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Plan an Unforgettable Trip with These Top-Rated Northern Lights Tours

The Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, is a breathtaking natural phenomenon that can be seen in the night sky in certain parts of the world. If you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable experience, planning a trip to see the Northern Lights should be at the top of your list. To help you plan the perfect trip, here are some of the top-rated Northern Lights tours available.

Go on an All-Inclusive Tour

An all-inclusive tour is a great way to ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the best sights and experiences that come with seeing the Northern Lights. Most all-inclusive tours include transportation, accommodations, meals, and activities such as snowshoeing and dog sledding. You’ll also get to enjoy guided tours of some of the most beautiful places in the region.

Take a Private Tour

If you’d prefer to have a more personalized experience, then taking a private tour may be the best option for you. Private tours allow you to customize your itinerary so that you can make sure to visit all of your must-see spots and have plenty of time to take pictures and soak up all of the beauty around you. Plus, private tours often come with experienced guides who can provide insight into local culture and history.

Go on an Adventure Tour

For those who are looking for something a bit more adventurous, there are plenty of adventure tours available that will take you off the beaten path and give you an up close and personal experience with nature. These types of tours often include activities such as snowmobiling, ice fishing, hiking, and more. You’ll also get to explore some of the most remote areas in search of the perfect spot for viewing the Northern Lights.

No matter which type of tour you choose, planning a trip to see the Northern Lights is sure to be an unforgettable experience. With these top-rated Northern Lights tours available, you can rest assured that your trip will be filled with amazing sights and memories that will last a lifetime.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


night ghost tour savannah


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Image of a maroon colored vintage 1920s era automobile next to three guests and a man in a period accurate blue 3-piece suit laughing with a cigar in his hand in the American Prohibition Museum in Savannah,GA

Our Trolley Guests Have Spoken!

3015 reviews

Old Town Trolley Tours of Savannah 4.6

Have Questions? showNum(); FAQS Contact Us Accessibility

Ghosts & gravestones.

savannah ghost tours


Unseen spirits stroll among the living in the streets and squares of Savannah – “America’s Most Haunted City!” Hear the tales no other tours dare tell as shadows play tricks on your mind. Journey through time with EXCLUSIVE nighttime entry into TWO of Savannah’s most haunted venues.


The evening hours are upon you.

savannah ghost tours

FIRST is a stop at the Andrew Low House . There have long been reports of spirits that inhabit the home and tales of staff seeing apparitions. THEN on to the Perkin’s & Son’s Ship Chandlery to commiserate with the spirits and truly EXPERIENCE the stories of haunted River Street.

Ghosts & Gravestones awaits…

When the conductor howls “all aboard!” – Will you be there?

 Join the Ghosts and Gravestones Tour of Savannah…if you dare!

Board the TROLLEY OF THE DOOMED and hear of all things shadowy and sinister: The city’s MYSTERIOUS HISTORY, its GRAVEST MOMENTS, its GHASTLY FOLK – it’s ALL TRUE!

  • Reservations are required.
  • Space is limited for this very popular excursion, so DON’T DELAY!
  • This tour is rated PG-13.
  • No children under 6 allowed.
  • An adult must accompany anyone under the age of 18.
  • WARNING: Strobe lights may be used.

For more information, visit the Savannah Ghost Tours website.

5 Reasons to Take a Ghost Tour in Savannah

Travel by Savannah’s historic district, focusing on some of Savannah’s most haunted sites, eerie legends and frightening residents.

Travel by the sites of some of the bloodiest battlegrounds in history, where you may hear echoes of battles and the spirits that remain.

Stop at the Andrew Low House. There have long been reports of spirits that inhabit the home, tales of staff seeing apparitions dressed in old-fashioned clothes and furniture moving with no one occupying it.

Perkin’s and Sons Ship Chandlery - Located on River Street, which many believe is the paranormal epicenter of “America’s Most Haunted City”

Travel past historic cemeteries, antebellum mansions, and lush squares ripe with live oaks dripping with Spanish moss.

Savannah First-Timer's Guide

Savannah First-Timer's Guide

Plan the Perfect Trip to Savannah

A Local’s Guide to The Best Ghost Tours in Savannah 2023 Edition

Hand-painted ghost tours in Savannah sign with white text on a black background that reads "Due to Ghostly Encounters - Tour at your own risk!"

Let me guess….you’re trying to find the best ghost tours in Savannah , but you’re having a hard time deciding which to choose because there are just too many options ?

I hear ya! That analysis paralysis sets in quickly once you see how fun they all look.

I can help, though!

I’ve divided the options into categories to help you figure out which tour might be best for you.

You’ll find sections below for trolley tours, hearse tours, walking tours, and pub crawls, as well as a list of adults-only tours and family-friendly options.

Pinnable graphic showing a hearse ghost tour at night and a Ghosts and Gravestones trolley parked on a dark street at night. Text overlay reads "Discover the Best Ghost Tours in Savannah"

If you’re new around here, first of all…allow me to extend a warm welcome ! My name is Erin, and I authored the Savannah First-Timer’s Guide .

I’ve certainly done more than my fair share of ghost tours through the years! It’s usually the top activity friends and family want to experience when they visit.

BW image of Colonial Park Cemetery, where many ghost tours in Savannah are held

To start you off, here a few favorite posts you might want to check out: 🏚️ 432 Abercorn Street: Haunted Mansion…or Just a Rumor Mill? 👻 The 11 Most Haunted Places in Savannah Georgia (Map Included!) 🏚️ The Mercer Williams House: Savannah’s Most Notorious Home

Walking Ghost Tours | Haunted Pub Crawls | Hearse Tours | Haunted Trolley Tours | Paranormal Tours | Haunted House Tours | True Crime Tours | Age 18+ Ghost Tours | Family-Friendly Ghost Tours

Note: This guide contains affiliate links to my trusted travel partners.

Savannah Walking Ghost Tours

If you’re on the hunt for the scariest ghost tours in Savannah , the nighttime walking tours are by far the best option.

There’s simply no comparison for being on foot to experience the Historic District’s most haunted locations. It will truly give you the heebie-jeebies!

Pros of a Nighttime Walking Ghost Tour

Here’s the thing…

When you’re on foot you can get up close and personal with the spirits of the night — much more so than when you’re riding around in a hearse or trolley with the loudspeakers blaring.

If I learned anything from watching Scooby Doo as a child, it’s that you have to be quiet to sneak up on ghosts. Zoinks!

The Spanish moss that looks so whimsical during the day casts ominous shadows over the Historic District at night, and the dimly lit cobblestone streets majorly add to the spook factor.

A path in Forsyth Park, dimly lit by gas lanterns. The park is considered one of the most haunted places in Savannah Georgia

Cons of a Savannah Walking Ghost Tour

Of course, the walking tours have their downsides, too.

The ghost tour groups can sometimes be large and loud, which makes it difficult to hear your guide.

The max number of guests allowed per tour is 30, but I’ve seen larger groups than that wandering around the Historic District.

The pace can also be slow, since the group has to move at the speed of the slowest person.

Finally, since much of Savannah’s Historic District is an open-container zone, sometimes you’ll get people who are drinking on the tour, and they can get obnoxious and ruin things for everyone else.

Fortunately, the majority of the heavy drinkers tend to stick to the pub crawls, which I’ve separated into their own category further below.

Best Walking Ghost Tours in Savannah GA

  • Genteel & Bard’s Savannah Dark History and Ghost Walking Tour – Reader favorite!
  • 90-Minute History & Haunts Candlelit Ghost Walking Tour – Another reader favorite!
  • Savannah Ghostwalker Tour & Ghost Hunt
  • Sixth Sense Savannah Adults-Only Walking Tour
  • Spirits & Scoundrels Adults-Only Nighttime Walking Tour

I tend to favor Genteel & Bard’s tour , because they hand out earbuds so you can hear the guide.

That’s nice, because you won’t miss out on the ghost stories even when the streets are noisy.

Or, if you’re like me, you won’t miss anything even when you start wandering off to take photos!

Plus, TC is a good storyteller, and he and his family live downtown(ish). I love supporting local Savannah businesses!

Hand-painted sign on a brick wall in Savannah that reads "Due to Ghostly Encounters - Tour at your own risk!"

VERDICT: If you’re physically able, the walking tours are the way to go! They’re the spookiest option, and they’re much better for the environment than the alternatives.

Savannah Haunted Pub Crawls

It doesn’t get much more “Savannah” than chasing spirits while you’re sipping on spirits !

Since you’ll be bar-hopping your way through the Historic District, Haunted Pub Crawls are typically limited to people who are 21+.

Pros of a Savannah Haunted Pub Crawl

During a pub crawl, you’ll visit three to five bars during a two-hour time period, and you’ll be able to order a drink at each spot.

It’s a nice way to experience a few popular watering holes to decide which you like best.

Pub crawls are also an excellent way to meet people in a new city!

Plus, they make a good option for the ever-popular bachelor and bachelorette parties that are always happening in Savannah.

Thanks to the city’s generous open container policy, if you aren’t finished with your drink when it’s time to leave, you can take your alcohol to go…aka “take a traveler”.

Cons of the Haunted Pub Crawls

Make note that the cost of alcohol is NOT usually included in the purchase of your ticket.

There are a few exceptions to that rule, and those are starred below.

Also, as noted above, people who don’t know their limits can ruin the fun for everyone.

It’s up to the individual guide to maintain crowd control.

Savannah Pub Crawl Ghost Tours

  • Spooky Savannah Haunted Pub Crawl & Walking Ghost Tour – Reader favorite!
  • Nightly Spirits Haunted Savannah Ghosts & Pub Walking Tour
  • Creepy Crawly Nighttime Haunted Pub Walking Tour of Savannah
  • Mad Cat’s Bad Kitty Haunted Pub Crawl
  • Spanish Moss Haunted Savannah Pub Crawl
  • Historical Drinking Tours of Savannah **
  • History, Haunts, & Hops: A Drinks-Included Haunted Pub Crawl **

The most popular option amongst my private FB group is definitely Spooky Savannah Haunted Pub Crawl & Walking Tour .

Spooky Steve is a total hoot, and he’ll keep you laughing while filling you in on all the local lore.

This option is perfect for groups!

Haunted Pubs You’ll Likely Visit

Bars you’ll visit during the haunted pub tours include Moon River Brewing, the pub at 17Hundred90 Inn, and Tondee’s Tavern.

Moon River Brewing originally housed a hotel, post office, bank, and bar — all under one roof. It’s widely considered one of the most haunted places in Savannah .

At the haunted 17Hundred90 Inn , you might see the ghost of Thaddeus – a young boy who leaves behind shiny pennies for guests to pick up.

The restaurant also has a more sinister spirit who likes to make startling noises and throw things at the staff.

Tondee’s Tavern is reportedly haunted by a few different ghosts.

The building has a long history to it — including a brief stint as the city’s headquarters after General Sherman took hold of Savannah during the American Civil War.

NOTE : You’re not required to order drinks on the haunted pub tours, so don’t feel obligated. You’re welcome to just listen in on the stories and enjoy visiting the locations.

  • Savannah Hearse Tours

Few things screams “I’m a tourist” faster than riding around Savannah in a beat-up old hearse while a tour guide blasts stories at you over a loudspeaker.

Still, the tours are popular — and rightly so since you get to ride around in a real hearse that’s been converted to “carry the living instead of the dead.”

Pros of the Hearse Tours

You can book an entire hearse for a private tour, so they make a great option for anyone who is trying to social distance and wants personal space.

Another perk of the hearse tours is that you can make requests if there’s a specific spot you want to see.

That means that if you want to head into the Starland District or if there’s a place you’d like to check out that isn’t on any other ghost tour, the hearse tours will likely take you there.

Cons of a Savannah Hearse Tour

The biggest downside is that the hearses are old and not very comfortable.

Maybe that’s part of the experience?

Since you’ll be listening to your guide through a speaker system, their tours don’t feel as personable.

In my opinion, the hearse tours are more for entertainment and aren’t nearly as spooky as the walking tours.

They fall on the cheesy side, but intentionally so.

An older model black hearse with red writing on the side drives through Savannah's Historic District with a load of tourists

VERDICT: If you want a personalized tour or want to stick with your small group then these are a good choice. However, if you want to be scared silly, go on one of the walking tours instead.

Savannah Haunted Trolley Tours

Trolley tours offer somewhat of a middle-ground between the walking tours and the hearse tours.

They aren’t very spooky, but if you have mobility issues or have young kids in tow, they’re much more comfortable than the hearse tours.

The trolley tours will cart you around past many of Savannah’s haunted locations, and you’ll even get to go inside a few places — although that list varies based on which trolley tour you take.

Savannah Haunted Trolley Tour Options

  • Old Town Trolley Ghosts & Gravestones Tour
  • Old Savannah Tours Grave Encounters Nighttime Trolley Tour
  • The Savannah Underground Immersive Ghost Hunt Nighttime Trolley Tour

A perk of the Ghosts & Gravestones tour is that they offer two exclusive stops that you’re only able to experience on their haunted trolley tours.

They include a nighttime tour of the historic Andrew Low House and a stop at Perkins & Sons Ship Chandlery.

You’ll hear the stories of the ghosts that reportedly inhabit those buildings.

The Ghosts and Gravestones trolley at night parked beneath a large oak tree with Spanish moss hanging from its limbs

One perk of Old Savannah Tour’s Grave Encounters Trolley is that they’ll pick you up at your hotel.

The tour also has costumed actors that jump on board to help narrate the stories of the ghosts they portray, so that makes it more entertaining for kids.

You can purchase just the trolley tour or upgrade to the tour plus dinner.

The combo ticket includes dinner at The Pirates’ House, where you’ll get a tour of the original rum cellar where real pirates used to hang out.

The Pirates’ House is considered one of the most haunted restaurants in Savannah !

The Savannah Underground Tour includes a neat interactive show where actors narrate three true-crime tales that occurred during Savannah’s early days.

night ghost tour savannah

VERDICT: Choose a haunted trolley ride if you have mobility issues but still want to experience the haunted side of the city. Expect the trolley tours to fall on the cheesy side! (Don’t say I didn’t warn you.) Read my Savannah ghost tours trolley post for recent reviews.

Savannah Paranormal Tours & Experiences

Want to try your hand at searching for ghosts? Savannah’s a great place to do it!

There are a few tours in the city that lend you ghost hunting equipment, teach you how to use it, and then send you off to find a ghost of your own.

These tours use equipment like dowsing rods, EVP recorders, and EMF sensors to track down any ghosts in the area.

  • Historic Savannah Theatre 3-Hour Paranormal Investigation – Reader favorite!
  • The Witching Hour 2-Hour Paranormal Walking Ghost Tour – Another reader favorite!

The Witching Hour Paranormal Ghost Tour is led by Brigid, a self-described clairvoyant, plus a few of her paranormal-enthusiast friends.

She and her team focus on the use of dowsing rods in an attempt to communicate with known spirits in places like Colonial Park Cemetery .

Hers is a family-friendly tour, and she even offers a sage cleansing at the end to ensure no spirits follow you home.

Got Ghosts! Paranormal Activity Tour is led by Patrick Burns, host of the TV show “Haunting Evidence.” His tours are about two hours long.

You’ll hear all about Patrick’s first-hand spiritual encounters, and he brings EVP recordings that you can listen to during a few of the stops on the tour.

A Southern live oak, its branches loaded with Spanish moss, grows amongst tombs in Colonial Park Cemetery

VERDICT: Paranormal activity tours work best when you go into them with an open mind. You have to believe anything is possible when it comes to communicating with Savannah’s spirits.

