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How to Find Residential Information in the White Pages

The White Pages is a great resource for finding residential information. It can be used to locate people, businesses, and services in your area. In this article, we’ll discuss how to use the White Pages to find residential information.

Searching by Name

The most common way to use the White Pages is to search for someone by name. You can enter a person’s full name, first name, last name, or even just a partial name. The results will show you their address and phone number if it is available.

Searching by Location

If you don’t know the person’s name but you know their location, you can use the White Pages to search for them by location. You can enter an address or city and state and the results will show you all of the people who live in that area.

Advanced Search Options

The White Pages also offers advanced search options that can help you narrow down your search results. You can filter your search by age, gender, and other criteria such as occupation or language spoken. This can be helpful if you are looking for a specific person or type of person in a certain area.

Using the White Pages is an easy way to find residential information quickly and accurately. Whether you are looking for someone by name or location, the White Pages has all of the tools you need to get the information you need.

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phantomjs page.render


  • Source Code



Renders the web page to an image buffer and returns the result as a Base64 -encoded string representation of that image.

Supported formats

≪ web page module.

  • P canGoBack
  • P canGoForward
  • P customHeaders
  • P focusedFrameName
  • P frameContent
  • P frameName
  • P framePlainText
  • P frameTitle
  • P framesCount
  • P framesName
  • P libraryPath
  • P navigationLocked
  • P offlineStoragePath
  • P offlineStorageQuota
  • P ownsPages
  • P pagesWindowName
  • P paperSize
  • P plainText
  • P scrollPosition
  • P viewportSize
  • P windowName
  • P zoomFactor
  • M addCookie
  • M childFramesCount
  • M childFramesName
  • M clearCookies
  • M currentFrameName
  • M deleteCookie
  • M evaluateAsync
  • M evaluateJavaScript
  • M goForward
  • M includeJs
  • M renderBase64
  • M renderBuffer
  • M sendEvent
  • M setContent
  • M switchToChildFrame
  • M switchToFocusedFrame
  • M switchToFrame
  • M switchToMainFrame
  • M switchToParentFrame
  • M uploadFile
  • H Callback Triggers
  • H onCallback
  • H onClosing
  • H onConfirm
  • H onConsoleMessage
  • H onFilePicker
  • H onInitialized
  • H onLoadFinished
  • H onLoadStarted
  • H onNavigationRequested
  • H onPageCreated
  • H onResourceError
  • H onResourceReceived
  • H onResourceRequested
  • H onResourceTimeout
  • H onUrlChanged

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PhantomJS - render()

Render helps to take the image buffer and save it as per the format specified. The formats supported are PDF, PNG, JPEG, BMP, PPM, GIF (support depends on the build of QT used).

It supports integers between 0 and 100. It is used mainly for JPEG and PNG formats. For JPEG, it is used in percentage. Level 0 will produce a very small and low quality file and 100 produces high quality file. The default value is 75. For PNG, it sets as a compression level with 0 having small file and 100 having higher one.

You can use clipRect, viewportSize, paperSize with render methods for rendering the image buffer in formats as required.

Its syntax is as follows −

Example: Image

Let us take an example to understand the use of render() method.

The above program generates the following output .

ZoomFator Search

Example: PDF

Let us consider another example.

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cjoudrey / twitter.js

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mpdmanash commented Jan 24, 2014

Thanks a lot. I made an account at GitHub to thank you.

Sorry, something went wrong.


dorajistyle commented Feb 6, 2014

Brilliant! Thanks a lot.


kimmobrunfeldt commented Mar 7, 2014

I made a node module which was inspired by this, check it out https://github.com/kimmobrunfeldt/url-to-image !


frankred commented May 5, 2014

Thank you, I do not use this for making a screenshot, but to give JS AJAX pages some time to build up the page, after that I can scrape usefull information...


raviksingh09 commented Aug 9, 2014

Can you please advice why does this script fail for " http://www.theveteranssite.com " ?


dirkschneemann commented Jan 21, 2015

Hooray, this is the only code I found so far on this topic which is really working as intended, thank you!


nedrocks commented Aug 24, 2015

This is fantastic. Thank you very very much for this snippet!


goudgoud69 commented Aug 29, 2016

Thank you ! It' work fine and it's so simplier !


sramzan commented Oct 3, 2016 • edited

Thank you!... I've been having an issue where phantom would not wait for all resources to load. My initial method of static wait times wasn't working, so this was an awesome solution.


