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Spectre vs K&N Intake Systems Review: Key Things to Know

Spectre vs K&N Intake Systems Review: Key Things to Know

Clean air filters – something so small yet so indispensable for your vehicle. And, debated as they might be – cold air intake systems are one of America’s more popular car modifications. And when we talk about these aftermarket intakes, two brands battle it out: Spectre vs K&N intake systems.

Before comparing them, here’s something that might shock you. In 2011, K&N sued Spectre for false advertising and won (read the full news here ). A few years later, they actually bought Spectre. So, as far as I’ve seen, K&N owns and manufactures both brands right now. Mind-boggling, right?

Now, let’s see how they differ from each other – starting with their air filters.

K&N vs Spectre Air Filters Review: Full Comparison 

Quite a few people think K&N air filters are overpriced ( check prices here ). They have a point because there is a price difference, considering Spectre filters deliver similar results at a better price tag. Let’s explore this some more.

Spectre Offers a Better Price Tag

K&N’s strong point is the increased airflow (high-flow air filter design) and washable filters. However, this airflow design increase can become a drawback if you drive in areas especially high on fine dust as it doesn’t really protect the engine from pollutants. As far as the washing/cleaning goes – yes, these reusable air filters will save you money, and they’re also better for the environment.

K&N Engine Air Filter

What about increased HP? It’s debatable how tangible the power gain is, but that’s not the primary reason you should get an air filter anyways. For most stock cars and casual usage, I’d say you can save a bit with Spectre performance air filters . Since K&N bought them, the quality has stepped up quite a bit:

  • Performance-grade synthetic filter helps provide more air flow, making them much more effective than paper filters.
  • Comes with a sealing edge for better sealing and engine protection.
  • Pre-oiled and goes live with easy plug-and-play installation.
  • They come with a limited lifetime warranty and in some cases, a full lifetime warranty.

K&N Intake Offers Better Construction

However, if you’re into racing or tinkering with horsepower gains and throttle response, K&N is a better choice. It’s worth it. There’s a reason why Nascar, Le Mans, and similar races rely on K&N’s quality products for their filtration needs.

With this type of air intake system, however, I’d 100% go with K&N’s original manufacturer like this system . There’s a simple reason for this: the polished aluminum tube construction with the FIPK or AirCharger series.

These K&N intakes are made of tough, high-density polyethylene. The material looks less shiny and cool than Spectre cold air intake kits. However, the non-metal tube intake construction is guaranteed to make your system run cooler in the engine compartment. Additionally, it might help with the intake running a little quieter at speed. But don’t worry – you’ll still have that satisfying growl upon acceleration.

Custom-engineered, durable, and reliable – with a 1 000 000 mile warranty, K&N takes the cold air intake kit crown. Please continue reading for a comparison between the different K&N CAIs.

  • Washable so you save money and nature.
  • Better airflow due to its smart design.
  • Great for racing, but a bit expensive for casual use.

K&N Engine Air Filter

Want to save a few bucks on intakes to?

You can still go with Spectre cold air intakes . Just remember that the otherwise beautiful chrome finish on the mandrel-bent tube will conduct more heat. 

Things are the same with K&N’s Typhoon intakes which have a similar metal appearance.

K&N Cold Air Intake Kit

The Anatomy of K&N Cold Air Intake Systems: FIPK vs Typhoon vs AirCharger vs Blackhawk Review

There are 4 main types of K&N intakes, which confuses many people. Let’s break these down for your convenience to help you chose the right one.

One of the first things you must consider is which CAI is CARB legal. FIPK and Typhoon are CARB-legal and street-legal in all US states. The newest Blackhawk 71-series cold air intake isn’t. The classic AirCharger series isn’t street-legal, according to CARB, either.  

The second consideration you should have is what exactly are the different CAIs recommended for.

FIPK and Typhoon are Great for Performance Street Use

The chrome Typhoon ( check prices here ) gives you a little more edge when accelerating, with an initial power boost. FPIK is more mellow, but it optimizes motor performance later on. It also pairs really well with the VTEC system Honda cars utilize.

Spectre vs K&N

AirCharger and Blackhawk are absolute beasts when it comes to offroad adventures, racing matters, and noticeable power gains. The polyethylene here is molded, not bent, and minimizes heat soaking. Another huge improvement with these is the filter on top.

The cutting-edge, extra-powerful Blackhawk ( see different styles here) demonstrates it the best, with an oil-free synthetic filter that achieves maximum airflow. Its design, paired with K&N’s newest DRYFLOW filtration tech (aka dry filter), also provides enhanced engine protection.

The intake tube is made of polished aluminum intake tubing instead of metal intake pipes. This means a lighter CAI that also dissipates heat better, especially since it’s paired with the black powder-coated heat shield. 

Generally speaking, all of these are relatively easy to install and require basic tools – it should take no more than 2 hours or so, even for beginners. If you’re experienced, I bet you will be able to install these in an hour with simple hand tools. Here’s a wonderful overview/tutorial on how to install the Typhoon 69 intake system to get you started:

Things are similar with the brand’s other CAI types – only the AirCharger might be a bit tougher due to the longer, internally larger tube.

Spectre vs K&N Intakes and Air Filters: The Final Verdict

There’s a lot to write about K&N vs Spectre cool air intakes and air filters. Heck, you could probably write a full 50-page research paper on them. However, time is money – and I tried my best to give a condensed, informational summary that’s easy to digest.

I believe you can save a bit of money on air filters and go with the more affordable option. If you’re looking at cold air intakes, though, splurging on one a bit more will yield fantastic results. Just make sure you’re getting a CAI that’s legal in your state and suits your needs.

Have you used K&N or Spectre intake? What is your experience with Spectre vs K&N cold air intakes or filters? Do you prefer the Spectre vs K&N or vice versa? Hit up the comments and let me and my readers know!

Will a Cold Air Intake Hurt My Engine?

No. A properly installed and maintained cold air intake will not harm your engine. It can actually provide several benefits. If installed improperly, a cold air intake could cause problems such as hydro-lock, which is when water gets sucked into the engine and causes damage. However, if you install the cold air intake correctly and maintain it properly, it should not harm your engine.

Does Cold Air Intake Make a Car Louder?

When you install a cold air intake, it allows more air to flow into the engine, which can produce a deeper and more aggressive sound. Additionally, some cold air intakes have a larger diameter than the factory air intake, which can also contribute to a louder sound. However, the exact degree of the sound increase will depend on the specific cold air intake and the car’s engine.

Is Spectre a Good Cold Air Intake?

Spectre is a popular brand of cold air intakes that offer several benefits to drivers looking to improve their vehicle’s performance. While some drivers may prefer more expensive and well-known brands, Spectre cold air intakes are a great option for those on a budget or those looking to experiment with cold air intakes for the first time. Overall, Spectre is a good choice for a cold air intake for everyday use that won’t break the bank.

Is Spectre the Same as K&N?

Are K&N and Spectre the same, you might ask? No, Spectre is not the same as K&N. While both companies produce cold air intakes and air filters, they are separate entities with their own unique products. Spectre tends to be a more affordable brand, while K&N is known for producing high-end performance parts. 

Is a K&N Air Intake Worth It?

A K&N cold air intake can be a great way to improve the performance of your vehicle and get a little extra power under the hood. K&N intakes are designed to increase airflow to the engine, which can result in improved horsepower, better throttle response, and a more aggressive engine sound. Additionally, K&N has washable and reusable filters, which can save you money in the long run. 

While K&N air intakes tend to be more expensive than some other options on the market, the increased performance and reusable air filters make it a worthwhile investment. However, it’s important to do your research and make sure a K&N air intake is compatible with your vehicle before making a purchase.

How Much HP Does K&N Cold Air Intake Add?

The amount of horsepower that a K&N cold air intake can add to a vehicle can vary depending on several factors, such as the specific make and model of the vehicle and the type of K&N cold air intake being used. However, K&N claims that their cold air intakes can add an average of 10 horsepower to a vehicle’s engine. Of course, the actual increase in horsepower may be more or less than this depending on the individual circumstances. 

Which Intake Adds More Horsepower?

Which intake adds the most horsepower, you might ask? The exact amount of horsepower added will depend on several factors. In general, when it comes to Spectre vs K&N, K&N cold air intakes tend to be more expensive than Spectre cold air intakes, but they also typically provide a slightly greater increase in horsepower. 

That being said, Spectre cold air intakes are still a great option for drivers looking to improve their vehicle’s performance at a more affordable price point. Ultimately, the best choice will depend on your individual needs and budget.


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Spectre vs K&N Intake Systems: Which is the Best?

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Your truck’s intake system provides the requisite oxygen for combustion to occur in its engine. The air intake system is designed to allow air to get to your motor.

An intake method typically requires an air filter, throttle, and air passages in order to enter the cylinders. A healthy air intake system such as Spectre vs K&N enables a safe and constant airflow in the engine to improve the car’s strength and miles .

So many brands offer intake systems for aftermarket vehicles. However, two companies are considered to be at the top of the mountain when it comes to both quality and reputation — namely, Spectre and K&N . 

Many car enthusiasts are disputed over which one to choose between the Spectre and the K&N intake systems. They understandably want to know which company offers a better supply of cold air and air filters so they can be confident that they are making the best buying decision.

In this article, we will carefully go over each system and weigh the pros and cons of each in order to help you choose the right intake system for your own vehicle.

Table of Contents

The Main Differences Between Spectre vs K&N

The main differences between Spectre vs K&N include:

  • Spectre intake kits are more affordable, whereas K&N air filters are often more expensive
  • Spectre use a chrome-finished intake tube, whereas K&N uses a custom tubing system
  • Spectre is best suited for more casual builds, while K&N is typically used on high performance sports cars

Spectre Cold Air Intake Kit | Amazon

This air intake system comes with a washable, reusable low restriction Spectre air filter, aluminum intake tubing and a 2-piece heat shield to help prevent heated engine air from entering the intake inlet.

K&N Filters Cost & Pricing Data

Yes, Spectre filters are more economical than K&N filters. K&N’s filters are more costly, yet surprisingly, Spectre filters provide similar results on a better price tag.

The strength of K&N is the increased airflow due to its high-flow design and the washability of its filters. 

spectre vs K&n

However, the airflow increase can become an inconvenience if you drive high in areas of fine powder. It’s reasonable to say that K&N is suited for high maintenance or racing cars, while Spectre suits for casual usage.

Spectre’s Intake Tube

In contrast to K&N, all intakes made by Spectre use a chrome-finished intake tube , which has a bending mandrel. Cotton gauze air filters are at the top of these tubes, and therefore all have the same essential materials as K&N.

The Tradeoff on Price

Yes, Spectre’s intake kits are more affordable. Furthermore, the acceleration is comparable, and the performance is sufficient. Only a 90 day guarantee is provided, but the vast difference in price segments eliminates this disadvantage. 

A Closer Look at Spectre Cold Intake Systems

Spectre’s cold air intake systems are designed to provide the much-needed horsepower to the car or truck and torque. Spectre air intakes are made of high quality and polished aluminum cast intake tubing and are equipped with a Spectre filter designed to increase airflow and output. 

Spectre’s cold air intake supplies are designed to produce more power and look good under the cap. A red, blue or blue high-power air filter is available for most Spectre air intakes.

Spectre-specific air intake systems have also been designed to replace the stock intake system directly by bolt-on so that installation can be fairly fast and easy. Their cold-air intake systems come with comprehensive instructions and can be easily installed using standard hand tools.

Spectre vs K&N

The Spectre intake offers a state-of-the-art chassis dynamometer with diagnostic and gas testing, as well as optimization capabilities and top-quality scientific laboratory equipment — all of which are used for the development of quality products. 

Spectre also boasts a super flow bench with measuring capabilities in both their intake and exhaust modes, checking airflow, pressure, and speed.

What are Their Features?

There are numerous features which set the Spectre air intake system apart from their competitors.

  • Efficient and Powerful Air Filters. Innovative production of synthetic oiled filters prevents the engine from pollutants damaging.
  • Easier to Install. Their comprehensive instructions will help with a simple installation of their standard equipment. 
  • Increased Safety. The engine protection cap drives through by shielding the motor from dangerous pollutants and waste.
  • Better Towing. Increases speed and upward efficiency by enhancing the throttle response.

Spectre Intake Pros

  • Spectre intakes are budget-friendly.
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • All Spectre intakes use a chromium-finished intake conduit with a winding mandrel. 

Without a doubt, Spectre is considered a more affordable option. In some cases, their intakes nearly half the price as K&N products. Furthermore, it does not require regular maintenance and is easy to install without professional help.

Even better, not only do most products come with a 10-year warranty, in some cases, a lifetime warranty is also offered.  In addition to the chromium finished intake, cotton gauze air filters are at the tip of these rods. That means that they will all have the same simple components as K&N.

