New Faces

the funky phantom characters

If you thought Hanna-Barbera would at least dish up some fresh villains for this reheated Scooby-Doo, you’d be sadly mistaken. The Funky Phantom villains had an uncanny resemblance to the adversaries Scooby and the gang routinely unmasked.

There was always some disgruntled old guy in a monster mask, causing mayhem to achieve some selfish end. But hey, they say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

At least the ghostly historical figures added a fun twist, even if they were constantly overshadowed by the faux-monsters.

The Unexpected Legacy

The Funky Phantom - Scooby Doo Clone

One could argue that the most impressive feat of The Funky Phantom was its ability to squeeze 17 episodes out of its blatant copy-pasting. It even made a surprise resurgence on the Scooby-Doo show, “ Mystery Incorporated ,” where the ghostly Mudsy appeared in an episode.

It was a moment that made fans chuckle, as Scooby-Doo graciously allowed its off-brand counterpart to share the screen. A charming reunion and an amusing reminder of how far we’ve come in the world of animated storytelling.

At the end of the day, The Funky Phantom is a nostalgic trip down memory lane, a testament to the charm of the Scooby-Doo formula, even in its most unoriginal form. It’s the ultimate tribute (or rip-off, depending on how you see it) to a beloved cartoon, a funky echo of a ghostly past that still brings a smile to our faces.

The Forgotten Hero – Boo

Boo is a character in The Funky Phantom

Let’s not forget Boo, the spectral cat sidekick of Mudsy. Yes, this show had a ghost cat. Now that’s something even Scooby-Doo didn’t have! Boo, like Elmo, had a minor role, but she added a pinch of unpredictability to the series. A ghost cat scampering around certainly kept things interesting, if not entirely coherent. But at this point, who’s counting?

In all, the crew of The Funky Phantom might not have had the charm or depth of their Scooby-Doo counterparts, but they certainly made up for it in sheer eccentricity.

A redhead, a hippie, a chic girl, a scaredy dog, a ghost with a Snagglepuss accent, and a phantom cat. Now, if that isn’t a recipe for Saturday morning chaos, what is?

The Funky Phantom Comics

The Funky Phantom Comics

In the 70s, Western Publishing and Gold Key Comics rolled out comic adaptations of The Funky Phantom, featuring a mix of original narratives and TV episode adaptations. Unlike the TV series, where villains were always masked humans, the comics occasionally presented actual ghost villains from the colonial era.

In a surprising twist, one comic storyline transported the gang back to colonial times through a faulty time machine. The catch? The kids became the ghosts, and Mudsy reclaimed his living, breathing body.

The comics also spiced things up with a new character, Priscilla Atwater, a flirtatious ghost from Mudsy’s era with a soft spot for our Funky Phantom.

In 2018, the Phantom featured in a secondary story in the DC comic Black Lightning/Hong Kong Phooey Special #1. In the narrative, Jason Blood summons Muddlemore’s ghost, allowing reporters and citizens to question Mudsy about his views on the Second Amendment.

Mudsy and Boo

Mudsy and Boo

In the HBO Max original series Jellystone !, Mudsy and Boo make appearances. Paul F. Tompkins voices Mudsy. To ensure he doesn’t resemble Bert Lahr, Mudsy’s voice in Jellystone! has a distinctive sound.

The show portrays him as a former world-famous wrestler who had to retire after using his ghostly powers against opponents, as seen when he took over his rival, Mightor. Now, he’s the face of an avocado arrangement business.

Mayor Huckleberry Hound sets up a wrestling event where Snagglepuss and Mildew Wolf commentate, and town residents compete under their wrestling aliases.

The endgame is to challenge the Funky Phantom. The competition continues until only Yogi, wrestling as Dr. Pain, remains. When the Funky Phantom uses his ghostly skills on Dr. Pain, memories of the Funky Phantom’s notorious match resurface. As the “Avocadog,” Mayor Huckleberry joins the fray, rallying the defeated wrestlers to beat the Funky Phantom.

After the match, the Funky Phantom apologizes to Mayor Huckleberry for misusing his powers. But police chief Touché Turtle moves to arrest him for that misuse, leading the Funky Phantom to possess the chief. In a later episode titled “Jailcation”, we see the Funky Phantom as an inmate at Santo Relaxo.

