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Wild Office Pranks That Evil Coworkers Have Pulled on Each Other

ghost prank trick

Laughing in the office is a great way to recharge after working hard. Why not make the average workday better with some pranks? Some fun stunts might just bring everyone together.

Need some inspiration for tricks to start the ultimate prank war? We’ve got you covered. Take a look at these wild office pranks that evil coworkers have pulled on each other.

Try Not to Make a Mess

Some office bathrooms are already dirty. If you want to make it worse, follow in the footsteps of this bad boy. The worker toyed with the toilet by covering it with plastic wrap. Can you guess how surprised everyone in the office was?

ghost prank trick

The bathroom is one of the last places a person would expect to get pranked. You must be daring to pull this cling wrap trick. It’s hard to see, so the victim of the prank will have no idea until they sit down to use the bathroom. Whoever cleans the mess after is a hero.

Pimp My Ride

Some people may argue that the best part of the workday is when you get to leave and go home. However, some folks like to take work home with them. Others have no choice because they have mischievous coworkers.

ghost prank trick

Imagine leaving the office to find a nice surprise waiting for you in the parking lot. Your car has been upgraded and customized with office supplies. The good news is that it’s artistic, and all eyes will be on you.

Fresh Cookies

There’s nothing like cookies to cheer up your colleagues. Cookies are sweet and fun to eat. But it’s also fun and easy to fool people with treats during a prank war. This mischievous worker turned everyone’s favorite cookie into a gross snack.

ghost prank trick

The joker took out the cookies’ cream and replaced it with toothpaste — which is good for your oral health, not your taste buds. However, this prankster may argue that revenge is a dish best served with toothpaste.

A Game of Thrones

The most important part of a desk setup is the chair. Many employees pick a comfy chair that meets their needs. Others tend to choose furniture that goes with their personalities. One employee believed his manager, Mr. Kaple, needed a new seat.

ghost prank trick

We’re not sure if the employee thought the updated throne would be more comfortable or if it matched his boss’s personality, but the idea triggered some laughter. According to the prankster, it was payback time for Mr. Kaple, who played a joke on him five years earlier.

Hide Your Staplers

The hit series The Office gave the world a taste of what life is like at a paper company. One of the employees, Jim Halpert, entertained himself by playing pranks on his coworkers. The king prankster inspired many people in real life to commit their own misdeeds.

ghost prank trick

One of Halpert’s most unforgettable pranks involved putting a stapler in Jell-O. So, it’s a good idea to hide your stapler from your coworkers. If it goes missing, expect to find it jiggling in a dessert on your desk.

Be Careful What You Tell Your Coworkers

David Michael Hasselhoff, a.k.a. The Hoff, was one of the most-watched men on TV a few decades ago. It’s easy to see why people are obsessed with him. He starred in hit series like Knight Rider and Baywatch , a show famous for its slow-motion scenes of the cast running in swimsuits.

ghost prank trick

However, awkward incidents can happen to those who actually admit their Hoff obsession. Exhibit A: One Hoff superfan told her coworkers that she frequently rewatches his shows. The outcome? A Hoff shrine covering her desk for the entire office to see and remember.

Foiled Again

One employee arrived at the office and assumed a pile of paperwork would be sitting on her desk. Instead, she found her entire cubicle wrapped in tin foil, including the computer, chair, floor, printer and photo frames. Everything was shiny!

ghost prank trick

Some folks might say it looks like something from an alien spaceship. Others might see an opportunity to start baking. Maybe there’s already a baked potato hiding in there. However this might inspire you, it’s clear that it’s the work of a master prankster.

Ring Ring Banana Phone

Want to have some fun at work, but not cause a huge scene? One easy office prank is replacing the phone with a banana. It’s an oldie but a goodie. When the phone is ringing, the automatic response is to grab the handset without looking at it.

ghost prank trick

Before the person knows it, they actually have a cold, yellow fruit in their hand instead. Colleagues will get a good laugh out of someone picking up a banana and saying “hello.” Don’t underestimate the power of the banana.

A “Nice” Treat

Skittles, M&M’s and Reese’s are all delicious in their own unique way. However, naughty jokesters know how to make them not so tasty. One employee mixed all three in a bowl and left it in the breakroom for colleagues. That’s when hilarity ensued.

ghost prank trick

A victim of the trick left a special note to the prankster, saying, “Whoever you are who did this has no soul and I hope you are happy with yourself! It’s just wrong and you should be ashamed!!!” We’re not sure if the joke or the note is more entertaining.

Look Under the Seat

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Look before you leap.” These are wise words that employees should follow, especially around April Fools’ Day. One classic chair prank is the whoopee cushion. If you don’t look at your seat, you may set off “raspberry” noises in the office.

ghost prank trick

However, practical jokesters are getting more creative these days. To kick things up a notch, they’ll plant an air horn under the seat. Unsuspecting victims have no idea that, once they plop down, they’ll trigger a blaring whistle throughout the entire office. The startling reactions are priceless.

Time to Have a Ball

It’s common for kids to play in ball pits. But adult ball pits are trending. These playrooms are showing up in more offices around the world. But what if your company says that you can’t have a ball pit room?

ghost prank trick

Jokesters find a way to make the impossible happen, even if it’s just for one day. One rascal filled a whole room with plastic balls, turning it into an adult playground. It took a lot of balls to pull off that prank.

The Printer Is Now Called Bob Marley

Anything can go wrong with printers. They run out of ink or print too slowly all the time. Even worse, these devices break more often than you can count. Sounds frustrating, right? Well, one employee figured out a way to make fun of a bad situation.

ghost prank trick

The person named the printer Bob Marley. The reason? It’s always jammin’. Of course, this joke wouldn’t be complete without a twist on one of Marley’s songs. “Don’t worry…bout da ink…cuz everything you print…gonna turn out white.”

Slip ‘n’ Slide > Ice Cream

When the temperature rises in the summer, many offices provide nice, cold treats for their employees. However, one company said, “Who cares about ice cream?” They decided to get into some trouble and create an indoor slip ‘n’ slide right in the middle of the office.

ghost prank trick

The Australian travel company Flight Centre didn’t wait for summer to carry out its shenanigans. In the midst of winter, the business threw this sudsy party in the office. Even better? They all dressed in silly costumes for the game.

Coworker-Approved Ways to Eat at Work

Not all foods are appropriate to consume in the office. Some foods have strong smells that linger and can make employees sick and nauseous. It’s best to avoid bringing these dishes into the workplace. But does everyone listen?

ghost prank trick

Of course not! One goofy employee decided to take matters into their own hands with a witty guide. The only acceptable fish to eat in the workplace are Gold and Swedish fish. All other fish are basically banned — or they should be, at least.

Dino Meeting

Imagine taking a tour of the office to discover dinosaurs hosting a meeting in one room. Here we have a triceratops, pterodactyl, velociraptor and T. rex discussing the quarter’s financial numbers. These hilarious costumes definitely lifted spirits in the office.

ghost prank trick

This scene is interesting, but it’s also a mess. Triceratops can’t fit into a chair, while pterodactyl appears super confused. The raptor is having a hard time using the computer with its hands, and T. rex is not in a good mood. Let’s back away from the dinosaurs.

The Perfect Crime

Americans are fascinated by true crime. If you don’t believe us, check out the long list of popular crime documentaries, shows and podcasts in the U.S. But we wouldn’t suggest faking your death unless it’s for a fun and friendly office prank.

ghost prank trick

Constructing a murder crime scene will get the office’s attention in no time. Plus, it’ll get a lot of laughs. One employee used tape to outline the body and made the prank more realistic with yellow caution tape. This person’s dedication shows.

Who Ordered This Rubbish?

Messing with someone else’s phone is pretty evil, but all’s fair in prank wars, right? This employee came to their desk and found the phone completely wrapped up in rubber bands. The prankster gets bonus points for leaving the phone plugged in.

ghost prank trick

Can you picture the look on the person’s face when the phone starts ringing? The employee has two options: let the phone ring its head off or scramble to unwrap the phone. Legend has it that they’re still removing the rubber bands to this day.

