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Jeff Bezos’ New Yacht Is Finally Ready to Set Sail

Amazon’s founder has been spotted on Koru, a massive schooner with a design that evokes the golden age of sailing in the early 20th century.

Koru, a very large sailboat with three masts and a dark navy hull, sails on a calm blue sea.

By Kevin Koenig

Just in time for the high season of yachting in the Mediterranean, when multimillion-dollar megayachts descend on ports like Monte Carlo and St. Tropez, Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, has been photographed with his partner Lauren Sánchez on his new boat, Koru, off the coast of Spain.

Mr. Bezos’ vessel is a sailing yacht, a departure from the diesel-powered, floating palaces popular with other billionaires. But it is still massive. At 417 feet, Koru is the world’s largest sailing yacht, according to Boat International , and it cost an estimated $500 million to build, Bloomberg reported . (Parsifal III, the boat featured on Bravo’s reality series “Below Deck Sailing Yacht,” is 177 feet long — less than half the length of Koru — and cost $18 million , according to the website SuperYachtFan.)

A spokesperson for Mr. Bezos did not comment for this article; neither did Oceanco, Koru’s builder. Here is what to know about the boat.

For traditionalists, Koru is refreshing. At a time when yacht design skews outrageous — see the lizardlike, 262-foot Artefact or the otherworldly 463-foot Yas — Koru stands out as a schooner, a sailing vessel with two or more masts. Photos reveal a large sailboat with three masts, an on-deck pool and a voluptuous mermaid on the bow, that bears a resemblance to Ms. Sánchez. But otherwise, the sleek, classic lines suggest the patrician age of yachting in the early 20th century, said Robert B. MacKay, author of “The Golden Age of Newport Yachting: Between the Wars.”

“With the clipper bow and the dark hull and the masts,” Mr. MacKay said, referring to Koru’s concave, pointy forward section, “it reminds me of a boat built in 1930 for J.P. Morgan Jr., Corsair IV. It is almost like a reincarnation. It’s certainly at odds with the stuff the oligarchs are building — those look like bloated Clorox bottles.”

Compared with the world’s very largest motor yachts — built for sheer size and the accompanying bragging rights — Koru could almost be considered quaint. Azzam, one of the world’s largest motor yachts, is nearly 200 feet longer.

The Experience

Koru will be propelled primarily by the wind. “Sailboats are usually greener than most powerboats,” said Don Anderson, a former captain of M5 , the world’s largest single-masted sailboat, at 256 feet. “I’d like to think that Koru will be one of the most ecological yachts out there, with its sails and also with the technology that will be aboard.”

“When you’re on a sailboat, you’re more in touch with the wind and the waves than on a powerboat,” he continued. “You’re more susceptible to the elements, too. But you can leave California, and once you get past the Catalinas you can basically surf downwind all the way to Hawaii. All you need to do is run with the waves.”

Mr. Bezos has been a guest on similar boats, according to Bloomberg: In 2019, he was spotted on Eos , a 305-foot sailing yacht owned by Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg.

Bill Tripp, a Connecticut-based naval architect, said the appeal of this type of boat is clear: “When you are on a powerboat, you ask, ‘Are we there yet?’ and on a sailboat, you’re enjoying the ride and the ocean so much that you don’t ask that question.”

Koru will be trailed by Abeona, a 246-foot support vessel. Superyachts often have support vessels following along behind them. These “shadows,” as they are colloquially known, are for the “toys” — the ATVs, supercars, seaplanes, motorcycles, smaller boats, scuba gear, personal submarines and even helicopters that pleasure boaters might bring on a trip. According to its builder, this model of boat can carry these gadgets along with dozens of crew members. (Ms. Sanchez flies helicopters, and the couple was recently photographed taking a helicopter to board Abeona and then Koru.)

Abeona, a motor yacht, will have enough range to follow Koru from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean — a common course for yachts — on a single tank of gas.

The Kerfuffle

Koru set off a controversy last year — before it was even completed — in a face-off with the Dutch city of Rotterdam. The boat was built at Oceanco’s facility in Alblasserdam, the Netherlands, and needed to pass the historic Koningshaven Bridge, known as “De Hef,” in Rotterdam, to undergo testing in the North Sea.

When the city announced it would dismantle the bridge to allow the boat and its mainmast — an estimated 230 feet tall — to pass through unscathed, locals were angry. They planned a protest to throw eggs at the yacht as it cruised by. In the end, the bridge was not taken apart, and the yacht was towed to a different location to have its masts attached.

Koru is Maori for “coil” or “loop” and refers to the unfurling of a fern frond. The koru design is common in traditional Maori art, where it symbolizes new life, growth and peace. Mr. Bezos included a photo of a koru frond in an Instagram post on Jan. 1, 2022.

Brad Stone, who was the first to report on Koru, in his 2021 book “Amazon Unbound: Jeff Bezos and the Invention of a Global Empire,” said the name was “consistent with where we see him today.”

“He is no longer this single-minded tech guy,” Mr. Stone said. “He’s in media and Hollywood and has a new relationship.”

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Jeff Bezos' yacht reportedly cost $500 million and is the largest sailing yacht in the world. Here's what we know.

  • Jeff Bezos ' new $500 million megayacht Koru set sail this summer.
  • At 417 feet long, it's the world's largest sailing yacht and even boasts a sculpture resembling his fiancée, Lauren Sanchez.
  • Here's everything we know about Bezos' yacht.

Insider Today

Jeff Bezos' new megayacht set sail this summer, with the founder and former Amazon CEO and his fiancée Lauren Sanchez crisscrossing Europe to show it off.

At 417 feet long, the vessel is the world's largest sailing yacht and cost an estimated $500 million. The yacht is named Koru , which means "loop" or "coil" in the Māori language and often signifies new beginnings.

Koru joins a large class of flashy billionaires' yachts , including the 305-foot-long Eos, which belongs to billionaire Barry Diller and fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg.

Oracle cofounder Larry Ellison owns a yacht called Musashi, which is 288 feet long.

Bezos commissioned the enormous boat from the Dutch custom yacht builder Oceanco, and it took years to construct.

In February, the yacht underwent its first sea trials, a series of tests usually conducted in the last phases of construction. Koru made its maiden voyage in April, traveling from the Netherlands to Gibraltar.

The vessel has a pool on deck, and the prow features a mermaid sculpture that bears a striking resemblance to Bezos' then-girlfriend Sanchez. A second "support yacht," which has an on-deck helipad, accompanies Koru on its travels.

