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The 98.4m superyacht Aviva was built for British businessman Joe Lewis who owns Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

Aviva: Inside the 98.4m Abeking & Rasmussen flagship yacht

The owner of Aviva challenged his design team to build a yacht around a padel tennis court — and 98m, 4,966GT and a mere three years later, she was launched.

She’s big — let’s get that out of the way. At 98.4 metres,  Aviva  became the 46th longest yacht in the world when she was delivered by  Abeking & Rasmussen  in 2017, and there are very few boats of her length that can match her for volume.

Her 17.24 metre beam is so generous that the designers pulled in the bridge deck superstructure to add side decks — improving crew circulation and refining the profile — because “we just didn’t need that much beam”.

They were right: spaces on board are magnificently expansive, from guest suites the size of the master suite on a 50 metre to an owner’s wardrobe that is, designer Andrew Langton notes quite seriously, “bigger than my house in France”. The fact that scale sits fairly low down on the list of Aviva ’s extraordinary features speaks to the imagination and belief-beggaring ambition of this project.

Aviva is the third yacht of her name delivered to owner Joe Lewis, British businessman and major shareholder in Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. The first, a 62 metre Winch design, was built at Feadship in the Netherlands; the second, a 68 metre Reymond Langton design , at Abeking & Rasmussen on the banks of the Weser river in Lemwerder, near Bremen.

For his grandest project yet Lewis returned to Abeking. “They were, surprisingly, much less conservative than other people. Maybe it’s because of the military stuff they do,” says Toby Silverton, head of design on the project, working with Reymond Langton, and who was also involved in Lewis’s two previous projects.

The yard’s biggest project had been 82.48 metre Secret and to take on Aviva it extended its build shed to accommodate yachts of up to 125 metres — a bold move into a larger size category. And its courage didn’t end there.

“Build a big yacht around a padel tennis court was the main brief, I guess,” says the yard’s project manager Andreas Hering, with admirable understatement. “In three years.”

  • How 74.5m Abeking & Rasmussen Elandess sprang from a blank sheet of paper

A project of this size might easily take five years, even if the yard already had a shed big enough for the purpose. And this was a highly unusual project. Design was accelerated too: the complex interior was penned in six months, when they would have liked a year; and the exterior in just one month, when it might more comfortably have taken six.

Knowing that makes Aviva ’s elegant profile even more impressive. “There was a lot of work to [visually] break up the mass, using facets,” says Langton. “We also tried to keep the lines long, so the sheer line is very long and jumps up forward with a clean line.”

They also minimised the details that act as size references, to disguise the scale. Rub rails are eliminated, stanchions replaced with glass, crew quarters windows are grouped to create long lines of glazing and even the anchor pocket has been elongated and disguised, lest a little square of gleaming stainless gives the game away.

Some upright elements of the silver superstructure were also picked out in a darker shade. “They disappear a bit, which makes the slope of the boat more raked,” says Langton.

The long bow adds to the effect, but the aesthetic is the beneficiary of a practical decision: this boat will roam far and the long covered bow makes it likely to survive the kind of rogue waves that have battered a few cruise ships over the years.

“I talked to the captain of the QE2 who went through a wave, and what happens is all the wheelhouse windows smash, they had four foot of water, you then lose all your instruments and they had no ability to control the boat, communicate or navigate,” says Silverton.

To strengthen Aviva he added extra watertight doors and armoured the two forward VIP cabins and superyacht wheelhouse so that they could be sealed off to save the boat. “You can lose everything on the bridge and you can still navigate and control the boat from the engine room,” he says.

Apart from safety, the main aim of the naval architecture was stability. Before the build of Lewis’s second Aviva , Silverton had been frustrated by a lack of data on how rolling motion affects passengers, so he put 36 people in a motion simulator for three days.

“There’s two things: one is the period of roll and the second is the way it rolls,” he says. “The typical roll period of the 62 metre would be around 7.5-7.8 seconds, one of two roll periods people were particularly upset by. And we found that if it was a soft stop and then a soft movement away again, people were much more tolerant of it.”

The design of the second boat addressed those concerns and the new Aviva ’s hull — patent pending — is an evolution of that. It has a nipped in “waist” which bulges back out below the waterline. This both slows and softens the roll. Her near-vertical bow and narrow sailing boat-like stern (which helps reduce pitching) also aid efficiency.

So much so that they were able to go down two engine sizes from the original spec (she has two MTU 16V4000 M73Ls, which put out 2,880kW each) and still hit 20.3 knots in sea trials. Silverton notes that she runs most comfortably at a zippy 16.5 knots, despite an official cruising speed of 14 knots.

Supplementary electric motors offer smooth manoeuvring and silent 11 knot running at night, while extra solidity comes from MAGLift stabilisers aft and one pair of fin stabilisers forward.

But it is the padel tennis court that lies literally and metaphorically at the heart of this project. This high intensity squash-tennis hybrid is a daily routine for Lewis and his explorations with his previous yachts had been limited to destinations with courts.

“The original idea I had was to put it on the aft end main deck and have folding panels and sliding walls,” says Langton. “It never even entered my head to put it inside, because it’s so big.”

Not only would putting the court at the back have made for a profile that Langton likens to a pick-up truck, but Silverton notes that the court would not have been playable at main-deck level. “You’re way above the roll centre, so it’s moving sideways – humans can’t cope with sideways movement of the ground,” says Silverton. “So we looked at putting it as low down as possible.”

Achieving such a large area in that position was an engineering feat but the results are spectacular. Its dimensions short-circuit spatial understanding — it seems impossible that this towering 6.65 metre tall space could be accommodated in Aviva ’s profile.

But it is, and it functions beautifully. “We’re running along at 19 knots, white horses everywhere, and they’re downstairs playing padel having no idea that there’s any sea at all,” says Silverton.

This sort of intelligent ambition has transformed every space on board into something special. “The owner has been in many businesses – hospitality, hotels – so he really understands how spaces work,” says Silverton.

Apart from strategically placed pantries and concealed crew entrances, there are three massive dumb waiters, a lower deck entrance for loading supplies, a dedicated crew galley and much more. The final GA was version 57.

On the more glamorous side of this equation, the upper saloon is a highly functional family room that’s comfortable, bright and airy. The sofas are extra squashy, and there’s a games table as well as a sculptural Bogányi piano.

The head height is 2.6 metres and nine metres of openable full-height windows run along each side of the room – with balconies. Rather than the usual glass, doors to the aft deck are leather clad, making the room feel more private. In fine weather, with those doors open, glass panels slide out to surround the aft deck dining area, creating one long, protected inside/outside space.

Designing such a huge area without pillars for support was a challenge and the corners are, says Hering, packed with extra structure. “Also, in the ceiling, all the girders are very thick because the unsupported length is just enormous.”

In contrast to this space, the main saloon below is a glamorous introduction to Aviva , up the sweeping superyacht staircase from the swim platform and inside to take in starry pieces from the owner’s art collection from a round of sunken seating. Adding a dash of intrigue there’s a secret cinema forward of the space, behind a hidden door.

The master suite is in the nose of the main deck rather than higher up, for extra stability. It stretches from a full-beam cabin to a massive bathroom centred with a monolithic Corian bathtub (there’s a spa just aft of the cabin for even more serious pampering), to a wardrobe-cum-dressing room of spectacular scale and glamour, inspired by Chanel boutiques.

But while some spaces are grand in scale, others are decidedly intimate. Rather than a dining saloon, there are two art-filled “bistros” on board for cosy meals, and many other small dining areas elsewhere. The owner’s bridge deck office is also modestly proportioned, with a conference room next door for larger meetings.

In terms of interior style, the owner’s brief was for something revolutionary. “He didn’t want anything to be symmetrical, it had to be curvy or organic,” says Langton. “He wanted it to be very different. No wood, nothing traditional.”

