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The Tasar is one of those ‘cult classic’ two-person racing boats. While over 40 years old now, its handling and technical nature are as infamous as its sailing characteristics. The Tasar is unique in that it’s very light weight, and one of the few hiking (non-trapezing) boats that will plane upwind as well as down. There are active fleets in the Pacific Northwest, and around 700 boats in North America. Seattle and Vancouver are the centers of racing in the US, with fleets in the UK, Australia, and Japan. While the Tasar isn’t common to buy new anymore - mostly being available in fleet orders (4 boats at a time) - it’s still a boat we hold near and dear to our hearts. Hardware changes in the late 2000s saw Mylar Sails and new hardware options that upgraded the boat. The Tasar is a memorable hiking dinghy for high level racing - and it continues to age quite well over the decades.

  • Fast upwind and down without a trapeze
  • Storied racing history around the world
  • Very lightweight - 149lb hull is still light for the size class
  • Tough and durable construction means these boats last and last
  • Overall length: 14'10" / 4.52 m
  • Waterline Length: 14' / 4.27 m
  • beam: 5' 9" / 1.75m
  • Hull Depth: 2' .5" / 0.62m
  • Main: 90sq.ft. / 8.36sq.m.
  • Jib: 33sq.ft. / 3.07sq.m.

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Tasar Tasar

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Tasar Tasar

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  • Sailboat Guide

Tasar is a 14 ′ 9 ″ / 4.5 m monohull sailboat designed by Bethwaite Design and Ian Bruce and built by Performance Sailcraft and Xtreme Sailing Products starting in 1974.

Drawing of Tasar

Rig and Sails

Auxilary power, accomodations, calculations.

The theoretical maximum speed that a displacement hull can move efficiently through the water is determined by it's waterline length and displacement. It may be unable to reach this speed if the boat is underpowered or heavily loaded, though it may exceed this speed given enough power. Read more.

Classic hull speed formula:

Hull Speed = 1.34 x √LWL

Max Speed/Length ratio = 8.26 ÷ Displacement/Length ratio .311 Hull Speed = Max Speed/Length ratio x √LWL

Sail Area / Displacement Ratio

A measure of the power of the sails relative to the weight of the boat. The higher the number, the higher the performance, but the harder the boat will be to handle. This ratio is a "non-dimensional" value that facilitates comparisons between boats of different types and sizes. Read more.

SA/D = SA ÷ (D ÷ 64) 2/3

  • SA : Sail area in square feet, derived by adding the mainsail area to 100% of the foretriangle area (the lateral area above the deck between the mast and the forestay).
  • D : Displacement in pounds.

Ballast / Displacement Ratio

A measure of the stability of a boat's hull that suggests how well a monohull will stand up to its sails. The ballast displacement ratio indicates how much of the weight of a boat is placed for maximum stability against capsizing and is an indicator of stiffness and resistance to capsize.

Ballast / Displacement * 100

Displacement / Length Ratio

A measure of the weight of the boat relative to it's length at the waterline. The higher a boat’s D/L ratio, the more easily it will carry a load and the more comfortable its motion will be. The lower a boat's ratio is, the less power it takes to drive the boat to its nominal hull speed or beyond. Read more.

D/L = (D ÷ 2240) ÷ (0.01 x LWL)³

  • D: Displacement of the boat in pounds.
  • LWL: Waterline length in feet

Comfort Ratio

This ratio assess how quickly and abruptly a boat’s hull reacts to waves in a significant seaway, these being the elements of a boat’s motion most likely to cause seasickness. Read more.

Comfort ratio = D ÷ (.65 x (.7 LWL + .3 LOA) x Beam 1.33 )

  • D: Displacement of the boat in pounds
  • LOA: Length overall in feet
  • Beam: Width of boat at the widest point in feet

Capsize Screening Formula

This formula attempts to indicate whether a given boat might be too wide and light to readily right itself after being overturned in extreme conditions. Read more.

