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Find Caribbean Crewed Yachts for the Vacation of a Lifetime

The Caribbean is one of the most popular destinations for yacht charters in the world, featuring crystal-blue waters, white-sand beaches, and more than 5,000 islands and cays to explore. With so many islands to choose from, your Caribbean yacht charter itinerary can be tailored to your preferences, giving you the perfect opportunity to island-hop and explore everything the tropical islands have to offer while comfortably kicking back inside luxurious accommodations on the water.

On your private yacht charter , you will be able to explore lively harbors, secluded beaches, tropical rainforests, world-class dive sites, and much more. The possibilities are endless!

Caribbean Yacht Charter Highlights

  • More than 5,000 islands and cays to explore
  • A great winter destination
  • Crystal-clear, sparkling blue waters
  • Long stretches of white-sand beaches
  • Luxury hotels, five-star restaurants, and spas
  • Islands with their own unique cultures and cuisines
  • A large selection of crewed yachts for charter

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Chakra Profile

282.2ft / 84m

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239.6ft / 71m

Sherakhan Yacht

228.6ft / 68m

sycara V main

223.7ft / 67m

Caribbean Yachting Season

The Caribbean high season for yacht charters runs from mid-December to early May, with Christmas and New Year’s the most popular and busiest times of the year. But due to the islands’ locations near the equator, temperatures remain ideal throughout the year, making off-season charters just as enjoyable.

Keep in mind, however, that there is an increased chance for storms and hurricanes during the summer season, mainly from mid-August to mid-November. Most charter yachts leave the area during that time.

Caribbean Crewed Motor Yacht Charters

remember when main

Remember When

162ft / 48m

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Sweet Escape

130ft / 39m

unbridled main

116ft / 34m

Caribbean Catamaran Charters

Yacht Bella Vita Front View

105ft / 31m

Catamaran Serenity Now main image

Serenity Now

Karma catamaran

Caribbean Crewed Sailing Yacht Charters

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Area Guide: Caribbean Charter Destinations

A girl snorkeling in the BVI

Are you ready to explore all that the Caribbean has to offer? There are three main island areas in the Caribbean, all fantastic destinations for Caribbean charter yacht vacations.

The Grenadines

The Grenadines are untouched by mass tourism and industry, and they are the perfect charter destination if you are looking for solitude and you enjoy exploring remote areas. A great combination of lush rain forests and sandy beaches awaits!

This is a great summer charter destination because the islands aren’t usually affected by hurricanes.

The Leeward Islands

Leeward Islands yacht rentals offer the perfect combination of luxury and solitude. You can visit the glitzy islands of St. Maarten and St. Barts one day and get lost in the remoteness and tranquility of Anguilla the next day.

These islands are rich in history and offer great restaurants, upscale resorts, and trendy harbors.

The Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands are the perfect location for first-time charterers and families because of their calm waters, protected natural anchorages, and short distances between the islands.

The BVI are a great destination for a catamaran or sailing yacht charter. Caribbean locations here have constant yet mild trade winds year round, and the area offers fantastic diving and snorkeling.

Where Can I Charter a Yacht?

When you choose Worldwide Boat as your Caribbean yacht charter broker, we can help you charter a luxury boat anywhere in the Caribbean or anywhere else you’d like to go, from the Mediterranean to Alaska to the Galapagos Islands.

How Do I Book a Private Yacht?

The best Caribbean yacht charters can be booked in just a few easy steps:

  • Choose our experienced yacht charter specialists to assist you through the process of booking a yacht.
  • Search by destination or by boat, or use our advanced search tool to filter your options by the number of guests, yacht type, destination, and/or your budget.
  • Pick the option that best fits your needs and your dream vacation.
  • Reserve your yacht by signing a contract with the yacht owner.
  • Enjoy your vacation!

How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Yacht in the Caribbean?

Weekly rates for Caribbean boat charters are dependent on a number of factors, including the type of yacht, the season, and your destination. Motor yachts, for example, typically range from $15,000 (yachts up to 80 feet) to $150,000 or more (yachts over 150 feet) per week.

During the Caribbean high season (Christmas, New Year’s, and January/February), yacht charter Caribbean prices tend to increase slightly. Areas with large charter fleets, like St. Martin, tend to have more competitive pricing than areas with smaller fleets.

How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Catamaran in the Caribbean?

Most catamarans offer all-inclusive rates, which start at $10,000 for catamarans under 50 feet and run up to $50,000 or more for catamarans of 80 feet or more. The Caribbean is an ideal destination for a catamaran charter, and across the region, you’ll find a variety of sailing and power cats available for charter.

Ultimately, the cost of a catamaran charter is dependent on the time you visit, where you go, local taxes, and the number of ports you visit. A luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean’s high season (New Year’s or Christmas) will cost significantly more than a catamaran charter in summer.

Can I Rent a Yacht for a Day?

Rates for yacht rentals are usually weekly, but when you talk to a Caribbean yacht charter broker at Worldwide Boat, we can look at your budget, plans, and interests to help you get the best experience possible.

Caribbean Yachting Hotspots

Caribbean sailing charters give you access to white-sand beaches and laid-back island vibes, but they can also offer action-packed itineraries. From island-hopping and hiking to snorkeling and cliff-jumping, adventure awaits on a Caribbean yacht charter!

Some of the region’s must-see destinations include:

  • St. Martin : Known for its upscale eateries and amazing cuisine, as well as high-end spas, shopping and casinos, St. Martin is the yachting capital of the Caribbean. This island is part French and part Dutch, and it’s close to islands like St. Barts and Anguilla, making it a favorite jumping-off point for island-hopping adventures.
  • St. Barts : St. Barts (sometimes called St. Barths) beckons A-listers to its posh beach clubs, fashionable shops, and five-star eateries. Visitors will find a collection of truly spectacular powdery beaches, Michelin-starred restaurants, and excellent shoreside amenities, all within cruising distance of St. Martin.
  • Antigua : Antigua epitomizes the relaxation and bliss of the Caribbean. Known for its 365 beaches (one for every day of the year), the tiny island is a sailor’s dream, offering warm waters, steady winds, safe anchorages, and a lively regatta calendar.
  • Grenada : Grenada is revered for its beautiful beaches, abundant marine wildlife, and vibrant cuisine (spiced with local nutmeg, mace, and allspice). Spend a day relaxing on Grand Anse Beach, which is consistently ranked one of the best in the world. Island-hop to neighboring isles like Petite Martinique, or spend a day snorkeling one of Grenada’s famous reefs.
  • Anguilla : Anguilla is one of the most tranquil Leeward islands. Escape to Dream Bay or one of the numerous nearby coral cays for some supreme R&R. A diving and snorkeling mecca, Anguilla is home to some of the Caribbean’s best shipwreck dives. Plus, the island boasts a calendar of must-see festivals and events, including a jazz festival in November and Carnival in August.

Why Charter a Yacht in the Caribbean?

The best Caribbean yacht charters offer a bit of everything: Relaxation, sun-soaked beaches, delicious culinary treats, refreshing rum-infused cocktails, and calm waters for cruising. Here are some highlights:

The Inescapable Beauty of White-Sand Beaches

Caribbean beaches have almost a mythical quality to them. It’s no wonder explorers were once willing to board wooden ships and travel thousands of miles just to see them in person.

Every island offers a selection of untouched and charming beaches for you to explore. From one-of-a-kind places like “Pig Beach” in the Bahamas to the cosmopolitan Great Bay Beach in Philipsburg, St. Martin, the beaches across the Caribbean offer legendary sights and attractions.

Colorful Celebrations and Friendly Faces

The Caribbean is known for its parades, bars, nightclubs, and parties, not to mention world-famous cocktails. When you want to step off of your luxury yacht charter, Caribbean shores and islands offer a world of fun to immerse yourself in.

A few must-see events include the St. Barth’s Bucket (if you’re into superyacht racing), the annual Carnival celebration, and the St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival .

Amazing Wildlife and Adventure

If snorkeling in vibrant and colorful coral reefs, diving into underwater museums, or parasailing over clear waters are some of the items on your bucket list, you can certainly get it all done during your visit to the Caribbean.

You’ll find a variety of unique adventures, from the underwater sculpture park of the Grenadines to the natural seaside baths in Virgin Gorda and hiking the Pitons in St. Lucia. The Caribbean gives you to plenty of chances to get outside and enjoy yourself.

Nonstop Relaxation

Because the area is so close to the equator, the Caribbean offers warm weather to lounge in all year round. Feel pampered aboard a luxury crewed rental yacht, and then feel calm while sinking your toes into soft, powdery white sand. Enjoy the spas, rum cocktails, and quiet, isolated beaches: Charter guests can experience supreme relaxation in the Caribbean.

Book Your Caribbean Charter With Worldwide Boat

Discover the beauty of the Caribbean with a luxury crewed yacht charter. Contact a broker with Worldwide Boat today to learn more about available yachts and itineraries for the Caribbean.

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Caribbean charter areas

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Find Your Perfect Yacht


Caribbean yacht charters - one resource for every luxury charter yacht

The proven resource for crewed yacht charter in the caribbean.

From the moment you contact us, you will be helped by an experienced and knowledgeable specialist who will take the time to understand your unique needs and preferences for your caribbean vacation. They will be your dedicated specialist and our exceptional personal service will answer every question.

The largest choice of crewed Caribbean yachts?

Absolutely, with our relationships built over decades we truly do have access to EVERY crewed private charter yacht based in, or visiting, every part of the Caribbean.

Whatever the type of yacht for your Caribbean charter, your vacation budget, or the size of your party, our specialists will guide you in choosing the ideal yacht for your Caribbean charter. It's your vacation to explore the islands the very best way possible - on a Caribbean charter yacht.

