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LADY S Yacht – Astonishing $180M Superyacht

LADY S yacht is a 93-meter (305.1 ft) luxury yacht built by the Dutch shipyard Feadship in 2019.

She was delivered to her owner, the American billionaire, for a reported price of US $180 million.

LADY S is currently available for charter and is ranked in 69th place on the list of the largest yachts in the world.

DJI 0167 1 1

LADY S yacht interior

Reymond Langton Design worked on the interior of LADY S. The London-based design duo has worked on superyachts such as AVIVA and KISMET in the past.

LADY S yacht can welcome twelve guests in seven cabins, including a spacious master suite, four VIP cabins, and two twins, making her a fantastic family-friendly yacht.

Onboard LADY S guests can enjoy features such as a basketball court, a glass-bottom pool, a steam room, an IMAX cinema, and a gym.

Each cabin features 8k flatscreen TVs and modern entertainment systems. 31 crew members are available to tend to the needs of guests and fulfill their every wish on board LADY S.

image 25

LADY S specifications

The LADY S yacht is 93 meters (305.1 ft) long with a 14.1 meter (46.3 ft) beam and a 3.9 meter (12.1 ft) draft.

Her cruising speed lies at 14 knots, and her maximum speeds go as high as 18 knots. The weight of LADY S is 2,999 tons, and she is powered by twin CAT engines.

DJI 0441 3

The high-profile designer Michael Leach worked on the exterior of LADY S. The yacht has a large helipad on the top deck, while the bow is reserved for sunbathing or storage if required.

She has a jacuzzi on the aft as well as a spacious beach club that can be opened on several sides to provide a seamless transmission between indoor and outdoor living.

LADY S carries at least two Tenderworks tenders both painted red to match the color of Snyder’s NFL team .

LADY S is an all-white yacht with large tinted windows which allow guests to have complete privacy while on board.

image 26

The owner of LADY S purchased the superyacht for a price of US $180 million in 2019.

She generates a further US $10 to 15 million in running costs every year depending on usage. She is currently available for charter at a rate of US $1.47 million per week.

image 27

Do you have anything to add to this listing?

  • Michael Leach Design

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Dan Snyder’s Yacht: Everything You Want To Know

Ian Fortey

If you’re not familiar, Dan Snyder is CEO of Snyder Communications and the owner of the Commanders, the Washington football team that used to be the Washington Redskins. He’s also a man who is often in the news for controversial reasons related to that position. But, as a businessman and football team owner, he’s also quite wealthy. His rumored net worth is said to be around $4.9 billion. 

His yacht became news only recently as the interest in yachts owned by billionaires piqued people’s interests after many Russian yachts were getting seized by authorities due to sanctions against the country. While the NFL owner has nothing to do with Russia, the interest in billionaire superyachts included him and what is arguably one of the coolest and most luxurious yachts on the water today.

What Is Dan Snyder’s Yacht Called

dan snyder yacht location

Snyder calls his yacht the Lady S. Sometimes you’ll see the name squished together as one word Ladys, but that’s a mistake. The yacht was built in 2019 by the Dutch shipyard Feadship. It’s worth noting that there seems to be a second yacht named Lady S on the water but it’s both smaller at 151 feet and older having been built in 19189 by Benetti. 

What is Dan Snyder’s Yacht Worth

dan snyder yacht location

Word is that Snyder dropped an impressive $180 to $192 million on this yacht. There is some disagreement between multiple sources on the exact price but even still, the range is small enough to give you a decent idea of what we’re working with.

While that doesn’t make it the most expensive yacht in the world by any means, it’s still remarkably high by anyone’s metrics. Of course, when you learn about all the amenities and features Snyder managed to include on this incredible vessel, it starts to become more clear why it cost so much.

The yacht is also available to charter. If you’re interested in charting it for a week it’s going to cost $1,486,000 in the winter. If you want it during the summer then the price goes up to $1,698,000.

How Big is Dan Snyder’s Yacht

dan snyder yacht location

The yacht comes in at a huge 305 feet in length. That’s not the largest yacht in the world , of course, but definitely much bigger than many on the water. The vessel’s beam is just over 46 feet and the gross tonnage is 2,999. It features a steel hull, and is a Michael Leach design.

How Fast is Dan Snyder’s Yacht

Word is the yacht has a top speed of 18 knots with a cruising speed of 14 knots. Twin CAT engines propel the vessel and it has a range of up to 6,500 nautical miles from the 245,790 liter fuel tanks.

Does The Dan Snyder Yacht Have an Imax Theater?

dan snyder yacht location

This is one of the biggest features of the yacht for obvious reasons. It’s a two deck IMAX theater movie screen and while many superyachts have movie theaters on board there is literally nothing else like this in the world. It was a custom design and, according to the designers of the yacht’s interior, the entire yacht had to be built around it to accommodate the massive scale and needs of something so huge.

According to reports, this screen alone cost Snyder $3 million. Designing it meant that the theater room had to be soundproofed in a way that prevented both engine noise from ruining the movie experience and movie noise from ruining the silence of any guest cabins. This was part of meeting IMAX’s stringent norms for design and function.

The end result is a two-level theater with seating for 12.

Dan Snyder’s Yacht Inside

The interior of Dan Snyder’s yacht is some next level stuff. Snyder is clearly a man who likes relaxation and entertainment and this yacht has it all. Aside from that massive IMAX screen, check out some of the other features you can find on board.

