Construction Flexibilty:

By producing this modern catamaran in modules, which in turn fit in containers, it has meant delivery is simple and it has opened the doors to worldwide marketing of the Fusion 40. The cost savings on overseas shipping as deck cargo, is in excess of $40,000.00. Private contractors are available to assist with assemblies to any stage if you desire.

For more information on this fabulous product, or even where the closest one to you is, please click here to contact us .

  • Duflex Kit Construction in 9 Steps


Duflex Kit Construction Step.1

Step 1. Kit Design

Work with us to finalise the details of the design you have chosen including any design options or additional modules to be included in the kit.

We will determine the laminates, the number of panels required for each laminate, create the cutting files and prepare a quote for the kit if it is not already priced.

Once the design details and pricing are confirmed you are ready to place your order.

Duflex kit construction Kit image-01

Step 2. Unpacking

2. The kit arrives at your workshop door, usually by container, as a stack of 1.2m x 2.4m routed composite panels ready to be joined. The shipment will normally include additional reinforcements, resins, and ancilary products as specified.

Unpack the shipment and stack the panels out of the way of the space where the panels will be joined.

If you have purchased a joined kit many of the panels will already be joined up to the length that can be shipped in a container (12m).

Duflex Kit Construction Step 2 image-02

Step 3 Joining the Panels

Set up the work space where the panels are to be joined.

The panels have a scarf join called a Z join that facilitate the join without needing tapes.

The joining can be done with a heated Z press that cures the epoxy join quickly. Alternatively they can be joined with clamping pressure.

If the panel are are being joined with the Z press you will need an elevated work bench the full length of the longest panels you are using. (image below).

If you are joining them with a clamping technique the space can be on the factory floor.

A nesting booklet is provided with the kit to show how the panels are joined (right)

Duflex kit construction Step 3 image-01

Joining the panels with  clamping pressure

catamaran sailboat kits

Panels are being joined into a single long panel by painting the surfaces of the scarf join with epoxy screwing through plywood battens that have a release film applied to one side.

Joining the panels with the Z Press

catamaran sailboat kits

Step 4 Stacking Joined Panels

Once the joins are cured the panels are stacked to one side until they are needed for the job. The inividual parts should not be cut free of the panels until they are required.

Bulkhead and floor panels will be needed before the hull sides and cabin top so they should be left to the front of the stack wherever possible.

Diuflex Kit Construction Header image step 5.

Step 5. Separating the Parts

When assembly is ready to begin the individual parts are separated from the panels by cutting the joining tabs. It is likely you will be building onto moulded hull bottoms that have been built from strip planking or another method of building moulded components. The process for building moulded components is described in another article.

Duflex kit Construction Step 5 Image-01


As the joined panels are assembled onto the job you will need to apply glass tapes to the joins as specified in your plans.

Panels can be surfaced and coated inside and out with high build while they are on the workshop floor to minimise fairing time once they are assembled to the boat. The paint on the panels shown here has been kept back from the edges to provide a good bond for the tapes.

Duflex Kit Construction Assembly image-01

Smaller items such as steps, seats and dagger cases are nested into the kit and for the more complex parts diagrams are provided to assist with the assembly process.

Duflex Kit Construction Header Image Step 7

Step 7. Interior

Interior kits can be ordered with the primary kit, or they can be ordered later when final decisions have been made about the interior arrangement.

A compromise solution is to order the interior as a set of plain planels that can be cut to shape on site after finalising the layout.

Duflex Kit Construction Step 7 Image 2

Step 8 Fairing, Painting, Hardware Installation

8. The DuFLEX construction process goes a long way to minising the amount of fairing that has to be done, but inevitably any boat that has not come out of a female mould will require some level of fairing and surface preparation prior to painting. 

The fillers and resin systems required for the fairing work are normally supplied as part of the kit.

Hardware installation is the same as for any other form of construction using high density core inserts or consolidated laminate in way of fittings.

Duflex Kit Construction Step 8 Image 2

Step 9. Sailing

Go Sailing. This Barefoot 40 Catamaran was built entirely with a Duflex kit in Foam/Glass and Epoxy resin systems from ATL Composites

catamaran sailboat kits

DuFLEX Kits are manufactured and supplied world wide by ATL Composites


And in Europe by VDL Composites


For more information on DuFLEX and associated Products 


catamaran sailboat kits

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DuFlex Balsa panels are available with standard 150kg/m 3  or select grade "SuperLite" 100 kg/m 3  end grain balsa cores. The balsa is plantation grown and kiln-dried and processed in an "end-grain" configuration.

The properties of end grain balsa make it ideal as a core for sandwich construction.  It has extremely high strength and stiffness-to -weight ratios, and achieves an excellent bond with all types of resins and adhesives. 

End grain balsa also has excellent fire performance, good sound & thermal insulation, and high impact strength, making it an excellent choice as a core for high performance and durable cruising boats.

Duflex Foam panels are cored with either structural linear or cross-linked foam cores and skinned with high strength epoxy laminate. 

Closed-cell foams in structural panels combine a high stiffness and strength-to-weight ratios with superior toughness. The cores are non-friable, contain no CFC's, and have negligible water absorption.

Structural foams used in DuFLEX Composite Panels provide low weight, excellent stiffness, good impact strength, and good sound & thermal insulation.

Plain foam panels are also supplied in applications where compounded shapes are required such as the cabin tops on some designs as shown to the right. Some of our kits are supplied entirely in plain foam panels which are computer-cut however once parts are assembled each side of the panel requires laminating. An advantage with this process is that laminations can be varied and optimized according to structural requirements saving material and weight.

Gaboon plywood delivers good strength with a relatively light weight result. In smaller designs the weight per square metre is similar to DuFLEX balsa panel. It is recommended to sheath the exterior with a light laminate to protect against wear and tear. All other surfaces require coats of epoxy resin to waterproof prior to painting. This material has attracted criticism becuase it can absorb water and rot if neglected however a well built and maintained plywood boat can last as well as any other medium. Wood is sometimes preferred because it is a traditional warm material and is easy and enjoyable to work with.

Specifically designed for non-structural interior applications, Featherlight Marine Grade panels have been developed to optimise weight and dimensional stability, making them ideally suited as lightweight building panels for the construction of boat interiors. It is supplied with the same laminate as the structural DuFLEX panels making them very strong adding support to the main structure. The interior furniture is assembled in a modular form on the workshop floor where they can be finished to an advanced stage before being installed into the boat.

