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15 Best Arena 12 Decks in 2023 (Spooky Town)

spooky town good arena 12 decks

You will find the clash royale best arena 12 decks in Spooky Town .

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Once you come to arena 12 there are so many decks that can be used; here, I have made a top 15 winning decks.

In arena 12 new great cards get to unlock, so you have more options to battle with. These cards are graveyard, ghost, guards, mirror, bomb tower, earthquake, and skeleton barrel.

1. Graveyard Deck

graveyard arena 12 deck

The graveyard deck is the most miniature used deck in arena 12 , but I have an excellent strategy to win a battle.

My strategy with the graveyard deck is I push with electro giant from the end of the lane, and when electro dragon close to the tower, I just put graveyard on the tower. If you want, you can replace the zap with a rage spell which can be very effective.

Here are use valkyries as a mini tank because it has a good hit point.

If you want, you can also have graveyard cards like a musketeer, ice wizard(baby dragon, witch), Valk, Tesla, ice golem, log(barb barrel/fire spirit), graveyard, and poison.

2. Skelleton Barrel Deck

skeleton barrel arena 12 deck

Skeleton Barrel works great with mirror and clone decks, but I don’t have a clone deck. That’s why I m not using it. If you have a mirror and clone spell, you can replace it with a skeleton army and bats.

If this strategy gets failed then the other option is to push with mega knight and prince. Goblin barrel to distract the tower and troops so that mega knight gets close to the tower.

This skeleton barrel deck has a very low elixir cost which is great because the cycle will repeat, and you can do multiple strategies in a single game.

3. Sparky Deck

sparky arena 12 deck

There are many winning cards in this sparky deck .

The one strategy is to push with the ram rider and put poison on troops and tower so that the tower gets slow, and if the opponent has a skeleton army or a minion putting poison will be a very effective way to defend.

The second strategy is similar to pushing with the sparky and then using poison spells on troops and towers.

You can also have a combination of attacks, so you have three strategies now, and there is no pattern involved, so the opponent will have a hard time analyzing your strategy.

4. Electro Giant Deck (No Legendaries)

electro giant arena 12 deck

This deck, which is electro-giant , is the most popular deck in arena 12 of clash royale.

In reality, most of your cards dealing with splash or area damage aren’t common in clash royale. one of them is something Electro giant can do. I am aware that you utilize Electro giants for cycling.

But, you won’t be capable of beating Pekka or the inferno dragon the inferno tower. When the dragon inferno is not kept from the circle, the electro giant can get destroyed within seconds. I recommend you to get any spirit for the inferno dragon to drive them out. This is the reason I’ve included a lightning spell to eliminate these troops.

5. Ram Rider Deck

ram rider arena 12 deck

Apart from the racer, The hog is my favorite arena player 11.

Ram Rider is the most sought-after card that I’ve always wanted to play, and now I finally have it in the clash royale game.

My plan for this deck of ram riders is to play within one lane. I’m pushing using the ram rider, and when the opponent has deployed the troops, if they’ve little elixir left in a cycle, I push on another lane, pushing using the royal hog.

This strategy has always worked for me. However, I can’t do it every time. However, I’m capable of doing it two or three times. If your opponent has mastered the technique, you can change to an alternative strategy.

6. Golem Deck

golem arena 12 deck

With the golem deck, I always push in the end 1 min so that the elixir cycles come fast.

My strategy with the golem deck is in the last 1 min I deploy the golem at the end of the lane, so until it reaches close to the opponent tower, I have another golem ready for a push, and back to back two golems will surely give you a winning chance.

Make sure first you give a good amount of damage to the tower to make it easy for the golem to win a battle for you.

Ice golem can use to distract the troops. What I do to distract troops is at the topmost of the lane, I put the ice golem, and it goes to a different lane so that the troops get destroyed by both the tower and slow down the push. You should give it a try.

