Landyachtz AB-ST Review

barry lachapelle

barry lachapelle / Jun 23, 2022

For the past few years, Landyachtz has been putting out some solid bikes from their headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia. They recently released a follow-up to their popular AB1 gravel bike called the AB-ST . The AB-ST is fast, ready for anything, and truly feels like a whole new direction for gravel bikes. We gave the AB-ST a demo and weren't sorry that we did. Let's go.

Landyachtz AB-ST Review

In 2020, Landyachtz launched the AB1 (Adventure Bike 1) gravel bike. The AB1 was a serious contender as I was looking for a new bikepacking rig. At the time, I loved the premise of the AB1: positioned as more than a gravel bike, it is a machine that is intended to bring you anywhere, and do anything. Ultimately I opted for a rigid mountain bike, but over the past couple years I have often wondered whether I made the right choice.

For 2022, Landyachtz has launched two new additions to its AB lineup: the AB-AL, which is an alloy iteration of the AB1, focused on gravel racing; and the AB-ST, a slacker, steel version focused on fun. Landyachtz says that the AB-ST is “designed with bikepacking and getting RAD in mind”.

bike against wall

I love how the word rad is starting to take on meaning in today's gravel world. Gravel bikes have been evolving quickly over the past few years, and trying to explain and categorize them is getting tougher and tougher. Terms like monster gravel, monstercross, mountain bike with drops never clearly explain what a bike is intended for.

However, RAD, I understand. Rad is not addressing the category of the bike; rad is a mindset or approach to cycling, and a clear indicator for the people who know. With thru-axles, disc brakes, huge tire clearance, a longer wheelbase and reach, the AB-ST is a gravel bike that really lives up to the rad classification.

Due to supply chain issues, Landyachtz is currently offering the AB-ST (and AB-AL) as a frameset, including frame, fork, FSA headset and front/rear axles. For the purposes of this review, Landyachtz sent me a build including SRAM 12sp Rival, Easton carbon wheels with 29 x 2.25” Nine Line WTBs. 🤟

bike on rocks

Truly All-Terrain

Unfortunately, I have not ridden the AB1; however, I will boldly state that the AB-ST (most likely) lives up to the anywhere/anything positioning better than the AB1 (or AB-AL). Just looking at the bike makes it fairly evident.

Let's start with the clearance for up to 29 x 2.25” tires. Honestly, my love affair with the AB-ST started at gravel 29er. With huge tires and thru-axles (12x100 F, 12x142 R), the AB-ST really is made for anything you throw it's way. This was my first time running 29ers on a gravel bike, and I was a bit unsure of what to expect. However, after a few hundred kilometers, I can safely say it's exactly what you imagine: they get you up and over pretty much anything, quickly.

On Southern Vancouver Island there is a phenomenon of people “mountain biking on gravel bikes”. This happens mainly because our little island is an underwater mountain and has a limited number of pure long-distance gravel tracks. So if you are looking to do any meaningful off-road distance here, you are most likely hitting some singletrack along the way. I've always considered drop bars on heavy terrain bananas, and held firmly to my belief that gravel bikes simply don't make sense in the singletrack. However, the AB-ST strongly challenges this idea. Once I got used to the narrowness of the bars, the AB-ST was tackling everything my Surly Krampus does. Is it ideal? Maybe not. Is it possible? Absolutely.

I've always held firmly to my belief that gravel bikes simply don't make sense in the singletrack. The AB-ST strongly challenges that idea.

For those who really want to push the AB-ST, Landyachtz was wise to include optional internal cabling-in for a dropper post.

Say Hello To Your New Bikepacking Rig

The AB-ST has all the mounts. And by all of them I mean… all of them . After a few weeks of riding the bike, I'm still finding mounting options. There is a place to mount a top tube bag, triple mounts on the top of the down tube (double underneath), double mounts on the seat tube, and rack mounts on the seat stays. It has more mounts than my Surly Krampus, which kinda blows me away.

seat stay mounts

The AB-ST ships with the updated Carbon Adventure (ADV) fork. The fork boasts triple mounts on each side and a rack mount to accommodate pretty much any front end setup you have in mind. (I think this finishes the long list of mounting options for the bike). The mounting bolts are recessed into the carbon so that they sit flush when no cage is mounted, which is a slick touch. However, mounts on raw carbon always make me a little nervous, and I ended up adding some electrical tape down the center of the fork which will hopefully avoid any friction when a cage is attached. That said, the new ADV fork is solid. It's raw carbon finish really lends to the overall look of the AB-ST.

