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Pranks a Lot (Episode)

"Pranks a Lot" is the last episode of Season 3.

SpongeBob and Patrick go to the Palace of Pranks in search of the ultimate prank, and Patrick meets Frank, the owner of the shop. When they try to buy a prank, he adveritses a box of exploding gum, a whoppe cushion, a fake dollar, and vomit (both fake and real). To their delight, the manager sells them a rare can of Invisible Spray for one dollar and tell them to make sure they don't get it on their clothes because it stains. Before they decide on their prank, Patrick remembers the fact that the paint they purchased from Frank stains clothes, and he and SpongeBob take their clothes off so they aren't stained with the invisible paint. They decide to spray a park bench and sit on it, but get in an argument over who gets to spray the bench. During the fight they end up spraying each other down until they are both completely invisible.

When they scare a passerbyer by asking him what the time was, but not showing themselves, SpongeBob and Patrick decide that since the man reacted in a fearful way, other's reactions would be similar. After terrifying Sandy, Squidward, Mrs. Puff, and all the other citiens, they decide to prank the only guy who hasn't been scared yet, Mr. Krabs. Later that night, they sneak into the Krusty Krab while Mr. Krabs, who is wearing anti-ghost armor, is insife and disarm him, then trap him inside the restaurant by gluing the doors shut, replacing the glass with rubber, and clogging all the toilets. When they try to make him pay by almost burning a dollar, Mr. Krabs throws a bucket's worth of water at them, causing the paint to wash off. Though embarrassed, Mr. Krabs comforts SpongeBob and Patrick by saying he forgives them and was fond of pulling pranks in his youth. But he embarrasses them in front of the entire Bikini Bottom by revealing their nudity as a harsh punishment.


  • Mr. Krabs ' line "I ain't afraid of no ghosts" is an obvious reference to the Ghostbusters theme song.
  • When Sandy is frightened by the "ghosts", her escape pod breaks the Treedome. Sandy said the dome was made of polyurethane in Tea at the Treedome , rather than glass. Furthermore, water should have flooded the dome when it shattered. The dome is fixed in the next shot.
  • SpongeBob and Patrick are not wearing water helmets when they are in Sandy's Treedome. Nevertheless, bubbles appear when Sandy removes their sheets.
  • The Specter Deflector and Sandy's escape pod are also used on Danny Phantom (Specter Deflector was in Danny Phantom's episode Maternal Instincts ) and The Fairly OddParents (the escape pod was in Fairly OddParents' episode Escape from Unwish Island ), respectively. Both are also popular shows on Nickelodeon .
  • The prank toys Frank offers to SpongeBob include the Joy Buzzer (Hand Buzzer), Exploding Chewing Gum, Fake Dollar, Whoopie Cushion, Fake Vomit, Real Vomit, and Invisible Spray .
  • When Mr. Krabs is inside the Krusty Krab, the windows have blinds; in subsequent scenes the blinds are gone.
  • When SpongeBob bought the Invisible Spray for $1, he gave a couple of dollars, but he did not obtain any change. This must mean that they don't give change away like The Krusty Krab.
  • It is revealed that Patrick apparently likes seanut brittle.
  • The title card is a reference to comic book ads full of pranks for sale in the mail.
  • When SpongeBob reads the newspaper, the article is written nonsense.
  • At the end, SpongeBob and Patrick are in the bathroom scaring Mr. Krabs, but when they come out, it seems like they came out of his office. They also said that they glued the door shut, so it is unknown how everybody could've gotten in.
  • If the glass was replaced with rubber, Mr. Krabs easily could've escaped by cutting through the rubber. However, he probably didn't because his claws seem too "dull".
  • This was the last episode to air before the The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
  • How can Sandy whistle using her teeth at the end of the episode when she had her helmet on?
  • How could the surfwaves not affect SpongeBob and Patrick when Mr. Krabs was able to wash the paint off with a bucket of water?
  • How did SpongeBob and Patrick have time to glue the door, replace the windows, and clog the toilets if they never went in there before, that day?
  • Why didn't Mr. Krabs take the toilet paper out of the toilet then escape?
  • This episode was originally going to end the series. But, this is the final episode before SpongeBob's voice changed, the contrast and color is brighter and with a advanced animation.
  • If water washes off the invisible spray, why didn't they be back to normal while they scare people? All in all, the spray shouldn't even work!
  • When SpongeBob and Patrick fight over the spray Patrick sprays SpongeBob's hand. He then exclaims "Righty!" But in Neptune's Spatula he says that he has two left hands.
  • When Mr. Krabs is trying to ward off the "ghosts", SpongeBob/Patrick cut the string off of the Spector Deflector, the ball with the half string attached mysteriously floats in mid-air.
  • From the time that Mr. Krabs washes the paint off of SpongeBob and Patrick to the time that they leave the bathroom, Patrick's belly button is missing.
  • When SpongeBob sprayed at Patrick before the time card comes in, he says, "No guts, no glory," then laughs. Actually, he already sprayed his gut.
  • Frank (Palace of Pranks owner)
  • Guy and his driving eyeballs
  • Bikini Bottomites
  • Transcript for Pranks a Lot

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Spongebob Ghost Guide: Spooks Ahoy!

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  • What Is Gangster Spongebob? A Tell-All Guide - December 9, 2022
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Have you ever realized Spongebob’s theme music changes to a tune similar to Scooby-Doo when a ghost arrives? Fortunately, I’m a bit of a Spongebob nut who notices the finer details. Therefore, I  will separate the spirits from the two shows in my comprehensive Spongebob ghost guide.

My family has watched Spongebob since my kids were in diapers, and I loved it in the 1990s. Admittedly, I’ve watched the episodes repeatedly, learning more about the characters and developing a passion for Spongebob lore . I even own Spongebob merch . Bikini Bottom is an underwater world of humor we all need today.

Meanwhile, the show loves throwing ghosts and ghouls to shake things up. So, let’s see all the ghosts from the famous Spongebob Squarepants shows and movies.

Spongebob Ghosts: Bottom Line Up Front

Call me a Spongebob lore obsession, but I love learning more about the legends, characters, and supporting characters behind the show. The Spongebob ghost collection includes nearly 40 ghouls, some easily recognizable, appearing in many episodes. For example, you know The Flying Dutchman and Grandma Ghost.

The Spongebob ghouls don’t destroy the show for kids because many are harmless. In addition, Spongebob and Bikini Bottom always overcome the haunted period. Meanwhile, you can’t call Spongebob ghosts unfriendly to young viewers because Scooby-Doo and Casper would also be unfriendly.

Spongebob Ghost Types

So instead, it’s time to learn about the Spongebob ghosts that add laughs and awes to the show. My favorite Spongebob ghoul is The Flying Dutchman because he appears numerous times and always creates entertaining episodes. He also has a ghost crew and a mother, expanding his supporting character’s story.

However, check out some quick facts about Spongebob ghouls before I dive into my complete guide.

Quick Facts About Spongebob Ghosts

  • There are 39 ghosts in total throughout Spongebob Squarepants
  • Some Spongebob ghosts are naughty and fearsome, while others are merely lost or mischievous souls
  • The most well-known spirit in Spongebob is The Flying Dutchman
  • The scariest Spongebob ghost is The Fisherman
  • The least frightening Spongebob ghost is Maisey Manes
  • The Spongebob Squarepants episode with the most ghouls is Séance Schméance
  • The Patrick Star Show and Kamp Koral also have famous ghouls
  • Some Spongebob ghosts are famous enough to appear in games, even earning their own games

A Complete Guide to Spongebob Ghosts

Spongebob is a children’s show, but many episodes have undesirable ghouls that cause havoc in Bikini Bottom. Fortunately, the ghosts aren’t as spooky as watching a horror movie. So, I love learning about how many spirits have visited Bikini Bottom and the Bottomites, creating funny disasters.

But first, let’s see the different types of Spongebob ghouls.

The Different Spongebob Ghost Types

Spongebob Squarepants is an epic adventure that began when I still loved animated shows. Admittedly, I still watch it with my kids. The late 1990s brought a new world to television, where underwater creatures called Bottomites crawled into children’s hearts. The show introduced many characters and supporting characters.

Supporting characters like the anchovies and superheroes brought many giggles. Meanwhile, some running gags introduced long-term supporting characters that earned names. The main characters also took many forms, including Buff Spongebob and Smooth Spongebob . Many characters became Bottomites.

Spongebob Ghost Types

Meanwhile, some characters in the show crept into our childhood fears. The Spongebob Squarepants show introduced 39 ghosts, ghouls, and poltergeists over the years, hoping to bring a new type of humor to the series. Admittedly, I enjoy many spirits, especially the infamous Flying Dutchman.

However, Spongebob ghosts don’t always have names or foundational roles in the show. For example, I don’t remember ghost number three as much as The Fisherman. In addition, the colored ghost doesn’t remind me of an episode. Neither does the spirit. These ghosts appear to have no name or importance to the show.

