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corsair trimaran sale

Comfortable performance folding trimarans that really fly!

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High performance trimarans for comfortable fast ocean cruising

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Windcraft Multihulls offers a variety of multihull sailboats for sale. We specialize in great sailing trimarans, in particular the sporty trailerable 20-37 ft trimarans built by Corsair Marine, the high quality 25-40 ft. swing wing trimarans built by Dragonfly, and the magnificent 40-60 ft fast ocean cruising trimarans built by Rapido Trimarans. Windcraft Multihulls is located on the Emerald Coast of Florida, near Destin, with excellent sailing access to the Gulf of Mexico and Okaloosa Bay. Windcraft Multihulls is owned and operated by Don Wigston, a veteran trimaran racer and owner. We have been dedicated to sailing and brokering the highest quality multihulls in the world since 1995, and we have leveraged this experience to offer what we believe is an excellent variety of premium multihull sailboats. We are here to discuss your sailing goals and help to choose the right trimaran for you.

corsair trimaran sale

Not ready for a brand new boat yet? Click here to see a complete list of our pre-owned multihulls.

Pre-owned boats.

corsair trimaran sale

We represent several sail lofts and manufacturers of furling systems and synthetic rigging. Click here to see how we can enhance the performance of your boat.

Sails, furling systems, rigging and nets.

corsair trimaran sale

We can provide you with OEM replacement parts for your Dragonfly or Corsair trimaran. including trailers.

Parts, accessories, and trailers, recent news.

corsair trimaran sale

Dragonfly Demo Sails

corsair trimaran sale

Corsair Demo Sails

corsair trimaran sale

Rapido Trimaran update

corsair trimaran sale

Dragonfly update

corsair trimaran sale

Reserve a Corsair 880 now

corsair trimaran sale

Order a Corsair 760 now for 2024

corsair trimaran sale

Corsair 37 video

corsair trimaran sale

Cruze 970 video

corsair trimaran sale

Corsair 760 video

corsair trimaran sale

Pulse 600 Video

Corsair 760 photos.

corsair trimaran sale

Pulse 600 Photos

corsair trimaran sale

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sole UK dealers for over a decade

Corsair Marine International are the premier builders of folding trimarans worldwide and have launched more examples than any other manufacturer. The strong and light construction provides excellent performance, coupled with the easy trail-ability of the robust pantograph folding mechanism offers the optimum combination for highspeed sailing and easy movement from one sailing location to another. With water-to-road times of under 45 minutes for some models, this opens and expands your sailing horizons far beyond the distance you can sail in a single weekend or holiday.

Multihull World Ltd have been selling Corsair trimarans for 30 years and have been the sole UK dealer for over a decade. Each member of our team is experienced with Corsair trimarans, along with many other designs of trimaran and catamaran, and are therefore best placed to help you understand the advantages of the Corsair model and to help you specify the right one to suit your needs.

Explore Corsair Marine

Explore Corsair Marine

About Corsair Marine

About Corsair Marine

Corsair Models

Corsair Models

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Corsair Trimarans for sale

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18 New and Used Corsair

Corsair Cruise A Home

Portland, Oregon (United States of America)


W S Yacht Brokers LLC

NEW PRICE REDUCTION! Amazingly loved Cruise a Home offered for sale. This includes a well appointed vessel that has been thoughtfully updated through the years. Including a refit to include a ne...

Corsair Cruze 970

Port Washington, Wisconsin (United States of America)

Worldwide Yacht Sales

“Merlot”is available now and Turn Key, Ready to go! Pride in ownership is Evident throughout the boat! Many Notable upgrades and custom features making her one of a Kind! Known as ...

Stuart, Florida (United States of America)

Rick Obey Yacht Sales

This Corsair sits on it's original custom Myco bunk trailer w/ serge brakes and aluminum mags w/ radial tires. Boat, motor, and trailer were restored from the ground up in 200...

Corsair F24MK II

Athens (Greece)

Alvea Yachts

REF1670: This Corsair F24MK II Folding Trimaran is maintained in very good condition by her owner. LOA 7.30m, Beam 5.50m open, 2.50m folded, easily transported on her trailer. ...

Corsair 880

Emsworth (United Kingdom)

Multihull World

Less of an evolution, more of a complete keel up redesign on the original F27. The Corsair 880 is a fully specified family cruiser with the performance to satisfy the hardiest ...

