How to Get Spectre Master Gear

This page of IGN's Mass Effect wiki guide is all about the Spectre Master Gear, including how to find and unlock them all.

Spectre Master Gear Explained

How to get tier vii master gear, how to get tier x master gear, how to get master gear in the legendary edition.

  • Pinnacle Station: Convoy

Spectre Master Gear Stats

mass effect specter gear x

Spectre Master Gear is, in short, the best range of weaponry in the entire game, offering higher damage, better accuracy and more shots before overheating than any other gun in their respective classes. They're also very expensive, costing between 150,000 and 1,200,000 credits!

In addition, they need to be unlocked first, after which they'll be available via the Normandy Requisitions Officer in Engineering, and C-Sec Requisitions on the Citadel . Once they're unlocked, you can buy as many as you like, allowing you to potentially outfit your entire squad with these incredibly powerful weapons . However the stock only refreshes after you visit a Mission World, so you may have to jump around a bit.

Needless to say, you'll want to put all of your efforts into buying these for yourself and your preferred squadmates , as they will give you a considerable advantage in combat.

To unlock Tier VII Master Gear, you need to get the Rich Achievement by having more than 1,000,000 credits. This is not cumulative; you need to be holding one million credits in your pocket at once for the Achievement to register. Once you meet this requirement, the Tier VII Master Gear will be available to you via the Normandy Requisitions Officer and the C-Sec Requisitions Officer.

Holding one million credits is actually easier than it sounds: you get so much loot from the levels in places like Crates and Weapon Lockers that you never have to buy anything from the merchants, and then sell the rest. Further, as you Level Up the Level of the gear you find will also increase, and thus be worth more when you sell them. What this means is that you can hit one million credits about a third into the game (assuming you're going to do all the game's content of course).

The added bonus is that you only need to do this one time: once you get the Rich Achievement it's remembered across all Shepard profiles, meaning the Tier VII Master Gear will be unlocked from the start of all future playthroughs.

Unlocking the Tier X Master Gear needs two requirements. In addition to getting the Rich Achievement, you must also get Shepard to Level 50. Unlike the Rich Achievement, this must be done on a per-profile basis, meaning you must reach Level 50 on each new playthrough to unlock the Tier X Master Gear (unless you're in New Game + and reached Level 50 before starting over).

mass effect specter gear x

Unlocking the Master Gear works a bit differently in the Legendary Edition thanks to the removal of the Rich Achievement. Now the gear will only become available to you after you've completed Virmire , which is unlocked after completing two Mission Worlds. Only the Level X Master Gear will become available: the Level VII Master Gear weapons have been dummied out of the Legendary Edition. Just like in the original release, the Master Gear is only available from the Requisitions Officers on the Normandy and at the C-Sec Academy.

Notably, you only need to do this on your very first playthrough of game. Once you've completed Virmire once, the Level X Master Gear will become available on ANY future save or profile you make, including New Game +! This is especially helpful if you're intending to do a run on a high difficulty.

Pinnacle Station : Convoy

mass effect specter gear x

If you're playing the original release of Mass Effect on Xbox 360 or PC, there's another way to get the Master Gear, although it's more chance-based. The end of the Pinnacle Station DLC gives you access to Shepard's Apartment on Intai'sei, where you can do the Convoy Side Quest.

Using the Terminal near the bed, you can purchase random salvage from one of three Convoys: the MSV Collins, the MSV Adams and the MSV Wallace. The MSV Wallace is the one you want because it gives you Tier X items, and all of the Tier X Master Gear is available as potential salvage.

The advantage here is that it costs 220,000 credits to purchase salvage from MSV Wallace, which is a significant amount less than even the Pistol, which would cost more than double that from the Requisitions Officers. Further, you do not need to get the Rich Achievement or be Level 50 in order to get them. If you can beat Pinnacle Station early in the game, you can get access to the best weapons far earlier than normal!

This section lists all of the Spectre Master Gear, including their damage stats and prices. The letters at the end of the name refer to the type of weapon, so HMWSG refers to the shotgun.

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Mass Effect

mass effect specter gear x

Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition

mass effect specter gear x

Originally posted by Xecil : I can't even get the VII level gear to unlock now.

mass effect specter gear x

Originally posted by AK318 : Yeah I am interested to see if the achivements they carried over from ME1 still have the bonuses they used to like the ones that unlocked biotic and tech skills if you didn't start with them

mass effect specter gear x

Originally posted by CuriousValkyrie : The first time I went to the vendor, I did actually see them but I obviously didn't have the creds to get them, shortly afterwards they stopped showing up. I have since then passed 1 mil credits, still don't have It showing up in stores for me.(I'm also at a point in the game where level VII gear is dropping normally, so I'm guessing it's a glitch).
Originally posted by Xecil : Originally posted by AK318 : Yeah I am interested to see if the achivements they carried over from ME1 still have the bonuses they used to like the ones that unlocked biotic and tech skills if you didn't start with them

mass effect specter gear x

Originally posted by Zorro :

mass effect specter gear x

Originally posted by CheeZe : The X Gear unlocked when I hit 26 on the Legendary scale. VII Gear disappeared when I had more than a million creds. So, hope that helps anyone wondering.

