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Danny Phantom

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Daniel "Danny" Fenton , also known by his superhero alias Danny Phantom , (born June 14th, 1990) is the titular main protagonist of the Nickelodeon animated series of the same name. He is a 14-year-old 9th grade student at Casper High School. His parents research ghosts, and had built a ghost portal which didn't work. Danny entered the non-functioning ghost portal and accidentally activated it, fusing his molecular structure with ectoplasm. He became half-ghost, gaining ghost powers like intangibility, invisibility, and flight. He took on the alias Danny Phantom and now uses his ghost powers to protect his hometown of Amity Park.

He is voiced by David Kaufman , who also voiced Jimmy Olsen in the DC Animated Universe. His singing voice is done by Chance Perez who portrayed Javier García .

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History [ ]

Living with ghost-obsessed parents since birth, Danny had to put up with his parents' "unique" personalities, which often traumatized him. Danny wanted to be an astronaut when he grew up and, unlike his parents, had no interest in hunting ghosts. However, this did not stop his curiosity that one day changed his life forever. While exploring his parents' laboratory with his two best friends Sam Manson and Tucker Foley , Danny (at Sam's suggestion to check it out) accidentally activated the newly-built Fenton Ghost Portal from the inside, causing his molecular structure to become infused with ectoplasm. This causes Danny to become half-human and half-ghost and gain an array of ghostly superpowers. Since the ghosts were a serious threat, Danny decided to take on the role of a superhero to protect Amity Park. Danny soon met Vlad Masters, his parents' friend from college, now a billionaire bachelor. Danny found out that twenty years ago, Vlad became a half-ghost just like Danny, and now had all the same powers Danny had and more, but with twenty years more experience. Vlad soon became Danny's arch-nemesis. At first, Danny Phantom was not a particularly well-known or well-liked ghost. His debut to Amity Park was ruined when Walker staged a Ghost invasion on the city and framed Danny for it and later when Freakshow took control of Danny's mind and forced him to perpetrate a series of ghostly crimes for him. Events such as these caused the people of Amity Park to hate Danny Phantom (then known to them as "Inviso-Bill"), despite his intentions to protect them. Danny's only supporters were his two friends Sam and Tucker and, unbeknownst to him, his sister Jazz. Throughout his adventures, Danny made a number of allies, including his half-ghost female clone and cousin, Dani Phantom , a Yeti-like ghost named Frostbite , the Master of Time by the name of Clockwork , a werewolf ghost named Wulf , and Pandora , the owner of Pandora's Box.

In Phantom Planet , Vlad created a new team of teenage ghost hunters, the Masters' Blasters, to upstage Danny. They were inexplicably able to hunt ghosts much better than Danny could, embarrassing Danny to the point where he began to seriously question his status as the superhero the people wanted. He was so depressed that, despite his friends' protests, he used the Fenton Portal to remove all his ghost powers, becoming fully human again. At the same time, however, a much bigger threat - the Disasteroid - was headed straight for Earth, timed to collide in just one week and destroy the entire planet; because Earth and the Ghost Zone are flip sides of each other, if Earth were to be destroyed, the Ghost Zone would be destroyed as well. With renewed determination, Danny returned to the Ghost Zone to seek help. His enemies in the Ghost Zone, however, were all too glad to see him in his powerless human state and took great pleasure in blasting him over and over. This inexplicably caused Danny to regain his half-ghost status and all his former powers. Gaining help from his allies and enemies from the Ghost Zone, humans and ghosts worked side-by-side and successfully saved the Earth from the Disasteroid. When the crisis was finally over, Danny revealed his secret identity to all of Earth and was hailed as Earth's hero. Danny revealed to Sam that he became his father's sidekick.