  • A commercial helicopter landing pad
  • Guest suites that all contain 8K TVs
  • A 200 inch outdoor TV located on the main deck
  • A glass-bottom swimming pool
  • Golf course
  • Basketball court
  • Turkish bath
  • Massage room
  • Outdoor shower
  • Deck jacuzzi and suite jacuzzis
  • Interactive dance floor
  • Two 34’5” limo tenders
  • A 24’7” rigid inflatable boat
  • One rescue boat
  • A beach club set up for dining, parties, relaxing and more
  • 2 Hobie Quest kayaks
  • 4 seabobs 
  • A wakeboard
  • 2 paddleboards
  • 4 Stromer bicycles
  • An actual Zapata flyboard. If you’re not familiar, these are the boards that use a powerful jet of a water to let you hover and actually fly above the water kind of like an aquatic Iron Man, which is very cool.
  • Towables and inflatables
  • A waterslide
  • Gear for scuba diving and also fishing

What Else Does Does Snyder’s Yacht Have Inside

dan snyder yacht location

The yacht is designed to accommodate 12 guests. There is one master suite as well 4 VIP cabins and 2 twin cabins. In total that’s 11 beds including 5 kings. It takes a crew of 33 to keep the yacht going.

Elsewhere on board you can make your way between decks by using the elevator, enjoy drinks at a bar and 5 star cuisine provided by a professional chef among many other crew members who cater to pretty much any need a passenger has.

The Bottom Line

dan snyder yacht location

Dan Snyder’s Lady S yacht is a standout among those owned by people in the professional sports world. Though the luxury yacht is not quite as large as the yacht owned by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones which clocks in at a whopping 357 feet. But the extra amenities that Snyder shelled out for definitely make it remarkable. That IMAX alone makes it unique among all yachts in the world as no other yacht owners can make such a claim, or not yet anyway.

The entire yacht measures 305 feet and it’s believed to have cost owner Dan Snyder between $180 million and $195 million. It is loaded to the teeth with all kinds of toys from a fly board to water slides and more. There are multiple tenders, a pool, 8K TVs, a full staff and seven cabins for a total of 12 guests. The yacht is also available for charter.

' src=

My grandfather first took me fishing when I was too young to actually hold up a rod on my own. As an avid camper, hiker, and nature enthusiast I'm always looking for a new adventure.

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Dan Snyder Is Sailing Away From Consequences That Might Never Come

After avoiding a subpoena while on his mega-yacht, Snyder will finally meet with Congress this week about the Commanders’ toxic workplace culture. But it’s a jury of his fellow owners who could determine what will come next—and what kind of precedent that would set.

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dan snyder yacht location

The history of wealthy people avoiding consequences by living in international waters is surprisingly long and doesn’t reflect well on Dan Snyder. Like various Russian oligarchs, tax evaders, and L. Ron Hubbard before him, the Washington Commanders owner has reportedly taken up semi-permanent residence on the seas , specifically on his mega-yacht, the Lady S . Snyder may argue that he is merely enjoying the Mediterranean on his $180 million pleasure boat— which this month has been located near Sicily, Monaco, and Portofino—but for much of the summer, it proved rather convenient as the House Committee on Oversight and Reform tried, and failed, to serve Snyder with a subpoena. The yacht gambit has yielded a critical legal victory for Snyder: If he’d been served, he would have been forced to testify in front of Congress. But because he successfully dodged the subpoena on the high seas, he was able to choose to appear before Congress voluntarily , which means he will be able to choose which questions he answers. He can even appear via Zoom—perhaps from the sundeck of the Lady S —and face questions about the workplace culture inside his NFL franchise.

Some owners oversee unsuccessful football teams; others are off-field embarrassments. Snyder is both. Before Snyder entered the picture, the Washington NFL franchise was one of the most successful in the league, winning three Super Bowls from 1982 to 1991. From the time of the AFL-NFL merger until Snyder bought the team in 1999, Washington had the fourth-most playoff wins of any franchise. Since then, however, it’s won just two playoff games, none since 2006. Snyder also spent decades advocating for the team’s former name, which was a racist slur for Native people .

He’s also cheap, and has a tendency to hold on to other people’s money: He has reportedly withheld money from Washington’s minority owners , concealed revenues that were owed to the NFL as part of a revenue-sharing agreement , and held back millions in refundable deposits he was supposed to return to season-ticket holders . All this while seeking to squeeze every last penny from his team’s fans. He took the unusual step of charging the fans to attend training camp, once forced them to pay for parking by banning pedestrian access to the stadium, and used to sue season-ticket holders who could no longer afford to honor their contracts. The franchise has charged fans sky-high prices on everything from tickets to beer to watch their awful team in a decrepit stadium. Last year a railing collapsed, nearly causing Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts to be crushed under a sea of fans , and a pipe burst, causing fans to be drenched in something that may have been sewage . (The team claims it was rainwater, even though it was a perfectly sunny day; Washington perhaps literally pissed on its fans and then told them it was raining.) The shoddiness of the stadium extends to the turf field, which has been widely criticized, including by the team’s own players . The gross grass has been the site of multiple leg injuries , including a gruesome and career-altering ACL tear to Washington’s most exciting player of the Snyder era, quarterback Robert Griffin III.