Browse different types of Charter Yachts in the Caribbean

crewed catamaran charters caribbean

Motor Yachts

This category of Caribbean yachts include mega yachts, super yachts, and all sizes of power yachts. With the maximum space for guests, both inside and out, these types of yachts offer excellent vacations. You can choose from a fast, agile yacht, one that is high-end and luxurious, a yacht with a classic design, or one that is contemporary. This is one of the many choices you’ll have when you plan your vacation. See some yachts:-

crewed catamaran charters caribbean

Crewed Catamarans are very popular in the Caribbean , especially in the BVIs. Catamarans offer ample deck space that allows everyone to relax together during their charter, sharing the same views throughout the voyage. Caribbean catamarans can typically accommodate between 6 and 12 guests. See some yachts:-

crewed catamaran charters caribbean

Sailing Yachts

If you are looking for a winter getaway, there is no better place to charter a sailing yacht than the Caribbean! Feel the warm, tropical breeze on your face. Experience the exhilaration as the wind fills the sails and the yacht is suddenly moved along by just the wind. Savor the magnificent beauty of the Caribbean as you sail silently from one island to the next. Although typically offering smaller spaces for guests, sailboats deliver a truly unique caribbean charter vacations . See some yachts:-

Sample Charter Yachts in the Caribbean

crewed catamaran charters caribbean

ODYSSEA. The 59' sailing catamaran Odyssea is ready to take you and your guests on your next adventure. Throughout she offers relaxing areas to lounge and enjoy the voyage, while enjoying the company of others or absorbing the serenity of the sea. Her spacious cockpit area offers large dining table, sun pad across the back, and wet bar. See ODYSSEA :-

crewed catamaran charters caribbean

OKTO. Get ready for adventure when you step on board the 217' mega yacht Okto. You and your guests will find plenty to do, as she offers plentiful spaces for lying out to enjoy the sun, enjoying a movie in the circular cinema, working out in the indoor gym with an amazing view, or enjoying the on deck Jacuzzi. See OKTO :-

crewed catamaran charters caribbean

NAMASTE. The immaculately maintained mega yacht Namaste offers 121 feet of opulence at sea. She features five well-appointed cabins, both a main salon and sky lounge, sundeck with Jacuzzi, gym equipment, and a long list of watersports including jet skis, wakeboard, fishing gear, and the list goes on. See NAMASTE:-

crewed catamaran charters caribbean

NENNE. The 67' sailing catamaran Nenne was launched in 2017 by Fountaine Pajot, and was given a refit in 2020. With five cabins, she accommodates as many as ten guests, and has an impressive list of water toys that includes water skis for adults and children, wakeboard, standup paddleboards, fishing gear, snorkeling equipment, and the list goes on. See NENNE:-

crewed catamaran charters caribbean

MARIAH PRINCESS III. The 77' Lagoon built sailing cat Mariah Princess III was built in 2020. She offers two queen cabins and two king cabins, all en-suite. The master cabin has a private deck, the flybridge offers an on deck Jacuzzi, and she has a generous complement of watersports, including onboard SCUBA. See MARIAH PRINCESS III:-

crewed catamaran charters caribbean

TRUE STORY. The 67' sailing catamaran True Story is ready to give you and your guests a fun and exciting charter in the beautiful waters of the Caribbean. She offers a spacious main salon, large cockpit with al fresco dining and lounge, and flybridge with conversational area. You and your guests can also enjoy a long list of water toys throughout your journey. See TRUE STORY:-

Charter a yacht in the BVI's

The British Virgin Islands include Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda, and more. There’s no better way to experience the waters and beaches of the BVI's than on a private Caribbean charter with a full crew to pamper you. Of all the islands in the Caribbean, the Virgins are furthest north. This makes them very convenient due to the proximity to San Juan and due to their direct flights from the United States. Catamaran sailing vacations and crewed sailing charters are very popular in the islands, and their protected waters make them a favorite spot for guests that are taking their first private Caribbean yacht charter. To learn more about them:

Charter a yacht in the USVI

The U.S. Virgin Islands consist mainly of the three large islands of St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John. With lovely bays, long beaches, lush nature preserves, fabulous diving spots, and excellent, onshore evening entertainment, many choose to vacation in the USVI’s. Caribbean charters often visit both the BVI’s and USVI’s during the same week, as they are close to one another and the waters are generally calmer than in other parts of the Caribbean. They in general are also home to the largest fleet of crewed, all-inclusive, luxury catamarans. To find out more about them:

Charter a Caribbean yacht

The Leewards are situated in the middle of the Caribbean Island chain. The major airports are located on St. Maarten and Antigua. Due to the English, Dutch, and French influences everywhere you look, they exhibit the best example of cultural sophistication anywhere within the Caribbean. If you are looking to see where the rich and famous go on vacation, you will want to visit the island of St. Barts; for many this is a must stop for a Caribbean yacht charter. Many mega yachts are available for rental in St. Maarten, as it has become a popular mega yacht Caribbean base for the winter. To learn more about the Leewards:


The Grenadines are also called The Windward Islands. Oftentimes our guests will choose a sailing charter over a motor yacht when in the Grenadines, due to the more constant tropical breezes that occur. The islands are much less developed than the rest of the Caribbean, and the inhabitants live on their own time schedule, which enhances the feeling of getting away. The northern most island accessible by air is ST. Vincent, while the southern tip’s major airport is on Grenada. There are fewer Caribbean charter yachts based here; however, occasionally some charter yachts are happy to relocate in order to offer a vacation that happens a little off the beaten path. To find out more about the Grenadines:

What Type of Charter Yacht?

There are all types of Caribbean yacht charters available, including mega yachts, power yachts, catamarans, and sailboats. We have helped countless clients choose the right charter yacht, learning what features and amenities make a difference on caribbean charter yachts. Learn more about different types of Caribbean yachts.

Where Can You Go?

Typically you’ll choose between the Virgins, Leewards, and the Grenadines to charter your yacht. Beyond the region, it is your Caribbean to explore. It’s important for you to remember that there is no cruise ship itinerary to worry about! Your itinerary will be custom designed specifically for you, with you, and is flexible to changes during your charter. We have put together some samples for you to get an idea of what you might like to do while on vacation in the Caribbean. Interested in seeing a sample cruise itinerary ?

crewed catamaran charters caribbean

Find Your Perfect Yacht for a Caribbean yacht charter

To see the Caribbean yachts we have in our online database, please select a yacht type and your budget below. Please keep in mind that we do not have every available yacht online. There are many more yachts available for you to choose from when you contact one of our specialists.

For your personalized selection including yachts not online:- Email us now

crewed catamaran charters caribbean

Caribbean Charters - When To Go.

One of the lovely things about the Caribbean is that the temperatures remain consistent throughout the year; however, there are some other weather considerations that you will want to factor in when making your caribbean yachting vacation plans. Read More....

Vacations here are most popular between November and July.

If you are thinking of a megayacht, you will want to keep in mind that many of these private yachts which are Caribbean based in winter leave in the late spring and early summer months. They will return again in early winter; however, this does limit their availability. To charter a mega yacht, you will want to make sure that you do so well in advance.

Motor, sail, or catamaran yachts, on the other hand, often have selections available year round. Holidays like Christmas, New Year’s, and Easter do need to be planned for as early as possible as these are very popular charter times.

The availability for Caribbean charters can also be affected by the weather in other climates, for instance, when the severity of the weather is bad in the United States or Europe, especially between January and February, the charters are often booked. This is due to many clients looking for a break from the cold.

What Do Our Clients Say About The Caribbean?

Are you excited yet? You should be! Our clients have enjoyed fantastic Caribbean vacations. There is an endless number of places to visit in the Caribbean, from smaller islands to absolutely must be seen locations like St. Barts. Read some of our Caribbean charter reviews from clients who booked a Caribbean charter with us.

Ready to learn more about Caribbean charters?

We are specialists who will make your trip a reflection of our expertise! We know clients need to be confident in their charter vacation plans, so we encourage our clients to benefit from the knowledge base we’ve been building for years. You’ll speak to an authority on Caribbean charters without any obligation on your end.

Test our expertise with your questions!

Contact a specialist - available 7 days a week.

crewed catamaran charters caribbean

Yacht Name Search

Do you have a particular yacht in mind? We likely have it online and if not, email or call us for details. Search for it online by name here:

These may also be of interest:

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crewed catamaran charters caribbean

Caribbean Charter | Professional Crewed Yacht Charters

Yacht Charter Bookings

St. thomas, virgin islands, tel: 340-774-5630.

Email: [email protected]

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All-Inclusive Yacht Charters

All-Inclusive Yacht Charters are with a captain and your own personal chef they tailor your charter for a needs and requests. allows you enjoy sailing in beautiful large vessels such as; Catamarans, Monohulls and Power Yachts designed for comfort.

Kayak, snorkel, sail, scuba dive, paddle-board, fish, island hop, or simply relax aboard a Caribbean yacht charter. We’ve listed just a few reasons below:

Fully Crewed, Catered & Private Sailing Yacht Charters Tailored for You & Your Guests

  • Private Sailing Vacation
  • Create Your Own Custom Itinerary
  • Visit Untouched Islands
  • Different Caribbean Destinations
  • Unforgettable Memories
  • Fully Prepared Meals by Your Own Private Chef
  • Underwater Adventures with Sea Life

We Look Forward to Welcoming You Aboard!

Explore Destinations like the British Virgin Islands, St. John, Grenadines, Bahamas, and St. Marten!

All-Inclusive Yacht Charters are with a captain and your own personal chef they tailor your charter for a needs and requests. allows you enjoy sailing in beautiful large vessels such as; Catamarans, Monohulls and Power Yachts designed for comfort.  For more information, please visit our: Frequently Asked Questions.