Sanchez has said the sculpture affixed to Bezos' yacht isn't her. "I'm very flattered, but it's not," she told Vogue. The sculpture is apparently of the Norse goddess Freyja, one of Bezos' favorite figures from mythology.

Bezos and Sanchez were first seen aboard the yacht along the coast of Spain in May, shortly before news broke that the couple had gotten engaged. The couple spent the rest of the summer on board traveling to various destinations, stopping at the Cannes Film Festival, sailing down the Italian Riviera, and making their way to Croatia.

In August, the yacht played host to an engagement party for Bezos and Sanchez , which reportedly drew guests including Bill Gates, Whitney Wolfe Herd, Ari Emanuel, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

While yacht season was apparently enjoyable for the couple, it was only after the vessel stirred up quite a bit of controversy: Koru's masts were so tall that the yacht nearly required the dismantling of a historic bridge in the Netherlands in order for it to pass through.

Locals planned to egg Bezos' superyacht if the bridge came down. Following the public outcry, Oceanco withdrew its request for the city to take apart the bridge.

And despite this massive purchase, Bezos' net worth is still well over $100 billion.

yacht jeff bezos price

Watch: What it takes to build a 164-foot superyacht

yacht jeff bezos price

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The best pictures of Koru

In 2022, the 125.8-metre sailing yacht Koru made history when she hit the water at Oceanco ’s Alblasserdam facilities. Now successfully delivered, she is the flagship of the Oceanco fleet and the largest Dutch-built yacht in the world. 

BOAT rounds up the best pictures of the three-masted sailing yacht owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos...

Koru unable to dock in Florida

Koru arrived at Port Everglades, Florida in November 2023 following a months-long Mediterranean cruise that included stopovers in Dubrovnik, Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer and Calabria (according to BOATPro ). The sailing yacht was too large to anchor in the nearby marina, which has a maximum capacity of 121.9 metres. She was photographed instead docking next to a 297-metre cruise ship named Rhapsody of the Seas .

Koru's helicopter landing

Last summer, Koru was spotted in the French Riveria alongside her 75-metre support vessel Abeona . Delivered by Damen Yachting two months before the mothership, Abeona is equipped with a helipad and hangar for a D14 value helicopter– which is clearly being put to good use. Accommodation is for up to 45 people onboard Bezos' support vessel, including crew, guests and other specialist staff.

Koru in Portofino

Koru and Abeona also travelled to Portofino in the summer of 2023, with both Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sánchez sighted enjoying lunch and taking photographs while on board. 

Koru's figurehead

Throughout construction, it was difficult to get a glimpse of the details on board Koru ; but once handed over, all of her traditional features could be admired up close. As well as the intricate gold paintwork and scarlet bootstripe, the yacht also features an elaborate figurehead made of polished wood. The woman is wearing a necklace with a symbol in the pendant, which some have speculated could be the Māori symbol meaning "koru".

Koru in front of Palma Cathedral

After delivery, the schooner spent some time enjoying the waters of Mallorca. The Balearic hotspot is a magnet for superyachts during the Mediterranean season, but Koru had the quiet anchorage largely to herself after leaving the Oceanco shipyard. Her classic lines could be appreciated in all of their glory against the backdrop of Palma Cathedral. 

Koru delivered to Mallorca

In April 2023. Koru was delivered and undertook her maiden voyage from the Netherlands to Gibraltar. She then headed onwards to Palma, giving the world a first glimpse of her cascading aft decks, mighty masts and elaborate aft deck pool arrangement. She was flying solo in Mallorca, but was later joined by support vessel Abeona .

Koru in Gibraltar

Following her successful sea trials in Rotterdam, Koru embarked on journey to Palma, Mallorca that involved an overnight anchorage in Gibraltar. The sailing yacht was sighted passing through the Strait of Gibraltar a second time on her cross-continental journey from the Mediterranean to the USA in November 2023.

Koru on sea trials

Koru was spotted departing from Rotterdam in the early morning light of February 13 to begin sea trials. The 125.8-metre Oceanco set sail across the North Sea to put her performance to the test after hitting the water for the first time in August 2022. The traditional three-masted schooner yacht has a midnight blue hull, traditional canoe stern and the unique addition of a chair at the very tip of the bowsprit. Her name represents the idea of life’s perpetual movement and is a Māori word closely related to that of an unfurling leaf.

Koru with her masts stepped

The yacht was seen for the first time in her final form on the dock in the Port of Rotterdam. Her trio of masts was stepped here to avoid having to dismantle any bridges to allow the Oceanco giant yacht to pass under. The maximum height of the bridge is 70 metres; the masts on Koru are thought to measure between 65 and 85 metres. The first images of Koru indicate the yacht will have plenty of features for her owner to enjoy, including an aft deck pool and a large, uncluttered sundeck.

Koru launched

The 125.8-metre yacht was moved from Oceanco’s primary facilities at the crack of dawn to enter the final stages of construction. The hull was transported via Dordrecht and Spijkenisse (Oude Maas), and her masts were transported separately via the slightly shorter Rotterdam Centre (Nieuwe Maas).

Koru moves through the Dutch canals

Before she hit the water, the hull of Koru was loaded onto a transport vessel and she made the journey through the Dutch canals for further construction work. The yacht was captured against the backdrop of the quaint Dutch countryside, revealing her classic-looking lines and long rows of windows.

Koru from a bird's eye view

As she was wheeled out of the shed into the light of day, yacht-spotters were able to get their first proper aerial shot of the yacht, without her masts. 

Koru rolls out of the shed

When Oceanco completed the work on the hull, the yacht was rolled out of the shed to reveal a crisp navy hull and white superstructure. Koru ’s exterior design immediately drew a comparison to Lürssen’s 93-metre sailing yacht Eos , which was designed by US-based Langan Design . This was the world’s first sighting of the already iconic superyacht.

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Jeff Bezos Has Reportedly Received the 417-Foot ‘Koru,’ the Tallest Sailing Yacht in the World

The $485 million vessel left for its maiden voyage last thursday., rachel cormack.

Digital Editor

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Oceanco Koru Superyacht

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos just received a toy way too big for a brown cardboard box.

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The yacht has also been at the center of massive, worldwide controversy. Back in February 2022, Oceanco requested that a centuries-old bridge in the port city of Rotterdam be partially dismantled in order to get the behemoth out and onto the high seas. The masts, which are the same height as the Great Pyramid of Giza, simply exceeded the bridge’s 131-foot clearance and thus prevented Koru from passing under. Rotterdammers were none too pleased and threatened to pelt the yacht with rotten eggs . The request was subsequently denied, and the yacht was instead discreetly towed through Rotterdam without its mast.