mass effect specter gear x

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How To Get Spectre Gear In Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Here is how to unlock Spectre Master Gear, the ultimate gear for your weapons in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition is strong on the weapon front and has provided the players an array of weaponry ad gear to choose from. It features some of the most ultimate weapons and gear that the players have ever seen and on top of that, they are upgradable too. Not only will such gears make our commander look like the ultimate cool dude, but they will also transform your weapons to a whole new level. Spectre Gear in Mass Effect Legendary Edition is one such gear that the players need to get their hands on ASAP. In this guide, we help you get the Spectre Gear in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

How to Get the Spectre Gear in Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

Spectre Gear Mass Effect

Upgrading the Spectre Gear

This gear has a total of 8 pieces had three levels to it namely:

  • Advanced Gear
  • Master Gear

The Spectre gear is applicable to your shotguns, assault rifles, pistols, and sniper rifles in the game. Though they are heavy to the pockets, they will be worth your money in the game.

So that is all for our guide on how to get the Spectre Gear in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. If you would like to know how to fix the Spectre Weapons not showing bug , do check out our article on that too.

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The symbol of the Spectres

Spectres ( Spec ial T actics and Re connaissance, also abbreviated as ST&R ) are agents entrusted with extraordinary authority by the Citadel Council , including the power of life and death over the inhabitants of the galaxy. They form an elite group selected from a number of different species, and their primary responsibility is to preserve galactic stability by whatever means necessary. Though they are generally considered as being above the law and have complete discretion as to the methods used to accomplish their mission, an individual's status as a Spectre can be revoked by the Council in a case of gross misconduct. Spectres work either alone or in small groups according to the nature of a particular task and to their personal preference.

  • 1 Background
  • 2 Organization
  • 3.1 Mass Effect
  • 3.2 Mass Effect 2
  • 3.3 Mass Effect 3
  • 4 Known Spectres
  • 6 References

Background [ ]

The Special Tactics and Reconnaissance branch was founded in 693 CE, shortly before the Krogan Rebellions began, at a time when the Council was uneasy about the unchecked expansion of the krogan into Citadel space . The Spectres were chosen from the finest salarian Special Tasks Group operatives and asari huntresses, intended to function partly in an observational capacity, but also as the Council's first line of defense.

When the krogan finally turned against the Citadel, the Spectres were ready for them, using guerrilla tactics such as computer viruses and devastating sabotage to slow the krogan down before the turians joined the conflict. For years the activities of the Spectres were a Council secret, but their role was made public after the Krogan Rebellions were over.

A recording of the first Spectre's recruitment: Beelo Gurji, former salarian operative.

All records of the Spectres are sealed and only granted access with permission of the Council. It is not even clear how many there are: Alliance intelligence estimates that there are fewer than a hundred. Each Spectre is hand-picked by the Council after proving that they are an individual of exceptional ability and self-reliance.

In theory Spectres can be chosen from any race ; in practice they are usually selected from the Council races. Having a Spectre chosen from their kind often raises a particular species' profile on the Citadel. Many alien races have been part of the Citadel for centuries without a Spectre being chosen from their ranks.

Ambassador Anita Goyle and later her successor Donnel Udina were both desperate to get a human into the Spectres, as this would be the first step toward humanity gaining a seat on the Council. The first possible candidate was David Anderson , but his observer, Saren Arterius , sabotaged the evaluation, falsifying his report to make Anderson look responsible for casualties caused by Saren's own ruthless tactics during the mission. After Saren submitted his report, the Council refused Anderson entry into the Spectres.

The second candidate is Commander Shepard , whose outing of Saren as a renegade Spectre results in their induction into the Spectre ranks. This event happens before humanity attains its Council seat following Saren's attack on the Citadel a short while later.

In the last thousand years only two people have turned down an offer to become a Spectre, both of whom were asari matriarchs. Following Shepard's death and subsequent resurrection in 2185, the Commander can choose to become the third by declining to accept when offered reinstatement.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Review

25 May 2021

Mass Effect: Andromeda Review

20 March 2017

Organization [ ]

The Spectres are made and unmade by their only superiors, the Citadel Council

Spectres have no command structure. They answer only to the Council, and in some cases the Council prefers not to know the exact details of how a Spectre accomplishes their mission. Spectres act in any way they see fit, either with careful diplomacy or ruthless force, being officially above any law. Some people, like Executor Pallin , see Spectres as a potential risk because they are not constrained by the law, while others are in awe of them; Officer Eddie Lang mentions Spectres on vids are portrayed as super-agents always on some mission to save the galaxy. The assignment of a Spectre is often less contentious than a military deployment, but shows that the Council is aware of a situation.

Candidates for the Spectres typically have years of military or law enforcement experience before even being considered. The screening process involves background checks, psychological evaluations, and a long period of field training under an experienced mentor. Because of the rigorous selection process, Spectres might sometimes use unorthodox methods but they rarely go rogue. When it does happen, the only solution is to revoke their status, then send another Spectre after them. No one else would be up to the job.

The Spectres were modeled upon the salarian STG; granted supralegal authority instead of subordinate to common law, declared exempt from oversight instead of based within a command structure, and selected in recognition of a history of superior capability instead of trained. The STG is fully funded by the salarian government, however, as opposed to the financial independence expected of Spectres.

