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Performance cruisers: the best new catamarans for racing and fast cruising 2018

  • Toby Hodges
  • August 20, 2018

McConaghy MC50 sailing

This is where the worlds of racing and cruising multis meet, where we see high-tech lightweight craft that use exotic materials and daggerboards to help produce electrifying sailing. Gunboat was arguably the first to identify this market on a luxury level, and has since been joined by HH, McConaghy, Ice Cat, and ITA.

And then there are the performance multis that are more minimalist and lean more towards the offshore racer than cruiser – like Marsaudon, Dragonfly, Banuls, Dazcat, and Rapido… fun factor guaranteed!

Just launched: McConaghy MC50

McConaghy MC50 on water

Fresh from the Australian composite wizards McConaghy, the MC50 is the smallest series catamaran in a new range that runs up to 90ft. Drawn by Jason Ker, renowned for his IRC winners, the MC50 has performance in her DNA, designed as a fast cruising cat, capable of crossing oceans. The MC line has incorporated input of experienced owners and sailors, and includes some impressive features. For example, the doors between the saloon and the cockpit concertina, while the saloon windows slide open electrically for al-fresco living. A skylight down the middle of the coachroof lets light flood in, and can be specced as a large ‘solar glass’ generator to keep batteries topped up. Then there is the standard cross brace between the bows, which has been eliminated by using a carbon fibre longeron down the boat’s centreline, tensioned with Nitronic rod stays. The first hull launched in time for La Grande Motte boatshow in April and the performance predictions are bold. Polars from McConaghy suggest speeds of over 10 knots in a stiff Force 6, at 30° off the true wind. Bear away onto a broad reach and she is expected to manage 21 knots-plus. Upwind performance is boosted by 3.5m-deep hydraulic daggerboards in each hull, which include a fail-safe in the event of underwater collision. 
“We expect her to track upwind extremely well,” says James Kinloch 
of McConaghy. And yet this is no pared-down raceboat. The saloon has deep seating to starboard and an extending table gives dining space for at least eight, and can convert into lounging room if you drop the table and install the fill-in cushion. The galley and island unit to port are more penthouse than deckhouse, with induction hob and moulded-in sinks. Sensibly, there is a navigation station at the forward end of the saloon, with good visibility ahead and access to all the systems. The styling was undertaken by Design Unlimited. “The concept was to create a penthouse apartment on the living deck,” says Ole John, director of McConaghy Multihulls Europe. 
“The 35-40m2 of space must be the biggest for a 50ft yacht.”

McConaghy MC50 saloon

First impressions

McConaghy MC50 cabin

The MC50 is a clever boat. A Ker/McConaghy project, it might be expected to be all about the performance. That has yet to be proved, but the first MC50 to launch stole the show at its La Grande Motte debut in April thanks to the sheer amount of open-plan living space it offers. The natural light and ventilation offered by using sliding doors and windows needs to be seen to be believed, and the general feeling is that of a condo/apartment on the main deck. The view from the helms on the aft flybridge is excellent, but I wonder how these relatively high positions will feel in a rolling sea. The most impressive aspect for me, however, is the engineering detail, something Ker is known for. It can be seen in the length to which he and the yard has gone with the mast base and bowsprit longeron supports, and the hydraulic centreboards that swing into the hulls. The latter offer a clever solution to the problem of providing the performance benefits of 3.5m-deep boards without swallowing excessive accommodation space. The boards have fail-safe pins that break in a collision without 
risk of leaking hydraulic fluid; and they take just 12 seconds to raise. This is a boat that we are itching to sail.

At a glance…

LOA: 49ft 10in (15.20m) Beam: 26ft 3in (8.00m) Draught: 3ft 3in – 8ft 10in (1.00m – 2.70m) Displacement: 14.5 tonnes Price: from €1.33m Contact: McConaghy 

Just launched: ICE Cat 61

Ice Cat 61 exterior

Italy’s ICE Yachts has been on the scene since the turn of the millennium, but it is only now making a foray into multihulls. And it is starting big, with a 61, and a 67 further down the line. Its calling card has always been style at the service of performance, and the cats will be no different. Enrico Contreas has designed a dashing hull with just a hint of reverse bow and a long, curved quarter. It’s stylish, but also practical. “Avoiding highly reversed bows allows for easy recovery of the mooring lines,” says Marco Malgara, ICE Yachts’ CEO. Likewise, the shallow curve of the coachroof is more than just a flick of the designer’s pen: it is intended to reduce windage and help the catamaran go to windward. This is one reason that she can reportedly manage near 30° true wind angles. Another is the manually-operated carbon foils that reduce her displacement by about 15 per cent, and the way the rig is designed. “The angle going to windward is almost like a monohull,” Malgara says.

ICE Cat 61 galley

The yachts are built using ultra-modern techniques. On the standard version, the hull and superstructure employ a mix of glass and carbon fibre vacuum-infused with epoxy to ensure that just 35-40 per cent of the final weight is resin. Everything on the boat is foam-cored. Customers have so far unanimously opted for the RS version of the 61, which uses all carbon fibre. ICE has tried to mitigate the handling of a large, technical boat with electric winches and a self-tacking jib. The sheets of both sails are on travellers, giving maximum sail trimming options and a tighter sheeting angle for better windward performance. The helms are towards the aft end of the cockpit, behind a pod-like console, giving the skipper more the sense of a monohull. Dispensing with a raised helm station keeps the boom and the centre of gravity low, making for a more comfortable ride and better performance, predicted at 25 knots. The interior is more architectural than your average luxury yacht. Expect more of a kitchen than a galley in the large open space of the saloon. The configuration allows for three, four or five cabins, including a compact crew berth in the starboard bow.

At a  glance…

LOA: 61ft (18.60m) Beam: 28ft 3in (8.60m) Draught: 3ft 3in (1.00m) Displacement:  15 tonnes Price: From €1.35m Contact: Ice Yachts

Coming up: HH50

HH 50 Exterior

HH Catamarans has been turning heads since 2012 with a line of sporty, high-tech boats that feature a luxury fit-out. What started off on the drawing board as a fast 48ft cruising cat has grown to 50ft in the building. “One of the biggest reasons was 
the addition of a second helm station aft,” explained marketing manager 
Will Hobbs. “That and, during the design review, we found we were able to increase sail efficiency by 6 per cent if we lengthened the hull.” The lay-up is all carbon, with twin bulkhead helm stations and long-skirted hulls. With a self-tacking jib and push-button controls at the helm station, she should be a breeze to sail short-handed. Her accommodation all looks very elegant – dark teak contrasting with lighter fabrics. The saloon windows are huge, letting light gush in, with a semi-horseshoe galley to starboard, a navstation forward and dining table to port. There are configurations allowing for three or four cabins. Morelli & Melvin’s design generally looks modern and aggressive (even if we question the aesthetics of the hard biminis above the helms).

LOA: 49ft 10in (15.20m) Beam: 24ft 4in (7.44m) Draught: 4ft 11in-10ft 6in (1.50m-3.20m) Displacement: 15 tonnes Price: Tbc Contact: HH Catamarans

Just launched: Marsaudon TS5

Marsaudon TS5 Exterior

Even if you haven’t heard of Marsaudon, you’re likely to be familiar with its work. The Brittany-based boatbuilder is responsible for some of the world’s biggest and fastest multihulls, including the trimaran IDEC 2, in which Francis Joyon demolished the round-the-world record in 2008. Operating out of an old U-boat pen in Lorient, France, this composite expert has only been crafting its own brand of cruising catamarans for a few years, but it has already become its mainstay. It began with the TS42, which has reached 10 units, then the well-regarded TS50. The new TS5 is a remodelled version of this, with all-new tooling and a length overall of 55ft. Even before the first one hit the water, half a dozen boats had been pre-sold, such is the reputation of this builder.

Marsaudon TS5 Exterior

LOA: 49ft 10in (15.20m) Beam: 28ft 3in (8.60m) Draught: 3ft 11in-9ft 10in (1.20m-3.00m) Displacement: 8.6 tonnes Price: from €620,000 Contact: Marsdon Composites

Coming up: ITA 14.99

ITA 14.99 Aft

ITA Catamarans is a new brand, but the team behind this 14.99 are no strangers to the trade and have experience from many of the major Italian shipyards. The naval architecture is by Francois Perus, whose Yacht Design Collective has worked with brands such as Catana and North Wind on their multihulls. The result is a sleek-looking craft with stylish dreadnought bows and refreshingly low-profile coachroof. This sets the tone for the boat, due to launch this summer, which is all about stellar performance within the envelope of a fast cruiser. Take the twin helm stations, for instance – they are perched on the aft coaming. This frees up the cockpit for socialising, without compromising the boat’s stability by putting the weight 
of the helm on the coachroof. The result looks as if it could feel exposed in bad weather, although there is a wraparound seat, and the Jefa pedestal can swing inboard if necessary. The outer position gives you optimal views ahead and to windward. The dreadnought bows are designed to give extra waterline length for speed, while the long, fine underwater profile of the hulls is optimised for comfort through the waves. The flatter sections aft mean that she should plane at speed, and the winch-trimmed daggerboards improve performance to windward. High-tech foam sandwich lay-up and the use of carbon fibre in key areas keeps the hulls light and stiff.

ITA 14.99 saloon

There should be plenty of power from her fathead main and self-tacking jib. “Since most cruisers consists of one couple for sailing, the deck and running rigging had to be of a design so that one person can easily manage all sailing manoeuvres from the safety of the cockpit,” says Sonia Segato, head of marketing at ITA Catamarans. The mainsheet runs back to blocks on the aft crossbeam, where Harken 50 winches are within easy reach of the helm. It is a set-up that has worked well for monohull sailors, and this boat’s low profile coachroof makes it possible here too. The designer’s ambition is clearly bluewater, because the boat’s equipment and latest technology includes a Schenker watermaker and Oceanvolt electric propulsion, backed up with twin regenerating props that allow you to recharge the lithium-ion batteries as you sail. There’s scope for owners to choose their own interior design. “Nothing is set in stone”, says ITA. The heart of the boat is its comfy saloon, which has wraparound toughened glass windows, and the starboard hull is turned over to the owner’s suite. There are several configurations to choose from, including one with an office and another with bunks. Weight management is taken very seriously. The complete hulls weigh 2,250kg, and the whole boat is infused in one shot to come in under five tonnes. The first 14.99 will be shown 
at Cannes, before the owner takes it 
on a circumnavigation.

LOA: 49ft 2in (14.99m) Beam: 25ft 7in (7.80m) Draught: 1ft 10in-7ft 8in (0.57m-2.35m) Displacement: 14.5 tonnes Price: €890,000 Contact: Itacatamarans

Coming up: Gunboat 68

Gunboat 68 render

Gunboat is back to what it does best with a show-stopping design for a 68ft oceanic catamaran. An all-carbon build again, the new 68 has heavily reversed wave-piercing bows and super low-profile coachroof, giving it an elegant but muscular look. There’s something of Gotham City about this yacht. Gunboat, which is now under French ownership, has brought in VPLP design for the naval architecture. They are veterans of some of the world’s biggest, fastest racing multihulls. The design team has broadened the beam of the boat and moved the mast further aft to make her more stable and easier to handle. That said, she’ll be no slouch, particularly if you select some of the turbo options, including longer rig for bigger sails, lighter weight and longer daggerboards. Speeds in excess of 25 knots in a blow, and up to 16 knots in a Force 4 are predicted. Benoit Lebizay, Gunboat’s managing partner, says: “500 miles per day is an achievable target”.

Gunboat 68 vue cockpit

LOA: 68ft (20.75m) Beam: 29ft 11in (9.1m) Draught: 3ft 11in-13ft 6in (1.20m-4.10m) Displacement: 23.8 tonnes Price: from €4.75m Contact: Gunboat

Best of the rest:

Unlimited yacht c53.

Unlimited Yacht C53 aft view

Vittorio Malingri, Italy’s first Vendée Globe sailor, is the nautical brain behind a new fast cruising catamaran, christened the Unlimited C53. With no website, his is a stealthy operation, but the first hull is sold and already in-build on the Adriatic coast between Ancona and San Marino. The boat has been designed with an experienced navigator’s eye, so the beams connecting the two hulls are an unprecedented 1.3m above the waterline, to minimise slamming in heavy seas. Tankage and heavy equipment are all positioned low and in the centre of the hulls for balance. And there is a heavy longeron, which makes for a stiffer forestay and therefore better windward performance. The twin helms are on swinging pedestals, and the boat uses foils and T-shaped rudders to provide lift to windward. There are three broad specification levels, depending on budget, with the top spec including full carbon lay-up.

Dazcat D1295

Dazcat D1295 on water

Launched at the end of last season, the D1295 is a potent new addition to the cruiser-racer cat market. It is the smaller sister to the very impressive D1495 we tested two years ago and 
leans on more than three decades of successful 
offshore racing builds from this Cornish yard. These cats can outrun weather or look after 
crew if caught out. Weight is kept low and central, including the engines, to create a fast smooth ride. It is also minimised wherever possible, with carbon used for the rudders, spinnaker pole V-striker, davits and bimini sections. “She points really high and is the fastest tacking Dazcat so far,” says Dazcat designer Darren Newton. “We did a two-second tack where she lost no momentum at all, which for a cruising cat is phenomenal!”

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The Boat Galley

making boat life better

Small Catamarans

10 Small Catamarans for Cruisers

Published on January 23, 2021 ; last updated on November 7, 2023 by Carolyn Shearlock/Rick Marcarelli

Is a cruising catamaran your dream? Check out these 10 small but sturdy boats you might want to consider.

I hear from many readers interested in small catamarans. Recently, the folks at www.CatamaranSite.com reached out to interview me about our experience cruising on our Gemini 105, Barefoot Gal and we began chatting about the various small catamarans on the market. One thing led to another and I’m pleased that Rick Marcarelli was willing to contribute a guest post sharing information comparing ten of the most popular small catamarans on the market.

When most buyers think of catamarans these days, they think of designs by Lagoon, Leopard, and Fountaine Pajot. 

These are all fine vessels. But they were built to cater to the charter markets. And so they may not be the best boats for long-term, liveaboard cruisers. 

Charter vs Liveaboard Cruising

The typical charter catamaran accommodates three or four couples sailing for one to two weeks in the Caribbean or Mediterranean. Usually they will provision once, sail a few daylight hours, eat out more than a typical cruiser, and anchor or moor for the night.

Compare that itinerary to the typical liveaboard cruiser. 

Most cruisers spend over 90% of their time at anchor or a dock. They provision repeatedly and usually for many months at a time. Many cruisers rarely eat out at restaurants. And most importantly, cruisers sometimes sail non-stop through the night for multiple days or weeks when making a passage between cruising destinations. 

small performance catamaran

The differences between charterers and cruisers cause them to desire different cabin layouts and amenities.

For charter boats, the focus is on several small cabins, each having its own accompanying head. They also have minimal storage space and enormous salons and cockpits. 

Long-term liveaboards generally desire a large master cabin, fewer heads, and significant storage space. They are usually willing to compromise space for superior sailing performance to reduce passage making days and increase safety by avoiding severe weather. 

Affordable Catamaran Market

Unfortunately for liveaboard cruisers interested in catamarans, the market is dominated by enormous, often very expensive, four cabin-four head charter models. In fact, our analysis of sales data suggests that about 38% of the market consists of Lagoon catamarans and over 50% are Lagoon or Fountaine Pajots. In addition, 90% of the market consists of catamarans over 38 feet in length. Please see the infographic. 

While a majority of catamarans for sale are large, expensive, charter catamarans, our site’s traffic suggests that 40% of buyers are looking for smaller, simpler, affordable catamarans under 38 feet in length. 

These are buyers like Carolyn was when she purchased S/V Barefoot Gal . And they are buyers who may be like you and are looking for something affordable that is suited to your liveaboard needs. 

Modest Cats for Cruisers

Consider widening your net. Here are some additional models to consider in your search:

Prout 37 Snowgoose

  • Cruising Grounds: Bluewater
  • Underbody: Fixed Keels
  • Draft (max): 2.08′
  • Mast Height: 40’ (Standard) / 50’ (Elite)
  • Bridgedeck Clearance: Average
  • Layouts: 3 cabins, 1 head; galley down; open version has larger salon while private stateroom has larger master cabin
  • Speed: Slow
  • Engines: Usually single outdrive; rare versions have twin inboards
  • Availability: Relatively common all over the world
  • Ballpark Price: Around $100,000 USD

small performance catamaran

  • Cruising Grounds: Built for North Sea
  • Draft (max): 2.5′
  • Mast Height: tabernacle mast
  • Bridgedeck Clearance: Above Average
  • Layouts: 3 cabins, 1 head; galley down
  • Engines: Single gas outboard or twin inboard diesels
  • Availability: Somewhat rare; usually a couple on the market or 8M sister ship; more in Europe
  • Ballpark Price: Under $50,000 USD

Lagoon 37 TPI

  • Draft (max): 4′
  • Mast Height: 55’
  • Layouts: 3 or 4 cabin; 2 heads; galley down
  • Speed: Fast 
  • Engines: Twin inboard diesels 
  • Availability: Very rare; cult classic 
  • Ballpark Price: Over $100,000 USD 

small performance catamaran

PDQ 36 Capella

  • Draft (max): 2.82′
  • Mast Height: 47’ (Standard) or 55’ (LRC)
  • Layouts: 2 or 3 cabin; 1 or 2 heads; galley down
  • Engines: Single gas outboard, twin gas outboard, or twin diesel inboard
  • Availability: Usually a few on the market and more likely in USA
  • Ballpark Price: Over $100,000 USD

Seawind 1000

  • Draft (max): 3.2′
  • Mast Height: 47’
  • Layouts: 4 cabins; 1 head; galley down
  • Speed: Fast
  • Engines: Twin gas outboard
  • Availability: Usually a few for sale; newer models still being built; originally built in Australia
  • Ballpark Price: Over $150,000 USD

small performance catamaran

  • Cruising Grounds: Coastal
  • Draft (max): 3.35′
  • Layouts: 4 cabins or 2 cabin Maestro; 2 head; galley up
  • Engines: Twin inboard diesels with saildrives
  • Availability: Usually a couple on the market often in Caribbean
  • Ballpark Price: Around $150,000 USD

Endeavour 36

  • Draft (max): 2′ 9″
  • Layouts: 3 cabin; galley down
  • Engines: Twin inboard diesels
  • Availability: Rare and likely in the USA

small performance catamaran

  • Draft (max): 3.62′
  • Mast Height: 55′
  • Layouts: 3 cabin / 1 head; 2 cabin / 2 head; galley up
  • Availability: More common especially in Caribbean
  • Ballpark Price: Newer version up to $300,000 USD
  • Underbody: Centerboards
  • Draft (max): 5′
  • Mast Height: 47’ (M) or 48’ (MC)
  • Bridgedeck Clearance: Below Average
  • Layouts: 3 cabin; 1 head; galley down but open
  • Engines: Single inboard diesel with retractable outdrive
  • Availability: Common especially in the USA

small performance catamaran

  • Draft (max): 3′
  • Mast Height: 46′
  • Layouts: 4 cabin / 1 head; 3 cabin / 2 head; galley down; bathtubs on some
  • Engines: Single or twin inboard diesels
  • Availability: Rare model
  • Ballpark Price: Around $50,000 USD

Rick Marcarelli is the webmaster of CatamaranSite.com featuring cruising catamarans for sale by owner as well as educational articles. Rick is the owner of S/V Catalpa , a Catalac 8M based out of Merritt Island, Florida. The site also functions as the owner’s website for Catalac catamarans. If you are planning on buying a catamaran, CatamaranSite.com might save you a considerable amount of money and lead to years of happy sailing.

small performance catamaran

And check out our other courses and products

small performance catamaran

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Reader Interactions

January 31, 2021 at 5:58 pm

I would think draft on the fixed keel boats would be important to many who are considering cats.

