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How to follow the America’s Cup preliminary regatta

  • Toby Heppell
  • September 11, 2023

The first America's Cup preliminary regatta raced in AC40s will take place in September 2023 in the Catalonian port of Vilanova i la Geltrú

america's cup yachts 2023

The six competing teams in the 37th America’s Cup are set to get their first chance to line up competitively against one another at the first America’s Cup Preliminary Regatta, from 14-17 September 2023.

The event, which sees the America’s Cup teams move 50km up the coast to Vilanova i La Geltrú from the main event base in Barcelona, includes four days of racing in the AC40 one-design foiling monohull.

Racing begins with official practise on Thursday 14 September, followed by three fleet races on 15 and 16 September, and then two further fleet races on the Sunday before a single match race final. Coverage will be live-streamed via americascup.com as well on The America’s Cup YouTube channel.

america's cup yachts 2023

The AC40s lined up to test the tech ahead of the Preliminary Regatta, but are yet to officially race. Photo: Ugo Fonollá/America’s Cup

As it is held in the supplied AC40s, rather than the America’s Cup final designs of the AC75 , the Preliminary Regatta will have little direct bearing on the Cup match proper, which takes place 11 months later. However, it is a good opportunity for the teams to bank some foiling race practice, and perhaps glean some indications of whose preparation schedules have been the most fruitful so far.

As with any one-design fleet, the AC40s will put a premium on boat handling, so the one thing the Preliminary Regatta will give some indication of is clues to the sailing teams’ preparation level.

“All the teams are looking forward to lining up in the AC40 against other teams because it’ll give us a good read and a good yardstick on just how our sailors are doing in terms of their technique and the sharpness of their racing skills. It’ll also give us some good feedback on some of the things that we think are fast about the way you sail an AC40; everything from bustle clearance to sail trim. We’ll get a chance to measure those things when AC40s line up against other AC40s,” explains Jeff Causey, INEOS Britannia’s boat operations manager.

Jimmy Spithill explained that even within the one-design there will be variations in set up: “The hardware is exactly the same as the others, and it really comes down to the teams using the controls: cant, ride height, the trim of the boat. Obviously sails and technique, there’s a lot of little things there.”

However, INEOS Britannia’s Leigh McMillan cautioned: “We’re certainly going to put some more time in the AC40s. But the Cup itself, and designing and having a fast boat for the America’s Cup, has got to be our absolute goal. It’s not all about the AC40 for now!”

How do the America’s Cup teams stack up?

america's cup yachts 2023

Photo: Job Vermeulen/America’s Cup

Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL)

The Defenders moved their team from New Zealand to Barcelona this July. Nathan Outteridge and Pete Burling have been taking the dual helms of their AC75 and two AC40s. The Kiwis have performed consistently in the Practice Racing in Barcelona with a tight-knit team that trust in their process.

america's cup yachts 2023

Photo: Ugo Fonollá/America’s Cup

INEOS Britannia (GBR)

The British squad moved from their winter training base in Palma, and have been trialing a T6 test boat and AC40. Giles Scott is sailing team manager for skipper Ben Ainslie. But it has not been the strongest display from the team in practise racing so far, with execution of manouvers in the AC40 looking less than polished.

america's cup yachts 2023

Photo: Alex Carabi/America’s Cup

Alinghi Red Bull Racing (SUI)

Vilanova Preliminary Regatta will be the first time Ernesto Bertarelli’s famous Swiss team takes part in an America’s Cup race since 2010, now skippered by Hans- Peter Steinacher. Combined helms, Arnaud Psarofaghis and Maxime Bachelin have formed a dynamic partnership, rooted in steady progression, and Alinghi Red Bull Racing have surprised to the upside in the practice regattas.

america's cup yachts 2023

Photo: Paul Todd/America’s Cup

American Magic (USA)

Australian Tom Slingsby and Brit Paul Goodison are among the sailing squad headliners. The US team has secured some of the highest number of hours in the AC40s thanks to a two-boat programme. They chose to sit out the first few days of the recent practice regatta, preferring to complete their aero and foil testing schedule, but when they came to the racecourse, they were sensational and already look ones to beat in the one-design class.

america's cup yachts 2023

Photo: Ivo Rovira/America’s Cup

Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli (ITA)

Jimmy Spithill and Francesco Bruni return on the twin wheels of the Italian AC40, though Spithill cautioned they have had less time racing against other boats than some other teams. However, Luna Rossa have been unafraid to ride very different modes to the others and at times have shown unbelievable boatspeed.

america's cup yachts 2023

Photo: Martin Keruzore/OERT

Orient Express Team (FRA)

The newest team on the block, the French squad were flying on their first AC40 test sail after launching mid-August, skipper Quentin Delapierre crediting the time they put in on the simulator. Whether they can challenge for the title in Vilanova is a tall ask with so little time in the AC40 compared to the more established teams but they should put up a good fight.

America’s Cup Preliminary Regatta schedule

The format of the Regatta will consist of up to 8 fleet races followed by a single Match Race Final between the two highest scoring Competitors in the fleet racing.

Racing will take place on:

  • Thursday 14 September Official Practice
  • Friday 15 September Race Day 1 – 3 Fleet Races
  • Saturday 16 September Race Day 2 – 3 Fleet Races
  • Sunday 17 September Race Day 3 – 2 Fleet Races, Match Race Final (1 race).

Racing is scheduled to be between 1530 and 1730 hours each day, though this can be changed if conditions so require.

america's cup yachts 2023

In preparation for the first preliminary regatta Vilanova i la Geltrú in just 1 month’s time, four teams lined up for the first AC40 races to help test the new RMS and broadcast systems. Photo: Ugo Fonollá / America’s Cup

How to watch the America’s Cup preliminary regatta

The America’s Cup races will be live-streamed across the official America’s Cup website: www.americascup.com as well as available to watch on YouTube in most territories.

This may not be available in territories where broadcast rights have been sold, but as yet there is no information available about broadcast deals, so it is safe to assume most territories will have Youtube access to racing.

The America’s Cup Social Media channels on Instagram , Facebook , and X (Twitter) will also be fully activated and updated throughout the racing with a mix of multi-media. Daily race reports will be available on the America’s Cup website after racing.

You can also follow all of our coverage on Yachting World’s America’s Cup mini site.

For those wishing to watch in Barcelona, the America’s Cup Race Village will offer spectators the chance to experience the unique buzz and atmosphere of the regattas off the water.

The Race Villages free throughout all America’s Cup events, with large maxi screens to view the racing action live with commentary plus event and team activations alongside an array of food and beverage stations.

The Race Village in Vilanova i La Geltrú, will open at 11:00 daily and run through to 20:00 with live racing between 15:00 to 17:30 and sailor presentations and interviews after the racing each day.

When is the next America’s Cup preliminary regatta?

