Is There A Ghost Cat In My House? Warning Signs

Are you feeling a ghost cat in your house and wondering if a cat spirit is haunting your home? You aren’t alone.

ghost cat

More often than not, this supernatural force tends to not want to leave once they are supposed to cross over. So what can you do if you find an animal ghost in your house ?

Is there a ghost cat in my house

There are several signs to look out for when trying to figure out if there is an animal ghost nearby. In fact, the signs a spirit around you are pretty easy to understand.

How To Tell If There Is A Spirit Around You

Ask yourself the following questions to determine whether there is a spirit around you. This should help you figure out what that eerie feeling really means:

  • Are your ears ringing? Do you hear a high-tone pitch that you cannot naturally pinpoint to something in your environment?
  • Do you feel anxious for no reason at all?
  • Has the room temperature changed at all? Did it get colder all of a sudden?
  • Are items that you love starting to go missing and then reappearing out of nowhere?
  • How is the electricity in your house? Is it flickering? Is anything unusual?
  • Do you feel like you are being watched?
  • Do you randomly feel like you are being touched? A purr across your leg? Don’t dismiss these small feelings.
  • Are your clocks stopping on the same time over and over again? This doesn’t happen on digital clocks. So, this sign is harder to tell.

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Weird Cat Outside

How To Tell If A Ghost Cat Is Haunting Me?

A ghost cat has slightly different questions you need to ask yourself. While all of the above haunting signs still ring true, these are additional things you must look out for.

Usually, when you are being haunted by a ghost cat, you will find that other weird cats outside will begin to collect. They can sense the abnormal energy that has manifested and you know what they say about curiosity. Look for a weird cat outside whenever you are feeling that strange feeling and see if you can make the connection.

You might even begin to see the dead cat in your dreams. There is no solid way to confirm that this is the cat that is actually haunting you, but if you begin to see random cats in your dreams, you should write down as many details as you can in your journal to document your journey.

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You might begin to think that a cat follows me wherever I go. That’s completely normal. This, again, is their intuitive nature picking up the fact that you have an animal ghost in your house haunting you.

There’s also the tell-tale sign of hearing weird cat noises wherever you go. Sometimes, they are reserved just to your home. Other times, the spirit animal attaches itself to you and is able to travel as you travel.

So, be prepared to hear weird cat noises – anywhere and any time.

How Long Can A Spirit Stay With Me?

This is a tough question – how long can a spirit stay with me ? YIKES! It could be a few weeks or it could be years. It all depends on what they need out of this current life. What are they trying to fix? What hole are they closing up?

When it comes to ghost cats, odds are they just want to continue living their life in a non-threatening way. So, let’s just say you have a ghost cat in your house… unless they are physically harming you, is it really a big deal? That is something you have to answer on your own.

You might also want to take note of the activity that is occurring. Are the movements repeating over and over again? You might have yourself a residual haunting .

Pet Ghost

Do I Want A Pet Ghost?

You can look at this situation one of two ways. It could be absolutely horrifying and you will spend all of your time researching ways to remove the animal spirit from your house or you could accept the fact that you have a pet ghost.

Is having a pet ghost such a bad thing? As long as they aren’t violent and just want to take up space in their own dimension, we say… let them live their non-lives.

So, when you tell your friends, “hey! I have a ghost in my house but it’s a ghost cat,” people will tell you that you’re crazy. We know it. We’ve heard it all. But show them the proof in the pudding.

Don’t be afraid to own up to the fact that this is actually happening to you. Before you know it, I am sure that your friends will be feeling spirits presence just like YOU and then you can take a breath because someone else believes you.

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Next Steps For My Animal Ghost

If you are ready to admit that this is actually happening, then start documenting everything that is happening around you, do not use a ouija board because… it’s a cat, stay open to all the experiences that you are about to encounter and take lots of pictures so you can try to photograph white orbs .

There’s nothing wrong with having a ghost in your house as long as it isn’t violent and you aren’t scared. How will you approach this situation? The choice is yours.

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Wednesday 19th of May 2021

As always, check your carbon monoxide levels before assuming hauntings of any kind, you can google for some really wild horror stories about what it can do to your cognition, but yeah, we have a ghost cat, and she's very sweet. Just jumps on the bed from time to time, even when I'm not in it to sleep. It was scary at first but she means no harm, and I figure she keeps worse things away. Sometimes she scares the snot out of me if she's really vigorous that night, but she can't help that. My live cats scare me all the time too.

