ghostly galaxy luigi and the haunted mansion


Do You Have to Tell Buyers Your House Is Haunted?

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Victorian house

Helen Ackley and her family lived with ghosts for years in their turn-of-the-century Victorian in upstate New York. One ghost would shake the children's beds to wake them up in the morning. Another materialized in midair as Helen was painting the ceiling of her living room (and approved of her color choice). Her son once came face-to-face with a long-deceased Navy lieutenant outside the basement door.

The Ackleys didn't keep their spectral guests a secret. Helen was quoted in newspaper stories and the Reader's Digest about the family ghosts, and the home in Nyack was included on the town's haunted house tour. Everyone knew that the Ackley place was possessed — everyone, apparently, except Jeffrey Stambovsky.

In 1989, Stambovsky, a transplant from New York City, bought the Ackley's Victorian mansion for $650,000 without any knowledge that the place was famously riddled with ghosts. When his new neighbors clued him in, Stambosky took the Ackleys to court to cancel the contract and get his money back. In the first trial, the judge denied Stambovsky's claim, citing caveat emptor or "let the buyer beware."

But an appeals court in New York reversed the decision, ordering Ackley to return Stambovsky's money in a colorful ruling that included ghostly quotes from Hamlet and a reference to the movie "Ghostbusters."

"Whether the source of the spectral apparitions seen by defendant seller are parapsychic or psychogenic, having reported their presence in both a national publication (Readers' Digest) and the local press (in 1977 and 1982, respectively)," wrote the court, "defendant is estopped [prevented from going back on her word] to deny their existence and, as a matter of law, the house is haunted."

A Matter of Law

Selling 'stigmatized houses', did someone die here.

When a house goes on the market, nearly all states require the seller to fill out a disclosure form reporting any known structural problems, environmental toxins or other "material facts" that could affect the value of the home. But does that go for ghouls, too?

According to a state-by-state analysis by Zillow, there are no states that require home sellers to voluntarily disclose alleged ghostly activities on the property before a sale. In fact, only Minnesota even mentions hauntings in its disclosure law, which frees sellers from having to disclose any "non-material" facts, including if the home was the site of "perceived paranormal activity."

But just because there aren't state disclosure laws explicitly saying that sellers have to mention the creepy sounds coming from the attack or the floating dishes in the kitchen, doesn't mean haunted house-sellers are home free.

The Ackley verdict, while not officially state law, set an important precedent for the question of whether or not to disclose paranormal activity. The court ruled that by not disclosing the high-profile haunting to the buyer, it "[impaired] both the value of the property and its potential for resale."

Cindi Hagley is a California real estate broker with The Hagley Group and president of Past Life Homes , a consulting business that helps haunted homeowners sell their bedeviled properties. In general, Hagley errs on the side of caution when it comes to seller disclosures.

"If it affects the material value of the home, it must be disclosed," says Hagley.

That said, Hagley will only disclose a haunting if it's "open and notorious," meaning that there have been multiple sightings and all the neighbors know about it. In real-estate lingo, homes that are rumored to be haunted, or were the site of a high-profile murder or meth lab are known as "stigmatized."

As seen in the Ackley case (you can see the house as it looks today in the video below), the negative notoriety of a stigmatized home could affect the value of the property. But if the haunting isn't "notorious" and only the owners think they've seen or heard something spooky, Hagley might not say anything.

"Sometimes a person will call me and say, 'Hey, my house is haunted and I need to sell; will you help me?'" says Hagley. "I'm kind of sensitive to these things myself. So, if I walk into a home and there's nothing there, I won't disclose it."

Even if your state doesn't force you to disclose the mysterious scraping noises behind the walls or the intermittent moaning in the basement, sellers and their agents are required to answer honestly when directly asked a question about the property. So, if a prospective buyer asks about the garlic hanging over the front door or the hexagram painted on the driveway, you can't lie.

If asked specifically whether your house is haunted, the seller or the agent has to answer truthfully to the best of their knowledge about any encounters with spectral entities. It's probably not a question that comes up in the sale of a two-bedroom condo, but if it's a 19th-century farmhouse with a family burial plot in the backyard, someone is going to ask about ghosts.

Hagley is ready to answer those questions honestly, but if she isn't asked directly she's going to wait until solid offers are on the table before she mentions anything potentially paranormal about her client's home.