From the furniture and fittings to walls and overheads, there is barely a straight line on this boat. That was no mean feat for Abeking & Rasmussen’s outfitter Rodiek, which, as well as building most of the yacht’s bespoke furniture in organic forms, produced undulating wall panels from high density CNC-milled foam. “Five or ten years ago this was only used to do models or moulds for the car industry. It is very expensive,” says Langton.

It is, however, perfect for creating curves. “For this boat we decided to use a lot of new materials, even for the base materials, because of the big curved ceiling spaces,” says Hilmar Westermeyer, COO of Rodiek, who had to buy a new CNC milling machine for the project. Rodiek works only for Abeking & Rasmussen (and vice versa) in a symbiotic relationship.

In terms of the interior styling, the ethos was love it or lose it — at least visually. “This door disappears when it is closed and becomes part of the wall,” says Langton in one of the forward VIPs, swinging it to the latch, where its undulations perfectly meet those on the wall. “You either make a door a feature, make it beautiful, or you make it disappear.” The same goes for handles: those on wardrobes are invisible, but ones used on cabin doors are gnarled and textural, incorporated into a cracked bronze plate “like desert clay”.

“Because we’ve not used any wood, basically the whole interior is a mixture of leather and lacquer, it’s really almost tailored.” Take the artfully stitched cream leather of window frames, or the iridescent shot silk that runs down the broad main deck corridor, printed with a bespoke cartographical motif.

A neutral palette is enriched with precious materials: sunset-toned onyx, vanilla marble, shagreen, shimmering leathers. There are glossy panels dripping with resin and acrylic by Alex Turco in the lobby, and panels of velvet mottled with gold, by Sabina Fay Braxton, above guest beds. Staircases are works of art; one with floating treads like turbine blades, another a leather and glass form that spirals up from the floor.

This interior — where, as Langton puts it, almost every surface has “richness and form” – melts into the deck spaces via visual tricks: organic patterns in the Esthec decking that continue in the interior carpets; or the bar that is half in the main saloon and half on the aft deck, a mirror image joining the two spaces.

The superyacht sundeck is the exterior equivalent of the upper saloon — a comfortable family lounge. This massive space, with sunshine yellow upholstery, runs from a shaded central area for dining, with a projector for movie nights, to an aft sunbathing area with sunpads (with a wedge shape to sit as well as lie) and another forward around a spa pool, set low against a glass windbreak for spectacular views.

This forward end is a cosy space like so many on board. It’s that understanding of usable, enjoyable spaces, of human scale, human comfort and passions that makes Aviva a truly grand design. Those 98 metres just help pack it all on board.

First published in the April 2018 edition of BOAT International. Get this magazine sent straight to your door, or subscribe and never miss an issue.

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AVIVA Yacht – Unique $250 M Superyacht

Delivered in 2017, the AVIVA superyacht is a striking sight with its length of 98.4 meters (322.83 ft), ranking it high on the list of largest yachts worldwide .

Built by the renowned German shipyard Abeking & Rasmussen, AVIVA has been a standout in the world of luxury yachts since its inception, winning the Motor Yacht of the Year award at the World Superyacht Awards in 2018.


Mr. Lewis started his early entrepreneurial life by currency trading, enabling him to have a more thorough insight into the business world.

Making him one of the wealthiest people on the earth with an accumulated net worth of over 4.5 billion pounds; enabled him to buy many luxury cars and Aviva yacht, the 250-million-dollar beast.

AVIVA was built by the boat building company Abeking & Rasmussen , situated in Lower Saxony. Abeking & Rasmussen is a company aimed at engineering yachts, naval vessels, and cruise ships.

They were also responsible for building AVIVA’s sisters Elandess , Cloudbreak, and Excellence.


Reymond Langton Design was responsible for designing this gorgeous yacht. They are an award-winning company that prides itself on its creativity and passion with well over a decade of experience in the superyacht designing industry.

They were also responsible for creating the Serene superyacht and Nobiskrug yacht  Mogambo.

AVIVA Yacht Exterior

AVIVA’s exterior displays a sleek and modern all-blue design, distinctive among today’s superyachts. Notable outdoor facilities include a Jacuzzi, a large swimming pool, a helipad, and a spacious sundeck for relaxation and entertainment.

The yacht also boasts a collection of water toys, including jet skis, sea bobs, and inflatable slides for guests to enjoy.

AVIVA Yacht Interior

Designed by Reymond Langton Design in collaboration with Toby Silverton, AVIVA’s interior offers a contemporary and luxurious aesthetic. The yacht can accommodate up to 16 guests in eight state-of-the-art suites, complemented by a crew of 35.

The owner’s suite, located on the upper deck, features an office, private lounge, and a large en suite bathroom. The remaining guest cabins, consisting of two VIP suites and five double cabins, can be found on the main deck, each outfitted with en suite facilities.

AVIVA’s standout feature is a full-size padel tennis court, located in the lower deck. The yacht also features a beach club, a spa, a gym, a swimming pool, and an elevator connecting all the decks.

Similar to her sister yachts, she is also made of steel and has a solid superstructure made out of aluminum.

Powering this 98-meter-long superyacht are twin diesel-electric MTU engines capable of outputting 3,862 horsepower.

Along with her 364,705-litre fuel tanks, she can run comfortably at a speed of 14 knots and reach a max speed of 20 knots.

AVIVA can now comfortably accommodate 16 guests and carry up to 35 crew members after being refitted twice since its launch.

42365677 239293033434620 2295226246477052361 n

AVIVA Yacht Price

The estimated cost of AVIVA was around US $150 million. The annual running costs are estimated to be between US $12 to 15 million, based on usage.

AVIVA is not currently for sale or available for charter.

AVIVA yacht in Gibraltar

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  • Abeking & Rasmussen
  • Reymond Langton

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Your Insider’s Guide to the Aviva Yacht

Ian Fortey

The Aviva Yacht was built in 2017 by German shipyard  Abeking & Rasmussen. The yacht’s interior design was styled by British design house Reymond Langton Design. Outside, the exterior design was handled by Reymond Langton Design. The yacht features a steel hull, aluminum superstructure, and composite decks.

One of the most unique features of the Aviva Yacht is the enormous gymnasium space that is part of its design. While many yachts have a workout gym area, Aviva has a full court that can be converted to play several sports or activities. Even at full speed, the court has been designed and stabilized so guests can play a game without the yacht’s motion causing any disturbance.

Who is the Aviva Yacht Owner? 

British businessman Joe Lewis owns Aviva. He is the majority owner of the Premier League Tottenham Hotspur football club and is known for currency trading. His net worth is above $4 billion, and his art collection alone is worth $1 billion.

This version of the Aviva is the fourth yacht called Aviva that Lewis has owned. His previous third yacht was 223 feet long and built for him in 2007. It’s been said that Lewis uses this yacht as a floating office and spends most of his time here.

How Much Did the Yacht Aviva Cost?

aviva yacht location

Lewis is believed to have paid $250 million for the Aviva in 2017. The annual cost of running the yacht is believed to be between $15 million and $25 million. This would cover things like salary for the 35 crew members, fuel, taxes, and other expenses. This means that while the Aviva is not one of the most expensive yachts in the world, it’s still quite impressive.

Can You Charter the Aviva Yacht?

Unlike some similar yachts, it does not appear that Aviva is available for charter. 

How Big is the Aviva Yacht?

aviva yacht location

Aviva qualifies as a superyacht at a respectable 98.4 m or 322’10”. That’s not in the running for one of the largest yachts in the world, but when she debuted in 2017, she was the 47th largest yacht at the time. In addition to the notable length, she features a nearly 57-foot beam and a gross tonnage of 4,999

How Fast Does the Aviva Go and What Engines Does It Use?

aviva yacht location

Aviva features twin diesel-electric MTU (16V 4000 M73L) 16-cylinder 3,862hp engines. The cruising speed is 14 knots, but she can reach a maximum speed of 20 knots. A 364,705-liter fuel tank gives her a range of up to 6,000 nautical miles at 13 knots.