Add Some Color to the Office

Is the office space looking bland? No worries; your office prankster will find a way to liven up the building one way or another. This jokester got creative with sticky notes and covered an entire room with them, including the chair and desk.

ghost prank trick

With one simple addition, the new office was transformed into a brighter room. Now, no one can argue that the office looks boring. Madly impressive, right? It’s all about the little (square) things.

This Mouse Is a Gamechanger

Bacon has many great uses. You can add it to salads and wrap it around other meats. It’s the perfect combination of salt and fat to make everything extra tasty and fun. One prankster came up with a way to use bacon in the office.

ghost prank trick

This was the brilliant idea: Wrap a mouse in crispy bacon. Some people may find this prank annoying and greasy. Others will say this mouse is a true gamechanger, especially for anyone who loves bacon. This is how you successfully mix business and pleasure.

The Tables Have Turned

It makes sense to wear a Michael Myers costume to terrify coworkers at the office. There’s just something creepy about that mask and those coveralls. But could we scare the terrorizing villain instead? One person had the guts to find out.

ghost prank trick

The employee waited for her coworker where he least expected it: the recycling bin. He was just minding his own business when the prankster flew out of the container and startled him. Always remember: No matter how scary you think you are, there’s something more evil that will frighten you.

Jurassic Parking Lot

If there’s anything we’ve learned from Jurassic Park , it’s that dinosaurs are terrifying, especially the ones with giant jaws and sharp teeth. So imagine how employees felt when they saw this dino in the parking lot. That’s not cute at all.

ghost prank trick

Plus, the realistic dinosaur didn’t just stand in one place. The pranksters kicked things up a notch and chased targets around in the parking structure. The results? A lot of screaming, running, hiding, mini heart attacks and laughter. Note to self: Always bring an extra pair of pants to work.

When You Need More Pictures in Your Office

Sometimes, it’s hard to decorate the workplace. Do you need more plants, color or photos? One worker couldn’t figure it out, so the office troublemaker decided it was time to step up to the plate. What could go wrong? Everything.

ghost prank trick

The prank ringleader didn’t believe the space needed plants, but they did believe it could use more color and photos. Pictures of the worker were plastered everywhere, from the window to the walls. The choice of colors definitely made the room impossible to ignore.

No Donuts Today!

It’s a nice gesture when people bring in treats to the office. The most common baked goods to make appearances are donuts, a.k.a. little circles of happiness. When someone sends an email that there are donuts in the breakroom, the majority of the office runs to snatch one.

ghost prank trick

However, it’s not very nice when people falsely advertise a product, especially treats. That’s why it makes the perfect prank. This trickster left a box of “donuts” in the breakroom and waited for the excitement to start. The outcome included heartbreak and looks of disgust.

A Greener Office

Want to go green in the office? There are many benefits to adding plants to your workspace. They reduce stress, boost productivity and clean the air. However, there are also wrong ways to grow plants in the workplace.

ghost prank trick

In this prank, the associate grew a green scene in a coworker’s keyboard. Will it lower stress? Probably not. Improve productivity? Quite the opposite. Purify the air? Maybe! The good news is that Captain Planet and millions of gardeners approve of this prank.

Breaking the Rules

For those who work in a lab or recording studio or just anywhere around expensive electronics, no liquids allowed near the equipment is a common rule. Spills can damage the machines and cost a fortune in repairs or replacements. However, one coworker from hell wanted to play a mean prank on their team.

ghost prank trick

Using a cup and plastic, the mischievous worker faked a spill on the equipment. Of course, it gave everyone a panic attack until they picked up the cup and realized it was a joke. The fake spill prank never gets old, and it’s pretty harmless.

How to Make a Room Pop

One of the best pranks you can pull with your colleagues at work is filling up the entire office with balloons. In this case, the team packed an individual’s workspace with hundreds of balloons. It looked like an office filled with giant jelly beans.

ghost prank trick

The crew waited for the victim of the prank to deal with the inflatable fallout. The effort was worth the funny response. It was difficult to open the door because the balloons took up the entire space, but the worker was able to jump into the new and improved room.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Many folks look forward to the holidays in December. They get hyped up by decorating their homes with Christmas lights and blasting Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” Why not bring the holiday spirit into the office?

ghost prank trick

It’s never too early to get excited for the holidays. One troublemaker decided to leave some gifts for a colleague. The presents included a gift-wrapped chair, desk and computer covered in packing peanuts. Will this prankster get a lump of coal for Christmas?

