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The Phantom Zone is a pocket dimension discovered by Superman 's father, the scientist Jor-El . The Zone was used to imprison the most dangerous criminals on Krypton, with the most well-known prisoner being General Dru-Zod. It is inhabited by wraith-like beings called phantoms.

  • 1 Injustice: Gods Among Us
  • 2 Injustice 2
  • 3 Prisoners

Injustice: Gods Among Us [ ]

Several portals leading into the Phantom Zone can be found in the Fortress of Solitude  stage. Combatants can be knocked into a Phantom Zone projector and then spat out of a portal, taking damage. They can also be knocked into the Zone itself through a portal at the far left side of the menagerie section, where they will collide with one of the crystal fragments housing a monstrous wraith. The wraith will proceed to take a bite out of the fighter's shoulder before being knocked off by a floating rock, and then the fighter will fall through a second Zone portal, winding up in the laboratory section of the stage.

Zod is able to temporarily trap his opponents in a Phantom Zone crystal as part of his of gameplay and even summon the wraith from the stage transition as his Character Trait.

According to some character profiles, the Phantom Zone is used by Superman to 're-educate' several super-villains into joining his side, suggesting that the Man of Steel spares villains if he believes they could be useful, such as Bane and Killer Frost . Near the end of Story Mode, the Zone is used to safely seal away the  Regime Doomsday after the monster is defeated.

If Classic Battle is cleared (by any character), a cutscene will show Superman being sucked into the Zone's portal in the menagerie. As he is pulled closer to the portal, he has several flashbacks of Lois Lane , her death at his own hands and his murder of the Joker before being pulled into the Zone by a Phantom. Kal-El is then seen trapped inside a crystal, screaming in anguish as he is banished deeper into the Zone.

Injustice 2 [ ]

*The following sections contains spoilers for Injustice 2*

Superman Phantom Zone

If Absolute Justice is pursued at the end of the story mode, after Batman's victory, Superman is bound by Kryptonite handcuffs and depowered by what appears to be gold Kryptonite. After being depowered, Superman is sent to the Phantom Zone but not before saying that even without his powers, the Phantom Zone can't hold him and he will be back, and Batman replied they'll be ready for his return.

Prisoners [ ]

  • General Zod - Released; deceased (killed by AMAZO)
  • Superboy - Released
  • Wonder Girl - Released
  • Starfire - Released
  • Red Robin - Released; deceased (Killed by General Zod)
  • Bane (Regime) - Released
  • Killer Frost (Regime) - Released
  • Doomsday - (Regime)
  • Superman - (Regime), Classic Battle or Absolute Justice Only
  • Originally in the Pre-Crisis era of DC, the Phantom Zone turned its inhabitants into literal phantoms, who could not interact with the outside world but could still observe it. The modern Post-Crisis Phantom Zone was influenced by the Richard Donner Superman movies, which depicted it as a glass shard where inmates were trapped and flung into space, unable to escape.

Possible image of an imprisoned Dru-Zod

  • 1 Injustice 2
  • 3 Robin (Damian Wayne)

Injustice Mobile Wiki

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Batman - Beyond (HD)

Batman Beyond can only be unlocked with the console game. Players are required to "Complete the MET all transitions challenge online in the Injustice: Gods Among Us console edition". Otherwise, he was previously able to be randomly obtained through the Dawn of Justice Gold Pack , Dawn of Justice Premium Pack , Suicide Squad Gold Pack and Wally West Gold Pack as well, although this did not unlock him for direct promotions. The aforementioned packs are no longer available in the game. He is able to randomly be obtained in the Eternal Enemies Batman v. Joker Pack , although this is not a permanent pack in the store.

  • 1.1 Basic Attacks
  • 1.2 Passive
  • 2.1 Good With
  • 2.2 Good Against
  • 2.3 Countered By
  • 3 Abilities
  • 4 Support Cards and Gear

Strategy [ ]

Basic attacks [ ].

His heavy combo is quite fast and smooth like all other Batman characters, making it easy to juggle .

Passive [ ]

Batman Beyond has a passive providing STUN immunity. His passive is generally only helpful if players were caught off guard or their fingers slipped, but can be especially effective against unblockable stuns, such as Bane/Luchador 's incredibly dangerous tag-in stun, or Martian Manhunter/Prime 's random stun thanks to his gear offering chance for unblockable basic attacks, and even the newly added Batman/Dawn of Justice 's passive that lets him evade and stun the opponent when they use specials!

However, Batman Beyond is very unpopular due to the console game requirement to have him unlocked, as well as his painfully low base stats. He is also rendered completely obsolete by Green Lantern/Red Son , who is not only immune to stuns, but also immune to crits, takes 20% less special damage, and extends this protection to all Red Son teammates, which also includes a stronger Batman, Batman/Red Son , and finally, has 250 more base health.

Batman Beyond Special 2

Batman activates his special 2.

Even for the fans of Batman Beyond, Batman/Beyond Animated offers a far more practical alternative and is even truer to the show in terms of physical design.

