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Bernard Meyer

Bernard Meyer


The Meyer family has kept its shipbuilding company on course for 226 years – that’s seven generations. Currently Bernard Meyer and his sons Jan and Tim sit on the MEYER management board.

The company was founded in Papenburg, Germany and our shipyard facilities are still located there to this day. This is where the shipyard’s founder, Willm Rolf Meyer, started building small wooden sailing boats in 1795. More than 700 ships of different types have been built at the yard to date.

The other shipyards in the 6.500 employee strong MEYER Group are NEPTUN WERFT in Rostock and MEYER TURKU in Finland. We design and build ships tailored to the needs of our clients and with a wealth of expertise and innovative solutions. Our new yachting division MEYER Yachts follows exactly the same path.

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A home on the world's oceans

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As first model from MEYER YACHTS, ONE50 immediatly shows what the new brand stands for – pioneering spirit, exceptional excellence and no limits.

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On six decks, the yacht for a maximum of 36 guests offers a spa on two levels, a cinema with an adjoining billard room, and entertainment area including a stage, an art gallery and a huge infinity pool at the stern.

At 150 meters long and 20 meters wide, ONE50 has an enormous volume of 11.000 gross tons

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Fuel cells and battery banks are installed in the engine room to make ONE50 as sustainable as possible.

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Electrically powered by 13.500 kilowatts, ONE50 will reach a maximum speed of 18,5 knots. The yacht will be built entirely at the MEYER shipyard in Papenburg.

exceptional excellence

Crafted with passion and expertise..

With two covered building halls and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Papenburg, we are one of the largest and most modern shipyards in the world with halls of 370 and 504 metres in length. Around 50 luxury vessels have left our shipyard – and the next vessels are already under construction.


We also benefit from the efforts of several partners who are involved in the construction of our ships and yachts. Our affiliates in the MEYER Group work alongside many external suppliers to have an extensive network for all kinds of requests.

We work closely with around 2,000 employees at our partner companies in day-to-day operations. This means the MEYER Group generates a total of 40,000 jobs in the shipbuilding and supply industry, as well as in various trades involved in operations in Germany, Finland and other European countries.

We know that our success is mainly due to our craftsmen and partner companies. That’s why we continue to promote cooperative partnerships and assume responsibility for people, the region and the environment. Lots of our employees are the third or fourth generation within their family to work at MEYER – they have known the MEYER spirit since childhood.


Freedom means

Responsibility., we build the yachts of tomorrow., for us, engineering therefore means sustainability..

At MEYER we strongly believe that we have a duty to build our products as environmentally friendly as possible. That’s why our specialist technicians and engineers are constantly working on the most advanced technologies that will make our yachts even more efficient and sustainable.


The development of the LNG drive system for example has consolidated our position as the technological leader in the construction of cruise liners, and it’s also a huge incentive for us to continue our research.

Our objective is to build climate neutral yachts with alternative and renewable fuels – we’re putting all our passion and courage into the development of new ideas.

MEYER will also start testing fuel cells as the next milestone in the development of climate-neutral shipping solutions. Fuel cells are seen as the technology of the future. The concept is as simple as it is ingenious – hydrogen plus oxygen generates electricity and heat. Hydrogen is obtained from methanol, which can be produced sustainably from renewable energy sources. This means fuel cells operate without any harmful emissions – they only produce water vapour. The technology also reduces noise and vibration, which is an important requirement for yacht operations.

We look forward realizing

Your visions..

If you would like to find out more about MEYER YACHTS, please contact Dr. Jan Meyer.

We look forward to your visions.


Boots- & Yachtwerft

Location & hours.

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Pressentinstr. 17

18147 Rostock

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Boots service

Wir bieten umfangreiche Serviceleistungen rund um Ihr Boot Dazu gehören Wartung, Repartur und Pflege genauso wie Umbauten, technische Aufrüstung von GFK- und Aluminiumbooten. Selbstverständlich mit vorhergehender Beratung. Auf unserem Gelände in Rostock-Gehlsdorf bieten wir Winterlagerplätze im überdachten Freilager und im Außenlager. Zudem vermieten wir in Ribnitz-Damgarten Liegeplätze an unserer Schwimmsteganlage im Stadthafen Ribnitz.