If you want different cards for the golem deck, you have to use Golem, Lumberjack, Tornado, Baby Dragon, and Mega Minion.

7. Elite Barbarians Deck

elite barbarian arena 12 deck

Elite barbarian is one of my favorite cards in clash royale.

Elite barbarian is so fast and gives a good amount of damage to a tower or troops.

In arena 12 , the elite barbarian is the most used deck. ebrab having a combination with the freeze is a deadly combination in clash royale.

As you already know how I m going to use the freeze with the elite barbarians.

Yeah, you are right. I will push with elite barbarians, and use freeze spells on troops and the tower.

Also, having a rage spell in this Ebarb deck will be a very effective push.

I always use this ebrab deck to push for a trophy, and it always works for me to win a battle easily.

7. Inferno Dragon Deck

inferno dragon arena 12 deck

I took the golem’s Inferno deck to take me from the building workshop to the legendary arena. However, I’ve been able to get any results in recent times at this location (Electro Valley). It’s extremely frustrating to control the most elite barbarian rushes, especially the golem.

The only problem I have regarding an inferno-dwarf is that the inferno dragon will be ineffective if the opponent has Electro wizards or Zap spells.

8. Arena 12 Mega Knight Deck

mega knight arena 12 deck

Mega Knight is one of the cards that gets played card in all clash royale arenas.

Mega Knights can use to defend and also attack; it is ideal for both scenarios.

There’s an inferno-dwarf on both sides. Players will be likely to be distracted by the swarm of cards. If you’re talking about the inferno tower, usually, I’m able to move quickly towards mega knights.

9. Balloon Deck

balloon arena 12 deck

Most of the balloon decks get failed because the opponent had an electro wizard, tesla, inferno dragon, or many counter cards for a balloon. That’s why I have added a backup strategy with Pekka.

I push with Pekka to scare the opponent and defend Pekka; they use almost all the elixir then will be a great time to push with mini Pekka from another lane, this kind of strategy works every time for me. You are going to need some practice with this balloon deck.

10. XBow Deck

xbow arena 12 deck

Xbow with tesla combination has got so much popularity in clash royale deck that’s why I had added this xbow deck to the list.

Then, I placed the hidden tesla next to him. I set xbows to take out any soldiers that were in the middle of the xbow.

If your opponent is armed with an army that is a skeleton and you cannot defend, then log. (Warning Logs can only use to defend against skeleton army or goblin group.)

Wizard is unnecessary for this xbow deck; most of the players are not fans of the low elixir deck; that’s why I have added a wizard and tombstone; otherwise, I m going to use an electro spirit and skeles.

11. Hog Rider Deck

hog rider arena 12 deck

The hog rider is one of the most used decks in arena 12 Spooky Town.

I mostly used this hog rider deck to push for a trophy and to win a battle.

I’ve seen many different Hog and MK decks in recent times, and it’s that 4/5 of the games I play are against this cheesy strategy. I’m not averse to losing if my opponent beats me, but I’m exhausted from seeing this happen repeatedly, and, in my experience, I always lose regardless of the deck I choose to play.

12. Royal Hogs Deck

royal hogs arena 12 deck

Royal hog is the least used card in the spooky arena 12 because the opponent always has defense troops ready for royal hogs. So also, I have added a Pekka if the royal hogs get fail. I mostly use Pekka at the last minute, so the opponents will get surprised to defend the Pekka.

13. Royal Giant Deck

royal giant arena 12 deck

The royal giant gives a good amount of damage to a tower, so the only you have to take care of is the royal giant survival. As long as the royal giant is alive, the tower will get damaged.

You’ll need some great cards to fight with a royal giant. If you have many defenses like skeleton army bats, or knights substitute a few of them with something similar to a rage spell, lumberjack,k balloon, etc. This will help you to win.

