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47 foot catalina sailboat

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Catalina 470

Catalina 470 is a 47 ′ 8 ″ / 14.5 m monohull sailboat designed by Gerry Douglas and built by Catalina Yachts starting in 1998.

Drawing of Catalina 470

Rig and Sails

Auxilary power, accomodations, calculations.

The theoretical maximum speed that a displacement hull can move efficiently through the water is determined by it's waterline length and displacement. It may be unable to reach this speed if the boat is underpowered or heavily loaded, though it may exceed this speed given enough power. Read more.

Classic hull speed formula:

Hull Speed = 1.34 x √LWL

Max Speed/Length ratio = 8.26 ÷ Displacement/Length ratio .311 Hull Speed = Max Speed/Length ratio x √LWL

Sail Area / Displacement Ratio

A measure of the power of the sails relative to the weight of the boat. The higher the number, the higher the performance, but the harder the boat will be to handle. This ratio is a "non-dimensional" value that facilitates comparisons between boats of different types and sizes. Read more.

SA/D = SA ÷ (D ÷ 64) 2/3

  • SA : Sail area in square feet, derived by adding the mainsail area to 100% of the foretriangle area (the lateral area above the deck between the mast and the forestay).
  • D : Displacement in pounds.

Ballast / Displacement Ratio

A measure of the stability of a boat's hull that suggests how well a monohull will stand up to its sails. The ballast displacement ratio indicates how much of the weight of a boat is placed for maximum stability against capsizing and is an indicator of stiffness and resistance to capsize.

Ballast / Displacement * 100

Displacement / Length Ratio

A measure of the weight of the boat relative to it's length at the waterline. The higher a boat’s D/L ratio, the more easily it will carry a load and the more comfortable its motion will be. The lower a boat's ratio is, the less power it takes to drive the boat to its nominal hull speed or beyond. Read more.

D/L = (D ÷ 2240) ÷ (0.01 x LWL)³

  • D: Displacement of the boat in pounds.
  • LWL: Waterline length in feet

Comfort Ratio

This ratio assess how quickly and abruptly a boat’s hull reacts to waves in a significant seaway, these being the elements of a boat’s motion most likely to cause seasickness. Read more.

Comfort ratio = D ÷ (.65 x (.7 LWL + .3 LOA) x Beam 1.33 )

  • D: Displacement of the boat in pounds
  • LOA: Length overall in feet
  • Beam: Width of boat at the widest point in feet

Capsize Screening Formula

This formula attempts to indicate whether a given boat might be too wide and light to readily right itself after being overturned in extreme conditions. Read more.

CSV = Beam ÷ ³√(D / 64)

Wing keel versions draft: 5.5’/1.68m

Tall rig with mast moved aft:

I: 62.67’ / 19.10m J: 17.83’ / 5.43m P: 56.92’ / 17.35m E: 20.00’ / 6.10m

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Catalina 545: Best Full-Size Cruiser Over 55 Feet

  • By Herb McCormick
  • Updated: December 9, 2019

Catalina 545

So here come the Big Boys: the four finalists in the BOTY Class of 2020 vying for the title of “Mightiest Monohull” of them all. It would not be a cut-and-dry choice, however, as all four contestants were so radically different from one another.

Unfortunately, due to the extreme and unusual weather during the sea-trials portion of the contest (see “A Little Bit of Everything,” page 67), the yacht with perhaps the greatest sailing potential—the Beneteau First Yacht 53—went untested on the water. The 53 is a departure for Beneteau, which is betting big on attracting the performance-cruising segment of the market. So the judges were left to ponder the boat’s fate based on their dockside inspections.

Beneteau First Yacht 53

It received high marks. Judge Ed Sherman said: “This is a very interesting boat. It’s actually an outlier in terms of the electrical system in that it’s still using 12 volts, while almost everyone else seems to be evolving to 24 volts. There’s some real innovation happening here. They get kudos for the in-house digital-switching control system they’ve designed, which is pretty slick and enables the owner to control the system with their cellphone, or even remotely via the internet with the onboard Wi-Fi.”

Hanse 675

Like the Beneteau, the year’s largest entry, the Hanse 675, comes with a price tag of over $1 million, a major topic of discussion in the final deliberations for the class. And while the judges did get aboard the boat for a test sail, the conditions were so calm that, again, decisions were based largely on the dockside visit. And it also generated positive reviews.

“Mechanically, the systems were very well-done,” judge Ralph Naranjo said. “The idea of using hydraulics for the anchor windlass was great, though I thought the capstan and chain size were quite small. Under sail, we didn’t have a fair evaluation because of lack of wind. But the sails, running rigging and so on were splendid. Under power she did very well, making better than 10 knots at the high end. And she backed down well either way.”

Bavaria C57

The second of two Bavarias to be introduced in the United States this year was the stout C57. “In terms of installations, the systems are very similar to the C50,” Sherman said. “I’d say Bavarias in general have achieved a point in their construction expertise where they’re on par with Groupe Beneteau boats—they’re all in the same league in terms of the craftsmanship it takes to install commonly requested marine systems.” Naranjo added, “They’ve done an interesting thing with the 57, as they have several different draft versions from which to choose, and the engineering is solid in that they change the ballast with the different draft options.”

That left the 56-plus-foot Catalina 545 , which—spoiler alert—not only was named Best Full-Size Cruiser Over 55 Feet , it also was named the overall Boat of the Year .

“I liked it as soon as I got on it,” judge Dan Spurr said. “I like the looks of it. I like the cockpit layout. The designer and builder, Gerry Douglas, did an excellent job explaining how he put the boat together and the choices that he made. I was impressed by the overall layout abovedecks and below. We didn’t have a ton of wind when we sailed it, but it acquitted itself nicely. It seemed like a pretty straightforward rig that my wife and I could handle pretty comfortably. In other words, it wasn’t complicated. Pricewise, in this category, it was in the same range as the Bavaria but considerably less than the Beneteau or Hanse, which I think is important. It represents good value. It’s a simple boat but one that’s handsome and well-thought-out.”

“The little things did it for me,” Sherman said. “The rigid stainless-steel handrails and the great toe rail. Really chunky stuff. I love the drain down the side of the deck. It was slippery in pretty light air. I mean, we got it up to 5 or 6 knots without any effort at all. I really loved the interior layout too. That forward stateroom with the little daybed was great. And the furniture in the main saloon is solid wood, not laminated stuff. It’s seemingly a minor thing, but it’s actually pretty major in terms of maintaining the value of the boat down the line.”

Many decades ago, Catalina Yachts was launched with the name of the prominent island off the coast where the company was founded. Fittingly, the Catalina 545, the latest and perhaps greatest of all the models that came before it, is an island unto itself.

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  • Best Performance Cruiser
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  • Best Full-size Cruiser
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Catalina 470

The catalina 470 is a 47.67ft masthead sloop designed by gerry douglas and built in fiberglass by catalina yachts since 1998..

The Catalina 470 is a light sailboat which is a good performer. It is reasonably stable / stiff and has a good righting capability if capsized. It is best suited as a coastal cruiser. The fuel capacity is average. There is an excellent water supply range.

Catalina 470 sailboat under sail

Catalina 470 for sale elsewhere on the web:

47 foot catalina sailboat

Main features

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47 foot catalina sailboat

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47 foot catalina sailboat

We help you build your own hydraulic steering system - Lecomble & Schmitt


Builder data, other photos.

47 foot catalina sailboat

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Catalina logo

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Catalina 425

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47 foot catalina sailboat

The Catalina 425 is an all-new design that assumes the position in the Catalina line held by the legendary Catalina 42. Although it is new and contemporary in styling it is designed to endure in function and aesthetics in the Catalina tradition. The 425 incorporates all the valued hallmark Catalina features; a functional spacious cockpit, a comfortable, carefully detailed interior and all the “5 Series” featured that have redefined the Catalina brand.

Virtual tour provided by Sail Place, Inc.

