electric catamaran yacht

  2. Alva Yachts has revealed 27.5 m electric catamaran Ocean Eco 90

    electric catamaran yacht

  3. Silent Yachts introduces new 60ft solar electric catamaran

    electric catamaran yacht

  4. Silent Yachts 55: Liveaboard test of this future-proof electric

    electric catamaran yacht

  5. Silent 62 3-Deck electric catamaran set for Cannes 2023 debut

    electric catamaran yacht

  6. ZEN50 Solar & Wingsail Electric Catamaran

    electric catamaran yacht


  1. Standard catamaran VS electric catamaran: what are the differences?

  2. Sketch To Sea: HH Catamarans Superyacht 8801 Pre-Completion Interior Walkthrough

  3. Sailing Catamaran Splendor: Luxury Redefined onboard Sunreef 60

  4. Sunreef 80 Power Eco Electric Catamaran Yacht (2024) Exterior Interior

  5. Sailing on the all new ELECTRIC Catamaran TW6

  6. FunCat Electric Catamaran


  1. Advanced electric yachts

    ALVA Yachts, the German builder of luxury electric solar catamarans and sail boats, has announced it is currently building the world's first fuelless 90ft superyacht catamaran with wings, the OCEAN ECO 90 H2. The first superyacht catamaran to run without fossil fuels and producing zero emission, the OCEAN ECO 90 H2 is designed with luxury ...

  2. ® OFFICIAL Silent Yachts

    As the original inventors of series produced solar-electric yachts, we pioneered this innovative approach. Our first model, the Silent 64, was launched to the market in 2016, several years before any other shipyard considered the possibility of going electric. ... self-sufficient ocean-going catamaran. Since then, our electric yachts have ...

  3. ZEN50 Solar & Wingsail Electric Catamaran

    The blue water capable ZEN50 lightweight racing carbon hulls are combined with a huge solar roof for an unrivaled solar power vs. displacement ratio above 1:1 (18 kW / 17 tonnes), making this yacht completely energy self-sufficient. A revolutionary, fully automated, wingsail - by Ayro© - can be added as a range and speed extender.

  4. Ocean Eco 60

    The perfect mid sized electric solar catamaran. The OCEAN ECO 60 is an innovation packed solar assisted electric long-range cruiser that will perfectly suit customers who like to cruise and explore while yachting.Designed with luxury, safety and cruising comfort in mind, it is an example of the latest technological developments in the field of self-sufficient yachts surpassing its competition ...

  5. Electric yachts

    Electric Yachts | SILENT 60 is the first solar powered yacht that crossed the Atlantic | Electric yachts combined with luxury. Skip To Content. ... Being able to design the 60 Series with an exclusive owner's suite on the 3rd deck us unique amongst 60-foot catamarans. The suite itself is fully equipped with an en-suite bathroom and measures ...

  6. Electric catamaran

    More spacious, bolder with premium levels of elegance and comfort. The 80 Series combines our state-of-the-art solar electric drivetrain with unmatched refinement. Her timeless exterior and modern interior features bespoke design by none other than renown Italian yacht designer Marco Casali.

  7. Sunreef's New All-Electric Catamaran Blends Solar and Wind Energy for

    Sunreef Yachts has just started building what it's claiming will be "the world's most advanced sustainable luxury catamaran." The electric vessel, known as the Sunreef 80 Eco, blends the ...

  8. The Revolutionary Electric Catamarans Introduce Zero Emission Cruising

    However, the electric catamarans of today offer smooth and silent operations, excellent maneuverability, and emission-free functioning. Additionally, they have torque from the second their shaft is engaged, enabling them to accelerate faster than conventional internal combustion engines. Sunreef Yachts Eco envisions a more carbon neutral future ...

  9. Electric Sailing Catamaran ESC40

    The ESC40 is a 40-ft catamaran designed to be two to three times faster than the typical cruising cat - using carbon fibre to reduce weight and provide increased hull strength. The twin helm stations are covered by a solar cell-covered roof and come with a 59m2 main sail in addition to three headsails: Jib 26 m ², FRO 65 m ² and Asail 121 m ².

  10. Solar electric catamaran

    The SoelCat 12 is an energy autonomous solar electric boat, designed from the ground up as a fully sustainable excursion vessel to enjoy the sea. The solar catamaran brings true eco-tourism to water-bound operators, communities, resorts, lagoons and nature reserves. With no CO2 or noise emissions involved, we can save the ocean and offer a ...

  11. Empowering Clean Electric Yacht Propulsion

    Electric catamarans can substantially reduce fossil fuel use by relying on sun and wind for energy generation. Yachts equipped with electric engines allow for quiet journeys and provide for a more relaxing environment on board thanks to a silent, vibration and fume-free operation. On top of environmentally friendly propulsion, electric engines ...

  12. Electric yacht comparison

    The OCEAN ECO 60 is a solar-powered electric long-range cruiser catamaran. The electric yacht's cutting-edge technology-focused design allows you to cruise indefinitely at a comfortable speed of 5 knots without relying on shore power, as the solar panels provide enough electricity for the electric motor. However, you can add a hydrogen or ...

  13. The Promises and Pitfalls of an All-Electric Yacht

    Imported into the US ­market by Green Marine, the Swedish-built Arcona 435Z is a rarity: an all-­electric cruising sailboat. Jon Whittle. This past October, I saw one of the most interesting exhibits in more than 500 new cruising sailboats I've reviewed over two decades. It was the Arcona 435Z, built in Sweden and introduced by Graham Balch of Green Yachts in San Francisco.

  14. Seaquest Catamarans

    The synergy between elite design, build excellence, and progressive technology achieves a completely new level of combined performance, style, and capability. Advanced hull design, semi carbon-fibre construction, and acute attention to weight throughout, deliver performance without compromising an ounce of comfort. LET NATURE FLOURISH.

  15. Sunreef Yachts Eco

    Enter a world of vibration and fume-free navigation. Sunreef Yachts' eco-friendly electric catamarans feature advanced electric engines offering the best of autonomy and performance for a responsible yachting experience. Thanks to innovative green propulsion solutions, the shipyard's eco-friendly catamarans combine fuel savings, low-maintenance, and ultra-silent operation.


    electric models . The Soel Yachts portfolio offers solar electric catamarans for both private and commercial applications. With the vast experience gathered trough different projects worldwide and boats successfully performing on a daily basis for many years, we gladly can discuss individual requirements and find the ideal solution for your preferred electric yacht and destination

  17. Electric Solar Powered Yacht And Catamarans

    100 % ELECTRIC CATAMARANS. GILLES REIGNER YACHTS. We produce 100% electric yachts using the most natural sources of energy: the sun and the wind. Powered by solar panels & wind turbines, our yachts give a complete autonomous range, a robust build, and an array of innovations for an optimum yachting experience.. Gilles Reigner Yachts, a pioneering force in maritime excellence, defines the ...

  18. Sunpower 44 VIP

    SPECIFICATIONS. Make Sunpower Yachts. Length 44'. Length Overall 44'. Beam 23' 6. Max Draft 2' 5. Displacement 24,250 lbs. (Light) Water Capacity 2 x 54.9 Gallon Tanks. The Sunpower 44 VIP features the very best in solar-electric cruising capabilities with comfortable accommodations below deck and massive space for outdoor enjoyment.

  19. Sail Catamaran Electric boats for sale

    Find Sail Catamaran Electric boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. Offering the best selection of boats to choose from. ... 2024 Custom Eco yacht catamaran 115' Request price. Pajot Yachts Selection | St Tropez , 83 - Var. Request Info; 2024 Custom ECO YACHT 80'

  20. Maserati's Tridente Electric Boat, Sea-Trialed by Robb Report

    Maserati's Tridente electric boat is 34 feet of fun, with a top end of 46 MPH and beautiful detailing. Robb Report took it for a sea trial. ... This New 55-Foot Sailing Catamaran Will Be Made From ...

  21. Scrap metal sets sail as 55-ft solar-electric catamaran

    Scrap metal sets sail as 55-ft solar-electric catamaran By Paul Ridden. July 10, 2024 ... Marine sustainable design Environmentally-friendly Catamaran Sailing Electric Boats Solar Power.

  22. 55-ft solar-electric catamaran built using scrap metal

    The Hu'chu 55 is a 55-ft solar-electric catamaran built with scrap metal, recycled wood, and cork. Images courtesy iYacht In an ambitious step towards sustainable marine travel, German actor and environmental entrepreneur Daniel Roesner has teamed up with yacht design and engineering studio iYacht to create a 55-ft solar-electric catamaran ...

  23. genesee belle riverboat

    A variety of cruises are offered aboard the Genesee Belle Paddlewheel riverboat throughout the summer. Reservations are required for all meal cruises. Lunch cruise tickets must be purchased in advance. Reservations for the lunch cruise are accepted until the preceding Wednesday (based on availability). Specialty cruise tickets may be purchased in advance or on the boat based on availability....

  24. Flux Marine unveils electric center console boat with a Scout hull

    The result is a 100% electric day boat with room for nine passengers designed for cruising and coastal fishing at sea. The Scout 215 XSF offers a top power output of 150 hp (112 kW) and 100 hp (72 ...

  25. The flag of Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast, Russia which I bought there

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  26. Kapotnya District

    A residential and industrial region in the south-east of Mocsow. It was founded on the spot of two villages: Chagino (what is now the Moscow Oil Refinery) and Ryazantsevo (demolished in 1979). in 1960 the town was incorporated into the City of Moscow as a district. Population - 45,000 people (2002). The district is one of the most polluted residential areas in Moscow, due to the Moscow Oil ...

  27. UUDO

    Heliport information about UUDO - Orlovo, MOS, RU. Information on this site may not be accurate or current and is not valid for flight planning or navigation.