Carolyn Shearlock says

February 1, 2021 at 12:49 pm

I’ll see if we can perhaps add that.

Richard says

February 9, 2021 at 11:03 am

Good addition. I have provided drafts to Carolyn, so please watch this article for that to be updated. Any questions or additional information you would like added please comment again.

Drew Frye says

February 20, 2021 at 11:46 am

The best way to look at speed ratings is the PHRF rating or other handicaps. I used to own a PDQ 32 and never found a Gemini I couldn’t pass rather easily on autopilot, so I don’t think it rates slow if well handled. Granted, mine was turboed a bit and carried a 120 rating.

Florida ratings, according to US Sailing

PDQ 32 135 Seawind 1000 137 PDQ 36 156 Gemini 105 MC 168 Snowgoose 250 The others rate around 130-145

And of course, this is only fast or slow within the class. Fast multihulls cruising (?) multihulls rate 0-60.

February 21, 2021 at 7:59 am

Thanks! Good info.

September 10, 2023 at 5:55 am

I have an Edel 35′. For their price, they are a good option, for this size of catamaran. They are not slow, by any means. Disadvantage: clearance under nacelle.

Erin Michaud says

February 23, 2021 at 10:22 am

Great info, we met an owner of a Catalac 9M in Key West Garrison Bight Marina a couple of weeks ago. His name is Eric & he moved his boat to the Boca Chica Navy Marina. I will send the contact info for Rick to him specifically for the Catalac boats! Thanks!

February 24, 2021 at 5:54 am

Catalacs are great boats. We saw a couple for sale around the time we bought Barefoot Gal but they were sold the same day they were listed so we didn’t get to even look at them.

January 6, 2022 at 11:32 am

Hello. I was wondering if you can identify this open catamaran which boasts a GRP cockpit with seating?


Bruce Bayne says

February 20, 2022 at 9:57 am

I noticed that the Privilege 37 and 39 were not mentioned in your 10 list of catamarans. Is there a reason? How do they stack up to the others with regard to speed and bridgedeck clearance?

June 6, 2022 at 10:44 am

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small performance catamaran

two get lost logo

13 Best Small Catamarans For Cruising 2024

The best small catamarans for cruising are affordable and comfortable, making great sailboats for a number of different purposes. If you’re looking for the best small catamarans to start your cruising life then look no further!

When searching for a catamaran for our adventures we scoured the internet for any and all information we could find on just about every size, shape, and model!

Although in the end, we opted for a bigger catamaran, in the hopes of having more family and friends on board, we did heavily research the best small catamarans as an option.

One of the best small catamarans for cruising out at anchor.

Each small catamaran has different pros and cons. As with every sailboat, there will be compromises, but hopefully, this post will help you firm up what you’re really looking for in a multihull and find the right smaller catamaran for you!

Here are what we consider the best small cruising catamarans out there, costing anywhere from $40,000 to $300,000. You can also read up on the average costs of sailboats here.

Why choose a small catamaran for cruising?

The downsides to small multihulls for cruisers

The best small catamarans for ocean sailing

The best small catamarans for coastal cruising

Why Choose A Small Catamaran For Cruising?

a small multihull on an ocean passage, cutting through the water.

The main advantage to choosing a small catamaran for cruising has to be the cost. Not only are smaller sailboats cheaper to buy initially, but they are also cheaper to maintain and to dock in marinas or dry storage.

Why buy a small catamaran over a monohull? This isn’t the post to go into the pros and cons of multihulls vs monohulls, but a few of the main reasons you might prefer to buy a small cat over a bigger, cheaper monohull is the living space and the comfort underway and at anchor.

Living on a sailboat is very different from taking the boat out for a sporty sail every now and again. Having a catamaran over a monohull means you won’t be heeling or rolling at anchor half as much, you can leave out your coffee cup, and you have the space you need to spread out a little.

A small catamaran will enable the more comfortable lifestyle you’re seeking at a more reasonable price tag. So what’s not to love about small cruising multihulls?

The Downsides To Small Multihulls For Cruisers

a sailboat with its sails up, goosewinged.

Of course, just with everything in sailing, there are always compromises to be made when it comes to small multihulls.

One of the biggest downsides for cruisers is the weight issue smaller catamarans present. You won’t be able to carry half as much as you would on a larger catamaran or monohull, which might be a problem if you live onboard full time.

The other negative is that smaller boats usually aren’t quite as seaworthy as larger ones. You might find you’re limited to coastal cruising if you choose a small catamaran, so make sure you have your cruising intentions in mind before you buy.

the sails of a sailboat against the blue sky.

Another big thing to look out for when it comes to choosing the right small cat for you, is the bridge deck clearance. This is often worse on smaller catamarans, and can cause nasty slamming in any sort of sea, both when sailing and at anchor.

With these downsides in mind, we’ve split this post into the best small catamarans for ocean sailing and the best for coastal cruising. Obviously this is a little subjective, as many people have sailed around the world in much smaller and less seaworthy vessels!

The Best Small Catamarans For Ocean Cruising

#1 wharram tiki.

  • Suitable for: Bluewater sailing
  • Fixed Keels
  • Draft (max): 2.08′
  • Engines: Single outboard, though some versions have twin inboards
  • Price: Roughly $100,000

small catamarans sailing with the sunset behind

We have lusted after the Wharram catamarans since our adventures began and would have opted for one of these if we had found one for sale this side of the pond.

Designed by the legendary James Wharram, these small multihulls are pretty unique. They are based on the Polynesian catamaran design, and the plans enable you to self-build these boats if you have the time, money, and space for a project of this magnitude.

If you aren’t keen on taking on a project then you can commission a boat builder to complete the design for you, or buy one second-hand. The advantages of having one made yourself are that you can tweak things to your personal taste, and you can even contact the Wharrams themselves to see if they can adjust the designs for individual requests.

The Wharram catamarans have a lot of charm dues to their traditional design, and the old-fashioned appeal continues inside the boat too. You won’t find the same huge hull space as some of the modern design catamarans now have, but the outside entertainment space is perfect for entertaining.

One of the best small multihulls for ocean cruising

These small catamarans don’t have an inside space across the hulls, so all of your inside living space is below. If you’re used to monohulls then this won’t be a problem but if you like the idea of a galley-up then these boats aren’t for you.

Wharram catamarans, especially the Tiki 38, have great reputations as around the world, bluewater boats. They have fantastic bridge deck clearance so slamming is minimum and they sail well.

Most models have a double cabin and two singles, a galley, a head, and a small salon area below. They are smaller catamarans than many newer 38ft multihulls but this does make them more affordable.

small catamarans in the Caribbean with a beautiful white sand beach behind

A big appeal for us was the fact these boats are designed to be self-made. Although a secondhand model could potentially come with a lot of problems (get a decent survey before you buy!) it does mean that almost everything onboard can be self-fixed. This is a huge bonus if you plan on sailing your small catamaran around the world.

Another thing we loved about these smaller catamarans is the fact they have outboard engines, which we felt would be easier to maintain and replace if necessary. This is a personal choice though so consider this before you get your heart set on one!

One of the downsides to the Tiki 38 is that there aren’t many of them around. These are unique boats and they don’t come on the market frequently. When they do, they tend to be scattered all over the world so you’ll have to be prepared to travel to find one!

#2 Prout Snowgoose 37 : Small Catamaran For Ocean Cruising

a sail on a cruising catamaran and the ocean in the background.

Prout catamarans are a popular choice for cruisers, and you’ll find many owners who have circumnavigated in them. The Snowgoose is no exception. Prout no longer exists as a company, as it was bought by Broadblue in the 90s.

Broadblue still makes catamarans today, and they have very similar features to the original Prouts, though obviously they are far fancier and have all the benefits of a more modern design!

The Snowgoose is a great small multihull to go for as you get quite a lot of space inside and out. We weren’t sure about the berth in the salon area, but it might make a great space for a baby or small child while underway!

The compromise in the Prout Snowgoose is the bridge deck clearance and this was something that put us off these smaller cruising catamarans. A low bridge deck clearance makes the boat slam in waves, both at anchor and underway.

#8 PDQ 36 : A Small Catamaran Without Too Much Slamming

  • Suitable for: Bluewater
  • Draft (max): 2.82′
  • Engines: Twin inboard or outboard
  • Price: Over $100,000

small performance catamaran

These small catamarans have an excellent reputation among cruisers because of their solid build and use of decent materials. They come with either outboard engines for coastal cruising or inboard engines designed to withstand offshore use.

If you like the sound of the PDQ 32 but need a little more room then you’ve got that here! It’s also a boat that people have crossed oceans in, though you might want to consider something more tried and tested like the Prout Snowgoose or the Wharram if you’re planning longer ocean sails.

The boat has three cabins, a galley, salon and head, but there’s a more spacious feel compared to the smaller model. Again, the bridge deck clearance is good so you shouldn’t experience too much slamming.

#9 Lagoon 380 : One Of The Most Popular Small Multihulls

small performance catamaran

  • Fixed keels
  • Engines:  twin diesel engines
  • Price:  from $100,000, used

The Lagoon 380 is one of the most popular catamarans out there, and you’ve probably already spotted a lot of them in your search! This is a great option if modern cats appeal to you, as it’s pretty ‘with the times’ as far as smaller catamarans go!

There are lots of different layouts of this boat available all over the world. Some were built for charter with numerous berths and others were commissioned for couples or families with differing cabin and head options.

This is a proven catamaran from a reputable company, but obviously with so many of these boats out there, they come in a range of conditions. Make sure you get a thorough survey done before purchase!

Lagoon 37 TPI

  • Draft (max): 4′
  • Engines: Twin inboard diesels 
  • Price: Over $100,000 USD 

This is the smallest catamaran built by Lagoon, and unfortunately there aren’t many of them out there. These boats were built mainly for the charter market, and have a smaller rig than some similar sized catamarans.

There are two big queen-size forward doubles port and starboard and a smaller double in the starboard hull aft. The galley and salon are designed to be simple and timeless, with none of the fancy trims you’ll find in the newer Lagoons.

As this boat was intended for charter it probably wouldn’t make a great ocean-going vessel. For starters, it isn’t designed to carry too much in the way of provisions. That’s not to say it won’t be a suitable bluewater boat with a few tweaks. Sailors who have circumnavigated in them have increased sail area and added folding props to get more speed from the vessel.

#11 Catalac 9M/30

small performance catamaran

  • Draft (max): 2.5′
  • Engines:  two outboard engines or one diesel engine
  • Price:  from $50,000

The Catalac 9M is a little different to a lot of the catamarans on this list, as it was built for sailing in the North Sea! This is a great small catamaran for anyone wanting a boat built to be safe!

The bridge deck clearance is reasonable but the boat is light, which can make it more prone to slamming. The unique feature of this small sailboat is the hard dodger, designed as somewhere safe and dry to stand in bad weather.

It sails well, though like a lot of catamarans there is technique involved in getting it to tack smoothly. Once you’ve got the hang of though, this boat will make good speeds for its size.

The Best Small Catamarans For Coastal Cruising

  • Suitable for: Coastal
  • Draft (max): 3.62′
  • Engines: Twin inboard
  • Price: Up to $300,000 for a newer model

The Mahe 36 is the smallest of the Fountaine Pajot range, and these small catamarans can go for a heafty budget if you find a newer model!

This tiny multihull packs a lot into a small space, and because of its modern features, you’ll feel like you’re in a much bigger boat when you step aboard.

This boat is a fast mover, with an ok bridge clearance and some attractive upgrades compared to their last small catamaran design. Most notably the full-length hard top bimini which has the reviewers raving!

If you have the money to splash out on a newer, more expensive small catamaran then this should definitely be on your list to consider! Although they come with a large price tag, these small catamarans are considerably cheaper new than some of the bigger models.

#4 Gemini 105Mc (34ft)

small performance catamaran

Suitable for: Coastal cruising Centreboards Draft (max): 5′ Engines:  Single inboard Price:  from $80,000

The Gemini 105Mc is still in production in the US, which speaks to its popularity. Obviously if you buy new you’ll pay a much higher price! This is one of the smallest catamarans on the list, but it’s still a great option for coastal cruising (or some have even successfully completed ocean passages on them in relative comfort).

For a small multihull this boat sails pretty well and is fast for a coastal cruiser. The living space is decent with good headroom. It has two double cabins and a master bedroom, and the interior finishes are nice too.

A big negative to this boat is the bridge deck clearance which really isn’t amazing, but as we said at the start, there’s always a compromise! This is a sporty-looking little catamaran that’s a good contender for the top smallest catamarans out there!

#5 EndeavourCat 36

Suitable for: Coastal cruising Fixed keels Draft (max): 3′ Engines:  two inboard Price:  from $100

small performance catamaran

Designed and built by Endeavour Catamaran, these American built boats are great cruising catamarans. A big advantage to this little multihull is that it will fit into most monohull slips, so if you anticipate using marinas a lot then this might be the small catamaran for you!

This isn’t a slow boat, and owners report speeds of 8-9 knots. Bear in mind though that the narrow beam does make it less suitable for any offshore passages. It has good interior space with 6′ standing headroom throughout, three double cabins, and a decent-sized galley below. The salon area can seat 6 people comfortably.

This cat is great for single-handed sailors, as all the lines lead to the cockpit and the main and jib are completely self-tacking.

#6 Prout Event 34

small performance catamaran

Suitable for: Coastal/bluewater Fixed keels Draft (max): 2.72′ Engines:  Single inboard Price:  from $30,000

These multihulls are quite hard to find, but if you like the Snowgoose but are on a tighter budget then they might be just what you’re looking for. They share lots of features with the Snowgoose and look very similar, only smaller!

There are three cabins, one head, a salon, and a galley, only they are rather squeezed in compared to the larger model. Personally, we thought there was plenty of space for a smaller sailboat but it’s worth seeing them in person if you’re keen on this model.

They do have the same downsides as the Snowgoose though, with limited headroom and low bridge deck clearance. These boats are known for their slamming!

Coastal Engines:  twin outboards Price:  from $80,000, used

small performance catamaran

The PDQ 32 is a great budget option catamaran and should be cheap(ish) to buy second hand and maintain. With two outboards that are easy to replace on a smaller budget, you’re looking at some of the usual pinch points on a boat becoming a lot more affordable!

This small catamaran only has two cabins, so sleeps less than a lot of the boats on this list, but it is roomier than you’d imagine inside with a decent galley and salon area. It has decent bridge deck clearance so shouldn’t slam too much in any waves.

This isn’t a boat for longer passages as it is a little small (and perhaps underpowered) to face serious weather. If you’re searching for something to potter around in then this is a fun boat to sail and live in!

#12 Dean 365

small performance catamaran

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  • Suitable for: Coastal cruising
  • Draft (max): 3′
  • Engines:  one or two inboard
  • Price:  from $45,000, used

These South African catamarans are great little coastal cruising catamarans that are hard to come by anywhere other than South Africa!

They’re pretty tiny, but have enough space for a galley, 3 or 4 cabins, and 1 or 2 heads. Some of the designs even have a bathtub, which speaks of their liveaboard suitability rather than their sail performance!

These boats are some of the smallest multihulls on this list, so don’t expect much in terms of headroom or bridge deck clearance. That being said, if you’re looking for a tiny catamaran to live on and you are prepared to compromise on sailing ability then these are a solid choice.

We have heard that the build quality can vary somewhat with these multihulls, so make sure you do some solid research and get a good surveyor when buying one of these. If you get a good version then they can make really solid boats.

#13 EndeavourCat 30

the lines of small catamarans tied off to a cleat

Suitable for: Coastal cruising Fixed keels Draft (max): 2.1′ Engines:  single or twin outboard Price:  from $70,000

This is a boat built for comfort over all else, so if you’re looking for a budget catamaran to live in then take a look at the endeavourcat 30. Some people don’t like the boxy design, but we quite liked how it looked in the water. I guess it’s personal taste!

This sailboat has two double cabins, a decent sized galley and salon for the size of the boat, and a head. The bridge deck clearance is low so that’s something to bear in mind before you buy, but the headroom is good (another reason why this would make a good liveaboard catamaran).

Hopefully this has given you some inspiration when searching for small catamarans for cruising, and helped you to find your dream boat!

We’re passionate about helping people live this incredible cruising lifestyle, so if you’re planning your dream liveaboard life make sure you check out our guide on how to run away to sea, with everything you could possibly need to know before, during, and after starting this adventure of a lifetime!

small performance catamaran

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Such small mention of probably the best catamaran for overall cruising, focusing on ease of helming, speed and livability. Simple rig, great ergonomic features, style and definitely a pedigree on the water. The FP Mahe duo! Sea proven. Most delivered on their own bottoms from France. Wide beams and light. Beautiful interior arrangements and easy to maintain. I’m confused about so little mention of probably the best entry level and beyond real cruiser out there.

You forgot the edelcat 35. Great boats, and have circumnavigated!

I wonder why Broadblue 346 is not on the list.

Appreciate it’s a bit more expensive than most cats listed here but what about the Aventura 37? Technically a small cat but with ocean going abilities and an actual live aboard!

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My Cruiser Life Magazine

How To Pick a Small Catamaran — Everything You Need to Know

Catamarans have had the sailing world abuzz for several decades now. To the salty monohull sailors’ chagrin, they aren’t going away any time soon. They’re roomy, comfortable, spacious, airy, and light-filled. They ride flat and don’t heel over when the breeze freshens. When you step aboard a modern catamaran, even the most landlubber-y of landlubbers can envision moving aboard and setting sail to distant horizons. 

There’s no set definition, so we’ll have to look to the boat manufacturers for answers. If you look at the lineup from Leopard, Lagoon, Fountaine Pajot, Bali, and others, you’ll find that the smallest cats are generally somewhere between 38 to 40 feet long. There are other manufacturers making some 35-foot boats, but these look a lot different.

The appeal of the small catamaran is nothing new, and many different boat makers have made attempts over the years. Here are a few things you might want to consider before purchasing a small catamaran boat.

small catamaran sailboat

Table of Contents

What is a small catamaran sailboat, pros of a small catamaran boat, cons of small catamaran boats, not all catamarans have the same feel.

  • Size (Of Your Liveaboard Catamaran) Matters 

Priorities: Affordable Catamarans or Small Catamarans?

  • Picking the Right Small Sail Catamaran 

Best Small Catamaran FAQs

For liveaboard, long-distance sailors, a small catamaran is a twin-hulled sailboat between 35 and 40 feet long. 

