PHANTOM BOXERS ' goal is to better the breed through careful sire and dam combinations, to encompass life longevity, health and temperament


PHANTOM BOXERS was started by Wendy Nixon who had been breeding and raising boxers for 32 years. I bought my first Boxer Jazzy from her in 1995. In 2008 Wendy’s husband passed away so we decided to combine our love for the breed. Wendy moved her farm to my house with dogs, crates, and a Mommy with her puppies. Since 2008 we raised many, many puppies right in my home. In 2019 Wendy’s health took a turn and she just wasn’t able to keep up with the work of puppies and the dogs, she had always told me PHANTOM BOXERS was going to be mine someday. That day came in December 2019. Wendy handed over all the dogs and rights to me. I jumped right in with both feet,whelping out my very first litter all by myself, to the tune of 9 puppies on December 12th luckily with my girl Scarlett who had already given birth to a previous litter. My puppies are handled from the time of birth and well socialized with the house dogs, JoJo (9), Scarlett (5), Jr & MeMe (18 months) and Molly (6 months). Once the puppies reach 8 weeks and leave with their new owner I don’t stop my contact there, I urge new Phantom Boxer Phamily members to stay in touch through Facebook ( Pam Phillips Phantom Boxers), Instagram or just text. I tell them I’m there for them 24/7 for any questions or concerns.


Loving Memories


Stud Service

AKC puppies

24/7 availability for any questions or concerns

You become “Phantom Boxer Phamily” on purchase of a puppy from my kennel

Our puppies are show and pet quality

Our dogs are veterinary certified

If the puppy/dog can’t be kept for any reason, it gets returned no matter how old it may be



Dear Wendy and Pam, We started our search for a boxer in the summer of 2011. Through a series of searching on the internet and making about 20 phone calls to various Boxer breeders, we were told that you had a litter of puppies and given your contact info. After speaking with Wendyon the phone a couple times, We chose to come and see your available puppies.... and were immediately impressed with the welcoming commitee of boxers that met us at the door! We had purchased dogs in the past from show breeders, and had never had this kind of welcoming before from the dogs or the breeders! As a matter of fact, the other breeders that we had visited only had the puppies in the house... but not one adult dog . I have even had a breeder in the past bring the available dog outside for us to see, as they did not allow people to enter the house. It is easy to see that boxers are not just a “side thing” for you guys. You truly love these dogs and they are a big part of your life. We ended up finding our “Shred” on that visit. He quickly stole our hearts! After we got him home, we were so impressed with how quickly he settled in as part of our family. He got a big stamp of approval from our vet on his first visit and his visits ever since. Shred has grown into such a handsome boy and we are so glad that he became a part of our family. I repeatedly tell my husband that he must be the smartest dog on the planet! :) This past August, we decided that Shred should have a friend to play with. There wasn’t any question who to call. Once again, you guys steered us in the right direction and we brought our Millie home. She is a sweet girl, with a little bit of crazy too. Again, we had the same experience with her settling right in. She and Shred get along great. They LOVE to play with each other. He is very happy to have the two legged company. I think when anyone is looking for a canine companion; their top concerns are the health of the dog and that its been well socialized (especially if there are children involved). Another thing that i have found so helpful along the way is your support. While preparing for our pups, after getting the pups home beyond. You guys have always been there to answer questions. There has never been that made me feel silly for asking. You have always given us honest answers. Again, comparing this with our experience with other breeders, this experience with you has been so different. Never once have you been defensive, only matter of fact. You care about your dogs way beyond the sale. As a dog owner, this is a great comfort to know that someone with years of experience is there for you as questions arise. And yes, we are actually thinking about adding a third Boxer in the near future! our experience with as you has been awesome, and we trust you will let us know when you have the perfect match for our family. If you ever have anyone that would like to hear about our Boxer loves, please dont hesitate to let them contact us. We are more than happy to tell others about our great experience with you both. Thanks so much, we truly appreciate all that you have done.

The Faragher Family


Dear Grandma Wendy and Pam, Just a note to let you know that I’m growing up big and strong. I now weigh about 63 pounds and the vet says I am in excellent shape. He used that word twice. I have a big yard to play in and my lady and I go for walks around the neighbourhood several times a week. I still dont like trucks, so if one comes close to us while on our walk I do a “sit/stay” until the truck has gone by. It can slow down our walk but I feel better that way. I live with two kitties (sisters) and sometimes they can be mean and swipe with thier claws, but usually they are OKAY, and sometimes they even give me kisses and lick my ears. One of them likes to snuggle up next to me and she’s really warm. I like to chase them when they sneak outside the house to hunt birds. I have made several friends at the puppy day care. There are four or five boxers there, as well as many other dogs, but my newest friend is a white husky girl just my age and she has just as much energy as I do, so we run and play and go home tired, dirty and happy. My main occupation is to make my lady happy. I am good in the house and dont have any accidents unless I dont feel well (almost never) and I love to be with her whatever she’s doing. If she’s digging in the garden, count me in! I suprised her because I like to PLAY IN PUDDLES and get muddy. She said boxers don’t usually like water. Its true, I don’t like to go out in the rain. I think I am going to learn how to swin this summer because she says I hang too close to the edge of the pool and sooner or later I might fall in. Mostly I just hang with the folks. If they rest, then I rest. If they are cooking in kitchen I’m right there with them, just in the case they drop something yummy. I do like to sleep with my head hanging off the sofa or bed. Sometimes I fall right off the bed, and then I just roll over and sleep on the floor. Now that I’m almost a year old and pretty grown up I wanted to thank you and Pam for bringing together with my two-leggeds and finding me the perfect home. They say I am the perfect dog for them. They love me and I love them. Kisses,


  • NORDOM 100% European Boxer
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POWER RANKED: The 10 best male boxers in the world right now

  • Who are the world's best boxers?
  • In this list, Insider looked at the quality of a boxer's wins, achievements, and talent level.
  • Keep scrolling to find who we believe are the 10 best male fighters in the sport today.

No. 10 — Devin Haney

phantom boxers

Name:  Devin Haney.

Nationality:  American.

Age:  23.

Weight class:  Lightweight.

Pro boxing record:  28 wins (15 knockouts). Zero losses.

Accolades: Unified, undisputed, and undefeated champion at 135 pounds, with wins over Jorge Linares, Joseph Diaz, and George Kambosos.

No. 9 — Josh Taylor

phantom boxers

Name:  Josh Taylor.

Nationality:  Scottish.

Age:  31.

Weight class:  Super lightweight.

Pro boxing record:  19 wins (13 knockouts). Zero losses.

Accolades: Unified, undefeated, and former undisputed champion at 140 pounds, with top-tier wins over Viktor Postol, Regis Prograis, and Jose Ramirez.

No. 8 — Artur Beterbiev

phantom boxers

Name:  Artur Beterbiev.

Nationality:  Russian-Canadian.

Age:  37.

Weight class:  Light heavyweight.

Pro boxing record:  18 wins (18 knockouts). Zero losses.

Accolades: Unified and undefeated champion at 175 pounds, with good wins over Oleksandr Gvozdyk, Marcus Browne, and Joe Smith Jr.

No. 7 — Dmitry Bivol

phantom boxers

Name:  Dmitry Bivol.

Nationality:  Russian.

Pro boxing record:  20 wins (11 knockouts). Zero losses.

Accolades:  A light heavyweight world boxing champion with solid wins over Jean Pascal, Joe Smith Jr., and Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez.

No. 6 — Jermell Charlo

phantom boxers

Name:  Jermell Charlo.

Age:  32.

Weight class:  Super welterweight.

Pro boxing record:  35 wins (19 knockouts) against one loss.

Accolades: Unified and undisputed champion at 154 pounds, with big wins over Erickson Lubin, Tony Harrison, Jeison Rosario, and Brian Castano.

No. 5 — Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez

phantom boxers

Name:  Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez.

Nationality:  Mexican.

Weight class:  Super middleweight.

Pro boxing record:  57 wins (39 knockouts) against two losses and two draws.

Accolades:  A four-weight boxing champion with big wins over Shane Mosley, Miguel Cotto, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., and Gennadiy Golovkin.

No. 4 — Naoya Inoue

phantom boxers

Name:  Naoya Inoue.

Nationality:  Japanese.

Age:  29.

Weight class:  Bantamweight.

Pro boxing record:  23 wins (20 knockouts).

Accolades:  A three-weight boxing champion, Inoue has brilliant wins over Nonito Donaire (twice), Emmanuel Rodriguez, and Jason Maloney.

No. 3 — Terence Crawford

phantom boxers

Name:  Terence Crawford.

Age:  34.

Weight class:  Welterweight.

Pro boxing record:  38 wins (29 knockouts). Zero losses.

Accolades:  A three-weight boxing champion with wins over Amir Khan, Kell Brook, and Shawn Porter.

No. 2 — Errol Spence

phantom boxers

Name:  Errol Spence Jr.

Pro boxing record:  28 wins (22 knockouts). Zero losses.

Accolades:  A unified and undefeated boxing champion at 147 pounds, Spence has an abundance of wins in the division, including victories over Kell Brook, Lamont Peterson, Mikey Garcia, Shawn Porter, Danny Garcia, and Yordenis Ugas.

No. 1 — Oleksandr Usyk

phantom boxers

Name:  Oleksandr Usyk.

Nationality:  Ukrainian.

Age:  35.

Weight class:  Heavyweight.

Accolades:  A two-weight world champion, who cleared out the cruiserweight division and is close to doing the same at heavyweight, has big wins over Michael Hunter, Marco Huck, Mairis Briedis, Murat Gassiev, and Anthony Joshua.

phantom boxers

Muhammad Ali and Sonny Liston: The Controversial Fight Behind Their Iconic Boxing Photo

Muhammad Ali stands over Sonny Liston after dropping Liston with a short hard right to the jaw on May 25, 1965, in Lewiston, Maine

The most iconic photo in boxing history documents the knockout that almost nobody saw happen.