Savannah Haunted House Tours

While there are a plethora of different options for ghost tours in Savannah, you may be surprised to hear that there aren’t that many haunted house tours in the city.

Most of the tours listed above walk or drive past Savannah’s haunted houses but don’t go inside.

The Sorrel Weed House is rare because you can explore the home’s interior while a guide explains its unusual history.

They even offer a paranormal investigation so you can try your hand at using some ghost hunting equipment inside the home.

  • Sorrel Weed Haunted House Tour s
  • Sorrel Weed Paranormal Tours & Lock-In

The orange, red, and green facade of the Sorrel-Weed House, a popular spot for ghost tours in Savannah

VERDICT: I always say it’s good to take the opportunity to tour Savannah’s historic homes while they’re open to the public, since they could revert back to private use at any time.

True Crime Savannah Ghost Tours

If you’re a fan of true crime podcasts, these tours might be just your speed.

Instead of communicating with spirits or photographing orbs, you’ll hear about real life crimes of passion that have occurred in Savannah.

You’ll learn about the notorious Mercer Williams House , the skeleton found inside the walls of the Foley House Inn, the hanging of Alice Riley in Wright Square, and many other spooky Savannah stories.

  • Strangled, Not Stirred: Savannah True Crime Pub Crawl
  • Mad Cat’s True Crime & Wine Tour – Reader favorite!

A dense fog settles over Wright Square in the dark early-morning hours in Savannah, providing a sinister aura

VERDICT: As far as I’m concerned, every street in Savannah has been the scene of a crime at least once. Case in point: Savannah Crime Map 2021 and Current Savannah Crime Map .

Spooky Savannah Ghost Tours (Ages 18+)

I recently decided to create a separate category to keep track of some of the scariest ghost tours in Savannah .

Whenever readers tell me about a tour that falls more on the scary side, I’ll add it to this list.

  • Blue Orb Uncensored Nighttime Walking Zombie Tour of Savannah (Ages 18+)

These tours are for the 18+ crowd, and — although they don’t necessarily stop in bars for drinks — they usually don’t mind if you tote your own to go cup along the route. (If you’re of legal age, that is.)

BW image of spooky stairs with wrought iron railings

VERDICT: Choose these tours if you’re into the macabre and are hoping to get spine-tingling chills and/or goosebumps at least once during your outing.

Family-Friendly Savannah Ghost Tours

I realize some of you have kids in tow and need family-friendly options to provide an hour or two of entertainment. I totally get that!

After all, I experienced my first Savannah ghost tour when I was in my more impressionable years.

That was back in the days when tour guides still paraded groups past the beautiful Hampton Lillibridge House — one of the only homes in Savannah where an actual exorcism was performed.

It was also before there were vast numbers of ghost tours to choose from like there are today.

That tour certainly made a lasting impression on me, and I’m willing to bet a similar one will probably do the same for your kids!

The Top Family-Friendly Ghost Tours in Savannah

  • Blue Orb Savannah Shadows: All Ages Ghost Tour
  • Fraidy Cat: The Family Fun Ghost Tour of Savannah
  • Grave Tales Fun for the Whole Family Ghost Tour

VERDICT: Family-friendly ghost tours are a fantastic way to keep the kids entertained while also guaranteeing they won’t soon forget their trip to Savannah.

Best Ghost Tours in Savannah

I hope I haven’t overwhelmed you with all the options for ghost tours in Savannah ! There are just so many.

The intent here was for you to be better prepared to make a choice of the best tour for you.

Each type of tour has its pros and cons, but they’re all in good fun and all part of the weird and wacky Savannah experience.

Just embrace the supernatural, and let your imagination run wild.

You never know…you might get home and find you’ve captured a ghost in one of your photos!

Love this post? Pin it now to save for later!

night ghost tour savannah

You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience.

Female ghost in front of Ghost tour in Savannah

Top Reasons

Haunted guide, take a ride to a different dimension…, where reality and the supernatural collide., about this tour, welcome to the “ghost-iest” city.

Widely considered by ghost hunters and paranormal investigators as being America’s Most Haunted City and seen on The Today Show and the Travel Channel, Savannah’s dark past is unveiled on this spooky tour! Learn about the city’s origins with its founding in 1733 when it was built upon native American burial grounds. Will you encounter the ghost of Civil War General Robert E. Lee at the famous Andrew Low House? Take the Trolley of the Doomed to the burial grounds in Wright Square and try to contact the spirits at the Perkins & Sons Ship Chandlery!


HISTORIC GHOST TALES This rates the level of authenticity and historical accuracy of the content you’ll encounter on the tour.

SCARINESS OF CONTENT This ranks the intensity of the chills you’ll experience as well as the overall spooky factor.

JUMP SCARES Whether it’s a scare that makes you jump out of your shoes or if something else does the jumping, we rank it here.

Select Your Journey

Discover more than just the eerie tales of Savannah’s spooky past. Journey through the breathtaking charm of the Hostess City of the South and learn all about its illustrious history aboard the Old Town Trolley.

