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Roman Abramovich’s Yacht Fleet Past & Present

Roman Abramovich’s Yacht Fleet Past & Present

Boss Hunting

Say what you want about the elite, but you can’t help but marvel and low-key admire their spending habits when it comes to luxury toys. While Roman Abramovich might only be Russia’s 12th richest man (with a net worth of 9.8 billion USD), he’s undoubtedly the one you’ve heard the most about.

A fortune that began with a toy doll company, Abramovich and his now ex-wife used its success as a catalyst to world domination through everything from oil to consumer goods.

Among his arsenal of past and present superyachts, the billionaire tycoon also owns a private Boeing 767 and Gulfstream G650, while his ex-wife Irina took the Dassault Falcon 900 during their divorce settlement.

The pricetags below of these Roman Abramovich yachts – past and present – are in Australian dollars.

A Complete List of Roman Abramovich’s Yachts

Sussurro – $146 million.

Rumour has it that Sussurro is now owned by his ex-wife by way of a divorce settlement, and is rarely used regardless as it is almost always docked in Antibes.

Roman Abramovich Yachts


Ecstasea is one of the fastest large yachts around, with an impressive 43,000 horsepower at a length of 86 metres.

Roman Abramovich Yachts


This 115-metre monstrosity boasts dual helipads and was built by Lloyd Werft at Stahlbau Nord Shipyards. The world’s second largest expedition yacht, the LUNA was sold to Abramovich’s friend and Azerbaijani billionaire Farkhad Akhmedov for 240 million Euro in 2014.

yachten roman abramowitsch


Clocking in at the same length and a very similar price tag, the Pelorus was built in 2003 by Lurssen and was briefly owned by a Saudi businessman before being sold to Abramovich the year after.

Optimised for long distance cruising, the Pelorus is without a doubt the sleekest of the tycoon’s line-up, with this vessel capable of 6000 nautical miles at 16 knots in a single voyage. Pelorus is now owned by Hong Kong businessman Samuel Tak Lee.

Roman Abramovich Yachts


There’s no way Roman Abramovich could part from his flagship superyacht and the world’s largest by length at 163.5 metres. Known as the 1.5 billion dollar superyacht, Eclipse’s original cost price was realistically no more than 500 million USD.

Built in total secrecy by Blohm + Voss of Hamburg to custom request from Roman, Eclipse sports bulletproof windows, an advanced missile detection system and a provision to escape via submarine located at the bottom end of the yacht. Bond villain gadgets aside, its other amenities are things such as dual swimming pools and 20 jet skis.

Roman Abramovich Yachts

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How many yachts does Roman Abramovich own?

Roman Abramovich owns five yachts named Sussurro, Ecstasea, Luna, Pelorus, and Eclipse

How much are Roman Abramovich's yachts worth?

Roman Abramovich’s yachts are worth $1.7 billion

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Take a closer look at Russian oligarch's $700 million superyacht that is one of the largest in the world

  • Roman Abramovich had seemingly scrambled to avoid sanctions from the UK by moving his superyachts.
  • One of those is The Eclipse, which cost $700 million to build and was once the biggest in the world.
  • That yacht was once in New York City and we took some photos.

Insider Today

Like other Russian oligarchs, Roman Abramovich had seemingly scrambled to avoid sanctions and that included quickly moving his superyachts to more friendly waters.

Many of the 55-year-old billionaire's assets — such as the Chelsea Football Club and several homes — have been sold or frozen since Russia launched an unprovoked war on Ukraine, Bloomberg reported . 

While Abramovich couldn't move the Premier League football club Chelsea FC and sold the $3 billion club , his yachts are another matter. 

Abramovich's 553-foot-long flagship is The Eclipse, estimated to have cost $700 million when built. After sanctions were initially dropped by the UK against Abramovich, his second "smaller" $600 million superyacht, Solaris, left Barcelona, Spain, and moved to friendlier waters in Turkey.

Solaris was joined in Turkey by The Eclipse, which arrived from the Caribbean .

While the superyacht Eclipse was photographed in Turkish waters in early August , it was once docked at Manhattan's Pier 90, and Robert Johnson was able to get some pictures. Take a tour of the superyacht below. 

Robert Johnson contributed to this post.

Just south of this public parking lot on the roof of the Pier 90 terminal in New York City sat Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich's flagship yacht, the "Eclipse."

yachten roman abramowitsch

536-feet long and styled after military vessels.

yachten roman abramowitsch

The 2010 Eclipse cost $700 million and was the world's largest yacht when built.

yachten roman abramowitsch

The vessel has amenities to rival any ship on the sea — like its own mini submersible, perhaps similar to this— able to dive down 150-feet.

yachten roman abramowitsch

The Eclipse has two helipads.

yachten roman abramowitsch

Bulletproof glass and armor plates wrap the length of Roman's master suite and the bridge.

yachten roman abramowitsch

And a German-built missile defense system.

yachten roman abramowitsch

The ship's also supposed to have a laser defense against paparazzi trying to photograph the yacht's guests, but saw no evidence of the device when we were there.

yachten roman abramowitsch

The Eclipse has three launch boats.

yachten roman abramowitsch

That looked to be stocked with medical supplies and a variety of handheld radios.

yachten roman abramowitsch

From the cruise ship parking lot it felt like we were almost on the Eclipse itself.

yachten roman abramowitsch

But with little chance we'd be invited aboard through the ship's door here ...

yachten roman abramowitsch

... We hoped to find one of the 70 crew members required to sail the Eclipse and see if they'd tell us what ship life was like.

yachten roman abramowitsch

But we found no one interested in talking.

yachten roman abramowitsch

But we certainly didn't feel like paparazzi, or that we'd be lasered, when we were in the parking lot tourists use when they arrive to board their cruise.

yachten roman abramowitsch

From up here, the ship was simply stunning and the amount of work required to keep her that way apparent.

yachten roman abramowitsch

The Yacht Report says owning a superyacht costs about 20% of the ship's initial value every year.

yachten roman abramowitsch

But experts believe that Roman probably pays $75 million a year to run the private cruise ship with 24-guest suites.

yachten roman abramowitsch

Looking at the layout of the ship gets us talking about the two swimming pools inside, the disco, cinema, hair salon, and restaurant.

yachten roman abramowitsch

The billionaire's guests would use this door to enter any fore part of the deck.

yachten roman abramowitsch

Perhaps noting where the life rings were as they made their way about the ship.

yachten roman abramowitsch

At 13,000 gross tons, the Eclipse was, at the time, the largest vessel to use a special stabilization system to keep it calm in rough waters while anchored or moving slowly through the sea.

yachten roman abramowitsch

Roman faced a $150,000 tab for parking the Eclipse in New York City while possibly visiting his daughter and her new baby — about $2,000 a day.

yachten roman abramowitsch

A large yacht like the Eclipse can hold over 100,000 gallons of fuel.

yachten roman abramowitsch

Depending on the current price of fuel, a five-hour cruise each way could cost about $30,000.

yachten roman abramowitsch

None of those numbers are likely to concern Roman Abramovich, however, who has an estimated net worth of nearly $8 billion.

yachten roman abramowitsch

Source: Forbes

Here is some drone footage of the superyacht.

You can see interior photos of the luxury yacht at Boat International

yachten roman abramowitsch

Step on board the 162.5m Eclipse - the second largest superyacht in the world

yachten roman abramowitsch

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Roman Abramovich yacht solaris 1

  • Superyachts

SOLARIS Yacht – Exquisite $600M Superyacht

The SOLARIS yacht was newly launched in 2021 by Lloyd Werft.

At 139.7 meters (458 ft), SOLARIS is considered an absolute giant in the world of superyachts and ranks as the 15th largest in the world.

