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AMC’s Shudder: Is This Spooky Streaming Service Worth It?

spooky stork meaning

Are you a fright-fest fanatic in the mood for haunting tales and scary flicks? With Halloween on the horizon, there’s no better time of year to amp up the terror by indulging in some spooktacular programming. Whether you’re a fan of pure horror, slasher films, psychological thrillers, monster movies, or cult classics that are as nostalgic as they are nauseating, plenty of streaming services offer Halloween-themed marathons to satisfy your needs.

But what’s a true horror fan to do when all the ghoulish gross-outs are spread out across multiple platforms? Put down the hockey mask and machete — AMC’s Shudder  is here to administer your necessary dose of screams. With hundreds of films and TV show episodes on its roster, this horror-only streaming service might be just what you need to quench your thirst for terror. Ready to conjure up Candyman or mingle with Michael Myers? Find out what Shudder offers and whether it’s worth the subscription price.

Shudder: A Platform for Horror Fanatics, by Horror Fanatics

spooky stork meaning

Shudder is a streaming platform designed to meet the niche needs of a key group of film buffs: horror fans. By all accounts, the streaming service has successfully pulled off this mission. Shudder is a premiere service that offers scary programming — and only scary programming — in the form of old and new films, television shows, and documentaries that fall into the genres of horror, supernatural, and thriller themes. It caters to movies and episodic horror fans and provides an impressive library of options to explore.

What makes Shudder such a fantastic platform is its variety. Shudder’s collection of films and shows spans hundreds of movies, dozens of TV shows, and even a handful of horror-themed podcasts. The platform features a large number of classics that have defined the horror genre — think iconic flicks like John Carpenter’s Halloween , George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead , The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,  and Train to Busan . But it also offers up plenty of indie films, comedies, and old-school titles that paved the way for today’s horror. Ever watched Chopping Mall , Hell Night, or Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker ? With Shudder, you can dive into films that might not have crossed your radar before.

Shudder also organizes content by collections so you can spend less time reading endless summaries to hunt down the films or series that fit your taste. Curated collections like “Love Sick,” “Horror Noire,” “Anthologies” and “Queer Horror” make it easier to tap into the topics you’re dying to watch. And, what’s even better is that these super-specific lists aren’t left to the whims of AI software; instead, actual people — vetted horror fans — create the lineups, so you know they’re good. With over a million users subscribed to the streaming service, Shudder may have cracked the code for successfully spooky programming.

Shudder’s Perks Include Original Flicks and Spooky Shows

spooky stork meaning

While Shudder features many classic horror flicks and shows, these aren’t the platform’s only claim to fame. It also provides exclusive and original content designed to appeal to Shudder subscribers One of the most popular original series available is Creepshow , which is inspired by the 1982 film of the same name (directed by George Romero and written by Stephen King) and the E.C. horror comic books of the 1950s. Creepshow  is structured like an anthology, bringing horrifying comic panels to life and exploring everything from the supernatural to the super-strange. The platform is also releasing new episodes of the original series Slasher , which features a storyline about a family on a secluded island who’s forced to fight against one another for survival.

Shudder’s original films are also some of its highlights. The movie Host  was one of the top films of 2020 on Shudder’s platform. Recorded utilizing Zoom only (giving it that pandemic-anxiety vibe), the movie features a group of friends gathering online for a socially distant hangout…and succumbing to dark forces on each end of the camera. Another Shudder original is 2021’s Prisoners of the Ghostland which stars Nicolas Cage as a bank robber who has five days to find a wealthy man’s daughter otherwise, the bomb collar secured around his neck will detonate. These titles represent only a handful of the unsettling nailbiters within Shudder’s library. But what’s the verdict?

Is the Subscription Worth the Horrific Hype?

spooky stork meaning

If you love all terror all the time, Shudder is the perfect platform for you. Even if you subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, or another popular streaming platform , Shudder has the widest variety of curated horror on the streaming market centralized in one place. With over 400 movies and hundreds of television episodes already on its docket, this collective of frightening tales is slated to only grow in size, with new films and episodes appearing weekly. Like most streaming platforms, you may not love all the content that you view on Shudder — but there’s a handy rating system (with skulls instead of stars!) so you know what fellow horror fans think.