The Funky Phantom Voice Cast

  • Don Messick as Boo the cat
  • Daws Butler as Jonathan Muddlemore
  • Tommy Cook as Augie Anderson
  • Jerry Dexter as Elmo
  • Micky Dolenz as Skip Gilroy
  • Kristina Holland as April Stewart
  • Don’t Fool with a Phantom
  • I’ll Haunt You Later
  • Who’s Chicken
  • The Headless Horseman
  • Spirit Spooked
  • Ghost Town Ghost
  • We Saw a Sea Serpent
  • Haunt in Inn
  • Mudsy Joins the Circus
  • Pigskin Predicament
  • The Liberty Bell Caper
  • April’s Foolish Day
  • The Forest’s Prime-Evil
  • The Hairy Scarey Houndman
  • Mudsy and Muddlemore Manor
  • Ghost Grabbers

Funky Phantom Intro

The Funky Phantom DVD

On October 26, 2010, Warner Archive launched The Funky Phantom: The Complete Series on DVD in region 1 under their Hanna–Barbera Classics Collection. They offer this Manufacture-on-Demand (MOD) release exclusively through Warner’s online store and Amazon.com.

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This article contains potentially sensitive content that may be discomforting or upsetting to certain users. Viewer discretion is advised! Reason: Lord X's revealed appearence, and No More Innocence can be very unsettling. Fleetway's origin comic may disturb some people, and Sink's whole concept, lore and origin can be very unsettling too to some.

This article contains content that may bring users with past trauma, to something that might cause a physical and/or mental reaction. Viewer discretion is advised! Reason: Gameplay-wise, Phantasm has several bright lights flashing and there is loud audio. Story-wise, Sink can trigger triggers in people with aquaphobia or water-related trauma, and Fleetway is like a personality disorder for Sonic. Lord X comes from the Sonic.exe PC port, which has themes of child abuse and other themes that may cause sadness or upsettingness.


Sing, we're gonna sing, we're gonna sing, we're gonna sing all day, I'm here with all my friends, we're at Pissville, we're gonna sing all day. Wake up! It's time to sing! Let's sing! We're gonna have a great time, you and me, we're gonna be best pals, we're gonna be buddies forever. - B-Side UniqueGeese

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Goodbye, Chaos Nightmare. - Secret History Mario

The development or possible updates of this mod have been canceled, so a release of its new content is not expected. The reasons for this vary, such as: controversies, lack or loss of interest, the disappearance or lack of passion for the mod, or simply a lack of ideas. Reason: The mod has been announced as cancelled due to the director wanting to move on to better projects. [1]


Your performance wasn't half bad earlier. - Senpai

This mod has more than 200,000 views and 200 likes on its download page. It is a fan favorite and well known within the community! Note: All of these mods have gained a lot of popularity, especially Chaos Nightmare , currently with 245 likes and counting.


I’m surprised someone as small as you didn’t break anything! - A.G.O.T.I.

This article lacks content, whether it be lacking Assets , Trivia , Music , or something else. You can help Funkipedia Mods Wiki by expanding it with more info! Thank you! Reason: Missing static assets. Dev icons, week background and name, for Escapism. Chaos Nightmare red static gif version

Were you looking for Minus Chaos Series ?

Chaos Nightmare [2] (also known as The Chaos Series [3] ) is a series of speed-run mods created by Garbie Pattie's team. There are 4 mods included in the pack.

The standalone mod also known as Chaos Nightmare depicts Sonic struggling for control against his "inner demon," Fleetway Super Sonic from Fleetway Publications' Sonic adaptation during a nightmare.

Phantom Attack is also a one-song standalone mod directed by Garbo and his team, with Lord X disguised as Sonic battling Alan (as Tails).

Below the Depths is the third one-song mod directed by the team, with it following Sink attempting to break free from the chains keeping him at the bottom of Labyrinth Zone.

Escapism is the final one-song mod. It centers around the terrifying No More Innocence, a character created by Dumbie, where he goes against Hikari.