625 reviews

Ghosts & Gravestones Tour Boston 4.5

Ghosts & Gravestones

savannah haunted trolley on river street

  • Hear tales no other tours tell as shadows play tricks on your mind
  • EXCLUSIVE night-time entry into 2 of Savannah’s most haunted venues
  • First is a stop at the Andrew Low House
  • Then on to the Perkin’s & Son’s Ship Chandlery

Day/Night Package

Savannah Old Town Trolley and night tour trolley

  • Old Town Trolley Tours - 1 day of unlimited re-boarding
  • More than 100 points of interest
  • Ghosts & Gravestones Night Tour admission

Ghost Hunters of Savannah Paranormal Investigation

Savannah 416 W. Liberty Street

  • Participate in an actual paranormal investigation with our expert guides.
  • Get hands-on with the latest ghost hunting equipment.
  • Learn the darker side of Savannah.
  • Track down evidence of ghosts and other supernatural beings.

Old Town Trolley Tours

savannah davenport house

  • 1 day of unlimited free re-boarding
  • Hop on and off all day at 15 Stops
  • Live narrated, 90-minute tour

American Prohibition Museum

Savannah American Prohibition Museum display

  • Not your average "Dry" Museum - step back in time to a wild era of flappers, bootlegging, and gangsters
  • View confiscated items from mobsters and 200+ Prohibition-Era artifacts
  • Discover why Savannah was referred to as the “Bootleg Spigot of the South"
  • Slip into our Speakeasy to enjoy authentic craft cocktails

night ghost tour savannah

Savannah Ghost Tour

Do you dare join the other brave souls aboard the trolley of the doomed to experience “the darker side” of “america’s most haunted city”.

Your voyage will take you throughout Savannah’s historic district, focusing on some of Savannah’s most haunted sites, eerie legends and frightening residents. Your Ghost Host will entertain you with their expert storytelling and knowledge of all things “shadowy and sinister.” One never knows what one might encounter when you “cross-over” aboard Ghosts & Gravestones

To Take a Ghost Tour in Savannah

Journey through time with EXCLUSIVE nighttime entry into TWO of Savannah’s most haunted venues.  FIRST is a stop at the Andrew Low House. There have long been reports of spirits that inhabit the home and tales of staff seeing apparitions. THEN on to the Perkin’s & Son’s Ship Chandlery to commiserate with the spirits and truly EXPERIENCE the stories of haunted River Street.

night ghost tour savannah

This lovely John Norris designed mansion combines elements of Grecian and Italian Villa styles and sports one of Savannah’s most stunning ironwork balconies. There have long been reports of spirits that inhabit the home, tales of staff seeing apparitions dressed in old-fashioned clothes and furniture moving with no one occupying it.

juliette gordon low house haunted tour -

savannah chandlery

Located on River Street, which many believe is the paranormal epicenter of “America’s Most Haunted City”- Perkins and Son’s stands as a testament to the bustling port business that once took place right at its doorstep.

savannah chandlery -

savannah ghost tour trolley at juliette gordon low house

Your voyage will take you throughout Savannah’s historic district, focusing on some of Savannah’s most haunted sites, eerie legends and frightening residents.

savannah ghost tour trolley at juliette gordon low house -

Savannah ghost host

Your Ghost Host will entertain you with their expert storytelling and knowledge of all things “shadowy and sinister.” One never knows what one might encounter when you “cross-over” aboard Ghosts & Gravestones.

Savannah ghost host -

Ghost Tour Schedule

Ride the trolley of the doomed before it's too late..., tours depart nightly..

Subject to availability

We are open Thanksgiving and Christmas evening 2023.

Closed Saint Patrick’s Day – March 17.

Tour times vary depending on the time of year.

Where to find us:.

Ghosts & Gravestones Frightseeing Tour boards at the Simply Savannah Depot. 301 East River Street. Directly to the right of the Lincoln Street ramp on River Street.

Duration: 1 hour and 20 minutes.

October means Halloween and our tours sell out quickly. ADVANCE securing of your ghost tour is highly recommend, especially for the week of Halloween, October 24 to October 31. Space is very limited for this very popular excursion, so DON’T DELAY!

Warning: Strobe lights may be used. This tour is rated PG-13. No children under 6 allowed. An adult must accompany anyone under the age of 18.

savannah ghost encounters

Enter your Ghostly Encounters for your chance to win!

savannah river street at night

Your Gravedigger Host will share with you the tales of Savannah’s past and its spooky side. Then, we’ll explore Perkin’s and Sons Ship Chandlery; only Ghosts & Gravestones gives you exclusive nighttime entry for this haunting experience.

savannah clock tower at night

Welcome to Savannah, a beautiful southern city that is brimming with gorgeous architecture, natural beauty and fascinating history. Savannah, Georgia is known for all of these things; but it’s also known for being the most haunted city in the United States.

savannah waving girl statue

Explore the deep, dark past that is just as intriguing. Considered to be one of the most haunted cities in America, Savannah beckons paranormal enthusiasts and everyone who’s the least bit curious about ghosts.

savannah colonial park cemetery

Savannah has earned a reputation as America’s most haunted city. It’s not surprising that this lovely Southern city has its share of haunted cemeteries – a must visit for anyone who’s ready to have a paranormal experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never taken a haunted tour. why should i start now + -.

  • They’re not all scary.
  • It can be a fun way to be a tourist in your own backyard.
  • You can find them in almost any destination.
  • They give you an inside look at local culture based on their ghost stories and legends.

What’s the difference between Ghosts & Gravestones and other Savannah tours? + -

It can help you gain a new perspective and you get to explore the city in the dark and very different way.