Choose a vessel from our inventory:

Couple enjoying sunbathing on a yacht - Caribbean Charter


crewed catamaran charters caribbean

  • Sleeps 12 Guests
  • 7 Kings, 1 Twin

crewed catamaran charters caribbean

  • 157′ Mega Yacht
  • 2 Kings, 2 Queens,
  • 2 Doubles, 2 Twins, 2 pullman


  • Sleeps 8 Guests
  • 3 Queens, 1 Twin



  • Sleeps 6 Guests
  • 2 Kings, 1 Queen



Other Yacht Charter Destinations

  • Florida Key’s
  • St. Thomas, USVI
  • British Virgin Islands


crewed catamaran charters caribbean

Scout in the Virgin Islands

Full-day charters 9:30 – 4:30 PM. US Virgin Islands or the British Virgin Islands $1800. Bar hop or visit exclusive beaches while you stop and snorkel along the way!

Our 38′ Scout comfortably holds 6+ passengers, allowing plenty of room to lay out on the sun deck or relax in the shade while enjoying a drink and listening to your favorite music.

crewed catamaran charters caribbean

1/2 Day or Full Day Charters

  • Captain and Crew
  • Complementary snorkel equipment and fins
  • Coolers stocked with Ice, water and assorted beer.
  • Abundance of cushioned seating and lounging areas in shade or sun.
  • Dry storage for your personal items and gear.
  • Full size restroom
  • All required USCG approved safety equipment, and extra features not required by law.
  • Food, Liquor, Fuel and Crew Gratuity is NOT included.

crewed catamaran charters caribbean

Fishing in the Virgin Islands

Everyday is a great day to book a fishing excursion. We can give you the fishing trip of a lifetime. Whether you are an experienced fisherman or just getting started the  mahi-mahi, tuna, wahoo, and big marlin await.

We have all the latest and best fishing gear, outriggers, navigation and sonar, along with some of the best and most experienced captains in the islands. Whether you choose a half day (3.5 hours) or a full day (7 hours) off shore trip, you’re guaranteed to have a good time.


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Caribbean crewed catamaran charters


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Home » Destinations » Yacht holidays, Yacht cruises » Crewed yacht charter » Crewed catamaran charters » Caribbean

Boating in the Caribbean is a dream of many sailors. The beautiful sea, the trade wind and the pleasant waters are ideal for a catamaran vacation, not to mention the fact that navigating amongst the many islands here is quite exciting. The ports and islands in the Caribbean are ideal for those who love adventures, beautiful sights, and hotness.

Read more information about crewed catamaran charter in the Caribbean on the following tabs: About Caribbean , Caribbean weather . Get some inspiration from the Caribbean itineraries tab and start planning your next sailing itinerary, read detailed descriptions of Caribbean sailing destinations , or Caribbean sailing articles.

Crewed catamaran charters Caribbean destinations

About caribbean, caribbean weather, caribbean itineraries.

Bahamas Crewed Yacht Charter

Crewed catamaran charters Bahamas

British Virgin Islands Crewed Catamaran

BVI crewed catamaran charter

Martinique Crewed Yacht Charter

Crewed catamaran charter Martinique

Location of the Caribbean

The phrase, Caribbean region, stands for the North and Central American groups of islands. In a broader sense, some Central and South American countries also belong here, such as Columbia or Venezuela. There are more than 700 islands in the region. We can divide the Caribbean Islands into three main parts. The Bahamas, the Greater Antilles, and the Lesser Antilles.

Beaches in the Caribbean

There are several gorgeous beaches, gulfs, and lagoons here. The crystal clear seawater and warm sunlight create a picturesque view. The beauty of the landscape will surely make your travel memorable. The white sandy shores of the Caribbean Sea are among the most astonishing swimming sites in the world. Here are some:

Gulf of Maundays, Anguilla

One of the most popular holiday resorts, Cap Julica is in this gulf. The amazing five-star resort provides full comfort and luxury. Thus, no wonder celebrities also like staying here. The beach has a private bar and other services as well.

Valley Church, Antigua

A cozy beach that enchants visitors with different shades of blue water. The water is calm and crystal clear, white sand carpet covers its shore. You can discover hundreds of other beaches between Antigua and Barbuda. They will certainly outshine your expectations. The secret gems of this area are its hidden gulfs, which you too can explore if you rent a boat.

Pink Sands beach

Many visit Harbour Island to view this famous section of the seaside. The coral is a unique mixture of broken shells, miniature stones, and calcium carbonate. It colors the sand with pink fragments. It’s a wide and long beach surrounded by calm water. It can be an ideal and beautiful venue for wedding ceremonies, sports, or yoga.

Treasure beach, Bahamas

It’s among the best beaches in the world. Treasure beach is a 3, 5- mile -long section of shore with every service available to make a vacation incomparable and even more excellent. You can enjoy pleasant cafés and restaurants or try watersports.

Main attractions in the Caribbean

The picturesque scenery welcomes visitors with several colorful and unique programs. Besides beautiful beaches, you can take pleasure in viewing the exotic flora of the jungle or the underwater wildlife. Sea turtles are amazing residents of the Caribbean Sea. They are one of the endangered species, thus, numerous rescue and breeding programs started in the past few years to protect the animals. Many visitors come to Puerto Rico to see the turtles, while they’re laying their eggs in the sand. They also come to see the exciting moment, when the little turtles leave their nests and go into the water. Besides water and seaside sights the Caribbean region also has a rich cultural heritage. There are more than 40 museums in Cuba, that display art, music, the revolution, chocolate, or cigars.

The Caribbean weather

The Caribbean region has the traits of all year hot and humid tropical climate. The weather is somewhat cool and dry from the middle of January to the middle of April. From the middle of June to the middle of November it’s usually hot, wet, and rainy. Subtropical monsoon climate dominates in the region. The average yearly temperature is 28 °C.

The Caribbean crewed catamaran charters

A roundtrip on the Caribbean Sea could be a very exciting and memorable program for the whole family. Rent a small boat, a luxury yacht, or a sailboat. It’s important that you find out about landing places. The Caribbean region involves numerous ports, small and large. However, they might be very different. The most popular and high-standard ports are in the larger cities. These are the ports of for example Nassau, Falmouth, Puerto Rico, Philipsburg, or Mexico. They are well-equipped and provide all the services necessary for boating. The majority of sea centers and smaller islands are in daily connection.

The most popular ports in the Bahamas

Great guana cay.

Great Guana Cay is located in the centre of the Exumas. It has two great anchorages: Black Point and Little Bay. Black Point is a true gem with a nice port and several moorings. People are very friendly and casual, and they find it important to help sailors in any way they can. Little Bay is a small bay at the southern end of Black Point. The sea bottom is sandy, making it ideal for securing our boat safely. The depth of water is app. 3-4 metres. There is a beautiful beach here, but there are no establishments, ports or shops. Information about Exumas sailing or boat rental in Exumas

Spanish Wells

Spanish Wells is located on St. Georges Cay, west of the northern corner of Eleuthera. Its port is constituted by a long channel bordered by two small islands. It is protected well and is only open for the winds coming from the eastern direction. There is a great port and a hurricane hole in the west where boats are tied to mangrove trees. There are six anchoring buoys on the eastern side. We can find Spanish Wells Yacht Haven & Marina here which is a full-service yacht marina with 40 berths; besides the basic services, they also have a bicycle rental.

The downtown is within walking distance. We can anchor at Royal Island Harbour in the west, which provides ideal anchorages for vessels with a larger draft. The only disadvantage is that they have no amenities or services. Information about Eleuthera sailing , or boat rental in EleutheraMore about Bahamas sailing tours, or Bahamas yacht rental

The most popular ports in the BVI

Nanny Cay is located on the southern coast of Tortola. It is located a little over 3 kilometres from Burt Point. At this port, we have the opportunity to pull our boat from the water, among other services. Nanny Cay Marina offers 320 berths; 120 on the outer parts and 200 in the inside. They provide access to fuel and electricity in both areas. We need to pass through a narrow route for entry.

Road Harbour

Road Town is the capital of Tortola and the sailing centre of the British Virgin Islands. We can enter the port through the Sir Francis Drake Channel . Road Harbour has several yacht marinas providing full service and accommodation. We can find Road Reef Marina, Fort Burt and Wickham’s Cay I and II here; Road Reef Marina and Fort Burt are on the western side, while Wickham’s Cay is on the north. There are over 120 berths and downtown Road Town can be found nearby. Many sailors start their trip here when visiting the British Virgin Islands. Information about sailing in Tortola , or boat hire in Tortola

Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor és St. Thomas Bay

The Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbor is in St. Thomas Bay. It is easy to approach it, we only have to sail the marked channel. The harbour is beautiful, offering great services and marine gas. There are 100 berths, and it is possible to stay for only a few hours, a day, or long-term as well. It is close to the centre of Spanish Town. It is a very peaceful town where you can find many shops, restaurants, and bars. One of the most famous attractions of the town, The Baths, is about 3 km from here. This is a collection of granite rocks on the beach that have become large rock formations. The rocks from tidal basins, channels, and spectacular caves open to the surrounding waters. Information about Virgin Gorda sailing , or Virgin Gorda boat chartersMore about BVI sailing routes , or BVI boat rental

The biggest ports in Puerto Rico

San juan cruise port.

With two terminals, San Cruise Port is one of the largest and busiest ports in the Caribbean. The two terminals can accommodate up to 9 cruise ships at the same time. Due to its geographical location, the port is safe even during hurricane season. The port offers several services like towing, drinking water access and electricity, telecommunication services and shops. The city’s tourist attractions are easily accessible by public transport.

Marina Puerto Chico ( Fajardo )

The marina of Fajardo is located on the east coast of Puerto Rico. It is a natural, quiet coast, and the depth of the water is 5-6 m. Despite its small size, it has a great infrastructure: water, electricity and refuelling are available. You can easily visit Culebra, Vieques and the British Virgin Islands from here.

Port of Mayagüez

The third busiest port in Puerto Rico is northwest of downtown Mayagüez, stretching for 6 km along the coast. The depth of the water is 8-9 m. Despite being one of the smaller ports, it can accommodate boats up to 150 m in length. The communication infrastructure is also outstanding. More about Puerto Rico sailing, or boat rental in Puerto Rico

The most popular ports in Mexico

La Paz is the most city in southern Mexico on the Baja California Península. It has several ports.. One of the best-equipped ports is Marina Cortez, located in the heart of the bay. It offers a number of exclusive services for even the largest sea yachts.

