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10 Scariest Haunted Houses In Texas (True Halloween Terror)

Interested in discovering the  scariest attractions ; the scariest haunted houses in Texas to visit this Halloween?

You’re in the right place so keep reading.

10 Scariest Haunted Houses In Texas (Pee-Your-Pants Halloween Terror)

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Updated 2/11/2020 – As summer comes to a close, many seasonal changes are quickly approaching.

The transition into fall means something a little different to everybody: for youth, it signifies the beginning of another school year, for sports fans it means that football season is nearly upon us, and for horror and paranormal enthusiasts it means that Halloween is just around the corner.

The official holiday only lasts one night, but diehard fans find ways to celebrate Halloween all month long.

In between costume shopping, and horror movie marathons, thousands of Americans like to test their nerves by visiting as many scary haunted houses as possible each year.

These days, it’s not hard to find a haunted house attraction near you.

  • But which ones are worth the cash?
  • Which attractions will truly terrify?
  • Where is the metaphorical diamond in the rough?

We have looked through countless haunted houses, and seen all sorts of things.

Among the average productions, we have listed ten of the scariest haunted houses in Texas that will test your limits and fears with every turn.

But be warned!

These are not for the faint of heart; you may even pee your pants !

The 10 Scariest Haunted Houses In Texas To Visit This Halloween

Table of Contents

  • 1 #10) Dark Hour Haunted House – Plano
  • 2 #9) Scream Hollow – Smithville
  • 3 #8) Texas Terror Trail – Canutillo
  • 4 #7) Creepy Hollow Haunted House – Rosharon
  • 5 #6) Thrillvania Thrill Park – Terrell
  • 6 #5) Terror Nights Haunted House – Tyler
  • 7 #4) Cutting Edge – Fort Worth
  • 8 #3) Houston Terror Dome – Houston
  • 9 #2) House Of Torment – Austin
  • 10 #1) 13th Floor – San Antonio
  • 11 Final Word

#10) Dark Hour Haunted House – Plano

Planning to spend some time in Plano, Texas? Don't miss this place.

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This terrifying and theatrical haunted house builds on a dark and complex history.

The Dark Hour Haunted House , known as Coven Manor, is home to malicious witches of the Dark Hour Coven.

Intent on reigning over all that is evil, the witches attempt to gain control of all that is unholy by a ritual known as the dark hour.

From the cemetery that sprawls in front of the house, to the greenhouses behind it where the coven concocts poisonous elixirs, there is no safe place to hide from this coven of evil sorcerers.

Can’t wait for Halloween?

This Texas haunted house offers frightening tours every single month of the year except January.

So, put on a brave face and battle against the witches of Dark Hour Coven.

#9) Scream Hollow – Smithville

Scream Hollow is one of the best haunts in Texas, they open for 2016 in September.

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Scream Hollow  is located on a walloping twenty acres and is four miles away from the location of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

This park includes not one, but three haunted houses, each with a terrifying and unique theme.

The Mansion of Terror is the former home of a woman named Adella.

She ran a children’s orphanage out of the home.

Little did locals know that Adella often conjured up demonic forces by use of a spirit board .

These demonic forces would gain strength by devouring the abandoned children that lived with her.

In the factory, you will encounter your worst fears as you try to escape an evil horde of zombies.

Once a military experiment gone horribly awry, you must search for the cure amongst those who want to feast on your flesh.

In Slaughter Circus, a battle rages.

You must try to escape the evil clutches of both a murderous gang of circus clowns, and their enemies, a long standing family of horrific cannibals .

#8) Texas Terror Trail – Canutillo

Texas Terror Trail Scary Clown

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Among the scariest haunted houses in Texas, there are a few gems that are not houses at all, but haunted trails.

The Texas Terror Trail was once home to a POW camp for German soldiers during WWII.

When a paintball facility was built in the area decades later, they unwittingly unearthed a mysterious and deeply disturbing force from deep underground.

Now, staff members are the victims of an inexplicable, evil force that like to terrorize them as they work.

Face the unknown at the Terror Trail and find out for yourself what undead creatures lurk behind the trees that surround you in all directions.

#7) Creepy Hollow Haunted House – Rosharon

Creepy Hollow is filled with horrors that will terrify you to the core.

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If you’re near Rosharon and looking for one of the scariest haunted houses in Texas, check out Creepy Hollow Haunted House .

It has an array of attractions to stun and terrify.

Once a facility meant to experiment on feral hogs in the area, the factory has now become an infected zone of rabid creatures with a penchant for murder.

In the dark woods , you’ll encounter vagrants who have called the forest home for years.

These sadistic folks have been contaminated by the genetic fluids dumped there from the factory, and have evolved into gruesome half-human, half-animal hybrids of pure evil.

This Texas haunted house attraction is sure to have you on your toes all the way to the bloody end.

#6) Thrillvania Thrill Park – Terrell

Do you dare see what awaits you at Thrillvania?

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Thrillvania Thrill Park  is a fifty acre park that has three haunted houses, to fit your darkest desires.

In Verdun Manor, a psychotic werewolf enjoyed experimenting on travelers, turning them into violent creatures of the dark.

At Cassandra’s Labyrinth of Terror, resident clowns have been the victims of another of the werewolf’s horrific experiments , making them descend into deranged madness.

This maze of horrors distorts time and space for all that dare to enter.

In the Trail of Torment, you will find Sam, who was bitten by the vampire Cassandra.

Enraged by his fate, Sam now takes his anger out on unsuspecting victims who dare to enter his lair.

#5) Terror Nights Haunted House – Tyler

Terror Nights is one of the best haunted houses in all of Texas.

Photo credit:

Claimed by locals as one of the most terrifying haunted houses in Texas, Terror Nights Haunted House now has two chill worthy attractions on its premises.

At Chiseltooth Manor, you will find a backwoods, barbaric family with a penchant for torture and chainsaws.

Use your wit to escape their house from hell, or become a permanent play thing for this depraved family .

A beloved toy maker once had a store full of his creations.

But the untimely death of his daughter sent him into a manic state, and now those who enter Nightmare Factory must battle against the psychotic toy maker, or face becoming a toy themselves.

Battle for your life, in this factory of evil.

#4) Cutting Edge – Fort Worth

The Cutting Edge Haunted House is one of the best in all of Texas. Real sharp place, you might say.

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Among haunted houses in Texas, Fort Worth’s Cutting Edge is by far one of the most intense.

The Cutting Edge is located at an abandoned meat packing plant, which provides a fantastic setting and makes it the perfect location for scaring the crap out of your date.

Once used to process animal meat, the facility has since developed the grotesque purpose of grinding up and processing humans for consumption.

Demonic creatures, sadistic humans and other ghastly figures have been attracted to the evil emanating from the plant and now call the facility their home.

Race against the clock and all of the plant’s evil entities so that you can escape with your life—and all of your body parts intact.

#3) Houston Terror Dome – Houston

The Houston Terror Dome is absolutely terrifying and a must-see for anyone in Texas that loves to be afraid.

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The Houston Terror Dome has earned it’s spot on our list for good reason.

The Terror Dome is where some of the most demanding of Halloween enthusiasts get their scare on.

Filled with Hollywood quality props, you won’t know what is real and what is fake in this horrific attraction.

Littered with demonic creatures, bloody spirits and flesh eating zombies, the Terror Dome is so downright terrifying because it is drastically different every single year.

#2) House Of Torment – Austin

House of Torment is a huge haunt with tons of terrifying things to experience.

Photo credit:

Austin’s House of Torment will thrill you, and scare the crap out of you.

This award winning Texas haunted house contains three terror-inducing attractions.

Sadistic clowns have taken over a local slaughterhouse, calling it the Laughterhouse.

These evil clowns derive power from the fear and screams of others, so try to remain composed or else you’ll be their next victim.

At Hex of the Harvest, a coven of witches is bent on summoning an evil ancient being to Earth, known as the Ancient of the Harvest.

You must make your way through the pumpkin vines safely if you do not want to become cursed by the evil coven.

The Dead End District is a dilapidated town, now home to half-human, half-insect creatures bent on devouring any who enter their city.

Join forces with the remaining humans to rid the town once and for all from this grotesque horde of violent insects.

#1) 13th Floor – San Antonio

13th Floor is easily one of the best, biggest, and most intense haunts you'll ever encounter.

#1 on the list is the 13th Floor .

This Texas haunted house is based in San Antonio , and has gained quite a nasty reputation.

At the Burial Ground, you will explore the basement of an antique building, where victims of depraved experiments were held captive.

Go face to face with a horrific warlock who still oversees the grounds, and see if you can successfully escape through the tunnels underground.

Think you’re safe once you reach the tunnels?

Think again.

You will find yourself in The Void , a dark and creepy space where cold spots and horrible apparitions lurk for you in the corners of the dark…

The attraction concludes on the mysterious thirteenth floor of the building, where few dare to tread.

The spooks and terrors that await you there are very little talked about, so come prepared for the ultimate evil.

Check it out and see for yourself why the 13th Floor is the scariest haunted house in Texas…

And bring an extra pair of underwear.

You’ll need it.

These Texas haunted houses are bound to thrill and chill you to the bone , whether you are a haunted house aficionado or new to the terror scene.

So many haunted house attractions across the country provide uninspired, lackluster scares all the while breaking the bank.

But these ten are worth every penny, and every blood curdling scream.

This Halloween season is sure to be a promising one if you visit any of these frightening attractions.

And remember that some of them provide year-round frights, so you don’t have to endure the agonizing wait for September or October to roll around.

Happy Haunting!

Have you visited any of these haunted houses in TX?

Have you experienced the gruesome terror for yourself, tell us in the comments below and share this with your friends., click the share button below..

scariest haunted houses texas

scariest haunted houses texas

10 Must-See TEXAS Haunted Houses in 2023

scariest haunted houses texas

If you love Halloween haunted house attractions , then you’ve come to the right place! We currently have 90 spooky haunts listed in Texas including twisted trails , haunted hayrides , home haunts , corn mazes , and more!

Here’s a list of some of the most popular haunted houses on our website that you don’t want to miss this season!

10. Graystone Haunted Manor – Longview, TX

scariest haunted houses texas

Graystone Haunted Manor offers five scary attractions at one low price plus shows, movies, the Boneyard Bistro, a gift shop, and more! The scaring begins September 29th!

scariest haunted houses texas

9. Silo of Screams Haunted Attractions – Temple, TX

scariest haunted houses texas

Silo of Screams will be bringing you five full-size haunts for the 2023 Halloween season! Over 30,000 square feet of horror all for one price starting September 22nd!

scariest haunted houses texas

8. Nightmare on 19th Street – Lubbock, TX

scariest haunted houses texas

Nightmare on 19th Street is a Halloween scream park in West Texas with four haunting attractions. All new for this October is the Ice Caves of Krampus! Experience their 17th year of fear beginning on September 30th.

scariest haunted houses texas

7. Haunted Mayfield Manor – Galveston, TX

scariest haunted houses texas

The Haunted Mayfield Manor is housed in the Butterowe Building, which was once the site of a temporary morgue following the great hurricane of 1900. Are you ready to join Dr. Mayfield in his home as he reveals the secrets that dwell inside? This attraction is open nearly every day of the year!

scariest haunted houses texas

6. Purgatory Scream Park – Kingwood, TX

scariest haunted houses texas

The former “Kingwood Asylum” haunted house, Purgatory Scream Park , is an immersive, terrifying experience north of Houston. The gates open September 22nd.

scariest haunted houses texas

5. Phobia Haunted House – Houston, TX

scariest haunted houses texas

Phobia Haunted House ‘s BW 8 location (Houston) offers eight haunted attractions! The screaming begins September 30th.

scariest haunted houses texas

4. Cutting Edge Haunted House – Fort Worth, TX

scariest haunted houses texas

Cutting Edge Haunted House is a “dark attraction filled with live actors, amazing special effects, and incredible monsters.” This is said to be an intense, multi-story, multi-themed haunt! Opening night is September 30th.

scariest haunted houses texas

3. House of Torment – Austin, TX

scariest haunted houses texas

House of Torment Haunted Houses brings multiple haunted attractions in 2023. Are you ready to experience this legendary event? They opened on September 15th.

scariest haunted houses texas

2. Dark Hour Haunted House – Plano, TX

scariest haunted houses texas

Dark Hour Haunted House presents “Rise of the Sea Witch” beginning September 22nd! At Dark Hour, they want you to scream loud and often… are you ready?

scariest haunted houses texas

1. Creepy Hollow Haunted House – Rosharon, TX

scariest haunted houses texas

Creepy Hollow Haunted House is going bigger and scarier than ever for 2023! Be prepared to experience hours of entertainment including three haunted attractions, multiple shows, food, games, and more! They open on September 29th.

scariest haunted houses texas

For a full list of all scary attractions in Texas, please visit our TEXAS Haunted House Directory

Now get out there and STAY SCARY!

