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revenant translation to japanese

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How to say revenant in japanese ˈrɛv ə nənt revenant, would you like to know how to translate revenant to japanese this page provides all possible translations of the word revenant in the japanese language..

  • 亡霊 Japanese

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revenant translation to japanese

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  • A.   nidus
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revenant in Japanese

Translation mobile.

  • revenant 幽鬼 ゆうき
  • "revendication" in Japanese :    {名} : 財産回復{ざいさん かいふく}
  • "revelstoke" in Japanese :    {地名} : レベルストーク◆カナダ
  • "revenge" in Japanese :    1revenge n. 復讐, 仕返し.【動詞+】◆carry out re ...
  • "revels" in Japanese :    {人名} : レヴェルズ
  • "revenge a defeat" in Japanese :    敗北{はいぼく}に雪辱{せつじょく}する
  • "revelry" in Japanese :    revelry飲めや歌えのめやうたえ
  • "revenge an affront" in Japanese :    侮辱{ぶじょく}の仕返し{しかえし}をする
  • "revelries" in Japanese :    {名} : どんちゃん騒ぎ、陽気{ようき}な酒盛り{さかもり}、お祭り騒ぎ- ...
  • "revenge attack" in Japanese :    報復{ほうふく}[復しゅう]攻撃{こうげき}
  • "revelliere-lepeaux, la" in Japanese :    {人名} : =
  • Speaks in something called the revenant 亡霊となって語りかけてきます
  • In this scene , although sanemori ' s revenant performed by the protagonist (shite ) has his head still attached , at the same time , the revenant is holding his own severed head in his hands . この場面ではシテ演じる実盛の亡霊には首が付いているのであるが、同時に実盛の亡霊は切り落とされた自分の生首を手に持っているのである。
  • In many cases , a protagonist (shite ) plays the role of a supernatural entity like god , revenant , long-nosed goblin , or demon and occasionally , he does play some flesh-and-blood roles such as benkei in the noh play " ataka " . 多くの場合、シテが演じるのは神や亡霊、天狗、鬼など超自然的な存在であるが、生身の人間を演じることも無いわけではない(「安宅」における弁慶など)。
  • Umewaka quoted as the example the revenant (one who returns after death ) of the protagonist (shite ) sanemori saito appears in the dream of a nohwaki and there is a scene which the revenant , while talking about how he died , washes his own severed head . 梅若はその例として、「実盛」のシテである斉藤実盛の亡霊がワキの夢の中に登場し、己の死に様を語りながら、己の生首を洗うという場面を挙げている。

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English [ edit ]

Etymology [ edit ].

19th century. From French revenant , the present participle of revenir ( “ to return ” ) . Compare revenue .

Pronunciation [ edit ]

  • ( General American , Received Pronunciation ) IPA ( key ) : /ˈɹɛvənənt/

Noun [ edit ]

revenant ( plural revenants )

  • 1886 , Mrs Lynn Linton, Paston Carew viii, as cited in the Oxford English Dictionary , volume 8 part 1, published 1914, page 595: They would not visit this undesirable revenant with his insolent wealth and discreditable origin.
  • 1895 August 31, Daily News 4/7, as cited in the Oxford English Dictionary , volume 8 part 1, published 1914, page 595: The undergraduates, our fogey revenant observes, look much as they did.., in outward aspect.
  • 2008 , Andrew Cusack, Wanderer in 19th-Century German Literature , Camden House, →ISBN , page 91 : From this moment on, the hero's fate is sealed; an attempt to reestablish himself in human society, though initially successful, inevitably fails. The stone tablet exerts an invincible fascination over the revenant , who becomes so withdrawn that his father implores him: [ … ]
  • 2007 , John Burrow, A History of Histories , Penguin, published 2009 , page 184 : Sometimes [ … ] semi-identifications could be made on the basis of names. Henry VII's son Arthur was hailed as a revenant in this way.
  • 1837 , Thomas Carlyle , The French Revolution: A History   [ … ] , volumes (please specify |volume=I to III) , London: Chapman and Hall , →OCLC , (please specify the book or page number) : For granting even that Religion were dead; that it had died, half-centuries ago, with unutterable Dubois; or emigrated lately, to Alsace, with Necklace-Cardinal Rohan; or that it now walked as goblin revenant with Bishop Talleyrand of Autun; yet does not the Shadow of Religion, the Cant of Religion, still linger?
  • 1969 , Frank Herbert , Dune Messiah ‎ [1] , published 2008 , →ISBN , page 19 : Earlier you mentioned a ghost, a revenant with which we may contaminate the Emperor.
  • 2011 , Laini Taylor, Daughter of Smoke & Bone , →ISBN : And to a revenant who had lived in body after body, died death after death, evanescence could seem like a dream of peace. But the chimaera could ill afford to let soldiers go.
  • 2023 September 5, Franz Lidz, “Undying Dread: A 400-Year-Old Corpse, Locked to Its Grave”, in The New York Times ‎ [2] , →ISSN : If reports from the time are to be believed, 17th-century Poland was awash in revenants —not vampires, exactly, but proto-zombies who harassed the living by drinking their blood or, less disagreeably, stirring up a ruckus in their homes.