CSV = Beam ÷ ³√(D / 64)

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Boats For Sale



Price - $$$$$      Contact -

If you would like to sell your Tasar on this website, please email a small Advert and a single picture to the ATC Treasurer. [email protected] If you are not a member of a Tasar Association as small donation will help us maintaining this service.

AUS QLD 2763

AUS QLD 2763

Price - $7,900       Contact - Russ 0407 399 039 or email [email protected]

Published 17/06/2024 More Edge 2763 is in great condition from being garaged at home and has been well maintained. Unfortunately with limited free time, we've made the decision to offer this ready to race Tasar a new home. 2763 has the complete rig ready to race and comes with: 1 x set of newer regatta sails, 1 x set of club racing sails, foils in good condition in a padded foil bag, 1 x whisker pole, excellent aluminium beach dolly designed with a fully decked custom registered trailer included.

AUS VIC 2844

AUS VIC 2844

Price - $10,500.00      Contact - Jon Mobile: 0429 404 232

Published 22/04/2024 Well maintained and very competitive Tasar. Based at Sandringham YC. Great turnkey boat that includes: 2 x Mains (1 x regatta, 1 x club/training), 3 x Jibs (1 x regatta, 2 x club training), Foils and spars all very good condition, road trailer with storage and new boat cover.

AUS NSW 1781

AUS NSW 1781

Price - $2,500.00      Contact - Andrew on 0478305251

Published 18/03/2024 Good condition, fully equipped and ready to sail. Road Trailer and buggy available. Pittwater in NSW.

AUS NSW Centre board

AUS NSW Centre board

Price - $150.00      Contact - Michael 0417489262

Published 01/02/2024 Located in Sydney timber center board painted white- good condition

AUS NSW 2951

AUS NSW 2951

Price - $18,000.00      Contact - Contact Michael Quirk 0410970934

Published 02/03/2024 2015 but has had very little use and spent most of its life in a garage. Excellent condition 2 sets sails, top and bottom cover, rig covers, foil covers, beach dolly. No trailer. In Manly, Sydney

AUS VIC 2942

AUS VIC 2942

Price - $21,000.00      Contact - Matt Paton . PH 0418 376 191 or Email Mpaton@patonelectrics

Price updated 19/02/2024 I am offering for sale my boat “ Petra “ Sail Number 2942 , Current Australian Nationals Championship winning boat known as “ Little Miss Magic “. Owned by James Burman NSW. Now in Victoria at Sandringham Yacht Club SYC The boat is a lovely quick and well set up boat . It comes with the following. A New set of sails , Used good set ,Rating 9 , spare mast top and bottom sections . Boat Cover Tactic , Beach Trolley ,Lockable Trailer to store sails and gear in . Hull cover for transport .Many Spares and a secret black book with settings . The Boat is at the Sandringham Yacht Club all ready to go .

AUS VIC 2827

AUS VIC 2827

Price - $10.000,00      Contact - Wayne Phone: 0423 305 176 email: [email protected]

Pricer educed 18/02/2024 Boat is in immaculate condition after minimum use. Always stored in a garage. Hull carries correction to make minimum weight of 68kgs. 1 set mylar sails. Top hull cover, hull spar carriers. Foils in excellent condition. New trailer, excellent alloy beach trolley including 1 pin attachment system. Further pictures and info available.

AUS NSW 2710

AUS NSW 2710

Price - $10,500.00      Contact - Andy Wharton 0412 638 708

Published 10/02/2024 AUS 2710, True Blew, previously Chukkel a highly competitive boat, tuned and ready to race. -Boat is at minimum weight and measured for the worlds. -Sails are new, jib and main sailed exclusively for the Nationals and Worlds, plus one set of training sails (main and jib) and one ready to race jib. 3 x Jibs, 2 x mains -Foils are in race condition. boom, mast, top and bottom sections and whisker pole, New hiking straps, Windex, Stays replaced for the Nationals and World. Tac Tic compass included. Foil bag. Top cover. Alloy dolly.