140 meters
Lloyd Werft
Frank Neubelt
20 knots
11,011 ton

Solaris Lloyd Werft Drone Shot yacht BV

SOLARIS yacht interior

No official photos of the interior of the SOLARIS yacht have been released, so the exact design is unknown.

However, judging from the minimalist and modern layout of the decks, it can be assumed that the interior follows a similar trend.

The German designer Frank Neubelt is said to have worked on the interior of SOLARIS, although details of the project are unknown.

The yacht is one of the largest in the world, so it comes as no surprise that the SOLARIS yacht can accommodate an impressive 36 guests onboard.

Around 60 crew members find space in the cabins below deck and are available to tend to every need of the passengers.

The yacht also features a large gym, spa, and several salons to host events and welcome guests.

MY SOLARIS Specifications

MY SOLARIS was built in 2021 by the German shipyard Lloyd Werft and became the largest vessel they had ever delivered.

The total length of the yacht is 139.7 meters (458 ft) which makes her 23 meters (75 ft) shorter than Abramovic’s other famous yacht, ECLIPSE.

Her beam is 21.35 meters (70 ft), and her draft measures 5.95 meters (19.6 ft). Her total weight lies at 11,247 tons.

The SOLARIS yacht is powered by six MTU engines which allow her to travel at an average cruise speed of 18 knots with top speeds of 20 knots.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Solaris-Lloyd-Werft_Drone-Shot-yacht-FV3-1024x1024.jpg

SOLARIS yacht exterior

The exterior of MY SOLARIS was designed by Marc Newson Ltd , an Australian industrial designer who has worked in several industries, including aircraft, furniture, and clothing.

His work is easily recognizable by smooth lines and rounded shapes with geometric elements.

The SOLARIS yacht is a prime example of this with its sleek look, rounded balconies, and many windows. Her eight decks have an unusually light wood that decorates the many open spaces of the vessel.

There are several extendable platforms to release tenders and toys and a large beach club located close to the swimming platform.

Of course, SOLARIS includes a full-size helipad as well as several swimming pools, one of which is located on the largest of the decks aft of the vessel.

Solaris Lloyd Werft Drone Shot yacht BV1

SOLARIS yacht price

Yacht SOLARIS was delivered to Abramovic for a reported price of US $600 million, placing her among the most expensive superyachts in the world.

She generates a further US $50 – $60 million in annual running costs.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Solaris-Lloyd-Werft_Drone-Shot-yacht-FV1-1024x1024.jpg

Do you have anything to add to this listing?

  • Frank Neubelt
  • Lloyd Werft

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Roman Abramovich’s $1bn five-yacht fleet revealed

The luxury yacht Eclipse moored off Marmaris in Turkey.

  • Roman Abramovich’s $1bn five-yacht fleet revealed on x (opens in a new window)
  • Roman Abramovich’s $1bn five-yacht fleet revealed on facebook (opens in a new window)
  • Roman Abramovich’s $1bn five-yacht fleet revealed on linkedin (opens in a new window)
  • Roman Abramovich’s $1bn five-yacht fleet revealed on whatsapp (opens in a new window)

Robert Smith , Cynthia O’Murchu and Arash Massoudi in London and Max Seddon in Riga

Roula Khalaf, Editor of the FT, selects her favourite stories in this weekly newsletter.

Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich owns or is linked to a collection of five yachts estimated to be worth almost $1bn, including several vessels whose ownership remained secret until this week.

A Financial Times investigation into the billionaire’s assets has lifted the veil of secrecy he maintains over his wealth, even after the UK and EU imposed sanctions on him following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine for his allegedly close relationship with President Vladimir Putin.

Authorities in the UK and EU are attempting to identify all of the assets owned by sanctioned oligarchs. Abramovich was already widely reported to be the owner of Solaris and Eclipse — worth $474mn and $437mn, respectively, according to yacht data service VesselsValue. But the FT revealed this week that he also owns Halo and Garçon, which are both moored in Antigua.

The Antiguan government was unaware of the ownership of the boats docked on the island before inquiries from the FT, highlighting the scale of the challenge UK and EU authorities face in enforcing sanctions.

Tom Keatinge, director of the Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies at the Royal United Services Institute think-tank said governments, banks and other institutions trying to enforce sanctions had to navigate a world where “ownership trails run cold and morph into a haze of front companies, nominees and cut-outs”.

The yacht Amore Vero after being impounded by French authorities in La Ciotat, France.

Halo and Garçon are valued at $38mn and $20mn, respectively, and are now at risk of being seized.

In a letter to the British high commissioner to Barbados regarding the yachts, Antiguan minister of foreign affairs Paul Chet Greene said the island would “provide full assistance to the government of the United Kingdom” if it receives a request under the two nations’ Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty.

The letter noted that Antigua had requested information on the company that owns the two boats — British Virgin Islands-registered Wenham Overseas Limited — after “persistent allegations by the Financial Times that the vessels could be owned by Mr Roman Abramovich”.

In response, the British high commission provided Antiguan authorities with a letter, seen by the FT, “from the Financial Investigation Agency of the British Virgin Islands which states the beneficial owner of Wenham Overseas Ltd is Roman Abramovich”.

The letter also shows the billionaire’s address in Switzerland is listed simply as “Immeuble, Gatzby Le Magnifique”, which translates as “The Great Gatsby Building”.

Keatinge described the UK’s ability to demand full ownership information of companies registered in any of its overseas territories or crown dependencies as its “most powerful global weapon” in combating financial secrecy.

However, he asked: “How much is that weapon being used?”

UK transport secretary Grant Shapps with the impounded Russian-owned yacht Phi in Canary Wharf, east London.

A person with knowledge of Abramovich’s boat collection and documents seen by the FT indicate that the oligarch may also still be the owner of Sussurro, the first yacht he bought in 1998, despite reports he had given it to an ex-wife in a divorce.

The person who correctly identified the two yachts in Antigua as belonging to Abramovich told the FT the oligarch still owned Sussurro.

The vessel’s owner is listed in maritime registers as Vesuvius International Limited in the British Virgin Islands. BVI documents show this company was deregistered there in 2017. Another Vesuvius International was registered in Jersey the same year.

The owner of Jersey-based Vesuvius International is listed as Wotton Overseas Holdings Limited. This entity — which shifted from the BVI to Jersey in 2017 — is also the owner through a subsidiary of a helicopter that has been photographed landing on Abramovich’s Solaris several times.

Maritime tracking services show Sussurro, which means “whisper” in Italian and is valued at $11mn, is moored in La Ciotat in the south of France — the same port where the French government last month seized a $116mn superyacht belonging to a company tied to Igor Sechin, head of Russian oil group Rosneft.

Sussurro’s management company is Blue Ocean Management, a Cyprus-based company that also manages Le Grand Bleu, a 113-metre superyacht that Abramovich reportedly gave to his business associate Eugene Shvidler.

The UK placed Shvidler under sanctions last week.

The letter from the BVI’s financial investigation agency to its British counterparts also reveals that the owner of Le Grand Blue — Ashchurch Holdings Limited — is owned by “Zarui Shvidler”. Shvidler’s wife is commonly known as Zara Shvidler.

VesselsValue pegged Le Grand Bleu’s market value in a range of $110mn-$130mn, noting that the boat had last been tracked this week in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Puerto Rico.

Representatives for Abramovich and Shvidler did not respond to requests for comment.

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Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovich’s Two Superyachts Are Sailing Towards Each Other in the Mediterranean

Ship tracking platforms show that the billionaire’s yachts "eclipse" and "solaris" are relocating to the mediterranean, with no port destination specified., emma reynolds, emma reynolds's most recent stories.

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Blohm & Voss "Eclipse" Superyacht

Russian oligarch and billionaire Roman Abramovich is on the move—and so are his superyachts.

After being slapped with sanctions in response to Russia ’s invasion of Ukraine, the billionaire was last seen on March 14 at an airport in Israel, where he has dual citizenship, according to Reuters .