Note from the editors: This list is not a top haunts list. We are not saying these are the best or scariest haunts in the state or the only ones you should visit. It would be best if you considered these when making your Halloween season plans, as they are some of the most popular amongst our reviewers and our site visitors.

scariest haunted houses texas

The Scare Factor provides reviews and directory listings for Halloween haunted houses, haunted trails, haunted hayrides, scream parks, and other types of haunted attractions.

All rights reserved. Copyright 2023©️

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My Texas State Online

23 Haunted Houses In TEXAS (Creepy, Scary, & Traumatizing)

You must have heard that Texas, the second largest state in the US, is home to diverse cultures, food , flavors, and tourist attractions .

But did you also hear that the Lone Star State, as it is fondly called, is home to numerous creepy and terrifying haunted houses ?

In fact, it is argued that Texas is the world’s haunted house capital.

Are there really haunted houses in Texas, or are the reports mere assumptions?

Well, this article will take you on a tour of some of the haunted houses in Texas, providing you with all the info you need, including the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Be assured that when you are done reading this, you’ll either be too excited and eager to visit Texas’s haunted houses or be too scared to attempt such a visit.

You had better keep reading to find out more!

And by the way, you may also want to check out the best Hidden Gems in Texas .

Haunted Houses in Fort Worth, Texas

1. cutting edge haunted house.

scariest haunted houses texas

This haunted attraction built in an abandoned meat packing plant in Fort Worth is known for its multi-themed, intense, and highly-horrifying experience.

The 55-minute tour is filled with scary twists, drums, strange sounds, animations, and slippery floors.

Some visitors even claim there are real spirits there.

Cutting Edge House utilizes special effects, live actors, and a zombie live band to give guests a mind-blowing experience.

You’d experience a nearly-suffocating foam bubbles experience, being chased by some crazy guys with chainsaws, and walking through a dark, creepy closet.

Can you get to the end, or will you tap out midway?

Address: 1701 E Lancaster Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76102, USA

2. Stockyards Hotel

scariest haunted houses texas

This hotel might seem like a pleasant place for a good stay ; however, numerous reports of guests claim this hotel is haunted.

In fact, in the infamous Bonnie & Clyde Junior Suite, the water taps are said to turn on and off by themselves occasionally.

Also, TVs and radios are reported to switch themselves on and off at intervals.

Moreover, the hotel’s elevator is said to ascend and descend at will without anyone inside.

Guests claimed they saw a young girl’s ghost , received “strange calls,” and constantly felt watched.

It is believed the strange events are caused by the spirit of a former employee of the hotel who died years ago.

But are the horror stories real or just figments of the guests’ imaginations?

You may want to visit the Stockyards Hotel to find out for yourself,…or not.

Address: 109 E Exchange Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76164, United States

3. Miss Molly’s Bed & Breakfast Hotel

Guests in this hotel have reported sighting the ghost of a little girl, hearing strange laughter, and seeing shadows when alone.

They say toilets sometimes flush themselves, room doors lock and unlock themselves, and the TV volume increases and decreases at will.

The innkeeper, Paula Gowins, claimed she had several close encounters with ghosts and strange beings during her occupancy.

She confirmed that it gets “a little eetsy at times” and that the ‘Madame’s Room ’ is definitely haunted.

The ‘bed & breakfast’ hotel is said to have some permanent residents– ghosts of some cowboys and several Victorian women.

Visitors also experienced inexplicable smells, the disappearance and reappearance of items, ghostly sightings of dead workers, and the infamous Jake, the cowboy.

Could these stories be real ?

Address: 109 W Exchange Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76164, United States

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Haunted Houses in Texarkana, Texas

1. 7 th street house of horrors.

This haunted house is filled with scary treats and scream-provoking spooks.

The theme and layout of the house are changed each year, making it impossible for guests to know what dark and devilish experiences await them.

As soon as you enter the haunted house, you’ll be immersed in a world of ghosts and ghouls.

The special effects and sets are top-notch, and the actors do a great job of creating a genuinely unsettling atmosphere.

A plus to this spot is that the house has a Pumpkin Patch , where a wide variety of pumpkins are sold.

While it costs just $10 to access the 7 th Street House of Horrors, would you like to find out what it costs to leave?

You had better be careful with the scary narrow hallway in the house before you get lost forever.

Address: 5301 w 7th St, Texarkana, Texas 75501

2. Hotel Grim

scariest haunted houses texas

From its name (Ghastly, Gloomy, and Sinister) you can tell this hotel is only for the brave.

This building was once an architectural wonder and a regular spot for Texarkana’s wealthiest men and women.

The famous Bonny and Clyde couple reportedly once appeared at this hotel.

However, numerous strange occurrences were reported to have taken place there, with some claiming to have seen ghostly apparitions roaming the halls and heard strange noises coming from empty rooms.

Even after closing its doors in 1990, visitors claimed they had their hair pulled and clothes tugged at by unseen beings.

Unfortunately, thrill-seekers looking forward to otherworldly and frightful encounters at Grim Hotel may not be able to experience one today, as the formerly abandoned haunted hotel is now being remodeled into an apartment building.

Address: 211 W 3rd St, Texarkana, TX 75501, USA

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Haunted Houses in Houston, Texas

1. la carafe bar.

scariest haunted houses texas

La Carafe Bar is rumored to be haunted by multiple ghosts, including that of the “Lady in White,” who allegedly pushes beautiful women down the staircase.

The ghost of the bar’s former bartender has also been reportedly seen around the bar, with some guests even claiming they heard his voice shouting “last call.”

Workers in the bar claim that countless times, they’ve seen bottles fall off the shelves and heard sounds of a young child playing with a ball in the upper room.

According to the bartenders, multiple footsteps of people walking around upstairs and even sounds of moving equipment are often heard upstairs when nobody is supposed to be there.

Guests also report hearing music playing from nowhere during their visit.

Are you ready to drink beer with ghosts around you at La Carafe Bar?

Address: 813 Congress St, Houston, TX 77002, United States

2. The Rice Hotel/Lofts

scariest haunted houses texas

Now known as The Rice, the former Rice Hotel was known as a dwelling place for spirits, ghosts, and paranormal activities.

Just before his assassination, former President John F. Kennedy and his wife Jackie had spent the day there on November 21, 1963.

Guests claim to have felt chills, heard ghostly sounds and rattling of objects, and seen strange apparitions in the room where the former president died.

Some corporeal dancers have also been reportedly seen performing in the ballroom.

With its renovation, there are claims that the ghost ballroom dancers at the former Rice Hotel have taken their dance and activities to the roof of the Rice Apartments.

Do you dare to visit ?

Address: 909 Texas Avenue in Downtown Houston, Texas, United States.

3. Houston Scream Fest

Popularly referred to as Houston’s largest haunted event, the Houston Scream Fest features seven haunted houses, each with its own unique theme and scares.

Carnival games, Zombie Paintball, creepy entertainment, adult beverages, a Zombie Paintball, and more are some of its offerings.

But don’t be fooled by the live concerts, air-conditioned restrooms, and free drinks at the Scream Fest!

You will indeed have a harrowing experience at this event, especially inside its haunted houses.

In fact, guests claim only an insane person would attend the haunted houses alone.

The Fest offers scary and disturbing entertainment that might mess with your head; hence, you had better ensure you’ve got what it takes before going for this event.

And oh, watch out for your shoes as they may get damaged!

Address: 1500 Elton St, Houston, TX 77034, USA

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Haunted Houses in El Paso, Texas

1. de soto hotel.

scariest haunted houses texas

This historic hotel has gained a reputation for being home to some less-than-living guests.

A young girl’s ghost reportedly haunts De Soto in the basement and other ghosts and apparitions.

El Paso natives claim one gets a weird feeling by merely looking at the building.

Investigators have reported hearing laughter and singing from a little girl’s voice and hearing an invisible being asking, “who cares?”

The image of a faded otherworldly being has also been reportedly caught on camera in a recording.

Various accounts claim some satanic worship goes on in the hotel’s basement.

Sadly, De Soto Hotel “mysteriously” caught fire last year, with the police describing the cause of the fire as “undetermined after investigation.”

Address: 309 E Mills Ave, El Paso, TX 79901, USA

2. Monteleone’s Ristorante

Food isn’t the only thing Monteleone’s Ristorante is known for.

In fact, the real reason for its “fame” is its “hauntedness.”

During its renovation, the workers reportedly sighted ethereal beings and perceived mysterious odors.

Customers claim they experienced heavy banging on the walls and occasional loud chimes.

Monteleone himself reported how a dark, metaphysical arm had tried grabbing him once.

After psychic investigations, it was “discovered” the restaurant was a portal between the living and the dead and hosted guardian spirits and entities.

After its “cleansing,” the Monteleones claim the remaining ghosts are friendly.

Are you ready to dine with the supernatural, or you’d rather sit this one out?

Address: 3023 Gateway Blvd W, El Paso, TX 79903, United States

3. The Magoffin Homestead

scariest haunted houses texas

This home is reportedly haunted by ghosts, including that of Charles Richardson, a brother-in-law and best friend to Joseph Magoffin, the initial owner of the home.

Visitors claim to have seen Octavia Magoffin tending to the garden or felt her presence brush past them at the homestead.

In fact, many late members of the Magoffin family are said to still dwell there to date .

Even the late Charles’ favorite rocking chair by the fire can still be observed rocking on its own sometimes.

The workers even claim the chair always returns to the same position whenever anyone tries to reposition it elsewhere.

Are you brave enough to visit the Magoffin Homestead?

Address: 1120 Magoffin Ave, El Paso, TX 79901, United States

4. The El Paso Playhouse

Community plays, musicals, and other performances are definitely not the only things that go on in the legendary El Paso Playhouse.

In fact, consistent paranormal activities have been reported in this house.

Things like hearing whispers near the concession and spotlight areas, toilets flushing themselves, disappearance and reappearance of props, sounds of heavy footsteps on the wooden staircase, and more are some of the reported paranormal activities that go on in the house.

Some people believe the house is haunted by the ghost of a technician killed in the building years ago.

A shadowy figure walking to the women’s bathroom has also been caught in a camera footage.

Performers equally reported seeing some creepy things backstage.

Would you like a night of entertainment by men while surrounded by spirits?

Address: 2501 Montana Ave, El Paso, TX 79903, United States

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Haunted Houses in Plano, Texas

1. dark hour haunted house.

This haunted house claims it’s “Plano, Texas’ most Terrifying Haunted House,” but is this true?

As you go through the haunted house, you’ll encounter jump scares and special effects at every turn, making it a heart-pounding and unforgettable experience.