The designers behind the yacht’s interior and exterior are yet to be named, but it’s clear that she’s a timeless and elegant cruiser. Koru , which is a Māori for “new beginnings,” features a sleek black hull and white superstructure. She also sports a large pool on the aft deck and a number of plush alfresco lounges.

The epic design isn’t able to accommodate a helicopter, however, as the soaring masts make it too unsafe to land. As a result, Bezos commissioned a second yacht to hold his toys and tenders. Christened Wingman, the custom 246-footer is Damen’s largest support vessel to date. It’s a good match for monumental Koru , then.

Rachel Cormack is a digital editor at Robb Report. She cut her teeth writing for HuffPost, Concrete Playground, and several other online publications in Australia, before moving to New York at the…

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$500m price tag and bronze statue similar to his girlfriend: What we know about Jeff Bezos’s wild superyacht

‘koru’ superyacht comes complete with figurehead that looks similar to amazon founder’s girlfriend. meredith clark writes, article bookmarked.

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Bezos and Sanchez were spotted on the new superyacht.

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Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez have been spotted relaxing on the Amazon founder’s new superyacht, which is reportedly worth almost $500m.

The 59-year-old billionaire was photographed aboard the 417-foot-long vessel as it set sail along the coast of Spain on Monday, 15 May.

The couple’s maiden voyage comes nearly five years after the vessel was first commissioned in 2018 for half a billion dollars. The yacht – named the Koru after the Maori word for “new beginnings” – comes complete with three decks and a pool.

In photos obtained by the Daily Mail , Bezos was seen shirtless on the megayacht’s sundeck, while Sanchez was dressed in a pink bikini and white cover-up as the pair enjoyed the sunshine.

Bezos reportedly arrived to his yacht via helicopter, making use of the vessel’s helipad, after being flown to Mallorca on a private jet.

The 250-foot tall boat even came equipped with a figurehead that bore a striking resemblance to Bezo’s 53-year-old girlfriend. The polished wooden sculpture, which sits at the prow of the yacht, depicts a woman carved in the style of a Roman goddess, complete with long hair and a flowing gown.


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  • Jeff Bezos responds to viral video of girlfriend Lauren Sanchez gazing at Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Lauren Sánchez reveals hardest part about being in a relationship with Jeff Bezos

Koru, previously known as Y721, is the tallest sailing yacht in the world with three masts measuring more than 230 feet, according to Boat International . It reportedly cost Bezos $485m.

The boat’s exterior has a classic design of a black hull with a white superstructure. Although the brand-new vessel doesn’t come with a helipad, the Amazon founder reportedly purchased a support yacht, worth $75m specifically to land his helicopter.

The yacht is one of the longest in the world.

The Koru was constructed by Dutch yacht maker Oceano near Rotterdam in the Netherlands. It caused quite a scandal in February 2022 when the vessel nearly required the historic Koningshaven Bridge to be dismantled because its masts were too tall to pass under the bridge.

Indeed, the vessel is officially the tallest yacht in the world, standing at more than 230ft (70m), and is the length of four blue whales at 416ft (127m) - one of just four yachst in the world to boast a length of greater than 100m.

When Oceanco requested the city of Rotterdam dismantle the 100-year-old bridge – known to locals as “De Hef” – outraged citizens planned to throw rotten eggs at the superyacht. The yacht maker rescinded its request and ultimately hauled the 417-foot vessel to a separate shipyard to install the masts.

The clever design of the three masts, which see the yacht powered by kinetic energy, mean Bezos does not need an entire crew to staff the vessel - instead the Koru can be manned by one person (although no doubt the billionaire will have staff on hand for more of his voyages).

Guests visiting Bezos aboard his new superyacht are able to arrive via helicopter thanks to the vessel’s helipad, while other transport on board includes a fleet of cars, jetskis and smaller speedboats.

The yacht reportedly costs $25m a year to maintain, according to Page Six , but Bezos has more than enough money to cover the maintenance – his net worth is an estimated $141bn.

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Inside Jeff Bezos’ $400 Million Megayacht: The Flying Fox

With a net worth of $188 Billion dollars, Jeff Bezos owns some pretty incredible stuff. Let's take a look at his $400 million mega-yacht.

In July 2021, Amazon 's founder Jeff Bezos decided to finally leave the company he'd put much of his blood, sweat, and tears into, where he was not only the president but also the CEO - a position that was profusely intense and time-consuming, to say the least. With an estimated net worth of nearly $190 billion and an age of 57 at the time, it made sense for Bezos to leave his hard-working life behind to enjoy some of his well-earned bucks.

One of the first things Bezos did was what any billionaire would after or even before retirement: buy a massive yacht. Called 'The Flying Fox', the ultra-luxury boat was supposedly commissioned by the Amazon founder in 2019 to be built by Lürssen Yachts , and at a whopping price tag of around $400 million dollars, it's said to be the 18th largest yacht in the world in terms of overall size, and the 14th largest regarding interior space. Before getting on with this amazing yacht, make sure to check out this insane car that's also owned by Jeff Bezos.

The Flying Fox isn't just special because it's owned by Amazon's founder and one of the world's richest people, Jeff Bezos; it's also an incredible piece of machinery in its own right that's nothing short of a private luxury hotel that floats. Let's take a look inside:

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Jeff Bezos' Flying Fox: An Overview Of The Megayacht's Interior

flying fox exterior dining deck

With a length of 466 feet and a width of 74 feet, The Flying Fox's gigantic size accommodates 22 pairs of guests in 11 different rooms, all with their very own private terraces and ensuite bathrooms. While the exterior and body of the yacht were designed by the widely renowned Naval Architect, Espen Øino, the interior was actually imagined by Mark Berryman, and it features a theme that gravitates mostly around wooden trimming and decor.

The mega-yacht has a total of 6 decks, and amongst them, you can find a two-story 4,300 square-foot spa with a wide variety of amenities including rain shower massages and a cryotherapy sauna, a 40-foot pool that can go from cold to warm in 10 seconds, an enormous outdoor dining deck catered by world-class chefs, and a gym just in case you feel the need to work out in the middle of the sea. Most important of all, however, is the master bedroom, which takes up an entire deck with 348 square feet and is basically a house within the yacht.