Ali first fought Liston in 1964 as Cassius Clay

The match had more storylines than a soap opera. Boxing’s brightest young star was again squaring off against a renowned bruiser in a rematch of their thrilling and controversial heavyweight championship fight one year prior, a fight that was followed by 14 months of international intrigue and the combustible politics of the 1960s.

In the first fight , in Miami, a 22-year-old Cassius Clay danced around the ring, taunted Liston, promised reporters he’d shock the world, and then delivered on that promise with a blistering late attack that prompted Liston to toss in the towel after the sixth round. It made a champion out of Clay, who declared that he’d “shook up the world.”

That would prove to be an understatement. According to a report in the Miami Herald a few weeks before the 1964 fight, Clay was consorting with members of the Nation of Islam, who Clay’s father claimed had “brainwashed” his son. Clay brought Malcolm X along with him to Miami, and amid the controversy, the fight was almost canceled. He offered no comment on the matter, but his victory would soon turn it into an international story.

Suddenly, the world had to come to grips with a new kind of heavyweight champion. According to a New York Times report the day after the fight, Clay was indeed an official member of the Nation of Islam . The organization was seen as an extremist anti-white people hate group and opponents of desegregation and Martin Luther King Jr. Clay’s propensity for self-promotion and controversy seemed to fit in with the group’s inflammatory rhetoric.

The rumors swirling nearly canceled the fight the night prior, and when a reporter that morning broke tradition and asked if Clay was a member of the “Black Muslims,” as the group was often called, the boxer confirmed his new religion. He used the platform to expound on the political theory that was so reviled in white America, defending Malcolm X and condemning racial oppression — this was still months before President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 .

“I don’t have to be what you want me to be,” Clay told agitated reporters. “I’m free to be who I want.”

Soon, he was known as Cassius X, eschewing the last name given to his enslaved family by their owners. Less than 10 days later, he was Muhammad Ali, a name given him to Elijah Muhammad, the head of the Nation of Islam.

Liston was controversial in his own right

There were plenty of tough questions after the first fight for Liston, too, namely, why didn’t he come out for another round? Due to Liston’s long association with the mafia and the reputation as a peerless tough guy, there was speculation that he’d thrown the fight for some financial reward.

The FBI was on the hunt for evidence for match-fixing, given Liston’s mob ties — mobsters still owned much of his fight promotion contract — and the sport’s shady business model. But a Senate subcommittee hearing turned up no evidence of any match-fixing, and doctors confirmed his explanation that he’d taken such damage to his shoulder that he couldn’t feel his arm.

It was more likely that Liston was out of shape — according to a story in Esquire at the time, Liston “trained as normal, running around five miles a day, eating hot dogs and drinking beer.” He was also possibly much older than his listed 32 years than anything else — Liston was the second-youngest of 25 children to parents who didn’t exactly keep records of birthdates.

The rematch almost didn’t happen, either

Technically, contracts for boxing matches weren’t supposed to have rematch clauses, though pretty much all of them had some sort of loophole and agreement when each side wanted to guarantee a return bout — again, the laws by which boxing governed itself were really more suggestions at the time. In this case, Intercontinental Promotions Inc., which had the rights to Liston’s fight, also got to choose the first opponent for the new champion, should Liston lose. Naturally, they decided that Ali would take on Liston.

The World Boxing Association — one of several boxing organizations — was not too pleased, moving to strip Ali of his title and advising states not to agree to host the rematch. Only Massachusetts was willing to host the fight, though it was delayed from November 1964 to May 1965 so that Ali could recover from hernia surgery.

During the interim, officials in Boston also got cold feet. Liston kept running into trouble with the law and Ali had a target on his back after the assassination of Malcolm X , whom he had disavowed after Elijah Muhammad forced him out of the Nation of Islam. Suffolk County, where Boston is located, ultimately pulled the plug, leaving them without a venue with less than a month to go. The governor of nearby Maine, John Reed, stepped up and volunteered to host it in the small town of Lewiston, where a resort and ice rink could provide some infrastructure.

Ali brought his big personality to the small town, but Liston was still the favorite. He’d shown up to the fight in the best shape of his life — no hot dogs or beer in his diet this time — and promised to take down Ali.

Muhammad Ali stands over Sonny Liston after dropping Liston with a short hard right to the jaw on May 25, 1965, in Lewiston, Maine

The fight and 'phantom punch' shook the world

People around the world tuned in via satellite to watch the match, which was fought in front of 2,434 paying ticket-holders, the smallest crowd in heavyweight championship fight history; people there suggested the crowd was more like 4,000 , but nonetheless, it was a very small in-person audience. And it was probably for the best — ticket-buyers didn’t exactly get their money’s worth.

The fight lasted less than one full round, with Ali knocking out Liston at the 1:44 mark. It was a shocking result, not only because Liston was favored in the match, but because hardly anybody saw the punch that took him down. Liston had thrown a jab with his left arm and, leaning forward, took a right hook from Ali right to the skull. He sunk to the canvas, and as he was down, Ali stood over him, taunting and demanding his stunned opponent get back up. The photo captures the champion’s exhortations, with all the fire and passion and dynamic physicality that made him such a phenomenon.

Liston did eventually rise from the mat, but soon after, the referee broke up the two boxers once again — the former champion had been down for more than 10 seconds, ending the fight.

Audiences at home were confused and outraged. Liston had never been knocked out before, and most people didn’t even see the punch happen. It became known as the “phantom punch” and has been the subject of controversy and speculation for the last 55 years. Entire books have been written about the fight, and one, released in 2015 , sought to end the suggestion that Liston took another fall.

“Any objective observer would have had to concede that Ali's counterpunch had landed, and landed with enough force to turn Liston's head,” Rob Sneddon wrote in The Phantom Punch: The Story Behind Boxing's Most Controversial Bout . Rocky Marciano , the former heavyweight champion, said that he appreciated the punch’s strength upon re-examination. “I didn't think it was a powerful punch when I saw the fight from ringside," he said . "Now (after seeing video) I think Clay, seeing the opening, snapped the punch the last six inches.

For his part, Liston said that the referee’s inability to keep track of time doomed him, as he didn’t know when to get up from the mat. He allegedly later told an assistant that he took a dive because he was afraid of the consequences of beating Ali — he thought it would put a target on his own back.

Ali would lose his title a year later, though it didn’t happen in the ring. The champion was stripped of the belt when he refused to be drafted into the armed services during the Vietnam War , and he didn’t box again in a match that counted until 1970. A few months after Ali’s fight, Liston was dead from lung congestion — though even that was shrouded in mystery and controversy .

Muhammad Ali throws a punch during the first round of his rematch with Sonny Liston

Black History

black and white image of rosa parks

11 Notable Artists from the Harlem Renaissance

tupac shakur in a white shirt and black vest, with a black bandana on his head

Tupac Shakur

mitch mcconnell official senate photo

Mitch McConnell

lorraine hansberry

Lorraine Hansberry

james baldwin

James Baldwin

august wilson

August Wilson

henrietta lacks smiling for a photo with her hands on her hips

Henrietta Lacks

web du bois

W.E.B. Du Bois and Booker T. Washington’s Clash

George Washington Carver Photo

7 Facts on George Washington Carver

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston’s Friendship with Robyn Crawford

Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston circa 1994 in New York City

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s Relationship

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Characters / Danny Phantom Team Phantom

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Main Character Index | Team Phantom | Villains | Others

    open/close all folders 

    Danny Fenton/Danny Phantom 

Daniel "Danny" Fenton/Danny Phantom

Voiced by: David Kaufman (English) Other Languages  Ezequiel Serrano (Latin American Spanish), Marcin Hycnar (Polish)

