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Lürssen superyacht Northern Star sold

The 75.4 metre motor yacht Northern Star , listed for sale at Moran Yacht & Ship  has been sold in an in-house deal. She will now undergo an extensive summer refit to get her in prime condition for the Caribbean charter season.

Built by German yard  Lürssen  under Moran’s supervision and delivered in 2009 as an MCA-compliant explorer yacht, she features traditional exterior styling by  Espen Øino . Her voluminous interiors were created by British designer Pauline Nunns , and the style has been described as evocative of a grand country home. Accommodation is for 12 guests in six cabins, while the crew quarters allow for a total staff of up to 22.

Helicopter capable, she combines the luxury of a pedigree superyacht with the go-anywhere capabilities of an expedition yacht. Key on board features include a cinema, beauty salon and gym.  Northern Star  also boasts an ice-classed hull and a range of 6,000 nautical miles when cruising at 12 knots, allowing for extended expeditions without the need to restock.

Capacious outdoor spaces provide guests with a plethora of al fresco dining and relaxation options, both on the foredeck and the sundeck. Her main deck features a large dining area with seating for 14 people, while the amidships lounge features a piano and a fire place.

Tender storage is plentiful with a foredeck Jet Ski locker as well as a side-loading garage in the transom with room for two ten metre tenders. Power comes from a pair of Caterpillar engines for a top speed of 17 knots. Advanced sound and vibration insulation combine with the on-board stabilisation system to ensure a smooth cruising experience.

Northern Star was asking €83,000,000.

More about this yacht

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northern star motor yacht

ICECAP: The next stage of the NORTHERN STAR journey

For fisherman and owner John Risley, life has never not involved the ocean in one way or another. From growing up as a young boy on the misty shores of Nova Scotia, Canada to steering a global empire today that manages the abundant valuable resources that our oceans have to offer, Risley is as much an adventurer in the business world as he is out at sea. Few owners know as much about the last frontier that is our ocean as much as Risley himself and being reliant on its hidden treasures to make a living, few are as passionate about the wellbeing and sustainability of its inhabitants.

Currently working on his latest deep-ocean luxury superyacht that will carry on the famed Northern Star name, we couldn’t think of a better time or issue to catch up with Risley to talk about the yacht life, ownership and protecting our seven seas.

“If you wanna go way back, I guess it all started with a rowboat,” comes Risley’s answer as I ask him to recall his first time at sea. As co-owner of the 51.5-metre Royal Huisman sailing yacht, Meteor , Risley’s time at sea has been spent on a number of different vessels, ranging from deep-sea trawlers and scientific research ships to weekends racing on 20-foot wooden sailing boats. “My first love is sailing, absolutely. Having said that, if you are going to spend a lot of time on the water, then you have to realise there are limits associated with sailing, especially when it comes to longer trips and the logistics that come with that.”

Risley’s love for sailing is what drove his purchase of the 1990 Palmer Johnson, Maysylph (now named Axia ); a 37.5-metre motorsailer that became his first vessel to bear the Northern Star name. His time on this yacht, as it turns out, is what would ultimately put in motion a two-decade relationship with the German shipyard Lurssen and an even more flourishing partnership with Moran Yacht & Ship; Risley’s long-time yacht brokerage firm and advisor. “The step from the Palmer Johnson to the first Lurssen, now thinking about it, probably came from my mentality – something which the entire industry is guilty of, including myself – where I thought bigger is better. I now know bigger is not always better, bigger just means different things. It depends entirely on what you want to do on the water, and therefore smaller is sometimes better. But right now, I am still in the ‘bigger is better’ mode.”

What followed surely can be described as bigger. ‘The first Lurssen’ Risley mentioned is, of course, the 63-metre Northern Star from 2005, better known as Polar Star since changing name two years after her launch. Shortly after, in 2009, another vessel of the same name was delivered by the German yacht builder, this time a 75.6-metre motor yacht that, from a distance, could easily be mistaken as her former little sister. It was on his new Northern Star that Risley discovered the world’s oceans in a way he and his family have never experienced before and drove home the realisation that he needs to take care of this precious environment, even harder.

“I am on the forefront of financial activity from the ocean, not just fishing but also energy and other fields of economic development. I am very lucky having had a rowing boat growing up as a young boy and being exposed to the ocean. The ocean remains a huge area for economic activity on a global front, so I want to spend more time at sea and be more aware of the changes that are taking place in the ocean – there are some dramatic changes taking place, not only affecting marine life but on a larger scale. I want to be close to that, and aware of it all while at the same time being a responsible steward of the ocean and what it has to offer.”

And so, to continue living his dream of a life at sea, Risley has embarked on an ambitious new project by drawing inspiration from decades of work building offshore vessels. “The insight I have into the commercial shipping sector (as we operate both in the offshore supply field as well as deep sea fishing) has given me loads to think about when it comes to the development of my boats. Big motor yachts are, as it stands, some of the most inefficient vessels in the world when compared to heavy-duty commercial vessels and their lives at sea. Knowing this, our new project at Lurssen will probably be the most efficient motor yacht in the world when completed.”