There are a few designs, but the most comfortable ones are those with wide beams and the hulls set farther apart. This size catamaran is necessary to ensure the boat can carry enough supplies and retains enough stability to be safe at sea. However, these small boats still feel very large and have beams of 19 to 21 feet. Boats of this size have twin diesel inboard engines. These boats come with four cabins or three cabins in an “owner’s version” layout.

Many of these boats could be described as French-style charter catamarans. Examples of boats like this include those made by Lagoon and Fountaine Pajot. South African companies like Leopard make them too, and there are a few one-off designs, like the American-made Manta share these features. 

Generally speaking, a 38-foot-long, 21-foot-wide sailboat is not a small one. But if you love the French-style catamaran, this is about the smallest you’ll find. That’s because this type of boat depends on its width for stability and its length for carrying a load. A shorter boat is very easy to overload. Most boat makers, Lagoon, Bali, Leopard, and the rest, currently make nothing less than 37 feet. 

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Katamarans (@katamarans)

But there are some smaller options. 

On the other end of the spectrum from the super-wide French-style cat, there are small catamaran sailboat designs built for day-tripping and short-term coastal cruising. These are often narrower than offshore boats and can be stored in a regular boat slip. This is an especially important consideration in coastal areas where big offshore catamarans aren’t very common and marina options are limited. 

These boats will sometimes have beams of 15 feet or less. These smaller and lighter boats are often propelled by a single engine, either an inboard diesel or a gasoline outboard. All of these factors make them cheaper. 

Examples of boats like this, small and made for nearshore coastal cruising, are the 105MC from Gemini Catamarans and the Endeavour 30. The Gemini is one of the most popular coastal cruiser cats made. It is 35 feet long with a single center-mounted diesel inboard engine, retractable centerboards for shallow-water cruising, and distinctive hard dodger. They usually have two cabins or three cabins and one or two heads.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jeremy Ryan Davidson (@jeremy_ryan_photo)

A third group of catamarans doesn’t fit neatly into these two categories. They lie somewhere between small, say 30 to 37 feet, and are built well enough to be considered bluewater boats. They take their designs from seaworthy British catamarans built in the 1980s and 1990s, namely those built by Catalac and Prout. These were solid boats built tough to take on the North Sea that earned the excellent reputation they still have today. The Island Packet PacketCat and Dean Catamarans 365 are two more recent examples.

They tend not to be as beamy as the French charter catamarans and are much less common. However, for owners lucky enough to find a good one, they make excellent long-distance cruisers and liveaboard boats.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Nadia & Joël autour du monde (@sailing_gypsy_sirena)

Of course, the smallest catamaran of all is the beach cat that everyone is familiar with. It’s nothing more than two small hulls connected by poles and netting. Fun and fast, there’s no better toy on the resort’s beach. They have no interior accommodation—they are just for day sailing. We’ll keep our discussion limited to liveaboard catamaran options. 

Catamarans appeal to many sailors, but the reasons folks like them vary from person to person. For example, some are in love with the way cats sail. Faster and lighter than monohulls, they speed up quickly in light wind and skip over the waves. 

Others prefer the living space aboard a catamaran. They usually have open, airy salons with tons of light and fresh air everywhere. Big windows are the norm, unlike monohulls described by many as “caves.”

Here are a few reasons to consider a small catamaran with cabin. 

  • Cheaper than bigger catamarans
  • Shallow draft for exploring more places, especially compared to fixed keels on monohulls
  • Easy handling and happy sailing
  • Large windows and great ventilation in the living space
  • Large, open cockpits to entertain guests
  • Faster cruising than a similar-sized monohull
  • More interior living space than a monohull
  • Does not heal under sail as monohulls do—rides flatter
  • Fits in more slips and at more marinas than larger, wider boats
  • The narrower the boat, the more boatyards are available to you
  • One diesel engine price tag—keeps boat and maintenance cheap compared to twin inboard diesels
  • Option for outboard engines, which saves even more money in maintenance—some smaller boats have one or two outboard engines
View this post on Instagram A post shared by Elena und Ben (@elenaundben)

There are some struggles for catamaran and would-be catamaran owners, of course. But, by far, the biggest problem you’ll face with choosing a small catamaran is the problem of having limited choices. There aren’t many cats in the world when you compare them to monohulls, and those catamarans you find are more expensive.

Another problem with small catamarans is that they are very sensitive to overloading. While they have lots of storage space, they can’t hold much weight. As the hulls ride lower in the water, sailing performance and overall stability decrease. In other words, a catamaran will hold less weight than a monohull of a similar length.

  • Fewer available on the market than monohulls
  • Interior space feels different than that on bigger models
  • Weight carrying capacity is less than may be required for comfortable long-distance cruising
  • Lack of overall stability due to narrower beams
  • Seakeeping and ride qualities are poorer than long cats
  • Some find the ride quality of shorter catamarans to be uncomfortable
  • Lightly built with thin fiberglass layups, susceptible to flexing issues—some require more repair and maintenance than similar-sized and aged monohulls
  • High-quality offshore models are hard to find
  • Low bridgedeck clearance may mean wave slapping and pounding with some boats on some points of sail

Tips When Shopping for a Small Catamaran Sailboat

Here are a few things to remember if you want to purchase a small catamaran with cabin. 

When looking at the latest models, you’ll see that catamaran construction has changed quite a bit in the last two decades. So it’s really important to understand what you like so much about your dream catamaran. 

Is it the open feeling you get when standing in the salon, looking out of those huge windows? Or is it the way you can easily walk from the salon to the cockpit to the side decks or helm without stepping up and over seats, in and out of a deep cockpit? What about the easy access to your dinghy, which is on davits at the rear? Or maybe it’s the way that there’s plenty of light below decks in your cabin, and the boat feels open and airy?

The choices look very different when you start downsizing and looking at small cruising cats. Some or all of these features were things that designers had to learn to do. In some cases, they’re still learning how to do them. And in some cases, they’re impossible to do on a small boat. 

Size (Of Your Liveaboard Catamaran) Matters

Small catamarans have never been and will never be designed to carry a load. Catamarans are performance-oriented, even if some are built for charter and look like condo buildings. When you stuff too much weight in a catamaran, its sailing characteristics are degraded. As the waterline gets lower and lower, the boat sails noticeably slower, and stability is adversely affected. 

As a result, it’s frightfully easy to overload a small catamaran. Going out for a daysail is easy, as you might only bring a towel and some water. But living aboard or traveling long distances is another thing entirely. With a catamaran under 37 feet, it is very difficult not to overload it while keeping enough stuff—tools, spare parts, food/groceries, water, fuel, clothes, gadgets, books, etc. Cats 35 feet and under can be dangerously overloaded, which is another reason these boats are usually not generally considered bluewater vessels.

This is one of the biggest reasons you don’t see many small catamarans being built and crossing oceans—most people need more stuff than a small cat can safely hold. 

So with the quality of the living space and the weight of your stuff in mind, most cruising couples are most comfortable on a 40 or 42-foot catamaran. Peformance-wise, a 42 or 44-foot catamaran is the sweet spot for most. Unfortunately, these boats are expensive! Much more so than a 35-footer. 

Shorter catamarans also handle big seas differently. The shorter a catamaran is, the more likely it is to hobby horse—the tendency towards a quick, bow-up bow-down motion at sea. This is another reason that 44-footers are ideal—they’re long enough to escape this tendency and ride better in open water. Plus, their longer waterlines and narrower hulls mean these bigger cats will be significantly faster on all points of sail. If you want to see a list of bigger catamarans, check out our list of the best liveaboard catamarans .

So, you must approach your choice with these things in mind. A lot of people downsize their plans to fit their budget. But are you willing to put up with the problems associated with a smaller catamaran than you need? Would a different type of boat actually suit your goals better?

small catamaran boat

Picking the Right Small Sail Catamaran

Every boat purchase is a compromise, and there is never a perfect boat that can do everything. First, keep a clear mental picture of your goals and what you love about the catamarans you’ve seen. Then, keep an open mind! There are so many different types of boats, and catamarans are just one of them. 

When you’re ready to start shopping for a small catamaran sailboat, check out our list of cheap catamarans for some great options in the under-40-foot range.

What are small catamarans called?

A small catamaran is a boat with two hulls. The smallest are beach catamarans like the Hobie Cat . For liveaboard sailors, small catamarans are between 35 and 40 feet long.

How much does a small catamaran cost?

Prices for small catamarans vary greatly depending on the boat’s popularity, quality, and design. For example, one of the most popular small liveaboard catamarans is the French-built Lagoon 380, built from 1999 to 2020. Depending on features, age, and location, these boats currently sell for between $200,000 and $400,000. On the other hand, the much smaller American-built Gemini 105MC can be found for half as much. 

What is the best small catamaran to live on?

Everyone is looking for something a little different in their liveaboard catamaran. The Lagoon 380 and Fountaine Pajot Mahe are popular options if you’re looking for a spacious and comfortable charter catamaran. 

What is the smallest catamaran to circumnavigate?

Many catamarans in the 35-foot range have successfully circumnavigated. Smaller ones have likely made the trip, albeit less comfortably. But generally, most sailors agree that a 38 to 40-foot cat would be the smallest size that should make the trip, and a 42 to 44-footer would be best. The WorldARC, a 15-month-long around-the-world sailing rally hosted by the World Cruising Club, requires boats to have a 40-foot length, although they will consider smaller vessels on a case-by-case basis.  

small performance catamaran

Matt has been boating around Florida for over 25 years in everything from small powerboats to large cruising catamarans. He currently lives aboard a 38-foot Cabo Rico sailboat with his wife Lucy and adventure dog Chelsea. Together, they cruise between winters in The Bahamas and summers in the Chesapeake Bay.

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small performance catamaran

small performance catamaran

Performance Catamaran Comparisons

Performance cruising cats are becoming more popular and mainstream. A lot more brands have become available on the market over the last 10 years. Some of the most popular and well known performance cat brands are Catana, Outremer, HH Catamarans, and Balance. These boats’ popularity is not only driven by their amazing sailing abilities but also by YouTube channels like Sailing La Vagabond with their Outremer 45 and Gone with the Wynns who recently bought an HH 50 OC.

We Joined the Performance Catamaran Enthusiasts!

Catamaran Guru acquired a Catana Ocean Class 50. We take possession of the boat in September 2022 at the Cannes Yachting Festival .  After a hiatus for a few years to focus on the Bali range, Catana released in 2022 their Catana OC 50 that has the industry abuzz including ourselves. Its new bulkhead helm station, the open plan design, the comfort, interior spaciousness, and the affordability convinced us to take the leap and buy one. Read our review here>>

Let’s Look at Some Fundamentals

Of course, before we bought the Catana OC 50, we did a little research on the most popular performance catamarans. We wanted to see how these boats compare in performance.  One of the big factors that determines performance is Power-to-Weight ratio (or sail area to displacement ratio). We calculated the Bruce number and SA/D for the Catana OC 50, HH 50 OC, HH 50 Performance, Balance 482, and Outremer 51 . This is not the be-all and end-all but one do get a good indication of performance for these boats in steady sea conditions.

But before we dive down into it, let’s heed this advice from two veterans in the industry. Measuring a multihull’s performance is a complex issue that we all tend to want to boil down to a simplistic solution, which it is not. In the words of Tony Grainger: “…as a species hard wired for optimism, we’re prone to magical thinking, especially in the hands of marketing pros and advocacy scientists delivering theoretical solutions to complex problems.” As he says, “Prediction of performance and actual Observation are two very different things”. Phillip Berman from Balance Catamarans concurs: “Even the most accurate input, polar performance numbers on cruising catamarans are seldom achieved”. So, take this for what it is, simply numbers on a spreadsheet.

Some definitions:

  • Bruce Number – a power-to-weight ratio for relative speed potential for comparing boats. It takes into consideration the displacement and sail area of main and jib (100% fore triangle only), no overlapping sails. Light boats are more easily driven than heavy boats and more sail gives you more drive.
  • SA/D (sail area / displacement ratio): indicates the power of the sail plan relative to the displacement of the boat, regardless of the length. 

We used the Bruce-SA/D calculator  to calculate the SA/D range of values:

  • 16 to 18 Heavy offshore cruisers
  • 18 to 22 Medium Cruisers
  • 22 to 26 Inshore cruisers, racing boats
  • 26 to 30 Extreme racing boats

Catamaran Measurements

small performance catamaran

Points of Consideration

  • We used the published numbers on the manufacturers’ websites to do the calculations and some of those numbers may be slightly off. We tried to verify but have not received feedback. Any input is welcome! 
  • We used only the mainsail and jib area on all the boats to get an apples to apples comparison.
  • The “Lightship Displacement” quoted in each of the manufacturer’s specifications was used in the Bruce number calculation. Note there is an anomaly in that the Outremer, which is the biggest boat with the least carbon fiber, is quoted as being the lightest boat of the group. We think the lightship displacement quoted on the Outremer website might be inaccurate because it is unlikely that a predominantly E-Glass boat would be lighter than a full Carbon boat such as the Balance or HH performance. If anyone has reliable numbers for Outremer, we would love to hear from you! *We have received new information and have updated the weight of the Balance with new actual published numbers.

Some Observations and Conclusion

For performance cruisers there is a fine balance between speed and comfort and they are not for everyone. Speed does not always make for comfort. Operation of daggerboards, bigger and more powerful rigs and more complex running rigging require more skill, making them not suitable for the average cruising sailor. The conclusion we drew from this exercise is that all these boats are essentially very similar cruisers with very similar performance characteristics, except for the Balance, which stands out as the real performance boat. *Updated information shows that this boat is very similar now to the other boats. We believe that most of these boats are capable of good performance in light conditions, which is of course the beauty of a performance cat. These are our observations:

  • The measurements for these boats are all very similar.
  • Balance is the lightest boat (full carbon) at 25,353lbs 29321lbs  with a big sail plan at 1,432 sq ft. These boats are super light and fast and moves in very light air.  *We updated the Balance weight with new actual published numbers. 
  • According to the SA/D numbers, the Balance is rated in the “extreme racing” category at 26.549 and a Bruce number of 1.292.   The Balance turns out to be very similar to the other boats SA/D “inshore cruisers / racing boats” category like the other boats
  • The rest of the cats all fall into the SA/D “inshore cruisers / racing boats” category. So, these boats should all perform similarly and sail well even in light conditions.
  • The Catana OC 50 (carbon deck and bulkheads) and the HH 50 Performance (full carbon), surprisingly are rated very similarly. The Catana is heavier but has a bigger sail plan and thus has similar performance to the HH.
  • The HH 50 OC has mini keels rather than daggerboards and will likely not have the same performance to weather as the daggerboard boats.
  • The Catana is the heaviest boat at 31,164lbs with the biggest sail area at 1469 sq ft.
  • The Catana has the highest load carrying capacity of 10,723lbs – great for cruising and living onboard.
  • The fuel tanks on both the HH catamarans are 4 times the size of the water tanks which is curious and nearly double the size of any of the other cats. That seems a little odd, but we could be wrong.
  • Fuel capacities vary greatly between the boats, with Outremer having the least fuel capacity at 88 gal.
  • Water capacity varies slightly, also. Catana and Balance carry around 210 gals while the others carry around 100 gals, which is a bit small for live aboard in our opinion.

We also concluded that while these stats are interesting data, they should not be the overriding factor when choosing a boat in the performance cruising category. Other factors to consider include quality, comfort, livability, equipment, safety, resale value, etc. Price is also a very big consideration. Balance (South Africa) and HH cats (China) are way more expensive than the French-built cats, Catana and Outremer, partly because the Balance and HH Performance are full carbon boats while the others have carbon infused deck and/or bulkheads. We believe that the Catana’s interior volume and comfort make it an extremely livable boat while still having the performance benefits of an express blue water cruiser and it is extremely affordable at around $1.5 million.

Having said all that, with the advancement of technology, more people will be able to sail these performance cats safely and will be able to afford them as more hulls are built and costs come down.

Here is another very interesting analysis Sailing into Freedom. The top 10 performance catamarans – Dazcat 1495, ORC 50, Odisea 48, Balance 526, Outremer 45, Outremer 51, Catana OC, HH 50, OC 50, Balance 482, HH44, Seawind 1370, Seawind 1600, Slyder 49, Privilege, Windelo 50. We would love for everyone to join the discussion. Let us know what you think in the comment box!

Learn how to sail a performance catamaran

Seaschool winching

Our sailing school facility in Fort Lauderdale will start training on the Catana OC 50 with certified RYA instructors in March 2023. Contact us for more information about our sailing school dates and pricing.

Picture of Wanda Anglin

Wanda Anglin

Join our community.

Get the latest on catamaran news, sailing events, buying and selling tips, community happenings, webinars & seminars, and much more!

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Best power catamarans: 6 of the best models on the market right now

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Power catamarans have become so popular in recent years. Alex Smith talks us through 6 of the most exciting models we've covered in the past 12 months...

With the promise of extra volume stability and running efficiency it’s easy to see why power catamarans have become so popular in recent years.

Established players like Sunreef , Leopard and Lagoon have been joined by new builders like Vandal, Archipelago and Moon Yachts.

Big brands like Prestige have also made them move into twin hulled motorboats in recent years, and the likes of Bluegame and Wider Yachts look set to follow suit.

So with the trend showing no signs of slowing here’s our round-up of some of the most exciting new power catamarans you can buy right now.

Article continues below…

Prestige M48 sea trial review: The smartest multihull on the planet?

Moon power 60 review: is this £3.7m adventure cat the next big thing, 6 of the best power catamarans available right now.


Prestige M48

Prestige’s first ever power catamaran is designed to provide the volume of a 60 footer alongside the running efficiency of a 40 footer, but the way it manages all that onboard space is also quite attractive.

A three-part aft swim platform features a raising central section to help extend the cockpit party out over the water. The foredeck mimics that with freestanding furniture right at the forepeak and between them the saloon includes a big-aft galley, a large port lounge and a compact helm with a handy starboard side door.

From here private stairwells to the forward owner’s cabin and each of the two guest cabins provide plenty of privacy, and the split design of the port ensuite means it works really well as a day head.

In terms of styling the freestanding bow furniture looks a bit odd, and in terms of dynamics the stooping bridge deck does tend to touch down when the swells get beyond a couple of feet.

But if you want an accessible, novice-friendly boat that provides a party platform way out of proportion to its length, the first model in Prestige’s M line has a lot going for it. And if you have the budget, the more recent Prestige M8 is an even more convincing piece of work.

Watch our full sea trial review of the Prestige M48


Moon Power 60

As a modified sailing cat, the Moon Power 60’s beam stands at a massive 53% of its overall length and that has a very clear impact on the inside.

In spite of huge side decks with dual access to the flybridge , the internal saloon occupies an enormous footprint. It’s used for a pair of peripheral seating areas plus a forward door to access a lovely sunken bow lounge.

Visibility from the lower helm is restricted by the big stuts that sit sailboat-style toward the centre of the screen, but performance is pretty impressive: a pair of 3,500L tanks give you a 2,000nm range at 8 knots with a fuel flow of just 3lpm, and if you really want to boost the range there’s plenty of space for extra fuel capacity too.

Up on the flybridge there’s a big symmetrical lounge and a hot tub flanked by sunbeds, and down below the two hulls borrow a bit of inboard space for four ensuite cabins.