The city’s port, called El Cid, is way more than a simple landing opportunity. There is a bustling market and several miles of nearby beaches with golden sand. The local dive shop is excellent, you can get all the necessary equipment here. In the port area, you will find plenty of high-quality accommodation opportunities. More about Mexico sailing , or boat rental in Mexico

The biggest ports in Cuba

Port of cienfuegos.

The main port in the southern part of the island is La Perla del Sur or the Pearl of the South. The port of Cienfuegos is considered a large port in Cuba. It can accommodate boats up to 150 m. The depth of the seabed is 12 m. While Christopher Columbus visited in 1494, it was formally founded in 1819.

Port of Santiago de Cuba

The second-largest port city of Cuba is located in the southeastern part of the island, in Oriente Province. It is a major port for import and export in the region. The bay is quiet and protected against winds. The famous Casa del Habano is a few-minute walk from the port. Here, you can buy the best-quality Cuban cigars and you can visit the Bacardi Museum. More about Cuba sailing, or boat rental in Cuba . Another option is to explore the sea by yourself on the deck of a yacht charter. If your only wish is an amazing sea vacation, or the presence of stunning natural wonders, visit the Caribbean Sea to find all of these.Find Caribbean catamaran routes .

More information about the Caribbean

Sail in Caribbean

Caribbean sailing routes & Caribbean sailing destinations Sailing destinations & Sailing routes

Sailing in the Caribbean: an unforgettable experience for you. Caribbean sailing trips

Sailing in the Caribbean is a dream of many sailors. The beautiful sea, the trade [...]

For more precise information about the Caribbean area,  please narrow down your search. It is necessary in this case, because of geographic diversity and the large scope of the area. First, select a destination on the crewed catamaran charter in the Caribbean tab and choose the Weather tab of the selected area and read the related description.

Rent a catamaran in the Caribbean, and cruise around the Caribbean

Puerto rico catamaran itineraries.

crewed catamaran charters from Puerto Rico to St. Thomas

Bahamas catamaran itineraries

crewed catamaran charters from Florida to Bahamas

Read more Bahamas catamaran trips

Antigua catamaran itineraries

crewed catamaran charters Caribbean

Read more Antigua catamaran itineraries

BVI catamaran itineraries

crewed catamaran charters BVI

Read about catamaran to the BVI , BVI catamaran itineraries , or BVI catamaran routes..

Cuba catamaran itineraries

crewed catamaran charters Cuba

Read more about Cuba catamaran itineraries , or choose from Caribbean catamaran destinations .

"If you rented a boat from us, we don't need to introduce ourselves. If you book with us for the first time, you will soon get to know us." 🙂 Some feedback about us...

Lavrion - Greece

Sehr guter Service und Beratung. Die Buchung war recht einfach.

Family Doppler (Germany)

Milos - Greece

Our catamaran sailing trip was fantastic. The Alegria is an amazing boat. Comfortable and beautiful, with all the features one could hope for...

Harry (USA)

Dubrovnik - Croatia

Ismét nagyon jó áron kaptunk,egy igazán luxus hajót. A Bali 4.5 egy igazán jó válaasztás. A Köszönjük az ügyintézést.

Ágnes (Hungary)

Mykonos - Greece

Easy to book, and perfect communication from the very beginning. The boat was in perfect condition and very comfortable for a group of 10pax...

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Bali 4.4 - 4 + 2 cab. (2022)

British Virgin Islands, Tortola (Catamaran)

from 1 071 € /day  

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Bali 5.4 - 5 + 2 cab (2022)

Caribbean, Martinique (Catamaran)

from 2 500 € /day  

Bali 4.6 - 5 + 1 cab. (2022)

from 1 214 € /day  

Lagoon 46 Fly (2022)

from 1 717 € /day  

Lagoon 620 - 6 + 2 cab. (2020)

from 3 720 € /day  

Fountaine Pajot Ipanema 58 - 4 + 2 cab. (2020)

from 2 378 € /day  

Lagoon 630 Motor Yacht (2018)

British Virgin Islands, Tortola (Power catamaran)

from 5 641 € /day  

Fountaine Pajot Ipanema 58 - 6 + 2 cab. (2018)

from 3 385 € /day  

Lagoon 52 F - 5 cab. (2016)

Caribbean, St Martin (Catamaran)

from 1 860 € /day  

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Escape to a magical and relaxing destination in the Caribbean

Choose your next sailing adventure, there are many ways to enjoy the caribbean: crewed charter, cabin charter, bareboat charter, villa rental. the choice is yours, ​a fresh approach to yacht charter, meet our team, want all the latest deals in your inbox sign up to our newsletter here.

Caribbean Yacht Charters Aboard Aquanimity

Eat. drink. be caribbean. live your best life.

Learn More about the All-inclusive Rich Experience

Visit our Caribbean Yacht Aquanimity

Discover island destinations with our interactive map 

Come treat yourself, your family, and your friends to a crewed yacht charter in the Virgin Islands and an unforgettable Caribbean Islands Adventure. You'll experience all the wonders of the Caribbean in the comfort of your own charter yacht rental, surrounded by an excellent charter crew.

The Walk-Through of the DuFour Catamaran (Miami-Boat Show)

Your Experience When Booking With Us

We Provide 5 Unparalleled Services to our Charter Guests Above All Others

  • Aquanimity will provide an unforgettable, private Caribbean sailing vacation experience.  Our yacht charters offer the only exclusive way to explore the beautiful Caribbean islands and beyond. We provide a unique opportunity to sail turquoise waters, enjoy pristine beaches, and experience the vibrant culture of yacht chartering.
  • Crewed Charters for the Caribbean... We deliver the perfect experienced crew for exploring the Caribbean island destinations. A crewed yachting vacation in the Virgin Islands is truly the best-kept secret in the Caribbean. It’s exciting! It’s relaxing! And we make it affordable!
  • All-inclusive prices make it an excellent value. It’s a perfect vacation for that experienced traveler who has been there, done that, and is looking for something different.
  • It's truly all about YOU...  Upon booking with Aquanimity, we will learn about your desires for the perfect charter experience and cater that directly to you.
  • Your Charter Experience is vital to us.  You are not just another charter guest when booking with us. Our crew looks forward to having you onboard!

About the Owners

catamran couples in St.Barts, chartering a catamaran for sailing, sailing catamaran charters

We are the owners of Sail Aquanimity, and we invite you into the captivating world of Virgin Island Charters and charter yachting. With a determined commitment to excellence, we, as the owners, handpicked a top-performing crew for Aquanimity . Ensuring an unparalleled experience and top personalized service to each member onboard.

Aquanimity blends comfort and luxury beautifully with our dedicated team - Captain Bertie and Chef Teresa at the Helm. Guided by a passion for extraordinary experiences, we take pride in transforming the notion of travel into a tapestry of cherished memories, making each charter an embodiment of indulgence, discovery, and the freedom of the open sea.

Come Aboard! Treat yourself, your family, and your friends to a crewed yacht charter in the Virgin Islands and an unforgettable budget-friendly adventure.

Yacht chartering in The Virgin Islands is a chance of a lifetime!  The US Virgin Islands are known for their crystal-clear waters, stunning beaches, and ideal sailing conditions. Attractive, stylish, and trendy, Aquanimity is a brand new, 48-foot crewed elegant Dufour catamaran with all the amenities of your 5-star all-inclusive private ocean hotel.

Built for luxury and easy sailing, Aquanimity's ensuite air-conditioned sleeping accommodations include 3 queen-sized guest cabins plus a bunk cabin for up to 8 guests (with family budgets in mind).

Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, beautiful Caribbean sunsets, charter yacht 5-star gourmet meals, crystal clear blue water, premium world-class beaches, and unrivaled scenery await you to explore. You only need to bring yourself (and a bathing suit).

Aquanimity has your adventure at your fingertips every day. Snorkel to your heart's content, paddleboard or kayak to a remote cove, or explore a hiking trail. Your captain and crew will see to your every need while sailing and island-hopping between gorgeous tropical locations.

crewed yacht charters aquanimity yacht charter bvi

Check Availability & Reserve Your Yacht Charter

  • Charter guests can easily place a reservation by using the calendar below.
  • Please fill out your name, how many guests (including you), and email information before sending the form to us.
  • Book open dates in April, May, June, or July 2024 and receive a special "thank you" booking gift. Charter guests must book a minimum of 5 nights.

Opt for a charter reservation that suits you best directly with us or through an exceptional charter management expert, including brokers, agents, and travel assistants. Either way - Book the charter-Step aboard the Aquanimity and immerse yourself in an extraordinary journey. Your exceptional experience awaits as you set sail with us.

Charter Guests

Private Chef, All Inclusive Meals & Half Board is Available

C: 678-850-4091

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The most popular yachts for chartering in the Caribbean are the catamarans. This type of vessels consist of two hulls that make them wider and more stable than any other type of yacht of that size. Cruising in a catamaran is faster than most mono hulls allowing for more time in water sport activities and island exploration. It also has two engines and the small draft that allows for anchoring closer to shore.  The large cockpit will make easier to move around and allows for extra space to play onboard. The cabins are mostly equals with queen beds and on suite heads. The main salon is spacious and the galley allow more than one cook to operate at the same time.

When you book a Catamaran Charter in the Caribbean you can rest assured that the boat will meet all expectations regarding safety, cleanliness and good maintenance.  It is an all-inclusive offer that comes with crew, bar, food and taxes in most cases. Larger catamarans may run as plus all expenses like the motor yachts. There are luxury catamaran charters for any budget and party sizes. We can offer a crewed catamaran charter in US Virgin Islands (USVI), British Virgin Islands, St. Martin / St. Marteen, St. Barth, Antigua, Leeward Islands, St. Vincent, The Grenadines and Windward Islands. All the catamaran rentals came with a lot of water toys and numerous amenities.

