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2024 Darwin Dili Yacht Rally Cancelled

The 2024 Darwin Dili Yacht Rally has been formally cancelled.

Yachts are more than welcome to visit Timor-Leste independently of the Rally. 

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Nautical Supplies (AMI Maritime Pty Ltd Trading as Nautical Supplies) is a long established specialist supplier for Northern Australia’s commercial, industrial and private marine sectors. Our premises are located on the waterfront close to Darwin’s CBD, and Portsmith Cairns, QLD.

We provide a broad range of goods and services, including marine safety equipment, marine electronics and servicing, and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and skills in supplying and servicing of this equipment.

In addition, at our Darwin location we have a sail loft and a rigging and splicing department. We source leading international marine brands, and have freight services in place which enable us to provide fast and efficient deliveries across the whole of Australia and South East Asia. Nautical Supplies are a member of the AMI Group.

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Darwin class.

yacht shop darwin

The horizons of endless exploration

With the Evolution of the Species, Charles Darwin theorized that all species survive and thrive through evolution. Cantiere delle Marche has embraced this notion, channeling it in their inaugural product line: the Darwin Class.

The explorer yachts of the Darwin Class epitomize the maximum level of adaptability to Owners’requests. This line’s resounding success can be attributed, in no small part, to its exceptional adaptability, combined with unrivalled design and technical characteristics.

Since the shipyard establishment, a total of thirteen Darwins ranging from 86 to 115 feet have been delivered and sailed to the most remote areas of the world. Robust, reliable, the Darwins are the archetype of explorer yachts.

yacht shop darwin

Yacht Features

yacht shop darwin

Engine room

The engine room serves as the beating heart of the Darwin Class, embodying the principles of spaciousness, functionality, ease of maintenance, durability, and cleanliness in every aspect. The generous interior dimensions, combined with a meticulously designed layout for each piece of machinery, ensure effortless maintenance.

From the use of Cupro Nickel piping to the integration of remote-controlled valves and parallel automatic generators, every component within the engine room adheres to the same stringent standards typically reserved for much larger vessels. Moreover, our water treatment systems, including black and grey water as well as bilge sludge treatment, incorporate proven technologies employed on high-intensity, 24/7 operating mercantile ships.

yacht shop darwin

The hull is built with steel grade A and the superstructure in light aluminum 5083, a combination that lowers the centre of gravity of the vessel increasing safety and stability. The thickness of the steel plates at the bottom of the hull is 12 mm, exceeding the requirements of standard classification.

yacht shop darwin

The Darwin Class offers a versatile space that caters to the Owner's preferences during their sea adventures. Whether the Owner is an avid diver, a dedicated fisherman, or a water sports enthusiast, the lazarette can be customized with the necessary equipment and machinery to optimize the Owner's chosen activity.Our meticulous engineering ensures that the storage area remains organized, tidy, and keeps the Owner's belongings secure even in challenging sea conditions. Alternatively, for those moments when the Owner simply wishes to bask in the sea's beauty, the lazarette can be effortlessly transformed into a well-appointed laundry and storage space.

yacht shop darwin

We believe that beauty and performance are inseparable values that together enable the ship- owner to enjoy the very best sensations every minute of his life a board. The Sun Deck of the Darwin Class is superior in size to those on other vessels of a corresponding length, a true deck on which one can relax, have lunch, sunbathe, train or simply entertain a number of guests for a cocktail or party aboard.

Discover the Line

yacht shop darwin

26,10 x 7,46 mt

yacht shop darwin

31,00 x 7,43 mt

yacht shop darwin

35,00 x 8,20 mt

We are Explorers

yacht shop darwin

Expanding our horizons

Ennio Cecchini

Discover the Fleet

yacht shop darwin

Darwin Class 86'

yacht shop darwin

Darwin Class 102'

yacht shop darwin

Darwin Class 107'

yacht shop darwin

Darwin Class 96'

yacht shop darwin

Darwin Class 86' - 2012

yacht shop darwin

Voyages to distant horizons: sailing to remote shores with Cantiere delle Marche’s explorer yachts.

yacht shop darwin

Sergio Cutolo

Once again, the joint effort between a shipyard with an amazing vision of the market and its customer’s needs, and a clever design engineering is proving to be a winning formula!

