1. How To Shim A Prop Shaft Strut

    sailboat strut repair

  2. Replacing a BROKEN PROP STRUT

    sailboat strut repair

  3. Custom Boat & Shaft Struts

    sailboat strut repair

  4. Working on Sailboat Removing Propeller Shaft Strut with my Kids

    sailboat strut repair

  5. Custom Boat & Shaft Struts

    sailboat strut repair

  6. A Frantic Sailboat Restoration

    sailboat strut repair


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  2. Working on Sailboat Removing Propeller Shaft Strut with my Kids

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  1. Prop shaft strut repair

    My three choices for the repair are; 1) buy a new "close fitting" strut from Bock Algonguin, $ 600.+. 2) cut existing strut out and weld/braze on a flange (bronze) 3) fab a new strut out of stainless. I have access to a full on machine shop and can do most of the work myself, zero boat $. All three options involve cutting the existing strut out ...

  2. Strut Installation Methods & Typical Modes of Failure

    Strut Installation Methods & Typical Modes of Failure. 01/29/20. Catalina employed different strut designs and mounting methods over the years. This article describes those designs and methods to aid in the understanding and repair of your boat. Early Catalina 27 and Catalina 30 struts were installed from inside the boat and glassed into place.

  3. Loose Prop Strut

    Apr 22, 2011. 870. Hunter 27 Pecan Grove, Oriental, NC. Apr 26, 2021. #7. My 84 H27 prop strut is a Buck Algonquin. It is mounted with four 1/4" flat head bolts. There is a ss backing plate for each set of 2 bolts. I don't think that Hunter would have mounted your strut with only 2 bolts.

  4. Strut Repair

    Boat Info. Downloads Weekly Quiz Topic FAQ Classifieds. Sell Your Boat Used Gear ... Strut Repair. Thread starter Roger Long; Start date Aug 2, 2012; Forums. Featured Contributors. Roger Long - Cruising on Strider Status Not open for further replies. Roger Long. Nov 22, 2008 3,562 ... The strut is solidly mounted in these ...

  5. How to Replace a Shaft Strut on a sailboat. Sailing Reverie

    Have you ever wonder what is under the deck of your boat?Have you every wonder what it takes to replace the Shaft Strut on your boat?This is the first of thr...

  6. Strut Alignments

    The strut bolts are drilled out to remove the filler material and the bolts are put back in place with 5200. Aligning a strut is usually a once in a boat-life project unless a catastrophic grounding occurs. A properly aligned strut will free-up an engine to provide a smooth ride for comfort and higher speed, lower fuel consumption for performance.

  7. Strut Repair or replacement

    I removed the strut on my 1980 H27 when I replaced the cutlass bearing. Get new bearings at West Marine or other chandlery. On my H27, you can unscrew the plywood panel at the quarter berth to get to the strut nuts. I found that to align the strut after removal is the hard part. I had to shim under the strut with washers to get it to align right.

  8. How to Repace a Cutlass Bearing

    Learn how to replace a prop shaft strut bearing on your sailboat the easy way! In this video, you'll learn how a bearing works and also how to remove and ins...

  9. Replacing a BROKEN PROP STRUT

    We participate in multiple affiliate programs including Amazon Affiliates. This means that if you click on and purchase from our links, we will get a small p...

  10. Replacing a Strut Bearing

    Layout and drill the 7/16" holes as dimensioned on the Pressure Bar drawing. Cut two 18" lengths of 1/2" threaded rod, and then assemble as shown in the video. The advantage of the jig is that not only does it push the old bearing out but also works as a tool to push the new bearing in. You'll notice that the jig has springs between the ...

  11. Strut repair

    New here, did a little searching but didn't find anything on how to repair a leaking strut. I'm helping a friend on his 64' Harkers Islans Kingfisher. The STBD strut leaks, so we pulled her out of the water and I've gone to work. Of the 6 bolts that hold the strut on to the hull one is spun out and two look like they are leaking water ...

  12. Bent Rudder and strut: how to repair?

    Boat: 2005 23 LSV. 1. Author. Posted July 3, 2008. Here's the tally: at Malibu dealer, new rudder is $549 and strut is $216. here in the fine city of Houston, "Bauman's Props", a well-known machine shop that builds and reconditions props, quoted $60 each to straighten strut and rudder, provided they are not too bent.

  13. Bent Shaft and Strut

    A bent shaft can be repaired. We use a cold, hydraulic press process that does not alter the metallurgy of the shaft. It takes a lot of practice and time to straighten a shaft. Some shafts have metal memory and need to be checked hours or a day later. If the shaft is bent badly enough (over 1/2″) we will run a red dye crack test when the ...

  14. Strut repair

    Just heard from the machine shop, the strut has been straightened and is ready for a test fit, we have a new cutlass bearing at the ready and I figure we'll do the test fit after Thanksgiving. I cleaned the prop now the shaft is next.

  15. Shaft Repair

    From weekend pleasure craft to massive working ships, let H&H bring our craftsmanship and expertise to your boat with fast marine shaft reconditioning and repair. Unique Capability For shafts that are worn, pitted, or damaged, we offer specialized metalizing for precise and even surface reapplication, bringing old shafts to smooth like-new ...

  16. Sailboat Hull Repair Guide

    the procedure: Cut out. enough fiberglass mat to cover the area with up to ½ inch around. Continue. cutting out these layers, expanding the area by an additional ½ of an inch each. time, until you find the original thickness of the fiberglass. The top layer of. fiberglass mat should cover the entire affected area. Mix catalyst.

  17. Elektrostal

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  18. Elektrostal

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  20. Loose Strut Repair Question

    14. Catalina 30 San Diego. Jun 28, 2022. #1. Just finished a pre-purchase survey for a 1986 Catalina 30 and the survey found the strut to be loose. He applied push and pull pressure on it and there was substantial movement and a popping noice. The fiberglass hull around the strut was cracked and soft meaning there was some water damage.

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    The new MOD Black is the brand's newly updated full-suspension electric bike, designed with adventures in mind. In fact, I had the chance to get a sneak peek and test ride of the new model when ...

  23. Letter: Car warranty repair bill

    In a time where it is critical to grow the state's economy, this bill has the potential to give the state a much-needed shot in the arm.

  24. How to tighten a Loose Strut

    Sep 16, 2016. #1. We bought a 1985 Catalina 30 Mk I last year. The surveyor noted the strut was a bit loose. The Diesel tank is under the quarter berth over the strut. During my research, I found that Catalina used two different methods to install the struts: Thru-bolting or burying it in glass. Short of draining the fuel and man-handling the ...

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    U.S. officials are warning telecommunications companies that undersea cables that ferry internet traffic across the Pacific Ocean could be vulnerable to tampering by Chinese repair ships.