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55 ft catamarans for sale

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Characteristics, technical specifications.

55 ft catamarans for sale

Ideal ocean-going catamaran with a concentration of know-how

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Ultimate comfort without compromising on performance

An overachiever, pushing the boundaries of blue-water cruising

Over 35 years of experience in the design of offshore sailing catamarans and millions of miles covered on every ocean allow us today to present an exceptional blue water cruising catamaran.

The best naval architects and designers have been able to work in complete freedom to achieve the ideal compromise between quality of life, performance and sailing comfort, all combined into one ocean-going catamaran.

The Outremer 55, a 55-foot liveaboard catamaran, is easy to maneuver, whether short-handed or even solo. It offers living spaces, circulation, light and ventilation that set new standards.

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55 ft catamarans for sale

Innovations that make life easier

This ocean-going catamaran offers it all. Tilting helms to combine steering pleasure, visibility and perfect protection from the elements. Whether you want to enjoy the view of the water and your sails, comfortably installed on the double bench seat, or protected from the elements in the cockpit, you keep perfect control of the boat. Comfortable seating on each side, standing supports in the middle position, or even sitting sheltered in the cockpit, you’re sure to need thousands of miles to decide on your favorite helm position! To each his own…

Easy movement and unobstructed views

With its wide saloon opening on the cockpit, its flush floor and its bay windows disappearing completely behind the coachroof bulkhead, the Outremer 55 has been designed to ensure ergonomic continuity of space and make moving around on board easier.

The 360° view from the saloon and cockpit allows exceptional visibility of the water and the environment, and greatly contributes to comfort on board. From the chart table, of course, but also when cooking or during meals, the forward vision is never interrupted. A crucial factor for a serene cruise on your ocean-going catamaran!

A central island that can be transformed into a high table

Nothing is more pleasant than preparing a meal, having drinks and entertaining around the island table, which offers an extra sitting area thanks to the fold-up shelf.

55 ft catamarans for sale


55 ft catamarans for sale

« Cat Greatcircle » Marijke and Mark

Former owners of a Lagoon 52, this Dutch couple is more than happy to continue the adventure on an Outremer 55, which was delivered to them in 2021. Looking for comfort and sailing pleasure above all, they are delighted by this 55-foot catamaran, which combines performance and ergonomic innovations that make her both comfortable and easy to maneuver.

Do you have any questions?

Can you add tillers to the outremer 55, is an electric version of the outremer 55 available, why did you redesign the deck seat.

55 ft catamarans for sale

Beyond building your boat, Outremer brings your dreams to life by being by your side at every stage of your project. To always better support you, we have created Outremer Services. This structure, integrated within Grand Large Services is able to meet all your needs, from the start of your project to the resale of your catamaran.

Seminars on the theme of blue-water cruising, training on land and at sea, charter, concierge services, refit, a network of approved partners around the world, OCM ™ e-maintenance and lastly brokerage. We offer complete and personalized support according to best fit your needs.

Impatient, not sure you can invest in a new catamaran or simply curious? See our latest second-hand boats on offer. Please note that the demand is high, don’t wait to contact us.

Charter an Outremer


From the legendary Outremer 45 to the acclaimed Outremer 55, not to forget the 51 and the 4X, you will find a wide range of Outremer catamarans to charter, depending on your model of interest.

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55 ft catamarans for sale


Length overall

Upwind sail area

Number of berths

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The British Yachting Awards 2021 - Winner of the Multihull of the Year Award

Oceanway China Yacht Award 2021 - Best sailing catamaran over 50 feet

Lagoon 55 navigation

Offering an exceptional quality of life on board, directly inspired by Lagoon yachts, the interior enables you to take full advantage of the sea, the sky, the sunshine, and the beauty of your environment:  a design challenge successfully met by the Lagoon 55.

Lagoon 55 carré extérieur


With bold, contemporary lines, the Lagoon 55 plays with the codes, combining innovation with the fundamentals of the brand’s heritage.  This subtle blend graces this new model with a contemporary silhouette, and sets a new milestone, in terms of design.

Lagoon 51


Designed as a true terrace on the water, the aft cockpit of the Lagoon 55 offers an incomparable view of the sea.  New architectural design solutions enabled the rearrangement of space on the aft transom in order to reinvent the flow of movement and life on board.

Lagoon 51


Aboard the Lagoon 55, la dolce vita takes place far from the constraints of daily life.  Vast interior spaces have been designed for you to escape, to unwind, and to savor moments suspended in time.  This haven of well-being welcomes you with full comfort and privacy.