West System epoxy resin cures to a high-strength plastic solid at room temperatures, by mixing specific proportions of liquid epoxy resin and hardener.  This highly moisture-resistant plastic adheres to a wide range of materials, making it ideal for projects that require water and chemical resistance, and strong physical properties for structural bonding.

Kinetix laminating system is supplied for high strength laminating for areas such the composite chainplates, structural reinforcement and high-load fittings. 

Hardener Options

West System Slow Hardener is used, in the majority of situations, at average temperatures to produce a cure that develops its physical properties quickly at room temperature.  Fast Hardener is used when more rapid cure time is needed, or to provide adequate working time at lower temperatures.  Super Slow / Tropical Hardener is formulated for general coating and bonding applications in extremely warm and/or humid conditions, or when extended working time is desired at room temperature. 

The Kinetix epoxy system is generally supplied with the medium hardener however other options are availabile to suit different climates.

Further Information on these materials can be gained from  www.atlcomposites.com.au .  

catamaran sailboat kits

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Matt & Jessica's Sailing Page

Matt & Jessica's Sailing Page

Experiencing the world while it's still large

What is it Going to COST to BUILD a Kit CATAMARAN? – A Comprehensive Guide (MJ Sailing)

The big question on everyone’s mind is … what is it going to COST us to build this new catamaran?

Matt has spent the past few weeks talking to the designers at Schionning and Oram, as well as professional and ameture builders to gather as much information as possible on the costs that go into building a kit catamaran. Things can obviously vary from builder to builder, but taking a simple and basic approach, we’ve narrowed down the numbers on what we estimate it will cost to build an Oram 45R.

To take a look at the full design specs, take a look here: https://www.boboramdesign.com/45r

For a quick look at the numbers, check our website: https://www.mjsailing.com/cos/oram-45r…

For a download of the spreadsheet, click here: https://www.mjsailing.com/wp-content/u…

After discussing previous builds with the many others who’ve come before us, we found out there is one small thing that can skyrocket a budget – and that is making customizations after you’ve started the build. But, if you start with good plans and commit yourself to them, it is very feesable to stick to your original budget.

Sending the above spreadsheet to both designers and builders, and asking if they were realistic figures, they all came back stating that we’ve covered all aspects and should be able to complete the project within the budget we have listed. And that, is music to our ears!!

Since this is a very long video because we have tried to keep it as detailed as possible, here is an outline of subjects covered if you’d like to bounce through to the areas that interest you:

0:00:00 – Intro by Jessica 0:03:50 – Intro by Matt 0:15:32 – Intro To Budget 0:16:30 – Costs relating to Kit 0:21:45 – Total cost of Kit shipped to the US 0:24:23 – Costs relating to Building Supplies 0:32:10 – Total costs of Building Supplies 0:32:53 – Total cost of First Year of Build (getting to paint stage) 0:35:41 – Costs relating to Paint 0:39:05 – Costs relating to Sailing (rig, sails and deck hardware) 0:45:17 – Total costs of Sailing 45:38 – Costs relating to Engines 0:50:42 – Costs relating to Steering 0:52:32 – Costs relating to Electrical System 1:00:50 – Total costs of Electrical System 1:01:07 – Costs relating to Achor (anchor, chain/rope, windlass, docking gear) 1:04:05 – Costs relating to Lights 1:07:17 – Costs relating to Galley 1:12:07 – Costs relating to Exterior 1:16:53 – Costs relating to Interior 1:17:45 – Costs relating to Heads 1:19:12 – Costs relating to Electronics 1:22:20 – TOTAL COST OF BUILD 1:26:40 – Closing by Jessica

Much love from England! Jessica, Matt & Georgie

9 Responses

' src=

Hey again M&J

Just watched you cost vid, pretty much covered it all. Awesome. I had another thought for you on the kit, ask Bob (Oram) or Jeff (Schionning) if shipping is mandatory with their kits. What I mean is, both use west system epoxy mostly although our kit also included atl kinetics resin for under waterline wetout, nevertheless you may be able to source that (and the various powder additives) locally rather than pay international shipping on it, same goes with double bias and uni glass, which leaves the composite panels. I have heard that designers may sell you the rights (single use) to the CNC files but it very much depends on if they know and trust the composite panel makers. If they do there may be a company similar to ATL in the US to make you the panels. Just a thought based solely on the absurdity of West being made in the US, shipped to Australia only to be shipped back.

' src=

Great to hear from you! *anyone reading this- Paul built a beautiful Schionning cat and did the best documentation I’ve seen of the process at Yikes.com.au

Funny, the first suggestion I received from Oram was to get my epoxy in the US. Not only is it cheaper, but apparently Epoxy is a hazardous material and just the mess of importing it is best to be avoided. But we’ll probably source the fiberglass straight from ATL.  In the US it’s more difficult than it should be to get the designer’s suggested cloth weave and weight. Our common weights are just different enough to cause some problems that I don’t want to have to reengineer for.

I did a cursory budget for building the panels myself, but unless my supplier’s bulk pricing was way too high, the ATL price vs infusing my own panels were surprisingly close – and it was even closer getting them from Schionning’s South African manufacturer. Buying 200 sheets of Divinycell still didn’t get me into the price point to make it worthwhile 🙂 But adding the savings along with not needing shipping and import does get to the point that we’d essentially be paying ourselves a fair wage to infuse them, but I keep thinking that all it takes is one bad hull length infusion and we’d be at a large loss. It would give us continuous panels without need joints, but the South African panels are 40′ long and only need one seam now… so hardly a big benefit there either. That debate still rages on 🙂

Get out there and use that awesome boat! I can’t believe it’s been sitting on the mooring for so long without you guys at least using it as a power boat.

Hey Matt, As I suspected there’s not much you don’t already know or scoped out. I hear you regarding infusion. I did a bit of research into the kss Kelsall process but in the end decided I perhaps don’t have quite enough skill or attention to detail to be confident in my ability to infuse a 40ft panel, the last thing you want is delamination. But the “out of a mold” with paint already on sure is attractive, if I was ever to build again, anything that reduces fairing is worth it’s weight in beer in my opinion. And yes, all going well we intend using Yikes later this year, if only around our home port but I have to get the ammenities and comfort up to spec to get Jo on board. Loved the Thai charter adventure vids. Cheers Paul

' src=

Great video. Thanks for compiling all this together. It’s compelling enough that I’m seriously considering actually going for it.

Couple of questions: 1. I’m trying to scout the building locations. I live in an apt so no access to a big backyard. I know you mentioned leasing a parking lot potentially .. do you have any pointers. Logistically that seems like a huge problem that I’m struggling to overcome given that leasing an industrial warehouse (if I can find one with the doors large enough) would be at least 20K per yer for the ~2000 sq feet I’d need. 2. Have you considered Spirited Designs (as in Sail Surf Roam). What is it that ultimately made you go the Oram route? Designs seem very similar between Schionning and Oram and even the layout seems similar. 3. Oram build hours estimate and the overall cost seems much lower than Schionning. Did you figure out why that is or am I misreading something.

Thanks in advance! Good luck with your new adventure!

Build location is something we’re still struggling with too. I’ve been limited to online searches and emailing agents (Craigslist is a good source) since we are still in the UK and unable to travel back to the US to personally scout out locations. But since we can build anywhere we want, we can pick the best climate for our build (epoxies have some environmental requirements) Where are you located?

It’s almost impossible to find a warehouse with large enough doors to get a cat out in one piece unless it’s an airplane hanger. The typical way most ‘home” builders do it is to remove the wall of the warehouse to pull the boat out… it’s not that hard or expensive to do on a steel building. You just have to find a landlord that is okay with you pulling off the siding/wall and taking a frame or two down for a few days.

The Spirited Designs is a great boat, but for us, it has a few minor traits that we are looking to avoid. Plus, the 38′ is smaller and the 48’ is bigger than we want… no happy medium is offered.

The ‘Cost’ video was just our breakdown for the Oram 45R… like the build video showed the Schionning. We haven’t decided on a design yet- the Oram, Schionning and Grainger are all still 100% in the running.

The Oram is a simpler boat to build. It has a single seam at the sheerline- Schionning is multiple panels that need to be taped and faired- and it doesn’t have the extra seam on deck (another set of panels less on the Oram), and even the cabin top has one less seam (and another panel set less). For better or worse, the stock interior plan is more basic on the Oram too. One simple thing that save a lot of time is the lack of secondary floor (sole) in the hulls. Down below you stand on the hull itself without an additional raised floor like on the other boats.

I haven’t seen Oram list a lower amount of time for the build than Schionning (Grainger does show higher hours). Bob’s site say 5500-7500 hours for the 45R, while Schionning’s site says 5,000 for the Arrow 1360 (design comparison PDF). Schionning shows cost as $260,000 AUD for the 1360 and Bob say’s from $205,500 AUD to $265,500+

And a final FYI- Grainger is doing some redesigns of the Raku- along with new pricing- and will have that information out in the next few days. From talking to Tony, it sounds like they are making a big push this year. Shoot him an email (graingerdesigns.net) and he’ll keep you in the loop with the new detail.

Matt Johnson MJSailing.com

' src=

Thanks for that response. I’m down in Miami. I like the year-round warmth for epoxy curing but not sure about the rain/humidity/hurricanes. I’m debating whether I should entrust someone like Ojigawan to build it in VA and just make the trips there as often as possible but that takes the fun/experience of building out of the equation, limits the learning, and last/not least raises the cost 🙂

I did get a quote for the Schionning Arrow 1360 out of Pantawee in Thailand — PM me if you’d like to know what that looks like. In my calculation it comes down to the hourly rate of about $29 which seems very high given that the generous wages in Thailand are about $5 per day.

Good to know about Grainger — will keep my eye out for those new designs.

Did you ask Julian at Current Marine in South Africa for a quote on the Schionning? They maybe a bit more competitive than the Thailand builder since they have so much experience with Schionning (they build the foam kits that Ojigawan uses). I think they also offer pretty good pricing on mast, hardware and all the other needed supplies in SA. Take a look at Current Marine’s CM45 too- it’s an awesome Schionning design.

Good tip. Will reach out to Julian.

By the way — made some progress with locations with some help from my realtor friend. You can find ~ 3k foot parking lots in the Miami area for about 1-1.5k per month. Not cheap but certainly an option. Typically they’re in the industrial areas which have some local laborers that can help with fairing, etc.

Another interesting data point is that some of the builders are estimating about 6500-7000 hours for the arrow 1360 build and trust that 5k hours gets you a very basic/rough boat.

BTW — did you see those new Graingers? pretty sweet! Apparently they have a promotion if you’re willing to purchase plans in the month of June — not sure the details.

The discount is 10% off for the month of June. If you talk to Grainger, tell him we sent you… we get a referral for each customer that acts as a discount for our kit 😉

We’ve found lots for around $500, but those are nowhere near populated areas like Miami. Besides the rain, humidity, heat and cold, one of my big fears with building in a lot is security. We can lock up to tools and supplies in the shipping container, but I’m really looking for a good fenced in area, but this has been a bit harder to find in our price range.

I think 7000 hours is a pretty accurate timeline for a novice builder. I’ve spoken to a guy that built a beautiful Arrow 1280s in 4,000 hours, but that seems to be exceptional and not at all average.

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Every year, thousands of amateurs much like yourself build their own boats the proven Glen-L way. Many builders save 50% or more over the price of a factory-built boat. It’s easier than you might think, and it can be a rewarding experience.

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Mana 24 - Self-Assembly 'Cat-Kit'

Wharram's first kit boat.

Introducing the CNC-cut self-build 'Cat Kit', a trailable family camping boat. All plywood parts are pre-cut - just take it out of the box and assemble it yourself! Keep it at home, trail it and sail it anywhere. MANA is the Polynesian word for 'spirit' given to an object by its maker or the person that uses it.

Mana 24 with decktent

An Economical Way To Enjoy Sailing

Due to the present period of financial austerity and increasingly high marina costs, a large number of would-be sailors are having a hard time financing the dream of sailing their own boat.

However, there is an economical way to enjoy sailing, by building your own small lightweight boat, keeping it at home and trailing it to the waters you want to sail in , chasing the good weather. This gives the opportunity to explore many more sailing areas than if based on a permanent mooring and at a much lower cost.

In designing the MANA, we explored this idea and looked sideways into the world of camping and have combined the innovative CNC cut "flat pack" boat-building concept with the philosophy of outdoor living to create the unique MANA camper-sailer, specifically designed for trailer sailing.