The yacht runs a hybrid drive system, which means it can get up to 11 knots of electric power before switching to the main engines.

What’s the Interior of the Motor Yacht Aviva Like?

aviva yacht location

As you saw from the large beam and length, there’s a lot of space to work with on the Aviva. The vessel has room for 16 guests in 8 suites, including a huge master suite. Lewis is said to live full-time on this yacht, so it needs to have all the amenities of a home that the billionaire would require. That said, because it is the man’s home, there are only limited details about the yacht’s features and what it looks like inside. 

The Master suite is said to be larger than most houses and is located at the nose of the main deck. The large bathroom features a monolithic Corian bathtub, and there’s a spa just aft of the cabin where additional relaxation treatments can be enjoyed. The owner’s suite even features a wardrobe/dressing room inspired by Chanel boutiques and is more significant than most cabins on other yachts. 

aviva yacht location

The interior aesthetic is meant to be organic with soft, curving lines. The design has no symmetry, and this was done on purpose. Lewis didn’t want his yacht to have a traditional look and feel. As a result, you won’t even find wood accents throughout the yacht, as he thought those were too standard in the yachting world, and he wanted a different feel. 

Straight lines are tough to come by on the yacht, even in the furniture. Nothing is designed to be square and stationary, which likely challenged the design team.

The result of this flowing, organic design is that many materials on board are unique in the yachting world. Walls were designed with high-density CNC-milled foam, the same stuff the auto industry uses to create molds for new car designs. 

Features and Amenities

aviva yacht location

  • Huge lounge area highlighted with yellow and turquoise accents
  • Jacuzzi tub on the deck
  • Spa facilities
  • Aviva features a full size 20 meters x 10 meters x 6.65 meters paddle tennis court
  • The padel tennis net can be removed, and the large court is suitable for playing soccer or setting up gym equipment. The Aviva is the first yacht in the world to have such a court on board.
  • A full-size piano in one of the internal lounge areas
  • Guests can navigate the vessel thanks to an elevator that passes between decks
  • A fully equipped gym, in addition to the paddle tennis court, ensures guests can get in a solid workout
  • The aft deck dining area features leather-clad doors that add privacy and reduce noise. These can be opened to let glass panels slide out instead in sunny weather
  • A large beach club is available for relaxing
  • The yacht is said to have a “hidden” cinema
  • The main salon features full-height windows and balconies
  • The guest rooms are as big as a typical master suite would be
  • Instead of large dining areas, there are a series of smaller ones. The two main dining spaces are called bistros and feature samplings of the owner’s art while allowing for smaller, more intimate dinners than one might have in a large dining hall. 

aviva yacht location

While there are photos that sometimes show off what appears to be a tender garage on the side of the yacht along with a swimming platform, the complete list of toys that may be present on board is not known. While it’s safe to say at least one tender is available, anything else would be speculation. 

The Bottom Line

British businessman Joe Lewis owns the yacht Aviva, and he’s had several other vessels of the same name. It’s believed Lewis paid about $250 million for the 322′ superyacht though some sources will cite a different amount (potentially due to confusion with his previous Aviva yacht, which was smaller).

The standout feature of the Aviva is the full-sized paddle tennis indoor court on board which was designed to allow people to play even when the boat is underway. Lewis spends much of his time on the yacht, and, as such, he’s pretty secretive about many other details. 

' src=

My grandfather first took me fishing when I was too young to actually hold up a rod on my own. As an avid camper, hiker, and nature enthusiast I'm always looking for a new adventure.

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Take a look at Joe Lewis’s stunning $250 million superyacht, Aviva, which the Tottenham owner used to bail himself out of trouble. The billionaire loved padel tennis so much that he actually built this 279 feet long vessel around a padel tennis court.

aviva yacht location

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Current Trip


Current Position


The current position of AVIVA is in Mediterranean Sea - Western Basin with coordinates 43.32122° / 5.36225° as reported on 2023-11-27 13:13 by AIS to our vessel tracker app. The vessel's current speed is 0 Knots and is currently inside the port of MARSEILLE .

The vessel AVIVA (IMO: 1009053, MMSI: 319763000) is a Yacht that was built in 2007 ( 17 years old ) . It's sailing under the flag of [KY] Cayman Is .

In this page you can find informations about the vessels current position, last detected port calls, and current voyage information. If the vessels is not in coverage by AIS you will find the latest position.

The current position of AVIVA is detected by our AIS receivers and we are not responsible for the reliability of the data. The last position was recorded while the vessel was in Coverage by the Ais receivers of our vessel tracking app.

The current draught of AVIVA as reported by AIS is 3.3 meters

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AVIVA (IMO 1012957 ) - Yacht

What are aviva ship details.

AVIVA (IMO: 1012957) is a Yacht registered and sailing under the flag of Cayman Islands . Her gross tonnage is 4966 and deadweight is 925 . AVIVA was built in 2017 . AVIVA length overall (LOA) is 98.4 m, beam is 17.24 m. Her container capacity is 0 TEU. The ship is operated by HILL ROBINSON INTL-USA .

Where is AVIVA current position?

AVIVA current position is received by AIS and displayed on next chart by using of VesselFinder services.

Vessel details for AVIVA

All details and current position are for informational purposes and VesselTracking is not responsible for the accuracy and reliability of AVIVA data values.

Important note: for the migration of FleetMon products into MarineTraffic platform, we are discontinuing all account logins here by 25.02.2024 . Please ensure, that you have saved or migrated all data from FleetMon platform and that your MarineTraffic account is ready for your future use.

If you are interested in general access please check here and for Global AIS data & inteligence to power your projects please go here .

  • Latest Event ●●●●●● All Events
  • AIS Name AVIVA
  • IMO 1012957
  • MMSI 319111300
  • Callsign ZGGI
  • Year Built 2016
  • Length 100 m
  • Draught 4.0 m / 1.0 m / 11.3 m Avg/Min/Max
  • Speed 11.5 kn / 21.1 kn Avg/Max
  • Deadweight ●●●●●●
  • Gross Tonnage ●●●●●●
  • AIS Class —

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Ro-Ro Cargo Ship, IMO 8030283

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The current position of AVIVA is at East Asia reported 2 min ago by AIS. The vessel is sailing at a speed of 0.1 knots. The vessel AVIVA (IMO 8030283, MMSI 671432000) is a Ro-Ro Cargo Ship built in 1983 (41 years old) and currently sailing under the flag of Togolese Rep .

AVIVA photo

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aviva yacht location



aviva yacht location

AVIVA Ro-Ro Cargo Ship, IMO 8030283

Where is the current position of aviva presently vessel aviva is a ro-ro cargo ship sailing under the flag of togolese (togo) . her imo number is 8030283 and mmsi number is 671432000. main ship particulars are length of 141 m and beam of 18 m. maps show the following voyage data - present location, next port, estimated (eta) and predicted time of arrival (pta), speed, course, draught, photos, videos, local time, utc time..

aviva yacht location

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aviva yacht location

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aviva yacht location

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aviva yacht location

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aviva yacht location

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Arvia cruise ship

Cruise line P&O UK (P&O Cruises)

  • Bridgetown (Barbados)
  • Southampton (England)
  • St Johns Antigua (RCI Royal Beach Club)

Arvia current position

Arvia current location is at West Africa (coordinates 28.47371 N / -16.24486 W) cruising en route to ESSCT>ESLCG. The AIS position was reported 5 minutes ago.

Current itinerary of Arvia

Arvia current cruise is 22 days, one-way from St Johns Antigua to Southampton , themed as "Easter". The itinerary starts on 09 Mar, 2024 and ends on 31 Mar, 2024 .

Specifications of Arvia

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Arvia Itineraries

Arvia review, review of arvia.

The 2022-built MS Arvia cruise ship is P&O UK fleet's second Excellence-class boat, with sistership Iona . Both vessels are Germany-built (at Meyer Werft's yard in Papenburg ). P&O's Arvia and Iona are currently the newest and largest passenger liners designed and built for the UK source market.