Spectre Intake Cons

  • Since they are cheaper than K&N intakes, they don’t offer as much engine performance boost .
  • Unfortunately, it also does not sit well with most of the trucks which are noted in the supported list.

This can make them seem much less attractive to some consumers who are looking to boost their performance. When the ultimate goal is the improvement of the air intake, then cost may seem like less of a consideration.

Some of the More Popular Spectre Products

Spectre makes a variety of products for consumers and, depending on what you’re looking for, you may find exactly what you’re looking for with them.

Spectre Spe-9900 Intake Kit for V8 Trucks

Spectre Spe-9900 Intake Kit

Spectre Spe-9900 intake is a great mid-range product from Spectre, which makes the engine stronger. It is much less expensive than its peers. It fits most Chrysler and Dodge 3.6L V6 models, and it can be installed easily in under an hour, as it comes with practical installation instructions. 

It sounds a lot deeper in the engine, so if you like deep engine sounds, this might be a product which you’ll love to use.

Spectre Spe-9900 Intake Kit for V8 Trucks | Amazon

Spectre Performance 9976 Air Intake Kit

Spectre Performance 9976 Air Intake Kit

This product was created to help increase your engine’s torque and power, while protecting it from harmful particles. It is both cost-effective and easy to install, a reusable air filter is used to save money for substitutions. The intake is fitted with a mass airflow sensor, and the Intake air is kept cool by a powder-coated heat shield.  

The Spectre SPE-9976 provides a little improvement over the OE air filter and intake tube, despite its low price. It increases the torque, but it’s also important to not have overly high expectations. It makes the car feel much more robust, and it modifies the sound a lot.

Spectre Spe-9028 Air Intake

Spectre Spe-9028 Air Intake

The  Spectre Spe-9028  is is a cost-friendly kit that comes with everything you need to substitute the OE intake kit. Sadly, there are some minor inconveniences associated with it. For example, the hot shield does not match the chassis tightly. Between it and the conical mount, there are huge gaps. 

However, this kit increases performance compared to the original components. It enhances engine performance and comes with a detailed manual, which allows the installation to be done in less than an hour. Despite the low-price tag, it also gives a decent life.

Spectre Spe-9028 Air Intake | Amazon

This air intake system comes with a washable, reusable low restriction Spectre air filter, polished aluminum intake tubing and a black powder coated 2-piece heat shield to help prevent heated engine air from entering the intake inlet.

What About K&N Intakes?

K&N intakes are some of the most reliable products on the intake market these days. K&N intake systems deliver proven efficiency advantages with their low cost and implementation effort. They’re also a trusted brand, not only because of K&N’s lengthy history and credibility, but their proven track record of quality.

K&N uses a filter to minimize costs on the road. It also requires the user to clean and re-oil the filter , when the requirements of the area warrant using a reasonably-priced filter oil package and supplies for cleaning purposes. 

Most K&N filters choose a more protected position and use a supplied thermal shell to hold hot air out. However, certain intake sets pull their air from the inner fender or the lower part of the buffer. While this can lead to lower power, this ensures you can drive without thinking about water intakes and significant engine failure if you are facing an unusual amount of rainy or damp weather.  

K&N intakes are shielded by million-mile protection , ensuring that you only ever have to buy a single filter. Many other brands only give warranties for 1 or 2 years, making this a significant improvement over their competitors.

Notable Features

Like Spectre, K&N also stands apart from competitors, making them a reliable and dependable brand for intake systems.

  • Boost gasses and engine vibration. It increases your horsepower while also saving on fuel.
  • High-quality tube. Made from aluminium, the black tube is durable and reliable.
  • Washable and reusable air filter. The ability to reuse it makes it a smart investment choice.
  • Goes the distance. It can go up to 100,000 miles before it needs serviced.
  • Easy to install. Even better, it’s also easy to maintain.
  • NASCAR’s official air filter. It’s trusted on the racecourse but is made for your car.
  • K&N’s package is made of high-density polyethene. 
  • It employs an innovative mandrel bending technology.
  • The filter can be washed and will last 100,000 miles. 
  • A low-restrictive and custom-made tubing system.

The high density polyethylene helps to keep the tube hotter and internal air cooler so heat is not transferred as tubes. This uniform inner shape in their metal tubes causes air to flow through the tube unregulated, offering an advantage over lower intakes.

The reusable filter is innovative and built to last. Factory mounting holes can be conveniently drilled and used with the optimal installation. Each kit includes detailed step-by-step instructions which make installation easier, as well.

Finally, it’s low-restrictive tubing system improves air capacity — up to 50 per cent more airflow than a conventional paper-air filter stock system. More airflow through the throttle is more drivetrain control, a win-win for most people.

  • K&N intakes are costlier when compared to its competitors
  • Installation suits several different vehicles and can lead to compatibility problems. 

Sometimes K&N intakes are almost double the price than its competitors. If you are on a tight budget, it can be hard to recommend K&N intakes.

Unfortunately, they can also admittedly be very loud. The airflow sensor connects to the farm, but it requires one optimized to be very accurate for cold air intakes.

K&N Products

Like Spectre, K&N also make several reliable and trustworthy products to suit a variety of needs.

K&N Air Intake Kit 69-2544TP

K&N Air Intake Kit 69-2544TP

The K&N 69-2544TP Kit is recomm ended for vehicles like Dodge or Chrysler. This intake kit consists of all the features of a cold air intake system, and the 69-2544tp will boost horsepower up to 50%, which is definitely a great option.

Chryslers and Dodges with a 3.6L V6 engine blend in well with this intake kit. The air filter doesn’t take a long time to clean and improves overall engine output. Its ten-year warranty is another significant advantage to it, as well.

K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 69-2544TP | Advance Auto Parts

Our intakes are dyno-tested and provide up to 50% more airflow compared to OEM intake systems. K&N intakes are easy to install and maintain with air filter cleaning required only every 100,000 miles.

K&N 71-3070 Blackhawk Induction Air Intake System

K&N 71-3070 Blackhawk Induction Air Intake System

This K&N 71-3070 Blackhawk Induction air intake system is even less obstructive than plant ones, so you’ll enjoy having additional ventilation, equal to about 12 more hours. The intake is sleek and comes with a small promise of one million miles.

The tube and case of the aluminum bent mandrel have been designed to maximize ventilation and fill a limited volume. The air filter can last over 100,000 miles and is washable. The factory mounting hole is easy to build and blend in perfectly.

It is suitable with several different vehicles, but it can lead to compatibility problems during implementation. It can be overly loud, and it connects to the mass airflow sensor of factories but needs one that is very reliable for cold air intakes.

K&N 71 Series Blackhawk Air Intake System | AutoAnything

Custom-engineered for a flawless fit, the K&N Blackhawk Cold Air Intake replaces your restrictive stock gear and makes use of a Dryflow filter, oil-free and designed to draw in huge gusts of oxygen while simultaneously stripping out airborne contaminants. 

K&N 77-2581KP Intake Kit

K&N 77-2581KP Intake Kit

The K&N 77-2581KP will be a perfect choice both in terms of consistency and expense. This package provides everything you need to maximize the strength of an engine. The product is acceptable for all the 2011-2014 iterations of the Ford F150 . The maker has checked it dyno, so you do not have to change it manually. 

The package increases the torque and strength of a car, making it worth updating. 77-2581kp provides impeccable motor debris safety, and it also gives an offensive tone to the Ford F150 engine. Overall, this is a reliable intake solution for your vehicle.

K&N Cold Air Intake Kit 77-2581KP | Advance Auto Parts

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: what is the difference between oem and aftermarket.

Answer: Aftermarket goods are produced by third parties, and are designed to apply more universally and typically cost less. OEM stands for the “ original equipment maker ” and that includes the car’s manufacturer and all of its subsidiaries.

Question: Do cold air intakes cause problems with the air/fuel ratio?

Answer: The fast reply will be, “It’s up to you.” If the intake tube is too broad or slim, or the airflow is not smooth, the air/fuel ratio may be interrupted and the engine issues can occur downstream. Worse still, the advantages that the intake offers your car strength and torque can obscure this problem.

Question: How much power will it add to my engine?

Answer: You can expect an additional 5-10 hours of power from your output intake everywhere, but those intakes provide even more. Naturally, this would depend on the car. Engine size and other enhancements operate in combination with intake so that the power gains can be anywhere.

Question: May I expect fuel efficiency improvements?

Answer: The construction of an air intake performance results in more efficient fuel consumption and a lower intake tube. As a consequence, a 1-2 mpg rise may be expected.

Question: How often can air filters be changed?

Answer: Regulated air filters decrease the vehicle’s strength and improve engine wear. The car would start drinking more fuel and pick up slowly. By adjusting the air filter, you can resolve these issues. You may also review the car’s manual to assess the planned maintenance interval.

The Final Verdict: Spectre vs K&N Instakes

These two brands have a lot to talk about. However, we tried to provide a concentrated summary of information that is simple to read. When filters are involved, K&N and Spectre are solid brands. That said, no, there is no justification for such a large price difference.

Ultimately, our conclusion is that you can and should ideally save money on air filters and can comfortably choose the least costly version. Even if the more expensive alternative improves more, you still can buy Spectre with confidence. Not only will you save money, but you also won’t be missing out on much, either.

Further Reading on Performance Parts:

  • Best Cold Air Intake Systems Guide

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Spectre Air Filter Vs. K&N: Things You Need to Know

The intake system of your vehicle ensures combustion occurs in your engine with enough oxygen. Essentially, your vehicle’s intake system allows air to reach your motor.

In order to reach the cylinders, an intake system typically consists of a filter, throttle, & air passages. Well-designed air intake systems, such as Spectre Vs K&N, enable a reliable flow of air in an engine that improves horsepower and gas mileage.

The aftermarket offers a wide variety of intake systems. However, when it comes to both quality and reputation, both Spectre and K&N companies stand out above the rest.

Throughout this article, we’ll carefully examine each system & analyze its overall features. By doing so, you’ll have a better understanding of which air filter system is right for you.

What is the Difference Between Spectre Air Filter Vs. K&N

In terms of aftermarket parts, there are two brands to contend with in Spectre Air Filter Vs K&N. Before we compare them, simply here’s something you might not expect.

In-depth Comparison of Spectre Air Filter Vs. K&N

Spectre air filters.

As far as air filters are concerned, Spectre is another popular brand. Their prices are a little more reasonable than K&N’s, but the quality isn’t as good as K&N’s. However, K&N air filters are designed to last for many years, but Spectre air filters may need to be replaced more often. Thus, Spectre air filters offer some awesome features which make them worthwhile.

K&N Air Filters

The American air filter company K&N has been in business for almost 50 years. Among the best manufacturers in their industry, they have made a name for themselves. They make high-quality products that are innovatively designed.

Furthermore, K&N offers a wide range of air filters, which allows you to choose the one that suits your needs. Most vehicles today can be fitted with K&N air filters, such as Toyota, Honda, Ford, and many others.

Main Difference

  • The warranty period is the biggest difference between Spectre Air Filters vs K&N. With Spectre Air Filters; you get only a “Limited Lifetime Replacement Warranty.” With K&N Air Filters, you get 10 Years of replacement warranty.
  • K&N also consumes more oil during relubrication. Spectre Air Filters are washable, so the cost of maintaining will be less than that of K&N filters. In addition, both filters are tailored to precise usage and provide excellent filtration.
  • However, K&N has a step up since it can push more air into the combustion chamber, resulting in more horsepower. While Specter is of masterclass quality, it is affordable to most people.


The air filter is an essential component of any intake system. Pay close attention to this part. Specialized air filters come with most air intake kits, guiding fuel efficiency, damage immunity, and engine power.

Spectre filters deliver good air flow and have an improved sealing edge to protect the engine. The high-flow design of K&N filters makes them more durable than Spectre.

However, a higher airflow can be a problem in areas where fine dust is exceptionally high. Thus, K&N is more suitable for all racing cars and high-class vehicles, whereas Spectre is more appropriate for everyday vehicles.

Here, K&N air filters are the clear winners. If you’re actively seeking more horsepower, K&N is the better choice. K&N filters are also washable, which is an excellent feature.

Spectre Features

Spectre air intake systems distinguish themselves from their competitors with a number of features.

  • Spectre air filters that are efficient & powerful. Using synthetic oil for filters prevents pollutants from damaging engines.
  • Installing synthetic oil is easier. Their detailed installation instructions will guide you through the process.
  • Safety is enhanced here. Engine protection caps shield the motor against harmful pollution and waste.
  • Spectre air filters provide better-towing performance. Boosts speed and acceleration by improving throttle response.

K&N Features

As well as Spectre, K&N stands out from other brands, giving them a reputation for being reliable & dependable.