Batman can find some niche uses with his SP1. It can apply DOT from gears like The Ibistick and shatter gear with Claw of Horus 2 times with just a single usage. Combined with The Master's Death Cart can make him a good supporter, being able to inflict massive DOT damage and disable all of enemy gears per tag-in with his ranged SP1. His stun on SP1 can help other characters like The Flash/Earth 2 trigger their passives.

His heavy combo is very good for juggling, so basic attack gears are also good on him. Cloak of Destiny can empower his attacks after stunning the enemy with his SP1, especially basic attacks.

Interactions [ ]

Please note that battles are highly situational: this section only mentions cards that have mechanics that, for any reason, are particularly effective with/against, or particularly ineffective against Batman . Having a card that "counters" Batman does not mean it is always a good choice.

Good With [ ]

  • Lex Luthor/Insurgency
  • Lex Luthor/Krypto
  • Harley Quinn/Arkham
  • Batman/Prime
  • Harley Quinn/Insurgency
  • Being a Justice League card, he can contribute to the passive of Superman/New 52 and is aided by the passives of Wonder Woman/New 52 and Shazam/New 52 .

Good Against [ ]

  • Bane/Luchador and The Flash/Earth 2 : Their notoriety comes from their unblockable stuns (with The Flash sharing his with fellow Earth 2 teammates). Batman's stun immunity lowers their threat level against him.
  • Cloak of Destiny : Stun is practically impossible on Batman Beyond, which is a very simple way to deal with this gear, as it's massive damage boost would be practically disabled, lowering the effectiveness of the Cloak.

Countered By [ ]

  • Batgirl : All 3 versions of Batgirl have a small stun at the beginning on their special 1, which is not negated by Batman's passive and can deal increased damage if equipped with Cloak of Destiny .
  • Batman/Batman Ninja : Same with Batgirl, but with Batman's SP2 instead.
  • Green Arrow/Prime , and Green Arrow/Arrow : Both of these Green Arrows have a FREEZE arrow that can still immobilize Batman, leaving him vulnerable to unblocked attacks.

Abilities [ ]

Here are Batman's abilities.

Support Cards and Gear [ ]

Here are Batman's support cards and gear.

These stats are the final damage and health levels at level 50, per Elite rank, with ALL support cards , and without any augmentations . With the 2.13 update, Elite 8, 9, and 10 have been added. The Elite 10 damage and health levels are for level 60 characters . Numbers with a * after them may not be accurate, please allow for a discrepancy of '+1/-1' damage or health due to rounding inconsistencies in game code.

  • Batman Beyond, along with Batman/Beyond Animated , are unique in which the Batmobile in their super move is changed to a futuristic rocket car.
  • However, this specific Batman Beyond is not the classic Terry McGinnis, rather this is Bruce Wayne in the prototype Beyond suit before gifting it to Terry.

Batmobile Beyond

Batmobile Beyond.

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  • 3 Batman Ninja Helmet

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Phantom Pain Cage

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Phantom Pain Cage (also simply referred to as Pain Cage or PPC) is a game mode where users can battle simulated versions of boss-level enemies found throughout various points in the game. In this mode, users will earn a score based on the time to completion and total average health of the deployed team. It is unlocked after both reaching level 35 and completing Main Story stage 5-7 Humanoid on Normal.

Pain Cage Overview

Entry in Pain Cage is limited to 4 attempts per day on weekdays and 8 attempts per day on weekends.

All bosses encountered in Pain Cage have five difficulties: Test, Elite, Knight, Chaos and Hell. For each increase in difficulty, bosses will gain access to enhanced stats and attack patterns.

In Pain Cage, any given Construct or Transcendant will have a limited weekly entry count, denoted by an "AP" gauge. By default, any given character will possess 5 AP at the beginning of each week. Clearing any single difficulty stage will consume 1 AP of the character(s) deployed. Once a character's AP has been exhausted, they will become unusable until a new cycle begins the following week (note: entry count will not decrease if the user chooses to discard their score upon stage completion).

The number as well as potential pool of bosses that can be encountered will vary. Commandants under level 54 will be able to battle two bosses per week, whereas Commandants above level 54 will have access to three. Some boss enemies cannot be encountered in this mode unless the Commandant's level is 80 or above (such as Rosetta ).

Users who have scored 1 million points during any given week will receive a special permanent badge.

Cumulative Progress Rewards

Ranking rewards, pain cage shop.

phantom zone rewards

  • B- and A-Rank Construct Inver-Shards: 5 Phantom Pain Scar each for the first 10 purchases; 10 each for the remaining purchases from that point forward.
  • S-Rank Construct Inver-Shards have a total purchase limit of 30; once the user has purchased all 30 Inver-Shards for that Construct, the item sells-out. Further Inver-Shards for that Construct will thenceforth not be purchasable in this shop.

Ultimate Zone

The pool of enemy bosses that can be encountered in Ultimate Zone is larger than Advanced/Intermediate/Basic Zone. Additionally, users who have earned their 1-million point badge will gain access to Ultimate Zone where a further pool of additional bosses can be challenged. At the beginning of each week, the user will be given the choice between normal and Ultimate Zone for that week. Users who participate in Ultimate Zone will receive different ranking rewards.

phantom zone rewards

  • Graphical assets used are owned by Kuro Game.
  • Donate to Miraheze

phantom zone rewards


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