What Risley proposes is a complete redevelopment of the engine room on board his new vessel and the way the power it generates will be utilised. Gone are the days of wasteful hours of running generators and instead, a large bank of batteries will supply the vessel with all the electricity it needs. “The only time the gensets will come online is when the batteries need to be recharged,” he explains. “If you consider the setup which the majority of motor yachts run on, they have two main engines and three gensets. And when these vessels are underway, you have at any given time at least three of those engines running, if not four – which is crazy! If commercial vessels are not operated like that, then why on earth are we operating motor yachts in that way?”

Risley understands that the available modern-day technology needed to make old-school fossil fuels redundant are not entirely up to speed yet, but that this should also not hinder ambitious users to explore the possibilities that the existing tech offers today. “Sure, the Tesla’s coming out in five years from now will have better batteries, but that should not stop you from buying a Tesla today. The field has improved by leaps and bounds and there is no doubt that in five years time there will be even better batteries on the market than what there are today, but that is no reason to not use today’s batteries and available technology.”

Being at the forefront of innovation, however, requires one to have the support and knowledge of an experienced partner to successfully pull of such an ambitious project. Risley found this trust in Moran Yacht & Ship, a firm with whom he has built several vessels and from which he has learned many valuable lessons when it comes to creating superyachts. One topic that clearly stands out to Risley is the value of a broker during the build process. “ If you think about building a very expensive property, who do you have? You pick your builder very carefully, your architect, interior designer and you make sure you have all the professional help that you can get. Yet, people very often go and build large motor yachts and think the right thing to do is to not find and pay a key advisor any commission as if it is an optional cost that they don’t have to incur. Well, you incur the cost one way or the other. You either pay the commission, or you get a vessel that is more expensive, less capable or not up to the standard you originally expected. And I would tell anyone, as someone who has built probably more vessels – not only motor yachts – than most owners, that it is the best investment you can make.”

But for Risley, involving an experienced build partner has far more valuable consequences than merely ensuring the vessel is delivered on time, especially if what you are trying to pull off has never been done before. “You want an advisor who builds large motor yachts for a living. Someone who has three or four projects on the go simultaneously. That is how you learn from other projects and other people’s mistakes. All that data becomes anonymised, and it then becomes not about ‘what is the colour of that guy’s bathroom’, but more about what we can learn from each other in terms of new technology and building methods.”

The yacht in question is the new 107-metre Lurssen project Icecap which, reveals her owner, will be ready for launch in early 2021. Designed to fit in with the Risleys’ off-the-beaten-track approach to cruising, we can expect the new Ice-classed vessel to be brimming with off-road features only available on a ship this size. A large helicopter landing pad with its own sunken hangar will allow easy transfers to shore no matter where in the world the yacht is. For a more tamed sightseeing experience, a special observation room will be located right on the bow for a 180-degree view of the scenery passing by. One thing that certainly won’t be on board, according to Risley, is a submarine. “I am claustrophobic and I have absolutely no desire to be slowly sinking in a glass bowl.”

As the conversation continues, it seems that the most challenging part of the entire operation would be deciding where to take his new vessel when it is completed. “I want to cruise everywhere. I don’t mean to be facetious when I say that, but we don’t really enjoy the heavily-travelled areas. We have been to them, and we don’t really feel the need to keep returning to the same spots time and again, over and over. The times we have been to remote areas, our guests have been awestruck each time by the beauty, such as Greenland, which we have cruised extensively and only scratched the surface. So these are the type of destinations we would like to visit and to which we want to bring our family, friends and business associates along to experience it with us because it is unique. I don’t really see what is particularly unique about the south coast of France. If you keep going there, you will not experience things that no one else has done before.”

I can sense the hesitancy in Risley’s voice as he continues to talk about the benefits of getting outside the regular cruising grounds. “We go into remote anchorages and we love the fact that there is, by definition, no one else around so it is sort of counterintuitive to say that people should do the same with their yachts. On the other hand, I think that the more people are aware of what the ocean has to offer and how unique it is, what fantastic treasures it holds and how to become proper stewards of it, it can only benefit the ocean environment in the long term. I don’t want to pour cold water on those people who keep going back to their favourite spots in the Mediterranean and Caribbean, I would just encourage people to do more things with their vessels than going to those same old places.”

For an owner that has remained so under the radar over his yachting life, John Risley sure has a lot to teach to aspiring owners with ambitions to use yachting for the greater good. But after his ‘ bigger is better ’ phase, will he ever return to building another sailing yacht, I wonder? “I don’t know. At some point in your life, you have to confront your own mortality and say, ‘hey, how long am I going to be here?’. I hope I can keep building boats until I die.”

By superyachttimes


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NORTHERN STAR has 1 Photos

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Northern Star News

The Hottest Helicopter Decks on Private Yachts

The Hottest Helicopter Decks on Private ...