The simplistic saloon arrangement, the absence of a day heads, and the sheer masculinity of that styling might prove a bit problematic for some, but if you’re okay with a modified sailing cat, and you’re happy to work with the yard to refine that deck layout, this big imposing long-distance boat is unlike anything else out there.

Watch our full sea trial review of the Moon Power 60


Invincible 33

Invincible is a well-respected American Builder with a strong offshore sports fishing heritage and close links with the US Navy, but it also builds high-performance power catamarans, and this impressive 33-footer is the entry point to that fleet.

It uses quite a narrow beam with asymmetrical chines and spray rails, which enable it to heel into a turn in much the same fashion as a monohull and to ride the chop without spitting clouds of spray over that bow.

Capable of 56 knots with twin 400hp Verado outboards , it can also reportedly achieve cruising economy of just 2.5lpm for a range of around 500nm.

The internal arrangements are also really practical – with high capacity deck drains and an automatic fresh water flushing system for the outboards you can simply hose this boat down after a trip and get on with your day.

The fuss-free fit out includes multiple bait wells as well as lots of drained, insulated lockers that do a great job as ice chests and storage spaces, and the squared off bow provides lots of seating to supplement the big open deck of that half cockpit.

It might be built with fishing in mind, but as a rapid offshore performance machine, this might just be the perfect power catamaran for monohull lovers.

Watch our yacht tour video of the Invincible 33


Archipelago 47

The Archipelago 47 is a seriously good looking boat. Built from aluminum on the Isle of Wight with design input from commercial specialist Chartwell Marine, its low roofline, reverse screen, wide beams, slender forward hulls, and raised bridge deck give it a seriously potent profile, and that’s precisely what this boat is all about.

The idea is to deliver proper long distance offshore performance alongside a handy turn of pace in a homely fit out, and the Archipelago delivers that.

Built from 8mm hull plating with 6mm topsides, this Category A boat is rated to carry 12 people and sleep up to eight people in four cabins.

Reserving one entire hull for the owner’s suite is a really attractive option, but in all cases headroom is great and huge vertical picture windows provide amazing views from bed level.

The saloon features a large galley and lounge, as well as a raised helm with a shut-off partition for night nav. There are still some design tweaks required, particularly at the helm and the aft end, to maximise this boat’s potential, and if you want a flybridge you’ll need to look toward the Archipelago 52 instead, because on this particular boat that’s not an option.

But with space up top for all kinds of expedition friendly tenders, toys, cranes and solar panels, this tough go anywhere power catamaran has plenty going for it.

Watch our full sea trial review of the Archipelago 47


Vandal Explorer

As a foil-assisted, outboard-powered, flybridge equipped, aluminium power catamaran, the Vandal Explorer is certainly not the mainstream choice, but of course it was never designed to be.

Created by Ben Mennem, who wants to enjoy the sun-drenched waters of the Med, in collaboration with Norwegian designer Espen Oeino, who loves outdoor adventures in the Nordic States, it seems to straddle both camps.

It uses a wide open main deck with skeletal bars rather than rigid bulkheads to keep you properly in touch with the sea. There’s also a big aft platform between the Verado XTO outboards, which operates as a passerelle, and thanks to a ladder and rain shower does a great job for watersports too.

Ahead of the cockpit lounge there’s a big transverse galley tucked inside the shelter of the pilothouse structure, and there’s also a raised full-beam bow cabin with a separate incinerator toilet.

It’s a bit noisy on that main deck when you’re underway and the limited two-berth arrangement of the base boat is likely to compel some people to question its overall practicality.

But as a tough and lightweight 40-knot boat with space for 14 people, a cool off-grid aesthetic and all the custom friendly flexibility you could want, its simplicity is actually a really key part of its appeal.

Watch our full sea trial review of the Vandal Explorer


The Aquila 44 is a proper wide-beam cruising cat

Built at Sino Eagle’s 1million sqft facility in China and developed in collaboration with the renowned J&J Design Group, Aquila is a specialist power catamaran builder and that absolutely shows.

Capable of up to 20 knots with the top rated Volvo Penta D4 420s, the Aquila 44 uses bow bulbs for extra waterline length, a softer ride and improved stability at displacement speeds.

But is the way it uses its 21ft beam that really impresses. In the aft cockpit a convivial c-shape dinette sits opposite a fold-out bar at the aft galley.

At the bow a set of steps connects the foredeck lounge directly to the flybridge, which is great for practicality as well as for large partie, and up top a central walkaround helm pod keeps things more sociable and inclusive than on any other boat in this class.

There’s a proper main deck helm too if you want it, plus sleeping for six in three private ensuite cabins, including a brilliant owner’s cabin that occupies the full beam beneath that foredeck.

If you need extra performance and style you could of course look toward the brand’s smaller, narrow-beamed, outboard-powered sport line, but for proper power catamaran lovers this big, cleverly arranged entertainment platform feels exactly right.

Watch our yacht tour video of the Aquila 44

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10 Affordable Cruising Catamarans

  • By Phil Berman
  • Updated: May 24, 2024

Orana 44

So, you want to get a catamaran , sail off into the sunset, and capture some magic with your lover or family for a few years. You have no ambition to sail around the world or to live aboard forever, but think a one- or two-year sabbatical might be life-changing. You’d like to sail the US East Coast, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, perhaps the Med—or up and down the West Coast and on to Mexico and Central America. You have $300,000 or less to spend and want a catamaran you can sell at the end of the journey without consuming a bottle of Tylenol to blunt the pain. 

The good news is that this is quite achievable. The bad news is that there is a vast wave of baby boomers who are all looking for the same thing—and for right around the same price. This makes finding a good deal on a great used catamaran a lot of work, even working with a broker. But, it’s possible. You just need to keep an open mind.

The other good news, which might seem surprising, is that an older catamaran, besides being more affordable, might sail just as well—or even better—than the same-size new cat that will cost considerably more. Yes, the older model might have less room inside and lack the latest condo-on-the-water styling, but it was designed and built before the current trend to supersize the newer generations of multihulls at the expense of sailing performance.

Here’s my advice to the cat hunter on a budget: Don’t get too hung up on the length of the boat. Instead, focus on the spatial and payload requirements you seek and which can be achieved within your budget. And best not get too focused on must-have features—what I jokingly call “surround-sound beds.” Catamaran designs and interiors have gone through massive changes in the past 10 to 20 years, and most older designs simply cannot compete with the new ones in terms of space and high-end amenities.

None of the cool cats I have in mind are over 47 feet. This is not because there aren’t bargain boats out there that are 47 feet and longer, but because any larger multihull that you can buy for $300,000 or less will most assuredly need a significant refit or is either very old or very odd. Buying a fixer-upper is, to my mind, the most dangerous thing a budget-minded consumer can do. It’s just too easy to underestimate the cost of yacht refits and repairs due to the extremely high prices charged in most boatyards. 

RELATED: 20 Best Cruising and Sailing Destinations

Nearly any cat you buy over 10 years old is fully depreciated. What we were selling a Lagoon 440 for eight or 10 years ago is nearly the same as what they sell for today. The difference between a good deal and a bad deal is tied solely to a yacht’s condition and refit history. As they joke in private-equity circles, “Any idiot can buy; you deserve congratulations only when you sell.”   

So, when your search gets underway, focus on ­condition—it is far more important than the year, brand or features you might crave. And when you find the cat of your dreams, the best way to remove financial-downside risk is to get a great survey and to choose the newest, smallest cat that will work for your agenda, not the oldest and biggest.

– CHECK THE WEATHER – The weather changes all the time. Always check the forecast and prepare for the worst case. Safety Tip Provided by the U.S. Coast Guard

And a word of caution: Your problem will be knowing a good deal from a bad one after the survey is over if you are not well-schooled in pricing. Besides steering you toward potential boats to consider, this is where a broker, working on your behalf, can provide knowledgeable advice. It’s been my experience that this is the point when so many yacht sales come apart: a dispute over the value of a given yacht when the survey results come in. All too commonly we see buyers reject yachts they should have accepted and purchase cats they should have rejected. Remember, a used yacht is a used yacht—not a perfect yacht. A catamaran need not be perfect to remain a perfectly good deal. Here, then, are 10 cool cats to ­consider in the ­$300,000-or-less range:

1. Fountaine Pajot Orana 44 (above)

Fountaine Pajot had the misfortune of tooling up this boat just before the global financial crisis, so not that many of them were built between 2007 and 2012. But these were the first of the larger-space charter cats in this size, but not yet so porky that they still could not sail decently. In the three-­cabin owner’s version, they designed the living space very nicely; even in the four-cabin version, the aft starboard bed was very well-done. 

During this period, Fountaine Pajot had problems with the resin it was using, which led to blistering on the hulls and undersides. Affected models therefore had new bottoms done at approved shipyards throughout the world. Make sure the one you are considering had this done or that it doesn’t show evidence of significant blistering. Honestly it is only cosmetic, but it will impact resale if not repaired. Many consumers think blisters are the end of the world; frankly, they are not.


2. Catana 431

Built in France by a long-­standing yard, the Catana 431 was always a very viable vessel because it is big enough to go anywhere, but not too large for a competent owner to handle. And because the 431 has good underwing clearance and daggerboards, it sails smartly to windward. 

That said, there are a few things to watch for. The primary bulkheads on many of these boats were not tabbed on the outer ends, and over time tended to distort. Often this led, or will lead, to a costly replacement of some bulkheads. So be careful to survey these areas properly. 

The 431′s furniture is all foam-cored and handmade, but the banding on the outer edges in some cases slowly starts to peel, which allows moisture to infect the wood veneer. This can create a somewhat unsightly appearance in the cabinets and drawers. It is only a cosmetic issue, but it can make the interior feel a bit worn out. 

During the period when the 431 was being built, Catana used a distributive electrical card system, and the boats had several modules, each a zone, to which electricity was run. If one thing in a zone stops working, the only solution is to jury-rig a wire from that nonworking item back to the main breaker panel. Replacing the modules or getting them repaired can be done, but it is getting harder by the year. For this reason, the best 431 is a boat that someone else had rewired at some point along the way.


3. Lagoon 470

If you need a larger escape pod, the Lagoon 470 is one of our favorites. This model of older Lagoons was built at CNB’s yard in Bordeaux, France, and the build quality was high. The 470 was the first design to have the more-vertical windows that are a Lagoon signature, and ample saloon headroom. The 470s are also old enough that the hulls were not so supersize that it compromised sailing performance. They have decent underwing clearance, so they are not persistent pounders to windward. Many were built with a galley-down layout, some in galley-up style. You will always pay more for an owner version of this or any model. 

The big thing you have to concern yourself with on Lagoons of this vintage is that the hulls and decks are made with a balsa core, so it is not uncommon to find moisture problems, especially around deck fittings or hatches. This can sometimes require rebedding or recoring areas, and this sort of repair, in North America, can be a costly undertaking. Make sure you get good moisture-meter readings near all deck fittings and, of course, on the hulls. Hulls, however, tend less often to have moisture issues because there are few fittings through which water can enter the core. Were that to happen below the waterline, it is a real mess that must be repaired immediately and properly.

– CARRY A BEACON – Satellite beacons such as EPIRBs or PLBs allow boaters to transmit distress signals and their exact coordinates from anywhere on the planet, no cell service required. It may be the best $400 you ever spend. Safety Tip Provided by the U.S. Coast Guard


4. Privilège 435

Back when the Privilège 435 was built, Privilège catamarans were constructed by Alliaura Marine in France, and they were truly the Mercedes of the multihull world at that time. While not a performance cat by any means, the 435 was a super-solid yacht, built with great care and the finest components. The 435 is large enough to go anywhere but small enough to handle easily. 

The largest negative of this model—and many cats of this vintage—is that the saloon windows slope dramatically, so the interior gets very hot unless the windows are covered most of the time. When they legalize growing pot on catamarans, here’s the perfect greenhouse for it! Seriously, if you should buy a used 435, you really have to get strong sunblocking external UV covers, as well as interior blinds or shades to inhibit heat buildup. 

Some of the 435s were laid out with the galley down in one hull, and these days most people want a galley-up arrangement, where cooking and food preparation are done in the saloon. A three-cabin galley-up owner version will be far more sought after and cost more than a four-cabin galley-down version. 


5. Leopard 46

This was the first of the Morrelli & Melvin collaborations with South African builder Robertson and Caine and the charter companies owned at the time by TUI Marine to create a catamaran that could be sold both into charter under the Moorings brand and also privately as a Leopard, so effort was made to design a boat with good sailing performance. Gino Morrelli did a good job creating a lot of underwing clearance, the 46 has a powerful rig, and yet its interior still offers spacious sleeping areas and nice flow from the cockpit to the saloon. These can be bought as ex-Moorings charter boats for less than $300,000 but are more costly in the sought-after Leopard owner version.

Because these are balsa-­cored boats, you must inspect deck fittings carefully for moisture incursion. Some of the earlier ones also experienced structural problems on the aft bulkhead and over-door-frame areas between saloon and cockpit. Also, during this period, the windows in the main saloon had a tendency to leak and, when they did, required rebedding or replacement. This was a costly job, so check this out carefully during survey.

Knysna 440

6. St. Francis 44/Knysna 440

If you wish to spend under $250,000, the older Saint Francis 44 and Knysna 440 are worth a look.

Back in 1990, Duncan Lethbridge started St. Francis Catamarans in South Africa with the St. Francis 43. The boat was meant to be a fast, strong bluewater voyager—and it was. The 43 was made with foam core, keeping the structure light, and it was very strongly built, with a powerful rig. The 43 loved to sail. And so too did the St. Francis 44, an updated version of the original. 

The boat did have a couple of negatives, however, the first being its sloped windows that built up interior heat. And the boat wasn’t a great fit for tall people, having less than 6-foot-2-inch headroom in the hulls. Also, the engines were installed amidships, which made the boat noisy inside under power. It also made the amidships areas of the hulls too narrow to have centrally located heads and showers, which in turn meant the only layout available was a four-­cabin, four-head design. In the forward cabins, the heads and showers had to be far forward; in the aft cabins, the heads and showers were located far aft.

St. Francis sold the tooling for the 44 to Knysna Yachts in 2004, and Knysna raised the headroom in the saloon and moved the engines aft to each stern. The hulls remained fundamentally the same, but the design was improved nicely. 

The largest negative of both the Saint Francis 44 and the Knysna 440 is that they have very low underwing clearance. Things can get pretty noisy when pushing against ­washing-machine seas. 

But you cannot have it all and still pay less than $250,000 in a midsize cat; compromises must be made. And these boats do sail quite smartly compared with many in their size range.

Lagoon 440 catamaran

7. Lagoon 440

This was the most popular catamaran ever made, and it started the catamaran flybridge craze, which helped to convert many powerboaters to sailors. 

What I like about the 440 is that it is an infinitely better sailer than some of its peers, and has decent underwing clearance, vertical windows, and nice cabins for sleeping and living. While the aft cockpit is rather small, the saloon is quite large.

Flybridges are a bit of a love-hate thing. There is no question that in a cat of this size, the windward performance suffers a bit due to the boom positioned so high off the water. When piloting, the skipper is separated from those on the bridgedeck. Part of the reason flybridges are so popular in charter is that most of the parties take place up there while sailing and at anchor. In private ownership, however, it is seldom that everyone is hanging out on the flybridge during a long passage. 

As always with Lagoons, these are balsa-cored boats, so a careful survey is in order. Pay attention also to bulkhead ­tabbing to make sure they have not separated from the hulls.

Because so many of the 440s were built to go into charter, there are a lot of four-cabin, four-head models for resale. These will sell for considerably less on the ­brokerage market than a ­coveted three-cabin, ­private-owner model.

– CHECK THE FIT – Follow these guidelines to make sure your life jacket looks good, stays comfortable and works when you need it. Safety Tip Provided by the U.S. Coast Guard

Leopard 40 catamaran

8. Leopard 40

When you get into the 40-foot size range, a four-cabin layout can become pretty cramped and claustrophobic below, but the three-cabin owner version of the Leopard 40 is a very nice pocket cruiser. A Morrelli & Melvin design, the 40 has good underwing clearance and nicely shaped hulls. Not a large cat, per se, and less-suited for significant distance sailing than others because its payload is limited, the 40 is still well-suited for a couple and a child or two for near-coastal and ­island-hopping action.

Manta catamaran

9. Manta 42

If you are searching for a cat in the $200,000 range, the Manta 42s were well-built in Florida, and their electrical systems were very well-done compared with many other multihulls of that era. While many of the features on the boat are quite dated, these Mantas sail very well, and easily, and have been popular with coastal cruisers for two decades. 

The largest negative of the Mantas is that people taller than 6 feet will find the saloon headroom right on the edge, and the berths are not especially large. Also, forward visibility from the saloon windows is not particularly panoramic, so the interiors are a bit darker inside than current-­generation catamarans.

Lagoon catamaran

10. Lagoon 410

The Lagoon 410 was quite a popular cat in its prime, and for good reason. It offers lots of visibility thanks to its vertical windows, good headroom for a cat of its size, nice berths, and a workable, though smallish, galley-up design. The 410 has decent underwing clearance, can sail nicely over the waves, and its singlehanded operation is super easy. In the three-cabin owner’s configuration, it’s just a very cool little cat.

As always, a balsa-core boat must be surveyed carefully, especially on deck, for moisture incursion near fittings and hatches. It can be costly to repair rotted core and to rebed deck fittings. But find a dry one, and it should definitely be counted as a contender for a buyer with a limited budget. 

Phil Berman is the president of the Multihull Company and the founder of Balance Catamarans. He has managed the sale of more than 900 catamarans.

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ArrowCat Power Catamarans Unmatched Craftsmanship Meets Unyielding Spirit

Experience the thrill of the open water with unparalleled comfort and tailored craftsmanship. Whether you are cruising the coastlines or anchored in serene bays, your ArrowCat power catamaran is your gateway to a life of adventure and tranquility.

Introducing Our Newest Addition, The 20' Power Cat Center Console Model

We intentionally designed this model to be simple and plain – simple to take the boat out, simple to use and to maintain, plain by allowing you the flexibility to customize it according to your preferences.

ArrowCat 20cc

This 20-foot center console is built with strength and purpose, designed for ease and simplicity. Effortlessly take it out on the water, and enjoy straightforward maintenance and operation. Its clean, adaptable design allows for extensive customization, whether on your own or through a dealer.

Fully Planing Hull Design LOA: 19′ 4″ / 5.89 meters Beam: 8′ 4″ / 2.54 meters Draft: 10″ / 0.254 meters

small performance catamaran

Explore Our 32' and 42' Signature Cabin Models

Perfect for inshore and offshore cruising, long distance and overnight trips, cold off seasons and hot boating seasons, and much more. The ArrowCat 32-foot and 42-foot models provide an exciting and versatile experience on the water. Explore to see which one could best suit your boating lifestyle.

arrowcat boat on water

ArrowCat 320

Merging express cruiser elegance with catamaran stability, the ArrowCat 320 Coupe features a planing hull design for smooth, swift rides. Powered by twin outboard motors, it promises dynamic performance and exhilarating adventures on every voyage.