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The Flying Fox Has An Entire World-Class Crew At Its Disposal

flying fox view from above

The $400 million yacht has a crew of 55 members, and all of them are the best of the best at what they do. There's a team of top-notch chefs, multiple masseurs, bartenders, gym and diving instructors, amongst many more. In terms of ship management, the crew is composed of members of the British military; which means they earn pretty high salaries for their efforts upon The Flying Fox. The captain of such a yacht can earn around $450,000 per year, while engineers make somewhere close between $100,000 and $150,000.

Passengers aboard The Flying Fox can expect an experience similar or even superior to that of an all-inclusive 5-star hotel; the added bonus is that this one can travel all around the world at an impressive top speed of 20 knots. Though it may not be as quick as this other mega-yacht you should take a look at later.

flying fox interior deck

To summarize, The Flying Fox is a floating wonder that the overwhelming majority of us can only ever hope to experience, let alone own. We should clarify that Jeff Bezos' ownership of the mega-yacht is only alleged, and it cannot be confirmed for sure, but that doesn't change the fact that it's still one of the most exclusive and unattainable vehicles in the world.

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Has the World Finally Had a Glimpse of Jeff Bezos’s $500 Million Mega-Yacht?

By Shivani Vora

Image may contain Jeff Bezos Human Person Clothing Shirt and Apparel

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is appears to be getting closer to welcoming the superyacht he reportedly commissioned in 2018: a fancy toy fitting for the world’s second-richest person, given that it costs a reported $500 million and breaks one world record after another.

Called Y721, this vessel of all vessels is being custom designed by Dutch builder Oceanco and was spotted at a shipyard last week in Zwijndrecht, a town in the western Netherlands. It’s reportedly heading to another Netherlands town, Alblasserdam, for a final fitting. With a length of 417 feet, Y721 is the biggest sailing yacht in the world and the longest vessel to be built in the Netherlands. Features include a black hull, classic shape, three large decks, and three masts.

Image may contain Transportation Vehicle Boat Yacht Vessel and Watercraft

Superyacht Bravo Eugenia , belonging to the U.S. billionaire Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, was built by Oceanco, which is also rumored to be behind Bezos’s new massive vessel.

Y721 is going to totally change the world of yachting with its design and innovation, says Fernando Nicholson, a luxury yacht sales broker with the yachting company Camper & Nicholsons. “It’s a boat with the latest technology and bells and whistles that have never been seen,” he says. “This will be the standard for all superyachts to follow, but in years to come, when its features become more affordable. Right now, only someone with Bezos’s wealth can swing the cost.”

The superyacht is said to be modeled after Oceanco’s famous yacht, the Black Pearl , which the company site says , “is one of the largest and most ecological sailing yachts in the world. She can cross the Atlantic without burning even a liter of fossil fuel.” Y721 will go through sea trails following its fitting-out in Alblasserdam and is expected to be ready sometime next year.

Image may contain Transportation Vehicle Boat and Yacht

The Flying Fox , allegedly owned by Bezos.

However, it’s only one of two new boats for Bezos: He has also commissioned a shadow vessel called YS 7512 from builder Damen Yachts. This support ship measures 246 feet in length and accommodates 45 additional crew and guests. It will also feature a helipad and meeting space and have a vast amount of storage for Bezos’s endless number of water toys, with diving and snorkeling gear, jet and water skis, waterslides, and surfboards among the bunch. Shadow vessels are a growing phenomenon in the superyacht industry and one more extra toy that their owners want to have at the ready, says Nicholson. “You see them more and more now as an add-on to a superyacht purchase,” he says. “They’ve almost become a must.”

There’s no doubt that Bezos will be sailing the high seas in full panache and style come 2022. But really, is there any other way when you have more money than almost anyone else in the world and attract an endless amount of attention too?

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Jeff Bezos’ Magnificent KORU Yacht and ABEONA Support Vessel

The KORU yacht is a 127 meter sailing yacht built in the Netherlands by Oceanco and delivered in 2023. She was designed by Dykstra Naval Architects with the the interior of the yacht designed by Mlinaric, Henry & Zervudachi.

In the world of luxury yachting, few names command as much attention as Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon and one of the richest individuals on the planet.

Bezos’ affinity for the sea and his penchant for exploration have materialized in the form of the breathtaking sailing yacht KORU and its companion, the support vessel ABEONA.

Commissioned from renowned shipbuilders Oceanco and Damen Yachting, respectively, these vessels are not only a testament to Bezos’ wealth but also a celebration of Māori culture and innovation in yacht design.

The Marvel of Modern Yacht Design: KORU Yacht

The KORU yacht, also known as Y721, is a masterpiece crafted by the acclaimed Oceanco shipyard. With a remarkable length of 127 meters (417 feet), the yacht exudes luxury and grandeur in every aspect. Launched in April 2023, KORU stands as a tribute to Māori art and culture, as evident from its name and styling.

koru yacht side

The Māori word “koru” signifies a loop or coil, symbolizing new life, growth, strength, and peace. This symbolism resonates throughout the vessel, creating an immersive experience that pays homage to the essence of Māori art.

Inside the KORU yacht, guests are treated to a world of unparalleled luxury. The yacht boasts a large swimming pool on the aft deck, inviting guests to bask in the sun while surrounded by the beauty of the open sea.

Accommodating up to 18 guests and serviced by a crew of approximately 40, KORU offers a perfect balance between privacy and service.

The yacht’s interiors are a testament to meticulous design and craftsmanship, with each detail meticulously chosen to provide the highest level of comfort.

The Symbolism of KORU’s Name

The choice of the name “KORU” for the yacht holds deep significance. In Māori culture, the koru symbolizes new beginnings, growth, and the cycle of life.

It is often represented as an unfolding fern frond, embodying the concepts of renewal and continuous movement. Jeff Bezos, in an Instagram post , highlighted the symbolism behind the name, showcasing his embrace of growth, rebirth, and mindfulness.

koru yacht back

ABEONA: The Perfect Companion

No luxury yacht is complete without a support vessel that complements its grandeur. Enter ABEONA, a 75-meter (246-foot) support vessel commissioned by Jeff Bezos.

Built by Damen Yachting, ABEONA serves as the perfect adjunct to the KORU yacht. This custom-built vessel carries all the toys, tenders, and equipment needed to enhance the yachting experience.

With a large helicopter hangar and the capacity to accommodate 45 staff, crew, and guests, ABEONA stands as an indispensable asset to the main yacht.