They’re incidental supporting characters you’re lucky to see in single appearances. These ghosts are in Spongebob, but they don’t remind me of specific episodes:

  • Ghost One (also two, three, four, five, and six)
  • Unknown Ghost One (also two, three, and four)

Meanwhile, some ghouls appeared in memorable episodes or multiple times. They had names and recognizable features. So, I’ll call the incidental ghosts untitled ghouls. In contrast, I call the memorable and recognizable ghosts the titled ghouls. Hardly any fans will remember ghost number two.

Spongebob Ghost Types

Moreover, some primary Spongebob characters briefly become ghosts in various episodes, including Patrick, Plankton, Squidward , and Spongebob. However, the primary character’s spirits don’t count as major supporting characters because they usually return to normal.

Additionally, some Spongebob ghosts are famous for video games. However, they aren’t known to the show. For example, ghost jellyfish is a character in the Dutchman’s Dash video game. So, he doesn’t count as a Spongebob ghoul for the show. Moreover, he doesn’t even look like a ghost in the game.

The games aren’t the only source of Spongebob ghouls. The Patrick Star Show, Spongebob Shorts, and Kamp Koral also welcome new ghosts to the franchise. I’ll only consider truly memorable ghosts from other shows. Spongebob also has comic books, where you’ll meet a few lesser-known spirits, some making it to the show.

Finally, many Spongebob items become possessed with ghosts, like the phone, outhouse, and toast slice in the kitchen flashback. However, these items aren’t famous ghouls. I’ll include one as an example, but they’re not ghosts in Spongebob’s reality.

How to Recognize an Impending Spongebob Ghost Appearance

Suppose you aren’t keen on kids under five watching Spongebob episodes with ghosts. In that case, you can learn to recognize when the show’s about to bring a ghoul onto the screen. Indeed, many stock soundtracks will resemble the sound effects you hear in other shows like Scooby-Doo and Casper.

Spongebob Ghost Types

The show always plays snippet tracks before a ghost appears. For example, the show might use a soundtrack like the Ghost Choir Soundtrack . The background music will change before a ghost appears, and many popular animated series use similar stock soundtracks. Sometimes, it’s simply a change of musical rhythm first.

My children enjoy spooky encounters on Spongebob. So, I don’t mind them watching the episodes. However, I understand if your little ones are too young for exposure. In that case, watch for signs of spooky appearances. Alternatively, learn which episodes have ghosts. I’ll include the appearances of each famous ghoul.

How I Selected the Spongebob Ghosts Worth Remembering

It’s all about remembering the ghosts and which episodes show them. So, I’ll only share the Spongebob ghouls with memorable appearances and recognizable features. In addition, it would be excellent if they had a name. So, I won’t include any Spongebob ghosts with numbered names or the word “unknown” in the title.

Finally, I’ll add a few Spongebob ghosts from other shows like Kamp Koral and The Patrick Star Show. However, they must be as memorable as Spongebob’s original ghoul cast members, meaning they have good stories or appear more than once. Also, I’ll include one ghost item to add more variety.

Spongebob Ghost Guide: Named Poltergeists

Spongebob’s poltergeist friends scare his pants off in some episodes, but the giggles follow quickly. Meanwhile, it helps to know from which episodes ghosts are and how scary they seem. So, I’ll share details about each ghoul, including their memorable appearances. Then, let’s get to the bottom of the “ghouling” mystery.

Charlie Ghost

Charlie Ghost

Charlie is Lord Poltergeist’s first mate and appears in the Ghoul Fools episode first. He’s one of Lord Poltergeist’s most-trusted crew members, who seems to watch over the engine room. Meanwhile, the guy has a creepy factor because Charlie looks like a skeleton wearing a ghoul glow.

Unfortunately, he’s also not the friendliest ghost. In addition, Charlie has one eye, making him a crossover between a skeleton and a cyclops. This vile character sleeps in a coffin with a spider-web pillow. Charlie’s second appearance in Séance Schméance shows him haunting the Krusty Krab.

Charlie Ghost Appearances:

  • Ghoul Fools
  • Séance Schméance

Fat Ghost

Fat Ghost is a good friend of The Flying Dutchman, my ultimate ghoul from Spongebob. I already mentioned how many friends and relatives the Dutchman ghoul brings into the show. So, he’s undoubtedly a famous ghost with many friends, constantly creating new haunted avenues in the Spongebob episodes.

However, Fat Ghost doesn’t appear for long in either episode. Meanwhile, he seems different in both episodes. Fat Ghost looks like a pink, brainless blob in the Ghost Host episode. However, he turns into a green, mindless blob in the Séance Schméance. So, you might not remember seeing him twice because of the colors.

Fat Ghost Appearances:

Frank monster ghost.

Frank Monster Ghost

Frank is King Neptune’s advisor, but he’s a special kind of ghost because he’s also a monster. He looks different from other Spongebob ghouls throughout the show. Frank resembles a pile of mud that looks like it’s about to experience a landslide. In addition, the creepy aspect arises because he has no eyes and one giant tooth.

However, Frank appears as a rescue monster ghost in the first episode. After that, Spongebob and Patrick rescue the poor guy at King Neptune’s birthday party, but he returns home with the king. Meanwhile, you only briefly see him in Spongegod, the short episode, before he reappears in the Séance Schméance episode.

Frank Ghost Appearances:

  • The Clash of Triton

Ghost Toast

Ghost Toast

Ghost Toast is such an odd character that I nearly didn’t add it as a named poltergeist. Meanwhile, you briefly see a flashback of the haunted scene in Spongebob’s kitchen with a ghoul-possessed toast slice. Ghost toast was a weird memory from Spongebob after thinking Mrs. Puff’s lighthouse had ghosts.

So, the ghost character isn’t a favorite choice, but I remember the scene because it was unexpected. Meanwhile, Mrs. Puff’s lighthouse is the haunting ground of this episode. You hear meows inside the lighthouse during the episode. However, you never see the ghost, and you might think it’s in Spongebob’s imagination.

Ghost Toast Appearances:

  • Lighthouse Loui

Grandma Ghost

Grandma Ghost

Grandma Ghost isn’t Spongebob’s grandmother, who you meet multiple times in the show. Spongebob’s grandmother is a sweet woman with a kind nature. Instead, Grandma Ghost is a ghoul with a vengeance. Grandma Ghost appears as a fish crossed with a woman, and she has long hair with red eyes.

Also, Grandma Ghost’s pale blue appearance resembles the glow of many Spongebob ghouls. However, the most common color among Spongebob ghosts is green. Meanwhile, she has broken teeth and looks pretty spooky. Finally, she briefly appears as a ghost on Plankton’s television, which makes him want to become one.

Grandma Ghost Appearances:

  • The Ghost of Plankton

Great Great Grandpa Jenkins

Great Great Grandpa Jenkins

Old Man Jenkins is a fan-favorite Spongebob character. The supporting character has more personality and jokes than most. So, he’s also one of my favorites. Unfortunately, Great Great Grandpa Jenkins only has a single appearance, but it’s memorable. It’s also sad that he appears once because he’s one of the friendlier ghosts.

Great Great Grandpa Jenkins has Chinese heritage, meaning so does Old Man Jenkins. He appears as a glowing red ghost with a long white beard typical of Chinese ancestry. Old Man Jenkins summoned him to the Krusty Krab to face off with Eugene Krab’s ancestors, who wreaked havoc among the customers.

Great Great Grandpa Jenkins Appearances:

  • Senior Discount

Great Great Grandpa Krabs

Great Great Grandpa Krabs

Eugene Krabs also has two ancestral ghosts that appear in Spongebob Squarepants. Unfortunately, their personalities are as greedy and mean as the Krusty Krab owner. Great Great Grandpa Krabs is light green with a solid glow, typically a color for Spongebob ghouls. In addition, he appears to come from the Elizabethan era.

Even though Great Great Grandpa Krabs sounds wise and intelligent, he’s another mean ghoul. He visits the Krusty Krab during the Senior Discount episode. However, he only appears in mention in an earlier episode. Finally, this Krab is so greedy that he invented the anti-spend system to save more money.

Great Great Grandpa Krabs Appearances

  • Pest of the West

Great Great Great Grandpa Krabs

Great Great Great Grandpa Krabs

Eugene Krabs and the Krusty Krab are hot spots for ghouls throughout the Spongebob Squarepants episodes. So, Eugene also sees his great, great, great grandfather in another spooky edition. But unfortunately, Eugene’s older ancestor only appears in one episode because the greedy crab never mentions him in another.

Meanwhile, Great Great Great Grandpa Krabs is another glowing green ghoul with an attitude. Everything makes sense about the ancestral greed in Eugene’s family once you learn that his oldest ancestor was a pirate. The ghoul appears with a giant pirate hook and sword. You can imagine how he hunted treasure in the sea.

Great Great Great Grandpa Krabs Appearances:

Hash-slinging slasher.

Hash-Slinging Slasher

Spongebob is another magnet for ghoul encounters because he’s the primary character. Unfortunately, he encounters an unfortunate ghost in the Krusty Krab during a late shift with his coworker, Squidward . The entire evening was unnecessary because the Hash-Slinging Slasher was merely Squidward’s spooky tales.

