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  1. Experience working on a yacht? : r/belowdeck

    Worked on a yacht and 90% of people were chill, 1% had a genuine interest in me as a person, 1% were an absolute nightmare ie. one couple, screaming because the house wine was bad ( same wine all guests drank and asked for seconds and thirds of, that the house personally tasted and chose) and just made a scene, stomping around and screaming.

  2. Pros and cons of being a yacht stewardess : r/belowdeck

    Worked on yachts for 7 years. Pros: free rent, free food. Able to save money. Travel and see the world. Cons: good luck leaving the boat to see the locations you're at. You're a glorified housekeeper. You will be making beds, doing laundry and cleaning bathrooms for a solid 4 years before moving up to chief.

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  4. 9 Superyacht Crew Share What It's Like Working for a Billionaire

    Working on a yacht can be lucrative. Insider previously reported that deckhands earn an average of $3,083 to $3,574 a month, depending on the boat size. Captains reportedly get paid even more ...

  5. How To Work On Super Yachts & Sailboats (2021)

    Inexperienced yacht crew working as deckhands or stewardesses can earn between $2000-3000 a month. With more experience and higher positions, your salary can be between $3500-$6000 a month. On charter trips, guests typically tip 5% - 15% of the weekly charter fee, which is split between crew members. This can mean another $1000 per person ...

  6. How to Work on a Yacht: Step by Step Job Guide for Crew

    The tips depend on the size of the Yacht and the guests, but a good estimate is 10 - 20% of the total weekly price of a Yacht. If you imagine a 50m (165 foot) Yacht with 9 crew, it typically charters for $150,000 - $250,000 per week. For simplicity, let's add a 15% tip for $200,000/wk.

  7. Living & working on a sailing boat: the pros & cons!

    2. Supplies are limited. Living on a boat means being aware that you are working with limited resources especially in terms of water, fuel, electricity and food. The more luxurious the boat the less obvious this might be but the point still stands that if you turn on the tap it's coming from your supply not the mains.

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    A prominent expert on North Korea and former CIA analyst has been indicted by a New York grand jury on charges of secretly working for the South Korean government in exchange for designer goods ...

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    Letters sent in 2007 by a lawyer for Robert Morris shed light on how the pastor explained his past sexual behavior with a child — and who else might have known about it.

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    Several U.S. carriers issued ground stops for all their flights early on Friday following a global tech outage, according to the FAA.

  11. The Truth about Working on Superyachts

    To get a job on a yacht, you need more than waitressing experience and a lovely personality. You require job-specific qualifications. The bare minimum would be the STCW 2010 course, which is compulsory for all crew members to have completed. The course covers the basics of safety and security at sea and runs over 11 days.

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    Across the world, critical businesses and services including airlines, hospitals, train networks and TV stations, were disrupted on Friday by a global tech outage affecting Microsoft users.

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    The global computer outage affecting airports, banks and other businesses on Friday appears to stem at least partly from a software update issued by major US cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike ...

  14. What Working on Cruise Ships is Really Like: Pros & Cons

    The Pros of Working on Cruise Ships 1. You get paid to travel. This is probably the biggest and most well-known perk of getting a job on a cruise ship, and for good reason.. It is the ultimate work and travel job opportunity that has allowed me to travel to 35 countries, frolic on more Caribbean beaches than I can count, spend a month in the Mediterranean, sail through the Arctic Circle, dock ...

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    As her work became more risky, her rewards were greater, prosecutors said. Her payment started with a $2,950 Bottega Veneta bag and ballooned to lump sums of $11,000 and then $25,000, paid to Ms ...

  16. What is it like working on a superyacht?

    It's not uncommon to work from 6 am until 2 am, with a 2-3 hours break in the middle, 7 days a week, until the guests leave. Yes, I worked like that on one boat. There are minimum hours of rest yachts need to comply with. But that doesn't mean they do. Every yachtie will admit to working more hours than what is legal, just to get the job done.

  17. Our tips on how to work on a charter boat

    The main cost involved in getting started working on a yacht is safety training courses (which vary between $1,000 and $1,500 each) and a plane ticket to your destination. Depending on your situation, you may also need a couple of months' worth of money to house and feed yourself until you find your first yacht job.

  18. Anybody actually work on a yacht who can answer a question for me?

    We didn't charter a yacht but we chartered a private tour in the Virgin Islands for 16 hours and we absolutely hung out with the crew, and they encouraged it. You have to have a good relationship with and that you are basically trusting to save your life if the situation warrants it.

  19. CrowdStrike deploys fix for issue causing global tech outage

    Cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike has deployed a fix for an issue that triggered a major tech outage that affected industries ranging from airlines to banking to healthcare worldwide, the company's ...

  20. Working On A Yacht? 9 Things To Consider + Salary Examples

    Yacht Captain. Yacht captains often receive large salaries. This salary is typically based on the size of the yacht that they are working on. According to CNN, this job is a six-figure job that can often range from $100,000.00 to $250,000.00. The reason this job pays so well is that it can be a stressful job.

  21. Yacht Crew Jobs: How To Get Hired + Work On A Superyacht

    3) Daywork: Sometimes daywork can lead to long term opportunities. While daywork is temporary, crew may not realize that daywork can lead to the Captain or department head interviewing you and seeing how you might fit in with a boat full time. 4) Checking in: Check in with your agents. The better your crew agent knows you, the easier it is for ...

  22. What we know about the global Microsoft and CrowdStrike outage

    A routine software update caused cascading chaos Friday that has engulfed global businesses from airports and banks to retail and law enforcement.

  23. Working On A Yacht: Complete Guide to Finding Jobs

    The money you make will also depend on the owner of the yacht and where they are based in the world, the itinerary of the yacht, and whether it's private or charter. On average, this is what you can expect to earn monthly doing various yacht crew jobs: Deckhand Jobs: $2700. Steward: $3000. Chef: $4000.

  24. 5 Things you need to know before you join Yachting

    You work whenever work needs to be done, both without guests and when guests are on board. This could mean 7 hour days or 20 hour days if need be. But not to worry guests aren't on board all the time and whilst each yacht differs most have a standard 8 - 5 working day Monday to Friday without guests on.

  25. Is Working On A Yacht Worth It? Here's What You Should Know

    Working on a yacht can be a great experience for many people. It can provide a unique opportunity to travel, learn new skills, and meet people from all over the world. However, it can also be hard work, with long hours and the possibility of seasickness. Whether or not it is worth it depends on the individual and their goals.

  26. Yacht Charter Crew: Working on a yacht

    Working on a yacht also means you get to interact, day-in day-out, with some superb hardware, from the superyacht itself to the various on board toys. You get to rub shoulders with some extraordinary people too and with salaries ranging from around £1,500 per month for an entry-level deckhand to £15,000 per month for captains of the world's ...

  27. Would you work on a yacht? : r/belowdeck

    Yes, back a few years, maybe as gap year kind of thing. I'm sure that the work is hard but the travel opportunities look great. These kids (some of them) travel the world. I would love to work as a yacht stew. But honestly my body probably can't handle sleeping so little and working constantly😪.

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    For the first time in a dozen years, St. Paul's Harriet Island Regional Park will host a major rock and pop music festival, dubbed the Minnesota Yacht Club Festival, on Friday and Saturday.

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    Global computer outage forces mass flight cancellations across the US and wreaks havoc on other businesses