If you want to max out your troops, then you can trade certain cards with your clanmates. For example, one of my clan members asked me for the Magic Archer. In return, he’ll give me Mega Knight. I must possess at least one Legendary Trade Token for the trade to be completed. If you request a legendary card, the opponent also has to give a legendary card in return.

14. Good Arena 12 Decks – Pekka

pekka arena 12 deck

The Pekka deck is ideal for battles in clash royale.

My concern is that if your player is a fisherman, it will draw him toward the prince’s tower, and the impact of your strategy is always the same.

If the enemy is a minion, you can use an exe behind the Pekka so that it can manage an army troop, such as minion horde goblin group, skeleton army, or archer.

15. Giant Skeleton Deck

giant skeleton arena 12 deck

The giant skeleton is damaged after the update of clash royale.

Clash royale increases the damage dealt by the massive skeleton’s death effect.

Therefore, you must always have a backup plan in case your skeleton-based strategy has unsuccessful.

Princesses can utilize it to attack or defense. I use it with my princess when I notice that the opponent is struggling with the elixir. I send the princess, which can deliver three or four hits to the tower, causing a decent quantity of destruction to the prince’s tower.

In this huge deck of skeletons, I haven’t included a spell or arrow to deal with the goblin army or skeleton army, so I’ve included a bomber to the deck.

Clash Royale  is a strategy game to battle against a single opponent.

There are six cards you can take in a battle. Every card has its unique ability.

To win in a match, the first thing you have to do is upgrade your card, which you will use most of the time. Your card will be upgraded when opening a chest.

There are different kinds of chests that you will get when you do a battle.

Check out Best Decks for Arena: Best Clash Royale Decks By Arena

What deck should I use for the spooky town?

The best deck should be a hog, Pekka, witch for a spooky town arena.

What is a good deck for Arena 12?

The excellent deck for arena 12 are Magic Archer Elite Barbarian, Rage Spell, Goblin Barrel, Valkyrie, Wizard, Skeleton Army, and Bandit.

How do you get a good deck in clash Royale?

To get a good deck in clash royale, you should check the  best clash royale decks for every arena .

Stuck in arena 12

The best solution is to increase the level of your card. The second best option becomes more difficult as you accumulate more trophies. It is possible to try decks to get the barrier, however without personal experience, it’s not enough.

Why is arena 12 so hard

In arena 12 opponent has mastered a particular deck. Most players easily reach arena ten, so to love from arena 10 to arena 12 is relatively easy. Still, once you reach arena 12, it will be difficult for you to reach arena 13 because you might have low-level cards, so try to upgrade your card. Higher cards give us advantages in battle.

What is the hardest arena in clash Royale?

The harder arena in clash royale is Spooky Town and Legendary Arena.

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spooky town good arena 12 decks

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10 Best Decks for Arena 12

Arctic Wolf

  • 9 January 2020

Are you new to Arena 12? Do you want to get to Rascal’s Hideout (Arena 13) quickly? Then you need to find the best decks for Arena 12 . Using the best decks will be a great advantage for you. Because you will be able to make the right choice among useful collections.

Best decks for Arena 12 may be extra advantageous for you. You won’t have to search for decks for hours or days. I put together some decks that I think are extra good for Arena 12. You can choose the one that best suits your strategy among these decks.

Pick the Best Decks for Arena 12

After clarifying your defensive and offensive tactics, your next step should be to choose good decks for Arena 12 . Sometimes a deck you create yourself can be the best option. Sometimes, you may want to stick to the popular ones like best decks for Arena 12 .

Whichever method you choose, such as creating a deck or finding a deck, you may cross paths with the best decks for Arena 12. So, what does the best arena 12 deck look like? There is no single correct answer to this question because decks for Arena 12 are so diverse.

1. Best Deck for Arena 12: Royal Hogs with Zappies

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

Are you looking for the best Arena 12 deck ? In this case, Royal Hogs can make you very happy. It’s a ready-made deck for Evolution, so it can help you specialize. It is a good deck in many aspects because it can offer you everything you need.