However, Squidward’s insane story that shook Spongebob turned real when the ghoul arrived. Fans believe the ghoul was once a fry cook. Meanwhile, he looks entirely different from other ghosts, almost resembling the Hunchback of Notre Dam in shadow form. Also, it’s unsurprising an ex-worker would haunt the place.

Hash-Slinging Slasher Appearances:

  • Graveyard Shift

Lord Poltergeist

Lord Poltergeist

Lord Poltergeist is nearly as famous as The Flying Dutchman. However, his fame is better connected to video games like Spongebob Moves In and Nickelodeon’s Mystery Mansion. Meanwhile, he appears in the Ghoul Fools episode as a challenger for The Flying Dutchman, seeking to steal his treasure.

Lord Poltergeist is a mean ghoul with many crew members willing to do his bidding. He also looks like an undead pirate with skeleton hands and old clothes. Lord Poltergeist has a blue glow but looks more human than most ghouls in the show. In contrast, he glows green in Nickelodeon’s Mystery Mansion game.

Lord Poltergeist Appearances:

Maisey manes.

Maisey Manes

Maisey Manes has one of the saddest stories in Spongebob because she’s merely a kid at Kamp Koral. Indeed, she never appears in Spongebob Squarepants episodes, movies, or games. Instead, she’s a unique ghoul child from the Kamp Koral episodes, often appearing to Patrick, Spongebob, and Sandy.

Spongebob and his friends don’t know how to deal with Maisey once they realize she’s a ghost from previous camping periods. However, the poor girl tries to befriend Sandy, Patrick, and Spongebob. She appears as a normal-looking girl a few times but also shows herself as a glowing ghoul. I feel sorry for Maisey Manes.

Maisey Manes Appearances:

  • Kamp Koral: Spongebob’s Under Years – Camp Spirit

Motorcycle Ghost

Motorcycle Ghost

Motorcycle Ghost appears twice in Spongebob Squarepants episodes. In addition, he’s another best friend to The Flying Dutchman. You’d think the ghosts have a friendship ring in the afterlife, but this one is another friend of the most famous ghoul in the show. Meanwhile, Motorcycle Ghost has the most original appearance.

As a result, he appears as a purple ghost with a weird glow. Moreover, he reminds me of a Casper version with a different color. Finally, the ghoul appears on a small motorcycle, even joining the famous ghost-filled Séance Schméance episode. He seems naughtier than most ghouls and challenges Spongebob.

Motorcycle Ghost Appearances:

Mrs. flying dutchman.

spongebob ghost jokers

Mrs. Flying Dutchman is the infamous Flying Dutchman’s mother. Her attitude is what you’d expect from a grandmother ghost figure. She also appears as a glowing green ghoul but looks more like a granny. In addition, she loved the pirate lifestyle, as you’ll see on her shirt’s artwork, including a scary skull.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Flying Dutchman sadly never appears in Spongebob’s episodes. She initially comes in Spongebob’s 43rd comic book. However, The Flying Dutchman mentions his mother in the Shanghaied episode, allowing her to become a Spongebob Squarepants on-screen ghost, however minimal.

Mrs. Flying Dutchman Appearances:

Rusty rickets.

Rusty Rickets

Rusty Rickets isn’t the most famous ghost from Spongebob. However, in the Séance Schméance episode, he appears as a fry cook with a spatula in his ghastly hands. Poor Rusty Rickets isn’t the worst ghoul, either. Instead, he looks like a giant green blob with a solid glow. His apron looks tattered, and he seems unhappy.

I suppose ghosts would be unhappy because they aren’t among the living. Meanwhile, Rusty was a fish with a restaurant before becoming a ghost. He thrived on his famous burgers at the Rusty’s Rib Eye restaurant. Indeed, the name isn’t too original. But the character has a profound background story, making him a famous ghoul.

Rusty Rickets Appearances:


Spirit isn’t well-known to every Spongebob Squarepants fan unless they watched the short episode in season 13, episode seven. Meanwhile, he’s one mean ghost that belongs among his legendary ghoul friends. Spirit looks like a pig with bright yellow eyes and a snout and glows in a solid blue hue.

However, Spirit looks mean from the start because of his massive teeth that could rip Bottomites apart. In addition, I love Spirit’s origin because he was Spongebob’s action figure, Pigulon. The name undoubtedly matches the ghoul’s appearance perfectly. Ironically, Spongebob banishes the ghoul from his toy.

Spirit Appearances:

  • The Big Bad Bubble Bass

Spongebob Demon

Spongebob Demon

Spongebob Demon shows up as a deceivingly similar character to Spongebob in Ghoul Fools. However, some differences are evident, such as Spongebob Demon being taller than him. In addition, he glows around him, like the ghosts in Bikini Bottom. Finally, Spongebob Demon’s voice is much deeper than the fry cook’s.

The episode welcomes Spongebob Demon twice. Firstly, Squidward encounters him in the void. Secondly, he appears at the Cursed Krab (renamed Krusty Krab). Of course, you won’t see the end coming unless you’ve watched it. Here is a spoiler: this ghoul is The Flying Dutchman, who reveals himself at the end of the episode.

Spongebob Demon Appearances:

The fisherman.

The Fisherman

The Fisherman is another one of my favorite Spongebob ghouls. Here’s a fun fact: The Fisherman is originally from an in-show movie called Fisherman 4: Attack of the Hook. However, he first comes into the show in Don’t Look Now, but it’s only a mentionable episode. So instead, he appears as a ghoul in The Night Patty episode.

The Fisherman is a creepy character with wading boots, a raincoat, and a strikingly yellow glow. He has a hook as a hand and holds a net in the other hand. The Fisherman’s eyes are creepy, and he looks more like a blue ghost than the typical green colors. I’d rate The Fisherman as one of the scariest Spongebob ghouls.

The Fisherman Appearances:

  • Don’t Look Now
  • The Night Patty

The Flim Flam Brothers

The Flim Flam Brothers

I already shared one of Kamp Koral’s famous ghosts. So, I planned to find the best ghouls from The Patrick Star Show to give some variety to Spongebob’s ghosts. Unfortunately, the Flim Flam brothers make two total appearances in Patrick’s episodes. Sadly, they aren’t creepy, creating a funny blunder in Patrick’s plans.

Patrick tries to scare everyone at home by hiring the ghost duo. Still, the previous live fish undoubtedly have no ghastly features. They don’t look dangerous and have a white glow, appearing as friendly ghouls. The scariest part of this sibling ghost team on Patrick’s show is that they’re insanely dull, making them funny.

The Flim Flam Brothers Appearances:

  • The Patrick Star Show: The Haunting of Star House
  • The Patrick Star Show: Mid-Season Finale

The Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman

Indeed, I love saving the best Spongebob ghost for last. The glowing green pirate with a mean attitude is the most famous ghost from Spongebob. He appears in more episodes than any other ghoul and has an entire crew of ghoul characters. In addition, he has relatives and dates another ghost in The Curse of Bikini Bottom.

Admittedly The Flying Dutchman’s date in that episode is as frightening as him. However, The Flying Dutchman also appears in other Spongebob-related episodes and video games. He’s famous enough to have an original game. You can face the favorite ghoul in Spongebob’s Revenge of The Flying Dutchman game.

The Flying Dutchman Appearances:

  • Squidward, the Unfriendly Ghost
  • Scaredy Pants
  • Your Shoe’s Untied
  • The Curse of Bikini Bottom
  • Born Again Krabs
  • Money Talks
  • Spongebob vs. The Big One

Answer:  Spongebob Squarepants has various ghosts, 39 in total. However, most of Spongebob’s famous ghouls appear in the Séance Schméance episode because everyone at the Krusty Krab keeps summoning more to come. Unfortunately, the séance also opens the doors for infamous and naughty ghouls to join the “party.”

Answer:  Hands down, The Flying Dutchman is the main ghost who appears more than any other ghoul. He appears in 12 episodes, including Séance Schméance and Shanghaied . In addition, he has multiple ghoul friends, crew members, and relatives. Meanwhile, The Flying Dutchman also has Spongebob video games.

Answer:  Unfortunately, various Bottomites become temporary ghosts in The Curse of Bikini Bottom , including Patrick Star and Spongebob Squarepants. However, they don’t count as famous Spongebob ghouls because they temporarily become ghosts along with various other Bottomites.

Spongebob Ghost Guide: Conclusion

Spongebob Squarepants introduces many fun and scary ghouls throughout his episodes. In addition, you’ll find more exciting ghouls to learn about in Kamp Koral and The Patrick Star Show. Let’s not forget that Spongebob video games love adding ghosts as villains. Meanwhile, my guide showed every famous Spongebob ghost.

There wasn’t a need to share nameless ghouls or ghosts who appeared in other shows or comic books unless they also came into the Spongebob realm. I genuinely enjoyed writing about the nearly 40 Spongebob ghosts. My favorite remains The Flying Dutchman because he has a clear stake in the show.

However, I highly recommend watching the Séance Schméance , Ghoul Fools , and The Curse of Bikini Bottom episodes to see many famous ghouls. You’ll even see many Spongebob ghosts that make single appearances in these episodes.

So, please don’t waste time and catch up on your Spongebob character knowledge by watching them.