The Visionary Behind the Vessels: Jeff Bezos

With a staggering net worth of $160 billion, Jeff Bezos is not only a pioneer in the world of e-commerce but also a visionary with a passion for the sea.

The commissioning of the KORU yacht and the ABEONA support vessel reflects Bezos’ love for exploration and his desire to embrace the vastness of the ocean.

Bezos’ affinity for the sea is also reflected in his ownership of a Gulfstream G650ER private jet, showcasing his penchant for luxury both in the air and on the water.

koru yacht bezos

Oceanco: The Pioneers of Luxury Yacht Building

The Oceanco shipyard has carved a name for itself as a pioneer in the luxury yacht industry. Established in 1987, Oceanco has consistently pushed the boundaries of design, craftsmanship, and innovation.

KORU, with its classic schooner design, stands as a testament to Oceanco’s commitment to creating vessels that are not only luxurious but also artistically inspired.

KORU yacht summary

The KORU yacht and its companion ABEONA support vessel stand as testaments to Jeff Bezos’ love for the sea, his appreciation for Māori culture, and his affinity for luxury and exploration.

These vessels, crafted with precision by Oceanco and Damen Yachting, redefine the boundaries of yacht design and innovation.

As Jeff Bezos embarks on journeys of discovery aboard these vessels, he continues to inspire awe and admiration among yachting enthusiasts and the world at large.

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Jeff Bezos' $500 mn superyacht ‘Koru’ is an ultra-luxury experience to live for

Jeff bezos and his partner lauren sanchez were recently snapped soaking the sun on board ‘koru’ off the coast of spain..

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos's new yacht Koru is the talk of the town these days, days after he and his partner Lauren Sanchez were spotted soaking up the sun off the coast of Spain. At 417 feet, ‘Koru’ is said to be the world's largest sailing yacht costing $500 million ( ₹ 4,145 crore), and has numerous features which makes the stay a royal experience. Here are five important things to know about this super luxurious possession of Bezos. 1. The name ‘Koru’ is actually a Maori (indigenous people of New Zealand) term for a coil or a loop which symbolises new life, growth and peace. In fact, the Amazon founder had included a photo of a koru frond in an Instagram post last year. 2. Talking about the design, Koru is a large sailboat with three masts, an on-deck pool and a mermaid-like structure on the bow, bearing resemblance to Bezos' partner Lauren Sanchez, New York Times reported.

At 417 feet, ‘Koru’ is said to be the world's largest sailing yacht(Twitter/Yacht Informer)

3. This sailing yacht will be trailed by a 246-foot support vessel Abeona. This vessel is for carrying ATVs, supercars, seaplanes, motorcycles, smaller boats etc. It can carry them along with dozens of crew members. It has three huge 229-foot masts which power it to a speed of 20 knots.

4. Koru had triggered a controversy last year. It was built at Oceanco's facility in Alblasserdam in Netherlands and needed to pass the Koningshaven Bridge to undergo testing. When the local administration announced it would dismantle the bridge for the boat and mainmast, the locals had protested. However, the bridge was not dismantled and yacht took a different route.

5. It has numerous features like a large pool on the aft deck, seating area on the bowsprit and areas for relaxing across the open decks, Boat International reported. However, another website Luxuo reported that the superyacht also features a movie theatre, several lounges and several business areas.


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Jeff Bezos’ Record Breaking Yacht Koru

Ian Fortey

Initially known as Project Y721 later to be officially named Koru with is a Maori word meaning “new beginnings”, the yacht commissioned by billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos became infamous when word of a historic bridge in Rotterdam needing to be taken apart to let it pass through hit the news. As you might imagine, one of the world’s richest men is not going to have just a run of the mill yacht and the Koru is now the longest sailing yacht in the world. Let’s check out some of what makes the Koru a standout.

Who Built Jeff Bezos Yacht?

The Koru was built by Oceanco, the yacht makers responsible for a number of today’s superyachts. The company is owned by an Omani billionaire and has been making yachts since 1987.

The Interior of Jeff Bezos’ Yacht

yacht jeff bezos price

Details on the inside of the yacht are very limited as Bezos was not keen on publicizing a lot about the vessel. That said, rumor has it that the yacht was modeled after another yacht known as the Black Pearl. The Pearl is considered by some to be the largest sailing yacht in the world. There is some debate about that since the Sea Cloud is bigger but also has engines so it can switch from wind to motor power.

The exterior of the the Koru is black and features a white superstructure. The three largest masts, the tallest in the world on a sailing vessel, are also the most noticeable exterior features.

The interior appears to cover three decks though no photos of the inside have been made public yet so we’re still in the dark. There is a pool on the main deck however, but little else is know. In fact, neither the interior nor exterior designers have even been identified yet.

We do know that there is no helipad on deck as is often a feature on yachts this large. Word is that Bezos didn’t want those kinds of amenities on the Koru at all. However, it does come with a support vessel called the Abeona which is about 246 feet in length. It’s believed the Abeona, a motor yacht, will feature all the toys and gadgets like a tender garage and other amenities for guests of the Koru to enjoy.

Koru Features and the Black Pearl Connection

Like the Koru, details of the Pearl’s interior are limited. The Pearl, and presumably Koru, were designed to be able to cross the ocean without the aid of a single drop of fuel. That means some revolutionary design choices in the three carbon masts that can furl and set the sails with the touch of a button. That means a crew of one can set over 31,000 square feet of sails in just moments.

yacht jeff bezos price

Under sail, the Pearl was able to reach 30 knots and it’s been speculated that the Koru can reach about 20 knots. Even more impressive was that this green powered vessel was able to convert that wind power into energy to run everything else on the boat, potentially eliminating the need to run generators to power things. 

Inside, the Pearl has 6 cabins and room for 12 guests. The Bezos yacht is larger so it’s likely there will be more room but they have not offered any details to confirm or deny this. It does have three decks so there is a lot of space inside.

Does Bezos Own the Flying Fox?

yacht jeff bezos price

In late 2021 and early 2022, rumors spready that a 136-meter superyacht called the Flying Fox was purchased by Jeff Bezos. A lot of websites still have stories that say as much, but Bezos released a statement later saying that no, he did not buy the Flying Fox and, given that he’s now confirmed as the owner of the Koru, it stands to reason that the rumors were unfounded.

The Story of Jeff Bezos’ Yacht and the Rotterdam Bridge

yacht jeff bezos price

During the process of making the yacht, it became clear that the masts, which stand at around 230 feet high each, would make it impossible for the boat to get through Rotterdam because of the De Hef bridge. Bezos offered to pay to have the bridge taken apart until the yacht passed through and then reassembled but this did not go over well with the people of Rotterdam. 

