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Phantom Gourmet: Antique Table In Winthrop & Lynn

October 4, 2016 / 5:46 AM EDT / CBS Boston

WINTHROP - If you're looking for fresh cut pasta, slow cooked sauces, and a friendly staff that will make you feel at home, you need to take a seat at the Antique Table. With locations in Lynn, and a new spot in Winthrop, Antique Table is the brainchild of three friends, Carlos Soto, Mario Perez and Executive Chef Abraham Gallego.

Connect With Phantom: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

You can usually find Carlos and Mario working the room, while Chef Abraham tends to his busy kitchen pumping out some of the best Italian eats in the area. While all three owners will welcome you with a warm smile, the man you've got to meet is behind the bar.

Stephen LoMonaco is the friendly face you'll see as you enter the Antique Table, always ready to pour you a drink, have some conversation and help guide your way through the big Italian menu.

"For me, it's like a lot of the food that I ate growing up. I grew up in a big Italian family, and it just reminds me of things that my mother used to make and grandmother used to make."

The appetizers at Antique Table are way beyond your standard Italian starters. There's prosciutto stuffed with provolone, peppers and basil and drizzled with a balsamic reduction; and the light and tasty Shrimp Grand Marnier, a signature item and specialty of Chef Abraham.

Antique Table, Phantom Gourmet

"The shrimp Grand Marnier are four shrimps that are egg battered, and pan seared in a Grand Marnier sauce, with fresh squeezed orange juice," Stephen explained. "He plates them up beautifully over warm oranges, and drizzles the Grand Marnier sauce on top. I mean, the presentation alone is just beautiful. It's such a perfect balance of savory and sweet and crunchy. It's just delicious."

There are crispy pizzas that are perfect to share, and calamari spiked with crispy cherry peppers, something Stephen is absolutely addicted to.

"I tell you, those cherry peppers are like my favorite part of the whole dish, because they're hot and spicy, crunchy, and delicious. I could get a plate of just the peppers, and sit there and eat them."

Antique Table, Phantom Gourmet

Since Antique Table is situated just a few blocks from the Atlantic, you can be sure the seafood is always fresh. There's the Seafood di Mare, chock full of clams, mussels, calamari, scallops and shrimp; or the pillowy lobster ravioli smothered in a mouthwatering lobster cream sauce. But the dish that you've got to try, according to Stephen, is the Antique Table Haddock.

"The Antique Table haddock, in my opinion, is the best thing on our menu. It is a panko crusted piece of fresh haddock. It comes served over our house made risotto, and it comes in a lemon, butter, and caper sauce. The risotto is buttery, and delicious. The caper sauce adds this nice saltiness to it, and this like crunchy panko crusted piece of haddock is just delicious."

If you just want some traditional old school Italian eats, Antique Table's got that too. There's hand rolled ricotta gnocchi baked with marinara, mozzarella and basil; and some of the best Chicken Parm in the land, according to Stephen.

"It's a nice big portion of chicken parm that's been seasoned with these delicious breadcrumbs, and covered with our marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese, served over our house made pappardelle pasta. It's phenomenal. I've had chicken parm at thousands of places, and I think ours is above the rest."

Antique Table, Phantom Gourmet

For the true carnivore, there's the Veal Voldastana served in a fragrant truffle oil cream, or the French cut Pork Chop presented in a creamy port wine with mushrooms and roasted potatoes.

"All of it comes together just so beautifully. It's the perfect marriage of all these different flavors, and textures together on one plate," Stephen said.

For dessert, you can opt for the sinful White Chocolate Bread Pudding, or trust Stephen's sweet tooth and try Antique Table's Crème Brulee.

"The crème brulee is this delicate custard. It's rich, and creamy and then you have the brulee sugar top to it. They add this slight little crunch, and it's just like eating this delicate piece of sugar-glass. It's just so delicious."

Antique Table, Phantom Gourmet

No matter what you order off the menu, at The Antique Table, it's bound to be served with a smile, because as you can tell, the staff truly enjoys coming to work.

"I feel like I'm friends with half of my regulars on Facebook, at this point," Stephen said. "I've made friends here, lifelong friends here, which is awesome."

You can find The Antique Table at 19 Crest Avenue in Winthrop, 2 Essex Street in Lynn, and online at antiquetableonline.com .

Watch Phantom Gourmet on Saturdays and Sundays at 10:30 and 11 a.m. on myTV38.