Caribbean Catamaran Charter

Caribbean catamaran charter

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Caribbean catamaran charter

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crewed catamaran charters caribbean

Originally from São Paulo, Bruno was raised with an intimate relationship with the sea and animals in it. As a surfer and spear fisherman from a very young age he spent most of his spare time at sea. At 18 he bought his first boat to use for fishing, surfing and diving, this love for a sailing life made him decide to leave Brazil behind and chase an international career on yachts. After completing his extensive training and building up a strong skillset, Bruno threw himself at every opportunity to work professionally, from being the Lead Skipper of a flotilla sailing company to being part of the crew of several 50+ metre sailing yachts. His positive mindset and hard working attitude has built him a great reputation within the industry, and his guests happiness and wellbeing are paramount to him. Over the past few years Bruno has run many successful charter seasons in the Mediterranean and Caribbean, as well as undertaking two Atlantic crossings. Bruno is very safety orientated with a strong passion for instructing, and he would love to show you how to sail the boat. Friendly and easy to approach, always ready to listen to any request, nothing is too much or too hard to him. Bruno takes great pride in his work, and he will always aim to have the shiniest boat in the bay!

Lydia has been sailing dinghies and taking part in local races since aged 6, and this love for the water led her to become a Dinghy instructor and a keen diver and paddleboarder. Initially educated in Creative Events Management, Lydia has always been a keen performer and musician, and has used these transferrable skills to combine her two passions and become a confident, professional and positive yacht chef. Using her experience from these diverse industries, Lydia began her yachting career working as a host guest manager for a flotilla sailing company, where she met Bruno, and their sailing adventures began. Lydia took all the opportunities that came her way for travelling and developed her love for cooking whilst working on a busy charter catamaran and private worldwide cruising yachts. Her creativity for cooking and culinary knowledge has been developed from attending the Chef Academy at Whitepepper Cookery School in Dorset, and Lydia is always keen to join cooking classes to expand her culinary capabilities and recipe repertoire. Lydia is passionate about cooking healthy, wholesome and delicious meals, with the best locally sourced produce, and from her travels has honed her creative flair with beautiful food presentation and mouthwatering flavours to give the guests unforgettable dishes.

Bruno and Lydia have worked together for the last 3 years, providing outstanding customer service and lifelong memories for all charter guests. With their love for the sea, they have sailed catamarans and monohulls extensively around the Bahamas, Caribbean, Mediterranean and even sailed across the Atlantic. They are both incredibly passionate about sailing, cooking and water sports, and aim to provide their guests with the most enriched experiences, from diving and fishing to teaching to sail the boat, always with the upmost care and safety in mind. Their approachable and kind demeanor as crew makes it easy for them to understand what guests need and allows for them to relax as hard as they wish!


crewed catamaran charters caribbean

Bruno Caiafa

crewed catamaran charters caribbean

Lydia Jones

Accomodation, other specs.

Breakfast Served with coffee, tea, juices and fresh fruit – Poached egg with smashed chilli avocado and prosciutto on toast – – Homemade granola berry bowls with yogurt, honey and chia seeds – – Eggs Benedict with hollandaise sauce – – American pancakes with crispy bacon and maple syrup or fresh fruit – – Brioche french toast with vanilla and raspberry compote – – Blueberry muffins with crumble topping and pastries – – Waffles with almond butter and roasted peaches –

Lunch – Soy and honey cayenne chicken salad in pineapple bowls – – Spiced tomato and gruyere tartlets with fennel jam – – Fish tacos with apple, and red cabbage slaw and buttered corn on cob – – Ham and gruyere pithivier – – Slow cooked pork belly with 5 spice peach and raspberry salad – – Watermelon, green apple and lime salad with herb and onion focaccia – – Tuna niscoise salad – – Mixed bagel board platters – – Mango and avocado salmon stack served with fougasse bread –

Appetizers – Fresh fish tartare with pickled vegetables and quail egg – – Melon, proscuitto gouda salad with lime dressing – – Ham hock ballotine with duck egg yolk and celeriac puree – – Double baked cheese souffle – – Leek and potato soup with potato nests – – Burnt mackerel with blinis and creme fraiche – – Chargrilled grapes with burrata –

Mains – Spiced rub pork tenderloin with BBQ sauce, sweet potato mash, spinach and pepper soy sauce salad – – Chickpea, sweet potato and spinach curry with vegetable bhajis – – Butternut squash risotto with parma ham, poached chicken breast and caramelised onion skin – – Steak with pont neufs and a green bean walnut salad – – Grilled sea bream in ginger beurre blanc and potato rosti – – Almond pesto and butternut lasagne stack – – Confit duck leg with red rice, pumpkin seed salad with lime and soy vinaigrette – – Pan fried sirloin, carrot puree, with asparagus and marinated pelati tomatoes –

Desserts – Strawberry delice – – Deconstructed passionfruit cheesecake – – Vanilla and berry panna cotta – – Rum babas with whipped cream and fresh fruit – – Dark chocolate fondants and ice cream – – Key lime pie – – Lemon tart with chocolate soil and raspberry sorbet – – Summer fruit cup trifle cake –

CREW GRATUITY :  The prices do not include a tip for your crew.

It’s customary to tip your crew at the end of the charter, the standard for good service is 15%-20% of the charter fee.

Rate details: Winter low season: 80,000 USD + VAT + 30% APA Winter high season (Xmas, NY, Easter): 90,000 USD + Expenses. Summer low season: 80,000 USD + Expenses. Summer high season: 90,000 USD + Expenses.

Summer Area: Caribbean Leewards, Caribbean Windwards

Winter Area: Caribbean Leewards, Caribbean Windwards

Location Details: 1 November 2023 – 3 March 2024: The Grenadines (Base port: Canouan) From 15 March 2024 onwards: Caribbean (Base port: St. Maarten)

Charter Rates Per Week

Location details.

crewed catamaran charters caribbean

Having trouble choosing the best boat for you? Create an account to favorite multiple boats and let us help you decide. Our expert staff has over 50 years of combined experience in the yacht charter industry.

Ed Hamilton & Co. endeavors to provide the most up-to-date yacht information, availability and rate details, however, all information published on this site is subject to change without notice. Please contact us for the most current yacht information, availability and rate details.

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Welcome to CYI

Luxury crewed yacht charters.


Your Luxury Crewed Yacht

Happy charter clients, island nations to visit, beaches to discover.

Welcome To CYI

Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charters

Vacationing Mother and Child

Culebra, Puerto Rico

Take a dip off the stern of your private crewed charter yacht in the Spanish Virgin Islands.

Two Dolphins

St. John, USVI

Make some new friends on your holiday as you sail from St. Thomas to St. John aboard your luxury crewed catamaran.

Preparing to Dive

Tortola, BVI

Scuba dive in the azure waters of the British Virgin Islands where visibility is 60 feet on a normal day.

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We choose to be here for you, because the truth is, we love what we do.

Charter yacht specialist, lauren hodgins.

crewed catamaran charters caribbean

With over 20 years experience in the yachting industry, Lauren is eager to share the abundant natural beauty of the Caribbean with you.

"On a scale from 1 to 10, it was a 15!" --Sam from New York

"Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would get to experience such an amazing vacation! Thank you so very much again for an absolutely perfect trip!" --Diana from Maine

"We were extremely satisfied with the entire process and we do appreciate all of your hard work and helpful correspondence." --Josh from Kansas

"I feel that you went above and beyond my expectations of what you could do to help us with the trip. We all had a fabulous time!" --Janet from Kansas

"They were prompt, had nice cold beverages waiting and made sure all transitions were without delays. Everything was just perfect!" --Dan from Kansas

"One of the best vacations we have ever been on! Thanks to Lauren, everything was hassle free which is kind of a big deal." --Denise from Kansas

Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charters

Welcome to Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charters

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Caribbean Yacht Charter Sunset

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Caribbean Catamaran Crewed Yacht Charter

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We know all the best spots

Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charters provide the Ultimate Luxury Vacation

Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charters provide the ultimate luxury vacation aboard a private yacht. A professional captain and chef will tend to your every need. For the best Caribbean vacation book a boutique hotel afloat with Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charters. Most importantly we have an amazing selection of yachts that come with professional crew to look after you. Furthermore we can help you plan your destination and find the best yacht that suits your needs.

Besides that, no previous sailing experience is required. That is to say that your crew will look after you and your private yacht. In addition if you’re unsure as to the type of yacht you would like to charter for your vacation we can help you. Above all we have a great selection of  Catamarans , Motor Yachts, Power Catamarans and Sailing Yachts. Similarly we also have some amazing Superyachts available for charter.

Most importantly, our staff have a minimum of 15 years experience in the industry. That is to say we have the knowledge to offer unbiased advice. Above all we look forward to listening to your vacation requirements. As a result we will recommend yachts with professional crew that will meet your requirements. After that we will assist you throughout the charter booking process. Most importantly, we are available during your charter to assist you in any way.

So let us help you find the perfect yacht for your best vacation ever. Our advice is FREE!


What is a Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charter?

A crewed yacht charter is the best way to experience the finest destinations in the Caribbean, from the Grenadines to the Virgin Islands.  Explore with a private yacht and experienced professional captain and personal chef who will satisfy your every request.


St Barths Yacht Charter

Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charters can help you select the perfect yachting destination for your Caribbean sailing vacation. Our team will share their intimate knowledge on all of the Caribbean islands, which has been gained over the years of living and working throughout the Caribbean.  Therefore we offer our free advice so that you can choose the Caribbean island that best suits your needs for that perfect vacation. Regardless of what type of vacation you prefer there is a Caribbean island waiting for you to explore.