"Don't forget, whether the home I'm selling is stigmatized or whether it's a luxury property, my fiduciary responsibility is still to my client, the seller," says Hagley. "I'm going to do what I need to do to get that home sold at the highest and best price, and disclose everything that I have to do legally to protect both me and my seller."

Ghosts are not the only thing that can scare off potential buyers. A lot of people are understandably creeped out at the thought of moving into a home where someone recently died or was the sight of a tragic or violent death, even one that occurred decades ago. But do sellers need to disclose if their property is "psychologically affected"?

Again, the law is generally on the seller's side. According to Zillow, only Alaska, California and South Dakota's disclosure laws explicitly say that sellers need to voluntarily disclose a recent death. In Alaska, the disclosure only covers deaths that occurred in the past year, while California goes back three years .

In South Dakota, there's a slightly gruesome question way down at the bottom of the state's disclosure form that reads, "Since you have owned the property, are you aware of a human death by homicide or suicide occurring on the property?"

In all states, though, if a buyer asks about a death in the home, the seller has a duty to respond truthfully to the best of their knowledge.

"If the buyer asks what happened, I believe you should tell them everything you know," says Hagley, "because if the real estate agent doesn't, the neighbors certainly will."

When Hagley's team is tasked with selling a home that was the site of a high-profile murder, they'll completely redecorate the crime scene and shift the focus to other rooms. "When buyers walk into the home, they're not going to recognize the place from the photos they saw on the 5 o'clock news," she says.

According to recent surveys, 18 percent of Americans say they've seen or been in the presence of a ghost , and about a third of Americans believe that haunted houses are real . Since Jeffrey Stambovsky bowed out, Helen Ackley's house has attracted several celebrity owners including film director Adam Brooks, indie singer/songwriter Ingrid Michaelson and singer/rapper Matisyahu, who put the home on the market in 2019. There haven't been any reported ghostly sightings in many years. It sold in March 2021 for $1,795,000.

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10 Real-life Haunted Houses

ghostly galaxy luigi and the haunted mansion


Sonification: Listening to the Haunting Sounds of the Universe

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Swirling arms of galaxies stretching hundreds of light-years across. Delicate watercolor-like strokes of gas emissions and the pinprick dots of newly born stars. The faint light escaping from the dense and disastrous event horizon of a black hole. For many of us, the wonders of the universe are unlocked through beautiful pictures, released on a regular interval from NASA's various observatories and telescope missions. Photos — and all visual media — are an incredible way to learn about astronomy, but they aren't the only way to see — or rather hear — the universe.

Sonification is not a new technology; it dates back to 1908 with the invention of the Geiger counter . However it has lately seen a resurgence thanks to some incredible projects that have helped spark even more curiosity in NASA missions and the deepest reaches of space that they're peering out into.

What Is Sonification?

Big bangs and black holes, closer to home(ish).

Before attempting to make sense of the haunting sounds of the universe, it helps to have an understanding of how those sounds came into being. The process is called sonification , and we were able to learn more about it from Matt Russo , astrophysicist, musician and the presenter of a TED Talk fittingly titled "What does the universe sound like?"

"Sonification is the use of non-speech audio to convey information," Russo explains. "It involves converting data into sound so that the relationships within the data can be perceived, explored and enjoyed with our exquisite auditory system."

In short, sonification is taking data and making it into sound. NASA has been doing this with a variety of interesting data sets lately, including the black hole at the center of the Perseus galaxy cluster , which Russo created the sonification for.

There's actually an entire library of sonification projects, which NASA calls " A Universe of Sound ," where the listener can aurally explore deep space objects ranging from the " Pillars of Creation " in the Eagle Nebula (Messier 16), which is 7,000 light-years away; to the Tycho Supernova, which occurred in November 1572; to the Chandra Deep Field data , which capture some 5,000 supermassive black holes in a single image.

Sonification usually makes headlines in scientific circles when the final, beautiful results are released about some new phenomenon. Maybe that's a black hole or an emission from a dying star, but sonification can be done with any data set that NASA has.

"In the same way that any data can be visualized, any data can be sonified," shares Russo. "[S]ince sound happens through time, it's usually more effective to sonify data that represents something evolving over time. This could be pulsing radio waves from a pulsar, gravitational waves from colliding black holes, or the fluctuations of a resonant variable star." So those fascinating astronomical phenomena are great candidates for sonification, which is why we hear so much about them – literally.

But sonification goes beyond creating a new medium for large data sets from distant places. "Sonifying NASA's iconic imagery data presents certain challenges since images are essentially fixed in time, but it also leads to novel and creative mapping strategies that seem to spark people's curiosity," Russo says. Sonification is in fact an important tool for improving science literacy , since humans learn through a variety of media.

There is also a more practical accessibility reason for producing sonification of astronomical data: "It's also rewarding to help someone who is blind experience the beauty and wonder of astronomical images," Russo shares.

Sonification doesn't exclusively need to be used for interpreting data from light-years away; there are applications for the technology much closer to home . "The InSight lander has been recording marsquakes from the Martian surface for the past three years, including a massive quake within the past few days," says Russo. "I'd love to work with seismic data to give people a sonic experience of the ground rumbling on another world."

For any of us who have experienced an earthquake and heard the rumble, it will undoubtedly be captivating — and a little concerning — to finally hear a marsquake.

While sonification has seen its most mainstream success and interest in processing astronomical data, it can be done with any kind of data. Sonification artists have produced aural representations from a wide variety of data , including COVID-19 surges in ICUs, Twitter hashtag data and the DNA of THC. Each project has a very different sound, making clear that sonification is both art and science.

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Artist's impression of warped Milky Way galaxy

Luigi and the Haunted Mansion

Use the Launch Star at the base of the toad spaceship to fly over to the first planet.


Watch out for the Pumpkin wearing Goombas, then maneuver around the spider through the stone arch and quickly run along it to the extensions containing a coin on either side. Wait here for a rolling chain chomp to pass by, then follow the walkway into the mansion.


After stepping into the mansion, flip the switch by the door to turn on the lights. Now run up the staircase to make a Boo appear from the painting, then lead him downstairs to the light. Keep in mind that the Boos are shy, so they'll only follow you while your back is turned away. After leading the Boo into the light, he'll vanish and drop a key, which will automatically unlock the door upstairs.


In order to collect the five Launch Star pieces, you'll have to roam the walls using the ramps. Look for them in these locations:


After collecting all five pieces, use the Launch Star that appears on the right wall to blast to the next part of the mansion.


Upon landing, you'll find Luigi trapped in a cell on the left. Well, this won't do at all! Head right to find a trio of Pull Stars with a key in the middle. Grab hold of the top Pull Star to have Mario hover right over the key. Now let go, but get ready to re-grab the Pull Star as soon as Mario touches the key, to unlock the door on the right.


After heading through the door, maneuver around the two Boos, then look for a ? Coin in the far corner, behind another light. Grabbing it will cause a Boo mushroom to appear, which will transform Mario into a ghost!


After becoming Boo Mario, watch out for the spotlights and hover over to the gate and turn invisible to float through and head around the corner.


In the next room, hover through the first gate on the right and have the light touch you to turn back into regular Mario. Now use the spring to bounce over the bookcase and find Luigi, who'll give you a star.


Video Guide

Up next: a very spooky sprint, top guide sections.

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Super Mario Galaxy

Ghostly Galaxy

Ghostly Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy . Many elements of this area are of a haunted theme, and Mario can find Boo Mushrooms that turn him into a Boo . This galaxy also has the first appearance of Luigi in the game, who is rescued in the process of obtaining the galaxy's first Power Star . After being rescued, Luigi will later discover a few more Power Stars for Mario to collect in other galaxies. Bouldergeist is the boss of this galaxy.

An arrangement of the music heard inside the mansion is used for Ghost Houses in Super Mario 3D Land . In Paper Mario: Sticker Star , a small portion of the music was rearranged and is heard in The Enigmansion , and a faster version plays once all Boos are encountered in the dining room.