AUS NSW 2874

AUS NSW 2874

Price - $11,500.00 o.n.o      Contact - Cameron Shaw on 0411 075 031 or email [email protected]

Price updated 10/12/2023 Published 25/10/2023 “Shaw Thing” previously known as “Ratz” and “Stunner” is a well prepared, tuned and maintained Tasar currently in Sydney, sailed at GRSC. Unfortunately we don’t have as much free time as previously to spend sailing in this wonderful class and have made the very difficult decision to let this fantastic boat move on to more active times! 2874 has always been stored undercover and is fully equipped ready to go racing, she is a proven fast and reliable boat, rig & go inventory includes everything required to get you mixing with the pointy end of the fleet: 1 x set of practically new regatta sails which have been used once. 1 x set club racing sails, 29er style boom, foils in very good condition, West Coast rudder box with carbon tiller & extension, aluminium beach dolly, spar racks and a quality canvas boat cover. Additional spares surplus to rig & go include: 2 x spare jibs and 3 x spare mains, 1 x Mast bottom section, 1 x whisker pole, shrouds and some fittings which include a Parkie rudder box kit. It could be possible to also negotiate if required, the transport of 2874 and spares to Melbourne for the Australian Nationals and Tasar World Championships in December for the successful purchaser.

AUS NT 2218

AUS NT 2218

Price - $2,500 O.N.O      Contact - Michael 0422 729 604

Published 14/11/2023 Selling our Tasar Tequilar Sunrise 2218, a very well maintained, cared for and raced Tasar, fully equipped and ready to go. Includes a beach dolly. Location, Darwin NT.

AUS NSW 1780

AUS NSW 1780

Price - $1,000.00      Contact - David Mobile: 0434960891

Price updated 25/10/2023 Shades of Blue (aka Blue Boat) Ready to race, New mast c/w Brooker Trailer registered to December

AUS NSW 2841

AUS NSW 2841

Price - $12,500 ono      Contact - Jeremy Hackett, Ph: 0418 630 985, e: [email protected]

Revised 11/01/2024 Woooo hoooo!!! has given us five great seasons racing on Lake Macquarie but is now seeking a new home. In excellent condition and always stored inside, she comes with a fully-decked and registered road trailer, aluminium beach trolley, several sets of Mylar sails, a spare mast top-section, new whisker pole, glass foils in a padded foil bag, as-new hiking straps, mast-up top cover, hull cover, three sets of different weight jib sheets, a TackTick micro-compass and sundry spares. Located in Newcastle, NSW, please consider Woooo hoooo!! whether you are new to sailing or ready to join the Tasar fray! Further pictures available on request.

Sails Wanted

Sails Wanted

Price -       Contact - Garry Scott ph 0412643468 email [email protected]

Published 26/09/2023 Wanted to Buy Tasar Mylar Main and/or Jib. Dacron Jib considered. Current sails from my recently purchased #2183 have totally had it and I just want to get on the water and unable to purchase new at this stage. Richmond River Sailing and Rowing Club- Ballina, NSW

AUS VIC 2603

AUS VIC 2603

Price - $2,500.00      Contact - Julian Sanders [email protected] 0468 363 405

Published 07/08/2023 2 sails in 8/10 conditions all spars 8/10 Hull in great condition Beach trolley. available for collection in Kew or Metung

AUS VIC 2871

AUS VIC 2871

Price - $15,000.00 ONO       Contact - Paul Ridgway 0499 338 498 [email protected]

Published 26/04/2023 "Ridgididge” winner 2011 World Championships, winner 2014 Australian championships. Numerous state title wins in Victoria and NSW Championships. This boat has been kept in tip top racing condition and has always been garaged at home. Hull centreboard case updated recently by Martyn Sly - Victorian Tasar Agent and boat builder - to take a fitted centreboard. The boat was weighed in March, 2023 @ 68.8kg). 1 x set Mylar sails suitable for regatta racing new in 2019 but due to COVID not used much since then. Both rudder and centreboard are in excellent condition. Hiking Straps and ropes are in very good to new condition. Top cover, Tasar foil covers, Tactic compass mount . Owner happy to provide a boat set up session and set up advice for the new owner.