All these ideas have come together, resulting in the new MANA 24 design, a catamaran specifically designed for trailer sailing. The MANA kit is sold with all the plywood cut out by CNC cutter , so building the boat at home will be a bit like assembling a flat-pack . All the parts slot together perfectly so a hull can take shape in a day.

A person slotting CNC cut pieces of plywood together

Building from such a kit takes away the worry of measuring and cutting all the boat parts, which can be quite daunting to many first time builders and saves a lot of time in the early stages of building. As she is built from a pre-cut kit, we have been able to give the Mana more complex and beautiful shaping , giving her more interior volume than the Tiki designs. During construction all the kit parts slot together and are locked with wooden wedges, so no room for error. Even all the stitch holes (for fastening joints with cable ties) are drilled and lines scribed where to glue on bearers and stringers.

MANA's 23'6" hull length has a special significance for James Wharram . In 1956 he made the first successful catamaran voyage across the Atlantic in his first catamaran, the 'Tangaroa', also 23'6" long.

In trailer/sailer design every increase in length equals harder launching and recovery work. At 23'6"- 7.15m hull length MANA 24 sits between our TIKI 21 and TIKI 26 designs (both very popular trailer sailers), with easier launching and handling like the smaller TIKI 21, but an interior space close to that of the Tiki 26 . Her new chined hullshape gives more width for the bunks, which are placed aft where the hulls are widest, and where there is least motion.

A catamaran hull turned on its side, heat lamps above, Hanneke working with epoxy

For speedy assembly the hulls and beams of the MANA are connected with quick-fit webbing straps with over-centre buckles, which are very strong and much easier to fit than bolts.

With the main mast of the MANA placed well forward the platform gives ample flat space for a low cost dome tent or a custom-made pramhood tent, which can double as spray hood when sailing. Adapting camping habits to a sailing lifestyle gives wider sailing opportunities at minimum cost and lots more family fun!

MANA uses the well proven Wharram Wingsail rig in a new Catrig configuration. The Wingsail rig is a modern version of a high aspect Dutch style gaff rig, sleeved round the mast for maximum aerodynamic efficiency.

In this new Catrig configuration the mainsail gives the drive with a very clean leading edge. The small mizzen aids with balance, steering and tacking . Having no jib, there is no need for a very tight forestay. The standing rigging uses the latest dyneema rope, which is light and easily set up. The mizzenmast can be used as sheer pole for single-handed assembly.

Mana 24 with decktent erected

Mana 24 Design Data

Bird's eye layout drawing of Mana 24 catamaran

What You Get In A Mana Kit

CNC cut plywood parts, timber parts, epoxy materials, fastenings, ropes, blocks and fittings are all included in the kit. See the price list .

A completed Mana hull and a hull in component pieces

Transporting The Mana Kit

The entire kit can fit and be transported in the back of a van with ease. The van in the photos is a VW Transporter.

Two men lifting plywood parts into a van

Boat In A Box

Your Mana 24 kit will arrive in a box like this!

A box on a trailer

We're Taking Orders

The Mana 24 kit is now available and we are taking orders. We will be handling each order individually due to different options and shipping costs, so if you would like to discuss ordering a Mana kit, please contact us , we will then be able to work out shipping details to your building site and supply you with a pro forma invoice.

Mana with sails up

Cost of complete kit, including all fittings, masts and sails is £12,750 (if bought complete, separate costs below). All prices excluding VAT, and excluding shipping costs (shipped FOD, Freight on Delivery).

If your budget is tight, it is possible to buy the kit in two stages , buying masts, sails, rigging, ropes and fittings later. Or you can buy just the basic Boatbuilding Kit which includes the building rights and plans, and source fittings, rope and fasteners yourself as all are detailed in the plans.

1. Boatbuilding Kit - Total Cost £9,975

  • Complete set of plywood parts to build two hulls, crossbeams and motorbox, CNC precision cut. All plywood Robbins Elite BS1088 Marine Plywood, guaranteed for 15 years, manufactured from selected Gaboon (Okoume) veneers throughout
  • Platform panels, 2 large, 2 small, prefabricated from 40mm plastic honeycomb, glassed top and bottom
  • Small hardwood timber parts, CNC cut to size, ready for final shaping, sanding and fitting
  • Perspex windows and washboards, CNC precision cut
  • WEST Epoxy kit, includes all resins * , pumps, fillers and glass cloth, mixing sticks, 1 box vinyl gloves, 1 rubber squeegee
  • Sikaflex 295 for fitting windows
  • Sikaflex 221 for bedding fittings etc
  • Neoprene rubber for sealing hatches
  • Rubber for padding beam mounts
  • Gripfast nails, stainless steel machine screws, cable-ties and roller-sleeves (to be cut into paint/epoxy-pads), 2 paint-pad handles.
  • Douglas Fir timber for stringers, framing etc and hardwood for hatch coamings (mahogany) and keel strips (iroko), all in long lengths to be cut to size by builder *

* N.B. For overseas customers Boatbuilding Kit should be bought excluding the long lengths of Douglas Fir and hardwood timber for easier transport. Cost deducted by £1100. We can also not include the epoxy resin and hardener as these are hazardous products with freight restrictions. You will need to buy these through your local dealer. Cost for these deducted by £900. (i.e. Cost of Boatbuilding kit excl. long timber and epoxy £7,975).

2. Blocks, Fittings And Rope Kit - Total Cost £1,200

  • All blocks, cleats, shackles and other fittings to rig the Mana
  • All ropes for sheets, halyards, lanyards and standing rigging (Dyneema)
  • Stainless steel buckles and webbing straps for crossbeams
  • Shockcord for tillers and hatches
  • Aluminium boathook/mizzen boom
  • Set of fittings for both mastheads and hinging unit for base of main mast, fabricated from aluminium and stainless steel

3. Sails, Made By Jeckells Of Wroxham - Total Cost £1,530 (Specify Colour)

  • Mainsail with two reefs
  • Mizzen with 1 reef

4. Masts * - Total Cost £510

  • Aluminium mast tubes. 4 ½” OD x 10swg for main mast, 2 pieces @ 5m and 2.30 long, plus sleeve. 3” OD x 10swg for mizzen, 4m long.

* N.B. For overseas customers we suggest you source your mast tubes locally as shipping long lengths will be costly.