But you don’t get called in front of Congress for being stingy or running a losing sports franchise. The path to Snyder’s impending congressional questioning began in July 2020, when The Washington Post published a report on Washington’s sexist workplace culture , with 15 women detailing accounts of various forms of harassment and bullying at the hands of male Washington employees. That led Snyder to commission an investigation from prominent D.C. attorney Beth Wilkinson, an investigation that was later taken over by the NFL. Wilkinson, in a verbal report presented to league commissioner Roger Goodell last summer, confirmed the existence of a culture of sexual harassment throughout Snyder’s tenure as owner; the franchise was fined $10 million and Snyder was required to step back from the day-to-day operations of his team. However, the specific details of Wilkinson’s report were suspiciously kept under wraps, and Snyder was allowed to maintain ownership and control over certain business initiatives. (Notably: He was featured in the announcement that the team would be renamed the Commanders .)

Because the Wilkinson report failed to reveal the details of Snyder’s wrongdoing in 2021, the House oversight committee launched an investigation into the Commanders’ “toxic workplace and the National Football League’s response.” In June, the panel released its findings , which included evidence that Snyder had attempted to derail the NFL’s investigation through the creation of a concurrent shadow investigation. Also in June, the Post reported that Snyder had previously settled with an employee who said he sexually assaulted her in 2009.

Snyder is terrible at his job and has a distinct ability to make life worse for virtually everybody with whom he comes into contact. So when the news broke that Snyder is evading Congress on a yacht, you could imagine Washington’s long-suffering fans and anyone with a general sense of human decency crossing their fingers and hoping that maybe this would be the end for Washington’s commander-in-chief. Maybe a brave maritime Robin Hood would track Snyder down and force him to walk the plank of the Lady S, or at least return him to a land where Congress can serve him with that subpoena. Then, perhaps, Congress could strip him of his team.

But that’s not really how it works. Snyder may be the poster boy for general shittiness among team owners, but the mechanisms for stripping him of his ownership depend primarily on his peers. And while taking to the high seas to live indefinitely on a yacht may seem outlandish to most people, it’s life as usual for his fellow NFL team owners, many of whom are also big boat billionaires. In fact, Snyder’s 300-foot boat is actually on the small side compared to other NFL owners’ mega-yachts . Although many have speculated about whether Snyder will be stripped of his franchise, he likely doesn’t have to worry about a mutiny. After all, the potential mutineers have yachts of their own.

It’s fair to wonder why Congress is investigating Dan Snyder. It seems like it has plenty of … you know … Congress stuff to deal with at the moment. The House oversight committee is meant to be a watchdog for the federal government, ensuring that the executive branch is running smoothly and not overstepping its boundaries. But it also regularly investigates corporations and public institutions under the justification that misbehavior might have a “channeling effect” on the rest of society . Sports fans will remember how, in the course of investigating steroid use in MLB, the committee brought baseball’s top sluggers to D.C. The intent of the investigation into Snyder, his football team, and the NFL is not to find anybody guilty of crimes or to enact punishments, but to better inform congresspeople as they craft legislation about the issues at hand.

To that end, Representative Carolyn Maloney (D–New York), the committee’s chairperson, has introduced a pair of bills based on the Washington investigation that are designed to help employees in other workplaces fight back against harassment, including one that would ban the use of post-dispute nondisclosure agreements—as Snyder long used NDAs to silence current and former team employees. But that’s the extent of Congress’s reach. Congress is not a court. It can’t punish Snyder, no matter what it finds—it can merely draft laws discouraging others from behaving like him.

In fact, Congress wants to know who could remove Snyder from his team. Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-Michigan) asked Goodell , who voluntarily appeared before the committee in June, whether he could remove Snyder as the Washington owner. His answer: no. It’s the other way around. The NFL (and other American pro sports leagues) are essentially co-owned by their member franchises. The league profits don’t go to shareholders; they are split among the 32 teams. The league’s rules are passed by the NFL’s executive committee, which is composed of the owners of each team. If the league office has the power to do something—fine players, hire officials, etc.—that power is given to it by the teams. The league’s owners voted to hire Goodell; as the NFL’s website notes , they could vote to fire him. Of course, they won’t, because he’s done a good job of generating income for the league, as well as shouldering blame for the NFL’s worst mistakes.

This brings us to Snyder’s peers, his fellow NFL owners, who can vote to expel one another. But to do so would mean doing something that is unprecedented in the modern history of American sports. Perhaps you think you can remember a time when this happened—but it hasn’t, at least not recently. There have been several instances when owners have come under pressure and sold their franchises shortly thereafter, but in seemingly every case the final result was a voluntary sale without the formality of a league vote mandating a sale. Former Panthers owner Jerry Richardson immediately—and voluntarily—put his team up for sale in 2017 after Sports Illustrated reported on his use of racist and sexist language in the workplace. Former Reds owner Marge Schott was suspended from day-to-day operations after her ( repeated ) defense of Adolf Hitler, but she wasn’t forced to sell. According to the Post , Schott was given a choice in 1999 of selling the team or facing indefinite suspension.

The closest thing to a recent official owner expulsion came with former Clippers owner Donald Sterling. One of the most disgusting humans you could imagine, Sterling maintained ownership of the Clippers through decades of harassment and discrimination lawsuits , but was felled in 2014 by his inability to open his mouth without saying something preposterously offensive. First, he was caught on tape delivering a racist rant to his mistress ; then, his attempted apology for the rant resulted in Sterling criticizing Magic Johnson for being HIV-positive . The NBA suspended Sterling for life and fined him $2.5 million, and commissioner Adam Silver moved to bring about a vote to expel Sterling. Ultimately, Sterling’s wife, Shelly, voluntarily sold the team days before a league hearing on whether to expel Sterling. When the deal was reached, Sterling’s expulsion hearing was canceled . Perhaps we’re splitting hairs—it certainly seems likely that NBA owners would have voted to force Sterling out if the sale hadn’t made it unnecessary—but officially, the sale was voluntary. Shelly Sterling even retained “owner emeritus” status.