Other Helios-Excellence-Class vessels (Arvia sisterships) include Carnival Mardi Gras (2021), Carnival Celebration (2022), Carnival Jubilee (2023), Costa Smeralda (2019), Costa Toscana (2021), AIDAnova (2018), AIDAcosma (2021).

The vessel (IMO number 9849693) is currently UK- flagged (MMSI 232040520) and registered in Southampton .

History - construction and ownership

P&O Cruises is a subsidiary company and two brands owned by Carnival Corporation - P&O UK and P&O Australia. In 2000, P&O Cruises became subsidiary of P&O Princess Cruises, which in 2003 merged with Carnival Corporation. P and O is the world's oldest cruise company, starting passenger shipping operations in 1822 on the routes connecting England with Iberia (Portugal and Spain).

MS Arvia cruise ship (P&O Cruises UK)

P&O Arvia and Iona ships are from the Carnival Corporation's Excellence Class (aka "Helios" and "Carnival XL"). The vessel design was developed in collaboration with renowned maritime companies and interior design firms, including Meyer Werft (German shipbuilder), Jestico+Whiles ( London -based hospitality design studio), Richmond International (London-based hotel architecture), Partner Ship Design ( Hamburg -based maritime architecture specialist with several Carnival Corporation projects - including AIDA, Costa, P&O, CCL-Carnival).

For cruise liner's hotel facilities and amenities were contracted the companies Richmond International (London UK), The Four Seasons Moscow, Langham Hotel, and Sandy Lane Hotel (Barbados). Passenger cabins were designed by Partner Ship Design (Hamburg Germany). The ship also introduces the fleet's first "Conservation Mini-Suite" cabin category. The stateroom features a separate, conservatory-style area as a cabin extension. Offering more flexibility, this lounge room is furnished with an L-shaped sofa and can be left open or closed off. The conservatory opens out fully and leads directly onto the suite's balcony. It also can be used for private parties and celebrations with an in-cabin beverage service by a dedicated butler.

Decks and Cabins

MS Arvia has 18 decks (16 passenger-accessible, 11 with cabins), a total of 2610 staterooms for 5204 passengers (lower berths/max capacity is 6264) served by 1762 staff-crew, 20 dining venues (12 restaurants plus 8 food bars, including 10 breakfast-serving, 8 coffee-serving, 5 Afternoon Tea-serving, 9 specialty restaurants, 4 MDRs/dining rooms), 12 bars and lounges, 13 entertainment venues (including adults-only), 4 swimming pools (1 indoor plus 3 outdoor/2 infinity), 18 outdoor Jacuzzis (large whirlpool hot tubs), kids-dedicated zones (indoor-outdoor facilities and sundecks/playgrounds), 22 elevators (passenger lifts located forward-midship-aft).

The boat has 8 laundrettes (self-service laundry rooms for passengers). The largest passenger accommodations are the 2-Room Sky Suites (400 ft2 / 37 m2 plus 110 ft2 / 11 m2 terrace/step-out balcony). Staterooms include 121 Suites, 1496 Balcony, 174 Oceanviews/Seaviews, 819 Interior. P&O Arvia has a total of 32 studios (single-occupancy cabins) and 55 wheelchair-accessible/handicap cabins (for disabled passengers). Most cabins are sized between 135-170 ft2 (13-16 m2). Excepting the Suites, all cabin balconies are very small - sized just 20 ft2 (2 m2).

Shipboard dining options - Food and Drinks

With a choice of 30 venues, Arvia has many food and beverage bars open from early-morning until late-night. The destination-inspired (Caribbean and Mediterranean) dishes in the menus were created via a partnership with Shivi Ramoutar (Trinidad-born chef and TV personality) and Jose Pizzaro (owner of London's prestigious restaurants "Jose", "Pizarro" and "Jose Pizarro").

The new venues join P&O UK's favorites, such as The Glass House, Epicurean, Sindhu, and Brodie's, from the long list of restaurants, cafes, bars and lounges, self-service choices. Not traditionally for P&O UK, Arvia offers exclusively "Freedom Dining" (aka "Flexible Dining") in all main dining rooms. The policy allows passengers to choose where, when and with whom they prefer to eat.

Arvia ship offers P&O UK's newest "food market" dining concept. "The Quays" piazza (Deck 8) has a great number of takeaway and self-service food bars. The Quays restaurants and eateries offer international food, including American diner classics, Asian street food, Mediterranean sharing platters, fish & chips, Italian gelato, the new "Olive Grove", "Hook Line and Vinegar", "Boardwalk Diner", "Fusion".

  • "The Olive Grove" is an intimate restaurant serving lunch and dinner, with a menu focusing on traditional Mediterranean dishes and sharing platters.
  • "Hook Line and Vinegar" is a self-service, all-day restaurant for traditional British seafood specialties - battered fish, fish burgers, scampi, calamari, crab cakes.
  • "The Boardwalk Diner" is a self-service, all-day food bar for classic American cuisine, which menu includes burgers, hot dogs, fried chicken, eggs over easy,
  • "Fusion" is a takeaway, all-day Asian food bar.
  • The cruise liner has four Main Dining Rooms (MDRs) named Meridian, 6th Street Diner, The Olive Grove, and Zenith. Located on decks 6-7, all main restaurants offer "Freedom Dining" (open-seating) breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea service, and dinner. Gala Nights (formal dinner events) are also hosted there, with a special dinner menu by celebrity chef Marco Pierre White. The largest MDRs (Meridian and Zenith) are located aft on decks 6-7 and interconnected, to make one large 2-level restaurant.
  • "Horizon Restaurant" (Pool Deck 16) is the ship's Lido Buffet with all-day self-service. The Lido restaurant is casual (as dress code), with flexible dining and a wide range of dishes - from traditional British to world foods. It also caters to various dietary needs, including gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and healthy food options.
  • "The Beach House" is an informal Select Dining venue that in the evenings comprises Horizon buffet's forward section. The menu is inspired by British, American, and Caribbean cuisines, offering steaks, grills, ribs, hanging kebabs, burgers, sharable sides, and gourmet desserts.
  • "The Limelight Club" (Deck 6) combines gourmet food with top-quality entertainment, exclusively for adults. The lounge offers live performances by popular guest entertainers, as well as by the ship's resident performers, accompanied by Arvia cruise ship's own music band. Here are also hosted daily dancing classes and music events. The club lounge is served by its own full-service Bar. After the evening show, Limelight Club transforms into Disco Nightclub.
  • Deck 6 (Grand Atrium area) houses "The Vistas Cafe Bar" (patisserie with a menu by Eric Lanlard), "Amber Lounge" (living-room-like premium cocktail bar), live pop-up entertainment in mid-morning (musical performances, buskers) and early evening starting aerial acrobatics (circus performances).
  • "The Glass House" (Deck 7, Atrium area) is via a partnership with Olly Smith. Premium wines are served here by the glass. The Cellar Door at the Glass House offers tastings, wine talks, and wine-pairing dinners. Passengers can relax and watch aerial and circus performances in the unique 3-story high space. Here guests can also enjoy Jose Pizarro's tapas.
  • The all-day open "The Keel and Cow" (P&O's first-ever "gastropub") is on Deck 8, overlooking the Atrium and also with ocean views. The menu has traditional favorites, sharing platters, aged steaks.
  • "Andersons" (gin bar lounge on Deck 6 ) doubles as Library/relaxation lounge. In the evening, Andersons serves with alcoholic drinks the nearby MDR restaurants. Lounge's focal point is the Marabelle Gin distillery (via partnership with Salcombe Distilling Co Ltd), gin tastings, and workshops (master classes).
  • "Brodie's and Casino" (Deck 7) is a classic British pub bar with ship's largest selections of UK and international bottled beers, ales and ciders, drafts (draught beers), extensive wine menu, traditional British pub snacks (pork scratchings, crisps, peanuts). During the day, the pub offers live sports, bingo, quizzes. By night, here are offered live entertainment, quiz games, game shows, karaoke. The adjacent Casino features the latest gaming technologies and various gambling games, for novices and experts alike.
  • "The Sunset Bar" (Deck 8, Promenade's aft) provides easy access to The Club House. By day, it provides canopies (shaded seating) to relax with a drink and enjoy the sea views.
  • "The Gelateria" (Atrium's top-level on Deck 8, at the entrance to The Quays) provides access to Promenade Deck. here are offered scoops of Italian gelato ice cream, premium teas, and coffees.
  • "Sundaes" (Deck 16, in the SkyDome) offers complimentary ice creams.
  • "Eric Lanlard's Afternoon Tea" (Deck 17) is the ship's classic British tea bar.
  • "Beachcomber Bar" (Deck 18) serves with beverages the Beachcomber pool deck and offers plenty of sunbathing space and shaded seating.
  • "Crystal Bar" and "Laguna Bar" (Deck 16, in the SkyDome) are outdoor poolside bars offering non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. Fun activities here include the sail-away deck parties.
  • "Sindhu" restaurant (Deck 8) offers authentic Indian food.
  • "Taste 360" Pizzeria and Grill (Deck 16) offers complimentary fresh oven-baked pizzas by the slice, as well as grilled food (top-quality burgers, classic fish and chips), worldwide street foods.
  • "The Crow's Nest" (Deck 17) is an observation lounge with floor-ceiling windows and comfortable seating, In the evenings it transforms into a cocktail lounge with live grand piano performances.
  • "The Epicurean" restaurant (Deck 17, adjacent to Crow's Nest) is a specialty / fine dining venue with Select Dining, impeccable service, top-quality dining amenities, gourmet food, and premium wine list. Dishes are prepared with freshest and finest local produce. A private dining area and "Chef's Table" (capacity 8 guests) provide options for private parties and special celebrations.
  • Part of the "Green & Co" restaurant (new for P&O / introduced on Arvia) is the Mizuhana Sushi Bar with an open kitchen (live cooking stations) and a menu of plant- and fish-based dishes.
  • Another new (Arvia exclusive) dining venue is "6th Street Diner". The casual restaurant features mood lighting, retro seating, an authentic jukebox (automated music-playing device), American food favorites.

