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A Nightmare Stay To Remeber For Life - Hotel Grand Central

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  • Hotel Grand Central

A Nightmare Stay To Remeber For Life

I booked this hotel in Singapore as I've search through a lot of other hotels. Seriously considering Singapore a tourist attraction, i don't really think that the hotel rate are cheap. They are very high priced and it is not worth for us to pay for even a night stay. My story will tell you why. I arrived from Malaysia on 18th July 2008 at the wee hours of the Friday by a coach that alighted at Goldenmile complex. I was greeted by a taxi driver which drove a Sports Mercedes Benz. I told him that I've just arrived from Malaysia and needed to go to a money changer. He greeted me warmly and told me that he would be more than pleased to sent me to Mustafa Center which is open 24/7. I got my money changed and he then drove me to the Grand Central Hotel. We chatted all along the way to the hotel. I have to admit that in Singapore, you will pay a bomb for taxi services but rest assured you will be pleased with their warm service and polite attitude. I arrived at Grand Central Hotel approximately around 5 a.m. Before i forget, i've made a reservation for a room by credit card and called them to inquire about early arrival arrangements. I was greeted by a front office officer which is half asleep. He merely greeted me with his eyes half open while... I booked this hotel in Singapore as I've search through a lot of other hotels. Seriously considering Singapore a tourist attraction, i don't really think that the hotel rate are cheap. They are very high priced and it is not worth for us to pay for even a night stay. My story will tell you why. I arrived from Malaysia on 18th July 2008 at the wee hours of the Friday by a coach that alighted at Goldenmile complex. I was greeted by a taxi driver which drove a Sports Mercedes Benz. I told him that I've just arrived from Malaysia and needed to go to a money changer. He greeted me warmly and told me that he would be more than pleased to sent me to Mustafa Center which is open 24/7. I got my money changed and he then drove me to the Grand Central Hotel. We chatted all along the way to the hotel. I have to admit that in Singapore, you will pay a bomb for taxi services but rest assured you will be pleased with their warm service and polite attitude. I arrived at Grand Central Hotel approximately around 5 a.m. Before i forget, i've made a reservation for a room by credit card and called them to inquire about early arrival arrangements. I was greeted by a front office officer which is half asleep. He merely greeted me with his eyes half open while adjusting his spectacles. I passed him my booking conformation print out and he looked at it. He told me that i was too early and needed to wait until 7 a.m to try again. I have no choice but to accept his explanations. He did not even offer me to safe keep my luggage when i leave the counter front. I was then approached by the concierge who offered me to place my bags in the safe room area. I am in Singapore for a 2 nights stay in this hotel with my wife. I've read a lot of bad reviews on this hotel but i did not thought that mine would also be a nightmare as their website has stated that they have done a full make over of the hotel. At around 9 a.m, after having my breakfast in Toa Payoh i arrive back at the hotel to try my luck to get an early check-in. I was then attended by a girl with the name of Siti Sarah. It was a quick check-in and finally i got a room. But she has informed me that the room is not fully ready and needed to be cleaned by the housekeeper and i agreed. I was given a room in the 9th floor number 919. Upon reaching my room, i was greeted by very old condition of wall paper, old wooden panel of doors, and smelly scent of a run down hotel. Upon opening my room door, i found it much worst. All the make-over or upgrading that has been bragged about is a pure big lie. And mind you that i pay $168 for a premium room and a 3 star hotel ( I would rate it as a budget hotel) if not for its room capacity and location. After a while, the house keeper arrived and cleaned up the room. I needed a drink, and i ask the chinese housekeeper was it a complementary drink, and he said "Oh Yes, sir" and i took it and drank it. For all i know that i've been charge $2.35 for a 500ml of mineral water (Unbranded). The bed was ok, with very dusty blanket and sheet that causes me to sneeze throughout my 2 night stay, a big mirror that face directly at the bed (Very bad Feng Sui), air-con is working fine, but all the lights were very old and rusty. I was joined by my wife after her work and after the 1st day shock, i finally lay my head to rest. On the 2nd day, i've gotten up early to prepare for my appointment. After my appointments, I made my way back to the hotel and then out again with my wife to enjoy the day in Bugis, orchard and the town. We then return to the hotl at around 9 p.m to be greeted with more nightmare. When we returned, we were shock to find out that our rooms had been cleaned up with all my wife's clothes folded (Even her P&C clothing were folded). This is the first time in my life after working more than 8 years in hotels and staying in many hotels around the world to have such a bad service. I double check with my wife that we did not put any "Please make my room" sign upon going out of the hotel room in the morning. As i know and learned in University where i graduated with a degree in Hospitality, it is not a wise think to access rooms with prior permission of the guest to make their rooms and more to fold female under garments (Bra and Panties). I then noticed that the ceiling access wall was lifted where there is none on the 1st day. i climb up to check for any hidden cameras as i have been told many times. To add things worse, the toilet is in a old condition with stained bath tub, and shower water that runs slower and me walking and temperature that is totally out of control. We then decided that it was a small issue and just to forget it without making any big fuss about it. But nightmare on the 3rd day morning made me wrote this review. We woke up at around 10 and we were having our bath before checking out. at approximately 11.30, i was greeted with the doorbell by a woman housekeeper (Supervisor) and before i could answer the door, she used the master key to push open the door. Lucky for me that i have latched the door with the latch. CAN YOU IMAGINE THIS SERVICE? RINGING THE DOORBELL AND LESS THAN 5 SECONDS SHE USED THE MASTER KEY TO OPEN THE DOOR? I then stormed my way to the door to keep it shut as my wife at that time was half naked. To amuse me more, she just hurriedly rushed away even though i shouted at her and ask her to stop for an explanation. When i ask for her name, She just snub at me and Said "Lee JEN". I then called in to the front desk and requested for the manager to be greeted only by his assistant. I told him what has happened and all he could say was "I am very sorry" WHAT THE HELL? (if it was in Malaysia, the staff would be fired and the guest would get a night of free stay). A brief investigation was done and all he could offer me was a SORRY. When i told him about the room was trespassed, he say that it was a normal procedure for his housekeeping staff to clean all the room daily. With full of anger i just proceed for my check out and get my refund of deposit to be charged for that stupid mineral water that i drank. Here you go, a real story of why should the Singapore Government should review its charge for hotel rates or at least improve its services. For paying $168 (RM 402.36) without breakfast a night in Singapore, i only pay RM220 ($105) for HILTON in Malaysia and get a 5 star service with breakfast and to get such a bad service. I spend RM900 to pay for a run down hotel with bad service which has bragged about their make over and much more. My wife have taken some photos for proof and i will upload it at another time. Hope that no one will ever step into this hotel. More