Maßgeschneiderter Bootsbau Die Yachtagentur Rostock bietet außer Raparatur und Umbauten auch Neubau von Aluminiumbooten an. Von der Beratung und Planung bis zur Konstruktion und Ausführung bieten wir alle Leistungen unter einem Dach. Wir verwirklichen Ihre Wünsche. Oder Sie lassen sich eines unserer bewährten Modelle nach Ihren Vorstellungen herstellen. weiterlesen

Bootshandel Rostock

Boots handel

Schlauchboote und RIBs in Rostock Neben dem Verkauf von neuen Booten und Yachten sowie Gebrauchtbooten bietet die Yachtagentur Rostock auch Schlauchboote der Marke ALPUNA an. Passend zu den Booten bieten wir Elektromotoren von Torqeedo und natürlich Außenbordmotoren diverser Marken an. weiterlesen


Boots charter

Boote mieten und chartern Informieren Sie sich über unsere Charterflotte, die Standorte und Reviere. Sie finden bei uns von der kleinen Motoryacht bis zum hochwertig ausgerüsteten Angelboot alles, was das Wassersportlerherz begehrt. weiterlesen

yaro - Yachtagentur Rostock

Ihr kompetenter ansprechpartner rund um boote und wassersport..

Wir sind Ihr kompetenter Ansprechpartner für qualifizierte Leistungen rund um den Wassersport an der Ostseeküste und darüber hinaus.

Unser umfassender maritimer Service beinhaltet das Bootsdesign, Bootsbau, Bootsservice, Bootshandel sowie den Boots-Charter.

Des Weiteren sind wir gerne Ihr Ansprechpartner für Winterlager, Liegeplätze, Wartung, Reparatur, Elektromotoren von Torqeedo, Navigationselektronik, Sicherheitsausrüstung, sowie für den Bau von Hausbootpontons.

Super Angebot von Torqeedo

Travel 903 kaufen und bis zu 250 € sparen plus ein Taschenset geschenkt!

Bei uns erhältlich

Fischereiabgabemarken 2024, Jahresangelberechtigungen usw.

Hallenlager in Ribnitz-Damgarten

Ab sofort bieten wir an:

Winterlager für Boote auf eigenem Trailer von November 2023 - April 2024 in der Kalthalle in Ribnitz-Damgarten.

Neue Segel für "Jonna"

Herbst 2022

"Jonna" hat neue Segel erhalten!

Charterstandorte Ostsee

Charter Standorte

Chartern Sie Boote an unseren Standorten in Rostock und Ribnitz-Damgarten. weiterlesen

Boots- & Yachtwerft GmbH Rostock


Kontaktieren Sie uns! BOOTS-& YACHTWERFT GMBH ROSTOCK Bootsbaumeister Torsten Schranck 01723842058 [email protected] Blücherstraße 64 18055 Rostock


Boots- & Yachtwerft GmbH Rostock

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Yachtwerft Meyer

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  1. Rostock, Zum Sonnendeck / Zur Yachtwerft

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  5. Werft in Rostock an der Ostsee! Schiffsreparatur, Superyachten und

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  1. SOLAS Tests and Details

  2. Yachtwerft Berlin Neptun Holzboot Holzmotorboot by wooden-ships.de

  3. Stadthafen Rostock 15.3.24

  4. Yachtwerft Meyer Silverline Open Tender

  5. Bürgerschaftssitzung 20. März 2024

  6. Der Stadthafen in Rostock


  1. Home

    Sie nicht jeden. an Ihr Boot! Bei Fragen einfach anrufen unter. Telefon 0172 384 2058. oder senden Sie eine Mail an. Ihre Rostocker Boots- und Yachtwerft für Reparaturen an Holz und GFK sowie Schadensbegutachtung.

  2. Meyer Yachts

    This is where the shipyard's founder, Willm Rolf Meyer, started building small wooden sailing boats in 1795. More than 700 ships of different types have been built at the yard to date. The other shipyards in the 6.500 employee strong MEYER Group are NEPTUN WERFT in Rostock and MEYER TURKU in Finland. We design and build ships tailored to the ...

  3. Über uns

    Firmengeschichte September 1991: Eröffnung einer kleinen Bootsbauwerkstatt in Warnemünde Januar 1996: Gründung der Boots- & Yachtwerft GmbH Rostock am Ufer der Warnow in Rostock-Gehlsdorf Neuer Firmensitz und Verwaltung ab 01.08.2015: Blücherstraße 64 18055 Rostock

  4. Boots- & Yachtwerft GmbH Rostock Stadtmitte

    Boots- & Yachtwerft GmbH Rostock, Meisterbetrieb, Reparaturen, Um- und Ausbau von Booten, Decksverlegung, Osmosesanierungen mit 15jähriger Erfahrung, Konservierungen, Restauration klassischer Boote und Yachten, diverser Yachtservice rund ums Boot


    Boots- & Yachtwerft in Rostock, reviews by real people. Yelp is a fun and easy way to find, recommend and talk about what's great and not so great in Rostock and beyond.