  • 1.1 Boo Mansion Gate Planet
  • 1.2 Haunted Mansion
  • 1.3 Phantom Tower Planets
  • 1.4 Bouldergeist Battle Planet
  • 1.5 Boo Race Zone
  • 1.6 Phantom Hole Planets
  • 1.7 Darkness Room Planet
  • 1.8 Star Peace Spouting Planets
  • 1.9 Planet Rocket
  • 1.10 Boo Race Start Planet
  • 1.11 Boo Race Goal Planet
  • 1.12 Blue Star Cupsule Planets
  • 5 Names in other languages
  • 7 References

Planets/zones [ edit ]

Boo mansion gate planet [ edit ].

ghostly galaxy luigi and the haunted mansion

The starting point is a Green Starshroom , which has a Launch Star leading to the Boo Mansion Gate Planet. [1] The starting planet has three bats and three Pumpkinhead Goombas . There is a spike that spawns a Rainbow Star when spun , which can be used for destroying the Chomps in the first mission. In the third mission, there are three Spranglers . Each mission has a different Launch Star to get to the planets. There is a big gap in the middle of the planet that contains a black hole .

Haunted Mansion [ edit ]

SMG Ghostly Hauntedhouse.png

The Haunted Mansion is visited in two levels: Luigi and the Haunted Mansion and Beware of Bouldergeist, though Beware of Bouldergeist only has part of the mansion. In Luigi and the Haunted Mansion, a ray of light can be turned on by hitting a Lever Switch near the door to defeat a Boo . Also, there are some boxes near the edges of the room. Some of them contain Toads that give Mario information, while others give him Coins and Star Bits . There are also some Bowser statues near the crates.

Mario in the mansion of the Ghostly Galaxy

There is a painting of a Boo on top of the stairs and when Mario goes near it, a Boo spouts out. A Launch Star leads to the upper floor of the mansion. Luigi is trapped in a prison and must be rescued. Jill Board teaches Mario how to use the Boo Mushroom in one of the rooms.

In Luigi and the Haunted Mansion, there is a hidden room containing a large amount of coins. To enter this room, Mario needs to enter a Star Chip room containing Pumpkinhead Goombas . Then, Mario must go to the ceiling and he must ground pound a white circle full of cracks, where the hidden room gets revealed. The room consists of a Lever Switch that activates coins appearing temporarily and eight Sling Stars . The Sling Stars lead Mario to each other and they help him collect the coins.

In Beware of Bouldergeist, only the first part of the mansion with the Bowser statues is seen. Instead of a Boo painting however, there is a Bomb Boo painting. It is used to destroy the statues to get coins, or to destroy the statue in the fireplace to proceed onwards. There are also the boxes from the first mission. The fireplace contains a Launch Star.

Phantom Tower Planets [ edit ]

SMG Ghostly Galaxy Cracked Wall Planet.png

When Mario gets to the second Launch Star in Beware of Bouldergeist, he arrives at the first Phantom Tower Planet. [2] This planet contains Spoings, Pumpkinhead Goombas, Bomb Boos , and a few Sling Pods . At the top, there is a Sling Star that takes Mario to the second Phantom Tower Planet. Here, Mario must collect five blue Star Chips to create Pull Stars leading to a Launch Star. This takes Mario to the Phantom Hole Planet with a bouncy ball, then to the Bouldergeist Battle Planet.

Bouldergeist Battle Planet [ edit ]

ghostly galaxy luigi and the haunted mansion

The Bouldergeist Battle Planet [3] is where Mario encounters Bouldergeist, a boss. This planet is shaped like a circle with platforms leading up to it. There is also Lumalee here. When Mario fights Bouldergeist, Bomb Boos appear. Besides them and a few coins, the planet is empty. When Bouldergeist is beaten, Mario earns a Power Star.

Boo Race Zone [ edit ]

ghostly galaxy luigi and the haunted mansion

The Boo Race Zone [4] is where Mario races the Spooky Speedster using Pull Stars. It is ringed by bones and there are multiple obstacles made of bones all around it along with a cluster of Space Mines at the end. This zone is also where Mario collects 100 Purple Coins in under one minute. This version of the Boo Race Zone is made up of Pull Stars and bones so the player does not get out of the boundaries. There is also some meat that bounces Mario in a different direction.

Phantom Hole Planets [ edit ]

ghostly galaxy luigi and the haunted mansion

The Phantom Hole Planets [5] are just the hollowed out rims of a planet, one of them has a pink bouncy ball in its center and Space Mines around it. Most of them do not have gravity barring the planet with the bouncy ball. Long Jumping for too long on this planet will result in a death.