After having presented the new Darwin 90 and 115 in Cannes, how would you position this Darwin 107’ in the range? The new Darwin 107’is quite close to the 115’ in terms of length. The design has started from the specific requirement of the Client, a very expert and knowledgeable yacht man, who has asked us a very family oriented version of the Darwin Class also considering that the crew is virtually part of the family, after so many years working for the same Principal. Obviously the aesthetic choices and design details of this Darwin 107’ are completely in line with what I defined in the last issue of this newsletter as the Darwin 2.0: the first real refreshing of this range since the launch of the Darwin 86 three years ago.

Let’s go deeper into the Darwin 107’ design. The 107' represents a very clever compromise as far as the technical contents, the volume and the price are concerned. There is no doubt that it is ‘a lot of boat’ for the size and its intrinsical contents are definitely the highest possible on the market today. It is based on a new naval platform, with width and length of construcion significatevely incremented if compared to the previous yachts delivered by CdM. The waterlines, even if based on the previous succesful experiences, have been optimized with Final Element Analysis in cooperation with the Marin Dutch Institute, granting to the owner the best efficiency, seaworthiness and performance in all conditions. This is of paramount importance importance, keeping in mind that this Vessel will cruise up to the North West Passage and the guests will be onboard for many days also during long passages. As I said before when presenting the Darwin 90 and 115, the refresh of the design it is evident looking at this yachts, but at the same time it is very difficult to recognize it in its single elements: The 107’ is in all respects a Darwin Class at first sight.

What would you identify as the strengths of the Darwin 107’? As far as we have realized working side by side with the owner, its captain and the staff at CdM, the main peculiarities of this design are the simplicity of the basics of the engineering of this project (which doesn’t mean a simple project…) which has been thought as usual for the Darwins to be hyper reliable, and the extreme personalization and customization of the details in order to satisfy in full the owner’s needs together with the ones of his crew. In any case, it is very important to stress that this platform, for its characteristics, it is very flexible and it adapts perfectly to many different needs: this is why – at the moment – it is already used by the shipyard for different commercial proposals.

yacht shop darwin

132 146 3 146 4

yacht shop darwin

115 130 155

yacht shop darwin

115 130 141

We have combined the best designers, captains and skilled workers: experiences and visions of the most have merged into a unique project. Our class of yachts is selected by the sea.

Explore your own course


Same soul, different shapes. Discover all our Explorer Yacht ranges.

yacht shop darwin

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Boat & Catamaran charter in Darwin  - Yacht Rental

Boat & Catamaran charter in Darwin - Yacht Rental

Darwin yacht rental.

Explore the hidden gems of Australia’s tropical coastline with Yachting.Rent in Darwin, Northern Territory. Our bespoke yacht rental service is designed to offer an unparalleled blend of luxury, adventure, and the raw beauty of the Northern seas. With every ripple of water and every horizon you chase, our yachts become the perfect companion to create memories that last a lifetime.

The Darwin Experience : Darwin, a melting pot of cultures, is Australia’s gateway to Southeast Asia and offers a unique tropical charm. The azure waters, teeming with vibrant marine life, offer spectacular sunsets that paint the sky in hues of gold and crimson. What better way to enjoy this spectacle than from the deck of a luxurious yacht?

Our Fleet at Yachting.Rent : Understanding that every individual has a distinct idea of adventure, our fleet boasts a variety of yachts tailored for different needs. From sleek, fast-moving vessels for the adrenaline seekers to spacious, luxury yachts for those seeking tranquility and comfort, Yachting.Rent ensures every voyage is special. Each yacht is maintained to the highest standards, ensuring safety without compromising on comfort.

Why Choose Us? With years of experience sailing the Northern waters, our crew at Yachting.Rent brings in-depth knowledge of the local seascape, ensuring you discover hidden bays, secluded beaches, and secret diving spots that few know about. Our emphasis on customizing each journey, from food to the route, ensures that you live the Darwin dream, your way.