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Phantom Gourmet

Summer Shanty

Summer Shanty

Let’s just take a minute to rejoice that summer is finally here.

And for all of this and more, there’s no place quite like Summer Shanty.

Located at the Bass River Marina in West Dennis, Summer Shanty is the ultimate spot to take in killer views, fresh seafood and frosty beverages.

Owner Daniel Keefe set out to make a waterfront oasis unlike anything else on Cape Cod. And with the help of Chef Scott Allen, created a coastal paradise complete with all of your favorite summertime standards and more.  

“You get your typical fare of a fried seafood restaurant down here in the Cape.  Fried seafood, lobster dinners, lobster rolls, stuff quahogs. “It’s fresh seafood. Most everything is local. Everything’s fresh.   It’s just a great place to come.”

“Obviously when something looks good and you’re in a great location enjoying yourself it’s going to taste better. If you want to be in the water. If you want to enjoy good food. You want to enjoy a good drink cold beer, this is a place you got to be when you’re in the mid cape area.”

So Phantom grabbed himself an Adirondack chair and a cold one in search of THE PERFECT MEAL.  

Once you’ve found the ultimate spot and ordered a beverage, an appetizer is in order, and Summer Shanty has you covered with ultra fresh oysters….

Steamers for sharing…

Crispy crab cakes….

And satisfying stuffed quahogs- a specialty of chef Scott.

“We make them ourselves. Scott, he’s the guy that makes the recipe. We can barely keep up with the production of them. We sell a ton of them. It’s tough keeping up on the production of them. The key to them is just some real nice tend to clams we use nothing about Ritz crackers. And people love them.  We just can’t keep up with making them.”

There’s creamy clam chowder you’ll want for yourself.

And a take on the blooming onion, you’ll want to share with the table.

“If anybody’s ever been to Outback Steakhouse, if you have had the bloomin onion there, it’s basically a deconstructed Bloomin’ onion. We do all the work for you. It’s all cut off. It’s just pedals you pick them up and eat them without doing any work. We serve it with a dynamite sauce, a little spicy but it’s there’s no work to and it’s just like an onion ring.”

If you’re looking for something from the sea in sandwich form, there’s a crunchy fish sandwich served on a bulky roll with fries and slaw.

And an overflowing clam roll; a sandwich by name only.

“It’s not a sandwich like when you take two pieces of bread, it’s in the hotdog roll and people still use their fingers will use a fork and dip it in the tartar sauce and squeeze a little lemon on it just the way we presented and the roll”

But no trip to the Cape would be without laying your lips on a lobster roll.

“Well, you come to Cape Cod, it’s we’re all about lobster and seafood. And people that know us are regulars. They love it. They’ll order it again and again.  People that are visiting, they want to try a lobster roll that’s authentic from Cape Cod.”

Summertime also screams fried seafood- and at the Summer Shanty you can get options like this combo platter featuring fresh haddock and scallops- or their famous Fish and Chips- where it’s haddock and only haddock.  

“We only use Haddock. It’s strictly Haddock.   It’s what I grew up on every Friday.   We had haddock on Friday. We use nothing but haddock.  We’re not big cod fans.  Nothing but haddock here. We just we just think Haddock is a better tasting fish.”

As for entrees they have light fare like Cajun Salmon and Grilled Swordfish.   Or for the ultimate Cape Cod experience, order the Lobster Dinner.  

“Oh, it’s pound and a half lobster half a pound of steamers, ear of corn.   We steam the lobster.   We steam the steamers and the corn and if you’re going to have a lobster if you’re going to have fried clams, if you’re going to have fried seafood, you want to have it on the water. This is what the Cape is all about where we’ve got water on both sides of us and and you want to be in your shorts and flip flops. This is where you want to be to have food”.  

Onion petals

A Lobster roll

Fish and Chips and a Lobster Dinner make for the ultimate meal at Summer Shanty.

phantom gourmet lynn ma

Saturdays & Sundays – 10 and 11am

phantom gourmet lynn ma

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THE 10 BEST Restaurants in Lynn

Restaurants in lynn, establishment type, online options, traveler rating, dietary restrictions, restaurant features, neighborhood.

phantom gourmet lynn ma

  • Four Winds Pub & Grill
  • Rolly's Tavern On the Square
  • Nightshade Noodle Bar
  • Rossetti Restaurant of Lynn
  • The Blue Ox
  • Antique Table
  • Capitol Diner
  • Andy's Breakfast & Lunch
  • Brothers Deli

Phantom Gourmet Food Festival

Photo of Phantom Gourmet Food Festival - Boston, MA, US. Phantom Gourmet Food Festival 9/2019

Review Highlights

Danielle C.