  • Gases from boosting and vibrations from the engine. The combination increases power while also reducing fuel consumption.
  • K&N stands out due to its high-quality tubes. The black tubes are made from aluminum, giving them durability and reliability.
  • K&N lasts a long time. The vehicle can travel over 100,000 miles without requiring maintenance.
  • This system is simple to install. Additionally, it’s simple to maintain.
  • This is the official filter of NASCAR. The filter is trusted on racetracks, but is also suited to your car.

Tubing System

In every air intake setup, tubing plays a crucial role. Cool air intake systems rely on this system to collect cold air for injection into the engine. Generally, stainless steel, plastic, rubber, or aluminum are used in its construction.

The Spectre’s intake tubes are chrome-finished and mandrel-bent. Cast aluminum tubing has been polished to a high shine. As an alternative, K&N’s intake tubes are constructed of high-density polymer.

Tubes from Spectre may look cool, yet K&N tubes keep your system cool at all times. Additionally, K&N intake systems may be quieter as well.

K&N and Spectre have overlapping arguments when it comes to tubing. Each company’s top tube has a cotton gauze filter. Hence, their materials are similar.

Air Intake System

A system of air intake increases the horsepower & torque of the engine. K&N air filters have more advanced technology than Spectre ones. Powder-coated and cast-aluminum intake tubes make up the Spectre air intake, allowing it to perform better and increase airflow. The Spectre air intake is also stylish.

The 3D laser scanning in K&N air filters ensures that the engine is protected in a specialized manner. Its low-resistance filter and specially designed tubing boost airflow by 50% more than the standard disposal filter. Therefore, K&N air filters provide more horsepower & torque than their competitors.

The K&N air filter also won in this category. These filters utilize 3D laser scanning, which sets them apart from other filters.

Spectre Air Filter Vs K&N: Price

Before purchasing anything, buyers usually consider the price first. Spectre air filters and K&N are different in this aspect. The Spectre air filter is cheaper than the K&N. Generally, K&N air filters cost almost 5000$, whereas Spectre air filters cost only 3000$.

Spectre Air Filter Vs. K&N: Which Should You Choose?

When it comes to selecting an air filter, many people are confused between Spectre Air Filter Vs K&N. Having a good air filter will make your car last longer. Spectre & K&N air filters provide impressive filtration.

They are both washable and are built for precise use. Although K&N is an improvement, more air can be delivered to the combustion chamber, increasing horsepower.

In contrast, Spectre is an affordable, high-quality option for many people. Hence, there can’t be one perfect choice. Spectre & K&N air filters are not significantly different. Don’t get them mixed up. Make sure you get the right one. The choice is yours.

Is a Specter air filter cleanable?

Yes. The Specter air filter is similar to the K&N air filter. Rather than being replaced, they may be cleaned, reused, and re-lubricated. For best results, you should clean your filter at least after 7,000 miles, though the exact interval depends on where you live.

Is the K&N air filter washable with soap & water?

WD40 degreaser will be best used on the filter. If not, wash with warm water and soap. Cleaning is usually done by hand or using a plastic brush as well. You should wash it thoroughly for at least 3 minutes while running water in the opposite direction of the airflow.

How long does the Spectre air filter last?

Though the filter can last much longer between servicing, for optimal performance, you should never drive more than 25,000 miles before servicing it.

Final Verdict

Spectre Air Filter Vs K&N: both brands are worth talking about. In order to make things easier, we summarized the information in a simple manner. Regarding filters, both Spectre and K&N are reputable brands.

Finally, the most optimal choice for air filters is the least costly version because you can and should save money. It doesn’t matter if the better alternative is more expensive, Spectre can still be purchased with confidence.

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Spectre vs. K&N: A Comprehensive Comparison Between Leading Brands

Jesse Mosley

  • June 9, 2021
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The Spectre vs. K&N debate is an age-old discussion in the automotive sphere. Your search for high-quality air intake systems will likely come down to deciding between the two brands.

The intake system of your vehicle allows air to reach the engine. The engine combustion process is dependent upon oxygen, so a sound intake system is necessary. It facilitates a clean and consistent airflow into the engine, consequently producing better power and more mileage. 

Spectre and K&N both offer products that help your vehicle function at peak performance. However, they have many differences too, and it is best if you know about them. So, we have prepared a comprehensive Spectre vs. K&N comparison to assist you in searching for the best. Let’s roll in!

Overview of Spectre vs. K&N

Let’s arrive at the primary discussion at hand. What are the main differences between Spectre and K&N? Both brands have dependable reputations with solid customer bases. Yet, your expectations serve as the base for defining the victor of the Spectre vs. K&N debate.

spectre vs k and n

  • Budget-friendly systems 
  • Each Spectre air intake system comes with a lifetime warranty, and some hold a 10-year warranty period
  • Spectre intakes use chromium-finished intake conduits along with winding mandrels
  • Performance-grade synthetic filters provide excellent airflow
  • The affordable nature may not offer a vast boost in performance
  • May not function well with several trucks that the supported list otherwise mentions

Spectre emerged in 1983. Since then, it has dedicatedly served customers with components and parts to enhance vehicle performance. Here are the main features of the air intake systems that Spectre offers:

  • Efficient As Well As Powerful: Spectre air intake systems consist of innovative synthetic oiled  air filters . They effectively protect the engine from pollutants. 
  • Easy Installation:  Their systems are easy to install all by yourself. Moreover, the company sends a detailed guide or user manual with its products. So, installation becomes a simple task. 
  • Safe: The motor receives protection from threatening waste material, thanks to the engine protection cap.
  • Excellent Towing:  Spectre air intake systems boost speed and upward efficiency through an improvement in throttle response. 

spectre vs k and n

  • Systems use high-density polyethylene for construction 
  • Products serve well for at least 100,000 miles
  • Uses state-of-the-art mandrel-bending technology 
  • Tubing system is custom-made and low-restrictive 
  • Expensive as compared to other brands
  • Components may pose compatibility problems due to the vast range that offers distinct parts for different models  

K&N came into being in 1969. So, it has been a significant player in the automotive industry for a very long time. It solidifies the status of the company, but it does charge for the brand name! Take a look at the notable features of K&N air intake systems:

  • Horsepower Development:  K&N air intake systems boost horsepower. 
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency:  If you use a K&N air intake system, you will save a lot of fuel. 
  • Reusable Air Filters:  The brand offers washable air filters. Therefore, they are reusable and can be a one-time investment. Moreover, they are a sustainable option. 
  • Good-Quality Tube:  The black tube has an aluminum composition. So, it is durable. 
  • Easy Installation:  K&N air intake systems are easy to put into place. They come with instruction guides that contribute to this. Moreover, K&N systems are a breeze to maintain.
  • NASCAR Approval:  NASCAR officially uses K&N air filters. 

Key Differences: Spectre vs. K&N

  • Spectre offers more affordable products than K&N
  • Spectre has chrome-finished intake tubes, while K&N does not
  • K&N has a broader range than Spectre
  • Spectre often offers a lifetime warranty, while K&N products come with 100,000 miles warranty
  • Both brands manufacture durable and reliable products, but K&N products are generally more long-lasting 
  • K&N offers washable and reusable filters, while Spectre does not

Comparing Features: Spectre vs. K&N

Before you settle on any brand, it is crucial to look at some core features that form a suitable air intake system. Below, you will find an outline of the most vital factors to judge when searching for replacement systems. In addition to this, we have highlighted the performance of Spectre vs. K&N in every area. 


Most air intake systems are easy to install without the need for professional assistance. However, it is better to purchase components that simplify this process further. Therefore, you will preserve resources, time, and energy and avoid doling out anything extra. 

In this context, Spectre, as well as K&N filters, offer simplicity with pre-oiled filters. Both brands need you to have access to simple hand tools, and their instructions are comprehensive.  

You can install Spectre air intake systems directly via a bolt-on method. 

As for K&N, you can fix the entire air intake system in less than ninety minutes. All will be well as long as you have the tools you need, which aren’t anything more than standard hand tools. 

While it is never a good idea to shell out more than a product’s worth, note that expensive components often offer better quality. So, when you are looking at air intake systems, make sure you check the price tag. However, in the case of Spectre vs. K&N, you may find the latter to be slightly overpriced. 

K&N is certainly more expensive than Spectre, perhaps due to the brand’s reputation and name. Surprisingly, Spectre systems can serve you with similar performance but at a lower cost. 

Spectre’s intake kits are more economical for casual usage, while K&N gears towards high-maintenance vehicles. The acceleration is similar, and the performance is satisfactory. The kit provides only a guarantee of ninety days, but the vast price difference makes up for it. 

The most important part of every air intake system is the air filter. You must review this part carefully. Most air intake kits come with specialized air filters which guide fuel efficiency, engine power, and damage immunity.

Let us come to the Spectre vs. K&N battle in this area.

Spectre filters provide good airflow and come with a sealing edge for improved sealing and engine protection. K&N filters are stronger than Spectre due to their high-flow design. However, the increase in airflow can also turn into an inconvenience when driving in areas exceptionally high on fine dust. So, K&N is a better option for racing cars or high-class vehicles, while Spectre is for everyday use. If you are actively interested in experimenting with horsepower, K&N is a more suitable choice.

In addition to this, the washable nature of K&N filters is an excellent plus-point. It gives them a considerable advantage over Spectre since it helps save money while being better for ecological reasons.

The tubing plays a unique role in any air intake system. It is the only way to collect cold air in cold air intake systems and deliver it to the engine. Typically, it uses materials such as plastic, rubber, stainless steel, or aluminum for its construction.

Spectre uses chrome-finished, mandrel-bent intake tubes. It is a high-quality polished cast aluminum intake tubing. On the other hand, K&N uses tough and high-density polyethylene for its intake tubes.

Spectre’s tubes look appealing, but K&N tubes help in keeping your system cooler while running. Moreover, K&N intake tubes may also result in quieter functioning.

The Spectre vs. K&N debate has overlapping arguments as well- in the case of the tubing. The top of the tubes of both companies has cotton gauze air filters. Therefore, they have the same inherent materials.


How much time are you willing to devote to maintaining your vehicle and its air intake system? Your answer to this question will determine the Spectre vs. K&N suitability debate in this regard.

K&N uses components to minimize expenses on the road. You will have to clean and re-oil the filter regularly as per your driving area. For this, you can use a reasonably-priced filter oil package as well as cleaning supplies. Spectre does not warrant excessive maintenance efforts and is easy to take care of.

Water Ingestion Concerns

If you live in an area with regular rainfall, water ingestion is a concern for your air intake system. It is best to pick a system that offers protection against the drawing of water if this is the case.

K&N has some intake sets that pull air from the lower portion of the buffer or the inner fender. It can lead to decreased power, but it ensures that you can drive safely without worrying about water ingestion.

Product Recommendations

Here are some of the most popular products for both companies. After noting their qualities, you will be able to find a definitive solution to the Spectre vs. K&N question. 

The Best Spectre Air Intake Systems

We picked out the top three Spectre air intake system preferences:

Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit: SPE-9028

spectre vs k and n

  • Better towing
  • Improved engine sound
  • Cutting-edge oiled synthetic filter design

The SPE-9028 is a handy kit that gives you everything you need to match the OEM kit. Like all Spectre air intake systems, it is easy to install and requires low maintenance. It boosts the horsepower and torque, with up to a 50% increase in airflow than OEM systems. It shields your engine against contaminants too. However, it has drawbacks. The hot shield does not align with the chassis tightly, and there are major gaps amid it and the conical mount. 

Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit: SPE-9976

spectre vs k and n

  • Top-of-the-line protection for the engine
  • One of the easiest ways to enhance horsepower 

Spectre designed the SPE-9976 keeping the engine’s power and torque in mind. It will certainly give an enhancement to the two elements. Additionally, unlike most Spectre air intake systems, the SPE-9976 has a reusable air filter. The intake also has a mass airflow sensor and a powder-coated heat shield. However, you will most likely not notice a vast difference over the OEM system. The SPE-9976 can give you a more robust feel with sound modifications, but it’s best to have reasonable expectations. 

Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit: SPE-9900 (for V8 Trucks)

spectre vs k and n

  • Improves throttle response
  • Bolt-on installation
  • High-performance air filter

The SPE-9900 is a mid-range air intake system that makes the engine stronger. It is one of the more inexpensive options in a range of already affordable components. You can use it comfortably for most Dodge 3.6L V6 and Chrysler models. It won’t take more than an hour to install it. Additionally, it produces a deeper engine sound. It is a pro or a con depending upon your preferences. 