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  • Business service (e.g., internet access)

hotel grand central singapore haunted

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hotel grand central singapore haunted

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hotel grand central singapore haunted

A party of three, in Singapore on business for a day, we were looking for well-priced adequate accommodation close to the Orchard Road shopping precinct. I had read the reviews and was looking for other places, but our preferred hotels were fully booked, so we ended up at the Grand Central. From the reviews I thought it a place to avoid. However, I think sometimes people write hotel reviews when they've had a bad experience and not when they've had a good one. We found the reception and concierge staff very pleasant and efficient. The room was quite satisfactory - clean, no noisy airconditioners, no sound coming through the walls, the hot water jug worked, and the breakfast was excellent, with a good range of western and oriental dishes. There was a fridge, but no mini-bar in our room. No problem, because 7-11 is about three minutes walk from the hotel. The only complaint I might make, and it really didn't cause me any inconvenience, was that the shower pressure was too light and it was hard to get the right temperature. The big asset is the location - a ten-minute easy walk to Lucky Plaza, CK Tang, etc, and all the shops and plazas in between. What more could you want?

I have been visiting Singapore on business since 1975 and stayed in Five Star deluxe Hotels in and around Orchard Road. Although some travellers have found bugs and ghosts, I found the standard good value for money. The service at check-in was civilised and friendly. The concierge staff, specially Ronnie was extremely polite and helpful. However, if one is prepared to pay S$ 350-; per room per night, of course there are better alternatives. Personally I would not hesitate to book into Grand Central for value-for-money and decent standards of service. Stephen Lowe

Having booked through a travel agent, we arrived late at night. The room was very old, with black, dirt-engrained carpet and furnishings. The top bed covers were dark brown fabric with white stains all over them, and the yellowing bed-sheets were all covered in brown stains. Replacement bed-linen was of the same poor condition. We changed rooms, but it was just as dirty and made you feel itchy and unclean. Luckily we remembered seeing a hotel reservation desk in the airport, which we called. Within 15 minutes they found us a five star hotel, which we went to immediately - and it was cheaper than the Grand Central! Unbelievably the Grand Central charged us for the night we did not stay - and could not understand the difference between a cancellation charge and the fact that their hotel was not fit to stay in. It was the worst place I have ever seen, and should be closed down!

We booked our stay at Hotel Grand Central before we read the comments from this site. As soon as we read them, we wanted to cancel our booking. Good thing we didn't. It wasn't as bad as we expected it to be. Maybe because after we read the reviews we already expected the worst? Or maybe we were really just lucky to get a room that wasn't so bad. As tourists, we would always be out early in the morning and be back very late at night. So we didn't really mind if the hotel wasn't very nice. As long as we had a clean and decent place to spend the night in. Service was not so bad either. I think we just got what we paid for. The location was very good. We have nothing to say about the facilities because we didn't go there to enjoy them. We just needed a place to sleep. Reception was ok. Not very warm but we didn't need them to be warm. We just needed them to be professional and process our check in and check out without delay, which they did. I don't know, maybe we were just lucky that we didn't experience any major problems while we were there.