Abramovich, who is currently worth an estimated $7.1 billion, according to Forbes , appears to be moving his yachts to safer waters. His 533-foot superyacht Eclipse , normally anchored year-round in the Caribbean, has been sailing east towards the Mediterranean since February 21, according to global ship tracking platform MarineTraffic. As of Wednesday, the ship is located off the coast of Algeria and is still sailing east with no port destination specified. The yacht, estimated to be worth over $600 million, is one of the largest and most expensive in the world , and seems to be cruising towards Abramovich’s other yacht, Solaris , in the Ionian Sea.

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Russian oligarchs yachts continued to be seized

Roman Abramovich’s “Solaris” superyacht.  Courtesy of Lloyd Werft

The 461-foot Solaris  is currently located in the Ionian Sea off the western coast of Greece and heading south. Solaris was most recently at a port in Barcelona, where it had reportedly been receiving repairs since late 2021 . The ship left without declaring a destination. However, it’s possible both Solaris and Eclipse are heading towards each other and are even eyeing ports in Israel where Abramovich is considered safe from sanctions.

Though a long-time ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Abramovich has denied having close ties to the Kremlin. This hasn’t stopped dozens of nations, including the US, UK and several EU countries, from implementing sanctions and asset freezes on the oligarch. The sanctions are part of a concerted multinational effort to pressure Russia’s wealthiest and most powerful individuals to help bring Russia’s war on Ukraine to an end.

Perhaps sensing the economic pressures to come, Abramovich made headlines just days after the Ukraine invasion for stating his intention to sell his beloved Chelsea Football Club in London for $2.5 billion. The billionaire said all proceeds would benefit Ukrainian refugees and “victims of the war,” which, notably, may also include Russian soldiers.

Russian oligarch and Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich

Russian oligarch and Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich appears to be seeking cover from international sanctions in Israel, where he has dual citizenship.  Associated Press

Russians own up to 10 percent of the world’s megayachts, so Abramovich is just one of many Russian billionaires who are moving their assets to avoid seizure by international authorities. This week, Italian police seized Russian oligarch Andrey Melnichenko’s 486-foot Sailing Yacht A, and earlier this month, France impounded the yacht Amore Vero , owned by Russian oil billionaire Igor Sechin. Other Russian billionaires have had their yachts impounded in other EU countries.

This isn’t the first time Russian oligarchs’ whereabouts have been made public. Florida teen Jack Sweeney, who once tracked Elon Musk’s jet, created a Twitter account —@RUOligarchJets—dedicated to tracking the private jets of Russian oligarchs, which is updated daily.

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After five years of intensive design, development and construction, Eclipse left the Blohm+Voss yard in Hamburg on the 9th December 2010, to formally take her place as the largest superyacht in the world. Managed by Blue Ocean Yacht Management, Eclipse features a diesel-electric propulsion system with generators powering rotating Azipod drives, dramatic exterior styling and a stunning interior design by London-based Terence Disdale Design, which has been responsible for all aspects of aesthetic design and layout, including the superstructure design, deck layouts, interior design and construction supervision.

Her accommodation includes an owner’s deck of 56 metres in length. The interior boasts hundreds of custom finishes exclusively developed for this project, while her deck areas include a 16 metre swimming pool, whose base can be raised to transform the area into a dance floor. The yacht can also accommodate three helicopters, one on each of the two helipads and the third in a storage hangar below the foredeck.

Eclipse was voted Motor Yacht of the Year at the World Superyacht Awards in 2011.

About ECLIPSE , brought to you by BOAT Pro

ECLIPSE, a 162.5 m Motor Yacht built in Germany and delivered in 2010, is the flagship of Blohm & Voss .

Her top speed is 21.5 kn, her cruising speed is 20.0 kn, and she boasts a maximum cruising range of 6000.0 nm at 21.0 kn, with power coming from four MTU diesel engines. She can accommodate up to 36 guests in 18 staterooms, with 66 crew members. She has a gross tonnage of 13564.0 GT and a 22.0 m beam.

She was designed by Terence Disdale , who also designed the interior. Terence Disdale has designed 42 yachts and designed the interior of 78 yachts for yachts above 24 metres.

The naval architecture was developed by Blohm & Voss , who has architected 8 other superyachts in the BOAT Pro database - she is built with a Teak deck, a Steel hull, and Aluminium superstructure.

ECLIPSE is the 3rd longest yacht in the world. She is one of 70 motor yachts longer than 100m, and, compared to similarly sized motor yachts, her cruising speed is 4.01 kn above the average, her top speed 1.66 kn above the average, and her volume 6434.14 GT above the average.

ECLIPSE is currently sailing under the Bermuda flag (along with a total of other 37 yachts). She is known to be an active superyacht and has most recently been spotted cruising near Turkey. For more information regarding ECLIPSE's movements, find out more about BOAT Pro AIS .


  • Name: ECLIPSE
  • Yacht Type: Motor Yacht
  • Builder: Blohm & Voss
  • Naval Architect: Blohm & Voss
  • Exterior Designer: Terence Disdale
  • Interior Designer: Terence Disdale
  • Refits: 2021

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Solaris Is the World’s Most Expensive Custom Yacht

The Solaris will be the latest addition to the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s fleet of yachts.

Solaris, Roman Abramovich yacht

New photos of  Roman Abramovich ’s US$610 million megayacht have been released and the images are just stunning. Solaris is the billionaire’s brand new toy expected to be delivered to him by this year.

Compared to the Chelsea FC owner’s Eclipse built in 2010, the Solaris is smaller and less expensive but still packs a punch. The  megayacht  is reportedly the world’s most technologically advanced and most expensive custom yacht. That is not a surprise, considering how the vessel is tailor-made for one of the richest men in the world.

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Solaris is 460 feet (140 metres) long, with 48 cabins across eight decks and can accommodate a crew of 60 and space for 36 guests. This uber-luxurious megayacht is also one of the world’s safest vessels and this is important for Abramovich and his circle of friends. To that end, Solaris comes with state-of-the-art security, including a radar-controlled missile detection system, bulletproof windows and armoured protection.

Solaris, Roman Abramovich yacht

Abramovich and his guests can enjoy the various amenities available onboard with security measures in place. There is a gym, sauna, jacuzzi and possibly a beauty salon on the gigantic yacht. The Eclipse is known to have a nightclub but for Solaris, it will have an outdoor “beach club” at the aft section of the upper deck. Not to mention, the megayacht will also have its own flotilla of jet-skis and a helipad.

This giant spectacle was a product of German shipyard Lloyd Werft and has been undergoing sea trials from  Barcelona  to Cape D’Ail. It has since berthed in Antibe, on the French Riviera. Currently, it is reported that Abramovic is on vacation off  Croatia  on his Eclipse and the billionaire will most likely board the Solaris when he is back. While not all of us can have this exclusive experience, you can still enjoy it in your country.

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yachten roman abramowitsch


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Roman Abramovich’s Yachts: Everything You Want To Know

Ian Fortey

You may be familiar with the jet setting lifestyle of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, owner of the Chelsea football club, who has an estimated net worth of over $8 billion. He’s not just rich, he’s a man who loves yachts and loves them a lot. Not only does he own the Eclipse, the most expensive yacht in the world, he owns 15 other yachts that we know of. Clearly this is a man who enjoys ship life. Other Russian oligarchs like private jets, Abramovich likes private boats.

Up until 2023 it was believed Abramovich owned a mere 6 vessels, but new information bumps that number up significantly. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable examples of the vessels in the fleet and what we know about them.

The Eclipse Yacht

yachten roman abramowitsch

Roman Abramovich has the distinction of owning the most expensive yacht in the world, the Eclipse. It was built in Hamburg by Blohm and Voss in 2010 and was recently seen in Turkey where it is likely avoiding international sanctions against Russian billionaires which would confiscate the vessel.

