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What You Need to Know About Ron DeSantis’ New Election Police Unit in Florida

john desantis 13 ghosts

Voting and the right to vote have been issues at the core of American life for the entirety of the country’s existence. In recent years — most specifically after Donald Trump’s loss to Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election — allegations of voter fraud have been a common theme in political discussions. That has held true even after extensive fact-checking revealed Trump’s claims to be false and little-to-no evidence of fraud having taken place. 

Near the end of April 2022, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill into law that will create “the Office of Election Crimes and Security within the Department of State to aid the Secretary of State in completion of his or her existing duties related to investigation of election law violations or election irregularities.” This bill has gotten a fair amount of attention in subsequent weeks, so let’s take a closer look at what, exactly, is called for in the bill, why some people are worried about what it means, and whether voter fraud is even an issue in the U.S. in the first place.

What Is in the Election Administration Bill?

The part of the bill getting the most attention has been the creation of a so-called “ election police force .” Basically, beyond creating the “Office of Election Crimes and Security,” the law requires the sitting governor to “appoint special officers to investigate alleged violations of election laws.” The Department of State will also have to report, annually, on “each received allegation of an election law violation or election irregularity.”

john desantis 13 ghosts

The law will increase the penalties for election law violations as well. This includes greater fines against third-party voter registration organizations that don’t deliver completed voter registration applications in a timely manner. It also increases the penalty for “ ballot harvesting ,” or the collection of completed ballots by a third-party ( a practice for which the laws vary widely state-by-state ). Finally, the bill includes provisions requiring more frequent maintenance and scrutiny of voter registration information. According to Representative Daniel Perez (R-FL) , the effort will be budgeted at around $3.7 million. 

Why Are Some Folks Worried About This Bill?

Given that Governor DeSantis himself praised Florida’s handling of the 2020 presidential election, many are questioning whether the new Office of Election Crimes and Security is necessary. Representative Yvonne Hayes Hinson, a Democrat from Gainesville, said that beyond creating an office to solve a problem that doesn’t exist, the law’s implementation “will put up additional barriers to voting and [that it] targets communities of color. This bullying tactic will intimidate and immobilize workers, families, and everyday people.”

This comes on the heels of a decision at the end of March by a judge in Florida who struck down a 2021 election law supported by DeSantis . That law — which would have placed limits on mail-in voting drop boxes and placed new requirements on voter registration groups — was deemed unconstitutional. The judge, Chief U.S. District Judge Mark Walker, wrote in his decision that the law was part of a pattern in Florida of “law after law disproportionately burdening Black voters.” 

Florida is currently appealing that decision, but it stands as a summation of what many people are worried about regarding this new law — namely, that the additional barriers to, and scrutiny of, the voting process are specifically designed to disenfranchise communities of color. 

Is Voter Fraud Even a Problem in the U.S.?

Ultimately, much of the resistance to laws like the one DeSantis recently signed in Florida comes down to the fact that they put up additional barriers to making it easier to vote where no such barriers are necessary. The fact of the matter is that there is a long history in the U.S. of politicians using the concept of voter fraud to disenfranchise folks who are likely to vote against them.

This practice goes back to at least 1807. Prior to then, women and Black people in New Jersey who owned property could vote if they met certain residency requirements. Leading up to 1807, both parties (at the time, the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans) at different moments alleged that women were being taken advantage of at the polls in various ways. At one point, it was even suggested that men were voting and then changing into women’s clothing to vote again. Even at the time, many knew these arguments were not legitimate, but in 1807 a law was nevertheless passed that took away the right to vote from women and Black people in New Jersey . 

john desantis 13 ghosts

But that’s not the only instance to pop up in U.S. history. In 1836 the city of Philadelphia passed a voter registration law requiring assessors to compile voter lists. In his book The Right to Vote , Alexander Keyssar writes that “Although the proclaimed goal of the law was to reduce fraud… opponents insisted that its real intent was to reduce the participation of the poor, who were frequently not home when assessors came by.” In 1959 a voter purge in Washington Parish, Louisiana claimed to remove illegally registered voters, but in fact removed “85% of African American voters from the registration rolls.”

In this light, the allegations of voter fraud made after Donald Trump’s loss in the 2020 election can be seen as part of a long history of attempts to use the idea of voter fraud in the service of political opportunism. That history makes it worth paying attention to the passage of bills like this most recent election administration one in Florida. The right to vote — fought for by so many over the country’s history — is at the core of the American system of government, and deserves to be protected. 


john desantis 13 ghosts

The Juggernaut

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The Juggernaut is the ghost of Horace "The Breaker" Mahoney  and the twelfth ghost to be featured in The Black Zodiac .

  • 1 Biography
  • 2 After Death

Biography [ ]

Horace was abandoned by his mother, almost immediately after birth, and was raised by his father. As a child, Horace grew to such a grotesque height and appearance that he was constantly ostracized and spent his childhood as an outcast.

Mr. Mahoney put Horace to work at his junkyard, chopping and crushing up old cars. When Mr. Mahoney died, Horace was left alone and finally, with no one to guide him, went insane as a result. He became a serial killer, picking up hitchhikers and stranded motorists to take back to his junkyard; there, he would rip them apart with his bare hands and feed their remains to his dogs. This preferred method of murder was what earned him the nickname, "The Breaker" .

Horace's seventh to-be victim turned out to be an undercover police officer, who had a SWAT team surround the junkyard and arrest Horace. However, Horace was able to break free of his handcuffs and killed three police officers before he was gunned down by five SWAT officers. They then added one final volley of shots into him, "just to be sure" that he was dead.