In the end, most owners on the verge of losing their teams choose to save themselves the embarrassment of an expulsion vote. But few people are as stubborn and inflexible as Snyder, who has spent years fighting any and every suggestion on how to improve his sinking franchise, and has dug in his heels on even the most meaningless disputes—like suing journalists who were critical of the team or taking a bankrupt grandmother who couldn’t pay her season-ticket deposit to court . (Seriously, he once sued a bankrupt grandmother . A court ordered her to pay more than $66,000 to the billionaire.) Snyder is so immune to accepting responsibility that he’s tried living at sea to avoid being asked questions by Congress. If anybody would fight off the inevitable, clawing and screeching like a cat trying to fight off bath time, it’s him. He hasn’t listened to any of the thousands of people who have asked him to sell the team over the past 23 years. I don’t think he’ll start now.

It’s easy to imagine Snyder refusing to sell unless forced to by the NFL. It’s equally easy to imagine his co-owners refusing to force him out. Forcing someone to sell their team might seem like a fake punishment—after all, they would still get the money from the sale, and the most recent NFL team sale price was over $4.5 billion . That’s enough to ensure that someone’s great-great-grandkids die ludicrously rich. But to these modern-day kings and queens, team ownership is about more than the money. Their positions in charge of these wildly popular sports franchises make them notable in a way that staggering wealth cannot. Their teams become family businesses, passed down from generation to generation. They put their kids and in-laws in front office positions , sometimes making decisions about the football team itself .

It’s not exactly like Snyder’s fellow owners are some progressive heroes. In 2020, the State Department investigated allegations that Jets owner Woody Johnson made racist and sexist remarks while serving as ambassador to the United Kingdom . In 2019, Patriots owner Robert Kraft was arrested as part of a prostitution sting. (Misdemeanor charges filed against Kraft were dropped in 2020.) In January, former Dolphins head coach Brian Flores brought a racial discrimination lawsuit against the NFL that spotlighted how the league’s issues with hiring Black coaches begin with its predominantly white owners, who have a tendency to hire white front office executives, who in turn hire white coaches. If the league’s owners voted on whether to kick out Snyder because of his misbehavior and workplace misconduct, how many would wonder whether they’ve done something that could get them kicked out of this exclusive club?

It’s entirely possible that Snyder’s fellow NFL owners will make history and vote him out. He’s an embarrassment to the league who—perhaps this is the most important factor—could be costing his fellow owners money, through mismanagement of a large-market franchise and allegedly hiding cash that he should be sharing with them. The NFL says it’s committed to uprooting sexism and discrimination, and Snyder is a drain on the league’s bottom line. Booting him should be a win-win.

But he will be judged by a jury of his peers. The people who will decide whether Snyder has to give up his team are also the only other people on earth who own NFL teams, and therefore are personally invested in avoiding the precedent that someone can be stripped of their team ownership and all the power that comes with it.

The NFL’s owners have an opportunity to do the right thing and make clear what they stand for as a league. But NFL owners also have an opportunity to hammer home that they are all but immune from the punishment they fear the most, and if they give Snyder a pass, they would further green-light their own misbehaviors and exempt themselves from future reckonings. Snyder can sleep easily on his yacht.

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Daniel Snyder’s new $100 million purchase is the first superyacht with a certified Imax movie theater

dan snyder yacht location

Redskins owner Daniel Snyder has already made his first major offseason acquisition. It’s a new $100 million superyacht, the Lady S, complete with an Imax theater.

The Guardian reported that the 305-foot ship launched in the Netherlands in October and Snyder will take delivery in the spring. The yacht features a helipad, four VIP suites and athletic facilities “to cater to a huge variety of sports including golf, basketball, volleyball and soccer,” according to manufacturer Feadship .

The Imax theater is thought to be the first on a superyacht.

“He wanted an Imax, that was his main request,” Jan-Bart Verkuyl, chief executive of Feadship’s Royal Van Lent shipyard, told the Guardian of the yacht’s owner.

An architect at the firm that helped design the ship said adding the Imax theater, which added an additional $3 million to construction costs, made building the yacht “much more complicated,” the Guardian reported. Builders had to construct the theater, then the rest of the boat around it.

“You couldn’t have sound from the Imax drifting into the cabins next door and, more importantly, you couldn’t have the sound of the engines or vibrations coming into the Imax. If they did we would not get the certification from Imax — and that was the most important thing for the owner."

Snyder isn’t the only NFL owner adding some maritime toys recently. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones bought the $250 million, 357-foot superyacht “Bravo Eugenia.”

It boasts two helipads, plus a spa, gym and beach club. It hosts 14 passengers and 20 crew.

Clearly, there is no salary cap when it comes to superyachts.

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dan snyder yacht location

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Redskins deny owner Dan Snyder sailed $180M yacht to Cannes to find new stadium sponsor

The NFL’s Washington Redskins denied a report Tuesday that owner Dan Snyder was attempting to find a title sponsor for the team’s new stadium while attending Cannes Lions in France.

Snyder sailed his $180 million yacht to Cannes Lions, an international advertising and communications festival, and is “taking meetings” with brands interested in naming rights, the New York Post reported, citing a source familiar with the matter. The longtime Redskins owner reportedly hosted a dinner on the yacht on Monday for a list of attendees that included NFL marketing executive Julie Haddon and Outfront Media executive Andy Sriubas.