Collage of images of a catamaran

Building Time Estimate

We kept precise building hours while building the prototype. We built to a high quality standard with excellent finish, i.e. a lot of time spent on precision sanding, fairing etc. Building time in the early stages of building is greatly reduced by the CNC cut plywood parts, which takes away all the worry of measuring and cutting and lets the builder assemble the hulls very quickly.

Summing Up Of The Times We Took

  • All construction work; hulls, beams, gaffs, tillers, hatches, including epoxy coating all interior surfaces: approx. 500 hours
  • All exterior glassing work; hulls and crossbeams: 90 hours
  • All sanding of glassed surfaces: 45 hours
  • Painting, two coats epoxy primer, two coats 2-pack topcoat incl. non-slip decks and antifouling: approx. 80 hours

N.B. What should be noted is how many hours it takes to do sanding and painting compared to the building time. Glassing, sanding, fairing and painting add up to 30% of the total building time. On our basic building time estimates in our Design Book, final finishing and painting are not taken into account. Working from a kit does save many hours.

Transport Sizes And Weights

  • The plywood kit, including made-up platform panels will be in labeled bagged bundles measuring in total approx. 2.5m x 1.20m x 0.3m and weighs around 300kg
  • Fastenings, blocks, fittings and ropes, 1 box, approx. 60 x 40 x 30cm . Weight 25kg
  • The WEST epoxy kit measures approx. 1.3m x 0.6m x 0.45m and weighs around 100kg

For overseas transport the above items have to be packaged in one special wooden pallet crate - 2.62m x 1.29m x 0.77m - at additional cost of £250.

  • Timber will be a long parcel (around 3.5m - 4m long) and will weigh around 50-60kg
  • Aluminium masts, in max. 5m long sections , weight incl. fittings 40kg

For overseas customers we advise them to source the timber and masts locally.

You will be able to collect the complete kit from Cornwall, UK yourself on a trailer or in a van saving on a lot of shipping costs and paperwork.

Interested in building a Mana? Contact us now:

Max Cruise Marine Logo

Max Innovation

The straight line between performance and comfort..

Welcome to Max Cruise Marine. We are a specialist multihull production company with over six decades of combined boat-building experience. After many years in the industry we started our company based on a simple question: “How do we give our clients a sailing experience that combines the best of both worlds, performance and comfort? How do we empower our clients?” Our answer – options; from the interior layout and finishes, to performance enhancements and build type (self-build or professional), as well as international build location.

Our discerning clientele appreciates the balance we achieve between cruising performance and comfort. For us, performance means blending speed and safety, while taking into account factors such as efficiency of moving about the boat. Comfort, on the other hand, means never compromising on the features you need to enjoy your time aboard – while ensuring you arrive safely and on time. In short, our designs draw a straight line between performance and comfort.

All our models are the result of a single-minded objective – to fuse design innovation with cutting-edge technology and hands-on experience. Constructed with vacuum infused foam cored, carbon reinforced laminates. Current leaders in cruising Hybrid Sail Catamarans, Whatever your requirements our agents will be able to answer your questions and provide step-by-step sales support. We look forward to your enquiry. For USA Clients please contact [email protected] or  [email protected]

Or contact Max Cruise Marine. [email protected]

Why Choose Max Cruise Marine?

With so much choice in the boat building arena it makes good sense to decide upfront what utility and features you want from your multihull. if you’re looking for a best-in-class innovative blend of sailing performance and cruising comfort then max cruise marine should be your final port of call. we offer:, max quality; max performance; max comfort; max value, fast-tracked, affordable builds anywhere in the world, self-build option using our 3d modular (3dm) moulded sets – delivered worldwide, boats professionally built near you or in our vietnam build yard, moulded exterior with gelcoat finish plus cnc-cut interior (choice of three options), variety of helm, propulsion, sail plan and interior design options, our design philosophy, innovation and efficiency are at the heart of our design ethos – from the materials and build methods (3dm) we use, to the mindful creation of space, weight distribution and performance optimisation. our design and production techniques enable us to offer extremely high-quality builds at very competitive price points., max cruise marine design features include:.

Largest saloon / cockpit in class

  • Perfect sightlines and 360° degree visibility

Choice of multiple layouts with generous spacing and flow

High quality finishes

Multiple helm options

Multiple propulsion options

Multiple rig options

Charter cruising and performance cruising options

Asymmetric hulls with reserve buoyancy

Centrally balanced construction – lightweight bows and stern

Max Quality Materials

All Max Cruise Marine multihulls are precision built using light, strong, high-quality materials, featuring:

3D panels are made from Vinylester resin-infused structural PVC foam core

Gelcoated exterior

Fully moulded 3D exterior

Optimized laminate orientation

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) precision-cut interior

[email protected]

Schionning Designs International Pty Ltd Leaders in Multihull Design and Kit Development.

kit materials' Contents

So if you order a schionning kit, what exactly is going to arrive see an overview of the materials you will receive, and what each is used for during the build process. fibreglass cloth or tapes microspheres, microballoons or microfibers take a closer look and you can answer these questions., our schionning kits are a no nonsense, common-sense approach to building a boat. we offer great service, fast delivery and access to anything you could need for your boat straight from the supplier to your door. our construction plans and kits are sold with 100% professional boatbuilder support via phone and email, any time you're unsure or just need a second opinion, we're here..

catamaran sailboat kits

Our kits contain all of your basic materials to build your boat to a faired shell stage, ready for painting and fit-out. We have sail-away costing estimates available for all of our standard designs, and this will give you an accurate idea of the overall cost of your project. This costing varies depending on your level of finish, as you can imagine different options vary greatly in price.

Below is a quick glance at what your Schionning Kit will include and what each item is primarily used for, we hope this is helpful and if you should require more detailed information please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

What do I actually receive?

Superlight Balsa - End-Grain Balsa - Foam - Paper Honeycomb - Western Red Cedar - SDI - End-Grain Balsa - 150kg per cubic metre Paper Honeycomb - 50kg per cubic metre Superlight Balsa - 94kg per cubic metre Western Red Cedar - 360-380kg per cubic metre - Foam


DuFlex pre-laminated panels are the main and most important material used in our kits, predominantly in the flat panel designs, however they are used in Strip-planked designs also, though to a lesser extent. These panels are 2400mm x 1200mm and are CNC routed to speed up build time on our Wildernes X Series, as well as some of our power designs. For internal furniture, a paper honeycomb core is used instead of the end-grain balsa wood core that is used for main structural areas. The use of this is purely to save weight in the shell and therefore produce a faster, more responsive catamaran.