Corsair 880 Sport

AVAILABLE NOW NO BUILD TIME OR DELIVERY DELAY VAT Paid and here in the UK and on a new, dedicated road trailer. Less of an evolution, more of a complete keel up redesign of th...

Corsair 760

A lightweight and versatile trailerable trimaran, accommodation for the whole family for cruising with a performance sailing trimaran hull to give effective sailing performance...

Corsair 970 Sport

This 31ft 10inch model replaces the corsair 31. Corsair have sold 303 of the previous model and the Corsair 970 is roomier with more focus on comfort without sacrificing perfor...

Corsair Pulse 600

Introducing the smallest design from the worlds largest trimaran manufacturer, this exciting model is full of Corsair DNA modernised to meet the latest generation of trimaran s...

Corsair 970 Carbon

Corsair sprint 750.

The Corsair Sprint 750 has been a popular addition to Corsairs worldwide-favorite line of trailerable trimarans. Based on the well-proven Corsair 24, the new Corsair Sprint 750...

S England (United Kingdom)

Corsair F31

SE England (United Kingdom)

The Corsair 31 brings the idea of liveability to the Corsair concept of fast, comfortable and flexible sailing. Smaller Corsair boats were equipped for short cruises or weekend...

Corsair 970 Cruze

Corsair 760 sport.

The ultimate performance version of the 760. This is a trailer sailer that can provide up to four berths but gives away no edge in performance thanks to being equipped with hig...

Corsair 760R

A long cockpit, dayboat version of the 760, sharing the same specification. It is designed to give more room for crew and passengers to enjoy the trimaran sailing experience. T...

Corsair F-27

A fast, well balanced and seaworthy design, able to compete as a class racer and family cruise with ease, while still being able to trailer home at the end of a weekend, or fit...

* Price displayed is based on today's currency conversion rate of the listed sales price.


  • Corsair 25 1
  • Corsair 760 1
  • Corsair 760 sport 1
  • Corsair 760r 1
  • Corsair 880 2
  • Corsair 880 sport 2
  • Corsair 970 carbon 1
  • Corsair 970 cruze 1
  • Corsair 970 sport 1
  • Corsair Cruise a home 1
  • Corsair Cruze 970 1
  • Corsair F-27 1
  • Corsair F24mk ii 1
  • Corsair F31 1
  • Corsair Pulse 600 1
  • Corsair Sprint 750 1


  • Corsair in United Kingdom 13


  • Corsair Trimarans 15
    Beam:  21'    Draft:  3'
    Beam:  22' 6'    Draft:  16"'
    Beam:  21'    Draft:  2'
    Beam:  22'    Draft:  1.4'
    Beam:  23'    Draft:  16"'
    Beam:  22.5'    Draft:  1-5.5'
    Beam:  19.9'    Draft:  1.2'
    Beam:  19'9"'    Draft:  4' 11'
    Beam:  19.75'    Draft:  4.9'
    Beam:  19'    Draft:  5'
    Beam:  19'    Draft:  3'
    Beam:  22'    Draft:  5'
    Beam:  19'9"'    Draft:  4'11"'
    Beam:  19'    Draft:  1'
    Beam:  20'    Draft:  1' 2"'
    Beam:  19.1'    Draft:  1.2'
    Beam:  19'    Draft:  1.5'
    Beam:  19'    Draft:  1.5''
    Beam:  14'    Draft:  4'
    Beam:  19.2'    Draft:  1.2''
    Beam:  19'    Draft:  1.2'
    Beam:  812'    Draft:  18'
    Beam:  19'    Draft:  2-4'
    Beam:  19.5'    Draft:  1.5'
    Beam:  19'5'    Draft:  4'9'
    Beam:  18'    Draft:  1'
    Beam:  18'
    Beam:  14'    Draft:  2-5'
    Beam:  18'    Draft:  4.4'
    Beam:  18'    Draft:  4.8'
    Beam:  17.9'    Draft:  4.75'
    Beam:  8'    Draft:  1 5'
    Beam:  18'    Draft:  48'
    Beam:  15'    Draft:  1'
    Beam:  24'    Draft:  2'

corsair trimaran sale

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guppy 13 sailboat for sale

guppy 13 sailboat for sale


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    US$70,000. US $553/mo. TMM Yacht Sales | Road Town, British Virgin Islands. Request Info. <. 1. 2. >. Find Corsair Trimaran boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld.

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    This builder offers boat hull types including trimaran and displacement that are frequently used for traditional, time-honored boating pursuits such as day cruising, sailing, overnight cruising and watersports. ... How much do Corsair boats cost? Corsair boats for sale on YachtWorld are available for a swath of prices from $27,000 on the ...

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    2002 Corsair F-24 MKII - SOLD. $32,500.00 $35,500.00. sold out. 2016 Pulse 600 #16 / Gray - SOLD. $0.00. sold out. At 180 Marine, we know how to find the right fit for your needs, customizing the best boats in the world until they are perfect for you. 180 Marine is an authorized dealer for Corsair trimarans and Melges sport boats. 180 Marine is ...

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    Windcraft Multihulls has new and used trimarans for sale including Corsair Trimarans and trimarans from other manufacturers. Please contact us about any boat we have for sail, to get on the waiting list for any specific boat you are looking for, or if you have a trimaran you would like to sell. 5 06, 2024.

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    Windcraft Multihulls offers a variety of multihull sailboats for sale. We specialize in great sailing trimarans, in particular the sporty trailerable 20-37 ft trimarans built by Corsair Marine, the high quality 25-40 ft. swing wing trimarans built by Dragonfly, and the magnificent 40-60 ft fast ocean cruising trimarans built by Rapido Trimarans.

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    Corsair F24mk ii 1. Corsair F31 1. Corsair Pulse 600 1. Corsair Sprint 750 1. Corsair in United Kingdom 13. Corsair Trimarans 15. Explore a vast selection of new and used Corsair on Rightboat. Search, compare, and find your dream boat today. Trusted by over 500,000 buyers monthly!

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    2019 Corsair Sprint 760. US$89,000. US $703/mo. The Finish Line | Isle of Palms, South Carolina. Request Info. <. 1. * Price displayed is based on today's currency conversion rate of the listed sales price. Boats Group does not guarantee the accuracy of conversion rates and rates may differ than those provided by financial institutions at the ...

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    These sailboats have a minimum total sail area of 717 square feet, a maximum total sail area of 2,077 square feet and an average of 1,397 square feet. Boat Trader currently has 8 trimaran sailboats for sale, including 0 new vessels and 8 used and custom yachts listed by both individuals and professional dealerships mainly in United States.

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    The Corsair 37 offers all the comforts of a cruising mono hull and the flat sailing of a big catamaran It also has the speed, safety and unsinkability of a Corsair Trimaran. The Corsair 37 features a shallow draft with retractable dagger board and rudder for shallow water exploration.

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    2022 Beneteau Oceanis 30.1. $209,350. $1,653/mo*. Gulfport, MS 39507 | Private Seller. <. 1. >. Find 28 Corsair F 28 boats for sale near you, including boat prices, photos, and more. Locate Corsair boat dealers and find your boat at Boat Trader!

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    Which Corsair model is the best? Some of the best-known Corsair models currently listed include the 880, 760, 760R, 880 Sport and Dash 750. Specialised yacht brokers, dealers, and brokerages on YachtWorld have a diverse selection of Corsair models for sale, with listings spanning from 1975 year models to 2024.

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  17. 2024 Corsair 880 Trimaran for sale

    The Corsair 880 is available in two performance options. The Corsair 880 Sport base price increases by $15,000 USD and offers the following upgrades: Taller Carbon Fiber Rig (12m to 13.5m) Lightweight Aramid Laminate Sails. Longer Carbon Bowsprit. Increased Power/Weight Ratio.

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    Offering the best selection of Corsair boats to choose from. ... Corsair 36 boats for sale. Save Search. Clear Filter Make / Model: Corsair - 36. Location. By Radius. By Country. country-all. All Countries. Country-US. United States. All. Kaikki 25 km 50 km 100 km 200 km 300 km 500 km 1000 km 2000 km 5000 km.

  21. guppy 13 sailboat for sale

    Guppy 13 sailboat for sale. The Guppy is a fiberglass boat with a shoal draft keel, and sleeps 2 adults in a 6 ft 8 in long cabin. LOA 12'6". Beam 5'7". Displacement 480 lb empty with 150 lb of ballast. Draft 1'7". It has a Bermuda rig consisting of a 32 square feet high aspect main sail and a 48 square feet jib....

  22. 2024 Corsair 760 Trimaran for sale

    Description. 2024 Corsair 760. Introducing Corsair Marine's newest pocket cruiser, the Corsair 760. This new trailerable trimaran is destined to bring trailer sailing to the next level. Originating from the ever popular 24 and 750 range this new model has received a radical redesign by our partners at Perus Yacht Design.