Royal Recruits is a pretty good when it comes to putting pressure on. You can develop your attack plan by using it from the back of the goal. Afterwards, you can use Royal Hogs or Flying Machine depending on the situation. Goblin Cage will do a lot of work defensively.

2. Best Spooky Town Deck: Royal Hog Cycle 2.8

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

In my opinion, it is the best deck for Spooky Town . Thanks to Firecracker, it is an evolution-ready deck. The rest is similar to classic Hog Rider cycle decks. Whenever you catch your opponent off guard, you can use Hog Rider to get a chance to damage the towers.

Best decks for Arena 12 will not give you much trouble in defense. You will have fewer problems, especially with this type of evolution-ready decks. You need to pay attention to is to make the most of the Valkyrie and Tesla duo. Earthquake is a complementary spell card.

3. Good Arena 12 Deck: Infamous Log Bait

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

When you’re looking for an Arena 12 deck , you’re unlikely to come across Log Bait. What makes Log Bait good is that it is ready for evolution. Since it is one of the classic decks, you will not have any difficulty in using it. You just have to be very careful when using elixir.

Log Bait is a popular choice for best decks for Arena 12. You can see many alternatives because it is easy to use. You try to rise to the top of the arena with minimal risk. Goblin Gang, Knight, Princess and Inferno Tower can help you fend off any attack.

4. Best Deck for Spooky Town: Hog Rider Cycle 2.6

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

It is an option that you can definitely come across in your search for best deck for Arena 12 . It is easy to use as it is the most classic deck of the game. Moreover, it is ready for evolution. Since it is used quickly, you will often have the opportunity to punish your opponent.

Many players dominate matches using this deck. Just using Hog Rider is enough. The usual combination includes Ice Golem and Hog Rider. Even though it contains Cannon and Musketeer, it is one of the best decks for Arena 12 that is not very defensively strong.

5. Arena 12 Deck: Mega Knight with Miner

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

Good decks for Arena 12 do not always include easy-to-use decks. This deck containing Mega Knight and Miner is very difficult to use. However, if you make the right moves, you can easily win the match. Because it is a deck containing a lot of bait cards.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use deck in best decks for Arena 12, you should look at other options. Mega Knight and Inferno Dragon are really difficult to control. Additionally, if the opponent has a card like Wizard, you may have problems directing swarm type troops.

6. Deck for Arena 12: Double Barrel Log Bait

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

Are you after the best Spooky Town deck ? If you like using Skeleton Barrel and Goblin Barrel, you can choose this deck. It has no problems defending. There is no card that can deal very strong damage just at once, but this is a minor disadvantage.

I said that you can see plenty of Log Bait decks in your search for best decks for Arena 12. You shouldn’t be too surprised by this. Princess, Dart Goblin and Goblin Barrel can force the opponent to use spell cards. You can win the match when you get the move advantage.

7. Alternative Arena 12 Deck: Valkyrie Log Bait

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

This deck is quite similar to previous decks for Arena 12 . It just contains Valkyrie and makes the defense a little stronger. The attacks you can do with Goblin Barrel are clear. Once your opponents memorize your moves, they may start to cause you problems.

You may encounter similar tactics during your research on best decks for Arena 12. Just know that it is natural and compatible with the meta. After defending your opponent with Valkyrie, you can launch a counter attack and use Goblin Barrel or Princess.

8. Quick Action Arena 12 Deck: Log Bait with Tesla

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

Do you want quick and good Arena 12 decks ? Log Bait with Tesla is a very good option for this. Normally the Log Bait deck includes Inferno Tower, but it is a bit costly. You can make moves faster by using the lower-cost Tesla with a small concession.

Considering best decks for Arena 12, it is not extra good. Because players are not used to such alternative and fast decks. Knight, Goblin Gang and Tesla are very good at defense. Princess is versatile, but the real important cards are Rocket and Goblin Barrel.