Personality [ ]

At the beginning of the series, Danny is an average, awkward, nervous, and friendly teenager. Like most teenagers, he has crushes on girls, occasional desires to be popular, a dislike of bullies, and embarrassment about his parents. Unlike them, though, he is afraid of anyone discovering his hard-to-control ghost powers, making him go from being a "geek" to a "freak". Not even sure about how to use his powers, Danny simply longs to be normal and unnoticed by anyone. But after he fights the Lunch Lady Ghost, he realizes he can use his powers to save others from ghost attacks and dedicates his free time to catching troublesome ghosts. This new-found sense of purpose begins to change Danny into a heroic, brave young man.

Over time, Danny gains confidence in himself and his abilities. He isn't scared of fighting ghosts, usually taunting them and putting all of his energy into fighting them off. He also gradually finds Dash more annoying and troublesome. As he faces more villains and bigger threats, Danny accepts that it's his responsibility to save those in need of help, sometimes endangering himself to do so. By Public Enemies, although many people think he's a bad guy, Danny is still determined to keep protecting Amity Park from ghosts, his dedication paying off when people begin to accept him as their heroin Reign Storm.

On the downside, he can sometimes become overconfident and impulsive, assuming he can defeat anyone easily or do whatever he wants without any consequences. This might lead him to use his ghost powers to take revenge on bullies, cheat on a test, or even just ignore an impending situation so that he can enjoy something. When someone like Sam tries to warn him about his actions, Danny can be ignorant and disagreeable, only to find out he was wrong later. Despite these issues, once Danny figures out what he has caused, he works hard to set things right, whether it be apologizing or saving the day.

When he's not worried about ghosts, Danny is naturally kind, easy-going, and helpful. On the other hand, he can be grumpy, frustrated, stressed, and mean, often making sarcastic remarks or his eyes glowing green from anger. Danny rarely gets extremely mad or emotional, only taking important matters personally like Vlad and Dan. His ghost hunting often cuts into his schoolwork time, but he does work hard after he puts his mind on the task at hand - except when he's lazy or distracted. Danny isn't the smartest person around, but he is clever at devising plans, having good ideas and using resources, like his powers, Fenton equipment, and friends with different talents. He loves making puns and exchanging witty banter during his fights, and while there are moments when he under-appreciated his friends, he is thankful to have them.

Physical Appearance [ ]

Danny Fenton has black hair and blue eyes from his father's genes. He wears a white T-shirt with a thin red collar, red cuffs, and a red circle in the middle, light blue jeans, and red-and-white sneakers. When he transforms into Danny Phantom, his hair becomes snow-white, his eyes become glowing green, and his skin changes from light to tanned. Danny Phantom wears a black jumpsuit with white boots, collar, belt, and forearm-length gloves. After "Memory Blank," he wears his logo, a white "D" with the negative space inside it forming a "P," on his chest. However, in the origin of Danny Phantom , the jumpsuit's colors were reversed, which is a white jumpsuit with black boots, collar, belt, and forearm-length gloves.

Powers and Abilities [ ]

Ghost powers [ ].