Begin your adventure with Yachting.Rent. Whether you’re looking to escape the mundane, celebrate an occasion, or just explore the Northern Territory’s coastal beauty, our yachts provide the ideal setting. Dive into the rich marine life, bask under the tropical sun, dine under the stars, and let the waves lull you to sleep. Experience Darwin like never before, with Yachting.Rent as your trusted partner on the seas.

Daniel Goldman

CEO of Yachting.Rent

Boat & Catamaran charter in Darwin

Fountaine Pajot Elba 45 - 4 + 1 cab.

Fountaine Pajot Elba 45 – 4 + 1 cab.

Cumberland 46 - 4 cab.

Cumberland 46 – 4 cab.

Catamaran Bali 4.3 - Celeno

Bali 4.3 – celeno

Bali 4.2 OW - Queen Lizzy

Bali 4.2 OW – Queen Lizzy

Bali 4.3 - Nautilus

Bali 4.3 – Nautilus

Lagoon 40 - 4 cab.

Lagoon 40 – 4 cab.

yacht shop darwin

Why Choose Us

Yacht charter in Darwin

Set sail in the pristine waters of Darwin, Northern Territory with Yachting.Rent, the premier destination for tailored yacht charter experiences. From the untouched beauty of Australia’s tropical coastline to the secrets of the deep blue, every charter is an invitation to immerse yourself in nature’s magnificence, whilst wrapped in luxury.

Tailored Adventures with Yachting.Rent : Situated at the crossroads of Australia’s rich marine biodiversity, Darwin’s seascape offers an incredible tapestry of coral reefs, hidden coves, and vibrant marine life. At Yachting.Rent, we curate personalized charters that navigate these waters, taking you on a voyage of discovery and relaxation. Each journey is more than just a route; it’s an expression of your desires, whether that’s to find secluded spots for a romantic escape, engage in water sports, or simply drift and dream under the southern sun.

Our Charter Offerings : Our meticulously maintained fleet ranges from sporty sailboats for the thrill-seekers to opulent yachts designed for leisure. Every vessel is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, safety features, and a dedicated crew that brings both skill and local knowledge to your trip. This ensures you not only travel in style and comfort but also gain insights into the best spots that Darwin has to offer.

Beyond Just Sailing : Yachting.Rent understands that a charter is not only about the journey on the water but also the experiences off it. From gourmet meals prepared onboard by seasoned chefs to guided snorkeling adventures amongst coral gardens, every detail is thought through. We collaborate with you to create itineraries that resonate with your interests, making each charter uniquely yours.

Embrace the call of the ocean and let Yachting.Rent guide your next marine adventure in Darwin. Dive into crystal-clear waters, indulge in starlit dinners, and let the horizon guide you. With our unmatched expertise and passion for the sea, each charter is a promise of memories that linger long after you’ve set foot on land. Embark with us and redefine your idea of a perfect sea voyage.

Satisfield Clients

Experiented Crew

Luxurious Boats

Premium Facilities

Featured Boats & Catamarans in Darwin

Bali 4.3

Bali 4.1 – 4 cab.

Leopard 46 - 4 cab.

Leopard 46 – 4 cab.

Nautitech 40 Open - 4 cab.

Nautitech 40 Open – 4 cab.

Lagoon 440 - 4 cab.

Lagoon 440 – 4 cab.

Oceanis 48 - 5 cab.

Oceanis 48 – 5 cab.

yacht shop darwin

Philippinen (1)


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About Darwin

Why is Darwin a good sailing destination?

Darwin, located in Australia’s Northern Territory, stands as a beacon for sailors and marine enthusiasts worldwide. But what makes it such an unparalleled sailing destination? With Yachting.Rent, embark on a voyage to unravel Darwin’s magnetic allure and discover the experiences that await under its sun-kissed skies.

Natural Beauty and Diverse Marine Life : Darwin boasts a unique blend of turquoise waters, intricate mangrove systems, and a biodiversity that is both rich and captivating. As your yacht cuts through the gentle waves, expect encounters with playful dolphins, majestic sea turtles, and an array of colorful fish that call these waters home. The region’s coral reefs, shimmering under the sun, offer snorkelers and divers an underwater spectacle like no other.

