1. Electromagnetic Field Enhancement with “Ghost Waves”

    ghost waves physics

  2. Schematic diagram of the single-slit ghost interference experiment

    ghost waves physics

  3. Sketch of the activated ghost particles at the intersection between the

    ghost waves physics

  4. Ghost reflection

    ghost waves physics

  5. Ghost reflection

    ghost waves physics

  6. Quantum ghost imaging improved by using five-atom correlations

    ghost waves physics


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  1. arXiv:1904.08020v2 [physics.optics] 26 Apr 2019

    The so-called electromagnetic ghost waves are simply electromagnetic nonuniform plane waves, whose as- sociation with both propagating and evanescent fields has long been known, even for isotropic dielectric materials that are non-dissipative. Keywords: nonuniform plane waves, ghost waves, surface waves, propagating, evanescent