Through the partnership with Salcombe Distilling, on Iona and Arvia ships guests can purchase and even create their own Marabelle Gin (42% ABV/alcohol by volume). The exclusively created for P&O Cruises alcohol is produced only Iona and Arvia. For the unique gin recipe are used 18 herbs - including Iona Island's heather (calluna vulgaris), mint, citrus, blackberry, green apple, rose petals, kelp (seaweed). Since Iona ship's inauguration (2021), Marabelle Gin (trademarked brand) is also available fleetwide - served across P&O UK's fleet. The produced on the cruise ship gin is bottled and labeled, with bottles available for purchase.

Via partnership with three celebrity chefs (Marte Marie Forsberg, Jose Pizarro, Kjartan Skjelde), P&O UK upgraded Iona and Arvia ships' dining to offer the fleet's most diverse culinary experiences. Chef Forsberg designed the menu of "Taste 360" (street-food-style dining) and MDR's (dining room's) Norwegian-inspired dishes. On itineraries to Iberia (Portugal, Spain) and the Canaries, tapas dishes-based menus are specially created by Chef Pizarro for the restaurants "The Glass House" and "Taste 360". On Norwegian Fjords itineraries, the menus are upgraded by chefs Skjelde and Forsberg. Skjelde developed a special 6-course Norwegian food tasting menu for "The Epicurean" restaurant.

In November 2021 P&O UK announced that during MS Arvia's inaugural Caribbean season (Barbados fly-cruise January-March 2023) will debut dishes by Shivi Ramoutar (Trinidad-born chef and author, assigned as a "Local Food Hero") famous for her Caribbean fusion food recipes. Ramoutar's dishes were included in the menus of The Beach House (Horizon buffet) and "Taste 360".

In April 2022, P&O signed a partnership with The Tidal Rum (produced by the Shorts Boy Distillery founded by Ben Clyde-Smith and Harry Coulthard) to create an exclusive rum blend for MS Arvia's Caribbean cruises. The Tidal Rum is a blend of cask-aged Caribbean rums (produced in Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad, Dominicana). Via the partnership, The Tidal Rum is produced on the ship (in Arvia's Anderson's Bar, the first at sea rum distillery) and also available for purchasing (in bottles) fleetwide.

Shipboard entertainment options - Fun and Sport

SkyDome is one of the boat's signature attractions and the largest onboard entertainment hub. SkyDome is named the pool deck which is covered with a retractable glass roof (sized 41x34 m / 134x111 ft, designed by Martin Francis from Eckersley O'Callaghan / structural and facade engineering firm) and consists of a large swimming pool (with retractable stage) and Jacuzzis (whirlpool hot tubs), SkyDome also serves a unique live entertainment program with performances and DJ-led deck parties, regardless the weather.

MS Arvia cruise ship (P&O Cruises UK)

During the day, SkyDome serves resort-style leisure activities and offers entertainment and casual dining. The night entertainment includes on-roof media projections, laser shows, aerial acrobatics performances, DJ disco parties, theatrical productions, movies (on a large LED screen).

Note: SkyDome actually sits on two decks - Deck 16 (midship resort-style swimming pool with food and drink options, aft-located Infinity Pool/resistance swimming pool with stern views and Infinity Bar/swim-up bar) and Deck 17 (mezzanine level with a bar and outdoor seating). A second Infinity Pool is located aft on Deck 18.

On March 6, 2020, were announced three aerial acrobatic shows designed for MS Iona (available on MS Arvia too) - Rise (birds-themed), Dream (magic-themed) and Triboo (battle between the Moon and Sun tribes). Rise and Triboo are performed at the SkyDome, while Dream is at the Atrium. Two new for P&O UK aerial shows (Virtuosi, Spark) were developed for MS Iona and available on Arvia too.

The 3-deck high Grand Atrium is located midship and has an open-floor design. All Atrium levels have natural light and offer floor-ceiling sea views. Arvia's Grand Atrium is a new concept for P&O (created by architecture and interior designer Jennifer deVere-Hopkins) and the ship's key entertainment space that hosts from morning coffee to evening drinks, daily live events (like pop-up talks) and entertainment (performers, magicians).

"The Headliner's Theatre" (decks 6-7) is the ship's main show lounge for grand-style music and dance productions in the evenings. The theater has comfortable plush seating and the latest LED and sound technologies. The 2-deck-high auditorium during the day serves as a complimentary Cinema and also offers matinee performances and fun activities (Q&As, port talks, lectures). In the evenings, full-scale productions offer West End-style shows (including "Festival"), stand-up comedy, and cabaret performances.

  • Exclusive to P&O Arvia is the WaveLength gameshow (interactive theatrical experience created by Ben Shephard/1974-born English TV presenter) that gives families/couples the opportunity to find out how well they know each other by trying to match the partner's answers.
  • Arvia's Headliner's Theatre also hosts "Greatest Days - The Official Take That Musical". The exclusive to the ship stage show is an adaptation of West End's "The Band Musical" that features a story by Tim Firth (Olivier Award-winning writer) and Take That's best songs (Relight My Fire, Back for Good, Greatest Day, Never Forget, Shine and Rule the World, The Flood, A Million Love Songs).
  • All shipboard show productions are by the UK-based Headliners Theatre Company (casting agent for P&O UK's production shows' artists/singers and dancers).

(Deck 19) Arvia's "Altitude" is a top-deck located outdoor adventure zone designed for families. The activity deck comprises the aquapark "Splash Valley", the ropes course "Altitude Skywalk" (P&O fleet's first), and the tropical island-themed "Altitude Minigolf" course (open through the day and nightly illuminated).