Schionning Catamaran Kit Materials contain Kinetix Laminating Resin & Hardener Kinetix Laminating resin is used on all of our designs and is used for laminating the strip-planked areas, so round-bilge designs will use it more often whereas our flat panel designs not as much.


Resin Choices for Catamaran Kit Building by Schionning Designs SDI - We choose ATL Composite's resin systems for their superior quality, reliability and value for money. West System Epoxy Resins


Fibreglass Tapes (Double Bias) These double bias fibreglass tape rolls are used for the joining of panels in our flat panel designs, or in round-bilge designs to a lesser extent. Anywhere that DuFlex panels need to be joined, tapes will be used. The smaller rolls come in different widths for ease of use and to save time on cutting larger rolls of cloth.


Schionning Designs Catamaran Kit Materials Carbon Fibre Cloth Carbon fibre is used on a number of our designs and can be incorporated into any design to save on weight and increase the performance capabilities. Carbon comes in unidrectional and double bias, however is much more expensive than standard fibreglass (as one might expect). It is very similar to work with, however the resin choice may change when using carbon.


Schionning Designs Catamaran Design Kit Materials Fibreglass Cloth Fibreglass cloth is the strength and stiffness that holds your boat together, this is used in most areas for strength and is used in a variety of techniques depending on the area or job that is being performed. Fibreglass is one of the most widely used materials for low weight and high strength properties.



Affordable Sailboats You Can Build at Home

Affordable Sailboats You Can Build at Home | Life of Sailing

Last Updated by

Daniel Wade

September 13, 2023

‍ Key Takeaways

  • There are many sailboats that anyone can build from home depending on tastes
  • Budget will be the biggest deciding factor on a majority of the process
  • Consider kits that come with most of what you need or choose ones that are all-inclusive
  • Design complexities and new materials may make the building time process longer
  • Plan the best you can ahead of time to save money and your working hours

‍ Buying a sailboat can be expensive, but building your own can save you money. So what are sailboats you can build from home?

Sailboats that you can build from home will likely be a small boat under 20 feet. These could be from many different boat suppliers such as B&B Yachts, Brooks Boat Designs, and Chase Small Craft. Boat plans will vary based on your budget and how much time you have on your hands.

Based on my previous experience, building your own boat will take much longer than if a professional were to do it. You also have to be able to study plans, consider various sailboat designs, and have tons of supplies such as fiberglass tape or fiberglass cloth. On top of that, you will also have to be good with your hands.

Table of contents

‍ Top 10 Affordable Sailboats Anyone Can Build at Home

Building your own pocket cruiser or other styles from boat plans is an impressive feat, as this will need dedicated time and money to assure your boat sails safely. Boat building takes a lot of patience as well, especially since this will not be completed in a fast manner.

Finding boat plans and materials that fit your budget will be key to being able to complete the project. The time it takes to complete these projects will vary on your overall experience and needs. Below are 10 of the most affordable sailboats that you can build in the comfort of your home.

B&B Yachts

B&B Yacht

B&B Yachts have 14 different boat plans you can choose from to find the boat of your desires. Their shop is located along the Bay River in North Carolina where they construct all of the kits and have a 100 foot dock to show off your project once you complete it.

One popular model to check out is their Core Sound 15, as it is the perfect size for those wanting to build a modest size boat for a handful of people on board. Their website features some videos of completed projects and the plans or kits for purchase.

  • 14 different models to choose from plus some dinghies
  • Various monohull and multihull options
  • Friendly customer service with attractive prices
  • Might be too many options for some that are indecisive
  • Not ideal for those wanting to have a motor sailer

Brooks Boat Designs

Brooks Boat Designs

Brooks Boat Designs has a handful of options to consider for your next sailboat building project. They are located in Brookline, Maine and give the option to buy the kits or have them build one from scratch for you. They have plenty of knowledge, so do not be shy to ask about modifications or custom features you are looking for.

Depending on your specifics, they can attempt to accommodate some of their plans to help fit your desired outcome. By checking out their site, you can see many examples of their construction in progress and what the boats will look like when completed.

  • Offers a variety of kits
  • Plans vary around $50 and up, while materials will obviously add more costs
  • Some plans can be rowing boats that can convert to sailboats
  • Might take a while to hear back from them, as their contact section is a little outdated
  • Their plans may not accommodate a ton of extras for your taste

Chase Small Craft

Chase Small Craft

Chase Small Craft offers a simple process for building boats. Their kits are equipped with everything you need and will help save you time than just buying the materials outright and other parts you could need. This is arguably one of the best bang for buck instances if you want to save time and money searching for pieces to your boat.

They are located in Saco, Maine and will ship everything to your home from there. All the necessary materials are included and all you need are the proper tools and working space.

  • All-inclusive kits with what you need
  • Tons of knowledge on their site for boat building
  • Easy process to order and customize
  • Complete kits can range over $20,000 for larger boats
  • Kits may take up to eight weeks to ship out

Chesapeake Light Craft

Chesapeake Light Craft

You can expect high-quality boat kits from Chesapeake Light Craft . They feature 18 different sailboat kits that vary from eight to 20 feet in length. This should be more than enough to find one for you if you are newer to boat building.

They also have a wide variety of other kits in addition to the sailboat, in the event that you wanted to order a small kayak or paddleboard in addition to your sailboat. The prices vary considerably when considering a small or larger boat, so check the complete list of options to in order to potentially fit your needs.

  • Plenty of sailboat offerings to choose from
  • Different beautiful hull form options to consider
  • Easy to build and perfect for sailing
  • Only has basic materials needed for kit, so you may need to purchase other items
  • Has epoxy shipping fee no matter if you pick up item

Dudley Dix Yacht Design

Dudley Dix Yacht Design has an extensive list of plywood and single skin sailing boat options. They have plenty of sail plans and kits to consider depending on your goals. These follow a classic look for sailboats, which are aesthetically pleasing.

If you are wanting one to accommodate a small family, they have more than plenty to look through. The cost is not as bad compared to others, but keep in mind that you may need to throw in your own supplies or specific tools to get the job done.