  • Acquired Situational Narcissism : In the episode where he became filthy rich.
  • All Guys Want Cheerleaders : Danny constantly moons over the egotistical and vain Paulina, although he eventually realizes about how she's not worth his time .
  • All of the Other Reindeer : Danny is patronized by his family, bullied at his school, and feared and hated in his superhero identity by both most mortals and ghosts. Fortunately, his best friends help keep him steady while the world, starting with his sister, begins to gradually come around.
  • He has a huge amount of UST with his childhood friend , Sam Manson, a Badass Normal .
  • Danny's response to Sam's concerns about him Dating Catwoman ? "I know [Valerie] wants to waste Danny Phantom... but did you know that she's a ninth-degree black belt?"
  • Annoying Younger Sibling : For the most part, subverted. In one episode, though, he had to annoy Jazz in order to show her Youngblood, who is only seen by kids.
  • Appropriated Appellation : Averted. Danny hated the nickname Amity Park gave him, "Inviso-Bill". It isn't until "Reign Storm", when he charges off to fight Pariah Dark does he tell the city to call him Danny Phantom.
  • Artificial Hybrid : Apparently, the accident turned Danny into a "half-ghost", which is referred to as a "halfa".
  • Aside Glance : Does this after he is seen appreciating his sister's kiss on his head in "My Brother's Keeper". After noticing the audience, he states that was gross.
  • Back-to-Back Badasses : Danny and Skulker in "Prisoner of Love".
  • Beam-O-War : Danny and Vlad with ectoplasmic rays in "Kindred Spirits".
  • Berserk Button : There's plenty you shouldn't do . Specifically, don't call him a loser.
  • Beware the Nice Ones : Sure, he's normally outgoing, friendly, and fun, but if you make an attempt at anyone he cares about, he'll take you down.
  • To Danielle. In "Kindred Spirits" he's rather distrustful of her at first (for good reason) but when he learns what she is and she defects from Vlad he starts to become this. By "D-Stablized" he fits this to a T; her safety becomes his top priority, even ignoring the possibility Valerie saw him transform to save Danielle.
  • Despite being 2 years younger than Jazz, he seems to show this towards her in certain situations as well, doing away with witty banter and sarcasm and going straight for demands and intimidation whenever Jazz appears to be in danger.
  • Big Ol' Eyebrows : He has thick, square-shaped eyebrows.
  • Averted in the sense that when he's given the time to properly study and apply himself, he's able to perform extremely well (such as when he got a 91% on his makeup final)
  • Boy Meets Ghoul : Danny, a human-ghost hybrid has a huge amount of UST with his childhood friend , Sam Manson, a living human.
  • Brought to You by the Letter "S" : After "Memory Blank", he now sports a "D" when he becomes Danny Phantom.
  • Bully Magnet : Gets it from the school's Jerk Jock and his friends and is being looked down upon by the popular girls and boys.
  • Butt-Monkey : Not as much as Tucker, but he still finds himself on the receiving end of much laughter.
  • Cannot Spit It Out : In �Secret Weapons� Danny spends the first half of the episode being unable to tell Jazz that he doesn�t want her help. First, he tries but is interrupted by their parents, then after that, he stops trying and just avoids her. This results in him bottling up his emotions until Jazz breaks into his computer to get notes on the ghosts he fights to �help�. Causing him to snap at Jazz with extremely hurtful words and send his sister off crying.
  • Cast from Hit Points : Danny's Ghostly Wail is his most powerful technique, capable of causing mass destruction to everything within its range, but using it severely drains Danny's stamina, enough for him to automatically revert to human form. This is more due to inexperience with such a strong power rather than the technique itself, as Dark Danny , a very powerful, experienced ghostly entity, was able to wield it with no trouble at all, and by the series finale, Danny is finally able to use it without losing energy (in the ghost zone).
  • However, this is partly averted in "Frightmare" where Danny's favorite dream involves him being captain of the football team, part of the popular crowd (with Dash being nice to him) and everyone knows his identity then cheering him on when he beats the Fright-Knight followed by Star and Paulina fawning over him. So it's safe to say he wouldn't mind the popularity as long as he doesn't have to deal with too much attention.
  • After the events of the graphic novel A Glitch in Time , Butch Hartman's idea is rendered moot as Danny's identity becomes secret once more and he'll have a chance of a private life as Fenton.
  • Can't Get in Trouble for Nuthin' : The only reason Danny ever overshadows people, aside from information gathering.
  • Initially is rather clumsy and ineffective at fighting ghosts, laments the existence of his powers, and wishes his parents could come up with a way to get rid of his ghost powers. Over time, Danny gains confidence in himself and his abilities and recognizes that they're a gift. He isn't scared of fighting ghosts, usually taunting them and putting all of his energy into fighting them off. He also gradually finds Dash more annoying and troublesome. As he faces more villains and bigger threats, Danny accepts that it's his responsibility to save those in need of help, sometimes endangering himself to do so. By "Public Enemies", although many people think he's a bad guy, Danny is still determined to keep protecting Amity Park from ghosts, his dedication paying off when people begin to accept him as their hero in "Reign Storm".
  • In a romantic sense, Danny lets go of his crush on Paulina , after finally coming to terms with her not-so-great personality.
  • And in another light, there are some hints that his ghost half has been affecting him, if you know any of the traditional characteristics of ghosts and poltergeists, most notably that they are territorial and mischievous. As the series progresses, he becomes more mischievous and enjoys pulling pranks, not something shown so much in the early episodes. Being territorial shows up earlier, but is somewhat masked by his increasing hero streak and there continues to be overlap throughout the series, as heroes tend to be fairly territorial in and of themselves.
  • After The Ultimate Enemy , Danny's battle with his evil future-self had left a profound impact on him. When Danny learned from future Vlad of how his own selfishness and misuse of his powers caused Dan's creation and the horrible future that followed , Danny swore to use his powers more responsibly from then on. The events of said battle also seemed to have made him develop a secret fear of his powers that one day he might put his loved ones in harm's way, as seen during the series finale.
  • Clockwork also gave Danny a second chance to live as a normal human again (only this time permanently ). Likely boasted from the last time he tried that, Danny acknowledges that his powers are now a part of him and he Can't Stay Normal , even if he had another chance. He ultimately chooses to remain half-ghost to act as a bridge between the Earth and the Ghost Zone and protect both worlds.
  • Characterization Marches On : In "What you Want", he was against Tucker using his powers to cheat by changing his grades to As. In The Ultimate Enemy , however, he seemed more than okay if he himself cheated on the C.A.T. by stealing the answers. Likely justified, given Lancer's sadistic methods and Danny's superhero lifestyle cutting into his study time. He does eventually learn in the end that cheating is still cheating and, as a reward for being honest about it, he's given more time to study for his make-up.
  • Chest Insignia : Gets one in Season 2; it is a stylized, white ghostly "D" with a "P" formed by the negative space.
  • Chick Magnet : Despite his lack of skills with girls, he catches the interest of several girls in the series. His best friend Sam has feelings for him, Paulina crushes on his superhero alter ego, Valerie at first despises him but comes to care for Danny Fenton, and a nameless background character at the end of "Flirting with Disaster" has a crush on him. Word of God states that Ember McLain might be secretly in love with him in a very Tsundere kind of way.
  • Childhood Friend Romance : With Sam, as they have been friends since kindergarten and became an Official Couple in the series finale .
  • Chivalrous Pervert : In "Memory Blank", he was revealed to have used his powers to peek in the girl's locker room... twice. Despite this, he's never shown using his powers for anything beyond that. The only girls he does get any involvement with are with him because he genuinely cares for them.
  • Clark Kenting : Different eye and hair color and a barely noticeable shift in skin tone is the only thing that disguises him as Danny Phantom. He doesn't even change his voice. Not to mention his superhero moniker is almost identical to his real name. It's lampshaded by several of the more competent villains like Vlad and Dark Danny .
  • Classical Anti-Hero : Another staple of teenage superheroes Danny doesn't shy away from. While powerful, Danny starts out with a lack of confidence in his skill as well as frequently finds himself wishing he can just return to normal.
  • Combo Platter Powers : Flight, super strength, invisibility, intangibility, energy blasts, possession, the ability to sense other ghosts, and later on the ability to duplicate himself, release a conic wail and manipulate ice.
  • In "Parental Bonding" Danny's intangibility causes his pants fell down to the ground and reveal his boxers at least twice.
  • In "King Tuck" he can be seen wearing boxers while the Sphinx is dragging him around.
  • In "Urban Jungle" he's shown wearing tight white briefs while in a defrosting tube a la Han Solo from Return of the Jedi.
  • In the same episode, he is reduced to wearing white boxers with red polka dots during the fight against Undergrowth. The ensuing headline is titled "Danny Phantom Wears Boxers" and shows a picture of this.
  • That said he doesn't seem to have a preference for either and is comfortable wearing both.
  • Comes Great Responsibility : Part of being Expy of Peter Parker, he takes responsibility for any ghost-related harm that befalls Amity Park.
  • Cool Loser : Zigzagged. Danny generally comes across as friendly, funny, charismatic, and (as far as you can tell with the art style) fairly attractive. However, he's fairly reserved in social situations (despite wanting to be popular), noticeably awkward with girls, and although it's significantly downplayed compared to Tucker, is into technology and is a gamer. The fact that he often finds himself in strange situations in public due to his superhero activity doesn't help. For some reason, Dash and his friends openly seem to prefer bullying Danny over Tucker, but it would be far from unrealistic to suggest that bullies would need any more of a reason to torment an awkward teen with weird parents .
  • The Corruptible : A few episodes hint that Danny could fall to dark side if he's not careful about how he uses his powers (particularly Reign Storm and The Ultimate Enemy ). Vlad even lampshades this in his first appearance where Danny is able to force Vlad to give up on his current Evil Plan with a tactic that Vlad himself would use (threatening to expose them both and costing Vlad any chance with Maddie), noting that Danny may well be learning something from him after all.
  • Costume Evolution : Downplayed. Starting Season 2 onwards, Danny would now sport a "D" insignia, given to him by Sam.
  • Although it's implied he got over his crush on Paulina following "Memory Blank", in the later episode "Pirate Radio" he, as Phantom, tells Paulina she should kiss Danny Fenton. And in "Frightmare" his dream world includes both Paulina AND Star fawning over him while he's apparently dating Sam. Showing that at the very least he is still greatly attracted to her on a physical level even if he no longer considers her girlfriend material .
  • The Cynic : Danny is kind but he is also a tad cynical and jaded, often tending to view certain aspects in a negative light. However, it's not nearly to the extent of Sam.
  • Dark Is Not Evil : His "phantom" uniform is mostly black with grey lining.
  • Deadpan Snarker : Danny frequently responds to most situations with sarcasm.
  • Death by Origin Story : The show wouldn't work at all if Danny weren't a phantom. Then again, due to the odd Never Say "Die" quality of the show, it never made completely clear if he did "kinda-sorta" die or not — a lot of ghosts are heavily implied to have died, but others seem more like alternate-dimension monsters that were never alive at all. All we really know about Danny is that he's now an Artificial Hybrid that's half-human and half-ghost, whose DNA was suffused with ectoplasm.
  • Defusing the Tyke-Bomb : Though unsuccessful at first, he managed to convince Danielle to turn against her maker.
  • Dream Walker : Through overshadowing.
  • Early Installment Character-Design Difference : Danny lacked his iconic Chest Insignia for all of the first season.
  • Elemental Eye Colors : When ghostly, Danny's eyes change from green to icy blue when using his ice powers.
  • Emerald Power : His powers have a green glow and continue to grow in variety and strength as the show continues.
  • Eye Colour Change : His human side has blue eyes, and his ghostly Super Hero alter ego has green eyes, but whenever he turns evil (either Brainwashed and Crazy or as his evil alternate-future self ) his eyes turn red.
  • Famed in Story : By the end of the series, Danny has become famous all across America and has hundreds of fans, a big change given that he started out considered public enemy #1. After saving the world from the Disasteroid and revealing his secret in the Series Finale , he now has statues in his honor in every capitol in the world.