The house is designed to push the limits and test your bravery as you navigate a series of terrifying rooms and scenarios.

A new witch is introduced every year, and participants are made to go through what has been described as “daring and daunting” tasks.

Their performances feature horror-filled depictions and creatures, including midgets, spiders, and zombies, that will definitely give you chilling nightmares.

Guests have repeatedly described the Dark Hour Haunted House as “very scary” and claim the entire experience felt real.

How real can it get?

Address: 701 Taylor Dr, Plano, TX 75074, United States

2. Masonic Lodge No. 768

Easily Plano’s most haunted old building, this lodge is a historic one with a disturbing past.

It is rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of former Lodge members.

Some have reported hearing ghostly whispers and heavy footsteps that sound like a man wearing work boots, while others have claimed to see ghostly apparitions.

Other visitors reported that the lodge’s main room seats raise and lower themselves at will without anyone else being there.

A past master of the lodge also alleged he heard a little girl’s laughter late at night.

Even a team of paranormal investigators reported they had seen objects moving on their own and other signs of abnormal unnatural activities.

Are you courageous enough to take a tour of this terrifying building?

Address: 1414 ½ J Ave, Plano, TX 75074, United States

3. The Plano Interurban Railway Museum

Formerly known as the Plano Electric Railway, a partnership of the city of Plano and The Plano Conservancy for Historic Preservation, Inc manages this railway.

However, it is rumored to be haunted by ghosts and supernatural beings.

The co-founder of the Plano Conservancy for Historic Preservation, who also doubled as the co-director of the Interurban Railway Museum, Russ Kissick, had shared a story about the infamous Zodiac Rider.

The Zodiac Rider was alleged to have occasionally ridden the Interurban Railway, selling sweets and candies to children while dressed in all-black apparel with a pointed hat adorned with zodiac sign symbols.

Whether or not this was an actual ghost or not remains unknown; however, tales of the Zodiac Rider form a crucial part of the city’s scary stories.

Address: 901 E 15th St, Plano, TX 75074, United States

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Haunted Houses in Mineral Wells, Texas

1. haunted hill house.

Not even the owner, Katherine Estes, who was attacked by invisible beings would agree to sleep in this house again.

And she’s not the only one– numerous victims were left traumatized by what Katherine described as “entities and bad things.”

Victims reportedly woke up with scratches, bite marks, burns, and piercings on their bodies.

Most paranormal occurrences here are attributed to Toby, one of the “entities” haunting the house.

Visitors claim they’ve heard Toby’s voice and growls and have even seen his shadows when alone.

A woman allegedly woke up badly scratched and soaked in her own blood.

Many people who stay never make it through the night as they often hurry away as soon as something strange happens.

Can you spend an entire night in this house?

Address: 501 NE 1st St, Mineral Wells, TX 76067, United States

2. Baker Hotel

scariest haunted houses texas

The hotel is said to be haunted by ghosts of sick people who had come there to benefit from the curing mineral water pools but eventually died and its late owner, T.D. Baker.

TD. Baker’s spirit is said to still haunt the hotel, walking majestically on the hallways, filling the rooms with smells of cigars, and even causing visitors’ items to disappear and reappear later.

Even the ghost of Baker’s mistress has been sighted numerous times by the hotel’s workers and guests.

Other ghosts reportedly haunting the Baker Hotel include a young boy who lost his life in the hotel’s elevator and another young boy who had died while seeking treatment from the mineral springs for his leukemia condition.

You should visit the Baker Hotel if you are ready for a spooky and unforgettable experience.

Address: 201 E Hubbard St, Mineral Wells, TX 76067, USA

3. The Crazy Water Hotel

Just after the reconstruction of this hotel, two known entities are said to have repeatedly made their presence known in the hotel’s vicinity, especially in the newly-constructed kitchen and basement.

Some of the kitchen staff claim to have seen full apparitions of a man dressed in black and of a cheerful young girl appear right in front of them.

Other employees say they’ve been touched by invisible hands while serving food.

Strange voices, including the sobs of a young girl, have reportedly been heard in the hotel’s basement.

While nobody seems to know who exactly these spirits are, it has been agreed that all the paranormal activities started after the reconstruction of the kitchen area.

Could the reconstruction have stirred up the spirits, or is there something else behind their appearance?

Address: 401 N Oak Ave Ste 107a, Mineral Wells, TX 76067, USA

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Haunted Houses in Dallas, Texas

1. snuffer’s restaurant.

Even its owner, Pat Snuffer, said he’d never go in there alone.

Employees report frequently being tapped by invisible hands or feeling a brush against their arms.

Sudden temperature drops, pendulum lights sways, children’s voices, creaking doors, and heavy footsteps sounds are regular occurrences there.

Some reports claim the paranormal activities are caused by the ghost of a guest who died after being shot there.

In fact, some employees alleged they often heard the sounds of a man grumbling in pain while dragging himself to the bathroom– the same way the late guest had tried walking to the restroom after he was shot.

This restaurant is clearly not for the faint of heart.

Address: 3526 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206, United States

2. The Millermore Mansion

scariest haunted houses texas

Often described as the largest remaining historic mansion in the city of Dallas, the Millermore Mansion is said to be filled with paranormal activities and otherworldly beings.

Guests claim to have seen the ghosts of a woman dressed in a long brown dress at various parts of the mansion, with some claiming they had seen her going up the staircase.

The spirit is said to be that of Emily, the third wife of William Brown Miller, the land and slave owner who built the home in 1855.

Staff and visitors often report feeling they were being watched by unseen beings and experiencing other weird occurrences in the home.

You should only visit this mansion if you are ready for a truly harrowing experience.

Address: 1515 S Harwood St, Dallas, TX 75215, United States

3. Sons of Hermann Hall

scariest haunted houses texas

There’s a whole lot more to this hall than just dance, music, and entertainment.

To put it straight, Sons of Hermann Hall is haunted!

Whether or not you choose to believe it, guests have reported ghostly sightings and hearing strange sounds in the hall.

In fact, Kathy, a dance teacher at the hall, confirmed the building has a “presence.”

Paranormal activities reported here include sounds of children running around and moving the chairs, flashes of shadows and light, and more.

A guest even said he had seen a “Victorian-dressed couple” casually walk in and head upstairs, but the couple neither came back down later nor were ever found upstairs.

Though people claim the ghosts in the hall are harmless, would you like to verify for yourself?

Address: 3414 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75226, USA

Also see our article on Date Ideas in Texas .

Haunted Houses in Austin, Texas

1. the driskell hotel.

scariest haunted houses texas

This Austin’s oldest hotel has gained a reputation as one of the most haunted houses in Texas.

Jesse Driskell, the hotel’s late owner who had to forfeit the hotel’s ownership due to financial problems, is said to haunt the hotel.

It is believed his ghost occupies the hotel since he never got to enjoy its success while alive.

The ghost of a jilted bride who had killed herself in the hotel has been reportedly seen walking down the halls with shopping bags, while another jilted bride’s ghost is said to mournfully walk the halls sometimes.

Some guests claim they’ve heard the ghost of a child –who fell to his death in the hotel – giggling and bouncing a ball, while others say they felt a presence around them.

Can you spend a night with the ghosts of the Driskell Hotel?

Address: 604 Brazos St, Austin, TX 78701, USA

2. The Littlefield House

scariest haunted houses texas

Numerous tales of ghostly sightings and paranormal activities surround this home located at the University of Texas in Austin.

It is said to be haunted by the ghost of Alice Littlefield, the owner’s wife.

Some guests even claimed they heard her voice singing and saw her face around the windows .

Some visitors also reported screams and footstep sounds in the house, while others claimed they felt Alice’s presence there.

Other paranormal occurrences in the Littlefield House include unexplainable echoes, loud shrieking sounds, and even sounds of someone playing the piano upstairs without anyone actually being there.

Even though people claim the ghosts are friendly , do you dare to visit the Littlefield House?

Address: 302 W 24th St, Austin, Texas

If you liked this article, you may also like to read about the best Pumpkin Patches , Ghost Towns , and Festivals in Texas.

Looking beyond Texas? Check out our article on the creepiest haunted houses in New York and Florida’s scariest haunted houses .

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The 10 Scariest Haunted Houses In Texas We Dare You To Visit This Halloween

scariest haunted houses texas

Katie Lawrence

Katie Lawrence is a Southeast Texas native who graduated 18th in her high school class with a GPA of 4.25. She attended college in the Houston area and began writing for OnlyInYourState in 2015. Today, Katie writes, edits, and performs several other tasks for OnlyInYourState and has never been more passionate about a job before. Outside of work, you can likely find her curled up on with a hot cup of coffee, practicing yoga, baking, or exploring the beautiful Lone Star State (in particular, the vast and mystical West Texas desert).

More by this Author

With Halloween fast-approaching, the next few weekends are going to be filled with as many haunted attractions as I can possibly pack into two days. Luckily for us, almost every decent-sized city in Texas has some sort of scary house with good actors, intricate scenes, and an overall atmosphere that will make every hair on your body stand at attention. Here are 10 of the best – keep reading if you dare.

scariest haunted houses texas

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We Checked Out The 15 Most Terrifying Places In Texas And They're Horrifying

We Checked Out The 15 Most Terrifying Places In Texas And They're Horrifying

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Not Many People Realize These 11 Little Known Haunted Places In Texas Exist

Stay Away From Texas' Most Haunted Street After Dark Or You May Be Sorry

Stay Away From Texas' Most Haunted Street After Dark Or You May Be Sorry

scariest haunted houses texas

Have you been to any of these haunted houses? Did they live up to the hype? What are some other haunts in Texas that should’ve made the list?

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The 17 Most Haunted Places in Texas

Deep in the heart of the Lone Star State, where everything is bigger and bolder, ghost stories are no exception!

Texas, affectionately known as the “Big T,” is teeming with spine-chilling tales and eerie locales that will leave you quaking in your cowboy boots.

So, saddle up and join us as we explore the 17 most haunted places in Texas – where the paranormal activity is as big as the state itself! With the vastness of Texas and the sheer volume of hair-raising haunts, we’ve decided to wrangle these spooky spots by region.

Simply mosey on over to the buttons below to navigate through the different areas of Texas, and prepare to be spooked. Because when it comes to the most haunted places in Texas, we ain’t foolin’ around, partner!

Haunted Places in East Texas

1. historic bowers mansion, palestine.

The Haunted Historic Bowers Mansion, Palestine TX

The Historic Bowers Mansion in Palestine , Texas, is a 140-year-old Victorian masterpiece, standing proudly as a Texas Historic Landmark. Just a stone’s throw away from downtown Palestine, this beautiful mansion harbors a dark past, shrouded in death, murder, and suicide.

In the 1950s, tragedy struck when the then-owner, Mr. Bowers, murdered his wife Mary. As police approached the home, Mr. Bowers took his own life. Locals believe that the spirits of the tormented couple, along with others who met their untimely end at the mansion, still haunt the premises.

Until recently, no paranormal group had been granted access to investigate this infamous location.

Now, Haunted Rooms America offers you the chance to uncover the secrets lurking within the Bowers Mansion. You’ll delve into the history, learn about the ghosts that haunt the site, and explore this immense, haunted location.

2. Jefferson Hotel

124 w austin st, jefferson, tx 75657.

The Haunted Jefferson Hotel in Jefferson TX

The entire town of Jefferson seems to be rife with paranormal activity, but one of the particular hotspots here is The Jefferson Hotel. It is not only one of the most haunted hotels in Texas , but it is also thought to be one of the most haunted hotels in America .

Ghosts here have a bit of a mean, or maybe just mischievous streak, as they are known to throw things at the guests and even lock them in their rooms! However, that is only the beginning!