The Best K&N Air Intake Systems

The Spectre vs. K&N battle is not over without a few product recommendations. So, here are the most popular K&N air intake systems:

K&N 71-3070 Blackhawk Induction Air Intake System

  • Design of tube and case of aluminum bent mandrel maximizes airing and fill a limited volume
  • Washable can last beyond 100,000 miles 
  • Factory mounting hole is simple to build and blends in well

The K&N 71-3070 Blackhawk Induction Air intake System gives minimal obstruction, providing excellent ventilation worth 12 more hours. The product is sleek and attractive, offering a promise of a million miles. It is easy to install and compatible with different vehicles. However, on the flip side, it can cause issues with compatibility too. It can also be too loud for your preferences.

K&N Air Intake Kit 69-2544TP

spectre vs k and n

  • Air filter is quick and easy to clean
  • Increases overall engine output
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty

If you have a Chrysler or Dodge, this intake system is ideal. It has all the necessary parts of the OEM system and can bring up your vehicle’s horsepower by 50%. There are not many disadvantages of the K&N Air Intake Kit 69-2544TP besides its limited compatibility.

spectre vs k and n

  • Suitable for all Ford F150 models
  • Boosts torque and strength
  • Provides impressive safety against motor debris

The K&N 77-2581KP can give you the best of consistency as well as expense. You can quickly maximize your engine’s strength. You don’t have to change it manually since the manufacturer has checked its dyno. However, it offers restricted suitability for vehicles. 

Essential Things You Must Know About Air Intake Systems

You already know the function of air intake systems. However, if you are not familiar with their nuances, it would be best to gain an idea. It will be helpful when you are determining what’s ideal when you’re ready for an upgrade. Below, we have summarized the most important things to know about your vehicle’s intake system. 

The Parts of an Air Intake System

The intake system is present right behind the front grille. It draws air via a plastic tube extending into the air filter casing, which will fuse with the fuel. Only after this can the air travel to the intake manifold, supplying the fuel and air blend to the engine cylinders. 

Most modern car air intake systems have three primary parts:

  • Air filter: The air filter prevents dirt and dust from entering the system, keeping the engine safe from damage. 
  • Mass flow sensor:  A mass flow sensor finds out the mass of air going into a fuel-injected internal combustion engine. From here, it enters the throttle body. The two types of mass flow sensors are the hot wire and the vane meter. 
  • Throttle body:  The throttle body regulates the amount of air that flows into the engine’s combustion chamber. It depends upon the accelerator. Therefore, it controls the combustion rate and consequently the speed of the vehicle.  

Some brands may include a heat shield and fender mounts. 

In addition to this, you must know that there are two types of air intake systems- warm and cold. Warm air intakes use the hot air from within the engine compartment, while cold air intakes collect it from outside. The former gives more energy to the combustion process, and the latter brings in oxygen-rich air that boosts combustibility. 

When Do You Need a Replacement?

There are two reasons why you would need a replacement. Firstly, you may need an upgrade if you are not satisfied with the factory intake system’s functioning. Secondly, if your current system is failing or deteriorating, a replacement can restore performance. In short, if any aspect of your vehicle’s drivability is below optimal, you need to look into aftermarket kits. 

Here are the signs of an air intake system that needs servicing or replacement: 

Decrease In Engine Performance

The most common symptom of a failing air intake system is a reduction in the engine’s performance. Usually, this happens due to a dirty or clogged air filter. As a result, there is a noticeable decrease in power, acceleration, and fuel efficiency. If the air filter is too dirty, you may face issues with starting your vehicle too. 

Extremely High or Surging at Idle 

If your engine is running lean, which happens when there is inadequate fuel, it can cause a surge when your car is idle. It may be a sign of a potential vacuum leak. Many cold air intake systems have vacuum ports to accommodate the OEM vacuum routing. However, if any of these ports or hoses break, vacuum leakage occurs, causing an erratic idle. 

In essence, if there is anything wrong with the fuel and air mixture that the engine receives, surging can happen. It’s the role of the air intake system to ensure this stability, so any faults point to poor functioning. 

Dirty Spark Plugs and Soot Expulsion from Exhaust

Sometimes, the fuel in the piston does not combust ideally due to a faulty air intake system. As a result, it burns with a tired, sooty flame that will leave its mark over the spark plugs. Similarly, improper combustion of fuel can cause the release of black or dark smoke from the exhaust. Fuel particles can also hit the warm exhaust, resulting in mini-explosions or fire. An odor of fuel is also a sign of a failing air intake system. 

Check Engine Light is Set-Off

Problems with the air intake system may set off the Check Engine light. There are sensors to detect any faults. However, sometimes, malfunctioning sensors also set off the Check Engine light. 

Unnatural Engine Noises 

When an engine does not receive the amount of air it requires, it makes unusual noises. These sounds are unpleasant, and vibrations may accompany them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have doubts? Look at some standard questions with their answers.

Can cold air intake systems create problems with the air to fuel ratio?

The quality and performance of the intake system guide the air to fuel ratio. A too broad or too slim intake, an unsmooth airflow, and other factors can cause issues with the balance. So, make sure you buy the right system for your model. 

What is CARB approval?

CARB stands for California Air Resource Board. For people in California, this is a factor to look into since any vehicle modifications, such as  Honda Fit mods ,  Ford F150 mods , and  Nissan Titan mods , must be within CARB standards. Some air intake systems hold CARB certification, while others do not. You can check this out on the manufacturer’s website. 

Do aftermarket air intake systems improve fuel efficiency?

Yes, most aftermarket products improve fuel efficiency. You can expect a 1-2 mpg rise. 

Do cold air intake systems threaten engine health?

Usually, cold air intake systems are safe. However, in some cases, the makers may not use adequately dense filter media. They may not be able to collect micro-pollutants. So, review the filter’s features along with the piping, design, mounting hardware, and more before buying. 

The Spectre vs. K&N battle has been a constant in the automotive industry, especially for air intake systems. However, to help you finalize your choice, we have put this comprehensive comparative guide. Both brands are excellent, but you must determine which one is more suitable for you. 

Your budget also plays a central role in this. Spectre air intake systems are far more affordable than K&N. So if you have a limited budget, the former should hands-down be your choice. 


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Spectre vs K&N: A Comparison Between These Intake Systems

Spectre vs K&N intake systems are designed to enhance the flow of air to support combustion within your engine. They are both reputable brands capable of guaranteeing constant and safe airflow to improve the strength of your car. But which of the two brands is better suited for your car?

We’ll highlight the differences between the two air intake systems in this article so you can choose which brand is best for your car.


  • 1.1 Air Intake Performance Gains
  • 1.2 Quality
  • 1.4 Overall Comparison
  • 1.5 A Comprehensive Look At Spectre Air Intakes
  • 1.6 Key Features
  • 1.7 Pros of Spectre Intakes
  • 1.8 Popular Spectre Lineups
  • 1.9 A Comprehensive Look At K&N Air Intakes
  • 1.10 Key Features
  • 1.11 Pros of K&N Intakes
  • 1.12 Popular K&N Lineups
  • 2 Conclusion

What Are the Differences Between Spectre and K&N Air Intake Systems?

The main differences between Spectre and K&N include Spectre being more affordable than K&N. Spectre utilizes a chrome-finished intake tube, unlike K&N, which operates with a custom tubing system. Also, K&N is the best option for sports cars, while Spectre is ideal for regular vehicles.

These aren’t the only differences between the two brands. To help you understand which brand is better for your vehicle, we’ll go deeper into the differences between the two air intake kits.

Air Intake Performance Gains

The performance gains of both brands are a key feature to consider before choosing which is better for your vehicle. Before now, K&N filed a lawsuit against Spectre with a focus on the horsepower increase claims of Spectre. Spectre lost the case, and after that, they stopped publishing horsepower figures on most of their products.

With that, most professionals will tell you not to take the Spectre horsepower numbers seriously. The case is different with K&N air intake systems and air filters, as there are many videos showing that they deliver up to expectations.

In general, when it comes to the performance gains of both brands, there isn’t much difference. Also, going with figures advertised by most brands, you’ll find that they are either almost the same or Spectre has higher values . However, based on professional advice and user feedback, K&N remains the superior brand for a performance boost.

The next feature to look at is the quality of the two brands. Even though there are many reported issues with Spectre, people still install Spectre air filters and enjoy the power gains it offers. However, the final finish and fit of the brand aren’t top-notch . This is not a big deal for most users, but what you should note is that the seal offered by the heat shield against the air filter and hood isn’t tight enough.

With that, more hot air will easily get into the intake, which can reduce the performance of your air filters. There are also some reported quality issues with K&N intakes. However, they are not as much as with Spectre. K&N generally offers improved quality than Spectre, and if you are after improving the performance of your vehicle, they are the best option to go with.

The last factor to look at is the price of the two air intake systems. Even though K&N generally seems to be the better brand, Spectre is a more affordable option to choose . Therefore, if you’re on a budget, the Spectre cold air intakes are a great option to consider but bear in mind that it won’t perform as great as K&N.

Overall Comparison

Bolting any of the two intakes to your engine’s hood will undoubtedly guarantee a boost in its performance. The big question is which of the two intakes is the best option for you. Ultimately, it depends on your preference and the key features you seek.

When it comes to performance gains and quality, K&N is the ideal option to choose. However, if you’re on a budget, it may not be a great option, and you’ll need to consider getting Spectre.

A Comprehensive Look At Spectre Air Intakes

Spectre air intakes are designed to offer enough horsepower to your truck, torque, or car. The air filters are made from durable and high-quality materials, which mostly feature aluminum cast intake tubing. They also feature Spectre filters, which further increase output and air flow.

An interesting thing about the brand is that Spectre is owned by K&N, even though they are competitors. Before K&N took over Spectre, there was a lawsuit of which K&N won. Spectre has been around for more than 40 years now and has an impressive lineup of products, some of which have powered cars and offer up to 400mph.

Their cold intakes are designed to look good and offer more power. They are also designed to be a perfect replacement for the intakes already installed on your vehicle, and their installation process is very easy. The company is a respected one, and its line of performance parts includes pulleys, throttle body spacers, plumbing, gaskets, oil pans, and cooling system upgrades.

Key Features

The key features of the products offered by the brand include the following:

  • Better towing, which is achieved by an increase in throttle response to boost upward efficiency and speed
  • More safety, which is aided by the fact that the engine protection cap shields your vehicle from more dangerous waste and pollutants
  • An easy installation that requires only standard equipment
  • Innovative synthetic oil filters to minimize the effects of pollutants on the engine

Pros of Spectre Intakes

The advantages of Spectre intakes include the following:

  • They come with up to a 10-year warranty.
  • Spectre offers more affordable intakes.
  • They utilize Chromium-finished intake conduit in their design.

Spectre is generally more affordable, but this doesn’t mean that it’s not a good option to consider. Apart from being affordable, they don’t require frequent maintenance, and you can install them on your own. The 10-year warranty they come with is a guarantee that the air filters will live up to their expected lifespan.

There are a few downsides associated with the brand, and it’s also important to know these downsides. The first thing to note is that when it comes to the engine performance boosts, they are not the best option as K&N offers better intakes.

Popular Spectre Lineups

There is a wide range of Spectre products on the market, and here’s an overview of some of the most popular products available:

  • Spectre Spe-9900 Intakes is a great option for V8 trucks. You can also use it on Dodge and Chrysler with V6 and 3.6L engines.
  • Spectre Performance 9976 Intakes, which is easy to install and cost-effective.
  • Spectre Spe-9028 is also cost-friendly, and you can use it on different vehicles.

A Comprehensive Look At K&N Air Intakes

K&N is a reputable company that has been in existence since the 1960s. They are generally regarded as the pioneers when it comes to bolt-on cold air intakes. The company invented cotton gauze filters, and they are the brain behind the popularity of cone air filters.

K&N Intakes are among the most reliable products you’ll find on the market today. Their intakes are widely known for offering numerous benefits, thanks to their study design that makes them more effective. They are also widely trusted because of their credibility over the past decades and proven track record in different aspects.

Basically, the design of the intakes they offer includes filters, which reduces their costs on the road. However, you’ll need to re-oil and clean the filters regularly to ensure optimal performance. Another thing to note about K&N filters is that they utilize thermal shells to keep out hot air. However, there are some filters that still draw in hot air, but this is to prevent water intake and minimize engine failure.

Apart from intakes, K&N also offers other products, which include oil filters, ECU tuning equipment, exhaust systems, engine oil, and other cleaning products. These products also support motorcycles, ATVs, trucks, and cars.

With everything said about K&N, here are the key features of the brand:

  • K&N filters are easy to install and don’t require much maintenance.
  • They are NASCAR’s official air filters, which make them a perfect option for race cars, but you can use them on other vehicles.
  • It can be used for up to 100,000 miles without requiring servicing.
  • Their high-quality tubing is designed with aluminum, which makes it reliable and durable.
  • They come with reusable and washable air filters, which makes it a worthy investment.