  • He is completely oblivious to Sam�s feelings for him throughout most of the series and everyone calls him �clueless�.
  • In �Secret Weapons� he has a hard time trying to tell Jazz she�s not helping him and getting in his way, even getting to the point of hiding in a garbage can in the janitors closet to avoid talking to her (or maybe get sucked into the Fenton thermos again) , until Jazz hacks his computer and he absolutely blows up at her, making her run off crying.
  • He nearly cheats on the CAT because he was afraid of his life being ruined if he fails. Of course, we all know how that turned out.
  • Actually, Dark Danny�s existence shows that without his positive emotions and moral compass, he can effectively become a bully.
  • Final Boss : He is the final opponent faced in the game Urban Jungle Rumble should the player play the game as Vegetized Sam or Undergrowth.
  • Flying Brick : Can fly really fast and capable of great super strength.
  • He is usually the Foolish to Jazz's Responsible, though when Jazz tries to be more active in hunting ghosts, they swap roles.
  • He is Responsible for Danielle's Foolish. Justified, she's not even a year old and is more naive than him.
  • Freak Lab Accident : Danny gained his powers when checking out his parents' prototype ghost portal.
  • Freudian Excuse Is No Excuse : In " The Fright Before Christmas ", it's established that the reason Danny hates Christmas is because every year, his parents would argue over Santa's existence, which ended up ruining celebrations. However, he takes his frustrations out on various Christmas decorations, destroying the Ghost Writer's Christmas poem and being proud of it. The Ghost Writer spends the entire story putting Danny through hell, ruining the holidays for everyone, and blaming him for it. Eventually, Danny realizes he had no right to act the way he did and make things worse for everyone, promising to do better on the holidays from now on.
  • Ghostly Wail : He has a sound attack called Ghostly Wail that makes the classic "oooooh" moaning noise.
  • In Mystery Meat , Danny's eyes glowed after turning a dumpster partially intangible, burying Dash in meat.
  • In Parental Bonding , Danny's eyes glowed when he got the idea to overshadow Tucker.
  • In Splitting Images , Danny's eyes glowed after he voiced his idea of stuffing frogs down Dash's pants. This example also doubles as Reflective Eyes .
  • The Grinch : Due to his parents arguing over whether or not Santa exists and ruining the celebrations every year. He gets over it by the end of "Fright Before Christmas".
  • Hand Blast : He first develops it about a third of the way through Season 1 and it quickly becomes his most often-used power.
  • Happy Ending Override : Invoked by Dark Danny, who travels into the past to ruin the future for Danny and the others, just when Danny's life was going great. In the end, to undo the damage Dark Danny had done to the timeline, Danny asks Clockwork to erase his involvement in Phantom Planet .
  • Hazmat Suit : What he wore prior to becoming half ghost. His suit in ghost form is that same suit only with value tones reversed.
  • Heartbroken Badass : During the climax of "Fanning the Flames", due to Ember's love spell between him and Sam. Also the end of "Flirting with Disaster" when Valerie breaks up with him, ironically to hunt Danny Phantom.
  • Henshin Hero : From human to ghost form. Subverted in that he can use his powers when he's in his human form, although it's very limited (only making certain parts of his body invisible/intangible, only firing a ghost ray from one finger, etc.). Whether this limit is Danny choosing to barely use his powers or Danny not being able to fully use his powers is never really explained.
  • Hero with Bad Publicity : Not so much at first because he was unknown, but after "Public Enemies" ? His parents were also never thrilled with Phantom's existence either. That begins to change in "Reign Storm", after he saves the town from Pariah Dark, and by Season 3, he's, by his own admission, the "duly-deputized protector of Amity Park."
  • How Do I Shot Web? : In the beginning of the show he displays a lot more trouble accessing and using his powers than later on. We also see this in "Memory Blank", where he has to relearn his abilities.
  • Hunter of His Own Kind : Danny is a half-ghost who fights other ghosts, only if they threaten his town and the world.
  • An Ice Person : Gains ice powers in the third chapter. Frostbite reveals that Danny's ghost sense was, in fact, a manifestation of this power, and we can assume that the full power was finally unlocked once he reached the right level of skill.
  • Several episodes have Danny either trying to find alternatives or try and get rid of his powers, like in Phantom Planet .
  • "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight : Has one of these with Tucker in "What You Want", and is on the receiving end of one in "Control Freaks".
  • Informed Deformity : In "Double Cross My Heart", the Guys in White call Danny Phantom prepubescent, with Danny Fenton being too prepubescent to be him. As far as the show's art style is concerned, Danny is of average height and build to be a teenager, with the actual prepubescent children shown being much shorter and less lanky than him.
  • Ink-Suit Actor : Like his voice actor, David Kaufman , Danny is a Caucasian male who has black hair and blue eyes.
  • Innocent Blue Eyes : Danny is a well meaning, somewhat naive Kid Hero and his human form has a pair of big, bright blue eyes.
  • Just a Kid : Danny gets this a lot. His In-Universe nickname is "Ghost Boy". More notably, Vlad does this twice, once almost calling it out in "Bitter Reunions", the other as more of an insult in "Reign Storm". Clockwork also does this once, but it's justified - he's trying to explain the nature of time and his own existence to someone who's probably flunking high school math. ("Why am I bothering? You're fourteen .")
  • Kamehame Hadoken : When he charges his Hand Blast .
  • Kid Hero : He's only fourteen years old and apparently the only heroic ghost in the world.
  • He still runs and hides from Dash when he can�t use his powers.
  • He literally jumps into a trash can to hide from Jazz rather than talk to her about something difficult.
  • In an alternate universe where he never gets his ghost powers he�s absolutely terrified when a ghost invaded his school.
  • Momma's Boy : Maddie talks about how, pre-accident, they "used to be so close," and frequently calls him "my baby."
  • Mystical White Hair : Danny's ghost form has white hair.
  • My Sister Is Off-Limits : Played straight in "13" when Johnny 13 tries using Jazz to bring his girlfriend into the human world.
  • New Super Power : Gains a few over the course of the series. The major ones are his Hand Blast , his Ghostly Wail, his ice abilities and while temporary; Weather Control.
  • Nice Guy : Outside of people who intentionally try to harm him and/or his loved ones, Danny tries to be nice around others.
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished : It's bad enough that half the time people blame his ghost identity for things other ghosts have done, but other times, he gets in trouble as a human too.
  • Not So Above It All : In the episode "Frightmare" it shows us Danny's dream world, where he is popular in school, has a harem of girls fawning over him in addition to dating Sam.
  • Oblivious to Love : For most of the series, he has no idea that his best female friend has a crush on him. Even his father is aware of it and calls him " clueless ". The exchange below sums it up: Sam: [over the Fenton phones] Clueless One, this is Goth One, over'. Danny: Goth One, this is Clueless One. Why am I �Clueless One�? Tucker: [overheard from Sam's Fenton Phone] Tell him! Sam: Shut it!!
  • Only Friend : By the end of the series, he's the only member of his family to know of Danielle's existence, which may play a part in why he becomes protective of her .
  • Ordinary High-School Student : He was one of these before gaining his powers, and during the brief periods he's Brought Down to Normal .
  • Painful Transformation : Danny gaining or losing his powers has him screaming in agony.
  • Part-Time Hero : Like most teenage superheroes, he kicks superevil butt while going to school.
  • Power Dyes Your Hair : His hair goes from being black to white, but otherwise stays the same.
  • Power Perversion Potential : He apparently has used his ghost powers to peep at the girl's locker room.
  • Primary-Color Champion : In his civilian form, his outfit consists of this: A white shirt with a red circle, blue jeans, and white/red shoes.
  • Protagonist Title : His super/alter-ego identity is also the title of the show.
  • Puberty Superpower : Played with. He does gain his powers around the correct time, and it's used as part of his coming of age story, but they came from a freak lab accident rather than actual puberty. Mildly lampshaded in "The Ultimate Enemy". After being trapped in the future and bound for his enemies to attack, he yells at them to stop... only to activate the "Ghostly Wail", the main new power Dark Danny has. He even mentions he is going through "evil puberty".
  • Pungeon Master : He Lampshades his use of them often enough, and sometimes laments himself lacking available puns for a given enemy.
  • Real Name as an Alias : His superhero alias uses his real first name, and the last names are pronounced almost identically, something Dark Danny once lampshaded.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning : Whenever he turns evil.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni : The Blue to Tucker's Red.
  • Screw Destiny : In "The Ultimate Enemy", Danny refuses to let his bad future come to pass, no matter how much the other characters (especially Dark Danny ) tell him otherwise.
  • Self-Duplication : Has trouble with this power at first, but by "Torrent of Terror" he's able to use it flawlessly.
  • Serious Business : Danny usually enjoys exchanging witty banters while confronting his enemies. However, when he feels his loved ones are threatened or even kidnapped, he drops the jokes entirely.
  • She Is Not My Girlfriend : In regards to Sam. At least until the final episode .
  • Shonen Hair : Even if he gets helmet hair, changing forms will revert it back to this (to his delight).
  • Shout-Out : Stephen Silver confirms his chest emblem is based on the ghosts from Pac-Man .
  • Shower Shy : He only showers after everybody has already left the locker room.
  • The Snark Knight : Makes jokes even during serious moments.
  • Spider-Man Send-Up : Danny is most commonly compared to Spider-Man: they're both teenagers who gained their powers through science, they're both snarky, their archenemies are multibillionaires, they both are heroes with bad publicity, and deal with bullies who happen to be fans of their superhero personas. While Danny isn't spider or insect based, one episode shows he does have wall-walking as one of his many powers.
  • Steven Ulysses Perhero : His Superhero identity, Danny Ph antom and his civilian name, Danny Fe nton. Lampshaded by Dark Danny , in fact. Hello! Danny Fenton , Danny Phantom . Ever notice the similarity? Jazz did.
  • Super Hero Origin : While we do know the basics of how Danny got his powers from the Expository Theme Song , it isn't until the episode "Memory Blank" that we actually learn it was Sam that persuaded him to enter the portal in the first place.
  • Super Not-Drowning Skills : As shown in "Double Cross My Heart" and "Girls' Night Out", he's able to breathe and talk underwater in his ghost form.
  • Super-Scream : The Ghostly Wail, his most powerful technique he acquired from "The Ultimate Enemy" onward.
  • This Loser Is You : Danny, to move the plot , almost all time prior to learning his Aesop at the end of an episode ( only to forget it by the next ), serves to show how much certain teenagers such as him are lazy, i.e. blowing off his homework, stuffing his face with junk food, calling almost anything not worth his time, playing bad video games, acting like a jerk, wanting to make-out with the Romantic False Lead , perpetually being a C-student, etc.
  • That Thing Is Not My Child! : Averted . Danny started out suspicious of Danielle, but after learning what she is, he accepts her and becomes a surrogate big brother to her.
  • Took a Level in Badass : Compare his first few episodes to the latter ones. In the beginning, he was awkwardly stumbling with his powers. By the end though, he had enough strength to kick the asses of god-like ghost beings !
  • Triple Shifter : 14-year-old teenager infused with ectoplasm that can turn into a ghostly superhero... and plenty of sleep lost.
  • The Unchosen One : Can be qualified as this since his powers came from a Freak Lab Accident and he ultimately chose to use them for good .
  • Unskilled, but Strong : In the earlier episodes, he commonly struggled with using his ghost powers, both in and out of combat. He also has a rather basic fighting style for ghosts, so when fighting stronger enemies early on such as Vlad or Technus, he came off as lacking.
  • Wake Up, Go to School, Save the World : Goes to school while fighting ghosts on a day-to-day basis.
  • What Measure Is a Non-Human? : Averted. Unlike other ghost hunters, like his parents and Valerie, Danny has no interest in destroying his enemies as there are some he at least tries to befriend and is capable of knowing not all ghosts are evil. As for his clones, it's played straight with the more non-sentient ones, but averted with Danielle, as by the time he found out what she is, he had already started to grow fond of her and accepted her as family.
  • Will They or Won't They? : With Sam. They get a Relationship Upgrade in the finale.
  • Danny doesn't seem to have a problem scrapping with his underage nemesis Youngblood.
  • Averted though when Danielle was still technically his enemy, as she was fooled into helping Vlad.
  • Youthful Freckles : "Maternal Instinct" shows that Danny had these when he was younger.