  • Intangibility/Invisibility : Danny can become invisible and intangible, as well as transferring these abilities to other people by touching them. These skills are very useful for escapes or surprise attacks,as they allow it to pass through any solid object, exit and enter any place without being noticed. However, his intangibility can be overcome when he is hit by other ghosts who are intangible,or when hit by weapons specially made to fight ghosts,and even when it is invisible, it can be easily detected through infrared glasses.
  • Overshadowing : Also known as "possession", Danny can possess humans, animals, inanimate objects, other ghosts, and half ghost beings. This allows Danny to control them freely, especially using people to control their feelings and choices. However, people with very strong wills can resist and even expel Danny from their bodies.
  • Ghost Ray : Danny's trademark offensive rant, for being the most used. He can shoot blasts out of his palms made out of ectoplasm energy. The beams can be manipulated, altering the size and range or changing their shape into things like disks, spheres, and squares. At his peak, Danny can charge a one or two-handed Ghost Ray into a "Super Ghost Ray" that can tear apart any weak ghost molecule by molecule and destroy the surrounding area. It can also blind his opponents when he combines it with his photokinesis. It can also be used as a Repulsion Field and Energy Strike to increase his physical attacks.
  • Ghost Shield/Ecto-Shield : Making a dome shape made out of ectoplasm, it can be used as a shield from attacks. It can also become a reflect shield that can reflect projectiles and repellent shield that can repel enemies.
  • Duplication : At first, Danny had trouble mastering it and only created extra limbs. Eventually, Danny learns to properly use the duplication move, making up to four copies. However, he isn't skilled as Vlad, who can create up to a hundred shadow duplicates.
  • Ghostly Wail : Considered to be the most powerful move that Danny has, Danny can scream ultra waves of ectoplasm that almost nothing human or ghost can withstand. Around the first few times, the move drained drain Danny's power completely and reverted him back to human form. Over time, he learns to handle the power and can use it multiple times without losing energy.
  • Cyrokinesis : Danny can manipulate ice, allowing him to freeze whatever he touches, shoot freezing lasers of ice from his hands or eyes, and shoot shards of ice. Similar to the ecto-energy, he can channel his ice powers to his fist. He can merge his ice powers and his ghost ray powers to create a giant green explosive snowball or make an ice shield out of it.
  • Pyrokinesis : Danny can generate and throw balls of ectoplasmic fire. Like his dark future self Dark Danny when ever he uses his Ghostly Wail his white hair starts to wave like fire until he stops screaming.
  • Photokinesis : Danny can emit pulses of light from his hands, allowing him to see in dark areas. He's also used this ability to blind humans wearing dark sunglasses.
  • Electrokinesis/Ghost Stinger : Though he didn't use it as much throughout the series, it can channel through electric wires. And somehow while being shocked, has fused with his game avatar by combing it with his overshadowing ability.


Teleportation (?)

  • Teleportation (Possibly) : Like Vlad, Danny can seemingly teleport by vanishing and instantly reappearing in another place nearby. His act of teleportation is making his body become slightly disfigured then fading away and appearing in another place. Although unconfirmed, it is suggested that this could possible be teleportation or his could simply be him moving while invisible, though this is atypical for the show's animation, as the audience is normally able to see him while he is invisible. Danny has used this during his battle with Tucker Phantom in "What You Want?" and a reality-warping Freakshow in "Reality Trip." In "The Next Generation" video, according to Butch Hartman, Danny did not have teleportation and it is actually an ability that his children have. So Danny may have an ability similar to Teleportation or a form of this ability at his advantage.
  • Telekinesis : Danny can lift things with his telekinetic abilities.
  • Power Augmentation : Whenever Danny is stuck in a trap or whatever situation he's in, he can be shown a green or white aura.
  • Body Manipulation : Can be only seen in his ghostly tail appearance, he can make holes of his body to have the attack go through him, can stretch his body to avoid energy blast from an enemy and make him extremely flexible, and can even split his body in half to avoid attacks. He's also transformed into a blue mist to escape a dragon grip.
  • Vacuum Resistance : Whenever Danny went into space, he didn't wore a astronaut/space suit and wasn't affected by the vacuum, stardust, or cosmic radiation, though he wore a helmet. He presumably wore a helmet in case he reverted back to his human form so it is possible he has the ability to self-substance like Vlad.
  • High-level Regeneration : Danny can regenerate small cuts or major damage.
  • The fact his parents never figured his identity themselves is poked fun at by Dark Danny and Death Battle' s co-host Boomstick; the latter calls them idiots, a sentiment Dark Danny lampshaded
  • He fought Jake Long in Death Battle and won. Creator Burch Hartman watched and was impressed with the accuracy of which Danny was depicted.
  • This may have been because he had the Time Medallion inside of him.
  • This may have been possible due to being in the Ghost Zone, which increased power--which is definitely a possibility as seen in Phantom Planet he used it twice without losing energy.
  • This might of been because it was his first time using it, so it was not as powerful and didn't drain him as much, therefore causing him to only partially revert back.
  • Danny is the only character in the series to appear in every episode. He also appears in the title card of every episode except "Phantom Planet," which had no characters in its title card.

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