Light & Quick

After 2 years of riding a sturdy flat bar mountain bike, it's a lot of fun to be back on some drop bars with my hands on the hoods, and moving fast again. I am loving the quicker cadences and longer distances.

In the gravel, the AB-ST has a whip-like responsiveness to it that I catch myself daydreaming about while at work. The 4130 LY Chromoly is strong and light (a medium weighs in at 6.75 lbs), and makes me feel like I'm a faster rider than I really am. And with the longer wheelbase the whole affair feels fast yet super stable when cornering or descending in rough terrain.

My first time on the AB-ST, the bike brought to mind a Safari Porsche (the car of my dreams). Safari Porche's are essentially repurposed 911s, tricked out for offroading. A super fast chassis with beefier suspension and other accoutrements of off-road driving. This, in a nutshell, is how the AB-ST feels to me. A quick gravel machine decked out for the chonk. If that's not rad, I'm not sure what is.

bike near ocean

Returning to the challenge of categories—if I had to make one for the AB-ST I'd call it Fastpacking. I'll leave the actual naming for the marketing experts, but the AB-ST does make me think of the ultra-bikepack racers out there. Bikepack racers require everything the AB-ST has to offer: fast rolling huge tires, a light, flexible frame, and the ability to mount any bag setup imaginable. The AB-ST would be ideal for anyone who's interested in a beefy drop bar bike for racing.

Oh, And That Look

As much as we pretend that color doesn't matter—it really, really does. Of course appreciation for aesthetics is in the eye of the beholder, but I am in love with the color choice on the AB-ST. I asked the people around me at work how they would describe the color and the responses were “milky navy” and “blue steel”, both not wrong. When the blue steel is coupled with the raw carbon of the ADV fork (and in my case, the Easton wheels), the whole machine looks pretty swank.

bike near stream

I should mention one unfortunate bungle, which is that after a couple hundred kilometers, I started noticing small chips in the paint. I spoke to Lucas, Landyachtz's marketing manager about it and he mentioned that the issue had to do with the pre-production version of the bike I was testing.

In the end, I opted to get the AB-ST Ride Wrapped to protect it. This isn't a huge issue, as I planned to have it wrapped regardless—bike bags are hell on any paint job.

Wrapping Up

Call it what you will— monster gravel, monstercross, mountain bike with drops —it really doesn't matter. Categories are for computers. Landyachtz was right to label the bike as rad and avoid the confusion of trying to properly fit it in some word jumble. The only thing that matters is getting out there and shredding it all, which the AB-ST will help you do, very, very well.

I hope you like seeing the bike in photos, as you'll be seeing much more of it on this site. This was meant to be a straightforward review, and I planned to send the bike back once I was done forming an impression. However, the idea of boxing it up and shipping it back brought on a little heartache; so I bought the bike. Now she just needs a name.

You can get the frameset $1,250 CAD / $975 USD or work with the Landyachtz team to build up your dream machine. Get it here .

✓ Pros
I bought the AB-ST
Mounts, mounts and more mounts
Quick and nimble
✕ Cons
Paint started chipping after 200km
No build kits, yet
Mounting cages on the raw carbon fork makes me squeamish

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AB-st Gravel Bike

When the adventure starts at your front door your bike needs to be ready for anything and everything. With that in mind, we introduce the all-new AB-st.  Built with 4130 LY Select Chromoly Steel and our 2022 carbon ADV fork, the AB-st offers a stable and confident yet playful feel.

AB-al Gravel Bike Frameset

Our Adventure ­Bikes are designed to take on whatever terrain you throw at them, whether that’s your daily commute, exploring your local trails, or entering a gravel race. The AB-al uses a select 6061 aluminum and our updated carbon ADV fork, giving the rider a responsive, agile feel. 

landyachtz ab st

If you can imagine it, we can build it

If you have a bike that you’ve been dreaming of building, we can do that too! Let your imagination take over with the Landyachtz 1146 Custom Built Bike.

landyachtz ab st

Play Bike 2.0

The Playbike 2.0 is our latest release. It’s built for you to rip around town one day and take out on the trails the next. With two builds and the frameset on offer, we’ve covered every base; from bikepacking, to the north shore. In the rain, hail, snow, and maybe some shine, if we’re lucky.

2 beautiful new colours aside, we’ve tweaked the Spitfires even further with minor geometry updates, better components and flat bar options.

landyachtz ab st

Landyachtz Gravel Guide

Get the rundown on best routes around the Lower Mainland and beyond with our constantly evolving Gravel Guide. We’ve got maps, photos and everything else you need to get out and explore your local gravel trails.