Synonyms [ edit ]

  • See also Thesaurus:ghost

Translations [ edit ]

Adjective [ edit ].

revenant ( comparative more revenant , superlative most revenant )

  • 1988 , Salman Rushdie , The Satanic Verses , Random House, published 2008 , page 134 : On clear nights when the moon was full, she waited for its shining revenant ghost.
  • 2021 February 3, Drachinifel, 14:19 from the start, in Guadalcanal Campaign - Santa Cruz (IJN 2 : 2 USN) ‎ [3] , archived from the original on 4 December 2022 : [ … ] which, in turn, led to the first U.S. vessel to be lost that day, as an Avenger touched down near the destroyer USS Porter , which, shortly thereafter, took a torpedo hit, quite possibly from the Avenger's weapon deciding that, well , water immersion must surely mean that it should activate. USS Shaw , the revenant survivor of Pearl Harbor, was then forced to rescue the surviving crew of both the Porter and the aircraft before finishing off the stricken Porter with its guns.

Anagrams [ edit ]

  • Tavenner , venerant

French [ edit ]

  • IPA ( key ) : /ʁə.v(ə).nɑ̃/

Participle [ edit ]

  • present participle of revenir

revenant   m ( plural revenants , feminine revenante )

  • a supernatural being that returns from the dead; a zombie or ghost
  • a person who returns after a long absence

Further reading [ edit ]

  • “ revenant ”, in Trésor de la langue française informatisé [ Digitized Treasury of the French Language ] , 2012.
  • énervant , vénérant

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someone who has returned from the dead 0 rating rating ratings Tyrel Hand a person who returns after a lengthy absence 0 rating rating ratings Brant Walter An adventure genre film that was directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu. 0 rating rating ratings Ignatius Gleason

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revenant translation to japanese

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revenant translation to japanese

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    revenant translation in more than 70 languages from every corner of the world. Languages. Translation. Translation and Related words. afrikaans. Revenant. onthoofde. wraiths. fantasie.

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    Translation of "revenant" into Japanese. 幽鬼, レヴァナント, ゆうき are the top translations of "revenant" into Japanese. Sample translated sentence: UMEWAKA quoted as the example the revenant ( one who returns after death ) of the protagonist ( Shite ) Sanemori SAITO appears in the dream of a Nohwaki and there is a scene which the ...

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    Translation of "revenant" in Japanese Noun Adjective 亡霊 幽鬼 レヴァナント And our next dog speaks in something called the revenant, which means a spirit that comes back to visit you. 次の犬は 亡霊となって語りかけてきます 犬の魂が再び主人に会いに この世に戻ってきたのです The surrender of the Droog meant the safety of the kingdom had been secured.

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    Do you know revenant in Japanese? How to use revenant in Japanese and how to say revenant in Japanese? How to write revenant in Japanese? Now let's learn how to say revenant in Japanese language. revenant translate to Japanese meanings: 亡霊. In other words, 亡霊 in Japanese is revenant in English. Click to pronunce

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    revenant meaning: 1. someone who has returned, especially someone who returns to life after being dead: 2. someone…. Learn more.

  13. revenant

    Noun []. revenant (plural revenants) . Someone who returns from a long absence.. 1886, Mrs Lynn Linton, Paston Carew viii, as cited in the Oxford English Dictionary, volume 8 part 1, published 1914, page 595: They would not visit this undesirable revenant with his insolent wealth and discreditable origin.; 1895 August 31, Daily News 4/7, as cited in the Oxford English Dictionary, volume 8 part ...

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    Translation of revenant in Japanese. Translate revenant in Japanese online and download now our free translator to use any time at no charge.

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    Reven-ant Add phonetic spelling Meanings for revenant someone who has returned from the dead a person who returns after a lengthy absence An adventure genre film that was directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu. Add a meaning Synonyms for revenant spectre wraith phantom apparition continual Show more Synonyms Add synonyms

  16. Revenant definition and meaning

    Word of the day. an ancient Celtic festival held on Nov 1 to mark the beginning of winter and the beginning of a new year . It is also celebrated by modern pagans. Revenant definition: something, esp a ghost , that returns | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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    revenant translations: 歸來的人;(尤指)歸來的亡魂. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Chinese traditional Dictionary.

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  21. Revenant

    Finally, with Masa Kei. Now Beta can use the Japanese language module. We're now translating Korean to English. Maybe in 3-4 days. the English language module will be completed. Thanks!

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    English Translation of "revenant" | The official Collins French-English Dictionary online. Over 100,000 English translations of French words and phrases.

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