(Deck 6) "The 710 Club" has a stylish cocktail bar lounge served by professional mixologists. This sophisticated music bar offers live acoustic performances by top-quality artists. The venue was crafted to the vision of Gary Barlow (1971-born English singer, songwriter, actor, TV personality, also P&O Cruises' Music Director). Live musical performances are by "The 710s" (the lounge's resident band).

(Deck 6) "Ocean Studios" is a boutique cinema with comfortable plush seating and 4x screens running throughout the day classic movies and recently released blockbusters. The Cinema is fitted with the latest surround sound technology.

"The Club House" (Deck 8) is a multi-purpose indoor/outdoor space for families to enjoy afternoon entertainment and play fun games. In the evening, it becomes a late-night "music hall" for dancing and live performances by Arvia ship's band (named "Pulse").

"The Ivory Suite" (Deck 17, adjacent to Crow's Nest and Epicurean) is the ship's chapel - a dedicated venue for weddings and vow renewals at sea.

MV Arvia's Kids Clubs are on Deck 17. "The Reef" is P&O UK's complimentary onboard program for children, served by a crew of qualified Reef rangers and offering age-specific activity entertainment. The program is divided into Nursery (toddlers 6-months to 2-years-old), Splashers (ages 2-4 years), Surfers (ages 5-8 years) and Scubas (ages 9-12). A secure outdoor playground area and splash pool park are available for all age groups.

  • There is also a spacious indoor playground.
  • Parents benefit from the company's "Night Nursery" (complimentary for kids ages 6 months to 4 years, opening hours between 6 pm - 2 am each night).
  • P&O partnered with Aardman Animations Ltd (Bristol-based animation studio) to offer kids activities themed on Aardman's popular plasticine characters Wallace and Gromit and Shaun the Sheep, including craft workshop, dance class, All-Hands-On-Deck (as a signal, OHOD is used on ships for calling everyone to come help in a particular emergency).

"Scene" (Deck 6) is the liner's teen club (hang-out lounge for teenagers 13-17 yo) which is separated from the kids' club. It operates only during the high-peak season. During low season, the Scene teen club functions as an adults-only entertainment venue.

Oasis Spa & Health Club (2-level wellness complex located forward on decks 5-6) has a Thalassotherapy Pool, Cool Therapy Room, Salt Sauna Room, Steam Rooms, 18x Treatment Rooms (for massages), The Salon (beauty and grooming services for women and men), Spa Shop, Oasis Villa (spa lounge), 2x Wellness Suites (one with Steam Room and the other with Hammam Room/Turkish bath), 2x Thermal Suites for couples (each with Steam Room and Hammam Room), Wellness Relaxation Lounge (with heated loungers). New (Arvia ship exclusive) treatments include Kneipp Walk (pebble foot massage combined with hot-and-cold water treatments). Part of the wellness complex is also the fleet-first Barber Station (haircuts/male grooming collections from the premium brands American Crew, Barbour Pro, Clarins for Men, Clinique for Men).

The ship's fitness center (Gym & Health Club) is fitted with the latest Technogym equipment and served by personal trainers. Fitness classes include Body Sculpt Bootcamp, Tour de Cycle, Functional Stretch, Yoga and Pilates, spinning. The Gym also features the latest Evolt 360 (advanced body composition scanners) generating unique 360-degree pictures of the body's physical conditioning in order to set individual goals. Professional well-being consultants provide advice on sleep, stress, and nutrition management.

Sports Arena is named the outdoor full-size, multi-sports court suitable for playing football, basketball, tennis, cricket, and other group games.

The Beachcomber complex (forward on Deck 18) features an indoor swimming pool (covered by a SkyDome/round-shaped glass roof) and a spacious outdoor Sundeck (sunbathing space with shaded seating, 2x outdoor Jacuzzies/whirlpool hot tubs, padded chaise lounges, deckchairs, showers). During the day, the Beachcomber hosts pool deck activities, while in the evenings, the sundeck transforms into an entertainment venue with aerial acrobatic performances and live music, also hosting deck parties under the stars.

Adjacent to the Beachcomber (at the bow on Deck 18) is The Retreat - an adults-only VIP Sundeck with 2x outdoor Jacuzzies/whirlpools. This is the ship's "spa terrace" with several shaded private cabanas (available for rent). The VIP sundeck (accessed via prepaid day- or voyage-long passes) is inclusive of alfresco dining, Spa massages, dedicated staff service (chilled drinks, cold flannels, light snacks).

New for P&O UK entertainment options (currently planned only for MS Arvia) include Altitude Skywalk (two different Ropes Courses positioned 54 m/177 ft above sea level), Altitude Minigolf (9-hole Mini-Golf Course under the ropes course/featuring water hazards, tiki huts, night-time illuminations), Altitude Splash Valley (outdoor aqua-zone with cooling water jets, Canopy-shaded seating/benches, enclosed by a high-glass wall), as well as the aft-located/stern-facing infinity swimming pool (sundeck with a raised swim-up bar /fleet's first).

(Deck 8) Arvia's "Mission Control" is another P&O UK's fleet first. The "Escape Room" is suitable for all ages. This is a group gaming experience based on motion simulation technology and interactive consoles. The underwater adventure is set onboard the fictional submarine "Arvia II" and led by Dr Melissa Ryan. Gamers (max capacity 10 people per session) have to solve "puzzles" with two live-action-packed storylines. The 3D gaming experiences feature surround sound, stunning underwater scenery, sunken cities, real and fictional sea creatures. The simulators were developed by tennagels Medientechnik GmbH (1999-founded, Dusseldorf -based company specializing in creative media systems).

PO Arvia ship also features The Avenue (shopping zones sized 1300 m2/14000 ft2) and an 800 m ( 0,5 mi) long outdoor Promenade Deck (named "Lanai Deck") wrapping around the entire Deck 8. The Lanai is much wider than the industry's standard and lined up with open-air bars and alfresco dining venues. In the Promenade's forward section are positioned a total of 6x Infinity Whirpools with glass walls facing the ocean (3x portside and 3x starboard).

Shipboard shopping

MS Arvia's "The Avenue" combines several experiential shopping zones (including 900 m2/9700 ft2 open-plan retail space).

Pandora Brilliance (P&O brand's first fine jewelry bar) offers design-your-own jewelry items and showcases a new range of lab-grown diamonds.

Also new (first at sea) is the Concept Store (selling Swarovski's Wonder Lab jewelry and the brand's latest crystal collections by Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert (Swarovski Group's Global Creative Director).

The ship's shopping complex also includes dedicated retail stores selling products by Apple Inc (consumer electronics, software), Mulberry (fashion, luxury leather goods, particularly women's handbags), and The White Company (retailer selling homeware, clothing, fragrances).

Arvia's shopping options include 30x total brands including 25x sustainable (like Skin Regimen and Comfort Zone) as well as the new to P&O UK Cotswolds Distillery (crafted spirits), Floral Street (fragrances, bath and body products, homeware, gift sets) and RADO (Swiss watches).

The Photo Gallery & Shop sells exclusive photoshoots (made by the ship's professional photographers) and also includes the new "360" photo booth (for making photos with attractive surrounding scenery).


MS Arvia ship's itinerary program started in December 2022 with the maiden voyage (Dec 23rd) out of the UK homeport Southampton England to the Canaries, followed by a Transatlantic crossing to the Caribbean..

Arvia's inaugural cruise season (in the Caribbean) was based on P&O fly-cruise deals from the UK (roundtrip UK-Barbados-UK flights included in the fares) and roundtrip voyages from the Caribbean homeports Bridgetown Barbados and St Johns Antigua . The 7-day Caribbean itineraries can be combined into 14-day B2Bs (back-to-back cruises) .