“ The story is false,” Redskins spokesman Tony Wyllie told FOX Business. Wyllie added that Snyder attends Cannes Lions every year and is there this year to meet with industry executives, not to pursue a sponsorship deal.

While the Redskins’ current lease at FedEx Field doesn’t expire until 2027, Snyder is said to be pursuing public funding for a new facility at the site of RFK Stadium, Washington’s longtime home. Naming rights deals for NFL stadiums are among the most lucrative marketing partnerships in sports -- the team’s current naming rights deal with FedEx is worth $205 million over a 27-year period that ends in 2025.

“Dan and his team are here to find a title sponsor for the new stadium for the Redskins, and they are taking meetings with brands and marketers,” the source told the New York Post.

Another source downplayed Snyder’s plans for Cannes Lions, noting that there is “no rush” on a naming rights deal for a new stadium because the team’s current lease is years away from expiration.

“They are here to meet people and be part of the conversation,” the second source said.


Snyder’s yacht is 93-feet long, weighs 3,000 tons and features an Imax theater, basketball court and helipad, according to the Post. He has a personal net worth of more than $2 billion, according to Forbes.

dan snyder yacht location


A Brief History Of Dan Snyder’s Superyachts, Which Have Put Him In Elizabeth Warren's Crosshairs

dan snyder yacht location

The two greatest days in Dan Snyder’s life are the day he buys a boat, and the day he buys a bigger boat.

Snyder’s recent purchase of the — reported by the as a $100 million, 305-foot vessel equipped with the world’s first floating IMAX theater—made the all-the-wrong-moves NFL owner an early bogeyman for Sen. Elizabeth Warren as she launches her 2020 presidential campaign. Over the weekend, the candidate used news about Snyder’s latest billionaire boy toy to rally support for the sort of tax reform that will likely make up a plank in her platform.

This isn’t Snyder’s first boat rodeo. The Lady S, in fact, is his third and silliest superyacht yet. His first big boat was a 160-something footer, also called M/Y , built in 1997. He sold that ship about a decade ago to Mort Zuckerman, the billionaire media mogul who had mentored Snyder in his early 20s and later threw tens of millions of dollars into the kitty Snyder collected to buy the Washington NFL team. (That act alone makes most Skins fans wish Zuckerman would steer the boat, which he renamed the Lazy Z, into an iceberg.)

Then in 2011, Snyder shelled out a reported $70 million for the Lady Anne, a 224-footer called “one of the 100 largest yachts in the world” by Power & Motoryacht. Here’s a little more about the Lady Anne, in Britspeak, from Burgess, an international yacht broker:

From the moment you step on board you are taken back in time to the grace and glamour of the 1920s, with a La Modern French period design throughout. A magnificent spiralling five-storey staircase leads you to the spacious decks, be it the comfort of the main salon, the fabulously appointed theatre room or the light and airy upper salon for a pre-dinner cocktail.

Snyder bought the Lady Anne from Jerome Fisher , a guy whose investing career has been as much of a Poseidon adventure as Snyder’s football ownership. Fisher did the boat deal with Snyder just as he was getting over both the closing of the KL Group, a fraudulent $194 million hedge fund he was in deep with, and getting taken for a reported $150 million by Bernie Madoff, the celebrated swindler to the filthy rich. Fisher made some gossip columns in in 2008, a week after Madoff’s arrest, for getting in a brawl at a Mar-a-Lago birthday party; filthy rich guests who’d been ripped off by Madoff brouhaha’d with filthy rich guests who hadn’t. “There were a lot of unhappy campers there,” resort owner Donald Trump told the after witnessing the brawl. (Amusingly, Zuckerman also got taken by Madoff for a reported $40 million .)

Some stats on the Lady Anne, which Snyder rechristened as the second Lady S: Its fuel tanks carried 55,212 gallons of diesel, and in the open sea the boat consumed an average of 10 gallons per nautical mile. When I checked pump prices shortly after Snyder’s purchase, diesel was going for $7.01 a gallon in the Cayman Islands port where Snyder had registered the boat, meaning it cost $388,685.44 per fill-up.

Now he’s got his third and most overboard Lady S. There’s been no word that Snyder sold off the previous Lady S, on which he was last spotted at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival and over New Year’s 2019 in St. Barths , to pay for the new ship.

To summarize Snyder’s growth: He’s gone from owning a 160-foot boat to owning a 224-foot boat AND a 305-foot boat. Yes, he’s now got a vessel the size of a football field.

Speaking of football fields: Elizabeth Warren targeting Snyder’s ilk as a government revenue source comes at the same time the team owner has been baiting state and local officials in the D.C. area to outbid each other for the right to build his squad a new stadium.

Public servants can in good faith quibble over the righteousness of Warren’s proposal to go all Robin Hood on Snyder to cut education costs for less fortunate landlubbers. But what sorta pawn would even think of giving ANY public money to a guy currently flaunting a $170 million flotilla of superyachts?

Oh, right: This sorta pawn.  

Disclosure: Dan Snyder once sued the author for writing mean things about him.

Luxurylaunches -

Keeping Dan Snyder entertained on his $192 million luxury yacht is a two-deck IMAX theater, a 201-inch outdoor television & a beach club. The Washington Redskins team owner’s yacht is as long as a football field. It also has a hammam & an interactive dance floor.

dan snyder yacht location

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What’s Up With Dan Snyder’s Yacht?

dan snyder yacht location

11:32 AM EDT on July 21, 2022

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dan snyder yacht location

This is not Dan Snyder’s yacht, but it is a very large yacht like the one Dan Snyder has.