How Expensive is the Roman Abramovich Yacht Eclipse?

The superyacht Eclipse is obviously the flagship of Abramovich’s fleet and it’s believed the initial construction price was $427 million. Though that’s obviously very expensive it wouldn’t technically make this the most expensive yacht in the world. However, rumor has it that Abramovich had custom additions put on the yacht including a security system fit for a small army, which boosted the total cost to $1.5 billion.

How Big is the Eclipse Yacht

yachten roman abramowitsch

For some years, the Eclipse was the world’s largest yacht at 533-feet. Other yachts have since surpassed that length but obviously it’s still an absolutely enormous vessel. It has a gross tonnage of 13,000 GT and a beam of just over 72 feet. It is the largest vessel Abramovich owns.

How Fast is the Eclipse Yacht?

It’s believed the Eclipse has a top speed of about 22 knots. This is provided by four MTU 20V 1163 TB93 diesel engines.

What is the Eclipse Like on the Inside?

yachten roman abramowitsch

The interior of the Eclipse is well guarded and not many people have been on board. That said, there are some things we do know about the vessel and what Abramovich has had installed. To start with, the yacht has not one but two helicopter landing pads. It also has its own mini submersible and previously it had been reported that there were 3 landing boats but now we know that he has 8 support vessels of various kinds for the yacht.

There are quarters to house as many as 70 crew members making this yacht essentially a private cruise ship in terms of staffing and amenities. There is room for 36 guests as well.

It is rumored that the yacht has two swimming pools on board including one that is nearly 50 feet long, plus several hot tubs scattered throughout. The large pool has a retractable glass sunroof. The 18 guest rooms are said to contain full home 6-foot cinema screens for private viewings. For a group experience, the bow of the ship is also a cinema with a massive screen. Each guest room, of which there are 24, has its own jacuzzi and private security system.

yachten roman abramowitsch

There are spas on board and a disco as well, and unusual amenities like a full size pantry and gullwing doors that pull up to reveal a barbecue and pizza oven. The yacht’s guests can also enjoy an 830 square foot gym, massage room, beauty salon, beach club, sauna and portholes that offer a view inside the large pool. There’s even a wood-burning fire pit on the main deck for campfires. 

The ceiling in the 5,000 square foot master suite opens like a retractable dome in a sports stadium to give passengers a view of the night sky if they so desire.

The security on Eclipse is one of the things that gets talked about a lot and what is known about it is impressive. To start, the glass is all bulletproof. The hull is armor plated to prevent damage from direct attacks. There is an anti-paparazzi system installed which prevents digital cameras from taking photos when they’re aimed at the vessel, which is why you’ll see so few photos of it when it’s in use. Finally, there’s a sophisticated missile detection system that is able to detect missile attacks and launch its own counter attacks. So, yes, this yacht apparently has missile launchers on board, something usually reserved for military vessels.

What Other Yachts or Launch Boats Does Abramovich Own?

Journalists recently discovered that the Russian billionaire owns 16 yachts , about 10 more than previously known. Eight of these vessels are support ships for the Eclipse which was previously thought to just have three launch boats as support. These are the remaining 7.

yachten roman abramowitsch

The second most expensive yacht in Abramovich’s fleet, Solaris is 458 feet long, 11,011 tons and had a reported price tag of $475 million. Other sources say this is actually a $600 million vessel. It has room for 36 passengers in 18 cabins as well as crew quarters to handle up to 60 crew members at a time. These are just estimates based on the size and design of the yacht, however, as Abramovich is notoriously private when it comes to secure matters like these. This large yacht may have swimming pools inside and other amenities but little has been published in any yacht report about those features.

The top speed of the yacht is listed at 18 to 20 knots with a cruising speed of 14 knots and it features not just a pool but a helicopter landing pad on deck. Propulsion is provided by the largest ABB Azipod propulsion package ever used in a private yacht.

It’s said to contain over 2,000 square meters of glass including the largest panes ever used in a superyacht. 

The yacht, at last report, was moored in Turkey where it is not subject to international sanctions that have been levied against the Russian oligarch.

yachten roman abramowitsch

This would be Abramovich’s third most expensive yacht coming in at $38 million and 180 feet long. Designed by Amels, it is sometimes available for charter and can house 12 guests and 13 crew in its quarters. The yacht has a top speed of 15.5 knots and a range of 4,500 nautical miles The cruising speed is 13 knots.

yachten roman abramowitsch

The Garcon is actually larger than the Halo but costs less. It reportedly had a $20 million price tag but clocked in at 220 feet. Made by Damen Yachting, this is sometimes used as a support vessel as it was by its previous owner. It has space for 21 people in total.

The Garcon is a much faster yacht than some of its size, powered by 4 Caterpillar engines, that can reach 25 knots at full throttle. Normal cruising speed is 18 knots.

This is a $1 million Bluegame yacht that measures just a fraction of his larger boats, coming in at 40 feet.

Little is known about this particular yacht other than it measures 80 feet and was reported to have cost Abramovich $3 million.

yachten roman abramowitsch

This 162-foot, $11 million yacht has been moored in La Ciotat on the French Riviera since 2022. It was built in 1998 and features a 27.5 foot beam.  The vessel is powered by Paxman + Textron engines which produce 3442 hp each giving Sussurro a maximum speed of 46 knots and a cruising speed of 20 knots making it one of the fastest yachts of its size in the world.

Moored in the Netherlands, this yacht measures 164-foot and reportedly cost $30 million. Powered by MTU diesel engines the vessel has a top speed of 23 knots. There is room on board for 12 guests in 5 staterooms, as well as a crew of 9.

The Bottom Line

Roman Abramovich owns the world’s most expensive yacht, the Eclipse, as well as many other yachts that, until recently, were hidden assets. Because of international sanctions against Russian oligarchs due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many of his yachts are subject to seizure in various countries so ownership of them was hard to determine. Even now it’s speculated he may own many others.

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My grandfather first took me fishing when I was too young to actually hold up a rod on my own. As an avid camper, hiker, and nature enthusiast I'm always looking for a new adventure.

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So sieht die Yacht des russischen Oligarchen Abramowitsch im Detail aus

So sieht die 637 millionen euro teure yacht „eclipse“ des russischen oligarchen abramowitsch im detail aus.

Link kopiert!

Der russische Oligarch Roman Abramowitsch

Der russische Oligarch Roman Abramowitsch versucht anscheinend, Sanktionen des Vereinigten Königreichs zu umgehen, indem er seine Superyachten in sichere Gewässer verlegt.

Eine davon ist die Eclipse, deren Bau 637 Millionen Euro kostete und die einst die größte Yacht der Welt war. Sie besitzt unter anderem ein U-Boot, zwei Pools, ein Kino sowie eine Disco.

Diese Yacht lag vor kurzem in New York City. Wir haben die Chance ergriffen und Fotos gemacht.

  • Mehr Artikel auf Business Insider findet ihr hier

Roman Abramowitsch, der russische Oligarch, versucht offenbar, die gegen ihn verhängten Sanktionen zu umschiffen. Dazu gehört auch, dass er seine Superyachten in den vergangenen Tagen schnell in sichere Gewässer brachte, in denen sie nicht beschlagnahmt werden können.

Abramowitschs 168 Meter langes Flaggschiff ist die Eclipse, die beim Bau schätzungsweise 637 Millionen Euro kostete. Nachdem Großbritannien nach der russischen Invasion in die Ukraine Sanktionen gegen Abramowitsch verhängt hatte, verließ seine zweite „kleinere“ 546-Millionen-Euro-Superyacht, die Solaris, die spanische Stadt Barcelona und fuhr nach Montenegro. Am 13. März verließ die Yacht jedoch eilig den Hafen, ohne aufzutanken, und fuhr weiter in die Türkei.