St Barths Yacht Charter

St Barths Yacht Charter is perfect if you want to maximize your time ashore during your vacation and you enjoy a lively chic vibe. Saint Barthelemy often referred to as the St Tropez of the Caribbean offers chic bars and restaurants and luxury designer stores. Therefore this chic French West Indies Island is certainly the place to celebrity spot during your vacation. Chill out and enjoy a delicious glass of chilled French wine as you people watch. Most importantly this tiny island offers a multitude of restaurants and bars to visit during the evening. With fantastic beaches offering kitesurfing on the windward side of the island, to sheltered beaches offering Seabob rental on Shell beach near to Gustavia. In addition Colombier on the northern coast, which is simply stunning and only accessible via your charter yacht. Therefore, take a closer look at   St Barths to find out more information about this amazing Caribbean yachting destination.

Discover the Virgin Islands

Discover the Virgin Islands on a Crewed Yacht Charter. That is to say that you can combine both a BVI and USVI Yacht Charter to get the best of both worlds on your vacation. Find out more about  Island Hopping  in the Caribbean for an amazing adventure afloat.

BVI Yacht Charter

BVI Yacht Charter offers an awesome vacation for families, couples and groups of friends. Most importantly regardless of whether you want a quiet vacation exploring unspoiled white sandy beaches or visiting local beach bars and dancing beneath the stars the BVI can deliver the perfect vacation for you. The British Virgin Islands are made up of a number of tiny Caribbean islands that offer semi-sheltered sailing, which is fantastic especially when the Christmas Trade Winds are blowing during the winter months. Therefore, let Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charters provide you with more information about a  BVI Yacht Charter .

USVI Yacht Charter

USVI Yacht Charter gives you a chance to explore the stunning laid-back island of St John. That is to say that this island never disappoints with its stunning white sandy beaches, palm trees and crystal blue seas. Therefore you can swim with turtles straight from your yacht in Maho Bay, it’s awesome! In addition you can hike around some of the many trails on St John and visit the Annaberg Sugar Plantation. Furthermore the island even has wild donkeys and deer strolling around. Find out more information about what a  USVI Yacht Charter  has to offer you and your family and friends for that ultimate vacation to the Virgin Islands.

Windward Islands

Windward Islands start at Martinique and include the islands of St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada. Therefore we can help tailor the perfect itinerary for you to cruise around the stunning Grenadines.

Grenadines Yacht Charter

Grenadines Yacht Charter you can visit the famous island of Mustique where the rich and famous own luxury villas, Tobago Cays where you can swim with turtles from your luxury yacht and the beautiful island of Bequia. Read more about what a  Grenadines Yacht Charter  has to offer, for that perfect vacation.

St Lucia Yacht Charter

St Lucia Yacht Charter provides the opportunity to sail to the awesome Pitons. The Pitons are two giant volcanic mountains towering out of the Caribbean Sea. Most importantly your charter yacht can moor in-between the Pitons for an amazing experience. In addition St Lucia is also blessed with many waterfalls and is home to the famous Hotel Chocolat . Therefore you can visit this working cocoa plantation and sample their delicious hand made chocolates, how good is that! Explore what a  St Lucia Yacht Charter  has to offer and read more about this stunning tropical island in the Caribbean.

Grenada Yacht Charter

Grenada Yacht Charter enables you to visit this unique island often referred to as Spice Isle due to the vast quantity of Nutmeg and spices grown on this lush tropical island. Most importantly this Caribbean island is blessed with numerous waterfalls, lakes, and rum distilleries.  After that Grenada is also famous for its amazing flora and fauna and the island frequently wins a Gold award at the famous Chelsea Flower Show held annually in London. In conclusion this Caribbean island is stunning. Therefore discover what a  Grenada Yacht Charter  has to offer you for that ultimate vacation to paradise!

Martinique Yacht Charter

Martinique Yacht Charter provides the opportunity to explore this amazing island. That is to same that this island offers both fantastic French cuisine and wines ashore, lots of locally grown produce, and great beaches. Above all offering stunning anchorages in Saint Pierre, Anse Mitan, Grand Anse d’Arlet, Marin and Saint Anne there’s so many bays to explore. In addition the scuba diving and snorkeling is awesome! Therefore if you love to explore ashore and enjoy delicious French cuisine at extremely reasonable prices then a yacht charter to Martinique is for you. Finally, find out more information here about a  Martinique Yacht Charter  you will be amazed at what this Caribbean island has to offer.

Leeward Islands

Leeward Islands include Anguilla, St Martin, St Barths, Antigua and Barbuda, St Kitts and Nevis, Guadeloupe and Dominica. Likewise each island has so much to offer on a Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charter.

Anguilla Yacht Charter

Anguilla Yacht Charter enables you to explore miles of white sandy beaches on this coral atoll. Therefore, discover more about an  Anguilla Yacht Charter  and what this stunning island has to offer. Likewise the neighboring island of St Martin on the French side of this shared French/Dutch Island offers fantastic French restaurants. For examples Grand Case which is located directly on a stunning white sandy beach boasts a main street which is lined with bars, restaurants and art galleries. Therefore for a perfect vacation you can combine a visit to St Barths , Anguilla and St Martin on the same trip. To sum up we can help you plan this great adventure. Finally, find out more about   Island Hopping  in the Caribbean for that ultimate vacation.

Antigua Yacht Charter

Antigua Yacht Charter offers the famous Nelsons Dockyard at English Harbour to explore. After that Five Islands located on the west side of Antigua near to Jolly Harbour. In addition to escape to turquoise waters visit the beautiful Green Island on the east coast of Antigua. Similarly the neighboring island of Barbuda offers miles of deserted beautiful white sandy beaches to explore. Discover more about an  Antigua Yacht Charter  and what this yachting destination has to offer.

St Kitts Yacht Charter

St Kitts Yacht Charter enables you to visit both the mainland of St Kitts and the stunning neighboring island of Nevis. Similarly both islands offer fantastic golf courses that you can visit and pay to play. In addition both islands offer pretty anchorages where you can explore Brimstone Fort on St Kitts or visit Admiral Lord Nelson’s marriage site on Nevis. Most importantly beach bars are plentiful on both islands offering fantastic rum drinks. For example on St Kitts you have the trendy Salt Plage part of the new Christophe Harbour development. Salt Plage is the perfect sundowner spot offering unprecedented sunset views. Therefore, find out more about a  St Kitts Yacht Charter  and what the stunning Caribbean island of Nevis has to offer you.

Guadeloupe Yacht Charter

Guadeloupe Yacht Charter offers both the main island with some great anchorages to explore like Deshaies, Pigeon Island and Pointe-a-Pitre.  Most importantly Pigeon Island is home to the famous Jacques Cousteau’s Underwater Reserve. Therefore you can enjoy awesome scuba diving. In addition you can explore the stunning islands of Isle des Saintes often referred to as the St Barths of 30 years ago are located just to the south of Guadeloupe. Discover more about a  Guadeloupe Yacht Charter  to plan your vacation to paradise.

Dominica Yacht Charter

Dominica Yacht Charter provides you with the opportunity to explore this stunning island. Firstly Dominica is renowned for its citrus fruits that it supplies to other islands throughout the Caribbean chain. Consequently this tropical island has numerous waterfalls, historic buildings and awesome scuba diving. However Dominica is also famous for its Whale Watching. That is to say that Sperm Whales mate and rear their calves in the deep safe waters surround this Caribbean island. Find out more about a  Dominica Yacht Charter we can help you plan your trip of a lifetime to this enchanting Caribbean island.

Island Hopping Yacht Charter

Island Hopping Yacht Charter enables you to fully explore the amazing islands of the Caribbean. Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charters will help you select your Caribbean islands and plan your itinerary. Most importantly, we have an extensive knowledge of all of the Caribbean islands that you can visit and our advice is free! Therefore instead of visiting one Caribbean destination you can enjoy Island Hopping instead.  

For instance in the Leeward Islands you can join your crewed charter yacht in Sint Maarten after that visit St Barths , followed by Anguilla before you return to Sint Maarten. Similarly for a Windward Islands trip you can depart from St Lucia then cruise around the Grenadines and finish your vacation in Grenada. Finally in the Virgin Islands start your trip in the US Virgin Islands of St Thomas, then visit St John before cruising the British Virgin Islands and then finish your vacation in St Thomas.

In conclusion there are so many combinations available and we can help you plan your trip, so that you can enjoy the best vacation ever Island Hopping throughout the Caribbean!

Book your Caribbean Vacation today

Book your Caribbean vacation today! Click on the photographs above and discover what each amazing Caribbean island has to offer for your next adventure afloat with Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charters.

Caribbean Catamaran Yacht Charter

Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charters are here to help you select the perfect yacht to suit your family vacation, your fun trip with a group of friends, or a romantic getaway for two.

That is to say you may already know the type of yacht that you would like to charter. A Motor Yacht, Catamaran, Sailing Yacht, Power Catamaran, Classic Yacht or a Superyacht. Above all we can recommend a hand-picked selection of yachts for you to check out, so that you can select the perfect yacht and crew for your vacation.

Most importantly we are based in the Caribbean and we are constantly refreshing our local knowledge with regards to the professional crew that look after the yachts. Therefore we can recommend and dovetail the yacht and crew that will best suit your group to ensure that you have the perfect vacation afloat.

Motor Yacht Charter

Motor Yacht Charter offers the luxury of a boutique hotel afloat. Above all Motor Yachts offer more watersports equipment including jet-skies, waterskiing, wake boarding, tubing, SUPs, and kayaks. Therefore this type of yacht is perfect for a group of friends. Discover more about a  Motor Yacht Charter  as this type of yacht offers lots of fun for everyone!

Catamaran Yacht Charter

Catamaran Yacht Charter is a great family vacation option, or works well for a group of friends looking to share the cost of their vacation. Most importantly the majority of Catamarans offer similar cabins so it is easy for a group of friends to enjoy a fun time afloat on this type of yacht – without arguing about who gets the master cabin! In addition Catamarans offer twice the amount of space both above and below the water. In other words this means a great selection of watersports equipment including SUPs, tubing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, and kayaks. Likewise most Catamarans offer free Scuba Diving for certified divers and some offer tuition aboard for a nominal charge. After that we even have yachts offering Kitesurfing. Therefore find out more about what a  Catamaran Yacht Charter  has to offer.