For More Spongebob Characters:

  • SpongeBob Anchovies Guide: All About the Fish That Say “Meep”
  • Bubble Bass Guide
  • Spongebob Superhero Guide

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SpongeBob SquarePants Has Homaged Almost Every Horror Subgenre

Being a kid's show doesn't stop SpongeBob SquarePants from exploring nearly every major horror movie subgenre from paranormal to body horror.

Sure,   SpongeBob SquarePants   may be viewed purely as a kid's show by the general public, but there's a surprisingly good amount of episodes that pay homage to the different subgenres of horror. The citizens of Bikini Bottom often find themselves in horror-like situations or the perpetrators of the horror. The macabre episodes are usually outnumbered by the silly ones, but there are still enough stories that pay tribute to nearly every type of horror subgenre there is.

Slasher: "Graveyard Shift"

"Graveyard Shift" gives Bikini Bottom its own version of Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees with the Hash Slinging Slasher. Squidward may have made up this villain to spook SpongeBob while they worked the night shift at the Krusty Krab, but when creepy things similar to his story begin to occur, even Squidward buys into the myth. If this episode wasn't enough of a horror-homage, it ends with Count Orlock appearing from the iconic German expressionist film  Nosferatu . 

Survival Horror: "Survival of the Idiots"

In "Survival of the Idiots," SpongeBob and Patrick enter Sandy's dome while she hibernates for the winter. They have fun in the snow, but their shenanigans accidentally wake the sleeping squirrel. This version of Sandy is twice their size and, in a dream state, believes they are the outlaws Dirty Dan and Pinhead Larry. Due to her dome entrance being frozen shut, SpongeBob and Patrick find themselves in a survival horror story akin to The Revenant,  where they have to survive the giant sleeping beast and the freezing elements.

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Crime: "Nasty Patty"

Mr. Krabs is greedy, but some have theorized that he could be worse than that  and even a murderer. This theory is spotlighted in "Nasty Patty," where Krabs and SpongeBob attempt to bury a health inspector they think they killed. This episode may seem more like a crime drama than a horror movie. Still, the twisted way Mr. Krabs tries to cover up the murder by poorly hiding his guilt from authorities is reminiscent of an Edgar Allen Poe tale.

Madness: "Clams"

While on a boat trip with SpongeBob and Squidward to celebrate his millionth dollar earned, Mr. Krabs hears ominous music playing similar to John Williams' iconic score for Jaws . This orchestra indicates the arrival of a giant clam coming to take his dollar from him. When the clam snatches the bill from his claws, Krabs loses his mind and uses Squidward and SpongeBob as bait to lure the clam back. Not only is this a parody of  Jaws,  but it's also inspired by horror movies in which people are driven into insanity.

Isolation Horror: "SB-129"

"SB-129"  starts with Squidward traveling through time to get away from SpongeBob and Patrick, only to encounter their descendants and ancestors. The frustrated Squidward accidentally breaks the lever of his time machine and finds himself in an alternate dimension. What follows is a textbook example of isolation horror. Squidward is initially comfortable with being completely alone before becoming overwhelmed by it. Although he's not in outer space facing a creature like in  Alien   or  The Thing ,  Squidward's brief time alienated in a plane of nonexistence is just as terrifying.

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Creature Feature: "Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm"

The Alaskan bull worm is arguably the most popular giant creature in  SpongeBob SquarePants.  The big, scary, pink bull worm terrifies Bikini Bottom in the spirit of many classic giant monster movies. However, its best comparison is the 1990 Kevin Bacon movie  Tremors . Both creatures are shaped like giant worms and can travel fast underground, popping out to the surface to devour whatever it wants. Another creature who caused chaos in Bikini Bottom was the significantly smaller Wormy in the episode of the same name.

Possession: "Plankton!"

The dastardly villain of  SpongeBob SquarePants  made a great series debut in the episode "Plankton!" when he enters SpongeBob's head and implants a control device into his brain. Although he uses technology instead of a demonic spirit, Plankton's hold over SpongeBob is similar to many possession horror films, dating back to  The Exorcist .  Plankton even has a microphone inside SpongeBob's head to talk through him and call Squidward a mediocre clarinet player.

Zombies: "Once Bitten"

Before  The Walking Dead   aired on AMC,  SpongeBob  paid tribute to zombie horror tropes in "Once Bitten." This episode starts with Gary rabidly biting everyone in what Bikini Bottom thinks is a case of "Mad Snail Disease." This illness seemingly causes snails to transform their bite-victims into zombies, turning Bikini Bottom into an apocalyptic state. The formula of a zombie apocalypse movie made famous by films like  Night of the Living Dead  is parodied wonderfully in the episode. However, it turns out Gary was just grouchy from having a splinter.

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Paranormal: "Ghoul Fools"

Throughout the series, SpongeBob and friends have often taken part in spooky adventures thanks to the mysterious Flying Dutchman. But they met more ghost pirates in Season 8's "Ghoul's Fools." SpongeBob and Patrick discover a wrecked ghostly pirate ship and meet the captain Lord Poltergeist, an obvious reference to one of the most famous ghost movies of all-time. While the episode plays out more like  Ghostbusters   than it does  Paranormal Activity   or  The Conjuring , it expands on the show's ghoulish lore beyond the Flying Dutchman.

Body Horror: "I Was A Teenage Gary"

Over its two-decade run, SpongeBob  has plenty of episodes exploring body horror. Considering there are few consequences in the animated world and everyone can go back to normal by the next episode, the creators are free to transform their characters' bodies into grotesque mutants. A classic example is from the Season 1 episode "I Was A Teenage Gary," where SpongeBob and Squidward accidentally inject themselves with snail plasma intended for Gary. Both transform into snails in a terrifying way that can only be described as a G-rated version of  The Fly .

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Enemy In-Law

Ghost Host: The Flying Dutchman takes up residence at SpongeBob’s house where he proceeds to scare, startle and surprise SpongeBob around the clock. Eventually all the spooky shenanigans grow old, and SpongeBob is no longer afraid of the Dutchman. This creates a panic for the old ghost who now fears that he has lost his scary touch. So SpongeBob decides to lend a hand and help the Flying Dutchman learn to scare people again.

  • Cast & crew
  • User reviews

The Ghost of Plankton/My Two Krabses

  • Episode aired Oct 12, 2019

SpongeBob SquarePants (1999)

Plankton becomes a ghost to steal the secret formula, but requires a few lessons from the Flying Dutchman. The Gal Pals take Pearl to a cabin in the woods for a weekend of silly pranks. Plankton becomes a ghost to steal the secret formula, but requires a few lessons from the Flying Dutchman. The Gal Pals take Pearl to a cabin in the woods for a weekend of silly pranks. Plankton becomes a ghost to steal the secret formula, but requires a few lessons from the Flying Dutchman. The Gal Pals take Pearl to a cabin in the woods for a weekend of silly pranks.

  • Sherm Cohen
  • Adam Paloian
  • Mr. Lawrence
  • Andrew Goodman
  • Luke Brookshier
  • Dee Bradley Baker
  • Clancy Brown
  • 5 User reviews
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Bill Fagerbakke, Ginnifer Goodwin, Tom Kenny, and Amy Sedaris in SpongeBob SquarePants (1999)

  • Squidward Tentacles

Mary Jo Catlett

  • The Flying Dutchman

Bill Fagerbakke

  • Patrick Star

Tom Kenny

  • SpongeBob SquarePants

Mr. Lawrence

  • Sherm Cohen (segment My Two Krabses)
  • Adam Paloian (segment The Ghost of Plankton)
  • Mr. Lawrence (segment The Ghost of Plankton)
  • Andrew Goodman (segment My Two Krabses)
  • All cast & crew
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Did you know

SpongeBob SquarePants : [At the funeral of the seemingly deceased Plankton, SpongeBob walks up to the altar in tears] Um, Plankton was small and...

SpongeBob SquarePants : And green and loud!

[cries hysterically]

Karen : [comforts SpongeBob as she and Patrick take him back to his seat] All right, come on. It's okay.

User reviews 5

  • Jun 15, 2021
  • October 12, 2019 (United States)
  • United States
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Technical specs

  • Runtime 23 minutes

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Characters [ ]

  • Flying Dutchman
  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Squidward Tentacles
  • Patrick Star (cameo)
  • Gary the Snail
  • SpongeBob's house
  • Giant ant (debut)
  • Baby-faced worm (debut)
  • Clown (debut)
  • J. R. "Bob" Dobbs (debut)
  • Giant SpongeBob (debut)
  • Spiders (debut)
  • Ghost Clairinette (debut)
  • Multi-eyed monster (debut)
  • Incidental 6
  • Incidental 42 (purple)
  • Incidental 153
  • Incidental 7
  • Incidental 24
  • Incidental 93
  • French Narrator
  • Fat ghost (debut)
  • Colored ghost (debut)
  • Motorcycle ghost (debut)
  • Rollerblading monks (debut)
  • Zeke the Sheik (debut)
  • Lonnie (mentioned)
  • Larry the Lobster
  • Mrs. Tentacles (as an apparition)

Synopsis [ ]

This episode opens up on one night, by showing The Flying Dutchman's ship sailing through the seas, but cannot see very well due to heavy fog. His ship then hits a rock and breaks. The Flying Dutchman then calls for repair, giving him residence at SpongeBob's house, where he proceeds to scare, startle, and surprise SpongeBob around the clock. SpongeBob gets scared and goes to Squidward for help, but unfortunately, he doesn't believe in ghosts. He slams the door in SpongeBob's face. He soon turns to Patrick for help, but he just closes his door out of fear. Then he hears Gary crying for help. SpongeBob enters his house to stop the Flying Dutchman. He then says that he just wanted to pet Gary, only to reveal that it was a trick by eating him. SpongeBob despairs about the death of Gary, until Gary appears behind him with no explanation. Soon, the Flying Dutchman begins to take much amusement in terrifying SpongeBob repeatedly.