The platform is easy to access through most devices and browsers, so you can queue things up on your Roku or fireTV device or take the streaming service with you on your laptop or phone. A standalone Shudder app is available via Google Play, Apple’s App Store, and Xbox One, and it works similarly to other streaming apps.

If you’re not sure you want to make the subscription leap, Shudder has you covered. It offers a seven-day, no-strings free trial so you can take your time browsing titles and collections to see if the variety is enough to capture your interest. Just keep in mind that you’d be hard-pressed to engage with all that Shudder has to offer within a week. As an added bonus, the platform is entirely ad-free.

Membership plans start at only $5.99 a month, making this an affordable option. To save a bit on this month-to-month price, you can opt to purchase a yearlong subscription for $56.99 — which comes out to $4.75 per month . If you’re more interested in getting your scare on for the Halloween season without committing to the entire year, subscribing to Shudder at least through October can help you scratch the itch.

Ultimately, if horror is your top streaming genre, signing up for Shudder is a no-brainer (sorry, zombies). With an influx of new flicks and shows frequently hitting its library and an affordable monthly fee, you won’t run out of terrifying titles anytime soon.


spooky stork meaning

What does spooky stork mean from dairy of a wimpy kid?

User Avatar

F*** female dog

Sadandlonelygrimreap... ∙

Roberto Hernandez ∙

Anonymous ∙

It means Stupid Jerk.

Add your answer:


What are the character traits of the book diary of a wimpy kid cabin fever?

he is self centered, mean, and a bad friend to rowly

Who is the author of wimpy kid?

Diary of a Wimpy kid is written by Jeff Kinney

What does bubby mean from Diary of a Wimpy Kid?

What is the fourth diary of a wimpy kid book called.

If you mean the 5th I'm pretty sure it will be called the final chapter

What might it mean if Greg Heffley from Diary Of A Wimpy Kid kissed you on the lips?

It means you're beautiful.

Is there a last straw of dairy of a wimpy kid?

If you mean, Is there a diary of a wimpy kid called the last straw, then yes there is. Please give me a trust point!!

What is garza mean in spanish?

What does the quote you were finished long before we even seen the stork mean.

the song says "start," not "stork."

What does wimpy mean?

Wimpy means weak and ineffectual. (not strong)

Visit by stork what do you mean by that?

Parents used to tell small children that the stork brought them in order to avoid discussion of sex. A visit by the stork, then, refers metaphorically to the birth of a baby.

What other words mean frightening?

What does a stork mean as a symbol.

The stork has become a symbol for birth or new life in modern society. This is because of the old tale parents tell their children where babies come from (delivered by a stork in a blanket)

What does une cigogne mean?

Une cigogne is a stork in English.

What does spooky mean?

Sinister or ghostly, in a way that causes fear.

What is the German word for dairy?

Molkerei That should mean dairy.


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any of several wading birds of the family Ciconiidae, having long legs and a long neck and bill. : Compare adjutant stork , jabiru , marabou (def. 1) , white stork , wood ibis .

the stork, this bird as the mythical or symbolic deliverer of a new baby: My brother and his wife are expecting the stork in July.

Origin of stork

Other words from stork.

  • storklike, adjective

Dictionary.com Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

British Dictionary definitions for stork

/ ( stɔːk ) /

any large wading bird of the family Ciconiidae, chiefly of warm regions of the Old World, having very long legs and a long stout pointed bill, and typically having a white-and-black plumage: order Ciconiiformes

(sometimes capital) a variety of domestic fancy pigeon resembling the fairy swallow

Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Wiki

Welcome to the Wiki! - Tangph / thiscooldude123 / Adrian

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Wiki

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  • View history
  • 1.1 The Last Straw
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  • 5 References

History [ ]

The last straw [ ].

When he says it, Greg doesn't know what it means. He then asks Susan what "ploopy" means, who also asks, "WHAT IS A PLOOPY?" Manny uses the strange word to his advantage, calling Greg a ploopy to take his anger out on him.