Standard Layout: 2 Cabins/ 1 Wet Head Optional Tower Option LOA: 31′ 2″ / 9.5 meters Beam: 10’ / 3.05 meters Draft: 20″ / 0.508 meters

ArrowCat 420 Coupe

The ArrowCat 420 Coupe combines the luxury of an express cruiser yacht with the stability of a catamaran hull. Designed with a planing hull for agile, efficient navigation and powered by twin outboard motors, it delivers unmatched performance for your ocean adventures.

Standard Layout: 2 Cabins/ 1 Full Head LOA: 41′ 9″ / 12.73 meters Beam: 14′ 9″ / 4.50 meters Draft: 18″ / 0.46 meters

42 ft flybridge cruising catamaran

ArrowCat 420 Flybridge

 This luxury express cruiser yacht boasts a catamaran hull for superior stability and a planing hull design that ensures efficient, agile handling. Powered by twin outboard motors, it offers robust performance. The addition of a flybridge enhances your view and enjoyment, making every journey unforgettable.

Standard Layout: 2 Cabins/ 1 Full Head LOA: 41′ 9″ / 12.73 meters Beam: 14′ 9″ / 4.50 meters Draft: 20″ / 0.51 meters

Our Unique Design

Enjoy your boat year-round and stay warm and dry during cooler weather or overnight trips, while also having a comfortable and private space to retreat for whenever you need a break. Here are a few reasons why an ArrowCat power cat is an excellent boat to consider.

Catamarans have two hulls, which provide more stability in the water. They are less likely to roll or pitch, which means they offer a more comfortable ride, especially in rough conditions and for people who are prone to seasickness.

Power catamarans are typically more fuel-efficient than monohull boats of the same size. It requires less energy and yields more performance per HP. The two hulls create little to no drag or resistance to get on plane, resulting in greater fuel economy. Allowing for longer journeys with fewer refueling stops. 

Power catamarans have a shallow draft which means they can navigate diverse cruising grounds – beaches, islands, rivers, channels, and coastal areas with limited water depth. 

Express Cruiser

Cabin boats are designed with comfortable sleeping quarters and living spaces. They feature a sleeping space with a bed, a galley with a stove, sink, and refrigerator, and a head with a shower and toilet.

Cabin boats provide protection from the elements, such as wind, sun, and rain. This allows for comfortable cruising in a variety of weather conditions, as well as providing a haven during storms

Express cruisers are designed for efficient and fast navigation, offering higher speeds compared to traditional cruising boats. They usually have powerful engines that enable them to cover long distances quickly, making them ideal for day trips or weekend getaways.

Powered By Outboard Motors

Outboard motors can provide excellent performance and speed. They can often reach higher speeds than inboard motors of the same horsepower.

Outboard motors have a simple and standard design and are relatively easy to install, they do not require additional components such as a transmission, propeller shaft, couplings, and struts, that inboard engines do. They are easily assessable and cost less to maintain than inboard motors because they are mounted outside at the rear of the boat.

Outboard motors are often designed with features that make them easy to maneuver. For example, they can be tilted or rotated to provide precise control and handling in tight spaces and shallower waters.

Experience A Smooth, Fast, And Stable Ride

Discover the unparalleled stability and speed of an ArrowCat power catamaran. Connect with our experts to schedule your sea trial today and experience the thrill firsthand.

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  • Asia  (3)
  •     Malaysia  (1)
  •     Thailand  (0)
  • Atlantic  (154)
  •     Bahamas  (7)
  •     Canada  (0)
  •     Chesapeake Bay  (29)
  •     Florida  (77)
  •     Georgia  (9)
  •     New England  (7)
  •     North Carolina  (0)
  •     South Carolina  (12)
  •     Texas  (0)
  • Atlantic South  (2)
  •     South Africa  (1)
  •     South America  (0)
  • Caribbean  (68)
  •     Antigua  (0)
  •     Belize  (1)
  •     BVI  (0)
  •     Colombia  (0)
  •     Costa Rica  (0)
  •     Grenada  (6)
  •     Guatemala  (2)
  •     Jamaica  (0)
  •     Martinique  (0)
  •     Mexico  (0)
  •     Panama  (9)
  •     Puerto Rico  (2)
  •     Sint Maarten  (0)
  •     USVI  (0)
  • Europe  (30)
  •     England  (0)
  •     France  (2)
  •     Greece  (8)
  •     Italy  (4)
  •     Portugal  (0)
  •     Spain  (4)
  •     Turkey  (0)
  •     United Kingdom  (0)
  • Indian Ocean  (2)
  •     Tanzania  (0)
  • Pacific  (23)
  •     Australia  (1)
  •     British Columbia  (1)
  •     California  (5)
  •     Fiji  (0)
  •     Hawaii  (0)
  •     Mexico Pacific  (7)
  •     New Zealand  (0)
  •     Oregon  (1)
  •     Panama Pacific  (1)
  •     South Pacific  (4)
  •     Washington  (1)

Large Multihulls

  • Fastback 43 (Chesapeake Bay)
  • Fountaine Pajot Saona 47 (Europe)
  • PDQ Antares 42 (Florida)
  • Stealth 11.8 (California)
  • Catathai 44 Grand Voyage (Atlantic South)
  • Lagoon 410 S2 (Georgia)
  • Custom Current Marine 46 (New England)

Lagoon 380 (California)

  • Lagoon 450F (Atlantic)
  • Lagoon 42 (Atlantic)
  • Lagoon 52F (Caribbean)
  • Lagoon 40 (Europe)
  • Lagoon 560 (Caribbean)
  • Leopard 48 (South Carolina)
  • Catana 471 (Malaysia)
  • Leopard 39 PC (Chesapeake Bay)

Lagoon 380 S2 (Caribbean)

  • Leopard 44 (Georgia)
  • Lagoon 410 (Florida)
  • Aquila 48 Powercat (Atlantic)
  • Leopard 44 (Greece)
  • Lagoon 46 (Florida)
  • Lagoon 410 (Panama)
  • Leopard 46 Lion PC (South Carolina)
  • Scape 39 Performance (Florida)
  • Lagoon 450 (Florida)

Catana 381 (Europe)

  • Leopard 48 (Greece)
  • Leopard 47 (Puerto Rico)
  • Morrelli and Melvin 46 Custom (Chesapeake Bay)
  • Leopard 42 (South Carolina)
  • Leopard 40 (Florida)
  • Leopard 45 (Caribbean)
  • Lagoon 42 (Mexico Pacific)
  • Leopard 40 (Panama)
  • Leopard 40 (South Carolina)
  • Leopard 46 (Caribbean)
  • Lagoon 43 PC (Florida)
  • St. Francis 44 Mk II (Florida)
  • Leopard 44 (Mexico Pacific)

Leopard 39 (South Carolina)

  • Catana 42 Owners (Chesapeake Bay)
  • Fountaine Pajot Belize 43 (Caribbean)
  • Lagoon 410 S2 (Florida)
  • Fountaine Pajot Lucia 40 (South Carolina)

Lagoon 380 (South Pacific)

  • Leopard 46 (Chesapeake Bay)
  • Manta 42 (Florida)
  • Custom Trimarine GP 70 (Spain)
  • Lagoon 500 (Caribbean)

Pocket Catamarans

Hopyacht 30 (florida), fountaine pajot 35 tobago (florida), fp 36 mahe (florida), catalac 9m (oregon), fountaine pajot 35 tobago (bahamas), endeavourcat 30 (new england), marstrom seacart 30 (california), island packet 35 cat (atlantic), endeavourcat 36 (florida), privilege 37 owner version (grenada), seawind 1000 xl (florida), aventura 37 (caribbean), endeavour victory 35 (mexico pacific), gemini freestyle 37 (new england), gemini legacy 35 (florida), gemini legacy 35 (caribbean), gemini 105m (florida), gemini 105m (california), gemini 105mc (florida), power catamarans.

  • Endeavour 44 TrawlerCat (Florida)
  • Lagoon 44 PC (Caribbean)
  • Lagoon 43 Power (Atlantic)
  • Aquila 44 (Florida)
  • Endeavour 50 Pilothouse Trawler (Florida)
  • Aquila 44 Yacht (South Carolina)
  • Lagoon Seventy 8 (Asia)
  • Aquila 44 (Asia)
  • Fountaine Pajot Summerland 40 (Atlantic)
  • FP Ipanema 58 Power (Caribbean)
  • Nautitech 47 Power (Puerto Rico)
  • Aquila 44 Yacht (Florida)
  • Malcolm Tennant 68 Power (Washington)
  • Gold Coast 70 Wave Piercer (Caribbean)
  • Gemini Freestyle 399 Power (Chesapeake Bay)
  • Custom 102 Power Cat (Europe)

Sale Pending

  • Lagoon 52 F (Atlantic)
  • Lagoon 39 (Chesapeake Bay)
  • Manta 42 Mk IV (South Carolina)
  • Catalac 9m (Greece)
  • Lagoon 440 (Pacific)
  • Lagoon 400 (Florida)
  • Bali 4.8 (Caribbean)

Leopard 38 (Florida)

  • Lagoon 42 (Florida)
  • Fountaine Pajot 46 Bahia (Florida)
  • Lagoon 400 S2 (Florida)
  • Neel 45 (Florida)
  • Lagoon 440 Owner Version (Georgia)
  • Lagoon 400 Owner Version (Atlantic)
  • Privilege 435 EZC (New England)
  • Lagoon 450S Owners (Florida)
  • Fountaine Pajot Isla 40 (Atlantic)
  • Admiral  (0)
  •     Admiral 38  (0)
  •     Admiral 40  (0)
  • African Cats  (0)
  •     Fastcat 445  (0)
  • Americat  (0)
  •     Americat 3014  (0)
  • Antares  (0)
  •     Antares 44  (0)
  • Aquila  (5)
  •     Aquila 44  (4)
  •     Aquila 48 Power Catamaran  (1)
  • Aventura  (1)
  •     Aventura 37  (1)
  • Bali  (14)
  •     Bali 4.0  (0)
  •     Bali 4.1  (2)
  •     Bali 4.2  (2)
  •     Bali 4.3  (1)
  •     Bali 4.4  (1)
  •     Bali 4.5  (2)
  •     Bali 4.6  (0)
  •     Bali 4.8  (2)
  •     Bali 40 Catspace  (1)
  •     Bali 5.4  (3)
  •     Bali Catsmart  (0)
  • Beneteau  (0)
  •     Beneteau Blue II  (0)
  • Broadblue  (0)
  •     Broadblue 38 Prestige  (0)
  •     Broadblue 385  (0)
  •     Broadblue 435  (0)
  • Catalac  (2)
  •     Catalac 10M  (0)
  •     Catalac 11M  (0)
  •     Catalac 12M  (0)
  •     Catalac 8M  (0)
  •     Catalac 900  (0)
  •     Catalac 9M  (2)
  • Catana  (11)
  •     Catana 381  (1)
  •     Catana 39  (0)
  •     Catana 401  (0)
  •     Catana 40S  (1)
  •     Catana 411  (0)
  •     Catana 42  (1)
  •     Catana 42 S  (0)
  •     Catana 431  (0)
  •     Catana 44  (1)
  •     Catana 471  (2)
  •     Catana 50  (2)
  •     Catana 521  (1)
  •     Catana 531  (0)
  •     Catana 55  (0)
  •     Catana 581  (1)
  •     Catana 65  (1)
  • Catathai  (1)
  •     Catathai 44  (1)
  • Chris White  (0)
  •     Chris White 48 Voyager  (0)
  •     Chris White 55  (0)
  • Condor  (1)
  •     Condor 40  (1)
  • Contour  (0)
  •     Contour 34  (0)
  • Corsair  (0)
  •     Corsair F28 R  (0)
  • Cross  (0)
  • Crowther  (0)
  • Custom  (10)
  • De Villiers  (0)
  • Dean  (1)
  •     Dean 365  (0)
  •     Dean 400  (0)
  •     Dean 440  (1)
  • Dix  (0)
  •     Dix DH550  (0)
  • Dolphin  (3)
  •     Dolphin 380  (1)
  •     Dolphin 460  (2)
  • Edel  (0)
  •     Edel 35  (0)
  • Endeavour  (5)
  •     Endeavour 30  (1)
  •     Endeavour 35 Victory  (1)
  •     Endeavour 36  (1)
  •     Endeavour 44  (0)
  •     Endeavour 44 TrawlerCat  (1)
  •     Endeavour 50 Pilothouse Trawler  (1)
  • Excess  (0)
  •     Excess 11  (0)
  • Farrier  (0)
  •     F-41  (0)
  • Fastback  (1)
  •     Fastback 43  (1)
  • Fisher  (0)
  •     Fisher 28  (0)
  • Fortuna  (0)
  •     Fortuna 36 Island Spirit  (0)
  •     Fortuna 401 Island Spirit  (0)
  • Fountaine Pajot  (29)
  •     FP 32 Maldives  (0)
  •     FP 35 Tobago  (2)
  •     FP 36 Mahe  (1)
  •     FP 37 Antigua  (0)
  •     FP 38 Athena  (1)
  •     FP 39 Fidji  (0)
  •     FP 40 Isla  (3)
  •     FP 40 Lavezzi  (0)
  •     FP 40 Lucia  (2)
  •     FP 40 MY  (0)
  •     FP 40 Summerland MY  (1)
  •     FP 41 Lipari  (2)
  •     FP 42 Astrea  (0)
  •     FP 42 Venezia  (0)
  •     FP 43 Belize  (2)
  •     FP 44 Helia  (4)
  •     FP 44 Orana  (1)
  •     FP 45 Elba  (1)
  •     FP 46 Bahia  (1)
  •     FP 46 Casamance  (0)
  •     FP 48 Salina  (3)
  •     FP 50 Saba  (1)
  •     FP 56 Marquises  (0)
  •     FP 58 Ipanema  (2)
  •     FP 60 Eleuthera  (1)
  •     FP Saona 47  (1)
  • Fusion  (1)
  •     Fusion 40  (1)
  • Gemini  (7)
  •     Gemini 105  (3)
  •     Gemini 3000  (0)
  •     Gemini 3200  (0)
  •     Gemini 3400  (0)
  •     Gemini Freestyle 37  (1)
  •     Gemini Freestyle 399 Power  (1)
  •     Gemini Legacy 35  (2)
  • General  (0)
  • Grainger  (0)
  •     Grainger 420 Mystery Cove  (0)
  • Gunboat  (1)
  •     Gunboat 55  (1)
  • Hirondelle  (0)
  •     Hirondelle 7M  (0)
  • HopYacht  (1)
  •     HopYacht 30  (1)
  • Hughes  (1)
  • Island Packet  (1)
  •     Island Packet Cat 35  (1)
  • Kelsall  (0)
  • Kennex  (0)
  •     Kennex 420  (0)
  • Knysna  (2)
  •     Knysna 440  (0)
  •     Knysna 500  (1)
  •     Knysna 550  (1)
  • Lagoon  (87)
  •     Lagoon 35  (0)
  •     Lagoon 37 TPI  (0)
  •     Lagoon 380  (8)
  •     Lagoon 39  (1)
  •     Lagoon 40  (1)
  •     Lagoon 400  (6)
  •     Lagoon 410  (6)
  •     Lagoon 42  (10)
  •     Lagoon 42 TPI  (1)
  •     Lagoon 420  (3)
  •     Lagoon 421  (1)
  •     Lagoon 43 PC  (2)
  •     Lagoon 44 Power Cat  (1)
  •     Lagoon 440  (4)
  •     Lagoon 450  (13)
  •     Lagoon 46  (4)
  •     Lagoon 470  (1)
  •     Lagoon 50  (2)
  •     Lagoon 500  (7)
  •     Lagoon 52F  (6)
  •     Lagoon 55  (2)
  •     Lagoon 560  (5)
  •     Lagoon 570  (1)
  •     Lagoon 620  (1)
  •     Lagoon Seventy 8  (1)
  • Leeuwin  (0)
  •     Leeuwin 42  (0)
  • Leopard  (30)
  •     Leopard 38  (4)
  •     Leopard 39  (2)
  •     Leopard 39 PowerCat  (1)
  •     Leopard 40  (4)
  •     Leopard 42  (1)
  •     Leopard 43  (0)
  •     Leopard 44  (3)
  •     Leopard 45  (2)
  •     Leopard 45 Classic  (1)
  •     Leopard 46  (5)
  •     Leopard 46 Lion PowerCat  (1)
  •     Leopard 47  (3)
  •     Leopard 47 PowerCat  (0)
  •     Leopard 48  (3)
  •     Leopard 50  (0)
  •     Leopard 51 PowerCat  (0)
  •     Leopard 53 PowerCat  (0)
  •     Leopard 58  (0)
  • Lidgard  (1)
  •     Lidgard 73 Executive  (1)
  • Looping  (0)
  •     Looping 50  (0)
  • Maine Cat  (1)
  •     Maine Cat 30  (0)
  •     Maine Cat 38  (1)
  •     Maine Cat 41  (0)
  • Manta  (5)
  •     Manta 40  (3)
  •     Manta 42  (2)
  • Matrix  (0)
  •     Matrix 450 Vision  (0)
  • Maverick  (0)
  •     Maverick 400  (0)
  •     Maverick 420  (0)
  • Moxie  (1)
  •     Moxie 61  (1)
  • Nautitech  (9)
  •     Nautitech 40  (0)
  •     Nautitech 40 Open  (1)
  •     Nautitech 44 Open  (1)
  •     Nautitech 442  (0)
  •     Nautitech 46 Open  (5)
  •     Nautitech 47  (0)
  •     Nautitech 47 Power  (1)
  •     Nautitech 65  (1)
  • Neel  (1)
  •     Neel 45  (1)
  • Oceanlake Marine AB  (1)
  •     Seacart 30  (1)
  • Outremer  (0)
  •     Outremer 40  (0)
  •     Outremer 50 Standard  (0)
  •     Outremer 5X  (0)
  • PDQ  (1)
  •     PDQ 32  (0)
  •     PDQ 36  (0)
  •     PDQ 42 Antares  (1)
  • Privilege  (8)
  •     Privilege 37  (1)
  •     Privilege 39  (0)
  •     Privilege 42  (0)
  •     Privilege 43  (0)
  •     Privilege 435  (1)
  •     Privilege 45  (0)
  •     Privilege 465  (0)
  •     Privilege 48 Transcat  (0)
  •     Privilege 482  (0)
  •     Privilege 495  (1)
  •     Privilege 510  (2)
  •     Privilege 65  (1)
  •     Privilege Serie 5  (2)
  • Prout  (2)
  •     Prout 31 Quest  (0)
  •     Prout 33 Quest  (0)
  •     Prout 34 Event  (0)
  •     Prout 35 Snowgoose  (0)
  •     Prout 37 Snowgoose  (0)
  •     Prout 37 Snowgoose Elite  (0)
  •     Prout 38  (0)
  •     Prout 38 Manta  (0)
  •     Prout 39 Escale  (0)
  •     Prout 45  (2)
  •     Prout 46  (0)
  • Royal Cape  (2)
  •     Royal Cape 45  (1)
  •     Royal Cape 500 Majestic  (0)
  •     Royal Cape 530 Majestic  (1)
  • Sailcraft  (0)
  •     Sailcraft 32 Comanche  (0)
  •     Sailcraft 35 Cherokee  (0)
  •     Sailcraft 41 Apache  (0)
  •     Sailcraft 44 Apache  (0)
  • Scape  (1)
  •     Scape 39  (1)
  • Schionning  (1)
  •     Wildcat 350  (0)
  • Seawind  (1)
  •     Seawind 1000  (1)
  •     Seawind 1160  (0)
  •     Seawind 1200  (0)
  •     Seawind 1600  (0)
  • Simpson  (0)
  •     Simpson 48  (0)
  • Solaris  (0)
  •     Solaris 36 Sunrise  (0)
  •     Solaris 36 Sunstar  (0)
  •     Solaris 42  (0)
  • St Francis  (1)
  •     St Francis 44  (1)
  •     St Francis 50  (0)
  • Stealth  (1)
  •     Stealth 11.8  (1)
  • Sunreef  (5)
  •     Sunreef 62  (1)
  •     Sunreef 70  (1)
  •     Sunreef 74C  (1)
  •     Sunreef 82 DD  (1)
  •     Sunreef 88 DD  (1)
  • Switch  (3)
  •     Switch 51  (2)
  •     Switch 55  (1)
  • TRT  (0)
  •     TRT 1200  (0)
  • Twins  (0)
  •     Heavenly Twins 26  (0)
  •     Ocean Twins 38  (0)
  • Vaan  (0)
  •     Vaan R5  (0)
  • Vision  (1)
  •     Vision 444  (1)
  • Voyage  (9)
  •     Voyage 380 Maxim  (1)
  •     Voyage 400 Norseman  (0)
  •     Voyage 440  (2)
  •     Voyage 450 Cabriolet  (0)
  •     Voyage 47 Mayotte  (2)
  •     Voyage 480  (1)
  •     Voyage 500  (1)
  •     Voyage 580  (1)
  •     Voyage 590  (1)
  • Wauquiez  (0)
  •     Kronos 45  (0)
  • Wharram  (0)
  •     Wharram 38 Tiki  (0)
  • Whitehaven  (0)
  • Woods  (0)
  •     AMI 320 Renaissance  (0)
  •     Woods 22 Wizard  (0)
  •     Woods 35 Banshee  (0)
  •     Woods 35 Flica  (0)
  •     Woods 36 Scylla  (0)
  •     Woods 36 Vardo  (0)
  •     Woods 38 Transit  (0)
  •     Woods 40 Meander  (0)
  • Xquisite  (1)
  •     Xquisite X5  (1)

All Catamarans For Sale < 38 ft

HopYacht 30

The Hopyacht is a brand-new concept in sailing. This vessel is an all-electric sailing catamaran, suited for a couple who wants to do easy, coastal and protected-waters cruising. The Hopyacht offers a combination of comfort and liveability in this ultra-easy-to-handle boat under 30 feet length, with a focus on relaxation and pleasure, all with ZERO C02 emissions!