I have been thinking a lot about decorum recently. There are so many things people don't do not because they are unethical or illegal, but simply because someone at some point has decided that doing those things would be rude. The closer the planet creeps to a climate apocalypse and the closer the country creeps to an internal conflict that will kill people, the more vestigial this all feels, and the less interested I feel in maintaining those norms.

In my opinion, the first norm to go should be comfort for very rich people. Being rich, as I have written many times, is a choice. It is not like being poor, which is a hardship from which you may never escape. Someone with too much money can always give some of it away. Being rich is not some inherent self. It's not a prison. It's greed, and it's a choice. Choices, as every child is taught, have consequences. At this moment, though, the consequences for very rich people's terrible behavior tend to land on everyone else. We are the ones hurting so that they can have fewer taxes.

All of that is to say, I have decided that I no longer think that privacy is a right that the ultra-rich deserve. If you choose to, say, take a three-minute flight across Los Angeles instead of sitting in a car , the people who will die of thirst when the country runs out of water, possibly very soon, should get to know what you did and yell at you about it. That doesn't seem remotely sufficient, but at least it's something.

For this reason, I've really enjoyed the existence of accounts like @elonjet , which has almost 500K followers on Twitter and simply tracks where Elon Musk's jet is. Planes have to report their locations. Boats have to report their locations. That information is public. A little shame can go a long way, or might if the person at which it is directed was still capable of feeling it.

The most recent of these accounts that I've enjoyed is called @DanSnydersYacht. As you can imagine, it tracks Dan Snyder's yacht location, and also sometimes that of his jet. This is particularly relevant because Dan Snyder is currently fleeing any kind of accountability he could possibly face for decades of bad behavior.

As my colleague Ray Ratto wrote , "Danny Snyder is to shame what Chet Holmgren is to that vague bloated feeling from overeating." But that doesn't mean that shaming him is not worth the effort. If he can't feel shame, maybe we can create rage high enough and hot enough that it might be put to some constructive use.

Before we get into the interview, it is important to note that Dan Snyder's yacht is worth $192 million , has an IMAX theater in it, and is as long as a football field. In 2011, when gas was much cheaper than it is today, Dave McKenna reported for Washington City Paper that it cost $388,685.44 to fill up the yacht with gas. It is certainly more now. The yacht is so big that it has four smaller yachts on it that are used to ferry people to shore.

I spoke with the creator of @DanSnydersYacht about why they run the account, and what they think we can learn from it.

KM: Why did you start this twitter account for Dan Snyder's yacht?  DSY: I started the yacht tracker account from a desire to see Dan Snyder held accountable. The NFL investigation into workplace sexual harassment against the Commanders amounted to no public report and a slap on the wrist for Snyder. He skipped out on the owners meeting and voted by proxy through his wife. He appeared to attend games all season and coach Rivera said he talked to Snyder weekly. He now owns 100 percent of the team.

I was watching the Congressional hearing in June and found it ridiculous that Roger Goodell could make time, but Snyder was too busy. I saw a statement that said Snyder was in France and then started Googling more about him, figured out I could track his yacht, and then saw his yacht was in France with him while the Congressional hearing occurred. I hope the attention on Snyder's yachting to avoid the subpoena helps put pressure on him to testify before Congress, and that the women who came forward as part of the NFL's investigation get to see Snyder held accountable. 

How do you feel about the subpoena?

It is ridiculous that a subpoena is needed and even more ridiculous that he can avoid it by island hopping around Italy on his yacht. Mark Zuckerberg can find time to come off his yacht and hydrofoil to testify before Congress and I imagine Meta is a little more complicated to run than a football team. 

Are you a D.C. sports fan? What is your relationship to Dan Snyder? 

I've lived my whole life in the D.C. area and watch the Commanders, Capitals, and Nationals as much as I can. I haven't been to a Wizards game since Jordan played for them and don't feel like I have missed much. (Love you Ted, but Wizards need to completely tank and rebuild instead of being poor to middling for decades.) My only relationship to Dan Snyder is as a fan and attendee of games. 

Dan Snyder's yacht has arrived in Monaco! We can only hope he goes into the Monte-Carlo Casino, bets it all on black, loses, and is forced to sell the @Commanders ! #FireDanSnyder pic.twitter.com/ndbs0f9p24 — Dan Snyder Yacht Tracker (@DanSnydersYacht) July 21, 2022

How often do you check the yacht's location? How do you do this? 

I check the yacht and also the jet locations a few times throughout the day. Its all publicly available info through websites like VesselFinder and ADS-B Exchange. Ships have to broadcast their location to avoid accidents. Same for planes. The FAA lets owners hide a plane's location from appearing on FAA data by request, which Snyder appears to have done. But ADS-B Exchange is run by individuals who have their own sensors to detect a plane and then collectively upload the data to the website. Some real pirate radio shit and props to people who collect and upload the plane location data. 

Do you have... any experience with these kinds of trackers? Like do you use anything like this in your day job/normal life?

No, I just learned about it through reading. There's a college student, Jack Sweeney, who tracks Elon Musk's jet through a twitter bot (@elonjet) and I read a couple stories about him a few months ago. Then stumbled upon yacht tracking through stories of people tracking Russian oligarchs' yachts after Russia's invasion of Ukraine. 

What kind of trends are you seeing already in the yacht?