Wednesday 30th of December 2020

I have a cat named kyo and I had a cat named pablo that ran away on my car journey moving from east coast to west coast. For the longest time I have had dreams about homeless cats coming to my house. Sometimes Its one or two new cats sometimes it’s like 20 cats of different ages sizes, color and health condition. Every since I moved to Santa Clarita apartments I kept hearing this wailing cat at night time. No one could hear it until I would hear it and I would put the volume down or I would drag people to a window to hear it. It was A terrifying screaming. Like the cat is sick or very sad or possessed. One time I heard the cat coming down the street like it was close. I grabbed my boyfriend and ran out the door to find myself making eye contact with this cat. After that eye contact... I never heard the cat again. but now there are a few haggard cats coming to my apartment randomly. A few months ago I adopted a knee kitten named Haru. So I have an old cat a new cat currently. I put food out sometimes. I still have these dreams and last night I had a dream where cats and even stray dogs started coming too... Anyway I woke up in the morning and I wanted to go back to sleep so I put an eye mask cuz it was bright. Then I heard a cat like meow that did not sound like my cats and it was scratching itself. I dubbed it as my older cat just coming into my room.. but I remember thinking I usually hear my cats collar little bell ring when scratching. Maybe 5 minutes later I hear it again and I don’t hear the bell. I take my mask off and run to find my cats and they’re sound asleep like they wouldn’t be moving and they were not anywhere close to where I heard the scratching. I don’t mind they’re to be a spirit but I just want to know why and how I can help them. Should I talk to them and invite them to be petted? the thing is sometimes they or it scares my older cat (6 years old) I know my house has good energy but they seem to be very drawn to me and invade my dreams literally in crowds.

Stranger Dimensions

5 Signs A Ghost Cat Is Haunting You Right Now

5 Signs A Ghost Cat Is Haunting You Right Now

Cats are interdimensional beings. We’ve already established that they can teleport and even sometimes come back to life; there’s no point going over that again.

But what about when a cat does move on from this world? As unbounded travelers of the multiverse, you wouldn’t expect them to remain burdened by the collars of mortality. Not for long. No, according to many stories, they prefer to stick around.

Don’t believe me? Typical. Here are five signs that a ghost cat may be haunting you at this very moment, and a few strange tales to go along with them.

But first…

Why Would A Cat Haunt You?

While tossing this idea around, someone actually asked me: Why would a cat haunt you? They do seem to be solitary creatures, just fine being left alone. And yet, this actually doesn’t appear to be accurate – many sources online state that cats are indeed very social, and their labels of independent and solitary are mostly myths. Cats are just a bit different, that’s all. And, as with any animal, not all cats are alike.

So the idea that, if possible, a cat would return from beyond the grave to lounge in their familiar surroundings, or visit their previous owners, isn’t so much different from the alleged ghosts of people. If you would do it, maybe your cats would, too.

There’s also the possibility of residual hauntings. These aren’t intelligent hauntings. Rather, they’re a hypothetical paranormal phenomena akin to environmental recordings. A kind of echo in time and space, where the actions and characteristics of a person or animal (or perhaps even a place in general) are repeated long after they’ve passed on. It’s believed that such residual hauntings may be the result of traumatic events or perhaps electrical anomalies.

Strange things, indeed.

Well, now that we’ve established why your cat (or really any pet) might return as a ghost, let’s check out a handful of the potential signs.

1. A Furry Presence

ghost pet cat

Humans have a pretty good sense of when they’re being watched. It’s something we, as with most animals in the wild, likely picked up from our ancient days of wandering throughout a wilderness full of predators. In fact, studies have shown that the human brain has an innate ability to sense things about our surroundings without conscious visual information.

Even if you don’t actively think you’re seeing something, such as a person looking at you in your peripheral vision, your eyes receive information beyond what is at first visually apparent. We tend to notice these things subconsciously.

Going further, some would even claim they can sense “being watched” without any line of sight at all. A kind of sixth sense. This is a controversial idea, verging on extrasensory perception. A 1913 study titled “’The Feeling Of Being Stared At’ – Experimental” revealed that of 146 Stanford University students who filled out a questionnaire, 68% reported having the feeling of being watched at one point or another, “with the conviction that the feeling can be (more or less) relied upon.” A later questionnaire resulted in 86% of students sharing that same belief.

According to the scientist behind the study, E.B. Titchener, the reported feeling could be described as uncanny. It is “a state of unpleasant tension or stiffness at the nape of the neck, sometimes accompanied by a tingling, which gathers in volume and intensity until a movement which shall relieve it becomes inevitable.”