I was desperate. Sing seems hard to get a hotel in even in off periods. This one was taken as my flight date approached and all my well researched options had no vacancies. For the money easily the worst value. However others here had worse than me here. My experience - roof was partially caved in over the bath in the bathroom from rot. There was a similar cave in just inside the apartments front door - I wonder if someone above let their bath overflow in times past. A stained bath with a hand shower that would not sit in its rest so had to be held. A bizarre alcove with 2 chairs in it facing a TV on the opposite wall. 70s style wood panelling. The bed was OK. The AC worked. Creaking boards above us but thankfully no noises of children, or sex except ours. I was asked if I would be interested in "young girls" by a large smiling Indian woman in a capacious sari outside the 7/11 near the hotel. Apparently this area is renowned for it. The breakfast was busy, cold and uninspiring. No fresh milk even in a first world country. Cold hot foods - beans, chicken cocktail size sausages, eggs, tomatoes. Cereal. Singapore fried noodles. Thats about it. Watermelon diced witha bit of rock melon in a large bowl is the fruit option. Message - dont go here unless your only other option is the street. If you are going for the "Orchard Rd" location, consider a hotel a bit out of the way and less popular- eg Little India - the rail system MRT is fabulous and dirt cheap so really the location of your hotel is unimpotant as long as its near an MRT stop. Overall, I didnt care as I was seeing my gf for the first time in nearly 2 months. However, its neither romantic or salubrious. Hit and miss as per other readers. Dont let the foyer deceive you. Thats the best bit. I note its no longer on expedia.

Jan 6, 2016

Hotel review: hotel grand central, singapore, 74 comments:.

ok..thanks sharing this info... can consider one of the hotel when I visit Singapore one day

Hahaha the start of your post sure sounds like a ghost story waiting to happen but glad that the hotel stay turned out to be a comfy stay for you! Great that they revamped the place giving it the 5star hotel vibe

I was so expecting all the creepy stuff too... hahahah

The hotel looks neat and tiddy. Love the swimming pool!

The hotel looks good and love that it's located in Orchard itself so easy access to many places. Hope it's no too expensive though. :)

the hotel look nice and neat!! will try to stay there when i go singapore~~

It is very clean... exceeding my initial expectations

wow is great hotel

What a lovely hotel. I always find difficulty looking for a reasoanly-priced hotel in Singapore.

Old but still looks good o... Guess they really maintain it!

wowww, it looks great...

it was cozy as it shows...I really should consider this in my next trip to SG

Yeah.. absolutely...

looks like really nice hotel with the view. will consider this when i have biz trip in singapore next time!

so those bad reviews are untrue? glad that you have a great stay there in singapore :) shopping much?

Naaahhh... not much time to shop and besides Singapore wayyyy tooo expensive to shop....

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Look nice and clean :) great location! Hope the price also nice

Glad that all rumours are untrue. Jealous your traveling teddy went Singapore with you.

Such a fancy hotel! Great location and im wondering how much would a room cost. haha. Fingers crossed that the price not too bad :pp

gulp.. it is a bit expensive after currency exchange... RM450+ ($150 Singapore Dollars)

The room are good and decent and the swimming pool area has a nice view but the gym is a bit small.

yeah the gym is definitely small...

LOL~ The beginning of your post sounds creepy, makes me thought you want to start to talk about a ghost story XD

Reading your worry makes me worried too! haha! But good to know nothing bad happened and it turn out to be amazing. I guess, just have faith and enjoy the journey. :D

nice review miera. the hotel looks very neat and cozy. but your first entry sounds creepy. haha

I always have the same feeling after reading reviews of 'old' hotels but most of them are just reviews as the reviews turn up to be misleading. Hope you had a great stay there.

I actually did enjoy my stay here....

I love roof swimming pool! Can have a good view when we are swimming =D The welcome screen definitely looks awesome hehe!

yeah... that was really very surprising for me

Last time I stay near Clark Quay and the walking distance to MRT is around 15 minutes. A lot of walking when I go Singapore. My leg also tired.

so nice that you travel again :) very comfy and nice hotel to stay in Spore :) cheers, siennylovesdrawing

nice! you're going international now :D.. singapore, next the world!


i actually like old hotels, don't mind it coz it's always bigger and sure got bath tub. this hotel looks nice la.

this one does not have a bath tub.... *pouting*

I was expecting a ghost story hahaha! Glad it turned great!

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Nice hotel too, hope I have the opportunity to travel and visit this hotel. in túi giấy | cầu nâng

I usually go to singapore and soon I will take your hotel to rest. Trái đười ươi

Xích lô trẻ em . A beautiful hotel and fully equipped

I conceive you have remarked some very interesting points , regards for the post.

Your blogs and accretion attracts me to come back once more on your site.

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Hotel Grand Central is very beautiful, i love it. Welcome to my website: Cánh Chim Việt Tourist , vé máy bay tết của jetstar

Wow, it's very luxury and splendid. Máy chiếu Bắc Hà Máy chiếu văn phòng

This comment has been removed by the author.

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Nearly everybody rates the bar and eatery profoundly - both are shocking. WiFi is accessible all through the hotel and there is a lot of vehicle leaving. The rooms are all around designated with offices like level screen TVs, pant presses and tea/espresso making offices all through. www.hotelgods.com

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ghost hotels

Real stories from haunted hotels in Singapore

These real-life spooky stories of Singapore hotels will have you sleeping with the lights on

It's unexplainable, but sometimes you just know there's something extra spooky about your hotel room. The vibe may be off, you may be paranoid, or there's just something going on – and you can't figure out what. This spooky season, we bring you the scariest stories we know. Snuggle up and brace yourself, because we've rounded up real-life stories from some hotels in Singapore. Just a friendly disclaimer: you may sleep with the lights on tonight. 

RECOMMENDED: The creepiest haunted places in Singapore and 8 abandoned places in Singapore and the stories behind them

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Lady at the staircase

Lady at the staircase

In the lobby of one of the oldest hotels in Singapore, you'll find a grand timber staircase. It's an architectural marvel in its own right – decked in the fanciest Persian rugs. It has been said that guests have seen a lady in white just hanging around at the staircase. Well, who can blame her? If we were spirits, we'd choose to reside in this luxurious hotel too. 

Ghosts just wanna have fun

Ghosts just wanna have fun

Sometimes, spirits are just mischievous. A former employee at a five-star hotel near the Marina Bay has had numerous complaints from the VIP suites. Apparently things have the tendency to move around on its own, and the laughter of kids fills the air from time to time. Don't look out of your window at night, either – you might just see phantom kids playing by the pool. 

Beggin' you for mercy

Beggin' you for mercy

Supposedly built on grounds where the Japanese held executions during World War II, this towering hotel has made headlines several times over the past few years – for all the wrong reasons. There have been rumours of phones turning on by themselves in the middle of the night, strange noises at night, furniture being shifted around, and even  spirits asking for mercy in the corridors.  But hey, for all we know, they were probably just jamming along to Amy Winehouse's   Mercy .  

English exorcisms

English exorcisms

Here's one from a 1900s heritage hotel. One of the oldest in Singapore, it has had many reincarnations, from being home to an elite enclave, to serving as headquarters of the Japanese navy during the Japanese occupation. 

There have been reported ghost sightings in the corridors and doorways, and strange occurrences: like lights turning on and off by themselves and mysterious noises late at night. A guest has even reportedly complained to the reception – only to be told that the room wasn't haunted, and that they had a priest from England exorcise the hotel.

Well the thing is, the guest didn't even imply that the room was haunted. 

Your worst nightmare

Your worst nightmare

At one of the hotels in the Marina Bay district, it's an unspoken secret amongst the staff that a lady in white and long black hair is a common presence in the guest rooms and lift areas. Just watch your back when you walk around – who knows who you might run into. 

Spirits of Sook Ching's past

Spirits of Sook Ching's past

Changi Village is a popular destination these days for foodies hunting for the next best eating spot, family picnics and those making day trips to Pulau Ubin – but the area hides a dark past. Changi Beach was one of the killing grounds of the Sook Ching massacre during the Japanese Occupation of Singapore of the Second World War, where 66 Chinese male civilians were killed on the beach by the Japanese Hojo Kempei in 1942.

Is it any wonder that many supernatural experiences have been reported at a popular hotel in the area? We heard stories of someone being visited by spirits in the middle of the night, held down and pressed onto the bed while loud pounding on the wall sounded. Luckily, he managed to free himself after chanting a few prayers. But it's safe to say he probably won't be staying there again. 

Ghouls on overtime

Ghouls on overtime

A friend of ours had a staycation at a newly opened hotel in the Civic District. He was woken up at 2am by a loud banging sound which sounded like a hammer on metal – so he thought that they were still working on renovations. The next day in the lobby, he told the staff that they shouldn't house guests near areas of constructions. Her reply? They've stopped renovations months ago. 

Chalet hauntings

Chalet hauntings

Ah, the notorious chalets. Where do we even begin? Anyone who grew up in Singapore probably has had countless parties, barbecues, and sleepovers at these holiday chalets. But they're also notorious for paranormal happenings and ghost sightings, specifically the ones in the east. Once, we had a birthday party at one of the bigger chalets and one of our friends (with a heightened sixth sense) told us to cover all the mirrors in the chalet that night – and refused to tell us why. It's safe to say, we slept with our eyes wide open. 

In the spirit of Halloween

The creepiest haunted places in Singapore

The creepiest haunted places in Singapore

  • Things to do

The best supernatural trails in Singapore

The best supernatural trails in Singapore

  • Walks and tours

The scariest haunted houses to check out this Halloween

The scariest haunted houses to check out this Halloween

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Hotel Grand Central

Photo of Hotel Grand Central - Singapore, SG, SG. Rooftop Swimming Pool

Location & Hours

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22 Cavenagh Rd

Singapore 229617

Orchard, Somerset, Dhoby Ghaut

Amenities and More

Recommended reviews.

Photo of Username

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Overall rating

Photo of David S.

This hotel was quite disappointing. Okay, the rooms were quite nice, and it was well cleaned, but I felt that the staff were pretty hopeless. Most places that I have been to in Singapore the staff have been very helpful and incredibly easy to communicate with - not so much here. In fact the only person in this entire hotel that show me any assistance was the guy at the door. For instance, there was not option for al-a-carte for breakfast, which meant I had to hunt around Singapore for some cereal for my brother. Not only that I had to jump through hoops just to get a bowl and a spoon for him to use. Oh, they also have a pool, but they don't provide you with any towels, which means that you have to use your own (but you certainly can't use theirs). For the price I paid for this place, I was sorely disappointed.

Photo of Hotel Grand Central - Singapore, Singapore

See all photos from David S. for Hotel Grand Central

Photo of PJ H.

Also had a disappointing experience.   Our room was small but ok.  Bathroom sink was partially clogged.  Listened to a noisy night club until 2 am as the windows don't shield you from city noise. The worst thing was the WiFi - they only give each room 50 Mb, which gets used up in a couple minutes if you send or post some pictures; then, they want S$13 more for each 50 Mb - very behind the times.