For a time it seemed like the city had agreed to his proposal, but they walked it back afterwards saying no formal permission had been given and the plan was not being authorized. Protests were organized before the town had to come out against the plan to alter the historic bridge, which had already been rebuilt once after the war. It has been speculated that the public anger is what made the city come out against the plan

Oceanco, fearful that people would literally pelt the yacht with eggs which they had threatened to do, moved it secretly and under the cover of night along a different route some time later, minus the masts which later followed on barges to be assembled elsewhere. The new route was twice as long but there were no protests and it still got where it was going, so it all worked out in the end.

By August of 2022 the yacht was seen for the first time with the masts installed in Greenport, Rotterdam. That means it’s on the way to being complete and going on ocean trials but so far that hasn’t happened yet.

What’s the Size of Jeff Bezos’ Yacht?

yacht jeff bezos price

The finished length of the yacht was 127 meters long or 417 feet, which makes it a superyacht for sure but it’s not in the top ten for biggest yachts by a long stretch. For what it’s worth, the largest yachts are almost all motor yachts and Bezos’ yacht is a sailing yacht and those do tend to be shorter in length. 

In terms of just sailing yachts, Bezos has a world record now with the Koru being the largest ever built, overshadowing the Black Pearl and the Sea Cloud.

The masts on the vessel reach 70 meters or 230 feet making it the tallest sailing yacht in the world. It also comes with its own 250 foot support yacht, a secondary vessel that has a helipad, jet skis and possibly a mini sub.

What was the Price of Jeff Bezos’ Yacht?

When it comes to pricing, there’s a lot of speculation because the details are pretty limited when it comes to projects like this. That said, the general belief is that Bezos must have paid around $500 million for the yacht, making it one of the most expensive yachts in the world. When you have a net worth of about $137 billion, that’s not all that much to spend on a yacht, of course. 

When Bezos took possession of the yacht in April 2023, news sources listed the yacht as costing him $485 million, so those initial estimates were not far off.

yacht jeff bezos price

Rumor has it that the yearly operational costs for the yacht will be around $25 million in total. While that is substantial, it’s actually far less than some of the largest motor yachts cost to run on account of their fuel bills. The largest motor yachts like the Eclipse have yearly costs north of $60 million.  Sail boats , in general, are always cheaper.

The yacht was built by a company called Oceanco, 12 miles outside of Rotterdam, which is why that bridge fiasco was such a big deal at the time. 

Watch The Latest Video of Jeff Bezos’ Yacht First Sailing

The Bottom Line

In 2022, Oceanco built a yacht at first known as Y721 but then christened as Koru for billionaire Jeff Bezos. The vessel is 127 meters in length with triple masts that reach 70 meters, making the sailing yacht nearly half the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza. It came with a $485 million price tag with a $25 million annual upkeep cost.

The yacht uses extremely advanced and green technology and the sails can be managed by a single person rather than with an entire crew thanks to their high tech design. The details of the interior have been kept under wraps, but the vessel does come with a shadow yacht at about half the size that features a lot of the cool yacht amenities like a helipad, jet skis and more. 

For a time, Bezos was ready to pay to move a historic bridge in the city of Rotterdam in order to transport the yacht downriver but local protests forced Oceanco to transport the yacht, minus the masts, along a different route under the cover of night.

' src=

My grandfather first took me fishing when I was too young to actually hold up a rod on my own. As an avid camper, hiker, and nature enthusiast I'm always looking for a new adventure.

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New York Post

Jeff Bezos bags $8.5B after selling 50 million Amazon shares over 2 weeks

J eff Bezos has sold a total of 50 million Amazon shares during the past two weeks, bagging roughly $8.5 billion in cash, according to securities filings.

The 60-year-old e-tailing tycoon unloaded more than 14 million shares on Tuesday for about $2.37 billion — after selling 36 million Amazon shares in three transactions last week, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing earlier reported on by CNBC.

The four sales were executed under a prearranged trading plan that Bezos disclosed earlier this month, which said that he could sell up to 50 million Amazon shares before Jan. 31, 2025.

The selling spree marks the first time that Bezos has sold his stock in the e-commerce behemoth since May 2021, the year he stepped down as Amazon’s CEO and assumed the sole role of executive chairman.

It’s unclear what Bezos plans to do with his handsome windfall, which he will get a tax break on thanks to his recent Seattle-to-Miami move.

Bezos — also the founder of space company Blue Origin and the owner of The Washington Post — announced that he was leaving his longtime Seattle home in November, triggering a flurry of questions about whether the world’s second-richest person was looking to skirt higher tariffs.

Washington state imposed a 7% levy on capital gains on stocks or bonds upwards of $250,000 in 2022. Florida, however, has no such tax.

Had Bezos stayed in Emerald City — where he built a multimillion-dollar compound less than 10 miles from Amazon’s Seattle headquarters — he would’ve had to cough up $595 million to satisfy that capital gains tax.

The figure surpasses the $500 million Bezos doled out to purchase his superyacht, named Koru, which features a helicopter landing pad, swimming pool and a mermaid resembling his fiancée, Lauren Sanchez, adorning the prow.

Aside from the capital gains tax breaks he’ll get, Bezos is also poised to save on property taxes now that he call’s Miami’s exclusive Indian Creek island, also known as “Billionaire Bunker,” home.

Property taxes are 0.89% in the Sunshine State — less than Washington’s real estate tax rate of 0.98%,  according to Rocket Mortgage.

Bezos bought a a $79 million, seven-bedroom, 14-bathroom abode in Miami in October — two months after buying the  three-bedroom, three-bathroom home next door  for $68 million.

After scooping up two of only 40 reported waterfront properties on the ultra-exclusive island, Bezos reportedly has plans to bulldoze the $68 million pad and build a single megamansion with its neighboring eight-figure enclave.

It wasn’t immediately clear if he also has plans to tear down the $79 million, 19,064-square-foot home, though he’ll certainly be paying less property taxes than he did on his former primary residence in Seattle, where he executed a similar teardown project after accumulating a 5.3-acre property in the affluent Medina, Wash., neighborhood.

Also in Washington, deep-pocketed residents with assets valued at $2.193 million or more are also obligated to pay an estate tax ranging from 10% to 20% upon their death.

If Bezos were to keep Seattle as his primary residence and maintain his current net worth, it would mean he’d have to give up as much as $38.8 billion in estate taxes upon his death.

Florida, meanwhile, does not charge residents estate tax, regardless of asset size.

Representatives for Bezos did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

Jeff Bezos bags $8.5B after selling 50 million Amazon shares over 2 weeks

Jeff Bezos completes 50 million Amazon share sale, nets $8.5 billion

yacht jeff bezos price

Jeff Bezos has unloaded another $2 billion worth of Amazon shares, the last in a series of planned stock sales that have netted the former Amazon CEO about $8.5 billion in cash.

A regulatory filing released earlier this month revealed Bezos' plan to sell 50 million shares by Jan. 31, 2025. Sales kicked off on Feb. 7 and wrapped up on Tuesday.

Bezos, the founder and executive chair of Amazon, still has more than 900 million Amazon shares worth roughly $158 billion. His net worth totals about $191 billion , according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Why is Bezos selling Amazon stock?

Bezos' plans with the money aren't clear, but experts say the timing of the sales makes sense. Amazon's share price is up (it's gained more than 12% so far this year) and Bezos' recent move from Seattle to Miami means he can sell without worrying about Washington state's new 7% capital gains tax.

The move to Florida could save him nearly $600 million in taxes.

Bezos offloading Amazon shares: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos just saved millions on a recent share sale. Here's how.

What is Amazon's share price

Amazon shares closed Wednesday at $168.59, up 0.9%.

Jeff Bezos and Nvidia join OpenAI and Microsoft in backing a humanoid robot unicorn valued at $2 billion, sources say

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos, Nvidia Corp. and other big technology names are investing in a business that’s developing human-like robots, according to people with knowledge of the situation, part of a scramble to find new applications for artificial intelligence.

The startup Figure AI Inc. — also backed by OpenAI and Microsoft Corp. — is raising about $675 million in a funding round that carries a pre-money valuation of roughly $2 billion, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the matter is private. Through his firm Explore Investments LLC, Bezos has committed $100 million. Microsoft is investing $95 million, while Nvidia and an Amazon .com Inc.-affiliated fund are each providing $50 million.

Robots have emerged as a critical new frontier for the AI industry, letting it apply cutting-edge technology to real-world tasks. At Figure, engineers are working on a robot that looks and moves like a human. The company has said it hopes its machine, called Figure 01, will be able to perform dangerous jobs that are unsuitable for people and that its technology will help alleviate labor shortages.

Other technology companies are involved as well. Intel Corp.’s venture capital arm is pouring in $25 million, and LG Innotek is providing $8.5 million. Samsung’s investment group, meanwhile, committed $5 million. Backers also include venture firms Parkway Venture Capital, which is investing $100 million, and Align Ventures, which is providing $90 million.

The ARK Venture Fund is participating as well, putting in $2.5 million, while Aliya Capital Partners is investing $20 million. Other investors include Tamarack, at $27 million; Boscolo Intervest Ltd., investing $15 million; and BOLD Capital Partners, at $2.5 million.

OpenAI, which at one point considered acquiring Figure, is investing $5 million. Bloomberg News  reported in January  on the funding round, which kicked off with Microsoft and OpenAI as the initial lead investors. Those big names helped attract the influx of cash from the other entities. The $675 million raised is a significant increase over the $500 million initially sought by Figure.

Representatives for Figure and its investors declined to comment or didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

People with knowledge of the matter expect the investors to wire the funds to Figure AI and sign formal agreements on Monday, but the numbers could change as final details are worked out. The roughly $2 billion valuation is pre-money, meaning it doesn’t account for the capital that Figure is raising. 

Last May, Figure raised $70 million in funding round led by Parkway. At the time, Chief Executive Officer Brett Adcock said, “We hope that we’re one of the first groups to bring to market a humanoid that can actually be useful and do commercial activities.”

The AI robotics industry has been busy lately. Earlier this year, OpenAI-backed Norwegian robotics startup 1X Technologies AS  raised $100 million . Vancouver-based Sanctuary AI is developing a humanoid robot called Phoenix. And Tesla Inc. is working on a robot called Optimus, with Elon Musk calling it one of his most important projects. 

Agility Robotics, which Amazon backed in 2022, has bots in testing at one of the retailer’s warehouses. Bezos — the world’s second-richest person, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Ranking — was Amazon’s chief executive officer until 2021 and remains chairman. His net worth is estimated at $197.1 billion. 

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  1. Jeff Bezos' $500M yacht has a 246-foot support ship, Lauren ...

    Much like Amazon, Jeff Bezos' $500 million superyacht offers every bell and whistle imaginable, from A to Z. The colossal, triple-masted Koru began its career serving the world's third richest ...

  2. Jeff Bezos' New Yacht Is Finally Ready to Set Sail

    Jeff Bezos' New Yacht Is Finally Ready to Set Sail. Amazon's founder has been spotted on Koru, a massive schooner with a design that evokes the golden age of sailing in the early 20th century.

  3. Jeff Bezos $500 Million Yacht Koru Makes Maiden Voyage

    Above: Video footage of Koru - Jeff Bezos' yacht - on YachtWorld's YouTube channel that shows the superyacht on her maiden voyage before setting sail into serene waters amidst the morning air.. A $500 Million Masterpiece. Koru, formerly referred to as Y721, is a sailing yacht that stands out in multiple ways.Constructed with a steel hull and an aluminum superstructure she has three ...

  4. Koru (yacht)

    Koru is a luxury custom superyacht owned by Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. The vessel was built in the Netherlands by Oceanco starting in 2021, and delivered in April 2023. [3] [4] [5] It is a three-masted sailing yacht 127 meters (417 ft) long and reported to have cost $500 million or more. [6] [7] [8] When commissioned, the yacht was the ...

  5. Jeff Bezos' Yacht: Everything to Know About Luxurious $500M Vessel

    Sarah Jackson. Nov 14, 2023, 1:28 PM PST. Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez spent a lot of time onboard his $500 million yacht Koru this summer. MEGA/GC Images. Jeff Bezos ' new $500 million megayacht ...

  6. The best pictures of Koru

    In 2022, the 125.8-metre sailing yacht Koru made history when she hit the water at Oceanco 's Alblasserdam facilities. Now successfully delivered, she is the flagship of the Oceanco fleet and the largest Dutch-built yacht in the world. BOAT rounds up the best pictures of the three-masted sailing yacht owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos...

  7. Jeff Bezos Yacht: A Celebrity Boat Steeped In Mystery

    Jeff Bezos' Yacht Price: The Cost Of Being #1. Many may wonder what the price of such an extravagant sailing yacht would be, not to mention the cost of ownership. Reportedly the Y721 price was somewhere around $500 million USD, putting her among the most expensive yachts in the world.

  8. Jeff Bezos Receives 'Koru,' the Tallest Sailing Yacht in the World

    Jeff Bezos Has Reportedly Received the 417-Foot 'Koru,' the Tallest Sailing Yacht in the World The $485 million vessel left for its maiden voyage last Thursday. Modified on May 17, 2023 ...

  9. Jeff Bezos Yacht Koru • $250M Sailing Superyacht • Oceanco

    The magnificent Sailing Yacht KORU, commissioned by the world's richest man, Jeff Bezos, is a marvel of modern yacht design.Built by the acclaimed Oceanco and delivered in April 2023, this superyacht bears a resemblance to Barry Diller's iconic 93-meter sailing yacht "EOS." Exuding luxury and grandeur, KORU stands out for its large swimming pool on the aft deck and its capacity to ...

  10. 9 surprising facts about Jeff Bezos' new mega yacht Koru: it cost US

    Jeff Bezos' new yacht is thought to be worth half a billion dollars. Photo: Lurssen ... Generally, the annual cost of running and maintaining a superyacht is close to 10 per cent of its price ...

  11. What we know about Jeff Bezos's superyacht: $500 million price tag and

    Bezos reportedly arrived to his yacht via helicopter, making use of the vessel's helipad, after being flown to Mallorca on a private jet. The 250-foot tall boat even came equipped with a ...

  12. Inside Jeff Bezos' $400 Million Megayacht: The Flying Fox

    With a net worth of $188 Billion dollars, Jeff Bezos owns some pretty incredible stuff. Let's take a look at his $400 million mega-yacht. ... Flying Fox', the ultra-luxury boat was supposedly commissioned by the Amazon founder in 2019 to be built by Lürssen Yachts, and at a whopping price tag of around $400 million dollars, ...

  13. Has the World Finally Had a Glimpse of Jeff Bezos's $500 Million Mega

    A Dutch shipyard is rumored to be building the Amazon chief's secret, record-breaking, black-hull vessel. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is appears to be getting closer to welcoming the superyacht he ...

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    Jeff Bezos appears to be getting closer to setting sail in superyacht style. ... with a price tag of upwards of $500 million, ... The record-breaking Bezos Yacht emerges - as I wrote about in my ...

  15. Jeff Bezos' Magnificent KORU Yacht and ABEONA Support Vessel

    Price: $250 million: Annual Running Cost: $20-25 million ... Jeff Bezos, in an Instagram post, highlighted the symbolism behind the name, showcasing his embrace of ... These vessels, crafted with precision by Oceanco and Damen Yachting, redefine the boundaries of yacht design and innovation. As Jeff Bezos embarks on journeys of discovery aboard ...

  16. Jeff Bezos' superyacht is so big it needs its own yacht

    Today in ultra-billionaire news, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has purchased a modest 100-foot schooner as he looks forward to a quieter life and hours of reflection on the open seas …

  17. Video: Jeff Bezos' Secretive $500 Million Super Yacht ...

    The Koru yacht built for Bezos was spotted sailing through the North Sea. Veronika Bondarenko. Mar 6, 2023 12:04 PM EST. The founder of Amazon ( AMZN) has earned a reputation for being a fairly ...

  18. Jeff Bezos' $500 mn superyacht 'Koru' is an ultra-luxury experience to

    Amazon founder Jeff Bezos's new yacht Koru is the talk of the town these days, days after he and his partner Lauren Sanchez were spotted soaking up the sun off the coast of Spain. At 417 feet ...

  19. Is Jeff Bezos's $500 million yacht made with 'blood timber' from

    Well, three years earlier, Bezos commissioned Oceanco, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, to build him the largest sailing vessel in the world at a reported cost of $500 million (almost £403 million ...

  20. Jeff Bezos' Record Breaking Yacht Koru

    In 2022, Oceanco built a yacht at first known as Y721 but then christened as Koru for billionaire Jeff Bezos. The vessel is 127 meters in length with triple masts that reach 70 meters, making the sailing yacht nearly half the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza. It came with a $485 million price tag with a $25 million annual upkeep cost.

  21. Inside Jeff Bezos' New $500 Million Mega Yacht

    Inside Jeff Bezos' New $500 Million Mega Yacht. Jeff Bezos' brand new codename: Project Y721 yacht by Oceanco in the Netherlands is a 471 foot long mega yach...

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    Jeff Bezos' Abeona shadow yacht sleeps around 45 people. ... Jeff Bezos lives a life of luxury and one of his latest splurges includes a US$500 million superyacht complete with the Abeona ...

  23. Jeff Bezos' new $500M superyacht sets sail after 5-year construction

    Billionaire Jeff Bezos ' new yacht has been revealed after a five-year construction - and it will be the tallest in the world, measuring over 230ft tall. ... And with a big price tag comes a big ...

  24. Crypto rumor suggests Jeff Bezos sold $8.5 billion in Amazon stock to

    The rumor claims MicroStrategy's Michael Saylor was seen at a dinner with Jeff Bezos, months before the latter sold $8.5b in Amazon stock. ... Bitcoin's price pump, hinting at billionaire FOMO? ️ ... held in a yacht docked at the port of Gustavia on the island of Saint Barthélemy in France. However, the current version of the article (linked ...

  25. Jeff Bezos bags $8.5B after selling 50 million Amazon shares over ...

    Jeff Bezos has sold a total of 50 million Amazon shares during the past two weeks, bagging roughly $8.5 billion in cash, according to securities filings. The 60-year-old e-tailing tycoon unloaded ...

  26. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos completes $8.5bn share sale plan

    Multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos has sold another 14 million Amazon shares, worth around $2.4bn (£1.9bn). The latest sale brings the total number of shares he has sold in the firm over the last nine ...

  27. Jeff Bezos stock sales: Amazon founder sells off 50M shares

    Jeff Bezos has unloaded another $2 billion worth of Amazon shares, the last in a series of planned stock sales that have netted the former Amazon CEO about $8.5 billion in cash. A regulatory ...

  28. Jeff Bezos and Nvidia join OpenAI and Microsoft in backing a humanoid

    Through his firm Explore Investments LLC, Bezos has committed $100 million. Microsoft is investing $95 million, while Nvidia and an Amazon .com Inc.-affiliated fund are each providing $50 million.