After this first America’s Cup Preliminary regatta, teams head to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, for a second regatta between 29th November to 2nd December 2023. The third and last preliminary regatta will be held in August 2024 in Barcelona.

As with the first event, the regatta in Saudi Arabia will have racing in AC40s, but the final preliminary event in 2024 will see all the America’s Cup teams race in their new AC75s for the very first time.

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Official Noticeboard of the 37th America's Cup

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The America’s Cup teams vying to win the 37th edition of the oldest continually contested trophy in international sports may have vast resources but the one commodity they can’t buy is time. And the clock is ticking. The countdown has begun.

We are now into the final push. It’s exactly one year to go until the talking stops, the training and testing and the Challenger Selection Series are over, and the ultimate Challenger has been decided to line up against the Defender, Emirates Team New Zealand, for Race One of the America’s Cup Match. The most anticipated day of every America’s Cup cycle.

america's cup yachts 2023

The pressure building on all the teams in this cycle is palpable with big decisions having been taken in terms of hull profile design but even bigger ones in terms of foils, systems, sail designs, crew protocols and racing playbook styles still very much up in the air. Through the summer in Barcelona, the teams have been working hard to familiarise themselves with the unique conditions that they encounter on a daily basis off the La Barceloneta seafront with its swells the chop, and all manner of conditions from flat calm to full-on. It’s an ultimate sailing challenge but even more of a design conundrum.

america's cup yachts 2023

Some parameters are set in stone for the racing with lower and upper wind limits set out in the Protocol governing the 37 th America’s Cup. Some of the componentry onboard the AC75s is also set to pre-ordained designs and standards but the race in a developmental battle with thousands of variables remain for the world’s best designers, engineers, mechatronics experts, AI developers and computer technicians to delve into to find the winning edge.

For the sailors, the years of training have all been about data gathering and proving out the computer simulations to find accurate baselines and prove assumptions in a real-world environment. For the cyclors, it has been about endless hours on their road bikes and static bikes, crunching out the miles, climbing impossible hill pathways and hitting wattage numbers that Tour de France ‘puncheurs’ would be proud of.

america's cup yachts 2023

Now, everything is getting serious. The America’s Cup competition is coming fast. The countdown clock is relentless. The time for ideation is over. Decisions have to be made. Build schedules must be completed. The point of ‘now or never’ hangs over every competitor like a sword of Damocles.

america's cup yachts 2023

Whilst the sailors and teams prepare, so too do the people of Barcelona and its vibrant society who have taken the America’s Cup to their hearts with recent events including the opening of the 37 th America’s Cup Official Exhibition Centre in the Port Vell which also hosted the Opening Ceremony of the 61 st Barcelona International Boat Show, and a glittering ‘Reception for the Teams’ organised by the City Council in the presence of all the administrations.

america's cup yachts 2023

The glittering opening of the America’s Cup Experience was attended by nearly 300 authorities and guests, including Jaume Sabater, representative of America's Cup Experience, Anna Erra, President of the Parliament of Catalonia, Víctor Francos, President of the Spanish Higher Sports Council, David Escudé, Sports Councillor of Barcelona Regional and City Council, Marta Domènech, General Director of Tourism of the Government of Catalonia and Lluís Salvadó, President of the Port of Barcelona. 

america's cup yachts 2023

This was followed up by the City of Barcelona hosting a lavish reception for all the teams taking part in the 37th America's Cup in the gardens of the Palauet Albéniz and was also attended by the President of the Government of Catalonia, Pere Aragonès and the President of the Spanish Sports Council, Víctor Francos, among many other authorities and personalities. 

“We are ready to sail with you,” the Mayor of Barcelona assured, whilst the Head of the Catalan Government thanked the organisers and the teams taking part in the competition. Aragonès emphasised the: “unquestionable uniqueness of the America's Cup” and stressed that it is a: “great opportunity for our country and to showcase Catalonia to the world.” 

america's cup yachts 2023

The President of the Spanish Sports Council further observed: “The first time I was told that Barcelona aspired to host the America’s Cup, I had doubts as to whether it could come, but now what I want is for it not to go away. First of all, I want it to be a success and to give us the necessary prestige,” and further underlined that:“when the public and private sectors go hand in hand, it is a success.” 

This time next year, we will know the winner of the Challenger Selection Series. Whoever that may well be, they will have endured one of the hardest competitions of their sailing lives and with so little to choose between all of the challengers, it will come down to who can keep their pace of development going through the round robins and who can handle the white-hot pressure of competition at the very highest level in the crucible of the America’s Cup where famously: ‘There is no second.’ Every challenger has a case that could be made in their favour, but the winner will be the one that delivers on the greatest stage, right when it matters most. No place for the faint hearted.

america's cup yachts 2023

But with the Challenger selected, the pace of the competition changes, the world’s media descends on Barcelona, helicopters buzz in the sky, superyachts arrive, and the atmosphere alters and fizzes with a competitive electricity as the only certainty of the 37 th America’s Cup Match hove’s into view – Emirates Team New Zealand. What the Kiwis will deliver on that start-line against the battle-hardened Challenger as they go for an un-precedented three-in-a-row wins by a team in the greatest sailing competition on the planet is the great mystery of this unique competition.

And then comes the moment that commentators and scribes for decades have described as the point where “we know” as the gun fires at the start of the first race of the America’s Cup and the two goliath AC75s, at the very pinnacle and cutting-edge of development, head off upwind. Who has the speed edge? Who is pointing higher? Who will hit the boundary first and force the tack? These are the questions that will be early indicators of the outcome and destination of the most famous trophy in sailing.

america's cup yachts 2023

But hold on. The America’s Cup in foiling yachts that have optimal design windows for specific conditions, could well see major surprises and upsets and with Barcelona in the autumn capable of delivering conditions that can be at either end of the spectrum or bang in the middle with a variety of sea-states, wind directions and swells, this could be the hardest America’s Cup in history to call. We could see the closest contest for the ‘Auld Mug’ since 1983. A gambler’s folly. A commentator’s nightmare.

The great winner will undoubtedly be the beautiful city of Barcelona with its cosmopolitan outlook, world-class infrastructure, dynamic history, outstanding architecture, culture and vibrancy. Barcelona is a must-visit destination and for the thousands of spectators that will make the journey to support their team and witness history unfolding, it promises to be sensational.