Cultural Heritage : The rich tapestry of Darwin’s history can be felt even at sea. From indigenous sea routes used by Aboriginal communities for millennia to relics from WWII, the waters around Darwin narrate tales of ancient traditions and historic moments. With Yachting.Rent, every sail becomes an educational journey, intertwining pleasure with profound insights into the area’s heritage.

Ideal Sailing Conditions : Darwin’s tropical climate ensures a prolonged sailing season, with steady winds, predictable weather patterns, and warm waters. Whether you’re an experienced sailor or a novice, the conditions here are conducive to both relaxed cruising and thrilling adventures.

Secluded Anchorage Points : Beyond the bustling harbor, Darwin offers a myriad of secluded bays and secret spots, perfect for those seeking tranquility. Drop anchor, take a refreshing swim, or watch a mesmerizing sunset with a backdrop of untouched landscapes.

Accessible Adventures : Darwin acts as a gateway to some of Northern Territory’s most iconic attractions. From waterfalls to national parks, those docking their yachts have an array of land-based excursions to choose from.

Yachting.Rent recognizes the magic that Darwin brings to every sailing experience. It’s not just about navigating the waters; it’s about immersing oneself in a world where nature, culture, and adventure converge. Set sail with us and uncover why Darwin is not just a destination but a revelation for every sailor at heart.

yacht shop darwin


yacht shop darwin

What Choose

Sailing boat or Catamaran, what to sail in Darwin

When it comes to navigating the tranquil waters of Darwin, Northern Territory, sailors often find themselves at a crossroads: should they opt for the timeless elegance of a sailing boat or the spacious comfort of a catamaran? Yachting.Rent is here to help make that decision clearer and tailored to your sailing desires.

The traditional sailing boat epitomizes a deep-rooted maritime legacy. Its sleek design, characterized by a single hull, offers an intimate connection with the sea. As the boat cuts seamlessly through the waves, one can feel the rhythm of the ocean and the whispers of age-old seafaring tales. The advantage of this vessel lies in its ability to offer a genuine, unfiltered sailing experience. The slender profile, coupled with its deep hull, ensures that sailors can navigate narrower channels and explore hidden alcoves along Darwin’s coastline. Furthermore, the tactile experience of managing sails and rigging draws sailors closer to the art of true navigation, making the journey as exhilarating as the destination.

On the other hand, the catamaran presents a modern take on maritime luxury. With its twin hulls, the catamaran offers unparalleled stability, making it an ideal choice for those new to sailing or those who prioritize comfort above all else. The expansive deck space is perfect for sunbathing, group activities, or simply enjoying the panoramic views of the Darwin seascape. Below deck, the cabins and living spaces are generally more spacious than their counterparts on traditional sailing boats, providing an added layer of comfort during overnight trips. The wide beam of the catamaran also means that it can anchor closer to shore, allowing easy access to beaches and lagoons.

In conclusion, whether you’re an avid sailor seeking to reconnect with traditional navigation or a group of friends wanting a comfortable and luxurious sea adventure, Yachting.Rent in Darwin has something for everyone. Your choice between a sailing boat and a catamaran will ultimately depend on the kind of experience you seek. Both vessels offer unique perspectives of Darwin’s stunning coastal beauty, ensuring that regardless of your choice, the journey will be unforgettable.

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Sydney Harbour Sailing: Iconic Landmarks and Hidden Coves


The Whitsundays: Australia's Tropical Sailing Paradise


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Ground Floor 8-9 Marino Mart Fairview Clontarf, D03 X589 Dublin, Ireland

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DARWIN 93' (28.50m) Su Marine Yacht For Sale

Posted July 15, 2022 in Brokerage & New Build by Ashleigh King

The 93’ (28.50m) luxury yacht DARWIN is now for sale with Yacht Broker Deniz Kaymaz.