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If you have any questions about the NORTHERN STAR information page below please contact us .

A General Description of Motor Yacht NORTHERN STAR

The imposing superyacht NORTHERN STAR is a motor yacht. This 80 m (262 ft) luxury yacht was manufactured at Lurssen Yachts in 2009. NORTHERN STAR was previously registered as Project Scout. An exciting innovation of this stunning motor yacht is her helicopter pad capability. The balanced boat has been designed from naval architects Espen Oeino. Pauline Nunns produced the designing of the interior.

New Build & Design with respect to Luxury Yacht NORTHERN STAR

The yacht's general design work came from Espen Oeino. The technical naval architect firm intellectual property are a products of Espen Oeino. Motor Yacht NORTHERN STAR received her stylish interior designing from the interior design skills of Pauline Nunns. Germany is the country that Lurssen Yachts constructed their new build motor yacht in. After formal launch in 2009 in Rendsberg she was thereafter released to the owner having completed sea trials. Her main hull was constructed with steel. The motor yacht superstructure is made extensively from aluminium. With a width of 14.02 m or 46 feet NORTHERN STAR has impressive room.

Superyacht NORTHERN STAR Accommodations:

Apportioning chambers for a maximum of 20 welcome guests spending the night, the NORTHERN STAR accommodates everyone luxuriously.

A List of the Specifications of the NORTHERN STAR:

Miscellaneous yacht details.

As she boasts a helicopter pad zone on deck this provides further support for NORTHERN STAR.


The luxury yacht NORTHERN STAR displayed on this page is merely informational and she is not necessarily available for yacht charter or for sale, nor is she represented or marketed in anyway by CharterWorld. This web page and the superyacht information contained herein is not contractual. All yacht specifications and informations are displayed in good faith but CharterWorld does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the current accuracy, completeness, validity, or usefulness of any superyacht information and/or images displayed. All boat information is subject to change without prior notice and may not be current.

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"I once had a client who told me, “I will put your name on the side of my boat if it’s good, but if the boat is not good, your name will appear three times as big.” We were brought up with the sense that it is a very personal obligation for the family when we sign a contract to deliver a yacht that the client expects. I cannot go to a client and say “One of my guys made a mistake.” He would say “Is he Mr. Lürssen, or are you Mr. Lürssen?” But a successful delivery is also a great reward. I take the relationships of my clients very personally." - Peter Lürssen of Lürssen Yachts (courtesy SuperYachtTimes)

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80M COLUMBUS SUPERYACHT | From EUR€ 850,000/wk

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GRAND OCEAN | From EUR€ 600,000/wk

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northern star motor yacht

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northern star motor yacht

Motor Yacht

SHACKLETON is a custom motor yacht launched in 2023 by Lurssen Yachts, in Germany.

Lürssen has remained a family-run German shipyard since its inception in 1875 and is now in its fourth generation of private ownership. The company was founded by Friedrich Lürssen with a desire to create a leading shipyard in both quality and performance.

SHACKLETON measures 107.00 metres in length, with a max draft of 4.5 feet and a beam of 17.5 feet. She has a gross tonnage of 5,885 tonnes.


SHACKLETON accommodates up to 20 guests in 10 cabins.

  • Yacht Builder Lurssen Yachts View profile
  • Exterior Designer Salt Ship Design No profile available

Yacht Specs

Other lurssen yachts, related news.

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*For a complete list of amenities and features, please, contact the listing agent.

Toys And Tenders

Contact the listing agent for rates.

Full Specifications

Additional specifications are available for this listing. Click below to get detailed information.

More information or schedule a showing

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Availability of All Yachts are Subject to Regulatory Compliance that May Apply to the Country and/or Locality Governing Sales & Charters. Non-U.S. Flagged Vessels May Not Be Not Available For Sale or Charter to U.S. Residents While in U.S. Waters.

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Luxury Sailing Yacht HINCKLEY 76 - NORTHERN STAR charter brief: NORTHERN STAR (23.1m / 75.8’), is a luxury sailing yacht with glorious history, custom built and launched by the Hinckley shipyard of USA back in 1993. Originally conceived by famed Swedish boat architect Ocke Mannerfelt, and handcrafted in Maine by The Hinckley Company, a luxury boat builder for nearly 90 years known worldwide for its innovation, design, and engineering, NORTHERN STAR was last refurbished in 2014 with refined brass, mechanical service, all soft furnishings, bed linens, table ware and fresh exterior varnish being updated. Designed as a fast and comfortable cruising boat she carries lovely classic lines combined with modern features and facilities on board. Providing accommodation for 6+2 yacht charter guests in 2 double and 2 single cabin she is always kept in perfect condition. Fully bespoke private yacht charter itineraries usually covering all parts of the East Caribbean including Grenadines and Virgin Islands, as well as NEW England including Sag Harbour in Hamptons and Rhode Island are offered throughout the year. Tip:   NORTHERN STAR luxury sailing boat is a fine work of art, a true gentleman’s yacht, which was originally commissioned for a European shipping family whose guests were Norwegian Royal Family.