The Official Race Village will be the beating heart but stroll along to the Port Olímpic and the vibe of the Youth & Puig Women’s America’s Cup events in the AC40 class – the world’s most exciting new foiling monohull class - will be in full flight. This time next year we will know the Youth America’s Cup champions with their deciding Match to be held during the Challenger Selection Series Final and their pathway to the America’s Cup will be set. Waiting in the wings for the glory will be the finest female athletes competing for the inaugural Puig Women’s America’s Cup – a highlight of the 37 th America’s Cup and a further pathway to the very future of the competition – with the Final being held between races of the Match.

america's cup yachts 2023

For spectators in town, a visit to the AC Experience immerses, educates, inspires and enthrals both those with a deep knowledge of the America’s Cup and those who have never experienced it before. Located in the Port Vell next to the aquarium, it’s the must-see visitor attraction of 2024. And for fans of past editions of the America's Cup, the J Class (yachts from the 1930's) will be hosting their World Championships in Barcelona and the 12 Meters (Cup boats from 1958-1987) will be in town competing at the 17th Regatta Puig Vela Classica regatta. The Port Vell will be a lively and engaging spectacle for all to enjoy. 

america's cup yachts 2023

The eyes of the world are set to be trained and intensified on Barcelona in the coming twelve months. What we know for sure is that the city is ready and has a history of executing world class sporting events from the Champions League to Formula 1 to even the Olympic Games itself. Barcelona delivers on every level. And for locals wishing to be a part of history, it has never been easier to volunteers with submissions open on the Official America’s Cup website for a myriad of opportunities to be a part and to make the 37 th America’s Cup in Barcelona, the stand-out event on the sporting calendar in 2024.

One year to go until the greatest sailing show on earth. Can you feel it yet?

(Magnus Wheatley)

america's cup yachts 2023

America’s Cup: Inside the construction process

Published on February 28th, 2023 by Editor -->

There is nothing simple about building the boats used in the America’s Cup. This report comes from Italian challenger Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team:

Carbon fiber lamination is a delicate and complex technique. And it’s not for everyone because, to succeed perfectly, it requires precise timing, flawless execution and highly experienced people. Like Julien Meunier, Construction Manager and Process Engineer, who covers the dual role of project manager and link between the design team and the construction team.

“My initial job is to develop the material databases so that the engineers who will have to design the structures are fully aware of the ones we will use for construction,” he explains. “Then I make sure these materials match what has been tested, and finally, I provide the builders with guidelines.”

So, on one hand, Meunier ensures that the construction process goes perfectly and on schedule, and on the other hand he verifies that the composite structure performs as designed. “Every single carbon part – whether produced in house or supplied – must match the design specifications exactly and be delivered on time, because the construction cycle has a schedule that cannot be changed, or else multiple departments will overlap.”

america's cup yachts 2023

The hull and deck are born from female (concave) molds – to achieve a near-perfect exterior finishing, that requires therefore a very small amount of filler (the mix of plaster and paint filler used to smooth the surface) and minimizes weight – and have a classic “sandwich” structure; this consists of a structural core (foam or honeycomb core cell, usually aluminum) “sandwiched” between several layers of epoxy resin-prepreg carbon skins.

The process itself does not differ from the production of the most competitive racing boats: after layering a given number of sheets of carbon fiber, the mold is placed under vacuum to suck out excess resin. It is then finally “baked” in special ovens to catalyze perfectly. This cycle is repeated until the hull is perfectly executed and removed from its shell.

What makes the difference between Luna Rossa and a generic racing boat, or another AC75 boat, is hidden in the ‘secret’ formula of the recipe: the type of carbon used, the material chosen to form the ‘core’ (decided by the structural engineers during the design stage) and the correct application by the laminators are, in fact, top secret ‘ingredients’. It is also very important to respect the execution times between steps, making sure, however, to be quick in working with fresh resin.

“If the lamination is not executed perfectly,” explains Meunier, “not only do you risk delamination, but more importantly, you’re almost certain the boat will not perform properly. It is enough to have even one single fiber not properly oriented to feel the difference in sailing, and sailors notice it right away.”

Each part – with special focus on attachment points, which are reinforced (stays, running rigging, appendages…) – is individually tested before and after construction, and the same thing will be done with the finished hull. If this is not enough, the Quality Control Manager Stefano Beltrando performs CND tests (non-destructive testing) throughout the entire process, to monitor and report any inconsistencies, even minor ones.

Once extracted from the mold and complete in every part, the hull must be painted. With its innovative and visually striking graphics, the Luna Rossa prototype has fully captured the public’s attention and the press spotlight. Not everyone knows, however, that this complex geometric livery was entirely hand painted.

Mauro Zamichele, working with Valentino Melis and Danilo Sorrentino in the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli paint department, created this little masterpiece and tells us how.

“Once the lamination phase was finished,” explains Zamichele, who is also part of the R&D team, “we prepared the hull by laying down a coat of high quality white primer (base); then we traced the guidelines with the laser, together with the various strips for the Luna Rossa and Prada names; then we dedicated ourselves to the graphics.”

And this is the best part, because they had to reproduce a highly complex 2D drawing on a 3D surface.

“At that point we realized that the proportions would not be maintained and that the only viable option was to do the work entirely by hand,” he continues. Of course, templates were used, but the various modifications had to be done individually and manually, especially to respect the symmetry between the left and right sides of the hull.

“Once we realized that the triangles made logical sense,” he continues, “the work became easier, and in the end it was really rewarding to see the finished hull; it was a team effort, and Danilo and Valentino did an awesome job.”

At that point, another layer of paint was laid, “a very special and highly technological product used for boats that need to be ‘light’ and that don’t stay in the water for long but that require a perfect finish. Laying it down is not easy because we are at a point in the execution where it becomes difficult to correct any mistakes.”

On America’s Cup boats, where everything is taken to extremes for performance, paint also plays a crucial role. For this reason, at the end of each session at sea, Mauro and Valentino check the entire hull, focusing on the appendages (painted with yet another product), to ensure that there is not even the slightest imperfection: something as minor as a scratch or a bubble could create a turbulence that can affect the speed and quality of the ‘flight’.

The painting phase lasted about 10 days and followed a very specific schedule. “The painting department worked at night, alternating with technicians from other departments in order to avoid any interference and, at the same time, meet deadlines,” Zamichele concludes.

Among these technicians are Marco Donati and Massimiliano Carbone, responsible for the electronics and hydraulics departments, respectively. The former, working with Davide Cannata and James Sweetman, explains the importance of his department:

“Electronics is the heart of the boat,” he says, “the way they are designed, the new America’s Cup yachts don’t move without batteries. Basically we prepare all the hardware, wiring and customization of products, communications systems, and other applications, both for the race boat and the support boats.”

A large part of these systems is manufactured in house or customized by the team. “We build everything we can, to have control of the part from the most initial design stage,” he continues, “and what we buy is still customized to match our needs and to be perfectly watertight.”

Industrial parts, in fact, are rarely meant to be used at sea at 50 knots, while the team needs them to function perfectly in extreme conditions. So they are customized to be waterproof, or encased in watertight boxes, designed and built in-house.

“Eighty percent of the onboard systems are custom,” says Donati. “Since the prototype was born to test a whole series of solutions, ironically it is more packed with systems, cables and control devices than the AC75, because we need to learn about them and see how they interact with each other before deciding which ones to translate to the official boat.

“The batteries are crucial, as they will activate the hydraulic systems that move the foils. Here again, it is necessary to use the latest technology available and then customize it and make it both waterproof and as light as possible.”

But if these boats don’t move without batteries, boat handling and foils are virtually impossible without hydraulics… Hydraulic systems are essential on an AC75 explains Massimiliano Carbone, head of this department, where he works with Davide Pescuma.

“By hydraulics we refer to everything that is applied with an oleo dynamic force; instead of a mechanical force applied to the various utilities of the boat (ropes, etc.), you now have oil pressure that goes into linear actuators called cylinders, which in turn distribute it to the various utilities that activate the boat’s functions.”

On board the AC75 there are three circuits (closed and separate): one moves the arms (Foil Cant System), which is one-design and therefore the same for all; then you have a circuit that moves the flight system (Foil Flap System) which determines the flight height with flaps and rudder; the third circuit moves the sails (Sail System). The latter two are ‘free’ and therefore designed and developed by the team.

Specialized electronics and hydraulics technicians carry out continuous checks on the boat: before launching, during training and racing (from the support boats via monitors), and when returning to the dock, to make sure that all systems are adjusted as planned and working properly.

Following the publication of the AC37 Protocol and AC75 Class Rule on November 17, 2021 , the AC75 Class Rule and AC Technical Regulations were finalized on March 17, 2022 . The entry period opened December 1, 2021 and runs until July 31, 2022, but late entries for the 37th America’s Cup may be accepted until May 31, 2023. The Defender was to announce the Match Venue on September 17, 2021 but postponed the venue reveal, confirming it would be Barcelona on March 30, 2022 . The 37th America’s Cup will be held in September/October 2024.

Teams revealed to challenge defender Emirates Team New Zealand (NZL): • INEOS Britannia (GBR) • Alinghi Red Bull Racing (SUI) • Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team (ITA) • NYYC American Magic (USA) • K-Challenge Racing (FRA)

Noticeboard: https://ac37noticeboard.acofficials.org/ Additional details: www.americascup.com/en/home

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america's cup yachts 2023




America's Cup: Six teams to contest Second Preliminary Regatta on the Red Sea

america's cup yachts 2023

Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli - America's Cup Preliminary Regatta - Day 3 -  Vilanova - September 17, 2023 - photo © Luca Butto

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america's cup yachts 2023

B&B Yacht Charter

America’s Cup: preliminary regatta announced for 2023

The dates and venue for the first America’s Cup preliminary regatta have been announced with AC40 racing due in September in the Catalonian port of Vilanova i la Geltrú

America’s Cup: preliminary regatta announced for 2023 m9944 m9387 crop169014 2000x2000 proportional 16771925760828 BB Yacht Charter Marbella

The Catalonian port of Vilanova i la Geltrú, has today, Friday 17 March 2023, been announced as the Host Venue for the first Preliminary Regatta of the 37th America’s Cup, with racing to take place over four days between 14-17th September 2023 in the newly created AC40 class foiling monohull.

In contrast to the America’s Cup itself, raced in purpose-built AC75’s, which the teams develop themselves within a rule framework, the AC40’s are a strict one-design class. It is these mini foilers that are set to be used by each team in the Youth and Women’s America’s Cups.

Although the AC40s are a one-design class, teams are allowed to make changes to them during training in order to test concepts for the bigger AC72 America’s Cup boats, but they must be returned to the strict one-design rule set for this event and the Women’s and Youth AC.

America’s Cup: preliminary regatta announced for 2023 m9343 230221 ARBR AC40 D5 0123 BB Yacht Charter Marbella

This one-design racing provides little insight into which team might be best set-up to win the America’s Cup itself, as Cup racing is primarily a design competition with the winner, usually the team that is able to develop the fastest boat. However, it will be the first opportunity to pit the sailors of the six competing teams against one another – and a chance for fans to get an idea of which teams are looking most polished in their foiling teamwork.

The six America’s Cup teams set to compete in both the 37th AC and this preliminary regatta are: Emirates Team New Zealand (Defender), INEOS Britannia (Challenger of Record), Alinghi Red Bull Racing (SUI), American Magic, Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli (ITA), and Orient Express Team (FRA).

All racing will be broadcast free-to-air through a dedicated America’s Cup television production. The regatta will offer the world a first glimpse of what can be expected when the Youth & Women’s America’s Cup races begin in earnest in September and October 2024 in Barcelona and will be the first time the AC40 fleet will race each other.

In terms of the actual racing, this will take place in a mix of both fleet and match-racing courses, allowing the teams to polish up their match racing skills, the racing format that the America’s Cup itself is run under.

Just 45 kilometres southwest along the coast from America’s Cup Host Venue Barcelona, the racing in the area outside the Vilanova i la Geltrú port entrance will allow for a viewing gallery and wide fan engagement opportunities ashore and should feature similar conditions to those the teams will experience in late 2024 when America’s Cup racing is held in Barcelona.

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It’s a truly international picture in the 37th America’s Cup at the moment with the teams training hard around the globe on Tuesday, deep into their development work with key, crucial design decisions being weighed-up, tested and analysed to the nth degree. These are the hard yards of professional yachting at the pinnacle of the sport and the very best in the business are really putting the hours in.

america's cup yachts 2023

Out in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the fabulous next stop for the second Preliminary Regatta of the 37 th  America’s Cup, Alinghi Red Bull Racing were hard at it with both of their AC40s docked out early and lined up in one-design mode for a real technique-heavy day in a breeze that really didn’t want to play ball for very long.

america's cup yachts 2023

Today the Swiss docked-out both boats just after 11.30am and made the absolute best of the afternoon with a couple of hours of decent foiling conditions, keeping the ride height high over the residual swell and although the two boats never got to line-up on a racecourse, it was valuable venue training from the outset. With 15-17 knots blowing in from almost due south, which is a rare breeze in Jeddah, it wasn’t long before it started to fade and clock, first to 225° before settling even further west at 240° and dying to just 4-5 knots.

Almost an hour and half of foiling time was recorded before the shutdown with the recon team noting that there was quite a mix-up of crews with Arnaud Psarofaghis joining up with Nicolas Charbonnier on AC40-7 alongside a trim team of Nicolas Rolaz and Bryan Mettraux whilst Maxime Bachelin and Phil Robertson took charge of AC40-4 alongside Yves Detrey and Jason Waterhouse. The precise make-up of the team for the second Preliminary Regatta in Jeddah won’t be known for a while and it’s clear that Alinghi Red Bull Racing are operating a dynamic squad system to spread the learnings and raise everyone’s technique.

america's cup yachts 2023

Nicolas Rolaz, the fast-coming superstar of the foiling scene and key member of the Driving Group at Alinghi Red Bull Racing summed the day up perfectly saying: “Tough conditions today, the westerly breeze filled in quite early this morning with stormy conditions which brought some sea-states pretty similar to a nice east wind in Barcelona, so chops and quite steep but we did the most of it in the beginning with the waves, it was pretty good.”