Spectres appear to be stripped of their status once they are declared legally deceased. They have to be reinstated in once proof of living (e.g. appearing in person and passing biometric checks) is presented. In Shepard's case, their title was never officially rescinded when they died, thus requiring only the approval of at least the human Councilor for full restoration of rights and privileges.

Equipment and Talents [ ]

Mass effect [ ].

Commander Shepard gains 1 Charm point, 1 Intimidate point, and access to special Spectre Training after becoming a Spectre. Unlocking the "Rich" achievement also makes unique equipment available.

Mass Effect 2 [ ]

Shepard's Spectre status can be reinstated. Having Spectre status reinstated does not grant Shepard any additional material benefits, as the Commander retains the Unity special ability whether this occurs or not. It does, however, change dialogue in several missions, and Shepard can naturally use their reinstated status to resolve issues that otherwise would've required a different path.

Mass Effect 3 [ ]

Shepard's Spectre status is either upheld or reinstated by the Council. This allows access to the Spectre outpost in the Citadel Embassies , which includes an intel terminal , a requisitions terminal , a comm terminal, and a shooting range to test weapons.

Known Spectres [ ]

  • Kaidan Alenko : If Kaidan survived the assault on Saren's Virmire base, he continues to serve the Alliance and eventually nominated by Councilor Udina to be the second human Spectre by 2186.
  • Saren Arterius : The youngest turian Spectre to be appointed by the Council. Spectre status revoked in 2183 following confirmation of rogue status. Before this, was called the Council's "top agent" and a "living legend" by then-Captain David Anderson. Killed during the Battle of the Citadel .
  • Jondum Bau : A salarian Spectre who investigates an indoctrinated hanar diplomat on the Citadel in 2186. Can be killed by the diplomat's guard or saved by Commander Shepard. If saved, Bau becomes the spokesperson for a Spectre Unit willing to aid Shepard.
  • Beelo Gurji : The first Spectre, appointed in 693 CE. Formerly a salarian operative who was accused of using 30 civilians as bait to flush out his target. Instead of incarcerating him, the Council released him and offered him the chance to establish the Spectres, which he accepted.
  • Nihlus Kryik : One of the most decorated turian Spectres. Killed by Saren Arterius during the attack on Eden Prime in 2183.
  • Lonar Maerun : A Spectre reportedly involved in an unsuccessful assassination attempt on Lira Speight, supreme commander of Sonax Industries' corporate army on Garvug . Species unknown.
  • Avitus Rix : A turian Spectre who served for 15 years before retiring to join the Andromeda Initiative . Personally selected by turian Pathfinder Macen Barro as his second-in-command.
  • Commander Shepard : Appointed the first human Spectre in 2183. Spectre status revoked after Shepard is declared killed in action later that year. The Commander's Spectre status could be reinstated in 2185 after their resurrection via the Lazarus Project or in 2186 during the Reaper invasion.
  • Tela Vasir : An asari Spectre known for her investigation into the theft of economic reports from the Citadel Council's Ministry of Finance, and for breaking up a slave trading ring in the salarian city of Aegohr on the planet Nasurn. Can be killed in 2185 by Commander Shepard after being exposed as an agent of the Shadow Broker .
  • Ashley Williams : If Ashley survived the assault on Saren's Virmire base, she continues to serve the Alliance and eventually nominated by Councilor Udina to be the second human Spectre by 2186.
  • Mordin Solus states that during his service with the STG they "Didn't have to buy [their] own weapons," a joke referring to Shepard having to purchase the squad's equipment with personal funds.
  • Blasto , "the first hanar Spectre", is a popular fictional Spectre referenced in the background from time to time starting with Mass Effect 2 .

References [ ]

  • in-game Codex
  • Mass Effect: Revelation
  • 2 Romance (Mass Effect: Andromeda)

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Build Guide: Infiltrator (Mass Effect 1)

I n this Mass Effect Legendary Edition Build Guide I’m going to cover my Mass Effect 1 Infiltrator Build , which is an Infiltrator Build well-suited for mid and long-range combat. I’ll be sharing the best Talents to prioritize, what it means to choose the Commando Specialization for your Infiltrator, the optimal Weapons , Armor , and Mods to equip, and the Squadmates to take with you on Missions and Assignments . If you’ve been looking for a way to effectively play as an Infiltrator then this Guide is for you.

The Infiltrator Class specializes in shooting enemies from afar thanks to their Sniper Rifles Talent and Assassination Ability , to the point that these can guarantee one-shot kills. In cases where this Class has to approach enemies, they will have to switch to a Pistol , which performs excellently in terms of accuracy and damage dealt in mid-range encounters.

What makes the Infiltrator versatile is their capability of employing Tech Abilities, in addition to their Combat Proficiency. This Class can easily debuff enemies with Overload and Sabotage by weakening their Shields and overheating their Weapons so they won’t be able to momentarily fire with them.

ME1 Master Overload Ability

The Commando Infiltrator Build pushes your versatility and power even further by increasing the damage you deal with all of your Weapons while reducing the cooldown of your Assassination Ability. This means that your chances of efficiently killing enemies increases even more.