Sailing Yachts - NORTHERN STAR

About Luxury Sailing Yacht HINCKLEY 76 - NORTHERN STAR: SY NORTHERN STAR, is a beautiful luxury yet classic sailing boat, a genuine pilothouse sloop which blends highest of on board luxuries comforts with lovely classic design of a Hinckley performance yacht. After years of entertaining royals and dignitaries in Northern Europe and taking her distinguished visitors to exclusive exotic cruises across the main oceans as a genuine private charter yacht offering relaxing, yet adventurous luxury crewed yacht charter experiences throughout Caribbean and New England, she is now run by true sailing enthusiasts. With her fully redesigned interior, you can now enjoy a classic adventure and luxury lifestyle private yacht charter holiday on board of a custom built cutter-rigged super sail yacht made for informal luxury yacht charters. Whether you are a keen sailor and wish to take the helm on occasion or simply a lover of the finer things in life, on board of HINCKLEY 76 - NORTHERN STAR you will have a first class sailing experience as only possible on a lovely classic sailboat. Apart from viewing pristine beaches of Hamptons, you can also enjoy gorgeous views and shore excursions in fascinating ports of call on mainland USA. Northern Star’s exceptional crew will see to your every need, serving delectable galley treats and perfectly mixed martinis while your guests lounge in the sun or dive into the welcoming cool of the deep blue sea.

NORTHERN STAR is the largest Hinckley sailboat and first one to be built out of composite and modern materials such as Kevlar and Carbon Fibre with traditional wooden styling. In the interior, the designers, in particular master carpenter Carl Robinson have created a pinnacle of luxury. Using rare and stunning materials such as old-growth Honduran mahogany with raised panels and high gloss finish, gleaming brass hardware, classic lighting fixtures and custom butterfly hatches they have enhanced the rich look and feel of this classic sailing yacht to create a boat with best of nautical themes. In words of the boats crew, delightful to the eye and soothing to the soul, the below deck spaces on board of NORTHERN STAR are a decorative showpiece of museum quality. One of the best advantages of this fine classic super yacht is the headway throughout which is approximately 6’8″. With four staterooms layout, including two suites, for a total of 8 guests the yacht is a perfect choice for families and groups of friends looking for a private yacht charter sailing holiday in NEW England.

When boarding this lovely yacht the guests will be impressed with her state-of-the-art hand-laid glass laminate hull and stepping aft, Northern Star’s raised teak pilothouse, located just off the cockpit is the first communal area to access. On the port side there is a U-shaped settee with a large dining table that provides 360 degree panoramic views, making this a perfect spot to enjoy most of your sailing or relaxing moments, usually with a cocktail, a freshly squeezed fruit juice or strong afternoon coffee cup in hands. Aft and to starboard there is a comfortable settee and a small storage area. Further up from the pilothouse you will find the spacious captain’s cockpit designed with a useful yacht charter guest seating area on both port and starboard, complimented with a varnished drop leaf table on centreline. As a unique location to enjoy the fabulous coastline go by, this vantage point is one of the most loved areas on NORTHERN STAR super sail yacht. Further aft, there is a separate helm-seat area with a teak rimmed wheel and sails control islands to port and starboard.  One of the best features on board is a custom designed hard top Sunbrella bimini which covers the entire cockpit providing daily protection from sun and the elements while also offering many useful and crucially secure hand holds when under sail. The main salon and galley offer an abundance of storage lockers and cabinets as well as a full breadth of amenities including a Force 10 four-burner stove with oven and an Otsein-Hoover washing machine. To port is a large U-shaped settee with a drop-leaf dining table, all surrounded with raised panel lockers, and bookcases. In the main salon, which stretches across full width of the sailboat, you will be able to submerge yourself into a classic work of fine art with raised panel mahogany bulkheads, bookcases and exposed mahogany beams contrasting its white Herreshoff tongue and groove headliner. To port is the U-shaped settee with a drop leaf table and opposite to starboard is a gracious and seaworthy U-shaped galley to starboard. 

With NORTHERN STAR’s uniquely sculpted lines, spacious layout, and luxurious amenities on board, you are guaranteed a luxury private yacht charter holiday of a lifetime in NEW England. So if you are looking for a romantic getaway, a luxury formal pampering experience or simply an adventurous family sailing vacation with plenty of snorkelling, clamming, seal watching and indeed sailing in the New England, between Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod and Rhode Island ports and Harbours or the best of all, Hamptons alongside splendid coastline of Maine or Caribbean, SY NORTHERN STAR could be the perfect choice. Accommodation: Luxury Sailing Yacht HINCKLEY 76 - NORTHERN STAR can accommodate up to 6+2 yacht charter guests in 4 luxuriously appointed en-suite cabins. The guests will have a total of 2 double and 1 twin with single beds at their disposal. The full beam spacious master cabin features a King size V berth, hanging locker and private en-suite with separate stall shower. There are also a comfortable settee and a writing desk on the starboard side. A VIP suite is located aft and to port of the master stateroom. This elegant suite was originally planned for the King and the Queen of Norway who went on board regularly in the past. An elegant and intimate suite, she features a large bed, plenty of storage and large en-suite with his and her sink. On the starboard side there are two twin cabins with bunk beds who share a common head and shower. All cabins have their own individual air con and audio-video entertainment systems etc.

