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Nizhny Novgorod is a multinational millionaire city located on the right bank of the Volga, Europe's longest watercourse.

The city was founded at the beginning of the 12th century as a border fortress, which later became a major trading center of Russia, the legends of which flourished.

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Since there are many monuments preserved on the territory of the city (there are over 600 of them) of historical value, the city was included by UNESCO in the list of 100 cities of world significance. Nizhny Novgorod differs from other cities in its extremely favorable position on the largest waterway - almost any cruise includes a visit to it. Also, as you know, the writer Maxim Gorky spent his childhood in Nizhny Novgorod, whose name the city bore from 1932 to 1990.

There are several yacht clubs in the city offering entertainment and training. Fans of sports, outdoor activities and travel can get a vivid impression of yachting in the area. Having decided to buy a yacht in Nizhny Novgorod , pay attention to the offers of 2yachts - among them there are options for every taste.

Attractions Nizhniy Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod is rich in numerous historical monuments, including the ancient Kremlin, medieval monasteries and stone cathedrals, creating a unique city landscape. Places worth visiting in the first place:

  • Church of the Nativity of John the Baptist of the 15th century;
  • Dmitrievskaya Tower of the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin (total of the Kremlin has 13 towers), erected in 1372;
  • Minin and Pozharsky Square - the main in the city with educational institutions, a fountain and beautiful flower beds;
  • Lower Volga Embankment;
  • Pedestrian street Bolshaya Pokrovskaya;
  • Verkhnevolzhskaya embankment;
  • Chkalovskaya stairs - the longest in Russia, which is a structure of the original form;
  • A very beautiful building of the State Bank, made in the new Russian style;
  • Palace of Sports of Trade Unions;
  • Ariel - Factory of glass Christmas-tree decorations;
  • Terra-ski Park - here you can go snowboarding, walk with a dog or with children;
  • Theater of the Young Spectator;
  • Manor of the Rukavishnikovs;
  • Gorky Museum of steam locomotives;
  • Museum of the history of the Krasnoye Sormovo plant.

Yachting in Nizhniy Novgorod

In Nizhny Novgorod and the Nizhny Novgorod region there are all conditions for tourism and sailing, annually international regattas and races are held here. You can leave your yacht at the marina of the yacht club with a developed infrastructure - Quiet Harbor (72 berths for ships up to 25 m long and with a draft of up to 4 m), near the marina of the yacht club Park Marine-Yug with 70 parking places for vessels up to 25 m long or in another place. If you are interested in selling yachts in Nizhny Novgorod , you can always use the help of one of the trusted Russian yacht brokers, for example - TECHNOMAKS (Nizhny Novgorod), VASHALODKA (Nizhny Novgorod), AQUATECHNICA (Moscow), WEST NAUTICAL (Moscow) or ULTRABOATS (Moscow) .

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How Nizhny Novgorod became the trade center of the Russian Empire 

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“St. Petersburg is Russia’s head, Moscow is its heart and Nizhny Novgorod is its pocket.” This old Russian saying is probably the most succinct way of explaining the meaning and importance of the trading that took place in Nizhny Novgorod.

Why did Nizhny Novgorod become a center of commerce?

The city is very conveniently located at the confluence of two major rivers, the Volga and Oka, which run across the whole of Russia and flow into the Caspian Sea. In addition, the Volga was the only arterial waterway linking the West with the East. Nizhny Novgorod, moreover, was on the railway network, so one could travel to the Caucasus, Persia, Turkey, Central Asia and even India and China from there. Thanks to its geographical position, the city had always been a thriving trade hub and archeologists have found Arabic and Byzantine artifacts proving that it had trading links with the East as early as the 13th-14th centuries. The first documented fairs and gatherings of merchants go back to the 16th century.

Nizhny Novgorod at the end of the 19th century

Nizhny Novgorod at the end of the 19th century

Initially, fairs were held not in the city itself, but by the walls of the Makaryev Monastery lower down the Volga. They were temporary affairs and lasted one or two days. In the 17th century, however, Tsar Aleksey Mikhaylovich established a five-day duty-free period for trade, thus attracting even more merchants. These often stayed for longer periods, paying tax to the treasury outside the period of exemption.