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hotel grand central singapore haunted

Halloween Special: 9 Gruesome Deaths That Happened At Singapore Hotels

hotel grand central singapore haunted

Those who follow me on Instagram (@larvitar) may know that I have quite the fascination with the mysterious, the strange and the macabre. In this special and very uncharacteristic feature just for Halloween, I would like to share stories of 9 gruesome deaths which took place in Singapore hotels.

Have you ever wondered what happens when a violent death such as a suicide or murder takes place in a hotel room in Singapore? To give the staff peace of mind, hotels usually invite heads of various religious groups such as Catholic priests, Buddhist monks and Muslim clerics to conduct cleansing rituals in the room where the death took place. While the room may be kept unused for a certain period out of respect for the deceased as well as for cleaning purposes, it is inevitable that the room will eventually be added back to the hotel’s inventory…for your next check-in.

In my 2020 Ultimate Guide to Singapore Hotels , I shared that hotels are so much more than just a place to sleep at night – they are destinations for conducive business-related stays, venues for special celebrations, opportunities for laughter and joy with close friends, places for remarkable dining experiences and hours of alcohol-laden joyous frivolity, private settings for romance and more. However, as the following stories would reveal, hotels are also places where people are left alone with their darkest thoughts, where acts of desperation take place, where hot bloodedness and passion can take a tragic turn and, indeed, where one may end up spending one’s final moments alive.

I have omitted the names of the properties below out of respect, although a simple Google search would probably reveal their identities without much Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew sleuthing required. Some of the hotels traded under a former name when the gory proceedings took place and have since rebranded. In most of the cases, the actual rooms now would have been renovated or revamped so that they look nothing like the respective rooms at that point of time when the deaths took place.

Will you dare to stay in any of the hotel rooms described below?

Happy Halloween!

P.S. I have actually stayed in most of the hotels below and, in one instance, just next door to the actual room where the gruesome death in question took place. Did I see and hear anything while I was there? That’s a secret I’d never tell.

P.S.S. Click here for a real-life Singapore hotel horror story that has nothing to do with murders or suicides .


While most of the nation may be familiar with the death of a groom who fell from the rooftop level of this Orchard Road hotel in 2009 shortly after his wedding (and the unsettling circumstances which led to his widow’s demise the following year, exactly 35 weeks from his death), few would have heard of the more gristly murder that took place within one of the hotel’s suites in May 1974, when a Thai woman was murdered and then chopped up into 13 parts by her husband before her remains were sealed up in a steel trunk and transferred to their family home in Cairnhill.

hotel grand central singapore haunted


This ritzy property is famed for its iconic octagonal-shaped bathtub windows, but one of these beautiful bathrooms was the very scene where a tragic suicide took place in 2009. When cleaning one of the rooms on the 31st floor, a hotel staff member discovered the dead body of a 64-year-old Japanese retiree slumped upright in the shower with a knife protruding from his chest. Based on the contents of his suicide note and subsequent investigations, the former doctor had likely committed suicide after suffering massive losses due to the stock market crash in 2008.

hotel grand central singapore haunted


The first Westerner to ever get hanged in Singapore for murder in 1995 committed the shocking deed in Room 1511 of this hotel in the Robertson Quay area. The Briton, a former convict trained in butchery, bludgeoned his roommate – a South African brewery engineer – to death with a hammer and dismembered the body in the bathtub before packing the distinct parts into black plastic bags and tossing them into the Singapore River. The serial killer, who would subsequently be linked to several disappearances and murders around the world after his arrest, then flew to Bangkok and murdered a Canadian mother and her son and went shopping with the money gotten from his victims’ belongings before he was arrested upon arriving back in Singapore. 

The South African engineer’s head and arms were never found.

hotel grand central singapore haunted


In the marble bathroom of an opulent luxury hotel, a man slit his wrist and bled to death after locking himself in the bathroom…while his wife was next door in the bedroom area. The pool of blood from the victim was said to have seeped out from under the bathroom door, thus alerting the room’s occupants to the gruesome fate of the guest inside. 

hotel grand central singapore haunted


A 33-year-old Indonesian tourist fell from his 52nd floor suite of this popular Marina Bay hotel in 2012. The victim fell with such force that his remains were scattered in many different places – his head and torso landed on the balcony of a room on the 17th floor, his legs were located about 10m apart in a fountain on the ground floor, and the other remains found within the hotel grounds were so smashed beyond recognition that the first responders were initially unable to determine the body’s gender.

hotel grand central singapore haunted

Within one hour of arriving in Singapore and checking into Room 910 of this exclusive Marina Bay hotel in June 1994, a 49-year old female Japanese tourist was viciously attacked by two Singaporean robbers who had tailed her and her companion and barged into their hotel room. While her companion managed to defend herself and survived the robbery, the assailants’ brutal attacks to the victim’s face (her nasal bones, nasal cartilage wall, eye sockets and jaw were severely fractured) caused intense haemorrhaging which led to the obstruction of her airways, causing her to choke to death.