  • Plans start at $30 and range up to $7,500 or more for kits
  • More than enough of options to consider
  • Affordable variety of sailboat offerings
  • Might be too many options for those new to sailing
  • Most are wood without the use of aluminum or steel

Farrier Marine

Farrier Marine

If you are in search of a multihull to build, then Farrier Marine is what you need. They offer a unique folding catamaran that is trailerable and give you the option to build it yourself. This not only makes it an appealing option, but anyone can take this multihull boat wherever they want with ease.

It features a thorough construction guide once you receive all of the materials. These also come with stainless steel fasteners and an aluminum mast for high-quality materials. Pricing will vary since you must request which model type you are considering.

  • Ability to build a unique catamaran
  • In-depth construction guide to help
  • Easily handled and trailerable
  • Price may be too high
  • Limited offerings since only a few multihull options

Glen-L Marine Designs

Glen-L Marine Designs

Building a boat from Glen-L Marine Designs can save you time and money. They feature an easy system to order and receive the kits, as well as an in-depth guide to building them. This is an appealing option compared to most boat kit sellers.

The beauty about Glen-L is that anyone can build these from scratch, so you do not have to be the best boat builder in the world to get it done. They offer guides and helpful insights from their team to point you in the right direction. Plans vary around $15, while kits can range well over $1,000 depending on boat size.

  • Nearly 50 designs to choose from
  • Complete guide to help anyone build it
  • Plenty of price points depending on size
  • Might be overwhelming with the amount of options
  • Could take a while to get parts since they are popular

John Welsford Boat Designs

John Welsford Boat Designs

John Welsford Boat Designs invites new and veteran boat builders that want a taste of quality small wooden boats. The boat plans are designed to meet your specifications and are catered to your desires.

There are seven sailboat designs to choose from so you do not feel overwhelmed in the process. However, they do not sell kits all the time, so you would need to have the materials or be on the lookout for the best prices when they are available.

  • Seven sailboat plans with different sizes
  • Quality boat builder and supporting community
  • In-depth knowledge provided to you when you order
  • Might be too small of boat size
  • Kits are not always available

Iain Oughtred

There are plenty of options on the wooden boat store, but you should narrow down your search for Iain Oughtred’s line of sailboat kits and plans. There are 25 different plans to choose from, which should accommodate most everyone looking to build their own boat.

While they do offer some kits, they do not routinely offer sailboat kits. You would need to purchase all of the materials if you are considering one of their sail plans. Keep this in mind if you are considering, as you would need to hunt down the parts yourself.

  • 25 different sailboat plans to look through
  • Various sizes to contemplate for you sailing needs
  • Prices will vary but are not bad compared to market
  • No sailboat kits, only plans
  • Newer boat builders might find too many options unappealing

Paul Gartside Boat Builder and Designer

Gartside Boats is a boat builder company based in Long Island, New York that showcases a variety of boats from traditional and newer methods of boat building. Within that variety, they have boat plans meant for six to 50 feet in length.

With an abundance of options, you will need to contact them regarding prices and any customizable options. Kits may vary as well, as they typically design in-house and build for you.

  • Experienced boat designer that can accommodate with custom plans
  • Many options are trailerable
  • Can have plans for up to a 50 foot boat
  • You will need to contact them for prices
  • Customized options may make process more complicated for new boat builders

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Sailboat at Home?

As you have likely already done so, the math between building your own boat and buying one may be a huge difference. Likewise, you may even enjoy the challenge of taking an older boat that is gutted and restoring with parts from a kit to build one new again.

But how much does it cost exactly to build a boat from the comfort of your own garage or workshop? The prices are going to vary dramatically depending on your situation and material needed to get the job done. In addition, the time that it takes to complete this will also vary.

Sail plans are rather inexpensive if you are aiming to build a small boat. These plans allow you to see the workings of the boat design and what you need to build the boat.

Without these plans, you will not know the exact details of the design and it can cause major issues with the boat’s hull or other areas of the boat. Think of these as the backbone or instructions of the boat’s infancy before being built.

Price Per Square Foot

You should assume to pay anywhere between $300 to $600 per square foot if you are interested in building a boat. Buying a kit outright can be a good way to save time, but oftentimes these do not come with everything you need.

Instead, you should try to source as much of the materials at the best price as possible. Thinking ahead is part of the process and you might be able to score a deal at a lumber yard or hardware store for parts.

Boat Designs Matter

The design of the boat will be much different from one boat to the next, regardless if they are the same size in length. If you are pondering boats that range anywhere between 16 and 20 feet, you should factor in the shape of the hull, any rigging, and various appendages.

Prices tend to increase when there are more complexities within the designs. If you are considering a kit with more details than others, you will also have to pay more for the designs on that as well.

Kits Can Differ

It is important to understand that all kits are not going to be the same. As you gander at sailboat kits online to stitch together, you need to thoroughly look over to see if you have everything you need before buying.

It would also be at your advantage to ask the seller if any additional parts or supplies are needed. This may change your dynamic on the kit buying process and you may pass up one for another if it has everything you need. An all-inclusive kit may cost several hundred, if not thousands, of dollars more to have the convenience of everything in the bundle.

Construction Approaches

Some boat plans may require you to have certain tools to get the job done. This means special saws or planers, which the average person simply does not have.

Purchasing specialty tools might be expensive upfront and hard to find depending on what it is. Your best bet would be to check locally for others trying to sell their tools or consider a boat plan that does not require extensive tools to finish the job.

How Long Does it Take to Build a Sailboat?

An easy to build sailboat could take a while to build from scratch. Many different variances come into play that are difficult to pinpoint for everyone. But how long is that exactly and how will your experience play into this?

A fun project to sail in the wind could take you several months to well over a year depending on the boat plan and how big your boat is going to be. In addition, the materials all need to be accounted for prior to starting in the event a hardware store does not have them in stock.

Time Varies

The time that passes for simple boat designs on small sailing vessels can be done in a few weeks. This is assuming you have everything you need and work non-stop around the clock.

Certain complex situations may make the process long, such as the difficulty of working with some materials. If you are a skilled laborer, it may take you half the time compared to a novice. The amount of time it can take will vary on your availability and skill level.

Planning ahead will undoubtedly offer the most time-saving features. It also helps if you can tackle parts of the project at your own pace.

Complexity of Design

The design of the boat may make the construction process longer. For example, it may take you longer to build a catamaran compared to a similar lengthed monohull.

More complex designs might require more materials, therefore making the process a bit longer to complete. Furthermore, you will also need more experience working with difficult designs and that will affect you more as a newbie.