“ The food is great, you can walk around Landsdowne street with a beer cheaper than one you're gonna get in Fenway. ” in 3 reviews

Alissa S.

“ We tried pickles, meatballs, pulled pork sandwiches, subs, clam chowder , pizza, cupcakes, brownies, steak tips, etc. ” in 3 reviews

Erin B.

“ We went to take our time, enjoy each other's company and try some food we aren't able to get up in Maine . ” in 3 reviews

Location & Hours

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Boston, MA 02228

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Photo of Tracey C.

A few important things to know: do NOT bring a purse or a bag, or you won't be allowed into the event. The event advertised "over 30 wines" and I definitely have a hard time believing there was even close to that. Seemed more like 20. Food ran out shortly after 4 pm across most of the vendors. It was a good time, all in all. But you just need to know what to expect!

Photo of Rosie Q.

This is probably my least favorite food festival I've been too. It wasn't well-structured, there were constant traffic jams when we were trying to get to the other side, people forming funnel lines in order to get food at the stalls, you're elbow-to-elbow with someone when you're standing to gobble down the samples you waited in line for a good 20 mins for, and the speakers were so loud, people were shouting over everyone. It was very unpleasant. There were over 50 vendors this year, we only went to 5 before calling it quits. It's just an annoying experience to really enjoy it with friends. Overall Service: The bouncer at the line where the entrance was catching people trying to weasel their way in by cutting, called them out and points to where the line actually starts. My dude! ID, bag check and ticket folks were nice and moved the line at a reasonable pace at least. But structurally, it's way too chaotic here for anyone to have fun.

Participating Restaurants & Shops 2018

Participating Restaurants & Shops 2018

Photo of Vivian C.

World's stupidest rule - "No large bags (no bags larger than 6"x6" including shopping bags, backpacks, handbags, fanny packs, camera bags, etc. )." If you want people to follow your rules, you need to make them somewhat reasonable. This one must have been made by men... or at least people without purse experience. Well Phantom Gourmet's public face is the Andelman brothers... but I thought at least one of them were married... and they definitely have a mom! Have you MEASURED the small purses that are sold in the United States? My smallest purse was a tiny 6.5 inches wide at the base. My wedding guest purses which fit only the bare essentials are wider than that. My old small emergency case fanny pack is narrow, but 8 inches wide. Basically the only so called "purses" which fit those measurements (and only maybe) are those wristlet wallets (although now that I think of it, it is rather doubtful since US paper currency measures 6 inches long), and don't even try to cram a cellphone into many of those. And generally, women carry purses for a reason, not just for fun. "Don't bring anything you wouldn't bring to a professional sporting event" New England sporting venues are smarter than the Phantom Gourmet. TD Garden nixes backpacks but would allow my every day 10"x11"x3" purse entrance without blinking an eye. I've brought my larger hobo bag with me to Fenway for Red Sox games. However, I've yet to attend anything Patriots in person, minus their duck boat parades. Okay, I guess I'm done with the subject for now... unless they keep this stupid rule for their 2020 food festival, should I happen to attend. The Phantom Gourmet Food Festival at Fenway takes part on two cross streets - Lansdowne and Ipswich Streets. Entrance is located by Game On! The line however started at the other side of the bridge towards Kenmore Square. Food samples were included, while drinks were available for sale, so I was excited to find one restaurant giving away free bottled water. Another station was giving out both pour samples and full cans of a ginger beer. Lines grew long at times. Later on, however, we didn't mind the longer waits as we took advantage of the time to digest our samples. We were quite full when we made our way back towards Game On! to exit the festival. I would advise taking the T (Kenmore Square station) or some other public transportation, and leaving your larger bags at home. Consider bringing sunglasses and a hat if the sun's out. Clothing with pockets are useful. Comfy shoes, and your phone for trying to find your companions when you lose sight of them. Thanks to my friend who gave me his tickets when he couldn't use them. Despite the single star and the first half of my review, I did enjoy myself and had the chance to enjoy some pretty good food.

phantom gourmet lynn ma

See all photos from Vivian C. for Phantom Gourmet Food Festival

Photo of Sherri B.

Like some of the other reviewers noted, you need to know what to expect - expect that you'll need to look for parking, and know that bags aren't allowed. But it's truly a fun event & experience - lots of food to sample & great people watching on a sunny fall day!