Infiltrator Talents and Abilities (Mass Effect 1)

In this section, I’ll talk about the different Tech, Combat and Auxiliary Talents and Abilities that you should focus on to make the most out of your Commando Infiltrator Build. Note that the number of Talent Points I’ve allocated is based on reaching Level 50, although there is no level cap in Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition.

Tech Talents and Abilities

There are 3 Tech Talents that you’ll have to put sufficient Talent Points into because these will help you hack through security systems, repair your vehicle, and provide you with Abilities to debuff enemies.


This Talent gives you the Electronics Skill to bypass security systems in order to proceed in quests and to unlock more Assignments or side quests. Hacking through these systems also lets you gather more XP so you can level up faster and efficiently allocate your Talent Points. You can also more quickly repair your Mako Vehicle’s damaged hull every time its Shields are down. In addition, this Talent strengthens your Shields, making you more resilient in combat by being able to absorb damage.

Electronics also grants you the Overload Ability, which enables you to directly inflict damage on enemy Shields and to make them susceptible to a larger number of attacks for a short period of time. Stripping Synthetics and Organics, such as the Geths and Krogans, respectively, of their Shields is very important in order to weaken and to kill them quickly. Note that even if they still have portions of their defenses available, you or your Squadmates can use any of your special Abilities to take them down. I recommend investing 9 Talent Points into Electronics so you can unlock the Master Overload Ability, and therefore maximize its function. The Damping Talent will also be made available to you at Rank 4.

This Talent and Ability increases your tech proximity mines’ explosion range. These proximity mines are set off and deal extra damage every time you use Overload, Sabotage or Damping. Damping’s best function is disabling enemies from using their Tech and Biotic Abilities, which means that they cannot debuff or employ crowd control techniques towards your Squad. You can either use Damping before or after you begin damaging enemies, with the Ability being essential either way. I recommend investing only 6 Talent Points into this Talent so you can at least unlock the Advanced Damping Ability, which will be enough to serve you well at the start of combat and in clutch moments.

ME 1 Advanced Damping Ability

This Talent grants you the Decryption Skill, which you can use to open locked containers in order to obtain Weapons, Armor, and Mods that you can equip and sell for credits. Similar to the Electronics Skill, you can gain additional XP by unlocking these containers. You can also turn unimportant Equipment into Omni-gels . Omni-gels guarantee that you’re able to decrypt secure objects if you fail to manually override them or if you prefer to automatically have access to them so having a lot of these in your inventory is handy.

This Talent also increases the Explosion Damage you deal with tech proximity mines every time you raise its ranks. Additionally, Decryption gives you access to the Sabotage Ability, which lets you overheat enemy Weapons to prevent them from using it for a period of time. Sabotage also deals damage over time by burning your enemies.

You can use this Ability when you’re about to initiate attacks to prevent from getting shot. Sabotage can also be a lifesaver especially when your Shields are down and your HP is already low because your enemies will not be able to kill you right away, giving you enough time to hide behind covers. I suggest investing 9 Talent Points into Decryption so you can unlock the Master Sabotage Ability, and therefore maximize its function. The First Aid Talent will also be made available to you at Rank 7.

Combat Talents and Abilities

There are 4 Combat Talents you’ll put the maximum number of Talent Points into, which is 12, that will make your Commando Infiltrator Build deadly and durable in mid and long-range combat encounters. These are Sniper Rifles, Pistols , Tactical Armor , and Spectre Training . I’ll explain why these are highly prioritized and how they integrate well with your Build.

Sniper Rifles

This Talent increases the accuracy and damage dealt by your Sniper Rifle , making you more deadly from a distance. It’s important to keep a huge distance between yourself and your enemies when playing with this Weapon, otherwise, you’ll be overwhelmed by their attacks. Note that the best Sniper Rifles can only shoot almost twice before overheating so it’s very important to make sure that you accurately hit enemies to instantly kill them.

This Talent also grants you access to the Assassination Ability, which significantly increases the damage you deal when shooting with a Sniper Rifle. At max rank and with the Master Assassination Ability, you’ll be able to inflict +300% damage. Thanks to the improvements made to the Sniper Rifles’ stability in the Legendary Edition, it’ll be easier for you to aim and to inflict headshot damage to kill enemies more efficiently and effectively.

Master Assassination Ability

This Talent functions in the same way as Sniper Rifles except that the bonus accuracy and damage increases are accorded to your Pistol. You should immediately switch to your Pistol when enemies start running towards you. Ideally, you’d prefer to shoot them at mid-range, however sometimes, you’ll have to do so up close with the help of your Squadmates.

This Talent also gives you access to the Marksman Ability , which raises the accuracy and shots of your Pistol before it overheats and is rendered unusable. At max rank, you can use Master Marksman to raise your accuracy by 60% and to decrease the heat of your Weapon completely.

Tactical Armor

This Talent makes your character durable by increasing your survivability. What makes Tactical Armor significant to this Build is that it allows you to equip Medium Armor , which is restricted to most Classes in Mass Effect 1. With Medium Armor, the damage you receive from Weapons and Melee encounters, further decreases by 16%. Additionally, your resistance towards Tech and Biotic Abilities are also increased by 16% with Hardening . However, note that this defensive stat isn’t as useful as it should be since you’ll still be susceptible to Tech and Biotic Abilities regardless.