One day at church , Greg decided to say it to Manny, and when he does, Manny begins to cry, and the Heffleys leave early in embarrassment. At home, Susan bans the word in the family, and nobody can say it or they risk a week getting grounded. It is implied that this is a case where she is not making an exception even for Manny.

After it is banned, Rodrick finds a way to bypass the censoring by saying the words in separated parts during 3 different days: Pl-(Monday) oo-(Tuesday) py! (Wednesday), but Greg did not catch on until he hit the 3rd day.

When Manny knew he could insult Greg as much as he wants, he took advantage of it, with Manny telling Greg to pour his milk. [1]

Online book177

When Rodrick finds out the word annoyed Greg, he started using it until Frank Heffley banned Rodrick from using it, but Rodrick quickly finds a loophole where he would only say parts of the word on separate days. [2]

Online book197

Greg calls Manny a Pootie at church just for fun, which causes them to leave church early. Ann is much more harsh towards Greg over calling Pootie to Manny, as she made him confess after church, and forces him to apologize to Manny, despite Manny being the main aggressor and calling Greg a Pootie in front of Ann, after Greg apologized. [3]

  • In the online book, the word "pootie" is used instead and was first done by Manny unprovoked.
  • This might be what Manny uses for swears.

Appearances [ ]

  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid (online) (as pootie)

Gallery [ ]

Manny calling Greg a

References [ ]

  • ↑ Diary of a Wimpy Kid (online) , page 177
  • ↑ Diary of a Wimpy Kid (online) , page 185
  • ↑ Diary of a Wimpy Kid (online) , page 195-197
  • 1 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: No Brainer
  • 2 Greg Heffley
  • 3 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Book 19

Top 9 Mysterious Birds

Our annual Mysterious Birds post has returned for the Halloween season. Take a look to frighten your night…if you dare!

In your backyards, on your schoolyard, swooping through your neighborhoods and far beyond… here is our take on the Top 9 Mysterious Birds *

*We hardly have ornithophobia (fear of birds), and we hope you don’t either. We just find learning about birds frighteningly fascinating!

American Crow

American Crow

A hoarse cry echoes across the sky, tracing chills down your spine: Caw! Caw! Caw! Eerily enough, a large group of crows is sometimes called a “murder.” However, there’s nothing truly scary about this wonderful species. Crows are very intelligent, family-oriented birds that are rarely seen alone. This all-black bird (even the insides of its mouth are black) could easily sneak up on you in the pitch-dark night… but alas, they are diurnal! While they do often eat meat, their diet is broad and consists of whatever they can forage: insects, eggs, berries, seeds, even garbage! Learn more about this fascinating species (and hear their raucous calls) at All About Birds .

Common Raven

Common Raven

“Quoth the raven, `Nevermore.’” This bird is the bringer of devils and death in The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe. It’s no surprise the bird said, “nevermore” as ravens are notorious mimickers, known even to copy human speech! They are incredibly smart: solving puzzles and using tools for foraging.

Due to their intellect and fondness for carrion, mythology hails them as otherworldly harbingers of war and death! One term for a group of Common Ravens is an “unkindness.” With black feathers, ebony eyes and a beak capable of tearing open animal flesh, the Common Raven is indeed an intimidating creature. Add in its throaty cr-r-ruck cry, and the Common Raven adopts a supernatural eeriness perfect for Halloween.

The Common Raven ranges over most of western and northern North America. Will you see them where you live? Find out here . Though the Common Raven may look similar to the American Crow at first, here are some tips to see the difference.

Barn Owl

Silent but deadly nocturnal hunters: owls have been associated with magic, evil, and death for thousands of years. The Barn Owl is a trifecta of spookiness: unearthly hoots and hisses, a tendency to roost in abandoned attics, and a ghostly white face! This bird’s soft feathers allow for quiet ambush on any unsuspecting prey, especially their favorite feast: mice and voles. Also, there’s no escape, Barn Owls are found on all continents except Antarctica. This species could surely give trick-or-treaters a fright that they won’t hear coming!