How do the Ghost Hosts interact with guests during the haunted tours? + -

Ghost Hosts accompany you through the sinister streets and graveyards on your ghost tour, providing background information and ghostly tales of the city’s haunted past.

What haunted places does the ghost tour visit? + -

You’ll visit the Andrew Low House and Perkin’s and Sons Ship Chandlery!

Does the tour run on holidays and holiday weekends? + -

Go to Tour Schedule for details.

Does the ghost tour run in the rain? / What's the inclement weather policy for the ghost tour? + -

YES! The tour runs on dark and stormy nights. The only time tours will be cancelled due to weather is if conditions prove to be too dangerous to proceed. In this event all reserved parties will be notified.

Where does the ghost tour start? / Where does the ghost tour depart from? + -

Go to Map and Directions .

Is the tour wheelchair accessible? + -

Reasonable accommodations for all of our disabled guests will be made. Please call us at least 24 hours in advance so that we can make appropriate arrangements.

Unfortunately, because a significant portion of our tour takes place in historic sites that do not have any accommodations for people with disabilities (as historic sites, they are exempt from such requirements), and include stairs, cobblestones, and other types of rough terrain, the tour is not recommended for guests who are unable to safely navigate such elements.

Is the ghost tour too scary for my kids? / Is the tour suitable for children? + -

This tour is rated PG-13 and is not intended for young children. Due to the loud noises on our tour, children under the age of 6 are not allowed onboard. It is not a haunted house; but it is a historical tour turned completely on its head. We use haunted house style moments, historical facts, and creative storytelling to thrill, entertain, and scare our guests.

Do we need reservations for the ghost tour? + -

Yes. Ghosts & Gravestones has a limited number of seats per tour and frequently sells out.

How much walking is there? + -

Comfortable shoes are recommended so that you don’t become dead on your feet during the walking portions.

Are the ghost stories true or make believe? + -

The stories are based on local legend and lore and have been historically researched. The stories weave together the history and haunted tales associated with the sites.

Are we going to see a ghost on the haunted tour? + -

Many of our guests have reported unusual sightings on the tour. Remember to have your camera ready… you never know what might appear.

What is a ghost tour? + -

A ghost tour gives you the opportunity to visit and learn about the haunted past of the city. With a mix of historic ghost tales, jump scares, and more, it’s an enjoyable way to visit and learn about the city’s ghostly past.

Can a private ghost tour be booked? + -

Ghosts & Gravestones can arrange any group tours – small or large parties can be accommodated on a ghost tour.

Why should I take a ghost tour? + -

A ghost tour is an excellent way to visit and learn about the haunted past of the city.

What are the most popular haunted attractions on the tour? + -

There are a variety of attractions on the ghost tour. Some of the most popular are “the Andrew Low House”, “Perkin’s and Sons Ship Chandlery” and many others.

Is the ghost tour open on Halloween? + -

Yes, the ghost tour is open and running on Halloween.

Are food and drinks allowed while on the tour? + -

Food and drinks are welcome. However alcoholic beverages are not allowed under any circumstance for the safety and comfort of all of our guests.

Savannah Ghost Parking

See below for parking available near our departure point. please note that these are not run by ghosts & gravestones.

Prices subject to change.

There are 3 small parking lots along River Street. Parking can be problematic in this area. You may take advantage of parking up on Bay Street. When parking for the Ghosts & Gravestones Tour, keep in mind that the intersection of Lincoln Street and Bay Street offer the closest parking.

Metered parking is available in the Historic District and varies from $1.00 to $2.00 per hour depending on the street. 8am – 8pm Monday to Saturday. Sunday is free.

Lincoln Parking Garage Address: 20 Lincoln Street – Map Fees apply 8am – 8pm Monday to Saturday. Sunday is free.

Parking at Meters and Pay Station spaces are free Monday – Friday after 8 p.m. and free all day on Saturday & Sunday.

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The 8 spookiest savannah ghost tours.

Prove you're not afraid of the dark by taking one of these terrifying tours.

Spookiest Savannah Ghost Tours

night ghost tour savannah

Seeing Savannah at night can be a fun and spooky experience. The city is known as one of the most haunted in America. Whether you want to join a pub crawl or a walking history tour, you're sure to have a good time. (Getty Images)

While it may seem like a quaint Southern town by day, Savannah, Georgia , is purportedly one of America's most haunted cities. The city's ghostly reputation may be related to the bloody Civil War, the yellow fever epidemics of 1820 and 1876 or the numerous murders that took place throughout its history. These chilling tales make the haunted city of Savannah the perfect backdrop for a ghost tour. Below, you'll find the top U.S. News picks of the best tours in town, compiled using both expert input and traveler sentiment. These haunting tours cater to all crowds, from families with kids to those who need a little liquid courage before seeking out the paranormal.

Savannah Ghost Walker – The Savannah Ghostwalker Tour and Ghost Hunt

Price: From $25 Duration: 2.5 hours

During this approximately 2.5-hour tour, guides (or "ghostwalkers") lead you down live oak-lined streets past haunted antebellum homes to battlefields and hidden cemeteries where paranormal events are a common occurrence. As you walk, ghostwalkers recount the scary stories of Savannah's eerie past. You can even search for otherworldly activity with your own "ghost-hunting" equipment. Travelers enjoy guides' ability to highlight the city's historical facts in their ghost stories. Visitors also say that the electromagnetic field meters add a fun twist to the tour.