Tactical Armor also unlocks the Shield Boost Ability , which restores 50% of your Shields per second, letting you instantly protect yourself from damage once it has been depleted partially or completely. Lastly, the Fitness Talent becomes available to you at Rank 6.

Spectre Training

This Talent can be unlocked after you become a Spectre when you complete a Citadel Mission within 2 hours of playing. Spectre Training makes your character stronger by raising the accuracy and damage you deal with Weapons and making your Abilities more powerful in addition to your higher max HP.

This Talent also grants you the Unity Ability , which you can make great use of to revive dead Squadmates in combat. This Ability is especially helpful in fighting bosses when the chances of dying become higher. Also at max rank, you gain access to Master Unity so you can restore 50% of your downed Squad’s HP and 100% of their Shields.

Auxiliary Talents

There are 2 Auxiliary Talents, which are useful to you even if you don’t allocate too many Talent Points into them. These are Fitness and First Aid.

This Talent increases your max HP and gives you access to the Immunity Ability . Immunity bumps your protection from damage, or the amount of damage you can absorb without dying, by 75%. This Ability is specifically useful when you’re peeking in and out of cover or moving to a safer area, which makes you vulnerable to attacks. I suggest investing only 4 Talent Points in order to gain access to the Immunity Ability. This should be sufficient to keep you alive in combat.

This Talent allows you to restore a portion of your Squad’s HP. I recommend increasing its rank to 4 so that you can give back 70 HP every time you use a Medi-gel .

Commando Specialization (Mass Effect 1)

In this section, I’m going to discuss the Unique Class Talent for this Build as well as its evolved form or Specialization upon completing a certain quest.

The Infiltrator Class Talent reduces the heat buildup for both Pistols and Sniper Rifles, allowing you to shoot more with either Weapon before needing to wait for them to cooldown.

ME1 Shots Before Overheat

Furthermore, this Class Talent also increases the damage you deal with tech proximity mines. You can only allot a maximum of 6 Talent Points into this.

At Level 20 when you access the Galaxy Map, the Assignment UNC: Rogue VI on Luna will be given to you by Admiral Hackett. Upon completing this side quest, you will be able to choose between two Specializations, namely, Commando or Operative . Either Specialization will increase the rank of your Infiltrator Class Talent from 6 to 12. Note that the Talent Points you may have allotted to your Class Talent prior to unlocking your Specialization will carry over and you’ll be receiving the same bonuses from ranks 7 to 12.

Commando grants you bonus damage to all of your Weapons. This Specialization also vastly reduces the cooldown time of your Immunity, Assassination and Marksman Abilities by 25% when you reach Rank 12. Conversely, Operative focuses on boosting the tech proximity damage by 50, as well as the Shield and Burn Damage you inflict. Additionally, the range of your Overload and Sabotage Abilities is increased by 2 meters. Between the two Specializations however, I highly recommend taking Commando so that you can inflict greater damage with your Sniper Rifle and Pistol, and you can use their corresponding Abilities much more frequently than ever before.

Commando Infiltrator Specialization

Every time Shepard explores the different clusters of the Galaxy, you will be asked to select 2 Squadmates or Companions to bring with you. In Mass Effect 1: Legendary Edition, there are a total of 6 to choose from, each with their own Combat, Tech and Biotic Specialties. Remember that their levels are the same as yours even for those who are left in the Normandy Ship. Since your Squadmates’ Talents are fewer than Shepard’s, they receive lesser Talent Points every time they level up.

Dr. Liara T’Soni

As a Commando Infiltrator, you specialize in dealing Tech and Combat attacks, however, you lack the Biotic Abilities necessary to employ crowd control measures. Because of this, you’re not able to immobilize enemies as often, especially those who are near you. As such, it’s best to bring Dr. Liara T’Soni who is a pure Biotic Specialist.

You can recruit her after completing the Find Liara T’Soni Mission . Liara has AoE Biotic Abilities that render enemies useless by letting them float in mid-air with Lift and hurling them across the room with Throw . She also has the Warp Ability , which weakens enemy Armor and inflicts damage over time.

ME1 Warp

Liara’s most notable Biotic Ability is Singularity as this allows her to clump enemies together in a vacuum in order to make them float. This is very useful in conjunction with Shepard’s Sabotage and Overload Abilities in order to easily hit these enemies.

Despite these powerful Biotic Abilities, Liara lacks Combat Skills, which means that she doesn’t receive bonus damage from any of her equipped Weapons.  She is also not as resilient compared to the other Squadmates because she can only wear Light Armor . As a result, Liara shouldn’t be a frontliner in combat.

Ashley Williams

In order to balance your need for additional firepower, you’ll need a durable Combat Specialist, specifically, Ashley Williams. You can recruit her after completing the Find the Beacon – Continue to the Dig Site Mission within 30 minutes of playing the game.

Most of Ashley’s Talents are directly lifted from the Soldier Class of Mass Effect 1 except for Charm and Intimidate . Because she receives bonus damage in all Weapon types, Ashley is well-suited in shooting from any range. When enemies are running towards your Squad, you can make her switch to a Shotgun to shoot them at point-blank range. Additionally, Ashley can also equip Heavy Armor , making her the ideal candidate to approach enemies while withstanding their attacks.