De-Luxe Luxury Sailing Yacht NORTHERN STAR charter prices: NORTHERN STAR super yacht charter prices start at 23,000 US$’s per week in low season and rise to 26,450 US$’s/ week in peak season, mainly during the usual winter season in the Caribbean or New Year and Christmas holiday season. All rates are under MYBA terms and plus APA expenses. In some locations VAT can be charged on top and prices can be higher on special days such as NEW YEAR or during special events such as Antigua boat show or racing events such as the Buckets. Special offers, negotiated deals and last minute discounts are available on request.

Luxury sailing yacht NORTHERN STAR is fully air conditioned throughout. This is a non-smoking vessel. NORTHERN STAR´s experienced super yacht charter crew of up to 3 including the captain Barney Latham, have a separate head and shower and companionway. Guests may not be allowed to bring pets on-board.

Luxury Sailing Yacht TENDER: Private charter yacht NORTHERN STAR has a 11’ super yacht tender on board with 30hp outboard

De-luxe Sailing Yacht itineraries: Luxury Sailing Yacht HINCKLEY 76 - NORTHERN STAR is usually offering de-luxe private yacht charter cruises around the breathtaking East Caribbean coastline throughout the year, mainly during the winter months. Her favourite luxury crewed yacht charter destinations are in the Virgin Islands as well as anywhere between Saint Martin and the Grenadines. One way and tandem charters in some parts of the Caribbean, including Virgin Islands, may also be offered on request. During the summer, the yacht is due to sail around Martha’s Vineyard, Nuntucket, Rhode Island and Hamptons in Maine. Please enquire !

Apart from the luxury sailing yacht NORTHERN STAR, a 76’ Hinckley historic performance sailing yacht charter boat , we at can offer a great selection of other superyachts available for luxury crewed yacht charter. These include luxury motor yachts, private sailing yachts, crewed charter yachts,luxury goolets, sailing and powercatamarans , de-luxe gullets or private mega and giga charter yachts. For a detailed quote, please fill out the following YACHT CHARTER REQUEST FORM or contact our experienced and friendly Super Yacht Charter Team .

For more information, please contact us on +44 (0) 121 285 8010

SAMPLE MENU ON BOARD OF SY HINCKLEY 76 - NORTHERN STAR Using only fresh produce found in local markets and shops, the chef on board will create any meal from major international cuisine in order to satisfy private yacht charter guests’ dietary requirements on request.


Technical data


Luxury sailing yacht HINCKLEY 76 - NORTHERN STAR (23.1m / 75.8’) was launched by Hinckley shipyard back in 1993.  Always kept in great condition and most recently refitted in 2014, she accommodates up to 8 yacht charter guests sleeping in 1 Master suite, 1 VIP Double and 2 single cabin plus. All cabins apart from one single are en-suite and feature their own audio and visual entertainment systems. There are always at least 3 super yacht crew members on board including the captain. This charter yacht mainly cruises at speeds of around 8kn and is normally offered for luxury crewed yacht charters within the East Caribbean or New England throughout the year. Her crew are happy to offer ONE WAY or TANDEM charters between other destinations too and on request. Thanks to her Yanmar 4LHA-DTP diesel super yacht engine totalling 1 x 200hp, during the right sea and wind conditions, she can reach maximum speeds of around 14kn. Her best features are unique traditional design with state-of-the-art facilities, historic pedigree with royal connections and fully bespoke private yacht charter and luxury crewed sailing itineraries in New England.


Private charter yacht NORTHERN STAR can accommodate up to 8 guests in 4 en-suite cabins. Cabin Configuration: - 1 x Master cabin with queen double - 1 x VIP double suite used by Norwegian Royal family - 2 x twin cabins with two single bunk beds There is also individual controlled air conditioning, SAT TV, iPhone dock, hair dryers, phone, and el. en-suite bathroom in each cabin. NORTHERN STAR is fully air conditioned throughout. Her super yacht crew of up to 3, have separate crew quarters with heads and showers and have their own companionway.