Catalina 425

As American production boatbuilding huddles on the sidelines, the builders of the homegrown, impressive Catalina 425 knock one through the uprights.

Cruising World Magazine

The Catalina 425 is an excellent cruising boat that will carry you just about anywhere in comfort, safety and, yes, speed and style. She’s a worthy winner of a SAIL Best Boats award.

SAIL Magazine

Catalina 425


Length Overall: 43′ 6″

Length of Hull: 41′ 8″

Length at Waterline: 39’ 1″

Beam: 13′ 8″

Distance from Waterline to Masthead*: 62′ 11″

(not inclluding lights and antennas)

Draft: 5′ 0″

Ballast: 7,700 lbs

Basic Weight: 19,100 lbs

Draft: 6′ 8″

Ballast: 6,700 lbs

Basic Weight: 18,100 lbs


100% Foretriangle: 429 ft 2

Main by Measurement: 436 ft 2

Total w/100%: 865 ft 2

Sail Area – Displacement Wing Keel: 19.4

Sail Area – Displacement Fin Keel: 20

Standard Furling Main: 464.5 ft 2

Standard Jib Self Tacking: 398 ft 2

Optional Genoa 110%: 434 ft 2

Optional Genoa 135%: 538.5 ft 2

Optional Genoa 155%: 620 ft 2

Optional UPS Spinnaker: 922 ft 2

Optiona APC Spinnaker: 1223 ft 2


Water: Forward 50 gal, Starboard 56 gal

Water Heater: 11 gal

Total Water: 117 gal

Sanitary Holding Tank: Fwd. 31 gal, Aft. 23 gal

Total Holding: 54 gal

Fuel: Primary Tank 62 gal, Optional Auxiliary Tank 18 gal


Yanmar 4JH57CR, 57 mhp @3000RPM

Common Rail, Electronic Diesel

3 Blade Michigan MP3 18×14

1 1/4″ S.S. Shaft

Twin Edson Performance Pedestals with 32″ Stainless Wheels.

Single Lever Engine Controls on Starboard Cockpit Coaming.


Quick Rider 1000 with 5/16″ Chainwheel Gypsy for 5/16″ High Test Gd 40

or BBB Gd 30 Chain and/or 1/2″ – 5/8″ Rope

Primary – 55ST EVO Lewmar

Cabin Top / Secondary – 45ST EVO Lewmar

All specifications are approximate and subject to change without notice.

Actual equipment also subject to change without notice.



  • One-Piece Fiberglass Hull with End Grain Balsa Core Sandwich Construction Above the Waterline, and a Vinylester Integral Barrier to Resist Osmosis Blistering
  • One-Piece Fiberglass Deck with End Grain Balsa Core and Molded-In Diamond Pattern Non-Skid Surfaces Finished in Two-Tone White and Grey
  • One-Piece Fiberglass Deck Liner Finished in NonGlare Texture
  • One-Piece Molded Fiberglass Structural Grid
  • One-Piece Molded Fiberglass Hull Liner with Satin Finish
  • Lead Fin Keel with 316 Stainless Steel Attaching Bolts
  • Five Year Gel Coat Blister Protection * ( 2 )
  • Five Year Hull Structure Warranty * ( 3 )


  • Furling Mainsail with Vertical Battens
  • Self Tacking Jib, with U.V, Protection, White
  • Complete Standing and Running Rigging, 316 SS
  • Internal Pre-Stretched Dacron Halyards
  • Wiring Conduit with Messenger in Mast
  • Selden In-Mast Mainsail Furling System
  • Selden Anodized Double Spreader Mast and Boom


  • ( 2 ) Two-Speed Self Tailing Primary Winches
  • ( 2 ) Two-Speed Self Tailing Jib Halyard Winches ST Port/Starboard
  • Double Ended Mainsheet System Led Aft to Helm Position
  • ( 1 ) 10 ” Winch Handle, ball bearing
  • Ball Bearing Mainsheet Traveler with Car Adjuster System led to Portside
  • 11 ’ Genoa Tracks Inboard with Ball Bearing Low Lead Blocks
  • All Halyards led Aft, to Sheet Stoppers
  • Headsail Furling System
  • Selden Boom Vang, Rigid Adjustable Type


  • Single Lever Engine Controls Mounted on Starboard Side
  • Yanmar ( 4 ) Cylinder Diesel Engine, 57 HP, Fresh Water Cooled with Common Rail Electronic Fuel System
  • Bronze Propeller, Three Blade
  • Sea Water Filter for Engine Cooling
  • Centrally Mounted Electronic Engine Instruments
  • Emergency Tiller Access and Emergency Tiller
  • Dual Station Pedestal Steering with wheel brake
  • Twin 32 ” Destroyer Wheels
  • Bilge Blower and Ventilation System
  • Illuminated Compass in Cockpit Table


  • Fiberglass Cockpit Table with ( 2 ) Leaves, Foot- brace, Center insulated Compartment, and Handrails
  • Walk Through Stern with Transom Boarding Platform
  • Stern Boarding Ladder. Telescopic Type
  • 27 ” Double Lifelines with Gates Port and Starboard
  • Mooring Cleats, Two Fore and Aft
  • Midship Spring Line Cleats
  • Molded-In Gel Coat Waterline, Midwatch Blue
  • Midwatch Blue and Silver Sheer Stripes
  • Large Double Anchor Rollers on Foredeck with Mounting Point for Code “ 0 ” or Asymmetrical Spinnaker
  • Electric Anchor Windlass with Power Up and Down Handheld remote control
  • Large Divided Anchor Locker for Below Deck Chain and Rode Storage
  • Stainless Steel Handrails on Cabin Top
  • Stern Rails with Observation Seats, Cup Holders, Outboard Bracket and flag staff mount
  • LPG Storage Locker for ( 2 ) 10 lb. alum. Tanks
  • Hot & Cold Shower Mounted In Transom Boarding Area
  • Water-Tight Strike Zone Collision Bulkhead at Bow
  • Multi coat Varnish Finish On Interior Teak and maple
  • Veneer Bulkheads with Solid Teak Trim
  • Cabin Window Shades
  • Navigation Station with Chart Table and 110 and 12 volt outlets & USB port
  • Owner’s Stateroom with Large Double Berth. Cedar lined Hanging Locker, Drawers, and Private Head with vessel sink
  • Teak and Holly Textured High Pressure Laminate Sole
  • Inner Spring Mattresses on Fore and Aft Berths with Custom Fitted Sheets
  • LED Interior Lighting
  • Main Saloon Features Large Dinette, Gloss Finished Dining Table to Port, Seating Starboard with central navigation table
  • Guest Stateroom Aft on Starboard, Features Large Double Berth, Hanging Locker, and ample storage
  • Third Cabin Aft to Port, Convertible to Double Berth, Upper/Lower Berths, or Storage Locker
  • Dedicated Cabinet for easy access to Engine Filters located in Aft Port Cabin
  • Front Loading Refrigeration, D.C. Powered with Freezer Compartment
  • Top Loading Insulated Compartment, Available as a Second Refrigerator or Freezer
  • Polished Double Stainless Steel Sinks
  • Large Storage Cabinets over Galley
  • Large Storage Lockers with Drawers and Bins
  • Gimbaled ( 3 ) Burner L.P.G. Stove w/Oven, Polished
  • Multi-Drawer Bank with Utensil Storage Rack
  • Microwave Oven, AC Powered
  • Single Lever Faucet with Pull-Out Sprayer


  • Pressure Water Distribution System with Filter at Pump and Tank Selection Valves for ( 3 ) Tanks
  • 11 Gallon Hot Water Heater with Engine Heat Exchanger and 110V Electric Heating Element
  • ( 2 ) Electric Macerating Heads with Holding Tanks and Deck and Thru-Hull Outlets
  • Electric Bilge Pump with Float Switch
  • Manual Bilge Pump and Bilge High Water Alarm
  • Head Compartment Forward with Vanity Counter, Medicine Chest and Shower Compartment Stall
  • Head Aft with Vanity, Sink, Medicine Chest, and Shower