9. Spooky Town Deck: X-Bow Cycle 3.0

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

If you pursue best decks for Arena 12, you’ll probably encounter X-Bow at some point. In my opinion, it is a very useful card. It is not preferred due to its high cost. Combined with the Tesla it’s good enough not to send any cards over the bridge.

You need to pay some attention to defense in this Arena 12 deck . You shouldn’t spend too much elixir in the first stage. At the point where you start earning elixir quickly, you can start using X-Bow and Tesla side by side. Skeleton and Knight will stall opponents.

10. Old School Arena 12 Deck: Hog Cycle 2.8

best super archers deck miner and bandit combo

I don’t really like to share classic decks, but I can make an exception for Spooky Town decks . This deck is one of the decks you will definitely encounter when playing Clash Royale. It is very easy to use and can be extra useful depending on the mistakes your opponent makes.

Sometimes, best decks for Arena 12 that you will use can cause some problems. Because most decks are aimed at forcing the opponent to make mistakes. If your opponent doesn’t make a mistake when you want to use Hog Rider, you will not be able to destroy any towers.

How to Build Your Own Deck in Arena 12?

When trying to build a deck in Clash Royale, you need to stick to some rules. There is no exception for the best Spooky Town deck . If you don’t care about the meta and don’t choose cards that are compatible with each other, you may have a very difficult time in the matches.

  • Learn meta: While playing Clash Royale, you need to learn about the current meta. Sometimes it is advantageous to use non-meta decks. However, if you want to move higher, you need to choose a best Spooky Town deck that is compatible with the meta.
  • Special abilities: Some cards, such as legendary cards, have special abilities. You can prioritize these when building decks for Arena 12 . But you should know that you’ll need more to build the best decks for Arena 12.
  • Deck composition: The deck should be balanced in every aspect. An Arena 12 deck with a very strong defensive aspect can prevent you from destroying towers. It can cause problems in defending towers with good Arena 12 decks with high attack power.
  • Leverage synergies: Some cards are extra compatible with each other. You can create the best deck for Arena 12 by using compatible cards. In general, most Spooky Town decks are created based on the synergies between them.
  • Card levels: The cards in the deck you choose should have high levels. A low level card can make even good Arena 12 decks useless. For this reason, you should choose a deck suitable for the cards in your collection.

Best decks for Arena 12 will help you up to a certain point. In Clash Royale, to reach higher level arenas you need some skill and playing habits. When choosing the best deck for Spooky Town , you should definitely try to stick to cards you are familiar with.

In Clash Royale, Arena 12 is one of the places where the competition starts to heat up. It is important to choose among the Best decks for Arena 12. If you like my best decks for Arena 12, you can share it with your friends and if you have questions, just post a comment.


Do you need Arena 12 decks with Inferno Dragon (only)? Please respond my message. I will try to help you as soon as possible.

yeah i need inferno d decks

Thank you! I will prepare Inferno Decks for your. Please check my blog tomorrow. 🙂

Is this deck was good? -Zap -Knight -Valkyrie -Fisherman -Battering ram -Poison -Hunter -Musketeer

Hello, I really liked the deck. It’s pretty good. When you make the right move at the right time, you won’t have any trouble. But with Fisherman it might be a little too much to be Knight. If you have trouble defending, consider adding a building card instead.

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clash royale best arena 13 decks

Best Arena 12 Decks in Clash Royale (October 2023)

Best Arena 12 Decks in Clash Royale

Are you looking for the best arena 12 decks for Clash Royale? Well, then, you have landed in the right place. In this article, will tell you about the best decks that can help you easily climb out of Arena 12 in Clash Royale. So, Let’s begin,

Best Arena 12 Decks in Clash Royale

Decks play a huge part when deciding the outcome of a battle in Clash Royale, so having a properly balanced deck will always give you an edge over your opponents. Having stronger cards are not always better as they need to be balanced and should complement and cover for tier strengths and weakness. 