Photo of June-Young C.

Wow, this place is insane. I went for the 2018 food festival and there is so much food. Make sure not to bring any bags. I saw the security people to throw them away. A lot of the restaurants that were featured are from out of town. The seafood from Maine was pretty good. Some of them give out coupons, but I would probably never use them since I don't have a car. The Friendly's ice cream was super good and the serving sizes are quite big. I think there are over 40 stalls. We probably ate like 30 and felt like dying. It can get crowded so I recommend coming early. They actually ran out of food at like 3pm or 4pm . Clam chowder with butter, lobster+crab sandwiches, meatballs, uno pizza, pies, spicy ketchup, pot pie, pulled pork mac and cheese, italian ice, the list goes on. If you are good at claw games, definitely check out the booth for Jillians/lucky strike. I won 30 days free arcade, a free round of bowling and little smiley face stuffed animal . That 30 day arcade voucher is super fun, but you can't win tickets. You get a 1 hour unlimited card just for participating at least. Not sure if I would go again, definitely should go at least once

phantom gourmet lynn ma

See all photos from June-Young C. for Phantom Gourmet Food Festival

Photo of Stephen Z.

A MUST DO! The Phantom Gourmet's Annual Food Festival. Over 10,000 FOODIES PILE IN FROM ALL OVER THE US TO GET A TASTE OF BOSTON! There are UNLIMITED SAMPLES OF 100 of Some of the Top Foods in Boston - Local & Regional Foods only available in New England. They shut down Boston's Fenway Park - Landsdowne Street & adjacent streets on Saturday September 22 from Noon to 4 PM. This is a 21 & over Event. Pre Sale Tickets are now on sale for a Limited time online & @ certain AAA Locations for $30. Then as the event approaches $40 in advance and $50 if available at the door. Tickets are limited. Last year the event was completely sold out & there were no tickets available at the door & lots of people were very disappointed not getting into the event. So Don't Wait until the last minute to purchase your tickets. Ticket prices do not include beverages which you can purchase separately. INSIDE TIP: Look for the shortest lines & fill up on those foods first. Then with a full tank in your belly, you'll have the stamina to wait in long lines for the most popular items. You haven't lived until you've eaten a Dynamite Stick by Wholly Cannoli. They also sell VIP tickets & have Music here & a PURPLE OUTFIT CONTEST as well! SO MUCH FOOD SO MUCH FUN! It used to be, you had to have mega bucks & be really rich to have the Good Life, not anymore. The Game has changed. You've been Upgraded. Now You Can Live Like a King on a Limited Budget!

phantom gourmet lynn ma

See all photos from Stephen Z. for Phantom Gourmet Food Festival

A MUST DO! FOODIES FROM ALL OVER NEW ENGLAND PILE IN TO THE CITY OF BOSTON FOR THE ANNUAL PHANTOM GOURMET's FOOD FESTIVAL. THIS 1 DAY EVENT THAT SPOTLIGHTS THE PHANTOM GOURMET's (a local food show) 100 BEST OF BOSTON's FAVORITE FOODS. UNLIMITED SAMPLES BY SOME OF THE MOST POPULAR PLACES IN BOSTON! THE EVENT THIS YEAR 2017 WAS COMPLETELY SOLD OUT. More than 10,000 people from across the East Coast mobbed the outskirts of Fenway Park on Lansdowne St & adjacent streets for this Fun Food Festival. The price was $40 online $30 if you had AAA card @ their offices & $50 @ the door. Unfortunately there were no door tickets, as the event completely sold out beforehand. You haven't lived until you've tasted A DYNAMITE STICK from Wholly Cannoli. What is it? Think of a cannoli filled with ricotta but inside out & Caramel & covered in chocolate crunch. Soooooooooo Delicious! That alone was worth the trip! Most people do this event completely wrong so you'll see some negative reviews. They go in on an empty stomach & starving & then they wait over an hour in line just to get in. Then they head for the most popular eateries which always have the longest lines. By the time they eat they are ready to pass out. So they have a miserable time & a massive headache. It's the wrong way to do this Festival. Since most people come in on an empty stomach, & there's a huge 3 block line over the bridge just to get in; pick the places that have the shortest lines. Some are at the beginning & some are at the very end. Navigate the place & look for the shortest lines. You'll fill up and then have the energy & stamina to hit the most popular places with longer lines. There were so many food choices like the Blueberry Muffins, New England Clam Chowder, Shrimp, Sausage, BBQ, Poke, Ice Cream, Italian Ice, Teddies Peanut Butter, Dynamite Sticks & so much more. Beer wine & water are an extra charge @ the Bar. This is a Standing Eat- A- Thon! There's no chairs or places to sit but there are some tables. I did see lots of people leaning against buildings & sitting on the curb of the sidewalks. They have a local band called The Beat Drops who sang Top 40 Cover Songs. There is also a Purple Contest & A Dance Contest too. There was even a marriage proposal. Yup, she said Yes. We walked out completely stuffed. If you missed it this year remember to buy your tickets early for next year as it was a sellout this year. It used to be, you had to have mega bucks & be really rich to have the Good Life, not anymore. The Game has changed. You've been Upgraded. Now You Can Live Like a King on a Limited Budget!