In the early 19th century, it became clear that the space near the monastery was not big enough to accommodate all comers and, furthermore, the makeshift rows of wooden shopping booths burned down at one point. By that time, the Nizhny Novgorod Fair had already become incredibly important, bringing an enormous amount of money to the state treasury. 

View of the fair at the end of the 19th century

View of the fair at the end of the 19th century

The fair was moved to Nizhny Novgorod proper - to the point of land where the Volga and Oka converge. Emperor Alexander I postponed repairs in his own palace to allocate six million rubles for the construction of a new building for the fair. And he didn’t lose out - merchants brought merchandise worth 24 million rubles to the first fair, which opened on the new site in 1817, with the figure increasing to 57 million rubles by 1846.

One of the buildings of the Gostiny Dvor (indoor market) in Nizhny Novgorod

One of the buildings of the Gostiny Dvor (indoor market) in Nizhny Novgorod

Contemporaries called the Nizhny Novgorod Fair the “trading court of Europe and Asia”. Foreigners sold their wares wholesale to local merchants and manufacturers and 90 percent of all goods from the East passed through the Nizhny Novgorod Fair, from where they were distributed throughout Russia. In turn, foreign merchants bought goods from Europeans and Russians.

What was bought and sold at the Nizhny Novgorod Fair?

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General view of the fair, chromolithograph, 1896

By the 1850s, up to 700 foreign merchants would attend the Nizhny Novgorod Fair. At the same time, the volume of trade with Asia in the middle of the 19th century exceeded turnover with Western Europe by one-and-a-half to three times.

One of the main items of trade was tea from China. In the 1880s, between 800 and 900 poods (a Russian unit of weight equal to about 16.38 kilograms) of tea worth 42 million rubles were brought to Russia every year. There were even separate Asian trading pavilions in the style of Chinese pagodas at the fair.

Chinese pavilions at the fair, late 19th century

Chinese pavilions at the fair, late 19th century

In return, the Chinese bought the furs and skins of all kinds of animals; from foxes, squirrels and muskrats to sheep and cow hide.

From Iran, handmade rugs, silks, cotton fabrics, as well as a wide range of dry foodstuffs - walnuts, pistachios, dried pitted and unpitted apricots, almonds, prunes, millet and rice - were brought to Russia. And the Persians themselves took back wool, metal and leather goods, porcelain, writing paper and many other things.

Pyotr Vereshchagin. Lower Bazaar in Nizhny Novgorod, 1860s

Pyotr Vereshchagin. Lower Bazaar in Nizhny Novgorod, 1860s

Russia also exported sugar, linen, hemp, cotton and leather goods, wool, wood, metals and much more to the East. The variety of merchandise was astounding. In the 1820s, Russian official Yegor Meyendorff gave a list of the goods purchased by Bukhara merchants: “The goods exported from Russia include cochineal [a red dye - ed.], cloves, sugar, tin, red and blue sandalwood, cloths, red Kungur, Kazan and Arzamas leather, wax, some honey, iron, copper, steel, gold thread, small mirrors, otter skin, pearls, Russian nankeen [cotton fabric - Russia Beyond], cast-iron cauldrons, needles, coral, plush, cotton headscarves, brocade, small glassware and a small quantity of Russian canvas…”  

Fishing also became a very important article of trade. “Fishing for beluga, sturgeon, stellate sturgeon, catfish and some other fish species was almost completely monopolized by Russian merchants throughout the Southern Caspian,” according to historians A.A. Ivanova and A.V. Ivanov.

Fishing boat of the Murmansk fishery industry

Fishing boat of the Murmansk fishery industry

Over time, products from new developing industries, including metallurgy and textile   manufacturing, were added to the exports. They included inexpensive chintz manufactured at the famous Shuya factories in Ivanovo Region. And, in the 1880s-1890s, trading in oil and oil products even began here.

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The machinery section at the fair in 1896

With the passage of time, bank branches were opened at the fair, the services of lawyers became available and exchange dealings were transacted. The fair was a very important event for major Russian merchants and manufacturers. But self-employed artisans and representatives of the arts and crafts industry also took a very active part. Spinning-wheels, wooden spoons, folk costumes, painted trays, crockery, lace - the work of the best artisans from all over Russia was represented. They, in turn, would spend the whole year preparing for the fair and would try to bring their best wares.