Arena 12 is called the Spooky Town, and the arena is unlocked at 3800 trophies right after your climb from the Electro Valley. Keep on reading as we will break down the best decks you can make and play with to get out of Spooky Town and reach other higher arenas.

Cards Used To Create These Decks

Here we have listed all the cards that are used to create the decks:

  • Electro Wizard
  • Baby Dragon
  • Inferno Dragon
  • Mega Knight
  • Fire Spirits
  • Mega Minion
  • Royal Recruits

Now, Let’s look at some of the best Decks you should use to climb out of Arena 12 Fast. 

Deck 1: Lava, Balloon, Tombstone, and Skeleton Guard

This is one of the most overpowered deck that I personally use in the game. The lava loon works exactly like the giant loon or the goblin giant loon combo. The advantage that the lava loon has over the other decks is that the lava loon is an air combo which makes it harder for the enemy to counter. You can also use different spells like the rage or the clone so that you can get extra damage out of the lava pups and the balloon bomb.

Clash Royale Arena 12 lava loon tombstone

The pure defensive units of this deck are your Tombstone, Skeleton Guard, baby dragon and inferno dragon.  This deck is pushing-based, so if you want to play aggressively, start by deploying the lava hound behind the crown tower, wait for the elixir to build up, and then push with a balloon while keeping the arrows in the backup.

Deck 2: Mega Knight Graveyard Freeze Combo

This deck has a fairly high win rate and suits players with an aggressive play style in the game. This deck is hard to build as it requires the graveyard card, which is a legendary card, and on top of that, you also require the legendary card mega knight, which is hard to acquire. But this is one of those decks that can guarantee a win if you learn how to execute it properly. Use the mega knight to tank for the other cards and the graveyard and drop the freeze just in time to freeze the opponent’s defensive units.

Clash Royale Arena 12 mega knight graveyard

The defensive cards of this deck are your guard, baby dragon, Tombstone and the guards. This deck focus on aggressive plays and pushing rather than counter-pushing, so be sure to go for full combo commitments rather than playing half. You can also replace mega knight with goblin giant.

Deck 3: Royal Recruits Hogs Fireball Bait

This deck is a one-of-a-kind spam deck that allows you to bridge spam like no other. The deck uses hogs and royal recruits to easily push and take down towers, while the royal recruits are amazing at both offensive and defensive parts. 

Clash Royale Arena 12 royal recruit hogs

Start by putting the royal recruits as defensive units to defend against enemy troops and then put the hogs on the side, which has fewer royal recruits. This will force the opponents to split their defences which will make it super hard for them to defend.

The defensive cards of this deck are your arrow, inferno dragon, royal recruits and zappies. Try to counter-push with this deck and focus on split pushes to make the best out of this deck’s capabilities.

  • Best Arena 11 Decks for Clash Royale
  • Best Arena 10 Decks for Clash Royale

Role Of Each Card in The Deck

Now, Let’s look at some of the best Decks you should use to climb out of Arena 11 Fast. 

Valkyrie:  Now Valkyrie is again a very strong card when compared to other cards that cost the same as the Valkyrie. The Valkyrie provides you with excellent defence and offensive potential as this card has a ton of health and a ton of AOE damage.

Valkyrie can easily take out almost every swarm ground unit; she can also counter units like barbarians, Skeleton army, single-handedly counter any ground push, and easily counter prince and mini Pekka. She should be used with the tank or any other fast-moving cards like the mini Pekka, hog rider, or the prince, and she should be deployed in front of the fast-moving cards, so the enemy won’t be able to drop swarm units to block your push.

Arrows:  Now Arrows, without a doubt, is the best spell card in the game which can be used to deal decent damage and kill swarm cards with ease. The arrow is the best card to have if you are looking for a positive elixir trade, as it can kill goblins, minions, minion hordes, skeleton army, and even goblin gang. The card can clear swarms and protect your tank so that it can reach and connect to the enemy’s tower.