Ghost Host 100

The Flying Dutchman tries to propose to Incidental 7.

Eventually, all the spooky shenanigans grow old, and SpongeBob and all of the citizens of Bikini Bottom are no longer afraid of the Dutchman. This creates a panic for the old ghost, who now fears that he has lost his touch. So, SpongeBob decides to lend a hand and help the Flying Dutchman learn to scare people again.

Unfortunately, his first attempt doesn't work until the customer on the mattress screams from the startling notice of the mattress salesman. The second attempt also doesn't work, since the Flying Dutchman gets hit by a jump rope. The third attempt doesn't work when an old lady mistakes him for someone else. He decides to give up. Now six months later, SpongeBob realizes that the Flying Dutchman is trashing his place and tells him to get active by getting the Flying Dutchman to watch a crazy video about some mysterious people saying "The Power Within" constantly. The next attempt, however, does not work when Larry thought that he had a flab on his pecs.

Ghost Host 179

"You don't believe in ghosts?!"

The Flying Dutchman tells SpongeBob that he has decided to give up, since maybe people don't believe in ghosts anymore. This gives him an idea, with SpongeBob telling the Flying Dutchman to try to scare Squidward since he doesn't believe in ghosts. The Flying Dutchman is interested, and he goes to Squidward's house and successfully scares him, as he is horrified to learn that he was wrong about ghosts, and he runs out through the walls of the house, frantically screaming that such things exist. SpongeBob compliments the Flying Dutchman, who finally has the nerve to scare people again. He then has a confession to make, and he tells SpongeBob that his ship had been repaired for three months.

The Flying Dutchman leaves on his ship while giving SpongeBob a present with a scary surprise, but the episode ends when SpongeBob laughs at it, even though he gets eaten by the "surprise."

Production [ ]

This episode was confirmed on March 6 , 2006 as "Ghost House." [3]

Storyboards [ ]

SpongeBob 5574-419 Ghost Host

  ‣   Malleus Mallificarum (A)  - Dave Hewson  [Title card]   ‣   The Haunted Castle  - Paddy Kingsland  [Flying Dutchman's ship appears]   ‣   Dramatic Impact (2)  - Ivor Slaney  [ship crashes]   ‣   Magical Effect (H)  - Paddy Kingsland  [Dutchman falls]   •   Hitting Bottom  - Nicolas Carr  [Dutchman lands on the ground]   ‣   The Dreadnought Tea Clipper (B)  - Tim Laycock, Robert Alexander White  [Dutchman calls Roadside Assistance]   ‣   Malleus Mallificarum (A)  - Dave Hewson  ["The Flying Dutchman!"]   ‣   Terror by Night  - Hubert Clifford  ["I'm stuck here while me ship is being repaired."]   ‣   Comic Walk  - Sidney Torch  ["SpongeBob, how many times do I have to tell you? I don't believe in ghosts and I never liked you!"]   ‣   Dramatic Impact (5)  - Ivor Slaney  ["Gary!"]   ‣   Finders Creepers  - Paddy Kingsland  [Dutchman pets Gary]   ‣   Dramatic Impact (3)  - Ivor Slaney  [Dutchman eats Gary]   •   Lap Steel  - Nicolas Carr  ["Gary!"]   ‣   The Dreadnought Tea Clipper (B)  - Tim Laycock, Robert Alexander White  ["Nothing better than giving a good scare."]   ‣   Frankenstein's Niece A  - Gregor F. Narholz  ["Don't get too comfortable!"]   ‣   Dramatic Cue (A)  - Ronald Hanmer  [SpongeBob's house on fire/SpongeBob as an octopus/Monster in SpongeBob's refrigerator]   •   Steel Licks 44  - Jeremy Wakefield  [SpongeBob laughs]   ‣   Dramatic Cue (A)  - Ronald Hanmer  [Monster eats SpongeBob's head/Eyeballs instead of cereals]   •   Vibe Q Sting  - Nicolas Carr  ["Hmm?"]   •   Steel Licks 4  - Jeremy Wakefield  [skeleton in drawer]   ‣   The Jitters  - Raymond C. Jones  [SpongeBob bored as Dutchman tries to scare him]   •   Creepy Spiders  - Nicolas Carr  [spiders coming out of Dutchman's eyes]   •   Whats This Sting  - Nicolas Carr  ["Hmm?"]   ‣   Dramatic Cue (D)  - Ronald Hanmer  ["I've seen all your tricks."]   ‣   Botany Bay (b)  - Robert Alexander White  ["I know when I'm washed up."]   ‣   Happy Jose  - Ulrich Hans Wenzel  [mattress store]   ‣   The Merry Go Round  - Walter Owen, Harold Smart  [little girl jumping rope]   •   Lap Steel  - Nicolas Carr  ["It's official... I'm not scary anymore."]   •   Steel Licks 78  - Jeremy Wakefield  ["Maybe I just need a break."]   ‣   Beach Party  - Harry Bluestone  [Dutchman having a party]   •   Steel Licks 40  - Jeremy Wakefield  ["All righty, boys, party's over."]   •   Steel Licks 41  - Jeremy Wakefield  [Everyone leaves SpongeBob's house.]   ‣   The Dreadnought Tea Clipper (B)  - Tim Laycock, Robert Alexander White  ["You're a ghost of your former self."]   •   The Power Within  - Nicolas Carr, Barry Anthony  [Self-awareness video]   ‣   Hawaiian Link (B)  - Richard Myhill  [Dutchman cries]   •   Hunting Rescue Call  - Nicolas Carr  ["It's time to get serious."]   ‣   Furtive Footsteps  - Paddy Kingsland  ["Let's start you off easy."]   ‣   The Beast Within  - Paddy Kingsland  [Dutchman tries to scare an old lady]   ‣   Hawaiian Cocktail  - Richard Myhill  ["Lonnie, there's this great new product called toothpaste."]   ‣   Kings Messenger  - Sam Fonteyn  [SpongeBob flying on Dutchman's back]   •   Piati Crash  - Nicolas Carr  [SpongeBob crashes into the wall]   ‣   The Beast Within  - Paddy Kingsland  [Dutchman enters gym]   ‣   California Baby B  - Jerry Burnham, Wayne Cook  [Larry flexing muscles]   ‣   Shock (F)  - Dave Hewson  [Dutchman tries to scare him]   ‣   California Baby B  - Jerry Burnham, Wayne Cook  ["My latissimus dorsi has gone flabby!"]   ‣   Here's Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy (b)  - Tim Laycock, Robert Alexander White  ["It's no use, SpongeBob."]   •   Harp Ding & Tymp  - Nicolas Carr  ["Wait a minute!"]   •   Steel Licks 22  - Jeremy Wakefield  [SpongeBob whispering to Dutchman]   •   Harp Ding & Tymp  - Nicolas Carr  [transition to next scene]   ‣   The Stalker  - Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin  [Squidward gets out of bed]   ‣   Red Alert [#7]  - Harry Bluestone, Emil Cadkin  [green fog appears]   •   Scary Clarinet  - Nicolas Carr, Barry Anthony  [clarinet]   ‣   House of Horror  - W. Merrick Farran  [Dutchman scares Squidward]   •   Creepy Spiders  - Nicolas Carr  [spiders coming out of Dutchman's eyes]   ‣   Musical Box (C)  - Dave Hewson  ["Ooh, scary!"]   ‣   House of Horror  - W. Merrick Farran  ["No! No! That's impossible!"]   ‣   Hilo March  - The Hawaiian Serenaders  ["Dutchie, it worked!"]   ‣   House of Horror  - W. Merrick Farran  [ending]

Release [ ]

  • This episode is available on the Karate Island , Season 4 Volume 1 , The Ultimate Box Set , First 100 Episodes , SpookTacular , Nautical Nonsense , Double Feature Volume 1 , Double DVD Fun , Roller Cowards , The Ultimate SpongeBob Box Set , SpongeBob SquarePants Vol. 6, Ghouls Fools , Complete Fourth Season , From the Beginning, Part 2 , The SpongeBob SquarePants Collection , SpongeBob ScaryPants Collection , The SpongeBob SquarePants 8 Season DVD Collection , Favorite Episodes Volume 2 , 2-Season TV Pack , The Third & Fourth Seasons , and The Best 200 Episodes Ever DVDs.

Reception [ ]

  • "Ghost Host" was ranked #5 during the Best Day Ever event from November 9–10, 2006.