Infiltrator Weapons and Mods (Mass Effect 1)

When it comes to Weapons, it’s important to focus on those that give you bonus damage even if you can equip and use any of them without any penalty. For the Commando Infiltrator Build, you should equip the Sniper Rifle and Pistol Spectre Gear.

To acquire these, you’ll need to unlock the “Rich Achievement” by having 1,000,000 credits and reaching Level 50, which are doable as long as you complete the majority of Assignments. If you don’t reach Level 50 but you get the Rich Achievement, you can still obtain lower versions of the Sniper Rifle and Pistol Spectre Gear, specifically HMWSR VII and HWMP VII , which are still far superior than the other Weapons in the game. You can purchase Spectre Gear from the C-Sec or Alliance Requisition Officers located in the Citadel and the Normandy, respectively.

Sniper Rifle

The best Sniper Rifle in the game is the HMWSR X Spectre Gear. Both the HMWSR VII and X deal extremely good damage, with their excellent accuracy ratings, thereby increasing your hit chances depending on the version you can buy.

ME1 HMWSR VII Spectre Gear

The best Pistol in the game is the HMWP X Spectre Gear. Both the HMWP VII and X deal 256 to 294 damage, which is way higher than the other Pistols you obtain in locked containers or from quests like the Karpov VII that only inflicts 240 damage. Moreover, you can fire an average of 27 shots before your Pistol overheats. This value is more than enough to kill groups of enemies.

ME1 HMWP VII Spectre Gear

Weapon Mods

For the Sniper Rifle and Pistol Spectre Gear, you can add 2 Weapon Mods and 1 Ammo Mod each. With Weapon Mods, I recommend the Kinetic Coil X because this increases the stability of your Sniper Rifle by 28% allowing you to easily hit enemies and it also provides extra 7% damage.

When it comes to the Pistol, Combat Optics X is a viable option to improve your line of sight in combat because enemies would often jam your radar making it tough for you to spot their positions and total number. This Mod also raises your hit accuracy by 21%.

For both Weapons, you can choose the Rail Extension VII , which boosts your damage by 29%. The only drawback is that your Weapons will overheat a bit faster. However, this shouldn’t be a problem since you can one-shot enemies with your Sniper Rifle and you don’t need to shoot too often with the Pistol to kill them most of the time.

For Ammo Mods , I suggest switching between Tungsten Rounds VII and Shredder Rounds VII , which deal an additional 40% damage to Synthetics and Organics, respectively. More often than not, you will be equipping the Tungsten Rounds since you will encounter more Synthetics as opposed to Organics.

ME1 Shredder Rounds

Occasionally, you can also use Polonium Rounds VII because this lets you deal 5 damage per second on top of the extra 55% Toxic Damage you inflict.

Grenade Launcher Mod

For the Grenade Launcher Mod, I highly recommend equipping High Explosive X because this maximizes the blast radius of your grenades by an extra 140 cm. Your Blast Damage and Weapons Force, or the force by which you can knock down your enemies, also increases by 37%. You can definitely use this after Liara casts Singularity. This way, you can finish off groups of enemies who survive the effects of this Ability. Alternatively, you can equip the Incendiary Explosive X Mod , which lets you deal 51 Burn Damage for 5 seconds on all affected enemies.

Infiltrator Armor and Mods (Mass Effect 1)

When it comes to Armor, you can equip Medium Armor by leveling up your Tactical Armor Talent to Rank 7. This means that you’re more protected from receiving damage and thereby from HP reduction. The best Medium Armor to have is the Predator M X , which you can obtain by first purchasing the Armax Arsenal License from Expat in the Citadel’s Upper Markets. Next, you can buy this Armor from the Alliance Requisition Officer if your Level is 50+. Note that Predator M X appears randomly in the merchant’s stock so it’s not a guaranteed purchase unlike the Spectre Gear. Alternatively, you can acquire it from locked containers but the drop rate is low.

ME1 Predator Armor

What’s great about Predator M X is that it has the highest Shields value at 486 of all the Armor in the game and it also has incredible Tech/Biotic Protection at 42. However, its Damage Protection is low at 42. To compensate for this, I suggest equipping 2 Energized Plating X Mods to increase your Damage Protection by 46%, which is equivalent to a total of 61 Damage Protection, rounded down. This is a well-balanced Medium Armor that increases your survivability from Combat, Tech and Biotic Attacks.

When selecting your Pre-Service History and Psychological Profile during Character Creation , note that it isn’t super important what you choose here, as these choices mostly affect dialogue, and so have no real impact on the Build. Feel free to choose whatever you like that suits the personality of the Shepard you wish to play.

As an Infiltrator, you will be equipping an Omni-tool to use your Tech Abilities. This can also grant bonuses to your Shields, Tech cooldown percentage, and Medi-gel recharging rate. You can use any high version of Omni-tool you come across.

Since you will be facing different enemy types, which are distinguishable as either Synthetics or robotic enemies and Organics or live organisms, you will have to alternate between the Tungsten Rounds VII and Shredder Rounds VII Ammo Mods, respectively, so you can effectively kill them. Make sure you do this for best results.