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  • 5 Gallery (General)
  • 6 References
  • 7.1 Chaos Nightmare
  • 7.2 Phantom Attack
  • 7.3 Below the Depths
  • 7.4 Escapism

Characters [ ]

  • Phantom Attack
  • Below The Depths
  • Cancelled Characters
  • Fleetway Sonic

Want to learn more about Sonic (Sonic the Comic) ?

See also Sonic the Hedgehog (disambiguation) .

“ No... it's too late! The stress is making me change!... No! ” ― Sonic, Sonic the Comic, Issue 82

' Sonic is one of the playable characters and the protagonist of his games. This Sonic is based on his appearance in Sonic the Comic, where Super gets his name.

Appearance [ ]

Sonic is a short anthropomorphic hedgehog with blue quills and peach skin. He wears red shoes with white bands on them and white gloves. Slight differences in the design only come to the shape of his eyes, which are more squared than his game counterpart. He's shown kneeling and holding his right arm in the mod and has a worried expression on his face. He also cries in his misses.

Gallery [ ]

Static idle.

Fleetway Super Sonic [ ]

Want to learn more about Super Sonic (Sonic the Comic) ?

Not to be confused with his appearance in Vs. Sonic.Exe .

“ Don't worry, you are all protected by an energy shield... I want the pleasure of DESTROYING you all PERSONALLY! HAHAHA HA HA! ” ― Super Sonic, Sonic the Comic, Issue #8

Fleetway Super Sonic is one of the playable characters in this mod. Super Sonic is a psychotic demon-like entity who manifests himself in Sonic's body under conditions of extreme stress or exposure to chaos energy.

In this mod, he appears fighting Sonic for control of his body.

He has a similar appearance to Super Sonic in the classic titles, with yellow fur and spiked-up hair, but his eyes now consist of red and white spirals instead of the usual black irises. His fur is also somewhat more unkempt, and he has sharper teeth. During his misses, his hair looks frazzled and even more unkempt.

  • Although, in the Character Editor, Fleetway's static idle is actually his Left pose but 1 FPS. It's very rare to catch it moving.
  • Fleetway's voice comes from Vs. Sonic.Exe , specifically from the song "Chaos," where Fleetway is the opponent.
  • Both Fleetway Super Sonic and Lord X use vocals from the Vs. Sonic.Exe mod, where Fleetway made his first appearance in a mod.

Static idle

Want to learn more about Lord X ?

Not to be confused with his appearance in Vs. Sonic.Exe , or possibly you want to see another Lord X .

“ I SAID STOP. ” ― Lord X, Sonic (PC PORT) Remake

Lord X is the main antagonist of OTH305's Sonic (PC Port), a game that reimagines the original version of Sonic. EXE. A remake was created by John-Kun and the PC-Port team is currently in development.

When disguised Lord X appears to look like Classic Sonic but has darker purple-ish fur and has his left hand pointed upwards. The most noticeable feature he has is that his mouth is constantly open and doesn't close.

When Lord X reveals his real self, he seems to only have his head. It appears that his quills are unkempt, he has yellow teeth and seems to pull blood. He has eerie red eyes with blood coming out of only the left side of his head.

Static disguised idle.

See also Tails (disambiguation) .

Alan is the main protagonist of Sonic.EXE PC Port , he appears to be a soul trapped inside the game, manifesting in the form of Tails . In Phantom Attack, he is a playable character for the song " Vessel ". He is being hunted down by Lord X, just like in the original game.

Miles Prower , nicknamed "' Tails " by Sonic, is an anthropomorphic, two-tailed fox and The Blue Blur's sidekick himself. He can spin his tails like a helicopter's rotor to fly. He is the current vessel for Alan.

Alan/Tails is never seen in the mod, due to Vessel taking place in a first person perspective. However, in Sonic canon, Tails is a fox with yellow-ish orange fur and two large tails, that's the origin of his name. He has red and white shoes and white gloves, similar to Sonic. His icons show him being sad/scared.

  • Alan's name can be discerned from the name above the life counter in Angel Island Zone during Sonic.EXE PC Port
  • Alan appears to possess some form of self-awareness, as he will motion which way he wishes to move to the player by waving and pointing at them.
  • Tails's voice is deeper in Vessel than the regular Sonic games. This is due to Alan controlling him.
  • Alan does not appear to always be in control of Tails, as they do not start showing signs of self-awareness until Lord X transports them to Angel Island Zone, furthermore, Tails appears to recognize Sonic, attempting to greet him when encountered with Lord X disguised, something that Alan would never reasonably do, as he knows the true nature of Lord X.