The similarity to Barcelona conditions was marked today with the Swiss working hard, particularly downwind to avoid pitch-poling or nosedives into the back of the waves as Nicolas confirmed, saying: “Upwind was pretty manageable just the downwind to make sure we didn’t crash into the waves was a lot of driving, a lot of sail trim to recover quick from touchdowns, so yeah pretty similar to the Barcelona I would say.”

america's cup yachts 2023

Talking about the selection for the race team, Nicolas added: “No, the team is not decided yet, we’re still thinking it out and I think those crew swaps are very good for sharing the knowledge of each crew, every day we learn things and it’s a good way to share them.” Nicolas also highlighted the approach that the Swiss are taking to improvement in technique when asked how different the training is ahead of the Jeddah Preliminary Regatta to the one held in Vilanova in September, saying: “We looked at the others, what they were sailing and how they were trimming the boats and we’re trying to take what we like from the others and keep pushing on what we like from us and making the best mix.”

With time on the water at the venue being so important, it will be very interesting to see how Alinghi Red Bull Racing fare in the upcoming racing. Looking good.

america's cup yachts 2023

Meanwhile back in a puffy, shift, patchy Cagliari, Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli had the hammer down when they could for a truly scintillating second day of testing with their new Wing 04 against the Wing 03 that they have looked very comfortable on in recent tests. Today the design team would have been happy with what they saw as Jimmy Spithill and Francesco Bruni drove Luna Rossa like they stole it whilst the Flight Controllers pushed through the cant variables and beyond. An interesting moment, caught on the recon video, saw that cant pushed just an inch too far with the outer wing tip of Wing 04 breaking the surface and very quickly sending the boat into a hobby-horse that was rapidly corrected by the sailors.

america's cup yachts 2023

Overall, the Italian team kept Luna Rossa firmly end-plated as low as they dared both upwind and downwind on a day where straight-line testing was very much demanded. On that metric they looked blisteringly fast but through some of the tacks and gybes there’s an understandable cautiousness as the team get to grips with the new tech and the nuances of the new foil.

america's cup yachts 2023

Watching on from the Chase Boat eagerly with his nose in a phalanx of computers, Chad Turner, one of the team’s key Performance Analysts gave his assessment of the day saying: “I’m interested in just making sure the sailors are sailing the boat consistently tack to tack, you know we’re trying to test different things so we want to make sure that we’re testing apples to apples instead of apples to oranges so I’m focused mostly on trim, heel, cant angles, boat speeds, wind angles those sort of basic performance parameters…We rely heavily on checking everything in against the VPP’s so the VPP’s are the targets that we sort of reference on the water and we’re always comparing to those numbers and every night we prepare reports to compare how we’re doing against the VPP targets.”

america's cup yachts 2023

Assessing the day, Chad added: “We definitely ticked off everything that was on our list for today. It was a tricky day with pretty puffy conditions, we started on the J2 then went to the J1.5 and back to the J2 and sailed through a lot of puffs and lulls so it was it was a tricky mistral, all quite puffy but in the end, we got through the whole checklist so that’s good.”

Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli were very much the real deal today on the Bay of Angels. Top performance.

america's cup yachts 2023

Over in Barcelona, INEOS Britannia continued their testing onboard their rebuilt prototype ‘T6’ and looked absolutely on it all day with their remarkable new mainsail trim system that is really making a difference and appears to have a dual control box that controls both the leech tension and the new battening structure along the lower third of the mainsail.

Combined with what seems like an even more dynamically responsive traveller system and the well-proven 3D jib sheeting system, INEOS Britannia seem to have the ability to go through the gears through the lulls with consummate ease inducing real depth into both sails when demanded and keeping the power on. Impressive tech coming through from the British – and there’s even suggestion that the mainsail itself, which is beautifully detailed, could be new but we await any declaration to confirm in the coming 24 hours.

america's cup yachts 2023

All afternoon ‘T6’ was dialled in desperately low to the water, bustle-skimming upwind with a slight bow-up mode (only slight) and downwind there was some lovely angle gybing with low VMG on a pitch-perfect day with a relatively flat water and a breeze that gusted at times up to 20 knots on the 37 th  America’s Cup racecourse. 

Speaking afterwards, Giles Scott was more than pleased with the day saying: “It was a good day, into November now, and I think days like today could be few and far between. Amazing conditions out there, nice and flat generally, certainly on the racecourse area nice and flat, south-westerly and 12 knots to towards north of 20 knots at times…The rudder’s feeling pretty good, it’s been completely put back together, all the systems around it got damaged so a lot of lot of rebuilding back there, but yeah it’s solid.”

america's cup yachts 2023

Again today the team opted for the high-pressure inducing zig zagging at times on the foils to build in accuracy and gauge pre-sets around the trim whilst testing systems as Giles confirmed, saying: “We were doing a lot of a lot of straight line testing and there was a few little tests we were doing, dynamic response type testing, and yeah there’s quite a lot you can play with within the systems and we’re really just exploring that space with T6 and hopefully that will enable us to be in a good position when we launch the big boat.”

The only blot on an otherwise superb day was a near-miss capsize out of a gybe which the sailing team of Ben Ainslie, Giles Scott, Iain Jensen and Leigh McMillan pulled back from the brink – itself quite a feat of foiling seamanship with quick reactions.

america's cup yachts 2023

Giles went on to confirm the team’s focus over the coming few days in Barcelona, saying: “It’s really just about getting hours on the water so if we have sailable, raceable, conditions we’re going to be happy through to the end of November. We’ve got a long list to get through given the amount of time that we’ve got left with the boat, so there’s plenty to do and hopefully the weather can be kind to us and give us plenty of hours out there on the water.”

If the hours are there, INEOS Britannia will take them. Fabulous sailing from the team today and highly valuable.

Emirates Team New Zealand sailed on Tuesday in Auckland – please see the report published on the website. NYYC American Magic kept their AC75 ‘Patriot’ ashore today with an expected first launch in Barcelona on Wednesday and Orient Express Racing Team’s AC40 is en route to Jeddah at the moment so no update on their progress.  (Magnus Wheatley)

america's cup yachts 2023

On-Water Recon Unit Report – Alinghi Red Bull Racing:  Alinghi Red Bull Racing rolled out their AC40-4 (Yellow) and AC40-7 (Red, featuring Vilanova branding on the mainsail head) at 09:00 and 09:40, respectively, from their base at Obhur Creek, Jeddah. Both boats were rigged with one-design foils and sails in preparation for the day’s sessions.