Pros of K&N Intakes

In addition to the key features above, here are some of the pros of the intakes:

  • K&N products are made from polyethylene, which has a high density and is very durable.
  • They come with a unique and low-restrictive tubing system.
  • Their products feature mandrel bending technology.

As mentioned earlier, the density of the polyethylene material is high, and this is to ensure that internal air is cooler and the tube is hotter . Another thing worth noting about the intakes is their inner shape, which is very uniform and enhances the flow of air within the tubes. This is a feature that is not present in other intakes.

Another amazing quality of K&N is the reusable filters it comes with. This is to ensure durability and guarantee that the filters last long. Like with Spectre, they are also very easy to install, and you only need to follow the steps included in the kit.

The last thing to note is that the tubing system offers lower restrictions, which increase the airflow within the intakes. This further enhances the throttle response of your vehicle, a feature you won’t find on other intakes.

Despite these amazing benefits, there are a few downsides to note, which include the fact that the intakes are generally more expensive. Also, there are many reports showing that they can be loud, which may not align with your preference.

Popular K&N Lineups

For a brand with many amazing features and benefits, you might be wondering what products they have on the market.

Here are some of the top products they offer:

  • K&N 69-2544TP Kit, which is the recommended option for Chryslers or Dodge
  • K&N 71-3070 Blackhawk Induction Intakes, which can be used on different vehicles because it offers a flawless fit
  • K&N 77-2581KP, which is designed for Ford F150 vehicles and is known for the maximum strength it provides

Ultimately, the two brands are among the most respectable and reputable brands in the world. However, when it comes to quality, K&N takes the lead because of the potential to produce more horsepower gains. On the other hand, Spectre takes the lead when it comes to affordability. With that said, the best option to choose for your vehicle depends on your personal needs and preference.

Consider K&N intakes if money is not an issue, and you can rest assured that you will enjoy the benefits it offers. Even though Spectre is more affordable and lesser in terms of quality and power gains, you can also enjoy noticeable power gains, which is also amazing.

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spectre vs k and n


Table Of Contents

  • 1.1.1 K&N 77-2581KP KIT FOR 2011-2014 FORD F150 (5.0L V8)
  • 1.5.1 K&N 33-2129 FILTER FOR 1999-2019 CHEVY/GMC TRUCKS AND V6/V8 SUVS
  • 2.1.1 SPECTRE KIT SPE-9976
  • 2.2.1 K&N COLD AIR INTAKE KIT (V8, 63-3082)
  • 2.5.1 K&N AIR INTAKE KIT 57-3050
  • 3.1.1 K&N 33-2247 AIR FILTER
  • 3.5 You May Also Like:
  • 4.1 1. K&N 77-2581KP INTAKE KIT SUITABLE WITH 2011-2014 FORD F150 (5.0L V8)
  • 4.2 2. SPECTRE KIT FOR FORD F150 (2011-2014) SPE-9976
  • 4.6 6. SPECTRE SPE-9028 AIR INTAKE KIT FOR 2011-2019 DODGE/CHRYSLER (3.6L V6)
  • 4.9 Verdict on K&N vs Spectre Kits Comparison
  • 5.1 9. K&N 33-2247 AIR FILTER FOR DODGE RAM TRUCKS(2002-2019)
  • 5.5 13. K&N 33-2129 FILTER FOR 1999-2019 CHEVY/GMC TRUCKS AND V6/V8 SUVS
  • 5.7 Verdict on Spectre Air Filter vs K&N Air Filter Comparisons
  • 6.1 What are the Signs That It Is Time to Replace a Car Air Filter?
  • 6.2 How Often Air Filters Should Be Changed?
  • 6.3 When Should You Replace an Air Intake System?
  • 6.4 What is the Best Type of Intake Tubes?
  • 6.5 What are the Best Alternatives to K&N and Spectre?
  • 7 Conclusion

The cold air intake system is among the crucial things required to make the driving experience comfortable. It includes a long tube with an air filter at the end. This assembly draws cold air into a car’s engine. A cold air intake is the simplest way to regulate the temperature under the hood of a vehicle.

Dozens of aftermarket car part brands offer intake systems. However, two companies stand out from others. The  Spectre vs K&N  rivalry is a subject of dispute for many car enthusiasts. Which one of these companies offers better cold air intakes and air filters? Let us find out the truth right now!

5 Best Spectre vs K&N Products - All Categories Products Comparison

Intake kit of the highest quality.

Spectre VS K&N — KN 77-2581KP

K&N 77-2581KP KIT FOR 2011-2014 FORD F150 (5.0L V8)

  • Provides 50% more airflow
  • Does not need much cleaning
  • Impeccable engine protection
  • 10 million miles warranty
  • Delivers an aggressive sound
  • Very easy to install
  • Improves the performance


Spectre VS K&N — Spectre SPE-9900


  • Makes the motor more powerful
  • Cheaper than its counterparts
  • Convenient user manual
  • Fits most 3.6L V6 trucks
  • Ready to use out of the box
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Makes the engine sound deeper


Spectre VS K&N — K&N 69-2544TP


  • The kit includes all you need
  • Increases horsepower
  • Fits 2011-2019 Chrysler/Dodge
  • Easy to install
  • Simple maintenance
  • Enhances acceleration
  • 10-year warranty from K&N


Spectre VS K&N — Spectre SPE-8132


  • Enhances motor’s performance
  • Less costy than the K&N option
  • Easy to maintain
  • Suitable for many vehicles
  • Made of eco-friendly materials


Spectre VS K&N — K&N 33-2129


  • Made of washable material
  • Speeds up acceleration
  • Does not void the car’s warranty
  • Provides a powerful airflow
  • Compatible with many tubes
  • Lasts for thousands of miles
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty

5 Best Cold Air Intakes Of Spectre vs K&N Comparison

Best for ford f150.

Spectre VS K&N — Spectre SPE-9976


Best for silverado 1500 / suburban / tahoe.

Second Pic of K&N Cold Air Intake Kit (V8,63-3082). Suitable for 2014-2020 Silverado 1500, Suburban, Tahoe, and others


Best gmc / cadillac / chevrolet.

Spectre VS K&N — Spectre SPE-9006


Best for dodge / chrysler (3.6l v6).

Spectre VS K&N — Spectre SPE-9028


Best for v8 chevy / cadillac / gmc.

Second pic of K&N Air Intake Kit 57-3050


Top 4 spectre vs k&n air filters - quick reference table, best for dodge ram trucks(2002-2019).

Spectre VS K&N — K&N 33-2247

K&N 33-2247 AIR FILTER

Best for 2002-2020 dodge ram trucks  .

Spectre VS K&N — Spectre SPE-HPR9401 2


6 in base outside diameter.

Spectre VS K&N — K&N RU-3102HBK CLAMP


Best for cadillac/chevrolet/gmc (1999-2020).

Spectre VS K&N — Spectre SPE-HPR8755


You may also like:.


Spectre Air Intake vs K&N: In-Depth Products Comparison

Comparing K&N vs Spectre is very difficult since both companies are very popular. There is plenty of air filters and cold air intakes from these brands on the market. That is why we have picked specific products for the most common car models. Check our reviews below! 

1. K&N 77-2581KP INTAKE KIT SUITABLE WITH 2011-2014 FORD F150 (5.0L V8)

A very decent option for both quality and price perspectives. This K&N intake kit includes everything you need to increase a vehicle’s power. The product is suitable for all Ford F150 models released in 2011-2014. It has been dyno-tested by the manufacturer, so you will not need to tune it manually. The kit increases the torque and horsepower of a car, which makes it a worthwhile upgrade.

2. SPECTRE KIT FOR FORD F150 (2011-2014) SPE-9976

This intake kit for Ford F150 is very similar to the K&N products. However, it is significantly cheaper. Despite the low price, the Spectre SPE-9976 offers a slight improvement over the OE intake tube and air filter. It increases torque but you should not expect too much of a difference. It changes the sound a lot and makes the car feel much more powerful. Nevertheless, the Spectre vs K&N cold air intake Ford F 150 comparison showed that this product is less effective than its counterpart.


4. spectre intake kit. suits 2014-2019 gmc/cadillac/ chevrolet (spe-9006), 5. k&n 69-2544tp air intake kit for 3.6l v6 dodge/chrysler, 6. spectre spe-9028 air intake kit for 2011-2019 dodge/chrysler (3.6l v6), 7. k&n air intake kit 57-3050 for v8 chevy/cadillac/gmc, 8. spectre spe-9900 intake kit for 1999-2007 gmc/cadillac/ chevrolet , verdict on k&n vs spectre kits comparison.

As you can see, K&N is a solid winner from a quality standpoint. All its products provided a perfect fit for our vehicles and looked great. On the other hand, you will have to overpay for quality. For instance, according to the F150 Spectre vs K&N comparison, the former is almost twice as expensive! It comes with a 10-year warranty, which is a huge advantage over the products of the counterpart. 

Nevertheless, air intake kits from Spectre are much cheaper. They offer a comparable gain in acceleration and perform their job well enough. You will only get a 90-day warranty, but the huge difference in price segments eliminates this disadvantage. Even though Spectre products did not fit perfectly for some of our vehicles, we were fully satisfied with their price/quality ratio. 

In the end, it is up for you to decide which option is better for you. When choosing Spectre cold air intake vs K&N product, consider the cons and pros of each kit. No matter what brand you choose, we believe that you will not be disappointed with the purchase. Both companies offer solid cold air intake kits for myriads of various vehicles. You should easily find a suitable option for your car!

Spectre VS K&N Drop In Air Filters Comparison

There is no need to upgrade the entire system if you are short on money. It does not matter whether you have Spectre cold air intake vs K&N drop in filter. You can simply clean your old unit and continue to use it. However, sometimes you just have to buy a replacement. In this case, consider buying a new air filter. You will be able to improve the engine’s performance at the lowest cost! Below, we have compared Spectre air filter vs K&N counterparts for some of the most popular vehicles on Amazon.

9. K&N 33-2247 AIR FILTER FOR DODGE RAM TRUCKS(2002-2019)

10. spectre filter for 2002-2020 dodge ram trucks , 11. k&n universal 6 in clamp-on filter, 12. spectre spe-8132 universal filter, 13. k&n 33-2129 filter for 1999-2019 chevy/gmc trucks and v6/v8 suvs, 14. spectre spe-hpr8755 filter for cadillac/chevrolet/gmc (1999-2020).

SPE-HPR8755 is a washable air filter that can be used with multiple vehicles from GMC, Cadillac and Chevrolet. As usual, Spectre performance air filter vs K&N one has a better price. The item is made out of durable material that blocks up to 99% of harmful particles. We did not have any problem with it during the test.

Verdict on Spectre Air Filter vs K&N Air Filter Comparisons

When it comes to filters, K&N is not a straightforward winner. It does not offer anything special to justify such a huge price difference. Two of the three Spectre products from our reviews were twice as cheaper! At the same time, they are almost the same in terms of quality. We have conducted Spectre vs K&N dyno tests and found out that both options increase horsepower. Even though the more expensive option provides a better improvement, you should still buy Specter. You will save money without sacrificing much. 

Keep in mind, though, that some of the universal filters for Specter do not provide a perfect fit. When picking an air filter for an old vehicle, make sure it is compatible. Check user reviews for a specific car model before making the purchase. For instance, read what other people say about Spectre vs K&N Tacoma products. Once you know all the nuances of the exact model, you will be able to find and order the right option. 

FAQ About K&N vs Spectre Products

What are the signs that it is time to replace a car air filter.

You will see a decline in your car’s operation after the cold air filter gets full of crud. Here are the most common signs that you need to replace it:

  • Noticeable decrease in performance and power;
  • The A/C and the heating system stopped working properly;
  • Significant increase in fuel consumption.

In this situation, use our Spectre air filter vs K&N comparison to find a suitable replacement.

How Often Air Filters Should Be Changed?

Clogged air filters make your vehicle less powerful and increase motor wear. The car will start to consume more fuel and accelerate at a slower pace. You can fix these problems by changing an air filter. Additionally, you can check the manual of your vehicle to identify the scheduled maintenance interval.

When Should You Replace an Air Intake System?

There is no need to install a new intake system unless your car’s power does not suit you. However, you can replace the original parts with a performance intake system. It has a wider pipe with fewer bends, which allows enhancing the airflow. Compare Spectre cold air intake vs K&N and other reputable brands. A bad replacement might worsen your car’s performance!

What is the Best Type of Intake Tubes?

There are three major types of intake tubes:

Pic of metal tubes

Metal Tubes. Most of them are made of steel or aluminum. They could be polished, painted or powder-coated.

Pic of a plastic tube

Plastic Tubes. Made of polyethylene or plastic. Most of the manufacturers paint them black.

Pic of a carbon fiber tube

Other Tubes. This type includes options made of silicone, carbon fiber or rubber.