Designed by the well-known Tanju Kalaycioglu and built by Su Marine, DARWIN features a classic commuter style that blends with the modern touch of her famed designer. Her sleek, traditional exterior style and plumb wave-piercing bow make her exceptionally seaworthy and easily distinguishable from the crowd. DARWIN has benefitted from many mechanical updates in 2022 and completed her 10-year RINA survey in 2021, a year earlier than anticipated.

DARWIN’s beautiful main salon showcases a charming design with lots of wood. This very warm and welcoming area is illuminated by natural light from the surrounding windows and a striking skylight positioned in the middle of the white lacquered loft-style ceiling. Small touches of bright colors add a fresh look while not overwhelming the traditional aesthetic. The yacht’s galley is a natural place for guests to gather to enjoy a snack and converse at the multipurpose bar/island. Eight guests are welcome in DARWIN’s four stunning staterooms that comprise a king-size owner’s suite, a VIP with a double bed, one double cabin and a cabin with twin beds, one of which has guard rails, perfect for babies or small children. DARWIN’s light and bright staterooms engulf guests in a feeling of luxury and comfort.

DARWIN’s aft deck includes a large U-shaped sofa and table for casual alfresco dining. As guests venture up to her flybridge, they will notice plenty of seating and lounge spaces. The yacht’s traditional styling is continued throughout her exterior. The yacht’s foredeck is ideal for lounging in privacy with the awe-inspiring scenery as your backdrop.

Contact Deniz Kaymaz for more information on this yacht for sale. Contact N&J’s press team for media requests and photos of this yacht.

If you’re interested in  buying  or  selling a yacht , contact the professional team of yacht brokers at Northrop & Johnson today. As a world-leading yacht brokerage, Northrop & Johnson offers access to thousands of luxury  yachts for sale  around the world, including private yachts not publicly advertised for sale. From yacht sales to new construction, contact our team of  yacht brokers  to get the results you need.

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yacht shop darwin

Luxury Yacht Rental in the Northern Territory Australia

Luxury yacht charter guide to the northern territory australia.

For those charter guests who have been dreaming of the red rock Australia, where giant saltwater crocodiles hide in mangroves and weep-worthy sunsets strike the sky, the Northern Territory offers something truly special. This is the home of Australia’s indigenous culture, where sacred spots and stargazing welcome you to another world. Beyond the raw outline of the Outback lands, there’s the trendy capital of Darwin and azure beaches fringing the coastline.

Aboriginal rock art (Namondjok) at Nourlangie, Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, Australia

Reasons to Charter a Yacht to Northern Territory Australia

Heart and heritage.

The Northern Territory is the heartlands of Australia’s indigenous heritage. Here, you can converse with artists at work, head out for tours with indigenous leaders, and see the rock paintings in all their mystical splendor on the walls of Uluru. A place of ritual and festival, the Northern Territories is a rare find.

Under the Radar Beaches

While the beaches of Sydney may be swarming, the shores of the Northern Territory are relatively untapped. There are saltwater crocs and jellyfish in the summer months, making unplanned plunges a little trickier, but your yacht captain will be able to steer you to safer sands and seas. From the Indonesian looking Cossies to the dolphins and turtles of Wagait, and the red cliffs of freshwater creeks that can be found in Harney, the north is magical.

Otherworldly Landscapes

From the mythical magic of Uluru to the hidden tropical paradise of Palm Valley, the falls of Kakadu, and the pristine beaches – there are a thousand and one fabled landscapes waiting for you in the Northern Territory. Evocative names like ‘the devils marbles’ and outback scenes that seem to belong to Crocodile Dundee fill your heart with sparks.

Simpson Gap, 22 km west of Alice Spings, Northern Territory

Where to Visit in Northern Territory Australia

With a tropical cosmopolitan edge, the capital city of the Northern Territory is tantalizing in every way. Gazing out onto the Timor Sea, the city boasts an innovative collection of indigenous heavy art museums, charming sidewalk cafes, and more than fifty different nationalities adding to the vibrant mix. It’s the gateway to the nearby National Parks and the Tiwi Islands. Hit up Mindil Beach Sunset Market and Crocosaurus Cove to cage dive with these jaw dropping prehistoric creatures.