Find out more about this ghostly bird here . Get an even spookier look at Barn Owls by dissecting their owl pellets with our kit Dissecting the Food Web: An Owl Pellet Investigation .

Turkey Vulture

Four turkey vultures on a branch

Vultures have long been scorned and sometimes feared as scavengers that feed on the dead. Indeed, they have an unnerving knack for rapidly amassing at the site of a carcass. In ancient Greece, the birds were considered bad luck, and according to Persian lore, a pair of vultures guard the gates of Hell.

Large, dark, and hulking, the turkey vulture has a huge 6-foot wingspan and distinctive bald red head (the bare head keeps the birds from getting soiled when eating carrion). Turkey Vultures can be seen soaring alone or in groups, holding their wings in a V-shape and rocking back and forth. They use their excellent sense of smell to detect rotting flesh (their next meal), so Halloween zombies beware. Sniff out more info here .

Harpy Eagle

Harpy Eagle

With a hooked beak, pitch dark eyes, and formidable 7-foot wingspan, you wouldn’t want to run into the Harpy Eagle when it’s hungry. The Harpy Eagle is considered the most formidable eagle in the world, regularly feeding on monkeys and sloths. Its menacing talons are comparable to the Grizzly Bear’s claws. Harpy Eagles are found in the rainforests of Central and South America, and, fortunately for us, they prefer to avoid humans. Interesting in learning more? See more photos and videos and hear its squealy call here .

Great Potoo

Great potoo

Chances are you’ve never seen one, and without a keen eye, never will. This camouflaged, neo-tropic bird is recognized best for its nighttime growl, “paaaaaawwww!” (Listen here ). Great Potoos remain motionless during the day, mimicking the tree branches to escape predators. With nightfall, they come alive to devour insects and small bats. Unless you visit the rainforests of Central and South America, where Great Potoos are native, you don’t have to worry about any trees suddenly springing to life in a flurry of feathers. For more photos, videos, and sounds click here .


“Hahahaha,” it’s the Laughing Kookaburra! These large, Australian kingfishers aren’t just fishermen, they eat frogs, rodents, and even snakes. The crepuscular cry of the Laughing Kookaburra has fascinated humans for its similarity to human hysterics. Though the chances you’ll see one this Halloween are slim, always remember who gets the last laugh. Check out this blog post on Kookaburras. Be sure to listen to their call !

Marabou Stork

Marabou Stork

This African stork feeds on every manner of putrid animal matter available, including carrion and garbage! With a five-foot figure, the “undertaker bird” is elegant, yet unsightly. Its splotchy, balding head allows it to dive into carcasses while staying clean, and the sagging pouch on its front is actually an attractive courtship tool. When the Marabou Stork isn’t silent, it utters guttural grunts and rattles its bill (listen here ).

Golden Eagle

Golden Eagle in flight.

Just because you’re bigger than a Golden Eagle, doesn’t mean he won’t pick a fight. The Golden Eagle primarily preys on animals that are smaller than them, such as rabbits, ground squirrels, and already dead mammals. But they have been observed killing bigger animals including deer, domestic livestock, seals, coyotes, bighorn sheep, bobcats, and badgers. Plus, they’ll rob nests and steal food from other birds. And they are quick…diving from great heights, they have been known to reach speeds of close to 200 mph! Learn more about the ferocious Golden Eagle here .

What About the Bats?

Bats can be mysterious, too. Why aren’t they included on this list? Bats are NOT birds! Even though they can fly, bats give birth to live young (instead of laying eggs like birds do), feed their young milk, and they have fur, not feathers. They are mammals.

What Else Can I Do?

Take your students out to observe birds in your neighborhood! You might even want to do a citizen-science count and tell us about the mysterious (and not so mysterious) birds in your area!

Nothing scary about these lessons. Give your curriculum a birdy boost with Feathered Friends , a free download that provides one hands-on lesson each month supporting teaching topics like habitat, migration, and nesting.

Want to learn more about birding? Check out our Bird Academy classes here .

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