Turned toward the exterior environment, with its large opening windows in the coachroof, the Lagoon 55 offers you a new perspective on your dream destinations.

Interested in this catamaran?

Lagoon 55 intérieur


  • Length overall 16,56 m / 54'4''
  • Beam overall 9,00 m / 29'6''
  • Water draft 1,55 m / 5'1''
  • Air draft 28,93 m / 94'11'
  • Light displacement (EEC) 27,7 T / 59.614 Lbs
  • Sails area upwind 183 m² / 1.969 sq ft
  • Square top mainsail (optional.) 109 m² / 1,173 sq ft
  • Self-tacking jib 74 m² / 796 sq ft
  • Code 0 (opt.) 101 m² / 1,087 sq.ft
  • Motorisation - standard 2 x 115 CV / HP
  • Water tank capacity 960 L / 254 US gal
  • Fuel tank capacity 1,100 L / 291 US gal
  • No. of berths from 8 to 16
  • CE approval A: 14 / B: 14 / C: 20 / D: 30

Lagoon 55 profile

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Brand: Outremer 55

55 ft catamarans for sale

And like all Outremer’s, the 55 is built like a rock, with solid fiberglass hulls. The Outremer 55 was honored in 2000 as the Cruising World “Best Cruising Multihull.” This boat is a real performance voyager, a true sailing machine for a serious cruiser to knock off plenty of 200 plus mile days. If you are about performance and comfort underway, the Outremer 55, represents very good value for a yacht of her size.

These Gerard Danson-designed Outremers built in the early 2000’s are respected and sought after world voyaging catamarans. Their formula for success is simple: narrow hulls, strong and simple construction, powerful sailplans, daggerboards for windward performance, and low maintenance exteriors and interiors.

Features engines with propeller shafts (vs. saildrives), skegs to protect the props and rudders and allow for beaching, anodized spars vs. painted spars, no exterior wood (except a few trim pieces in the cockpit), and substantial bridgedeck clearance.

The Outremer 55 Light is in the same vision of the 55 Standard with 60cm less on the beam.

Succeeded by the 55S which is faster and boasts a 35% larger interior.

There are no catamarans currently for sale by owner of this brand.

Please see our catamarans for sale by owner page for a full listing of other currently available models.

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See all pre-owned multihulls for sale, meet the team, will miller charleston, south carolina.

Captain Will Miller is President and CEO of The Multihull Company. Will grew up in Virginia and learned to sail in the Chesapeake Bay. He has lived in Charleston since 2001 and knows the city well. Throughout his life Will’s parents have owned a variety of sail, ski, and fishing boats in the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries, the Carolinas, and the Caribbean. Family vacations included chartering in the Virgin...

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Andrew Holland Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Andrew Holland is the COO of The Multihull Company and is an avid catamaran enthusiast. He began working at The Multihull Company in 2007 after graduating from Temple University with a degree in Journalism and a minor in Marketing. Before joining TMC in 2007, Andrew worked for Philadelphia Media Holdings on the Philly.com production team and freelanced for several major magazines around the country. After joining the The Multihull Company...

Lynn Miller Charleston, South Carolina

Lynn Marie Miller was born into a family with several generations of professional mariners who traversed the globe by sea. She was raised in Charleston, SC by her local sportfishing legend father, and perennial 1st mate mother, who instilled a passion and respect for the world's oceans. With salt water flowing through her veins Lynn became an avid angler, surfer, and boating enthusiast as soon as she learned to swim....

Courtney Greider Charleston, South Carolina

Courtney Greider is the Sales and Marketing Manager of The Multihull Company, located at our branch in Charleston, SC. Courtney discovered her love for boating and marina life over twenty years ago, working through college as a dock assistant at the Charleston City Marina. In these years as marina concierge to every variety of boating clientele – from the most extravagant to the most humble - she found an undeniable...

Alexis de Boucaud Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Alexis grew up racing dinghies in the waters of Brittany, France. He immigrated to the United States as a young man and developed his interest in offshore cruising and racing in New England and the Bahamas. Alexis began his professional yachting career as a charter captain sailing the storied seas of French Polynesia on a Fountaine-Pajot Marquises 56 catamaran. There he developed a talent for sharing and communicating his love...

Andrew Hodgdon St Augustine, Florida

Andrew grew up sailing his father's Hobie Cat and transitioned that into a long career as a USCG licensed captain in the yachting industry. Working his way up from his college years as a sailing instructor to a position as a private yacht captain aboard a Gunboat 57, he brings with him a comprehensive knowledge of catamarans and the cruising life. His career has taken him from his home waters...