The handicrafts section in 1896

The handicrafts section in 1896

How the fair was organized

Jules Verne's ‘Michael Strogoff’ describes the Nizhny Novgorod Fair as follows: “This plain was now covered with booths symmetrically arranged in such a manner as to leave avenues broad enough to allow the crowd to pass without a crush. Each group of these booths of all sizes and shapes formed a separate quarter particularly dedicated to some special branch of commerce. There was the iron quarter, the furriers’ quarter, the woolen quarter, the wood merchants quarter, the weavers’ quarter, the dried fish quarter, etc… In the avenues and long alleys there was already a large assemblage of people… An extraordinary mixture of Europeans and Asiatics, talking, wrangling, haranguing and bargaining… On one of the open spaces between the quarters of this temporary city were numbers of mountebanks of every description; harlequins and acrobats deafening the visitors with the noise of their instruments and their vociferous cries… In the long avenues, the bear showmen accompanied their four-footed dancers, menageries resounded with the hoarse cries of animals…”

General view of the fair during spring high water on the River Oka, 1890

General view of the fair during spring high water on the River Oka, 1890

From the mid-19th century onwards, the official duration of the fair was a little over a month, but, in practice, trading continued from July to September. The fair was an occasion for general festivity in the city - more than 200,000 people would arrive in Nizhny Novgorod during the period of trading and there would be a circus and a theater and performing musicians. Electricity and water supply were brought to the site of the fair in the 1870s-1880s. The fair had a positive impact on the whole of the city - Nizhny Novgorod had convenient infrastructure facilities, and hotels and inns were extensively built. One of the first tram lines in Russia was inaugurated there in 1896.

Eastern traders at the  fair

Eastern traders at the fair

There were also two cathedrals at the site of the fair - the ‘Staroyarmarochny’ (“Old Fair”) Transfiguration Cathedral, which opened in 1822. The architect was Auguste de Montferrand (who later built St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg with a very similar colonnaded drum under the main dome). 

The ‘Staroyarmarochny’ (“Old Fair”) Transfiguration Cathedral

The ‘Staroyarmarochny’ (“Old Fair”) Transfiguration Cathedral

In 1881, Emperor Alexander III himself, along with his spouse and son, the future Nicholas II, were present at the inauguration of the Alexander Nevsky ‘Novoyarmarochny’ (“New Fair”) Cathedral. Construction of a new main fair building, in the Russian style, was completed in the same year (the similar GUM department store on the Red Square appeared later). All three buildings survive to this day. 

The fair’s principal building

The fair’s principal building

In 1896, the All-Russia Industrial and Art Exhibition was held in the grounds of the Nizhny Novgorod Fair - the biggest such exhibition in the history of the Russian Empire. More than 100 temporary pavilions were built for it. The first Russian motor car, as well as engineer Vladimir Shukhov’s steel lattice structures, were on display at the exhibition.

16th All-Russia Industrial and Art Exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod, 1896

16th All-Russia Industrial and Art Exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod, 1896

After the 1917 Revolution, the fair continued to function for a time, but it was not as popular as before - and there was no longer any freedom of trade, the latter having been fully placed in the hands of the state. In 1929, the Bolsheviks finally closed down “this capitalist, socially hostile phenomenon”. Many of the fair’s buildings were demolished - or converted into residential housing. 

One of the last Nizhny Novgorod fairs in the Soviet time, 1924

One of the last Nizhny Novgorod fairs in the Soviet time, 1924

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Districts [ edit ]

The city is divided by the River Oka into two major parts: the Upper city ( Verkhnyaya or Nagornaya chast ) on the hilly right side and the Lower city ( Nizhnyaya or Zarechnaya chast — what literally means "the part over the river") on the left bank of the river. The Upper city is the old historical part of Nizhny Novgorod, whereas the Lower city is larger, newer and consists of more industrial districts.

Understand [ edit ]


History [ edit ]

The city was founded by Grand Duke George II of Russia in 1221 at the confluence of two most important rivers of his principality, the Volga and the Oka. Its name literally means Newtown the Lower , to distinguish it from the older Novgorod . A major stronghold for border protection, Nizhny Novgorod fortress took advantage of a natural moat formed by the two rivers.