Darkness Room Planet [ edit ]

ghostly galaxy luigi and the haunted mansion

The Darkness Room Planet [6] is an area very similar to the Matter Splatter Galaxy . It is apparently a crumbling mansion where Mario must follow spotlights of shifting matter to navigate through the mansion and get the Power Star.

Star Peace Spouting Planets [ edit ]

A glitch from Super Mario Galaxy involving Luigi on a star bit shooter planet.

These are six small Star Peace Spouting Planets [7] that shoot from three to five Star Bits each. Mario only passes by them and can only reach one of them by doing the Pull Star movement exploit glitch . They seem to be made of metal by close examination and are covered by a purple covering. If looked at closely, the player can see small red stars on them.

Planet Rocket [ edit ]

ghostly galaxy luigi and the haunted mansion

The Planet Rocket [8] appears only in the Luigi and the Haunted Mansion level and the levels with Bouldergeist , and appears to be an exact replica of the planets of the same name from the Space Junk Galaxy . It has a similar appearance to Olimar and Louie's ship from Pikmin 2 . Though it cannot actually be visited by Mario , the player can look to the left just after landing on the Haunted Mansion in order to see it floating in space in the Luigi and the Haunted Mansion level, and above and to the left of the Bouldergeist Battle Planet in the Bouldergeist levels. A large amount of debris circles the ship.

The player can only reach the ship via hacking. The ship has little gravity that can be escaped with a single jump. [9]

Boo Race Start Planet [ edit ]

ghostly galaxy luigi and the haunted mansion

The Boo Race Start Planet [10] is where the Spooky Speedster is found. It has multiple trees and all of the members of the Toad Brigade are there. There are several Star Bits in the trees, and the player starts the race with the Spooky Speedster here.

Boo Race Goal Planet [ edit ]

ghostly galaxy luigi and the haunted mansion

The Boo Race Goal Planet [11] is a ringed planet where the race with the Spooky Speedster ends. The ring acts as a wall which does not let Mario get across. However, if Mario does a backflip, wall jump and spin backwards, he can make it over. Another way back to the starting line is to take the Warp Pipe at the top of the planet.

Blue Star Cupsule Planets [ edit ]

ghostly galaxy luigi and the haunted mansion

The Blue Star Cupsule Planets [12] are two capsule-like planets in the middle of the Boo Race Zone. Their only feature is that they have Pull Stars in the middle of them that will let Mario go across.

Enemies [ edit ]

Pumpkinhead Goombas

Pumpkinhead Goombas


Space Mines

Spooky Speedster

Spooky Speedster

Bomb Boos

Bouldergeist (boss)

Missions [ edit ]

Gallery [ edit ].

Mario inside the mansion.

Mario inside the mansion.

The library in the mansion.

The library in the mansion.

Mario inside the mansion during Beware of Bouldergeist.

Mario inside the mansion during Beware of Bouldergeist .

Luigi running into his "twin".

Luigi running into his "twin".

Names in other languages [ edit ]

Trivia [ edit ].

ghostly galaxy luigi and the haunted mansion

  • The first four notes of the music that plays in this galaxy (as well as during the mission Boo in a Box in Deep Dark Galaxy ) spells D-E-A-D.
  • Ghostly Galaxy's background, along with a couple others is actually a slightly edited version of that of the Ghost Ship from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker .

References [ edit ]

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  • ^ File name of the object (Partition 0/ObjectData/BlueStarCupsulePlanet.arc). Note: "Cupsule" is a misspelling of "capsule".
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  • Ghost Houses
  • Super Mario Galaxy locations

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ghostly galaxy luigi and the haunted mansion

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Super Mario Galaxy/Walkthrough/Ghostly Galaxy

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  • Haunted-themed

Ghostly Galaxy

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  • 1.1 Luigi and the Haunted Mansion
  • 1.2 A Very Spooky Sprint
  • 1.3 Beware of Bouldergeist
  • 1.4 Bouldergeist's Daredevil Run (Daredevil Comet in Orbit)
  • 1.5 Purple Coins in the Bone Pen (Purple Comet in Orbit)
  • 1.6 Matter Splatter Mansion
  • 2.1 Starting Planet
  • 2.2 Mansion Gate
  • 2.3 Mansion Planet
  • 2.4 Phantom Tower
  • 2.5 Bouldergeist's Planet
  • 2.6 Phantom Hole Planets
  • 2.7 Star Peace Spouting Planets
  • 2.8 Boo Race Zone

Missions [ ]

Luigi and the haunted mansion [ ].