  • Three Heavy Duty 8-D 12 Volt Marine Deep Cycle Batteries
  • 60 Amp Battery Charger, Multi-Bank Automatic
  • L.E.D. Running Lights, Fore and Aft
  • 110 Volt, 30 AMP Shore Power System with circuit breakers
  • ( 1 ) 110 Volt, 30 AMP, Shore Power Cord 50 ft.
  • L.E.D. Anchor Light at Masthead
  • 12 Volt Lighting Throughout
  • Custom 115 Volt AC/12 Volt DC Electric Panel
  • Circuit Breakers for AC and DC Electrical Panel and Windlass Control
  • Shore Power Galvanic Isolator
  • Ground Fault Circuit Protection with ELGCI
  • A.C. Duplex Receptacles Throughout


  • Raymarine i70 2-Multi Function Displays with Transducer 1 Mounted at Port and the other at Starboard Helm Stations – Speed, Depth & Wind


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7200 Bryan Dairy Rd

Largo, FL. 33777

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COUNTRY DANCER47' Catalina 470 2000

This vessel is no longer on the market.

Well fitted out for cruising by owners who have lived aboard and cruised for past several years - recently arrived in Ft Lauderdale

Serious offshore cruiser, Fast sailing vessel, comfortable live-aboard, exciting day sailor or weekender

2 double cabins – 2 heads w/showers

Large Master suite aft w/ centerline queen – Guest double forward – en-suite

Spacious Salon with full galley, Nav station, Dinette

Exceptional headroom throughout – nearly 7 ft.

Bright and airy with numerous opening ports and overhead hatches

Fully Air Conditioned – Generator- Extensive solar power - Full cockpit enclosure

Huge cockpit with twin steering wheel design – large sugar scoop swim platform

Numerous upgrades – see full listing specs. 

This is an exceptional sailing vessel, and in excellent condition. She not only performs well, but is easily single handled. There are comfortable quarters for owner’s party and crew, and her high headroom adds to the sensation of a large volume yacht and can accommodate most sailors.

Click open full specs and Call the listing broker immediately to see this vessel.


  • Price USD: $ 184,990

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

  • LOA: 47 ft in
  • Display Length: 47 ft
  • Water Capacity: --
  • Fuel Capacity: 84 gals
  • Engine Details: Yanmar
  • Engine 1: 75.00 HP
  • Engine Fuel: Diesel
  • Days on Market: INQUIRE

+ Dimensions

LOA ……...47 ft ………………….    14.32 meters

LWL…….. 42 ft ………………..      12.8 meters

BEAM……14 ft ………………        4.27 meters

DRAFT ….. 5 ft 9 in …………    1.75 meters

DISPLACEMENT… 26,500 lbs…..11,680 kilo

BALLAST ………… 9,550 lbs. …… 3,992 kilo

BRIDGE CLEARANCE… 64 ft 6 in …..19.65 meters      

TANKAGE:    Fuel ….88 gal. total ….. 333 ltr   (in2 - tanks.).             .

                       Water …200 gal total ... 757 ltr (in 5 tanks)

                        (5 tanks water tanks w/manifold system)

                       Holding …..  1x 40 gal……. 152 ltr

                                                1x 36 gal ……. 136 ltr

Engine …….. Yanmar Diesel 75 HP  4JH2-THE (4360 Hrs.)

Generator -----  8.o KW Fisher Panda Generator ( 860 hrs.)

+ Accomodations

2 double staterooms, 2 heads

Beautifully appointed standard Two-Stateroom interior is air conditioned throughout. This layout features a Guest stateroom forward and a large Owner's stateroom aft. 


Island berth, with new 10" memory foam mattress

Hanging lockers on both sides

Drawers, Port and Starbd shelves, and nicely appointed storage containers. 

 The Owner's head has Jabsco manual marine head, 

sink and separate shower stall- (Aft Shower with free standing pantry for dry storage)

There is access to the head from both the owner's stateroom and main salon.


Large Pullman berth with coil spring mattress,

hanging lockers, shelves, and a large top access locker under the berth.

There is also a private head - Electric Raritan with macerator - and separate shower,

Electric head forward, manual head aft, with 60 gal holding.

Many, many small storage changes to increase livability.

+ Vessel Walkthrough

The extra-large cockpit may be entered either from the aft swim platform, or wide side decks through opening gated in the lifelines, Port and Starbd. 

Descending the companionway stairs – the U-shaped Galley is to Port and forward facing Nav station to Starbd. 

 A convenient day head is to Starbd immediately aft of the Nav Station. 

Proceeding aft through the companionway, is the Master stateroom. This stateroom is full beam, and also has private access to the aft head. 

Forward of the Nav Station, on the Starbd side are two  chairs with a table in-between. Along the Port side, forward of the Galley is a comfortable U-shaped dinette area that easily seats six people – the table can be lowered to convert to two additional sleeping berths. 

Forward along the centerline of the vessel is the Guest cabin with double pullman berth to Port, and storage lockers to Starbd.

 A private head and shower are located forward of the guest Cabin.

+ Salon and Galley

Ventilation is excellent with air conditioning, 8 opening hatches, 10 opening.

Manufacturer's twin Salon chairs

Ultra-leather interior upholstery

Satin varnish interior

Teak n holly sole- Refinished 2019 - Beautiful condition

Teak magazine racks in salon, forward birth and aft stateroom

All main lighting now LED, including Nav and 2020 Masthead.

 Full feature galley with microwave, propane stove & oven that even has the luxury of an exhaust fan hood . The dual entry refrigeration is divided into freezer and refrigerator compartments and can be accessed from the top or the front.  The front door has been upgraded and the entire refrigeration box insulated with extra closed cell foam keeping the run time to less than 50% in the tropics.

Galley freezer and fridge rebuilt with VIP and 8" foam for tropical sailing.

3 burner S/S Force 10 stove/oven, LPG, gimbaled with lock (solenoid, gauges)

12 V Adler Barbour front and top loading Refrigerator

Double S/S sinks with pressure washer

20 gal. water heater

Soft composite galley sole

Multi drawer bank

Lots of storage including overhead cabinets with glass & dish storage.

Custom teak wood knife storage behind stove

Customized pot locker for easy storage of pots and pans

Under counter coffee maker

+ Electrical and Electronics


           TriStar networked 960-watt solar array with 2 MPPT controllers.

           Fischer Panda 8KW diesel Generator - 860 hours

           980 AmpHour Lead Acid 6vt/12vt golfcart house battery bank (new 2020) - plus spare battery

           Tripp-Lite 4KW inverter with 100Amp 3 stage charger

           ProNautic 1250c 4 stage 50-amp Battery Charger

LED under-counter lighting in cockpit and cabin    various 12-110volt inverters for small appliances, TV's, Computers. 


Cockpit Helm:

         dual lighted compasses

       Complete engine panel

       Raymarine RL70C Plotter - wireless to Ipad or other devise

       Raymarine ST60+ wind

       Raymarine ST80 Multiview (darkened screen)

       Raymarine ST60+ tridata (new) - Speed, Depth, Log

Nav Station:

                Raymarine RL70C Chart plotter -with 24 mile radar display - wireless to Ipad or other devise

              Raymarine Masterview Multifunction (depth, speed, wind,route,course)

              Raymarine ST60 Wind

              Vectron Battery monitor

              Brookhouse NEMA/Seatalk Multiplexer

              Wi-Fi Router and MicroTik long range transceiver and antenna

              All nav inputs are on wifi and repeat to IOS devices (Ipad).

              Standard Horizon Matrix GX3000S VHF     

              ICOM 802 SSB

              PACTOR III SSB Modem

              Vesper 8000 AIS transceiver ( receive and transmit).

              Raymarine 24-mile radar ( at Nav station).