The team docked out at 11:30, with the red boat being towed to open waters for sail hoisting, while the yellow was rigged under the protection of the Obhur Creek breakwater, in hindsight a better decision considering the sea state. A significant chop of up to 1m was present, with wind speed recorded between 15-17 knots at the beginning of the session.

Sailing commenced at 12:00, with a quick pause to attend an issue with Bryan Mettraux’s helmet communications on the red boat, which was quickly resolved allowing the Red team to sail a long upwind towards the race area and join the Yellow team.

In the second stint, both boats executed two long tacks and gybes, with the red boat showing slight handling inconsistencies. Both boats exchanged to J2 jibs after the first stint, as the wind eased to 8 knots. The third stint was characterized by split tacks amid diminishing wind and residual waves, complicating manoeuvres.

As wind conditions continued to decline, measuring 4-5 knots, the yachts were towed to the start of the 1.5NM racecourse and J1 jibs were hoisted ahead of the final stint. The intention was for racing on the course, however this was abandoned, as multiple tow-starts were attempted, but both yachts failed to maintain foiling for significant distances, leading to the decision to conclude the sailing day early.

The boats were towed back to base after an on-water session lasting three and a half hours, with a sailing time of 85 minutes. Of the 32 manoeuvres attempted, 75% were executed fully foiling.

america's cup yachts 2023

On-Water Recon Unit Report – Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli:  The Italian team rolled out their LEQ12 prototype at 10:00, stepped the mast and craned the yacht in by 10:15. The appendage configuration remained unchanged compared to Day 94 with Wing03 on starboard and Wing04 on port, shots of which have been taken from requested perspectives off and in the water.

Dock-out was scheduled for 11:10 and the shore team ran through the usual dock checks. As the yacht was being towed out of the harbour, the offshore Mistral already seemed a bit patchy over the Gulf. The pressure was measured 315 TWA 7-9 knots at 11:30 when main M1-2 and jib J2-2 were being hoisted. Once all set, the LEQ12 was boarded by 6 crew, towed up on port tack and the first foiling stint started downwind for straight-line runs executing only a small number of gybes before trimming back up with just a small number of tacks.

Further offshore, the breeze seemed to be stronger and more consistent blowing 12-14 knots so perhaps better in range for the J2-2. After 20 foiling minutes, the yacht came to a stop for a crew swap in the guest seats on port. During the second foiling stint, lasting approx. 15 minutes, the LEQ12 was observed sailing mostly downwind executing some gybes but mostly testing modes from VMG to high/fast.

As the yacht entered a patch with less pressure, approx. 6-8kn, it came off the foils during a gybe. The prototype was then quickly towed-up twice but came hullborne both times exiting the tack manoeuvre from starboard to port tack. As the pressure had suddenly died completely, the J2-2 was lowered, and the team waited for some pressure as the sky was clearing on the NW side.

Just when the J1-1 was about to be hoisted, some more breeze filled in reaching 7-9kn 310TWA and the team opted for the J1.5-2. Another tow-to-foil followed and the LEQ12 started its third foiling stint on starboard tack, proceeding with an intense phase of upwind moding, especially high/slow adjusting the port cant and hence heel, before transiting into several reaching runs on both tacks looking at end-plating performance.

In addition, several hard bear-aways followed by hard trim-ups were observed on both tacks before heading downwind for two additional long straight-line runs again end-plating when feasible. After almost 40 minutes, the yacht came to a stop as the pressure dropped again below 5 knots and the team took the chance for a lunch break.

As the pressure picked up again, the fourth foiling stint began on starboard tack and, once again, the LEQ12 seemed to sail close hauled just right above minimum foiling speed and, when about to touch down, bearing away to build again. Then it transited into a reach course, tacked and repeated the same routine sailing on port tack before the wind picked up reaching 13-15kn 320 TWA.

For the last short stint, the J1.5-2 was lowered, and the J2-2 was rehoisted. Once up and foiling by tow, the LEQ12 completed several tacks before falling hullborne perhaps due to an increased leeward heel and larger ride height dropping the board. The wind had dropped again and in the following 15 minutes the team tested some light air self-take-offs on both tacks without any success and sails were lowed at 1420.

The following was recorded for the day: 92 foiling minutes, 16 tacks and 12 gybes  [Michele Melis AC Recon].

america's cup yachts 2023

On-Water Recon Unit Report – INEOS Britannia:  Team INEOS Britannia rolled out their LEQ12 ‘T6’ at 09:30 am, with foil wing and flap #1 on the port side, and foil wing and flap #2 on the starboard side. The broken LEQ R-01 rudder from two weeks ago had been repaired and was on the water for the second day in a row.

‘T6’ was craned to the water at 10:15 and the team docked out at 11:30, as planned, with Ben Ainslie, Giles Scott, Leigh McMillan and Iain Jensen. No unusual movements were detected during the boat´s preparation process, just usual routine activities.

The same mainsail as yesterday was hoisted at 11:50 and the J2-2 ten minutes after, while coming out of the harbour. Today´s training consisted mainly of sailing in a straight-line on target speeds and angles, combined with some specific movements for testing and checking the control systems.

To begin with, at 12:15 one upwind-downwind was performed doing 5 tacks and 6 gybes, respectively on each leg, with the wind increasing consistently in intensity. At 12:40 there was a short break to replace the J2-2 for the J4-2. Immediately after, two long upwind-downwind were executed sailing on target speed and angles. After the second downwind a five-minute break took place and then the team repeated yesterday´s exercise of sailing upwind on both tacks doing zig-zag, easing and trimming-in both sails while changing course, probably to continue to test potential new features on their sheeting systems.

After the exercise, INEOS Britannia did one long downwind sailing on targets, and then stopped for a break from 15:00 till 15:20.

At 15:20, with stronger wind intensity and a quickly building sea state, one more upwind-downwind was performed, sailing on the upper range of their J4. On the upwind T6 ventilated and splashed down on two opportunities, while on the downwind after gybing from starboard into port they were very close to capsize, achieving a very nice and important save.

In addition, as yesterday, during today´s sessions, there were a couple times in which different members of the crew did some manual adjustments on the mainsail clew.

A building south-westerly breeze prevailed during today´s session, very stable in direction slightly turning right during the day from 205 to 215 and building in intensity from 12 to 17 knots measured at sea level.

T6 entered the port at 16:10, sails were lowered at 16:20, the boat docked at 16:40 and craned out of the water at 17.00, indicating the end of the day.  Sebastian Peri Brusa – Recon on INEOS Britannia

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Steve Cornwell


A sweltering sunday: light winds and looming storms on the red sea, alinghi red bull racing embracing the spirit of dedication, luna rossa’s ac75 departs persico marine en route to cagliari, alinghi red bull racing takes advantage of training opportunities in jeddah, barcelona’s splendor and perfect sailing conditions.