dmmfll commented Nov 5, 2016

Thanks for this. It solved a lot of issues for some code I was writing.


dvjunior commented Apr 7, 2017 • edited

How can I set proxy authentication? I tried this: phantomjs --proxy-auth=user:pass myTwitter.js but response is 401. I have a script for screen capture and I and I was able to authenticate with the same way up.

ex: phantomjs --proxy-auth=user:pass --ignore-ssl-errors=true myScript.js http://urlforexample.com output.png timeout 1400(px) 700(px)


dvjunior commented Apr 7, 2017

I was able to solve with page.settings.userName and page.settings.password, but this script twitter.js did not solve my problem, was animation in page, the data is loaded via ajax, in my case, phantomjs render the animation.


oeurnravuth commented May 27, 2017

Thank you so much for share this!


bolsunovskyi commented Aug 28, 2017

Thanks, it helps!!!


peterruijter commented Oct 18, 2017

Nice script. A small side note; why do you declare the variable forceRenderTimeout? This one is never used and setTimeout can be called without an assignment to a variable.


http91 commented Nov 17, 2017

It worked great! Thanks a lot!


opicron commented May 12, 2018

This is actually doing nothing:

renderTimeout = setTimeout(doRender, resourceWait);

Increase the resourceWait and set to:


mmehedin commented Jun 13, 2018

Excellent. Thank you!

It works with everything I tried except this: https://myaccount.nytimes.com/auth/login

I do not get the rendering of the input for username, password and the submit button. Any ideas why? Really thankful for your code.


presiyanPeykov commented Oct 13, 2018

Works like a charm . Thank you .


cbilgili commented Aug 7, 2019

Thank you! After 5 years, it's still working!


bgerd commented Mar 7, 2020

Thank you! Feb-2020 and still good


Mutale85 commented Apr 25, 2021

How can I get through the five seconds wait for cloudflare? Tried this, but its still getting stuck at the wait for 5 seconds as cloudflare redirects you.


adeaji61 commented May 27, 2021 • edited

i tried windy.com, but it didn't work

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PhantomJS not rendering all of page even with a few seconds delay

I am using my linux box to try and periodically download my local skateboard park's webpage and search for whether there are free skate-school lessons available.

I'm currently falling at the first hurdle as I am only getting a partially rendered page. The crucial dynamic content is missing.

I'm using a bash command to get an html file:

My save_page.js looks like this:

There is a ten second delay in there - but it also fails to load the whole page with a 3 or 5 second delay.

c32hedge's user avatar

  • Whats the URL? You script seems to work with google.com here locally. –  Niels van Reijmersdal Aug 9, 2017 at 17:00

Your example script seems to work fine here.

Added some extra loggin:

Output for node_modules/phantomjs/lib/phantom/bin/phantomjs get_page.js http://www.google.com/ > test.html :

What is your URL and output? if you add this extra console.logs?

Niels van Reijmersdal's user avatar

  • My HTML file is now blank apart from Status: success... URL: houseofvanslondon.com/book-skate-session Incidentally the content appears if I use another phantom.js example where the page gets rendered to .png but that is not what I am trying to acheive. –  user137385 Aug 9, 2017 at 17:55
  • Weird the same code works here i get: houseofvanslondon.com/book-skate-session success <!DOCTYPE html><head><title>Book a Skate or BMX Session - House of Vans London</title>... –  Niels van Reijmersdal Aug 9, 2017 at 18:11
  • can u wget or curl the url from the command-line? maybe it is a network or proxy issue, dont really know. Your code seems good. I do see another hurdle after you fixed this one. That is that the skate dates are loaded into in iFrame. Maybe it is easier to write a selenium-webdriver script in javascript using the new chrome-driver --headless argument which has been added in Chrome version 59 (current version is 60) developers.google.com/web/updates/2017/04/headless-chrome –  Niels van Reijmersdal Aug 9, 2017 at 18:12
  • 1 @KatePaulk No, PhantomJS is dead, the webkit engine hasnt been updated in years. Doesnt support cross-domain iframes sources. The maintainer has stepped down and he suggest to use Chrome headless instead :) groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/phantomjs/9aI5d-LDuNE –  Niels van Reijmersdal Aug 12, 2017 at 7:38
  • 1 @NielsvanReijmersdal - well, that's a shame. PhantomJS was a useful tool. Hopefully Chrome headless will serve as a viable replacement. –  Kate Paulk ♦ Aug 14, 2017 at 12:12

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phantomjs page.render

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  • 16 Dependencies
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Render a webpage and get the image as a stream.