Photo of Paul S.

OK here's an Update: I have going to the Phantom Goumet Food Festival since 2007 it's always a go Take in Boston, when it happens every fall. The food is always tasty plenty to eat though out the day. My Best to you all!

Always Awesome..It get's bigger each year.. Thanks Tina for for hooking me up..Worth the Take..All you can eat all day until you drop..

Photo of Elizabeth F.

Ofcourse we love this event it's so much fun. The lines for the food is so long but it's so worth it. We couldn't ask for a better day it was gorgeous we drank we ate and just had so much fun. We also have fun with the people around us. The food stations and the pastries and I had the best Seafood Chowder!!!!!! Omg it was the best I have ever had!!!! The chinky clams, shrimp lobster omg.

phantom gourmet lynn ma

We had such an awesome time phantom Gourmet food festival 2017 !!!!!

Photo of Mark T.

Really folks... Do not procrastinate with buying your tickets to this event. The event is really popular and sells out wicked quick. What they say is true, it is unlikely you will be able to try everything... There is just too much food. As a food lover, I can so confirm that the fact that there is too much should not stop you from trying. Just be careful not to burst! Aye, after the event I had to loosen my belt...worth it. What I liked/loved about the event: + There are a huge number of food options to try + The vendors are "Phantom Favorites", and are mostly comfort foods, but not all unhealthy. + Unless you wish to purchase an item (like a delicious bottle of hot sauce from Chelsea Fire) all samples are free! And you can take several if you want too!! + Although long, lines move fast! + Event kept clean... People were constantly sweeping and emptying trash cans. What I didn't really like - Hand sanitizer not available. It would be nice to be able to clean my hands before eating. - Considering the number of stands, could have been better organized (sandwiches here, Pan-Asian there, beverages over there) that way, if you were more interested in Sandwiches, you'd know what area to go to. - Outside beverages are not allowed. Water can be purchased for $3 a bottle at a limited number of stands that so sell beer (and have rather long lines). I would have liked to have water be more available throughout the event. HOWEVER, there were a few vendors sampling soda or iced tea, allowing you to get some fluids in between the deliciousness. - Restrictions on brining bags not made clear beforehand. I had a backpack with me, only to find out that it was not allowed in. Small bags are allowed, but only really small bags (1 square food I think). Do please who show up with bags are denied entry, and are offered no assistance as to what to do with them. One final note, no matter your age or appearance, bring ID, they card everyone.

Photo of Sara K.

Incredibly disappointing. I was embarrassed to have brought my out of town friends to this. In short, we left this food festival hungry. The crowds were overwhelming and there was no organization whatsoever. The best thing I had all day was a $3 can of Pepsi. Picture this: a long line of white tents which feature foods from restaurants that MAYBE you can see the sign for over the heads of the people in front of you. But even if you know which restaurant it is, you don't know what they are serving. So you wait in "line" - which is actually a crowd with no organization that is not-so-gently pushing its way towards the table. More and more attendees are cutting ahead of you because a.) there is no organization and b.) there is no way to see what you are in line for, so some people haven taken to walking closer along the booths so they can see the food being handed out, and cutting everyone in line when they decide it is something they want. And when you DO manage to get up to the front one of three things happens: 1.) you have a bite sized sample of food - literally, a bite. One station was handing out three small tortilla chips with a dab of runny salsa. (This is an event we paid to attend, right? Not a sample station in front of a restaurant trying to entice hungry diners?) 2.) you realize it is NOT something you want but here you are anyways (yes a single unpeeled shrimp in this 90 degree weather seems like a great idea right now. Thanks.) 3.) the booth runs out of food so you can either wait for them to make more or get into the next unorganized mass It was an incredible disappointment. I work in the restaurant industry and have worked events like this before. It is clear that - for the most part - not much thought goes into the quality of what the restaurants are handing out, or the convenience of eating it for the people walking around. (A single spork? To eat an overflowing cup of kale?) There are no tables or chairs that I saw. The crowds were completely overwhelming - I attended with 4 people and we lost each other almost immediately. The only room there was to walk was on the Landsdown sidewalks where we were barked at by security guards to stay off the sidewalk. I understand this is for emergency reasons but....where were we supposed to walk? They WAY oversold this event, way too many people. Honestly, I was shocked by how terrible this event was. Spending the afternoon at Costco during sample day is way more enjoyable and filling. And less crowded.