It’s worth noting that the Commando Infiltrator’s weakness is in dealing with enemies who are rushing towards you since you would need to maintain a certain mid-range to long-range distance in order to effectively use your Tech Abilities coupled with either your Sniper Rifle or Pistol. To counter this, you’ll have to rely on your Squadmates’ specialties. Remember that Liara’s Biotic Abilities will stop enemies in their tracks while Ashley’s Combat Abilities will shoot them dead with her Shotgun or Assault Rifle . Additionally, she can also use a Sniper Rifle in situations where you need to kill multiple enemies from a distance.

Lastly, make sure to equip higher versions of Sniper Rifles and Pistols if you don’t have access to the best Spectre Gear yet as these will still contribute to the success of your Build. The Harpoon VIII and Volkov VII as well as the Karpov VII are good alternatives to your Sniper Rifle and Pistol, respectively, because of their decent damage and accuracy ratings. The same is especially true for your Medium Armor since the Predator M X is pretty tough to obtain. A good option is the Mercenary VII because of its high Damage Protection and Shields, on top of 2 mod slots.

ME1 Mercenary VII Armor

You can get all of these in locked containers. The more efficiently you eliminate your enemies especially bosses, the better because this lessens your exposure to their attacks.

Stay tuned for more  Build Guides for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition , and be sure to check out the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Wiki  if you have questions about the game!

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition: How to fix missing Spectre gear

mass effect specter gear x

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is going strong but it's got a few major glitches such as the Spectre Gear not appearing on vendors. Here is how to fix it.

Legendary Edition of Mass Effect came with an extremely annoying bug. In normal circumstances, Spectres would get special stock from C-Sec Requisitions Officer and Normandy but with LE, these will disappear after a while. In order to get these weapons back in stock, you will need a save that was made before the Council made you a Spectre or do a new run up until that point.

The fastest route from a new game to Spectre status is as follows:

  • Create a new character (career)
  • Complete Eden Prime
  • Go to Joker
  • Rush to the Council meeting
  • Use Citadel Rapid Transit (CRT) to go to Chora's Den and talk to Harkin
  • CRT to Med Clinic to help and recruit Garrus
  • CRT to Chora's Den, clean it out and deal with Fist
  • Rush to Alleyway, save Tali, the cutscene will teleport you to Udina's office
  • CRT to Council Tower
  • Hard Save here, not a quick save
  • Meet the Council again
  • Go to C-Sec Requisitions Officer and open the stock to see Spectre gear (HMW assault rifle, shotgun, sniper rifle and pistol)
  • Load your primary career and interact with C-Sec Requisitions officer or Alliance Requisitions Officer on Normandy

mass effect specter gear x

You will have access to the rare stock for a while so make sure you grab all you need immediately before it disappears again. If you want another vendor refresh after it happens, you can repeat steps 11 through 13 thanks to the hard save.

  • Mass Effect
  • Xbox Series X
  • PlayStation 5

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Spectre Gear Disappeared Bug Fix

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has a bug keeping players from obtaining the Spectre gear early on -- luckily there's a fix that can solve the issue.

With the release of  Mass Effect: Legendary Edition , BioWare has given fans of the series the definitive way to play all three games in the original  Mass Effect  trilogy. While plenty of plenty update gameplay features and elements have been added to the games, there are bound to be a few things that might slip through the cracks. Unfortunately, there's a bug preventing players from obtaining the high ranking Spectre gear in the remastered version of  Mass Effect 1 .

At the beginning of the game, Commander Shepard becomes the first-ever human Spectre as appointed by the Citadel Council. The honor grants the commander complete authority to do whatever it takes to complete their missions. It also allows Shepard to receive special Spectre training in the Citadel as well as some exclusive gear. As players of  Mass Effect: Legendary Edition have found out, there's a bug stopping them from taking advantage of the Spectre's high-level gear.

RELATED: Mass Effect 3: How to Save Mordin Solus

Spectre Gear Bug Fix

At the current time of writing, there hasn't been an  officially published patch from BioWare  addressing this issue. However, a save exploit discovered by Reddit user u/Xecil can fix the issue without a patch. The bug is that after Shepard is given Spectre status, the C-Sec officer who usually has the Spectre gear isn't stocked with any when revisiting him between missions. To fix the bug, players need a save file from just before being inducted as a Spectre by the council. Load the save and trigger the cutscene when Shepard is inducted. Afterward, head straight to C-Sec and talk to the C-Sec Req. Officer. The store should be updated with all of the proper gear.

If no save file is present before the council meeting, players will need to start a new character in a new career and mainline the story to get to that point. Once the store inventory is fixed and restocked, load the desired character and the store should be fixed. While having to replay the opening sections of the game can be a hassle, a commenter on the original post pointed out that it shouldn't take much more than 30 minutes if the player doesn't waste any time doing things not related to the induction.

Hopefully, an official patch will go through in the coming days so that players won't be required to replay sections or load old saves if they're looking for high-level gear . If not, it seems like once the store inventory is loaded once in one save file, it's fixed and loaded across all others.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition  is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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  1. How to Get Spectre Master Gear

    Only the Level X Master Gear will become available: the Level VII Master Gear weapons have been dummied out of the Legendary Edition. Just like in the original release, the Master Gear is...