Water sports

Luxury Sailing Yacht HINCKLEY 76 - NORTHERN STAR has a good selection of water sport toys on board. These include: - 1 x 2m/8’ inflatable dinghy with 30hp Tohatsu engine - 1 x 11’ / 3.5m Zodiac Mark 2 traditional clinker-built varnished rowing dinghy, - Paddle boards - Windsurfer, Kite Surfer, Kayaks, Canoes on request - Waterskis, Slalom skis, donut - Inflatable toys and beach toys - Snorkelling gear - Fishing gear - Diving Tank - Swim platform - At the moment - Rendezvous Diving only. ------------------------------------------- - Waverunner, Jet Ski’s, FlyJetBoard, Sea Bobs and other toys may be available on request. - Windsurf, Kayaks, SUP paddle boards, Mountain Bikes etc, may be offered on request - Floating pools, Superyacht Water slides, Waterparks could be arranged on request - Giant inflatable MANTA RAY - Inflatable raft, toys and water animals, Halyard flying, Spinnaker pole swinging all on request and if available - Cabanas, Trampolines, nets, balance beams, swings and slides or sea-rockers could be arranged on request - Submarine and Sub Aqua Toys, SeaBobs and other similar toys may be arranged on request - A massage therapist can be invited on board throughout the charter as well yet a guest cabin would have to be allocated.


Private charter yacht NORTHERN STAR has a good selection of entertainment facilities on board: This includes: - Large Plasma TV - DVD/CD Entertainment system with MP3 input - Wi-fi and Internet in port - Extensive DVD / CD library - Games and Books Communication: - Radar - Weatherfax - Autopilot & GPS - SSB Sat Phone - VHF Cell Phone - SSB Cellular Phone/Fax - Wi-Fi

Charter Flights: On request, we can arrange private charter flights to the closest airports, including New York and Miami and for all yacht charter guests on board of NORTHERN STAR yacht.

Luxury Airport transfers: Luxury helicopter or limousine and de-luxe air-conditioned van transfers from any of the US or Caribbean airports including Orlando and Tortola, directly to the nearest bay or port for all our yacht charter guests, is available when required.

News & updates:

  • Originally made for Royals, 76‘ Hinckley now with 10% discount !
  • Royal Gentleman Hinckley 76 in New England this summer!

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northern star motor yacht

Refuelling underway at Russia’s floating NPP


northern star motor yacht

The fresh fuel cassettes were delivered to Pevek by in special shipping containers along the Northern Sea Route in October by Rosatom’s fuel company TVEL and were immediately transferred aboard the FNPP. The manufacturer of nuclear fuel for all Russian nuclear icebreakers, as well as the Akademik Lomonosov, is the Mashinostroitelny Zavod (MSZ - part of TVEL) in Elektrostal, Moscow Region.

The loading of fresh fuel cassettes is being carried out into the reactor on the starboard side of the FNPP. Refuelling of the second reactor is planned for 2024. “When carrying out work to transship the nuclear fuel, all necessary measures were taken to meet radiation safety requirements,” said Alexey Fedotov, chief engineer at PATEC. “Before loading them into the reactor, each of the 121 fuel assemblies passed strict acceptance control. After a thorough check by specialists, all assemblies are sequentially placed in the reactor using automated crane equipment.” The reloading operation is planned to be completed before the end of this year. Maxim Shamambaev, the head of nuclear safety for the FNPP, said the radiation background in the region did not change during the work and remained at the natural background level for Pevek.

The installation of the FNPP in Chukotka aimed to solve two key problems. First it was to replace the retiring capacities of the Bilibino NPP, which began operating in1974, as well as the Chaunskaya thermal power plant, which is already more than 70 years old. Second, it was to supply energy to the main mining enterprises located in western Chukotka - a large ore and metal cluster, including gold mining companies and projects related to the development of the Baimskaya ore zone.

By the end of 2023, power generation to Pevek from the FNPP since it began operation in 2020 will total 200 GWh. The population of Pevek is just over 4,000. However, the plant can potentially provide electricity to a city with a population of up to 100,000.

Image courtesy of Rosatom

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northern star motor yacht

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Northern Sun Charter Yacht

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Northern Sun

  • Amenities & Toys
  • Rates & Regions
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50.9m  /  167'   narasaki shipyard   1976 / 2007.

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Cabin Configuration

Special Features:

  • World-class expedition yacht
  • Three entertainment saloons
  • Jacuzzi-and-sun deck
  • Ice-strengthened hull
  • 10,000-mile cruising range
Northern Sun is Ideal for those planning an extended itinerary, with plenty of room on board

The 50.9m/167' expedition yacht 'Northern Sun' by Narasaki Shipyard offers flexible accommodation for up to 12 guests in 6 cabins.

Offering a wealth of uncluttered spaces throughout, expedition yacht Northern Sun is tailor-made for adventures across the high seas; from the tropics to the poles, where all you need to do is kick-back, relax and enjoy the spectacular vistas as you cruise on by.

Guest Accommodation

Built in 1976, Northern Sun offers guest accommodation for up to 12 guests in 6 suites comprising a master suite, three double cabins and two twin cabins. There are 7 beds in total, including 1 king, 2 queen, 1 double and 5 singles. She is also capable of carrying up to 12 crew onboard to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht charter experience.

Onboard Comfort & Entertainment

A charter on Northern Sun is comfortable and convenient thanks to the provided amenities, notably a gym with all the latest equipment to maintain your fitness routine. Retreat to the deck jacuzzi and soak up the scenery.