Other reports of paranormal activity include knocking on the walls in the middle of the night, footsteps running down the hall, children laughing, disembodied voices, and strange shadows. Considering people regard Jefferson as the most haunted town in Texas, the Jefferson Hotel is certainly worth a visit.

Learn more about the haunted Jefferson Hotel, Jefferson Texas

3. The Grove

405 moseley st, jefferson, tx 75657.

The Haunted Grove in Jefferson TX

Originally built in 1861 as a private residence for Frank and Minerva Stilley, The Grove stands to this day pretty much as it did back then. Over the years it has gained quite a reputation, with many people regarding it as one of the most haunted houses in the Lone Star State.

It’s reportedly haunted by many spirits including a glowing white figure, believed to be the ghosts of the former owner Minerva Stilley. The Victims of the infamous Reconstrucion-era murders are said to haunt here too. In addition there have been many reports dating back over 100 years of paranormal activity in the house.

Learn more about the haunted Grove, Jefferson Texas

4. Bragg Road

Bragg Road Saratoga TX

Bragg Road, in Saratoga – perhaps the most well known of haunted roads in Texas. If you ask pretty much anyone in East Texas they will tell you the legend associated with Bragg Road.

The reports say that most nights you can see a flickering light in the distance as you drive down the old logging road. Known by locals as the Ghost Road Light (aka Big Thicket Light, Saratoga Light, and Bragg Road Light).

It is said that this is actually light coming from the lantern of a railroad worker who is still searching for his head after being decapitated by a train!

Other East Texas haunted places:

  • Most haunted places in Tyler, TX

Haunted Places in Central Texas

5. the magnolia hotel, 203 s crockett st, seguin, tx 78748.

The Haunted Magnolia Hotel in Seguin TX

Built in 1840, the Magnolia Hotel in Seguin is believed to be one of the most haunted hotels in Texas. Haunted by at least 13 spirits, the hotel is home to a wide array of paranormal occurrences. After restoration in 2013, activity apparently exploded, with common experiences such as doors slamming shut by unseen hands, unexplained shapes and figures appearing in photos, furniture moving on its own, disembodied voices, phantom footsteps, and more.

The hotel is constantly in demand by paranormal experts and ghost hunters nationwide. Having been featured on TV shows such as Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, Discovery Channel’s When Ghosts Attack, and Destination America’s Ghost Brother’s, it’s reputation as one of the most haunted locations in America continues to grow.

6. Littlefield House

302 w 24th st, austin, tx 78712.

The Haunted Littlefield House

The Littlefield Home looks like a beautiful fairy castle, but don’t let that fool you, it is reportedly one of the most haunted houses in Texas .

It is said to be haunted by Alice Littlefield, the former mistress of the house. It is said that she was insane and that she rarely left the house while she was alive, so it makes perfect sense that she has stuck around after her death.

She is often seen wandering around upstairs and people have also heard her playing the piano.

7. The Driskill

604 brazos st, austin, tx 78701.

The Haunted Driskill, Austin TX

Built in 1886 by Colonel Jesse Driskill, the now historic downtown Austin landmark is apparently home to its former owner. His presence making itself known to staff and guests by the unexplainable cigar smell coming from empty rooms.

As well as Driskill himself haunting the hotel, it is also home to the spirits of two brides who reportedly committed suicide in room 525, twenty years apart. Their presence is often felt in the room with an unneasy feeling and guests becoming overcome with sadness.

The apparition of a small girl holding flowers has also been seen throughout the hotel, mainly on the stairs but also in many other common areas.

Learn more about the haunted Driskill Hotel

See more haunted places in Austin

Haunted places in NORTH TEXAS

8. baker hotel, 200 e hubbard st, mineral wells, tx 76067.

The Haunted Baker Hotel & Spa, Mineral Wells TX

The Baker Hotel is currently closed (undergoing renovation), but the hauntings began long before the doors closed.

There are two main spirits that are blamed for the paranormal activity that is reported here and both have been spotted on a number of occasions.

The first is the ghost of a bloody nude woman up on the seventh floor who many people have suggested could be the mistress of the one-time manager of the hotel who is said to have jumped to her death from the balcony when she was no longer able to cope with the emotional turmoil that the affair caused.

The other spirit is apparently the ghost of a man who was killed when he was caught in the elevator door.

Read more about the haunted Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells TX

9. Haunted Hill House

501 ne 1st st, mineral wells, tx 76067.

Haunted Hill House, Mineral Wells TX

If you’re looking for evidence of the paranormal, then the sheer number and variety of the reports emanating from this house will leave you astounded. EVP’s are commonplace, the dark figure of a man known as the shadow man is also another common sighting.

The most unsettling of all the happenings here, however, is the sheer number of physical attacks people have reported – from being scratched and pushed, to even being bitten!

Simply put, this is one of the most haunted houses in Texas! If you want to experience a truly haunted location then this is it!

Many people have been so freaked out by the paranormal activity here, they’ve run out of the building never to return!

10. Old White Sanitarium

508 olen st, wichita falls, tx 76301.

White Sanitarium Wichita Falls

If you are a fan of the paranormal, then you already know that there are few things that are scarier than a creepy old abandoned asylum!

The White Sanitarium in Wichita Falls, Texas is certainly no exception to that rule. It has long been rumored that some very strange experiments conducted inside the asylum which could be the reason why it has become so haunted.

People who have visited the property say that they have heard screaming children, seen lights go on and off and even seen some ghosts sitting playing cards!

Apparently, the building has been purchased by a private individual who now lives there – what a brave soul! When it comes to real haunted houses in Texas, there’s surely none that can say they were once a haunted asylum too!

11. White Rock Lake, Dallas

white rock lake ghost hunt

White Rock Lake in Dallas has a chilling history that whispers of ghostly encounters, particularly with the infamous Lady of the Lake.

This local legend has endured for generations, with many claiming to have seen her and even offered her a fateful ride. The lake’s dark past includes numerous murders and body dumps, with two suicides in 1935 and 1942 potentially linked to the mysterious lady’s identity.

The first sightings of the Lady of White Rock Lake date back to the 1930s, predominantly reported by local high school students.

Anne Clark, a local writer, published an account in 1943 of a young couple encountering the lady before she disappeared during their attempt to drive her home. Over the decades, similar stories have emerged, keeping this eerie legend alive.

See also: Haunted Hotels in Dallas Forth Worth

Though the authenticity of these tales is often debated, some reliable and trustworthy individuals have shared their personal experiences.

The Lady of White Rock Lake remains a spectral figure of Dallas’s past, refusing to fade away. Ghost hunts and events are available those brave enough to venture around the lake at night.

Haunted Places in West Texas

12. de soto hotel, 309 e mills ave, el paso, tx 79901.

The Haunted De Soto Hotel, El Paso

With a history dating back more than a hundred years, the De Soto has welcomed thousands of guests and staff over the years. Some of whom have chosen to stay behind after death.

Some of the reports eminating from this inconspicuous old building are rather terrifying. Common occurences include but aren’t limited to people being bitten, scratched, and touched in various rooms and areas around the hotel.

Paranormal investigators have captured many pieces of evidence on past investigations, documenting scratches and bite marks! Investigations have also thrown up a number of clear EVP’s, with what sounded like a demon answering questions on one particular investigation.

PLEASE NOTE: On Feb 4 2022, a devastating fire burned the building to the ground. It’s hopeful the building will be restored to once again welcome ghost hunters through its doors.

Learn more about the hauntings of the De Soto Hotel.

See more haunted places in El Paso

13. Olde Park Hotel

107 s 6th st, ballinger, tx 76821.

The Haunted Olde Park Hotel, Ballinger

Built back in 1886 as a Cowboy lodgings, the Olde Park Hotel has had a number of uses in its history including as a schoolhouse, courthouse, brothel and bordello.

The activity and the experiences at this historic building are both vast and wide-ranging. Visitors to the Antique Store, have had conversations with women in “costume” who they thought worked there only for them to disappear! It’s believed they were the spirits of the working women from the time it was a whorehouse.

Read more about the ghosts of the Olde Park Hotel

Haunted Places in South Texas

14. presidio la bahia, 217 us-183, goliad, tx 77963.

The Haunted Presidio La Bahia, Goliad TX

The first stop on our tour of Texas ghost stories, leads us to Presidio La Bahia, in Goliad. Presidio La Bahia was founded back in 1721 and over the years there have been many Texas Revolution conflicts that have taken place at the fort including both the Battle of Goliad and the Goliad Massacre.

As you can probably imagine Presidio La Bahia has seen a great deal of death, so it is hardly a great surprise that it is regarded as having several ghosts. There is an abundance of spirits trapped here, some of them scared and hurt, but most of them angry!

There have been frequent reports that the cries and screams of injured soldiers can be heard coming from the fort at night and there have been reports of witnesses seeing the apparitions of soldiers as well.

Learn more about the haunted Presidio La Bahia, Goliad TX

15. Hotel Galvez

2024 seawall blvd, galveston, tx 77550.

The Haunted Hotel Galvez, Galveston TX

The Hotel Galvez is one of the oldest hotels on Galveston Island and it is also one of the most haunted locations in Texas.

Room 505, in particular, is said to be haunted and many guests cannot make it through the night due to feeling so uneasy in the room.

There is often an unexplained scent of Gardenias in the hotel which is said to signal the ghost’s presence. The spirit is known as ‘The Lovelorn Lady’ and she has been seen wandering the halls on the fifth floor of the hotel.

She died in the hotel after hanging herself when her husband died at sea.

Learn more about the haunted Hotel Galvez, Galveston TX

See more haunted places in Galveston

16. Yorktown Memorial Hospital

728 w main st, yorktown, tx 78164.

Haunted Yorktown Hospital, Yorktown TX

The hospital was built in the forties and remained open until 1988, but even before it closed its doors the staff, patients and visitors were reporting paranormal activity in the building, so imagine what it must be like now that it is abandoned!

One of the most well-known ghosts in residence is a man named TJ who died of a heroin overdose. He was dumped on the front step by his friends, but as they failed to ring the bell nobody discovered him until the next morning by which time he was already dead.

He is said to haunt the hospital but seems to be in good spirits as he tends to joke around with any of the ladies who enter the old hospital. He is particularly fond of pinching them on the butt!

It has also been claimed that if anyone with tattoos or body piercings enters the chapel then the spirits of the nuns who built and operated the hospital will choke or hit them for defiling their bodies.

The on-site caretaker has also described seeing black ‘shapes’ the size of a large dog, and a large man with glowing red eyes! These are just a small number of the many reports that have come from this extremely haunted building!

Learn more on the ghosts at the haunted Yorktown Hospital

17. Emily Morgan Hotel, San Antonio

Emily Morgan Hotel

Particularly active floors include the 3rd, 7th, 9th, 11th, and 12th, where guests have witnessed strange occurrences such as wine bottles sliding off tables, toilet seats banging, and dark figures gliding through rooms. Elevators at the hotel also seem to have a mind of their own, repeatedly visiting floors without any apparent reason.

Built in 1924 in a Gothic style, the Emily Morgan Hotel was originally a medical center, complete with terra cotta gargoyles depicting various ailments. In 1976, the building was converted into an office space before being renovated in 1984 to become the hotel it is today.

The hotel’s name pays homage to Emily D. West, a servant woman known as Emily Morgan, who played a significant role in the Battle of San Jacinto during the Texas War for Independence. Legend has it that Emily delayed Mexican General Santa Anna long enough for the Texas army to storm the camp and secure victory.