    Sam Manson 

Samantha "Sam" Manson

  • Action Survivor : Despite all she goes through, she manages to survive many of the ghost attacks.
  • Animal Wrongs Group : In "One of A Kind", she wants to set the Purpleback gorilla free from the zoo, making Danny do an essay to prove why it deserves to roam free since there's only two left in the world. Even ignoring that the gorilla is more than likely in the zoo because it's endangered and to prevents poachers and predators from doing harm, she lets the gorilla free under the mistaken idea it wants out (when in fact it notices Skulker and is trying to warn her) and, as far as Danny and Tucker knew, was about to attack them. She blackmails them with a photo of them hugging while asleep to keep world of her letting the gorilla go a secret.
  • The Artifact : Her Secretly Wealthy status is mostly forgotten after the first ten episodes.
  • Badass Normal : Capable of holding her own even without powers.
  • Battle Ballgown : Sam makes one out of a wedding dress in "Beauty Marked".
  • Bare Midriffs Are Feminine : Her default outfit leaves her belly button exposed.
  • She's not fond of people using her full name of "Samantha".
  • She's less fond of seeing Danny with another girl. And most definitely not fond of girls, like Paulina, taking advantage of Danny for their benefit.
  • Boy Meets Ghoul : Sam, a living human has a huge amount of UST with her childhood friend , Danny Fenton, a human-ghost hybrid .
  • Brainy Brunette : Out of the three, Sam is usually the most rational and mature, often thinking on a realistic level compared to Danny and Tucker as well as pointing out to Danny to focus more on ghost training and hunting.
  • In "Parental Bonding", she apologizes to Paulina for calling her shallow and doesn't show the interest in Danny she'd later have. Granted, she was probably just trying to be nice to keep her from getting angry, but this is still something out of character for her later.
  • In "The Million Dollar Ghost", she was exhausted from bicycling, but in "Micro Management", she's one of the most physically fit kids in school. Although, she was with Tucker pulling a carriage of 6 adults and a full-grown tiger, including going uphill. Even a more experienced athlete would have some difficulty.
  • Childhood Friend Romance : With Danny, as they have been friends since kindergarten and became an Official Couple in the series finale .
  • Clingy Jealous Girl : Doesn't like seeing Danny with other girls.
  • The Cynic : Shares this trait with Danny, but in Danny's case it's pretty mild.
  • Dark Is Not Evil : She dresses in all dark colors and is firmly on the protagonist's side.
  • Deadpan Snarker : Moreso than Danny.
  • Does Not Like Spam : Or any kind of meat for that matter.
  • Everyone Can See It : A lot of people know that Sam has a crush on Danny, including Tucker, some of the kids from school, and even Danny's father Jack.
  • Everyone Has Standards : She doesn't like being around her parents, but was equally concerned for their fates along with Danny's and Tucker's families in "Reality Trip".
  • Fangirl : She enjoys monster movies—with her favorites being female monsters Femalien, Terminatra, and Nightmerica (all based or parodied on various male monster and/or horror films)—and Akira Kurosawa's samurai films.
  • First Girl Wins : Hooks up with Danny in the finale.
  • Freudian Excuse : Sam's pushy, self-righteous attitude may be a result of the way her parents tend to be pushy towards her.
  • Gamer Chick : Kicks the crap out of Tucker and Danny before revealing to the boys that she had been the one doing so.
  • Goth : Has all the trappings of one, but seems to do so out of a desire to be unique and rebel from her parents rather than fully embracing the style. Veers between the grim and perky variety at will.
  • Granola Girl : Is a vegetarian and, in spite of her family being wealthy, thrift.
  • Has a Type : Both boys she likes, Danny and "Gregor" from Double Cross My Heart , have white, spiky hair.
  • He Is Not My Boyfriend : In regards to Danny. At least until the final episode.
  • Hollywood Genetics : Sam has black hair and violet eyes, however her mom is a blue-eyed redhead and her dad is a blue-eyed blonde. Though a photo of her grandmother when she was young shows she has the exact same hair and eye color as her. On the other hand, she is a Goth , so the hair might just be dyed. Doesn't explain the eyes, though.
  • Hypocrite : She despises forcing beliefs and opinions on to others yet forced the entire school to eat her "recyclable organic matter" because "we don't need meat". She scolds Danny for using his ghost powers against powerless school bullies yet she's okay with asking Danny to scare away customers from a dealership because they were selling eco-unfriendly trucks. She spied on Danny during his date with Valerie in "Flirting with Disaster", yet when he spied on her during a date with a new student in "Double Cross My Heart", she gets angry and threatens to end their friendship. Though, in that case, Valerie was someone who had previously tried to kill Danny�s ghost identity (a few times). It doesn't change that she reacted with hostility and never apologized when Danny had legitimate concerns over her date.
  • Hypocrite Has a Point : Despite her hypocrisy, she's not wrong about Danny abusing his powers for immature reasons.
  • Informed Judaism : She's Jewish, not that this really comes up anywhere except the Christmas episode. Given how stereotypically WASP-ish her parents are, it's entirely possible that they're assimilating rather aggressively. Which would put Sam's anti-conformist attitude in a more poignant light.
  • Ink-Suit Actor : Minus the ponytail above her head, Sam captures her voice actress' profile; black hair and all.
  • Insistent Terminology : She's not a vegan, she's an ultra-recyclo vegetarian.
  • Interspecies Romance : Considering Danny is currently a human-ghost hybrid, it's pretty obvious that this trope is in effect here.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy : Averted. She's unhappy and twitching her eye pretending to be this for Danny and Valerie. To be clear, Valerie was listening in and they were talking about Technus, so she acted this way to avoid her hearing them. Still, acting like it made her unhappy.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold : As hypocritical and bossy as Sam is, her heart is always in the right place. She's level-headed, caring, and loyal to her friends.
  • Laugh of Love : She giggles while asking Danny "You really think I'm smart?" after Danny compliments her individuality and intelligence in "Fanning the Flames".
  • The Lady's Favour : In the finale "Phantom Planet", Sam gives Danny a ring that was used in an earlier episode "Flirting With Disaster".
  • Mystery Meat has her changing the school menu for herself (not for her fellow students and without their consent). This angers the ghost of the Lunch Lady, who attacks them. Even after she is kidnapped and Danny passes out from his first fight with the Lunch Lady, she doesn't admit changing the menu was a bad idea and still chooses to keep it changed. Tucker calls her out on it.
  • In the same episode, Danny calls her out for her ideas in past episodes that have caused disasters (Changing the school lunch menu, and letting Sampson the Gorilla out of the cage) which offends her enough to escalate their argument into a full-blown fight. (Though it's worth noting she's feeling remorseful about said fight by the next morning.)
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero : Some of Sam's ideas have gotten Danny into ghost trouble more than once, starting from the first episode, "Mystery Meat". Danny gives her a whole speech about it in "Memory Blank".
  • Not a Morning Person : "I'm a creature of the night, doomed to a family of morning people."
  • Odd Friendship : With Tucker. Sam is a vegetarian goth and Tucker is a meat-loving tech nerd but nonetheless the two of them are very tight. Sam even dumps her boyfriend, Gregor, when he wanted her to cut Tucker out of her life.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business : The only time Sam acts really cheerful is around Christmas ( even though she's Jewish ). One of the kids at her school was so freaked, he thought it was a Sign of the Apocalypse !
  • Perky Goth : Kind of. Not nearly as perky as most of the girls in her school, but she generally more upbeat and cheery than one might expect from a typical goth.
  • Royalties Heiress : Her great-grandfather Izzy invented the machine that twirls cellophane around toothpicks, and it's ensured her family's affluence for generations since.
  • Secretly Wealthy : Her family is filthy rich, but she didn't want to be treated differently because of it.
  • Single Woman Seeks Good Man : Has a crush on Danny, who is outgoing, friendly and fun.
  • The Snark Knight : Just as much as Danny, only with more dry humor.
  • Soapbox Sadie : She's the character in the title page's image. In the show, she expresses very strong opinions on animals rights, treatment of women, nature, or anything she feels strongly against.
  • Straw Vegetarian : She's a self-proclaimed "ultra-recyclo vegetarian", which apparently means she eats mud and grass. She also openly admits in the first episode that she just does it to be different, but she doesn't seem to like meat all that much in any case. She also insists that "ultra-recyclo vegetarians" don't have to cook their food, while dishes like steamed carrots and grilled corn would prove her wrong.
  • Tears of Joy : In "Phantom Planet", after Danny reassures her fears about not seeing him much anymore by putting a ring on her finger and asserting that he couldn't do things without her.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl : The Tomboy to Jazz's Girly Girl.
  • Tomboyish Name : Hates being called "Samantha".
  • Unwillingly Girly Tomboy : Sam enters a Beauty Contest to try and prove how sexist it is. It's actually a charade for a medieval King Ghost from another dimension to pick a human bride, and when Sam accidentally wins, she is dressed up like a princess for the King by his lady servant. She even busts through her glass slippers.
  • Uptown Girl : Her family is richer than Danny's, but she lives like an average high school student.
  • Violently Protective Girlfriend : Do not threaten Danny. Paulina almost learned this the hard way in "Parental Bonding".
  • Vocal Evolution : Grey portrayed Sam with a slight deeper tone in her voice in the first episode.
  • Will They or Won't They? : With Danny. They get a Relationship Upgrade in the finale.