Conor Dugan Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Conor was born and raised in a small beach town in New Jersey and began sailing Optimists competitively at a young age. He and his family relocated to Wilmington, North Carolina during his highschool years, where his interest in sailing bloomed into a lifelong passion. In the summer he transferred between schools, Conor’s family sent him on a month-long catamaran sailing excursion from Grenada to St. Lucia with Broadreach Excursions....

Mark Wattrus Cape Town, Western Cape

Mark Wattrus was born on the coast of Durban, South Africa and started his journey into Yachting at an early age. Growing up on the coast, Mark found a passion in free dive spearfishing having been trained under the guidance of world record holder, Trevor Hutton. The underwater life ultimately pushed Mark to pursue a life on the water. Straight after boarding school, Mark’s sailing abilities were recognized, and he...

Cal Landau West Palm Beach, Florida

Cal grew up in Pennsylvania, spending every summer since born on the rivers, on houseboats, speedboats and did some serious water skiing with his brothers before diverting to racing rally cars for almost 30 years winning two National Championships driving for Dominos Pizza. His next career path took him to become an international award winning wedding and portrait photographer. It was in that time Cal’s father, who was a live...

Cynthia Wummer Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

The Multihull Company is excited to announce the addition of Cynthia Wummer to its team of brokers in Fort Lauderdale. Cynthia delivers lasting value for her clients as a genuine sailboat specialist. Her vast racing and cruising resumé bears a depth of knowledge that creates a winning connection. Cynthia says, “Some people come to the buying process with next-to-no experience, while others are extremely qualified cruisers looking for their next-level...

George Ottoni

Born in Long Island, New York, George Ottoni is the first generation Brazilian-American in his family. His father shared his love for sailing with his young son with a fleet of seven model sailboats. Years of racing at New York’s annual Central Park Regatta resulted in a New York Times story depicting their boat in the lead, turning back halfway, and still finishing in 3rdplace. George became “hooked” on boating...

Dunbar Lewis Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Ian edmonson fort pierce, florida.

Ian Edmonson has a lifelong passion for boating, honed from an early age and further developed through a teenage experience crewing in the Bahamas. For Ian, there's nothing better than a day spent cruising and anchoring in breathtaking settings. With a background in yacht brokerage and real estate, Ian has spent most of his professional career as a luxury real estate expert in Boca Raton, specializing in oceanfront and intracoastal...

Michael Streng Florida Keys, Florida

Michael Streng grew up in Ohio where his love of the outdoors and water developed at an early age on ski boats with his family. This love affair for being on the water has blossomed today so that Mike, his wife, Melanie, and their two cats spend a significant amount of time on their catamaran, a Leopard 46, serving the Florida Keys. When not sailing, Mike can be found water-skiing,...

Karl Reed Annapolis, Maryland

Captain Karl Reed is one of The Multihull Company’s youngest brokers but is perhaps one of the most ambitious and hardworking. Karl not only has over 70,000 nautical miles under his belt but he is also a co-founder of Rhea Yacht Management, which operates on the US East Coast and in the Caribbean. As a kid, Karl spent his formative years going to sailing camps along the Potomac River, near...

Alan Prater Hampton Roads, Virginia

Meet Alan Prater, a highly experienced and skilled yacht broker and maritime training professional. Growing up in Arkansas, Alan developed a love for being on the water at a young age. He spent his childhood kneeboarding, wakeboarding, and playing sports on the lakes, before joining the United States Navy at 18. During his 22 years in the Navy, Alan had the opportunity to drive and be assigned to various sized...

Mike grew up on the Delaware River and Jersey shore where he spent as much time as possible on the water wakeboarding, kite surfing, and surfing. It wasn’t until his late 20’s that he discovered sailing when he and his brother refit a Bob Perry monohull and sailed from New England to New Zealand. After the trip across the Pacific, he knew a catamaran was in the cards.  After years of...

Matthew Dunning Tacoma, Washington

Matthew brings 30 years experience cruising multihulls on Puget Sound and points north to the TMC brokerage team. Along with his practical knowledge of multihull designs and seamanship, Matthew is a graduate of Dartmouth College with a degree in Geography. He has 14 years of experience with TMC and an intimate knowledge of the Northwest’s unique maritime geography that he describes as, “One of the world’s most beautiful, intricate, and...