Make the pilgrimage to Uluru and its fields of lights. The ruby gem in Australia’s crown, the immense red rock of Uluru is deeply significant. A World Heritage wonder, Uluru is the red heart of this continent and is one of the cornerstones of the ancestral creation period. Sunsets and sunrises are staggering and soak the land and the rock in prisms of gold and pink. The indigenous cave drawings are mind blowing in their intricate antiquity, and the stargazing is simply sublime.

The Kakadu National Park is like stepping into Mother Nature’s amphitheater. Rich in diversity, this area is all rainbow swirling waterfalls, red rocks, wetland wonders, and wild exotic animals. You can see ‘child of the lightning man’ grasshoppers, river sharks, crocs, and flatback turtles. Catch the sunset at Nadab Lookout where standing at the edge of the world you can see the floodplains span for miles until they dissipate with the red rust of the horizon. Visit ancient sites with rock art spanning back 20,000 years and take a kayak down Katherine Gorge.

When to Charter a Yacht to Northern Territory Australia

Head for the russet red tones of the Northern Territory between the months of May and October to make the best of the weather. During the dry season it’s at its coolest especially in the red heart of Uluru. The coast keeps consistently tropical temperatures all year round.

Yachts by type


yacht shop darwin

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Eat, Drink, Shop

The darwin sailing club inc.

The Darwin Sailing Club is an active and vibrant family-orientated club offering year-round sailing and hospitality to members and visitors to Darwin from the beautiful clubhouse on Fannie Bay. Enjoy the award-winning hospitality of our Waterfront Bistro and the diverse range of beverages carefully selected by our wine and beer connoisseurs. The open and airy clubhouse on Fannie Bay offers the perfect setting to enjoy the spectacular Darwin sunsets with family, friends and associates.

5 Atkins Drive 0820 NT Australia

Group of friends dining together at the Darwin Sailing Club

Receive regular updates on what's on around Darwin City

Spotlight on.

Date night ideas for Valentine’s Day

Date night ideas for Valentine’s Day

Seriously Social Games

That's a wrap for the 2024 Seriously Social Games

Darwin Waterfront

Fitness in the CBD

2021 Darwin Street Art Festival at Aralia Street, Miss Polly

Placemaking at Aralia Street

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yacht shop darwin

DARWIN is a 28.5 m Motor Yacht, built in Turkey by Su Marine and delivered in 2013.

Her top speed is 22.0 kn and her cruising speed is 16.0 kn and her power comes from two MAN diesel engines. She can accommodate up to 8 guests in 4 staterooms, with 4 crew members waiting on their every need. She has a 6.4 m beam.

She was designed by Taka Yachts , who also completed the naval architecture. Taka Yachts has designed 13 yachts and created the naval architecture for 12 yachts for yachts above 24 metres.

Her interior was designed by Su Marine - she is built with a Teak deck, a Epoxy and Wood hull, and Epoxy and Wood superstructure.

DARWIN is one of 5799 motor yachts in the 24-30m size range.

DARWIN is registered under the United States of America flag, the most popular flag state for superyachts with a total of 1643 yachts registered


  • Name: DARWIN
  • Yacht Type: Motor Yacht
  • Yacht Subtype: Semi-displacement
  • Builder: Su Marine
  • Naval Architect: Taka Yachts
  • Exterior Designer: Taka Yachts
  • Interior Designer: Su Marine

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Sail Boats For Sale in Darwin NT

Found 14 listings.

  • Trailer - Mono
  • Trailer - Multi

Beneteau First 45f5 Add Value Cheap! Repair Needed (Darwin NT)

Beneteau First 45f5 Add Value Cheap! Repair Needed (Darwin NT)

Beneteau First 45f5 Add Value Cheap! Repair Needed (Darwin NT) Well known Beneteau 45f5 ...

  • 44' 9" / 13.64m

Jensen Coral Sea 37

Jensen Coral Sea 37

Owner wants sold Price drop Dont miss this one. A very well built cruising catamaran priced ...