The Eastern-Southern Caribbean itineraries visit as call ports La Romana Dominicana (maiden for P&O UK port), Willemstad Curacao , Fort-de-France Martinique , Basseterre St Kitts , Castries St Lucia , Philipsburg St Maarten . The 14-day B2Bs include an overnight in Bridgetown. Fly-cruises from the UK are with departures from either Barbados (Bridgetown), Antigua (Saint John's) or Martinique (Fort-de-France).

Due to the Coronavirus crisis, the vessel's construction was delayed and its delivery was postponed from 2022-H1 to 2022-Q4 (December).

P&O Arvia cruises were open for booking on April 7, 2021, featuring:

  • CANCELED ( Maiden Voyage /December 9, 2022) 14-night Canary Islands roundtrip from Southampton
  • (inaugural Transatlantic crossing/January 6, 2023) 15-day from Southampton to Bridgetown Barbados
  • (flight-cruises from the UK) 14-day Caribbean B2Bs leaving from Barbados (Bridgetown), Antigua (St John's), and Martinique (Fort-de-France).
  • 7-day Caribbean itineraries between Barbados and Antigua.

In October, Arvia’s first cruise was rescheduled from December 9th to December 23rd (due to delayed delivery). The Transatlantic crossing ( from Europe to the Caribbean (departure January 6, 2023) was from Southampton to Bridgetown Barbados (15-day), and to St John's Antigua (22-day).

Arvia - user reviews and comments

Photos of arvia.

MS Arvia cruise ship (P&O Cruises UK)

Arvia ship related cruise news

Britain's largest cruise ship P&O Arvia makes maiden voyage to Mallorca

Britain's largest cruise ship P&O Arvia makes maiden voyage to Mallorca

The upcoming visit of Britain's largest cruise ship to Mallorca is set for next month. With a remarkable gross tonnage of about 184,700, P&O UK...

P&O Cruises UK's Christmas charter flight (ship Arvia) diverts to Bermuda due to turbulence

P&O Cruises UK's Christmas charter flight (ship Arvia) diverts to Bermuda due to turbulence

A P&O Cruises charter flight, transporting passengers from Barbados to Manchester, was compelled to divert to Bermuda on Christmas Eve due to...

P&O UK enhances Arvia ship cruises with additional regional flights and agent support

P&O UK enhances Arvia ship cruises with additional regional flights and agent support

P&O Cruises UK has expanded its travel options for passengers booking voyages aboard MS Arvia ship, introducing additional departures from...

Cunard and P&O UK improve Wi-Fi connectivity with SpaceX's Starlink

Cunard and P&O UK improve Wi-Fi connectivity with SpaceX's Starlink

Carnival Corporation's UK-based subsidiaries Cunard Line and P&O Cruises UK have unveiled plans to enhance Wi-Fi connectivity fleetwide through a...

P&O announces 3 new Wellbeing & Lifestyle cruises

P&O announces 3 new Wellbeing & Lifestyle cruises

P&O Cruises has unveiled 3 new Wellbeing and Lifestyle cruises, featuring TV presenter and women's health advocate Cherry Healey, and stylist Kat...

Barbie joining P&O Cruises UK's ships Arvia and Iona for summer 2023

Barbie joining P&O Cruises UK's ships Arvia and Iona for summer 2023

P&O Cruises UK has introduced dedicated family zones on its 5 family-friendly ships during the 2023 summer holiday season. Passengers on P&O...

Antigua Cruise Port projects over 100% growth in summer traffic

Antigua Cruise Port projects over 100% growth in summer traffic

More than half a million cruise passengers visited Antigua (Port Saint Johns) during the winter season 2022-2023, an excellent performance for the...

P&O UK's summer 2025 itineraries include Britannia ship’s 10 year anniversary

P&O UK's summer 2025 itineraries include Britannia ship’s 10 year anniversary "British Isles Cruise"

P&O Cruises UK has unveiled its new series of summer 2025 holidays, featuring fresh itineraries and ports of call. The vacations include...

P&O UK’s newest cruise ship Arvia officially named in Barbados (Bridgetown)

P&O UK’s newest cruise ship Arvia officially named in Barbados (Bridgetown)

P&O Cruises’ newbuild ship Arvia was officially named on Thursday, March 16th, in a beachside ceremony in Barbados (Bridgetown). Paul...

Nicole Scherzinger to serve as Godmother of P&O UK’s cruise ship Arvia

Nicole Scherzinger to serve as Godmother of P&O UK’s cruise ship Arvia

P&O UK named singer Nicole Scherzinger as the godmother to the fleet's newest ship Arvia. Scherzinger is popular for being the lead singer of...

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Other P&O UK cruise ships

Currently under construction at Meyer Werft's shipyard in Papenburg Germany , MS Arvia is the shipbuilder's 51th cruise liner. The vessel's construction officially started on February 22, 2021, with the steel-cutting ceremony (hull S-716). The event was online (via live satellite link) and attended by Paul Ludlow (P&O UK's President).

The ship's keel-laying ceremony (aka coin ceremony) was held on February 16, 2022. During the ceremony (attended by Paul Ludlow), under the first hull block were placed specially minted Barbados coins. The keel block had weight 570 tonnes, length 11,3 m (37 ft), width 42 m (138 ft) height 11,8 m (39 ft), and was lifted by an 800-ton gantry crane.

Iona and Arvia are P&O UK's largest vessels ever constructed - with GT tonnage 180,000+ tons and max passenger capacity of nearly 6300 (plus ~1800 crew). It is also the biggest UK-based passenger ship (permanently homeported in Southampton England ) and the UK market's second (after Iona ) newbuild powered by LNG (liquefied natural gas). The liner has LNG engines that provide electricity for the propulsion system both in ports and the open sea.

Like most large -sized newbuilds , the P&O ship Arvia is LNG-powered , with 4x engines generating combined output 61.7 MW. The propulsion system is based on two Azimuting thrusters with combined power output 74 MW. The vessel has 3x LNG tanks (cryogenic steel) with total capacity ~3200 m3. Two of the tanks are larger (length 35 m / 115 ft, diameter 8 m / 26 ft, gas capacity 1525 m3), while the 3rd tank has length 28 m (92 ft), diameter 5 m (16 ft), gas capacity 520 m3.

Arvia's SkyDome (970-m2 / 10440-ft2 glass roof cover) consists of 340 pieces and weighs 105 tons. For the mounting operation, Meyer Werft uses a Liebherr LTM1750-9.1 (750-ton mobile crane).

P&O revealed the "Arvia" name for the new ship on February 18, 2021, in a 1-min YouTube video. According to the company's press release, Arvia means "from the seashore". The name also keeps the tradition all boats in the P&O UK fleet to have names ending with "A".

Next is the P&O UK's timelapse video of the Iona-Arvia ships' construction.

The vessel was launched/floated out from drydock (building dock II's Hall 6) on August 27, 2022. The float-out started at 9 am Germany time (7:00 UTC) and after the maneuver's completion, the vessel was moored at the yard's outfitting dock for loading the funnels and masts (by a crane) and continuing interior works.

After Arvia's undocking, the FERU (floating engine room module) for Carnival Jubilee ( CCL ) was maneuvered into the free-now building dock II as the CCL ship's front part was already been built there. Carnival Jubilee's FERU was constructed at Neptun Werft in Warnemunde and was transferred to Papenburg in the previous week.

The vessel's conveyance along Ems River (from Meyer Werft Papenburg to the North Sea) started on Nov 5th (at 7 am UTC). The ship was tugged backward, passing Friesenbrucke/Weener (11:45 am), crossing Jann-Berghaus-Brucke/Leer (3 pm), passing Ems Barrier/Gandersum (6:30 pm), passing the Ems River barrier (10:30 pm), arriving in Emden Germany (at 12:45 am) and in Eemshaven Netherlands on the next day (Nov 6th, at 1:30 UTC). North Sea trials (roundtrips from Eemshaven) were successfully conducted in the period Nov 17-24th. Arvia left Holland/Eemshaven on Dec 14th, arrived in Bremerhaven on Dec 15th, and docked for the first time in the UK (Southampton) on Dec 18th (at 11:35 UTC).