    Tucker Foley 

Tucker Foley

  • Acquired Situational Narcissism : Whenever he gets a lot of power, he turns into a megalomaniac. This is seen in the episode where he gets his own ghost powers and the episode where he was made King of the world.
  • Action Survivor : Like Sam, despite being less capable in a fight than her.
  • Berserk Button : He doesn't like being separated from technology.
  • Big Eater : Will eat anything, except vegetables .
  • Big Oleyebrows : Like Danny, Tucker has thick, square-shaped eyebrows.
  • Black and Nerdy : And proud to be the latter.
  • Book Dumb : Despite how intelligent he's shown to be, when changing his grades, it's revealed most of them are D's and F's.
  • Brainy Brunette : Has black hair and is a tech expert.
  • Butt-Monkey : He's dumped on quite a lot and has saved Danny more than once and yet, he only gets thanked once and it's a "thanks for being my friend" that Danny throws out to Sam as well. Although it's heartfelt, the execution of how that came about feels rather tacked on and awkward. Later seasons have him either virtually ignored or usually getting victimized. It becomes part of the plot in "What You Want" when Tucker, after routinely getting pummeled every time Danny ditches him to save the world, wishes for ghost powers.
  • Casanova Wannabe : Tucker is mildly flirtatious and particularly interested in girls, though every attempt of his to get noticed by one has failed.
  • Does Not Like Spam : Tuck hates vegetables. And eats them so rarely to the point where he gets serious diarrhea after eating a bunch of Blood Blossoms to save Danny.
  • Dreadful Musician : His singing is so terrible, that it broke Ember's trance on the teenagers.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending : After 3 seasons of getting mistreated and ignored, he is rewarded for his role in saving the Earth from the Disasteroid by being elected the youngest Mayor in the history of Amity Park.
  • Fatal Flaw : One of his greatest weaknesses is a tendency to abuse his relationships with his friends once he is in a position of power. Tucker has an inferiority complex where his friends are concerned, and whenever Tucker becomes empowered through a ghostly wish or otherwise, he tends to turn on his friends. This suggests a power-hungry and volatile side to the otherwise placid Tucker. At one point, Tucker was even perfectly willing to kill Danny at the behest of his wish-granting ghost benefactor. He is seen as irresponsible with power, using it for personal pleasure rather than the more righteous reasons Danny wields his with (similar to Vlad Plasmius).
  • Flanderization : He starts out a simple geek who is good with technology, unlucky in getting dates and makes a few one liners. As the show continues, his obsession with technology grows to the point of treating gadgets like people, tries too hard to be suave with girls and continues making jokes to the point of wanting to be seen funny.
  • Gasshole : Alluded to/implied when he gives Danny recordings of fart noises to use , to which Danny snarks that he needs to change his diet. He has also burped a couple of times throughout the series.
  • Hopeless Suitor : To every girl he hits on, his obsession with technology and inability to shut up don't do him favors.
  • Improbable Age : The series ends with Tucker being appointed as the new mayor of Amity Park, while still in high school .
  • I Just Want to Be Special : Although in the series finale, he becomes the youngest mayor of Amity Park.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold : Can act like a jerk when in a position of power but aside from that he is actually a friendly and outgoing Nice Guy .
  • Motor Mouth : Tucker enjoys talking, but often does not know when to keep his mouth shut, causing him to blurt out more than he should or cause trouble for his friends (accidentally revealing the password put on the Ghost Portal to the Guys In White for example).
  • Nerds Are Pervs : Tucker is a Casanova Wannabe , Pathetically Weak technogeek who uses his knowledge to spy on girls.
  • The Nose Knows : When it comes to meat , he�s like a bloodhound. Tucker: Danny, Two Words ; meat connoisseur. ( Sniffs the air around Danny ) Last night, you had Sloppy Joes. Danny: Impressive.
  • Odd Friendship : With Sam. They opposing personalities and interests can sometimes clash with each other like in the pilot episode, but they are tight and enjoy spending time together even when Danny is not around. Sam even breaks up with her boyfriend, Gregor, after he wanted her to cut Tucker out of her life.
  • Out of Focus : Sort of in Season 3. He is still a main character but he's often put more to the side to make room for Sam and Danny's growing relationship.
  • Plucky Comic Relief : Sees himself as one, though Danny and Sam seem to think otherwise.
  • Proud to Be a Geek : At first he hates being called "nerd" and "techno geek", but eventually he accepts it.
  • Real Men Eat Meat : His dietary habits are obsessed with it, to the point of eating little else.
  • Real Men Wear Pink : In a Freeze-Frame Bonus when he's changing his grades, it shows that the only A he has is in "sewing".
  • Red Is Heroic : His signature red hat.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni : The Red to Danny's Blue.
  • The Resenter : Prior to obtaining his ghost powers, Danny was on equal grounds with Tucker. The two were best friends who shared everything. Then Danny gets all the awesome powers and Tucker is stuck being the Butt-Monkey . One episode showed him acting on his resentment via an (unintentional) deadly wish that nearly had him kill Danny. Indeed, seeing the monster his wish had created helps Tucker move past this trope. Tucker: Is... is that me?
  • Rival Turned Evil : To Danny in "What You Want" when he wishes to have ghost powers, but he gets better.
  • Royal Blood : Revealed to be a descendant of Pharaoh Duulaman in the aptly-named episode King Tuck, which allows him to awaken the spirit of said pharaoh's servant, Hotep-Ra, and command the sphinx the latter awakens .
  • Shipper on Deck : While everyone was aware of things between Danny and Sam, it was most obvious with Tucker.
  • Small Name, Big Ego : He loves to talk about how he has charm, good looks, and modesty.
  • Smart People Wear Glasses : Glasses are a significant part of Tucker's design, having them be one of the first items to go when Sam transforms him from Techno Geek to Goth.
  • The Smart Guy : While not the mature one, Tucker is by far the most intelligent member of team Phantom in terms of pure knowledge.
  • Trademark Favorite Food : Meat, lots of it.
  • Vocal Evolution : For the 2017 short, "The Fairly Odd Phantom", because Rickey hadn't been acting in 10 years, Tucker's voice has a different pitch.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes? : He is terrified of hospitals and snakes.
  • With Great Power Comes Great Insanity : Whenever he's in a position of power (episodes like "What You Want" and "King Tuck" being perfect examples), he'll abuse it.