Build Status

It uses a pool of phantom processes so it doesn't need to spawn a new process for each website. New requests are added to the pool member with the shortest queue length.

This module depends on the phantomjs-prebuilt module, which will install PhantomJS for you if you don't already have it.

You can also pass some options:

Or override the options for each render stream

Supported output formats

We support the output formats that PhantomJS's render method supports. At the time of this writing these are:

Since the interface is just a stream you can pipe the web site anywhere! Try installing picture-tube and run the following example

Deferred render

If you need your page to do something before phantom renders it you just need to immediately set window.renderable to false. If that is set when the page is opened the module will wait for window.renderable to be set to true and when this happens the render will occur.

Here is an example to illustrate it better.

Adding Cookies

You can add any special cookies at render time. For format, see http://phantomjs.org/api/webpage/method/add-cookie.html . Example:

That will use that cookie for that particular render job. You probably want to set the expires property to something fairly short, as there may not be a guarantee that a pooled phantom process won't pick up the cookie for a particular render job, and you may want that session to only be valid for an individual job run.

Injecting JavaScript

Sometimes you need to inject polyfills, e.g. PhantomJS Date.parse is broken . You can add paths to local files to polyfill broken / missing features of PhantomJS using the opts.injectJs property. Example:

Obviously, make sure the path './includes/my-date-polyfill.js' is resolvable from the project root, or pass in an absolute path. When the page is initialized , any scripts you listed there will be injected before any rendering happens.

Header and footer (PDF Only)

For PDF Files only - Header and Footer can be added by adding a global PhantomJSPrinting object to the html you are rendering. Example:

Request whitelist

For security reasons you probably would filter the outgoing requests:

Extra Dependencies

For rendering, PhantomJS requires the fontconfig library, which may be missing if you're using Ubuntu Server. To install on Ubuntu:


Render stream emits "log" event with useful debug details coming from onError (JS error), onConsoleMessage, onResourceError, onResourceTimeout webpage hooks.

Also, some additional debugging output may be enabled by running your app with a DEBUG environment variable set as follows:

If you are getting undefined error codes and responses when attempting to render, it's likely a connection issue of some sort. If the URL uses SSL, adding --ignore-ssl-errors=true to phantomFlags may help. You also try adding --debug=true to the phantomFlags array.

  • wkhtmltopdf is a Node module that uses wkhtmltopdf to convert HTML to PDF. It is similar in that it uses Webkit and produces output as a stream, and different in that it doesn't use PhantomJS. Also, wkhtmotopdf only supports PDF output.

Package Sidebar

Git github.com/sorribas/phantom-render-stream


Downloads Weekly Downloads

Last publish.

7 years ago



[Solved]-Render HTML with images using PhantomJS-phantom.js

you have to call render when the page is fully loaded. remember that loading a page via page.open or page.content is always async.

change your code to this

phantomjs page.render

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phantomjs page.render

Make PhantomJS wait for entire page to load before rendering as PDF

Brad P's profile photo

We cron a phantomjs rasterize.js http://website.com filename.pdf which stopped working (blank PDFs) when the website became more "fancy". If I change it to filename.png it works though.

I tried changing this timeout to 9999 in rasterize and I still get a blank PDF. The default rasterize.js was working before the website switch.

Any ideas what to change/add to rasterize to make it work again?

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[email protected]

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    phantomjs page.render

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    phantomjs page.render

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    phantomjs page.render


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  4. render

    Renders the web page to an image buffer and saves it as the specified filename . Currently, the output format is automatically set based on the file extension.

  5. renderBase64

    Renders the web page to an image buffer and returns the result as a Base64-encoded string representation of that image. Supported formats. PNG; GIF; JPEG

  6. PhantomJS

    Render helps to take the image buffer and save it as per the format specified. The formats supported are PDF, PNG, JPEG, BMP, PPM, GIF (

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    Unfortunately, that is not possible using just the PhantomJS command line. You have to use a Javascript file to actually accomplish anything

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    Your example script seems to work fine here. Added some extra loggin: var system = require('system'); var page

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    Render a webpage and get the image as a stream. ... It uses a pool of phantom processes so it doesn't need to spawn a new process for each website

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    You have to call render when the page is fully loaded. Remember that loading a page via page.open or page.content is always async. Change your code to this page

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    I tried changing this timeout to 9999 in rasterize and I still get a blank PDF. The default rasterize.js was working before the website switch. Any ideas what

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