Tours generally run nightly at 9 p.m. Tickets start at $25 per person. Savannah Ghostwalker limits its tours to 15 people, and alcohol is not permitted.

View & Book Tickets: Viator

Best Savannah Ghost Tours

Ghost City's Haunted Pub Crawl takes tourgoers to several bars in Savannah while sharing their spooky secrets. (Courtesy of Ghost City Tours)

Ghost City Tours – Savannah Haunted Pub Crawl

Price: From $30 Duration: 2 hours

This adults-only (21 and older) evening pub crawl takes travelers to some of the city's most haunted pubs and taverns. During the roughly two-hour Savannah ghost tour, guides share creepy tales about each bar stop. Thanks to Savannah's lack of open container laws, you can take an alcoholic beverage with you and imbibe along the walk. Most reviewers say the tour provides a fun outing and the ghost stories are entertaining. Others complain of busy bars and expensive drinks.

Tours run daily at 8 and 9 p.m., though additional times may be available on the weekends. Tickets cost approximately $30 per person. For a more family-friendly experience, consider the company's Grave Tales Tour.

Genteel & Bard – Savannah Dark History & Ghost Encounter Tour

Visit some of Savannah's most haunted locales on this spine-chilling experience. Over the course of two hours and nearly a mile, a local tour guide will take small groups through the city, spinning tales about Colonial Park Cemetery and the Sorrel Weed House, among other historic landmarks. Note that the entire tour takes place outside – you do not actually go into any buildings. As an added bonus, the guide wears a microphone and all tourgoers receive their own personal earbuds with a wireless receiver so that they don't miss one scary story. Reviewers mention that guides are passionate, entertaining and great storytellers. They also appreciate the earbuds as there is never an issue with hearing.

Genteel & Bard offers its ghost tour at multiple times between 8 and 9:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Tickets start at $30 per person and must be purchased in advance. The company also offers history walking tours and women's history walking tours of Savannah.

Best Savannah Ghost Tours

(Getty Images)

Blue Orb Tours – Savannah Shadows Tour

Price: Adults from $30; kids from $25 Duration: 1.5 hours

Blue Orb's Savannah Shadows tour is based on the book of the same name written by the company's founder, Tobias McGriff. This 90-minute tour is suitable for all ages and stops at locations known for their paranormal activity, such as the Hanging Square (generally known as Wright Square). Many reviewers comment that the tour offers the right mix of history and storytelling, along with chilling details. Others say that though the tales are spooky, they aren't too scary for kids.

Tickets start at $30 for adults and $25 for children 12 and younger. Tours are typically offered Wednesday through Sunday at 8 p.m. For a real thrill, the company offers an adults-only Zombie Tour that focuses on the Voodoo concept of the walking undead.

View & Book Tickets: Blue Orb Tours

Ghost & Gravestones of Savannah – Ghost & Gravestones Trolley Tour

Price: From $36 Duration: 1.5 hours

On the Ghosts & Gravestones trolley tour, you'll drive by cemeteries, squares and mansions known for their ghostly residents. Along the way, you'll visit two of Savannah's most haunted locales: the Andrew Low House and Perkins & Sons Ship Chandlery. The chandlery is located on River Street , which is considered a hotbed of paranormal activity. According to some reviewers, the tour guide's theatrics are cheesy rather than scary. Travelers also warn the chandlery is set up like a haunted house, so you'll want to prepare young children for some startling surprises. The company rates its tour PG-13, though several reviewers say it's family-friendly. Children must be 6 or older, and no one younger than 18 can ride without the supervision of an adult.

Tours, which last approximately 90 minutes, depart nightly at various times starting around 7 p.m. Tickets start at $36 per person. Keep in mind: You may be required to climb some stairs while on tour. The company also offers combination tickets for trolley sightseeing tours during the day.

Best Savannah Ghost Tours

Hearse Ghost Tours – Public Hearse Tour

Price: From $35 Duration: About 1.5 hours

Drive through Savannah's spookiest cemeteries and pass through parts of the Historic District in an open-air hearse once used by funeral parlors. Hearses can accommodate up to eight tourgoers. Some reviewers say the guides are funny and entertaining, while others complain the stories lack depth and are not scary.

Tours, which last 75 minutes, are offered at 6, 8 and 10 p.m. daily and have pickup locations at Franklin, Oglethorpe and Telfair squares in the Historic District. Tickets start at approximately $35 per person. The company also runs private outings as well as a bar crawl ghost tour.

View & Book Tickets: Hearse Ghost Tours

Shannon Scott Tours & Events – Bonaventure Cemetery After Hours Tour

Price: From $45 Duration: 2.5 hours

What could be more spine-chilling than being locked behind the gates of Bonaventure Cemetery ? On this after-hours cemetery tour, you'll spend an evening listening to humorous and macabre tales of romance and death featuring the city's most notable deceased residents. Reviewers rave about this tour and guide Shannon Scott's storytelling ability; many travelers find him mesmerizing.

Tickets start at around $45 per person. Tours run Saturdays at 6 p.m. and last approximately 2.5 hours. Prefer to explore the cemetery while it's still light out? The company also offers cemetery tours during the day.