Along with Moscow and Tver, Nizhny Novgorod was among several newly founded towns that escaped Mongol devastation on account of its insignificance and grew up into important centers of Russian political life during the period of Tatar yoke. For a short period of time it was the capital of the Suzdal Principality and competed with Moscow for the power in the region. However the competition with Moscow was lost and in 1392 the city was incorporated into Muscovy. Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin was built in 1508-1511 (under supervision of the Italian fortress engineers) and became one of the strongest Russian citadels. There is a legend saying that the project was initially developed with participation of Leonardo da Vinci. However there is no documented proof of Leonardo's work for that project, the only thing the legend is based on is the striking resemblance of Leonardo's sketches and the actual Kremlin schemes. The fortress was strong enough to withstand Tatar sieges in 1520 and 1536.

In 1612, the so-called national militia , gathered by a local merchant Kuzma Minin and commanded by Knyaz Dmitry Pozharsky expelled the Polish troops from Moscow, thus putting an end to the Time of Troubles and establishing the rule of the Romanov dynasty.

In 1817, the Makaryev Monastery Fair, one of the liveliest in the world the 16th-18th centuries, was transferred to Nizhny Novgorod, which thereupon started to attract numerous visitors and by the mid-19th century it turned Nizhny Novgorod into trade capital of the Russian Empire.

Under the Soviet period, the trade connections of the city were abandoned and Nizhny Novgorod became an important industrial centre instead. During the communist time the city was closed to foreigners to safeguard the security of Soviet military research. The physicist and the Nobel laureate Andrei Sakharov was exiled there during 1980-1986 to limit his contacts with foreigners.

Climate [ edit ]

The climate in the region is humid continental and it is similar to the climate in Moscow , although colder in winter, which lasts from late November until late March with a permanent snow cover.

By car [ edit ]

Nizhny Novgorod is situated on the M7/E30 road. The road is in decent condition, although with traffic it can take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours to drive to/from Moscow .

By boat [ edit ]

Turflot [dead link] , Infoflot , and many other companies operate multi-day river cruises down the Volga from early May to the end of September.

Many companies operate passenger boat service between Moscow and Astrakhan , with stops at most cities along the Volga River.

Get around [ edit ]

By foot [ edit ].

The city centre is compact and walkable. However, there are many inclines or steps from the river banks. The bridges are not pedestrian friendly since the sidewalk is very narrow and cars drive extremely fast close to the pedestrians.

By city rail [ edit ]

The City Rail connects areas where there are no metro lines. Connects with the subway at the Moscow railway station. It has 2 lines: Sormovskaya and Priokskaya. The fare by train costs 28 rubles. According to the Citicard Transport Card, the fare is 26 rubles. Also by train you can get to the nearest suburb, or transfer to suburban trains to Dzerzhinsk, Bor, Semenov or Arzamas.

By bus and trolleybus [ edit ]

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As of May 2017 in each district of the city there are several city bus routes. The number of trolleybus routes is much less. In one district of the city there are 1-2 trolleybus routes. Trolleybus routes are completely absent in the Leninsky city district. It is worth noting that trolleybuses do not connect the Lower City to the Upper. This is because the trolleybuses do not have enough power to climb the mountain.

The trolleybus network is divided into 3 parts:

  • The upper trolleybus network (it unites all three districts - Nizhegorodsky, Sovetsky and Prioksky) with a turning circle on the Minin Square, near the Kremlin.
  • The lower trolleybus network (connects Kanavinsky, Moskovsky and Sormovsky districts)
  • The Avtozavod trolleybus network (connects all the distant sleeping microdistricts among themselves)

By tram [ edit ]

Throughout the city, land trams run. The longest route of all is 417. It connects the outskirts of Avtozavodsky district with the Moskovsky Rail Terminal. The journey takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes. The route passes through the sleeping areas (approximately 75% of the way). Also in remote neighborhoods there are routes of several more trams, but in most cases, they are in the Upper City. By the way, you can reach there by tram 27 or 10 directly from the Moscow railway station.

By marshrutka [ edit ]

Marshrutkas do not stop at every stop. To indicate your intention to exit a marshrutka, press a button and to indicate your intention to enter a marshrutka en-route, you need to wave your hand.

By bicycle [ edit ]

Nizhny Novgorod has not very developed bicycle infrastructure. Special bike paths exist only on the Upper-Volga and Lower-Volga embankments and on Rozhdestvenskaya Street.