  • 38' 9" / 11.80m
  • AU $235,000

Cruising Schooner 20m Sailing Vessel

Cruising Schooner 20m Sailing Vessel

This 20m Schooner was built by renowned boat builder Robert Gordon as a scaled down version of ...

Member of Marine Brokers Institute

  • 60' 6" / 18.45m
  • POA Plus GST if applicable

Jeanneau 54DS Mast Head Sloop - Sun Odyssey

Jeanneau 54DS Mast Head Sloop - Sun Odyssey

Madeira, a 2006 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54 Deck Saloon is a very desirable luxury cruising yacht ...

  • 54' 11" / 16.74m
  • AU $420,000 Negotiable

Passport 42 - Price Reduced 20% - Classic Blue Water Yacht

Passport 42 - Price Reduced 20% - Classic Blue Water Yacht

Owners are motivated to sell - due to imminent move interstate A rare find encapsulating ...

  • 42' / 12.80m
  • 1981 approx
  • AU $120,000 Now reduced

Kanter 47

This is a project boat. Extensive termite damage and will need a full refit. ...

  • 47' 0" / 14.33m

Seawind 850

Seawind 850

Small Live aboard sailing catamaran with heaps of extras. 1 double berth 2 single berths. Full ...

  • 27' 11" / 8.50m
  • AU $90,000 Make an offer

Inglis 39 Fast Cruiser Comfortable Easy Shorthand Sailing

Inglis 39 Fast Cruiser Comfortable Easy Shorthand Sailing

Please note we are cruising so use WhatsApp to call us. +61423153192 After a distinguished ...

  • 39' 4" / 12.00m
  • 1994 approx
  • AU $86,500 Negotiable

John Pugh 50

John Pugh 50


  • 49' 3" / 15.01m
  • AU $170,000

John Pugh 50 FAIRWINDS

John Pugh 50 Fairwinds

  • AU $170,000 Negotiable

John Pugh 50

TopKnot is a John Pugh Fairwinds 50 ketch, professionally built in Fremantle in 1983 by Jack ...

  • 49' 3" / 15.00m
  • AU $170,000 Firm


Berth for sale. 11m x 7.5m, suits multihulls Bayview Marina, Darwin. Liveaboard possible, ...

  • 36' 1" / 11.00m
  • AU $50,000 Negotiable

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yacht shop darwin

Motor Yacht

Darwin is a custom motor yacht launched in 2013 by Su Marine, in Turkey.

Su Marine focuses on the building of wooden & composite boats targeting the top end of the market. From start to finish, the best materials and suppliers, recognized worldwide are utilized.

Darwin measures 28.50 metres in length, with a max draft of 1.80 feet and a beam of 6.40 feet.

Darwin has a wood / epoxy hull with a carbon superstructure.

Her interior design is by Su Marine.

Darwin also features naval architecture by Taka Yachts.

Performance and Capabilities

Darwin has a top speed of 21.00 knots. She is powered by a twin screw propulsion system.

Darwin has a fuel capacity of 9,000 litres, and a water capacity of 2,000 litres.


Darwin accommodates up to 8 guests in 4 cabins. She also houses room for up to 5 crew members.

Other Specifications

Darwin has a hull NB of NB09.


  • Yacht Builder Su Marine View profile
  • Naval Architect Taka Yachts No profile available
  • Exterior Designer Tanju Kalaycioglu No profile available
  • Interior Designer Su Marine View profile

Yacht Specs

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  • CdM Darwin 86

One Off.

CdM Darwin 86 Darwin 86

Cantiere delle marche: explore new horizons.

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The Darwin 86 is a true global explorer featuring a full displacement steel hull, aluminum superstructure, and long cruising range over 4,000nm. Offered in a 4 or 5 cabin layout with either a full beam master below deck or master suite forward on the main deck. Ability to carry a larger tender on the upper deck, custom lazarette that can be used for a dive center/fishing gear/watersports/Sea Bob storage. Over engineering with oversized engine room with easy access to all major machinery, alfa laval, shore power converter, independent rudders, fuel efficient, and ability to cruise to the far corners of the world in complete comfort. 18 month build time.