General [ ]

  • This is the first episode to premiere during Nick Friday Night .
  • This episode originally had the packaging number of 70a and was paired with " Wishing You Well ," but it was eventually rearranged. [3]
  • This is the sixth episode to have an animated title card, the first is " SB-129 ," the second is " Prehibernation Week ," the third is " One Krabs Trash ," the fourth is " Idiot Box ," and the fifth is " Skill Crane ."
  • Zeus Cervas uploaded the full storyboards of this episode alongside those of " All That Glitters ," " Nautical Novice ," " Sand Castles in the Sand ," and " Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy " on his now defunct website. [4]
  • SpongeBob punching Squidward in the face became an internet meme, which was usually entitled as "SpongeBob Gives Squidward Brain Damage."
  • In addition to this, Squidward claims that he does not believe in ghosts, but he has met the Flying Dutchman in " Scaredy Pants ," " Born Again Krabs ," and " Shanghaied ."
  • The quote "Look at those guns," would later appear in the online game Reef Rumble .
  • It is revealed that the Flying Dutchman can shapeshift.
  • It is revealed that the Flying Dutchman is or was married, but is in denial about said marriage. However, in " The Curse of Bikini Bottom ," he mentioned that he wasn't "the marrying type."
  • It is shown that SpongeBob's TV has a built-in VCR.
  • Squidward reveals that his mother calls him Squiddums.
  • This is the second appearance of a mattress store. The first was in " The Lost Mattress ."
  • This is the third appearance of Squidward's mother. The first was in " Fools in April ," and the second was in " Krusty Towers ."
  • In the Greek dub , this episode is called "Ο Επισκέπτης Φάντασμα," which means "The Ghost Visitor." [ citation needed ]
  • In the Polish dub , this episode is called "Duch druh," which means "Ghost Companion." [ citation needed ]
  • In the Croatian dub , the episode is called "Duh u Kući," which means "Ghost in the House." [ citation needed ]
  • Comes out of the floor in front of SpongeBob with a "Raargh!"
  • An evil laughter and snakes coming from his mouth.
  • Pretending to eat Gary.
  • Says "Don't get too comfortable!" in a dark voice with the fire in his eyes and in the background.
  • SpongeBob's house coming to life laughing evilly and catching on fire.
  • Transforms SpongeBob's lower area into tentacles.
  • A monster in SpongeBob's fridge that comes out when SpongeBob opens it.
  • Mirror of SpongeBob getting eaten by a shark/dunkleosteus.
  • Eyeballs in his cereal box, instead of cereal.
  • Skeleton in his drawer.
  • A giant slimy bald green monster that appears from the floor and turns into a giant ant creature which turns into a hideous baby-faced worm creature and a clown-worm which turns into the face of J.R. "Bob" Dobbs with a bubble pipe, which he spits out, but this turns into SpongeBob's head, which pours out spiders and its eyeballs slither away like snakes, and then the Flying Dutchman's head and arms come out of the body.
  • Squidward's powder puff engulfs the room, and his mother appears in a giant form, asking why Squidward has not called her before melting.
  • A giant clarinet appears and blares music in Squidward's ear before turning into a rope which literally goes through Squidward's head. The Flying Dutchman appears, saying "I heard you don't believe in ghosts; as in, the Flying Dutchman!" and throws him to a flooded room where Squidward sees dozens of eyeballs forming together and is swallowed by an immense, yellow multi-eyed monster.
  • Squidward finds a hole and escapes in a room where he sees a giant smiling SpongeBob, rocking back and forth and breathing very heavily.
  • SpongeBob's eyes turn to slither away like snakes and the spiders engulf the body and once leaving the Flying Dutchman appears, making a scary finger trick and forcing a screaming Squidward to run out of his house, screaming "Ghosts!"
  • On the November 10 , 2006 airing, this episode was paired with " Krusty Towers ." [5]
  • On the November 22 , 2006 airing, this episode was paired with "Krusty Towers" again. [6]
  • On the October 26 , 2008 airing, it was paired with " Graveyard Shift ." [7]
  • On the October 27 , 2009 airing, this episode was paired with " I Was a Teenage Gary ." [8]
  • On the October 29 , 2009 airing, this episode was paired with " That's No Lady ." [9]

Episode references [ ]

  • The episode's plot is similar to " Can You Spare a Dime? ," as both episodes have to do with a guest staying at SpongeBob's house.
  • SpongeBob's pineapple coming to life with the insides on fire is similar to the episode " Procrastination ." However, the pineapple does not speak in this episode.

Cultural references [ ]

  • Also, another one of the monsters the Flying Dutchman turns into is a face of J. R. "Bob" Dobbs , smoking through a bubble pipe.
  • The intro part of the video "The Power Within" is a reference to the Gongman , the intro part of films produced by The Rank Organisation .
  • When Patrick's rock is open, a sky flower appears in his living space.

Ghost Host 047

Gary is not supposed to be that small.

  • When SpongeBob holds Gary he is shown to be in his normal size, but when SpongeBob says, "It's okay, Gary," Gary is shown to be a bit smaller.

Ghost Host 067

Tiny SpongeBob.

  • While the Flying Dutchman is trying to scare SpongeBob, the house becomes bigger and SpongeBob is small.

SpongeBob belt error

SpongeBob with a discolored belt.

  • When SpongeBob says, "Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no!," his belt is discolored for a frame.

Ghost Host Error

The gap between SpongeBob's eyes is white.

  • Right after SpongeBob's belt discoloration, the gap between his eyes is white instead of the usual yellow.
  • When SpongeBob is going to start the "journey into self-awareness" video, his red tie is the same color as his skin.

SpongeBob's eyelashes mistake in Ghost Host

SpongeBob's visible eyelashes mistake.

  • When SpongeBob talks to the Flying Dutchman and says, "I think you just gave me the answer to all your problems!," SpongeBob blinks his eyes, but his eyelashes are still seen for a split second.

Squidward's yellow teeth error in Ghost Host

Squidward with yellow teeth error.

  • Squidward's teeth alternate between yellow and white when he is cowering from his "ghost-like" mother, lying on the floor and saying, "Squiddums l-loves his Mamá..."
  • When the Flying Dutchman raids Squidward's house, the Flying Dutchman has five fingers, but when he is at SpongeBob's house, he has only four.

References [ ]

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  • 1 Season 14
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  • 3 SpongeBob SquarePants (character)

Need Some Hole-some Humor? Try These 55 SpongeBob Jokes For Kids & Adults

Scene from SpongeBob SquarePants — SpongeBob jokes and puns

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Well, SpongeBob SquarePants, of course! One of the great things about SpongeBob is that he’s often beloved by both kids and adults. And since the show debuted back in 1999, almost everyone is familiar with it by now. Sure, you might find it perplexing that SpongeBob had far more seasons than other celebrated Nicktoons like Doug or Hey Arnold! But, regardless, it’s pretty cool that a Nickelodeon cartoon has been relevant for over 20 years. That means no matter who your audience is, they’ll probably understand and get a kick out of SpongeBob jokes.

Much like The Simpsons , SpongeBob SquarePants is enjoyable to a wide audience. Unsure what makes the show so funny? You can credit the writers. SpongeBob is known for thinking outside the box, and most episodes are very well thought out from start to finish. Some of the humor resonates more with adults, but it’s never inappropriate for kids watching. There are plenty of levels of SpongeBob ! SpongeBob jokes for kids can be sweet and simple, while SpongeBob jokes for adults might take on a slightly sassier (or maybe even naughtier , depending on who you ask) tone.

Without further ado, here are some SpongeBob jokes and puns — including several straight from the show — that even Squidward would find funny.

SpongeBob Jokes for Kids

  • How did SpongeBob find his way home?

Mussel memory.

  • What did SpongeBob do when Patrick stole Gary?

He sued him in small clams court.

  • Where does Mr. Krabs keep his money?

In the river bank.

  • Why does Patrick often miss SpongeBob SquarePants?

Since SpongeBob isn’t a-round.

  • Why did Mr. Krabs buy so many clocks?

Because time is money.

  • Where should SpongeBob fans go in the hospital?

The Squid-ward.

  • How did Squidward feel when an eel slithered into his clarinet?
  • The lobster from SpongeBob is the funniest character on the show.

You might say he’s hi-larry-ous.

  • Why is SpongeBob the main character…

when Patrick’s the Star?

  • How did SpongeBob get around London?

With an oyster card!

  • What kind of hair do SpongeBob and his friends have?
  • Why did SpongeBob get a gym membership?

To get stronger mussels.

  • What kind of music does SpongeBob listen to when he’s jellyfishing?

Something catchy.

  • Why was Mr. Krabs so stingy?

He’s shellfish.

  • How can you make Squidward laugh?

Give him ten-tickles!

  • Where did Fred Rechid go to school?

At the School of Fish.

  • SpongeBob: “I don’t think we can stop the dragon with our bare hands.”

Patrick: “Yeah, we need some gloves.”

  • Why do people love SpongeBob so much?

He’s a very holesome guy.

  • What kind of tea do SpongeBob and Patrick drink?

Pearl Grey.

  • Why did SpongeBob wake up early?

To get the moist out of the day.