              (current owners navigate with 2 iPads, and 2 computers all networked into the nav WiFi. This allows route sharing, active autopilot and much more versatile nav packages, with multiple active charts on separate screens.)

              406 MHz EPIRB


    (1) flat screen LED 32" TV in Salon , (2) Flat Screen TV for staterooms

       Bose cabin speakers

       10 disk CD changer

       cockpit waterproof speakers.

+ Mechanical

Engine and running gear.

           Yanmar 75hp turbo diesel. (1gph @ 2000rpm @ 6.5kts- 4360 hrs

     (2) dual Racor 500 water separator fuel filters.  Customized twin diesel filters operate independently for easy switching of tanks and fuel management 

Morse single lever shifter / throttle 

           Brunton Autoprop - self pitching feathering three blades

3 Marine Air reverse cycle AC heat pumps

Watermaker-14gph 12vt Clark pump desalinator (installation still partial)

Forward & aft waste tank

Raritan-Elegance electric macerating head Forward ( fresh or salt water)

Jabsco manual marine head aft

fresh and salt water washdown

+ Hull and Deck

Double anchor rollers

(3) heavy duty anchors

Anchor locker w/divider & scuppers  

Fresh water / sea water wash down in anchor locker.

All portlights, hatches and windows have new lenses 2016.

Cockpit has twin steering wheel design for easy movement around entire cockpit, and easy access to swim platform. 

 Steering controls - cockpit

 Dual stainless wheels with recent leather - Twin steering stations permit unrestricted visibility on all points of sail and

easy transom access with drop in security panel. 

Standard FG table with 2 leaves

           custom serving table, glass holders and storage containers.

Stern rail seats with raised bars and line storage

Garhauer Dinghy davits

Full sunbrella enclosure/dodger with Lexan windshields. Includes screens!!!

3 x 20lb propane (up from factory 10lb) lockers with composite tanks.

Aft swim step and walk-through stern w/transom boarding handrails.

Dockside water connector

+ Sails and Rigging

Easy sail plan, with all lines leading to the cockpit for safety and ease of handling.

Double spreader mast 

(Fully factory rigged for in-mast furling w/ aluminum extrusionm and furling gear)

Full Batten Main. New 2013        

 (Schafer RF) 135% Genoa -2018

(Harken RF) 90% Staysail – Solent-2019

 Asymmetrical Red, white, Blue Spinnaker (the "freight train") on continuous line furler

 28' extendable whisker pole mounted on mast track.   

 2 primary winches Harken 66 self-tailing 2 speed

 2 halyard winches Harken 44 self-tailing 2 speed - one electric

 Updated Garhauer traveler

 Spring-loaded solid vang

Garhauer adjustable Genoa cars - can be adjusted from cockpit under load

+ Sail Area

IJPE : 1010.25 sq ft

I : 58.25 ft

J : 17.00 ft

P : 51.50 ft

E : 20.00 ft

Working Sail Area : 1010.00 sq ft

+ Additional Equipment

Ground tackle

           Rocna 73lb with 250' 5/16 ARCO HT chain & 200 ft rode

      Rocna 55 lb anchjor w/ chain and rode

        Delta 45lb plow

           Custom bow recovery roller for Rocna

           2 harnesses, for chain or mooring.

 NEW upsized Maxwell 1500 Windlass.

Large stocks of spares

4-man life raft in canister (out of date)

Rain gutters on Solar array for water catchment

+ Keel Details

Keel Type: Wing

Ballast: 9550 lb

Displacement: 26500 lb

Max Draft: 5.ft 9 in

+ Manufacturer Provided Description

The challenges of extended offshore cruising have been met with a display of strength, innovative design, and engineering that clearly define the Catalina 470. A unique, structural fiberglass grid is bonded to the hull and provides both strength for the hull and a massive foundation for securing bulkheads, equipment, engine, and tanks. Below there is a new standard of functionality and comfort. The galley is remarkable in its amount of cold, consumables, and equipment space. The generous deck beam is carried well aft providing for an expansive cockpit with twin steering stations and large master stateroom below. The luxurious main salon boasts adjustable arm chairs and deep banquet seating available in soft, durable Ultraleather. The nav station contains all necessary readouts, as well as a swivel TV and VCR. For easy maintenance, centrally located equipment clusters offer easy access to all pumps, valves, and filters. A washer - dryer combination is sensibly located in the shower area of the forward head. At every turn, equipment and systems have been engineered to the most demanding bluewater specifications: the first ever articulated traveler rotates fore and aft, spreading the load evenly over bearing surfaces for smoother main sheet handling and more precise trimming. Custom cheek blocks and raised genoa tracks guide sheets straight aft to large, powerful winches. Moreover, a powerful, double spreader rig and generous sail plan are balanced to deliver a remarkable combination of high performance and ease of handling.

+ Standard Equipment List

Some features in this list are "options" from the manufacturer and may not be installed on this vessel:

Catalina 470 Specifications - Standard Equipment Spar and Rigging - Double spreader masthead rig - Full batten mainsail, dacron with two reef points. - Ball bearing mainsail slides on mast track. - 135% Furling genoa, dacron with UV protection. - Complete standing and running rigging. - Internal pre-stretched dacron rope halyards. - PVC wiring conduit with messenger in mast. Sail Handling and Equipment - Two, two speed self-tailing primary winches. - Two speed self-tailing halyard winch, port. - Electric main halyard winch, starboard - Halyards and vang control lines led aft. - Port and starboard line storage compartments. - One 10" winch handle. - Mainsheet traveler with car and multi-purchase adjuster system. - Dutchman mainsail flaking system. - Inboard genoa tracks with ball bearing cars. - Single line mainsail reefing system. - Boom vang, stainless steel with multi-purchase adjustment. Propulsion, Steering Controls - Dual station, independent pedestal controlled steering. - Compass with light at port and starboard steering stations. - Centrally mounted engine instruments. - Single lever engine controls on starboard side. - Steering brake in wheel hub. - Twin stainless destroyer wheels. - Emergency tiller system. - Fresh water cooled 75 h.p. turbo diesel engine with reduction gear. - Sea water strainer on cooling inlet. - 3-bladed bronze propeller. - Bilge blower and ventilation system. Features And Deck Hardware - One piece fiberglass deck, white with grey two-tone. - Twin helm cockpit with contoured coamings. - Fiberglass cockpit table with two leaves. - Walk through stern with transom boarding platform and storage lockers. - Stern boarding ladder with contour treads. - Double lifelines with gates port and starboard. - Mooring cleats, two fore and two aft. - Midship springline cleats. - Midwatch blue and silver sheer stripe. - Molded-in gel coat waterline, midwatch blue. - Large double anchor rollers on foredeck. - Electric anchor windlass, power up and down controls, with foot switches. - Anchor locker forward with divider and two scuppers. - Stainless steel hand rails on cabin top. - Cockpit cushions. - Stern rails with observation seats, port and starboard, with cup holders. - Molded-in landing for dodger. - Anodized aluminum toe rails. Interior - Satin varnished finish with gloss trim on interior wood surfaces. - Navigation station with chart table, and built-in upholstered contoured seating - Owners stateroom aft with queen size island berth, hanging lockers, drawers, vanity desk with seat and private entrance to aft head. - Main saloon features large dinette, gloss finished dining table to port, with settee seating starboard. - Guest stateroom forward features large pullman berth, hanging lockers, shelves and private head with shower. - Large top access locker under berth. - Inner spring mattresses on fore and aft berths with custom fitted sheets - Teak and holly veneer sole. - Teak veneer bulkheads and teak trim. - Entertainment center with color TV - VCR combo, remote control, 12 volt inverter for TV, marine antenna, shore cable connector, Sony cassette- receiver - CD controller, 10 CD changer, remote control, two Bose speakers in main salon, with waterproof speakers in the cockpit. Galley - Refrigeration system, DC powered with divided refrigerator-freezer compartments. - Microwave oven, built-in, AC powered. - 3 burner stainless steel stove with oven. - LPG, gimbaled with lock. - Stove hood with light and power vent to exterior. - Separate pump for ice box discharge. - Large top loading locker. - Soft composite galley sole. - Multi drawer bank. - In-counter trash chute to under counter bin. - Overhead cabinets with glass and dish storage. Plumbing Systems - Pressure water distribution with filter at pump. - Manifolded tankage with cleanouts. - 20 gal. hot water heater with engine heat - exchanger and 115V element. - Macerator pumps for overboard discharge of holding tanks, two independent waste systems. - Electric head aft, manual head forward. - Complete head compartment forward and aft with separate shower compartments. - Hot and cold deck shower at transom. - Selection manifold for five water tanks. - Diesel fuel - 84 gallons in two separate aluminum tanks with selection valves and filters. - Dockside water pressure system. Electrical System - Raytheon ST80 instruments package with Masterview at navstation, two Multi views and Wind display in cockpit. - Standard Intrepid VHF radio: dual station with RAM microphone. - Two heavy duty 12 volt DC marine batteries in service house bank. - Marine battery charger, multi-bank automatic. - International running lights. - 115V 30 amp shore power and adapter. - Masthead, foredeck and steaming lights. - 12 volt DC lighting throughout. - Custom 115V AC - 12V DC elec. distribution panels, separate main breaker panel and windlass control. - Circuit breaker for AC-DC electrical circuits. - Ground fault circuit protection. - AC duplex receptacles throughout. Catalina 470 Optional Equipment - Twin aft cabins, in lieu of standard - Wing keel - Fin keel - Cockpit dodger, side panels and window covers - Bimini, extended without cockpit dodger - Cockpit dodger, side panels, window covers and bimini with connector panel - Teak cockpit sole grate - Canvas package with (1) mainsail cover, (2) wheel covers, (2) compass covers, (1) cockpit table cover and (4) winch covers - Cockpit Cushions, Vinyl, White with Grey Piping - Cockpit cushions, with closed cell foam, in lieu of standard - Leather wrapped wheels, in lieu of standard. - Ultraleather upholstery in main cabin, in lieu of standard - Twin reclining swivel lounge chairs, in lieu of settee in main cabin - Interior Decor Package - Mast with internal mainsail furling system and furling mainsail, in lieu of standard - Tall rig mast, in lieu of standard - Diesel generator with fresh water cooling, sound shield, interface switching panel and controls - Safety and equipment package - Air conditioning and heating, reverse cycle system with three units with individual controls - Bow thruster, 7 h.p. Electronics Packages - Chartplotter A. Raytheon RL70RC radar-ready 7" display with Ray 112 GPS antenna - Radar antenna: Raytheon 2kw dome and cable, mast mounted. (Requires option W1 8804 and W1 8805) - Navstation display: Raytheon RL70 second station for chartplotter - radar (Requires option W1 8804) - Chartplotter B. Raytheon 620 10" display with Ray 112 GPS antenna - Raytheon ST7000 Type 2 autopilot system - Second TV - VCR with dedicated inverter in aft cabin - Heart 2000 watt inverter, with 100 amp battery charger and Freedom remote panel, in lieu of standard battery charger Sails - 155% Furling genoa, dacron with UV. protection and sheets, in lieu of standard 135% furling genoa (for Tall rig) - Poleless cruising spinnaker with sheets,1.5 oz. nylon, specify color (for Tall rig) - Shipping and storage cradle, steel

+ Owner Exclusion

Owner personal effects

2019 10' Highfield RIB with Yamaha 15hp 2 stroke – (optional)

                       Full chaps on dinghy since new!

+ Disclaimer

The company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change or withdrawal without notice.

Not all boats listed online are listed with United, but we can work on your behalf. For more information on this vessel or to schedule a showing, please contact a United Yacht Sales broker by calling our main headquarters at (772) 463-3131.

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47 foot catalina sailboat


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47 foot catalina sailboat

45' Catalina Morgan 45 1995

Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States

47 foot catalina sailboat

45' Catalina Morgan CC Sloop 1991

San Carlos, Mexico

47 foot catalina sailboat

45' Catalina Morgan 45 1991

Marco Island, FL, Florida, United States

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47 foot catalina sailboat

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Picture of SALLY C

SALLY C 2005 | 47' Catalina 470 Sailboat for Sale

2005 catalina, 47' (14.61m) 470 - sally c, easy to handle, sally c. has full electronics, furling in-mast main and genoa, bow thruster, electric winches, a generator, heat, and air conditioning and pretty much every option catalina offered. her owner has maintained her with an open checkbook, and it shows. everything works..

  • Annapolis Maryland United States
  • Fiberglass Hull

$ 250,000 USD

€ 232,137 euros $ 337,521 cad.



The Catalina 470 was the flagship of the fleet for many years. Designed by Catalina's head designer, Gerry Douglas, the 470 was designed as a rugged, well equipped offshore passage maker.

The Catalina 470 was arguably designed with the most impressive list of construction refinements and quality of life features ever offered in a production yacht. All the equipment and systems have been engineered to the most demanding blue water specifications. The Catalina 470 features a unique, structural fiberglass grid that is bonded to the hull and provides both strength for the hull and a massive foundation for securing bulkheads, equipment, engine, and tanks. The generous deck beam is carried well aft providing for an expansive cockpit with twin steering stations and large master stateroom below. The Catalina 470 embodies all that is essential to safe passage making and all that is desired in performance, function, comfort, and luxury.

Sally C. has an enormous two-cabin, two-head layout. Either stateroom could be considered a master, both have loads of storage, are quite spacious and have ensuite access to the heads, both with separate showers. The galley is larger than many apartments and the spacious salon is great for relaxing and entertaining. All of this makes for a great live aboard, weekend getaway or platform to explore far-away shores.

Easy to handle, Sally C. has full electronics, furling in-mast main and genoa, bow thruster, electric winches, a generator, heat, and air conditioning and pretty much every option Catalina offered. Her owner has maintained her with an open checkbook, and it shows. Everything works. 

Please contact the listing broker for more information and to schedule a private showing!

LOA: 47' 11" (14.61 Meters)

Type: Sail - Used

Beam: 14' "

Bridge Clearance: 63' 5"

Draft Max: 5' 9"

Draft Min: ' "

Queen Berths: 1

Full Beam Master: Yes

Maximum Speed: Knots

Cruise Speed: Knots

  • Fuel Type: Diesel

Hull Material: Fiberglass

Fuel Tank: 176 Gallons (666.23 Liters)

Fresh Water: 214 Gallons (810.08 Liters)

Holding Tank: 64 Gallons (242.27 Liters)

Full Details

Accommodations (vessel walk-thru).

Forward Head : The forward head is in the bow of the boat and is ensuite in the forward stateroom. As you enter, the sink is to the right and the head to the left. Above the head is a shallow counter. Across and beneath the sink is a locker. Above each counter area are double door mirrored medicine cabinets. 

Forward is the separate shower stall which has a watertight door. The washer/dryer unit is in the forward end of shower area, with a locker directly above it. A shower curtain that pulls across to protect it when the shower is in use. Ventilation and lighting provided by an overhead hatch and four overhead lights. Headroom is 6’ 7”.

Forward stateroom:  As you enter the forward stateroom there is a 6’ 6”x 32”x 56” Pullman berth located on port. Outboard of the berth is a small, fiddled shelf, with white oak staving lining the hullside above it. Beneath the berth is the generator and aft of that linen storage. On starboard are four louvered locker doors. There is a shelf space with a high fiddle running the length of the lockers. The two aft doors providing cedar lined hanging locker space and the two forward doors shelving storage. Head room in this area is 6’ 11”. Lighting and ventilation are from two reading lights, three overhead lights, a Hella fan and an overhead hatch.

Salon:  On starboard are a pair of swivel high back chairs with tilt and arm adjustments. A small café table is located between them, with some shelf space below for TV remotes and such.

On port is a spacious U-shaped dinette that can comfortably seat six. The dinette table has a drawer beneath it and can be converted to make a 7’x 58” berth.

Above and behind on both sides are a pair of louvered door lockers with shelves above on either end, a fiddled bookshelf between them and a hullside light.

Headroom in this area is 7’. Lighting and ventilation are provided by two overhead hatches, a Caframo fan, four opening ports, two hullside fixed lights, seven overhead lights and two brass gimbaled lamps with lamp shades.

Galley:  The galley is on port at the base of the companionway, is U-shaped and has bracing and fiddles everywhere you reach, making for a good offshore galley arrangement. The sinks are oriented toward centerline and are forward facing. There is a large locker beneath them and three overhead lockers above. The space between the galley counters and the overhead cabinets provides an open feeling between the galley and salon, so the chef is part of the conversation. To the right of the sinks is a wooden cutting board with a top-loading rubbish bin. To the left of the sinks is a top loading dry bin. Moving around and along the hullside is the stove, followed by more counter space with access to the top loading freezer. There is one drawer beneath the stove and four drawers to the left of it. Behind the countertop and the full length along the hull are molded organizer spaces for spices and such. Above that are two lockers, a microwave, and a pull-out drawer beneath the microwave. Above the stove is a range hood and a fixed hullside port. Continuing back around the aft end of the galley, the counter space wraps around in a U-shape. This area contains the refrigeration access and there is a locker with shelves on the wrap around portion of the counter. Along the aft end if the galley and overhead are four lockers with shelves.  There is a grab rail that runs along the hullside for additional support. Headroom in the galley is 6’ 10”. Lighting and ventilation come from two house side lights one hullside light and four overhead lights. There is an opening hatch and dorade vent as well.

Navigation station:  The nav is at the base of the companionway on starboard. It is oriented facing forward and has an upholstered seat and seat back, with storage underneath it. The nav top has storage beneath it and two drawers beneath that. Outboard at seat level is a bin cubby and all the electrical and electronic controls are within easy reach. There is fiddled book storage space above the table as well. Headroom at the Nav is 6’ 11”.

Aft Head:  The aft head can be entered from either the salon or the aft stateroom. Entering from the salon, the head is directly in front of you; a curved countertop with the sink is to the right of it. There is a locker beneath the sink and two large, mirrored door lockers above . Another large mirror is at the aft end of the space. To the left as you enter is the separate shower stall. There is a fixed light in the shower stall with a Dorade vent and an LED strip light. In the sink area there is a fixed light, one opening port and two strip LED lights. The aft end of this space has 6’1” of headroom; the forward end and the shower are 6’ 7”.

Master stateroom:  As you enter the master stateroom the berth is a queen size island walk-around berth. There is a padded headboard and a night table with drawer and swing-arm lamp on either side. Storage lines the hulls, with shelf and drawer storage on the aft end, double doored louvered lockers forward and fiddled shelves above. The lockers on port are cedar lined, with hanging storage on starboard, and shelving on port. The port side also has a counter with a fiddle. At the forward end of the cabin on center is a dressing area with a stool, drawer, counter space, and a mirror. There is ensuite access to the aft head. Lighting and ventilation in this space is provided by two fixed hullside ports, two overhead hatches with screens, two overhead lights, one LED strip light above the dressing mirror and one Hella fan. Headroom in the entry of the master stateroom is 6’ 6” and reduces to 5’ 10” on the crossover.

  • Teak and Holly cabin sole
  • Satin varnished teak with gloss trim
  • Louvered locker doors throughout
  • Cedar lined hanging and storage lockers
  • Ash hullside staving in staterooms
  • Teak hullside staving in salon
  • Continuous hand holds throughout the saloon and forward stateroom
  • Textured overhead fiberglass for easy maintenance
  • Screens for all hatches
  • Z-Accord blinds throughout
  • Light Oyster Ultraleather upholstery with upgraded foam in salon and nav areas
  • Innerspring mattresses
  • Brass reading lights
  • Rollup window shades on hatches
  • Composite counters with teak fiddles
  • Deep double stainless-steel sinks
  • Grohe H/C water mixer with gooseneck faucet
  • Pull out sprayer wand
  • Whale manual freshwater pump
  • 6.1 cu. ft. icebox with divider and spillover system
  • Adler Barbour 12v. air-cooled refrigeration
  • Whale icebox drain foot pump
  • Top loading freezer
  • Top and front-loading refrigerator
  • Gimballed Princess 3-burner LPG stove with oven
  • 11 lb. LPG tank in dedicated LPG locker
  • Additional dedicated LPG storage locker
  • Stainless steel stove hood with fan
  • Stainless steel safety bar
  • Magic Chef .7 cu. ft. 120V microwave oven
  • Cuisinart toaster
  • Keurig coffee machine
  • Top access trash bin with cutting board lid
  • Top access dry bin
  • Teak stove cover

Forward Head

  • Integral molded composite counters
  • Oval brushed stainless steel sink
  • Grohe stainless steel hot/cold water mixer
  • Opposing mirrored double door medicine cabinets
  • Separate shower stall forward with watertight door
  • Molded non-skid floor
  • Scanvik shower wand
  • Molded unitized shower compartment for easy cleaning
  • Soap dispenser
  • Electric shower sump pump
  • Raritan SeaEra fresh water flush electric head (‘16)
  • 32 gallon holding tank
  • Y-valve for overboard discharge
  • Clothes hook
  • Continuous stainless steel grab bar around counter
  • Drop down front mirrored medicine cabinet
  • Scanvik hot/cold shower wand
  • 34 gallon holding tank


  • Dockside water connection
  • 214 gallons of fresh water
  • Seaward 20-gallon hot water heater
  • Par-Max 4.0 GPM freshwater pump
  • Accu-gauge Ultra-8 tank systems monitor for 2 holding tanks and 5 water tanks
  • Electric bilge pumps (2)
  • Whale manual bilge pump
  • Hot and cold cockpit shower
  • Splendide Comb-O-Matic 5200 washer/dryer


  • Hand-laid fiberglass hull with end grain balsa coring above the waterline
  • Full structural fiberglass grid & hull liner bonded to the hull
  • Vinyl ester resin barrier coat to resist osmotic blistering
  • Lead fin keel with stainless steel bolts
  • Two coats of bottom paint (09/22)
  • Side-Power SP75T bow thruster (’22)
  • Midwatch Blue molded-in gel coat waterline
  • Midwatch Blue and Silver stripes
  • Rub strake with rubber insert
  • Slotted aluminum toe rail
  • Hand-laid fiberglass deck, end grained balsa-cored
  • Laminated and bonded full fiberglass headliner
  • Molded-in, two-tone white and grey non-skid with non-glare texture
  • Double stainless steel bow roller
  • CQR 35 lb. anchor with 3/8” chain
  • Delta Quickest anchor with 5/16” G4 chain
  • Divided chain locker
  • Danforth anchor with rode
  • Maxwell 1200 vertical windlass with up and down foot switches
  • Mooring cleats (6) on raised pads
  • Stainless steel bow pulpit
  • Stainless steel stern pulpits with walk-thru transom
  • Integral stern rail seats with cup holders
  • Sugar scoop transom
  • Large stainless steel swim ladder
  • 29” high stainless-steel stanchions with double vinyl coated lifelines
  • Port and starboard boarding gates
  • Fixed house side lights (4)
  • Opening ports (8)
  • Opening Lewmar hatches with screens (8)
  • Stainless steel handrails
  • Teak cockpit sole (refinished ’22)
  • Cockpit table console with foot brace, ice box, cup holders and folding teak table leaves
  • Canvas in Captain’s Navy
  • Dodger with side and aft grab bars (new, in process of being installed)
  • Dodger window covers
  • Bimini with two observation windows and connector
  • Double starboard companionway doors
  • Stainless steel companionway handrails
  • Disp./Length: 167.2


  • Schaefer 3100 roller furler
  • Charleston Spar double spreader aluminum mast
  • In-mast furling masthead rig
  • Oversized 1x19 stainless steel wire standing rigging
  • Raised chainplate pads
  • Split backstay
  • Stainless steel rigid boom vang
  • Garhauer turning blocks
  • Garhauer mainsheet track and car
  • Double ended main sheet control
  • Garhauer Genoa tracks with adjustable cars
  • Garhauer Genoa turning blocks
  • All lines are led aft to cockpit
  • Harken 66.2 Electric primary winches (’18)
  • Harken #44 two speed self-tailing electric halyard and mainsheet winch on housetop (’18)
  • Harken #44 two speed self-tailing housetop winch
  • Lewmar line clutches (10)
  • Clam cleats (2)
  • Running rigging replaced (‘15)
  • Spare jib halyard
  • Dacron 140% furling Genoa (’15)
  • Dacron in-mast furling main (’15)
  • Sail Area: 1010 sq. ft.