But what if something invisible is watching you? Something that by any normal human means should be impossible to detect? Can you sense that and, if so, what could your brain possibly make of it? Would you feel that same tension, that same tingling?

The answer, according to many, would be yes .

A feeling of being watched, or that there is a presence in the room , is often linked to the signs of a haunting, not just by the ghosts of cats. But there’s something to be said about feeling not just any old random presence, but a familiar one. A hairy one.

A little over a year ago, Reddit user natsusauce shared the story of what he called his “psychic cat.” It was a rather extraordinary tale about the cat’s passing and his eventual return. It began, however, very subtly.

“I believe it took about 2 hours or so before he made his presence known to us…We first felt something appear at the door, then the feeling grew stronger as it got closer, it walked up the steps towards us and we could hear the sound of the steps creaking like a cat walking up the stairs.”

They felt a profound connection with their cat, and their otherworldly experience continued. They would hear strange sounds at night, and sometimes feel their cat jump up on the bed and sleep next to them, like he always did when alive. They even went on to encounter ghostly orbs, a phenomenon we’ll see later on.

But for right now, we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Next up…

2. The Phantom Meowing

ghost pet cat

Our next symptom of a feline haunting: unexplained noises and the feeling of an actual physical presence .

People have reported hearing their deceased cat’s footsteps, the sounds of them scratching walls or furniture, or playing in a litter box (possibly one that isn’t even there). Some have even experienced the occasional haunting meow.

Others will report feeling their cat on a bed or couch, the way you’d feel anything that jumps up or sits down on one while you’re also sitting on it.

Redditor parrott_j is all too familiar with this experience . Several years ago, he and his girlfriend owned two cats. And they were perfectly normal cats, make no mistake. It was the third cat that bothered him – the one that didn’t really exist.

It started as a strange meowing in the hallway. They wrote this off as just one of their two cats playing around, big deal, even though they never saw the cats nearby when it happened. But then, he’d hear that same loud meowing, even with both cats right there with him on the couch. At that point, he knew they weren’t responsible.

This went on for a while, until one night the strangest thing happened. He’d been up late in bed reading, with his girlfriend sleeping next to him.

“I feel a cat jump on the bed and look from my book to see who it is. No cat. But there is… something. The best I can describe it is as distorted pixels. Its a small mass that looks like when they censor something on T.V.”

He watched, confused, as whatever it was moved across the bed. It approached his girlfriend’s hand, and “she immediately and quickly [drew] her hand back and turn[ed] over…like something had stepped on it.” The distorted cat would never appear again, but sometimes he’d hear that occasional meowing, or see the other cats staring at the empty hallway entrance.

In another case, Reddit user beemcnee described her bizarre experience with a random ghost cat that seemingly glitched into existence, only to disappear just as quickly. She had been asleep one morning when she felt a cat jump up onto her bed, then to her feet, and up to her stomach. It curled up and, thinking it was her Calico cat, she began to pet it.

But it wasn’t.

“I was thinking about how strangely sweet she was being. Until I noticed that it was not the calico Booboo, but instead an orange tabby!!! And then, in a blink of an eye, there was no cat at all.”

Ghost cats aren’t always so forward. Sometimes, it’s just that disembodied meowing, as Redditor shinkikker experienced several years ago . She’d been sitting on the couch with her cat, Cleo, in an otherwise empty house when she heard a very distinct meow, one that reminded her of another cat, her childhood pet that had recently passed away.

“…Sunny’s meow was low and long, where Cleo’s meow is high-pitched and short, like a kitten. The meow I heard was exactly like Sunny’s. So I looked at Cleo, and we both were staying still on the couch. About 10 seconds later, I heard the meow again, and this time, I could distinguish where it was coming from: the basement, Sunny’s favorite place to hang out…”

3. Familiar (But Ghostly) Smells

ghost pet cat

The following account may seem a bit crude, but it’s yet another sign that a ghost cat may be nearby: that of strange, and sometimes wicked, smells .

Two years ago, Reddit user Katweasel shared a story about her 16-year-old cat, who unfortunately had to be put to sleep earlier that week. A few days later, after walking over by the kitchen pantry, she was hit with the overwhelming odor of cat urine.

Now, this might not seem too odd. Not only could it have perhaps been a remnant of her deceased cat, but there were also two other cats in the house. However, those two cats were asleep in the bedroom at the time, and the door to the pantry had been open. The smell was far too intense and fresh, she explained, and focused on one specific area — the two middle shelves, where it was unlikely either of the living cats would reach. That, and absolutely nothing was wet. It didn’t make any sense.