Snyder's yacht has been island hopping around the Mediterranean for the last month. In reading about yachting, the Mediterranean is the place to be during summer and the Caribbean is where yacht owners winter. Also people should understand just how ridiculously expensive the yacht is. You can read about it from the builder's  website , but the yacht has an IMAX screen, a helipad, and what I found most ridiculous is that his yacht has a yacht. The Lady S has four smaller boats called tenders that carry people to shore. The biggest tender is 34 feet long, so basically a yacht. 

Dan Snyder's yacht is back at Panarea Island after meeting up with the jet yesterday. Did someone join the subpoena dodging yacht adventure? pic.twitter.com/ol6hj55bmQ — Dan Snyder Yacht Tracker (@DanSnydersYacht) July 16, 2022

What has the response to the account been like? 

It's been great, and the number of followers grew surprisingly quick. It started getting attention when the local sports radio programs picked it up. Shout out to Grant and Danny. I think for D.C. sports fans, it's slow right now with only the Nats playing and them being so bad. Plus it's even worse with the Nats and Juan Soto basically breaking up on live tv during the Home Run Derby.

Is there anything else you think I should know? 

Jerry Jones has a bigger... yacht than Dan Snyder! 

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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New Twitter account tracks Dan Snyder’s superyacht

Maybe he should have settled for a dinghy.

Commanders owner Dan Snyder, who possibly has opted to run out the clock with the House Oversight Committee by remaining on his superyacht through at least the November election or at most the commencement of the new Congress in January, cannot secure shelter from the prying eyes of social media.

A new Twitter account tracks Snyder’s massive boat , the Lady S, wherever it may be. The account also eyeballs Snyder’s private jets. The information is all based on public-available data, and it was started by a fan of the team (and not a fan of Snyder) who was at home with COVID and had nothing to do.

The only flaw is that it doesn’t show where Snyder is. And that’s the most important information for the Oversight Committee, which wants to subpoena him for testimony. His lawyer refuses to accept it on his behalf, forcing the Committee to try to serve him the old-fashioned way. If they can find him on domestic soil.

If he’s truly committed to never testifying (and nothing good likely come from testifying, for him), he could pull it off.

The NFL apparently has no issue with Snyder’s behavior. The league did not respond to a July 13 email seeking comment on the back and forth between Snyder and the Committee over whether he’ll testify under subpoena and on the perception that Snyder hopes to delay service long enough to avoid ever having to testify. The league otherwise has made no public statements regarding whether it believes Snyder should accept the subpoena and answer the questions.

As to the fans and media, this is another area in which Snyder benefits from already being widely disliked. It’s not like people are going to dislike him even more when he does something that they believe fits with their pre-existing opinions of him.

Congresswoman blasts Dan Snyder for taking his yacht to France instead of testifying about his NFL team's misconduct

  • The House Committee on Oversight and Reform hosted a hearing about Washington's NFL team Wednesday.
  • Commanders owner Dan Snyder, who is central to misconduct allegations, refused to testify to Congress.
  • Instead, Rep. Carolyn Maloney said he " chose to skip town" and take his "luxury yacht" to France.

Insider Today

Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder refused to testify before Congress during the US House of Representatives' hearing on his team's "hostile workplace culture" and the NFL's "inadequate response."

And House Oversight and Reform Committee Chair Carolyn B. Maloney blasted Snyder for his absence on Wednesday, especially after learning that he went on vacation.

"Rather than show up and take responsibility for his actions, [Snyder] chose to skip town,"  the Democrat from New York said in her opening statement. "Apparently, Mr. Snyder is in France, where he has docked his luxury yacht near a resort town. That should tell you just how much respect he has for women in the workplace."

"Mr. Snyder's absence is all the more telling, given that the Committee released new evidence today that Mr. Snyder himself fostered the Commanders' toxic workplace," she added.

The evidence Maloney cited details Snyder's efforts to defend "male executives accused of sexual harassment" while simultaneously taking steps to fire "women — but not men — who engaged in relationships with other employees." She said that the committee found the 57-year-old billionaire instituted "a culture of fear" to dissuade employees from speaking out against workplace misconduct.

Related stories

One former employee told investigators that Snyder's approach involved intimidation, termination, and bribery.

"For more than two decades, Dan Snyder refused to protect the women who worked for him from the toxic culture he created," Maloney said. "The NFL has also failed to protect these women. Now, I believe it is up to Congress to protect them, and millions more like them."

Maloney has introduced two bills in order to combat toxic workplace cultures like the one that Congressional investigators found festered within the Commanders' ranks for years.

The Accountability for Workplace Misconduct Act intends to "require employers to conduct thorough investigations and share the outcome with victims" while forbidding employers from burying misconduct through non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) like the ones Snyder has been known to employ within the Commanders' workplace.

The second bill — a response to the team's creation of secret, "lewd videos of cheerleaders for the private enjoyment of Dan Snyder" — would prohibit employers from using professional imagery of its employees without explicit consent.

Maloney said she wants to hold Snyder accountable in a way that the NFL has not. During the hearing, she announced her intention to subpoena the Commanders owner for testimony in front of the committee as soon as next week.

"Mr. Snyder's refusal to testify sends a clear signal that he is more concerned about protecting himself than coming clean to the American public," Maloney said. "If the NFL is unwilling to hold Mr. Snyder accountable, then I am prepared to do so."

"The Committee will not be deterred in its investigation to uncover the truth of workplace misconduct at the Washington Commanders," she added.

dan snyder yacht location

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Lady S, a 93-metre superyacht owned by Dan Snyder, boasts the world’s first floating Imax theatre.