  • Why do SpongeBob’s enemies not like him?

They think he’s too self-absorbed.

  • Where does Patrick go when he needs to borrow money?

The prawnbroker.

  • What did SpongeBob say after complimenting Mr. Krabs’ daughter?

“You’re whalecome.”

  • Did you hear about what happened to SpongeBob’s house after the monsoon?

It was a clam-ity.

  • What does Squidward say after telling a joke?

“I’m just squidding!”

  • Why did Patrick join the circus as a human cannon ball?

He wanted to be a shooting star.

  • What did SpongeBob say when Patrick disagreed with him?

“I don’t sea it that way!”

  • Why did Mr. Krabs not trust his daughter?

He thought she’d blow a hole in his wallet.

  • Why doesn’t Mr. Krabs play soccer?

He’s terrified of nets.

  • What is SpongeBob’s favorite song?

“Holey Diver.”

  • What did SpongeBob say to the Krabby Patty?

“Pleased to eat you!”

  • Sandy: “There ain’t nothing you can say to stop me!”

SpongeBob: “Oh yeah? What if I said ‘blargen-feddible no-hip’?” Sandy: “Well, I gotta admit, that slowed me down.”

  • How did SpongeBob react when he visited Sandy on the beach?
  • What kind of music does Patrick listen to?

Heavy rock.

  • How can you tell Squidward and his sister are twins?

They’re itenticle.

  • Why did the kid watch SpongeBob SquarePants while standing on their head?

It was pineapple upside-down cake day.

  • Why is SpongeBob such a great listener?

He soaks up everything.

  • What did SpongeBob tell Sandy when she visited?

“Long time no sea!”

  • What does SpongeBob say when he’s confused?

“Can you please be more Pacific?”

  • Why can’t SpongeBob make the honor roll?

Because he’s a C sponge!

  • Why did Patrick take a shovel to the Krusty Krab?

Because Spongebob told him to dig in.

And a Little SpongeBob Humor for the Grown-ups, Too

  • SpongeBob was the most unrealistic kid’s show…

A teenager in a minimum wage job owning a house and car.

  • Who helped SpongeBob’s mom give birth?

A lobstetrician.

  • What would you call it if SpongeBob ran for governor?

A (goofy) goobernatorial election.

  • SpongeBob: “Hey, Patrick, what am I now?” ( forms body to the shape of Texas )

Patrick: “Um… stupid?” SpongeBob: “No, I’m Texas!” Patrick: “What’s the difference?”

  • What’s SpongeBob’s favorite bad habit?
  • What’s in Squidward’s underpants?


  • A favor for a neighbor is a good deed.

A favor for a favor is a quid pro quo. A favor for SpongeBob’s neighbor is squid pro quo.

  • Why did Elaine from Seinfeld love SpongeBob?

He was truly sponge-worthy.

  • Why did SpongeBob blush?

He saw Bikini Bottom.

  • My wife has been mad at me lately because she says I need to get my priorities straight.

I told her we can talk about it after this episode of SpongeBob .

  • Mermaid Man: “Why else would we run around in colored undies?”

Squidward: “I can think of three good reasons.”

  • Why does SpongeBob hate going on the beach?

He’s worried about getting sandy cheeks.

  • SpongeBob: “What could be better than serving up smiles?”

Squidward: “Being dead or anything else.”

  • Why couldn’t SpongeBob get a mortgage?

Because his house was underwater.

This article was originally published on Dec. 6, 2021

spongebob ghost jokers

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24 Jokes From “SpongeBob SquarePants” That Will Honestly Never Not Be Funny

"Can I be excused for the rest of my life?"

Nora Dominick

BuzzFeed Staff

1. When SpongeBob was a glass-half-full type of guy and Squidward was not:

spongebob ghost jokers

2. This dirty joke you definitely missed as a child:

spongebob ghost jokers

3. When SpongeBob thought Mr. Krabs was referring to Squidward as a pile of garbage:

spongebob ghost jokers

4. When Patrick had a very different idea of torture than SpongeBob:

spongebob ghost jokers

5. When Patrick just wanted to learn to play an instrument:

spongebob ghost jokers

6. When SpongeBob put his knowledge of gibberish to good use:

spongebob ghost jokers

7. When SpongeBob did the worst thing ever to Patrick:

spongebob ghost jokers

8. When Patrick showed us exactly how to deal with all of our problems:

spongebob ghost jokers

9. When they made this joke that went right over your head as a kid:

spongebob ghost jokers

10. When SpongeBob said what we all think every day:

spongebob ghost jokers

11. When Patrick knew safety was important:

spongebob ghost jokers

12. When SpongeBob was just hanging around:

spongebob ghost jokers

13. When Patrick didn't need a party to go crazy:

spongebob ghost jokers

14. When SpongeBob was trying to decide what to name his pet seahorse:

spongebob ghost jokers

15. When Patrick and SpongeBob had to flee Bikini Bottom:

spongebob ghost jokers

16. When Plankton was showing SpongeBob his lab:

spongebob ghost jokers

17. When SpongeBob was fishing for a compliment from Mr. Krabs:

spongebob ghost jokers

18. When Patrick and SpongeBob got themselves into an awkward situation:

spongebob ghost jokers

19. When Patrick took Squidward literally:

spongebob ghost jokers

20. When Patrick worked at the Krusty Krab for a day and was confused by customers:

spongebob ghost jokers

21. When Squidward realized he was going unnoticed:

spongebob ghost jokers

22. When an anchor dropped on SpongeBob's house and he alerted Squidward:

23. when spongebob was very observant of squidward's appearance:.

spongebob ghost jokers

24. And finally, when Squidward decided to just let everything out:

spongebob ghost jokers

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spongebob ghost jokers

20 Funny SpongeBob SquarePants Jokes

Looking to absorb an ocean of jokes look no further we have chum buckets full of them.

Are you ready for some knee-slapping funnies? AYE AYE CAPTAIN!

Dive into Beano's goofy collection of silly SpongeBob jokes.

Still Krabby? Take a swim around our fish , sea or shark jokes. Better yet, check out our legendary joke generator !

Why does Mr. Krabs never give to charity?

He's a shellfish penny pincher!

spongebob ghost jokers

What's in Squidward's underpants?

Squid marks!

spongebob ghost jokers

What does Squidward say after he tells a joke?

Just squidding!

spongebob ghost jokers

Why did Spongebob blush?

He saw Bikini Bottom!

spongebob ghost jokers

How do you make Squidward laugh?

Give him ten-tickles!

spongebob ghost jokers

Why does Gary the snail never share his kibble?

He's shellfish!

spongebob ghost jokers

What did Spongebob say to the Krabby Patty?

Pleased to eat you!

spongebob ghost jokers

Why did Patrick take a shovel to the Krusty Krab?

Because Spongebob told him to dig in!

spongebob ghost jokers

What kind of music does Patrick Star listen to?

Heavy rock!

spongebob ghost jokers

What music does Sandy listen to when she's jellyfishing?

Something catchy!

spongebob ghost jokers

Where does Mr Krabs keep his money?

In the river bank!

spongebob ghost jokers

Where does Plankton go to make friends?

The chum bucket!

spongebob ghost jokers

How can you tell Squidward and his sister are twins?

They're itenticle!

spongebob ghost jokers

Why does Spongebob hate going to the beach?

Sandy cheeks!

spongebob ghost jokers

Why did Patrick join the circus as a human (fish) cannon ball?

He wanted to be a shooting star!

spongebob ghost jokers

Why does Partick always miss Spongebob?

Because he's not a round!

spongebob ghost jokers

Why is Spongebob always far too hot?

Because all of his corners are 90 degrees!

spongebob ghost jokers

Adele might set fire to rain...

But SpongeBob can make a campfire under water!

spongebob ghost jokers

Why did Mr. Krabs buy so many clocks?

Because time is money!

spongebob ghost jokers

How did Squidward feel about the eel in his clarinet?

He was shocked!

spongebob ghost jokers

Fishing for more funnies?

Get hooked on our joke generator.

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Screen Rant

Spongebob squarepants: 10 hilarious raunchy jokes that were hidden in plain sight.

Spongebob Squarepants has a lot of hidden jokes and gems, but these 10 are of the naughty adult variety

Spongebob Squarepants  is a long-running popular kid’s show, and one thing that helped its continued longevity and popularity is the crossover appeal it has with older audiences. Part of what makes it such a draw for adults is its perpetual charm, the endearing quality of its characters, and the complete absurdity of almost anything that happens.

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It doesn’t hurt that hidden among its wholesome and fun kid-friendly qualities is a level of subtle humor that on an undeniably another level, as far as sneaking in the adult-oriented jokes into cartoons goes - something very few other kid’s shows have managed to accomplish on the level that Spongebob Squarepants   has. Here are 10 hilariously raunchy jokes hidden in  Spongebob Squarepants  that no one noticed until much later.

The Sexy Anemone

In “Your Shoe’s Untied” from season two, Spongebob learns he has never learned how to tie his shoes. That’s a pretty kid-friendly episode concept. The way the story starts, however, is pretty adult. The very first scene shows him in his living room, eyes widening as he watches a gyrating anemone on TV.