  • Yanmar 4JH3-TE fresh water cooled 75HP turbo diesel engine S/N: F13111
  • 723 engine hours as of 10/27/2022
  • Two aluminum fuel tanks with 88 gallons of fuel
  • Dual Racor 1000 fuel filters with transfer switches
  • Electric fuel tank gauge for both tanks
  • PSS dripless shaft seal
  • 3-blade J-Prop variable pitch propeller
  • Spur cutter
  • Integral fiberglass binnacles with stainless steel guards
  • Morse MT-3 single lever engine control
  • Dual Edson steering system
  • Edson leather wrapped stainless destroyer wheels (2)
  • Ritchie compass at each helm
  • CTM CT-16 16,000 BTU reverse cycle heat/AC unit for salon (’20)
  • CTM CT-10 10,000 BTU reverse cycle heat/AC unit for forward stateroom and head
  • CTM CT-10 10,000 BTU reverse cycle heat/AC for aft stateroom and head
  • 30A Smart Plug 120V shore power connections (2)
  • 50’ 120V shore power cords (2)
  • Dual 120V AC electrical panels
  • 120V receptacles throughout with GFCI protection
  • Fischer Panda 6 kw generator
  • Shore power/generator transfer switch
  • Seaward 12v distribution panel with volt and amp meters
  • Xantrex Freedom Marine 20 200W/100A inverter charger
  • Xantrex charger inverter control pad
  • Blue Sea Systems house and engine battery selector switches
  • Three Deka 8A8D AGM house and starting batteries 240 AH each (’19)
  • Deka Group 27 AGM Genset starting battery (’19)
  • Deka Group 27 AGM Bow thruster battery (’19)
  • 12v receptacle at nav station
  • Masthead, steaming and foredeck lights


Nav station

  • Raymarine ST60 graphic display
  • Standard Horizon Explorer VHF radio
  • ICOM IC-M3A handheld VHF radio
  • Raymarine E120 color multi-function display
  • Mast mounted Raymarine 2 kW radar dome
  • ST7001 Raymarine Smart Pilot autopilot control
  • Below deck autopilot ram
  • Raymarine ST60 Wind
  • Raymarine ST60 Speed and Log
  • Airmar speed/temp sensor
  • Raymarine ST60 Depth
  • Raymarine GPS receiver
  • Standard Horizon RAM III cockpit mic
  • Polk audio cockpit speakers
  • Hubbell TV shore connection
  • Sharp Aquos 40” LCD TV in salon on main bulkhead
  • Poly-Planer stereo (inop)
  • Bose salon speakers
  • Sharp Aquos 20” LCD TV in master stateroom
  • Valor DV-169 DVD Player
  • ACR Global Fix EPIRB (’22)        
  • Kidde Smoke detector
  • Safe-T-Alert carbon monoxide in both staterooms
  • Fire extinguishers
  • LifeSling 2 overboard live saving system
  • 1” web strap jacklines
  • Emergency tiller


  • Stern rail mounted flag staff
  • Rail mounted seats at either helm
  • Outboard motor pad
  • Lewmar winch handle holders (2)
  • Cockpit cushions
  • Sport-A-Seat (1)
  • Portable seats (2)
  • Full winter cover
  • Wheel covers
  • Compass covers
  • Cockpit table cover
  • Winch covers
  • Yeti Roadie 20 qt. cooler
  • Annapolis/Anne Arundel County Yellow Pages c. 2011 (collectible)

Owner’s personal effects and any items not specifically described in this listing

  • Engine Make: Yanmar
  • Engine Model: 4JH3-TE
  • Engine Year: 2005
  • Engine Type: Inboard
  • Drive Type: Direct
  • Power HP: 75.00
  • Hours: 723.00

Click any image to view enlarged version. Swipe enlarged image to see additional enlarged images.

Picture of SALLY C

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47 foot catalina sailboat

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47 foot catalina sailboat

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  • Sailboat Reviews

New Boat Review: Catalina 375

Practical sailor takes a look at one of catalina yachts latest mid-size cruising sailboat..

Catalina 375

Now celebrating its 40th year in business, Catalina Yachts is one of the most enduring companies in the U.S. sailboat building business. For most of the companys life, production took place at two facilities: one in Woodland Hills, Calif., where the company has its roots, and the other is a factory in Largo, Fla., that Catalina acquired from Morgan Yachts in 1984.

Currently, the company website lists its fleet at more than 20 models-from the 8-foot Sabot dinghy to the 47-foot 470 cruiser-but a few of those, including one of the best-selling boats of all time, the Catalina 22, have been retired. (The Catalina Sport replaced the Catalina 22, just as the C309 replaced the iconic Catalina 30.) Total output is about 25 percent of what it was during the companys peak, but if any company can float above the current crisis, its Catalina.

One of the big three sailboat manufacturers with facilities in the U.S.-Hunter and Beneteau being the other two-Catalina is a privately held company. Since 1998, it has been co-owned by founder Frank Butler, Marketing Director Sharon Day, and Vice President and Chief Engineer Gerry Douglas. In addition to shedding the high cost of doing business in California, the move to Florida brings Catalina closer to its customers. Today, more than 70 percent of Catalinas new boats go to owners east of the Rockies.

This sort of foresight, along with Butlers irrepressible drive, is what has helped Catalina weather the economic storms that have sent other U.S. builders to the bottom. Butlers contagious passion for his work and his hands-on approach to customer service have earned the loyalty of legions of Catalina owners.

“We do well in a down market,” says Douglas, succinctly. “We always have.”

Although the market for new boats has soured considerably, two boats in the Catalina line are selling relatively well. The first is the Catalina 375, a mid-sized cruiser launched in 2008, the other is the Catalina 445, launched last year. Both boats earned high praise in the advertising-supported sailing magazines, so Practical Sailor was curious to see how the boats held up to these reviews. Although this article highlights the 375, we hope to take a look at the 445 in a future issue.

Design details

The 375 replaces the very popular Catalina 36, which was first launched in 1982 and went through one major design change in 1995 to become the Mark II. Combined, the two versions account for more than 3,000 hulls. Looking at the wishlist of todays Catalina owners, it was clear that modifying the C36 was not a practical option. Expectations called for a longer boat, and a new hull form would give more flexibility.

Better performance, Douglas says, was at the top of the list, and giving the 375 a longer waterline and greater sail area-displacement ratio than the C36 ensured success on that front. Clearly, the 375 has a greater potential for faster passages than its predecessor, but it is, for all intents and purposes, a family cruiser, with comfort taking precedence.

Comparing the fin keel versions of the 375 and the 36 Mark II reflect the thought process at work. The 375 has 14 percent more waterline, 9 percent more beam, 15 percent more displacement, 13 percent less ballast, and 17 percent more sail area. Its displacement-to-length ratio of 169 puts it right in the middle of the Hunter 38 and the Beneteau 37, with the Beneteau being the more performance-oriented boat. (See table, page 12.) Given the popularity of the tall rig version of the C36 (with an additional 50 square feet of sail area), it is no surprise that the design team added more sail horsepower to the 375. Its sail area to displacement ratio is close to that of competing boats from Hunter and Beneteau.

There are two versions of the hull available: a deep-draft model that draws 6 feet, 10 inches and a shoal-draft model that draws 4 feet, 8 inches. The deep draft model is more than a foot deeper than the C36, and this is consistent with current trends. When it comes to performance dividends, a well-proportioned deep keel offers plenty of bang for the buck.

While owners clamored for more headroom below, Douglas said he wanted to maintain a fairly low profile like that of the C36. As a result, the deck house extends farther forward than that of the C36-reducing the working area in the bow-but the overall profile remains fairly low. Two aft opening ports instead of the fixed glazing on the C36 make good sense and give the boat a slightly more salty appearance. The profile view of this boat, in our opinion, is one of the nicer ones in the Catalina line.

Deck details

As a family cruiser, the Catalina 375 tries to strike a balance between its dual missions of providing safety and efficient sailhandling at sea and providing comfort and convenience at the dock, at anchor, and underway.

An obvious example of the challenges of this undertaking is the roomy cockpit, where a fixed centerline table with drop-down leaves takes up a large chunk of real estate. Coastal cruisers will find the convenience of the tables two cup holders and center-bin storage worth the hassles of having a mid-cockpit obstacle. Wednesday-night racers, on the other hand, may want to make room in their garage for the furniture during race season.

Ample cockpit storage allows room for fenders and lines, and theres even a fixed mount for a small outboard. Storage in huge cockpit lockers leaves room for a generator, watermaker, and air-conditioning unit, although the effect of piling all this weight aft does not come without consequences.

Genoa sheets lead to two Harken ST44 winches mounted on the coaming near the helm. A two-speed Harken ST40 and a gang of four Spinlock XTS rope clutches to port of the companionway take care of the halyards, main outhaul, and boom vang. A matching winch and three rope clutches on the starboard side manage the spinnaker halyard, mainsail furling, and mainsheet controls. A convenient double-ended line controlling the Garhauer mainsheet traveller leads to a pair of cam cleats, making it easy for one person to adjust the traveller.

Sidedecks are wide and clear, and the 28-inch-high lifelines are a welcome improvement over the 24-inch lifelines on the original Catalina 36. A divided anchor locker meets the needs of coastal cruisers and rail-mounted 10-inch bow cleats avoid chafe while benefiting from the beefed-up solid glass at the hull-to-deck joint.

A 12-volt Maxwell 1000 vertical windlass manages anchor duties. For most coastal cruisers, this unit will provide adequate service, but it would not be our first choice for long-term cruising. Unfortunately, since the vertical windlass is integral to the locker design, installing a more robust horizontal unit is not a simple upgrade.

The deck-stepped mast is supported by twin backstays and inboard shrouds, allowing tight sheeting angles. Seldn Masts in-mast furling is standard. In PS s view, a conventional mainsail with slab reefing offers a more practical and efficient way to deal with a wide range of wind conditions on a voyaging boat.

Of the 56 owners of Catalina 36s who responded to PS questionnaires sent out in 1985, 1989, and 1998, the majority rated the boats interior as Good or better. But interior details were also a source of many of the complaints. Leaky ports and chainplates, poor ventilation, and “cheap” furniture were among the most common gripes. Catalina appears to have answered many of these concerns with improvements in the 375.

Ports and chainplates are well sealed, headroom has been increased, quality of joinery has been stepped up, ventilation has been improved (with eight ports and five opening hatches), and the cabin has a new layout. The combined result is more spaciousness, particularly in the main saloon. This roominess quickly loses its appeal at sea, when you are searching for something solid to brace against, but Catalina has made an effort to place grabrails where they are convenient.

Varnished teak presents a warm interior that isn’t dark. With solid wood doors and corners, the joinery will stand up to abuse. Door frames are a powder-coated aluminum, ensuring a satisfying fit. The cabin sole is a synthetic faux teak-and-holly material called Lonseal. Wood lovers might turn up their noses, but this PVC product isn’t a bad facsimile, resists stains, and has good non-skid properties.

Catalinas answer to the often conflicting roles of the main saloon (passageway, storage space, dining area, entertainment room, etc.) is to use convertible furniture and offer an optional main saloon layout. The standard layout features a portside settee with a table that folds down from the main bulkhead. Seating can be added by installing a bench seat, which stows-inconveniently-in the aft cabin when not in use. The second layout features an L-shaped dinette, with a triangular table that seats fewer people.

Former Catalina 36 owners will notice that the galley has been shifted to the starboard side. While some argue that the traditional portside galley is more desirable when crossing oceans, the point is moot for a family coastal cruiser.

Our tester liked the galleys twin sinks located well inboard for self draining, but noted that putting a front-opening fridge right next to the engine compartment flouted the laws of thermodynamics. The optional top-opening fridge/freezer is less prone to the caprices of convection. Good galley ventilation, through opening ports, is much improved over that on the C36. Engine access is adequate through removable stairs at the base of the companionway and access panels in the aft cabin.

Opposite the galley is a compact, outboard-facing nav station with a well-organized AC-DC control panel and system monitors. The chart table is too narrow in our view (as are most today), and the limited vertical space may require some creativity to fit a full suite of cruising electronics, but is adequate for coastal hops. If the door to the aft cabin is open, it blocks access to the nav station.

The head, with separate shower, is accessible through not one, but two doors; one from the forward cabin and the other from the main saloon. (Following the logic of this trend to its extreme, one wonders if a companionway entrance to the head is in the works.) In the forward cabin, the traditional V-berth with a filler cushion found on the 36 has been replaced with a wider centerline berth.

The aft cabin, entered through a door on the portside of the companionway, makes more sense than the expansive bunk found on the C36. One complaint among owners of the C36 was the aft cabins lack of ventilation and low headroom. Although headroom is still low beneath the cockpit of the 375, opening ports improve ventilation, and there is a small hanging locker for clothes.

Our last interior comment is held for the starboard side “game table” and facing upholstered chairs that date back to the original C36 and the heydays of backgammon. Today, the table offers a convenient place for laptop computers, but PS laments the loss of another full-length sea berth.


We sailed the 375 with a shoal keel in winds that ranged from 8 to 15 knots, with occasionally higher gusts. Combining a shallow-draft fin keel with a beamy hull presents several challenges for a designer. Some concerns that were discussed in our article on modern sailboat design (February 2009) are the effect that the shape of the immersed hull and the lead (the fore-and-aft distance between the center of effort and the center of lateral resistance) can have on helm balance when the boat is heeled. That article also points out how shallow rudders can lose effectiveness when the boat is heeled.

According to Douglas, the boat was given plenty of working sail so that it would be fun to sail in light air, without raising the spinnaker. Equipped with a 140-percent genoa, our boat was clearly at home in the lighter wind ranges.

In 10 to 12 knots of wind, we were able to reach along nicely at 6 knots, and the boat was particularly sure-footed on a beam reach. It is worth noting that, unlike Hunters B&R Rig, Catalinas cruising boats do not have swept-back spreaders, allowing sailors to ease the main more without worrying about sail chafe.

However, when beating to windward in gusty 12- to 15-knot winds under full sail, the boat rounded in the puffs and weather helm was persistent. Reducing sail eased the weather helm, but the resulting sail shape was less than ideal. Achieving a lightly balanced helm in these gusty-and somewhat challenging-conditions required attention.

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New Boat Review: Catalina 375


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Sailboat specifications

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Catana 47's main features

Catana 47's main dimensions, catana 47's rig and sails, catana 47's performances, catana 47's auxiliary engine, catana 47's accommodations and layout.

Catana 47  Picture extracted from the commercial documentation © Catana

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