It’s Minecraft O’clock

Want to build a cool office? Sometimes, you need to bring a piece of home with you into the workplace. That’s definitely what this menace did to pull a prank on one of their coworkers. They found inspiration from an addictive video game.

ghost prank trick

Minecraft is great entertainment for kids. The prankster might’ve tried to embarrass their coworker for playing a children’s game, but at least they included a sword to slay anyone who laughs. Plus, green desks are the new style statement.

Advanced Threat Protection?

The security team is always warning the office to protect themselves from online threats. Some people download antivirus software, while others don’t really care. This employee saw a colleague ignoring the IT department’s suggestions, so they came up with a hilarious solution.

ghost prank trick

The prankster fixed the problem with bubble wrap, reminding the coworker to protect the hardware from damage and any other threats. Some people may find this annoying, but others will find it a fun opportunity to pop the sheets and make noise all day long.

Snacks for Days

There’s always that one coworker who gets up to eat the same snack every day. It could be cookies, nuts, granola bars or chips. Whatever snack it is, it leads to a shortage for everyone else who wants some. So this employee gave the coworker a reason to never leave their desk.

ghost prank trick

The joker filled the office with piles of Cheetos, covering the floor and desk. Now, the coworker will never go hungry or eat up all the office snacks again. Legend has it that they’re still munching those Cheetos up to this day.


ghost prank trick

Gotcha! 9 DIY Pranks to Play on Anyone

Play fun pranks on your friends to scare and amaze them.

Whether you’re doing it to get back at them because they’ve pranked you in the past, or simply because getting under people’s skin is your specialty, here are nine DIY pranks to play on anyone.

1. Ghost Hologram

Want to win the best Halloween prank of the year in your neighborhood? Then this DIY ghost hologram prank should be at the top of your list. All you need for this project is an invisible screen (you can use a transparent fabric) and your laptop, which will be the source of the ghost illusions and screams.

Set the invisible screen on your window, connect a projector to your laptop, and position it to project towards the window. Wait for the perfect time, click the play button, and watch your target’s face turn grey in fear at the sight of a floating ghost.

To make it even more interesting, do this prank after watching a horror movie or in the middle of a Halloween dinner.

Note that you can set up the invisible screen anywhere you find fit: it doesn't need to be beside a window. For the ghost illusions, you can play YouTube videos or use specialized software.

2. Electromagnetic Mjölnir Prank (Thor’s Hammer)

Trick your Thor-loving friends into thinking you finally have the bravery of a hammer-wielding god by making this DIY electromagnetic Thor hammer.

At its core, it’s a toy Thor hammer with a fingerprint scanner registered to your thumbprint, so the hammer only lifts off the ground when you hold it.

It runs on Arduino, is powered by four 12V batteries, and has electromagnetic properties thanks to a microwave transformer. You’ll also equip it with a capacitive touch sensor to make it light up when the handle is held.

Place the hammer on a magnetic metal surface, with its electromagnet turned on, and watch as friends take turns and hopelessly try to lift it off the ground.

Once they’re done, turn off the electromagnet by putting your thumb on the fingerprint scanner, lift the hammer, and enjoy the look on their faces as you play Chris Hemsworth for a minute.

Related: Easy and Exciting Arduino Projects to Teach Your Kids Electronics

3. Spooky Scream on Alexa

No Halloween is complete without creepy sounds, and this simple prank happens to have all the spookiness you need to complete your set of tricks.

It’s pretty easy, too, because all you need to do is prompt Alexa to play a continuous loop of blood-curdling sounds after a few minutes, wait for the right time to turn up the volume, and watch in amusement as your victim falls for it.

You can either play it when they’re not in the room, so they come running, or wait until they are in the room and play it when they least expect it.

4. Ghost Drone

For an even more effortless take on DIY pranks, the ghost drone is an excellent prank. And you can try on almost everyone.