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    20 March 2017 Appearance The name of each Spectre - Master Gear weapon (eight total, with one level VII and one level X of each of the four weapon types) begins with "HMW" and is immediately followed by one or two letters denoting its weapon type — A for Assault Rifles, P for Pistols, SG for Shotguns, and SR for Sniper Rifles .

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    Apparently in this new edition Spectre gear becomes available when you reach 1 million in funds, the trophy is gone but it still acts as the gate apparently, I don't think level plays a role...

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  5. How to get the Master Spectre X weapons? ME1 : r/masseffect

    How to get the Master Spectre X weapons? ME1 I have the VII or whichever comes before it. In the original I know you couldn't get them until a certain achievement or level was reached but with legendary leveling and no rich achievement how are they unlocked now? This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast 4 8

  6. Mass Effect Legendary Edition: How to Get Spectre Weapons

    For those unaware, the way this system worked in Mass Effect 1 is you would be able to buy spectre gear I-IX whenever you'd like, but Spectre Gear X required you to acquire the Rich achievement. This achievement had you possess one million credits in your bank account at any given time, and doing so would unlock the Master Gear for purchase.

  7. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

    Published May 18, 2021 Spectre gear is a must-have for anyone playing through Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, but unlocking it is trickier than it used to be. Mass Effect: Legendary...

  8. Mass Effect Legendary Edition: How To Get Spectre Gear

    To get the Spectre Master Gear in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, your character will have to be level 50 and above. Along with that, you will also need to get the achievement called 'Rich'. It will only be unlocked after you earn 1 million credits at any one point in the game.

  9. Spectre gear level X : r/masseffect

    4 4 comments Best straga27 • 2 yr. ago Spectre VII gear is better than nearly everything else until some mk IX and X gear starts dropping. Then the Spectre X gear is superior to everything else in the game damage wise. ThusSpokeAnIdiot • 2 yr. ago Is it worth buying the spectre VII gear or is it better to wait for X? kevpool184 • 2 yr. ago

  10. How do I unlock Spectre X weapons in ME1 (LE)?

    According to the wiki, in LE you need to finish the Virmire mission before unlo king X Spectre gear. Check with the c-sec requisitions officer after that (or maybe even the Alliance requisitions officer). Worked for me. zenspeed • 2 yr. ago Oh, that explains so much. IIRC, the original method was to get like a million credits or something.

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    Unfortunately, as of right now the best Spectre Gear X weapons are bugged and are essentially missing from the new re-release of Mass Effect 1. Fortunately, there's a fix available, or at least ...

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    Spectres ( Spec ial T actics and Re connaissance, also abbreviated as ST&R) are agents entrusted with extraordinary authority by the Citadel Council, including the power of life and death over the inhabitants of the galaxy.

  13. Spectre X gear in ME1... when?

    I got Spectre X gear after Virmire, and I was level 16 on Legendary Mode.I can confirm that Spectre X weapons appear after Virmire, I was lvl 27/30. They did not appear at lvl 50/60, which is the equivalent of 26/30. Also confirming that Spectre VII weapons only appeared once, which was right after becoming a Spectre, and never appeared again.

  14. Mass Effect Legendary Edition Build Guide: Infiltrator (Mass Effect 1)

    The best Pistol in the game is the HMWP X Spectre Gear. Both the HMWP VII and X deal 256 to 294 damage, which is way higher than the other Pistols you obtain in locked containers or from quests like the Karpov VII that only inflicts 240 damage. Moreover, you can fire an average of 27 shots before your Pistol overheats.

  15. Mass Effect Legendary Edition: How to fix missing Spectre gear

    The fastest route from a new game to Spectre status is as follows: Mass Effect Legendary Edition is going strong but it's got a few major glitches such as the Spectre Gear not appearing on vendors. Here is how to fix it.

  16. Spectre X gear in ME1... when?

    Just finished Virmire and still no Spectre X gear. Only Feros and Bring down the Sky left before end game. Have over 9m credits. Have bought several sets of Spectre VII gear (returning after you level up or a mission planet completes the C-Sec & Ship shop will refresh them) and can sell/buyback them to show the bug isn't affecting me (I do the bug fix first thing each time I start playing).

  17. Level X Specter Gear not showing up : r/masseffect

    Level X Specter Gear not showing up I am on my second playthrough of ME 1 on the LE with a new character and the level X gear is now showing up in the store even though I had it on my first character. Do I have to reach level 50 on my new character for it to show up or is it bugged and I have to finish Virmire again? This thread is archived

  18. So when do you get the Spectre gear?

    Meh. GrafixTyrant 15 years ago #4. ^^No, once you save a million credits, the Spectre VII weapons become unlocked, regardless of your level. Once you hit level 50, you unlock the Spectre X weapons. You can purchase them from the merchant on the Normandy, or the Turian in the C-Sec HQ. To be old and wise, you must first be young and stupid...

  19. Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Spectre Gear Disappeared Bug Fix

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Spectre Gear Disappeared Bug Fix By Peter Hunt Szpytek Published May 16, 2021 Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has a bug keeping players from obtaining the...

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    Mass Effect Legendary Edition - Spectre Weapons - BUG WorkaroundGREAT NEWS! The notes for the latest patch (1.03) states that this issue has now been resolve...