Be sure to manage your expectations well and do not allow yourself to become too stressed over this fun project. If you can, seek expert boat building advice from a local builder or the company you purchased sail plans through.

Quality Materials

The quality of the materials will matter significantly when building a boat and will greatly affect the time it takes to construct it. Handling fiberglass or carbon fiber might require specialty tools, while wood also demands a certain level of craftsmanship.

If you are not skilled at working with the material at hand, it might affect the quality of the build and you may have to go back to fix mistakes. This will definitely add more time to your project, because mistakes are bound to happen with your first project.

To save time, consider adding the tools and materials throughout the year or as often as your budget allows. You may want to try testing your skills on fiberglass or other materials to get a feel for how to work with it.

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I've personally had thousands of questions about sailing and sailboats over the years. As I learn and experience sailing, and the community, I share the answers that work and make sense to me, here on Life of Sailing.

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Handcrafted, scratch built and readymade SAP Catamaran

Our team of skilled artisans were delighted when asked to build a model boat of the high-tech SAPExtreme 40 Catamaran. We worked very closely to achieve an accurate replica of the original vessel, with high attention to detail on the logo and branding work.  This readymade model is approximately one meter long, built on a scale of 1:10.

To ensure the boat model was completely constructed to include inclusive features of the catamaran and showing the additional service that we can offer, one of our staff flew out to Madrid where the boat was being exhibited. The Extreme Sailing Series takes place in different locations around the world, in 2012 the competition was held at; Oman, China, Turkey, Portugal, and England. This new type of yacht racing is subject to a range of rules, with all catamarans being the same size at 40 feet in length.

The SAP team consists of a Danish crew, Rasmus Køstner and Jes Gram Hansen. They both have extensive sailing careers and always looking for new challenges and participating in extreme sailing series.

With around 30 races in each event, they take place quite close to the coastline to ensure fast pace sailing. The sport is extremely competitive, with the teams currently participating in the extreme Sailing Series holding, 4 Olympic Gold, 1 Olympic Silver, 47 World Cup titles, and 28 European Championship titles.

We have been building model boats, yachts and ships for over 12 years, here at Premier Ship Models. Recognised as leaders in the model making industry, we offer the highest quality products and the most competitive pricing in the market.

Please browse our website or contact us to for any more information in helping you find the perfect scale models for your collection.

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  5. Catamaran Kit Process

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    KITS. All Spirited models have been developed with the appropriate kit system in mind. The particular building process and material is optimized to suit the design and integrated with the surface forms. The light-weight materials and clever build systems enable the boat to be manageably assembled without the use of lifting machinery.

  10. What is it Going to COST to BUILD a Kit CATAMARAN?

    0:16:30 - Costs relating to Kit 0:21:45 - Total cost of Kit shipped to the US 0:24:23 - Costs relating to Building Supplies 0:32:10 - Total costs of Building Supplies 0:32:53 - Total cost of First Year of Build (getting to paint stage) 0:35:41 - Costs relating to Paint 0:39:05 - Costs relating to Sailing (rig, sails and deck hardware)

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  13. Glen-L Marine

    Providing boat Plans & memories Since 1953. For more than 60 years Glen-L has been the world's premier supplier of boat plans and patterns designed for the amatuer builder. We make it even simpler by offering associated supplies and hardware kits for each design. About Us.

  14. Power catamarans

    Kit Catamarans. detailed plans - assembly manual -composite hulls - bulkheads - bridgedeck and deck panels - hydrofoil system. Click here to see the contents of $60,000 30ft Power Catamaran Kit. Catamaran Plans. Catamaran plans for sale includes easy to follow manual - detailed drawings - huge photo photo gallery of how to build - material list ...

  15. Plans & Kits

    For study plans click HERE MaXi is a trailer-able catamaran for amateur construction. The beam of the boat is 2,44m. It can have also water ballast. The wing seat adds a tremendous amount of stability. With its bouncy device on the mast top, the boat can...

  16. Leaders in Multihull Design & Kit Development

    Leaders in Multihull Design & Kit Development The best Advanced Kit Build System in the World. We aim to provide plans and materials of the highest possible standard with "service" being our priority both in supply and backup support to our builders. In design we aim to make your project simple, safe, and as much

  17. Mana 24

    MANA's 23'6" hull length has a special significance for James Wharram. In 1956 he made the first successful catamaran voyage across the Atlantic in his first catamaran, the 'Tangaroa', also 23'6" long. In trailer/sailer design every increase in length equals harder launching and recovery work. At 23'6"- 7.15m hull length MANA 24 sits between ...

  18. Boat plans, yacht designs & boat kits from Dudley Dix Yacht Design

    Boat plans, yacht designs and boat kits for boats built from wood epoxy, plywood, fiberglass, steel and aluminum, boats plans for round bilge, multi-chine and radius chine boats, from dinghies to cruising sailboats and power cruisers, rowing shells, boatbuilding advice and boatbuilding photographs

  19. Max Cruise Marine

    3DM Kit - Max42SC Sailing Catamaran; Contact us; Agents Area; Home MCM-Admin 2023-09-07T14:39:48+07:00. Max Innovation. The straight line between performance and comfort. EXPERIENCE. Welcome to Max Cruise Marine. We are a specialist multihull production company with over six decades of combined boat-building experience.

  20. Catamaran Kit Materials

    DuFlex pre-laminated panels are the main and most important material used in our kits, predominantly in the flat panel designs, however they are used in Strip-planked designs also, though to a lesser extent. These panels are 2400mm x 1200mm and are CNC routed to speed up build time on our Wildernes X Series, as well as some of our power designs.

  21. Affordable Sailboats You Can Build at Home

    They feature 18 different sailboat kits that vary from eight to 20 feet in length. This should be more than enough to find one for you if you are newer to boat building. ... Best Liveaboard Catamaran Sailboats. Daniel Wade. December 28, 2023. Can a Novice Sail Around the World? Elizabeth O'Malley. June 15, 2022. 4 Best Electric Outboard Motors ...

  22. SAP Catamaran model boat, Custom Catamaran Boats, Boat Model Kits

    SAP Catamaran model boat, Custom Catamaran Boats, Boat Model Kits - US Premier ship Models. 1-954-770-0925 1-866-210-9696 1-437-887-5972. Corporate Clients. Bespoke Models.