Dress up your drone in any ghost costume you think will work best and fly it towards the target when they least expect it. For an even better and genuine reaction, try this DIY prank at night.

5. Use Sphero Mini to Create Moving Parts

A Sphero Mini is a tiny programmable robot almost the same size as a ping-pong ball. You can use it for various functions, including a fun, scary, and techy DIY prank on anyone.

Paint it up as an eyeball and have it rolling towards the victim during dinner. Stash it in an orange and move it every time someone tries to grab it, or in your little brother’s or sister’s favorite stuffed animal for a scary but friendly prank.

Note: thanks to the Sphero mini’s tiny size, you can stash it in nearly anything to create moving parts and prank your friends and family.

6. Air-horn Your Coworker’s Chair

For a quick and fun prank (the fun is for you) at the office, try to air-horn your coworker’s chair and watch them jump off in a panic and turn red in anger when they realize you’re the culprit.

Like other pranks on our list, this is easy to set up. Attach an air horn to the pneumatic lever of their office chair using packing tape and watch the victim jump in panic when they set it off.

Quick disclaimer: everyone in your office else will probably be angry with you because of the interruption. On the bright side, it’s harmless, so you probably won’t be fired.

7. Freeze Your Partner’s Home Screen in Their Phone

Although it probably won’t take them that long to figure it out, this DIY prank will get under your victim’s skin. Take a screenshot of their home screen, move all apps from the main screen, and set the screenshot as their home screen so when they try to open an app, nothing happens.

For an advanced take on this prank, you can lock one app on the home screen so they’re unable to access anything else on their phone. To do this, go to their accessibility menu and activate guided access.

Next, go to the app you wish to lock them into, triple-click the home button to activate guided access, and input a passcode so only you can have the power to free your friend from the app jail you’ve just locked them into!

You can be sure you’re not touching their phone ever again after this prank.

8. Cover the Remote Sensors With Tape

Now this one is super easy. Cover the remote sensor using clear tape, and watch the target struggle to turn the TV on. If lucky, they might even try to change the batteries.

9. Convert Their TV Into a “Haunted Mirror”

In the spirit of spookiness, this DIY prank is a must-do for all pranksters. You’ll need a photo frame that fits around your TV’s frame to create a mirror-like impression when the TV is off.

Next, find a spooky image or video, load it into your TV, and hit the play button when someone checks themselves out. The sudden spooky image or footage will undoubtedly have them feeling weak at the knees.

Related: The Best Raspberry Pi Smart Magic Mirror Projects

Scaring and pranking people is no rocket science. The nine DIY pranks above are easy to execute and will sure get you the blood-curdling screams you’re hoping for when you try. Get your camera or phone ready, and be sure to capture those fun moments as you make your loved ones’ blood run cold. They will be fun moments to laugh at for days to come.

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50 Terrifyingly Scary Pranks

ghost prank trick

From Malicious Mummy Pranks to Terrifying Ghost Pranks

Magic Parlour Lock Pieces

15 Easy Pranks To Play This Halloween

Screams guaranteed.

Easy Halloween prank ideas

Many might save their hijinks for April Fool’s Day, but Halloween is the perfect time to truly catch someone off guard with a prank. With ghost stories and superstitions in the chilly air, even the slightest crunch of a leaf can send a shiver up someone’s spine which makes autumn the perfect season to pull a Halloween prank.

For some, Halloween is naturally a time for pranks — as many areas celebrate “Mischief Night” on October 30. Think TPing your neighbor’s house or placing a freaky Halloween decoration on their front doorstep. But even if you’re in a region that doesn’t celebrate Mischief Night, you can still keep the “trick” in “trick-or-treat” this holiday.

Whether you’re hoping to give your friend a good fright, or just want a wholesome laugh to celebrate the holiday now that you’re too old to go trick-or-treating, here are some easy Halloween pranks to pull this spooky season.

This Halloween, scare your friends with the best Halloween pranks.

1. Mirror Writing

We’ve all drawn a smiley face on a fogged-up mirror, right? For Halloween, you’ll need to be a bit trickier to really scare someone. Before your significant other/roommate/sibling pops in the shower, use a bar of soap to write a creepy message on the mirror — such as “I’m watching you” or “I know what you did.” Use a bit of tissue to retrace the words, so that your message isn’t totally visible yet. Once the mirror is fogged, the words should become clear. Just listen for the yelp of panic.