She even went and brought one of her other kittens into the kitchen to see if she would react, but nothing happened. And then, just like that, the smell disappeared.

“For about an hour to [an] hour and a half i kept going back to try and figure it out. Then one time i went back and NOTHING. There was no trace of any smell. All day i was wondering.”

The smell never returned.

Many hauntings have involved phantom scents, be they of cologne or perfume, cigar smoke, or other smells associated with the individual who passed away. Perhaps the same can be said of cats and other animals.

4. Shadow Cats at the Corners of Your Eyes

ghost pet cat

Many have claimed over the years to have experienced so-called Shadow People . These are strange, humanoid shadows that sometimes appear fully formed, other times undefined or blob-like.

However, they don’t always appear as human. They’re often simply described as supernatural entities in general, and have indeed been reported to appear in the shape of animals, including cats.

Sometimes, in fact, they just appear at a person’s feet, like in this situation:

“I’ll see cat shadows run around my feet which startle me because the cat I own now is black and I’m afraid of stepping on her, but I look up the stairs and she’s sitting at the top, just staring at me.” – RJDeep/Reddit

Another very bizarre account is that told by Redditor multicrazy1012. It was an experience that happened when he very young. He woke up one night and saw what he described as “a large 2 dimensional cat that had the outline of a house cat but was the size equivalent of a tiger.” The cat was a shadow, and had strange glowing eyes. A dream? Possibly, but the way he told it, the memory was just too vivid to be a dream.

Five years later, he’d witness other shadowy figures in that same room.

“I was again walking down the stairs from my bedroom and this time clearly and vividly saw a tall, featureless, 3d figure run from the bathroom to the guest bedroom nextdoor.”

That later account sounds much more like a traditional shadow person experience. But what, then, do we make of the large shadow cat?

5. Ghost Cat Apparitions

ghost pet cat

As with any haunting, the most profound sign is outright visual manifestation . This, however, can happen in many stages and and take many forms. We’ve already seen a few of these above. Ghost orbs. Brief glimpses of cat-like shapes not of this world. The aforementioned shadows.

“…I had orbs thread around my path and rub against my ankles; my room would suddenly smell like kitty litter for a few minutes then it would go away; a recorder I left on at night captured cat meows and the sound of something playing with the recorder and scratching at the microphone…” – splendidorphan/Reddit

Full body apparitions are something else. They can appear solid, as if the person or animal were standing in front of you clear as day. Or, they can seem transparent, a kind of ghostly projection.

An account shared by Reddit user CapMarvel91 involved one such transparent manifestation . She had been over at her friend’s house when she happened to catch the specter of a cat standing in the hallway.

“I could tell that it wasn’t real, but I could see that it was white with black patches. It had colour, but it was transparent…It took two steps and disappeared in front of my eyes!”

Now, she’d never actually seen her friend’s cat before. She knew only that it had been hit by a car, and the family had buried it in their flower bed in the backyard. But, strangely enough, when she shared the experience with her friend and described how the cat looked, the description matched exactly that of her friend’s deceased cat.

Apparitions of full cats, which seem almost completely real, are also known to occur. In one instance, Redditor Drew-Pickles was walking through his girlfriend’s house when he happened to pass an open door leading to a bedroom. He gave the room a quick passing glance, and noticed a cat lounging on the bed .

He didn’t think that was anything unusual at first – they did own cats, after all – but stopped when he realized that they were all downstairs with his girlfriend, or “locked in the conservatory.” He turned around and looked back into the room, and there it was, completely empty. No cat to be found.

He hurried downstairs to tell his girlfriend what he saw.

“…she confirmed that the two kittens were with her and the rest were outside. I described the cat to her and she said that she knew what I had seen, it was her dead cat, Ginna. She then went and got a photo of him and lo and behold, it was the cat I had seen.”

Well, there you have it. Have you ever encountered a ghost pet, or experienced any of the strange signs listed above? Feel free to share in the comments below!

Photo of Rob Schwarz

Rob Schwarz

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Ghost Pets: True Tails of Pets Helping and Haunting their Humans

We wish our pets could stay with us forever, but what if some do ?

Much like their human counterparts, canine spirits often stick around to watch over their old haunts! From ghost pets to hellhounds, spectral sightings are documented around the globe.

America’s Most Famous Ghost Pets

Here are some spooky places in the United States that are haunted by furry phantoms.