Since the shape of metal tubes is limited, the options made of flexible materials are considered more efficient.  

What are the Best Alternatives to K&N and Spectre?

You are not limited to choose between Spectre vs K&N drop in filters. Feel free to look for decent solutions from other aftermarket brands such as:

ACDelco logo

All the above-listed companies offer amazing replacement parts at great cost. If you cannot find a suitable replacement from Spectre or K&N, just buy an alternative from one of them!

We tried our best to make this article helpful. Our team has compared every single Spectre air filter vs K&N on this page to identify the best brand. Nevertheless, it turned out to be impossible. Both companies offer decent products! In our opinion, K&N has better intake systems while Spectre does a great job of providing cheap yet effective air filters. Do not forget about that when buying a PC!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them in the comment section right now. In addition, we would like to know what you think about Spectre and K&N. Have you ever used products from these companies? Were you satisfied with them? What brand is the best in your opinion? Share your thoughts and ideas below. Let us find out together which company has won the K&N vs Spectre battle! 


I have a 2012 Chevy Avalanche and tried Spectre air intakes. My immediate response is I did see a noticeable power increase and it growls nicely when I step on it. It is much cheaper than K&N and I don’t know if it is worth the extra money or not. I’d probably check the filter after a month to see how the dust accumulates. Also is there any difference between the 2 if it will hurt my gas mileage?

More air means more combustion, there will be a slight increase in gas mileage but it outweighs the performance it gives. It will help boost the engine response to acceleration while giving a smooth ride. It has been said that it will provide 5-20 hp increase and you can also upgrade your exhaust for a more efficient engine performance.

I’d stick with the Spectre at this time. It is cheaper than K&N. I may not be able to compare the performance between the two but so far I’m happy with Spectre. When it’s time for me to replace it, probably I’ll try the K&N and I will share my experience.

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Spectre VS K&N

Spectre VS K&N: The Ultimate Breakdown

Your vehicle’s intake system is the component that’s designed to allow cooler air to reach your internal combustion engine. Driving with a perfectly working air intake system is essential to achieve increased horsepower, increased acceleration, and better mileage.

Once you notice that your vehicle’s air intake system is failing, the best you can do is to have it replaced with a suitable one. But here’s a quick question; how do you choose the right air intake system for yourself?

Tons of air intake system manufacturing companies exist out there. However, only a couple of them, such as Spectre and K&N, are reliable when it comes to choosing quality components.

Looking at the quality of products from both Spectre and K&N, it’s hard to conclude that one brand is better than another.

In the rest of this article, I’ll further perform a Spectre vs K&N face-off. This will let you better understand the brand with better air intake systems and air filters.

That said, without further ado, let’s get straight down to business.

Things To Consider When Deciding Between Spectre VS K&N

When shopping for the right air intake system, there are a couple of things that you need to put into consideration.

First, you need to check and understand whether or not the air intake system incorporates a thermal barrier. I’m sure you know that air intake systems are capable of ingesting air from a cool, dense source.

But what exactly will happen if the product is not protected against thermal contamination?

If you have an intake system that’s not protected against thermal contamination, the result will most likely be minimal power gain. To avoid this issue, you need to opt for intake systems with materials that resist heat transfer, such as carbon fiber.

Apart from having protection against thermal contamination, another thing that a good air intake system should have is a filter element . Many air intake systems often come with an oiled filter element.

While this feature is great for filtration, you need to understand that it can also introduce a couple of issues to your vehicle, especially if it has mass airflow units.

Water ingestion concern is another factor that you need to consider when buying a new air intake system.

If you live in an area with frequent rainfall, ensure to opt for air intake systems with bypass valves. This component will help you prevent the ingestion of water into your cold air intake system.

Spectre VS K&N: Which Brand Makes Better Products?

To get a better understanding of which of the two brands (Spectre and K&N) make the better air filters and intake systems, let’s have a brief review of each of them below:

Spectre Air Intakes

Spectre Performance is an American company that specializes in manufacturing and supplying air intake systems and air filters. The company was founded in 1983 by Amir Rosenbaum and has its headquarters located in Ontario, California.

One of the few things that make Spectre special is the fact that the company focuses on how to deliver air intakes and filters for various vehicles, including cars, trucks, or SUVs. That’s unlikely of other brands, as they usually focus on a single type of vehicle.

In terms of construction quality; Spectre is, arguably, one of the leading manufacturers of cold air intake systems and air filters.

The company primarily focuses on using aluminum tubes (instead of steel tubes that most brands use) for producing its premium cold air intake systems. As for its air filters; they are usually made from Oiled Cotton media.

Spectre is different from other brands in a couple of ways. The company utilizes expensive laboratory-type equipment to manufacture most of its air intake systems and filters.

This explains why the company’s products are considered durable and high-quality. 

Interestingly, Spectre’s air intake systems and air filters are also affordable.

This is possible because most of these products are manufactured outside the country as opposed to other brands that only produce their products in the United States.

Furthermore, most of the company’s products are custom-designed to meet your vehicle’s OE specifications. That’s not all; the intakes also come with Mandrel-bent chrome tubing, which helps boost the flow of air into the engine.

The Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit is one of the best-selling products from this company. This product packs tons of excellent features; first, it’s very affordable.

Apart from that, the Spectre air intake system is dyno-tested with up to 50% more airflow than restrictive intakes. As such, the product is capable of delivering increased torque and horsepower.

You can check here for more information regarding this product, including its price and availability.

K&N Air Intakes

K&N Engineering, Inc., or K&N, is an American company that focuses on manufacturing and selling air filters and cold air intake systems. The company was founded in 1969 and has its headquarters located in Riverside, California.

Today, K&N is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of air intake systems and filters. Like Spectre, which happens to be a company under K&N, this company also specializes in manufacturing cold air intakes and filters for various vehicles, including cars, trucks, and SUVs.

One of the advantages of buying K&N cold air intake systems is that they’re constructed with high-quality and durable materials.

Furthermore, K&N air intakes are designed with reusable filters. The benefit of this is that it helps to reduce costs over time. Apart from that, it also allows you to easily clean and re-oil the filter.

In addition to being installed in a safer position, most K&N cold air intakes also come with a heat shield – this protects them from thermal issues. Lastly, the intakes come with a million-mile warranty.

The K&N Cold Air Intake Kit is one of the best-selling products from this company. It comes with a host of excellent features, including a 10-year warranty.

You can check here for more information regarding this product.

K&N VS Spectre: The Verdict

As earlier mentioned, both K&N and Spectre have a lot of things in common. Both brands deliver high-quality and long-lasting cold air intakes and air filters.

If you’re on a budget and need high-quality air filters, I’ll advise you to consider opting for Spectre’s products.

However, I won’t advise you to choose Spectre cold air intakes over K&N’s products. That’s because K&N air intakes are generally more reliable, durable, and long-lasting.

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Spectre vs. K&N: Which performs the best? Here are the 7 direct comparison

So many brands offer vehicle performance parts and components to fuel your truck or car obsession. However, we consider Spectre and K&N at the top of our conversations. The question is, how do they differ from each other?

If you want to know which one gives the best performance in order to get the final result you want, in this Spectre vs. K&N comparison, we’ll help you do an important thing: doing research. So we’ll see the fact of these two brands’ upsides and downsides together. Without further ado. Let’s scroll down.

Table of Contents

Product catalog, parts by vehicle, price range, shipping policy, return policy, promotions & discounts, which has the most complete catalog.

Spectre is a brand that has been run since 1983. They offer unique and innovative vehicle performance parts with a vision of “ Quality Products that Perform. ” You can get air filters, intake systems, intake components, engine accessories, and so much more for various vehicle types.

It’s been 6 decades since the early 1960s, K&N came in. This brand has gained a lot of attention from many. It’s not without any reason. They have more than what their competitor has to offer — starting from air filters, intake systems, oil & oil filters, chemicals & car care, cabin/home air filters, Powersports, and speed shop.

Which has the most vehicle type?

What do you need? As we mentioned, you can get parts for various vehicle types with Spectre . This is an upside for this brand. You can get spare parts for automotive, motorcycle/ATV, specialty/other, and many more. Vehicles that are made between 1950 – 2023, this brand has it all.

List of the vehicle make:

Not to be outdone, K&N wants to prove they’re better than its competitor. They provide vehicle parts for automotive, motorcycle/ATV, specialty/other, and more. However, there’s a downside when we did research on this brand. Their products are often out of stock. So you must wait until it’s available. Even so, they have an updated, great list of vehicle make.

Which has the most affordable products?

Here’s something that might shock you. Spectre delivers similar results to their competitor at a better price tag. If you see their product catalog, mainly their products are at discounted prices, meaning that it’s pretty accessible and budget-friendly. Their products price are about $15 – $100+ .

Those with “quality above others” in mind, even if they might need to cost more bucks, will go with K&N . Their product price tag is quite overpriced. But as of writing this Spectre vs. K&N comparison, we found that it’s because of their material that’s meant to last and has good features to satisfy you. It’s priced at about $50 – $200+ .

Spectre Performance accepts orders only from US and Canadian customers. Fortunately, you’ll get free shipping if you shop for over $25 on its official website. In addition, they’ll ship the same day if you place your order at 3 PM PT/6 PM ET.

Shipping options:

  • Home delivery
  • 3-day shipping
  • 2-day shipping
  • Next day shipping

Good news for people in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, most of Europe, and other select countries. You can get free shipping if you purchase K&N ‘s products at $25+ . It’s a pro side for this brand. They have good customer service and can be reached out to international customers.

Luckily, you can request a return to Spectre if your order arrives damaged. You have 30 days of purchase to refund. Well, it’s super easy to return. The product has to be unused, and an authorization number has been issued. Then submit your return, and the brand will claim to the shipper within 3 days.

Same as the competitor, in K&N ‘s return policy, you have 30 days to return your product that arrives damaged. The product must be in a new condition, and a return authorization number has been issued. It’s worth mentioning that if your product is not due to a company mistake, it’s subjected to a 10% restocking fee.

Spectre Performance has a warranty that lasts for 90 days from the date of your purchase. In order to claim a warranty, you can contact their customer service team. If it proves the defective product is not because of human error, they’ll accept your warranty and repair it fully at no charge.

K&N offers a 90-day limited warranty to their customers that want to claim their defective product to be repaired. Give their customer service team a call, and they’ll be happy to assist you. Like its competitor, the good thing that this brand has is that it’s free of inspection charges as well.

Which has the most deals?

Deals, discounts, and promos are one of the good parts of Spectre Performance . You’ll get free shipping on orders over $25 . In addition, purchasing premium air intakes will get $25 off (for a limited time.) And also discounted prices for select products. Even if it’s not that much, you’ll still get affordable prices.

Due to the overpriced price tag of most of their products, it seems that K&N literally don’t want their customers to look away. You’ll find this brand offers some promos to save your budget. Starting from free shipping for orders over $25 , clearance products up to 40% off , and $10 off on their accessories kits with code: HOMEBDL .

Spectre vs. K&N


When comparing Spectre vs. K&N , there’s a lot to discuss (check out Spectre review for more). We can say that both of them have the same slight superiority. Well, the reason why we featured Spectre is due to their quality product that performs better than its competitor. Even better, you’ll get a cheaper version with greater results. So, what do you think?

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Spectre Clamp-On Air Filter vs K&N Clamp-On Air Filter

Spectre Clamp-On Air Filter vs K&N Clamp-On Air Filter

There are a lot of options when it comes to air filters. Two of the most popular brands are K&N and Spectre. Both have their pros and cons, but which one is the best? This blog post will compare the two brands and help you decide which one is right for you!

Spectre vs k&n Table

Both of these filters are very popular, and they both have their pros and cons. We will look at each and see which one comes out on top!

K&N Air Filters

K&N is an American company that has been making air filters for over 50 years. They have developed a reputation as one of the best manufacturers in this industry because they use high-quality materials and innovative designs to create their products.

K&N also offers many different types of air filters, so you can find one that’s right for your vehicle or application. K&N makes air filters compatible with most vehicles on the road today, including all major brands like Honda, Toyota, and Ford just to name a few! K&N reviews speak for themselves:

Spectre Air Filters

Spectre is another popular brand when it comes to air filters. They are a bit more affordable than K&N, but they don’t offer quite the same level of quality. Spectre air filters are made from materials that aren’t quite as durable, so you may have to replace them more often than you would with a K&N filter. However, they do offer some great features that make them worth considering:

Main Difference

The main difference between K&N and Spectre Air Filter is in the Warranty period. Spectre Air Filter offers a Limited Lifetime Replacement. K&N Air Filter offers 10 Year of replacement warranty.

K&N also requires more oil for re-oiling. Since Spectre Air Filter is washable, the recurring cost after buying the filter will be lower than K&N Air Filters. Both air filters are designed for precise service and have impressive filtering quality.