2. Please Take One!

View on TikTok

Here’s a classic prank that you’ve probably fallen for before. If you’re having trick-or-treaters over — or hosting a Halloween party — set up a human-sized decorative character on your porch. The character can be everything from scarecrow on a rocking chair to a mummy holding a candy bowl. Next, dress yourself up in the same costume and periodically switch the character out at random points in the night. Once someone gets close to choosing a candy from the bowl, start to move and they’re sure to jump right off your doorstep. See @haleyblazek’s take on the prank for inspiration.

3. Someone Up There?

If you’re at the office on Halloween or living somewhere with movable ceiling tiles, this prank is for you. Get a long hair extension or wig to tuck inside a ceiling tile so that it hangs down ominously. For added effect, make the hair look a little worse for wear (maybe even put some fake blood on it), and hang it in a room where people will have to flip the lights on.

4. Head in a Jar

This one takes a bit of work , but it’s so, so worth it. Take a photo of yourself looking a bit squished. You can easily do this with a funny facial expression, or even by changing the dimensions of the photo on your computer. Have it printed and laminated, and then stick it in a large jar filled with sickly-looking food coloring. Place it in your fridge, and wait for hungry guests to get a scare.

5. Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

After a long night of Halloween celebrations, what most of us want to do is fall into bed and snuggle up. So imagine the terror your loved ones would feel when they pull back the covers and see a bunch of bugs have taken up residence? Fake bugs , of course. But they’ll be freaked out either way.

6. Surprise Snake

If you’re hosting a Halloween party , this is a good one for you. Use a rubber snake and some string to rig the snake to pop up whenever a cooler is opened for added realism, or simply place it in there for people to see when they grab a drink.

7. Apple Anyone?

This one is a bit mean — unless you know someone who really enjoys onions. The trick is to make a bunch of onions look like caramel apples so unsuspecting partygoers get a mouthful of yuck instead of a delicious Halloween treat. You make the onions as you would make caramel apples, and you should actually include a few real apples so the people with onions don’t catch on right away.

Onions disguised as caramel apples make an easy Halloween prank.

8. Only Take One

If you’re strapped for time, you can get a product that does the prank for you. You’ve likely seen the candy bowls with animated hands , which are a perfect pranky purchase because it never gets old watching little kids or unsuspecting adults jump when they reach in for a candy.

9. Fake Spider Anything

Not only are spiders very on-theme for Halloween, but any prank involving spiders — big ones , small ones , whatever — will scare most people. You can put a fake spider in someone’s car just above the door so they’re bound to notice it. You could rig a giant spider to swing down from the ceiling when kids come to your door for candy. You could even go the extra mile to get a remote-controlled spider to follow your party guests around.

10. Creepy Doll

Like spiders, creepy dolls will frighten most people. You can buy an already scary-looking baby doll — this one is sound and sensor operated — or you could make your own out of a thrift-store find. When no one is around, write something creepy on a notepad and place the marker in the doll’s hand. When people come back around, they’ll probably stay clear of the doll for the rest of the party.

11. Fake Ghost

This is the prank to end all pranks because it’s pretty elaborate. Have a friend dress up in some spooky attire — you know, tattered clothes, matted hair, ghostly makeup — and have them hang out in a few spots along your street so that people coming to your house will see them. Spark up a conversation if no one brings it up, and then act like your friends are joking with you. Ask them to describe what they saw and then tell them a fake g host story involving a character that looks exactly like your friend in costume. Finally, complete the prank by having your ghost friend show up later to scare them!

12. Spooky Computer Glitch

As millennials, few things are scarier than when your electronics show signs of spam, so why not double down on the scaries and freak out your virtual partygoers with a fake computer glitch? If you’re hosting a Zoom party, share your screen as if you’re going to show a cool video, then play a computer glitch on YouTube. It doesn’t take much to send your guests into a tailspin, thinking their electronics have crumbled.