The upper city is very hilly and full of steep inclines and even many locals will get off their bicycles and push their bikes up the hill by foot. Drivers can be reckless and pose a danger to cyclists. The roads can also be icy during the winter. City cyclists solve this problem by replacing summer tires with winter tires.

Also, in 2017 the implementation of a new integrated transport scheme of the city began. It provides for a large number of bicycle paths in the Upper City (including on Bolshaya Pokrovskaya Street) and in the Lower City.

See [ edit ]

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Monuments [ edit ]

  • Monument to Valery Chkalov, the famous test pilot of the 1930s, known for his ultra long flight from Moscow to Washington State via the North Pole.
  • Maxim Gorky, at the square named after him
  • Alexander Pushkin (at the entrance to the Theatre of Opera and Ballet)
  • 56.327974 44.001982 26 Prince George and Saint Simon of Suzdal , The Kremlin, St. Michael the Archangel Cathedral . Monument to the founders of the city of Prince Yuri II of Vladimir (also George Vsevolodovich) and Simeon of Suzdal ( updated Jun 2017 )

Religious [ edit ]

  • Pechersky Ascencion Monastery , near Sennaya Square a couple miles east of downtown, halfway down the slope to Volga. With a cathedral and several churches surrounded by a restored stone wall, the monastery is the seat of the archbishops of Nizhny Novgorod.
  • A big variety of other churches and convents.

Buy [ edit ]

100 ft used yachts

Sleep [ edit ]

All hotels and hostels offer free Wi-Fi and many have computer terminals. Almost all accept credit cards. Hotels and hostels will usually provide a visa invitation and registration for an additional fee.

Connect [ edit ]

Phone [ edit ].

For information on purchasing a SIM card in Russia, see Russia#Connect .

Note that Nizhny Novgorod is in the Volga region zone, and SIM cards purchased elsewhere, such as in Moscow or Saint Petersburg , may be subject to roaming charges.

There are payphones in the streets; however, you can only buy phone-cards in the post offices and in a few newspaper kiosks.

Internet [ edit ]

Free WiFi is available in most hotels, shopping malls, university buildings, restaurants and cafes, the airport as well as several metro stations. There is also free public WiFi on B. Pokrovskaya street.

Cope [ edit ]

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  8. 100' Sailing Yachts for Sale

    Explore our collection of 100 feet sailing yachts for sale and discover the perfect vessel to take your sailing adventures to the next level. OFF MARKET YACHTS Used 100 feet Sailing Yachts for Sale 32M GULET 32m | Custom | 2007 102' 2007 BLUBAY 102 31.08m | Blubay argo boats | 2007 ILLUSION OF THE ISLES 31m | Southern wind shipyards | 2006 SERAFIM

  9. Used Yachts for Sale Near You

    A 60ft yacht will offer greater deck space, more spacious cabins, a larger galley and salon and usually more horsepower. With an ever-growing database of used yachts for sale, YATCO has many 60ft yachts currently for sale. You likely won't find a 60ft yacht for less than $200,000 for sale, with many costing over and above $4 million.

  10. Used Yachts For Sale From 81 To 90 Feet

    Listed below are used yachts for sale worldwide from 81 to 90 feet. Use the search tools to narrow your exploration. SYS Yacht Sales offers a wide range of used yachts for sale, including explorer yachts, luxury cruisers, motor yachts, trawlers, pilothouse yachts, sailing yachts and everything in between.

  11. Sailing Yachts for Sale: 100 feet Plus

    Sailing Yachts for Sale: 100 feet Plus - Seaton Yachts Sales and Brokerage Sailing Yachts For Sale: 100ft Plus Sailing Yachts: 100 feet Plus Sailing Yachts: 71-99 feet Sailing Yachts: 50-70 feet Sailing Yachts: 49 feet and Under SY COLUMBIA, 141ft Starling Burgess

  12. Pre-Owned Superyachts For Sale

    On Deck Jacuzzi Phoenix Hydraulic Swim Platform Extensive Navigation Equipment Listing Details | Contact Broker 126′ Oceanco - Superyachts For Sale 1994 Oceanco 126 Raised Pilothouse For Sale "CAPRICE" The captivating 1994 126' Oceanco holds a pedigree that only a few yachts worldwide can claim.