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    You can find The Antique Table at 19 Crest Avenue in Winthrop, 2 Essex Street in Lynn, ... Watch Phantom Gourmet on Saturdays and Sundays at 10:30 and 11 a.m. on myTV38.

  10. Phantom Gourmet

    Phantom Gourmet, Boston, Massachusetts. 777,187 likes · 7,674 talking about this. Weekends at 10 & 11am on TV38 (Boston). Saturdays 11:35pm on WBZ-4 (Boston). Sunday 10am on CW28

  11. Summer Shanty

    Located at the Bass River Marina in West Dennis, Summer Shanty is the ultimate spot to take in killer views, fresh seafood and frosty beverages. Owner Daniel Keefe set out to make a waterfront oasis unlike anything else on Cape Cod.

  12. April's Restaurant

    phantomgourmet 56.1K subscribers 13K views 7 years ago Located in Lynn, April's is a come-as-you-are kind of place the locals love for good down home cooking at low prices. Owners Roger and Julio...


    141 Eastern Ave Lynn, MA 01902 Get directions You Might Also Consider Sponsored Lucia Ristorante 3.5 (742 reviews) Tammy K. said "I made a reservation thru open table app for 730 on a Saturday night. We got there at 720. The hostess thought she may have been able to sit us immediately but then said give her ten minutes.

  14. Paaastelitos Restaurant

    Ashley Marshall and her boyfriend Welby Pena have set up the first takeout spot of its kind in New England, a small storefront specializing in a huge variety...

  15. Four Winds

    118 13K views 6 years ago In the restaurant world, it's really true: you can't judge a book by its cover. Because if you never entered the doors of this unassuming spot in Lynn, you wouldn't know...

  16. Monte's

    Monte's - Lynn (Phantom Gourmet) phantomgourmet 57.2K subscribers 78K views 11 years ago Would you be shocked to find out that there's been real bar pizza on the North Shore? For over 60 years,...

  17. THE 10 BEST Restaurants in Lynn (Updated November 2023)

    421 reviews Open Now. Mediterranean, Turkish $$ - $$$ Menu. 9.1 mi. Somerville. ... pickles GREEN BEAN ROMESCO potato salad, manchego, crispy onions 🍹CRYSTA... The harissa BBQ duck with duck, dates c... 2023. 10. Carmelina's.

  18. Monte's

    Phantom Gourmet · March 12, 2020 · Lynn, MA · Follow. Thin and crispy Bar Pizza on the NORTH Shore? ...

  19. Rosetti Restaurant

    Subscribe 26K views 9 years ago There's just nothing like food and family. And at Rossetti Restaurant you can get a little bit of both. Every night, the Rossetti brothers treat customers like...

  20. Phantom Gourmet Food Festival

    75 reviews of Phantom Gourmet Food Festival "Okay so I know this is an event rather than a business, but it really deserves some attention. Every year on 2nd or 3rd Saturday of september the Phantom Gourmet closes down Landsdowne (oh that it were permanent) Street to host his food festival. $30 bucks gains you entry to all you can eat/all you can stand to wait in line for.

  21. Find Participating Restaurants

    Emma's Pub and Pizza 128 Broad Street, Bridgewater, MA Emma's Pub & Pizza 1420 Pleasant St., Bridgewater, MA Emma's Pub & Pizza 130 Mansfield Ave., Norton, MA

  22. Phantom Gourmet in Lynn, MA with Reviews

    Find 2 listings related to Phantom Gourmet in Lynn on YP.com. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Phantom Gourmet locations in Lynn, MA.

  23. Blue Ox

    Phantom Gourmet Saturday & Sunday 11am on TV38