After Death [ ]

Following his death, Horace's spirit remained bound to earth and haunted the junkyard, brutally killing anyone who entered. This caused the junkyard's death toll to rise to over forty by 2001.


The symbol of the Juggernaut.

Cyrus Kriticos and his team, including Dennis , arrive at the junkyard sometime in 2001 to capture Horace's ghost to become the Juggernaut. They use blood and a tape-recorded Latin chant played across a megaphone to successfully draw The Juggernaut into a containment cube, but not before he savagely and brutally kills much of Cyrus's team, but was not able to kill Dennis.

The Juggernaut was then moved to the basement of Basileus's Machine with the other eleven ghosts. He is the twelfth and final ghost to be released, and once he is, he joins the Hammer in the attack on Dennis. Once the two overpower Dennis, the Juggernaut brutally finishes him off by breaking his back against a wall.

Shortly after, the Latin chant causes the Juggernaut, along with the other eleven ghosts, to go to the center of the machine and power it up. When the Juggernaut and the other ghosts are freed from the trance, they throw Cyrus into a rotating crest of rings. The house then explodes, destroying its walls and freeing the Juggernaut and the other eleven ghosts.

12 The Juggernaut 02

The Artifact of The Juggernaut

  • The whispers which signal the Juggernaut's approach appear to be roaring wind.
  • The Latin inscription beneath Horace's symbol, "stantibus celsior", roughly translates to "Standing Tall", referring to his great size and strength.
  • Besides the Jackal, the Juggernaut is the only ghost who was proven a criminal in life.
  • According to Dennis, he is the only ghost that required bait to lure out.
  • He is the only known ghost to continue killing after being killed.
  • An early draft had his first name as Frank Mahoney.
  • Quite possibly the most violent of the ghosts.
  • His ghost file is represented by shotgun shells
  • According to the key supervising artist, Charles Porlier, John DeSantis' makeup took approximately 3 to 3-and-a-half hours to apply. After shooting, the reverse process would take about 2 hours to remove.
  • The Juggernaut makeup consisted of a full foam bodysuit, a neckpiece that went up to the mouth, an earpiece, a forehead prosthetic that also covered his eyes and nose, an upper lip piece, a chin piece, and hands that would be blended into the bodysuit.

Gallery [ ]


  • 1 Black Zodiac
  • 2 The Jackal
  • 3 The Angry Princess

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The Juggernaut

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NOTE: This article is about the ghost featured in Thir13en Ghosts. For the X-Men villain, see Juggernaut .

Horace "Breaker" Mahoney , chosen to be The Juggernaut by Cyrus Kriticos , is a major antagonist and character in Thir13en Ghosts .

He was portrayed by John DeSantis , who also played the Bald Man in the TV series A Series of Unfortunate Events , Moonface in Incident On and Off a Mountain Road , The Traveler , the Male Zoner Companion and Solomon Grundy in Smallville and voiced Ollie in Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus .

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Biography [ ]

Before death [ ].

Horace was born completely deformed, standing seven feet tall in his adulthood, and standing as an outcast throughout all his life, being ostracized from nearly everyone. His mother abandoned him in his birth, and his father forced him to work on a junkyard, crushing cars with his unusual strength.

After his father died, Horace was left alone, and soon went insane. His first victims were two female hitchhikers that he took to his junkyard and tore them apart with his bare hands, feeding their remains to his dogs.

After several more kills, he then caught an undercover female police officer, and she called for backup, a SWAT team surrounding the junkyard moments later. During Horace's arrest, he broke free of his handcuffs and killed three police officers, causing the SWAT team to open fire at the giant. After he hit the ground, another clip was fired on his already lifeless body, just to be sure.

Horace's ghost is horribly disfigured, ridden with bullet wounds all over him. His clothes are ragged and torn apart, stained with his victims' blood.

Role in the movie [ ]

The Juggernaut is the first ghost seen in the movie, when Cyrus' team of ghost hunters, including psychic Dennis Rafkin and his brother Joshua, come to his junkyard to capture him. They succeed, but Joshua is killed in the process, and so is Cyrus (apparently).

Horace is not seen again until near the end, when he attacks Dennis Rafkin who hid Arthur Kriticos in the Basileus Machine 's basement, breaking Dennis in half.

He is later freed from Cyrus' trance, and and joined in with some of his fellow 10 angry spirits in lifting the millionaire to his death in the Ocularis Infernum 's blades. He is finally seen leaving the house with the other ghosts and crossing over.

Gallery [ ]

The Juggernaut.

  • The whispers which signal the approaching presence of The Juggernaut appears to be a roaring wind.
  • He has been compared to horror movie villain Jason Voorhees  in both protection of the land they were raised in, having similar backgrounds, being raised by one parent, being serial killers, being notoriously hard to kill, and for having superhuman strength. Unlike Jason Voorhees, however, The Juggernaut only serves as the major antagonist, whereas Cyrus Kriticos serves as the main antagonist.
  • This is arguably the most dangerous ghost out of the 12, with maybe The Jackal being worse or just as bad. Of course, both he and The Jackal are beaten by Cyrus Kriticos , as he had far bigger plans and is a much of a more dangerous threat than the two.

External links [ ]

  • The Juggernaut - 13 Ghosts Wiki
  • The Juggernaut - Horror Film Wiki

Navigation [ ]

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The Juggernaut Speaks - An Interview with John DeSantis on Thirteen Ghosts

The Juggernaut Speaks - An Interview with John DeSantis on Thirteen Ghosts (2020)

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The Juggernaut Speaks - An Interview with John DeSantis on Thirteen Ghosts

john desantis 13 ghosts

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