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How to Buy Goats for Your Farm

If you want to raise goats on your farm, the first thing you need to do is find good goats to buy. Here are a few tips that’ll get you started on your search for your first goats.

What Kind of Goats Do You Want?

The first thing to decide is what type of goats you’re looking for, as different breeds of goats are used for different purposes. For example, the very popular Boer goat is a meat goat, and will typically be much larger than any breed of dairy goat such as Nubians or Saanens. If you want to provide farm-fresh milk for your family, then dairy goats are the way to go. Or, if you’re the crafty type, you might like to raise fiber goats. Fiber goats have much longer hair than meat or dairy goats, and that hair can be spun into yarn. What if you want to get both milk and meat from your goats? Try a dual-purpose breed, such as the Pygmy. While Pygmy goats are usually considered to be meat goats, they’re also good milk producers. Keep in mind your main purpose for buying goats when you begin your search, and that will help narrow down the choices.

Find a Reputable Breeder

You definitely don’t want to go out and buy the very first goat you see. Take some time to do your research, and find a reputable breeder who can help you find the right goats for your farm. Ask breeders if their goats are vaccinated and if they’ve been tested for serious goat diseases like CAE (caprine arthritis encephalitis), Johne’s disease and CL (caseous lymphadenitis). Breeders should be able to provide test results to prove the goats you want to buy are healthy. Not all farms test their goats, but it’s a great place to start to make sure your goats are healthy and come from a disease-free farm. If you find goats that haven’t been tested, you can always ask for them to be tested before you buy them.

Look at the Goats Before You Buy…

If possible, try to visit the farm you want to buy from so you can see their goats in person. This can be very helpful in determining the condition of the goat, its conformation (how well it conforms to the breed standard), and its personality, too. Observe the goats you’re intending to buy and watch them moving around. Keep an eye out for anything that looks ‘off’, such as a scruffy coat, runny nose, obvious injuries or lameness.

…Or Ask for Pictures

If you can’t visit the farm in person, be sure to ask plenty of questions about the health and condition of the goats you want to buy. Ask for pictures or video where you can see the goats from different angles.

Enjoy Your Goats

Once you’ve found happy, healthy goats that meet your needs, you can bring them home to your farm and get started on your goat-raising journey. Finding the right goats is the perfect beginning.


ghost goat simulator

ghost goat simulator

Goat Simulator

ghost goat simulator


ghost goat simulator

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ghost goat simulator

Originally posted by Update 1 (20/06/2014) : - Fixed crashes when possessing some NPCs. - Fixed some respawn issue in multiplayer.
Originally posted by Update 2 (22/07/2014) : - Added gamepad support. - Added multiplayer support.
Originally posted by Update 3 (21/11/2014) : - Fixed 1.2 compatibility problems.
Originally posted by Update 4 (04/12/2014) : - Fixed a bug introduced in the last version: You can now use the respawn button to possess your old body.
Originally posted by Update 5 (10/05/2015) : - Fixed compatibility with GoatZ. - Fixed ghost tongue not visible when you lick something. - Added emergency revive command.
Originally posted by Update 6 (13/06/2015) : - Fixed compatibility with v1.3.3. - Fixed some animations when controlling NPCs. - Added Goast Goat easter egg.
Originally posted by Update 8 (14/11/2015) : - Fixed compatibility with GoatBread. - Fixed ghosts being slow with controllers. - Fixed sprint for possessed NPCs with gamepad. - Added jump for possessed NPCs.
Originally posted by Update 9 (29/01/2016) : - Fixed compatibility with Payday. - Fixed ghost not staying in vehicles. - Fixed NPC collision after driving. - FIXED camera when controlling NPCs!!! (thanks to Coffee Stain) - Ghosts now take the form of your original body. - Ghosts now move correctly in all directions based on the camera angle. - Added attack damages for NPCs based on the attacks of your original body. - Controlled NPCs now jump as high as your original body. - Improved controlled NPCs animations.
Originally posted by Update 10 (19/02/2016) : - Added body summoning power.
Originally posted by Update 11 (04/04/2014) : - Fixed a bug where some NPCs had wrong collision boxes when possessed.
Originally posted by Update 12 (09/06/2016) : - Fixed compatibility with Waste of Space.
Originally posted by About this mod : This mod is probably the one that took me the longest to release after I started it, but it's finally here! It combines two main ideas I had when I started modding on Goat Sim: The first one is the possibility to control NPCs (I wanted to include that in the Target Goat mod). The second is the possibility to fly. I started this mod by creating the ghost mode, which means creating a new body that is transparent, can fly and can pass through objects. Ironically the thing in this list I spent a lot of time on is the transparency X) The main problem was that you can't just add alpha using code, or more precisely you can, but if the texture of the goat doesn't have the correct parameters it has no effect at all -_- Hopefully the 1.1 update saved me by adding a transparent texture on every goat (used when the camera is too close to the goat). When the ghost was done, I started thinking about a better way to control NPCs. The first method I thought about was to convert the GGNpc object into a GGGoat object and then control it with the default player controller: This method was way too hard to implement and that's why abandoned the idea during the Target Goat conception. The second method was to turn the goat invisible and to attach it to the NPC. This was working nicely, except for moving the NPC: The AI of the NPC was completely broking the player commands and the NPC was acting not at all as expected. Finally the last method I imagined, and the one in the current version, just attach the player controller to the GGNpc object. This is only possible since 1.1, the only remaining problem with this method is that the camera is a bit crappy: As the controlled object is not a GGGoat, the camera mode is set to default and you lost all the effects of the goat camera (zoom, smooth moves, bounces when sprinting, etc...). So with this last method, the movements are working correctly, I just had to manually configure the ragdoll key and the animations to play on the NPC.

ghost goat simulator

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Midnight Goast

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“An old spirit of a farm animal that has the power to redecorate your favorite map. A precious snowflake most of the time, but extra moody at midnight.”

Midnight Goast is a mutator that allows the player to transform into any object.

  • 1 Unlock Requirement
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Unlock Requirement [ ]

Early access (March 25 - March 31) : Watch the Midnight Ghost Hunt trailer in-game.

Treasure hunt (April 1 - April 8) : Gather 100 Midnight Goast tokens by collecting 12 Channitatium chunks in total.

This mutator is a reference to the game Midnight Ghost Hunt , made by Coffee Stain Studios.

Gallery [ ]

Midnight Goast's render

Midnight Goast's render

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