Whatever your activities on your charter, you'll find some impressive features are seamlessly integrated to help you, notably Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to stay connected at all times, should you wish. You can stay comfortable on board whatever the weather, with air conditioning during your charter.

Performance & Range

Built with a steel hull and aluminium superstructure, she offers greater on-board space and is more stable when at anchor thanks to her full-displacement hull. Powered by twin Yanmar engines, she comfortably cruises at 10 knots, reaches a maximum speed of 13 knots with a range of up to 10,000 nautical miles from her 175,000 litre fuel tanks at cruising speed. An on board stabilization system ensures comfort when underway.

When not cruising Northern Sun has onboard an incredible selection of water toys and accessories for you and your guests to connect with the waters around you. Principle among these are two Laser sailboats to bring out the explorer in you. Additionally, there is a waterslide bringing a sense of fun that all the family can enjoy. Also there are waterskis that are hugely entertaining whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro. If that isn't enough Northern Sun also features wakeboards, kayaks, wakesurf boards, scuba diving equipment, paddleboards. Northern Sun features three tenders, but leading the pack is a SEAT RIB to transport you in style.

Based in the magical waters of South East Asia all year round Northern Sun is ready for your next luxury yacht charter. Let Northern Sun Discover the magical places, food and experiences of the South East Asia.

With a highly experienced and talented crew of 12, you can be sure that each and every need will be met and exceeded while on board this prestigious expedition yacht.


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Northern Sun Photos

Northern Sun Yacht 11

Amenities & Entertainment

For your relaxation and entertainment Northern Sun has the following facilities, for more details please speak to your yacht charter broker.

Northern Sun is reported to be available to Charter with the following recreation facilities:

  • 1 x SEAT 219 RIB
  • 1 x 6.8m  /  22'4 ACS Tender
  • 1 x 3.6m  /  11'10 Zodiac RIB 25 HP engine

For a full list of all available amenities & entertainment facilities, or price to hire additional equipment please contact your broker.

  • + shortlist

For a full list of all available amenities & entertainment facilities, or price to hire additional equipment please contact your broker.

'Northern Sun' Charter Rates & Destinations

South East Asia Summer Cruising Region

Summer Season

May - September

$161,700 p/week + expenses

High Season

Cruising Regions

South East Asia Myanmar (Burma), Philippines, Thailand

South East Asia Winter Cruising Region

Winter Season

October - April

Charter Northern Sun

To charter this luxury yacht contact your charter broker , or we can help you.

To charter this luxury yacht contact your charter broker or

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Yacht Owner, Captain or Central Agents - Send us latest Photos, Charter Rates or Corrections Contact Us


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NOTE to U.S. Customs & Border Protection



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northern star motor yacht

For the first time Rosatom Fuel Division supplied fresh nuclear fuel to the world’s only floating nuclear cogeneration plant in the Arctic

The fuel was supplied to the northernmost town of Russia along the Northern Sea Route.

northern star motor yacht

The first in the history of the power plant refueling, that is, the replacement of spent nuclear fuel with fresh one, is planned to begin before 2024. The manufacturer of nuclear fuel for all Russian nuclear icebreakers, as well as the Akademik Lomonosov FNPP, is Machinery Manufacturing Plant, Joint-Stock Company (MSZ JSC), a company of Rosatom Fuel Company TVEL that is based in Elektrostal, Moscow Region.

The FNPP includes two KLT-40S reactors of the icebreaking type. Unlike convenient ground-based large reactors (that require partial replacement of fuel rods once every 12-18 months), in the case of these reactors, the refueling takes place once every few years and includes unloading of the entire reactor core and loading of fresh fuel into the reactor.

The cores of KLT-40 reactors of the Akademik Lomonosov floating power unit have a number of advantages compared to the reference ones: a cassette core was used for the first time in the history of the unit, which made it possible to increase the fuel energy resource to 3-3.5 years between refuelings, and also reduce the fuel component of the electricity cost by one and a half times. The FNPP operating experience formed the basis for the designs of reactors for nuclear icebreakers of the newest series 22220. Three such icebreakers have been launched by now.

