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Download GhostBSD

Ghostbsd official image.

Official images are maintained and supported by GhostBSD developers and contributors. Developers and contributors will assume that when a user refers to GhostBSD on Telegram, the Forums, or a bug report, you refers to GhostBSD with MATE. As of now, MATE is the only official DE.

GhostBSD 23.06.01

64-bit, amd64

  • Canadian Mirror
  • France Mirror
  • Norway Mirror
  • South Africa Mirror

sha256 : f4cfaa8a03dafcf793821e687e0933a515b4a216414be786d568a2b364c5a74b

Minimum System Requirements

  • 64-bit processor
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 15 GB of free hard drive space
  • Network card

Note: GhostBSD can't successfully install in a system with less than 4G of ram because once GhostBSD is booted, it is running from the ram and not from the USB flash drive or DVD.

Latest Builds

The latest builds ISO is generated automatically from the latest software build, which is the same version as the latest update. If you encounter a bug in the current release, the latest build ISO could have the fix.

GhostBSD Community Images

Community images are maintained and supported by the community. GhostBSD Project compiles the community images and hosts them for the community, but we are not responsible for their quality. If a problem arises with these spins, the community must fix the issues. If you need help on Telegram or the Forums with a community spin, please mention that it is a community spin and which DE it is.

sha256 : 30149ca6150d07714620828cb9adac3d831d11fb97c6c894f3e27b0044ce9e3d

Note: GhostBSD can't successfully install in a system with less than 4G of RAM because once GhostBSD is booted, it is running from the RAM and not from the USB flash drive or DVD.

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Tool to build GhostBSD image.


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Latest commit

  • 1,121 commits


Live media creator for GhostBSD distribution


The purpose of this tool is quickly generate live images for GhostBSD.

  • Build GhostBSD from packages
  • Mate and XFCE desktop environments
  • Hybrid DVD/USB image

Graphics support

  • Compatible with VirtualBox, VMware, NVIDIA graphics out of box
  • SCFB support with automatic best resolution for UEFI enabled systems with Intel/AMD graphics

System requirements

  • Latest version of GhostBSD
  • 20GB of free disk space
  • 4GB of free memory

Note: GhostBSD 22.01.12 and later should be used to build ISO.

Initial setup

Install the required packages:

Make sure to have linux64 kernel module loaded

Clone the repo:

Starting a build

Enter the directory for running the livecd build script:, to build a ghostbsd with mate as default desktop, (option) to build ghostbsd with xfce as default desktop, burn an image to cd:, write an image to usb stick:, sponsor this project.

  • https://www.ghostbsd.org/donate

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GhostBSD 22.01.12 ISO released

Mr. ericbsd has announced the release of GhostBSD 22.01.12 - the latest update from desktop BSD project. GhostBSD 22.01.12 release comes with several bug fixes, package updates and other user experience improvements.

GhostBSD 22.01.12 featured image

What is new in GhostBSD 22.01.12?

The key highlights in GhostBSD 22.01.12 release are as follows:

the installer hanging at the cleaning stage for ZFS installation got fixed Removes OpenRC and dhcpcd Introduces automation configuration for HD 7000 series and older GPUs Fresh set of wallpapers Removes p7zip from the default installation as it is not actively maintained.

Download GhostBSD 22.01.12

You can download GhostBSD 22.01.12 ISO and torrent files from the below links.

Download GhostBSD 22.01.12 ISO Download GhostBSD 22.01.12 TORRENT

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  4. Download GhostBSD

    Download GhostBSD. GhostBSD Official Image. Official images are maintained and supported by GhostBSD developers and contributors. Developers and contributors

  5. Tool to build GhostBSD image.

    The purpose of this tool is quickly generate live images for GhostBSD. Features. Build GhostBSD from packages; Mate and XFCE desktop environments; Hybrid DVD/

  6. GhostBSD

    It also features a selection of commonly used software, a rolling-release development model, and a bootable live image with an intuitive

  7. Файл:GhostBSD logo.png

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  8. Getting started

    ... ghostbsd.iso \ -boot menu=on. When QEMU starts, press esc and select 2 to boot the ISO. Use the Install GhostBSD utility to install GhostBSD do the disk image.

  9. GhostBSD 22.01.12 ISO released

    12 release comes with several bug fixes, package updates and other user experience improvements. GhostBSD 22.01.12 featured image. What is new

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