Contact Cantiere delle Marche yacht dealer Denison Yacht Sales for a private showing.

  • Lenth Overall 85' 63''
  • Waterline Length 75'
  • Beam 27' 6"
  • Draft 11' 6"
  • Displacement, full load 195 t
  • Engines 2 x Caterpillar C12 287
  • Cruise Speed 10 knots
  • Max Speed 11.5 knots
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 11,100 gal
  • Fresh Water Capcity 900 gal
  • Staterooms 4
  • Range 5,300 nm @ 8.5 knots

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By SuperyachtNews 11 Jan 2022

Darwin 106 Uptight successfully launched

Cantiere delle marche announces the launch of their new explorer yacht uptight….

Image for article Darwin 106 Uptight successfully launched

Cantiere delle Marche has announced the launch of their Darwin 106 explorer yacht Uptight. 

 “We knew that our explorers fitted perfectly with our American owners’ requirements as for volumes, spaces, robustness, long-range, technical reliability, functionality, no-nonsense approach and, last but not least, customer care and after-sale service. It has taken us a few years to penetrate the American market but we made it, eventually, as scheduled,” says Vasco Buonpensiere, co-founder and Sales & Marketing Director at CdM.

“The owner of the Darwin 106 has a great deal of experience in yachting and is assisted by a highly experienced team. This means a lot to us. It is proof that we are doing our job properly combining construction and technical qualities with style and elegance.”

Uptight has been designed to fulfil her owner's desire to have a reliable and comfortable explorer yacht to enjoy months-long fishing expeditions in remote seas. They are planning expeditions to Alaska and other far-flung destinations. The family owns a few fisherman yachts and they wanted to add a slow displacement vessel to their private fleet to enjoy long expeditions.

yacht shop darwin

Uptight is based on the naval platform of the Darwin 102, designed, engineered and modified by Sergio Cutolo/Hydro Tec to match her owner's requests. According to her owner’s wishes, the yacht features a specifically designed layout with a ‘country kitchen’ which opens onto the main salon giving the whole environment an informal atmosphere and, instead of a sky lounge, the Upper Deck hosts a panoramic owner Stateroom. The most peculiar feature of Uptight is undoubtedly the fishing cockpit fitted as a sportfisherman's. The stern platform has been transformed into an enclosed cockpit with a bulwark. A ‘battle station’ has been centrally placed in the cockpit, and fishing will be carried in ‘stand up’ position allowing multiple strikes to be managed at the same time, giving more fun to the ‘fishing family’. Screw-less rod holders have been placed on the large teak cap rail around the cockpit, all equipped with drainages and an easy access for periodic maintenance. 

In order to increase the range also in terms of food loading capacity, the storage space has been improved and optimised for long term food conservation. The interior layout makes the most out of the 255GT. The interior, decorated by Francesco Guida, features a large main salon with lounging and dining areas in direct connection with the galley located to port side. Three crew cabins are located on the Main deck forward alongside a crew mess. Five guest cabins – two double, a large VIP and two twins - are on the Lower deck. The owner's stateroom opens onto the Upper deck stern terrace. On the same deck there is a roomy and well-appointed wheelhouse. A large Sun deck tops the yacht’s superstructure. To deliver a top speed of 13 knots the displacement hull is fitted with twin Caterpillar C18 Acert 500kW each. At around 9.5 knots, Uptight will have a range of above 4 700 nautical miles.

yacht shop darwin

The above graph highlights Cantiere delle Marche's deliveries since 2015 and their average LOA(m). In the six years between 2015-2020 CdM have on average made two deliveries every year, 2021 saw a noted increase to 4 deliveries and it will be interesting to see if 2022 continues this increased level of output.

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Cantiere delle Marche (CDM)


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  23. Darwin 106 Uptight successfully launched

    Cantiere delle Marche has announced the launch of their Darwin 106 explorer yacht Uptight. "We knew that our explorers fitted perfectly with our American owners' requirements as for volumes, spaces, robustness, long-range, technical reliability, functionality, no-nonsense approach and, last but not least, customer care and after-sale service.