Chris Rundlett L ‘Anse Espines, Grenada,

Chris Rundlett’s first sailing adventure was on a small Sunfish owned by the U.S. Coast Guard where his father was stationed in North Dakota. There was plenty of wind – but not much water! Since then he dreamed of bigger horizons and sailed whenever he had the chance. Chris is a true son of a sailor. Chris started his maritime career teaching USCG Captains Licensing courses in the Pacific Northwest....

Chrystal Young L ‘Anse Espines, Grenada,

As owners of a sailing school, it quickly became evident that many people learning to sail also want to buy boats! The partnership with The Multihull Company and LTD Sailing in beautiful Port Louis Marina is a natural progression to complete the circle of services offered in Grenada and the Grenadines. Do what you love! Sailing and sailboats are at the top of the list of Chrystal’s passions and now...

Paco Montaner Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Captain Francisco “Paco” Montaner was born and raised on the eastern coast of Puerto Rico. Captain Paco, as most know him, has been sailing the Caribbean waters from an early age. Having worked in almost every aspect, Paco now holds a solid grasp over many concepts within the maritime industry. Paco began performing offshore crossings in his early 20’s and has never stopped. He is known to have sailed over...

Charles Badoian Bastimentos Island, Panama,

At 12 years old Charles told his mom he wanted to live on a boat and that dream became a reality at 35 when he moved onboard a baby trimaran full time. Growing up in Greece and moving back to the USA for highschool and college, Charles has never veered far from the water. After a decade in the Florida Keys and the Bahamas, Charles is now based in Bocas...

Jaryd Forbes Chaguaramas, Carenage, Trinidad

Growing up in Trinidad & Tobago, Jaryd Forbes love of the ocean started at a very young age. Travelling aboard his Fathers Lagoon 42 “Delphini”, Jaryd developed a thorough knowledge and affinity for crafts of all types as well as ocean faring. With experience ranging from power to sailboats of all models and sizes, and assisting with pre-purchase surveys and deliveries, he possesses an intimate knowledge of his native Trinidad...

Bernard Tarres Port-Pin-Rolland,

Meet Bernard Tarres, a yacht sales expert with a passion for catamarans and a long history in the maritime industry. At the age of 16, he discovered his love for sailing while in Brittany and spent several years honing his skills at sailing schools. At 18, he purchased his own Hobbie Cat 16 and raced along the French and Italian coastlines. From 1986 to 1990, he served as a permanent...

Jean Gerber Port-Pin-Rolland,

Jean was born in 1985 in Toulouse where he grew up on the family farm with four sisters.   Although he was far from the sea, he discovered sailing at the age of 6, thanks to am uncle and mentor who at that time owned a 30 feet wooden monohull and ran a sailing school near La Rochelle.   He was hooked right away and spent all of his childhood...

Zvonimir Kalinic Rijeka, Croatia,

Meet Zvonimir, also known as "Zee," a catamaran broker at The Multihull Company with a decade of experience in yacht brokerage. Hailing from the Island of Krk, Croatia's largest island, Zvonimir's adventurous spirit found its perfect match along the stunning coast of the Adriatic Sea. Zvonimir's love for the sea began with scuba diving and exploring beautiful underwater locations. Alongside sailing, underwater photography, spearfishing, and playing the guitar, he found...

Shelley Joyce

Shelley Joyce is a passionate sailor, entrepreneur, and world traveler. With roots in Southern California, her love of the ocean is interwoven into every facet of her life. She grew up on the sunny shores of San Diego, bodyboarding and sailing, and spent her holidays in Baja California, Mexico. She married young to a local surfer boy and, together, they raised three children who share their devotion to surfing, sailing,...

By Sailors, For Sailors

The Multihull Company Difference

  • Expert catamaran brokers
  • Global Offices
  • Highest of Ethical Standards
  • Friendly service

Recent News

The multihull company announces the sale of the first pre-owned balance 482.

The Multihull Company is pleased to announce the closing on the Balance 482 "SeaLife" We wanted to take a moment and thank her new owners on their amazing new catamaran, and to also congratulate our team handling the sale. TMC agent Andrew Hodgdon successfully represented the buyers on the sale of the vessel, while TMC CEO Will Miller represented the...


The Multihull Company is pleased to announce their appointment as a dealer for Voyage Yachts and their new model – the Voyage 590!  The Voyage 590 is being celebrated as the ultimate, luxury sailing catamaran with all the comforts of home surrounded by panoramic views of paradise. She maximizes luxury accommodation and comfort, with the performance and blue-water capability characteristic...

6 Great Starter Catamarans

In early 2023, Cruising World approached us to seek our opinion on recommending a couple of brokerage catamaran options for first time catamaran buyers to consider when they first stepping into the catamaran market. Here are six boats hand-picked by The Multihull Company’s president and CEO, Capt. Will Miller, as excellent choices for brokerage-catamaran seekers. These are all worth a...

The Multihull Company Named Exclusive Dealer for Dolphin Catamarans and their New Model, the Dolphin 380

The Multihull Company, the world’s leader in multihull sales and service is excited to announce that it has been named the exclusive dealer for Dolphin Catamarans, a premier builder of high-quality catamarans, and their newest model, the Dolphin 380, designed by Philippe Pouvreau. "We are thrilled to be working with Dolphin Catamarans again and to be able to offer their...

Visit Us at the 2023 Miami Boat Show

The Multihull Company is thrilled to announce our participation in the Miami Boat Show, taking place on February 15-19, 2023. As one of the premier boat shows in the world, this event is the perfect platform for us to showcase our wide range of high-quality multihulls for sale.  We are committed to providing our customers with the best experience possible,...

Introducing the Tao 452: On Display At The Annapolis Boat Show October 12 – 15, 2023

The Multihull Company is thrilled to unveil the new Tao 452, an exciting addition to the world of blue-water performance cruising catamarans. Meticulously engineered and crafted to perfection, the Tao 452 is set to redefine the catamaran experience for sailors worldwide. If you've ever felt the need for more sailing performance from your current production charter catamaran or been disappointed...

Join Us At The Annapolis Boat Show Aboard the Voyage 590

The Multihull Company is excited to announce its participation in this year's Annapolis Sailboat Show. The event will be held from October 12 - 15, 2023 in downtown Annapolis, and The Multihull Company will be showcasing the exquisite Voyage 590 catamaran from Voyage Yachts. The Annapolis Boat Show is a highly anticipated annual event that brings together boating enthusiasts, industry...

Ian Edmonson Joins TMC As Yacht Broker in Fort Pierce, FL.

The Multihull Company is thrilled to announce the appointment of Ian Edmonson as a yacht broker at its newly opened Fort Pierce location. Ian brings a unique blend of boating passion, brokerage experience, real estate expertise, and customer-focused mentality to the team. Ian's love for boating began at an early age and has only continued to grow, leading him to...

The Multihull Company Opens New Office in Virginia

We are thrilled to announce that Alan Prater has joined The Multihull Company team as a Yacht Broker in Virginia covering the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. With a lifelong passion for the water and a career spent in the US Navy and as a maritime training professional, Alan brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team. Alan...

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We take pride in our happy customers

Your team delivered on every mark. You’ve got an amazing broker in Mark Wattrus and I’m confident you will have continued success moving forward together. He was available 24/7 whenever I had questions. We had a great initial visit on the boat and his marketing plan and photos were superb

I bought a yacht that I had never seen. I did this because I trusted my broker Andrew Holland. It was not an easy job for Andrew, as I am an experienced boat builder and owner of previous yachts, but work in West Africa. Imagine how hard it was to communicate what I was looking for. Andrew came up with exactly what I wanted. He dealt with time delays, all my questions at odd hours, and was there for the survey. He reported honestly and professionally. After buying the yacht, I arrived at the boat on a Sunday night, after dark, after travelling from West Africa to the Caribbean, and found it was better than expected. He never pulled punches and made me aware of shortfalls. I expected to spend my one month leave working on the boat, but actually spent less than one week, and was able to spend 3 weeks sailing – wonderful bonus.

Thank you Andrew for putting up with all my questions, all my worries and all my crazy out of the time zone concerns – you were totally professional, but also I know that if and when we meet up, it will be like a friend finally meeting. You are always welcome on Aseka.

— Beverly Cory

Outstanding company with professional subject matter experts. If I were to buy or sell cruising sailboat, particularly a catamaran, Andrew would be my go to broker.

I have been sailing since I was a child and attended Massachusetts Maritime Academy. But when my wife and I began the process of purchasing an ocean cruising/racing catamaran, I realized that this is a world unto itself. Obviously, we needed to find someone knowledgeable to help us make an informed decision. More importantly, we needed someone honest and willing to put our interests before his or her own. I was lucky to work with Phil Berman at The Multihull Company. He repeatedly shunned the fast buck, choosing instead to work the long road to connect us with the “perfect boat”. I would be glad to recommend Phil and his company to anyone planning to purchase or sell a performance sailing machine.