This city bike has a carbon fibre fork and a Sram 1X drive to keep the weight down and get you rolling faster. It’s geometry is based off our 1146 road bike, but modified to run wider, more comfy tires. Check it out:

landyachtz ab st

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Reader’s Rig: Adrian’s Landyachtz AB-ST

2023 Salsa Spearfish

Previous Dispatch From Thu Dec 15, 2022

2023 Salsa Spearfish Lineup Announced

Author Photo

This week’s Reader’s Rig comes from Adrian Eames in Vancouver, British Columbia, who shares the Landyachtz AB-ST that he’s modified by adding and removing mounts to meet his needs. Get to know Adrian and his customized go-anywhere rig here…

Words and photos by Adrian Eames ( @2surly )

Hi! My name is Adrian, and I’m currently living in Vancouver, BC. I have been in the bike industry in one way or another my entire working career. I started my career as a bike mechanic because I have always enjoyed building custom bikes for myself and others. I worked for a company where I became well-known in the local community for building custom bikes and anodizing custom titanium frames.

Landyachtz AB-ST

I built this bike up to be capable of going anywhere and taking on any challenging trail on the north shore or the backcountry. I thought it would be fun to build a bikepacking bike and lean into a camo/hunting theme. I plan on riding in the BC Epic with this bike this coming year and doing longer single-day rides and more multi-day adventures this summer.

Landyachtz AB-ST

An important note about the build is that I like to support local Vancouver (and BC) brands whenever I can! Before getting the frame custom painted by King Paint Werx, I made adjustments to the frame by welding on custom frame bag mounts (three on the top tube and one on the down tube) and removing the rear cable tabs. I chose HMPL for my custom bags because I knew they’d create a look to complement the build.

Landyachtz AB-ST

  • Frame Landyachtz AB-ST (M)
  • Fork Fox 32 TC Factory 40mm
  • Rims We Are One The Revive Rim 32h
  • Hubs SONdelux (front) / Chris King R45D (rear)
  • Tires Rene Hers Fleecer Ridge 700 x 55mm
  • Handlebars Easton EC90 AX 44cm
  • Headset Chris King Drop Set 2
  • Crankset Easton EC90 Easton 42t Chainring
  • Pedals Shimano XT
  • Cassette SRAM XG-1299 Eagle 10-52T
  • Derailleur SRAM GX Eagle AXS
  • Brakes SRAM Force eTap AXS HRD
  • Shifter(s) SRAM Force eTap AXS HRD
  • Saddle Reform Seymour
  • Seatpost Rockshox Reverb AXS Dropper 100mm
  • Stem Easton EA90 SL 90mm
  • Frame bags HMPL Custom half frame bag
  • Accessory bags HMPL Custom Slim Jim

I’m also a big fan of SRAM’s wireless drivetrains, and I like the look of a frame without cable tabs on it if I’m not going to be using them, so I removed the cable tabs on this frame. I hand-built the wheels and ordered custom We Are One rim decals in Woodland Camo and Orange to match the frame’s custom paint job. I have a green and orange Sinewave beacon light on order, and I’m hoping it will arrive shortly.

Landyachtz AB-ST

I’m an avid cyclist who rides an average of 11,000 kilometers a year. I enjoy racing gravel and single speed cyclocross most. Some of my favourite rides over the past year have included traveling to Clinton, BC, to visit the Tutti Gravel Inn (and doing some epic rides with Kelly Servinski) and island hopping almost every weekend this past summer with my girlfriend. We would take off early in the mornings from home, ferry to a different Gulf Island each weekend, and spend the day cycling, exploring, and enjoying the views from the saddle. I am looking forward to more of this on this new build!

You can follow along with Adrian on Instagram @2surly .

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landyachtz ab st

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landyachtz ab st

From longboards to bicycles, Vancouver-based Landyachtz has a wealth of experience designing self-propelled transportation. Our last test of their 1146 Columbus Steel-framed road bike ( RBA January 2019), left us waiting on the next release from the Canadian crew. Landyachtz filled the one remaining hole in their drop-bar catalog with the AB1 gravel bike. AB stands for Adventure Bike, Landyachtz hit nearly all the marks to achieve the optimal modern gravel machine. Best of all it’s in stock and doesn’t break the bank.

As Landyachtz’s first foray into gravel, the AB1 is an entry-level build that starts with 6061 alloy tubes that are imported from Taiwan. The frame is designed to be compatible with 700c and 650b wheels thanks to the symmetric, dropped chainstays which create room for up to 700x42mm or 650x47mm tires. Landyachtz offers a single build of the AB1, it includes 650 hoops. 