AUS VIC 2961

AUS VIC 2961

Price - $20,000.00      Contact - Daryl Stone PH: 0423 711 186 email: [email protected]

Updated 12/05/2023 Tasar Sailing Dinghy AUS2961 ARTwork 2 Sets of sails. 1 set x Brand New never used. 1 set x Good condition. Sly Boatbuilders Alloy Dolly New Hull design Race ready. Under Hull Cover Top Cover Mast Cover 2 x Whisker Poles & Cover (1 not assembled) Board Cover Always stored in enclosed boat shed. Only sailed for 3 seasons. Located at Yarrawonga Yacht Club. Trailer with 3m x 2.2m Aluminium box for additional $2800

AUS NSW 1885

AUS NSW 1885

Price - $4,500.00      Contact - Neil Temperley Phone: 0409 813 008 email: [email protected]

Updated 20/04/2023 Tasar 1885 is an ideal entry boat to get started in Tasar racing or for just enjoying the water. The boat is a dry hull and fully race ready with the latest upgrades including: modern style jib tracks and fairleads, RCB shroud slides, adjustable forestay, traveller ratchet blocks, refurbished traveller track, wedges under the vang cleats and an upright mount for a TackTick compass. Comes with a set of Mylar racing sails - about 40% used of expected life. All foils in good condition, in padded foil bag. The boat is ready for travel on a lightweight registered (NSW) trailer in very good condition; complete with jockey wheel, customised springs for a softer ride and enclosed floor for protection. Has galvanised dolly with two sets of wheels for hard ground and for sand.

AUS NSW Trailer

AUS NSW Trailer

Price - $2000 Neg      Contact - Beryl Parkinson 0488 651966

Published 17/05/2022 - Custom built `Boat Trailer' previously owned by the Late Chris Parkinson. Can carry multiple boats, canoes etc. Registration current to July 2022. Location Lake Macquarie, NSW. Get travelling with your Tasar today!!

AUS WA 2462

AUS WA 2462

Price - $ 5999.00 ono      Contact - Ian 0450 544 052.

Published 18/03/2022 AUS WA 2462 Location: Sorrento Perth WA Beautiful sailing dinghy, including a good condition set of Mylar Race sails and a set of older Dacron sails, that would be suitable as training or club racing use. The Foils and spars are all in good condition, Tack Tic electronic compass and Harken tracks and blocks. It comes complete with beach dolly and a good quality licensed road trailer. It has all it needs to race competitively and is ready to go, just waiting on the right sailor.

AUS SA 2320

AUS SA 2320

Price - $6,000 ono      Contact - Robin Uhe 0420451051

Published 13/10/2021 - Updated 18/01/23 Tasar 2320 ASAP is on a Registered road trailer, also has a beach dolly. Boat has 2 sets of sails. Also comes with a Canvas Boat cover. Also comes with the new style Jib Tracks and Cleats (still in box, need to be fitted), and plenty of other spares. This Tasar has been garaged safely for several years and is now in need of a new home. Come and have a look, you wont be disappointed.

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Parts for Sale (most relevant to a Laser. Can ship anywhere.)

4 x Laser/ILCA 7 standard size sails, these are all Mk.1, 3.8 oz. ( $500 for all 4 sails)

1 – brand new, in original bag, never been rigged, $225 2 – slightly used, in original bag, very good condition,  #173723, $200 3 – slightly more used but still good for club racing, #173723, $175 4 – used but a bit tired, #182295, no damage, $100 (great for a cottage boat)

3 x Laser/ILCA Boom vang parts, 

1 -Harken lower assembly, very little use, $100 (attaches to mast) 2 – Harken 407, 16mm double block w/ becket, $25 (top of secondary line) Stephen Reichenfeld. Cell# 403 619 8519

Laser for Sale

1999 Laser Radial (ILCA 6) 168614  $1500 OBO

  • all lines, spars, blades
  • top and bottom covers
  • carbon fibre tiller
  • Located at Wabamun Sailing Club

Click here to view the flyer .

Frank Grell

[email protected]


Tasar 16 foot sailboat for sale – $3,000.

To view the details and photos, click here .

2007 Laser Standard (ILCA 7) for sale (188875) – $2800 o.b.o.

To view the laser, check out the photos . Sailboat comes with:

  • Carbon fibre tiller
  • New lines & rigging upgrades
  • Storm top cover
  • Storm  blade bag
  • Seitech Dolly
  • Wind indicator

Well cared for – good condition – race ready. Other parts/rigging options negotiable.

Mistral 4.04 for sale

Mistral for sale ( click to see poster ), in good condition. Comes with shore cradle. Located at Chestermere Lake, Calgary Asking $500.00 Please contact Kim at (403) 889-9693 or  [email protected]

Posted February 16, 2024

Used laser for sale. Bought in 2005. Stored indoors, moderately used only half of those years and in good shape over all.

  • Hull 182363
  • Commercial Dolly
  • Carbon fiber top section, aluminium radial and standard bottom section
  • Two radial sails, one full rig sail.
  • Blade bag and foils which are in good shape
  • Racing rigging and extra lines, two main sheets
  • Low profile tiller extension
  • Top Hull Cover
  • Other bits and bobs

Retail cost: ~$10K

All-in ask price: $4,000

       [email protected]

Laser standard rig for sale

  • Sail #205386
  • Always stored in side for winter
  • c/w top cover and Seitech dolly
  • Includes Mark 1 sail and Mark 2 sail

Phone # 403 921 3459

253022A TWP RD 234, Wheatland County, AB T1P 0Z7

[email protected]

+1 (587) 897-5987

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Buyer Guide to Second-Hand Boats

Understanding the tasar.

The low rig tension of the Tasar means the hulls have not been over stressed and when well-maintained remain competitive over a very long period. A well restored and prepared boat from the 70’s and 80s, in the right hands, is still capable of performing well.

I hope this article helps you in the search for a competitive boat, at the price you wish to pay!

New boats are available from Signal Locker

tasar sailboat for sale canada

Builders and Sail Numbers

After JEP Marine stopped building, Peter and Mary Brewer of Signal Locker based at Queen Marys sailing club imported boats from Australia between 1988 and approximately 1990, the boats were built by Starboard Products, Frank Bethwaite’s own company. Sail numbers 2305 to 2309, possibly more. In around 1990/91 Tim Furness started building Tasars. Sail numbers 2350 to 2361

In 1992 Rondar started building Tasars in the UK with sail numbers from number 2500 and built up to 2524 and 2625 onwards series of boats. The last being around 2640

Over the years a number of Australian built boats have found their way onto the UK market as a result of Australian and other competitors bringing them to world events and selling them onto UK sailors who were having difficulty obtaining new boats.

Builders and Hull Weights

Performance sailcraft failed financially in about 1985 and the class found a new builder JEP Marine, John Pollit, located in Whitstable. Frank Bethwaite personally visited the factory bringing Australian laminators to train the British builder.

In around 1990/91 Tim Furness started building Tasars. They have distinctive deep down turned gunwale running the full length of the hull, unlike the tapering gunwale of the Performance sailcraft and the slightly shallower gunwale of most Rondar boats. They also have a very distinctive woven matt in the floor area of the hull with enlarged cockpit to side tank bonded flange joint. They were beautifully and strongly built, but with a weight penalty, with early Furniss boats weighing in as high as 82Kg. A class hull weight of 68Kg means these boats are always at a competitive disadvantage but for some their quality strength and durability make them an attractive option. The very last boats were slightly closer to the minimum weight.

Rondar started making boats in around 1992 and were around 140lb (63Kg). Because of the hull weight variations that now existed the class introduced a minimum hull weight in 1996 of 150lb (68 kg). Boats lighter than this are required to carry correctors to bring them up to the 150lb (68Kg) weight. Rondar boats were well built and when well maintained remain competitive.