The robbers stole a Seiko watch worth 70,000 yen, a camera, a passport and 65,000 yen in cash before fleeing the scene. They were eventually arrested and imprisoned. The victim’s companion, who suffered only minor facial injuries and returned to Japan after the incident, returned to Singapore to testify in the High Court trial.

hotel grand central singapore haunted

Countless online articles refer to this towering property as one of Asia’s most haunted hotels, in no small part due to its supposed location above execution grounds occupied by the Japanese army during World War II. While one can easily dismiss the tales about prisoners-of-war who roam the corridors of the hotel’s higher floors begging for mercy as pure balderdash, one cannot ignore the baffling number of tourists in the past ten years with rooms specifically on the 59th or 60th floor who have plunged horrifically to their deaths from their balconies. 

Disturbingly, pictorial captures of some of these deaths – an Australian woman fell onto the 2nd floor parapet above a Starbucks cafe on the ground floor in 2015, a 33-year-old man landed right in front of the entrance of a McDonald’s outlet just 5 days after that, while the body of a Russian tourist had to be removed from a fifth-floor beam where it was stuck in 2013 – remain available for viewing on the darkest parts of the interwebs, and you are strongly advised not to search for them if you wish to have a peaceful night’s sleep tonight. 

hotel grand central singapore haunted

On an early morning in March 2017, a 23-year-old Vietnamese man fell to his death from the 15th floor guest room of this busy hotel located within one of Singapore’s heritage districts. His body forcefully hit the sky garden’s railing, which cleanly severed his head from his torso. While his body was later found in a drain on the 5th floor, his decapitated head landed outside a restaurant located on the 4th floor.

It is alleged that the fall was linked to physical altercation between the deceased and his friend, a fellow Vietnamese national who was an Institute of Technical Education student.

hotel grand central singapore haunted


In this horrific tale involving a 4th-floor room in a hotel a short drive away from the Esplanade, an Indian national had a fight with a pregnant sex worker when she refused a 3rd tryst that night without being given further payment. During the struggle, he pressed tightly on her neck with hard force “continuously for between one and two minutes”, and only stopped when he saw that her eyes were closed, her head had fallen backwards and her tongue was left dangling out of her mouth. He then stripped her of her clothing and valuables and stuffed her naked body under the queen-sized bed before inviting another sex worker to the same room and having sexual intercourse with her on the bed above the dead body of the pregnant prostitute . The Indian national was eventually jailed and caned for his crime.

An autopsy report stated the deceased’s cause of death as strangulation. The deceased’s seven-months-old unborn baby boy did not make it either.

hotel grand central singapore haunted

Shawn is a full-time lawyer based in Singapore. Neither a professional critic, blogger nor photographer, Shawn is simply somebody who loves food and luxury hotels very much and (likes to think that he has) a quirky sense of humor. When Shawn is not premature ageing and turning his hair further grey due to stress and vicious deadlines, he is somewhere spending an exorbitant amount of money trying out new dining places and hotels.

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hotel grand central singapore haunted

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hotel grand central singapore haunted

10 Notoriously Haunted Hotels In Asia You Should Know

Garlic and exorcists not included.

Jasmine Teo

You may want to think twice before bunking in at any of these hotels, unless you fancy getting spooked out.

hotel grand central singapore haunted

Grand Hyatt Taipei - Taipei, Taiwan

The hotel lobby (pictured) features two talismans said to protect the hotel from the supernatural. The hotel is reportedly built on a World War II prison camp. And no, it's not just the management being overly superstitious, okay?

"If you Google the hotel, ‘haunted’ is literally the first search word that comes up," social media star/super-jetsetter Andrea Chong told us in our recent cover interview . "That’s why they have two pillars of inscriptions at the lobby. It’s not for decoration leh. It’s fengshui,"

If you happen to stay here, check for talismans behind paintings in the room. The hotel management has claimed that these trinkets, which were removed in 2015, were gifted by the owner's friends at the hotel's opening.

hotel grand central singapore haunted

Grand Hyatt Taipei

This 27-storey hotel near Taipei 101, which has hosted celebs such as Linkin Park and Nicolas Cage, is known for guests' supernatural encounters.

A review on TripAdvisor reads: "I didn't sleep the whole night but kept my eyes closed due to the fact that I could hear two very distinct snores. One coming from my left (the couch and desk) and one from my right (my relative) When there wasn't snoring on the left side, I could feel someone walking and I heard the footsteps and I could sense they were quite close to me."

If that doesn't creep you out, we don't know what will. (Actually, we do, just swipe through the rest of the photo gallery.)

hotel grand central singapore haunted

Baiyoke Sky Hotel - Bangkok, Thailand

Towering over the famous Pratunam Market in Bangkok is this 88-storey hotel. Baiyoke Sky Hotel's haunted origins may have started in May 2012, when three workers fell to their deaths from the 69th floor when the cable supporting their gondola snapped.

Guests have reported spooky encounters in online reviews like this one: "The first night, we'd already heard noises from the bath tub and things got worse when we heard noises and footsteps. Our room card was missing, and was [later] found at a place where we didn't touch. And our friend felt something cold pass by, so we aware the room was haunted." Gulp.

hotel grand central singapore haunted

Marroad International Hotel Narita Airport - Narita, Japan

Numerous flight attendants have had their fair share of ghostly sightings here (it's a hop and a skip away from Narita Airport). Hotel guests have been kept awake by the sound of a leaking tap or loud footsteps from the room upstairs, even if they're already on the highest floor.