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Sailgp’s christchurch return: race times and maps revealed as excitement grows, editor picks, canadian beau lake introduces the tahoe ’14 and lugano ’14 electric runabouts, underwater adventure and exploration with deepflight’s super falcon 3s, driving performance on land and on water: 41′ amg carbon edition, popular posts, young designer of the year 2022: ioana valentina corcodel reveals 65m ophelia concept, mirabaud sailing video of the century: celebrating 2 decades of passion, superyacht the flying fox seized in the dominican republic, popular category.

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37th America’s Cup

america's cup yachts 2023

The regattas

There are three Preliminary Regattas that precede the final races: the first two will take place in 2023 on board the AC40s (Vilanova i la Geltrú, Spain, from September 14 to 17 – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia from November 29 to December 2), while the last will take place in August 2024 in Barcelona with the AC75 monohulls.

The Challenger Selection Series will begin at the end of August 2024, while the Final Match will take place from October 12 to 27, 2024.


Participating teams

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Youth and Women: new in the 37th America's Cup

Previous Edition

36th America’s cup

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Men's Collection

Women's Collection

The America’s Cup

The America’s Cup – A Short Introduction

The America’s Cup is the oldest international trophy in world sport, pre-dating the modern Olympics, the Ryder Cup and the World Cup – and Britain has never won it. The first race was organised by the Royal Yacht Squadron in 1851, the same year that both Reuters and the New York Times were founded. It was a single race around the Isle of Wight, open to yachts of all nations. The prize was a silver Cup that was valued at One Hundred Pounds sterling. The black schooner America won this nascent contest of maritime supremacy, outclassing the rest of the field to be first at the finish line off Cowes. To honour that victory, it was renamed the America’s Cup and became a challenge trophy, open to sailing clubs of all nations. American teams representing the New York Yacht Club successfully defended the Cup against all challenges for 132 years – the longest winning streak in sport – until an Australian team won in 1983. Since then the Cup has become a truly global phenomena, with challenges from all five continents, and held in locations spread around the world – Cowes, New York, Newport RI, Fremantle, San Diego, Auckland, Valencia and San Francisco.

Emirates New Zealand are the defenders and current holders of the America's Cup, they won the 36th America's Cup in New Zealand 2021, representing the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron. The defenders are taking the Cup to Barcelona in September 2023, where the 37th America's Cup will be held.

INEOS Britannia is the 'Challenger of Record' for the 37th America's Cup and are in charge of the Selection Series to decide who will race against New Zealand for the trophy. The unique format of the Cup sees the Defender of the trophy automatically entitled to race in the final ‘Match’ whereas the Challengers will undertake a series to find the top yacht to take on the New Zealand team. Confirmed entries for AC37 are: Alinghi Red Bull Racing from Switzerland, Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli from Italy, American Magic New York Yacht Club from the USA and K-Challenge from France.

Photo: © ACEA/Gilles Martin-Raget

america's cup yachts 2023

First refuelling for Russia’s Akademik Lomonosov floating NPP


america's cup yachts 2023

The FNPP includes two KLT-40S reactor units. In such reactors, nuclear fuel is not replaced in the same way as in standard NPPs – partial replacement of fuel once every 12-18 months. Instead, once every few years the entire reactor core is replaced with and a full load of fresh fuel.

The KLT-40S reactor cores have a number of advantages compared with standard NPPs. For the first time, a cassette core was used, which made it possible to increase the fuel cycle to 3-3.5 years before refuelling, and also reduce by one and a half times the fuel component in the cost of the electricity produced. The operating experience of the FNPP provided the basis for the design of the new series of nuclear icebreaker reactors (series 22220). Currently, three such icebreakers have been launched.

The Akademik Lomonosov was connected to the power grid in December 2019, and put into commercial operation in May 2020.

Electricity generation from the FNPP at the end of 2023 amounted to 194 GWh. The population of Pevek is just over 4,000 people. However, the plant can potentially provide electricity to a city with a population of up to 100,000. The FNPP solved two problems. Firstly, it replaced the retiring capacities of the Bilibino Nuclear Power Plant, which has been operating since 1974, as well as the Chaunskaya Thermal Power Plant, which is more than 70 years old. It also supplies power to the main mining enterprises located in western Chukotka. In September, a 490 km 110 kilovolt power transmission line was put into operation connecting Pevek and Bilibino.

Image courtesy of TVEL

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america's cup yachts 2023

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NV obtains new photos and videos of the elimination of traitorous ex-MP Ilya Kyva near Moscow

  • Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again later. More content below

Photos and videos of the elimination of pro-Russian ex-MP Ilya Kyva in a Moscow suburb were obtained by NV from sources in Ukraine’s SBU Security Service on Dec. 11.

This special operation was meticulously planned and successfully executed, the SBU informant confirmed.

Read also: “Surrender for your own safety” advises Ukrainian intelligence to traitors

In one imgae, Kyva's lifeless body can be seen in the snow surrounded by bloodstains. The location where “deserved punishment awaited the traitor” is near the place that Kyva filmed many anti-Ukrainian videos, sources say.

Kyva was a high-priority target, SBU said. His daily routines, movements, and habits were extensively studied in the operation. Despite strong security, the SBU managed to eliminate him just outside Moscow.

“This [Kyva’s elimination] serves as a signal to all traitors and military criminals who have sided with the enemy. Remember: Russia will not protect you. Death is the only prospect awaiting enemies of Ukraine,” SBU Chief Vasyl Malyuk said.

Ukraine’s SBU eliminated Kyva in a special operation in Moscow Oblast on Dec. 6, said NV sources in the intelligence service.

Kyva's “bloodied body”, discovered with a shot through the head, was found in the park of an elite club hotel in the Moscow region on Dec.6, Russian propaganda Telegram channels reported.

Read also: Former Ukrainian MP and traitor Illia Kyva found dead in Moscow Oblast – NV sources

Kyva was shot with an unidentified firearm and died from the injuries on the scene, the Russian Investigative Committee claimed.

Kyva had fled to Spain ahead of Russia’s full-scale invasion. He then appeared in Russian propaganda broadcasts in Moscow, actively spreading lies about Ukraine. Kyva also sought “political asylum” and citizenship from the enemy aggressor.

The Ukrainian parliament stripped Kyva of his MP status in March 2022, charging him with treason. He was additionally charged with publicly calling for a violent change in the constitutional order and propaganda on behalf of the aggressor state in Aug. 2023.

We’re bringing the voice of Ukraine to the world. Support us with a one-time donation, or become a Patron !

Read the original article on The New Voice of Ukraine

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  1. THE BOATS: AC75, AC40 & LEQ12

    DOWNLOAD THE IMAGE. LEQ12: TESTING ONLY. Entrants for the Louis Vuitton 37th America's Cup are required to build one AC75 and purchase at least one AC40 but within the rules there is also the opportunity for teams to build one, new, test boat with the stipulation that it must be 'Less than or Equal to 12 metres in overall length.'. The ...