In around 2005 Bethwaite Products started building Tasars at XSP Batam, Singapore, some of the early boats had problems with the deck gunwale to hull joint which were fixed under warrantee. A rigorous and standardised construction specification was introduced to prevent a reoccurrence and a constant hull weight with fittings of 68Kg. These boats have a flat recessed area for mounting the Ronstan RCB shroud pull backs and a supporting ledge moulded into the side tank for the thwart to bear onto. The strength of the thwart has been increased in comparison to other builders and deck layup slightly changed. They are finished to a high standard and proven to be well built and available from Mandy Stock at Signal Locker.

tasar sailboat for sale canada

Hull Condition

Although not stressed as at the gunwale, the floor to tank joints can debond and cause leaks into the buoyancy tanks

The hull floor moulding curves up to form part of the dagger board box and the thwart and dagger board box is fitted over this. Enthusiastic and misdirected forcing of the dagger board can occasionally damage the joint and lightly constructed box sides. An inspection of the internal dagger box will indicate whether this is a problem.

Thwart and Mounting of Mainsheet Block

Traveller and car, mast foot deck plate, mast and boom.

The spanner hinge bracket is welded to a mounting plate riveted to the mast. The weld of the early spanner bracket commonly fails, check the size of weld and replace if lightly welded, it will fail. More recent spanners have been manufacture with improved tolerances and perform with more positiveness.

The top mast must have stiffeners in place to comply with class rules.

The majority of masts have the halliard exiting from the front face, more recent sections have an improved pulley quality with side exiting halliard, starboard side UK , port side Australia!! The halliard lock is robust but check wear of halliard, originally wire. Nowadays people use dyneema which wears well and allows adjustment of the “lock” knot.

The mast is relatively fragile and will break in very strong winds if incorrectly set on the run. The mast must be rotated so that the spanner points down the centreline of the boat and boom locked with the spanner boom stop.

The original rectangular sectioned boom is almost bomb proof, main sheet and kicker becket straps on very old spars are known to fail. Rivets on old booms are also known to fail.

In 2006 the 29er boom was introduced with a significantly different cross section to the original boom. The new boom has proven to be strong, reliable and readily available.

Spanner De Rotation

The 29er boom was introduced in around 2006, the gooseneck fitting in comparison to the original rectangular boom was shortened.

The net effect of the centre board box and consequently the traveller track moving backwards and the boom moving forward was the relative change of the position of the mainsheet attachment point on the boom to the traveller. The resulting modified geometry means under heavy mainsheet loads, required when beating, the boom is dragged backwards and de rotates the mast with the spanner popping out of rotation. A frustrating problem to the uninitiated. The position of the mainsheet becket on the boom is not a measurable item and the problem is easily solved by fitting a new boom becket bracket approximately 100mm rearwards on the boom. When replacing an old boom type with the new 29er boom the standard fitment of the mainsheet becket may give rise to this problem.

Shroud Sliders, Track and Pull Backs

The slider should run smoothly with no rig tension, check the C track is not bent or worn. These items are now becoming difficult to source. It was common to lap the slider to the C track with valve grinding paste to reduce the effort to pull back the slider. Silicon spray greatly assists, but don’t get it on the deck!

Kicker Cleats

Transom gudgeon pins, foils, dagger board.

tasar sailboat for sale canada

Rudder Stock, Blade and Tiller

The original tiller was also a laser 2 item with a bespoke aluminium head that fits into the stock head, sourcing this item is still possible. Second hand ones from an original laser will work. The stock head fit can be improved on old items with careful squeezing of the stock head.

Carbon tillers are now permitted and available from Signal Locker.

New Bethwaite boats are available from Mandy Stock, Signal Locker. She normally brings them into the UK in batches of three or four:

Phone 01590 678699 / 07970 132110 [email protected]

tasar sailboat for sale canada

Privacy Overview

Posted 2024-06-07 00:28

Contact Information:

Tasar Sailboat - $2,000 (Vancouver)

Tasar Sailboat 1

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Tasar Sailboat - boats - by owner - craigslist

Selling Taser sailboat. Comes with dagger boat, sails, boom, rudder and tiller. No dolly, missing plugs. Unknown manufacturer date, but based on the storage stickers the oldest legible sticker says...