And the spine-chilling source behind these supernatural encounters? A gruesome incident in 1999 when members of a cult put up at Room 1272 . For months, they hid in the room, and refused housekeeping services and the management's subsequent requests for them to vacate the premises. When police were finally called in, they found a rotting corpse - one of the cult members had been dead for an estimated four months and by then had been mummified.

hotel grand central singapore haunted

Yu Shan Fan Dian - Chengdu, China

This is not a movie still from a Chinese horror flick, but of the 220-room hotel reportedly built on what used to be the royal gardens from the Qing Dynasty. The ghostly spirit that lingers around the compound, three hours from Beijing, is said to be none other than the Empress Dowager Cixi. Chinese history nerds may just be booking a stay here just for this out-of-this-world celeb sighting.

hotel grand central singapore haunted

Hotel President - Macau, Hongkong

Imagine staying smelling "strange perfume" in your hotel room, even when you didn't pack any fragrances in your suitcase, then having your make-up mysteriously displaced. It happened to one guest here, who later found out that horrific murders had taken place in that very room in 1997. A man had killed two prostitutes, chopped up their bodies and flushed the dismembered bits down the toilet.

It's not the only eerie encounter floating around the WWW. Check out this online review: "It's 2am when an old man wearing a vest and reading glasses entered our room and vanish[ed] without making a noise on the door lock."

If this hotel is this haunted, we can't imagine what has gone on in the more derelict buildings just beside it...

hotel grand central singapore haunted

First World Hotel - Genting Highlands, Malaysia

This may come as a shock, considering how often Singaporeans head to Genting for its amusement parks and casinos. Behind First World Hotel's iconic colourful facade are grim backstories. Guests have reportedly been spooked out by unseen forces pressing down on them while they were sleeping, or have witnessed ghostly apparitions. Word has it that some rooms in this 7,351-room hotel are not available for booking, and the lift bypasses the 21st floor, which is either sealed off or simply doesn't exist. All this is possibly due to the fact that the hotel has seen many suicides of unlucky gamblers that have happened over the years.

hotel grand central singapore haunted

Swissotel The Stamford - Singapore

It is hard to imagine that this iconic hotel at City Hall could be haunted - we've certainly never felt anything when we've been there (Touch wood!). But several TripAdvisor reviews claim otherwise of the hotel that's supposedly built on grounds where the Japanese held executions during World War II. There have been stories of guests seeing spirits asking for mercy in the corridors. Sure doesn't help that two suicides happened here in 2015.

hotel grand central singapore haunted

Hotel MyStays Premier Akasaka - Tokyo, Japan

Formerly known as the Akasaka Weekly Mansion, this hotel in Tokyo often creeps up on haunted hotels lists, no thanks to the countless cases of suicides and sudden deaths have reportedly taken place here. Guests have reported witnessing ghostly mists wafting around the hotel and from air vents. Others have claimed that they've felt someone stroking their hair or touching them. Some brush it off as mere urban legend. Either way, these spooky tales always mention Buillding No. 1 of the hotel. We won't be surprised if it was fodder and inspiration for a Japanese horror flick, or three.

hotel grand central singapore haunted

Savoy Hotel - Uttarakhand, India

An unsolved murder mystery that happened here in 1911 is apparently the inspiration behind Agatha Christie’s 1920 novel 'The Mysterious Affair at Styles'. A British clairvoyant had been found dead, poisoned by cyanide, with the murder never solved. The victim's doctor was also found poisoned a few months later.

In 2007, Indian author Ganesh Saili wrote in an essay of his experience at Savoy: “Suddenly, I hear a shuffling behind me. Is it the ghosts of the past come to bid one last goodbye? Or, is it the wind playing in the gables?" There are rumours swirling that their spirits are still lurking in hotel premises up till this day.

hotel grand central singapore haunted

Raintree Hotel -Singapore

Remember the infamous Old Changi Hospital ? Beside it was the equally eerie and abandoned Changi Commando Barracks, where thousands of British and Australian prisoners of war perished during the Japanese Occupation. It has now been transformed into Raintree Hotel. Can you see where this is going? But fret not, there are no substantiated reports of supernatural happenings within the hotel. Yet.

hotel grand central singapore haunted

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hotel grand central singapore haunted

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Welcome To Hotel Grand Central Singapore

Enjoy a luxury experience, providing quality services since 1969, one of the best places to relax & enjoy in singapore.......

First opened in 1968 and then closed for re-development in 2012, Hotel Grand Central reopened on 21st October 2015 with 263 brand new rooms. The Hotel is located on the Orchard Road shopping belt and centred between two major Mass Transit Stations, the Dhoby Ghaut and Somerset Stations.

Your stay in Hotel Grand Central Orchard will allow you to immerse in the midst of modern beauty and the opportunity to journey into the best of Southeast Asia. You’ll have the chance to discover serene gardens, sleek skyscrapers while contrastingly surrounded by integrated Shopping malls offering unique high-end fashion & luxury goods.

You’ll be thrilled with endless joyful shopping experiences and be spoiled for choices with a whole array of exciting food & beverages too!

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The hotel room is designed to provide exceptional comfort for travellers. Its large tinted double-glazed windows allow light to filter in and yet keep out noise. Bed mattresses and duvets are thick and comfortable. 