Morris the Cat – Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Cats are popular at hotels across the country, likely due to their ability to keep pesky rodents at bay. Sometimes, these cats keep doing their job even after they’ve clocked out (forever). One of the most famous ghost cats is located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. About 50 years ago, honorary guest-greeter Morris (an orange tabby) lived in the hotel lobby of The Crescent Hotel . After Morris had passed, the staff buried him in the hotel’s rose garden. However, guests still report seeing Morris greet guests from his favorite chair or strolling through the rose garden.

Leona the Rat Terrier – Holly, Michigan

It seems that not all dogs go to heaven. Meet Leona, the resident spirit of the Holly Hotel in Holly Michigan . Back in 1989, world-famous parapsychologist Norman Gauthier visited the notoriously haunted hotel and declared the spot “loaded with spirits.” But he wasn’t the only one. The hotel has become a must-visit for many independent ghost-busting groups. Between smelling cigar smoke and floral perfume, seeing ghost girls with meat cleavers (uh, what?), and hearing disembodied voices late at night in the halls, the Holly Hotel has lived up to its reputation as a haunted hotspot.

One of the most notorious, ahem, long-term residents happens to be Leona, a ghostly Rat Terrier. Guests report hearing Leona run down the halls or feeling her brush up against their legs, and even the hotel’s morning chefs report hearing Leona bark for her breakfast. Never expect a terrier to give up, even in the afterlife! Leona is believed to be the spirit of the real-life Leona, pet of the hotel’s former owner.

The Demon Dog of Valle Crucis – Valle Crucis, North Carolina

If you’re going to be haunted by a ghost, it might as well be a dog, right? Eek, maybe not! It looks like ghost dogs aren’t all man’s deceased best friends. Meet the demon ghost dog of Valle Crucis, North Carolina ! Rumor has it that this demon dog appears late at night to trespassers who overstay their welcome in the local cemetery, chasing them out and even racing after their cars!

The Black Dog – Hanging Hills, Connecticut

Here’s another potentially sinister spirit. If you find yourself hanging around in Hanging Hills, Connecticut, you might want to avoid any strange black dogs. Legend has it that you only want to meet their renowned ghost, the Black Dog , once. Local legend says that if you keep running into the fabled Black Dog, it’s a death omen! Often seen as a small spaniel, the Black Dog may not sound too scary. Actually, it may not make noise at all. Locals say that even when it looks like the legendary dog is howling, it doesn’t make a sound. Looking to avoid this furry foe? Skip Castle Craig, where the Black Dog frightens oblivious travelers.

Even creepier, since the 1800s, locals blame the pooch’s presence for the demise of those who’ve met the dog three times. If you find yourself face-to-face with the Black Dog, just remember : “If a man shall meet the Black Dog once, it shall be for joy; and if twice, it shall be for sorrow; and the third time, he shall die.” Spooky!

The Blue Ghost Dog – Port Tobacco, Maryland

One of the oldest ghost pet legends is that of the blue ghost dog of Port Tobacco .

Sometime in the 1700s, a man named Charles Thomas Sims walked into a bar and made three mistakes:

  • He brought in a ton of gold
  • He talked too much when he drank
  • And he talked too much about the aforementioned gold

Any guesses what happened next? Charles found himself in a fight for his life as he was quickly attacked by bandits. Sims’ dog, a loyal Bluetick Coonhound, is said to have battled at his side, protecting his owner until their last breaths.

Although they fought hard, it wasn’t enough. Sims and his dog fell on a rock along the road and perished together. Although the robbers won their gold, they didn’t enjoy it for long. It’s said that after the bandits returned for their buried treasure, a large Bluetick Coonhound ran them off. They all eventually fell ill and perished. To this day, locals report that the faithful hound is still protecting his master’s gold.

Preston the Boxer – Nashville, Tennessee

Have you ever heard of Preston the friendly ghost (dog)? Considered one of our most famous ghost pets, this celebrity pup is said to haunt Nashville’s Belmont Hillsboro neighborhood . This good-hearted Boxer appears every year around Halloween, protecting the young trick-‘r-treaters.

If you stop in the middle of the street, an invisible dog nose may nudge you along so you don’t get hit by a car. Others say that Preston can be heard keeping the peace by barking throughout the night. Some locals pay tribute to Preston every Halloween by leaving out a dog biscuit to thank him for his service protecting the town.

Ask Before You Pet

If you’re hoping to encounter a ghost pet this Halloween season, just remember this: Don’t try to pet the ghosts of animals you don’t know — or at least ask their ghost humans for permission first!

Full size images

Ghost 1

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