  13. Hatteras 100 boats for sale

    Price: High to Low sort-by Price: Low to High sort-by Make: (A to Z) sort-by Make: (Z to A) sort-by Distance: Nearest first sort-by Distance: Farthest first New Arrival 2005 Hatteras 100 Hatteras MY US$4,195,000 ↓ Price Drop

  14. Hatteras Yachts for sale

    Hatteras. Hatteras is a yacht manufacturer that currently has 399 yachts for sale on YachtWorld, including 18 new vessels and 381 used yachts, listed by experienced yacht brokers and boat dealerships mainly in the following countries: United States, Italy, Puerto Rico, Greece and Spain. YachtWorld offers a diverse array of models, showcasing a ...

  15. Explore Hatteras 100 Motor Yacht For Sale

    Find 28 Hatteras 100 Motor Yacht boats for sale near you, including boat prices, photos, and more. For sale by owner, boat dealers and manufacturers - find your boat at Boat Trader! ... Fort Myers, FL 33919 | MarineMax Ft. Myers. Request Info; In-Stock; 2019 Ocean Alexander 100 Motor Yacht. $9,300,000. $72,774/mo* Seattle, WA 98109 | Alexander ...

  16. Sail boats for sale

    A sailboat refers to any class and subclass of boat that is designed with one or more masts and rigging system as the main source of propulsion. Sailboats are available in a variety of models and rigs, including racing boats, sloops, schooners, catamarans, trimarans, sailing cruisers, and others. Some of the first sailboats on record date back ...

  17. Sunseeker 100 Yacht for sale

    5 Sunseeker 100 Yacht Sort By : Recommended sort-by Recommended sort-by Listing Date: New to Old sort-by Listing Date: Old to New sort-by Year: Newest first sort-by Year: Oldest first sort-by Length: Longest first sort-by Length: Shortest first sort-by Price: High to Low sort-by Price: Low to High sort-by Make: (A to Z) sort-by Make: (Z to A)

  18. Used Motor Yachts for Sale from 90 to 100 Feet

    Details 59 Azimut 100 Leonardo Length: 100' Year: 2010 Model: 100 Leonardo Location: Aventura, FL, US Price: $ 3,850,000 Details 128 1 Azimut Magellano 30M FIFTH SEASON Length: 100' Year: 2024 Model: Magellano 30M

  19. Yacht for Sale in Nizhniy Novgorod (0 Used Boat)

    Buying a yacht at Nizhniy Novgorod is easy - cost from $ 337! A large number of unique offers, compare prices and characteristics of the models you are interested in. ... of historical value, the city was included by UNESCO in the list of 100 cities of world significance. Nizhny Novgorod differs from other cities in its extremely favorable ...

  20. All Used Yachts for Sale from $100,000 to $500,000

    Used Yachts from $100,000 to $500,000 for Sale We have been committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers for more than 40 years. Your search results for yachts for sale between $100,000 to $500,000 are below. Take this opportunity to find your yacht. 1995 DONZI 72 ENCLOSED BRIDGE Long Beach, California $499,000 DETAILS >>> GYS Listing

  21. Nizhny Novgorod

    Nizhny Novgorod (/ ˌ n ɪ ʒ n i ˈ n ɒ v ɡ ə r ɒ d / NIZH-nee NOV-gə-rod; Russian: Нижний Новгород, IPA: [ˈnʲiʐnʲɪj ˈnovɡərət] ⓘ lit. 'Lower Newtown'), colloquially shortened to Nizhny, from the 13th to the 17th century Novgorod of the Lower Land, known from 1932 to 1990 as Gorky (Горький, [ˈɡorʲkʲɪj]), is the administrative centre of Nizhny Novgorod ...

  22. How Nizhny Novgorod became the trade center of the Russian Empire

    The 'Staroyarmarochny' ("Old Fair") Transfiguration Cathedral. A. Savin. In 1881, Emperor Alexander III himself, along with his spouse and son, the future Nicholas II, were present at the ...

  23. Nizhny Novgorod

    Nizhny Novgorod ( Russian: Ни́жний Но́вгород NEEZH-nee NOHV-guh-ruht ), colloquially shortened to Nizhny, is Russia 's fifth largest city, ranking after Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg. It had a population in 2018 of 1.26 million. It is the economic and cultural center of the vast Volga economic region ...