13. Creepy Sound Prank

The music always sets the scene! Play with the minds of your virtual partygoers by having spooky music playing in the background. Mix it up by starting and stopping the music at random times so no one is quite sure where it's coming from!

14. Take A Second Glance

It’s no secret that everyone is looking at your background during a Zoom call. Pictures of your friends and family? So last year. Give your friends a reason to double-take with scary changing portraits and spice it up with some acting skills. Is the portrait really changing or are your virtual guests seeing things?

15. Haunted Drone

If you have a drone, Buzzfeed recommends attaching some sort of ghost or witch figure to the drone and flying it around your neighborhood. Wait for someone to catch it, then see your entire neighborhood look up with horror at the sky.

16. Ice Cube Surprise

If you’re serving cocktails (or any drink) at your party, prep some freaky ice cubes with gummy eyeballs or bugs planted in them. Wait for your guests' drink to melt a bit, and you might have a few complaints about the cleanliness of your soiree. Just be sure to only include edible items in the ice to avoid a choking hazard.

This article was originally published on Oct. 18, 2015

ghost prank trick

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Trick your friends with these Halloween PC pranks

April Fool’s Day is for amateurs. Halloween is the holiday for serious troublemakers. It’s a far better occasion for playing tricks, because the days are cold and dark, and everyone is thinking about ghosts and ghouls, but nobody is expecting to be pranked.

We’ve handpicked our favorite PC pranks to share with you, dear reader, in hopes of sowing some mischief in offices and homes around the world. Each of these tricks is easy to set up: All you need is a wireless keyboard or mouse, and clandestine access to your target’s PC for a few minutes.

Ghost writer

This is the easiest trick in the haunted PC book, yet somehow it always works. Most people would rather blame malware, hackers or cursed luck for their PC’s misbehaviors, rather than actually get up and check to make sure nobody’s plugged anything weird into the case.

To pull it off, you need a wireless keyboard and/or a mouse that communicates with a PC via a tiny wireless dongle—the smaller, the better.

ghost prank trick

Surreptitiously attach the wireless dongle to your victim’s PC, then use the keyboard or mouse at random intervals to make the PC seem haunted. You can keep things subtle by moving the mouse cursor a little bit here, hitting a few random keys there—or just go full Swayze and start typing unearthly messages from beyond the grave, preferably while your victim is trying to write an email.

Spooky sound effects

This one takes a little audio-editing work on your part, but it’s worth it. Every PC has a set of customizable system sounds that play when you start up, shut down, or receive system messages. It takes only a few minutes to replace those sound files with spooky sound effects.

Wait until your target is away from the PC for 5-10 minutes, then hop on and use an audio editor—you can download Audacity for free—to edit the system sound files already in place so that they’re spookier: time delays on the sounds, drawing out the sounds at a lower pitch, or other mutations. If your target is using the default Windows system sounds, you can usually find their corresponding .wav files in the  C:WindowsMedia  folder.

ghost prank trick

You can also simply swap them out for other .wav files, like this  blood-curdling scream , by associating the spooky sound effect with your chosen system action in the Windows Sound settings menu. To get there on Windows 8, just hit the Start button and type  System sounds , then switch the search filter to “Settings” and select the  Change system sounds  option.

Haunted PC shortcuts

If you have access to your target’s desktop, prank them by changing the shortcuts of their favorite programs so they instead open a horrifying photograph, a creepy video, or a different program entirely.

All you have to do is right-click the shortcut to a popular application—Chrome, for example—and open the Properties menu, then edit the  Target  field to point to the file you want that shortcut to open.

ghost prank trick

If you want to change it to a creepy photo of Bill Cosby playing  Ghost Dad that you’ve hidden in the Windows folder, for example, you need to replace “C:Program Files (x86)GoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe” with “C:WindowsGHOSTDAD.jpg.”

One caveat: Windows will update the shortcut’s icon automatically to reflect its new target, which will give away your trick. To change it back, right-click the icon again, open Properties and click the  Change Icon. You should be able to find the old, default icon in the directory of the original executable.

As you plot your victims’ fates, remember one more thing: The merriest pranksters always make sure their tricks can be undone with little or no damage. Plan responsibly, and have a blast!

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