Neutral icon.

Not to be confused with the Below The Depths: 16-Bit Sink .

“ The water never leaves my lungs... my foot never breaks from the chain... the pain never stops... But I must stay strong. Somehow... sometime... something will bring me release... ” ― Sink, Mr. DJ's art

Sink is an EXE, and the protagonist/player character of his eponymous song, Sink, trying to get out of his horrible situation.

Note: Lore is taken from the GameBanana page.

Chained for eternity, Sonic ponders...

"Sink is an 'EXE' who doesn't fall under the typical standards an average EXE comes down to. He's not corrupted or possessed by some demon. He's simply just a Sonic who got caught up in a series of unfortunate circumstances. Battered and bruised, got himself caught inside the chains of an underwater mine, trapped with no air insight. He drowned and sunk to the bottom of the Labyrinth Zone. Due to his sheer willpower, he can somehow still 'survive' much to his dismay. He's essentially like a zombified Sonic, trapped inside a never-ending state of pain, suffering, and loneliness. He doesn't know how long he's been trapped down there, endlessly waiting for SOMETHING that can save him from his agony. Days, weeks, years, decades. All he can do is wait in pain..."

Sink for the most part looks exactly like Sonic, only his fur is dark teal instead of blue (Though this could be due to the lighting underwater), his glove and shoe cuffs are tattered, and he is constantly bleeding from the eyes and nose. He is also chained down, by a giant spiky metal ball, preventing him from swimming up.

  • Sink can't spindash out of the chains, because the story takes place in Labyrinth Zone, a level in Sonic 1. In Sonic 1, Sonic couldn't use the spindash because it didn't exist yet.
  • However, it could also be Sink's lungs collapsing from the intense amount of water pressure.
  • If the chain is made from steel, It will take 200-500 years before it dismantles due to wear.
  • Sink appears to buoyant, this directly contradicts Sonic's inability to float in water.
  • Sink does not appear to think logically about his situation, even though he could potentially remove the chain if he slows down and dismantles it carefully, as he cannot drown, essentially giving him infinite time, he instead continues to thrash about wildly. This mirroring how someone actually drowning does not think with reason, only trying to find the quickest way to air, this is shown via Sink’s Up and Right poses.
  • This was most likely going to be for a death animation, but was scrapped immediately in favor for the immortality mechanic.
  • Sink's vocals are a very heavily edited version of Sonic's.

Sink's static idle.

Soul Sonic [ ]

Soul Sonic , otherwise known as Inner Sonic , The Sonic Ghoul or Ghost Sonic , is a ghostly figure that sings along Sink in his eponymous song. It is unclear what this Sonic is or if he is the same person as Sink. Even his name is unknown. Theories circulate that this Sonic is Sink's inner consciousness keeping him "alive." Another theory suggests that it's Sink's soul calling out to anyone who can hear him. Another possibility is that this Sonic is Sink's "sheer willpower", that keeps Sink alive underwater, much to his dismay.

The Sonic Ghoul looks like a regular Sonic but instead has ghostly characteristics such as being transparent and having a ghostly trail instead of legs. He also appears to be green (though this could be from the water). His poses show him defeated, crying and screaming out to anyone that can hear.

  • Soul Sonic looks at Sink in his left pose, but it's unclear if the two know of each other's existence, since Sink seems to look in random directions.
  • Depending on Amy's and Tails' age in Sink's universe, Sonic was trapped for 8 years already.

Static idle.

Hikari is the player character in the song Departure , A single father tormented with bad luck in life, he raises his only daughter with all that he can, only to find her dead from starvation and neglect from him. Through this, he finds No More Innocence, who torments him next, ultimately trapping him inside a TV, and NMI leaving as he possesses his dead daughter's body.

Hikari is a Japanese man with a fairly young appearance, seen wearing a plain white dress shirt with a black necktie. He also has bandages on his nose and cheek.

Throughout most of Departure, Hikari appears distraught, but during the latter half of the song his animations are a lot more exaggerated, possibly inferring Hikari regains determination by the end.