Other Texas haunted locations worth mentioning:

  • Old Williamson County Jail, Georgetown


An image of the Olde Park Hotel in Ballinger, Texas

Olde Park Hotel Ghost Hunt & Sleepover, Ballinger TX

Anson opera house seating

Anson Opera House Overnight Ghost Hunt & Optional Sleepover, Anson, TX

lady of white rock lake

The Original White Rock Lake Ghost Hunt, Dallas, TX

Old lavaca Jail

Haunted Old Lavaca County Jail Ghost Hunt, Hallettsville TX

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Most Terrifying Haunted House In Texas Promises A Petrifying Experience

By Sherah Janay Ndjongo

October 18, 2023

Abandoned haunted house refuge of spirits moonlit night 3d illustration

Searching for the ultimate spine-tingling experience?

Whether you're gearing up for Halloween night or indulging in the eerie atmosphere leading up to the thrilling date of October 31, there's something undeniably exhilarating about visiting a haunted house. 

It's a classic Halloween tradition cherished by spooky enthusiasts of all ages, and nothing quite encapsulates the spirit of the season like having your socks scared off at one of the most terrifying haunted houses in your home state.

However, not all haunted houses are created equal, and that's where comes in. If you're on the hunt for the absolute best and scariest haunted houses near you, the editorial team scoured the entire United States to compile a comprehensive list of the top haunted houses in every state .

Now, many might wonder why some are drawn to haunted houses, willingly immersing themselves in frightening experiences. Research in the journal Emotion suggests that voluntarily confronting one’s fears in a haunted house can actually boost one’s mood, making one feel better. It's a form of entertainment that leaves people with a sense of accomplishment and excitement. These positive effects can be akin to the mental state achieved during meditative activities, like drawing or writing, where one’s mind feels serene and unburdened .

Therefore, if you're curious to see if a haunted house can either chill you out or send shivers down your spine, explore the most spine-tingling, hair-raising haunted house experiences in town.

The most frightening haunted house in Texas is House of Torment, located in Austin:

“If you’re taking a Halloween stroll in Austin, be sure to check out House of Torment. This nightmare-fueled attraction offers 3 different scary experiences plus escape games and a spooky bar. Perfect for the girls and ghouls who are looking for a spooky night out!”

© 2023 iHeartMedia, Inc.

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  • Terms of Use


Haunted Houses in Texas Scariest

            I had a mission; more like a dream opportunity to review the best haunted houses in Texas this year.   I picked 26 haunts to visit based on recommendations, previous experience and reputation.   If the haunted house season was only a few weeks longer I may have made it to a few more.  Texas haunted houses are some of the best in the nation and here we've reviewed some of the haunted attractions located in Texas.  We plan to review more haunted houses in Texas soon so keep checking back for more reviews.  The haunts are listed backwards from 10 to number 1... do you have a different ranking then email us and tell us what you think!!!

To find ALL the best haunted houses in Texas visit our TEXAS haunted house directory here: is the BEST place to find everything about Haunted Houses in Texas.

10.   Chaos

Chaos does not have a specific theme or story, and each scene can jump from one thing to the next. But this works for them. Chaos specializes in a classic style spook house full of fun scare tactics and scene-by-scene changes to appeal to various haunt goers' appetites. Every scene has what it needs to provide a mainstream haunt experience, although there is a lack of realism to some of the choice of decorations and prop use. Chaos made several additions this year too, and I was happy to see something new.

9. Tayman Graveyard

I have enjoyed Tayman Graveyard every year, and its definitely not a bad production for a bunch of boy scouts at all. I have been watching them grow and improve over time and it has been a nice treat. Tayman offers 4 very different attractions that are sure to get you into the Halloween spirit from the first moment you arrive. Also home to one of the very last haunted hay ride attractions in the freaking state, Tayman has a great balance of all the different sides of fun required to fulfill all your haunting needs.

8. Hatch and Kravens, Sherman, Texas

Management at Hatch and Kraven's Slaughterhouse should seriously consider having haunt actor workshops during off season, and start sharing the wealth of training abilities with the rest of the haunt industry. The Hatch and Kraven's Slaughterhouse acting crew is by far the best in the DFW metroplex. I did not see a single scene where there was less than 3 actors if they add more attractions, keep the quality acting standards high, and perfect the scene details in all attractions, Hatch and Kraven's could easily become one of the best shows in in Texas if they add more attractions.

7. Necroplex, Italy, TX

Necroplex is a great combination of dark attraction classics and highly unique scene accents (machines, dolls, mannequins, etc.) which smoothly blend the experience into traditional haunting. This is the second year for Necroplex, and I have noticed several improvements in the flow and path organization for 2009 season.   I truly enjoyed the theme and execution here, and based on the improvements this year; I look forward to seeing more additions and expansions in years to come!

  6. The Parker House, Lewisville, TX

Talented actor involvement is important for the Parker House experience. Although there are several stunning scenes and amazing props, I do not think it would be as great without the talented staff of actors working in them. A perfect balance of live talent makes Parker House more memorable. Some actors have speaking parts and interact with you, and then you also have classic startle actors that wait for the perfect moment to creep you out, jump out, or scream for help.

5. The Cutting Edge, Fort Worth, Texas

Cutting Edge is very dark, and each scene is transitioned with even darker hallways. If it weren’t for the red glow of the emergency exit signs, you would not even know that the halls are completely barren. The use of directional LED lights pointed at the props does add a great effect, but it is too hard to see much anything else at the start then I can certainly tell that there is some high quality.   This haunted house takes about an hour to go through, and its made the Guiness Book of Records for the largest haunted house in the world.

4.  Zombie Manor, Terrell, TX

I have yet to hear anyone say anything but great things about their visit. Therefore, I know I am not alone in our opinions when I say that Zombie Manor is a must see haunt.   Zombie Manor has limited space, but the space is maximized perfectly to provide as much eye candy as possible. Another great feature of Zombie Manor is that the homestead theme remains consistent through the bedrooms, kitchen, and garden shed, even onto the back porch. I love consistency! Zombie Manor is one of those places that you can visit several times and still keep noticing something that you did not see before. There really is THAT MUCH detail all around to see!

3.   Reindeer Manor, Red Oak, Texas

Reindeer Manor is so different from any other haunted attraction. I always love visiting Reindeer Manor every year because it is so unique and entertaining. I was so excited to find out that they brought back their "Thriller" graveside show, and this is truly a treat! Although a theatrical adventure may not appeal to everyone, you should at least give it a try. Besides, Reindeer Manor is the only place where you will get to see burning water, and this special effect is one that should not be missed. Since there are two more completely different types of haunted attractions located on the Reindeer Manor property (13th Street Morgue and Dungeon of Doom), you have no excuse to not take a trip out to Red Oak and see for yourself just how interesting this place really is.

2. The House of Torment, Austin, TX

Horrifying monsters everywhere, with some even dropping down on you from above. It was freakin fantastic and scarier than ever. By far the highlight of my year. Both haunted attractions have unbelievable new scares. Major improvements over last year, and I already thought it was the best ever! Tons of amazing new huge scary animated monsters and other special effects. We were terrified and cannot wait for Dark Stalkers. Whatever you do, go through both Contagium and Illusion Manor this halloween season, and then go back for Dark Stalkers. You have to experience it to believe it! ‎

1. The Haunt House, Caddo Mills, TX

I can’t rave enough!!!! The Haunt House provides a classic style walk through with beautifully detailed scenes and unique design. If you have never seen The Haunt House, then you are definitely missing out! If you have seen The Haunt House before, then you absolutely have to see them again. So many new things to see, you won't believe that they added everything in just one season. Their hard work and dedication to the haunt experience truly shines through the quality design and performance.   It was long, the actors scared me a few times, that doesn’t happen to me much.   That’s why this is the best haunt in Texas.

            It was difficult to rank the haunted houses in the top ten, but without a doubt these are the best I found out of a multitude of contenders.   Any one of these haunts are well worth the drive and the dollar, but if you take my advice start with best and work your way down the list!

Happy Haunting!

EDITOR NOTE :   Hauntworld Magazine rated the House of Torment in Austin and Cutting Edge in Dallas as the two best haunts in Texas.  We have also recently done a review of The Haunt House near Forth Worth.  Visit the front page of and find feature articles on all three of these attractions.  

Find Haunted Houses

Find haunted hayrides, find pumpkin patches, find corn mazes, real haunted houses, escape rooms.

Cutting Edge Haunted House

Welcome to Cutting Edge Haunted House

Cutting edge haunted house voted #1 best haunted house in the nation again in 2023 by usa today 10 best readers’ choice awards.

See More Cutting Edge Haunted House Videos HERE !

Cutting Edge Haunted House, a Fort Worth, Texas Haunted Attraction, is a real haunted house. Cutting Edge is a dark attraction filled with terrifying live actors, amazing special effects and incredible monsters. Cutting Edge Haunted House is an intense, multi-story, multi-themed haunted attraction that is widely considered to be one of the best Haunted Houses in the nation, full of chilling detail and unbelievable scares!

Located in a 100-year-old abandoned meat packing plant in a section of Fort Worth historically dubbed as “Hell’s Half Acre,” the Cutting Edge Haunted House is built upon a foundation of fear. The meat packing equipment from the Old West is still in use, but now it is a two-story human processing area. Realistic looking human mannequins are hoisted up to the second level and brought through the entire meat packing process until the conveyor system brings the butchered corpses back to the first level. The old meat-packing plant in downtown Fort Worth is a great home for the fantastic special effects that our loyal customers have come to expect.

It takes visitors an average 55 minutes to explore Cutting Edge Haunted House. This walk-through haunted house is frighteningly realistic.

Cutting Edge Haunted House has established a reputation for being one of the best haunted houses in the country. Cutting Edge Haunted House, a Guinness World Record holder, is one of America’s best and largest haunted houses. Come see what new horrors lurk in the twisting corridors of Fort Worth’s ultimate haunted house.


Awards & Accolades

Cutting Edge Haunted House is the Guinness World Record Holder for 'The Longest Walk-Through Haunted House' and the 'Largest Haunted Attraction' in the world!'

Read More Cutting Edge Haunted House Reviews Here!

From our blog, cutting edge haunted house in fort worth, texas voted the #1 best haunted attraction in the country 2023 by usa today.

Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, Texas Voted the #1 Best Haunted Attraction in the USA in 2023 by USA Today Reader's Choice!


No. 1: cutting edge haunted house – fort worth, texas.

More than just a haunted house, Cutting Edge Haunted House begins its entertainment the moment guests enter the parking lot. Located in a historic area of Fort Worth, Texas, known as “Hell’s Half Acre,” this 100-year-old abandoned meatpacking plant takes visitors on a 55-minute haunted experience with its twisting corridors and multiple stories of live actors and special effects.

This Halloween season, visit the 10 best haunted houses in the US

“Halloween is about fun costumes, scary movies, and celebrating all things spooky — and that includes having a live haunted experience. These 10 haunted houses / attractions have been voted by our readers as the best in the country for the quality of their actors, set designs, and special effects, as well as value for money.”

Congratulations to all the winning haunted attractions!

  • Cutting Edge Haunted House – Fort Worth, TX

Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, Texas Voted Among The Nation’s Top 5 Scariest Haunted Houses!

scariest haunted houses texas

Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth, Texas Voted Among The Nation’s Scariest Haunted Attractions!

Top 5 of the Nation’s Scariest Haunted Attractions:

  • Bennett’s Curse
  • Nightmare on 13th
  • Headless Horseman

Creepy Hollow Houston Haunted House

Scariest Haunted House in Texas! 2023 BIGGER & SCARIER THAN EVER!

  • Posted by Chad Savage in Uncategorized on July 30th, 2020

Creepy Hollow is a Houston Haunted House voted the SCARIEST in Texas!

scariest haunted houses texas

  • « Older Posts

$40 Per Person (Entrance Into All Attractions)

+$10 Speed Pass (Skip The Lines)

+$10 No Touch Pass (Characters Will Not Touch You)

Click for Details!

Contact Creepy Hollow

1-800-357-DEAD (3323)

[email protected]

Creepy Hollow on Facebook

Creepy Hollow on Instagram

Creepy Hollow on Twitter

Stalk Us On Facebook

Creepy Hollow Haunted House

Stalk Us On Instagram

Search this site, stalk us on twitter.

  • The Woodlands

Dallas haunted houses

Dark House is one Dallas haunted house that pulls out all the stops.

Cutting Edge is one of the largest haunted houses in America. (Photo by

Dark Hour Haunted House is one of the best haunted houses in North Texas. (Courtesy of Dark Hour)

A Guide to the Best Haunted Houses in North Texas

Spooky chills, fun and historic frights.

Dark House is one Dallas haunted house that pulls out all the stops.

October is here and autumn has officially begun. The pumpkin spice lattes have emerged and some of us are already breaking out the sweaters any time it dips below 90 degrees. And for those of us Halloween fanatics, the spooky holiday cannot come soon enough.

Thankfully, we don’t have to wait until October 31 to start the freaky festivities. Haunted houses around Dallas-Fort Worth are now open and we’ve compiled a list of the best.

Call it your early Halloween season cheat sheet:

Dark Hour Haunted House

701 Taylor Drive, Plano

Ranked No. 4 in America on USA Today’s Top Haunted Houses list , Dark Hour is one unique spooky attraction. With stellar sets and professional actors, your trek through the grounds of Coven Manor, which is filled with 13 nightmarish witches that will have you shaking in your boots. Dark Hour runs through October 31.

Cutting Edge Haunted House

1701 E. Lancaster Ave, Fort Worth


Valobra Nov 2023 GIFTS

This house of frights is worth the trip over to Fort Worth for a frightening, fun night. As the former Guinness World Record holder for “World’s Largest Walk Through Haunted House,” you get plenty of chills for your cash in this one. Located in an abandoned meatpacking factory, Cutting Edge is filled with all sorts of terrors. Creepy clowns and monsters inhabit the 55-minute experience. Cutting Edge closes November 4.

Moxley Manor Haunted House

Moxley Manor

510 Harwood Road, Bedford

This haunted attraction is based on the true story of a family which was brutally murdered in the 1920s, giving it an extra eeriness. It even may be a little too much real life. The original home (and site of the murders) is closed due to safety reasons, but the recreated experience is still pretty frightening.

Along with the Manor , a $35 general admission ticket grants you access to the newer Big Top Terror and Regan’s Revenge haunted houses as well. Moxley Manor keeps the frights going through Halloween night.

Hangman’s House of Horrors

4400 Blue Mound Road, Fort Worth

A favorite DFW haunted house for the last three decades, this Fort Worth nightmare is now open for its 35th season. The scary story follows the legend of serial killer Hezekiah Jones (The Hangman) and an 1882 October night when he was hung by a lynch mob. The next day, his body had disappeared. And apparently, he cannot die until he claims the lives of those 120 people that killed him. The experience is open through November 4. Get your tickets here .

Thrillvania Haunted House Park

Thrillvania Haunted House Park

2330 County Road 138, Terrell

This Terrell haunted house offers three different experiences over 50 acres. The first is The World Famous Haunted Verdun Manor — home of a psychopathic werewolf in 1901. Cassandra’s House of Clowns is pretty self-explanatory and just sounds terrifying. And Sam Hain’s Trail of Torment follows the story of a man bitten by Lady Cassandra (from the house of clowns), who now lures and torments humans that pass by. Tickets are on sale now for dates in October.

Carroll / Eltis at Douglas Elliman Real Estate

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Nancy Moncrief

208 Aurora, #A Houston, TX

Amanda Anhorn

5807 Fordham West University, TX

Cathy Blum

2310 Steel Houston, TX

Kristin Tillman

75 Crain Square Blvd Southside Place, TX

Mary Rothwell

616 E. 18th Houston, TX

Catherine York

2323 W MAIN S Houston, TX

Scott Brown

1 Gage Ct. Houston, TX

Sharon Ballas

40 Audubon Hollow Lane Houston, TX

Kathryn R. Hamilton

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A dense fog advisory in effect for 9 regions in the area

We went to houston’s ‘scariest haunted house.’ did it live up to the hype.

Scotty Thornton , KPRC 2/Houston Life director

Spooky season is upon us which means an influx of truly frightening things such as pumpkin spice, Ugg boots and flannel clothing. Thankfully, there are a few other seasonal attractions to keep us entertained. I’m talking about haunted houses. Houston (and surrounding areas) are host to many great haunted houses. I had the chance to check out one billed as “The Scariest Haunt in Texas!” I’m, of course, talking about Creepy Hollow . Let’s get into some quick details:

  • Location: 12872 Valley Vista Dr, Rosharon, TX 77583. Located about 30 minutes outside of downtown Houston. A quick trip down south on 288 will get you there in no time.
  • Price: $40 for all attractions or $50 for all attractions and a No Touch Pass* (more on this later). You have the option to purchase a $10 pass to skip the line.
  • Attractions: Haunted attractions include “288 Scare Factory”, “Dark Woods Swamp” and “Pitch Black”. Also included in the tickets, you gain access to Dead Man’s Alley which connects the whole thing together. From here you can enjoy freak shows, dance at a nightclub, interact with actors or even buy some souvenirs.
  • Schedule: According to their website , they are open 7:30 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 29 - Oct. 28 and of course the big day Oct. 31.

MORE: Sleep with one eye open: Stay the night in one of these haunted Texas hotels . . . if you dare!

Creepy Hollow was my first haunted house of the season. I chose this because of a very special rule they have. They are a full contact haunted house. The actors will touch you - adding to the fear factor - unless you pay for the “No Touch Pass.” I had great interactions on my way through the attractions. I literally gave a piggyback ride to one actor and had a huge smile on my face the whole time. Let me tell you about some of the things I saw.

As I was approaching the gated entrance, my beautiful wife said “Ya know, I’m just going to wait in the car. This is too scary for me.” So, I did what any good husband would do: gave her the keys, said “I’ll be back in an hour!” and proceeded to the ticket booth.

Right after I purchased my ticket, I entered a short walkway that housed spooky relics and seemed to set up some lore for the place. After this short walk, I saw two things. The entrance to the “Dark Woods Swamp” and a mini stage. A performer was on the stage doing tricks with a ball on fire. The show was very entertaining, but I was eager to try out the first haunted attraction.

Dark Woods Swamp

This haunt takes you to what feels like the backwoods of Louisiana. For the first half, you walk through a dilapidated cabin full of horrors. Body parts and pig carcasses are very common here. The sets and actors do a fantastic job of immersing you into the environment. Halfway through, you find yourself outside. Satanic markings help guide you around tall mausoleums. I found myself constantly looking over my shoulder terrified of what I was going to see. Jump scares come aplenty here. Actors hide themselves extremely well due to the excellent construction of the sets. I believe I counted over 20 actors on this one attraction alone. The exit of this includes being chased by Mr. Chainsaw Man, so watch your back!

Exiting the Dark Woods Swamp brought me to Dead Man’s Alley. There were a few actors here dressed in a variety of costumes. If you wish to dance with a macabre atmosphere, then you need to check out the Voodoo Lounge. Lights and music will be blaring all night from here. Want to buy a souvenir? This place has a variety of small shops to stop in and check out. Hunger shouldn’t be an issue, because there are at least two food trucks on site. Here you can also find a main stage for bigger shows. I did observe what appeared to be a wrestling ring that was being built but not operational at my time of visit. From here, you can also find the next two haunts. I chose Pitch Black which is not a good one to choose if you are scared of clowns.

Pitch Black

To start this one, you walk up a set of stairs and knock on a door. The door swings open and you are greeted with a clown. A very creepy clown. All the actors in this exhibit are dressed as clowns. She told me all the rules and provided me with 3-D glasses. The art and paint on the walls look like they are jumping out at you with the help of the glasses. Small corridors are plenty in this haunt. About halfway through, you walk down a set of stairs into a pitch-black area (hence the name). The only saving grace is the terrifying clown with a flashlight. The brief respites from the dark also include Mr. Scary Clown Face Man, which was fun. Near the end you will be forced go through a tunnel that will befuddle your senses. This one wasn’t quite as long as the previous one, but the clowns, 3-D art and pitch-black elements really enhance the adventure.

Finally, I found my way to the last haunt.

288 Scare Factory

The entrance to this attraction was guarded by what I can only assume was an escaped mental patient. He tried to bite me. Jerk. Anyways, the true beginning of this attraction has you in what appears to be an elevator. Here you can see some TV screens that give insight into what may have happened here. Rabid test subjects have overrun a research facility. Walking through this facility is quite distressing. The sets include narrow walkways with moving floors which will give frights to those who are claustrophobic. the highlight of this one for me was when an actor behind me placed his hands on my shoulders and yelled, “GIVE ME A RIDE!” Of course, I had to give him a piggyback ride. This was probably the weakest of the three for me but still really enjoyed the experience.

The overall experience

Overall, I really enjoyed my trip out to Creepy Hollow. While not every attraction seemed to be up and running just yet, the thrills and scares come aplenty. Also, the staff was very friendly and helpful with any questions I had.

Scotty’s Scare Scale

MORE: Hankering for a fright? These Houston-area ghost tours are sure to leave you satisfyingly spooked

Scotty is a director on the KPRC 2 team who’s not afraid to take on scary spots. Where do you recommend he go next? Let us know in the comments below.

Copyright 2023 by KPRC Click2Houston - All rights reserved.

About the Author:

Scotty thornton.

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Top 13 places in Russia where you may face a ghost

scariest haunted houses texas

1. Kusovnikov House in Moscow

scariest haunted houses texas

In the 19 th   century house № 17 on Myasnitskaya street in central Moscow was inhabited by a rich, but very greedy couple – Pyotr and Sofya Kusovnikov, who scrimped on almost everything. Extremely suspicious, they used to hide money from their servants in different places. Once they hid some in the fireplace, but the janitor accidentally burned it when lighting the fire. When she found out, Sofya died instantly of a broken heart, her husband passed away a little later. Since then, the ghost of a hunched old man in a coat has routinely appeared on the street near the house – this is Pyotr Kusovnikov mourning his lost money.

2. Sokol metro station

scariest haunted houses texas

During WWI, not far from the modern Sokol station of the Moscow metro, a cemetery for fallen soldiers was located. In 1918, mass executions of White officers and priests by the Reds were held there. All this led to the appearance of ghosts in the dark tunnels of the station. Early in the morning diaphanous figures with festering wounds can be seen there.  

3. St. Michael’s Castle in St. Petersburg

scariest haunted houses texas

This castle was a royal residence built by order of Tsar  Paul I. On March 21, 1801, he was killed there by a group of conspirators. It is considered that the restless spirit of the tsar was unable to leave the castle. It appears there in the corridors with a burning candle in its hand.

4.   Znamenskaya Tower in Yaroslavl

scariest haunted houses texas

During the Civil War in Russia (1917-1922), a group of White troops held positions in the Volkovsky theater in Yaroslavl. The Red commissar in command of the siege promised to spare their lives. However, he lied and all the Whites were executed at the Znamenskaya Tower. Since then, the ghost of the commissar who didn’t keep his promise has been seen at the place of his crime.

5. Igumnov House in Moscow

scariest haunted houses texas

The house at 43 Bolshaya Yakimanka Street in Moscow, also known as “Igumnov House,” serves today as the residence of the French ambassador. It was built at the request of the industrialist Nikolay Igumnov in the late 19 th   century. He settled his young mistress here, but one day caught her with a lover. The lover was kicked out, but the girl was never seen again. It is believed that the outraged Igumnov bricked her up in a wall. During Soviet times, people often saw the ghost of a young girl walking through the walls with deep, plaintive sighs.     

6. House of Rasputin in St. Petersburg

scariest haunted houses texas

The flat on the second floor at 64 Gorokhovaya street in St. Petersburg is today a usual residential apartment. However, in the early 20th century it was home to one of the most mystical figures in Russian history – Grigory Rasputin. His ghost sometimes appears here, scaring inhabitants with its clunking steps and grunting in dark corners.

7. House on the Embankment

scariest haunted houses texas

This house at 2 Serafimovicha Street, simply known as “House on Embankment,” is among the most famous in the Russian capital, known as the place of residence for the Soviet   crème de la crème : writers, artists, actors, generals, athletes. However, it also has a dark history. During the Great Purge, a campaign of political repressions in the USSR, dozens of the house’s inhabitants were arrested and executed. Today, the house is full of the ghosts of those victims, who sometimes appear in their old dwelling place. 

8. Tower of the old hospital in Ryazan

scariest haunted houses texas

Among the high-rise modern buildings at 15 Gorky Street in Ryazan is an old tower – all that remains of the old hospital. At night, a lonely dark figure can be seen walking in this tower. This is the ghost of Alexander Smitten, who administered the hospital more than a century ago.

9. Griboyedov Canal in St. Petersburg

scariest haunted houses texas

During a misty night in March, one can see the ghost of a young girl near the Griboyedov Canal in St. Petersburg. Her face is blue because of asphyxiation, and there is a big red mark on her neck caused by a rope. This is famous revolutionary Sophia Perovskaya, who assassinated Tsar Alexander II and was hanged for her deed. To meet this ghost is a bad omen, and can cost nocturnal pedestrians their lives.

10. Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin

scariest haunted houses texas

There is a legend that when the Kremlin in Nizhny Novgorod was being built, the constructors were unable to finish one of the towers. It kept falling down. In the end, they decided to make a sacrifice and to build the tower on the blood of the first person who passed by. It happened to be a pregnant woman hurrying to the river for water. She was seized and bricked up in the tower alive. The ghost of a pale woman holding a baby has appeared near this place ever since.

11. Oldenburg Palace near Voronezh

scariest haunted houses texas

Built in the late 19th century, the palace belonged to Princess Eugenia of Leuchtenberg. Today her ghost rises from the deep casemates of the palace to wander through its rooms and corridors. There is also another ghost there, much older — the ghost of a young peasant girl. It is even said that Princess Eugenia saw it when she was alive.

12. Stalin’s country house near Sochi

scariest haunted houses texas

Stalin’s ghost can be seen at his country house, located today within the Green Groove hotel near Sochi. The “father of the nations” walks in his white jacket, smoking his trademark pipe.

13. Psychiatric hospital near Nizhny Novgorod

scariest haunted houses texas

Near the modern psychiatric hospital in the village of Lyakhovo near Nizhny Novgorod, one can see an abandoned old building. Several dozen years ago a young girl hanged herself there because of unrequited love. At night it is possible to see a white silhouette and hear the moaning and cries of the “love-stricken schoolgirl” as the locals call her.

And if you want to see a UFO, here are several places in Russia where you will have a chance.

If using any of Russia Beyond's content, partly or in full, always provide an active hyperlink to the original material.

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scariest haunted houses texas

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Top 10 Most Haunted & Ghostly Destinations in Russia

Sally Polly

Russia is the world's largest country by land area, covering 11 time zones and a wide variety of landforms. It is recognized for encompassing more than 1/8th of the inhabited land area of Earth and shares land borders with nations like Estonia, Finland, Norway, and Poland, among others.

Russia is undoubtedly a fantastic country with exquisite food and stunning churches, but when it comes to horror, it really elevates the experience. that upon your next visit, you will undoubtedly get goosebumps.

Russia is home to numerous haunted locations that will stay with you forever, from Stalin's mansion to the Yakutia diamond mine.

What are the most haunted and ghost places in Russia?

10. nizhny novgorod kremlin.

The Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin is a fortress located in the city's center and represents the oldest historical, social, political, and artistic complex.

The Plenipotentiary Representative of the Russian President in the Volga Federal District, as well as the Mayor and Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod Region, have their official residences here.

It is situated at the meeting point of the Oka and Volga rivers on the right high bank. The Kremlin's northwest section descends nearly to the base of the slopes, its southeast section leads to Minin and Pozharsky Square, and its southwest section rises above the People's Unity Square and the deep Pochainsky ravine.

There is a story that the builders of the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin were unable to complete one of the towers. It continued to fall. Ultimately, they chose to offer a sacrifice and erect the tower using the blood of the first passerby. It turned out to be a pregnant lady rushing to get water from the river. Captured, she was bricked up alive inside the tower. Since then, the ghost of a pale woman carrying a baby has been seen close by.

9. Griboyedov Canal in St. Petersburg

This canal is small and winding, running through the heart of St. Petersburg between the Fontanka and Moyka Rivers, running parallel to them for the majority of its length. Despite being shorter than six kilometers, the canal is crossed by over 21 bridges, many of which are pedestrian. The Obvodny Canal has the most bridges—24—among all of them. The five-kilometer canal embankment offers a wide view of St. Petersburg's architecture spanning centuries and architectural styles, from opulent palaces and cathedrals to modest tenements from the early 20th century. The canal is also well-known for being the scene of one of the most well-known terrorist attacks of the 19th century, where Russian Emperor Alexander II was assassinated by anarchist revolutionaries.

The Griboedov Canal was constructed parallel to the small Krivusha River, which flowed through this area long before St. Petersburg was built. In the 1730s, houses for Navy Department workers were constructed on the river's right bank. The Krivusha River channel was linked to the Moyka in 1737. The Court Stables' homes and barns were situated along the newly named Konyushennaya channel. Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli constructed a mansion for General Villebois at the intersection of Nevsky Prospekt and the canal between 1759 and 1761. The best masquerades and balls in the city were hosted here in the 1820s and 1830s by millionaire Baron Vasily Engelhardt; today, chamber music concerts take place in the Maly (Small) Hall of the St. Petersburg Philharmonia.

The ghost of a small child is visible in St. Petersburg near the Griboyedov Canal on a misty night in March. She has a large scarlet mark on her neck from a rope, and her face is blue from asphyxiation. This is the renowned revolutionary Sophia Perovskaya, who was hanged for her actions after killing Tsar Alexander II. It is ill luck to encounter this ghost, which could endanger the lives of nighttime pedestrians.

8. Tower of the old hospital in Ryazan

Among the high-rise modern buildings at 15 Gorky Street in Ryazan is an old tower – all that remains of the old hospital. At night, a lonely dark figure can be seen walking in this tower. This is the ghost of Alexander Smitten, who administered the hospital more than a century ago.

7. Mikhailovsky Castle

In addition to being a striking example of unique architecture in St. Petersburg, the Mikhailovsky Castle silently observed a number of intriguing events during the brief reign of Emperor Paul I, son of Catherine the Great. In order to take the Russian Imperial throne, Catherine deposed her husband Peter III. She ruled Russia until her passing in 1796. By that time, her 42-year-old son Paul was expected to have inherited his mother's position of authority. However, Paul lived in constant fear of being assassinated because neither the nobility nor the royal guards liked or respected him. He gave the order to have a fortified palace—a castle encircled by deep ditches—built for him in order to allay these worries. A legend states that one of the soldiers stationed at the construction site had a vision of Archangel Michael standing next to him, watching over the castle. After the Emperor was informed of this, the castle was renamed Mikhailovsky (St. Michael's).

Two factors make the Mikhailovsky Castle well-known: First of all, it is the only castle in St. Petersburg, and secondly, tsar Pavel I, the most well-known ghost in the city, resides there. He took the initiative to have the castle built, and once it was finished, he made it his haven. A group of inebriated soldiers killed Pavel, with the intention of apprehending him to allow his son to succeed to the throne. He ruled for precisely four years, four months, and four days, and he spent just forty days in his castle. His life was also filled with great fortune. Legend has it that he can be seen playing his favorite instrument, the violin, out of a specific window in the castle.

There is a house that dates back to the end of the 18th century located at the intersection of Gorokhovaya Str and the Fontanka embankment. It's just your average St. Petersburg building, but

The Rotunda, the city's most enigmatic location, is located here.

The structure is circular and has six free-standing columns. The lines of the stairs, reaching infinitely upward, are repeated in the bends of the walls.

The rise of informal Soviet youth movements and subcultures, such as rockers, hippies, and punks, in the 1970s and 1980s gave rise to the Rotunda's cult status.

This place is the subject of numerous legends. For instance, wishes and dreams inscribed on the Rotunda's walls might come true. But there are other legends as well. Since the Rotunda is situated where the St. Petersburg hexagon's meridians converge, someone has dubbed this location the universe's center.

Another legend concerns a young man who entered the parallel world through the house's basement and stayed there for roughly fifteen minutes. Upon his return, he appeared to be elderly.

Many people think that you can meet Satan here at midnight. The Rotunda was a gathering place for Freemasons during the Russian Empire. It was also Grigory Rasputin's favorite location.

5. Obvodny Canal

Obvodny Canal had functioned as a city boundary at one point. The suburbs were on one bank of the Obvodny Canal during the 19th century, while the Fontanka served as the city boundary during the 18th century. Even though the city boundary has moved forward considerably since then, Obvodny Canal's appearance has evolved over the previous century, and the term "city outskirts" has acquired new meaning, it still has a certain "uptownish" quality. The Obvodny Canal is not only a hydrotechnical marvel of unparalleled quality for its era and a crucial waterway connecting the port to the upper Neva; it is also an integral element of the city's artistic identity, sharing equal significance with Nevsky Prospekt in terms of cultural significance. Without the Obvodny Canal, St. Petersburg's image would be lacking, at the very least. St Petersburg had always offered a contrast between two images: the industrial, noisy, smoggy, and disheveled, and the solemn, official, and beautiful. But together, the two likenesses made up the singular whole, which was the Russian Empire's capital. The growth of the city had been impacted by these two likenesses.

At eight kilometers, the Obvodny Canal is the longest artificial waterway in St. Petersburg. Currently, the canal acts as a temporary wall dividing the city's southern industrial district. Numerous structures along the Obvodny Canal, including industrial and civil buildings, bridges, and support walls, have significant historic and architectural significance. Like Nevsky Prospekt, Kolomna, and Vasilyevsky Island, the current architectural environment along the canal shores is very unique and an integral part of St. Petersburg.

The longest man-made canal in St. Petersburg, the Obvodny Canal, was formerly the city's southern border. It is not very deep, but it has been the site of numerous successful suicide attempts. The people who have been spared have stated that they didn't intend to end their lives. They were just driven to act by an intense force. Some claim it's the result of the restless spirits in the company that craves canals. If you choose to go, keep your distance from the water.

4. Northern Crown – The Stranded 5-Star Hotel

After the magnificent project was shelved almost twenty years ago, this crumbling five-star hotel is empty when it should be teeming with affluent vacationers and corporate executives.

There is an eerie silence in the corridors of the Northern Crown Hotel, which should have been a grand lobby, despite its 247 rooms having never been slept in.

When work on the opulent hotel started in the Russian city of St. Petersburg in 1988, it was expected to become a popular tourist attraction.

But in 1995, with the building 90% finished, laborers at the hotel stopped working because a bank that was funding the project was having financial difficulties.

Even though there have been multiple attempts to restart construction, the incomplete hotel was instead abandoned and is soon to be demolished.

After the Soviet government commissioned the project, the company Monteksgroeksport, based in what was then Yugoslavia, started construction on the hotel in the late 1980s.

However, fate had other ideas because the project's construction was nearly finished when funding was suddenly cut off. After that, this magnificent hotel was destroyed and never had the chance to welcome any guests, turning into an abandoned location. Many residents also think that the unfortunate incident has something to do with the passing of St. Pete's Metropolitan Ioann. He passed away in Northern Crown at a celebration marking Bank St. Petersburg's 50th birthday. The rooms still have the same opulent appearance as before, but the building is beyond repair at this time.

3. Mirny Diamond Mine

The Mir mine, also known as the Mirny mine, is an open pit diamond mine situated in the Siberian region of eastern Russia's Mirny, Sakha Republic. The mine is one of the biggest excavated holes in the world, measuring 1,200 meters (3,900 feet) in diameter and more than 525 meters (1,722 feet) deep—the fourth deepest in the world.

1957 saw the start of open-pit mining, which ended in 2001. It has been in operation as an underground diamond mine since 2009.

On June 13, 1955, Soviet geologists Yuri Khabardin, Ekaterina Elagina, and Viktor Avdeenko made the discovery of the diamond-bearing deposits while on the massive Amakinsky Expedition in Yakut ASSR. They discovered remnants of kimberlite, a volcanic rock typically linked to diamonds. This discovery marked the second successful attempt to find kimberlite in Russia following a string of unsuccessful expeditions in the 1940s and 1950s. (The Zarnitsa mine in 1954 was the first.) Khabardin received the Lenin Prize, one of the greatest honors in the Soviet Union, in 1957 in recognition of this discovery.

Are you someone who would like to visit a place like this and is intrigued by the mysteries surrounding the Bermuda Triangle? If so, you really ought to visit the Mirny Diamond Mine at least once in your lifetime in order to see something truly remarkable. This location used to be known for producing the greatest quantity of valuable Russian diamonds, which provided employment and income for the Russian people. The bustling metropolis that encircled this massive mine was once home to a large population of contented people.

There is currently no scientific explanation for why every helicopter that flies over this hole gets sucked into it, despite the fact that this abandoned mine is closed. Isn't that odd for a diamond mine? So, if you're looking to visit some of the most well-known scary locations in Russia, make sure to stop by and discover the mystery surrounding this location.

2. The Kusovnikov House in Moscow

House No. 17, located on Myasnitskaya Street in Central Moscow, was formerly the home of the extremely avaricious Pyotr and Sofya in the 19th century. They used to conceal their money in odd and strange locations because they were also highly suspicious of whether it was safe.

They adopted this tactic to ensure that no one would steal their money, but they were unaware that it would eventually lead to their own demise. It is said that one terrible night, the caregiver unintentionally set fire to their concealed cash in the fireplace, and they instantly passed away from shock. Since then, a number of people have reported seeing the ghost of an elderly man with a humped body on the nearby street who they believe to be Pyotr Kusovnikov, lamenting the loss of his money. Therefore, if you intend to stroll down this street at night, be sure to reconsider your plans before running into him.

1. The Maternity Hospital

It was erected on the grounds of the hospital meant to house the soldiers from the 1812 Patriot War. Following its conversion to a maternity hospital in the latter half of the 20th century, it was shut down in 2009 for renovations. The hospital's central heating system is still in relatively good condition, which is quite surprising given how long the building has been abandoned. It appears like the torture chamber from a horror film, which is one of the reasons it is listed among Russia's most haunted locations.

For a considerable amount of time, the Maternity hospital has been a popular tourist destination. Many eager bloggers visit this location frequently to learn the story behind the building's peculiarities. The fact that many pregnant Russian women wish to give birth in this specific hospital only serves to heighten the strangeness of this place. For individuals who have an inclination towards eerie hospitals and their eerie hallways, this is the ideal location.

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Vital Thrills

Everything New on Tubi in December 2023

Posted: November 17, 2023 | Last updated: November 17, 2023

Tubi, FOX’s free streaming service, has announced its list of December 2023 titles. The December slate features new Tubi Originals, as well as seasonal, action, anime, art house, Black cinema, comedy, documentary, drama, horror, Korean drama, kids & family, romance, sci-fi & fantasy, thriller, and Western titles.

As a leading ad-supported video-on-demand service, Tubi engages diverse audiences through a personalized experience and the world’s largest content library of over 200,000 movies and TV episodes, a growing collection of Tubi Originals, and nearly 250 FAST channels.

You can watch the Tubi December 2023 lineup for free on Android and iOS mobile devices, Amazon Echo Show, Google Nest Hub Max, Comcast Xfinity X1, and Cox Contour.

You can also watch the service on connected television devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Vizio TVs, Sony TVs, Samsung TVs, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Android TV, PlayStation 5 , Xbox Series X | S , and on the web at .



When an ex-soldier’s family is taken hostage in a bank robbery, he must neutralize the perpetrators as a lethal toxin is stolen from the vault.


A young man trains in the ways of martial arts to seek vengeance on the corrupt landowner who murdered his family.



Bad Bunny ‘s ascent to superstardom is as unlikely as they come. TMZ explores how a kid from Puerto Rico became the biggest musical act on the planet.


A deep dive into the short yet impactful life of the trailblazing latin comic, whose son also went on to a career of much acclaim.


When a 1980 memoir uncovered a Satanist abduction, a Satanic Panic pervaded the globe, leaving destruction and wrongful convictions in its wake.


Dive into the case of a Wisconsin father, convicted of brutally murdering his ex-lover’s new partner – a man whose body was never found.


Finding herself on the wrong side of a union battle, a refugee turned hotshot fashionista lawyer launches her own brand of designer philanthropy.


When Brooke encounters a stranger in an abandoned building, her traumatic memories surface, and she must either find closure or let fear consume her.

MÍRAME – 12/19

When Lalo becomes haunted by the mysterious ghost of a young girl, he realizes his life is in danger, and sets out to defeat the ghost for good.

FOREVER US – 12/21

A woman’s perfect marriage is shattered when her husband falls for another woman leading to secrecy and obsession and igniting a deadly showdown.

OUT OF HAND – 12/28

When an author and her husband escape to a secluded cabin to finish her latest novel, the fabric of reality unravels with murderous consequences.


All December titles begin streaming for free on the first day of the month unless otherwise noted.


“A Flintstone Christmas Carol”

“A Flintstone Family Christmas”

“A Perfect Day”

“Casper’s Haunted Christmas”

“Happy Feet Two”

“How Murray Saved Christmas”

“Smurfs Christmas Special”

“The Mistle-Tones”

“The Munsters’ Scary Little Christmas”

“The Swan Princess Christmas”

“The Third Miracle”

“Trapped In Paradise”

“Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas”

“Waiting To Exhale”

“Yogi’s All Star Comedy Christmas Caper”

“Yogi’s First Christmas”

“Black Hawk Down”


“ John Wick ” (Franchise)

“John Wick 2”

“John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum”

“Kill Bill Vol. 1”

“Kill Bill Vol. 2”

“King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword”

“Rambo: Last Blood”

“Rush Hour”

“Rush Hour 2”

“Street Kings”

“Takers (2010)”

“Cowboy Bebop: The Movie”

“Tokyo Godfathers”

“2001: A Space Odyssey”

“Eve’s Bayou”

“Her Smell”

“King Richard”

“Mean Streets”

“Once Upon A Time In America”

“The Glorias”

“The People Vs. Larry Flynt”


“After Earth”

“Black Knight”

“Booty Call”

“Cadillac Records”

“Diary Of A Mad Black Woman”

“How High 2”

“I Can Do Bad All By Myself”

“Judge Mathis”

“Love Beats Rhymes”

“Poetic Justice”

“Something New”

“Stomp The Yard”

“Stomp The Yard: Homecoming”

“Straight Outta Compton”

“The Brothers (2001)”

“The Steve Harvey Show”

“Training Day”

“Tyler Perry’s Diary Of A Mad Black Woman”

“Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns”

“Waiting to Exhale”

“Adam Sandler’s Eight Crazy Nights”

“Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery”

“Bachelor Party”

“Bachelor Party 2: The Last Temptation”

“Bad Teacher” (2011)


“Best Little Whorehouse In Texas”

“Bring It On”

“Bring It On Again”

“Bring It On: All Or Nothing”

“Bring It On: Fight To The Finish”

“Bring It On: In It To Win It”

“Bring It On: Worldwide #Cheersmack”

“Bruce Almighty”

“Bubble Boy”

“Chico And The Man”

“Dumb And Dumber”

“Happy Gilmore”


“Next Friday”

“Now & Then”

“The Friday After Next”

“The Parent ‘Hood”

“ Elvis : That’s The Way It Is (Special Edition)”

“The Fog of War”

“Fast, Cheap & Out Of Control”

“Rock City”

“Soul Power”

“Riding Giants”

“Winged Migration”

“Secrets Of The Code”

“Ukraine Is Not A Brothel” – 12/22

“Blood Diamond”

“Cast Away”


“Draft Day”


“Heartbreak Ridge”

“The Blind Side”

“The Help (2011)”

“The Hurt Locker”

“The Last King Of Scotland”

“All Hallows Eve Trickster”


“Cabin Fever”

“Cabin Fever 2”

“Doctor Sleep”

“Final Destination”

“Final Destination 2”

“Final Destination 3”

“Final Destination 5”

“It Comes At Night”

“Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday”

“Rob Zombie’s Halloween”

“Rob Zombie’s Halloween II”

“ Silent Hill : Revelation 3D”

“The Final Destination (2009)”

“The Skeleton Key (’05)”

“Tremors: Shrieker Island”


“Escape From Mogadishu”

“Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…And Spring”


“A Cinderella Story”

“Cinderella Story 4”

“Gulliver’s Travels (2010)”

“ Scooby-Doo ”

“Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed”

“Stuart Little”

“Stuart Little 2”

“Stuart Little 3: Call Of The Wild”

“The Flintstones”

“The Flintstones In Viva Rock Vegas”

“Tom & Jerry: The Movie (2021)”

“Yogi Bear (2010)”

“About Last Night (2014)”

“Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past”

“Home Again”

“Love Don’t Cost A Thing”

“The Girl Next Door”

“The Wedding Date”


“Conan The Barbarian” (1982)

“Earth To Echo”

“Jack The Giant Slayer”

“North By Northwest”

“Strangers On A Train”

“The Departed”

“The Good Son (1993)”

“The Jackal”

“Those Who Wish Me Dead”

“Calamity Jane” – 12/8

“Cowboys & Aliens”

“Once Upon A Time In Mexico”

“The Big Country”

The post Everything New on Tubi in December 2023 appeared first on .

Tubi in December 2023

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The couple behind the Paia Inn are designers who want to preserve the history of the building.

Is Maui open for Tourism? 5 locally owned hotels to consider for a responsible visit

Scientists uncover ancient artifacts from melting glacial ice

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    8. Nightmare on 19th Street - Lubbock, TX Nightmare on 19th Street is a Halloween scream park in West Texas with four haunting attractions. All new for this October is the Ice Caves of Krampus! Experience their 17th year of fear beginning on September 30th. 7. Haunted Mayfield Manor - Galveston, TX

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    Find 2022 Halloween haunted Houses in Texas, Experience the most terrifying Haunted Attractions in Texas. Here you will find all Halloween Attraction in TX across city Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, Plano, el paso, arlington, corpus christi, laredo.

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    The most frightening haunted house in Texas is House of Torment, located in Austin: "If you're taking a Halloween stroll in Austin, be sure to check out House of Torment. This nightmare-fueled attraction offers 3 different scary experiences plus escape games and a spooky bar. Perfect for the girls and ghouls who are looking for a spooky ...

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    Welcome to Creepy Hollow Haunted House, Houston's Scariest Haunted House and voted Top 13 in the Nation. Located only minutes from Downtown Houston, featuring three haunted attractions, multiple shows, amazing food and games. Be prepared to spend hours navigating the haunts, shows, and shops! Houston Texas are you ready to get your SCREAM on?

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