At first, Mario starts off on the Toad Brigade 's Starshroom , but he has to use a Launch Star to reach the pathway into the mansion. Pumpkin Heads litter the pathway. Boos are inside the first room of the mansion, but a switch activates a swinging beam of light. Mario has to lure the Boos into the light to defeat them and get the items they hold. One of the Boos has a key which Mario can use to make his way deeper into the mansion. Further into the mansion, there are Star Chips to collect to rebuild a Launch Star, which appears in a window. Using the Launch Star, Mario is launched into another part of the mansion, where his younger brother calls him for help. However, a window makes it impossible to help Luigi. Mario finds another way inside, where he discovers a new power-up, the Boo Mushroom . As Boo Mario , he needs to vanish to pass through the bars, but he must be careful of a beam of light which will make him turn back to normal. If Mario tries to talk to Luigi as Boo Mario, he’ll accidentally scare his brother. That means that Mario needs to return to normal before he can reassure Luigi to get the Power Star .

Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope Review - This Sparks Joy

20 October 2022

Mario Golf: Super Rush Review - Leisurely Chaos

24 June 2021

A Very Spooky Sprint [ ]

In this level, Mario must blast to the edge of the galaxy and race the Spooky Speedster .

Beware of Bouldergeist [ ]

Mario is informed by a member of the Toad Brigade that Luigi has been kidnapped by "the monster that lives up ahead". Mario will have to find his way to a circular stone platform and then meets Bouldergeist, a ghost with the ability to control stone. Bouldergeist does not move, but can use his telekinetic powers to throw rocks. Mario will have to defeat Bouldergeist with Bomb Boos , exploding them on him three times in a row, then on the red part of his body, constituting the boss's weak point. The second "round" is even harder, because Bouldergeist will now create two stone hands for protecting him in case of Bomb Boos incoming, causing his hands to be hurt instead of the monster himself but even if they were destroyed, it will regenerate them. After his weak point is hit again, it explodes, leaving behind a Power Star.

Bouldergeist's Daredevil Run (Daredevil Comet in Orbit) [ ]

Very similar to Beware of Bouldergeist, however Mario starts on the boss planet with a maximum health of 1. This mission, until completed, is only available while a Daredevil Comet is in orbit.

Purple Coins in the Bone Pen (Purple Comet in Orbit) [ ]

Mario starts off on a small planet with the "Bone Pen" in front of it. The Bone Pen features bones as walls, meaty bones as bumpers, spiky balls as obstacles, and Pull Stars for getting around. There are more than 100 Purple Coins , but 100 have to be collected by Mario before the Power Star appears in the center of the pen. This mission has a one minute time limit. This mission, until completed, is only available while a Purple Comet is in orbit.

Matter Splatter Mansion [ ]

A hidden mission similar to the Matter Splatter Galaxy . While playing the level "A Very Spooky Sprint", the first planet, which contains Pumpkin Heads, also has two breakable stalagmites. One contains a Rainbow Star , and the other contains a Launch Star to the Matter Splatter Mansion. Platforms and rooms only exist when a sort of spotlight comes over them. Mario will need to go through, getting keys and unlocking doors, until he reaches a Power Star behind one of the doors.

Planets [ ]

Starting planet [ ].

This planet is shaped like a small mushroom. There is a Launch Star on the South Pole that leads to the Mansion Gate. It is replaced by a Starshroom in some missions.

Mansion Gate [ ]

This planet is the planet that is right after the Starting Planet. It is ringed shaped and contains Pumpkin Heads and Spiders (the amount depends on what mission it is). The starting planet has a creepy tree and two stalagmites (one containing a Rainbow Star and one hiding a Launch Star). The planet is connected to the Mansion Planet by bridge. In the second Mission, Mario needs to use Pull Stars , since he can no longer cross the bridge.

Mansion Planet [ ]

The mansion planet is the largest planet in the galaxy and Luigi is temporarily held there. It appears on the Galaxy Icon.

Phantom Tower [ ]

This area is visited in the third mission. Mario must make his way to the top to proceed.

Bouldergeist 's Planet [ ]

This is where Bouldergeist lives. He appears when you get in his arena. When he materializes, the stairs leading to his battlefield collapse. This means you cannot backtrack when or after he is fought.

Phantom Hole Planets [ ]

These planets are hollow and are riddled with holes, hence their name. One has its own gravity because it has a small bouncy core at the centre. That one has Floating Mines , however.

Star Peace Spouting Planets [ ]

These planets are normally out of reach since they are not meant to be interacted with. However, they do spit out 5 Star Bits out of their top when they are passed.

Boo Race Zone [ ]

Mario and the Spooky Speedster race in this area. It is visited in Mission 2 and in the Purple Comet mission. At the endpoints are two round planets.

  • Oddly, in the mission Purple Coins in the Bone Pen, there are only 149 Purple Coins, even though the Toads say that there are 150.
  • 1 Super Mario Bros. Wonder
  • 3 Princess Peach

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  1. Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) Walkthrough

    ghostly galaxy luigi and the haunted mansion

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    ghostly galaxy luigi and the haunted mansion

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    ghostly galaxy luigi and the haunted mansion

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    ghostly galaxy luigi and the haunted mansion

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    ghostly galaxy luigi and the haunted mansion

  6. Ghostly Galaxy: Luigi And The Haunted Mansion

    ghostly galaxy luigi and the haunted mansion


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  6. Luigi and the Ghostly Invasion EP1 Clip #meme #mario #gaming #fyp #short #subscribe #gmod #garrysmod


  1. What Are Some Words That Describe Halloween?

    Halloween is a holiday that is described as spooky, haunting, supernatural, eerie, scary, fun, creepy and ghostly. The holiday was originally called All Hallows’ Eve, and it marked the beginning of a three-day feast to honor dead Christian ...

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    When it comes to buying that spooky-ish-looking Victorian mansion, the word is 'buyer beware.' Advertisement Helen Ackley and her family lived with ghosts for years in their turn-of-the-century Victorian in upstate New York. One ghost would...

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    Sonification is the process of taking data and turning it into sound. When it come to the universe we live in, scientists are finding that the sounds are definitely otherwordly and very beautiful. Advertisement Swirling arms of galaxies str...

  4. Luigi and the Haunted Mansion

    Coin in the far corner, behind another light. Grabbing it will cause a Boo mushroom to appear, which will transform Mario into a ghost! 13-499.jpg

  5. Super Mario Galaxy

    Super Mario Galaxy Walkthrough - Ghostly Galaxy: Luigi and the Haunted Mansion. Super Mario Galaxy Walkthrough:

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    Ghostly Galaxy - Mission 1 Luigi and the Haunted Mansion wow406 asked me to do a mission with Boo Mario in it. Boo Mario isn't used very

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    supermariogalaxy #ghostlygalaxy #luigiandthehauntedmansion Luigi and the Haunted Mansion is the first mission of the Ghostly Galaxy in Super

  8. Luigi and the Haunted Mansion

    Luigi and the Haunted Mansion is the first mission of the Ghostly Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The primary goal of this mission is to rescue

  9. Ghostly Galaxy

    Many elements of this area are of a haunted theme, and Mario can find Boo Mushrooms that turn him into a Boo. This galaxy also has the first

  10. Luigi and the Haunted Mansion

    Description¶. Luigi and the Haunted Mansion is the first level in the Ghostly Galaxy. The Ghostly Galaxy is found in the Kitchen dome. Pumpkinhead Goombas

  11. Ghostly Galaxy Zombies [Super Mario Galaxy]

    ... Ghostly Galaxy. Gather up enough Boo Bombs to rescue Luigi from the haunted mansion! Features: - Nine perks, no limit - Mystery Box - Wall buys - Buildable

  12. Super Mario Galaxy/Walkthrough/Ghostly Galaxy

    Ghostly Galaxy. Star 1: Luigi and the Haunted Mansion Difficulty:4/10. You'll encounter a new power up here - the Boo Mario, which as its name suggests will

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    Missions. Luigi and the Haunted Mansion Beware of Bouldergeist A Very Spooky Sprint Bouldergeist's Daredevil Run Purple Coins in the Bone Pen Matter Splatter

  14. Ghostly Galaxy: Luigi And The Haunted Mansion

    15 août 2015 - Ghostly Galaxy: Luigi And The Haunted Mansion.