However, K&N is a step ahead as it can flow more air to the combustion, increasing horsepower. Specter is affordable for most people despite having masterclass quality.

Air Filter Specifications

The material of the air filter in both is mentioned above. However, both provide almost the Same function but are designed for special advancement.

Spectre air filters are designed to increase torque and more power to the car’s engine. On the other hand, K&N  air filters  provide safety and protection to the car engine along with power.

Air filter Types

Both Spectre and K&N air filters offer a wide range of variations. However, the types are not the same in size and shape.

Spectre Air Filter Types

  • Clamp-on Universal air filter.
  • Breather air filter.
  • Round air filter.
  • Oval air filters
  • Triangular air filter.
  • Inline core air filter.

And many more.

K&N  Air Filter  Types

  • Oval air filter.
  • Triangle air filter.
  • Rectangular air filter.
  • Parallelogram.
  • Trapezoidal  air filter .
  • Dual flange oval straight air filter

Air intake system:

The air intake system is designed to add more horsepower and torque to the engine. Spectre air filters can do so very well but K&N is more advanced.  Spectre  air intakes are composed of powder-coated cast-aluminum intake tubing, making it a high-flow air filter and increasing airflow and performance. It is also good-looking.

K&N  air filters are equipped with 3D laser scanning which gives ultra-protection to the engine. Its low restriction filter and customized tubing system help to provide 50% more airflow than a typical disposal air filter. Thus, K&N air filters are way ahead in supplying horsepower and torque.

Price is the main considering issue for any buyer before purchasing anything. And it is the major difference between Spectre and K&N  air filters . Spectre air filters are cheaper than K&N air filters. K&N air filter costs almost 34$, while Spectre air filter costs only 30$.

What’s the main reason behind this huge difference? K&N can flow more air into the combustion system helps in getting more horsepower and speed. In this case, Spectre lacks behind. Otherwise, there is no other significant difference between Spectre and K&N air filters in their function.

Filter Re-Oiling:

Filter re-oiling is a process of cleaning air filters. Air filters trap all kinds of dust and particulate materials from the air and thus supply fresh air to the combustion system. So, sometimes it becomes necessary to clean the air filter for better service.

There are many oiling kits available in the market. The main difference between  re-oiling  Spectre and K&N lies within the amount of oil used in this process. Spectre air filters require only 10 ml of oil for the re-oiling process. But K&N needs much more. 49 ml oil is required to  clean  the K & N air filter. It indicates that the maintenance cost of K&N air filters is as high as its price.

What Happens if You Drive a Car Without an Air Filter?

Air filter mainly removes dust from the air and supplies fresh air to the engine’s combustion chamber. However, it contributes very little to horsepower but is important for the smooth functioning of the vehicle. If the air filter is absent in its position, the engine will exhaust all kinds of dirt and debris in mixed air, which can cause serious damage to the internal part of the engine.

At first, the engine exhibits less energy and parts failure. Subsequently, it causes complete engine failure. Moreover, air filters have special importance for a turbocharged engine. One side of the turbocharger is connected to the air intake system. Intaking contaminated air can cause rapid damage to turbocharged engines. We have another article  Purolator vs Wix Air Filter  you should check.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Well, it really depends on your individual vehicle and how you drive it. If you have a car with a powerful engine that you frequently take out on the open highway, then a K&N filter may be able to give you a slight boost in performance. However, if you have a smaller engine or one that is mostly used for city driving, then you probably won’t see much of a difference.

Which to Choose?

Many people get confused about choosing an air filter. The air filter is important if we want our car to last long. Both Spectre and K&N air filters have impressive filtering quality. Both are washable and designed for precise service. But K&N is a step forward as it can flow more air to combustion, increasing horsepower.

On the other hand, Spectre is affordable for most people despite having masterclass quality. So a single one can’t be recognized as the best. The difference between Spectre and K&N air filters is not much significant. Just don’t get confused. Grab the one you want. It depends on you.

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Turns Out High-Performance Air Filters Actually Do Give You More Power

The numbers are small, and you probably won't feel the extra power. But they do work.

Headshot of Brian Silvestro

Fenske put together a dyno test using his personal Subaru Crosstrek, comparing four different air filters: The dirty OEM item already the car, a new OEM filter, a cheaper aftermarket non-performance filter sold by CarQuest, and a high-flow performance filter made by K&N. He finds that on the dyno, the aftermarket filters do in fact make more than the OEM unit, with the most gains produced by the K&N filter (around four horsepower and five lb.-ft. of torque, or around 2.6 percent and 3.7 percent, respectively).

Fenske also tests out the filters in a real-world environment, testing acceleration times between the four candidates. Like on the dyno, he sees incremental increases, with the K&N filter coming out on top. It produced a 2-3 percent improvement in acceleration time versus the stock unit.

What Fenske doesn't test is just how well each aftermarket filter is actually filtering the air going into the engine versus the stock unit. He suggests the increased horsepower could be a result of less filtering going on, especially in the case of the cheaper CarQuest filter—though because he had no way to test the filtering process, that aspect wasn't observed.

So, if you've ever wondered if those claims about more power and torque are true, it turns out they are, at least in the case of this K&N unit. Depending on what are you have, gains you see might not be as large (though, either way, we doubt you'll be able to notice them at all).

Headshot of Brian Silvestro

Brian Silvestro is Hearst Autos' Lead Deputy Editor for rankings content. He spent over seven years as a staff writer for Road & Track Magazine, and still contributes regularly with car reviews, industry interviews, and more. He also has a taste for high-mileage, rusted-out projects and amateur endurance racing.

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K&N 57 vs. Spectre 9900 Cold Air Intake

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TRPLXL2 said: I also know that Summit Racing has there brand CAI, and it looks just like a K&N and it's about $75 cheaper. I am going to buy one of the Summit one's for my S-10 with the plastic tube, so I will let you know what happens with that. Click to expand...
$ilverado said: i actually picked the spectre cold air intake over the 77 series k&n. the difference is the money. i notice more mpg', better sounding engine, and power.. i being only 18 years old couldnt afford a 400 dollar k&n.. the spectre one cost me 1/4 of the k&n. Click to expand...


TRPLXL2 said: I am going to be doing that intake probably at the end of September, because I have a cowl induction hood I just bought for my S-10 and it's going to need painted. Honestly I had a K&N 77 series on my Silverado with the metal tube, and it did run about 20 degrees hotter. It also made my engine backfire noticeably, I took the intake off and the backfiring went away???? Just my experience but I would never buy another metal tube intake. Click to expand...
tasker777 said: Thanks for the info. All the research I've also done is showing me that the only difference is the $$$$. Did you find any difference with the motor running colder or hotter?? I've read a few posts saying that it makes the truck run hotter. Do you feel the sound under the hood was to aggressive or does an exhaust system drown out the sound of the CAI? Click to expand...


vms4evr said: That accordian needs to go and replace it with a smooth coupler. Click to expand...


Henchman said: I think it might come down to the quality of the part itself. K&N is a trustworthy name, and they back their product. Never even heard of the other guys. Click to expand...


bob13 said: I thought I would give your post a bump....I was wondering the same thing. Anybody know of any testing that was done independantly on the various CAI's Click to expand...

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12 Best Cold Air Intake For Jeep Buyer’s Guide

Drivers that live in a cold area won’t find much use in an aftermarket air intake kit. The citizens of hotter US states, in contrast, will greatly benefit from the Best Cold Air Intake for Jeep. With it, they’ll get an improved engine sound, a boost in HP/torque, and an increase in fuel efficiency. And, most importantly, a premium-quality intake kit will protect the motor from overheating.

But how do you know which brand to trust? How do you pick the right intake system that’ll be equally affordable, reliable, easy to install, and efficient? Don’t worry: I’ve got your back on this one! After a full month of extensive research, I finally found my top picks. Next, I divided them into four different lists for different Jeep models so that it’s easier to navigate. Enjoy!

The right air intake can significantly boost your engine’s power, resulting in improved horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency. As a Jeep enthusiast, you might be on the lookout for the best cold air intake for Jeep Wrangler JK. I’re here to help you navigate this process by reviewing three of the top options on the market. I’ve considered factors such as airflow increase, warranty, installation ease, performance enhancement, and customer service in our evaluation.

Quick Navigation

1. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit for Jeep JK

K&N Cold Air Intake Kit: High Performance, Guaranteed to Increase Horsepower: 2012-2018 Jeep Wrangler

When it comes to air intake systems, K&N is one of the obvious leaders. With this company, drivers get an impressive airflow increase (up to 50%) and generous warranty deals. I’m talking about the 10-year/10-million-mile guarantee. You can also expect to achieve better towing and uphill performance, which is a big pro for the fans of off-roading.

Add easy installation (bolt-on) and maintenance (no filter cleaning required until you hit 100K miles), and you’ll get a bargain. My only complaint is about the design. For example, the breather hose doesn’t always fit the tube. Plus, the crankcase tube is made of cheap plastic. But, that’s pretty much it for the cons.

Anthony Guma

Easy maintenance, easy installation, and a serious boost of airflow – that’s what you’ll get with this air intake. Improved uphill/towing performance and an ultimate longevity guarantee are even more reason to consider it over the competition. The design is a bit faulty, but nothing too dramatic.

2. aFe Power Magnum

aFe Power Magnum FORCE 54-12092-1 Jeep Wrangler (JK)

If you’re looking for a guaranteed increase of horsepower and torque, aFe might have exactly what you need. The Magnum air intake system will give you 12HP and 13 lb.-ft. of torque. Powder-coated and protected against contamination, it will serve you for a long time. Magnum also boasts having an advanced five-layer cotton gauze media.

It is oiled, easy to wash, and considerably increases the airflow efficiency. On the downside – you won’t see any improvements in terms of fuel efficiency. Yes, the MPG rating of your Jeep JK will stay the same. This is a common thing among aftermarket air intakes, though.

Affordable, efficient, and highly reliable, the aFe intake system is a worthy investment. It won’t maximize fuel efficiency in any way, but you will get extra HP and torque.

3. RED ROCK Cold Air Intake Kit

RED ROCK Cold Air Intake Kit in Black High Flow Filter Fitted and Compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK

Jeep drivers looking for a US-made product might want to pay extra attention to this air intake kit. It was designed, made, and tested in the States and can be trusted with your engine’s airflow. Easy installation is another big pro: you’ll be done in less than an hour. No tuning is required: just put it in, start the JK, and that’s it!

On top of that, the Red Rock air intake system greatly improves the throttle response. However, I wasn’t at all pleased with this company’s customer service. They aren’t very quick to respond or to help their clients. It took me a while to finally get a replacement for a faulty part.

View on extremeterrain

If not for the disappointing customer support, I’d say we have a winner with the Red Rock cold air intake. It’s durable, reliable, easy to install, and maximizes not only performance but also the throttle response.

Best Air Intake for Jeep JK (Updated November, 2023)

1. k&n cold air intake kit for jeep tj.

K&N Cold Air Intake Kit: High Performance, Guaranteed to Increase Horsepower: 50-State Legal

Fans of off-roading that do a lot of towing and hill-climbing will probably find this air intake kit to be a good purchase. It’s backed by K&N’s trademark longevity guarantee and does, indeed, impress when you hit rough terrain. On top of that, it is capable of protecting the engine from harmful contaminants. With up to 50% of added airflow efficiency, this system will be money well spent.

Installation won’t take long: it’s a bolt-on design and you’ll be done in less than an hour with some basic tools. Too bad the user manual isn’t very clear and might end up confusing you rather than helping.

K&N did a wonderful job with this cold air intake system. It performs equally well on and off the road and maximizes the engine’s capabilities. Sadly, while the installation is very easy and straightforward, the included instructions are a bit too vague. If that’s not a problem for you, this could be an excellent investment.

2. aFe Power Magnum FORCE for Jeep TJ

aFe Power Magnum FORCE 51-10142 Jeep Wrangler (TJ) Performance Intake System (Dry, 3-Layer Filter)

With this next air intake, you have a choice between two different configurations. I’m talking about three-layer and five-layer filters. Both filters are made of high-quality polyurethane and have proven to be highly reliable. No matter which one you choose, aFe will provide a decent boost in HP and torque. Add market-leading protection against corrosion and rust, and you’ll see why this air intake is so popular.

I have to say, however, that while there was nothing wrong with my delivery, some drivers claim the package misses some hardware. Mostly, they complain about the lack of hose clamps. You can, of course, request reimbursement, but clamps are available for cheap at most stores.

Durability and reliability are this air intake’s strongest suits. It is protected against rust and corrosion and can be bought with a 3- or 5-layer filter. Installation is easy, but sometimes, the package misses some parts (meaning you’ll have to pay extra for them at a local store).

3. Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit

Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit: High Performance, Desgined to Increase Horsepower and Torque: 1997-2002 JEEP (TJ, Wrangler) SPE-9940

Is this the first time you’re planning a manual install? If the answer is yes, then Spectre’s air intake may be right up your alley. It includes all the necessary installation hardware and will be an easy OE fit. No pro-grade tools or experienced buddies will be necessary. Depending on your TJ’s model year, the filter might be a bit too long, though. Just put something underneath it (like a brace), and that will fix it.

The air intake system is available in different colors and won’t cost you a fortune. In fact, this is one of the cheapest offers on the market and carries an excellent value.

View on spectreperformance

Low-budget, available in several color combinations, and easy to install – that’s the Spectre air intake in a nutshell for you. It’s easy to maintain, adds a nice roaring characteristic to the engine, and improves towing.

Best Air Intake for Jeep TJ (Updated November, 2023)

TJ is the second-gen Wrangler. It was introduced to the world back in 1996 and is mostly known for the now-legendary circular headlights. Another thing that makes it stand out is the coil spring suspension (as opposed to leaf springs). In 2006, Jeep replaced TJ with JK, but it’s still a rather popular model among the fans of off-roading and conquering the wilderness.

1. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit for Jeep JL/JT

K&N Cold Air Intake Kit: High Performance, Guaranteed to Increase Horsepower: 2018-2020 Jeep (Wrangler JL, Gladiator) 3.6L V6,63-1576

For a guaranteed increase in the airflow and horsepower, this K&N air intake may be a safe bet. It is very easy to install (thanks to the bolt-on installation design) and to maintain. The design, in turn, is pretty old-school and looks awesome with the hood popped. The ultimate longevity guarantee, improved towing capabilities, and satisfying engine sounds are also a part of the deal.

What I didn’t like about this air intake system is the air temp sensor (or, rather, its fitting). So, expect to get that “check engine” warning every once in a while.

For a quick and simple airflow improvement, this cold air intake is a bargain. It is very easy to install and to take care of. Plus, it has a very positive effect on horsepower, torque, towing, and even fuel efficiency.

2. S&B Filters 75-5121 Cold Air Intake

S&B Filters 75-5121 Cold Air Intake For 2018-2020 Jeep Wrangler JL/Gladiator 3.6L (Oiled Cleanable, 8-ply Cotton Filter)

To appeal to a wide range of potential customers, S&B decided to include premium-quality components into this air intake system. I’m talking about silicone parts that last longer than anything else on the market right now. With a 99.95% efficiency rating (officially validated by US-based testers), it can be a worthy investment.

There’s one tiny con, though: to release the hose, you’ll need to get rid of the factory push pins. As a result, the hose will be “flapping in the breeze”, especially when you hit the gas. The good news is – this can be fixed with zip ties.

With the S&B system, your engine will start to breathe. The increased airflow, boosted performance, and premium-grade materials make it stand out among the competitors.

3. AIRAID 310-360 Performance Air Intake System

AIRAID 310-360 Performance Air Intake System

JL/JT drivers dreaming of replacing their stock air boxes, filters, and tubing will probably find this AIRAID deal to be reasonable. With it, they’ll gain extra HP, torque, and acceleration. The air flow and filtration in the factory setup leaves a lot to be desired, but with this aftermarket air intake, that will quickly change.

It’s available at a low price and performs on par with the more expensive rivals. A quick warning: it can get really loud on highways, which, at times, is annoying for some people.

View on cjponyparts

Some Jeep drivers like the noises this air intake makes on highways; others don’t. Regardless, if you’re looking for a solid air flow/filtration improvement and some extra HP, AIRAID’s gear has got your back.

Best Cold Air Intake for Jeep JL and JT (Updated November, 2023)

JL is one of the latest offerings by the Jeep brand. It was revealed in early 2017 and hit the market in mid-2018. This is the fourth generation of the Wrangler off-roading champ and boasts decent performance. As for the JT, also known as the Gladiator, it’s a pickup truck. A quick note: we haven’t seen a Jeep truck since 199 – it’s been a long way coming!

1. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit

K&N Cold Air Intake Kit: High Performance, Guaranteed to Increase Horsepower: 2011-2015 Jeep/Dodge (Grand Cherokee, Durango) 3.6L V6, 77-1560KTK

To conquer the wilderness behind the wheel of your trusty Grand Cherokee, you’ll need to maximize the engine’s efficiency. And that’s where this cold air intake kit comes in. Like all the other K&N systems, it provides up to 50% more airflow, which means better towing, uphill performance, and more. The price is reasonable, and the company backs this kit with a longevity guarantee.

Protection against contaminants and easy maintenance are more reasons to purchase it. The user guide isn’t very clear, though. Thankfully, installation is easy and straightforward.

Cherokee owners in the market for an efficient air intake system might find this offer to be right up their alley. It’s very easy to install, too, despite the somewhat misleading instructions.

2. Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit

Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit: High Performance, Desgined to Increase Horsepower and Torque: 1991-2001 JEEP (Cherokee) SPE-9051

Are you on a tight budget, but still need to upgrade your air intake? Then make sure to give this Spectre product a good look. It was specifically designed for ultimate efficiency and includes premium-grade components. I’m talking about the aluminum tubes and the top-of-the-line filter. But, the installation process can be a bit of a challenge.

The reason – the box frame will probably not line up with the bolt holes, which means some bending or even drilling may be in order.

Spectre did a decent job with this air intake system. It doesn’t have any major flaws, packs high-quality components, and is available at a very competitive price.

3. aFe Power Magnum FORCE 54-10242

aFe Power Magnum FORCE 54-10242 Jeep Grand Cherokee/Commander Performance Intake System (Oiled, 5-Layer Filter)

The steep price-tag is this air kit’s biggest downside. But, that’s well-compensated by the roaring engine sound, advanced powder coating, and heat-insulating tube. The horsepower and torque boost also deserve our praise. The aFe engineers managed to achieve 19HP and 25 lb.-ft. of torque and outflow the stock intake efficiency by 73%.

View on afepower

Best Cold Air Intake for jeep

This won’t be a particularly cheap purchase - aFe’s air intake is quite expensive. However, it’s also durable, made of long-lasting materials, and highly reliable.

Best Cool Air Intake for Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee (Updated November, 2023)

Cherokee is probably the most recognizable Jeep model. It’s been around since the 70s (1974, to be exact), but is still incredibly popular. In 2020, Cherokee is a “family-friendly” crossover SUV. Grand Cherokee, in contrast, is a more rough-tough type of a vehicle. It’s bigger, stronger, and can handle whatever you throw its way.

  • Buyer’s Guide

As we learned today, the air intake system is a worthy investment. It can significantly increase airflow and take some of that pressure off the engine. Now, this isn’t one of the most complicated aftermarket Jeep parts on the market. Still, if you’re planning on getting one at the local store, this Buyer’s Guide will help you make the right choice.

Material Quality/Durability

Best Cold Air Intake For Jeep Review

And don’t forget to check what the filter is all about. There are different types of screens – some are dry, while others are oiled. The best filters are reusable and very easy to remove and to wash.

Ease of Installation/Maintenance

Most manufacturers do their best to make installation as easy as possible. That means you’ll be able to install the air intake system without a helping hand. However, in some situations where drilling and cutting might be involved, you’ll need a mechanic to do the heavy lifting.

Here’s a rule of thumb: if the air intake doesn’t require any expensive tools for installation, you most likely won’t have any problems with it. As for maintenance, the average air intake can go on without any “care” for up to 100K miles. Once you cross that mark, it would be best to clean it.

Performance Impact

Best Cold Air Intake For Jeep Review

Yes, you can expect to get a decent performance boost. Don’t expect your Jeep to turn into a sports car, of course, but you will, most certainly, see an increase in HP, torque, and maybe even fuel efficiency. Check the specifications to know how big (or small) or a difference the new air intake system will have on performance.

Best Cold Air Intake For Jeep Review

No, not really. If the air kit comes with a proper user manual slash installation instructions and the right set of hardware, you’ll be able to handle the installation on your own. No drilling, cutting, or using expensive tools will be necessary if you see “OE bolt-on installation” in the specs. Plus, you should always make sure that the aftermarket cold air intake system will be a 100% match with your Jeep (I’m talking about compatibility).

Otherwise, you might require a mechanic to help you “fine-tune” the kit to fit, and that can be expensive.

For engine combustion to work properly, oxygen is imperative. With a high-quality aftermarket air intake system, you’ll achieve a clean, uninterrupted airflow into the engine. That, in turn, will grant you more power, mileage, and durability. In this post, we checked out some of the finest third-party cold air intake systems for this legendary brand.

They are all worthy picks and will be a good investment. I personally vouch for every single product that we discussed today. And if you want to do shopping on your own, the Buyer’s Guide will serve as a friendly user manual. Take care of your Jeep, keep your eyes on the road, and enjoy the ride!

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  10. Spectre Performance vs K&N intake?

    5.7. SimmZ said: Hi, I am in the process of purchasing an intake kit for my 2019 RAM 1500 Classic V6 and obviously there's way less options that for the HEMI. So in conclusion there's two options for the V6 and they are the Spectre Performance and the K&N intake. In Canada, the MSRP for the Spectre is 299$ CAD and the K&N is 499$ CAD.

  11. K&N vs Spectre performance air filters

    1 2 Next 0 007 Joined Jun 19, 2014 Messages 724 Location Clermont, Fl May 28, 2019 #1 Does any one have any experience with the difference related to K&N and Spectre (Red) washable performance air filters? The K&N is double the price of the Spectre. I am looking to change the white paper one on my 70 Chevelle SS. F FFeng7 Joined Jun 1, 2004

  12. Spectre vs k&n Air Filter

    Main Difference The main difference between K&N and Spectre Air Filter is in the Warranty period. Spectre Air Filter offers a Limited Lifetime Replacement. K&N Air Filter offers 10 Year of replacement warranty. K&N also requires more oil for re-oiling.

  13. K&N vs Spectre Air filter

    #1 Conclusion K&N filters flow substantially more than Spectre air filters of similar dimensions under similar conditions. It makes you wonder about the actual performance of any air filter supplied with a cold air intake kit. Peak MAF readings @ WOT: -895 for K&N -868 for Spectre That is a difference of almost 5% in readings.

  14. Cold Air Intakes: Spectre vs K&N

    Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear.

  15. K&n vs. spectre

    Member Sales Rating: ( 7) Member#: 71875. Join Date: Oct 2004. Location: Montana. K&N does actual r&d and is based out of socal. Spectre is a cheapass knockoff company that recently lost a lawsuit.

  16. K&N vs. Spectre

    K&N vs. Spectre I am in the market for getting a new intake for my truck. I am wondering what the differences are between K&N and Spectre. I have read good and bad on both. and there is a brand that has the blue filter, i believe the brand name is afe. Reply Like 11-12-2014, 09:43 PM # 2 Ethan Burke ethan82000 Join Date: Dec 2012

  17. High-Performance Air Filters Actually Work

    Fenske put together a dyno test using his personal Subaru Crosstrek, comparing four different air filters: The dirty OEM item already the car, a new OEM filter, a cheaper aftermarket...

  18. K&N 57 vs. Spectre 9900 Cold Air Intake

    Both offer lifetime warranties, both use washable filters. the K&N has two options for the actual intake tube these are. 1) polished aluminum or. 2) gunmetal grey powder coated tubes. the Spectre has only one option which is the polished aluminum tube but the heat shield is powdercoated steal.

  19. Spectre vs K&N

    So PepBoys at the moment has 35% off any purchased over $100, but doesn't apply to K&N products. With the K&N units and the DiabloSport, my total is $550 and I only get the 35% off the Diabloe, not the intake. If I choose the DiabloSport with the Spectre, I get 35% off both and my total is $360 which means I get the Diablo for $250 and the ...

  20. 12 Best Cold Air Intake For Jeep Buyer's Guide

    1. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit for Jeep JK When it comes to air intake systems, K&N is one of the obvious leaders. With this company, drivers get an impressive airflow increase (up to 50%) and generous warranty deals. I'm talking about the 10-year/10-million-mile guarantee.

  21. Spectre vs. K&N

    Post by ntrenn onJul 22, 2010 at 8:28pm. Spectre - maybe at $20+/- and a $12.00 recharge kit, K&N - why? AC filters are rated for 30,000 miles between changes, so what, the average owner changes, say 2 or 3? I'm a lifetime of filter changes for even the cost of the Spectre filter. 01 4.0 Polo Green 166 K.

  22. Spectre Vs K&N Intake Systems: Which Brand Is Best? (2023)

    Ibro Cehic Updated on September 23, 2022Getting more power out of an engine is rarely easy or cheap, and that's what makes performance intake systems so popular. For a couple of hundred bucks, you can get noticeable power gains.Depending on the car, that can be anywhere up to 20 horsepower. But when...