In der Türkei traf die Solaris auch auf die pompösere Eclipse, die aus der Karibik in die Türkei kam. Klar: Derzeit ist sie offenbar auf der Flucht vor den britischen Behörden. Das war aber nicht immer so. Einmal lag sie am Pier 90 in Manhattan vor Anker und Robert Johnson konnte für Insider einige Bilder machen.

Insider gibt euch einen exklusiven Blick in die 637 Millionen Euro teure Superyacht Eclipse

1. Direkt südlich dieses öffentlichen Parkplatzes auf dem Dach des Pier 90 Terminals in New York City lag die pompöse Yacht des russischen Milliardärs Roman Abramowitsch, die „Eclipse“, vor Anker.

yachten roman abramowitsch

2. Sie ist 163 Meter lang und gestaltet im Stil eines Militärschiffes.

yachten roman abramowitsch

3. Die Eclipse kostete bei Auslieferung im Jahr 2010 637 Millionen Euro und war damals die größte Yacht der Welt.

yachten roman abramowitsch

4. Das Schiff ist so ausgestattet, dass es mit jedem Schiff auf dem Meer konkurrieren kann. Die Eclipse hat beispielsweise ein eigenes Mini-U-Boot, das bis zu 150 Meter tief tauchen kann.

yachten roman abramowitsch

5. Die Eclipse hat zwei Hubschrauberlandeplätze.

yachten roman abramowitsch

6. Kugelsicheres Glas und Panzerplatten umhüllen die gesamte Länge von Abramowitschs Master-Suite und der Kommandobrücke.

yachten roman abramowitsch

7. Außerdem verbaut: ein Raketen-Abwehrsystem deutscher Bauart.

yachten roman abramowitsch

8. Das Schiff soll auch einen Laserschutz gegen Paparazzi besitzen, sollten sie versuchen, die Gäste auf der Yacht zu fotografieren. Als wir vor Ort waren, gab es aber keinen Hinweis auf dieses Gerät.

yachten roman abramowitsch

9. Die Eclipse hat drei Rettungsboote.

yachten roman abramowitsch

10. Es scheint außerdem, als wäre die Yacht mit medizinischem Material und einer Vielzahl von Funkgeräten bestückt.

yachten roman abramowitsch

11. Vom Parkplatz aus hatte man das Gefühl, fast auf der Eclipse selbst zu sein.

yachten roman abramowitsch

12. Aber die Chancen, dass wir an Bord des Schiffes gebeten werden, waren gering …

yachten roman abramowitsch

13. … Wir hofften darauf, eines der 70 Besatzungsmitglieder zu finden, die auf der Eclipse arbeiten und die uns erzählen würden, wie das Leben auf dem Schiff ist.

yachten roman abramowitsch

14. Leider war niemand an einem Gespräch interessiert.

yachten roman abramowitsch

15. Wir fühlten uns nicht wie Paparazzi und hatten auch nicht den Verdacht, gelasert zu werden, als wir uns auf dem Parkplatz befanden und von dort die Yacht beobachteten.

yachten roman abramowitsch

16. Von hier oben war das Schiff atemberaubend und man sah, wie viel Arbeit dahinter steckte.

yachten roman abramowitsch

17. Das Medium „Yacht Report“ berichtet, dass der Besitz einer Superyacht jedes Jahr etwa 20 Prozent des ursprünglichen Wertes eines Schiffes kostet.

yachten roman abramowitsch

18. Experten schätzen, dass Roman Abramowitsch wahrscheinlich 68 Millionen Euro pro Jahr allein für den Betrieb des privaten Kreuzfahrtschiffs mit 24 Gästesuiten zahlt.

yachten roman abramowitsch

19. Das Schiff teilt sich auf in zwei Swimmingpools im Inneren, eine Disco, ein Kino, einen Friseursalon und ein Restaurant.

yachten roman abramowitsch

20. Diese Türen benutzen Gäste, um das vordere Deck zu betreten.

yachten roman abramowitsch

21. Auf diesem Bild seht ihr die Rettungsringe des Schiffes.

yachten roman abramowitsch

22. Mit 13.000 Tonnen war die Eclipse damals das größte Schiff, das mit einem speziellen Stabilisierungssystem ausgestattet war. Es hält die Yacht in rauen Gewässern, während es vor Anker liegt oder langsam durch die See fährt, ruhig.

yachten roman abramowitsch

23. Abramowitsch musste 136.000 Euro für das Parken der Eclipse in New York City bezahlen, während er womöglich seine Tochter und ihr neues Baby besuchte. Auf den Tag gerechnet waren das etwa 1.600 Euro.

yachten roman abramowitsch

24. Eine große Yacht – wie die Eclipse – kann mehr als 378.000 Liter Treibstoff fassen.

yachten roman abramowitsch

25. Je nachdem wie die Preise stehen, könnte eine fünfstündige Kreuzfahrt pro Strecke etwa 27.000 Euro kosten.

yachten roman abramowitsch

27. Die Summen dürften Roman Abramowitsch jedoch wenig interessieren. Immerhin besitzt er ein geschätztes Vermögen von fast 7,3 Milliarden Euro.

yachten roman abramowitsch

27. Hier seht ihr einige Drohnen-Aufnahmen von der Superyacht.

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28. Fotos von der Innenausstattung der Luxusyacht findet ihr bei „ Boat International „.

yachten roman abramowitsch

Dieser Text wurde von Lisa Ramos-Doce aus dem Englischen übersetzt. Das Original findet ihr hier .

yachten roman abramowitsch

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A Brief History of Superyachts

And how they explain the world..

Tim Murphy January+February 2024 Issue

yachten roman abramowitsch

James Clapham

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When the US targeted Russia’s oligarchs after the invasion of Ukraine, the trail of assets kept leading to our own backyard. Not only had our nation become a haven for shady foreign money, but we were also incubating a familiar class of yacht-owning, industry-dominating, resource-extracting billionaires. In the  January + February 2024  issue of our magazine, we investigate the rise of American Oligarchy—and what it means for the rest of us. You can read all the pieces  here .

The luxury yacht may be the world’s most exclusive form of transportation. But there are only a hundred-some that meet the definition of a gigayacht—a pleasure craft 295 feet or longer. Their opaque ownership records offer a glimpse of modern wealth and power: Over two dozen are linked to Gulf royals, businessmen, or states, and 20 to citizens (past or current) of the former Soviet Union. At least 23 have reportedly belonged to Americans, including founders of Microsoft, Netscape, Amazon, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. The widow of a German retailer who thrived under Hitler owned one; a UK tax exile and a Formula 1 dad still do. Yugoslav strongman Tito’s old yacht makes the list; Dominican dictator Trujillo’s does too. Take a cruise through the history of the vessels and their—somewhat—more modest sister ships.

yachten roman abramowitsch

1895: Nineteen years before World War I, the future King Edward VII of England punches his nephew, Kaiser Wilhelm II, in the face, after the German’s 121-foot yacht, Meteor II , defeats the royal Britannia in a race off the Isle of Wight.

1954: Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis ushers in an era of postwar one-upmanship with his 325-foot Christina O . It features a pool that converts into a dance floor, furniture made from whale foreskin, and pornographic carvings.

1963: During his final birthday party aboard the presidential yacht Sequoia , JFK chases future Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee’s wife, Antoinette, into the bathroom and gropes her. “I guess I was pretty surprised, but I was kind of flattered, and appalled, too,” she says later. The ship’s visitor logs are destroyed after Kennedy’s assassination.

1984: King Fahd of Saudi Arabia builds the record-breaking 482-foot Prince Abdulaziz .

yachten roman abramowitsch

1987: Sen. Gary Hart (D-Colo.) drops out of the presidential race just before photos emerge of him with model Donna Rice aboard the yacht Monkey Business .

yachten roman abramowitsch

1988: Donald Trump acquires Nabila , which previously belonged to the Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi and was featured in the James Bond film Never Say Never Again . He renames it Trump Princess , adds a disco, and changes the helipad’s “H” to a “T.”