Arvia's delivery was initially planned for December 9, 2022, (later postponed to December 23rd) but she was officially delivered to P&O on December 15th. The ceremony was held at Meyer Werft's Papenburg shipyard, while the Protocol for Delivery and Acceptance was signed by Paul Ludlow in Bremerhaven Germany .

The name of Arvia's Godmother was revealed on March 2, 2023 - Nicole Scherzinger (1978-born as Nicole Prascovia Elikolani Valiente in Honolulu, Hawaii USA). Nicole Scherzinger is a singer, dancer, actress and TV personality, best known as a judge on TV talent shows The Sing-Off (2009–2010), The X Factor USA (2011), The X Factor UK (2012–2013, 2016–2017, 2019), and Australia's Got Talent (2019).

MS Arvia's christening ceremony was held on March 16, 2023, in Bridgetown Barbados . The naming ceremony was held at two locations - onboard and at Heywoods Beach. The event was hosted by the popular English DJs and broadcasters Sara Cox (Sara Joanne Cyzer/1974-born) and Trevor Nelson (Trevor Ricardo Nelson/1964-born). Trevor Nelson was the host at Skydome (where was held the traditional bottle-smashing event) while Sara Cox hosted the beachside event (at Heywoods Beach/broadcasted live on YouTube, also featuring live performances by Olly Murs). Both DJs also attended the March 11th voyage and hosted late-night deck parties. Arvia's naming ceremony was remembered for the breaking (in the hull) of the world’s largest bottle of rum - Mount Gay Rum's Black Barrel - in a specially made 15-liter glass bottle. A replica of the 15L Black Barrel (demijohn bottle) remained on the liner.

In October 2021 was announced the ship's Master - Captain Robert Camby. Born in London, he started his career by signing into P&O Princess Cruises' Cadet program (at South Shields Marine School/South Tyneside College) in 1995. As Navigator on RMS Queen Mary 2 , he was employed by Cunard Line in the period 2005-2008. He became Captain in 2011 and joined P&O UK in 2012 as Captain of Oriana/now Piano Land . In the following years, he captained P&O boats (Azura, Arcadia, Aurora, Oceana, Ventura, Britannia, Iona), as well as Cunard's Queen Victoria and Queen Mary 2. The liner's alternating Master is Captain Paul Brown.

In July 2018 was announced that KfW IPEX Bank GmbH (a wholly-owned subsidiary of the German banking group KfW) provides ~EUR 786 million (~USD 951 M) in financing for Carnival Corporation's newbuild for P&O UK (Arvia), scheduled for delivery in 2022. KfW IPEX Bank handled the newbuild's entire financing acting as book runner (lead underwriter), MLA (mandated lead arranger/investor), facility agent (primary point of contact) and ECA (export credit agency/providing trade financing and insurance). KfW's financing had a 12-year term (from the vessel's delivery date/2022) and was backed by export credit insurance with Hermesdeckung (Hermes cover) - an ECG (export credit guarantee) by the German Federal Government.

on July 29, 2021, P&O UK announced that Arvia ship's FERU (floating engine room unit) has been installed at Meyer Werft Papenburg. This hull section (manufactured by Neptun Werft in Warnemunde-Rostock ) houses all main engines and the LNG tanks, has length 140 m (460 ft), width 42 m (138 ft), weight ~12,000 tons. Once floated in the Papenburg shipyard's construction hall, the FERU served as a base platform for installing all the other prefabricated blocks (hull and superstructure) which are mounted onto the FERU.

Inaugural cruise itineraries 2022-2023 (Canaries, Caribbean)

P&O opened Arvia's cruises for booking on April 7, 2021.

Next tables show the inaugural itineraries as call ports and times, with prices per person with double occupancy.

(MAIDEN VOYAGE/first cruise 2022) 14-day "Canary Islands" (GBP 1445 / EUR 1680 / USD 2055)

Note: Due to delayed delivery, the inaugural cruise was rescheduled (from Dec 9th to Dec 23rd) and one 14-day voyage to the Canaries was canceled.

(inaugural westbound Transatlantic crossing/2023) 15-day UK to Caribbean (GBP 1330 / EUR 1545 / USD 1890)

(inaugural Caribbean voyage 2023/ B2B ) 14-day Eastern Caribbean from Barbados (GBP 2195 / EUR 2555 / USD 3120)

(inaugural eastbound Transatlantic crossing/2023) 15-day Caribbean to the UK (GBP 1300 / EUR 1510 / USD 1845)

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Aviva Charter Yacht


This Yacht is not for Charter*


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AVIVA yacht NOT for charter*

67.9m  /  222'9 | abeking & rasmussen | 2007 / 2020.

Owner & Guests

  • Previous Yacht

Special Features:

  • Elevator for convenient access
  • Impressive 6,910nm range
  • State-of-the-art cinema
  • Lloyds Register ✠ 100A1SSC YACHT(P), MONO, G6 ✠ LMC, UMS classification
  • Interior design from Reymond Langton Design

The 67.9m/222'9" motor yacht 'Aviva' was built by Abeking & Rasmussen in Germany at their Lemwerder shipyard. Her interior is styled by British designer design house Reymond Langton Design and she was completed in 2007. This luxury vessel's exterior design is the work of Reymond Langton Design and she was last refitted in 2020.

Guest Accommodation

Aviva has been designed to comfortably accommodate up to 16 guests in 7 suites. She is also capable of carrying up to 25 crew onboard to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht experience.

Onboard Comfort & Entertainment

Her features include conference facilities, beauty salon, movie theatre, elevator, gym and air conditioning.

Range & Performance

Aviva is built with a steel hull and aluminium superstructure, with teak decks. Powered by twin diesel Caterpillar (3516) 1,491hp engines, she comfortably cruises at 14 knots, reaches a maximum speed of 16 knots with a range of up to 6,910 nautical miles at 12 knots. Aviva features at-anchor stabilizers providing exceptional comfort levels. She was built to Lloyds Register ✠ 100A1SSC YACHT(P), MONO, G6 ✠ LMC, UMS classification society rules, and is MCA Compliant.

*Charter Aviva Motor Yacht

Motor yacht Aviva is currently not believed to be available for private Charter. To view similar yachts for charter , or contact your Yacht Charter Broker for information about renting a luxury charter yacht.

Aviva Yacht Owner, Captain or marketing company

'Yacht Charter Fleet' is a free information service, if your yacht is available for charter please contact us with details and photos and we will update our records.

Aviva Photos

Aviva Yacht

NOTE to U.S. Customs & Border Protection


M/Y Aviva


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    Aviva, the wow yacht - Considered the 46th largest luxury vessel in the world at the time of delivery (2017), Abeking's Aviva was a big boat with a simple brief. "Build a big yacht around a padel tennis court was the main brief, I guess," said the yard's project manager Andreas Hering, and three years later, 323 feet Aviva was launched.

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    The current position of AVIVA is in Mediterranean Sea - Western Basin with coordinates 43.32122° / 5.36225° as reported on 2023-11-27 13:13 by AIS to our vessel tracker app. The vessel's current speed is 0 Knots and is currently inside the port of MARSEILLE.. The vessel AVIVA (IMO: 1009053, MMSI: 319763000) is a Yacht that was built in 2007 ( 17 years old ).

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    Special Features: The 67.9m/222'9" motor yacht 'Aviva' was built by Abeking & Rasmussen in Germany at their Lemwerder shipyard. Her interior is styled by British designer design house Reymond Langton Design and she was completed in 2007. This luxury vessel's exterior design is the work of Reymond Langton Design and she was last refitted in 2020.

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    A milestone in yacht building history - and in Abeking & Rasmussen company history. The new Aviva leaves the ordinary far behind. ... and all the more seldom, to say that they actually fit perfectly well together. The new Aviva is a beautiful example of such a yacht construction. The nearly 100 metres yacht succeeds in creating harmony ...