Landyachtz designed a custom carbon fork for the AB1 which is drilled with triple mounts making it ideal for handling gear for long rides. Two positions for bottle mounts are drilled into either side of the downtube with a single position available on the seat tube. Fenders can be mounted and a rack can be supported by the two rivets on the seat stays in addition to the two on either dropout. 

In order to ensure favorable handling rolling over rocks and roots or with a full load of bike packing gear, the AB1 is designed with a long 104.4cm wheelbase. The slack 72-degree head tube angle helps maintain the relaxed geometry, especially with a loaded front end. At 59.2cm, the stack is relatively low for the size large frame. The reach is long at 39.9cm which encourages a rather aggressive position in the saddle.  

landyachtz ab st


SRAM’s entry-level Apex drivetrain is an ideal pairing for the alloy rig. A SRAM X-Sync 44t chainring is matched to an 11-speed 10-42t XX1 cassette. At 1.05 gear inches, this pairing is above our preferred 1:1 gear ratio, a smaller chainring would be the easiest fix.

In an effort to find some adventure, we scouted some routes using Strava’s route builder.  We found some connectors back in our local foothills made up of graded fire roads in a 19 mile loop with 3400 feet of climbing.

We had trepidations about how the tall gearing of the AB1 would handle on the steep bits of the climb but were looking forward to ripping the final 4-mile descent extra hard on the 650b hoops.

Rolling through a short tarmac climb at the beginning of the loop the AB1 smothered cracks and bumps highlighting its abilities as a modern-day randonneur.

A misleading drop-in to the fire road  started off the 7 mile ascent to the first peak.  Rolling terrain and with more up than down consumed the majority of the climb. The Landyachtz excelled in the beginning but once the grade pushed past 10-percent drops of sweat started collecting on the top tube from the low-cadence, low-speed pedal churning.  It’s an issue that can be avoided though and if this was our personal bike we’d have swapped out the chainring before assembling the bike out of the box. The 23.12-pound weight didn’t make the ascents any more efficient either. But it was also a reminder that all gravel is different and we assume it’s much less steep in British Columbia.


Soon the roads leveled out averaging just 6-percent for the majority of the climb and the gearing was mostly appropriate. We cruised past low-hanging clouds and found ourselves at the top of the first peak. No other tire tracks had been seen and the feeling of an adventure started to set in as we began the descent.

And the adventure truly began as less than a mile down we hit an old landslide. Ruts cut through where the trail once was and soft rocky dirt piles blocked much of the trail. The 650b wheels navigated the slosh and rocks well but the abilities of the bike were greater than our own handling  confidence and we did hike-a-bike the trickiest section.

Rock-filled rollers led up to the second peak at the top of the Gold Canyon Truck Trail.  The 650 rubber plowed them which allowed more focus on the bigger trail obstructions.

Riding a new descent for the first time can be intimidating for any rider especially on a new bike. But after our run-in with the landslide, we knew the AB1 was a capable descender even in the worst conditions. A better descent than Gold Canyon would have been hard to come by. Fast, wide-open straightaways, flowing switchbacks and unforgettable views made this an immediate add to our regular test roads.  And the AB1 was the inspiration to find it.

Check out our full review of the Landyachtz AB1 in our June Issue .

landyachtz ab st

Weight: 23.12 pounds

Sizes: S, M, L ( tested), XL

Price: $2128

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landyachtz ab st

landyachtz ab st


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    AB-ST GRAVEL BIKE When the adventure starts at your front door your bike needs to be ready for anything and everything.

  19. Elektrostal

    Elektrostal metallurgical factory Elektrostal chemical-mechanical factory Elektrostal Heavy Engineering Works, JSC is a designer and manufacturer of equipment for producing seamless hot-rolled, cold-rolled and welded steel materials and metallurgical equipment. MSZ, also known as Elemash, Russia's largest producer of fuel rod assemblies for nuclear power plants, which are exported to many ...

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  21. Lyubertsy, Russia: All You Need to Know Before You Go (2024

    Lyubertsy Tourism: Tripadvisor has 1,975 reviews of Lyubertsy Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Lyubertsy resource.

  22. NBD

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  23. Geographic coordinates of Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast, Russia

    Geographic coordinates of Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast, Russia in WGS 84 coordinate system which is a standard in cartography, geodesy, and navigation, including Global Positioning System (GPS). Latitude of Elektrostal, longitude of Elektrostal, elevation above sea level of Elektrostal.