As unassuming as the anemone seem, it's revealed to be the in-universe equivalent of late night (ahem) adult entertainment. When Gary comes in the room and meows, Spongebob immediately changes over to the football game and acts embarrassed that Gary caught him watching the flowing tendrils.

Don't Drop The Soap, Gary!

Gary is a snail but he meows like a cat. Gary lives underwater, and like so many other things in the Spongebob Universe, even though it doesn’t make any sense that Gary has to take a bath. Since Gary hates baths, Spongebob tries a lot of things to get him in the tub, such as dressing like a pirate and claiming that there’s hidden treasure.

The “doubloons” are bars of soap, which a winking Spongebob tells him not to drop. Adults who've seen enough prison dramas and thrillers know what exactly dropping the soap means and why it should be avoided at all costs. 

The Mystery Coin Slot

In “My Pretty Seahorse” from season three, Spongebob takes his pet seahorse Mystery to the Krusty Krab and ties her up outside. While poor Mystery is there alone and vulnerable, two fish come up. They assume she’s a new ride that’s been installed for customers at the restaurant.

They look for the coin slot to start the ride, and soon enough Mystery kicks one fish off into the distance. The location of the coin slot they found shouldn't be much of a mystery to adults, and it's rather fortunate that the confused fish finding the "coin slot" was depicted offscreen. 

Patrick's Exposed Genius 

In the season one episode “Texas”- which Spongebob pronounces suspiciously like Tex*ss - Sandy Cheeks gets incredibly homesick for the Lone Star State. Spongebob and Patrick find out just how much she misses it and decide that they have to help her out. 

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While Spongebob and Patrick are discussing how to brighten up Sandy's day, Patrick suggests bringing Texas to her. Spongebob says that his genius is showing, leading Patrick to immediately clap his hands over front of his shorts, look down, and exclaim “Where?!” Does this mean that Patrick nicknamed his family jewels "genius?"

Like, Like Like?

“20,000 Patties Under the Sea” from season five finds Spongebob and Patrick digging up a submarine they’ve discovered in Jellyfish Fields. When they arrive at the Krusty Krab in their new ride, it seems fate has aligned since Mr. Krabs and Squidward had just been talking about making the restaurant more mobile.

A scene later and Spongebob is bidding a fond aideau to his boss and neighbor, doubling back to give Squidward a distinctly flirtatious second goodbye. When Patrick points out he told the squid bye twice, Spongebob simply replies “I like Squidward.” It's obvious what this joke is going for but the bigger question is does Squidward feel the same way?

The French Tickler

In season four's "Karate Island," Sandy has to fight her way through a tower of karate masters to save Spongebob from what turns out to be a timeshare scam. On the very first floor, the master she must fight is the usual stereotypical Frenchman.

He’s got the beret, the striped shirt, the little red neckerchief. It loops into the adult-oriented territory when he reveals his name to be The Tickler. Simply put, he's a French Tickler. This, of course, is the name of a particular kind of condom. And speaking of condoms...

Are Those Really Balloons?

In “The Play’s the Thing" in season seven, the postman comes to the Krusty Krab looking for Squidward to make a delivery. Squidward doesn’t appear to be at his counter, so Spongebob quickly blows up some balloons to make a balloon sculpture of his missing friend so he can accept the package.

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The "balloons," however, look suspiciously condom-like especially when fully inflated. It doesn’t help that Balloon-ward’s condom nose sadly deflates in the postman’s face in a very suggestive way. Why Spongebob had a bunch of condoms/balloons on standby in the Krusty Krab is another question for another time.

A Hairy Situation

In season two episode “The Smoking Peanut,” Bikini Bottom gets a Free Day at the local zoo. Spongebob chucks a peanut at Clamu, the giant clam he is hoping to see perform. Clamu wakes up, discovers her pearl is stolen and starts wreaking havoc. Spongebob blames himself and his peanut, not knowing the real reason she’s upset.

When Sandy expresses what she’ll do when she finds out who caused Clamu's distress, Spongebob gets nervous and claims he has to get a haircut. Sandy’s reply - along with her face - says it all: “Spongebob doesn’t have hair… or does he?” Where did she imagine Spongebob had hair? Does anyone  really  want to know?

Insert Joke Here

Spongebob has a problem standing up for himself, which was most evident in season one's episode “Walking Small." Here,  Plankton decides to teach Spongebob how to be assertive after he has his metal detector and ice cream stolen without a fight.

Unfortunately, Spongebob confuses “assertive” for “insertive” when a large fish sits on him. After Spongebob informs the fish that he is sitting on his face, he starts to put his fingers in the fish's pockets rather suggestively. Apparently, Spongebob thought that Plankton told him to insert himself instead of assert. 

Squilliam Sexypants

It’s no secret that at least part of the reason that Squidward is so grumpy is that he isn’t as cool or as popular as he wants to be. In season three's “Squilliam Returns," his bully from a long-ago band class, Squilliam, makes an appearance and harasses Squidward for being a failure.

Squidward, trying to defend himself, tells himself silently to just imagine Squilliam naked, since it’s a common trick for nervousness. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work out the way he plans since his imaginary Squilliam is a chiseled hunk who he confesses is still hot.

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spongebob ghost jokers

Spongebob Jokes

Spongebob may be the main character in the show…, why does the plot of spongebob not make sense, there's a lot of crossover between the bible and spongebob.

AI Image Generator

Squidward finally snapped, and used his clarinet to stab Spongebob.

Spongebob was the most unrealistic kid's show, today i watched spongebob squarepants while standing on my head, did you know that the seven main characters on spongebob squarepants represent the seven deadly sins, where should spongebob fans go in the hospital.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

If SpongeBob is absorbent and lives in bikini bottom

I got hospitalized for my spongebob addiction., why spongebob is always positive, question, why spongebob have many holes, what does spongebob keep in his square pants, so i was rewatching old seasons of spongebob and found this joke, [science] why was spongebob fired from his job as a chemist, i bought a life size 3d model of plankton from spongebob., what is spongebob's favorite song, why can't spongebob make the honor roll, damn girl are you the green fish from spongebob season 2, episode 20: sandy, spongebob, and the worm, at exactly 21:52, what do spongebob and lebron james have in common, seems like isis has a new driving teacher, did you know that spongebob has a square dick, what's spongebob's worst personality trait, why couldn't spongebob get a mortgage, a favor for a neighbor is a good deed., what do you call a vampire whose car breaks down three miles from a blood bank, (told by a 7 year old reading me a joke off of her spongebob gogurt) "what is plankton's grandma's favorite type of pudding", lizard is walking through the forest..., how could donald trump ever get elected in this great nation, my wife has been mad at me lately because she says i need to get my priorities straight..., damn girl are you david hasselhoff, my girlfriend: oh baby i want you to tease me..

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spongebob ghost jokers

Ghost Recon Wiki

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"Joker" is the nickname of a Ghost Recon operator. He got the name because no one else in his units could make jokes.

In 2019 his squad of Sage , Nomad , and Weaver were sent to the Baltics to extract a deserter. However, it was a trap and the mission went catastrophically wrong. Sage and Joker were wounded during the extraction. Both eventually recovered.

Appearances [ ]

  • Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands: Dark Waters
  • 2 Ghost Recon
  • 3 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint


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    Unfortunately, he encounters an unfortunate ghost in the Krusty Krab during a late shift with his coworker, Squidward. The entire evening was unnecessary because the Hash-Slinging Slasher was merely Squidward's spooky tales. However, Squidward's insane story that shook Spongebob turned real when the ghoul arrived.

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    Isolation Horror: "SB-129". "SB-129" starts with Squidward traveling through time to get away from SpongeBob and Patrick, only to encounter their descendants and ancestors. The frustrated Squidward accidentally breaks the lever of his time machine and finds himself in an alternate dimension. What follows is a textbook example of isolation horror.

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    Ghost Host: The Flying Dutchman takes up residence at SpongeBob's house where he proceeds to scare, startle and surprise SpongeBob around the clock. Eventually all the spooky shenanigans grow old, and SpongeBob is no longer afraid of the Dutchman. This creates a panic for the old ghost who now fears that he has lost his scary touch.

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    Episode №: 70b Airdate: May 5, 2006 July 5, 2006 July 18, 2006 October 23, 2006 November 14, 2006 See more... U.S. premiere time (ET): 7:00 pm Copyright year: 2006 U.S. viewers (millions): 2.16 Running time: 10 minutes, 48 seconds Sister episode (s):

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    20 Funny SpongeBob SquarePants Jokes. Looking to absorb an ocean of jokes? Look no further! We have chum buckets full of them! Are you ready for some knee-slapping funnies? AYE AYE CAPTAIN! Dive into Beano's goofy collection of silly SpongeBob jokes. Still Krabby? Take a swim around our fish, sea or shark jokes.

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    "Joker" is the nickname of a Ghost Recon operator. He got the name because no one else in his units could make jokes. In 2019 his squad of Sage, Nomad, and Weaver were sent to the Baltics to extract a deserter. However, it was a trap and the mission went catastrophically wrong. Sage and Joker were wounded during the extraction. Both eventually recovered. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands ...