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In a Constant State of Sleepiness and Confusion — Look I love Ghost, Soap, and Price but what about...

See, that’s what the app is perfect for..


In a Constant State of Sleepiness and Confusion

Anonymous asked:

Look I love Ghost, Soap, and Price but what about Roach? He needs some love too

Can we please get a shirtless roach as well pretty please with ice cream and cherry on top?? :)

(Ps this definitely isn't because I want to see more of him shirtless that not it :)

Ask and you shall receive.


Roach in my HC has the most proportional body out of 141. Yes I drew more after last night. Because SCIENCE (ʘ ͜ʖ ʘ)

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Help me choose a pose for the GhostJade Phantom of The Opera AU guys 👀👌

Do you prefer :


Kinda wanna make both and I’ll post them but maybe which one is the main one? Vote below 👀


Choose a Pose!

soap x ghost art

This took me days to finish and my neck with back hurts so bad 😵‍💫

This is neither a Call of Duty OC or from any other fandom. But my own original character! As said from the stories, it's going to be an antagonistic character, named Abhijeet. He has the ability to generate/create fires from his body.

I haven't planned anything of its story yet, but so far I only made it exist. Until then, I might keep updating y'all more about its purpose!

Woke up to find out my arts got reshared by Julian and Neil at the same day I’m flying to heaven


Vampire! Price 🧛‍♂️

Happy Halloween!🎃🕸

soap x ghost art

MWII Cosplay - Ghost "Urban Ops" WIP - "The Haunted" Chimera prop

[CW/TW: Pictured below is a gel blaster replica firearm. This is NOT a fully functional firearm.]

I have been working over six months now to work on replicating the same rifle that Ghost wields during the opening mission, as well as Alone & Ghost Team.

It's available in MWII Multiplayer through the blueprint known as "The Haunted", and I have managed to create a near-1:1 match of the build with a Honey Badger gel blaster.

I did have to compromise on some parts and details, and there are a couple of details that I've yet to add on but they're very minor.

Pictures below the cut!

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🌹💀 That Time Ghost Almost Risked His Career 💀🌹

On the way to their date, Jade got mugged by three people. They obviously chose the really wrong target. When Ghost got the text message from her, he ran to the hospital to find her.

Masked Version (alternative storyline where he forgot to open the mask maybe? He caught a lot of people’s eyes.) 👇


Love me some Protective!Ghost (❁´◡`❁) (and yes that’s also his worried face).

I miss drawing Ghost’s unmasked face, so I kinda want to draw an expression, and it just pops out of my mind! (Might make a fic out of this 👀 who knows).

Hope you love this sketch! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

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Happy 19th Birthday Khushi!! ✨🦋


A birthday gift for @welldonekhushi my beloved! ⸜(⸝⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝⸝)⸝

Thank you so much for being one of my first friends on Tumblr, being a supportive friend, and for being such a wonderful and awesome person! ⸜(*ˊᗜˋ*)⸝

Have a little illustration of Soap and Scarlet having a red velvet cake! Hope you love it and have a wonderful 19th year on earth! (。・//ε//・。)

Do u ship any cod characters that aren’t your ocs? (I feel like this sounds a bit rude so jsyk it’s not supposed to be)

No it’s totally fine! ✨

I do ship some canon x canon, but not all of them in a romantic type of way :

  • Alex Keller x Farah Karim (AUUUUGHHH need I say more)
  • Price x Laswell (Work spouse. I did ship them kiiind of romantically in MW19, but then for some reason I kinda feel like they don’t really fit as a couple. And then BOOM Laswell was revealed to have a wife in MWII, so yep! However we do see how much Price cares for Kate, so if anything it only strengthened my resolve for platonic Price x Kate)
  • Alejandro x Valeria (HEEEEAR ME OUT ☝️☝️☝️) as Exes . I like their tension together, and I think they did kind of screwed around, and Alejandro even realized that he did love Valeria, and so did Valeria. But things happened. I have a HC that Alejandro got married after Valeria and has two girls. His wife died in an encounter with the Narcos, so he moved his family to the capital city. His wife’s death is one of the reason he bears so much hatred to El Sin Nombre and the cartel 👀👌)

So there’s the answer!

Been on a break to spend time with my fam for the last few days/week. Now I’m back for college and of course for MWIII!

WOOHOO (⁠≧⁠▽⁠≦⁠)

soap x ghost art

Lil wholesome story time: I'm currently in my 7th semester (last year of college) and we don't have many classes to attend, like I only have 3 classes and an internship. So to fill up my remaining credits, I decided to enter the Comics Class. It was a class from the Visual Communication Design major, but students from any other major can attend it as well.

Anyway, I went to the class, there were 70-ish students, we were divided into groups of 4, and got assigned to design a character for our comics. The four of us went crazy, talked about our characters and stuff, it was weird in the most fun way possible, but we were vibing with our characters.

We got carried away, and literally 15 minutes before the classes ended, one of us said "oh hey let's trade Instagram art accounts!" and one by one we had to say our usernames. When it's my turn, I said "it's sleepy, confused, potato."

One of my group of friends literally STARED at me with laser beam eyes. She said, "SLEEPYCONFUSEDPOTATO????" and I said "Ye--YeAaH????" She repeated, "THE SLEEPYCONFUSEDPOTATO????" and I nodded harder, "YEAH???? IT'S MY INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT-- I CAN SPELL IT IF YOU WANT--" as I opened my IG on my phone. AND THEN SHE BEGAN SHAKING AND MOVING HER KNEES AND COVERING HER FACE FLUSTERED AND THEN SHE SAID "I FINALLY FOUND YOU!!!! I'M A BIG FAN!!!"


Her friend (from the same major) said that she's been looking for me all this time, like I've written on my bios that I'm from Bandung, same college, from this major, and bla bla bla. Turns out she's a fan of CoD as well and in Indo it's pretty rare to find a CoD fan irl. So then she decided to attend this comics class, and then suddenly they were grouped together with me without knowing that I'm that kid that she's been looking for it was fucking funny AJSDFLJAFDA 😂😂

Anyway she has an OC ship as well with Price and we screamed and fangirled together after the class it was super unexpected af and it certainly made my day.

Update : We’re gonna play MWIII campaign together on November 2 🗣️‼️‼️‼️‼️

It’s @pingurusama 👈👈👈 btw!! She creates lovely Price x OC arts!!

soap x ghost art


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