    Jazz Fenton 

Jasmine "Jazz" Fenton

  • Academic Alpha Bitch : Before Character Development , she considered herself too good for her family because of how intelligent and mature she was.
  • All Girls Want Bad Boys : This was part of her initial attraction to Johnny 13.
  • Annoying Younger Sibling : Inverted . Jazz is the older sibling, but can be seen this way to Danny sometimes.
  • Bad "Bad Acting" : She shows this in spades when pretending not to know of her brother's Secret Identity .
  • Badass Bookworm : She's more book smart than her brother and has more common sense than her parents, but she's just as capable as them in battle.
  • Berserk Button : Don't mess with her Bearbert Einstein teddy. Or her little brother.
  • Big Sister Instinct : She cares dearly for Danny and would do anything for him. She attempts to protect him from their parents early in the series when she still believes them to be crazy for believing in ghosts, then upon learning his secret does everything in her power to protect him & his secret identity.
  • Blatant Lies : After Danny figures out she knows his identity (due to recognizing her handwriting on the note attached to her headband), Jazz initially denies it, until he calls her out.
  • Butt-Monkey : While not on the same level as Danny or Tucker , Jazz has received her fair share of inadvertent mishaps. During "Mystery Meat", she was subject to inadvertently ending up caught in her parents' traps and how she had little success in changing her parents' belief in ghosts. She's also subject to a few slapstick moments, notably sprayed with goop by accident after Danny pushed a button in the Fenton Ghost Assault Vehicle in "Bitter Reunions" and gets pelted with garbage by spectators due to her atrocious singing in "Girls' Night Out".
  • Catapult Nightmare : She wakes up screaming and surprised to still be alive after being rendered unconscious by Dark Danny.
  • Her sudden increased interest in ghosts eventually leads Jazz to realize she is suffering from "ghost envy" when she states she desires to be a ghost to get her parents' attention.
  • She also goes from viewing Danny as an immature child to deeply respecting her brother's selflessly heroic nature and attempts to support him.
  • Commonality Connection : In �Reality Trip�, she has a moment with Freakshow where they both admit to having �Ghost Envy�, and realize that they both understand what it�s like to grow up in the shadow of ghosts.
  • Companion Cube : When she was younger, she had Bearbert Einstein .
  • Cool Big Sis : Eventually becomes this for Danny once she learns his secret. She helps him and his friends fight ghosts and she does what she can to keep his ghost identity a secret from their ghost-enthusiastic parents.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle : Her attempt to combat Dark Danny at the Nasty Burger in "The Ultimate Enemy" qualifies as this, although she fares better than her parents, as her use of the Fenton Ghost Peeler reveals his true identity to everyone there.
  • Daddy's Girl : Jack Fenton shows in several scenes that he absolutely adores his daughter (not that he ignores his son), to the point that Jazz's often obsessive personality may have been caused by Jack's influence�no matter how much she would deny it.
  • Deuteragonist : Of "The Ultimate Enemy" special. She's the only character to realize Dark Danny isn't her timeline's version of her younger brother (at least before the Nasty Burger scene) and is his sole opposition between his two fights with Danny, even being indirectly responsible for Danny's return to the past by telling him of Vlad's portal.
  • Emo Teen : Started out as one. Though it wasn't exactly Emo, per se. More along the lines of "Annoyed with her parents' constant love for ghosts".
  • Fiery Redhead : Can be this if you push her too far.
  • Giver of Lame Names : When she was trying to be more active in fighting ghosts, she tries giving her own names to them. Best example, she called Skulker "Ghost X". She also calls herself, Sam, and Tucker as "Ghost Getters", which they both agree is NOT a cool name.
  • Heroic Sacrifice : Subverted. She tries invoking one in "Reign Storm" by offering to wear the Ecto-Skeleton in place of her parents due to her belief that Danny needs both of them, but is knocked out shortly thereafter.
  • Hidden Depths : Several different instances, but most notable for being hinted at and followed up on is her revealing that deep down she's resentful of all the attention her parents give to ghosts, as well as her brother being able to be a part of that - she gets a Commonality Connection moment with Freakshow when they both are shown to have "Ghost Envy".
  • Irony : She's the only member of Team Phantom to have never met Danielle during the series, despite the fact that being Danny's sister would make them related. It's often assumed Danny has never mentioned her around Jazz.
  • Locked Out of the Loop : Despite knowing Danny's identity from as early as the first season and the former learning she knows in "Ultimate Enemy", Danny never tells her about Vlad's Secret Identity and she only finds out after going on her brother's computer.
  • Mad Scientist's Beautiful Daughter : Jazz definitely takes after her mother, physically, though Jack Fenton is more bumbling than mad.
  • Nice Girl : Becomes one after Character Development .
  • Not So Above It All : Ghost hunting in general or acting her actual age. In one episode, while Danny and her mom were off on a trip together (really just another ploy by Vlad to get Maddie), she bonded with Jack a lot and really got into the ghost hunting. It translated after it was revealed to Danny that she knew his secret and joined him in his ghost hunting.
  • Parental Substitute : She thinks she's more capable of taking care of Danny than their parents, mostly because of their fascination with ghosts.
  • Promotion to Parent : How she saw herself before learning Danny's secret and starting to get along with her parents more.
  • Secret Secret-Keeper : From "My Brother's Keeper" through "The Ultimate Enemy", afterwards she becomes a regular Secret-Keeper .
  • Sibling Yin-Yang : How her relationship with Danny started out until "The Ultimate Enemy".
  • Temporarily a Villain : In "Secret Weapons" to get back at Danny for snapping at her for her unwanted help. Though she was faking it.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl : The Girly Girl to Sam's Tomboy.
  • The Ugly Guy's Hot Daughter : Jack isn't exactly ugly, but Jazz is definitely more fit than her father.
  • Took a Level in Kindness : She wasn't exactly mean early on just very stuck up and condescending even though she did mean well. She humbles up a lot becoming one of the most likable characters in the entire series.
  • Unwitting Pawn : Becomes this for Johnny 13 when he tries getting her to wear Kitty's clothes so the latter can take her place outside of the Ghost Zone.
  • What the Hell, Hero? : Does this to her parents in "Reality Trip," spelling out to them that the reason Danny never trusted them enough to tell them of his ghost powers is because they constantly ranted about wanting to destroy all ghosts, right in front of him . Jack and Maddie both have a Jerkass Realization at that. Jazz: Hmm, let me guess. [ mimicking Jack ] "Hey, Maddie, let's destroy the ghost!" [ mimicking Maddie ] "No, Jack, let's dissect the ghost." [ mimicking Jack again ] "I know, let's catch the ghost and rip it apart molecule by molecule!" [ normal voice ] You guys are so understanding .
  • Characters/Danny Phantom
  • Danny Phantom: Villains

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phantom boxers

Floyd McCallum

  • View history

Professional Career [ ]

Floyd McCallum (born 1943) was born and raised in New York City. He competed in the Heavyweight Division for several years. It is unknown what Floyd's professional boxing record was.

During his prime, Floyd was described as lightning fast and hard to catch. He earnt the nickname "Phantom" due to his ability to slip and evade almost any punch. It was extremely hard for other boxers to land a hit on him. Floyd is also well rounded in all disciplines and is a great technical boxer. [1]

References [ ]

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  • 2 Rocky Balboa
  • 3 Paulie Pennino
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Danny Phantom in his boxers | by joeystinger

Danny Phantom in his boxers

  • Main content

Gen Alphas are already leaving their mark on the internet. Here are 9 slang terms they're using, and what they actually mean.

  • Gen Alpha is extremely online, and they are already beginning to develop their own slang.
  • These terms have been heavily influenced by Gen Z, memes, streamers, and video games.
  • Here are nine phrases that Gen Alpha is using, what they mean, and how you can incorporate them. 

Insider Today

The oldest Gen Alphas are still only 10 years old, but their slang terms and sense of humor are already leaving people baffled .

A lot of Gen Alpha's language has been heavily influenced by their predecessors, Gen Zers and millennials, who popularized "internet slang," an everchanging library of phrases and terms that have spread across social media. Many have pointed out that lots of these terms originate from African American Vernacular English (AAVE) and queer culture , but have now entered the mainstream worldwide, especially among young people.

The rise of streaming platforms, certain collaborative video games, and new influencers appear to have contributed to the speed with which this language is changing and developing, and Gen Alphas are already starting to put their own twist on online slang, which is rapidly moving offline too. 

Here are some of the most popular phrases among this age group.

"Rizz" is a shortened version of "charisma."

—AMP KAI (@KaiCenat) June 12, 2021

The term "rizz," short for "charisma," was popularized by Gen Z streamers including Kai Cenat, Silky, and Duke Dennis to mean being able to charm people. It's also widely used among Gen Alpha.

But the context of the word is important. If someone has "W rizz," (short for "win") it means that someone has lots of rizz, while "L rizz" (which comes from the phrase "take the L" to mean losing gracefully) is the opposite — if someone tells you you've got "L rizz," it means you're severely lacking in rizz. Embarrassing. 

If you've got an exceptional amount of rizz, you might be referred to as a "rizzler." And if you're able to charm people without even trying, people might even tell you that you have "unspoken rizz."

Example: "Wow, she's got some serious rizz." 

"Fanum tax" is a running gag referring to Twitch streamer Fanum "taxing" people by stealing their food.

As Insider's Kieran Press-Reynolds reported, "Fanum tax" was coined by the Gen Z creator Fanum , who is part of the influencer collective AMP — an acronym for "Any Means Possible" — a group known for their real-life and gaming stunts and challenges. 

In streams, Fanum would "tax" other members of AMP, including Kai Cenat, by stealing their food . This led to the term "Fanum tax," which is used to jokingly justify taking something that belongs to someone else, a kind of meme that has become popular among members of Gen Alpha. 


Person 1: "You took my food." Person 2: "Fanum tax."

Getting "ratio'd" is an insult that typically means your comment has more negative interactions than positive ones on social media.

—Mike (@85mf) March 7, 2017

The concept of getting "ratio'd" came from X, formerly known as Twitter, in early 2017 when a user called Mike, who goes by the username @85mf, shared a screenshot of a post by former US Representitive Jason Chaffetz, according to Know Your Meme .

Unfortunately for Chaffetz, the post had a much higher number of replies than likes, suggesting more people disagreed than agreed with his point. 

"Nothing on this site makes me happier than reply-to-RT ratios like this. That is the ratio of someone who fuuuuucked up," wrote Mike.

The usage of the term has since spread, and is widely used by members of Gen Z and Gen Alpha to refer to someone's comment getting a negative or controversial response. 

Example: "Did you see that post? They got absolutely ratio'd."

"Sus" is a shortened version of "suspicious."

—PRimeExplorer✨ (@PRimeExplorer) September 6, 2020

The term "sus," short for "suspicious" or "suspect" is often used to call out someone who is acting in a questionable or untrustworthy way.

The term was largely popularized by "Among Us," an online multiplayer social deduction game in which players try to identify the imposter who is sabotaging their mission. It has also caused some controversy as it is linked to racist policing practices in the UK and associated with AAVE .

Still, it is now a widespread term among Gen Alphas, in particular those who play Among Us, according to Know Your Meme.

Example: "Did you see John today? He was acting kind of sus."

"Bet" is the new "OK."

@wearefirebelly We are always learning ♬ original sound - FIREBELLY

"Bet," a shortened version of "you bet," rose to popularity in the '90s, when it was recorded in a collection of campus slang and likely popularized by Black culture, according to " but remains widely popular among young people today.

It's typically said with excitement and used as an affirmation.

—meya (@tameyarochelle_) January 16, 2020

Person 1: "Are you still up for hanging out next week?" Person 2: "Bet."

"GOAT" is an acronym for "greatest of all time."