    Now, at the World Sailing Awards in Malaga, the AC40 has been announced as the 2023 winner of the Boat of the Year - 'presented to mark outstanding boat design, innovative concepts and ground-breaking technological advancements that are changing the face of sailing, pioneering change across the world.'. Adam Mustill / America's Cup.

  3. America's Cup boats: How they work and why they're unique

    The America's Cup boats currently racing in the Prada Cup, the AC75s, are arguably the most radical boat the America's Cup has ever seen. ... November 2023 - on sale 12 October.

  4. Everything you need to know about the 37th America's Cup

    The NYYC held the America's Cup from its inception in 1851 right the way through to 1983, when they were defeated by the Royal Perth Yacht Club's Australia II. American Magic have confirmed ...

  5. How to follow the America's Cup preliminary regatta

    America's Cup Preliminary Regatta schedule. The format of the Regatta will consist of up to 8 fleet races followed by a single Match Race Final between the two highest scoring Competitors in the ...

  6. Louis Vuitton 37th America'S Cup Barcelona

    The Louis Vuitton 37th America's Cup Barcelona official opening ceremony will be held in Barcelona on the 22nd of August 2024. The final Preliminary Regatta and the Louis Vuitton Cup (Challenger Selection Series) will follow, leading up to the Louis Vuitton America's Cup Match starting on the 12th of October 2024.

  7. 37th America's Cup

    Official website of America's Cup. The competition for the oldest trophy in international sport and dates back to 1851.


    The America's Cup Preliminary Regatta Jeddah, presented by NEOM is the second preliminary regatta of the America's Cup and will take place in Jeddah from Wednesday 29 November to Saturday 2 December, marking the first time in the America's Cup's 172 year history that the world's top sailing teams will race on the Red Sea.

  9. 37th America's Cup

    Official website of America's Cup. The competition for the oldest trophy in international sport and dates back to 1851. Skip to content. ... QUIET BOAT NOISY SEA STATE | Day Summary - 8th March 13 Mar 2024. ... 23 Dec 2023. Read article. Mozzy Sails America's Cup Recon: What we've learnt so far... 19 Dec 2023. Read article.


    The journey to the Louis Vuitton 37th America's Cup Barcelona begins with the Preliminary Regattas that will serve as warm-up races ahead of the Louis Vuitton Cup (Challenger Selection Series). The first preliminary regatta was held in Vilanova i La Geltrú from 14th to 17th September 2023. The teams then headed to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, for ...

  11. Ep3: Road to the 37th America's Cup

    The entry period opened December 1, 2021 and runs until July 31, 2022, but late entries for the 37th America's Cup may be accepted until May 31, 2023. The Defender was to announce the Match ...

  12. The One Year Countdown to The America'S Cup Match Begins As Barcelona

    The America's Cup teams vying to win the 37th edition of the oldest continually contested trophy in international sports may have vast resources but the one commodity they can't buy is time. And the clock is ticking. ... {'2023-10-12 16:06:00' | amTimezoneGlobal | amDateFormat:'D MMMM YYYY'}} ... The America's Cup in foiling yachts that ...

  13. America's Cup: Inside the construction process

    On America's Cup boats, where everything is taken to extremes for performance, paint also plays a crucial role. ... 2022, but late entries for the 37th America's Cup may be accepted until May ...

  14. America's Cup: Six teams to contest Second Preliminary Regatta on the

    The second America's Cup Preliminary Regatta is set down to be sailed on the Red Sea from November 29, 2023, to December 2, 2023. Hosted by the Jeddah Yacht Club & Marina, racing will be in the AC40 class, with all boats being put back into One Design configuration. The format calls for the six teams to contest eight fleet races starting on ...

  15. America's Cup: preliminary regatta announced for 2023

    The Catalonian port of Vilanova i la Geltrú, has today, Friday 17 March 2023, been announced as the Host Venue for the first Preliminary Regatta of the 37th America's Cup, with racing to take place over four days between 14-17th September 2023 in the newly created AC40 class foiling monohull. In contrast to the America's Cup itself, raced ...

  16. 37th America's Cup Teams Pushing Boundaries and Design Limits

    Alex Carabi / America's Cup. Today the Swiss docked-out both boats just after 11.30am and made the absolute best of the afternoon with a couple of hours of decent foiling conditions, keeping the ride height high over the residual swell and although the two boats never got to line-up on a racecourse, it was valuable venue training from the outset.

  17. America's Cup

    The America's Cup is a sailing competition and the oldest international competition still operating in any sport. America's Cup match races are held between two sailing yachts: one from the yacht club that currently holds the trophy (known as the defender) and the other from the yacht club that is challenging for the cup (the challenger). The winner is awarded the America's Cup trophy ...

  18. 37th Americas Cup

    The official boats of the 37th edition of the America's Cup are the AC75, 75-foot foiling monohulls (hull length 20.7 m). For this edition, the AC40s were also introduced: 40-foot (12 m) "one design" (same for all teams) foiling monohulls that will be used for the first two preliminary regattas and for the Youth and Puig Women's America's Cup.

  19. The America's Cup

    Emirates New Zealand are the defenders and current holders of the America's Cup, they won the 36th America's Cup in New Zealand 2021, representing the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron. The defenders are taking the Cup to Barcelona in September 2023, where the 37th America's Cup will be held. INEOS Britannia is the 'Challenger of Record' for the ...

  20. First refuelling for Russia's Akademik Lomonosov floating NPP

    Rosatom's fuel company TVEL has supplied nuclear fuel for reactor 1 of the world's only floating NPP (FNPP), the Akademik Lomonosov, moored at the city of Pevek, in Russia's Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. The supply of fuel was transported along the Northern Sea Route. The first ever refuelling of the FNPP is planned to begin before the end of ...

  21. NV obtains new photos and videos of the elimination of traitorous ex-MP

    124. NV received from sources a photo from the site of the liquidation of Ilya Kyva in the Moscow region. Photos and videos of the elimination of pro-Russian ex-MP Ilya Kyva in a Moscow suburb were obtained by NV from sources in Ukraine's SBU Security Service on Dec. 11. This special operation was meticulously planned and successfully ...

  22. Round the bend: Moscow Metro drives fans mad at World Cup

    Fifa World Cup 2018: navigating the maddening Moscow Metro is driving football fans to despair in Russia. China, as potential future hosts of the tournament, can learn a lesson from the ...

  23. Kosmos Elektrostal vs Rodina-2 Moscow predictions and stats

    ABOUT Forebet presents mathematical football predictions generated by computer algorithm on the basis of statistics. Predictions, statistics, live-score, match previews and detail