Power Catamaran Yacht Charter

Power Catamaran Yacht Charter has become very popular as these yachts combine the benefits of both a Motor Yacht and a Catamaran. Therefore they offer twice as much space with the speed of a motor yacht. Find out more information about a  Power Catamaran Yacht Charter  this type of yacht is being extremely popular throughout the Caribbean.

Sailing Yacht Charter

Sailing Yacht Charter is the classic monohull yacht charter. Above all these yachts offer great family fun especially if you’d like your kids to learn about sailing. Similarly they are also great for couples especially for a honeymoon or romantic getaway. However Sailing Yachts offer less space so consequently they cannot offer as many watersports as a Catamaran. Most importantly they do however offer silence! Therefore you will glide through the Caribbean Sea with just the wind to power you aboard your very own private yacht. Why not discover more about a  Sailing Yacht Charter  this type of yacht can explore the whole Caribbean island chain.

Classic Yacht Charter

Classic Yacht Charter is for the connoisseur who enjoys sailing a monohull but prefers the ‘olde world’ charm of a classic wooden hull sailing yacht. Most importantly we have a selection of stunning classic beauties for your vacation to the Caribbean. Find out more about a  Classic Yacht Charter  and enjoy a unique sailing experience in the Caribbean.

Superyacht Charter

Superyacht Charter offers the ultimate in a luxury vacation afloat. Superyachts are defined as yachts that are greater than 100ft in length. Therefore they can be Motor Yachts, Sailing Yachts, Catamarans or Power Catamarans. We have a selection of amazing yachts available for luxury yacht charter. Most importantly Superyachts provide enhanced watersports equipment and some yachts even offer toys like a waterslide or climbing wall. In addition your yacht will also offer a luxury tender to take you ashore. Discover the ultimate vacation aboard a Superyacht Charter our specialist team are ready to help you plan your vacation of a lifetime.

Book your Luxury Crewed Yacht Charter today

Book your Luxury Crewed Yacht Charter today. Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charters can recommend the perfect yacht for your next Caribbean vacation. Contact us today our advice is FREE!

What our clients say

We had the most awesome vacation ever in the Grenadines. Thanks for recommending the best yacht with fantastic crew!
The Virgin Islands are still our favorite spot and despite the hurricanes we had an awesome adventure. Glad we returned to sail in paradise. We'll back next year to book with you again.

Read about Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charters and how our experienced team can help you book the perfect vacation in paradise!

Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charters


Caribbean Crewed Yacht Charters sepcialize in arranging luxury yacht charters throughout the Caribbean. We can help you choose your dream yacht


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Caribbean Vacation on a Crewed Yacht Charter!

crewed catamaran charters caribbean

  • Caribbean Yacht Charters

Your Caribbean crewed yacht charter is an affordable, all-inclusive Caribbean charter vacation aboard a private yacht ( sailing or motor yacht), with a friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive crew (captain and chef/stewardess) to take care of your every need. Your gourmet meals (designed with your chef to meet your preferences), snacks, refreshing beverages, wines, and cool tropical cocktails are included in the price of a crewed yacht charter, as well as the use of all of the boat’s water toys such as fins and snorkels, paddleboards, kayaks, floating mats, waterskis and wakeboards, fishing equipment, even dive equipment on designated Caribbean dive charters. A crewed yacht charter is completely customized to what you would like to do on your vacation! You will have be able to select the menu as well as the itinerary (if you need help your crew at Mainsail or the yacht will be more than happy to make suggestions). This truly is the most relaxing vacation you will ever take!With Mainsails staff of experienced brokers and our in-house yacht charter travel agent we can assist with all your travel arrangements from flights to hotels to private transportation upon your arrival in paradise. We make your vacation seamless – we are there every step of the way making sure your vacation is perfect. With over 16 years in the Caribbean Yacht Charter Industry Mainsail has become one of the most recognized and respected brokers in the Caribbean.  Take advantage of our service and experience – best of all our expertise and experience is FREE to you. Try us and see what Mainsail can do for you!  Our crew looks forward to welcoming you aboard your own Private Yacht Charter… soon!

Mainsail Yacht Charters

crewed catamaran charters caribbean

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Experience a summer of premier events with an action-packed Mediterranean yacht charter

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By Katie Scott   18 March 2024

Teeming with effortless class and style, Mediterranean yacht charters offer premium indulgence throughout the duration of a luxury yacht charter , with private access to a vast number of high-profile gatherings throughout the summer. 

Renowned for its fully stocked events calendar throughout the year, a West Mediterranean yacht charter offers boundless opportunities to obtain front-row seats at some staggering events and introduce charter guests to sights and sounds that will never be forgotten.

In addition to the fully-fledged shows and exhibitions that annually descend for South of France yacht charters , 2024 also offers exciting slots to witness Olympic sailing events plus the prestigious America's Cup. 

2024 Mediterranean yacht charter summer events

Ground level view of the Monaco Grand Prix underway, with racers on the track and spectators in the stands behind

Ready to welcome crewed yacht charters throughout the summer, the Mediterranean has a great selection of forthcoming events for action-packed Spain and France yacht charters . Here are the dates for your calendar.

  • Monaco Historic Grand Prix - 10-12 May
  • Cannes Film Festival - 14-25 May
  • Monaco Grand Prix - 24-26 May
  • Cannes Lions - 17-21 June
  • Olympic Games sailing and football - 28 July - 8 August
  • America's Cup Barcelona - 22 August - 3 October
  • Cannes Yachting Festival - 10-15 September
  • Monaco Yacht Show - 25-28 September

Mediterranean events yacht charters

Providing an exclusive base and luxury environment for both family and corporate yacht charters , having your yacht rental berthed in the marina gives you and your charter guests every luxury and splendor within arm's reach and incredible front-row seats in some of the season's hottest must-attend events. 

With an incredible collection of superyacht charters available for French Riviera yacht charters , here's a selection of yacht rentals with remaining availability for some of the summer's iconic events.


Charter yacht MAN OF STEEL at anchor with a tender underway alongside

A striking 282.2ft (86m) Oceanco yacht charter , motor yacht MAN OF STEEL is an extravagant addition to the global yacht charter fleet with an abundance of premium facilities and a seamless flow around the decks thanks to an elevator and open-plan layouts.

Completing a refit in 2023, MAN OF STEEL has a new lease of life for the 2024 charter season, with a state-of-the-art cinema, an extensive water toy collection, a deck Jacuzzi, a spa and gym plus a dancefloor and a spacious beach club.

Perfect for events yacht charters , MAN OF STEEL can entertain charter guests throughout the day and night.

Man of Steel Yacht

Boasting captivating interior styling by English designer Terence Disdale, 180.5ft (55m) Amels charter yacht SAMIRA has plenty in store to keep charter guests entertained during a France or Spain yacht charter , with W--Fi connectivity, a piano, spacious living areas, and abundant alfresco dining and lounge options.

Hosting a well-appointed five-cabin layout, charter yacht SAMIRA hold a great selection of water toys, making her an ideal choice for a combined events and watersports yacht charter . Some of the toys found onboard include Jet Skis, three SEABOBs, wakeboards, inflatable water toys, paddleboards, and snorkeling equipment.  

Samira Yacht

A beautifully proportioned motor yacht charter , 153.3ft (46.7m) charter yacht ASYA is an inspiring member of the Heesen yacht charter fleet, with smooth, elegant lines and captivating Far Eastern-inspired interiors.

Ideal for family yacht charters with her child-friendly setup, ASYA has a great range of facilities onboard like a deck Jacuzzi, alfresco lounge and dining areas, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a good range of water toys that include a Dariel tender for exciting onshore excursions.

Asya Yacht

A comfortable and convenient Benetti yacht charter , 125ft (38.1m) motor yacht CHARADE has a warm and welcoming character, with plenty of exterior deck space to enjoy the unfolding summer events under the Mediterranean sun.

Equipped with multiple facilities for a yacht charter vacation, CHARADE hosts a deck jacuzzi, Wi-Fi connectivity, alfresco dining, spacious interiors, and, of course, an enticing collection of water toys. Suitable for France, Spain or Ibiza yacht charters , CHARADE knows how to entertain and provide nothing less than an indulgent yacht charter experience.  

Charade Yacht

A captivating sailing yacht charter from the fleet of Oyster yacht charters , 122.10ft (37.44m) sailing yacht ARCHELON was built in 2019 and is equipped for adventure. Suitable for charter guests of all ages, her vast exterior deck space has all the makings for a convivial atmosphere during the forthcoming Olympic Games, with plenty of watersports equipment to make the most of the Mediterranean waves.

Boasting a five-cabin layout for up to 12 sleeping guests, highlights include a top-of-the-range gym, two tenders including a Williams Tender for excursions to popular yacht charter destinations , and bikes for invigorating rides while enjoying a South of France yacht charter .

Archelon Yacht

Booking a Mediterranean yacht rental

Elevated view looking down over a marina in Portofino, with superyacht charters berthed

When booking an events yacht charter time is of the essence, to secure the best berths in the marina it is highly advisable to book as early as possible. 

If you're interested in attending some of the summer's high-profile events in conjunction with a Mediterranean yacht charter , contact your preferred yacht charter broker today for the latest information on yacht rentals availability and yacht rental costs .