@fortnite Show ‘em who's the greatest of all time with the GOATed Emote with moves and music by Armani White. Available to buy now in the Item Shop #fortnite #ch4s3 ♬ original sound - Fortnite Official

Getting called a "GOAT" may sound like an insult, but it's actually a big compliment.

The phrase is connected to Muhammad Ali, the famous boxer, who was nicknamed, "The Greatest." It was Ali's wife who turned it into "GOAT," an acronym for "greatest of all time," to increase his publicity in the 1990s, according to .  

Saying that someone is "GOATed" is another way of calling someone a GOAT. More recently, if you don't feel like writing it out, you can also use the goat emoji (🐐) instead. 

It may have been increasingly popularized by the song "GOATed," which is based on this slang, and was released at the beginning of 2023 by the American rapper and singer-songwriter Armani White. In July, "Fortnite" — an online game that is very popular with members of Gen Alpha — released the "GOATed" emote , which is based on the dance in White's music video. 

Example 1: "Good game, you're GOATed!"

Example 2: "Did you see the way he won that match? He's the GOAT."

"Bussin'" means that something's going really well.

@shyannmorgan not the pizza bussin bussin 😂😭 #viral #baby #foryou ♬ original sound - shyann morgan

An Urban Dictionary entry from 2017 describes "bussin'" as "what you would say if something was really good." It is believed to originate from AAVE, but became more widely popular in 2020, when people started using it on TikTok to describe food that was really good, according to Know Your Meme . 

This caused some controversy , as many people argued it constituted cultural appropriation for non-Black people to use the phrase. Still, it's persisted in popularity and widespread use across Gen Z and Gen Alpha.

Example: "This pizza's bussin'."

"Lore" means background information about something or someone.

@roman_redd idk is this just me #fyp #foryou #dadlore #dadlorememes #momlore #parentlore #parents ♬ original sound - Rome

"Lore" is a set of traditions, knowledge, or beliefs surrounding a subject, or held by a particular group of people.  

But in Gen Alpha terms, it means something slightly different: if someone asks you what your "lore" is, they're asking you to share your backstory with them. If they're asking you about the "lore" of someone else, they're asking you to share facts about them.

Example:  "What's your favorite MrBeast lore?" 

"Cap" means that something is a lie, or that it is an exaggerated version of the truth.

@oncorhynchusdancing they're absolutely done with my bullshit. also AmongUs gets them very riled. #genalpha #millennial #millenialparents #genalphaparent #slang ♬ original sound - Ness Allen

The term "cap" comes from AAVE, and dates back to the 1900s, when it was used as a verb to mean "surpass," before it developed into meaning "brag," according to .

The phrase "no cap" goes back at least a decade and is used to mean "no brag" or "no lie" — in other words, completely truthful. It was even more widely popularized when rappers Young Thug & Future released the track "No Cap" in 2017. 

—Italiano (@YanoATL) February 6, 2017

If someone says you're "capping," they're suggesting you're faking or lying about something. Alternatively, you can say "no cap," which means you're not lying. 

Person 1: "He said he's going on a date with the girl he sits next to in math class." Person 2: "He's capping."

Person 1: "There's no way you actually did that." Person 2: "I did. No cap."

phantom boxers

KTLA-TV Los Angeles

KTLA-TV Los Angeles

Car with ‘rubber bumper’ leads to massive response, evacuations and school lockdowns in Tennessee

Posted: October 25, 2023 | Last updated: October 25, 2023

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. ( WKRN ) – A parked car outside of a restaurant in Tennessee prompted multiple businesses to evacuate, and a major intersection to close early Tuesday morning.

First responders were dispatched to the First Watch restaurant in Murfreesboro at around 9:30 a.m., responding to reports of what onlookers described as a possible bomb attached to the vehicle.

Nearby buildings were evacuated, and several schools were placed on lockdown as investigators assessed the scene. Authorities reported the call resulted in a massive response from local, state and federal agencies.

Leslie Huggins, who was evacuated from a nearby building, told Nexstar’s WKRN that officials “told us there was a bomb threat and basically screamed at us to get out” amid the investigation.

A section of road and a major intersection near the restaurant were also closed off as a precaution for nearly two hours.

Murfreesboro police later cleared the scene after discovering that the “suspicious device” on the vehicle was actually a rubber bumper attached to the passenger side of the car with duct tape and wires.

The car’s owner allegedly told police he attached the rubber bumper to his vehicle — connecting the wires to a suction cup attached to the inside door handle — to “prevent dents.”

“We had a massive, massive response to this location to find out it was a man who was trying to prevent his car from being dented,” Larry Flowers, Murfreesboro’s public safety public information officer, said.

Flowers added that the car owner was across the street from the parking lot the entire time his vehicle was being investigated, standing with other evacuees. He only learned his car was involved after “eventually” answering a call from authorities.

Since there was no intent to cause harm, authorities said the man will not be charged.

For the latest news, weather, sports, and streaming video, head to KTLA.

Car with ‘rubber bumper’ leads to massive response, evacuations and school lockdowns in Tennessee

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  • Naturally Giant Monsters
  • Evox Virus Army
  • PR Naturally Giant Monsters
  • View history

Boxertron was a giant-sized stadium/boxing-themed Robotron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2. He served as the initially hidden main antagonist of the episode " Boxed in ."

  • 2 Personality
  • 4.1 Portrayal
  • 4.3 Etymology
  • 6 Appearances
  • 8.1 Footnotes

History [ ]

Boxertron was created by Robo-Blaze when he infects a giant arena dome. He creates an arena to destroy Devon with Alphadrone , but he was destroyed by the Racer Zord . He then sends in Betadrone and Gammadrone . Betadrone is accidentally destroyed by Gammadrone so Boxertron calls Deltadrone but the Racer Zord repels them. The Chopper Zord , Wheeler Zord , and Striker Megazord all arrived but the doors refused to budge in spite of Ravi 's super strength and the Striker Megazord 's Rapid Blast. Soon after, the Rangers retreat whilst Devon takes a pounding but they soon finish the Ultrazord program. They then swiftly returned with the Beast-X King Zord and form the Beast-X King Ultrazord to save Devon and destroy the giant arena dome by stabbing it with the Ultrazord's lance, forcing Boxertron to revert his robot form and free Devon and the two others Gigadrones. Gammadrone is destroyed by the Ultra Slash and Deltadrone was taken out by the Rapid Blast. Boxertron tries to take them out with his jump kick but bounces off of the Ultrazord. He is then injured by the Racer Zord when he is tackled straight into the ground and destroyed by the Beast-X King Ultrazord's Beast-X King Ultra Strike. Despite being mortally wounded, Boxertron keeps up his persona and happily announces his defeat before hearing an imaginary bell and falling on his side where he explodes even as he admits how glorious his defeat has been.

Personality [ ]

Boxertron was a very loud and flamboyant individual, acting much like a boxing announcer narrating much of his battle and speaking in the third person. However, when forced back to his true form, he became extremely angry and vengeful although he kept up his announcer persona even as he was dying.


Powers and Abilities [ ]

  • Rejection- Boxertron was also able to reject anyone he teleported in by accident that he didn't want inside as seen when he did this to the Power Rangers who mounted Deltadrone.

Abilities [ ]

  • Durability: Boxertron, in his dome form, proved to be immune to Ravi 's super strength and the Striker Megazord 's Rapid Blast.
  • Announcements: Boxertron could project his voice around himself whilst he is in his dome form.
  • Gigadrone Creation: Boxertron seemed to create Betadrone and Gammadrone out of thin air with no aid from Scrozzle.
  • Screen Generation: Boxertron could make a screen appear on one of his walls to project the fight going on inside of him which occurred when the Rangers first arrived.
  • Robotron Transformation: Boxertron could transform into his Robotron form at will.

Weaknesses [ ]

to be added

Arsenal [ ]


  • Dome Transformation: Boxertron's primary ability was to transform into a large dome to trap his enemies in so he could then summon Gigadrones to fight them.
  • Jump Kick: Boxertron's signature move where he could generate wrestling ring ropes behind him, leaning against it to build friction, and then fly forth whilst kicking to unleash a devastatingly powerful kick. However, the Beast-X King Ultrazord easily shrugged this off.
  • Boxing Gloves: Boxertron had massive red boxing gloves that he can use to smash his enemies with as well as a means in combat.

Behind the Scenes [ ]

Portrayal [ ].

  • His voice was almost identical to that of Stingrage who was also voiced by Daube.

Etymology [ ]

  • The only Robotron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers not to fight the Rangers normal-sized unlike the previous Robotrons who fought and were destroyed by the Rangers at normal size and had Gigadrone counterparts.
  • The only giant Robotron, and the only Robotron to have more than one Gigadrone counterpart.
  • Boxertron was also the only Robotron to battle alongside his Gigadrone counterparts.
  • The only Robotron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers to speak in third-person.
  • Boxertron serves as the halt of the Primary Monster-of-the-Week for seven episodes of Power Rangers Beast Morphers, as three epis odes had the Monster -of- the-Weeks be minor villains, two episodes were focused on Ryjake , and two episodes were also focused on a crossover.
  • Boxertron had the most Gigadrones for a single Robotron, with a grand total of four different types of Gigadrones.
  • This was removed because they lacked the prop to use in Power Rangers Beast Morphers and the equivalent weapon (the Beast-X King Ultra Canon ) wouldn’t be introduced for another two episodes so they couldn’t just replace the shot.
  • However, it was cut out here because it was the very Japanese Enter offering Hiromu/Devon the chance to surrender.

Appearances [ ]


  • Sports Special: Boxed In

See Also [ ]

  • Domeloid - Super Sentai counterpart in Go-Busters . See comparison page .
  • Alphadrone , Betadrone , Gammadrone , & Deltadrone -4 Gigadrone Counterparts.

References [ ]

Footnotes [ ].

  • 1 Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger
  • 2 Ep. 34: Shugo Mask Strikes Back
  • 3 Power Rangers Cosmic Fury


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