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Phantom’s Revenge


Brace yourself for a 232-foot drop on Phantom’s Revenge

Are you ready to scream?  Phantom’s Revenge  is one of Kennywood’s most thrilling and revered rides. True to the Park’s inventive streak, this is no ordinary coaster. Reaching a whopping 85 miles per hour, it boasts several unique features that set it apart from the rest. The vast majority of coasters will start with the largest drop, but Phantom riders plummet 232 feet during its second drop. What’s more, the 3,365 feet of track passes through the structure of the neighboring  Thunderbolt  twice. It gets so close your heart will skip a beat! And if that won’t make you scream, the banked curves and insane amount of airtime certainly will.

One of the most recognized landmarks of the park, the original ride opened back in 1991 and it was Kennywood’s first record-setting steel rollercoaster.  Steel Phantom , as it was called, was a groundbreaking ride at the time, taking home the title of fastest rollercoaster in the world. If that’s not impressive enough, it also introduced the longest drop of any ride! In 2001, we revamped it and gave it a menacing new name to match. Now taller and faster than its predecessor, the improved Phantom provides a smoother ride for riders. Plus, it is the fastest rollercoaster in the state! Can't wait to get strapped in on  Phantom's Revenge ? Just follow the screams, and you will find it in no time at all! Nestled between Thunderbolt and Black Widow, this rollercoaster perfectly fits Kennywood's natural terrain and uses the landscape to its advantage, creating a one-of-a-kind ride.

For over a century we have created some of the most innovative rides in the amusement industry; and constantly update or renew our attractions, all the while honoring Kennywood’s commitment to providing world-class thrills.   

Riders must be at least 48” to ride.

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phantoms revenge off ride

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