Mediterranean yacht charters

Carinthia VII yacht charter

97m Lurssen 2002 / 2023

Meridian A yacht charter

85m Lurssen 2011 / 2019

Quantum of Solace yacht charter

73m Turquoise Yachts 2012 / 2022

Lady Britt yacht charter

63m Feadship 2011

Galaxy yacht charter

56m Benetti 2005 / 2022

Oasis yacht charter

53m Oceanco 1997 / 2024


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  • Monaco Yacht Show
  • Cannes Yachting Festival
  • Cannes Lions
  • Monaco Grand Prix


Experience the most exciting weekends on a French Riviera yacht charter in spring 2024

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Get front row seats at the Olympic Games with motor yacht BIG SKY on a Tahiti yacht charter


Experience a summer of premier events with an action-packed Mediterranean yacht charter

Latest News

Experience a summer of premier events with an action-packed Mediterranean yacht charter

18 March 2024

Get front row seats at the Olympic Games with motor yacht BIG SKY on a Tahiti yacht charter

15 March 2024

Croatia yacht charters beckon with special discounted rates onboard sailing yacht charter ALESSANDRO I

14 March 2024

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O'PARI Yacht Review

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This is a small selection of the global luxury yacht charter fleet, with 3567 motor yachts, sail yachts, explorer yachts and catamarans to choose from including superyachts and megayachts, the world is your oyster. Why search for your ideal yacht charter vacation anywhere else?

Flying Fox yacht charter

136m | Lurssen

from $4,356,000 p/week ♦︎

Ahpo yacht charter

115m | Lurssen

from $2,831,000 p/week ♦︎

O'Ptasia yacht charter

85m | Golden Yachts

from $981,000 p/week ♦︎

Project X yacht charter

88m | Golden Yachts

from $1,198,000 p/week ♦︎

Savannah yacht charter

84m | Feadship

from $1,089,000 p/week ♦︎

Lady S yacht charter

93m | Feadship

from $1,525,000 p/week ♦︎

Maltese Falcon yacht charter

Maltese Falcon

88m | Perini Navi

from $490,000 p/week

Kismet yacht charter

122m | Lurssen

from $3,000,000 p/week

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YachtCharterFleet makes it easy to find the yacht charter vacation that is right for you. We combine thousands of yacht listings with local destination information, sample itineraries and experiences to deliver the world's most comprehensive yacht charter website.

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Catamaran Apricity

  • Availability & Rates

Apricity Crewed Catamaran Charter

7-Night Charter Rates

We accept Visa, MasterCard and AMEX

Catamaran Apricity Overview

Apricity is a 2023 Bali 4.6.The Bali 4.6 design is a stand out among her peers. The design naturally lets in ventilation and an abundance of light, this being the very definition of the Open Space concept. The Bali 4.6 boasts delightful seating where well-being and comfort are the order of the day. Bali catamarans are known and appreciated for their unparalleled success in blending luxury, space, and performance, producing a sailing experience that is unparalleled. This new design further capitalizes on that reputation with the advent of the "Bali garage door," which is the centerpiece of the yacht. It allows for the aft wall of the yacht to simply disappear, opening up the back of the yacht to an unobstructed view of paradise. This also affords indoor/outdoor dining options and gives the ever-present Caribbean breeze ample opportunity to make its way through the yacht with ease. With her solid foredeck gone are the forward trampolines, replaced by a large relaxing lounge area complete with cushions for sunbathing. A full-sized door provides access directly from the lounge area into the salon, allowing free movement through the yacht. A walk up to the flybridge unveils a seating area perfect for cocktails and taking in sunsets. There is also another area for sunbathing on the flybridge, where you can take in the sights of the islands from the highest vantage point on the yacht. The Bali open space design is further complimented by the superior outfit and aftermarket items available on Apricity. No detail has been left unnoticed, from the fine linens, pillows, and throws to the wine glasses, serving and flatware that make every day feel luxurious. She has been stocked full with every appliance and kitchen accessory to allow the chef to fully showcase the mastery of their art. And the water toys abound, allowing guests to fully experience all the Caribbean has to offer, both in and out of the water. Apricity will accommodate 8 charter guests in 2 spacious queen cabins and 1 additional queen cabin that shares space with twin bunk beds. That space can be used for luggage storage in the case of 6 guests or provides a shared cabin for parents and small children. She has a hard top, solar panels, air conditioning, a water maker, ice maker, full-sized refrigerator, a fully customizable menu, Caribbean-made eco-friendly and reef-safe toiletries, a bar stocked to guest preference, coffee/espresso machine, snorkeling gear, underwater scooters, subwing, wakeboard, water skis, stand up paddle boards, towable water tube, 10 ft. floating dock, pool noodles, fishing gear, board and card games, a television in the salon, Fusion 3 Bluetooth enabled sound system and Apricity giveaways.

Green Initiative

Purified drinking water made on board. Reusable water bottles available for use on board.

Meet the Crew

Crew photo

Mente Wester

Mente is a seasoned sailor with a lifelong passion for water sports. From the age of 6 he was drawn to the water and started sailing on lasers and Hobie cats. While growing up in the Netherlands, almost all of Mente's free time would be spent sailing, and eventually he became a sailing instructor, passing on his love for the sport to others.

At the age of 16, Mente joined School at Sea, a 6 month program, covering over 11,000 miles, all while following the high school curriculum on board. It was this journey that sparked his interest in ocean sailing.

Following high school, Mente joined the 249ft 3-masted Clipper Stad Amsterdam. He worked on deck for 3 years, while also pursuing a Maritime Officer's education at Enkhuizen Nautical College.

After those 3 years of sailing around the world, Mente pursued an academic Bachelor in Science & Innovation Management, as well as a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship. During this time, he would also run charters in Croatia and Sardinia over the summer. Now that he has successfully completed his degrees, he eagerly has returned to sailing in the BVI. ..read more

Mente loves sharing his sailing knowledge and passion with guests just as much as he enjoys showing them the blue world both above and below the water's surface. Together, Mente and Annick embody the spirit of adventure and hospitality, and are ready to welcome you aboard for an unforgettable journey on board Apricity.


RYA Yacht Master Offshore, Commercially Endorsed

GMDSS General Operator's Certificate

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

BSc Science & Innovation Management

MSc Entrepreneurship

Annick Van Der Plas

Introducing Annick, who grew up in the Netherlands and has been sailing since she was a little girl. Whether through sailing vacations or sailing camps, she was always around water. Her journey into hospitality began at the age of 14 when she started working at a restaurant, where her positive energy and welcoming smile quickly became her signature. Her passion for hospitality led her to the International Hospitality School in the Netherlands, where she honed her skills and transformed her love for hospitality and culinary arts into a career. During her studies, she pursued an internship at a luxury hotel in Cape Town.

Surrounded by boats and water her entire life, Annick couldn't resist the sensation of the wind in her hair and the salt on her skin. After completing her studies, she combined her two passions and applied to work aboard the Stad Amsterdam, a 3-masted tall ship, where she sailed the world as a Hospitality Manager. The challenges brought on by COVID led her to transition to a land-based job and after spending 2.5 years behind a desk, Annick is thrilled to be back on the water where she belongs.

Annick owns her own 27ft sailboat and has lived on a houseboat in Amsterdam with Mente. Her greatest joy is providing friends & family with a true five-star experience on her sailboat or hosting dinner parties on their houseboat. She loves experimenting with new dishes, with Italian cuisine being her favorite. If you have any delicious Italian recipes, Annick is always eager to prepare them for you. She can't wait to share the wonders of Apricity with you and create unforgettable memories together on the water!

Bachelors in Hotel Management

Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene

Food Allergen Awareness

STCW Basic Safety

RYA Short Range VHF Certificate

Project Management

Crisis Management & Human Behavior

Crowd Management

Availability calendar for Apricity:

Listed below are any confirmed reservations or unavailability, as well as current holds / options. Note: this calendar is not always 100% current. Please contact us for more information about available dates aboard this yacht.

Hours required between charters: 48

7-night Charter Rates by Group Size

Contact us for rates and current availability or to book a charter aboard Apricity!

Full Specifications for Apricity

Apricity Layout


Accommodation, water sports, entertainment,    sample menu.



Served daily with a fresh fruit platter, yogurt parfait or baked good, coffee & tea

EGGS BENEDICT Poached eggs, bacon, hollandaise

WILD MUSHROOM FRITTATA Spinach, cheddar cheese, breakfast aioli

SHAKSHUKA Tomato and bell pepper stew, poached eggs, crusty bread

HOMEMADE BAGEL BOARD Fresh bagels, variety of spreads, smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onion, capers

CALIFORNIA STYLE AVOCADO TOAST Artisanal toast, avocado, poached egg, feta cheese, pickled onions, microgreens

HOMESTYLE PANCAKES Fresh berries, butter, whipped cream L U N C H

FISH TACOS Beer-battered fish, citrus slaw, pickled onions

GOAT’S CHEESE PITHIVIER Fennel and courgette salad, citrus vinaigrette

STICKY JERK SALMON Red pepper and mango slaw, crispy noodles

CHICKEN CAESAR SALAD Romaine lettuce, grilled chicken breast, croutons, parmesan cheese

SEARED TUNA WITH LINGUINE Ahi tuna, pesto, olives

CHERMOULA BAKED SEA BREAM Tabbouleh, smoked aubergine, yogurt


CRAB FILO BASKETS Crab, avocado, mayo, lime, coriander

LAMB FETA BALLS Lamb, feta, mixed herbs, rhubarb ketchup

FRESH SPRING ROLLS Vermicelli noodles, fresh vegetables, soy ginger dip

CAPRESE SALAD Tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, olive oil, fresh bread

BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP Seasonal squash, herb oil

TUNA SASHIMI Ahi tuna, honey soy salad


PAN SEARED STEAK Parsnip puree, seasonal vegetables, red wine jus

THAI RED CURRY Shrimp, seasonal vegetables, Thai basil, jasmine rice

ASSORTED SUSHI Variety of maki and uramaki rolls

SLOW COOKED PORK BELLY cauliflower puree, roasted cauliflower, caramelized pan-fried scallops

MAHI MAHI Coconut rice, mango salsa

LEMON RISOTTO Parmesan, lemon zest, herb vinaigrette, fresh parsley


CITRUS CHEESECAKE Berry Coulis, citrus zest, whipped cream

APPLE CRUMBLE Vanilla ice cream

COCONUT RICE PUDDING Caramelized pineapple, lime syrup


LEMON OLIVE OIL CAKE Marscapone whipped cream, berries

CHEESE PLATE Assorted cheese, savory jam, chocolate

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