— Eric Boutiette

Andrew Hodgdon was our broker when we bought our 2018 Lagoon 450F in Antigua in April 2922. He provided great service and was very attentive to our needs. We would highly recommend Andrew and the Multihull Company.

Trust & Expertise About Us

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55 ft catamarans for sale

55 ft catamarans for sale

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For Sale: Horizon Power Catamarans 52

  • By Jake Lamb
  • March 19, 2024

Horizon PC52

The Horizon Power Catamarans 52 delivers a bluewater cruiser that’s capable of long-range voyages with home-size volume. Sunbird , a 2022 build, is currently listed for sale through Horizon Powercat Co for $2.145 million. The 52-footer ticks all the boxes with its three-stateroom, two-head layout that sleeps six, multiple exterior entertainment spaces and a well-appointed galley.

Sunbird has a reported 21-knot top hop thanks to twin 550 hp Cummins QSB 6.7 diesels. At 18 knots, this power cat should have a 400-nautical-mile range. Dial it back to 8 knots, and range increases about 1,000 nautical miles. Maximum range is 1,780 nautical miles at just under 5 knots. The Horizon PC52 has a 4-foot-6-inch minimum draft, enabling it to cruise safely over shallow waters.

Horizon PC52

When it’s time to turn in for the evening, the three staterooms are belowdecks. The starboard hull houses the master stateroom with an en suite head aft and a queen berth forward. The port hull has the VIP stateroom forward with a queen berth. The second head is positioned between the VIP stateroom and the third guest stateroom, which has twin berths that convert to a queen berth with an insert.

Guest can enjoy shaded dining with a view in the cockpit at the high-gloss teak table and transom bench seat. Pull up a few chairs and there’s space for six.

Horizon PC52

Alfresco dining spaces are also found on the flybridge where guests can enjoy cocktails and conversation at an L-shaped dinette to port or relax on the lounge pad forward and to starboard.

Sunbird has an aft-galley aft layout, which makes serving guests in the cockpit and the salon easy. And for chefs who strive to please everyone, the salon is large enough to accommodate several chefs simultaneously, and is equipped with a Miele cooktop, Miele speed oven and full-sized refrigerator. The galley’s countertop bar also has three stools and is sure to be a gathering spot after hours.

Horizon PC52

We recently reported on the construction process for the Horizon PC52, “This open-water capable powercat has one-piece hull lamination and longitudinal stringers for added backbone, and the hull is built with the trademarked SCRIMP process for improved strength without added weight. It also has a high-density, foam-cored construction for the bottom and topsides, solid fiberglass laminate for the stem and keel, and high-density foam-cored stringers for the power cat’s Cummins diesels. For strength with reduced top weight, Horizon Power Catamarans uses foam-cored reinforcement in the deck and superstructure.”

Some other notable features aboard Sunbird include:

  • GE freezer on flybridge
  • Miele washer and dryer
  • Underwater lights
  • Wine cooler
  • Rod holders
  • Fish cutting board

Horizon PC52

Where is Sunbird located? The yacht is currently lying in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  

Take the next step: Contact the listing agent, Jason Ford, 954-552-0868, [email protected]

Quick Specifications

  • Length Overall: 52′
  • Maximum Beam: 22′
  • Fuel Capacity: 970 Gal.
  • Draft: 4’6″
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Sold Catamaran:

1988 lagoon 55 (55ft)-vessel summary.

Used Sail Catamaran for Sale 1988 Lagoon 55


Dimensions & specifications, hull and deck configuration, engine details, generator details, dinghy details.

Used Sail Catamaran for Sale 1988 Lagoon 55 Boat Highlights

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Boat Description

The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors to investigate such details as the buyer desired validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice. Photos may not properly reflect the current condition of the actual vessel offered for sale. In some cases stock photographs may have been used.

Mechanical Disclaimer

Engine and generator hours are as of the date of the original listing and are a representation of what the listing broker is told by the owner and/or actual reading of the engine hour meters. The broker cannot guarantee the true hours. It is the responsibility of the purchaser and/or his agent to verify engine hours, warranties implied or otherwise and major overhauls as well as all other representations noted on the listing.

Dinghy Disclaimer

All dinghies are considered separate vessels and should have separate titles and documents. There is no guarantee as to the title of the dinghy on this vessel so Buyer accepts that while he may receive the dinghy included in the transaction, he may not receive the proper title to it.


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