Balloon:  A balloon is an air unit that only targets building in the game. Now the balloon might not feel much of a strong card as the card doesn’t have much hp, but once you put a tank in front of him now, that becomes a different story. The most used balloon decks are the Giant loon and the Lava Loon deck.

Inferno Dragon:  Rumours are that once the wizards upgraded the baby dragon with infernal technology, and now he terrorises players by being the legendary solid card. 

The inferno dragon is nothing but a flying infernal tower, he deals damage over time, and he is great at killing tanks and towers. If ignored, he can take the tower in a blink of an eye as his damage grows over time.

Mega Knight:  Mega knight is a legendary card that can deal a ton of damage, but that is not the main problem. It is difficult to deal with him because he deals splash damage. Imagine someone with HP and damage of a Pekka but someone who can deal damage in a fireball area; yes, that’s a mega knight for you. Use him to kill enemies on defence or tank for supporting cards on offence, and he won’t disappoint you.

Lava Hound:  The lava hound is a mystical beast that targets building only. The lava hound is great at tanking for the air units and is used mostly in air combos which can leave the enemy’s defence in chaos if they do not have enough air defence. Use the lava hound exactly like you would use a giant but make sure to take benefit of the lava pups.

Royal Recruits:  The royal recruits are one of the most overpowered card in the game, which only cost about 7 elixirs. When deployed, the royal recruits split up in 4, and 3 formations for each bridge can give you a great split-pushing advantage as they are quite tanky. 

The royal recruits also have the shield mechanics advantage, which means spells like fireball or the log cannot kill them. They are great for both offensive and defensive plays in the game, and use them to guard for your main damage units.

Mega Minion:  The mega minion is a very strong hard hitter, which can be used to kill supportive units. The mega minion can be easily compared to the mini Pekka; the only difference is that the mega minion is an air troop. But don’t get shocked as it can easily counter cards like the Valkyrie, wizard, hunter, executioner and most of the other legendary cards.

Zappies:  The zappies do what their name suggests they zap, just like the electro wizard, but the zappies can stun the enemies for longer. The zappies can easily counter the cards like the inferno dragon, prince, sparky and others who have charge mechanics.

Hogs:  The hog rider’s hog decided that it won’t just say as a ride and that they would fight as well. This union gave birth to hogs; they are fast, they target buildings, and they are irritating to defend against. Use them as the main tower hitters in a deck and make the other cards in the deck support them.

Freeze:  The freeze is an epic card that just freezes everything for a short duration in the designated area. Use this to defend against big pushes of the enemy or use it to effectivity execute your attacks as you can use this to freeze the opponent’s units and tower.

Tomb Stone:  Tombstone is another building card you unlock in the bone pit arena. This building is certainly one of the best building cards in the game, as it can positively trade 3 elixirs for more than that. The Tomb Stone can easily counter Giant, Hog rider, prince, mini Pekka, Valkyrie and many more cards, technically speaking, this building can counter almost every card in the game, and we highly recommend you to use it.

We hope that the information given in this article was helpful for you and that you reached your desired next arena in Clash Royale. That is all for this article; if you have questions regarding this article, feel free to comment using the comment section below.

Download: Clash Royale (Play Store)

Download: Clash Royale (App Store)

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    spooky town good arena 12 decks

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    spooky town good arena 12 decks

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    spooky town good arena 12 decks


    spooky town good arena 12 decks


    spooky town good arena 12 decks

  6. Good deck in arena 12 spooky town

    spooky town good arena 12 decks


  1. LEMAX SPOOKY TOWN at Michaels 2023



  4. Lemax Spooky Town 2023 Phantom View Apartments! Unboxing out now #lemax #spookytown #lemaxcollection

  5. Lemax Spooky Town

  6. Michaels spooky town 2023


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