For the first time the power units of the Akademik Lomonosov floating nuclear power plant were connected to the grid in December 2019, and put into commercial operation in May 2020. The supply of nuclear fuel from Elektrostal to Pevek and its loading into the second reactor is planned for 2024. The total power of the Akademik Lomonosov FNPP, supplied to the coastal grid of Pevek without thermal energy consumption on shore, is about 76 MW, being about 44 MW in the maximum thermal power supply mode. The FNPP generated 194 million kWh according to the results of 2023. The population of Pevek is just a little more than 4 thousand, while the FNPP has a potential for supplying electricity to a city with a population of up to 100 thousand people. After the FNPP commissioning two goals were achieved. These include first of all the replacement of the retiring capacities of the Bilibino NPP, which has been operating since 1974, as well as the Chaunskaya TPP, which has already been operating for more than 70 years. Secondly, energy is supplied to the main mining companies in western Chukotka in the Chaun-Bilibino energy hub a large ore and metal cluster, including gold mining companies and projects related to the development of the Baimsk ore zone. In September 2023, a 110 kilovolt power transmission line with a length of 490 kilometers was put into operation, connecting the towns of Pevek and Bilibino. The line increased the reliability of energy supply from the FNPP to both Bilibino consumers and mining companies, the largest of which is the Baimsky GOK. The comprehensive development of the Russian Arctic is a national strategic priority. To increase the NSR traffic is of paramount importance for accomplishment of the tasks set in the field of cargo shipping. This logistics corridor is being developed due regular freight voyages, construction of new nuclear-powered icebreakers and modernization of the relevant infrastructure. Rosatom companies are actively involved in this work. Rosatom Fuel Company TVEL (Rosatom Fuel Division) includes companies fabricating nuclear fuel, converting and enriching uranium, manufacturing gas centrifuges, conducting researches and producing designs. As the only nuclear fuel supplier to Russian NPPs, TVEL supplies fuel for a total of 75 power reactors in 15 countries, for research reactors in nine countries, as well as for propulsion reactors of the Russian nuclear fleet. Every sixth power reactor in the world runs on TVEL fuel. Rosatom Fuel Division is the world’s largest producer of enriched uranium and the leader on the global stable isotope market. The Fuel Division is actively developing new businesses in chemistry, metallurgy, energy storage technologies, 3D printing, digital products, and decommissioning of nuclear facilities. TVEL also includes Rosatom integrators for additive technologies and electricity storage systems. Rosenergoatom, Joint-Stock Company is part of Rosatom Electric Power Division and one of the largest companies in the industry acting as an operator of nuclear power plants. It includes, as its branches, 11 operating NPPs, including the FNPP, the Scientific and Technical Center for Emergency Operations at NPPs, Design and Engineering as well as Technological companies. In total, 37 power units with a total installed capacity of over 29.5 GW are in operation at 11 nuclear power plants in Russia. Machinery Manufacturing Plant, Joint-Stock Company (MSZ JSC, Elektrostal) is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of fuel for nuclear power plants. The company produces fuel assemblies for VVER-440, VVER-1000, RBMK-1000, BN-600,800, VK-50, EGP-6; powders and fuel pellets intended for supply to foreign customers. It also produces nuclear fuel for research reactors. The plant belongs to the TVEL Fuel Company of Rosatom.

northern star motor yacht

Rosatom obtained a license for the first land-based SMR in Russia

On April 21, Rosenergoatom obtained a license issued by Rostekhnadzor to construct the Yakutsk land-based SMR in the Ust-Yansky District of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

northern star motor yacht

ROSATOM and FEDC agree to cooperate in the construction of Russia's first onshore SNPP

ROSATOM and FEDC have signed a cooperation agreement to build Russia's first onshore SNPP in Yakutia.

northern star motor yacht

Rosatom develops nuclear fuel for modernized floating power units

Rosatom has completed the development of nuclear fuel for the RITM-200S small modular reactor designed for the upgraded floating power units.


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    NORTHERN STAR is a LURSSEN 248' (75.59m) Motor Yacht available for Motor charter, built in 2009, price ranges from , allowing up to 12 guests. More details.

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    NORTHERN STAR (23.1m / 75.8'), is a luxury sailing yacht with glorious history, custom built and launched by the Hinckley shipyard of USA back in 1993. Originally conceived by famed Swedish boat architect Ocke Mannerfelt, and handcrafted in Maine by The Hinckley Company, a luxury boat builder for nearly 90 years known worldwide for its ...

  18. First refuelling for Russia's Akademik Lomonosov floating NPP

    Rosatom's fuel company TVEL has supplied nuclear fuel for reactor 1 of the world's only floating NPP (FNPP), the Akademik Lomonosov, moored at the city of Pevek, in Russia's Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. The supply of fuel was transported along the Northern Sea Route. The first ever refuelling of the FNPP is planned to begin before the end of ...

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    Refuelling is underway at the world's only floating NPP (FNPP), the Akademik Lomonosov, moored at the city of Pevek, in Russia's Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. The supply of fuel was transported along the Northern Sea Route. The FNPP includes two KLT-40S reactor units. In such reactors, nuclear fuel is not replaced in the same way as in standard ...

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    Ice-strengthened hull. 10,000-mile cruising range. Northern Sun is Ideal for those planning an extended itinerary, with plenty of room on board. The 50.9m/167' expedition yacht 'Northern Sun' by Narasaki Shipyard offers flexible accommodation for up to 12 guests in 6 cabins. For high adventure, explorer yacht Northern Sun has got you covered.

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  22. For the first time Rosatom Fuel Division supplied fresh nuclear fuel to

    The fuel was supplied to the northernmost town of Russia along the Northern Sea Route. The first in the history of the power plant refueling, that is, the replacement of spent nuclear fuel with fresh one, is planned to begin before 2024. The manufacturer of nuclear fuel for all Russian nuclear icebreakers, as well as the Akademik Lomonosov FNPP ...