+44 (0)1590 678699 [email protected]

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Tasar compatibles

We offer high quality club & training sails & some other parts for the Tasar.

Club & training jib for Tasar MYLAR

Club & training main for Tasar MYLAR

We also have  a limited range of used class original parts for the Tasar including:

Mast top section

Mast bottom section (complete)


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    For sale Tasar sail boat with full rigging. Sails are in incredible condition. All ropes and rigging in good condition. Boat is a fast and impressive hull. Will easily plane off with two adults in the boat. It has always been stored inside in heated storage. Boat has wooden cradle to sit the hull on. Boat could use paint and slight tlc. No trailer with boat. Could discuss deliv

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  3. Tasar Sailboat

    Hardware changes in the late 2000s saw Mylar Sails and new hardware options that upgraded the boat. The Tasar is a memorable hiking dinghy for high level racing - and it continues to age quite well over the decades. ... Sale Area: Main: 90sq.ft. / 8.36sq.m. Jib: 33sq.ft. / 3.07sq.m. Product Reviews Hide Show . Write a Review. Shipping & Returns

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    Tasar Boats For Sale → Tasar Tasar Boats For Sale. Price. AU $1,800 Currency. Length. 14' 0" - 4.27m. Vessel Location. Goolwa SA Launch Year. 1982 approximate. Hull Material. Fibreglass/GRP. Email Seller Email Seller Call Seller Call Seller Print Add to Watch List Watching ...

  5. The Tasar

    The Tasar. The Tasar is a 4.5 m high performance sailing dinghy, designed to be sailed and raced by a man and a women. A light weight, low drag, planing hull, a rotating mast, and a jib and fully battened mainsail with efficient sail controls provide exhilarating sailing without the need for spinnaker or trapeze. The World Tasar Class Association.

  6. Sail boats for sale in Canada

    Find Sail boats for sale in Canada. Offering the best selection of boats to choose from.

  7. TASAR

    A boat with a BN of 1.6 or greater is a boat that will be reefed often in offshore cruising. Derek Harvey, "Multihulls for Cruising and Racing", International Marine, Camden, Maine, 1991, states that a BN of 1 is generally accepted as the dividing line between so-called slow and fast multihulls.

  8. How to Buy a Tasar

    New Tasars can be bought via Tasar Agents. In Australia there are 2, Bethwaite Design in Sydney and JL Sly Boat Builders in Melbourne. Their contact details are on our Website - under Tasar Agents. You can buy your new Tasar in 1 of 2 forms, all finished, or all in bits and pieces for you to finish. If you want it all finished definitely talk ...

  9. Tasar

    Tasar is a 14′ 9″ / 4.5 m monohull sailboat designed by Bethwaite Design and Ian Bruce and built by Performance Sailcraft and Xtreme Sailing Products starting in 1974. ... Tasar is a 14 ′ 9 ″ / 4.5 m ... For Sale View More . Have a sailboat to sell? List it for free and it will show up here.

  10. Sail boats for sale in Canada

    Sail boats for sale in Canada 464 Boats Available. Currency $ - CAD - Canadian Dollar Sort Sort Order List View Gallery View Submit. Sponsored Boats. Save This Boat. Boreal 47 . Glen Margaret, Nova Scotia. 2014. $750,000 Private Seller. 70. Save This Boat. Beneteau America Oceanis 45 . Toronto, Ontario. 2018. $478,078 Private Seller ...

  11. Boats For Sale

    AUS VIC 2942. Price - $21,000.00 Contact - Matt Paton . PH 0418 376 191 or Email Mpaton@patonelectrics Price updated 19/02/2024 I am offering for sale my boat " Petra " Sail Number 2942 , Current Australian Nationals Championship winning boat known as " Little Miss Magic ". Owned by James Burman NSW.

  12. Vital Stats : Tasarsailing

    Jonathan McKee - Olympic medallist, AC sailor, Tasar World Champion. VITAL STATISTICS. Length overall. 14 feet 10 inches (4.52 metres) Waterline length. 14 feet 0 inches (4.27 metres) Beam. 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 metres) Weight.

  13. Buy and Sell

    Frank Grell. [email protected]. 780-237-8023. Tasar 16 foot sailboat for sale - $3,000. To view the details and photos, click here. 2007 Laser Standard (ILCA 7) for sale (188875) - $2800 o.b.o. To view the laser, check out the photos. Sailboat comes with: Well cared for - good condition - race ready.

  14. Buyer Guide to Second-Hand Boats

    Builders and Sail Numbers. The Tasar has been built in the UK since 1976. Initially by Performance Sailcraft continuing until mid-1980. Sail numbers 250 to 1311. There was a gap until JEP Marine (John Pollitt), based in Whitstable, started building in 1986. JEP Marine built for about two years. Sail numbers 2150 to 2167.

  15. Tasar Sailboat

    Tasar Sailboat. -. $2,000. (Vancouver) Selling Taser sailboat. Comes with dagger boat, sails, boom, rudder and tiller. No dolly, missing plugs. Unknown manufacturer date, but based on the storage stickers the oldest legible sticker says 1983. I would guess older.

  16. Sail Catamaran boats for sale in Canada

    Find Sail Catamaran boats for sale in Canada. Offering the best selection of boats to choose from.

  17. 1987 Tasar 1641

    Tasar sailboat for sale with trailer. Fully battened mailsail, jib, centreboard, rudder and tiller. Very similar to a Laser 2, the Tasar is a very light, fast racing boat for 1-3 people. Easy to...

  18. Find New and Used Sailboats for Sale in Canada

    Cape Breton. 20 foot sailboat with trailer and 6 hp outboard. Posting for my dad so please call 1-902-535-2353. $500.00. 13ft Sailboat with wooden rudder and daggerboard. Cameron. Used sailboat with wooden rudder and daggerboard, main sail and mast, boom, and all rigging on offer. The main sail mounts over the top of the mast.

  19. Tasar boats for sale International, used Tasar boats, new Tasar boat

    View 27 boats for sale in the United Arab Emirates ... - Canada 226 - Costa Rica 5 - Curacao 1 - Dominican Republic 2 - Grenada 7 - Guadeloupe 1 - Guatemala 2 ... All Tasar boats for sale . 0 Pages: Seawolf 30. £11,999. Ms Boat Landig-craft C950wt. €88,000. Wide Beam 60ft With Uniqu...

  20. Mylar Sails : Tasarsailing

    Designed for husband/wife or parent/child, the Tasar`s key characteristics are its light weight and moderate sailplan. The Tasar is responsive and easy to handle on and off the water. ... New boats are available to order and since older boats remain very competitive, there is an excellent used boat market. Home > SAILS > Mylar Sails:

  21. New & Used Sail Boat for sale in Canada

    1982 Mirage 27 Yachts Sailboat Advancing medical condition means April and I must part, as I cannot sail and play with April any longer (doctor orders). April is a beautiful well built Canadian-made Sailboat, manufactured in Quebec, in 1982.. We've had a lot of fun on April ...

  22. Tasar sailing dinghy sail boat parts & compatibles

    We offer high quality club & training sails & some other parts for the Tasar. Club & training jib for Tasar MYLAR Club & training main for Tasar MYLAR We also have a limited range of used class original parts for the Tasar includ $ Currency $ Australian Dollar € Euro £ Pound Sterling $ US Dollar; 0401611455; My Account.

  23. Sailboats for sale in Calgary, Alberta

    New and used Sailboats for sale in Calgary, Alberta on Facebook Marketplace. Find great deals and sell your items for free. ... 1976 Catalina Sailboat 27 foot $7500.00 o.b.o . Kelowna, BC. CA$39,900 CA$45,000. 2013 Precision Boatworks precision 21. Cochrane, AB. CA$3,000 CA$5,000.