This diminutive multihull takes a fresh approach in several areas, notably its propulsion, both sail and power. The boat is 100% electric with twin ePropulsion Evo 6.0 pod drives that provide a 40-mile range at 4.5 knots over 10 hours, or a 16-mile range at 7 knots over about two and a half hours.…

Fountaine Pajot 35 Tobago

Cat Alee is a great example of an affordable small catamaran that is ocean capable, well built and swift. The newer Beta marine engines will give confidence to travel safely in all conditions.

Owner Statement

I Found Cat Alee in a state of disrepair in the back of a Newport, RI boatyard in 2018. Her 3 most redeeming qualities were a sound hull, brand new engines (professionally installed), and custom davits capable of mounting solar panels.

After a 4-month extensive retrofit, all wiring and electronics were updated, hull painted, and a new aluminum double-hull dinghy with Tohatsu 9.9hp outboard was added.…

Lagoon 380

S/V Misha is a 2000 Lagoon 380 catamaran, for sale by owner. Misha is hull number 15, which if you check the reviews, was better built than later models.  This is a 3 cabin owner version.

This catamaran has had only 2 owners, NEVER chartered, and is in excellent condition. Only 700 hours on the engines. Custom interior upholstery and curtains. A joy to sail, super easy and fun.

The reason for the low engine hours is due to the fact that the original owner lived in Arizona and only used the catamaran in the summer on the San Francisco Bay.…

FP 36 Mahe

Lightly used , professionally updated and maintained, this fun to Sail La Vie won’t disappoint. In better than average condition, Sail La Vie is easy to navigate. With 2 speed self tailing winches at the helm, it’s very comfortable to handle. Garmin touchscreen MFD and auto pilot make this a great experience every time out.

New Neil Pryde sails and new Sail rigging complete the vessel nicely.

A new canvas cockpit cover with walkways make operations pleasant.

The cockpit is very accommodating with sliding doors opening to the salon level. Twin mermaid reverse cycle air conditioning keep you cool on the warmest of days.…

Lagoon 380 S2

This Is Me is a Lagoon 380 S2 owner’s version. She has the large windows in cabins with the larger owners cabin and shower. She is very well maintained and clean. Never chartered, 6 people can sit comfortably inside at table and outside table can seat 8.


Recently we had a Volvo mechanic tell us he had never seen cleaner Volvo MD3040 engines. We just finished a 6 month sail staying out on anchor the entire time. She is fully self sustained she just needs wind and a little fuel.…

Catalac 9M

Fiesta is a Catalac 9M that has been well cared for with constant improvements. Twin Yanmar 2gm diesels make docking a breeze and when the breeze doesn’t blow they get you to your next destination extremely efficiently. The Yanmars have had all required maintenance and have about 2500 hours on the log. She has been in fresh water only for the last twelve years, sailing the Columbia River. She is the perfect NW boat with an inside helm and a full set of electronics including a B&G mfd with autopilot and a second chart plotter with AIS.…

Catana 381

S/V Morgane is a 1996 Catana 381 catamaran, for sale by owner.

At just under 39 ft. LOA, the Catana 381 is the smallest (& most affordable) of the popular Catana range of performance cruising catamarans. She has daggerboards, for upwind efficiency, high bridge deck clearance, her asymmetrical ‘V’ shaped bows help to prevent Hobby horsing while providing great style, while providing high performance. She is blue water ready, strong, well equipped, and capable.

These boats have been clocked at over 20 knots in 25 knots of wind. Her cockpit features an elevated helm station aft and on the centerline for excellent visibility and easy gunsight steering.…

Fountaine Pajot 35 Tobago

S/V Hands and Feet is a 1995 Fountaine Pajot 35 Tobago catamaran, for sale by owner. 

Naturally seaworthy, the Tobago 35 is an innovative-looking sailing vessel. Take the helm and appreciate the power. With the autopilot and the raised platform, you can have a drink away from the motion of the waves.

Every Fountaine Pajot is built to the highest ISO 9002 European standard for offshore yachts, incorporating vacuum-bagging construction and careful hand lay-up with sophisticated high-strength resins which results in an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio.

The keels are fixed and filled with foam, protecting the rudders and shafts.…

EndeavourCat 30

Welcome to Serenity! S/V Serenity is a 1993 EndeavourCat 30 that is a great coastal cruiser. Draft of only 2’10” she can go almost anywhere. With 2 queen-bed cabins, a full galley, composting head and large separate walk-in shower with bench seat, she is ready to take you on your next adventure.

For extra-comfort during extended cruising she boasts 400W of solar, over 600AH of battery storage, a 2000W inverter and 4000W generator. 2022 Tohatsu 30 engine that is very fuel efficient.

Salon has a large U-shaped dining area with seating for 6-8 and the table drops down for additional berths.…

Leopard 39

Luxurious Bluewater Cruising Catamaran: Discover the ultimate in liveaboard luxury and offshore cruising capabilities with this exceptional Leopard 39 sailing catamaran. Meticulously maintained and boasting a host of premium upgrades, this vessel offers an unparalleled blend of performance, comfort, and self-sufficiency for adventurous sailors. Offshore Autonomy: Designed for extended off-grid living, this catamaran features an impressive 940Ah solar array, 1200Ah Lithium battery bank, and Starlink Internet connectivity, ensuring you can explore the world’s most remote destinations without sacrificing modern conveniences. Elegant Living Spaces: The bright and airy interior welcomes you with a spacious salon and U-shaped galley, offering ample space for entertaining and meal preparation.…

Lagoon 380

LIMITED OPPORTUNITY TO PURCHASE IN TAHITI BEFORE OWNERS PLANNED DEPARTURE TO FIJI  For Sale: SV Te Kinga, formally SV Tangaroa 2004 Lagoon 380 Catamaran in Tahiti until early August OR Fiji from October. Discover the ultimate sailing location with this  2004 Lagoon 380 Catamaran, currently based in the stunning waters of Tahiti, French Polynesia. This vessel offers a unique opportunity to own a home in a piece of paradise, with the added benefit of tax paid, allowing you to stay indefinitely. Privately owned by three meticulous owners and never chartered, this catamaran is in excellent condition with regular engine servicing and log book.…

Marstrom Seacart 30

Are you an R2AK Fan? Do you want to pull $10k from a tree in Ketchikan next race? As I write this, the carbon fiber, custom Cochrane-designed, trimaran Dragon (Team Mololo) is tacking past Comox, BC and her nearest competition is a Schock 40 monohull closely trailed by 3 Farrier trimarans all the way back abreast of Lasqueti Island. Dragon is way out front! To be competitive in the R2AK you have to be fast and to be really fast you have to be carbon.

But you don’t have to break the bank to be fast!…

Island Packet 35 Cat

The 1997 35 Island Packet Cat is a versatile catamaran designed for adventure and comfort. Its spacious deck layout and well-appointed interior offer ample room for relaxation. The signature DeltaPod under the midsection/foredeck decreases discomfort from wave impacts, provides a great deal of storage not found on other cats of this size, and lowers the main cabin to provide more headroom. These simple changes add up in major ways to increase comfort while cruising or entertaining.

Complete with full electronics including autopilot, chart plotter, radar, AWI, depth and speed. This is a long time knowledgeable-owner yacht, maintained in yacht condition with equipment for offshore cruising and island hopping with autonomy and security.…

EndeavourCat 36

The EndeavourCat 36 is the perfect Bahamas, Carribean, South Florida and Eastern Seaboard sailboat. This EndeavourCat 36 has been owned by the seller since 2007. Valkyrie has been exceptionally well maintained, constantly upgraded and kept to the highest standards. She has everything you need for extended cruising. Valkyrie was selected as the show boat for the EndeavourCat company at the 1999 Miami Boat Show, as well as pictured on the front cover of the company’s brochures. She was originally purchased with every imaginable option and the owner has constantly upgraded, updated, and added to the list.…

Leopard 38

Marita is a 2010 Leopard 38′ Catamaran with four cabins and two heads. This boat is coming off of a season of cruising The Bahamas with a family of four. Before we left on our adventure we added many new upgrades to Marita to include NEW YANMAR ENGINES, new sails, new 40gph water maker, new 12v AC, 1700 watts of solar, starlink, and more! 

Leopard 38 (also branded as the Sunsail 384), was designed by Morrelli & Melvin, who have designed some of the fastest multihulls to glide across an ocean.…

Privilege 37 Owner Version

After sailing the Caribbean since 2015, I am relocating, so YellowRock which is a Privilege 37 catamaran for sale by owner.

The quality and seaworthiness of the Privilege catamarans is well established. This stylish boat is a true bluewater cruising cat, built very robustly by this well respected French company. It’s equally at home for weekend raft ups, as a family liveaboard or on long distance bluewater cruising.

This is the owner’s version with three spacious cabins, large salon, galley down to port, and twin heads. Throughout it is light and airy with plenty of head room.…

Seawind 1000 XL

This beautiful 2008 36′ Seawind is fresh out of the yard with a New bottom job and full exterior compound and wax May 2024. She is a nice clean boat which is fun to sail and includes numerous important recent upgrades such as new engines and sails in 2019, new standing, running rigging and lifelines 2022, new sailbag, new fuel tanks and fuel lines, new battery and charger, etc.

The Seawind Catamaran was designed specifically for ease of sailing and all-weather protection offering dual helms behind bulkhead and canopy protection, all lines lead to the cockpit, 360 degree visibility, and a nice open air salon to the cockpit with great ventilation through the boat.…

Lagoon 380 (Caribbean)

Lagoon 380

2011 Lagoon 380 Owners Version (2012 model, launched in mid 2011).

Phoenix is a beautiful example of a well maintained vessel. This is her second owner, the first sold her months after purchasing. Never Chartered, she is an owners version with the Starboard hull dedicated to the owners spacious cabin to the aft and a separate head and shower forward of that.

The 2 guest cabins as well as an additional head and shower are located in the port hull.

Many recent upgrades, new water maker, washing machine, roller furler, solar panel and controller to name a few.…

Maine Cat 38 (Florida)

Maine Cat 38

This is a rare opportunity to own the highly desirable Maine Cat 38. It isn’t often that a boat like In 2 Deep comes on the market. Maine Cat represents one of the few catamaran brands that were built in the USA. The Maine Cat 38 was based on a performance sailing design, utilizing modern construction techniques and materials, that results in a high-quality catamaran that can out sail any other cruising boat in her size range. With her retractable daggerboards, she will sail to windward like a dream and can take advantage of hidden anchorages with her shallow draft.…

Voyage 380 Maxim (Indian Ocean)

Voyage 380 Maxim

S/V OCEAN TRADER is a 2000 Voyage 380 Maxim catamaran, for sale by owner. She is an easy-handling cruising catamaran in a good condition with 3 cabin’s, master cabin has a luxury shower. She is registered (tax paid) in Kenya and has the right documentation.

This model can be called a Voyage 38 or a Maxim 38 because Maxim Yachts, from Durban South Africa, provided Voyage Yachts with the Voyage 38. These performance cruisers were built in South Africa by Maxim and distributed through Voyage Yachts. The Maxim 380 was the winner of the 2005 Cruising World Best New Catamaran under 40 Ft .…

Aventura 37

Why wait 12+ months to get sailing? This one will be completed and ready as early as July 2024!  

Aventura Catamarans has once again entrusted Lasta Design with the exceptional Aventura 37 Sail.  The result lives up to the desired ambitions: purity of lines, treatment of interior and exterior spaces without equal on the market.

The Aventura 37 is distinguished by an elegant and dynamic silhouette, unique on the catamaran market of less than 12 meters: the roof has a double seat at the helm station, close to the sunbathing area for perfect conviviality, the steering station helm located as close as possible to the sail plan allows perfect control of the sails for performance.…

Lagoon 380

This is a great 3 cabin Lagoon 380 with some excellent features, and we know a lot about this boat. The original owner had the boat delivered to the UK and after some cruising around the UK she was then shipped by cargo vessel to Antigua. She sailed back & forth between Antigua and Grenada for a few years.

The boat then stayed in Grenada for a while until it was sold in 2015 to its second owner, where it cruised locally and received many upgrades including a generator, AC and solar.…

Lagoon 380 (Florida)

Lagoon 380

This vessel has been meticulously maintained and includes numerous upgrades. It has undergone recent bottom painting and rudder maintenance, ensuring it is in excellent condition. The sails are also in great condition, and the main sail line has been replaced. Additionally, the GPS has been upgraded to a Garmin system. The vessel has also been equipped with new underwater LED lights, providing enhanced visibility in low-light conditions.

The Yanmar Port has had all exterior parts replaced, including belts, pulleys, and a water pump in 2023. The Yanmar Star motor was completely rebuilt and replaced in 2023, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Fountaine Pajot Athena 38 (Mexico Pacific)

Fountaine Pajot Athena 38

S/V Belize is a 2001 Fountaine Pajot Athena 38 catamaran, for sale by owner in Mexico. She is currently on the hard at Marina Escondido just south of Loreto. In 2021 she was sailed from Panama to Puerto Vallarta by her second owner. We purchased her last season in 2022 and cruised her from Puerto Vallarta to Mazatlan to La Paz to Loreto. I had planned to return for this cruising season but plans have changed, so I’m trying to sell the boat rather than leave her on the hard for a year.…

Endeavour Victory 35

S/V Quartersplash is a 2000 Endeavor Victory 35 catamaran, for sale by owner. Asking price is $146,000.  Cruising ready with numerous upgrades listed below. Quartersplash is currently located in Puerto Escondido Marina, near Loreto, BCS, MX, in dry storage. Puerto Escondido marina has affordable and available mooring the Sea of Cortez with reasonable rates. Puerto Escondido is easily accessible with a major airport 10 miles away, serviced by Alaska and American airlines and several Mexican carriers. We have enjoyed our time on the Sea with her and hope to find someone else who enjoys her as much as we did.…

Lagoon 380 S2

TIDES AND TIMES is an innovative design, easy to handle, safe, and comfortable both at sea and anchor. She has four spacious double cabins and two heads plus a bright main saloon, so plenty of room for family and friends to join in with the fun. Never chartered.

The Lagoon 380 is known as the most successful cruising catamaran model. Introduced in 2000,  it was built to be a workhouse for the charter industry and an entry level-cruiser. It is a great entry level cruising catamaran that sails better than many other cats and provides lots of living space for the money.

Lagoon 380

“Papillon Bleu” was sailed for at least 5 years on fresh water (Lake Champlain) before the last 4 years of mostly seasonal sailing in Florida, Bahamas and the Caribbean. Her fiberglass and metalwork with less wear are in better condition than most boats kept in the saltwater tropics all their lives.  This ICW friendly catamaran for sale is an upgraded 4 cabin 2 head version with solar, winged, radar, chartplotter, AIS, and gennaker.

The Lagoon 380 was the most popular Lagoon catamaran built with over 900 produced, which makes parts and knowledge very accessible.…

Gemini Freestyle 37

Leopard 380 (Atlantic)

Leopard 380

**New Plastimo Contest 130 Compass 7/23/23**

S/V Muvfasta is a Louisiana based Coast Guard Documented 1999 Leopard 38 Owners Version catamaran for sale by owner with 3 cabins and 2 heads.  The Owners’ Version Leopard 38 is a highly sought after catamaran with a stellar reputation.

We are the second owners of Muvfasta and take excellent care of her.  We have done many upgrades to Muvfasta since we got her in April 2019 that are listed below.  We sailed her in the Caribbean island hopping and then sailed her from St.…

Gemini Legacy 35

October Second is ready to sail immediately. Available now for sale this 2016 Gemini Legacy 35 catamaran sailing vessel is well equipped, has air conditioning, generator, solar panels, water-maker, dinghy davits, Corian counter tops and many other amenities and upgrades.

The vessel’s narrow, yet accommodating 14 foot beam, allows for easy dockage in slips designed for mono-hulls. This family friendly boat it is set up to be handle by only one person at the helm as all lines run to the cockpit and to spend extended period of times at anchor in remote areas.…

Gemini Legacy 35

Made in America since 1981, the Gemini Legacy has proven to be the most family-friendly performance cruising catamaran in the world, and the reasons are obvious.

Here’s why Gemini 35’s are the most successful catamarans ever built. A very shallow draft (only 2 feet 11 inches) allows for more options for anchoring & “beaching”, Beam (14 feet) fits standard size slips and standard size travel lift. The Gemini 35 has the interior volume of much larger monohulls at the same price. Fast, level sailing with virtually no heeling. Mainsheet traveler located above and out of the way on the hardtop.…

Gemini 105M

Aireze is a Florida-based 1999 Gemini 105M catamaran for sale by owner.  The Gemini 105 was designed to be affordable, compact, relatively easy vessels for sailors new to catamarans.  It is one of the most popular catamaran designs ever built with over 1,200 hulls constructed.

Aireze is easy to handle and well equipped with a new Raymarine Autopilot, Lewmar electric windlass, new electric head, lazy jacks, 2-100 watt solar panels, new Garmin 9″ touch screen, davits , all new rigging and lines installed 2016, new water heater, new alternator, water pump, impeller, elbow, sea strainer, heat exchanger just serviced,  new belts and filters. …

Dolphin 380 (South Carolina)

Dolphin 380

From the drawing board of renowned designer Philippe Pouvreau and Dolphin Catamarans, comes a new standard bearer of the best small performance cruising catamaran – the Dolphin 380.

The new Dolphin 380 offers an unparalleled combination of accommodation, performance and build quality in this size range, making it perfect for extended cruising. It features a spacious salon and galley, three comfortable cabins, and a large cockpit.

The boat uses the same build process and materials as previous Dolphin models where hulls are constructed of hand-laid, vacuum-bagged berglass using vinyl ester resin over Divinycell foam cores giving you a superior construction to your standard production catamaran.…

Gemini 105M

First introduced on the original Gemini 105M, the hull shape of the 105M is still revolutionary in the multihull industry. The hulls of the Gemini 105M are shallow and shaped much like a “teardrop” which requires little force to move the 105M through the water yet it also provides a high load carrying capacity.  

The Gemini 105 was designed to be affordable, compact, relatively easy vessels for sailors new to catamarans.

Moorings 3800 (Caribbean)

Moorings 3800

This Moorings 3800, built by Robertson and Caine may seem small but she is spacious and comfortable, sporting 3 double cabins, up-top galley and a generous deck space.

This design (also branded as the Leopard 38 / Sunsail 384), was designed by Morrelli & Melvin, who have designed some of the fastest multihulls to glide across an ocean. Leopard began their sailing catamaran line-up with a 45-foot catamaran in 1997 before moving to this Leopard 38 in 1998.

Leopard catamarans boast a superior and solid construction using advanced materials such as infused glass or PVC core construction.…

Gemini 105MC

The Gemini 105 MC is a fast, shallow draft catamaran cruiser capable of taking her people to paradise, where ever that may be. With her ability to sail very close to the wind and motor at 7 plus knots, all while sailing in comfort.

The Gemini 105 was designed to be affordable, compact, relatively easy vessels for sailors new to catamarans. Production began with the 105M (meaning 10.5 meters), with a design change in 2004 to the 105MC, notable differences being the extended cockpit cover to allow for a full enclosure and a slightly taller mast (while still remaining ICW-friendly).…

YearLOAPhotos and DetailsAsking PriceLocation
202430' $299,000 (USD)Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
199435' $139,000 (USD)West Palm Beach, FL, US
200038' $230,000 (USD)Sausalito, CA
200736' $179,000 (USD)Fort Pierce
200638' $263,000 (USD)Puerto Rico
197730' $46,500 (USD)St Helens
199638' £165,000 (GBP)Christchurch, UK
199635' $89,000 (USD)Freeport
199330' $60,000 (USD)Newington, NH
201338' $330,000 (USD)Charleston, SC
200438' $210,000 (USD)Papeete, Tahiti
200530' $140,000 (USD)Oakland, CA, US
199735' $119,000 (USD)Douglas, MI, US
199836' $149,500 (USD)Fort Myers, FL
201038' $275,000 (USD)Marathon
199637' $159,400 (USD)Tyrrell Bay, Carriacou
200837' $199,900 (USD)Palm City, FL, US
201138' 277.000 € (EUR)Chaguaramas, TT
201638' $275,000 (USD)Saint Augustine, FL, US
200038' 125.000 € (EUR)Shimoni, Kenya
202437' $450,000 (USD)Tunisia
200438' $199,000 (USD)St. George's, Grenada
200938' $239,000 (USD)Fernandina Beach, Florida
200138' $175,000 (USD)Loreto, MX
200035' $146,000 (USD)Loreto, BCS, Mexico
200738' $209,900 (USD)Nassau, Bahamas
200438' $200,000 (USD)Vero Beach, Florida
201637' $179,000 (USD)Newport, Rhode Island
199938' $179,900 (USD)Delcambre, Louisiana
201635' $219,000 (USD)Pompano Beach, Florida
201535' $189,000 (USD)St Thomas, Virgin Islands (US)
199934' $89,995 (USD)Fort Lauderdale, FL
202438' $464,000 (USD)Charleston, SC, US
200034' $67,000 (USD)Long Beach, California
200038' $112,500 (USD)Chaguaramas, TT
200534' $75,000 (USD)Indiantown, Florida



small performance catamaran

28' Conquest boss cat walk through

 LAKE HAVASU Arizona 28 Conquest boss cat walk through

27' Eliminator Daytona

2006 Kearney Missouri 27 Eliminator Daytona

36' Nordic Hurricane

2009  Texas 36 Nordic Hurricane

25' Eliminator 255 Speedster

2019 Lake Havasu City California 25 Eliminator 255 Speedster


2018 Apple Valley California 28 NORDIC 26 DECK

32' Force Offshore Cat

2006 Lake Havasu City Arizona 32 Force Offshore Cat

29' Nordic Deck

2015 Havasu Arizona 29 Nordic Deck

28' Magic Deck Boat

2007 Lake Havasu City Arizona 28 Magic Deck Boat

26' Nordic deck boats

2014 henderson Nevada 26 Nordic deck boats

21' Patriot 21

2024 Lake Havasu City Arizona 21 Patriot 21

30' Spectre Poker Run

2001 san carlos California 30 Spectre Poker Run

27' Hallett Party Cruiser Gull Wing 300

1996 Boulder City Nevada 27 Hallett Party Cruiser Gull Wing 300

36' Victory VTX

2020 lake havasu Arizona 36 Victory VTX

35' DCB M35

2012 LAKE HAVASU Arizona 35 DCB M35

31' M31 2014

2014 LAKE HAVASU Arizona 31 M31 2014

37' AMP 37 XPR Cat

2024 Lake in the Hills Illinois 37 AMP 37 XPR Cat

25' Talon 25 carrier

1992 Merritt Island Florida 25 Talon 25 carrier

27' Laveycraft Sabre Cat

2003 Lake Havasu City Arizona 27 Laveycraft Sabre Cat

28' Cobra Performance Boats 280W Python

2021 Montclair California 28 Cobra Performance Boats 280W Python

28' Eliminator Speedster

2016 Lake Havasu City Arizona 28 Eliminator Speedster

39' MTI Marine Technology Inc 39 Supercat

2003 Chatsworth New Jersey 39 MTI Marine Technology Inc 39 Supercat

--> -->                    

small performance catamaran

  • Our Evolution
  • Phoenix 32 XR
  • Phoenix 34 XPR
  • Phoenix 37 XPR
  • Phoenix 37 XCC
  • Phoenix 40 XCC
  • Build Process

Uncompromising craftmanship Performance and Reliability

Every model from our 32 XR to the 40 XCC is handcrafted by the Chris Schoenbohm team.

Smart Performance Marine

Blending Art and Science

The Phoenix lineup of catamarans by Smart Performance Marine may be new to the consumer market, but their design and construction are the product of two decades of modifying, designing, rigging, and building high-performance outboard catamarans for offshore racing and pleasure boating.

Founder, owner and designer Chris Schoenbohm bought his first race boat in 2003 and won the Super Boat International (SBI) World Championships in 2014 driving a Doug Wright-built catamaran that he had cut in half, widened and modified heavily for better turning.

That boat’s modified running surface was the genesis of today’s Phoenix Variable Speed Running Surface, a third-generation design that places primary importance on handling, turning and driver feedback without sacrificing world-class acceleration, speed and efficiency.

Every Phoenix is built to the highest standards in the industry with state-of-the-art engineered laminates and coring, epoxy resin, and full vacuum infusion of hulls, deck and bulkheads, yielding not only an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio but also class-leading safety. We back our hulls with a limited LIFETIME warranty.

Explore our lineup of performance offshore catamarans, including the purebred 32XR race boat, the 34XPR and 37XPR race-inspired poker run boats, and the innovative 37XCC and 40XCC, high-performance, air-packing catamaran with a versatile center console layout. The Phoenix offshore racing and poker run boats are the premier performance catamarans.  Contact us to get details on your next performance boat .

The Smart Performance Marine Difference

There are numerous catamaran speed boat manufacturers offering racing, poker run, and even center console configurations. they vary widely in performance, build quality, aesthetics, amenities, and, of course, price point. most of them represent a good fit for the right kind of buyer, whether that buyer is most concerned with speed, versatility, luxury, value, or some combination..

So where do Smart Performance Marine and the Phoenix line of catamarans fit in? We’re guided by an unwavering commitment to several key ideas and characteristics:

Safety and Strength

Building safe, strong boats is our utmost priority. Our designs, materials and construction techniques are tested and proven on the offshore racing circuit under the most rigorous conditions on the planet. No production Schoenbohm-built hull has ever failed on the race course or anywhere else. We’re so confident in our hulls that we offer a lifetime warranty against structural failure.

Superior Drivability

Anybody can go fast with enough power hanging off the transom. We emphasize speed and performance through design. The Phoenix running surface has been exhaustively refined not just for acceleration and straight-line speed but also superior handling, especially through turns. Our hulls provide proper driver feedback for comfort, confidence and fun behind the wheel.

Personalized Service

Higher-volume production builders can turn out more boats for fewer dollars than a smaller, semi-custom shop like Smart Performance Marine. But it’s important to us that buyers have the opportunity to see everything about how we build boats and to be an integral part of the construction of their own. Each of our boats is personally built by owner Chris Schoenbohm and a core team of craftsmen. 

Solid Value

We’re not trying to be the lowest priced performance cat on the market, but we do strive to offer the best value. Counterintuitively, our 100% vacuum resin infusion process helps us do that by dramatically reducing waste of resin and other consumables and streamlining lamination. With resin infusion, we’re able to produce a lighter, stronger product using roughly half the resin and far fewer man-hours than would be required for conventional hand lamination or even vacuum bagging.

Racing Pedigree

Owner and founder Chris Schoenbohm is a widely experienced powerboat racer with a world championship under his belt. He has personally refined the Phoenix platform over the span of nearly a decade and is directly involved in the construction and rigging of every Smart Performance Marine boat. The Phoenix catamarans we build for our customers are identical in design and construction to the catamarans we race in the superboat stock class.

Innovation and Science

We innovate every day. Our team has a proven approach to creating some of the highest-performing catamaran boats available, but we never miss the to improve on everything we do. We constantly pay attention to our chemical mixtures,  our infusion process, flow rates and ultimately weight and rigidity of every boat. Each boat includes a lifetime warranty that we fully back due to the quality, innovation and science used to hand-craft Phoenix boats.

Every Phoenix Boat has the DNA of a racer embedded right out of the mold.

Hull one from seven years ago launched a new breed of Phoenix boats with the industry's best running surface.


Feel free to contact us. we’d love to hear from you..

Selecting the perfect Phoenix boat is a life-changing experience. We welcome you to see first hand how we build and perfect each boat.



Send us an email.

[email protected]

Schedule A Visit

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  • Transportation from local airports availble.
  • Local accomodations available near local airports and attractions.
  • Visit, get a tour, see how we build your next Phoenix boat.

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Stock market today: Dow surges 742 points and small caps rally as investors bet big on Fed rate cuts

  • The Dow Jones climbed over 700 basis points on Tuesday.
  • Small-caps saw a steeper increase as rate-cut bets helped drive a rotation into other parts of the market. 
  • Retail sales also encouraged investors, diminishing fears of a consumer spending pullback.

Insider Today

US equities soared on Tuesday as the bull market swept into broader corners of the market.

While the Dow Jones jumped 1.8% to a new record high, the Russell 2000, an index focused on small-caps, notched an even steeper gain of 3.5%.

The rotation into less loved corners of the equity market highlights a rising appetite for stocks that investors think are set to outperform once the Federal Reseve starts cutting interest rates. Small-caps are often more debt-burdened companies, and the sector has struggled amid higher interest rates.

But with the market growing more confident in the possibility of a rate cut in September, risk-on appetite is surging.

The Russell 2000's performance isn't a one-off feat either: the four past sessions have witnessed the Russell surpass the Nasdaq by close to 11 percentage points. That hasn't happened in 13 years.

Wall Street has grown convinced that the Fed will ease rates this fall, after June delivered a softer-than-expected inflation report.

On Tuesday, June's retail sales came in strong, lowering concern of an imminent consumer pullback. Excluding autos, sales rose 0.4% against estimates of a 0.1% increase

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At the same time, the second quarter's earnings season is helping maintain market momentum. On Tuesday, estimate-beating reports helped Bank of America and Caterpillar, the industrial equipment firm, gain upside.

Here's where US indexes stood at he 4:00 p.m. closing bell on Tuesday:

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  • Nasdaq composite : 18,509.34, up 0.2%

Here's what else happened today:

  • This small-cap index will rally 40% as S&P 500 starts to lag , Fundstrat's Tom Lee said.
  • One of the stock market's biggest worries is vanishing as the rally broadens out.
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  • Bitcoin stayed essentially flat at $64,799.

small performance catamaran

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Biden-Harris Administration Announces Preliminary Terms with GlobalWafers to Significantly Increase Production of Silicon Wafers in U.S.

Proposed chips investment would establish the first domestic source of 300mm silicon wafers for advanced chips and expand production of silicon-on-insulator wafers, strengthening the domestic supply chain for key semiconductor components.

Square with rounded edges. Fill of square looks like American flag. Coming off the sides of the square are lines with unfilled circles at end. Words underneath: CHIPS for AMERICA

Media Contact: Madeline Broas, madeline.broas [at] chips.gov ( madeline[dot]broas[at]chips[dot]gov ) .

Today, as part of the Investing in America tour, the Biden-Harris Administration announced that the U.S. Department of Commerce and GlobalWafers America, LLC and MEMC LLC (“MEMC”), subsidiaries of GlobalWafers Co., Ltd. (“GlobalWafers”), have signed a non-binding preliminary memorandum of terms (PMT) to provide up to $400 million in proposed direct funding under the CHIPS and Science Act to help onshore critical semiconductor wafer production and advance U.S. technology leadership. President Biden signed the bipartisan CHIPS and Science Act, a key component of his Investing in America agenda, to usher in a new era of semiconductor manufacturing in the United States, bringing with it a revitalized domestic supply chain, good-paying jobs, and investments in the industries of the future. The proposed CHIPS investment would support the construction of new wafer manufacturing facilities and the creation of 1,700 construction jobs and 880 manufacturing jobs. This proposed investment will support projects with total capital expenditures of approximately $4 billion across both states.

“President Biden is restoring our leadership in the entire semiconductor supply chain – from materials to manufacturing, to R&D. With this proposed investment, GlobalWafers will play a crucial role in bolstering America’s semiconductor supply chain by providing a domestic source of silicon wafers that are the backbone of advanced chips,” said U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo . “As a result of this proposed investment, the Biden-Harris Administration is helping to secure our supply chains, which will create over 2,000 jobs across Texas and Missouri and ultimately lowering costs and improving economic and national security for Americans.”

“President Biden is taking historic action to bring semiconductor manufacturing back in the United States,” said Arati Prabhakar, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology and Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy . “The semiconductor wafers that will come from today’s announcement will be the foundation for the complex chips we need to compete in the global economy. We’re bolstering our national security, advancing our clean energy transition, and creating good jobs that support families in Texas and Missouri.”

Silicon wafers are critical components in the semiconductor ecosystem as they are a foundational input used in all chips. There are five leading companies, including GlobalWafers, that currently hold over 80% of the global 300mm silicon wafer manufacturing market and approximately 90% of silicon wafers are sourced from East Asia today. As a result of this proposed CHIPS investment, GlobalWafers would build and expand facilities in:

  • Sherman, Texas: Establish the first 300mm silicon wafer manufacturing facility for advanced chips in the United States. Of note, 300mm silicon wafers are a key input used by foundries and integrated device manufacturers to manufacture leading-edge, mature-node, and memory chips.
  • St. Peters, Missouri: Establish a new facility to produce 300mm silicon-on-insulator (“SOI”) wafers. Importantly, SOI wafers allow for significantly improved performance in harsh environments and are commonly used in defense and aerospace end uses.

Further, as part of the PMT, GlobalWafers plans to convert a portion of its existing silicon epitaxy wafer manufacturing facility in Sherman, Texas to silicon carbide (“SiC”) epitaxy wafer manufacturing, producing 150mm and 200mm SiC epitaxy wafers. SiC epitaxy wafers are a critical component for high-voltage applications, notably including electric vehicles and clean energy infrastructure.

Supporting the development of a local semiconductor workforce in Texas, GlobalWafers is a member of the Southern Methodist University-led Texoma Tech Hub and is involved in the North Texas Semiconductor Workforce Development Consortium led by the University of Texas Dallas. GlobalWafers is also part of an innovative partnership with Sherman High School, Denison High School, and Grayson College to establish an electronics lab at the schools that provide targeted training towards technician certifications required for new hires in the semiconductor industry. In St. Peters, MEMC is likewise developing an apprenticeship program for Maintenance Technicians with the National Institute for Industry and Career Advancement (NIICA) and local high schools. Further, MEMC is collaborating with St. Charles Community College on a program named MegaTech, which supports dual-enrolled high school students as they step into careers involving advanced manufacturing and automation.

As explained in its first Notice of Funding Opportunity , the Department may offer applicants a PMT on a non-binding basis after satisfactory completion of the merit review of a full application. The PMT outlines key terms for a potential CHIPS incentives award, including the amount and form of the award. The award amounts are subject to due diligence and negotiation of award documents and are conditional on the achievement of certain milestones. After the PMT is signed, the Department begins a comprehensive due diligence process on the proposed projects and continues negotiating or refining certain terms with the applicant. The terms contained in any final award documents may differ from the terms of the PMT being announced today.

About CHIPS for America CHIPS for America has announced up to $30.1 billion in proposed funding across thirteen preliminary memoranda of terms to revitalize America’s semiconductor industry. These proposed CHIPS for America investments are already delivering significant results, including unlocking more than $300 billion in public and private investment between now and the end of the decade – far and away the most investment in new production in the history of the U.S. semiconductor industry.

Earlier this year, Secretary Raimondo announced that we anticipate that America will produce 20% of the world’s leading-edge chips by the end of the decade, meaning our innovation capacity will no longer be as vulnerable to supply chain disruptions as it is today. The Semiconductor Industry Association released a report saying that America is on track to triple its domestic semiconductor manufacturing capacity from 2022 – when the CHIPS and Science Act was enacted – to 2032.

With these announcements, America now has four of the world’s five leading-edge companies making significant efforts to expand on our shores. No other economy in the world has more than two of these companies producing leading-edge chips on its shores.

The Department has received more than 670 statements of interest, more than 230 pre-applications and full applications for NOFO 1, and more than 160 small supplier concept plans for NOFO 2. The Department is continuing to conduct rigorous evaluation of applications to determine which projects will advance U.S. national and economic security, attract more private capital, and deliver other economic benefits to the country. The announcement with GlobalWafers is the thirteenth PMT announcement the Department of Commerce has made under the CHIPS and Science Act, with additional PMT announcements expected to follow throughout 2024.

CHIPS for America is part of President Biden’s economic plan to invest in America, stimulate private sector investment, create good-paying jobs, make more in the United States, and revitalize communities left behind. CHIPS for America includes the CHIPS Program Office, responsible for manufacturing incentives, and the CHIPS Research and Development Office, responsible for R&D programs, that both sit within the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) at the Department of Commerce. NIST promotes U.S. innovation and industrial competitiveness by advancing measurement science, standards, and technology in ways that enhance economic security and improve our quality of life. NIST is uniquely positioned to successfully administer the CHIPS for America program because of the bureau’s strong relationships with U.S. industries, its deep understanding of the semiconductor ecosystem, and its reputation as fair and trusted. Visit https://www.chips.gov to learn more.

small performance catamaran

The 8 Fastest Cruising Catamarans (With Speedchart)

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Cruising catamarans are some of the most comfortable boats to roam the water, making them fantastic for both long-term voyages and short-term vacations. Still, cruising catamarans can be great racing boats, but just how fast can they go?

Some of the fastest cruising catamarans include the Gunboat 68 (35 knots), Outremer 45 (25 knots), ORC50 (25 knots), FastCat 435 (20 knots), TS 42 (35 knots), and Lagoon 440 (20 knots). Yet, there are many more cats that can reach 35 knots safely. 

If you are interested in knowing about the fastest cruising catamarans, I have you covered. I will be discussing some of the most popular, fastest cruising catamarans and the features that make them so excellent for sailors in need of speed. You will learn more about each catamaran’s speed and amenities, and I will let you know a trick or two to maximize your speed under sail. 

Gunboat 6835+
TS 4235
Outremer 4525
ORC 5025
FastCat 43520
Lagoon 44020
Privilege Signature 510 (For reference)13
Fountaine Pajot Astréa 42 (For reference)10

How Fast Are Cruising Catamarans?

On average, cruising catamarans can reach top speeds of 15 knots , around 17.3 mph (27.84 kph). However, some exceptional, racing-designed cruising catamarans can reach up to 30+ knots in the right wind conditions. 

When you want to better understand catamaran hull characteristics, I suggest the book Catamarans a Complete Guide (amazon link) by the president of Aeroyacht catamarans and that you check out my article Why catamarans capsize .

Factors That Impact Speed

Weight & size.

When you consider a catamaran’s speed, you will need to keep in mind the boat’s weight and narrowness. A vessel that can travel at 15 knots will still move slower if the boat is heavy or has a wide, extensive hull. When increasing the total weight of the boat, the boat “sits” lower in the water, thus increasing water drag and reducing speed.

Why trimarans are faster than catamarans!

Now that we know how weight impacts sailing characteristics, it follows that; if you are planning on racing your catamaran, you should remove as much luggage or extra gear as possible. Eliminating as much weight as possible will help you travel at your cat’s maximum speed .

Narrow Hulls

The hydrodynamics of the ship will heavily affect your speed. Narrower boats can chop through the water with less effort, making slender ships with pointed hulls far faster than wide vessels. So if you are looking for the fastest one available, you should look for a slender hull.

Slim hulls vs. space is a common tradeoff for catamarans optimized for family sailing .

Wind will also affect your ship’s speed, so do not expect your cruising catamaran to reach the maximum speed without heavy wind. Generally, cruising catamarans have two large sails (at least) to power them through the water, and some are so efficient that they can travel even faster than the wind.

Although a strong wind is needed to energize the sails and move the boat, too much wind will instead make the sails less efficient, and maximum speed is most often attained at lower wind speeds but with flat water.

Light Weight Materials

Faster cruising catamarans are often made from carbon fiber materials and fiberglass to keep the weight down. If you are looking for the quickest catamaran that you can find, you should note the materials that the ship is made out of and try to get one that is primarily made from carbon, glass, and resin materials. 

While you are looking for the perfect catamaran for you, you should keep in mind what you NEED and what is NICE with your ship. Usually, this decision is between size and speed, but some of these excellent vessels have both. 

Lightweight materials are usually costly; for example, a carbon fiber mast will probably cost you +$20 000, depending on the cat’s size.

I have written a buyer’s guide that explains the concept of NEED vs. NICE , which will make choosing the right boat faster and more accurate.

Gunboat 68 (+35Kts)

Gunboat 68 is a cruising catamaran designed to reach the highest speeds possible. Made by Gunboat, the ship uses Grand-Prix racing boats’ designs to develop the speediest cruising catamaran on the market. 

Gunboat 68 is made entirely from carbon composites, which keeps the ship lightweight and fast. Gunboat 68 is the perfect catamaran for anyone who wants to reach the highest speeds possible while maintaining control of the vessel and not bouncing around too much. 

Gunboat 68 has comfortable, spacious living quarters, though it also has a spacious deck with luxurious seating. Indeed, this cat has it all, making it one of the best cruising catamarans for racers and casual sailors. The design maximizes all of the living spaces and uses lightweight materials to add elegance and luxury to a speedy racing catamaran. 

Gunboat 68 is one of the fastest cruising cats out there, with its maximum speed at more than 30 knots . Gunboat 68 can achieve these fast speeds, thanks to its lightweight construction and narrow hull design. 

Still, Gunboat can customize your ship’s plan to accommodate your needs. Whether you are looking for a faster, more lightweight boat with a more extensive sail or a more comfortable cruiser, Gunboat 68 is an excellent option for you. 


  • Maximum Speed: 35 knots
  • Length: 68 ft (20.75 m)
  • Beam: 29.9 ft (9.1 m)
  • Draft: 3.9 ft (1.2 m) board up and 9.84 ft (3.8 m) board down
  • Displacement: 23.7 tonnes

TS 42 (ORC 42)

The TS, or Tres Simple , cruising catamarans, designed by Marsaudon Composites, are some of the fastest cruising catamarans in the world. 

Marsaudon developed the ship’s plans using racing boats’ streamlined designs and combined them with a cruising catamaran’s comfortable living spaces. The TS 42 has an inverted hull which helps it glide on the water swiftly without requiring much fuel, but it also has a spacious below-deck area with plenty of luxuries.

TS cruising catamarans are often considered the fastest cruisers on the market, with their speed comfortably reaching upwards of 35 knots in the right wind conditions. Generally, TS catamarans can sail at 20 knots, even with moderate wind. They are the perfect catamaran for racers and high-speed travelers, and yet they still have the amenities of a pleasant live-in vessel. 

The TS 42 has a large galley and comfortable cabins, making it a cozy home or vacation vessel. With multiple bathrooms, large windows, and open lounge spaces, these catamarans are superbly comfortable to live in. 

The deck and cabin space are divided by a large, openable window, which adds extra light and ventilation to the living areas. It also has plenty of on-deck space, which is rare in such a small vessel with an inverted hull. 

If you think I’m using too many confusing nautical terms, you’ll find all the answers on my Catamaran parts explained page .

  • Length: 42.8 ft (13 m)
  • Beam: 24.3 ft (7.4 m)
  • Draft: 4.9 ft (1.5 m) with boards up and 7.5 ft (2.3 m) with boards down
  • Displacement: 5.8 tonnes

Outremer 45

Based in France, Outremer (pronounced uutremeer 😉 ) designed their Outremer 45 to be a long-lasting cruising catamaran that sails smoothly at high speeds. The Outremer 45 can reach about 15 knots, but the most comfortable sailing speed is 10 knots. However, it can travel up to 25 knots in the right wind conditions, making it a quick ship with all of a perfect cruising catamaran’s luxuries. 

It is made for durability from carbon, vinyl ester, and divinycell so that it can last many years without repairs. The Outremer 45 has a narrow hull, and it is designed to be as thin as possible to maximize speed and fuel efficiency. Outremer 45 still has comfortable living quarters with large windows and lounge spaces within the boat. Indeed, it sacrifices no comfort for speed.

In this article, I talk a lot about catamaran characteristics, both interior and exterior, if that’s something you want to better understand, then I recommend an article where I write about trade-offs in design choices .

The Outremer 45 was initially designed to be a boat that would last 50 or more years, and it excels in its durability. It has an open, uniquely expansive side deck and plenty of on-deck conveniences that make sailing a breeze in the ORC50.

With supreme safety features such as tall railings, slip-free grips on deck, and enclosed lounge spaces, it is one of the safest catamarans available (is safety your top concern? I wrote a list of the safest catamarans on the market). 

  • Maximum Speed: 25 knots
  • Length: 48 ft (14.6 m)
  • Beam: 23.3 ft (7.1 m)
  • Draft: 3.3 ft (1 m) with boards up and 6.7 ft (2.04 m) with boards down
  • Displacement: 8.2 to 11.1 tonnes

Marsaudon Composites ORC50

Marsaudon Composites designed the ORC50, or Ocean Rider Catamaran 50, with both speed and comfort in mind. The ORC50 can be used for cruising, but it is also a great racing boat that has been awarded honors from many races worldwide.

Marsaudon borrowed designs from racing skippers to plan the ORC50, bringing together a cruiser’s comfort with the speed of an award-winning racing boat. 

This cruising catamaran is lightweight, which allows it to gain speed at a fast rate, but still has comfortable living quarters inside the boat. It has a rotating carbon mast, which helps to eliminate turbulence over the mainsail and therefore increasing sail efficiency and speed!

With strong winds, the ORC50 can reach up to 23 knots , making it extremely fast for a cruising catamaran. The ORC50 can easily reach speeds much faster than the wind speed, which is a unique quality of this fast, yet comfortable catamaran.

The ORC50 is an excellent long-term living ship with its many organizational compartments, expansive galley, and well-ventilated sleeping cabin. It also has plenty of couches and seating areas built into the boat, and its intuitive design adds plenty of comfort to the cruising catamaran without weighing down the ship. 

  • Length: 50 ft (15.23 m)
  • Beam: 27 ft (8.2 m)
  • Draft: 5.6 ft (1.7 m) with boards up and 8.9 ft (2.7 m) with boards down
  • Displacement: 13 tonnes

FastCat 435

African Cat’s catamarans, including the FastCat 435, are designed for speed and racing. This ship is mainly composed of epoxy, fiberglass, and carbon components, making it very lightweight to ensure that it travels as swiftly as possible. 

The FastCat 435 may be as light as possible, but it is durable enough to last for many years in the most extreme conditions.

The FastCat 435 has comfortable living quarters and well-designed comfort spaces so that you can get the most out of your trips. The FastCat also has a green hybrid design, and it uses primarily electric power, which can help you prolong your sailing and use less fuel. 

I find solar-powered/electric cats pretty exciting, so much so that I wrote an entire article called The Best Solar-Powered Catamarans on the subject.

The FastCat is an excellent option for anyone who wants a smaller cat with a comfortable design and incredible speed. FastCat’s electric power is also a unique, favorable feature for anyone who wants to use less fuel. 

  • Maximum Speed: 20 knots
  • Length: 42.7 ft (13 m)
  • Beam: 24.4 ft (7.4 m)
  • Draft: 3.9 ft (1.2 m) with boards up
  • Displacement: 2.4 tonnes

The Lagoon 440 cruising catamaran, like the FastCat, has an electric powering version, which cuts down on fossil fuel usage and ensures that your ship will keep moving. The Lagoon 440 is also among the easiest catamarans to maneuver, thanks to its electric drivetrain and automatic engines. 

The speed of the Lagoon 440 usually maxes out at 10 knots with low winds, but with higher winds, it can quickly gain speeds up to 20 knots (some argue even higher, but I’m doubtful). The Lagoon 440 is an excellent cruiser and comfortable catamaran, but it is not an all-out racing cat.

Lagoon is a well-known brand, but there are some caveats, and are Lagoons still making good catamarans?

Below the deck, the living spaces in the Lagoon 440 are magnificent. The ceilings are high, allowing the tallest of passengers to stand in the cabin. The many storage compartments and furnishings have a modern, elegant design. The interior is one large primary cabin with a few private spaces below the deck. 

  • Length: 44.6 ft (13.6 m)
  • Beam: 25.3 ft (7.7 m)
  • Draft: 4.3 ft (1.3 m)
  • Displacement: 10.5 tonnes

Fountaine Pajot Astréa 42

Fountaine Pajot designs some of the most luxurious yet speedy cruising catamarans available in the world. They are renowned for their safe, durable designs that make sailing a comfortable, relaxing experience. And on a personal note, i think the name sounds beautiful!

Their cruising catamarans use an inverted hull design that has become a signature mark of Fountaine Pajot vessels. This hull type allows the water to pass beneath the ship quickly, which increases the speed and fuel efficiency of the cat. 

The Astréa 42’s primary benefit is its spacious, comfortable living quarters and large, open deck spaces. The ship’s interior spaces have large windows, large lounging areas, and plenty of storage compartments. 

The cabin’s ventilation is also excellent, which reduces the classic musty smells of sea living. You can also get two different models of this catamaran, either in a one-cabin option or a two-cabin option, making it an excellent vessel for larger or smaller families.

The Astréa is ideal for long-term sea living and family vacations (it is not as fast as some more racing-oriented cats). Although the Astréa is not the speediest cat available, with its speed maxing out at about 10+ knots, even in favorable wind conditions, its luxurious atmosphere and comfortable cabin spaces make up for its relatively slow speed. 

Don’t get me wrong, despite its lower speed compared to the boats on this list, the Astréa 42 can still get you places quicker than many other cruising catamarans (and most monohulls). So, if you want all of the elegance and comfort of a cat and are not too worried about racing, this ship is an excellent option for you.  

  • Maximum Speed: 10 knots
  • Length: 41.3 ft (12.6 m)
  • Beam: 23.6 ft (7.2 m)
  • Draft: 4.1 ft (1.3 m)
  • Displacement: 12.3 tonnes

Privilege Signature 510

The Privilege Signature 510 is a long-distance cruising catamaran designed for long-term voyages and sailing in extreme weather conditions. It features a durable, weatherproof design that will protect you from rainy and cold weather while sailing. 

The helm and living spaces are completely covered, making it safe to live in, even in cold or stormy weather. It also has an automatic sail adjustment system with the controls at the helm, allowing you to make any adjustments from the helm’s safety and comfort. 

Privilege Signature 510 also has an elegant, well-designed living space with plenty of amenities, including an accelerated cooling system, a spacious bathroom and kitchen, and plenty of windows for natural lighting.

With an elegant floor plan, this cozy ship is perfect for long-term living.

The Privilege Signature is not the fastest catamaran on the market, with a maximum speed of around 13 knots. Still, it is one of the quicker cats considering its elaborate amenities and comfortable size.

  • Maximum Speed: 13 knots
  • Length: 50 ft (15.24 m)
  • Beam: 26 ft (7.98 m)
  • Draft: 5 ft (1.57 m)
  • Displacement: 25 tonnes

Although cruising catamarans are great boats for slowly cruising along the water, they can also be swift, substantial racing boats that reach speeds of up to 35 knots. These speedy cruising catamarans still come with all of the amenities of leisure boats, but they also reach incredible speeds without rocking or tossing. 

Owner of CatamaranFreedom.com. A minimalist that has lived in a caravan in Sweden, 35ft Monohull in the Bahamas, and right now in his self-built Van. He just started the next adventure, to circumnavigate the world on a Catamaran!

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    ArrowCat 320. Merging express cruiser elegance with catamaran stability, the ArrowCat 320 Coupe features a planing hull design for smooth, swift rides. Powered by twin outboard motors, it promises dynamic performance and exhilarating adventures on every voyage. Standard Layout: 2 Cabins/ 1 Wet Head. Optional Tower Option. LOA: 31′ 2″ / 9.5 ...

  18. Catamarans Smaller Than 38 Feet For Sale

    From the drawing board of renowned designer Philippe Pouvreau and Dolphin Catamarans, comes a new standard bearer of the best small performance cruising catamaran - the Dolphin 380. The new Dolphin 380 offers an unparalleled combination of accommodation, performance and build quality in this size range, making it perfect for extended cruising.

  19. Catamaran Performance Boats for Sale

    This boat sounds amazing with the V-10 and will cruise all day long at 80 MPH while still being very fuel efficient. Top speed reached has been 95 MPH in Havasu with 30 pitch 4-blade prop. The first $129,900 takes it! Title in hand! Please contact Nick at 614-354-9305 for inquiries.. Located in Ashland Ohio.

  20. 37XCC Smart Performance Marine

    The Phoenix Hull Design: An Extraordinary Driving Experience. Every Phoenix catamaran, from the race-ready 32XR to the versatile 37XCC, shares the same design elements, developed and refined by owner Chris Schoenbohm over decades of modifying, building, rigging and racing outboard catamarans. In combination, they add up to an unparalleled combination of acceleration, speed, efficiency and ...

  21. Smart Performance Marine

    Blending Art and Science. The Phoenix lineup of catamarans by Smart Performance Marine may be new to the consumer market, but their design and construction are the product of two decades of modifying, designing, rigging, and building high-performance outboard catamarans for offshore racing and pleasure boating.. Founder, owner and designer Chris Schoenbohm bought his first race boat in 2003 ...

  22. 13 Best Catamarans for Cruising (Buyer's Guide With Prices)

    However, purchasing a cruising catamaran is no small decision; it's essential to research the range of models to decide which will be best for you. Some of the best catamarans for cruising are the Sunreef 60, the Leopard 45, the Saona 46, the Manta 42, and the Antares 44i. A good cruising catamaran offers plenty of space, extended range and ...

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    History shows that a sharp rally by small caps bodes well for their near-term performance. The Russell 2000 gained at least 1% in five straight sessions over the past week, which has only happened ...

  24. Stock market today: Dow surges 742 points and small caps rally as

    US equities soared on Tuesday as the bull market swept into broader corners of the market. While the Dow Jones jumped 1.8% to a new record high, the Russell 2000, an index focused on small-caps ...

  25. Biden-Harris Administration Announces Preliminary Terms with

    Media Contact: Madeline Broas, madeline.broas [at] chips.gov (madeline[dot]broas[at]chips[dot]gov). Today, as part of the Investing in America tour, the Biden-Harris Administration announced that the U.S. Department of Commerce and GlobalWafers America, LLC and MEMC LLC ("MEMC"), subsidiaries of GlobalWafers Co., Ltd. ("GlobalWafers"), have signed a non-binding preliminary memorandum ...

  26. The 8 Fastest Cruising Catamarans (With Speedchart)

    Some of the fastest cruising catamarans include the Gunboat 68 (35 knots), Outremer 45 (25 knots), ORC50 (25 knots), FastCat 435 (20 knots), TS 42 (35 knots), and Lagoon 440 (20 knots). Yet, there are many more cats that can reach 35 knots safely. If you are interested in knowing about the fastest cruising catamarans, I have you covered.

  27. Focus on Trump 'lies,' not my debate performance, Biden says

    On July 8, Biden, 81, spoke to some of his biggest donors and said they needed to shift the election campaign's focus from him and his poor debate performance to Trump, the Republican nominee in ...