Executive Room

Our facilities, one of the best places to relax & enjoy, we create truly memorable experiences that you will remember forever, 01 - swimming pool, 03 - restaurant, 04 - room service, 05 - car rental, 06 - 24/7 reception, 07 - banquet hall, 08 - secured wifi, what our customers say.

Genuinely loved the hotel. I visited Singapore a few months back and stayed in this hotel. This was my best experience in a hotel. The attitude of the staff is very good. The hotel is situated in a prominent location in the city. The rooms are quite comfortable to stay in. The pool on the roof is perfect, not too deep or shallow and the complimentary breakfast consists of all kinds of food starting from Cereals and bread to pork. I definitely recommend you choose this hotel.👍👍

Jeremiah Pampolina

Great hotel! Accessible location, money changer in front of the hotel and a great mix of different food stalls across the street. Must try!

Very friendly service, helped us carried a lot of luggage up to our room. The size of the room is average, but it’s tidy and clean. We, a family of 4 with 2 young children, will all happily stay here again!

Leilanie Sagun

A great palace to stay in SG. With accomodating staffs, good food, comfy rooms, and has a pool with a perfect view. Also a perfect location for tourist, just within the heart of the city

Relax & enjoy your holiday!

Book your stay with us & enjoy your time in Singapore!

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Adelaide's Haunted Horizons

The Grand Central Hotel


The Grand Central Hotel: Its beginnings


However, it should also be remembered that this wasn’t the first Hotel that stood on this busy corner, for there was another Hotel long before the Grand Central. Its name was the York Hotel and it had been erected on this site within one year of the founding of Adelaide. Over the years following changes were made to it but it quickly established a reputation of being one of the more high-class establishments in Adelaide. It attracted many well to do patrons who not only stayed in the Hotel temporarily, but some actually made this Hotel their home. The hotel prospered until 1909 when the lease ran out and the lease was quickly picked up by William Gibson of drapers Foy and Gibson. With the lease safely in his hands, William Gibson set to work on their new plan… the demolition of the York Hotel to make way for a grander five-storey structure. The height was carefully chosen to correspond with the height of their store on the opposite corner known as Foy and Gibson. The two buildings certainly were similar and complimented each other as they stood adjacent on each corner.

In 1911 The Grand Central Hotel was completed and immediately gained the same high reputation as the York Hotel before it. The Grand Central Hotel boasted many luxuries that the former did not and it certainly continued to appeal to the well to do patrons. It even had a winter garden room where you could relax with a pot of tea while sitting amid exotic ferns and listening to a live string orchestra playing. The dining room was said to be able to fit 600 people which again would indicate the popularity of the Hotel.


It even boasted having a couple of famous people stay in its rooms both as The York Hotel and The Grand Central. Names such as Arthur Conan-Doyle who stayed in 1920 when he paid a visit to Adelaide was one well-known identity. Mark Twain and the Prince of Wales were two others. As the York Hotel, it accommodated another famous guest, Dame Nellie Melba, Australia’s first celebrity who became one of the most famous singers of the time. She was also the first Australian singer to achieve international recognition.

These Hotels also saw their fair share of tragedy starting with the York Hotel. At least two men, one only 22 years old decided to kill themselves whilst staying there. One of the saddest was Dr Griffith Jones who had been the medical practitioner in charge of the Magill orphanage. He was found one night in 1884 having asphyxiated himself in bed with the use of chloroform. He had been fearful of being disgraced after Ophthalmia had broken out in the orphanage and it was feared that 4 children would lose their sight. At the inquest, it was stated that no blame had ever been laid on Dr Jones they felt he had done all he could and still had a bright future ahead of him. However, depression can be a terrible thing and it took the life of what was a fine doctor. This tragedy was followed 9 years later by 22-year-old Joseph Durrell who shot himself in the head whilst staying in one of the Hotel’s rooms.

The Grand Central once built was also not immune to tragedy and just 6 years after opening, another guest… a young man of 23 shot himself in the head in his hotel room. Tragedy, however, did not just befall the guests it also dogged the staff too with the shooting being preceded by the death of a 24-year-old cook who got his head stuck in the elevator after he had, what no doubt seemed like a bright idea at the time, put his head through an opening in the partition supposedly to watch the lift coming up. Sadly for Otto, the lift was actually descending and he paid the consequence for his mistake. Just five years later a porter hanged himself in the parklands on the eve of his own wedding. In fact, even William Gibson JR, the younger partner of Foy and Gibson died mysteriously and suddenly in 1918. He died in the flat of an actress and when questioned, his wife admitted that Gibson did frequently take opium tablets and this was thought to have been what killed him.


For such a new and well respected Hotel which had attracted such well-known identities of the time, it did not prosper as well as the owners would have liked and a decision was made by the directors of Foy and Gibson to close the hotel down only 13 years after it was built. It was said by Foy and Gibson that they now needed the extra room for the expansion of the business. Although the bar was kept for a short time after and the residents moved out gradually, the Hotel was officially closed in 1924.

The Grand Central Hotel continued to trade under the name of Cox-Foys (mainly known as Foys) until it’s closure and demolition in 1975/76 to make way for a multi-storey car park. One can’t imagine what was going through the minds of the people who made this decision. Adelaide certainly lost a fabulous part of her history and now gone can never be replaced.

Written by Alison Oborn Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons

Do you love history?  Check out our Dark History Tours

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