Description [ ]

Hikari is the single father to a single young girl. His wife left them after hearing the voice of a yōkai promising her great fortune; all she left was a SEGA Genesis and a bootleg copy of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Being the main provider of the family, this left Hikari desperate and he would eventually turn to yakuza loans and would be beaten several times for not making payment.

As he was busy finding a means to provide, he unintentionally neglected his daughter, eventually leading to her death by starvation as she obsessively fixated on playing Sonic 2. Once he discovers his dead daughter, Hikari sees a figure on the television, someone that wasn't just Sonic the Hedgehog. As Hikari begs for answers, asking No More Innocence why he did this, Innocence only replies with "You did this". Innocence's ultimate "fuck you" to Hikari is trapping him within the television as he disguises himself as a human to search for his next victim.

  • From behind

No More Innocence [ ]

Want to learn more about No More Innocence ?

See also Untitled No More Innocence Mod , Playable Who Are You , or even his unused appearance in Vs. Sonic.Exe .

“ YOU brought me home. YOU brought me into their lives. YOU gave ME to your kid. Blame anybody else, and I'll only make it worse. ” ― No More Innocence, Twitter

No More Innocence , or simply Innocence , is a character made by Duh_Dumbie on Twitter. No More Innocence is a Japanese spirit that feeds on his targets childhood love for the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise, turning it into a serious addiction and necessity to keep playing with the bootleg copy that he resides in. He's a separate entity from Sonic, being more similar to an employee using a Sonic costume to promote the character and franchise as opposed to a possession. He appears to a distraught Hikari after killing his daughter, ultimately trapping him in a TV disguised as Hikari's daughter.

  • Similar to Fleetway, his idle is never seen ingame, but in the character editor he has a full idle
  • His, however, is not reproposed from a pose and is a full custom idle


  • Ring & Chain

Sonic.EXE is the central antagonist of his debuting creepypasta in 2011 along with a duology indie game. He was created by JC-The-Hyena who would re-do his story in 2017. He would later be given to ASTRANOMICONX & JoeDoughBoi (creator of Lord X) where he would be renamed as "Xenophanes". A remake of the 2011 story was made in 2023 by JoeDoughBoi. He would appear in a song against an unnamed character, in said song he would appear as Super Sonic.

  • The main plot thread of Chaos Nightmare comes from the Fleetway Sonic comics, where Sonic is constantly worried about his more chaotic "super" half (dubbed " Super Sonic") taking control of his body and committing various atrocious acts.
  • Phantasm seems to have a leitmotif of "Angel Island Zone 2" from Sonic 3.
  • Phantasm has the same key and BPM as Friday Night Funkin' Lullaby 's Monochrome (A# minor, 160 bpm).
  • This introduced the Sonic from the Phantasm's Game Over and put him on Sonic's 2nd turn, Fleetway's 2nd and 2nd to last verses.
  • Vessel has a leitmotif of Execution and Cycles from the Sonic.exe mod, and Thorns from Friday Night Funkin' Week 6.
  • Labyrinth Zone is known as one of the hardest Sonic levels in Sonic history. This was due to narrow paths, tricky-to-avoid obstacles, difficult boss battles, and most importantly, the unavoidable, deep water areas that the player was required to navigate through, making it easy to drown if they weren't careful.
  • This mod is probably the first mod to have a song where you can't lose unless you press R.
  • Departure is the first song in the Chaos Nightmare series to have the player not be a Sonic or a Tails vessel.

Gameplay Mechanics [ ]

  • If two of the same letter appears next to each other, you only need to press the key once.

The letters' asset sheet.

  • If your health does end up reaching 0, you can press the "R" button to restart the song. This is not required, however, as you can still beat the song after death. This is a direct reference to Sink's immortality, how he can't die due to his willpower.

The prompt that appears when the player's health reaches 0%.

Gallery (General) [ ]

Chaos week menu background.

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Download Links [ ]

Chaos nightmare [ ].


Phantom Attack [ ]

Below the depths [ ], escapism [ ].

  • 1 Pibby: Apocalypse
  • 2 Vs. OURPLE GUY
  • 3 Friday Night Funkin': Mario's Madness


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