Showboat: billionaire NFL team owner installs Imax cinema on superyacht

Dan Snyder made a ‘special and unusual’ request when ordering Lady S from Dutch boatbuilder

Dan Snyder, the American billionaire owner of the Washington National Football League (NFL) team, is taking delivery of a new superyacht, complete with the world’s first floating private Imax movie theatre – at an additional $3m (£2.3m) cost.

You may think that sailing a 93-metre (305ft) yacht to the world’s most extraordinary locations would be the ultimate luxury experience. However, up-close encounters with penguins on the Galápagos Islands or sharks off the coast of South Africa do not appear to be immersive enough for Snyder.

Snyder, a former marketing boss who bought the Washington NFL team in 1999, made a “special and unusual request” when ordering his latest superyacht – called Lady S – from the Dutch boatbuilder Feadship.

“He wanted an Imax, that was his main request,” Jan-Bart Verkuyl, the chief executive of Feadship’s Royal Van Lent shipyard, told the Guardian this week. Verkuyl refused to identify the owner, describing him only as a “US billionaire”. The Guardian has since established, via several sources, that the buyers of the yacht, which is understood to have cost more than $100m, are Snyder, 54, and his wife Tanya. A spokesperson for Snyder declined to comment.

The couple, who also owned a smaller $70m (£54m), 68-metre superyacht called Lady Anne , were present when Lady S was launched in the Dutch village of Kaag (between Amsterdam and the Hague) in October. “We would like to thank Feadship director Jan-Bart Verkuyl and everyone at the yard for taking us on such an amazing journey,” the Snyders said in unattributed quotes provided to Feadship, which is part-owned by the luxury conglomerate LVMH.

Nearly every superyacht launched by shipyards across the world now comes with at least one cinema suite or facility to screen movies on deck as the sun goes down. However, Lady S, which is also known by its codename, Project 814, is the first to have an Imax. Verkuyl said the 12-seat, two-level Imax is so big “the vessel had to be built around the Imax”.

Lady S also features a pair of 8K HD TVs, a helipad, four VIP suites and facilities that “cater to a wide range of sports, including golf, basketball, volleyball and football”. The interior of the vessel is described as “akin to a beautiful and contemporary jewellery box”.

Snyder, who will take delivery of the yacht in spring, following its sea trials and finishing touches, made his fortune in marketing. He sold his company Snyder Communications to French billionaire Vincent Bolloré’s Havas for $2bn in 2000.

He bought the Washington NFL team for $800m in 1999 and remains the majority shareholder. Snyder has come under pressure to change the name of team from Washington Redskins , which is offensive to Native Americans. Despite calls from the then president, Barack Obama, for the name to be changed, Snyder told USA Today in 2013: “We’ll never change the name. It’s that simple. NEVER — you can use caps.” (It is Guardian policy to refer to the team as the Washington NFL team).

Ed Beckett, a naval architect at Burgess, the British yacht firm that helped design Lady S, said including the Imax made the build process “much more complicated and expensive” because the rest of the ship had to be designed to be as quiet as possible, so as to not to interfere with the movie experience.

“You couldn’t have sound from the Imax drifting into the cabins next door and, more importantly, you couldn’t have the sound of the engines or vibrations coming into the Imax. If they did we would not get the certification from Imax – and that was the most important thing for the owner,” he said. Beckett said the extra costs of having an Imax on board were “into the millions”.

Dan Snyder

A spokesman for Imax declined to comment on its work on the yacht, citing client confidentiality. The company has reported such strong demand for private Imaxs that it set up a specialised division – Imax Private Theatre – to target super-rich clients.

It describes having a private Imax as: “The entertainment solution so all-encompassing it transcends reality, maximising your sensory immersion and taking you to heights never before attained. Imax Private Theatre is for those who embrace the future, and who want to live it today.”

The first private Imax was installed in a new wing of a movie star’s home in Beverly Hills in 2016 and others have been built across the US, London and India. The land-based versions cost from $2m (£1.6m). The server supplied is preloaded with 200 Imax feature films and documentaries.

The Canadian company, which debuted the first super-high-definition Imax film at the Osaka world expo in 1970, has installed more than 1,300 Imax screens across the world.

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    Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder testified Thursday via a non-public Zoom link before the House committee investigating the team's workplace culture, climaxing a weeks long battle over the ...

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    Maybe he should have settled for a dinghy. Commanders owner Dan Snyder, who possibly has opted to run out the clock with the House Oversight Committee by remaining on his superyacht through at least the November election or at most the commencement of the new Congress in January, cannot secure shelter from the prying eyes of social media.. A new Twitter account tracks Snyder's massive boat ...

  20. Dan Snyder on Yacht, Avoiding Congress Hearing on Team's ...

    Jun 22, 2022, 11:12 AM PDT. Dan Snyder stands on the field before a game between Washington and the Dallas Cowboys. AP Photo/Mark Tenally. The House Committee on Oversight and Reform hosted a ...

  21. Showboat: billionaire NFL team owner installs Imax cinema on superyacht

    Dan Snyder, the American billionaire owner of the Washington National Football League (NFL) team, is taking delivery of a new superyacht, complete with the world's first floating private Imax ...

  22. Dan Snyder's plane, yacht arrive in Cannes as attorney pushes back

    The congressional committee looking into Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder sent its harshest statement yet on Monday morning. "His refusal to testify sends an unmistakable signal that Mr ...