View & Book Tickets: Option 1 | Option 2

6th Sense World – Sixth Sense Savannah Ghost Tour

According to reviewers, it's the entertaining guides that set 6th Sense World apart from other ghost tour operators in the city. During the company's two-hour ghost tour, you'll hear spooky tales about some of the city's most haunted locales, including the Mercer-Williams House , the Hamilton-Turner Inn and the Candler Hospital, among others. Participants describe the tour as creepy, engaging and educational.

Tours run nightly at multiple times between 7 and 10 p.m., depending on the season and day of the week. Tickets for the earlier tour times start at $30 per person; 9:30 and 10 p.m. tours – which are restricted to participants 16 and older – start at $35. Discounts are available for members of the military. The company also offers daytime tours of Bonaventure Cemetery, among other options.

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Gallivanter Tours

Ghost Tours for Adults

Gallivanter Tours has partnered with Ghost City to bring you the best Ghost Tours for Adults in Savannah Georgia.

Not eveyrone who wants to take a ghost tour wants to be in a crowd of children - we all know that when there are kids around things can be 'challenging'. This is why companies started offering Adults Only Ghost Tours. Savannah Georgia is no different, with many companies offering ghost tours with mature themes that hope to attract the adult crowd.

Here at Gallivanter, we've partnered with Ghost City Tours, the #1 Ghost Tour Company in Savannah, to offer guided Ghost Tours of Savannah's Historic District. They happen to offer top of the best Adult Ghost Tours around, the Beyond Good and Evil Tour and the Dead of Night Tour .

Guests on the Beyond Good and Evil Tour

The Beyond Good and Evil Tour

Offered by Ghost City Tours

Many of the ghost stories in Savannah involve subjects that are not appropriate for children. Instead of leaving these great haunted locations off of the tour map, they've been combined into Adult only Ghost Tours.

Adult Ghost Tours in Savannah often have a minimum age of 16. This ensure that you can have a great time without listening to children running around.

Colonial Park Cemetery, one of the stops on the Dead of Night Tour.

The Dead of Night Tour

One of the gravesites on our Tours

Haunted Pub Crawl Info

7 days per week

9pm | 90 Minutes

Ages 21+ Only: $24.99

Why are Haunted Pub Crawls so popular?

Bonaventure Cemetery is huge, over 300 acres and thousands upon thousands of grave sites. It is easy to get lost or not be able to find the grave you’re looking for. Taking a guided tour of Bonaventure Cemetery takes all of the guesswork and confusing out of seeing Bonaventure Cemetery. Our expert guides will take you to the most requested, and most famous graves throughout the Cemetery. Between stops, you’ll hear about the History of Bonaventure Cemetery. You’ll even walk away knowing a lot about Cemetery Symbolism.

Most people who explore Bonaventure have a limited amount of time there. So make the most out of it by joining us for a guided tour. We guarantee that you’ll love your tour, or we’ll give you your money back.

Guided Tours of Bonaventure

Bonaventure's Beauty

An Angel on a Grave in Bonaventure Cemetery

History and Culture

Famous Graves

Famous "residents"

Buying tickets for the savannah haunted pub crawl.

You must purchase tickets in advance - we often sell out. You are buying these tickets from Ghost City Tours.

Buy Tickets Online

Buying tickets online is fast and secure with Gallivanter. Just click the button to buy tickets online, select your tour, and enter your info. Your tickets will be emailed to you immediately.

Our friendly Guest Services Reps are available from 9 am - 1 am, 7 days per week at 1-855-938-2211 . We can answer any questions you may have, take your order, and email your tickets right away!

432 Abercorn, Haunted Houses in Savannah

The story of 432 Abercorn

One of the most infamous haunted houses in Savannah, the ghosts of 432 Abercorn are said to attack the living. What is the true story about the hauntings at 432 Abercorn?

My husband and I had a great time on our Bonaventure Tour. Our guide was veryy informative and answered all of our questions. Would do again!

Real TripAdvisor Review

Bonaventure Cemetery is very beautiful. Having a guide take us around to all of the graves made this a very pleasant experience...

Well worth the money! It was one of the highlights of our first trip to Savannah. Can't wait to come back.

This was our second tour of Bonaventure Cemetery - and my wife and I both agree this tour was much better than the first...

Where does the Savannah Haunted Pub Crawl start?

Our tour of Bonaventure Cemetery starts near the main entrance to Bonaventure Cemetery. When you arrive at the cemetery, you'll find your guide at the main house, right near the entrance. Other companies often start in the same location, so please ensure that you're checking in with 'Gallivanter'.

The address to Bonaventure Cemetery is 330 Bonaventure Rd, Thunderbolt, GA 31404. It is a drive, of about 15 minutes, from the Historic District. You'll find that ride sharing options like Uber or Lyft to be great options to get to Bonaventure.

If you are running late or need directions please call our office at 855-938-2211 .

Looking for a different tour? Try one of these.

One of the churches we visit on our Savannah Historic Church Tour

Historic Church Tour

Savannah has more than a few historic churches. We'll show you the best ones.

One of the gravesites in Colonial Park Cemetery

Colonial Park Cemetery Tour

If you've already toured Bonaventure maybe you want to try Colonial Park, or do both!

A historic location in Savannah

Stories of old Savannah Tour

Savannah is a city rich in History - and on this tour you'll learn all about it.

Book your Tickets now

Ghost City's Haunted Pub Crawl often sells out. Don't lose out on the best Pub Crawl in Savannah, get your tickets now.


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