1991: After one of Trump’s casinos files for bankruptcy, he sells Trump Princess to his bank—which flips it to a Saudi prince. A new yacht, the Trump Princess II , which he boasted would be “something in excess of 400 feet long, closer to 500 feet,” is never built.

British publisher Robert Maxwell’s body is found in the Atlantic Ocean, where he had been cruising on a 180-footer named for his daughter—the Lady Ghislaine . The vessel is eventually resold to Anna Murdoch, Rupert’s second wife.

1994: At a cocktail party on the oligarch Petr Aven’s yacht in the Caribbean, Boris Berezovsky meets Roman Abramovich, calling him a “nice boy who wanted to discuss commercial projects.” He and Abramovich begin working together to acquire Sibneft, a Russian state oil company.

1997: Construction ends on The Limited and Victoria’s Secret owner Les Wexner’s ­316-foot Limitless . The project was overseen by his good friend Jeffrey Epstein.

yachten roman abramowitsch

1999: Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison buys the 191-foot Izanami from a Japanese seller. He changes the name to Ronin , he said later , after “the local newspapers started pointing out that Izanami was ‘I’m a Nazi’ spelled backwards.”

2001: Months before Enron files for bankruptcy, former CEO Jeffrey Skilling asks a company executive for advice on finding a yacht broker. “This industry is known for crooks and thieves,” he warns Skilling.

2002: House Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-Texas) promises to strip “corporate kingpins of their ill-gotten gains,” after scandals rock Enron and WorldCom. “We’re coming after the yacht.”

2003: DeLay charges donors $500,000 a pop for tickets to a yacht cruise.

2005: Ellison shoots down rumors he issued orders midconstruction to have his newest yacht, the 454-foot Rising Sun , extended to outdo Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s recently launched 414-foot Octopus .

Rep. Duke Cunningham (R-Calif.) pleads guilty to federal bribery charges after being caught living rent-free on a yacht, called the Duke-Stir , that was moored in Washington, DC, and owned by a defense contractor.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s 531-foot Dubai surpasses Prince Abdulaziz as the world’s longest yacht.

2006: Media mogul Barry Diller reveals the world’s longest sailing yacht, the 305-foot Eos , whose prow features a 9-foot-tall sculpture of his wife, Diane von Furstenberg.

2007: Diller opens a Manhattan corporate headquarters­­ at a Frank Gehry­–designed building that itself has been likened to a sailboat . It’s across the street from where Eos ties up.

2008: George Osborne, the No. 2 official in the UK’s Conservative Party, relaxes on Russian aluminum magnate Oleg Deripaska’s yacht while vacationing with his family in Greece. He denies an accusation that he solicited funds, explaining in a statement that they discussed “Russian history” and drank tea.

yachten roman abramowitsch

2009: As his marriage falls apart, Tiger Woods retreats to a 155-foot yacht called Privacy .

yachten roman abramowitsch

2010: Abramovich’s new ship, Eclipse , surpasses Dubai as the world’s longest yacht. The 533-foot vessel features a submarine, anti-missile systems, and lasers to thwart paparazzi .

2011: During an unsuccessful suit seeking $5 billion he believed Abramovich owed him from the sale of Sibneft, an exiled Berezovsky claims that his former partner helped purchase the yacht Olympia for Vladimir Putin. When the BBC publishes a supporting account from another Russian businessman five years later, Abramovich’s lawyers dismiss the allegation as “a rehash of speculation and rumours.”

yachten roman abramowitsch

2012: As GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney faces criticism for holding investment funds in the Cayman Islands, his campaign invites donors to party on Cracker Bay . The ship, owned by the founder of The Villages retirement community, flies the Cayman Islands’ flag.

2013: UAE leader Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan launches the 593-foot Azzam , surpassing the Eclipse .

yachten roman abramowitsch

2014: The Wall Street Journal reports that Ellison has basketball hoops on “at least two of his yachts” and had someone follow in a smaller boat “to retrieve balls that go overboard.”

yachten roman abramowitsch

2016: Allen’s Tatoosh drags its anchor through a protected zone in the Cayman Islands, destroying 14,000 square feet of coral.

yachten roman abramowitsch

2017: After leaving office, Barack and Michelle Obama retreat to the South Pacific aboard David Geffen’s yacht, where they’re joined by Oprah, Tom Hanks, and Bruce Springsteen.

Abramovich’s business partner, Eugene Shvidler, blocks views of the Statue of Liberty while anchoring his 370-foot Le Grand Bleu in New York Harbor for a month.

Addressing the national Boy Scout Jamboree, Trump tells an anecdote widely assumed to allude to sex parties on a yacht belonging to the developer of the Levittown suburbs. “You’re Boy Scouts, so I’m not going to tell you what he did,” he said. “But you know life.”

Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-Fla.) buys a yacht and on the same day votes to cut taxes on yachts.

2018: Rupert Murdoch is airlifted to UCLA after collapsing on a yacht trip with his fourth wife, Jerry Hall. “He kept almost dying,” a source tells Vanity Fair .

Republican Florida Gov. Rick Scott designates a billionaire donor’s marina as a special anti-­poverty opportunity zone.

Someone unties Seaquest , a superyacht belonging to Trump administration Secretary of Education (and billionaire) Betsy DeVos, causing it to crash into a dock on Lake Erie.

Businessman Jho Low, who financed The Wolf of Wall Street , is accused of taking part in a $4.5 billion scheme to siphon Malaysian state development funds and using some to purchase a $250 million yacht.

yachten roman abramowitsch

2019: Actress Lori Loughlin is arrested in a college admissions bribery scheme . Her daughter, USC student Olivia Jade, is vacationing in the Bahamas— on a yacht belonging to USC board of trustees chair Rick Caruso.

Following an investigation into corruption in the Nigerian oil industry, the US government auctions off businessman Kolawole Aluko’s Galactica Star , six years after Jay-Z rented out the vessel for Beyoncé’s 32nd birthday. A former Enron unit attempts to claim a portion of the proceeds.

yachten roman abramowitsch

Clarence Thomas visits an Indonesian preserve for Komodo dragons with billionaire Harlan Crow on the conservative megadonor’s Michaela Rose .

ArtNet reports that a $450 million (reputed) da Vinci that was supposed to be in an Abu Dhabi museum has been spotted hanging in Mohammed bin Salman’s personal yacht, Serene .

Kylie Jenner holds her 22nd birthday party on Low’s yacht, now under new ownership.

yachten roman abramowitsch

2020: “[I]solated in the Grenadines avoiding the virus,” Geffen writes on Instagram from Rising Sun , which he purchased in 2010. “I’m hoping everybody is staying safe.”

yachten roman abramowitsch

Steve Bannon is arrested off the coast of Connecticut by US Postal Police while aboard the fugitive Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui’s 150-foot Lady May .

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. dresses up as a character from the TV show Trailer Park Boys for a costume party aboard a NASCAR mogul’s yacht. He later posts a photo of himself to Instagram with his fly unzipped and his arms around his wife’s assistant.

2021: NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre testifies that he took refuge on Illusions , a Hollywood producer’s yacht, after the Newtown and Parkland mass shootings. “I remember getting there going, ‘Thank God I’m safe, nobody can get me here.’”

During a bitter divorce, the Daily Mail reports that Tatiana Akhmedova, wife of the Russian Azerbaijani billionaire Farkhad Akhmedov, hired a team of British special forces veterans to seize his yacht, Luna , in an effort to enforce a Marshall Islands court ruling. They settle instead, and he keeps the boat.

Port Azure , dubbed the world’s first harbor designed exclusively for megayachts, opens in Gocek, Turkey. It bills itself as a place where “problems big and small go away.”

yachten roman abramowitsch

2022: Amid reports a historic bridge will be dismantled so Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ newly built Koru can leave Rotterdam’s shipyards, residents threaten to pelt the sailboat with eggs . The city changes plans.

A Ukrainian mechanic is arrested in Mallorca for attempting to sink a vessel owned by his boss, a Russian arms dealer.

yachten roman abramowitsch

Biden promises oligarchs he’s going to “take their ill-begotten gains” after the invasion of Ukraine. “We’re going to seize their yachts.”

Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder avoids a congressional subpoena on the team’s misogynistic culture while cruising the Mediterranean on his yacht, Lady S .

yachten roman abramowitsch

Missing Russian superyachts are spotted waiting out sanctions at Port Azure.

Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) criticizes Joe Biden for vacationing in Delaware while vacationing on a luxury yacht in Italy.

After sailing through Fiji on his yacht Aquarius , briefly retired Disney CEO Bob Iger tells friends he misses his wife and is bored with life.

New York Republican congressional candidate George Santos brokers a $19 million deal to sell a superyacht called Namaste to a Long Island car dealer.

Bankrupt crypto exchange FTX reveals in court filings that founder Sam Bankman-Fried’s hedge fund once spent $2.5 million on a yacht, which a top executive named Soak My Deck .

2023: Bezos takes possession of Koru . The $500 million, 417-foot sailboat comes with a bust that resembles his fiancée Lauren Sánchez—and its own second, 246-foot “shadow” support yacht with crew quarters and a hangar for the helicopter she pilots.

After divorcing Jerry Hall, Rupert Murdoch vacations on the Christina O with Abramovich’s ex-mother-in-law.

As TV and movie writers and actors strike, the Wall Street Journal reports that Iger, now back at work, has been regaling visitors to his Burbank office about the new, longer yacht he’s building.

Measuring Contest

Iconic gigayachts through the years

yachten roman abramowitsch

1931: Sea Cloud , Marjorie Post: 359 ft.

yachten roman abramowitsch

1981: Atlantis II , Stavros Niarchos: 380 ft.

yachten roman abramowitsch

2003: Octopus , Paul Allen: 414 ft.

yachten roman abramowitsch

2005: Rising Sun , Larry Ellison: 454 ft.

yachten roman abramowitsch

2010: Eclipse , Roman Abramovich: 533 ft.

yachten roman abramowitsch

2013: Azzam , Sheikh Khalifa: 593 ft.

Illustrations by Anthony Calvert

The Few, The Loud

Some famous faces aboard gigayachts

yachten roman abramowitsch

Steven Spielberg reeled out his anchor off Cannes.

yachten roman abramowitsch

A part of Katy Perry got stuck exiting a dinghy on her way to Barry Diller’s yacht.

yachten roman abramowitsch

Mohammed bin Salman purchased his yacht, Serene , just hours after he saw it.

yachten roman abramowitsch

Jerry Jones made a draft pick aboard his Bravo Eugenia to deepen the Cowboys’ bench.

yachten roman abramowitsch

Mariah Carey was engaged to a gigayacht owner, before the fantasy ended.

yachten roman abramowitsch

If You Want to Understand Trump’s Appeal, Look at John Gotti

yachten roman abramowitsch

Conservative Media Conglomerate Amplifies Misleading Attacks on Biden’s Fitness

yachten roman abramowitsch

A New Biden Ad Is Highlighting Trump’s Criminal Conviction

Julianne McShane

A collage illustration that pairs pictures of William T. Sherman with Trinity Church on Edisto Island in South Carolina. Overlaying Sherman is a snippet of a pardon of a plantation owner issued by President Andrew Johnson.

Blood and Soil

April Simpson

We Recommend

A brown sign reading CAUTION EXTREME HEAT DANGER in the desert near Death Valley, California.

A Brutal Heatwave Is About to Wallop Some 265 Million Americans

Edward Helmore

yachten roman abramowitsch

Christian Nationalists Are Opening Private Schools. Taxpayers Are Funding Them.

Kiera Butler

A wind farm with solar panels on the ground

Big Tech’s Energy Needs Are Growing So Fast That Power Grids Can’t Keep Up

Morgan Meaker

yachten roman abramowitsch

Sponsored Post

Navigating Farm and Ranch Transfers to a New Generation

American Farmland Trust

yachten roman abramowitsch

Let’s Check Back in on Those Trump Veepstakes

yachten roman abramowitsch

Biden’s $30m Weekend Fundraising Blitz Breaks Democratic Party Records

The image shows former President Donald Trump standing at a podium with the presidential seal, wearing a leather bomber jacket. The jacket has a patch that reads "Donald J. Trump Commander in Chief." He appears to be in the process of adjusting or zipping up the jacket. Next to him is a man in a military uniform.

Trump World Reportedly Flirts With a Return to Mandatory Military Service

yachten roman abramowitsch

This Biologist Panned a “Mosquito Eradicator” Product. Its Maker Bit Back.

Brooke Borel

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Russland-Oligarch besitzt Schiffe im Wert von 1 Milliarde Dollar So dreist versteckt Abramowitsch seine Luxus-Yachten

Der russische Oligarch Roman Abramowitsch (55) lebt ein Leben im puren Luxus. Der Milliardär gehört zum engsten Kreis des russischen Präsidenten Wladimir Putin (69), ist (Noch)-Besitzer von Chelsea – und besitzt gemäss Recherchen der «Financial Times» mindestens fünf Yachten. Gesamtwert: Fast eine Milliarde Dollar.

Bislang war lediglich bekannt, dass Abramowitsch der Besitzer der beiden Yachten Solaris und Eclipse ist. Beide haben einen Gesamtwert von fast 900 Millionen Dollar. Mitte März stachen die Boote überstürzt in den See – wohl, um sie vor vor möglichen Sanktionen in Sicherheit zu bringen.

Nun aber berichtet die «Financial Times» von zwei weiteren Yachten, die dem Oligarchen gehören sollen. Die beiden Schiffe mit den klangvollen Namen Halo und Garcon segeln unter der Flagge von Antigua über die Weltmeere.

Die Regierung des Inselstaates wusste davon offenbar nichts. Man habe keine Ahnung gehabt, dass die beiden Yachten Abramowitsch gehörten, teilte die Regierung auf Anfrage der «Financial Times» mit. Denn offiziell sind die beiden Boote mit einem Gesamtwert von fast 60 Millionen Dollar in Besitz der Privat-Firma Wenham Overseas Limited. Gemäss dem Bericht versuchte Abramowitsch so, die wahren Besitzverhältnisse zu verschleiern.

Abramowitsch sagt nichts

Nach dem Kontakt zwischen der Zeitung und den Behörden Antiguas hat auch Grossbritannien die genauen Besitzverhältnisse genauer unter die Lupe genommen. Dabei habe sich herausgestellt, dass «der wirtschaftliche Besitzer von Wenham Overseas Limited Roman Abramowitsch» ist, heisst es in einem offiziellen Brief, der der «Financial Times» vorliegt.

Doch damit nicht genug. Auch die Yacht Sussurro, die Abramowitsch bereits 1998 kaufte, soll noch immer in seinem Besitz sein. Laut einer anonymen Quelle seien die Gerüchte, wonach Abramowitsch Sussurro seiner Ex-Frau überlassen habe, falsch. Das rund 11 Millionen Dollar teure Boot liegt derzeit im Süden Frankreichs vor Anker und ist auf eine Firma registriert, die ihren offiziellen Sitz auf der britischen Insel Jersey hat.

Abramowitsch hält sich weiter bedeckt. Gegenüber der «Financial Times» nimmt er zu den Vorwürfen keine Stellung. (zis)

  • 1 Pegel steigen weiter Hier überall herrscht derzeit Hochwassergefahr
  • 2 Alles zum historischen Urteil Kann sich Trump als Präsident selbst begnadigen?
  • 3 Reichste Frau im Showbusiness Wie Beatrice Egli zur Multimillionärin aufgestiegen ist

yachten roman abramowitsch


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  1. Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich Owns 16 Yachts And ...

    Eclipse is currently moored in the Turkish port of Bodrum, with three more of Abramovich's yachts—the 458-foot, $475 million Solaris, the 180-foot, $38 million Halo and the 220-foot, $20 ...

  2. Roman Abramovich's $1bn five-yacht fleet revealed

    Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich owns or is linked to a collection of five yachts estimated to be worth almost $1bn, including several vessels whose ownership remained secret until this week. A ...

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    The yacht's owner is Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. Roman Abramovich, the owner of the Solaris, is a Russian billionaire with an estimated net worth of $13 billion. A major shareholder of the investment company Millhouse LLC and owner of the English football club Chelsea FC, Abramovich has a penchant for luxury and an impressive ...

  4. Roman Abramovich's Yacht Fleet Past & Present

    ECLIPSE - $643 MILLION. There's no way Roman Abramovich could part from his flagship superyacht and the world's largest by length at 163.5 metres. Known as the 1.5 billion dollar superyacht, Eclipse's original cost price was realistically no more than 500 million USD. Built in total secrecy by Blohm + Voss of Hamburg to custom request ...

  5. Solaris (yacht)

    Solaris is a 139.7-metre (458 ft) yacht built in 2021 for Roman Abramovich by Lloyd Werft. Sanctions. As a result of the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, Roman Abramovich is subject to international sanctions which have seen seizures of yachts owned by those believed to have links to the Kremlin. Since 2022 ...

  6. Roman Abramovich: Russian Oligarch's $700M Yacht the Eclipse, Photos

    Roman Abramovich had seemingly scrambled to avoid sanctions from the UK by moving his superyachts. One of those is The Eclipse, which cost $700 million to build and was once the biggest in the world.

  7. SOLARIS Yacht

    The SOLARIS yacht was newly launched in 2021 by Lloyd Werft and belongs to Roman Abramovich. At 139.7 metres (458 ft), SOLARIS is considered an absolute ...

  8. Roman Abramovich's $1bn five-yacht fleet revealed

    Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich owns or is linked to a collection of five yachts estimated to be worth almost $1bn, including several vessels whose ownership remained secret until this week. A ...

  9. Exclusive Photos Reveal Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich ...

    Exclusive photos show Roman Abramovich's new 455-foot-long yacht photographed on the North Sea ...[+] recently Charl van Rooy /SuperYacht Times. One of the many ironies of the superyacht world is ...

  10. Roman Abramovich's new explorer yacht SOLARIS unveiled

    US$ 40 -60 million. Owner: Roman Abramovich. Roman Abramovich 's new explorer yacht SOLARIS unveiled. Abramovich's yacht is currently under construction at LLoyd Werft in Germany. With a volume of 11,011 tons, she is one of the larger yachts in the world. Solaris will replace his previous explorer yacht Luna, which he sold to Farkhad Akhmedov.

  11. ECLIPSE Yacht • Roman Abramovich $700M Superyacht

    The yacht Eclipse is owned by the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, who is known for his vast wealth and impressive collection of luxury assets. He also owns the superyacht SOLARIS . Abramovich sold his oil company Sibneft for US$13 billion, which provided him with the financial means to acquire some of the world's most exclusive and ...

  12. Roman Abramovich's Two Superyachts Are Sailing to the Mediterranean

    Abramovich, who is currently worth an estimated $7.1 billion, according to Forbes, appears to be moving his yachts to safer waters. His 533-foot superyacht Eclipse, normally anchored year-round in ...

  13. Inside Roman Abramovich's NEW "Secret" Superyacht

    Roman Abramovich has a new superyacht! It should be no surprise that the russian billionaire has added yet another yacht to his collection because Roman abso...

  14. Roman Abramovich's superyacht Eclipse

    ECLIPSE, a 162.5 m Motor Yacht built in Germany and delivered in 2010, is the flagship of Blohm & Voss. Her top speed is 21.5 kn, her cruising speed is 20.0 kn, and she boasts a maximum cruising range of 6000.0 nm at 21.0 kn, with power coming from four MTU diesel engines. She can accommodate up to 36 guests in 18 staterooms, with 66 crew members.

  15. Roman Abramovich's Flotilla

    Russian industrialist magnate Roman Abramovich is well on his way to having a different megayacht stationed in each of the world's most exclusive ports of call. Abramovich owns two vessels on the Power & Motoryacht 100: the 377'3" Pelorus and the 282'0" Ecstasea. Rumor has it he gave a previous yacht, the 370'0" Le Grand Bleu, to a friend.

  16. Solaris Is the World's Most Expensive Custom Yacht

    The Solaris will be the latest addition to the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich's fleet of yachts. New photos of Roman Abramovich 's US$610 million megayacht have been released and the images are just stunning. Solaris is the billionaire's brand new toy expected to be delivered to him by this year. Compared to the Chelsea FC owner's ...

  17. Luna (yacht)

    Luna is the world's second-largest expedition yacht. In 2022 it was seized by authorities in Germany. Ownership history. Luna was delivered to Russian businessman Roman Abramovich on 10 April 2010. Its exterior was designed by NewCruise of Germany and its interior by Donald Starkey. The yacht's cost has been estimated at over €250m.

  18. Roman Abramovich's Yachts: Everything You Want To Know

    Roman Abramovich owns the world's most expensive yacht, the Eclipse, as well as many other yachts that, until recently, were hidden assets. Because of international sanctions against Russian oligarchs due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many of his yachts are subject to seizure in various countries so ownership of them was hard to determine.

  19. Roman Abramovich Is Confirmed Owner Of Two Yachts In Antigua ...

    Topline. Two yachts moored in Antigua are confirmed to belong to Roman Abramovich and could possibly be seized, the Financial Times said on Friday, the latest assets to come under scrutiny as ...

  20. Yacht Solaris • Lloyd Werft • 2021 • Photos & Video

    Photos and videos of Roman Abramovich' yacht Solaris. What began as a pastime for yacht spotting has evolved into a leading online destination for yachting enthusiasts, with thousands of visitors engaging with our content every day.

  21. The hunt for superyachts of sanctioned Russian oligarchs

    A superyacht linked to Roman Abramovich has had to leave a port in Turkey, as Western powers ramp up pressure on Russian oligarchs. The MY Solaris sailed to Bodrum last month after the billionaire ...

  22. So sieht die Yacht des russischen Oligarchen Abramowitsch im Detail aus

    So sieht die 637 Millionen Euro teure Yacht „Eclipse" des russischen Oligarchen Abramowitsch im Detail aus. Der russische Oligarch Roman Abramowitsch versucht anscheinend, Sanktionen des Vereinigten Königreichs zu umgehen, indem er seine Superyachten in sichere Gewässer verlegt. Eine davon ist die Eclipse, deren Bau 637 Millionen Euro ...

  23. A Brief History of Superyachts

    1994: At a cocktail party on the oligarch Petr Aven's yacht in the Caribbean, Boris Berezovsky meets Roman Abramovich, calling him a "nice boy who wanted to discuss commercial projects." He ...

  24. Geheimer Luxus: So versteckt Roman Abramowitsch seine Milliarden-Yachten

    Der russische Oligarch Roman Abramowitsch (55) schwelgt im Luxus. Seinen Reichtum verschleiert er aber lieber. Nun wird klar: Dem Chelsea-Besitzer gehören viel mehr Yachten als bisher gedacht.

  25. Kiki on the River, Mynt Lounge founders to open Capitano restaurant on

    Roman Jones, founder of Kiki on the River, and Nicola Siervo, founder of Mynt Lounge, will launch Capitano, a two-story palazzo that's set to be built at 28 N.W. North River Drive.