  6. YARO-Yachtagentur Rostock Bootsbauer, Yachtdesign, Bootsverleih für

    Yachtagentur Rostock vereint Bootsverleih für Ostsee und Bodden, Yachtdesign und Bootsbau in Rostock. An den Standorten Rostock, Ribnitz-Damgarten und Rügen können Sie Boote für die Ostsee mieten.

  7. Kontakt

    Kontaktieren Sie uns! BOOTS-& YACHTWERFT GMBH ROSTOCK. Bootsbaumeister Torsten Schranck. 01723842058. [email protected]. Blücherstraße 64. 18055 Rostock. Bei Fragen einfach anrufen unter. Telefon 0172 384 2058.

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  9. Boots- & Yachtwerft Rostock Bootsbau

    Boots- & Yachtwerft GmbH Rostock Bootsbau. 0. Jetzt bewerten! Öffnungszeiten hinzufügen. Schiffswerft. Foto/Logo hinzufügen. Anrufen. E-Mail. Karte. Website (0381) 698768 Blücherstr. 64 . 18055 Rostock (Stadtmitte) ...

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  12. Boots- & Yachtwerft GmbH Rostock

    Activities - Boots- & Yachtwerft GmbH Rostock. Producer Distributor Service providers. Other classifications (for some countries) NACE Rev.2 (EU 2008) : Building of pleasure and sporting boats (3012) NACE Rev.2 (EU 2008) : Building of ships and floating structures (3011)

  13. Meyer Werft

    Meyer Werft is a German shipyard headquartered in Papenburg at the river Ems. Founded in 1795 and starting with small wooden vessels, today Meyer Werft is a builder of luxury passenger ships. 700 ships of different types have been built at the yard. Its "Dockhalle 2" is the third largest shipbuilding hall and the building with the fifth-largest ...

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  16. Rostock, Germany: Gehlsdorf, Krummendorf

    Please subscribe to channel for more videos, thank you!Bitte den Kanal für weitere Videos abonnieren, vielen Dank!Please watch in 4K/2160p or HD/1440p.Full R...

  17. Home

    Superyachting Composite Navy and Authorities Superyachting Composite Navy & Authorities

  18. Boots- & Yachtwerft GmbH Rostock Credit Report

    Find up to date company insights for Boots- & Yachtwerft GmbH Rostock. Get Contact details, financial insights, industry benchmarks, competitors from creditsafe.com

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  20. Boots- & Yachtwerft

    Boots- & Yachtwerft - Business Information. Hospitality · Germany · <25 Employees . Boots- & Yachtwerft is a company that operates in the Restaurants industry. It employs 1-5 people and has $0M-$1M of revenue. The company is headquartered in Rostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. Read More. View Company Info for Free

  21. PDF An der Yachtwerft 3ODQVWUD H

    satzung der hansestadt rostock ehu ghq %hedxxqjvsodq 1u : i u gdv *helhw (khpdoljhu 0dulqhvw w]sxqnw *hkovgrui ]zlvfkhq ghu 8qwhuzduqrz ghu 6wud h /dqjhqruw xqg ghu )hgru 6fkxfkdugw 6wud h vrzlh ghu )huqzluphohlwxqj hlqvfkolh olfk ghuhq jhgdfkwhq 9huolqjhuxqj sdudooho ]xu)ulhgulfk )lvfkhu 6wud h teil a: planzeichnung

  22. Apartments for rent in 18 Rostock, Germany

    竄ャ2,380(0%) Sep 2023. 竄ャ2,380(-53.3%) Throughout February 2024, the average monthly rent for apartments in/near 18 Rostock, Germany remained flat at 竄ャ395. Median rent trends for properties in 18 Rostock, Germany as of February 2024. Be informed and make custom offersbased on median rent prices.

  23. PDF 8 Doppelhaushälften Rostock

    BÜRO ROSTOCK ZUR YACHTWERFT 21 18147 ROSTOCK TELEFON 0381 3756809-7 0381 3756809-1 [email protected] www.semmelhaack.de Weitere vielfältige Angebote finden Sie auch im Internet unter www.semmelhaack.de KONTAKT. Title: Exposé Molkerei DH_K1.indd Created Date: