10 Paranormal Games That Will Freak You Out

by Adriana John updated September 13, 2023, 12:08 am

Tired of playing the usual, boring games? Want to do something challenging and thrilling? Why not delve into the paranormal and see what’s in store for you? You don’t have to be a skeptic or a believer to play these games—just be a thrill-seeking enthusiast and you’re good to go. Whether this list would encourage you to explore the supernatural dimension or convince you to avoid it would be up to you. Just a warning, though. Those who’ve tried these vowed to never try them again. It’s all fun and games till you realize you’re playing with a demon or an evil entity and life would never be the same again. Probably.

The Top 10 Paranormal Games That Are Not For The Faint Hearted.

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10. Three Kings

Paranormal Games

This game became popular after FableForge posted about it on a subreddit called nosleep. It is said that this game enables the player to gain access to another dimension. You’ll have to play this game in a large room, preferably a basement, without a single flash of light coming through. Also, you’ll be needing a pack of candles, two large mirrors, three chairs, and an object from your childhood.

One you’re done setting everything up, leave the door of the basement open, go to your bedroom, and set the alarm clock for exactly 3:30AM before you snooze off. If the alarm goes off at exactly 3:30AM and the things inside the basement remained as they are, then you can proceed with the game. You need to be seated at your throne at exactly 3:33AM with your lighted candle in hand. Do not let the candle go out and protect it from the fan behind you using your body. Once seated, look straight ahead into the darkness and never look into the mirrors nor the candle.

At this point, you’ll start to feel and hear a presence. Some accounts stated that it felt like having a conversation with your conscience, or an entity that manifests as a part of you. It will talk to you about your past and your unresolved issues. Some have claimed that this ritual is some kind of psychological experiment that puts you in a lucid dream. Whether you believe you’re talking to an entity from another dimension or it’s nothing but a psychological effect would be up to your judgment.

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9. Closet Game

Closet Paranormal Games

The objective of the Closet Game is to summon not just a spirit or a ghost, but a demon. Basically, all you need to do is step inside a pitch-black closet, hold up an unlighted match, and say “Show me the light or leave me in darkness.” Once you being to hear any whispering, light the match immediately. In the event that you fail to light the match right away after hearing the whisper, it is said that something will grab you from behind and drag you to eternal darkness. The same thing would happen if you get curious enough to turn around and see what’s behind you.

If you didn’t do any of those mistakes, open the closet door with your lit match in hand and slowly step outside. From then on, you must always make sure to have the lights on whenever you look inside your closet since it is now permanently haunted by a demon.

8. Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary is a folklore-legend and is believed to be the vengeful spirit of a witch. In order to summon her, you’ll have to chant “Bloody Mary” three times in front of a mirror while holding up a lighted candle. After that, what’s left for you to do is wait for a woman covered in blood to appear before you. Some have stated that participants of this game may have to endure Bloody Mary’s wrath which included getting strangled, cursed, or getting their souls taken.

There are numerous accounts of people sharing their experiences, with a few expressing their disappointments with the lack of thrilling occurrences and others expressing their horror upon encountering the infamous spirit. Bloody Mary is quite popular, with a few movie adaptations floating around.

7. Elevator to Another World

Paranormal Games

This game originated from Korea and performing it supposedly takes you to a different world via an elevator. All you have to do is find a building with at least ten floors and has an elevator. Make sure there’d be no one else riding the elevator aside from you before you proceed with the ritual.

Once you step inside, you’ll have to do a 4-2-6-2-10-5 combo on the elevator’s buttons. On the fifth floor, a woman would enter, but you should never look at her nor should you speak to her. Afterwards, press the button for the first floor. At this point, the elevator would begin ascending to the tenth floor instead of going down to the first. Upon arriving at the tenth floor, you may get off the elevator to explore this different world.

The woman would ask “Where are you going?” but you should never answer. After walking around, you may return to the real world by going inside the same elevator and using the same 4-2-6-2-10-5 combo. In the event that you pass out during the game, you’d most likely find yourself waking up inside your own home. But make sure to look around, since it may not be the same home anymore.

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6. The Hooded Man

The Hooded Man ritual is quite similar to the Elevator ritual, in the sense that it takes you to a world different from ours. This one requires you to perform a cleansing ritual prior to starting the game, like burning a sage and spreading salt on your front door.

Paranormal Games Hooded Man

When night comes, go to a room where there’s a telephone. Detailed instructions can be found online, but you’d basically be making a call for a cab. If you have succeeded, you’ll be seeing a black cab parked outside your house. Exit the building, climb into the cab’s empty back seat, lock the door behind you, and go to sleep. If you awaken and your watch reads exactly 3:30AM, then you’ll find yourself falling asleep for the second time. Once you wake up, the cab will be on an unfamiliar highway and you’ll notice the Hooded Man behind the wheels. Some accounts have stated that other passengers may get inside the cab and sit with you, but you should never pay attention to them.

If you want to end your ride, just lean closer towards the Hooded Man’s ear and whisper “I have reached my destination.” You’ll fall asleep and wake up in your house, after which you’ll have to go to the telephone, dial a number, and say “Thank you for the ride.” Do another cleansing ritual afterwards. Regarding the cab ride, it’s up to you whether you want to continue the ride for a longer period of time, but many have advised against it since the world gets more absurd as the ride goes on and the worst-case-scenario is that you might not be able to escape that world anymore.

5. One-Man Hide and Seek

Hitori Kakurenbo Paranormal Games

One-Man Hide and Seek, which originated from Japan and called Hitori Kakurenbo, is a paranormal games wherein you’ll be playing a game of hide and seek against a spirit-possessed doll. What you’ll need to do is take a stuffed doll, remove all its stuffing and replace it with rice along with a piece of your fingernail. Sew the doll’s opening with a red thread and wrap the remaining thread around the doll.

You’ll have to give the doll a name, place it in a tub filled with water, and proceed to your hiding place. Turn off all the lights and switch the television on. Take a mouthful of saltwater, but don’t swallow it. Get out of your hiding place and start looking for the doll, which is probably not in the tub anymore.

Once you find the doll, pour saltwater over it, allow it to dry, then burn it and discard the remains. Also, take note of the static in the television during the game, since it would warn you about potential, unwanted visitors wandering around.

4. Dry Bones

Dry Bones

Similar to Hitori Kakurenbo, Dry Bones is a ritual wherein you’d be playing a game of hide and seek. But instead of a doll, you’d be playing with a demon. Playing with a demon doesn’t sound like a good idea, but thrill-seekers are in it for the hopes that their wishes will be fulfilled once they win the game.

What you’ll need for this game is a bathroom with a mirror, a candle, and some matches. Begin the game at exactly 12:01AM, after ensuring that you are alone and you’ve closed all the doors and windows of your home. Go to the bathroom and stare at your reflection in the mirror while listening to your surroundings. If you hear anything, get out of the house immediately since it means that the demon’s already there. If it’s completely silent, then you may proceed by thinking of something you really want as a prize. Make sure that your wish is not harmful to anyone.

Light the candle with the match, but don’t blow out the match yourself. Wait for it to burn out on its own, then lie down on the floor and say “I am aware of your presence and I welcome you into my home. Come now.” After that, go to the largest room in your house and wait for a moaning house, which would indicate that the hide-and-seek has begun. If you manage to hide from the demon until 3:00AM, then you win. You must say “Thank you for playing, but please leave now. You are no longer welcome.” The demon will leave once you hear a groan. Expect the prize outside your front door the next morning. Sure, getting a prize is great, but you might not want to risk playing this game once you figure out the consequences of losing.

3. Daruma-san

Paranormal Games Daruma-san

Daruma-san or the Bath Game is another ritual originating from Japan. It involves summoning a ghost which will most likely follow you all day long to try and catch you. In order to summon said ghost, go to your bathroom before bedtime, strip yourself naked, fill the tub with water, and turn off the lights. Climb inside the tub and position yourself in front of the faucet. Close your eyes and begin washing your hair while chanting the words “Daruma-san fell down” over and over.

You will see a mental image of a Japanese woman standing in front of a bathtub before she falls on a rusty tap which impales her through the eye. Continue the chant until you finish washing your hair. Once you feel a presence near you, ask out loud “Why did you fall in the bathtub?” Don’t wait for an answer. With your eyes kept shut, carefully stand up, get a towel, exit the bathroom, and close the door behind you. Leave the bath water overnight and get some sleep because the real game will begin the next day.

You’ll be feeling a presence constantly following you. Do not allow her to catch you by putting some distance between you and her. In order to capture her, gaze over your right shoulder and shout “Kitta!” while doing a karate chopping motion with your hand. If you don’t do this properly or if you fail to catch her before midnight, expect her to follow you into your dreams.

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2. Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web

You might be familiar with the popular children’s book, Charlotte’s Web, but have you tried playing the game named after it? In this game, you’ll be calling for the spirit of Charlotte Webster—a little girl from the 1400s whose mother has been accused as a witch and burned at the stake. If you dislike the idea of playing paranormal games by yourself, then this might be the game for you, since it requires two players.

You and your partner has to go to a dark room with a large mirror. Bring a flashlight and a toy, preferably one that a little girl would like. Set up two chairs in front of the mirror and a table behind the chairs. Place the toy on top of the table. Make sure the toy’s reflection can be seen in the mirror. You should both take your seats and make sure no other light comes through the room except the ones coming from your flashlights. Say the words “We want to play Charlotte’s Web” in unison.

Wait for Charlotte as she appears in the mirror to take the toy. You may now converse with her or ask her questions. Once you’re done, say “Goodbye, Charlotte” with your partner, and that’s it. Those who’ve tried this game claimed that Charlotte can be a sweetheart, especially if you get on her good side or if she likes the toy you offered. Don’t play this game in an attempt to try and piss her off, though, because accounts say that Charlotte throwing a tantrum would be the last thing you’d ever want to see.

1. Midnight Game

Midnight Games

The Midnight Game is probably the most popular game on the list. If you find the other paranormal games unchallenging and you want to go to the extremes, then this dangerous game might just be the one for you. The Midnight Game was believed to be an old Pagan ritual used as a punishment to those who disobeyed the religion.

The instructions on how to play this game can easily be found online, but the gist is that you have to summon the Midnight Man and walk around your house while making sure you don’t get caught by him. If you manage to avoid the Midnight Man until 3:33AM, then you have won the game.

The game is not that complicated since the procedures are clear and easy enough to follow. What’s more is that, this can be played by more than one person so if you’re too scared to do it alone but still want to do it anyway, you can just ask your friends to share the misery with you. Just keep in mind that most of the people who have played this game included a warning to NEVER try this game. Some have experienced hallucinations and some were even left with permanent, mental scars. This game was so popular that it was even adapted into a film .

List Created By; Shiela Arbuso

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Here Are 13 Paranormal Games That You Will Wish You Had Never Played

Here Are 13 Paranormal Games That You Will Wish You Had Never Played

Jodi Smith

For you morbid types out there who enjoy taking risks, these games lie right up your (dark and ominous) alley. Creepy paranormal games of today extend much further than just the Bloody Mary and Ouija board rituals from childhood. Thanks to the internet - mostly Reddit - a plethora of paranormal games and their instructions can be found and performed by anyone with time on their hands and a taste for thrills.

These scary games can sometimes be played alone, but others require the assistance of friends to complete. There are games for summoning demons, games to meet other paranormal entities and have wishes granted, and a variety of terrifying experiences. 

Turn on all the lights, grab a blanket, make sure you lock the doors, and get ready to learn more about creepy paranormal games you can play at home.

The Elevator Game Takes You To Another World

The Elevator Game Takes You To Another World

Elevators do more than take you from the lobby to the penthouse. If you follow the instructions of the Elevator Game, you'll enter the lift in the regular world and exit in an entirely different place .

This game requires a building with at least 10 stories and an elevator that can be accessed without being interrupted by other people. Once in the elevator, you'll press the buttons to visit floors in a particular order - without leaving the elevator.

The game goes very wrong if the player faints during it, as they will wake up at home - or a version of it. If a young woman enters the elevator on the fifth floor and the player looks at or speaks to her, she may kidnap the player. When attempting to return to the original world, a player must use the same elevator that took them to the alternate world - a feat harder than it seems.

The Three Kings Game Takes You To The 'Shadowside' To Get Answers

The Three Kings Game Takes You To The 'Shadowside' To Get Answers

The gist of the setup for Three Kings involves a dark room turned into a "throne room" with three chairs, two mirrors, a fan, a candle, a bucket of water, a mug, a charged cell phone, and several failsafe contingencies. The game itself has many very specific timeframes and red flags the player should adhere to, including evacuating the house if needed. Should you succeed at the game, you make it to the Shadowside, a mental plane where one might find answers to problems or bursts of inspiration.

If one of the red flags occurs - such as the phone not charging, a door being closed when it was left open, or a fan being off when it was left on - the player and any loved ones in the house must depart for a hotel and not return until after 6 am.

A candle lit for the game cannot go out, or the game will be over. A loved one cannot touch the player, but must attempt to stop the game at precisely 4:34 am. The player cannot look into the mirrors or anywhere other than straight ahead. They cannot stop the game early once the candle is lit, as it's rude to leave the two other kings after asking them questions.

Daruma-San Summons A Woman's Spirit For Hide-And-Seek

Daruma-San Summons A Woman's Spirit For Hide-And-Seek

After initiating a  ritual that includes the player washing their hair in the bath with their eyes closed to summon the spirit of a Japanese woman who died by a rusty faucet to the eye, Daruma-san begins when the player wakes the next day.

The next day will be spent with Daruma-san following the player and attempting to "catch" them, which is bad. If the player believes Daruma-san is too close for comfort, they can yell, "Tomare!" to give themselves time to run. Before midnight on the day of the game, the player has to look at the spirit over their right shoulder, yell, “Kitta!” and swing their arm in a downward cutting motion.

If this doesn't happen, the spirit can enter the player's dreams. If the player attempts to play the game again, Daruma-san will start right behind them. 

One-Man Hide-And-Seek Summons A Spirit Into A Doll's Body

One-Man Hide-And-Seek Summons A Spirit Into A Doll's Body

One-Man Hide-And-Seek involves the player stuffing a doll with rice and their own fingernail clippings before sewing it shut and wrapping it with crimson thread. After leaving the toy in a tub of water and declaring themselves "it," the player turns off the house lights and turns on a television in their hiding place. After counting to 10, the player returns to the doll, announces they've found it, stabs the toy, and declares the doll is now "it." The player returns to their hiding place before searching for the doll.

Once the doll is found, the player must ingest but not swallow salt water, spit it on the doll, and say, "I win," three times. The ritual stops, and the toy is dried, burned, and thrown out. 

If the player doesn't end the game after two hours, fails to remain quiet, or turns on the lights, they will be in danger from spirits in their home.

The Hooded Man Ritual Offers A Cab Ride To New Places

The Hooded Man Ritual Offers A Cab Ride To New Places

Before attempting to call for the Hooded Man and his cab , the player should cleanse the area where they plan to perform the ritual. A rotary or touch-tone landline phone is used to call a specific number, where the player recites the requisite words and summons a black taxi cab with the Hooded Man behind the wheel.

The player enters the cab's backseat, locks the door, goes to sleep, and follows very specific rules regarding what to do based on when they awake. After ending the ritual, another phone call is made before cleansing begins.

If the player speaks to another passenger, tries to get out of the cab without following the rules, or waits too long to end the ritual, the consequences can be life-threatening. No one knows what happens if the player stays in the cab until the Hooded Man reaches the end of his route, but it can't be good.

Capture Spirits On Film In The Picture Game

Capture Spirits On Film In The Picture Game

This game requires at least two players, but many more may join if desired. Basically, the group of people create a rope circle and place a glass filled with an alcoholic beverage in the center of it. Never stepping inside the rope circle, the participants sit around the circle, each with their own mirror, and take part in some ritualistic words and actions before photographing the spirits they've summoned . 

Going around the circle, each individual player will say, "I caught you," snap a picture using a camera with a flash, and then pass it to the next player. This happens three times before the ritual is closed and the spirits are dismissed.

If any player begins to cry or says they feel nauseated, skip them during the picture-taking portion of the ritual. If anyone during the ritual starts acting strangely or expresses fear, end the game immediately. If they do take a photo, end the ritual immediately and destroy the camera without looking at the picture they took. 

Should the ritual go well, the players then say, "It is time to go home," flip their mirrors over, cut the rope, and pour the glass of liquid outside on dirt. Then players check their cameras to see the subjects they've captured.

Summon The Mysterious Channel Infinity To Show You The Meaning Of Life

Channel Infinity  can be reached by one player using an analog television, a remote control, and mirrors. After setting up the TV, the player leaves it for about three hours and collects an item they hold dear, a key, a weapon, a pickaxe or sledgehammer, a favorite book, a cell phone, and a loved one to watch their back. 

Once the ritual is performed correctly, the player will be asked three to 26 questions to determine if they are shown their favorite television show with all of the characters horrifically murdered, or their least favorite person or thing. The player can also be pulled into a vortex to another dimension, making the pickaxe, key, and cell phone useful.

Channel Infinity will then allow the player to choose one show from the guide to watch; The Meaning of Life  is one example. The player can never share the knowledge gained from Channel Infinity and can only access it four times.

The Stalking Game Makes You Dream Of Your Passing

The Stalking Game Makes You Dream Of Your Passing

The Stalking Game must be played only when the participant suddenly feels a strong urge to do so, with no planning ahead of time. The player first walks to a crossroads, reaches into their pockets and holds an item from them in their right hand (or spits in their hand if they have empty pockets), spins in a direction determined by the color of the first bird they see, and then follows the first stranger they see.

If the player follows the person until they lose sight of them, they must go home and remain in bed until they sleep. If the stranger being stalked is lost because they accessed a home, the player should go to bed at their normal time. If the stranger is lost because they entered a building that isn't a house, the player stays up for 24 hours before finally sleeping. 

The item the player held the entire time they stalked the stranger is placed under their pillow - or wiped in the case of spit. The player sleeps until they dream about one or more of the following: their passing, a bloody woman with no eyes, spirits with advice, an angel, or a demon.

Regardless of what happens, a player must remain in bed until they dream.

Meet A Celestial Anchorite, Ask Some Questions, Forfeit Your Life

Celestial Anchorites walk undetected among humanity, transcribing its existence. If the player tracks down an Anchorite, the lucky player may ask one question of any kind and receive an answer. Those who wish to speak with a Celestial Anchorite have to be pure of body and mind, well-dressed, and armed with a gift. They must also avoid alcohol, drugs, and sex for 48 hours before meeting the divine entity.

After tracking the Celestial Anchorite to a city and building, knocking on doors, and posing a question and receiving an appropriate answer, the player will be invited into its home. When it's time to leave, the entity will entice the player to stay but must be refused. 

If the player takes any gifts or appears to accept a request to remain with the entity, they will be trapped in the building for the rest of their life and afterlife.

Summon A Childlike Entity And Ask It Questions With Charlotte's Web

Summon A Childlike Entity And Ask It Questions With Charlotte's Web

In Charlotte's Web, two players enter a dark room with flashlights, one mirror, two chairs, a table, and a toy to offer the spirit of Charlotte . The players sit in the chairs placed in front of the table, which holds the toy offering. The mirror is set up in front of the players, and the flashlights provide light. The players say in unison, "We want to play Charlotte's Web," and then remain calm while they wait.

Charlotte will appear in the mirror and take the toy if she likes it. If she doesn't like the toy, she will throw a tantrum, and the game must end immediately. If players bring candles, Charlotte may attack, as she saw her mother burned at the stake. If the players look away from the mirror, they are endangering themselves. 

If all goes well, players can ask questions of Charlotte before ending the game by saying, "Goodbye."

Latum Alterum Invites Ghosts To Party At Your House

Latum Alterum Invites Ghosts To Party At Your House

In a dark room with candles, paper, and a mirror, a player cuts their thumb open to begin this ritual for summoning spirits . The mirror goes on a wall, the blood goes on the paper, and a lit candle goes on the bloody paper. The player says, "I wish to speak with the other side. You are allowed into my home, to my event," three times, blows out the candle, lights another candle, closes their eyes, and says, "Thanks for coming to the event. I hope we have a pleasant get together. Welcome."

If the candles don't light, the player must leave the room immediately and not return until the next day. If the players feel a presence behind them or hear whispering, the ritual has worked, and spirits are in their home. Do not look at the spirits - even if they touch you - and simply stare straight ahead. 

If the ritual doesn't work and the candle goes out, the player must chant, "The event is over. You shall all go home and never return," with their eyes closed before leaving the room until morning.

The Staircase Ritual Will Let You Know If Your Home Is Haunted

Walking from the bottom step in their home to the top, the player will recite specific words while placing corresponding objects; for example, putting a strand of their hair on the 12th step and saying, “And here is the essence extracted from me."  Each stair is a curse that supernatural elements in the house cannot pass to access the second floor of the house, so it can be performed backward if the player sleeps on the first floor or in a hallway in the absence of any stairs.

The second part of the ritual has to begin at the exact time the first part ended and requires one hour per step, the destruction of a few items, and fresh blood. Once the player reaches the top step, they are finally able to turn and use their weapon on whatever appears before them.

If the ritual items are disturbed while the player sleeps, every piece must be encircled with salt overnight and then destroyed. Banishing the spirits to a specific part of the house angers them and using the stairs too much before completing the game weakens the curses placed there. Should the objects not be disturbed, then begins a many-hours-long ritual that will eventually banish the spirit(s) from your home.

The Librarian Ritual Is A Blood Contract For Knowledge

The Librarian Ritual Is A Blood Contract For Knowledge

This ritual must be performed between midnight and 4 am and works best in a library . There can be more than one player, but the participants must never speak to each other again after the ritual is done. The book, quill, and table used in it must be burned after because they become cursed in the process.

The Librarian appears after the players sign their name in blood on a page of a book, then ask, "What is the most powerful weapon?" The answer: "Knowledge." They then stab the book with a knife.

The players will all be given elevated mental prowess, but they will be forever followed by the Librarian. You will cast two shadows, and the Librarian will watch you as you sleep and likely drive you to insanity.

  • Graveyard Shift
  • Devils & Demons

Need to summon a spirit? Set up your Ouija board, light some candles, and follow these guides to get chatting with parties who have shuffled off this mortal coil and onto the next.

Zozo the Demon Is Haunting Your Ouija Board


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45 Scary Games To Play With Your Friends

Play at your own risk..

By Catherine LeFebvre and Micki Spollen — Written on Mar 13, 2021

hands on planchette and ouija board

Are you brave enough for Bloody Mary? Do you have the courage for Charlie Charlie? Not too scared to explore some haunted houses? We had so many scary games to play as kids, but now you're old enough to know better... right?

Truth be told, there's always going to be that part of you that believes there's something to all that demon summoning and soothsaying.

While it may seem like scary games are bad for you (anticipating Bloody Mary swooping through your bathroom mirror is stressful, ok?), research shows it might actually be the opposite. 

One study found that the adrenaline we get from being scared can actually help us burn some calories, while another suggests that the fear you feel when doing something like playing scary games or watching a horror film actually boosts your immune system.

So to that, we say game on!

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Here are 20 scary games to play when bored by yourself, or when you're just looking for what to do with your friends... if you think you can handle it.

Scary Games To Play With Friends:

Looking for some scary games to play during your next Girl's Night In? These should fit the bill!

1. Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board

There are a lot of things that went on at sleepovers that I'm glad I didn't think much about when I was at them. This game is said to be one of the scariest horror games as to how real it can be. 

This is a game where one person pretends to be dead while everyone else chants "light as a feather, stiff as a board" demonically while they make her levitate. Creepy, right?

Creepier still is that  this game actually works , and you can get the "dead" person pretty high off the ground. And knowing my friends, if we played this today, someone's getting dropped onto the ground. There's no getting around at least some sort of minor back injury, and that’s a terrifying thought.

2. Ouija Board

Sure, we all know it's just a mass-manufactured board game sold in Toys-R-Us (while there still was Toys-R-Us). And I'm definitely guilty of being the one moving the indicator (c'mon, we all did it).

But then, don't you kinda want to believe you can use a ouija board to reach out to the other side?

If I were a spirit, I'd totally mess with a group of grownups who pulled out the ouija board. It's still a scary game to play today because you're just asking for trouble — just be sure to  follow all the rules . You've been warned!

3. Concentrate

Another creepy sleepover game that now makes me question if I understood what fun was as a kid. You close your eyes and sit on the ground while your friend  recites a dark poem  about people dying and babies crying, imitates murdering you in various ways, and then pushes you over.

By the end, you're supposed to have gotten into a trance that will allow you to see how you will die.

4. The Answer Man

This game might be a little less freaky since it requires 10 people to play. Safety in numbers, right?

You all stand in a circle, and everyone calls the person to their left, making sure you all hit send at the same time. Most everyone will get a busy signal, but if you're lucky, someone will get through to The Answer Man.

For every question you ask him, he can ask you one in return. And if he doesn't like your answer, it won't be pretty, no matter how many friends are around.

Basically, the opposite of Light as a Feather, this game is said to make you feel like your body is filled with sand, making it almost impossible for you to stand up.

6. Red Book

Playing this game will get you in touch with a spirit, who'll chat with you through the sentences in a book. 

7. The Corner Game

This isn't a game so much as it is a summoning ritual. You and three friends each stand in a corner of an empty room with the lights turned off, do a series of moves and hope that a) no one disappears, and b) a ghost doesn't show up.

Apparently, it's a good way to draw demons out of your ceilings, since seeing the people moving from corner to corner intrigues them.

Read that last sentence again — there are  demons  in your  ceilings , and just moving around the corners of your rooms makes them appear.

Not at all terrifying, I swear.

8. Three Kings

Three Kings is a scary game to play when you have questions that Google can't answer. You set up three chairs in your basement: one is "the throne" where you sit, and the other two hold mirrors for "queen" and "fool" spirits to enter by.

After summoning the demons, you have exactly one hour and one minute to ask questions. All silly fun, except for one catch: you need a partner to call you back to the real world when your time is up. Nothing like admitting to a friend you need demonic therapy.

9. Don't Look Behind You

Another scary game in the basement-demon-summoning-for-questions genre.

For this one, you light a candle and set it up behind three chairs, where you and two friends sit. Then you invite the demons to join you but promise you won't look at them (hence the name of the game).

Don't Look Behind You's rules are pretty genius in freaking you out, and laughing is a big no-no. If you don't take the game seriously, the demon will kill you. And obviously, you'll be dying to look behind you, but if you do, the demon will attack.

10. Dry Bones

Dry Bones is all about hiding. You ask a deadly spirit into your house, and then try to hide from him until 3 AM. If you make it, your wish will be granted. If you don't, well... you don't make it.

It's scary if he shows up, but it's also scary if he doesn't, because you just sat alone, in the dark, in your house, until 3 AM. And you've got stuff to do tomorrow. That's called being an adult.

11. The Shoebox Telephone

If you've ever wanted to contact someone from the afterlife, this is your chance.

To set up your call, you'll need a paper cup, string attached to a needle, a shoebox, scissors, pen and paper, an object with a personal connection to the person you want to contact, and a dark closet.

At the end of the day before you go to sleep, turn off all distractions — your TV, your phone, etc — and spend some time meditating. You want your mind as clear as can be. Then, when the time feels exactly right, start writing your letter. Don't correct any mistakes or cross anything out, just let everything flow.

When you're done writing, tie the string to your object and, using the needle, guide the other end of the string through the bottom of the paper cup. Remove the needle and tie a knot so you have what looks like an old wired telephone.  

Read your letter out loud into the cup, mistakes and all, with full intention. If at any moment you start feeling doubt, abort the mission! You may get the wrong number.

Once you're done reading, put your letter and the object, which should still be attached to the cup, into the shoebox. Close the shoebox and place the cup standing on top of the lid. 

In time, you'll receive a "call." It will come in a dream — get up immediately and go right to your box. If the box is closed with the cup still upright on top, it's safe to take the call. Put the cup to your ear and listen. 

If the shoebox is open or the cup is tipped over, don't answer and cut the string.

It's important to never speak during this received call, even if asked questions. Once the call is over, snap the string. Discard the cup (never put it to your ear again) and leave the shoebox closed for some time. 

12. Ghost Paper Challenge / Spirit of the Door

If you've ever wanted to ask a ghost a few questions, now's your chance.

Shortly before 3 AM, turn off all of the lights in your house. Go into a room, close the door, and light a candle. At 3 AM on the dot, knock on the door three times and repeat this phrase three times: "Spirit of the door, I welcome you. Make yourself present and come through." Using a pen, write a question on a piece of paper and slide it halfway under the door with the pen on top.

After a few minutes, if the paper remains where you left it, your attempt did not work. Try again another time.

If your paper is gone, the ghost is writing you a message. If the paper does not reappear, abort the mission and try again another time but don't open the door until daytime. If the paper returns, read the message.

Repeat this process two more times to ask a total of (and no more than) three questions. If at any time you're told to go away, listen!

After asking your three questions, thank the ghost for its time and blow out the candle. Don't open the door again until daylight.

13. The Elevator Game

A game about pushing buttons and following directions should be right up the alley of most adults. If you think about it, most jobs today are just following directions and pushing buttons. But it's pretty rare for data entry to result in portals to other worlds and creepy women hoping for the chance to eat a human soul.

It's debated whether or not the elevator game should be played alone or if you can play it with friends. But either way, to get started, step into an elevator. And it's important to note that if anyone gets on or off the elevator at any time in the sequence, you have to start over.

1. Press the button for the 4th floor.

2. Press the button for the 2nd floor. 

3. Press the button for the 6th floor.

4. Press the button for the 2nd floor. 

5. Press the button for the 10th floor. 

6. Press the button for the 5th floor. If a woman enters here, don't talk to her! She's not human and will take you if you do. 

7. Press the button for the 1st floor. The elevator will either go up or down. If you end up on the first floor, get off the elevator! If you end up on the tenth floor, you are in the other world. The woman who got on at the fifth floor may try to talk to you — don't answer her. You'll know you're in the other world because your phone won't work, and you won't be able to see anything out of the windows except a red cross.

To get back to our real world, follow the same steps. If you start ascending back to the tenth floor after the fifth, press any other button to cancel the ascension. Once you reach the first floor, very carefully assess your surrounding to make sure you're no longer in the other world.

As an added disturbing bonus, this is rumored to be the game that Elisa Lam was playing prior to her untimely death.

14. The Picture Game

If you play The Picture Game right, you'll capture a photo of a ghost! To play, you'll need string or a rope, two small mirrors, a camera with the flash on, a glass filled with some alcohol, and something sharp like scissors or a knife. 

First, make the rope into a circle and knot it, then place it on the floor in the middle of the room. Put the glass of alcohol into the middle of the circle and with the lights off, sit around the circle with your mirrors in front of you pointed up towards the ceiling. 

Close your eyes and hold hands, and in turn, each person should say "I trust you." Then, in unison, chant three times: "The door is open, please come in." Congratulations — if there's a ghost around, you just let it in.

Open your eyes and pass the camera around the circle. Whoever has the camera should take a photo of whatever is in front of them (remember, flash on) and say "I caught you." Don't look at the photos yet — repeat this process three times. 

To end the game and (hopefully) send whatever ghost you summoned back to where it came from, everyone in unison should say "It is time to go home" and turn your mirrors face down. Turn on the lights, cut the rope circle open, and pour the glass of alcohol outside. 

You can now look at your photos.

15. The Midnight Game

The Midnight Game is one of the most horrifying games there is, so play at your own risk! 

To play, you need a candle, pen and paper, matches or a lighter, salt, a wooden door, and most importantly and grotesquely, a drop of your own blood.

Write your full name on the piece of paper along with a drop of your own blood. Turn off all of the light and place the paper in front of the closed wooden door. Light the candle and put it on top of the paper. Knock on the door 22 times — the last knock should land exactly at midnight. Open the door, blow out the candle, and then close the door — the Midnight Man is now with you until 3:33 AM. 

Light the candle again and spend the next few hours avoiding the Midnight Man. If your candle goes out, it means he's near you. Relight the candle within ten seconds and getaway!

If at any point you can't relight the candle, surround yourself with a circle of salt, where you'll stay until 3:33 AM.

If the Midnight Man attacks you, you'll start hallucinating and seeing your deepest fear as he harvests your organs.

Sounds fun, right?

16. Dark Reflection Ritual

This game is all about negative energy, so the more people you have to play it with, the better, as the negative energy will be bestowed upon you all making it less severe for each person. 

At sunset, grab a mirror and take turns looking into your reflection and breathing onto the glass, making it fog up. This links you to the mirror and transfers your negative energy into it. 

Once everyone has had their turn, light the candle and hold it to the mirror to agitate the negative energy — the longer you hold the candle to it, the more intense the negative energy will be. Next, break the mirror and start running to get as far away from the negative energy as possible. 

The negative energy is attached to you now and will follow you the rest of the night, slowly getting more and more intense. But if you make it through dawn, you'll be rewarded with good energy just as strong as the negative energy you're leaving behind.

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Scary Games for Two People:

You don't need a whole group of people to play these games. Just a friend you trust with your life!

17. Red Door Yellow Door / Doors of Your Mind.

Red Door Yellow Door, also known as the Doors of Your Mind, is a game that definitely gets scarier the older you are. It's basically a guided meditation through the deepest parts of your brain. You visualize your mind as a long corridor with multiple doors, and you choose which ones to open.

First, lay down face up and make yourself comfortable. Your friend should slowly rub your temples in a circular motion to get you into a meditative state.

Next, your friend should guide you down the corridor by giving you a description of a long hallway filled with doors and ask you to begin exploring. As you explore in your mind, describe to your friend exactly what you're seeing as it happens.

I know I've got some downright vile stuff bouncing around my head, and I don't care to open any of that up, thank you very much.

18. Cat Scratch

Also known as Catscratches or Black Cat Scratch, this game is eerie but won't leave you in any pain.

To play, sit down on the floor while your friend lays on their back with their head in your lap. Tell them a scary story about a cat as you rub their temples. End the story by saying "cat scratch" three times.

Your friend should get up quickly right away and lift up their shirt to find red claw marks up their back.

19. Charlotte's Mirror / Charlotte's Web

According to the lore , "Charlotte" is a 7-year-old girl from the 1400s whose mother was burned at the stake after being accused of being a witch. After her mother's death, Charlotte ran into the woods where she eventually died, but apparently can now chat with curious people through mirrors. 

To play, you and a friend should set up two chairs about two feet apart facing the same direction. Put a mirror in front of the chairs so that you'll be able to see your reflections when you sit down, and a table behind the chairs with a toy of your choice on top. You should be able to see the toy's reflection in the mirror from the chairs. Turn on a flashlight, turn out the lights, and sit in your chairs. 

In unison, look in the mirror and say "We want to play Charlotte's Web." Watch the toy in the mirror. Important: never look away from the mirror, not even to look at your friend. Your eyes should be on what's going on in the mirror at all times.

If nothing happens, Charlotte doesn't want to play. Look into the mirror and together, say, "Goodbye Charlotte" and turn on the lights. If you're lucky (or unlucky?) Charlotte will pick up the toy. You can chat with her but never look away from the mirror.

When you're done playing, both of you will say, "Goodbye Charlotte" and turn on the lights. 

20. The Binoculars Game / Eye Spy

To play, you'll need one flashlight for every window in your house, paper and pen, at least 17 feet of rope, scissors, a timer, and lastly, a set of binoculars. 

Start at sunset. Close and lock all doors and windows and put a lit flashlight on each windowsill. Put a chair or other heavy object that you can use as an anchor near a door and tie one end of the rope to it. Put your friend (perhaps one you don't mind losing, for they might not want to be your friend after this) near the anchor but far enough from the door that they can't touch it. Tie the other end of the rope around them. They're to remain silent for the rest of the game.

On the piece of paper, write, "We welcome you. You shall not be harmed." Slip the paper under the door near your friend. At 10:30 PM on the dot, turn off all lights in the house except for the flashlights. Put your ear on the door by your friend and listen carefully.

If you don't hear anything, the game is over. Turn on the lights, untie your friend, and burn the note you slipped outside. Probably best if you leave the house!

If you hear knocking, take the binoculars and scissors and move about the house checking each window. As you get to each window, turn off its flashlight and look outside with your binoculars until you see a figure in the distance. 

Once you see it, yell: "Forgive, for I am mistaken." Close your eyes and quickly reopen them and look outside again. If he's gone, the game is over. If not, you better hope you locked all entrances to the house. Take your scissors and go looking.

21. Sara Sarita

Playing Sara Sarita is easy to play and if you're successful, you'll be in contact with two young girls who are said to have been murdered in Mexico. 

To play, you just need a friend and two coins of the same value. Each of you holding a coin, sit on the ground, and face each other. In unison, say: "Sara Sarita, can I enter your game?" Toss the coins over your heads so that they land on the ground behind you.

If both coins land on heads, it means you're in the game. Ask questions and throw the coins to receive your answers, heads meaning yes, tails meaning no, and one of each meaning maybe. 

You end the game the same way you started, saying instead, "Sara Sarita, can I leave your game?" And you must keep playing until you both get a yes.

22. Dead Man Dead Man Take Me To Your Grave

This game will make your arms rise up on their own. To play, you just need a friend to help.

One person closes their eyes while the other says, "Count to 10 in your head then nod." Once that's done, the person speaking will move the other's arms back and forth above and below each other 10 times.

You'll repeat this process a few times, going from 10 times to five, then seven, then three. Once you're done, the person speaking should snap their fingers three times and repeat "dead man, dead man, take me to your grave" until the other person's arms start lifting up on their own.

Scary Games to Play by Yourself

Only the bravest of the brave dare to give these games a try. Be warned, these are some of the creepiest games in general, and playing by yourself can be very traumatic if you aren't up for the scare. 

23. Bloody Mary

You know there's nothing to it — you could chant Bloody Mary's name until you turned blue and no one more interesting than your brave self would be staring back through that mirror.

But... what if?

The whole point of this scary game is to prove you don't believe it's possible to summon a vengeful, murderous witch by something so silly as chanting in front of a mirror. But  the game's been around forever . So maybe there is some truth to it?

24. The Candyman

A lot of people think this is the same thing as Bloody Mary, and well... they're mostly right. But it's Bloody Mary with a twist.

First off, you have to say The Candyman's name five times. Then, he'll only kill you if he catches you before you turn a light on. (Presumably, he'll also be very upset if you mention the  questionable 1992 movie  about him, and he'll kill you regardless of whether you get to the light or not.)

As an adult, I know I'm not as agile as I used to be, and I seem to have forgotten where half my light switches are. So if the Candyman shows up in the mirror at midnight, I'd probably be a little thrilled and also a lot dead.

25. Charlie Charlie / The Pencil Game

Sometimes known as The Pencil Game, Charlie Charlie is a way to contact a specific ghost, a little boy named — you guessed it — Charlie.

To play Charlie Charlie, follow these four steps: 

1. Draw an X on a piece of paper.

2. Label two of the resulting v-shaped sections “no,” and two of them “yes.”

3. Place two overlapping pencils on each line of your X, crossing them in the middle.

4. Ask, “Charlie, Charlie, are you there?” and then ask your question.

The kid is kind of like a spirit version of a Magic 8 Ball, except that if Charlie doesn't want to play with you, he'll try to stab you with one of the pencils you need for the game. Lovely.

26. Hide and Seek Alone

Popularized in Japan, this game is simple: hide in a closet and ask if something wants to take you into the darkness. If you hear something, light a match and run away.

If you don’t hear anything, I’d still light a match and run away. Because if you do hear something and don't light a match and run away, you get pulled into eternal darkness forever.

The fear factor is pretty high with this: you have to find a closet you can fit in without claustrophobia setting in, there's the chance you'll accidentally light yourself on fire in said claustrophobic space, and on top of that there's the usual fear of dealing with a demonic spirit you've summoned for kicks in the middle of the night.

27. Tsuji-ura / The Fortune Game

Also known as the Crossroads Fortune Game, this one's a little easier to play — but just as creepy!

You just need a comb, a crossroads, and nighttime. Run the comb over your teeth to make some noise, and then say "Tsuji-ura, tsuji-ura, grant me a true response."

If a stranger approaches you, ask them your fortune. Presumably, the stranger is unearthly and terrifying, but you're supposed to hide your face when they approach, so it's tough to tell.

28. The Triple Mirror Game

To play, you'll need three big mirrors (that can stand on their own and that you never want to use again after this), three pieces of fabric (they should be able to cover each mirror), a white candle, matches, or a lighter, and salt. 

Turn out the lights and ensure no light is getting into the room. Put a line of salt in front of all possible entrances to the room, like windowsills and under the door.

Now, this is where it gets a little confusing. Place one mirror so that it is across from the door, but turned at an angle so that it reflects the door into the second mirror. The second mirror should be perpendicular to the door so as to reflect the door's reflection into the third mirror, which should be directly across from and facing the second mirror. You should now see the door's reflection in all mirrors. 

Place the candle in front of the door between all mirrors and light it. Stand outside the mirrors adjacent to mirrors one and two so that you can see what's reflected in the third mirror. Note what you see — look closely — but don't look into the mirror for too long.

To end the game, cover up each mirror but never step into the middle of the three mirrors until they're all covered. Extinguish the candle and turn on the lights. Without uncovering the mirrors, place them away from each other with each one facing a wall and keep them there for at least 72 hours. 

Once the 72 hours is up, you can store the mirrors with or without the covers but be sure to throw some salt on them. And most importantly, never use them to look at your own reflection ever again.

29. The Bath Game /  Daruma-san

The Bath Game is like a super creepy version of a spa. Before going to bed, sit in the full tub in the dark facing the faucet. Close your eyes and wash your hair as you chant: "Daruma-san fell down. Daruma-san fell down." Continue chanting the entire time you wash your hair.

You'll picture a Japanese woman standing in the tub, who will fall and slip onto a rusty faucet which will gouge her eye out and kill her. At this point, you'll hear and/or feel her in the tub with you — this means you've summoned the ghost. But don't look! Ask her: "Why did you fall in the bathtub?" Then, get out of the tub and go to bed, but don't turn any lights on, and most importantly, don't drain the tub until morning.

When you wake up in the morning, the one-eyed woman will be with you. You'll feel her presence, but don't let her catch you. If she gets too close, you can say "Tomare!" which will put distance between you. 

To end the game — which you must do before midnight or else she'll kill you in your dreams — you have to look at her and say "Kitta!" as you make a chopping motion with your arm, which will cut her loose.

30. The Closet Game

To play this game you just need a dark closet, a match, and zero regard for whether you live or die. 

Just kidding. Sort of. 

To get started, turn out the lights in your room and get in the closet. Stay there quietly in the dark for two minutes, then hold the match in front of you as you say "Show me the light or leave me in darkness." If you hear whispers, light the match immediately. Don't light it if you don't hear anything. 

Either way, once you're ready, leave the closet, close the door, and for good measure, never open it ever again.

31. Baby Blue

Like Bloody Mary, but with a horrifying baby instead. 

To play, go into the bathroom, turn off the lights, and lock the door. Look into the mirror and position your arms as if you're holding an infant, and say 13 times: "Baby blue, blue baby."

If you do it without any mistakes, you'll feel the weight of a baby in your arms. The baby will start scratching at you. Before it gets too heavy, you have to flush it down the toilet. If you take too long, a screaming woman will appear in the mirror asking for her baby back and will kill you if you're still holding it.

32. The Little Finger Game

To play, you need to read a story . Either out loud or in your head is fine, but you should never read the story unless you want to play the game. 

That's it. That's all you need to do. Then, you wait. 

Within seven days of reading the story, you'll have the dream the story describes. A woman in your dream will ask for help looking for her little finger — it's advised that you say yes. And you'd better hope you're good at hide and seek.

33. The Dice Game

If you're willing to risk it all, this game is for you. 

To get started, you'll need two dice, a table to play on, an opaque, lightweight cup, the board from your favorite board game (any game, it doesn't need to require dice to play), a stopwatch, and your most fervent desire.

Place your board on the table and put of the dice on one end of the board. This is the first die. The second die will go inside the cup, which you'll place right side up on the opposite side of the board from the first die. 

Say: "The game is set. Care to make your wager?" After a moment, state your desire. Then exit the room and close the door. 

After seven minutes but before 11 minutes, reenter the room. If everything is as you left it, he doesn't want to play — dismantle the game and dispose of the second die. 

If everything is as you left it but the second die is no longer in the cup, you've made him angry. Dismantle the game and do your best to find the second die and destroy it.

If the cup is upside down with the second die inside of it, it's your turn. Pick up the first die and roll it. Noting the number you've rolled, pick up the cup and compare your roll to the second die. If your number is higher, you win and within a couple of days, your wish will come true. If they're the same, it's a tie and life will continue on as it was. If your number is lower, you lost, and you will suffer the consequences.

34. Queen of Spades

Queen of Spades is said to be the Russian equivalent of Bloody Mary, so you know it's scary!

35. Devil Face

If the name isn't scary enough and you still want to actually play it, you'll need 12 black candles and a lighter.

Before midnight, lock yourself in the bathroom and turn out the lights. Standing in front of the mirror, light the candles and close your eyes until midnight on the dot. Once you open your eyes, you'll see the devil's face in the mirror. 

36. The Gambler Game

If playing card games with your friends isn't high enough stakes for you, then you can wager your life to The Gambler. While the reward is great luck for the rest of your life, the consequences of this game are severe!

37. The Telephone Ritual

This game is basically like making a prank call to a ghost. To play, you must be in a house alone — no pets, no parents, no friends — and in the dark. The house also needs to have a landline, so good luck with that.

To play, go into the bathroom and scatter salt on the threshold outside the bathroom door. Then close and lock the door. Turn on a flashlight and point it into the toilet, then using your cell phone, call the house's landline and see who answers.

Scary Video Games:

If you're not totally in the mood to contact dead people (we get it) or let evil spirits into your home (understandable), try playing some of these scary games online.

38. Scary Maze

This is an OG scary online game and a perfect way to prank your friends or play yourself. 

Just have a friend or  start the maze  yourself, and if with friends, be sure to have your camera rolling for the perfect jump scare TikTok.

39. Silent Hill 

Silent Hill is said to be the OG of scary video games as the series started in 1999 and lasted until 2014. Silent Hill follows the story of a girl who haunts a small town in Maine and a man who visits the town as a getaway after the death of his wife is set on a psychological survival horror where he has to survive and fight monsters and search for his missing daughter.

40. Ouija Voices

Don't have an actual ouija board? Try using one online !

41. Slenderman Must Die

A first-person shooter game that puts you face-to-face with Slenderman (or face to whatever it is that Slenderman has) as you try to escape from his grasp.

Scary Games to Play on Your Phone:

42. horror hospital.

In this survival horror game, you have to explore the abandoned and dirty hallways of a large hospital to save your friends from ghosts and using only the light of a flashlight to guide your way. You have to be careful where you shine your light as you don't know what might be lurking in the dark waiting to kill you. 

43. The Five Nights At Freddy's Series

If you want to be scared by some creepy demonic animatronic animals, then this is the game for you. This game is said to be one of the most popular and the number one horror game for almost all ages. Five Nights At Freddy's is where you play as a night-watch guard controlling the cameras at this amusement-type park game, and you have to carefully wait in anticipation as the animatronic SAW-like characters move and keep you scared by suspense. 

44. Sara Is Missing

In this murder mystery game, you find the missing Sara's phone and you have to try and discover what happened to her and piece together information from texts, calls, emails, notifications to try and figure out what happened. 

In this game, you explore this creepy black and white noir world that seems like you're stuck in limbo as you explore where you are and navigate your way through scary monsters, landscapes, and puzzles. 

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Catherine LeFebvre is a writer and editor living in LA with her Goldendoodle, Grover Cleveland. Her husband and son live with them too. She’s done time with Martha Stewart ( here , not here ), Food Network, and Nickelodeon. You can follow her on Instagram @discolefebvre.

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a real ghost games

[Top 25] Best Paranormal Games That Are Fun

a real ghost games

With our calendars officially flipping to October, we can start to get excited for the spookiest season. To prepare for flickering jack o’lanterns and prowling black cats, fellow gamers can turn to paranormal games that are terrifying yet addictive. From ghastly ghosts scaring the daylights out of you to suspenseful missions that’ll have you on the edge of your seat, paranormal games are the best way to jumpstart your Halloween experience.   

There are so many paranormal games to choose from, so how do you know which one rises above the rest? Here are twenty-five of the best paranormal games to satisfy your ghoulish cravings. 

25. The Rewinder - 2020 (PC, Nintendo Switch, XBO) 

a real ghost games

Help dead souls find rebirth and return to the living world!

Misty Mountain Studio has developed an adventure puzzle game based on Chinese mythology and folklore. Like Oxenfree, this is a two-dimensional (2D) game that has you playing as the last known Rewinder, someone who has the ability to communicate with spirits and explore their memories to alter their past. 

The graphics are incredible in this point-and-click game; there’s stunning artwork that sticks to its cultural roots with light, deliberate brushstrokes and, when combined with the gentle, momentous background music, creates an atmosphere saturated in culture. The deliberate shadow work intensifies the eerie undertones of the scene and works to build suspense. 

It’s incredibly important to note that this game is more than just basic puzzles and involves a lot of movement and searching. There’s even a crafting mechanism that requires you to gather materials at one point in the game, so head into this game with high expectations to be entertained!

24. Last Days of Lazarus -  2022 (PC, XBO/X/S, Nintendo Switch, PS5) 

a real ghost games

This game will make your family issues seem like a walk in the park. 

For unknown reasons, Lazarus’ mother has committed suicide, and he cannot attend the funeral. Lazarus finally returns home after her death, and a series of unexpected events occur, leading him to wonder what the circumstances were surrounding his mother’s death. Supernatural hallucinations jostle Lazarus’ reality and make him question the truth. 

This game was co-developed by GrimTalin and Darkania Works. It is set in Romania and every aspect is layered in mystery. Suspicions even rouse at the mention of Lazarus’ background. What work did he have to tend to that was so important he couldn’t attend his mother’s funeral? You’ll wonder about your character’s identity and slowly uncover Lazarus’ true self. 

Some “almost” jumpscares are just as scary as real ones, like the strange, gory being appearing and vanishing into thin air. It helps to build suspense but makes you wonder about the story’s direction. Religious imagery with beautiful details submerges you in this virtual world. There is so much stuff everywhere that it can be a little overwhelming. Take a look around the house and the story will begin to build itself!

23. The Horror of Salazar House - 2020 (PC) 

a real ghost games

Enter this retro gameplay to investigate the sinister happenings at Salazar House!

Developed by Ignacio Maldonado and published by Torture Star Video, The Horror of Salazar House permits you to play as Elisa, a reporter examining the disappearances of renowned author Jaime Salazar and his family, and explore a haunted mansion in search of clues to reveal the Salazar family’s fate. 

This point and click game has multiple endings, and the graphics give this game a new, uncontested look. Your health, map, and item inventory are listed right on the screen with a really simple, pixelated look; it really reminds me of sitting on those uncomfortable stools in an old-school arcade. Nostalgia is a big factor here!

This game does a great job of building suspense. There are definitely a few creepy depictions, and they start well before you even enter the mansion. These gory scenes help build apprehension about opening the gate to the mansion. Upon entry, there are plenty of hiding spots available, and this gives the reader anxiety; what will you be hiding from?

22. Nightmare Frames - 2022 (PC)

a real ghost games

Are you a horror film fanatic? This might be the game for you.  

In this investigative thriller, you’ll play as Alan Goldberg, a struggling horror movie screenwriter. Set in Hollywood in 1985, Goldberg is lacking creative inspiration and is losing all hope of a successful career. Then, billionaire Helen Westmore vows to grant him his every desire if he can locate accredited director Edward Keller’s dying work, left unpublished to the public. It’s said to be his scariest yet. 

In search of the missing film, play your way through film production companies, VFX workshops, unsettling religious cults, and a haunted town with frightening roots tied to Keller’s final sighting. This point and click game pays homage to 80’s slasher films and culture, and relies on puzzles for gameplay progression. 

What’s interesting is how much detail is packed into the gameplay. There are more than eighty explorable locations and fifty characters to meet, so the fun can last you all throughout the holiday season. Even better, the story gets darker the deeper you get, so the suspense can build as Halloween gets closer. 

21. Casuality - 2021 (PC)

a real ghost games

Did you love tag as a child? Well, this game takes it to a different level. 

Developer WAFFLE GAMES has taken a beloved childhood game and given it a horrifying makeover. In this game, you have to rescue three students stuck in a haunted school. In the process, you’ll uncover horrifying secrets about the school’s origins that’ll make your stomach twist with apprehension. 

You’ll spend this third-person game plagued by a Poltergeist that interferes with your internal thoughts and scrambles the blueprints of the school. Endure the changes it inflicts upon you to find your way to the three students and escape the school. Additionally, traps and puzzles are around each corner, so this won’t be an easy task. 

This game really personifies the school in a diverse way. It’s almost as if the school itself is a villainous entity, fueling the demonic beings that prowl the hallways. Each enemy you encounter will have different killing strategies and behavior patterns to learn, so the evil in this school really does come alive at every chance it gets.  

20. Haunt Chaser - 2021 (PC)

a real ghost games

Fun with friends has never been so scary. 

This is a 4-player co-op horror game developed by Clock Wizard Games (also eligible for solo play). There is also a 4v1 party mode that allows someone to take control of a paranormal entity and terrorize the others. You’ll start with Season One: Orphanage, and the developer will continue to release more themed seasons for free with new content. 

In Season One: Orphanage, you need to use ghost hunting equipment to free the spirits of tormented children and banish the evil spirit haunting the rest of the village. You must evade scary ghosts that pop out at any given sound you make while successfully completing quests. 

This RPG has an interesting take on life cycles; you’re allowed a certain number of revives that vary by difficulty. If you die, you go to purgatory and can watch your friends as they play and try to revive you. However, once you run out of revives, you’ll be stuck in purgatory, so tread lightly!

19. Devil Inside Us: Roots of Evil - 2021 (PC, XBO, PS4/5, Nintendo Switch) 

a real ghost games

Do you dare take this demon on as a seventy-four year-old priest?

In this game, you’ll be a priest helping a family rid their house of the haunting demonic spirits. With your medium abilities, you’ll rely on your visions to take you on strange adventures and guide you through the game, so explore them to exorcize the demons plaguing the family. When you find cursed objects or stumble upon demons, pull out your crucifix to expel the evil being from your presence.

Look for notes scattered around the house to gain more information about the family’s background and the house itself. While an understanding can easily be earned through simple gameplay, story cohesion is better if you search for the notes. Loud sounds compliment the eerie silence of the home and pair well with unforeseen jumpscares.

This game has a catch. You will be seventy-four years old and have limited mobility. Beware of how slowly you move; you can only run for a few seconds before you start panting and your vision quality decreases, signaling poor health. This really adds to the dread of the game since you have to slowly move around the house and you feel particularly vulnerable. 

18. Horror Story: Hallowseed - 2021 (PC) 

a real ghost games

Face the horror that lurks beyond the trees during this hellish camping trip .

Camping should be a fun experience, but it’s anything but that for Michael and his two friends. Playing as Michael, you’ll notice things go awry in the middle of the night while telling scary stories around the campfire. You wake up alone in an unknown area, so go back to the campsite and find out what happened to your friends. 

As you progress through the game, you’ll notice heavy religious imagery as you stroll through the woods. There are altars with stacks of bones and wooden crosses erected in the soil, leading you to believe there are some rituals taking place. These religious undertones are really scary because there’s a notion that you’re interfering with something more powerful and divine. 

This game really reminds me of Outlast 2 and Amnesia. From the wooden buildings shrouded in overgrown brush to the unsettling religious imagery, this game is as dark and dreary as its counterparts. Similarly to the other games, everything looks super dry and like nothing has been alive in quite some time. It seems that death pervades this area, so explore cautiously!

17. DreadOut - 2014 (PC, MacOS) 

a real ghost games

Talk about an eventual school trip. 

A group of high school students jet off on an average school field trip and stumble upon a dilapidated, abandoned town that hasn’t seen life in many years. They decide to take a casual stroll through the area, but it turns sinister quickly when the structures expose their dark secrets to the unassuming visitors. 

You’ll be playing as Linda, one of the students on the field trip. You’ll have a smartphone and an SLR camera, and you’re expected to combat the evil beings in the town while solving puzzles that will affect your future. In the midst of it all, you’ll witness Linda deal with her mounting dread and experience unpredicted powers stirring within her that may save her life. 

This game can be switched from first person to third person; it’s a quirk that not many games have, so it’s worth noting. You can alternate based on your preference and, at times, it may even be beneficial to reach an objective using one perspective versus another. 

16. Hide Alone - 2022 (PC) 

a real ghost games

Hide and seek, anyone?  

Hide Alone is a first-person survival horror game that requires you to play a dangerous game of hide and seek with a creepy doll. This game was created by independent developer Sangwoon Jin andbegins in a desolate home with a doll clothed in a blood-red suit. Follow the hide and seek guide and prep the house for the game. You’re being timed, so be quick before death greets you!

The game throws you right into the scene without any warning. It makes you really fearful from the start because you get to observe the strange pentagram drawn onto the floor in red and the strategically placed candles around the doll in the center. Sometimes, knowing how scary something will be before it happens builds suspense. 

This is intended to be a quick game, but will satisfy your craving to be scared this Halloween season. You may have to repeat it a few times because time is of the essence and there’s no way to keep track of how much time has passed. It’s harder than you think, so prepare yourself for the dread that comes with the unexpected.

15. Witch Hunt - 2018 (PC) 

a real ghost games

Dive into the open world of horrors and live your worst nightmare.  

Independent video game developer, Andrii Vintsevych, created this survival, open world RPG set in the 18th century, Witch Hunt. As a horror-themed hunting game with a heavy focus on non-linearity and unearthly atmosphere, you’ll play as a witch hunter with free roam over a virtual world. 

Your task is to eliminate the evil demons in the woods, and these epic fights can be classified as boss battles. Each boss battle is different and requires a unique approach, so this game offers a lot of fun versatility. You’ll have to track down these demons, and most of your time will be spent investigating where they were last seen. 

This game requires patience, just like real hunting. You have to rely on the financial and skill systems to progress in the game and unlock certain features (ex: Fast Travel), and an accumulation of needed materials and skills takes time. You may find the game frustrating if you’re looking for something fast-paced. 

14. HellSign - 2021 (PC)  

a real ghost games

Defend the human world from the unearthly creatures threatening to enter this realm. 

Play as a Hunter, a defender of humanity and slayer of otherworldly beings. Navigate your virtual surroundings to learn about what you’re hunting and how to kill it. You’re equipped with lethal weapons to eliminate enemies andtasked with strategically executing a slew of monsters, including ghouls, ghosts, and other creepers. 

When you begin the game, you will be a beginner hunter. You’ll have a rusty gun and a wavering torch, and you must complete quests to gain experience. Think of this as a training period that will require some patience; you’ll need to collect weaponry and become an elite hunter through a job system that takes time to sift through. 

This game is story-driven but also offers a free-roaming aspect. How you choose to hunt the monsters is up to you; be stealthy and learn their weaknesses to use against them, or simply barge into the scene and start firing. There is no right or wrong way to play; just have fun!

13. Murdered: Soul Suspect - 2014 (PC, PS3/4, XBO/360) 

a real ghost games

Could you solve your own murder? Try doing it by playing this game. 

Murdered: Soul Suspect is a supernatural thriller that follows troubled detective Ronan O’Connor. With a restless past to boot, he gets caught in a violent burglary and is brutally murdered. He wakes in the afterlife and is tasked with discovering his killer’s identity to escape the limbo realm he’s trapped in. Fight against the demonic spirits after you and survive to see the next life.  

Ronan’s killer must be brought to justice with the aid of his newfound supernatural abilities and his natural instincts as a human detective. You’ll explore the New England town, Salem, and all its rustic charms, like narrow streets adorned with gothic churches and colonial-style homes.

As mentioned above, you develop special skills to help you achieve your goal. These skills include: reading minds, influencing thoughts, teleporting through walls, etc. You’ll have the ability to unleash new information by interrogating the dead and by completing side quests for the citizens of Salem. Since Salem is the birthplace of the infamous Witch Trials, this game is perfect to prepare for Halloween!

12. Mists of Aiden - 2020 (PC)  

a real ghost games

Be a thief this Halloween and steal a prized jewel from a haunted mansion.

Mists of Aiden (formerly House on the Hill) is a first-person horror game, and you’ll be playing as a struggling thief stealing a rare jewel from a mansion. But things prove to be much more difficult than that when the house won’t let you leave and drags you into nightmares after each attempt to leave. As a non-linear walkthrough, this game has five different nightmares and allows free exploration of the home to feel submerged in the gameplay. 

You’ll talk to your partner, Conrad, in the beginning, but you’ll be totally alone in the house. The graphics are super dark and your vision is impaired in many areas, which makes you feel uneasy. Your flashlight will flicker randomly and lead to an anticipatory feeling that a jumpscare will happen soon. You’ll hear phantom voices without seeing anyone; they’ll rant about senseless things to ramp up your anxiety. 

This game is really cool because it gives you the ability to choose to go back in.  You can be brave and take on all five nightmares in one go, or split them up over the holiday season. Either way, it’ll keep you coming back for more of the interesting puzzles and thrilling jumpscares. 

11. The Hotel - 2022 (PC)  

a real ghost games

Experience total isolation as you meander about this horrifying hotel. 

In this first-person psychological thriller, you’ll play as an unknown protagonist waking up in a desolate, creepy hotel. You know nothing other than that, so navigate around the hotel to determine what evil keeps you there and avoid death. Your mental health really matters in this game. Becareful to avoid insanity and increased stress levels; they can lead to permanent death.  

Your phone contains information about the game, and the messages are spoken in first person; someone is giving you commands, but you don’t know who, and this is really unnerving. Listen in on unsettling phone calls with cryptic messages, but trying to make a phone call will result in failure. You’re completely cut off from the entire world. 

This game has a unique set of rules. Every time you fail, the evil being in the hotel will grow stronger and death will be more likely. The hotel is always changing, so any time you move or perform an action, you may return to the screen and see a new path that wasn't there before, or the door you walked through on the other side of the room. 

10. Phantom Project - 2021 (PC) 

a real ghost games

Are the floorboards creaking from the wind, or is someone following you?

In this game, you’ll be playing as an unknown female child who is seemingly snatched from a random hallway and placed somewhere unfamiliar. You must navigate through her surroundings and unravel the mysteries around you. Other than that, you have no other information about what could possibly be lingering in the long, dark hallways or behind every closed door. 

Shadow work is this game’s best friend. The first scene is cloaked in darkness and relies on the moon for lighting; it shines into big picture windows and casts a creepy glow on opening doors, a long hallway with old-fashioned tile, & our unknown narrator laying alone at the end of it. Coupled with an ominous soundtrack, the game starts off really strong and captures your attention with its light manipulation and strange plot beginning. 

The best part about this game is that you are literally dropped into it with no knowledge of where you are, who you are, or what your situation is. Your lack of knowledge makes the game scarier, and the sound manipulation is so top-notch in unison with this. The sounds have you on edge; from her tiny gasps of fear to her panting as she runs, this game makes excellent use of sound. Play this game with a headset on, and you won’t regret it!

9. Fear Therapy - 2021 (PC, PS5, XBO)  

a real ghost games

Get your holy water ready. Satan isn’t messing around in this game! 

Black Flag 1312’s Fear Therapy is a multi-mode horror survival game that uses holy water as a weapon against evil demons. Complete quests with your friends or by yourself to collect ritualistic items to banish the demons and escape the haunted house. With up to four other players allowed, this horrifying game uses sound manipulation to keep you on the edge of your seat and fearfully looking over your shoulder. 

The intense musical crescendo to build suspense and the loud, echoing footsteps emphasize the silence in the house, and the creaking doors and floorboards make it seem like you’re not alone. If you’re wearing headphones, be prepared for booming thunder that is incredibly effective in getting your fight or flight response ready. 

This game offers three different modes: single, cooperative/multiplayer, and Satan. Choose to play solo, explore with your friends as a team, or allow one player to play as Satan and use eight special skills on your opponents. Regardless, the game will begin with an ominous message that you cannot turn back once you’ve entered the house. Do you dare take the risk?

8. Phasmophobia - 2020 (PC) 

a real ghost games

Forget trick or treating. Play this game with your friends instead!

Developed by Kinetic Games, Phasmophobia is a multiplayer ghost hunting game that wastes no time throwing you right into the fun. Without any introduction, the game will begin in your ghost hunting van; pay close attention to the objectives written on the board! That information will guide you and your friends through the haunted house. 

And this game really is realistic. As you freely roam around the house, each player’s audio will sound different based on where they are. If your friend is across the house, you’ll hear his or her distant, muffled voice, which will become clearer as you get closer. The flashlight doesn’t illuminate an entire room, either; you have to be close to things to really see them. 

This game is essentially like an interactive episode of Ghost Adventures, with all the thrill and exhilaration that comes with it. There’s no strategic way to play the game, but be prepared for crazy plot twists and unexpected jump scares. Stick together as a team and brave the danger that awaits you, or go off on your own and gamble with your life.

7. The Mortuary Assistant - 2022 (PC)  

a real ghost games

Ever wonder what it’s like to work at a morgue? Wonder no more.

The Mortuary Assistant is an indie RPG created by DarkStone Digital, a solo game developer. As a first-person game, you’ll play as Rebecca, a novice mortuary assistant working the night shift, and uncover the morgue’s forbidden secrets. With simple objectives to banish the demons lurking behind every corner, you have to rely on your boss’s cassette tapes to guide you through this scary game. 

The best part about this game is how realistic it is. One would expect the jumpscares to consist of frightening apparitions popping out of the blue, but some are simple like invisible shoves. The apprehension that something you cannot see wants to harm you mimics our real fear of the paranormal. 

You should play this game if you love suspense. This game does a great job at building intensity, and you’ll be able to hear rain pounding on the windows, booming thunder from overhead, and the floorboards eerily creaking with each step. Other than Rebecca’s self-dialogue and the smarling demons after her, you are totally isolated in the morgue, and knowing that ramps up the intensity. 

6. At Dead of Night - 2020 (PC)

a real ghost games

If you’re not creeped out by hotels, you will be after this game. 

Baggy Cat Limited has done something extraordinary with this point and click game. It’s a horror film and haunting gameplay seamlessly blended into one terrifying experience. Control the movie you’re watching and play as Maya, a student being hunted down by psychotic hotel owner Jimmy Hall. Trapped in the hotel’s confines, this game is a modernized blast from the past! 

This game incorporates some ghost hunting; upon seeing how dangerous Jimmy is firsthand, Maya overhears a ghost and spirit receiver telling her to find out what he has done. However, are all of these ghosts harboring good intentions? When playing this game, you’ll have the stress of finding ghosts and evading Jimmy. 

The film aspect of this game allows you to see what the protagonist cannot see, like Jimmy’s psycho meltdown upon Maya’s arrival. This makes this experience all the more chilling because you know you’re in trouble, but can do nothing to stop it. The point and click aspect also restricts your line of sight for the best jump scares. You never know what lies beyond a click!

5. Alan Wake (Remastered) - 2021 (PC, PS4/5, XBO, Nintendo Switch) 

a real ghost games

A classic has been remastered, but is it as good as the original?  

Remedy Entertainment released Alan Wake in 2010, and it was a huge success; it became a horror fan favorite for many avid gamers. It has recently been remastered to attract new fans and allow old fans to revisit their favorite game with new and improved graphics and story expansion. 

This third-person psychological thriller follows an infamous writer, Alan Wake, and his journey to discover the truth about his wife's disappearance. As his search begins and a supernatural being threatens his life, he realizes he is being haunted by his latest novel that he can’t remember writing. Peel back the layers of mystery concealing his wife’s disappearance while warding off creations of Alan’s own mind. 

This game really reminds me of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein . Like Frankenstein, Wake is the creator of his own demise at the hands of his creation, Hemust deal with figments of his imagination torturing him throughout the game. With enemies cloaked in peculiar darkness, he has no choice but to destroy what he has worked hard to construct. 

4. Oxenfree - 2016 (PC, PS4/5, XBO, Nintendo Switch) 

a real ghost games

Scared by unexplained leaps in time and sourceless, terrifying noises? Look no further.  

Alex and Jonas are new step-siblings looking for an adventure to bring them closer together as a family. They decide to go to an overnight party on a former military island with their friends and expect the night to be filled with laughter and fun. However, they accidentally unveil a ghostly rift and must figure out a way to undo their mistake. 

As daredevil Alex, you have the ability to choose your dialogue using very simple controls. When someone likes what you say, an icon of Alex’s face will appear in thought bubbles above the character’s head, and you can work on building relationships with other characters while evading scary ghosts. This is a really enjoyable and immersive aspect of the game. 

This indie, graphic adventure game was developed by Night School Studio and is two-dimensional (2D). It has a different look than any other game on this list, but the winding paths and complicated routes to destinations make it very engaging. It has a traditional layout of many older games, like Terraria, released in 2011, with trivia and puzzle games. 

3. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter - 2014 (PC, PS4, XBO, Nintendo Switch) 

a real ghost games

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is just that: the mysterious disappearance of a small boy. 

With its priority being exploration and discovery, this first-person game is entirely story-driven. Playing as detective Paul Prospero, you’ll investigate the concerning contents of a letter from Ethan Carter, a boy in grave danger. Upon arrival at Ethan’s home, you’ll find a grisly murder scene, one of many in the town. Who’s behind the bloody slayings, and where is Ethan?

With the evolution of storytelling in mind, this game aims to build suspense through mysterious atmosphere and spooky sounds. This game is not puzzle-driven, but you will have to use Paul's supernatural ability to communicate with the dead to solve the murder mystery and the missing case of Ethan Carter.

This game has a few scary jumpscares but doesn’t rely on them to produce a nervous feeling in your stomach. The game is less about sudden terror and more about the pure uneasiness associated with uncertainty. You can explore the town and investigate the murder cases at your own pace, but your curiosity will only grow and you won’t be able to resist playing.

2. The Bridge Curse: Road to Salvation - 2022 (PC) 

a real ghost games

Learn about ancient Tawainese culture in this revolutionary first-person RPG.

Play as HsinChiao Chao, a young female undergoing Kimodameshi, a test of courage. You must explore TungHu University to prove your bravery to your friends, but the ghost of a heartbroken student haunts the bridge on campus. Confront the rumored ghost at its origin and do everything you can to survive. 

The Tawainese developer, SOFTSTAR, has adapted this game from a horror film available on Netflix, and the game’s graphics look as great as the real depictions. From the writing on bathroom stall doors to winding campus pathways, this game is highly detailed and sends you diving into a new virtual reality.

This game is different from any other on this list because it has really interesting cultural information with a detailed overview of the Kimodameshi tradition. The game provides just the right amount of information for the average player to understand the game on a deeper, cultural level. 

1. Detention - 2017 (PC, MacOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, PS4)  

a real ghost games

High school drama has never been so deadly. 

Located in a remote location surrounded by mountains, Greenwood High School students are imprisoned by dark presences lurking on their campus and looking to cause them harm. Without any information under their belts, they must wander the campus and confront the creatures. With puzzles and interactive objects that unlock objectives, discover a path to safety from this haunted high school. 

This game is set in 1960s Taiwan under martial law and works hard to incorporate various Asian elements, like Chinese mythology and Buddhism. There are so many cultural references throughout the gameplay, so there’s ample opportunity to learn something new every time you play. It’s a remarkable addition to an already great plot. 

This game is really outstanding because it’s entirely two-dimensional. It’s a classic point and click style and is classified as a horror side-scroller. However, the graphics are so incredibly realistic that this works in favor of the gameplay; you’ll feel like you’re fully immersed in the game and that the campus is at your fingertips.

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30 Scariest Horror Games Ever Made

These titles aren't just some of the scariest in gaming; they're among the scariest experiences that the horror genre has to offer.

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Scariest Horror Games

Video games have been trying to scare us since the early ’80s. While the seminal  Haunted House  Atari game, one of the earliest survival horror games, presented its scares through a mix of heavily-pixelated ghosts and spiders that weren’t so frightening at all, it was indicative of where the genre would one day go. With another push, thanks to titles such as  Sweet Home  and  Alone in the Dark , the survival horror genre would give birth to some of its most frightening creations:  Resident Evil ,  Silent Hill ,  Fatal Frame ,  Eternal Darkness , and  Dead Space , to name a few. 

Today, the genre lives on and continues to evolve. From interactive horror movies like  Until Dawn  to first-person experiences beyond comprehension like  P.T. , the survival horror genre continues to prove why it’s one of the mainstays of the industry and why it will always rise from the grave for one last scare. 

Den of Geek has taken a look back at the long history of the horror genre and chosen 20 titles we think stand as the scariest games ever made:

Dead Space

2008 | Visceral Games

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Many of the best examples of sci-fi horror rely on the terror of the unknown. From Alien to Event Horizon , sci-fi horror stories often show us the consequences of going too far and facing something we don’t entirely understand.

That idea is at the heart of nearly everything that makes Dead Space brilliant. While the game’s atmosphere and world-class sound design deserve all the praise they’ve gotten over the years, Dead Space truly distinguishes itself in the ways its enemy design influences the combat and storytelling. You’ll never forget the first time you fell for a Necromorph “playing dead,” a shocking moment that assured that you’d never feel safe in this game, whether in a save room or walking down a quiet hallway.

What begins as gory jump scares quickly turns into a deeper feeling of dread for the player that, when combined with the incredible art and sound design inside the USG Ishimura, makes you feel like you’re constantly in danger. Any second, a Necromorph could pop out of a vent or sneak behind you or…

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4

2005 | Capcom

Many words have been written (including a few of our own ) about how Resident Evil 4 brought more of an action movie feel to the horror genre and popularized a more cinematic style that stood in stark contrast to the more methodical survival horror titles the original Resident Evil helped popularize. The significance of the game’s contributions in that respect can’t be overstated.

Yet, it’s easy to forget that Resident Evil 4 remains a truly terrifying game. In lieu of making you feel utterly helpless, Resident Evil 4 delivers its frights in a series of sequences that test your newfound abilities with overwhelming horrors. You may be able to control your weapon more freely in Resident Evil 4 than you could before, but when you’re being chased down by a hulking figure wielding a chainsaw, precision aim is a cold comfort.

Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2

2001 | Konami

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Ask gamers what they remember about the first Silent Hill and they’ll likely say “the fog.” Granted, that game’s fog-filled streets can partially be attributed to the PlayStation’s atrocious draw distance, but there’s no denying the effectiveness of making a player feel like they’ll never know what’s around the next corner.

Silent Hill 2 relies a little less on fog but secures its status as arguably the most intimidating horror game ever made by invoking similar feelings of uncertainty. The game’s complex psychological narrative loosens your grip on reality while the visceral terror of creations such as Pyramid Head ensure that you’ll find no comfort in whatever answers you may uncover.

Few games have the ability to scar you quite like Silent Hill 2 . It lingers in your mind long after the quick scares of other games have settled into a vague memory.


2013 | Red Barrels

While Resident Evil and other early horror hits were appropriately labeled as survival horror, the “survival” element in those titles typically revolved around managing limited resources. Even modern survival games are still largely about item management.

The appropriately named Outlast takes a different approach to survival horror. Yes, it deprives you of resources (your battery-hungry camera is equal parts annoying and your only real weapon), but surviving Outlast is really about finding a way to mentally overcome the game’s relentless scares. Some may rightfully ask what’s so fun about a game that largely consists of hiding and running through the dark, but genre veterans will see Outlast as a test of their resolve and wit. The joy of Outlast doesn’t necessarily come from playing it or even beating it but from getting to say you survived it.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

2010 | Frictional Games

Even the lowest-budget slasher film understands that much of the action in a horror story is based on “running.” In real life, running away from something is typically (if not sometimes unfairly) seen as an act of cowardice. In horror, running away is your first line of defense when faced with something too terrible to comprehend.

Amnesia understands the relationship between running and horror better than many games released before it and after it. By depriving players of any real way to defend themselves , Amnesia not only turns running into an act of courage in a game where sound triggers monsters and traversing darkness blindly drives you mad, but it showed that horror games no longer had to incorporate half-baked combat systems to engage and scare players.


2007 | 2K Boston

Horror films fans often debate about what “is” and “isn’t” horror. For instance, some may label Silence of the Lambs “horror” while others call it a thriller. But there are also many others who simply find cause to enjoy everything that scares them regardless of the label.

Maybe BioShock doesn’t typically receive the horror designation, but it’s absolutely one of the most unnerving and effective examples of horror that you’ll find in gaming. From its opening sequence, which quickly reveals the bloody aftermath of a madman’s delusions, to its enthralling questions about the nature of control, BioShock is genuinely terrifying when it needs to be.

BioShock may not run on nightmare fuel, but it uses the genre’s best tricks to propel its brilliant narrative and incredible world-building.


2005 | Monolith Productions

F.E.A.R. released around the height of the “scary little girl” movement that really kicked into overdrive when The Ring became a surprise hit in the US. Without a doubt, the ghastly little Alma remains one of the best uses of the “creepy child” trope in gaming.

What’s easy to forget, though, is that F.E.A.R. was also an innovative action game that set a new standard for the quality of enemy A.I. in a first-person shooter. It’s that combination of Western action and Eastern horror that not only makes F.E.A.R. unique but the kind of horror gaming experience that finds a way to keep you on your toes while still letting you blast your way through rooms of enemies.

The Thing

2002 | Computer Artworks

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Back in the early 2000s, it was easy to dismiss a licensed game meant to tie into a movie or TV show, which is why you may not know that The Thing was ever adapted into a video game. But despite all of that, The Thing offers a truly innovative take on horror gaming.

Much like the film it’s based on, The Thing ‘s gameplay revolves around mistrust and isolation. You never really know which of your NPC companions is infected, but what’s truly fascinating are the ways that the game makes you work to gain the trust and loyalty of those same characters who are also unsure whether you are who you say you are. Never knowing who is friend and who is foe makes for a truly unnerving experience, to say the least, and few horror titles since have come close to replicating the terror of The Thing ‘s trust system.

Alan Wake

2010 | Remedy Entertainment

Essentially gaming’s finest unofficial Stephen King story , Alan Wake features many of the legendary horror writer’s most notable tropes. There’s a writer, a small rural town surrounded by woods, and monsters who feed off of the protagonist’s own words.

But this isn’t just a copy-and-paste King video game homage. Developer Remedy Entertainment puts real heart into the title’s incredibly creepy story, which is complemented perfectly by the game’s emphasis on lighting and shadow as well as its dreamlike atmosphere. Alan Wake is absolutely a love letter to the small-town horrors most associated with King and Stephen Lynch, but the game’s occasional winks to those storytelling masters do little to dilute the effectiveness of its best scares.

Clock Tower

Clock Tower

1995 | Human Entertainment

Released about a year before Resident Evil , Clock Tow er was barely out before it was consumed by the impact of one of the most revolutionary games of the ’90s. Yet, Clock Tower excelled at horror concepts that were not only missing from Resident Evil but are arguably underrepresented in modern horror games.

Thematically inspired by Dario Argento films , Clock Tower was a point-and-click adventure game that required you to work your way through an old house while constantly evading a relentless stalker armed with a comically large pair of garden shears. Not only was Clock Tower ‘s “evade and escape” gameplay ahead of its time, but we’d argue that few games can boast a slasher villain as memorable as the wonderfully named Scissorman.

The Clock Tower series is seemingly doomed to never get the love it deserves, but the original remains one of the absolute scariest games of its era.


2014 | Kojima Productions

It sometimes feels like the drama surrounding  P.T.  (its stealth release, the involvement of Hideo Kojima/Guillermo del Toro, the cancellation of  Silent Hills ) overshadows the game itself. That’s understandable, but when people talk about  P.T. , the conversation should begin and end with how it may be  the scariest piece of entertainment in any medium . 

The brilliance of  P.T.  lies in its ability to disorient the player no matter how many times they navigate its labyrinthine environment that somewhat invokes the maddening maze of Hellraiser 2 ‘s vision of Hell. Much like when you have a nightmare that takes place in your own home,  P.T.  constantly finds ways to alter seemingly familiar surroundings until you feel so betrayed that you don’t want to look around the next corner. It’s that invocation of insanity that truly defines  P.T.  scares, even if the visuals of the game’s ghosts and disturbing occurrences are enough to leave you petrified. Many have tried, but few other developers have come close to replicating the pure fear that  P.T.  instills in those who were brave enough to play it. 

Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly

Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

2003 | Tecmo

Confrontation only instills fear if you are not confident in the outcome. This is why many horror game creators often strip players of all forms of self-defense. After all, having a weapon with which you can repel and kill the monsters inspires a sense of safety — or at least confirms that you have a fighting chance to survive to the end of the game. 

Fatal Frame II  takes a different and brilliant approach to confrontation and video game combat. The game arms you with a special camera that is able to ward off spirits. However, the camera is only really effective if you are willing to get uncomfortably close to the spirits and wait for your camera to indicate that you are going to get an optimal shot. This style of in-your-face combat, combined with the grotesque design of the spirits themselves, means that you never feel confident in your ability to defend yourself despite the fact that you’re armed with the best possible weapon for your situation.

The original  Fatal Frame  is also quite good, but the level and character design of  Crimson Butterfly  puts it over the top. 

Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

2002 | Silicon Knights

The best horror games are the ones that take full advantage of the unique abilities of the video game medium. That isn’t to say that a more cinematic video game experience can’t be scary, but rather that there’s something special about horror games that explore what’s possible when you’re the one responsible for what happens. So far as that goes, few do it better than  Eternal Darkness .

We really like  Eternal Darkness ‘ level design, centuries-spanning story, and memorable cast of characters, but  Eternal Darkness ‘ sanity system is the reason it’s on this list. As your protagonist loses their sanity through various in-game mechanics, the world around them is altered in fascinating ways. Statue heads follow them around, you can hear noises everywhere, the room shakes, the walls bleed…madness has really been depicted this effectively in a game since.

However, the best moments come when the game makes players believe that all of their saves have been deleted or that their GameCube somehow shut itself off. Those moments of meta-horror genuinely make you question what’s real and what’s in your head.


2003 | Rockstar

The horror of  Manhunt  isn’t limited to the ways the game scares you. This gem’s premise, environments, and tense stealth sequences are all exceptional but we’ve also seen them elsewhere before. What makes  Manhunt  truly horrifying is how it makes you feel when you play it. 

In  Manhunt , you are a contestant in someone else’s perverse snuff fantasy, one that forces you to reckon with your own humanity and just how far you’ll go to survive. While you can simply kill the foes in your way (or sometimes avoid them entirely), the game entices you to commit increasingly brutal murders in order to get the best rewards. The slimy praises from the director of this interactive snuff film, the uncomfortable visuals of the kill itself, and that disturbing feeling of accomplishment you get from pulling off a truly brutal kill stay with you long after the traditional scares of other games have faded away. 

We once called  Manhunt   a true grindhouse game . Well, much like the grindhouse films of old,  Manhunt  will challenge your perception of what constitutes entertainment.

Resident Evil

Resident Evil Remake

2002 | Capcom

The original  Resident Evil  is a brilliant game. It forever changed our expectations of the video game horror genre and set a standard that is still used to measure horror games to this day. However, the original  Resident Evil  pales in comparison to the greatness of its very own 2002 remake.

Resident Evil ‘s remake is more than just a series of upgraded visuals (even if those are so good that the game somehow still looks incredible to this day). It’s about the  Resident Evil  team’s desire to make the game they wanted to make in 1996 but couldn’t due to the technical restraints. That vision includes incredible visual scares (many of which are made possible by the cinematography of the game’s fixed camera system), claustrophobic environments that feel like they’re choking the life out of you, and even the presence of Crimson Heads, a vicious mutation that may emerge if you don’t properly kill a regular zombie. It embodies everything that’s brilliant about the ’90s survival horror classic while improving it in ways that make it feel timeless no matter when you play it.

The fact that this remake somehow makes  Resident Evil  more accessible and more terrifying is an accomplishment that can’t be overstated. This truly is the gold standard of video game remakes . 

Until Dawn

2015 | Supermassive Games

The thrill of ’80s slasher films was rarely about the story, the message, or any other traditional cinematic virtues. It was more often about the dark pleasure of finding out who is going to get it next and how they are going to die.  Until Dawn  takes that thrill and mixes it with the interactivity you can only find in video games.

In this game, your choices can directly – or indirectly – affect whether a character lives or dies. You know how horror fans sometimes shout at the movie screen to warn characters to run or turn around or not to go in there? Well, now you get to see how far your advice will really get those characters.

Of course, the novelty of that mechanic sometimes results in people forgetting just how scary this game is. Granted, most of the horror revolves around jump scares, but the way that  Until Dawn  is able to consistently make us jump out of our seats through an escalating series of terrifying moments showcases not only the developers’ love for the slasher genre but its understanding that a jump scare is only as good as the feeling of dread right before it.

Until Dawn  is the ’80s slasher film that gamers spent decades asking for, but it’s also more than that. It’s a game that manages to turn quick scares into lasting nightmares that are as fun to share with friends as the most memorable horror hits of the ’80s.


Condemned: Criminal Origins

Quietly released as part of the Xbox 360’s launch lineup, there’s a good chance that many gamers of that era overlooked  Condemned  in favor of titles like  Perfect Dark: Zero ,  Project Gotham Racing 3 , and  Kameo: Elements of Power . That said, those who took a chance on this obscure horror title know it easily ranks among the scariest game ever made. 

The story of a federal investigator who is tasked with tracking down a series of serial killers,  Condemned  covers thematic ground that we surprisingly don’t see that often in gaming. It’s closer to a movie like Seven than the supernatural fare we typically get in horror games. However, it proves to be the perfect setup.

The mindset and motives of these serial killers often manifest themselves through the lairs they inhabit. While none of the lairs are as terrifying as the department store where some mannequins are actually killers in disguise, the design of each area brilliantly forces you to dive into the mind of some truly disturbed individuals in order to stop them.

On top of that,  Condemned  set a gold standard for first-person horror (and first-person horror combat) at a time when that concept was as rough as it’s ever been. In fact, the great  Resident Evil 7  owes more of its design pedigree to  Condemned  than  P.T.  or previous  Resident Evil  games. Yet,  Condemned  may still be scarier than even its spiritual successors.


2017 | Acid Wizard Studio

2017 was  an incredible year for gaming , so it’s really no surprise that  Darkwood  flew under the radar during its initial release. Then again, we don’t know many players who would willingly wade into this nightmare once they realize what it is.

You wake up in  Darkwood  unsure of who you are, where you are, or what is happening. All you know is that some malevolent force is attacking your cabin at night. To survive its increasingly violent attacks, you must scrounge for supplies, defensive tools, and anything that will help you keep the lights on for another night. While those nighttime scenes are the source of  Darkwood ‘s most memorable moments, it’s those other times when you’re wandering an endlessly dark forest scrounging for supplies that Darkwood instills a feeling of hopelessness in you that leaves you wondering how you’re ever going to make it.

Survival has long been a core element of horror gaming, but when it comes to making you truly dread the dark and feel as if you are surviving against impossible odds,  Darkwood  does it better than any game in recent memory. 

Fallout 3

2008 | Bethesda Game Studios

Surprised? Don’t be. We already named  Fallout 3   one of the scariest games ever made and we’re sticking by that claim.

Yes, most visions of a post-apocalyptic future tend to be pretty horrifying. Skeletons holding hands on their death bed, grotesque mutants who stalk you in the dark, a lack of resources…there is plenty of traditional horror in  Fallout 3 . Yet, few of those traditional elements would be as effective if it wasn’t for the untraditional way that Bethesda delivers them. 

Fallout 3   is a game that lets you get into trouble. You explore the Capital Wasteland at your own peril, and that freedom of exploration usually results in some nightmarish creation that you are usually not prepared to properly deal with. Remember your very first encounter with a Deathclaw? The way that  Fallout 3   creates a general level of tension and fear is impressive, but what separates the game are those moments when you stumble into its darkest depths and encounter its true horrors.

Five Nights at Freddy's

Five Nights At Freddy’s

2014 | Scott Cawthon

We tend to misremember cult classics.  The   Texas Chainsaw Massacre  is remembered as this unflinchingly brutal and violent horror film, but there’s actually very little on-screen violence in the movie.  First Blood  is typically considered one of the prime examples of the high-octane ’80s action movie, but it’s actually more of a character study in which Rambo barely kills anybody.

Five Nights at Freddy’s  is in a similar position. It’s seen as one of the godfathers of the YouTube jump scare era, which some people consider to be the cheapest form of horror imaginable, but actually playing the game reveals something much more interesting. While Five Nights at Freddy’s  often warns you of impending scares via a gameplay language that you must learn to decipher, the game’s animatronic monstrosities feel unpredictable at first, as you scramble from camera to camera trying to figure out their next move. 

Through its minimalist design, lack of gore, and fascinating premise,  Five Nights at Freddy’s  helped usher in an era of horror gaming that aimed to show that scaring the living hell out of the player was a selling point in and of itself. 

Alien Isolation

Alien Isolation

2014 | Creative Assembly

It’s kind of amazing that it took so long for someone to make a proper Alien horror game. We’ve been shooting at Xenomorphs for years, but few games based on the Alien films treated those creatures as the legends of horror that they truly are. 

Alien Isolation uses a single Xenomorph more effectively than any piece of Alien media since the original movie. You know that feeling when you just saw a big spider in your room but it runs off and you have no idea where it went? Replace that spider with a Xenomorph that is just waiting to pounce on you the moment it reemerges, and you’ve got the basic Alien Isolation experience.

While Isolation ’s late-game shift towards a slightly different kind of experience does hurt the game somewhat, this is still one of the most effective and brilliant uses of a license in gaming history. 

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7

2017 | Capcom

Resident Evil 7 is the scariest Resident Evil game ever made. While there are some notable contenders to that title (a couple of them are on this list), Resident Evil 7 brought pure horror back to the Resident Evil franchise in the biggest and best way possible. 

In fact, Resident Evil 7 ’s opening moments rank right up there with some of the scariest games ever made. Great survival horror games should make you feel helpless, and that’s exactly what Resident Evil 7 does. From the game’s isolated Louisiana location to the number of times it forces you to simply run, Resident Evil 7 expertly blends roller coaster pacing with atmospheric scares. 

Of course, only the bravest souls will be able to get through the incredible VR version of this game. 


2017 | Frictional Games

SOMA is certainly scary in all of the “traditional” ways. After all, this was made by the same team that delivered Amnesia . You can expect a ton of scary visuals and expertly executed jump scares. 

However, SOMA really is that kind of horror game that gets under your skin in other ways. There’s a sense of hopelessness in this sci-fi horror game that only becomes more pronounced as you slowly unravel its many mysteries. You’ll start to welcome those more traditional scares for the way they break up the deeper feelings of dread this title inspires. 

By the time you reach SOMA ’s incredible ending , you’ll be left staring at the screen wondering if you’ll ever get back the piece of yourself that this game steals. 


2017 | Arkane Studios

Prey flew under a lot of radars when it was released in 2017. Perhaps partially burdened by its association with the uneven Prey games of the past (an association its developers never really wanted in the first place), Prey failed to reach the one audience who would have most appreciated it: horror game fans. 

Prey is a lot of things, but it’s the game’s horror elements that really turn the entire experience into something special. After all, Prey ‘s central gimmick is the idea that just about any object in its world can secretly be an alien creature just waiting to jump out at you. Given that this is the kind of game that asks you to examine and collect a lot of objects…well, you do the math. 

Jump scares aside, Prey is really all about its wonderful sci-fi horror atmosphere and the ways you’re forced to both appreciate the beauty of the game’s world and respect that it can kill you in so many ways. 

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl

2007 | GSC Game World

You would think that the scariest thing in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. would be the mutants that roam the wastelands of Chernobyl. At the very least, there are few games that offer anything more terrifying than suddenly turning a corner and staring at something you couldn’t find the words to describe even if you weren’t currently occupied with screaming. 

Yet, it’s this game’s survival elements that make it so special. You are not prepared to endure the cruel world this game throws you in. Yes, ammunition is scarce, but so is water, food, and hope. Simply existing is a threat in this game, which is why you’ll often find yourself wondering why you’re even bothering to continue to exist. 

There are all kinds of horrors in gaming, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl expertly utilizes just about all of them. 


2017 | RedCandleGames

Tragedies can be strange things. Most of us can relate to certain tragedies like the death of a loved one or the loss of something sacred. Yet, there are other tragedies that we may understand or empathize with but could never truly feel in the way that the person most affected by them must feel them. 

The magic of Detention can be found in the ways it forces you to feel every part of so many tragedies. This game sets itself up as a ghost story set in an abandoned school, and it is certainly an effective piece of horror as nothing more than that. Yet, the more you learn about this game’s characters, world, and history, the more you realize that Detention is actually the story of a series of personal and historical tragedies that are almost too much to process. 

The greatest burden of living in a world of nearly infinite knowledge is the realization that we may only be equipped to handle and know so many things. Detention will test the limits of your ability to process so many different kinds of nightmares. 

The Suffering

The Suffering

2004 | Surreal Software

I don’t know why there aren’t more works of horror set in prisons. Most prison systems are basically the biggest living nightmares possible, so you’d think we’d have more notable works of horror that push that natural nightmare to new extremes. 

The Suffering is certainly one of the most notable works of prison horror in any medium, and I think it would retain that title even if there was a little more notable competition in that category. As the story of a mysterious convict forced to battle demonic forces within the confines of hell on Earth, The Suffering certainly makes the most out of its often underutilized setting. 

Don’t be fooled into thinking that The Suffering is nothing more than ghouls behind bars, though. Indeed, only the bravest gamers will discover the darkest depths of where this game dares to go. 

The Evil Within

The Evil Within

2014 | Tango Gameworks

To be entirely honest with you, The Evil Within is kind of a disappointing game in many ways. Expectations were high for Shinji Mikami’s return to horror, and those expectations were somewhat deflated by this title’s iffy gameplay and pacing problems. 

In terms of scares, though, The Evil Within does everything but disappoint. Mikami has suggested that this will be the last horror game he ever directs and, if that holds true, I can hardly think of a better way for such a legendary figure to go out than this museum of the macabre that comes at you in so many ways. 

This is a relentless horror game that features a variety of funhouse-style scares that are as effective as they are darkly amusing. Good luck summoning the courage to return to this game after you inevitably need to step away from it. 

I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream

I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream

1995 | Cyberdreams

Many of the scariest horror games tend to be a little more modern. Various advancements in technology and developers’ knowledge of the genre have led to increasingly scary games over the last 20 years or so. If you’re looking for the scariest game of the pre- Resident Evil era, though, it may very well be I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream . 

Blessed with one of the greatest names in horror history (a name it shares with the short story it’s based on), I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream lives up to every word of its intimidating title. You may not think that a point-and-click adventure game can be scary, but that’s only because you haven’t played a point-and-click adventure game that forces you to explore the personal hells of five deeply disturbed people. 

This is the kind of game that will leave you feeling like you need a shower. It’s truly amazing that this was unleashed upon the world way back in ‘95. 

Silent Hill 3

Silent Hill 3

2003 | Team Silent

Silent Hill 3 exists in a weird cultural vacuum. It’s clearly overshadowed by its legendary predecessors, and I’d argue that it sometimes gets lumped in with some of the…lesser Silent Hill efforts that would follow. However, there is a strong case to be made that Silent Hill 3 is the absolute scariest Silent Hill game ever made. 

Like the first two Silent Hill games, Silent Hill 3 is really a deep dive into its character’s psyche that forces us to confront a lot of personal demons. The ace up this game’s sleeve, though, is its somewhat surprising number of well-placed jump scares that usually feature one of this game’s all-time great monster designs. 

Whereas some other Silent Hill games are content with letting you stew in a vat of vague uncomfortableness for as long as they’re able, Silent Hill 3 is perfectly happy to interrupt your cesspool soak from time to time with something that will remind you that should never be so comfortable as to get lost in your own thoughts again. 

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This Halloween, try these 12 horror games you may have missed for PC and Steam Deck

October has rolled around again, and we're here to help you discover some scary games you may have missed.

Spooky gaming PC

Halloween! The month of October is finally here, and we all know what that means, don’t we? That’s right; it’s the season of ghosts, ghouls, and everything that goes bump in the night! It is the time of the year when we all go pumpkin picking, watch movies that keep us awake at night, and settle in on those dark evenings playing something that will scare us silly. But what to play? 

In this list, we will go through some of the best PC games for horror fans you may have missed on your gaming PC, Steam Deck, and beyond. You’re welcome.

Conrad Stevenson's Paranormal P.I.

To kickstart this list, we have, perhaps, one of the lesser-known ghost-hunting games out there on Steam right now, but let me tell you, it’s one you will regret not playing.

Unlike others in its field, Conrad Stevenson’s Paranormal P.I. is a single-player experience, which is great for people who aren’t really into the online multiplayer scene but still want to get in on the ghost-hunting action. 

Made to be more of a realistic paranormal experience with a more slow-paced gameplay style, Conrad Stevenson’s Paranormal P.I requires players to be patient and methodical in their approach, giving a more authentic feel to each investigation. 

Taking the role of the fairly relaxed paranormal investigator, Conrad, players will use a range of real-life ghost-hunting equipment to assist clients in their supernatural endeavors. Gain evidence of the ghosts inhabiting each property and even assist in exorcising demon infestations – taking a relic to keep in your very own haunted museum (imagine the museum from The Conjuring). 

Conrad Stevenson’s Paranormal P.I. is a must-play for anyone looking to fill that ghost-hunting itch, but prepare to be spooked, as this one is pretty eerie. 

Conrad Stevenson's Paranormal P.I.

Get stuck into this first-person ghost-hunting game this Halloween. Grab some paranormal hunting equipment, exorcise some demons, add strange relics to your haunted museum, and become the best paranormal P.I. there ever was. 

Buy from: Steam


This one is more for those who like an immersive first-person experience that makes you afraid to walk around any corner. With jump scares like there’s no tomorrow, MADiSON sees you waking up in a locked room, your sister and mother have been massacred, and you’re in possession of an instant camera – but when you begin using it, not all is as it seems. 

Explore your surroundings, solve numerous puzzles, and ultimately, solve the mystery behind the evil entity that appears to have taken an interest in you. What does the ghost of an unholy murderer want with you? That’s for you to find out. 

Unfortunately for you, there’s more than one entity here, and each of them has a disturbing past that all blends into the game’s narrative, making this one of my favorite horror game experiences of all time. Scary? Check? Solid gameplay? Check. Good story? Double Check. 

MADiSON is the perfect game to play this Halloween – be aware, though, this isn’t for the faint of heart. 


Jump into one of the scariest first-person horror games this October equipped with a possessed instant camera. Uncover a dark story in the unsettling MADiSON.

Buy from: Xbox | GOG

Killer Frequency

Killer Frequency is a more light-hearted experience than the previous games on this list, but it still has a place here as one of the most unique horror experiences I have played.

Set in the year 1987, players take the role of Forest Nash, a once big-time radio DJ who now is the host of The Scream, a late-night radio show in the small town of Gallows Creek, USA – and when we say small town, we mean like a one-person 911 operator small…

With a serial killer on the loose, the Sheriff dead, and a 911 operator down, Forest is now the go-to person for emergency calls – live on air. Continue to do your radio host duties while helping the townsfolk escape this nightmare via fast-paced, real-time decision-making and branching dialogues. 

With an authentic radio station straight out of the 80s, use various equipment to perform your duties: cassette tapes to play ads, a record player, and vinyl's to choose what music to play and alter the sound settings to your liking. 

Set as a horror comedy, Killer Frequency features a beautiful art style that still delivers a highly eerie atmosphere. Can you figure out who the killer is before it’s too late?


Radio host by night, 911 operator also by night. Take the role of Forest Nash and help save the town of Gallows Creek from the infamous serial killer, The Whistling Man.

Buy from: Xbox | Steam | Green Man Gaming

The Mortuary Assistant

More of a simulation horror experience, The Mortuary Assistant puts you in the shoes of Rebecca Owens, freshly graduated in mortuary sciences and new apprentice at River Fields Mortuary. This should be an exciting time for Rebecca, and for a while, it is. Until late one night, you are called into work to handle some embalming’s alone. You quickly realize that all is not what it seems with the bodies in your care. 

Players will perform various embalming tasks on several bodies while experiencing spooky goings-on. Put together the clues needed to figure out the demon haunting you and perform rituals to prevent them from completely taking over your body and soul. 

This is a game designed to be replayed a number of times, each time allowing you to discover more about the story of Rebecca and the dark secret within River Fields itself. 

Let’s hope the pay is worth it.


Become a mortuary assistant and confirm all our fears when scary things happen around you. Uncover the clues and discover which of the bodies the demon possesses and exorcise it, once and for all. 

At Dead of Night

One of the most unique games on this list, At Dead of Night blends live-action and graphics to immerse players into a horror experience you’ve not seen before. 

Part horror game, part ghost hunt, and part horror film, At Dead of Night follows the story of Maya, a student traveling with her friends. Looking to stay at a remote hotel, Maya and her friends book in, but little do they know they’re booking into the hotel from hell. 

The hotel is run by a psychopath named Jimmy Hall, and Jimmy has many skeletons in his closet. After tying up Maya’s friends and locking them in their rooms, Maya manages to escape Jimmy’s clutches, but around every corner, he is hunting her – prowling room to room. 

After finding a ghost voice receiver, Maya must reveal Jimmy’s dark park by communicating with the dead around her while avoiding Jimmy’s clutches. Can Maya escape the horror hotel and save her friends? 


No room is safe in Jimmy's hotel from hell. Speak to ghosts, learn of Jimmy's awful past, and save your friends in this half-live-action, half-graphics horror experience. 

Similarly to that of MADiSON, Visage is a first-person psychological horror game. Still, unlike the former, this one is designed to be a slow-paced, atmospheric experience focusing on exploration and building tension slowly to create a more meaningful experience for players. 

With multiple stories to play through, players will explore an ever-changing house where unspeakable things have happened: Family members murdered, suicides, insanity. Every room has its own story, and you must relive these awful memories to uncover the story the house is trying so desperately to tell. 

With no combat system in sight, Visage relies on a run-and-hide technique to leave you in fear – but sometimes death is necessary to move forward. This is a game that deserves as many people to experience it as possible, but you’re going to have nerves of steel to stick it out. Are you up to the challenge?


Explore this ever-changing house of horrors and discover the haunting going on and the stories of families before you in this first-person psychological horror. 

Buy from: Xbox | GOG | Green Man Gaming

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

One of the newer titles on this list, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre , is a third-person online horror game similar to that of Dead By Daylight, except in this one, you take the role of the notorious Slaughter family or that of their victims. 

Playing as the family, you must use each character's unique abilities to stop the victims from escaping the grounds by any means necessary. Run around as Leatherface, revving your chainsaw as loud as possible to frighten your victims, or lay traps to capture them as the Hitchhiker. 

As the victims, your only task is to escape the family's clutches that are hunting you. Use your wits and stay out of sight; find the tools you need to escape while staying as quiet as possible. 

This game is a ton of fun to play with a group of friends and will keep you entertained for hours to come. What's more? It's available to play with Xbox Game Pass . Get downloading now!


Play as the infamous slaughter family or their victims in this online multiplayer team game based on the classic cult film of the same name.

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Little Nightmares

One of the most wonderfully disturbing games on this list, Little Nightmares sees players take the role of Six, a young child looking to escape the Maw -- a dark and dreadful place filled with horrifying creatures looking to make you their next meal.

A combination of solving puzzles and sneaking past terrifyingly large creatures to get anywhere, Little Nightmares is the stuff of nightmares, but just like any game on this list, it's a frightfully good time.

As this is a side-scrolling platformer, both Little Nightmares games work brilliantly on the Steam Deck, and with the announcement that Little Nightmares 3 is on its way, it's the perfect time to experience these little horrors.


Take the role of Six and work to make your way out of the Maw, a horrid vessel filled with terrifying creatures in Little Nightmares. 


Now out of its early-access stage, Demonologist is a ghost-hunting game similar to Phasmophobia - with a few tricks up its sleeve. You and up to three friends can explore spooky locations, looking for evidence of what kind of ghostly presence is at play here. 

Developed in Unreal Engine, this is the best-looking game of its genre in existence right now and it also features secrets in every map that make the gameplay very interesting. Do you see a word written on the wall? Say it outloud. 

Although earning money in Demonologist is quite a chore, it can also be extremely rewarding as not only can you equip yourself with snazzy outfits and get-ups, but you can also purchase various safe houses and kit them out too. Did I mention you can own a Flamingo? 

Why woudn't you want to find ghosts with your friends all from the comfort of your sofa, or your bed? Get on it!


Become the best ghost-hunters you can be this Halloween as you and three friends can find ghostly evidence and even exorcise the beings that haunt these terrifying places in Demonologist. 

Sequel to the equally fantastic Remnant: From the Ashes , Remnant II is a game for the souls-like veterans out there who like a little more of a challenge over story. 

With a good mix of ranged and melee combat, players can choose specific gear that suits their play style to defeat the horrors that await them. With multiple worlds to explore, inhabited by various mythical and deadly creatures alike, this game has almost endless replayability. 

Loot, craft, and kill your way to victory. Although this may not be your typical horror game, it's still a worthy mention on this list, and it may not be verified for Steam Deck users just yet , but we're hoping it will be soon enough. 


Defeat deadly creatures and god-like bosses, fully equipped with a range of weapons chosen to suit your play style, solo or co-op, in this terrifying souls-like adventure. 

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Barotrauma is a survival simulator where you and 16 players must work together to pilot a submarine and explore the ocean of Jupiter's moon for resources to keep the last remnants of mankind alive. Each member of your crew is assigned to keep an eye on key components of your ship to make sure you don't sink and fend off hostile lifeforms.

Along the way, you will encounter factions living on Jupiter who will either offer you aid in exchange for a favor or become your enemies if your goals oppose theirs. Some will even tempt your crew members to betray you for monetary gain.

However, potential traitors, ship maintenance, and alien invaders will be the least of your worries. As you venture deeper into the abyss, you will encounter strange phenomena and horrifying monstrosities that can swallow your ship whole...


Gather together a crew and dive into the depths of Jupiter's moon to save humanity in Barotrauma. Maintain the stability of your submarine, fight or flee from disgusting alien monsters, and discover terrifying secrets that were never meant to be uncovered.

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Amnesia: The Bunker

The award-winning Amnesia returns to terrify a new generation of players with Amnesia: The Bunker. You play as Henri Clément, a French soldier who one day wakes up to find himself trapped inside an abandoned WW1 bunker, with no memory of how he got there or why he's there.

Armed with a gun with only one bullet and a flashlight, you must help Henri explore the decrepit halls of this bunker to find out why he's here, and more importantly, how to get out. You will have to be quick, however, as there is a mysterious and horrific beast hunting you down with the express intention of murdering you.


Escape the confines of a WW1 and uncover its dark secrets in Amnesia: The Bunker. Explore the decrepit hallways for supplies, use your wits to solve diabolical puzzles, and flee for your life as otherworldly creatures are stalking you.

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What are your favorite horror games?

There's our list of some of the best hidden horror games you can find for Steam Deck and PC! What are some of your favorite horror games of all time? What is your go-to game to scare the daylight out of you? Let us know!

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a real ghost games

Ghosts Is a New FMV Horror Game That Only Truly Works at 10pm Each Night

The long lady has no relation to lady dimitrescu. probably..

Jordan Oloman

Excited to announce that I'm making a REAL-TIME, live-action HORROR video game w/ creature design by @slimyswampghost & made by Jim Henson's Creature Shop! Released by @LimitedRunGames & starring Haley, Jemma, Emma, Radina and Caroline. They can tell you all about it- #ghosts pic.twitter.com/5PeUa4CrHT — Jed (@Jedshepherd) April 7, 2021

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a real ghost games

  • Horror Games

15 Most Horrific & The Best Scary Games To Play In Real Life Alone Or With Friends

  • May 2, 2023

scary games to play in real life

The allure of playing scary games in the real world is undeniable. The soft flicker of a candle, a chilling reflection in a mirror, or the suspenseful button press in a paranormal elevator game – these experiences aren’t just for the brave but for anyone seeking a thrill.

Imagine a sleepover where the lights are off, and a group of friends gather to test their courage. Will you dare to summon spirits like Bloody Mary, or play Hide and Seek with a ghostly twist? Perhaps you’d prefer the gravity-defying sensation of the “light as a feather, stiff as a board” game? For those who relish a good spooky tale, this curated list of super scary games promises a pulse-quickening experience.

However, a word of caution: while these games offer adrenaline-packed fun, legends and eerie tales surround them. Some claim genuine paranormal encounters, others deem them harmless fun. But whatever your stance, one thing remains, they offer excitement that traditional games can’t.

Table of Contents

Key Takeaways:

  • Variety of Scary Games: The post details a range of real-life scary games, suitable for playing alone or with friends during sleepovers or gatherings. These games, including classics like "Bloody Mary" and "Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board," offer a mix of suspense, thrill, and sometimes a touch of the paranormal.
  • Game Mechanics and Origins: Each game is explained with step-by-step instructions on how to play, along with historical or cultural backgrounds. For instance, "Bloody Mary" is linked to Queen Mary I of England, and "Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board" combines physics and psychology for its levitation effect.
  • Caution and Thrill: The blog emphasizes caution while engaging in these games due to their eerie and potentially unsettling nature. Despite this, it acknowledges the thrill and excitement these games provide, which traditional games might lack.
  • Mixture of Real and Supernatural Elements: While some games like "The Midnight Game" and "The Elevator Game" are steeped in urban legends and invite supernatural experiences, others like "The Ouija Board" are seen as a blend of paranormal beliefs and psychological effects.
  • Safety and Emotional Well-Being: The post advises players to prioritize safety and emotional well-being. It suggests playing in well-lit, familiar environments, respecting personal boundaries, and being mindful of the emotional impact these games can have.
  • Cultural and Entertainment Value: These games are portrayed not only as sources of entertainment but also as cultural experiences, often rooted in folklore and urban legends. They are seen as a way to explore the unknown, test bravery, and enjoy the thrill of scary storytelling in a safe environment.

Bloody Mary: A Mirror Horror Game

scary games to play in real life

Looking for a scary game to play at your next sleepover? ‘Bloody Mary’ is an age-old challenge that promises a chilling thrill. To play this game, follow these steps:

How to Play:

  • Preparation: Find a dark bathroom and place a candle in front of the mirror. Light the candle. This creates an eerie ambiance, perfect for the game.
  • Invocation: Close your eyes and stand in front of the mirror. Slowly chant “Bloody Mary” three times. Some versions insist on a more extended repetition, but three is the most common number.
  • The Reveal: Open your eyes and stare into the mirror. Legend has it that an apparition, believed to be Bloody Mary herself, might appear.
  • Conclusion: Whether you spot something paranormal or not, when you’re done, remember to blow out the candle and turn on the lights immediately. This step is crucial to symbolically return to the real world and leave the game behind.

Origins and History:

The game of ‘Bloody Mary’ is not just a sleepover game played for fun with your friends; it has deep cultural and historical roots. The origins of the Bloody Mary legend are somewhat muddled, with various theories linking it to historical figures like Queen Mary I of England. She earned the nickname “Bloody Mary” due to her persecution of Protestants.

The game itself seems to have ties to older fortune-telling games played by young women. They hoped to see the face of their future husband in the mirror, though there was always a risk of seeing the Grim Reaper if they were destined to die before marrying.

Over the years, the game evolved, incorporating elements of horror and becoming a staple at sleepovers. It serves as a rite of passage for many, testing one’s bravery and the ability to face the unknown.

Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board: The Classic Sleepover Game

scary games to play in real life

‘Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board’ has been a favorite scary game to play at sleepovers for decades. Here’s how to play this chilling game with friends in real life:

  • Setup: Choose one player to lie down on the floor, preferably in a dark room. This person is the “body.” The rest of the friends sit around them, placing two fingers (from each hand) beneath the body.
  • Chanting: Close your eyes and, in unison, chant the words “Light as a feather, stiff as a board” repeatedly.
  • Lifting: As the chanting continues, try lifting the person using just your fingertips. If done right, the “body” seems to become as light as a feather and rises with surprising ease.
  • Conclusion: Gently lower the person back to the ground. Open your eyes, turn on the lights, and revel in the amazement and possible spookiness of what just occurred.

The Science Behind It:

So, how does this game work? And why do people feel like their body is floating?

Firstly, it’s essential to understand that this game is less about the paranormal and more about the power of physics and psychology. When everyone lifts simultaneously, the weight of the person is distributed evenly among all the participants, making it seem as if the body is much lighter than expected.

Psychologically, the chanting helps to synchronize everyone’s efforts, ensuring everyone lifts at precisely the same time. The dark room and the repetitive nature of the chant create a heightened state of focus and suggestibility. This can enhance the sensation for the person being lifted, making them feel like they’re floating or being lifted higher than they are.

It’s one of those games that beautifully blend the fun of play with an almost magical feel, making it a sleepover favorite. While it might not be the scariest of scary games or shrouded in deep cultural legends like ‘Bloody Mary’, its simplicity and the genuine wonder it evokes make it a timeless choice for those looking to add a touch of mystery to their night.

The Midnight Game: A Paranormal Ritual

scary games to play in real life

The Midnight Game is not just any scary game to play; it’s a heart-pounding ritual that requires bravery, a candle, and a strong belief in the supernatural.

  • Preparation: Before midnight, write your full name on a piece of paper and prick your finger to place a drop of blood on the same paper.
  • Setup: Turn off all the lights in your home. Light the candle and place it on top of the paper with your name. Stand in front of the door, knock 22 times, ensuring the last knock lands precisely at midnight.
  • Summoning: Open the door, blow out the candle, and close it again. Immediately relight the candle. This action is believed to invite the Midnight Man into your home.
  • Survival: Now, your primary goal is to avoid the Midnight Man. Keep your candle lit as you roam your dark house. If your candle goes out, it means the Midnight Man is near. You have 10 seconds to relight it. If you fail, surround yourself with a circle of salt for protection.
  • Ending the Game: The game lasts until 3:33 AM. At that time, the Midnight Man will leave, and you can safely turn on the lights. If you’ve avoided him, congratulations; you’ve won the game.

The Midnight Game is believed to have its roots in pagan rituals and was supposedly used as a punishment for those who dared to defy the gods. Over the years, its origins have been clouded by urban legends, with some suggesting it might have originated in Japan, while others believe it’s a more recent internet-born myth.

While it’s often listed among the best scary games to play at sleepovers, it’s essential to remember that dabbling in the unknown might have unforeseen consequences. Play responsibly and always prioritize safety. Whether it’s a mere psychological trick or something more paranormal, the thrill of playing in the dark, facing your fears, and testing your bravery is what continues to draw people to games like The Midnight Game.

The Elevator Game: Ascending to Another World

scary games to play in real life

Daring souls seeking a game to play that’s both eerie and enigmatic might find The Elevator Game intriguing. Originating from the vast cultural lore of horror games, many believe it may have its roots in Japan, where urban legends and paranormal games are plentiful.

  • Choose Your Elevator: For this scary game, you need an elevator in a building with at least 10 floors. Ensure you’re the only person in the elevator.
  • Button Sequence: Begin by pressing the 1st-floor button. Once the elevator reaches the first floor, press the button for the fourth floor. Repeat this process in the following sequence: 2-6-2-10-5.
  • Another Dimension: If done correctly, when you press the button for the fifth floor, a woman may enter the elevator. Do not look at her; she’s not what she seems. After she enters, press the button for the first floor. The elevator will either ascend or descend. If it descends, you’ve safely returned to the real world. If it ascends, you’re on your way to the other dimension.
  • Returning: If you’ve reached the other dimension, press the button for the first floor to return. It’s essential to use the same elevator to ensure you come back to the real world.

Possible Outcomes:

The Elevator Game isn’t just another fun game to play with friends during sleepovers; it’s among the list of scary games known to evoke strong feelings and possibly supernatural experiences.

  • Return to the Real World: Most often, players find themselves safely back in the world they know, perhaps a bit shaken but with a thrilling story to tell.
  • Encounter Mysterious Entities: Some claim that, in the other dimension, they encounter entities or experience a world similar to ours but darker and devoid of life. The woman who enters the elevator is believed to be one of these entities, and it’s crucial never to interact with her.

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The Ouija Board: Communicating with Spirits

scary games to play in real life

Embarking on a journey into the unknown can be equal parts thrilling and eerie. Among the list of scary games to play, the Ouija Board stands out as one of the most legendary and, for some, the scariest of scary games. Used as a conduit to communicate with spirits, this board game has been a popular yet controversial tool for seekers of the paranormal.

Guidelines for Safe Play:


  • Select a Quiet Location: Choose a dark room, free from distractions. Ensure the room is peaceful, and if possible, light a candle to create an ambient environment.
  • Gather Players: This game can be played alone, but it’s more fun to play with friends. A group of friends can provide added energy and reassurance.
  • Place the Board: Position the Ouija Board on a table or the floor, ensuring it’s stable. If you’re playing with friends, everyone should sit around it in a circle.

Playing the Game:

  • Starting the Session: All players should gently place their index and middle fingers on the planchette. Someone should then ask if there are spirits willing to communicate. Wait for the planchette to move.
  • Ask Questions: Once you feel the presence of a spirit, you may begin to ask questions. It’s essential to be respectful and patient. Some spirits might not be willing to answer all the questions.
  • Closing the Session: Always end your Ouija session by moving the planchette to “GOODBYE.” This ensures that any spirit you’ve been communicating with is no longer connected to the board.

The Legend Behind Ouija:

The Ouija Board, often seen in horror movies and associated with paranormal events, is rooted in ancient civilizations. Many cultures believed in the power of the board as a fortune-telling game. The modern version, which many know today, originated in the late 19th century as a parlor game.

Over the years, the board has been surrounded by numerous tales and stories. Some claim it’s a powerful tool that opens portals to other realms, while skeptics see it as a fun game to play with friends during sleepovers, attributing its movements to psychological effects.

Whatever you believe, it’s undeniable that the Ouija Board has cemented its place in cultural lore. Whether you’re planning a sleepover or looking for games to play in real life that offer a touch of the supernatural, the Ouija Board remains a compelling choice. But, always remember to approach it with respect and caution. After all, it’s one of those games that will leave a lasting impression.

The Candyman Challenge: Summoning a Spirit

scary games to play in real life

When it comes to games that will leave you with chills, The Candyman Challenge is up there with the best scary games to play. As with many paranormal games, it’s a blend of age-old legends and modern myths, creating an atmosphere that many find irresistible during sleepovers or dark, stormy nights.

Setting the Scene:

  • Choose the Right Spot: Find a room with a mirror. Ideally, a dark bathroom sets the perfect mood, but any room with a mirror in front will do.
  • Dim the Lights: Turn off all the lights, allowing only the faintest glow. If you wish, light a candle and place it in front of the mirror. This creates an eerie ambiance and supposedly attracts the spirit.
  • Prepare Yourself: Some believe that the game works best when played alone, while others prefer the company of friends for support. Decide on your preference, and if you’re playing with friends in real life, have them either join in the chant or stand silent as witnesses.

Summoning the Spirit:

  • Stand in Front of the Mirror: With a steady gaze, look deeply into your reflection.
  • Chant: Slowly and clearly, repeat the name “Candyman” five times. Many believe that by doing so, you’re inviting the spirit to appear in the mirror.
  • Wait: Open your eyes (if they were closed) and look for any signs of the Candyman’s presence or other paranormal activities.

The True Story Behind the Candyman Challenge:

The Candyman Challenge, like many scary games to play, has its roots in folklore and urban legends. While modern interpretations, especially those popularized by horror movies, present the Candyman as a vengeful spirit with a hook for a hand, the origins are more complex.

Some tales suggest the game originated in regions with deep-rooted beliefs in the spirit world, possibly even Japan, while others believe it’s a more modern creation, born from the telling of scary stories at sleepovers.

While the game’s origins may be murky, the thrill it offers is undeniable. If you’re planning a sleepover with friends, or simply looking for a game to play that promises a heart-pounding experience, the Candyman Challenge is one you might consider. But, like all paranormal games, it’s essential to play with respect and caution, understanding the line between fun and reality.

The Three Kings: Accessing the Shadow Side

scary games to play in real life

For those who love delving into the mysterious and the unknown, “The Three Kings” is a super scary game to play. Originating from the depths of the internet, this game has now made its way into the list of scary games many seek out during sleepovers or dare nights. A mix of psychological thriller and paranormal challenge, it’s not for the faint-hearted.

  • Choose the Right Room: A quiet, dark room is preferable. Make sure the room is near your bedroom and has enough space to set up three chairs.
  • Setting the Chairs: Position one chair in the center as your throne, facing north, and the other two facing it as your queen and fool.
  • The Candle and Mirror: Place two mirrors on the queen’s and fool’s chair, preferably sitting at a 90 degree angle. Chairs must be placed so that you’re able to see your reflection from the corner of your eye.
  • A Bucket and a Fan: Place a bucket of water and a mug in front of the throne’s chair and a fan behind it. The fan must be turned on and facing your throne. Don’t set it too high.
  • The Bedroom: Turn off the lights and go to your bedroom, leave the door of the room with chairs open. Set a candle, a lighter, and a phone beside your bedroom (the phone must be charged) and set the alarm at 3:30 am. Hold your “power object”, the object of sentimental value.
  • Proceed with a Game: When the alarm rings, you have exactly 3 minutes to light the candle, grab your phone, and go to your throne in a room with chairs. Do not turn on the light. You should be on your throne at 3:33 am. Don’t forget your candle and your “power object.”
  • Check for Irregularities: If your alarm didn’t go off at 3:30 am, you didn’t get to the chair room by 3:33 am, your phone didn’t charge, the doors you left opened are closed, or the fan is turned off, do not proceed, but you must leave the house with all others in it.
  • Sit on Your Throne: If everything is OK, proceed and sit on your throne. Look straight ahead, do not look directly into mirrors or candles, and don’t let your candle go out.
  • Ask Questions: If you have any questions, ask them now. If you receive a response you’ll receive it from a queen or a fool. Do not look at the mirrors. Don’t leave your throne until 4:34 am.

What Players Have Experienced:

Many who dare to play this game report various experiences. Some feel the heavy presence of unseen entities, often describing them as “kingly” or “royal.” Others have recounted hearing whispers, distant conversations, or even direct responses to their thoughts.

A few brave souls have claimed to have been transported to another realm, with landscapes filled with sand or vast stretches of nothingness. While some believe it’s just the mind playing tricks due to the dark setting and the anticipation, others swear by the authenticity of their otherworldly experiences.

Playing The Three Kings is more than just a sleepover game; it’s an exploration into the unknown. If you and your friends in real life are planning to embark on this adventure, remember always to prioritize safety and to be respectful of the spirits and entities you might encounter. Enjoy the thrill, but know when to return to the real world.

The Hooded Man Ritual: Phantom Cab Ride

scary games to play in real life

If you’re always on the hunt for the scariest of scary games to play, then “The Hooded Man Ritual” might just be the chilling adventure you’re seeking. This game promises a surreal experience, more than just the usual hide and seek in the dark or whispering chants in front of a mirror. But remember, like many paranormal games, it’s not to be taken lightly.

Getting Ready:

  • Pick a Room: Choose a room for the game, ideally at night. If playing with friends, only one person needs to do these steps.
  • Sit by a Phone: Sit near a prepared telephone.
  • Count to Thirteen: Quietly count to 13.
  • Dial a Mysterious Number: With the phone still on the hook, dial 20496888.
  • Tie a Black Cord: Attach one black cord to the phone’s handset.
  • Lift and Dial Again: Use the cord to lift the handset and dial 25515823.
  • More Counting: Count to 13, then set the handset down (not on the cradle).
  • Speak Up: Lean in and say, “Hi, I need a cab.”
  • Switch Cords: Untie the first cord and attach the second one.

The Journey to Another World:

  • Head Outside: Walk outside your house.
  • Look for a Black Cab: If there’s a black cab with lights on, get in (with friends if they’re playing). If it’s locked, don’t try to enter; it’s not the right cab.
  • Get Comfy: Once inside, lock the doors and settle in. You’ll fall asleep in about 70 seconds.
  • Curious Findings: Peek under the driver’s seat for an iron hook and dirty spoon.
  • Wake-Up Check: After waking up, check your watch. If it’s not 3:30 am, leave the cab, return to your room, and burn the cords.
  • Second Slumber: If it is 3:30 am, you’ll fall asleep again.
  • Mysterious Driver: Upon waking, you’ll find the cab moving with a hooded man driving in a dark place.
  • Time to Return: To go back, tell the driver, “I have reached my destination.”
  • Back to Start: You’ll wake up where you started, in front of the phone.
  • Final Call: Dial 200082 and say, “Thank you for the ride.”
  • Destroy the Cord: Burn the second cord to finish.

Potential Dangers:

“The Hooded Man Ritual,” as one of the best scary games to play, is also among the most risky. Here’s what you might want to know:

  • The Cab’s Other Passengers: While you are on this ride, you may not be alone. There are tales of other entities joining mid-way. It’s advised never to interact or acknowledge them.
  • Disturbing Visions: Some players have reported witnessing disturbing events and visions during their ride, things they wish they could forget for the rest of their lives.
  • The Hooded Man: The driver, often referred to as the Hooded Man, shouldn’t be interacted with during the ride. Acknowledging him might lead to unforeseen consequences.
  • After-effects: Many players experience a sense of unease, paranoia, and sometimes even feel watched long after playing the game.
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The Dark Reflection Ritual: Boosting Your Luck?

scary games to play in real life

For those who love a good scary game to play with friends, “The Dark Reflection Ritual” offers a thrilling twist on the concept of luck. Whether you’re looking for games to play at a sleepover or something more solitary, this ritual beckons those brave enough to challenge the conventional notions of fortune and misfortune.

  • Timing is Key : Start your spooky adventure precisely at midnight.
  • Mirror Gaze : Stand before a mirror and lock eyes with your reflection for a solid 10 seconds.
  • Foggy Reflection : Gently breathe into the mirror until it fogs up.
  • Group Participation : If you’re not alone, ensure each friend repeats the mirror gazing and fogging step.
  • Candle Power : Use a candle flame to slightly burn the mirror, aiming for a small, black mark.
  • Shattered Reality : Courageously break the mirror to unleash the ritual’s full effect.
  • Quick Exit : Once the mirror is broken, leave the room immediately – things are about to get spooky!
  • A Night of Misfortune : Brace yourself! From this point until 6 AM, expect a string of bad luck. It starts small but escalates into more intense, potentially scary events.
  • Dawn of Good Fortune : As the clock strikes 6 AM, the night’s terrors end. What awaits is a streak of good luck – a rewarding end to your daring game.

Things to Watch Out For:

  • Shadow Figures: Some players report seeing shadowy figures darting around after breaking the mirror. It’s believed these are manifestations of the released energy.
  • Whispers and Chants: Keep an ear out for inexplicable whispers or distant chants. This paranormal game has been said to bridge the gap between our world and another, more sinister realm.
  • The Temptation of Light: A major challenge for players is resisting the urge to turn on the lights, especially when fear takes over. Lighting a candle, however, is permissible, but beware – it might attract unwanted attention.
  • Unexplained Cold: A sudden drop in temperature or a cold breeze despite closed windows and doors is a common occurrence, signaling the presence of something otherworldly.
  • Mirror Fragments: Be wary of the broken shards. Some believe they become conduits for spirits or energies, especially if they catch your reflection during the game.

The Baby Blue Challenge: A Haunting Lullaby

scary games to play in real life

Dive into a world where chants echo in the darkness and legends come to life. The Baby Blue Challenge is not just any scary game to play; it’s a journey into the annals of folklore. Perfect for sleepovers or those nights when you’re feeling particularly brave, this game tests your mettle and challenges you to face the unknown.


Prep Your Bathroom : Choose a night to play this game. Head to your bathroom, turn off all lights, and lock the door. Stand facing the bathroom mirror.

Rock the Invisible Baby : Imagine you’re holding a baby. Gently rock your arms back and forth in front of the mirror. As you do this, softly repeat the phrase “Blue baby, baby blue” 13 times.

Stay Calm and Alert : You might start feeling a weight in your arms, or even a scratching sensation. Don’t panic, stay focused and alert.

Quick Exit : As soon as you feel the scratching, act fast! Pretend to drop the weight into the toilet, flush it, unlock the door, and leave the bathroom quickly. If you exit without any issues, you’ve successfully completed the challenge!

Where the Legend Comes From:

This chilling game can trace its roots back to various urban legends and folklore tales, intertwining with stories of lost children and mourning mothers. Some say it’s an offshoot of the more widely known “Bloody Mary” tale, while others believe it stems from a standalone narrative of a woman who lost her child under tragic circumstances.

The concept of using mirrors as portals to other realms is prevalent in many cultures. In Japan, certain horror games like the “picture game” involve mirrors, and tales of mirror-based summonings are not uncommon.

Many consider the Baby Blue Challenge as one of the best scary games to play with friends, mainly because of its simplicity and the chilling sensations it evokes. Whether it’s for the thrill or the curiosity of testing the legend, those who embark on this challenge often leave with tales that last a lifetime.

One Man Hide and Seek: Playing with Ghosts

scary games to play in real life

The thrill of hide and seek takes a darker turn in this game, elevating the stakes and the chills. Originating from Japan, this game has found its way to many sleepovers and late-night gatherings, becoming one of the best scary games to play. Ideal for the brave-hearted, One Man Hide and Seek offers an unmatched paranormal experience.

Preparation: Remove the stuffing from a doll and refill it with rice. Add a few clipped pieces of your nails inside the doll and sew it up using crimson thread. Finally, wrap the doll with the remaining thread.

Set the Stage: Fill a bathtub with water and place a cup of salt water on the ground in your chosen hiding spot.

Naming the Doll: Give your doll a name (any name but yours).

Starting the Game (3 AM): At 3 AM, announce that you are “it” by saying your name three times to the doll.

Doll in the Water: Place the doll in the bathtub filled with water.

Lights Off, TV On: Turn off all lights in the house, return to your hiding spot, and switch on the TV.

Seek the Doll: Count to ten with your eyes closed, then with an edged tool in hand, find and stab the doll in the bathtub while declaring, “I have found you, [doll’s name].”

The Chase: Announce the doll as “it” and leave it on the bathroom counter. Then quickly return to your hiding place.

Ending the Game: Holding salt water in your mouth (without swallowing), find the doll (it may have moved), pour the remaining salt water on it, and then spit out the salt water in your mouth onto it.

Final Declaration: Declare “I win” three times to officially end the game.

Reports from Players:

While it’s a game originated in Japan, it has garnered attention globally, with players sharing spine-chilling tales of their experiences. Some have reported feeling like their body is being watched or followed, while others have mentioned soft whispers and cold breezes in the room.

However, it’s also worth noting that not all experiences are negative. Some players have felt a playful energy, likening it to playing hide and seek with a friendly spirit.

Sara Sarita: The Dangerous Coin Game

scary games to play in real life

The landscape of scary games to play, especially during sleepovers, is vast and varied. Among the list of scary games, there’s one that’s particularly intriguing and stands out due to its simplistic yet mysterious nature – Sara Sarita. Stemming perhaps from a mix of fortune-telling games and paranormal elements, this game can be played in real life, adding to its allure for those seeking a real thrill.

Steps to Play:

Gather Your Group : You’ll need two players for this game, but more people can be around to watch.

Coin Requirement : Each player needs a coin of the same type.

Asking Permission : Sit opposite each other and ask together, “Sara Sarita, may I enter your game?”

Coin Toss : Toss your coins over your shoulder. Look for the result. If both are heads, you’re good to go. Both tails? Better not to proceed. If it happens repeatedly, apologize and leave the room. One head and one tail? Be cautious and consider asking permission again.

The Conversation Phase : Only ask yes or no questions, starting each with “Sara Sarita.”

Coin Responses : Toss the coins after each question. Both heads mean “Yes.” Both tails mean “No.” Mixed result? That’s a “Maybe.”

Ending the Questions : When you’re done asking, it’s time for The Farewell.

The Farewell : Say “Sara Sarita, may I leave your game?” together.

Leaving the Game : Toss the coins again. Both heads? You can leave. Any other result? Keep asking until you get permission.

Post-Game : Keep your coins safe and don’t spend them. Follow these rules as described.

Things Players Have Faced:

As with many paranormal games, experiences vary. Some say they feel like their body is charged with energy, while others get trapped, receiving ‘No’ answers repeatedly when asking to leave, leading to feelings of unease and panic.

Several players have recounted getting eerie and accurate responses to personal questions, making them wonder about the game’s true nature. Whispered voices and cold gusts of air are also among the chilling phenomena reported.

There’s also a sense of feeling watched or not being alone in the room, adding layers of suspense to the experience. Some players have even mentioned a need to turn on the lights immediately after playing, unable to shake off the feeling of being observed.

  • The Best Free Unblocked Scary Games Online You Can Play
  • 10 Most Famous Horror Book Authors You Must Know

Charlie Charlie: The Pencil Game

scary games to play in real life

Among the vast universe of scary games to play, especially those that can add a spooky touch to sleepovers, there’s the intriguing “Charlie Charlie” or more commonly known as “The Pencil Game.” It’s one of those games you can play with friends in real life, seeking a paranormal thrill without the need for elaborate setups. If you’re brave enough and curious about the best scary games to play, continue reading.

Prepare Your Game Board : On a blank sheet of paper, draw a large cross using a pencil or pen, creating four equal sections. Use a ruler for straight lines, but don’t worry if it’s not perfect.

Label the Boxes : Think of a question you want to ask. In each of the four boxes, write a possible answer. For yes-or-no questions, just write “Yes” in two boxes and “No” in the other two.

Set Up the Pencils : Place one pencil along the line of the cross on the paper. Then, carefully balance another pencil on top of it, making sure it’s aligned but not touching the paper.

Summon Charlie : Start the game by asking aloud, “Charlie, Charlie, are you there?” Watch the pencils. If the top one moves, Charlie is ready to play.

Ask Your Question : Now, ask the question you’ve prepared. Speak clearly and watch the top pencil for any movement, indicating Charlie’s answer.

Repeat if Needed : If the pencil doesn’t move, try asking again or consider moving to a different location. Charlie might be more responsive elsewhere.

Close the Game : After getting your answer, end the session by chanting, “Charlie, Charlie, can we stop?” This is said to send Charlie back and close any opened spiritual doors.

Origins and Controversies:

Charlie Charlie, believed by some to have origins in a Mexican fortune-telling game, is actually a more modern concoction that gained popularity online. This game originated not from ancient rituals but from the virality of the internet.

The game works based on a delicate balance; the slightest air movement can cause the top pencil to shift, leading to the answers. But the suspense and atmosphere, especially when played in a dark room with friends, make it seem eerily real.

The popularity of Charlie Charlie surged when numerous videos of people playing the game flooded the internet, with some showcasing spooky occurrences. This boom led to debates about its authenticity, with skeptics attributing the pencil’s movement to simple physics.

The Red Book Game: Seeking Answers

scary games to play in real life

As night falls and a group of friends gather around, looking for spine-chilling games to play at a sleepover, the Red Book Game often emerges as a top contender. Touted as one of the best scary games to play, its mysterious allure pulls participants into a realm of the unknown. While it might sound like a simple fortune-telling game, many have found it to be much more than that.

  • Prepare the Space : Find a quiet room, draw the curtains, and turn off the lights. Gather your friends and sit in a circle.
  • Set the Mood : Place a candle (or candles) in the center of the circle and light them for a spooky atmosphere.
  • Start the Game : Each player must place their hand on the book’s cover, close their eyes, and ask aloud, “Red Book, may I enter your game?”
  • Seeking Permission : While keeping your eyes closed, open the book to a random page and put your finger on a spot. Read the sentence under your finger once you open your eyes. This is your answer. If the answer is unclear or negative, you’re not in the game yet. Try asking again. If the answer is clear and positive, you’re in!
  • Ask Your Questions : Now, it’s time to ask the Red Book your personal questions. Each player takes turns, repeating the process: Close eyes, touch the book, ask a question, open the book, and then read the answer.
  • Interpret the Answers : The fun part is interpreting what the answers mean for you. Each player gets their unique response from the book.
  • Ending the Game : When you’re ready to finish, each player asks, “Red Book, may I leave your game?” using the same process of touching the book, asking, and reading the answer. If the book’s response is unclear or negative, you need to ask again for permission to leave. A clear, positive answer means you’re free to leave the game.
  • Close the Ritual : Once everyone has permission to leave, close the book, extinguish the candles, open the curtains, and turn on the lights. The game is officially over.

Player Experiences:

Many have found the game to be eerily accurate, with the book’s answers aligning with their questions in uncanny ways. Some recount asking about future events and receiving responses that were either eerily prophetic or thought-provoking. Others speak of a sense of presence or energy in the room, a feeling like they’re not alone.

However, there have also been many light-hearted moments. Some players, likely influenced by the ambiance and their own expectations, interpret vague sentences as profound answers, leading to bouts of laughter among friends.

Hide and Clap: Blindfolded Seek

scary games to play in real life

In the realm of super scary games, Hide and Clap blends the innocence of childhood with a chilling twist. Evoking memories of playing hide and seek with friends in real life, this game takes that familiar concept and elevates it to spine-tingling levels. It’s one of the best scary games to play at a sleepover or when you want to turn a regular evening with friends into an adrenaline-pumping adventure.

  • Preparation: The game can be played indoors or outdoors. However, ensure the playing area is safe, without any obstacles that could harm the blindfolded person. Dimming the lights, or playing in the dark if outside, enhances the atmosphere.
  • Choosing the Seeker: One person is chosen as the seeker. The seeker is blindfolded and stands in the center of the playing area, counting aloud to a predetermined number, allowing others to hide.
  • The Search Begins: Once the counting is finished, the seeker shouts, “Ready or not, here I come!” Instead of the regular search, the seeker asks the hiders to clap their hands. The hiders must clap once, and the seeker then tries to locate them based on the sound.
  • Winning the Game: The game continues until the seeker has found everyone or gives up. The first person found becomes the seeker in the next round.

Variations for Extra Thrill:

  • Silent Movement: Allow hiders to move silently. If the seeker hears movement but can’t find the hider, they can ask for a clap to help pinpoint their location.
  • Limited Claps: Hiders only get three claps for the entire game, making it more challenging for the seeker.
  • Chant Addition: The seeker can chant a phrase like, “Show me the light,” or “Come out, come out, wherever you are,” adding an eerie ambiance.
  • Mirrored Challenge: Place a mirror in front of the seeker. Hiders can flash a light briefly, giving the seeker a split-second glimpse of their reflection.
  • Sound Distractions: Introduce random sounds in the game, like a knock on the door or rustling papers, to divert the seeker.
  • Elevated Hide and Clap: For those brave enough, play this game in locations known for spooky stories or histories. The added element of a potential paranormal encounter makes this one of the scariest of scary games.


We’d like to emphasize that the games listed are geared towards mature participants. They delve into themes and experiences that some individuals might find unsettling or disturbing. It’s essential to approach these games with caution and be aware of your own boundaries and comfort levels. Remember, it’s always okay to step back if something feels too intense. Your safety and well-being come first. Play responsibly and at your own discretion.

Stay Safe and Have Fun

When it comes to playing scary games, it’s essential to prioritize safety while still having a great time. Here are some precautions to keep in mind:

  • Play in a well-lit and familiar environment to minimize the chances of accidents or disorientation.
  • Avoid games that may cause physical harm or psychological distress. Remember, the goal is to  have fun , not to put yourself in danger.
  • If you’re playing with friends, establish clear boundaries and communication to ensure everyone feels comfortable and respected.
  • Take breaks if you feel overwhelmed or anxious during gameplay. Remember, it’s okay to step away and regroup.
  • Lastly, be mindful of your own limits and those of others. Each person may have different comfort levels when it comes to scary games, so always prioritize everyone’s well-being.

Creating a Safe Environment

When setting up your play space, consider these suggestions to create a safe and enjoyable environment:

  • Remove any tripping hazards or obstacles from the room to prevent accidents.
  • Ensure that emergency exits are easily accessible and well-lit.
  • If using props or equipment, make sure they are safe and in good working condition.
  • Communicate with your fellow players about any specific fears or concerns they may have, and respect their boundaries.

Prioritizing Emotional Well-Being

Scary games can evoke intense emotions. Here are some tips to take care of your emotional well-being during gameplay:

  • Remember that it's just a game and not real. Remind yourself of this if you start to feel overwhelmed.
  • Take deep breaths or engage in grounding techniques if you feel anxious or scared.
  • If you're playing with friends, check in with each other regularly and provide support if someone is feeling particularly frightened.
  • After playing, engage in activities that help you relax and decompress, such as listening to calming music or watching a lighthearted movie.

The allure of scary games lies in their blend of legend, suspense, and the thrill of the unknown. From tales whispered in dimly lit rooms to chilling challenges played with friends, they offer a unique form of entertainment. Many derive from ancient folklore or modern urban legends, with some said to have originated from distant cultures like Japan. These games can transform a regular sleepover into a night of spine-tingling adventures.

However, the thrill of these games should never overshadow safety. As you dive into the world of horror games, remember to always prioritize well-being. Be brave, but also be wise. Whether you’re lighting a candle in a dark room, playing a modern rendition of hide and seek, or sharing eerie tales, always remember to distinguish between fiction and reality. Engage responsibly, understand the boundaries of fun, and ensure that everyone is comfortable. After all, games are meant for enjoyment. Stay safe and happy haunting!

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Playing Scary Games

Are these games real or just for fun.

Most of these games are rooted in folklore, urban legends, and cultural stories. While they are often played for the thrill and fun of it, some people believe in their real paranormal implications. However, the majority view them as entertaining challenges that play with our fears and imagination.

What are some good scary games to play with friends?

Some good scary games to play with friends include The Ouija Board, Bloody Mary game, and Hide and Clap game.

What precautions should I take while playing?

Safety first! Always ensure that the environment is safe, free from any hazards, and that players are aware of their surroundings. If candles or matches are involved, handle them with care to avoid accidents. It’s essential to ensure that everyone is comfortable and willing participants, and it’s always a good idea to establish a safe word or gesture in case someone wants to stop.

Are there any scary games based on urban legends and rituals?

Yes, there are scary games based on urban legends and rituals. The Midnight Game is a game based on Pagan ritual used as punishment for those who disobeyed the Gods.

Which game is the scariest to play with friends in real life?

The “scariest” game is subjective, as what terrifies one person might not faze another. Popular choices include Bloody Mary, Hide and Clap, and Ouija Board. It’s best to explore and find out which game resonates most with your group.

What are some classic sleepover games that have a scary twist?

Some classic sleepover games are Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board, The Midnight Game, and Bloody Mary.

Can I play these games alone?

Some games are designed to be played solo, while others require multiple participants. If you choose to play alone, always inform someone close to you about it, so they’re aware and can check on you if needed. However, playing with friends often enhances the experience, making it more memorable and communal.

  • January 9, 2024

12 Best Point And Click Horror Games for Thrill Seekers

  • December 19, 2023

Best Japanese Horror Video Games: Ultimate Guide To The Best Japanese Horror Games Of All Time

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Hello from the other side.

A woman stands in a creepy forest searching for ghosts. These are the best ghost-hunting apps that c...

You don’t have to wait for Halloween to use a ghost hunting app. It’s a thrilling thing to do if you’re stuck at home, and even more fun to do with friends. Whether you go down to your creepy basement to talk to spirts, or venture through the woods looking for apparitions, you never know what you might find lurking in the dark.

In fact, an October 2021 survey of 2,000 people conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Phantom Wines revealed that over 63% of respondents believe in the paranormal in some form, and 44% have even had a personal paranormal encounter of their own. A third of respondents said they’ve felt a vague “unexplained presence” in their home, whether it was due to flickering lights or doors closing at random. And for the 23% who said they don’t believe in the paranormal, they admitted that they still wouldn’t want to “provoke” anything. (Looking at you, Ouija boards .)

Whether you want to debunk these claims, or prove once and for all that your hallway really is haunted , a ghost hunting app will come in handy. Most of them have heavy disclaimers stating that they can’t actually verify the presence of ghosts . But you know what? That shouldn’t stop you from playing around with tools like EMF meters or EVP recorders — and having yourself a spooky time.

Here, the 13 best ghost hunting apps that might help you detect paranormal activity .

Ghostcom Radar Spirit Detector

This highly-rated ghost hunting app allows you to exchange messages with ghosts while locating where they’re standing. (Yikes!) It also provides “spiritual statistics” about the ghost’s emotional state, zodiac sign, etc. The creators call it spooky, mysterious — and a great party game.

Download Ghostcon Radar Spirit Detector for Apple .

Download Ghostcom Radar Spirit Detector for Android .

GhostTube SLS

The GhostTube SLS app uses your phone’s technology to detect “humanoid bodies” in your environment by projecting a grid of infrared light. If your phone is new enough, it’ll also give you night vision capabilities. Open the app the next time the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, and see if someone — or something — is hanging out in the shadows.

Download GhostTube SLS for Apple .

Download GhostTube SLS for Android .

Ghost Hunting Tools

Ghost Hunting Tools, available for iPhone and Android, includes an EMF reader that detects fluctuations in the electromagnetic field, and an EVP recorder, which picks up electronic voice phenomena — things IRL ghost hunters rely on to detect otherworldly spirits. It uses a 1000-word dictionary to help you guess the intention of the spirit. And while the app says it’s just for fun, the reviews claim otherwise. One June 2021 review is titled, in all-caps, “100% REAL.”

Download Ghost Hunting Tools for Apple .

Download Ghost Hunting Tools for Google Play .

This ghost hunting app produces speech from ghosts, called instrumental trans communication, based on changes to sensors on your phone. Who knows if it's real, or if it just relies on what your phone already knows about you to send you scary messages? Either way, it’s sure to be creepy. Note: iOvilus does not provide privacy details about how the app handles your data, meaning it could be potentially unsafe.

Download iOvilus for Apple for $1.99.

Spirit Board

Ask the Spirit Board questions, or input text, and then wait for a ghost to respond. To really set the mood, the creators suggest darkening your room and lighting a few candles. Then, place your fingers on the planchette, Ouija-board style, to initiate a ghostly convo. If a spirit responds to your questions, the planchette will move to show their answer. With four stars and over 30,000 reviews on the App Store, you know you’ll be in for a spooky time.

Download Spirit Board for Apple .

Download Spirit Board for Android .

Ghost Detector — Haunted Radar

The Ghost Detector — Haunted Radar app claims to be the most accurate ghost detecting app. It works by picking up changes in electromagnetic fields to identify whether or not ghosts are present. Use it to search for spirits, or to scare your friends.

Download Ghost Detector — Haunted Radar for Apple .

Download Ghost Detector — Haunted Radar for Android .

Ghost Radar: CLASSIC

If you’re a skilled ghost hunter, then you probably already know that traditional paranormal equipment can malfunction if “normal energy” interferes with the readings. Ghost Radar: CLASSIC solves that problem for you by analyzing the readings only when interesting patterns occur. So rest assured that you can go about your investigation without being fooled by something mundane, like the sound of wind or water messing with your reading. Note: Users report that this app has distracting full-screen pop-up ads that link out to sites.

Download Ghost Radar: CLASSIC for Apple .

Download Ghost Radar: CLASSIC for Android .

Ghost Tracker EMF EVP Recorder

The Ghost Tracker EMF EVP Recorder is said to be one of the most accurate and veteran-approved ghost hunting trackers out there, according to a real paranormal researcher . In fact, in an interview with VICE in 2018, Kim Johnston , a paranormal researcher from Birmingham, Alabama, said, “I find that [app] useful because it’s built by genuine researchers and not people who are just trying to have fun or make an app that’s kind of a joke.” Rely on this one if you want to get good data.

Download Ghost Tracker EMF EVP Recorder for Apple for $3.99.

Download Ghost Tracker EMF EVP Recorder for Android for $5.99.

Sono X10 Spirit Box

To switch things up, try the Sono X10 Spirit Box, which is another tool Johnston likes to use. To sum up what a spirit box is, the creators of the app made it simple: “It is not the spirit’s voice you hear, but the spirit can create words from the voice bank by manipulating the mobile’s sensors.” Um, creepy!

Download Sono X10 Spirit Box for Apple .

Paranormal EMF Recorder and Scanner

This app is aimed at anyone who has an interest in paranormal investigation and research. It offers “fun and easy to use” EMF detection, automated EMF recording, and the ability analyze your findings right in the app. Get ready to hear some ~ghostly voices~.

Download Paranormal EMF Recorder and Scanner for Apple .

OVERNIGHT Ghost Hunt Toolbox

Here’s one that has everything you need to conduct a full paranormal investigation. You’ll get a spirit box, digital dowsing rods , an entity detector, and more. Once you’ve finished collecting data, go ahead and share what you found in the “community” section.

Downloaded OVERNIGHT Ghost Hunt Toolbox for Apple .

Download OVERNIGHT Ghost Hunt Toolbox for Android .

Ghosthunting Toolkit

This app supplies you with five powerful ghost-hunting tools, including an EMF detector, a vibration detector, power detector, an EVP recorder, and even an interrogation tool to interview intelligent haunts. Use the vibration detector to verify if your furniture is, in fact, shaking all on its own, and the power detector to “coax entities into revealing their manifestation strength.”

Download Ghosthunting Toolkit for Apple for $5.99.

Ghost Detector Radar Camera

Beware: This app is horrifying. To use it, brace yourself and walk around using the screen to hunt for ghosts. If one pops up, use the app to ask them questions. It’s an “ultra-realistic experience” that might as well be real, especially if you’re using the app alone.

Download Ghost Detector Radar Camera for Apple .

Download Ghost Detector Radar Camera for Android.

This article was originally published on Oct. 11, 2019

a real ghost games

Ghost Games

Afterlife: The Game

What are the best free Ghost Games online?

  • Afterlife: The Game
  • Forgotten Hill: The Wardrobe 3
  • Forgotten Hill: The Wardrobe 2
  • Forgotten Hill Memento: Love Beyond
  • Forgotten Hill: Fall
  • Forgotten Hill: The Third Axis
  • Forgotten Hill: Puppeteer
  • Spooky Squashers
  • Forgotten Hill: The Wardrobe
  • Forgotten Hill Disillusion: Flora&Fauna

What are the most popular Ghost Games for the mobile phone or tablet?

Screen Rant

10 most anticipated horror games of 2024.

From slow-burning psychological horror to gore-filled breakneck action, there are plenty of horror titles releasing in 2024 to sink your teeth into.

  • Highly anticipated horror games like Killer Klowns from Outer Space and Tormented Souls 2 offer unique worlds and intense atmospheres for fans of blood, gore, and thrilling experiences.
  • The Casting of Frank Stone is a single-player horror game with a creepy narrative set in the Dead by Daylight universe, offering divergent storylines and unique endings.
  • Some of the most anticipated horror games are iconic titles with updated graphics and a faithful retelling of the original story.

It takes a certain type of person to truly revel in the frights and scares of a truly immersive horror game . Whether it's a psychological thriller like Alone in the Dark or player-choice, narrative-driven games like The Casting of Frank Stone , plenty of highly anticipated horror games are being released in 2024. While some of the new games come in the form of known and loved franchises or as reboots of iconic titles like The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered , other games are creating wholly unique and new worlds for players to explore and experiment in.

Those with a penchant for blood and gore and don't mind a bit of violence, enjoy the thrills of hectic chases down dark corridors, or just genuinely enjoy the horror genre for the emotional ups and downs it can elicit will not be left wanting. Though a game like Slitterhead is a highly-anticipated title with iconic developers involved in its creation, games without an official release window won't be included.

25 Best Horror Games To Play Right Now

10 killer klowns from outer space: the game (2024), platforms: pc, ps4/ps5, xbox one & x/s.

Though it's arguable whether Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game will be a good asymmetrical horror game, it is a title based on a beloved cult-classic horror film from 1988. Only time will tell whether it can capture the audiences that enjoy games like Dead by Daylight or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre , but the strong IP and familiar clowns give this title some needed anticipation. Similar to its source material, Killer Klowns From Outer Space: The Game looks to be a wackier, more slapstick affair than other dark horror titles more rooted in reality.

9 Tormented Souls 2 (2024)

Platforms: pc, ps5, xbox x/s.

A long-awaited sequel to the original game with the same name, Tormented Souls 2 , was announced at Gamescom 2023 to great fanfare from those who played the original. If Tormented Souls 2 is anything like the first game, it's destined to be a gritty, surreal experience filled with dark and horrifying atmosphere and mystery . Reminiscent of the original Resident Evil titles with a much greater emphasis on puzzle solving, much of what holds the first game back is its technical limitations, something the sequel can remedy.

Tormented Souls 2 will follow the story of Caroline Walker as she desperately attempts to rescue her cursed sister.

8 Banishers: Ghosts Of New Eden (February 13, 2024)

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden is an upcoming immersive-action RPG set in a vivid and horrific world filled with otherworldy beasts, vengeful spirits, and ominous curses . Set in the late 1600s, the game follows two lovers and ghost hunters who set out to protect people from deadly ghosts and spirits that roam the town of New Eden. With divergent story arcs and what looks to be high-paced and compelling gameplay, Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden is one to look out for for those who enjoy action horror games.

7 The Casting Of Frank Stone (2024)

The casting of frank stone.

Though The Casting of Frank Stone may not be known to those who don't play Behaviour Interactive's Dead by Daylight , every horror fan should know about the upcoming single-player horror title. Developed in collaboration with Supermassive Games, the same devs that created The Dark Pictures Anthology , The Casting of Frank Stone is a creepy narrative horror tale set inside the macabre Dead by Daylight universe . Like other Supermassive titles, decisions will decide the fate of a group of hapless teenagers, leading to divergent storylines and unique endings.

New Game Set In Dead By Daylight Universe Is Single-Player (& Coming Soon)

6 alone in the dark (march 20, 2024), alone in the dark (2024).

A Southern Gothic psychological thriller, Alone in the Dark is a new survival horror game and a re-imagining of the original 1992 game of the same name. Like the original story, the new Alone in the Dark will follow the story of 1920s private detective Edward Carnby (played by David Harbour) and Emily Hardwood (played by Jodie Comer) as they unlock the mysteries behind a cursed location. A blending of the works of H.R. Giger and H.P. Lovecraft, Alone in the Dark is a true love letter to noir-style detective thrillers with a horror-thriller twist.

"The Granddaddy of Survival Horror Returns" - Alone in the Dark Preview

5 little nightmares 3 (2024), platforms: nintendo switch, pc, ps4/ps5, xbox one & x/s, little nightmares 3.

Yet another sequel to a wildly popular game, Little Nightmares 3 , will pick up where the second puzzle-platformer left off but will feature two new characters, Low and Alone. Taking place in a 2.5D world, the game will finally contain online co-op, which makes sense considering the teamwork features in the game and the fact there are two main protagonists. Though not the most realistically horrifying franchise, the stylish dark aesthetic and compelling gameplay make this a horror title suited for a wide range of audiences.

4 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart Of Chornobyl (Q1 2024)

Platforms: pc, s.t.a.l.k.e.r. 2: heart of chornobyl.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart Of Chornobyl is the highly-anticipated sequel to the original S.T.A.L.K.E.R. released in 2007, and will feature the same mysterious, creeping, and often horrifying story of discovery while navigating the horrors created by the fallout from the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone. A blend of first-person shooting, survival horror, and simulation , the upcoming title has been highly anticipated by those who have played the first game, and for good reason.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart Of Chornobyl has seen several development and production delays, as the game's developers, GSC Game World, based out of Ukraine, have been the unfortunate targets of cyberattacks and have been affected by war in the region. That said, it looks like the survival horror title will finally get a proper release in the early months of 2024, though no hard date has been officially set.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl Hands-On Preview - Clunky Gunplay In Scary Environmental Dangers

3 vampire: the masquerade - bloodlines 2 (fall 2024).

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 is a highly-anticipated title nearly 20 years in the making, as the original came out in 2004 and quickly gained a cult following. The original Bloodlines put people in the shoes of a night-stalking vampire in a semi-open world RPG with a ton of character customization and progression , enabling people to create everything from a smooth-operating romancer to a grotesque Nosferatu-like creature.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 will place the protagonist in the center of an all-out vampire civil war as an elder vampire looking to claim power for themselves in modern-day Seattle. With updated graphics, a new narrative and story, and a host of new abilities, hopefully, the new title will also boast the same player-choice options that made the original so popular.

The first Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines was developed by Troika Games and published by Activision, while the sequel will be developed by The Chinese Room and published by Paradox Interactive.

2 Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 (2024)

Platforms: pc, xbox x/s.

Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 is the much-anticipated follow-up to the highly-praised Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice from 2017. An action-adventure horror title, the original Hellblade was an intense, psychological thriller with monstrous abominations and plenty of gore , and the sequel promises to follow up in glorious form. Following the events after the first title, the game will again follow Senua as she navigates dangerous open areas, solves complex puzzles, and fights against the dark creatures infesting her mind. Announced at The Game Awards 2023, the original title was a fascinating and terrifying look at mental health and trauma.

1 Silent Hill 2 Remake (2024)

Platforms: pc, ps5, silent hill 2 remake.

Though there's been a ton of hype since the Silent Hill 2 Remake was originally announced in the fall of 2022, not much has been revealed about the remake of the iconic horror game from 2001. A rejuvenation of the franchise, the game is being produced by Motoi Okamoto of Konami while the creature designer of the original title, Masahiro Ito, and composer Akira Yamaoka has returned to work on the remake of the game. Like the original Silent Hill 2 , the remake will follow closely with the original story of James Sunderland on the hunt to find his wife after receiving a mysterious letter.

Top Free Online Games tagged Ghost

Play ghost games at y8.com. are souls trapped on earth to forever haunt those they have unfinished business with or are ghosts made up either way they make for great stories and games. the spirits can in many forms, from white to translucent, and can be ghosts of people or animals. check out these ghost games from y8..

Simple platformer about an Orc that likes chopping stuff with his axe.

Desktop Only

Ouija Voices

This is an Ouija board, use your voice to ask questions and creatures from other worlds will give you the answers.

Vacant is narrative pixelated horror game. In this game you play as a film crew entering a haunted house trying to capture supernatural activities for their Live stream show. Discover the mystery in the MastHill Lodge and record any super natural events happening. Enjoy playing this game here at Y8.com!

Halloween Endless Slicer

Slice all those ghosts, skeletons and creepy crawlers. Watch out for bombs and try not to slice them or else you’re the one who’s gonna blow!

Kogama: Dungeon Run

Kogama: Dungeon Run - Super Kogama map with parkour events for skilled players. Compete with your friends or random players and record a new best time. Hold the spacebar to make a height jump and overcome obstacles. Dangerous ghosts want to catch you, avoid them. Have fun.

Error#54 is a chilling and frightening P.T inspired horror game that will make your heart beats louder as you walk your way in the scary looping corridor. As the story unfolds, the world was taken over by a computer virus and a famous vlogger has gone missing. The vlogger could be you... This game is best play with headphones so that you'll hear every squeak and thump. This terrifying game will leave you hanging on to edge of your seat because you'll never know what you will find and who will find you! The only clear about this game is that you need to get out but the question is, can you?

Adam and Eve Night

Adam and Eve: Night is another exciting episode of Adam's adventure. This time, he sleeps walk and mysteriously ended up in Transylvania. Adam is now trap to face multiple tricky puzzles that can lead him to the next exit door or tap himself to death. He needs to be wise in his decisions and solve the puzzles quickly. Can you help him escape from the clutches of Transylvania's trap and get back home safely? Enjoy playing Adam and Eve: Night fun adventure game here at Y8.com!

Slender Clown: Be Afraid of it

Slender Man masked himself as a clown and he has some scary clown friends with him. You need to fight them! No running away! Find 9 red balloons/6 teddy bears to defeat Slender Clown and his evil clown friends!

Spirits Within - The Washing Machine?

Take control of two spirits in their quest to find their missing friend. You'll have to control and to move ghosts. Possess things and avoid the human beings in the house. If someone sees you, you'll lose some life. Don't get eliminated. Good luck!

Scary Halloween Adventure

Scary Halloween Adventure - Fun spooky game with Halloween theme. Use your mouse to play this game and try to jump on the platform and avoid monsters. Control the little ghost and complete various interesting levels. Play Scary Halloween Adventure game now at Y8 and have fun.

Midnight Manor

You find yourself in an unfamiliar place, a haunted mansion. Trade items to Ratty in exchange for keys and make your way out of the Midnight Manor. Escape from the Haunted Manor filled with ghost. Have fun playing this game here at Y8.com!

Scooby Doo and the Hollywood Horror 2

Scooby Doo and the Hollywood Horror 2

The Hollywood horror, A ghost straight from the silver scream has kidnapped Daphne's uncle Maxwell. The famous director! It's up to Shaggy and Scooby to solve this one.

Burger & Frights

A short PS1-style horror game where you crave for some burgers at night bust must ride your bike across the dark forest to get it. But biking in a dark gloomy road will be a challenge when you discover on the road is real. Can you be brave to face it? Enjoy playing this game here at Y8.com!

Monster Manor

Monster Manor takes you to the spooky haunted hallway that is dark and full of adventure. Are you brave enough to discover the mystery? Light your way through the Monster Manor and defeat the evil spirit that haunts these halls! Unlock the secret doors and illuminate your way to ward off all the evil spirits that lurks in the dark. Enjoy playing Monster Manor here at Y8.com!

Ghost Guard

Ghost Guard is a fun game where you play as Bunnicula. Ghost dogs are on the march, and as Bunnicula it's your job to prevent the them from entering the magic mirror, while letting in as many Harolds and Chesters as you can. Every ghost dog that makes it through the looking glass loses you a life. How many waves can you survive? Have fun playing this game here at Y8.com!

Timore is a horror game that lets you to move around the room and get all the notes. Once you got a note the room changes and many unidentified creatures will show up along the way.

Doomed Park

This amusement park is filled with tons of creepy moving targets. Can you wipe all of them out before dawn in this action game? You'll definitely need some awesome shooting skills.

Will have one task in this game and you will need to help him, he need to kick out the evil skeletons which are taking over the graveyards. Willo is a cute, friendly ghost and now he can't walk around the graves, because the skeletons can hurt him. Hide Willo to avoid them, let out screams to distract them, blow out the candles and stop the strange rituals that someone wants to perform.

Emily - Welcome to interesting detective game with this story: Paranormal investigator Kyle was called to solve a case of a haunted dungeon. Before the dungeon became what it was now, it used to be a normal castle occupied by a happy family. It was until a tragedy happened and the owner sold the place in a hurry and moved away overnight. Years after the building had turned into a dungeon, inmates started hearing crying voices in the middle of the night. Play the Emily game on Y8 and try to solve this spooky story.

Scooby-Doo and Guess Who: Funfair Scare

Scooby-Doo and Guess Who: Funfair Scare - Nice Scooby-Doo adventure with friends. You need to explore the tent carnival and catch the ghost. Interact with game items and objects to collect food and keys for closed doors. Play this game at Y8 on your mobile phone and PC and have fun.

Six Cats Under

A little point-and-click puzzle game where you rescue your herd of cats by directing them with your poltergeist powers.

Welcome to Exolvuntur, a 2D horror like game. Try and find the exit and avoid the monsters. Good pixel-art game with horror survival elements.

Code_12 is a first person horror survival game. In this game, you just got back to your senses and you have no idea on where to go. You found a note which was posted on a tree together with a flash light. The note doesn't say anything more than there's something happening in the area. With the flashlight that you found, you need to investigate what had happened. As you search for answers, you'll have to loot for things that can help you survive and look for notes that will tell you where to go next. There are keys, med kits, weapons, battery pack and a whole lot more that you can find around the area, you just have to look for it. When you go around the premises, you will definitely see the "thing". They are not dead nor alive, but one thing is for sure, when you see them you better hide and pray that they would not see you or else they will kill you! This game will surely put you at the edge of your seat and can even give you some jumpscares too. You better hook up your headset for a better feel of the game and experience that thrilling feeling that will definitely give you goosebumps! Play now and see how you can go and if you can even stop yourself from screaming...

Scooby Doo and Guess Who: Scooby's Knightmare

Scooby-Doo and Guess Who is back again. Our favorite cartoon scooby got stuck in spooky house. Swipe Scooby through the rooms of the Haunted Mansion, gathering Scooby Snacks and rescuing the Gang while trying to avoid deadly traps and stay one step ahead of The Monster! Escape from the dangerous castle and win the game. Play more games only on y8.com

Scary Maze - Very spooky game with 3D graphics, you need to explore this maze and find out of the maze. Find and collect a key to escape and survive in this horror game. The ghosts want to stop you, but you have to keep looking for the key and escape.

Spooky Sort It!

Spooky Sort It! is a mind-sharpening brain puzzle that challenges you to sort a variety of haunting balls into the right tubes. As you tackle these spectral twists and turns, you'll not only enhance your problem-solving skills but also find a delightful way to cope with stress and refresh your mind in the captivating world of spectral sorting. Enjoy playing this game here at Y8.com!

The Shadow is a queer story of a young adventurer that gets lost in his journey to the most precious treasure that he ever heard. Will he now be able to find the way out? Or will he get stuck in the darkness forever? His destiny is in your hands. Discover your way and use darkness to jump on the dark platform but watch out for the evil ghost that lurks in the darkness.

Welcome to Alone 2, a gripping story-driven horror game that will test your wits and bravery. In this intense experience, your main objective is to solve puzzles and escape the area, if you can. Immerse yourself in the chilling atmosphere as you navigate through a series of challenges, uncovering clues and collecting essential items along the way. Your ultimate goal is to unlock the mysterious house and locate the key that will allow you to escape by car. Get ready to embark on a journey that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Will you conquer your fears and complete the mission, or will darkness consume you? Find out in Alone 2.

Scooby-Doo and Guess Who: Ghost Creator

Scooby-Doo and Guess Who: Ghost Creator is a fun coloring book game based on the animated cartoon TV series Scooby-Doo and Guess Who. Pick a ghost and follow along the line to draw the ghost then choose a color for it! After that, get ready for a wild ghost chase! Have fun playing this game here at Y8.com!

This is an Ouija board that has mystical powers or souls to answer any of your questions. However, it must be a question. In truth, this ouija board is powered by neutral magic based on science but let's not tell everyone. Type in your questions and creatures from other worlds will give you the answers. Don't freak out about the strange answers you may get. It can be as crazy as something that only Ouija Board knows. Enjoy playing this weird Ouija board game here at Y8.com!

Scooby Doo!: Mystery Escape

Zoinks! Scooby-Doo and Shaggy need your help to escape a spooky castle! Can you figure out the puzzle of each room so they can reach the exit and catch the villain? Clear all the puzzles by using the available items around and reach the door. Find out in Mystery Escape

Pumpkin Light

Every year on All Hallows' Eve, the ghosts of this mausoleum compete to see who can light the most jack-o'-lanterns in a minute! The other ghosts won't make it easy for you - these jack-o'-lanterns are full of ghosts, and they'll spit seeds at you to slow you down! Your score goes up by 1 for each lantern you light, and down by one for each time you get hit. If you're looking for a challenge, see how high a score you can get while also getting the two golden medals! Have fun playing this Halloween game here at Y8.com!

Kogama: Momo

Kogama: Momo - Fun adventre game with Momo monster. In this game you need to find and collect all the fantastic stars, and avoid dangerous traps. Play this game at Y8 with online players and try to unravel the secrets of Momo. Avoid acid obstacles and find the secret rooms. Have fun.

Spooky Escape

Spooky Escape - Nice spooky game with a cute ghost. You need to scare all the characters in the room. You can attack them in places where infrared doesn't scan. Collect bones to buy new skins and items in the game store. Play now at Y8 and try to scare all the people. Have fun.

Ghostly Night Harvest

Ghostly Night Harvest is a super farm simulator game with a Halloween theme and spooky ghosts. You are a farmer, and your mission is to cultivate and grow a pumpkin harvest during the day and defend it from the ghostly invasion at night. Play the Ghostly Night Harvest game at Y8 now and have fun.

Your job as a ghost is to help passers-by in a bus shelter get out of limbo by solving their problems. Enjoy a Zen atmosphere and cute graphics. Get people out of limbo. Help people reorganize their thoughts by entering their minds. Contains 16 levels, over 30 different characters and a Time Attack mode.

Ghostly Spikes

Play Ghostly Spikes, a unique game, during the Halloween season. To help this cute ghost live as long as possible, assist it in flying around without running into the spikes. It's a dangerous and strange place. Achieve high scores and challenge your friends to outperform you. Play the amusing game to enjoy this Halloween season. Play more games only on y8.com

Granny Chapter Two

Survive in the horror night vs Granny, keep calm and shoot the ghosts! Use mouse to aim and click to shoot, If your weapon is empty, just reload and hold on so much as you can. You also can play in this game on your mobile with simple tap control. Have a nice game!

Pixel Cat Mahjong

Pixel Cat Mahjong is an enigmatic mahjong game. However, instead of the usual tiles with hieroglyphs, very funny and cute cats (or scary ones) are waiting for you. Your goal is to look for identical images as quick as possible as well as a symbolic line between them and match them. You have to search for such images quickly because you are short on time. Enjoy playing Pixel Cat Mahjong game here at Y8.com!

Kogama: Wild Adventure

Kogama: Wild Adventure is an adventure game with many challenges and dangerous obstacles. Avoid ghosts and jump over acid water to keep running and escape. Play the Kogama: Wild Adventure game at Y8 with your friends and explore new places. Have fun.

Knight 360 - Super action game with powerful knight and many skeletons. You need to smash all the enemies on the level to unlock the next one. Use the mouse to control your hero and fight with enemies. You will have to go through many levels to clear the world of ghosts and skeletons. Play the Knight 360 game at Y8 and have fun.

Halloween Walk

Help the girl survive the Halloween ordeal by surviving all the ghost and ghouls that comes along the way to the Halloween pumpkin. Avoid the ghost and witches or else its game over. Enjoy playing this fun Halloween walk game here at Y8.com!

Halloween Bubble Shooter

Halloween bubble shooter is a classical bubble shooter game. To complete a level you need to pop the trapped bubbles to rescue them. Shoot the bubble on the board to make groups of 3 or more bubbles of the same to clear. You will find some interesting bubbles such as mine-bubbles, thunder-bubbles, plus-bubbles, ghost-bubbles, and more on some levels. The last levels are random,

Mansion Tour

A short RPG game about a girl trying going into an abandoned mansion house. A unique game with nicely voiced lines and amazing art plus mystery and horror in a scary mansion house. Explore the house and find they keys to the doors. Have fun playing this game here at Y8.com!

Keep Out is a dungeon crawler game with a similar 3D perspective as the doom game. Search for loot, fight monsters, and purchase new weapons. The game an experiment into developing 3D games and I would say it was a success. Hopefully more games to come from Little Workshop.

Pumpkin Doodle

Pumpkin Doodle - Arcade 2D game with endless game level. Jump on platforms and collect rings . Control a spooky pumpkin and try to avoid ghosts. Play this simpe arcade game on your phone and tablet anywhere at Y8 and compete with other players. Have fun!

Poppy Playtime Hidden Ghosts

Poppy Playtime Hidden Ghosts is a fun online skill and hidden object game. Find out the hidden ghosts in the specified images. Each level has 10 hidden ghosts. There are 8 levels in total. The time is limited so be fast and find all hidden objects before time runs out. Clicking in the wrong place several times reduces the time by an additional 5 seconds. So, if you are ready start the game and have fun!

Entity: The Clumsy Sorcerer

Explore the dark forest full with scary creatures, which comes and attack you from everywhere. You are in the role of the clumsy sorcerer in this y8 game, and your job is to defeat the monsters with your magic. Jump and throw magic before they get close to you and hurt you. Good Luck!

Haunted City

You need to get to your destination. Be careful, there will be tons of roadblocks and also ghosts. Because, you'll never know what you'll see in the Haunted City!

Boollets is a fun platform shooting game. Your goal is to rescue baby spirits and protect the portal from evil fiends. Control a tiny spirit and jump from platform to platform to complete objectives. You have only three lives and any false move will take one of them. Don’t make the baby spirits to wait for too long and try to grab them as quick as possible while still keeping the evil spirits from reaching the portal. Enjoy playing Boollets game here at Y8.com!

Zoku Zoku Ghost House

Zoku Zoku Ghost House is a fun game on ghost house. Can you survive the terrifying rounds of ghost visits? When a ghost appears do not let it get near you and use the flash light to see them. They all over the place in the rumored "ghost house". Once you enter in the house, ghosts spring up one after another and you can't leave until dawn. What happens to you who have stepped in with interest? Enjoy playing Zoku Zoku Ghost house game here at Y8.com!

Ghost Attack!

Ghost Attack - Interesting pixel survival game in big house with ghosts. You have a flashlight and a small battery. Use resources wisely in the rooms to destroy all the ghosts. This game is for one or two players, so share rooms and explore. Have a nice game.

Graveyard Ghost

You're a ghost, infiltrating the Graveyard and trying to steal as much life as possible from the tombs. If you steal enough and find the Final Gate, you might be able to pay the price to come back to life, but beware the evil dog ghosts zombies guarding their remaining life.

Ghost Bubbles

Fun bubble shooter game for Halloween. Remove all the ghosts in this halloween bubble shooter game. Shoot bubbles up and free the Ghosts of Halloween.

Spooky Tripeaks

Spooky Tripeaks is a Halloween variation of Solitaire. You need to pass all 100 levels. Use jokers and other bonus cards to simplify the process. You can get the bonus cards by clicking on the ghosts and other spooky characters. Have fun playing this fun Halloween solitaire game here at Y8.com!

Ghost Night

Ghost Night is a light shooting game. In this game, you control the witch to defeat the ghosts that appear from the right end and earn scores. If the ghost goes out of the screen, 1 life will be reduced. There are 3 lives, and if it reaches 0, the game is over. White ghost 10 points, Purple ghost 30 points and Green ghost 50 points. Enjoy playing this game here at Y8.com!

Overcursed is a funny horror point & click game made in 2 days with a big twist. You embodies an indie ghostbuster working for his own company “Overcursed Inc.” and solving people’s ghost issues. Well, at least that’s what they think you do… Ghost stories are just stories, right ?…. hum… right ?

Trash Pick-Up Simulator

Trash Pick-Up Simulator - Super cleaning simulator game with ghosts. You need to walk around a small environment and pick up trash. To win, outlast the timer. If the trash consumes you and the environment - Game Over. Play this fun simulator game at Y8 and have fun.

Just Passing

You wake up on a bus you don't remember boarding to a town you've never heard of - what the heck is going on and why are there so many GHOooOOoosts?

The House on the Left

In The House on the left you must get past every ghost, goblin or ghoul or it's a good night! You have no other choice but spend the night in the spookiest place! Be afraid as these insidious monsters want you not to leave The House on the Left! Can you survive this night of platform in sheer peril?

Cursed Travels: Flame of the Banshee

Explore a dark town and solve its haunting mysteries to break its curse. A small town has been cursed by a powerful malevolent force. As a result, the souls of the departed are returning to our world and are haunting the townsfolk. It is up to one investigator highly experienced with curses, and his scary-looking helper, to put an end to this.

Scary Midnight Hidden Bats

Scary Midnight Hidden Bats is a free online skill and hidden object game. Find out the hidden bats in the specified images. Each level has 10 hidden bats. There are 8 levels in total. The time is limited so be fast and find all hidden bats before time runs out. Clicking in the wrong place several times reduces the time by an additional 5 seconds. So, if you are ready start the game and have fun!

Flappy little cuiter, bounce on their head but you'll get bitten if you approach from below!Lonely bodies that have lost their soul. They will try to take yours of you don't jump on them first. Floaty and invulnerable, don't ever touch them unless you want to become a ghost too.Adorable and bouncy green guys! These gunky fellas won't hurt you. Whitches are normally lovely and awesome but there are always some bad apples, and all the witches you'll find here are bad. Watch out for their fireballs. Well you need to avoid all those enemies in this game and stay alive.

Scary Bubbles

Scary Bubbles HTML5 game: Play 80 bubble shooter levels for Halloween. Shoot up Halloween bubbles and try to remove all by matching 3 or more of the same. Enjoy the scary background and sound with Halloween theme. Enjoy playing this game here at Y8.com!

7 totally normal games that scared the bejesus out of us

When game devs decided to mess with you for Halloween

Normal games that are scary

Horror games have made terrifying you an art form — be it through a ton of jump scares like the Dead Space remake , or an overwhelming sense of dread like Resident Evil 4 . 

But we’re not talking about games that are clearly built to terrify. You can tell these apart by simply looking at the game case and promotional material. I mean the games that look perfectly normal from everything you see, but throw you a scary curveball. It’s these that have left a far bigger impression on us over the years because it’s the fright you don’t expect.

Let’s go through seven of them — ranging from current horror surprises to games from our childhood that left us too horrified to turn the console on again.

1. Uncharted

When I say “the bunker part,” a lot of seasoned players will already know what I’m talking about. It’s almost like Naughty Dog took a look at the Indiana Jones-esque adventure of Nathan Drake, and asked “how can we mess with these players?”

You enter a disused German facility in the middle of the jungle with one simple mission: turn on the bunker’s power to open the door and escape. Everything seems like your standard puzzle section — navigating through a series of jumps and pipe climbs to make it to the generator room.

Then, things start to get darker, and Drake switches on his flashlight. You head to a door, slowly open it, and if you’re not prepared, the jump scare is sudden. A mutant sprints towards you and kills you in one blow!

Nobody expected this sudden shift from the fun, lighthearted adventure to a terrifying moment that’s built up with some real survival horror finesse — from the orchestral score disappearing to the crackles of your walkie-talkie comms amping up the tension. This was the first real sign of Naughty Dog being able to scare you, which we saw in full force with The Last of Us.

— Jason England

2. Heart of Darkness

While I write about this, I want to emphasize one thing: this game is rated ‘E for Everyone.’ Got that? Good. Now let’s talk about the many terrifying ways the kid protagonist can die in the Darklands.

The story is innocent enough: a boy named Andy flies to a mysterious planet in his spaceship to save his dog Whiskey, after he’s kidnapped by a mysterious dark force during a solar eclipse. Think like your standard Goosebumps story, but with an additional family friendliness… At least that’s what I thought.

Because you see, the real horror was not in the story of overcoming your childhood fear of the dark — it was in the many creative ways you can die. From shadow monsters snapping your spine to giant centipedes pulling you helplessly into their burrow, and watching your legs flail then fall lifelessly limp after a horrifying snap, Infogrames pulled no punches.

This is the epitome of what I like in horror, which is that rather than showing you every gruesome detail of an in-game death, sometimes leaving the gorier parts of a killing to the player’s imagination allows the thoughts of what happened off-screen to ruminate and become a whole lot worse. That’s something Heart of Darkness did with a terrifying perfection.

Think like the celebration of being offed in all kinds of violent ways in The Callisto Protocol, but with a reliance on your mind building it up, and you’ll be close to realizing why this game left me scarred.

3. Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar’s open-world prequel masterpiece is one of the best games I’ve ever played. And I don’t say that lightly. It’s a game about the birth of capitalism, the slow decay of the Old West and for this specific article, a really freakin’ scary mission involving a cave network of cannibals that comes out of nowhere.

Don’t get me wrong, Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game loaded with heavy subject matter. Dollops of criminality are complimented by a central story that surrounds a terminal respiratory illness. So yeah, this isn’t exactly a game of giggles.

In its darkest moments, though, it’s genuinely scary in what’s ostensibly a slightly sarcastic yet melancholic Western that is as likely to serve criminal cowboy Arthur Morgan up a mission where he gets slaughtered on old time whiskey as he is to do genuinely heart-warming deeds, like financially bail out a mother and son he did horribly things to the dad to. 

Anyway, said people-munching mission is grim, and seriously scary. It evokes the uncomfortably claustrophobic, ultra-violent tone of Rockstar’s Manhunt. Tonally, it’s unlike anything else in the game. It’s genuinely frightening, involves some of the most challenging shootouts of the game due to its boxed-in confines and it’s not an experience I want to revisit anytime soon. 

— Dave Meikleham 

Portal was one of the first first-person games I ever played. And while most players remember Valve’s iconic puzzle platformer for the “Cake is a lie” memes or the sadistic AI GLaDOS and her repertoire of endlessly quotable taunts, it was a decidedly more terrifying experience for me. 

When I think of Portal, what I remember most is cowering in a little hidey-hole behind a bit of paneling that another test subject had pried from the wall, reading the frantic writings of Doug Rattmann and trying to ignore the creepy echo of a turret’s voice asking “Are you still there?” 

As the game goes on and you progress from completing simple tests to navigating literal deathtraps, the twist of GLaDOS’s sinister intentions is largely played for laughs. But when you’re already on edge and feeling slightly claustrophobic getting used to a new POV, it’s a more delirious kind of laughter. 

Once I realized I was trapped in the Aperture Science Enrichment Center with things that could kill me, the sterile test chambers felt as ominous as levels in a horror game. The turrets haunted my nightmares (though now, since I’ve grown a spine, I think they’re adorable little guys). And even as I was cracking up over GLaDOS’s deadpan voice lines, I was hyperventilating over everything she threw at me and desperately missing my Companion Cube. 

— Alyse Stanley

5. Super Mario 64

So put yourself in my shoes for a second. I already had the carpet ripped from beneath me by Heart of Darkness as a kid, so I decided to play something that was obviously going to not be scary — Super Mario 64. It’s the red plumber! This isn’t going to jumpscare me right? …right!?

Well, you already know where I’m going here. Enter Big Boo’s Haunt, and while it’s spooky, it’s not scary. That is until you enter a suspiciously quiet, empty room that contains only one item: a grand piano. You assume it’s just a little bit of scene dressing and head towards it until the instrument springs to life bearing sharp teeth — jumping towards you with a cacophonous sound of the strings inside.

Named The Mad Piano (or Killer Piano in Japan), this is another example of a seemingly innocent game pulling the old bait and switch. Me being a 6-year-old wuss at the time jumped out of my skin, and could no longer hide the fact I was playing games before bed time from my parents because of it. Thanks for that, Mario.

6. Batman: Arkham Asylum

The second best moment in Rocksteady’s incredible Dark Knight adventure is one that doesn’t get talked about anywhere near enough. Why? Well, because it’s exactly that: it’s ‘merely’ the runner-up in terms of amazing moments packed into this superbly focused superhero title. 

Even though the character got a major, scarier redesign in Batman: Arkham Knight , my favorite take on Dr. Jonathan Crane will always be Asylum's version. And that’s entirely because the foreshadowing before his stealth-focused boss encounters are so expertly handled. 

The moment which instantly springs to mind is the second encounter with Crane, where Bats is suddenly forced to relive the death of his parents via a hallucinogenic sequence that sees a massively ripped man dressed as a flying rodent briefly morph into a blubbering child as he crouches over his deceased folks. It’s an astonishing piece of in-game, mind-bending theatrically, but it’s not scary.

What is truly frightening is the build-up to Batman’s third Scarecrow boss battle. In another ingenious move by Rocksteady, the picture on your TV suddenly starts going on the fritz, with distortion and eventually a full on blackout that made me think Arkham Asylum had genuinely broken my beloved Panasonic plasma panel back in 2009. 

Once the in-game display resets, the opening of the game is brilliantly turned on its head. It’s now Batman tied to a gurney instead of the Joker, as the Clown Prince of Crime and Scarecrow merrily ferry him through the halls of the infamous asylum. It’s a discombobulating moment of script-flipping brilliance that made this A/V obsessive believe the game has broken my very experience TV. For a television geek like myself, that’s the ultimate definition of horror. 

— Dave Meikleham

7. Pokémon Red and Blue

Welcome to Lavender town. You thought this game about catching animals and forcing them to fight each other was innocent…well, since I put it that way, it clearly doesn’t sound like that, but trust me it is!

But think again, as you head over to this haunted location for Ghost-Type Pokémon. From the rather creepy music that builds a sense of dread to the horrifying stories of death that play out through all your interactions with the local residents, this is less about jump scares and more about creating tension.

And this tension was built beautifully in a Game Boy game of all things — that 8-bit creepiness just adds to the whole aesthetic.

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Jason brings a decade of tech and gaming journalism experience to his role as a Managing Editor of Computing at Tom's Guide. He has previously written for Laptop Mag, Tom's Hardware, Kotaku, Stuff and BBC Science Focus. In his spare time, you'll find Jason looking for good dogs to pet or thinking about eating pizza if he isn't already.

  • Tom's Guide Staff

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Ghost Games

haunt the house

Ghost Games are scary games about supernatural spirits that haunt abandoned houses at night. Here at Silvergames.com we've collected only the very best fun online ghost games for kids and put them into a selection of new addicting challenges for girls and boys. Start hunting for restless souls in a scary 3D ghost town. Or play as an invisible presence yourself and frighten the funny inhabitants of your old mansion until they flee the premises.

A ghost is a spiritual being with supernatural abilities and at the same time human characteristics that "haunts" - that is, "appears" to people in some way. It can be really funny to watch people squirm, scream and panic as they escape the house to tell an incredible story of the spooky apparition that lives there. Enjoy our top fun ghost games for free and show them you're not afraid.

Get ready to practice some scary exorcisms and ritual magic to get rid of the evil apparition that torment you. What if all the creepy ghost stories are real and the only way to defeat them is hunting them down with your ghost-busting gear? Find out what it means to come face to face with the spectres of death, and solve spooky mysteries as you do. Face the horror of the supernatural with monsters, aliens and phantasms in our addicting new 3D ghost games for kids, as always online and for free on Silvergames.com!

Most Played Games

Flash Games

Playable with installed SuperNova Player.

What are the TOP 5 Ghost Games?

  • Haunt the House
  • Momo Horror Story
  • Hunters vs Props Online
  • Madness Torturation

What are the best Ghost Games on tablets and mobile phones?

  • Halloween Memory

What are the newest Ghost Games on SilverGames?

  • Ghost Rider
  • Ghost Sniper
  • Jumping Games
  • Eating Games
  • Spooky Games
  • Weapon Games
  • Horror Games
  • Gun Games
  • Creepy Games
  • Platform Games
  • Maze Games
  • Classic Games
  • 3D Games
  • Super Games

The Most-Anticipated Horror Games Of 2024 And Beyond

By Mark Delaney on January 9, 2024 at 10:00AM PST

a real ghost games

We looked back on 2023 as perhaps the best year in horror video games of all time , and yet, 2024 is looking scary-good, too. The year ahead in horror gaming is full of major series sequels and remakes, tiny indies to look out for, and everything in between. Scare-wise, you've got zombies, ghosts, mutants, twisted takes on Disney, and Killer Klowns, among lots else.

If you're one to turn off the lights, throw on a headset, and dive into something haunting, here's what you can expect to find in 2024 and beyond. Given the frequency with which games are delayed, we've organized this list alphabetically, but we've included release dates and platform availability wherever possible.

A Feral Night

A Feral Night

Release date: 2024 | Platforms: PC

The first game on our list comes from Dan McGrath, the solo horror dev behind last year's incredible alien abduction game, Incident at Grove Lake . When I knew I would be writing this, I reached out to see what's next from McGrath because I've found his projects on itch.io are becoming some of the best modern horror games available. A Feral Night is set in his childhood home and centers around an entity that comes out in the dark, which you must confront. Fans of Skinamarink should take note. He also shared that a second game is in the works. Currently without a title, it focuses on you playing "a Priest sent by the Church to study [a nun's] claims that she has been chosen by God to give birth to the Next Messiah."

Alone in the Dark

Alone in the Dark

Release date: March 20 | Platforms: PC, Xbox Series X|S, PS5

For horror fans who go way back, Alone in the Dark is a familiar name. It's been nearly a decade since the last game in the series, even longer since the last single-player game in the series (2008), and even longer since the last well-received game in the series (2001). The original game goes all the way back to 1992 and this 2024 remake is a modern retelling of that, which allows for a much greater graphical leap than last year's Dead Space and Resident Evil 4 remakes.

Bye Sweet Carole

Bye Sweet Carole

We've just begun, but spoiler warning: This is probably the most visually striking game on this list. Just look at it--amazing. Bye Sweet Carole is a 2D horror adventure game made to look very much like a classic-era Disney animation such as Snow White or Cinderella. That juxtaposition gives the whole project a Grimm's Fairy Tales vibe, so don't be surprised if you can never watch Disney hand-drawn movies the same after Bye Sweet Carole.

Clock Tower

Clock Tower

Release date: 2024 | Platforms: PC, Xbox Series X|S, PS5, Xbox One, PS4, Switch

Another name that goes way back for horror fans is Clock Tower, and for players in the western hemisphere, the re-launch of the original 2D Clock Tower is likely the first chance they've had to play it since the game named Clock Tower that launched on PlayStation in 1997 was actually Clock Tower 2. The true first game in the series, once found on Super Famicom (SNES), is making its debut in many regions later this year. Players can decide for themselves how the horrors have aged in nearly 30 years, but it remains an interesting piece of genre history anyway.

Dead Letter Dept.

Dead Letter Dept.

Release date: TBA | Platforms: PC

Sometimes my colleagues get gently annoyed with my distaste for virtually anything retro-flavored, but I make exceptions for horror games, in which case I think fuzzy, lo-fi scares are actually pretty great. That's why, to me, Dead Letter Dept. looks like one to keep an eye on. It's already got a Steam demo, so you can see for yourself how creepy mail-sorting can be.

Hideo Kojima's OD

Hideo Kojima's OD

Release date: TBA | Platforms: Xbox

We'd be surprised if this one actually launches in 2024, but given rumors swirled for nearly two years before its official reveal in December 2023, and the way it's billed as some kind of game-movie hybrid project, it could be closer than we think. Like a lot of Kojima projects, it's what we don't know that is most fun to speculate about. What is Jordan Peele's involvement? Why did the set for the game's reveal resemble PT's opening scene exactly? Why were the actors in the debut trailer speaking such nonsense? It'll be fun to unravel while we wait.


If you loved 2022's Signalis for the way it borrowed from PS1- and PS2-era horror games, Hollowbody is one to watch. It's made to look quite like the horror games of that era, complete with fixed camera angles, tricky puzzles, and an emphasis on inventory management. It's also set in a post-Brexit dystopia, so it likely has something more to say than "Boo!"

John Carpenter's Toxic Commando

John Carpenter's Toxic Commando

Release date: 2024 | Platforms: PC, Xbox Series X|S, PS5

John Carpenter has never been shy about his adoration of video games , so fans of his should rejoice at the news that he's making another one himself. His first game since narrating and consulting on FEAR 3, Toxic Commando is a first-person zombie shooter with, judging by the name, some B-movie antics in play. It comes from Saber Interactive, which has been involved in many past horror projects already, like Evil Dead and World War Z.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space: The Game

Killer Klowns From Outer Space: The Game

Joining the increasingly crowded space of licensed horror games comes Killer Klowns, based on the cult classic Chiodo brothers movie from the '80s. Killer Klowns will be played in asymmetrical teams, putting it in the same proverbial bucket as Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Evil Dead, and Dead By Daylight. Given the game's modest stature, the game actually has a chance to be the biggest part of the IP to date.

Little Nightmares 3

Little Nightmares 3

After two unsettling entries from Tarsier Studio, the third Little Nightmares game is coming, this time from Supermassive, the horror aficionados responsible for games like Until Dawn, The Dark Pictures Anthology, and The Quarry. The debut trailer showed off plenty of, well, nightmare fuel, akin to the first two games, only this time it can all happen in two-player co-op. Maybe that will help reduce the terror, or maybe it'll make things worse when your co-op buddy gets dragged into the shadows.


The tendrils of PT's influence continue to reach out and touch new projects even today, nearly a full decade since the game's surprising debut. Luto is among the latest of the PT-likes, with a haunted house story that's very reminiscent of the once-planned Silent Hill sequel. I played the demo for this once myself and I'm eager to see more once I can.

Pacific Drive

Pacific Drive

Release date: February 22 | Platforms: PC, PS5

Take a little cosmic horror, a bit of management sim, and set it all in a jalopy embarking on a roguelite trek across the Pacific Northwest, and you have Pacific Drive. This is another that won me over with a demo session, thanks in part to the very hands-on gameplay that demands players maintain their vehicle's usefulness through a series of upgrades and maintenance mechanics as an oddly sci-fi dystopian world seeks to swallow them whole. The vibes are strong and the threats are real in this one.

Paranormal Tales

Paranormal Tales

This bodycam-presented haunted house story went viral on X/Twitter when its first gameplay footage was shown off, partly because it's one of a few different bodycam games that have displayed an incredible level of visual fidelity. We don't know a lot else about the game for now, which has led some to wonder if it's anything more than an eye-catching tech demo , but the developer says a full game is in the works. Its novel perspective could make it a trendsetter in the horror genre.


Release date: TBA | Platforms: PC, Xbox Series X|S, PS5, Xbox One, PS4

Not the first PT-inspired game on this list, Reveil mixes in a touch of creepy clowns and dark circus with the residential terrors of the PT-like subgenre. That difference could help set it apart from a crowded field of games that may at first resemble it quite closely. If you're down with the (creepy) clown, this could be one for you.


Release date: TBA | Platforms: PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One

Routine was previously shown off during an Xbox Games Showcase, giving the indie sci-fi horror a sizable stage to make a good first impression. With a space setting similar to the Nostromo of Alien and No Code's Observation, this one should appeal to players who like slow-burning atmospheric horrors set far away from the safe haven of Earth.

Silent Hill 2 remake

Silent Hill 2 remake

Release date: 2024 | Platforms: PC, PS5

Silent Hill 2 is arguably the game with the most buzz around it, but that buzz has come in a few different varieties. After recent horror remakes have gone well, some players are eager for the next classic to be reborn in a modern context. Others have been dubious that Layers of Fear's Bloober Team is the right studio to reimagine such a classic. The stunning conclusion to this debate should come this year, as the game is pacing to launch before it's over.

Silent Hill F

Silent Hill F

Release date: TBA | Platforms: PC, Xbox Series X|S, PS5

For some Silent Hill fans, it's the oddly-titled Silent Hill F (stylized as Silent Hill f) that is actually the most exciting one. SHF is being made by a team in Japan that includes former Resident Evil devs, and given the series' lineage, it's this one--with its emphasis on music and curiously dark imagery--that has many fans most eager of all upcoming Silent Hill projects.

Silent Hill: Townfall

Silent Hill: Townfall

Release date: TBA | Platforms: TBA

And then there's this one, which comes from No Code, the team behind brilliant horror games Observation and Stories Untold. If those are any indication of what Townfall will be like, players can expect a non-traditional take on the horror hallmark, as the studio has done a lot with adventure-style gameplay that may ignore something like third-person character survival mechanics. But then again, we've seen almost none of it, so only time will tell.



Though it's not a Silent Hill game like the last three on this list, Slitterhead likely still appeals to the same fans, as it's got a vibe to it that's very reminiscent of early-aughts horror games where the ammo was scarce and the monsters were totally f***ed up. It also comes from Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama, so it's got a pedigree to it that most games can't boast.

Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl

Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl

Release date: 2024 | Platforms: PC, Xbox Series X|S

The much-anticipated post-apocalyptic wasteland horror-shooter has been delayed a few times due to the team's unfortunate displacement following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but through it all, the studio has led with a determined, at times even defiant, public image as it seeks to complete this major sequel to a game that fans of Metro 2033 shouldn't miss.

Still Wakes The Deep

Still Wakes The Deep

Another indie horror shown off on a big Xbox stage last year, Still Wakes The Deep comes from the team behind Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs (pretty creepy) and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture (not a horror game, but still kind of creepy). For this next game, something weird is going on aboard an oil rig in Scotland during Christmas of 1975, which makes for a novel setting for a scary story. At sea, can anyone hear you scream?

The Casting of Frank Stone

The Casting of Frank Stone

At the time of writing this, Frank Stone is one of the newest game reveals on this list--it's actually the newest of them all if you don't count the next one below. So there's not a lot we know for sure, other than it takes place within the wider Dead By Daylight universe. However, it comes from Supermassive, so it seems like it could be done in the vein of Until Dawn or another of the team's narrative horror games.

The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered

The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered

Release date: January 19 | Platforms: PS5

The Last of Us is now a series with two entries and three remasters, which definitely comes off as odd, but if you somehow missed one of 2020's best games, or are itching to return to it, this PS5-only remaster has a lot to offer, including updated visuals, a new roguelite mode called No Return, and more. If you already own the game on PS4, you can upgrade to this version for $10, too.

The Outlast Trials

The Outlast Trials

Release date: March 5 | Platforms: PC, Xbox Series X|S, PS5

The 1.0 launch of the first-ever Outlast multiplayer game coincides with its port to consoles later this year, which should give many more players a chance to see the nauseatingly terrifying series in a whole new light. I played this one for some hours last year during early access, but I'd like to get more time with it to see how I really feel about it--something I intend to do just as soon as I round up three others brave enough to join.

Disclosure: GameSpot and Fanatical are both owned by Fandom.

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a real ghost games

Ghost games

Kogama Ghost House

  • Kogama Ghost House

Horror Nights Story

  • Horror Nights Story

Spooky Ghosts Jigsaw

  • Spooky Ghosts Jigsaw

Flappy Ghost Adventure

  • Flappy Ghost Adventure

Tarawih Ramadhan Adventure

  • Tarawih Ramadhan Adventure

Ghost Fight

  • Ghost Fight

Zombie Games

Dalgona Candy

Squid Guard

Squid Guard



Paper.io 2




Ball Hit

Fireboy And Watergirl

Among Us Online

Among Us Online


Short Life 2










Color Rope 2


Squid Game Online

Hungry Shark

Hungry Shark













Richup.io - monopoly online

Richup.io - monopoly online

3 Pandas in Japan

3 Pandas in Japan

Popular Games

What are the most popular Ghost games?

What are the new ghost games.

Ghost games

Play Free Ghost games Online

Have you ever participated in telling scary stories during the night? Those tales came back in the form of spooky ghost games online. Even if you’re not so much of a horror fan, give them a try. They can be so different, sometimes even touching, cute, and funny. Adrenaline is also there, of course. Well, they say it’s good for healthy brain functioning. Quacking in our shoes, here we go.

Entering the world of shades… for a while

When you’re a child you believe in phantoms. Some grown-ups still do, though. Luckily, here it’s not the question of belief. Kevin Games created a safe space for gamers. You just have fun, relax after a harsh day, and discover new themes. And this is a classical one, worthy of being explored. It covers different genres and brings a variety of options for any taste. Improve your logic, forward-thinking, creativity. Collaborate with other users in multiplayer titles. Set new records and share them with the worldwide community.

Play ghost games on our website

Don’t worry about viruses and lags: they are not a part of the happening. We check the content carefully. Each title we publish is safe for your device. Which can be of any type, by the way. Use a PC, a smartphone, a tablet, or even a Chromebook to connect with spirits. Get frightened by cool special effects and awesome graphics, not by prices. The unique experience will cost you zero cents. You don’t even have to install any apps. Open your favorite browser and you are ready to go. Enjoy the best ghost games free of charge from anywhere, whenever you’d like to. We update regularly, stay tuned. Boo! We mean, see you soon.

We carefully selected 6 of the greatest Ghost games and made them available for you online for free.

This archive consists of browser games for desktops and mobile platforms as well as titles specifically designed for tablets and phones. Here you will find some truly amazing gems like Flappy Ghost Adventure , Kogama Ghost House , Tarawih Ramadhan Adventure , Spooky Ghosts Jigsaw , Ghost Fight , and tons of other awesome free games.

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Game Pass adding the best Resident Evil, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in January

January’s Game Pass lineup is hard to beat on pure volume

If you buy something from a Polygon link, Vox Media may earn a commission. See our ethics statement .

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Share All sharing options for: Game Pass adding the best Resident Evil, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in January

Claire Redfield holds off a hungry zombie in a screenshot of the Resident Evil 2 remake.

Game Pass subscribers have a hearty January ahead of them, with two big games coming to Microsoft’s game subscription service: Capcom’s eminently replayable Resident Evil 2 remake and Ubisoft’s massive, open-world adventure Assassin’s Creed Valhalla join the lineup this month.

Resident Evil 2 was released in 2019, and it exemplifies the best of Capcom’s work to revitalize its older survival horror games. The game sees dual protagonists Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy responding to the zombie outbreak in Raccoon City, with an interlocking narrative that warrants repeat playthroughs as both characters. In Polygon’s review of the game , we called it “a fresh, expensive-looking game that evokes the best memories of the PlayStation original, while also being something altogether new.”

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla , from 2020, casts players as the warrior Eivor on a grand adventure set against the Viking expansion into England. Valhalla is huge — so big that Ubisoft dialed its ambitions back for last year’s Assassin’s Creed Mirage — with a sprawling narrative that can easily take more than 100 hours to complete. In our review of the game , we called Valhalla an “intriguing story ... about faith, honor, and family” that’s buried inside a “massive, massive world stuffed with combat and side quests.”

Those games will be joined by Hell Let Loose , the World War 2 shooter-RTS that made its debut in 2021 after years of early access. Here’s the full rundown of January’s Xbox and PC Game Pass games for the first half of the month:

  • Close to the Sun (cloud, console, and PC) — Jan. 3
  • Hell Let Loose (cloud, PC, and Xbox Series X) — Jan. 4
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (cloud, console, and PC) — Jan. 9
  • Figment (cloud, console, and PC) — Jan. 9
  • Super Mega Baseball 4 (cloud, console, and PC) — Jan. 11
  • We Happy Few (cloud, console, and PC) — Jan. 11
  • Resident Evil 2 (cloud, console, and PC) — Jan. 16
  • Those Who Remain (cloud, console, and PC) — Jan. 16

As previously noted, a handful of games will leave the service in January , including Grand Theft Auto 5 , which will complete its third stint on Game Pass later this week.

  • Grand Theft Auto 5 (cloud and console) — Jan. 5
  • Garden Story (cloud, console, and PC) — Jan. 15
  • MotoGP 22 (cloud, console, and PC) — Jan. 15
  • Persona 4 Golden (cloud, console, and PC) — Jan. 15
  • Persona 3 Portable (cloud, console, and PC) — Jan. 15

Xbox Game Pass costs $10.99 a month, while PC Game Pass costs $9.99 a month. PC Game Pass includes EA Play access, which offers another 70 games on PC. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, at $16.99 per month , gives subscribers access to everything — the PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass libraries, EA Play on both console and PC — as well as access to online multiplayer. Xbox Game Pass Core (formerly called Xbox Live Gold) costs $9.99 per month or $59.99 per year.

a real ghost games

The next level of puzzles.

Take a break from your day by playing a puzzle or two! We’ve got SpellTower, Typeshift, crosswords, and more.

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Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez in Hawkeye

Echo’s Maya Lopez is one of Marvel’s most complicated characters

Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox) sits in the back of a truck looking at something

All the Echo season 2 news we’ve heard so far

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How to complete Constellation Pair and unlock Wish-Keeper Catalysts in Destiny 2

A Guardian holds the Wish-Keeper bow in Destiny 2

‘Starcrossed’ Exotic mission and secret chests guide in Destiny 2: Season of the Wish

A woman in a VR headset looking up, mouth agape in 3 Body Problem

Netflix gives us a wilder look at 3 Body Problem’s world-spanning mystery

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Real Ghosts Game

Real Ghosts

And that ghosts are not something that appears often could admit the two detectives Susan and Daniel. Those two, even though they have worked on numerous cases, they have never seen a real ghost. Yes,you’ve heard right. All those cases were fake. Sometimes the owners of the houses see something that actually doesn’t exist. Something that is just a part of their imagination or there is some wicked person. Who is trying to scare them, pretending like he is a ghost. However, there is first time for everything. So this night Susan and Daniel will have the chance to meet real ghosts. Actually it was proven that there are real ghosts in this house, so their task is to find them and find a way how to get rid of them. You can play this game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

Also make sure to check out these games: Almanac of the Ghost War of the Ghosts

Play Real Ghosts Game

Related games.

Lost Research

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Ghost Pirates Head Coach Rick Bennett played in one all-star game, but will coach in one for first time ever on Monday

a real ghost games

Ghost Pirates preparing to host ECHL All-Star Classic next Monday

THE News at 11

Friday night hoops: A look around a busy night in basketball around the Coastal Empire

a real ghost games

New Hampstead's Jaylen Hampton officially signed to Western Kentucky Football

THE News at 11

Georgia Southern Men’s and Women’s Basketball in Sunbelt action

Stuffed animals collected during Ghost Pirates game given to children at Savannah hospital

Stuffed animals collected during Ghost Pirates game given to children at Savannah hospital


Open-World Games With Realistic Geological Systems

Posted: November 5, 2023 | Last updated: November 5, 2023

  • Starfield presents a vast, open-world with realistic geological features, although the science-fiction nature limits accuracy.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 accurately represents different geological environments, offering an immersive and beautiful world for players to explore.
  • TheHunter: Call Of The Wild creates a realistic hunting experience by placing target animals in accurate geological environments, adding depth to the game.

The open-world genre is a fascinating one that constantly pushes the limits of how large and free a game can truly be. It is fascinating for players to explore the enormity of worlds that they can traverse freely and in any fashion they choose, but some games have begun to focus more on trying to closely replicate real-world environments.

Related: Best Open-World Games Of All Time, Ranked While some open-world games take place in fantastical or futuristic worlds, some have attempted to recreate many of the real geographical features of Earth for players as they traverse wide-open maps. The challenges associated with this make for an interesting study in game design.

Scientific Exploration

The most recent huge RPG release in the world of gaming, Starfield has been polarizing players with the open-world style it presents across a thousand fully-explorable planets. While there is a lot of realism about the game in many aspects, the science-fiction nature makes it hard to have accurate geological systems.

Nevertheless, Starfield has to be acknowledged for its variety of geological representation, and it does include many accurate geological aspects of planets within the sphere of modern science. The Milky Way is incredibly well-designed, and planets include many of the geological features seen on the real-life counterparts of nearby planets, as well as providing plenty of fascinating lore to discover.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Relaxing journeys.

One of the best open-world games for carving out some sort of life for the player’s character, Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the best Western games of all time and also has some of the best representations of various geological features of all time in gaming.

From fishing to hunting, there are a variety of activities in an accurate fashion that players can engage in throughout Red Dead Redemption 2 . For this reason, the world had to have a lot of accuracy and the finished product gives players a beautiful and immersive world to explore, as well as plenty of great towns to visit . In particular, the way that marsh land transitions into forest which transitions into taiga and hinterland biomes is very true to life.

TheHunter: Call Of The Wild

Realistic hunting trips, thehunter: call of the wild.

There are many games about hunting , and some of them are based more on reality than others. TheHunter: Call Of The Wild attempts to create the most realistic hunting experience available, setting itself on various islands based on real-world locations.

Related: Open-World Games With Realistic Combat The open-world style helps to make TheHunter as realistic as possible. Target animals can consistently be found in the same geological environments that they would inhabit in real life, which helps to create a sense of realism deeper than most modern simulation games manage to achieve.

Ghost Of Tsushima

Rebuilding an island realistically, ghost of tsushima.

There are some ways in which Ghost of Tsushima doesn’t fully represent the geology and geography of Tsushima itself. First, the island in Japan is much larger than the game world represents it, but even so, the scale of the open-world presented is impressive.

Secondly, it is difficult to accurately represent all the various terrains of Tsushima, although Ghost of Tsushima also did this very well for a video game. The geological systems are nonetheless beautifully represented in all their glory, from the fields to the coasts to the forests and mountains, creating one of the best translations of a real location to a game world. All of this is just part of what makes Ghost of Tsushima so impressive .

Sons Of The Forest

Accurate survival horror, sons of the forest.

The recently released sequel survival game has a beautiful and fascinating open-world which is four times larger than the original game’s map. It also comes with a lot of accuracy to the geological systems, paying a lot of attention to how real rivers and lakes work, as well as mountainous areas.

The intricate crafting system which is such a big part of The Forest and Sons of the Forest means that the geology behind the games has to be accurate as well. Even the trees and forests themselves work beautifully, sometimes falling down when explosives are set off near them and crashing into each other. Not to mention that the seasons change in this game , which is rarely done as well as it is here.

Underwater Biomes

Underwater geology on an alien planet doesn’t sound like it should go hand-in-hand with accuracy, and this is a pretty weird game , but Subnautica brings an impressive level of accuracy to the style as players journey through a variety of underwater biomes that work in very realistic ways.

Related: Open-World Games That Reward Player Creativity Considering that Subnautica is a game about healing a planet and the many creatures who reside there, it perhaps isn’t all that surprising that the many minerals, plants, and indigenous lifeforms live within certain biomes and operate linearly dependent upon their AI. This makes it much easier to search for materials, and players will also get to see a variety of realistic oceanic geology and geography.

Sea Of Thieves

Realistic oceans, sea of thieves.

One of the most ambitiously beautiful open-world games available today, much has been made about how Sea of Thieves doesn’t necessarily make for the most accurate sailing simulator . But the actual geology and geography of the map, including the many highly impressive islands that can be visited, make for a wonderful world to explore.

This includes the ocean, which is the most impressive part of Sea of Thieves both graphically and geologically. The accuracy of the waveforms and the speed at which the ocean moves objects is wondrous and accurate to the real world.

Death Stranding

Incredible accuracy.

The most impressive game in terms of geological features and accuracy is certainly Death Stranding . Not only does this game come with some incredible social aspects that have begun the threads of a new gaming genre, but it also manages to showcase a futuristic world with some incredible geography behind it from the varying incline of a mountainside to the frigid, snowy winds at its peak.

This game with dangerous, time-altering rain and other features that have come from the emergence of BTs is incredibly detailed. Death Stranding presents a fantastic world that is completely unlike anything players have seen before, proving incredible attention to detail can result in massive success.

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Open-World Games With Realistic Geological Systems

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  1. [Top 15] Ghost Games To Play Today

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  3. [Top 15] Ghost Games To Play Today

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  4. [Top 15] Ghost Games To Play Today

    a real ghost games

  5. [Top 15] Ghost Games To Play Today

    a real ghost games

  6. Spirit board game

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  1. 10 Paranormal Games That Will Freak You Out

    9. Closet Game The objective of the Closet Game is to summon not just a spirit or a ghost, but a demon. Basically, all you need to do is step inside a pitch-black closet, hold up an unlighted match, and say "Show me the light or leave me in darkness." Once you being to hear any whispering, light the match immediately.

  2. Real Ghost Detector

    1. Powerful Detection: Unravel the Spectrum of Spirits 👀🌈 Real Ghost Detector's radar technology reveals a spectral spectrum, color-coded to represent the strength of detected entities....

  3. The best ghost games 2024

    Here are the best ghost games on PC: Phasmophobia Pacify Ghostwire: Tokyo Midnight Ghost Hunt The Blackout Club GTFO Secret Neighbor: Hello Neighbor Dead by Daylight Man of Medan Friday the...

  4. Here Are 13 Paranormal Games That You Will Wish You Had Never ...

    Universal Pictures Here Are 13 Paranormal Games That You Will Wish You Had Never Played Updated May 3, 2021146.6K views13 items For you morbid types out there who enjoy taking risks, these games lie right up your (dark and ominous) alley.

  5. [Top 15] Ghost Games To Play Today

    Phasmophobia is available to play using VR or a PC, where you can immerse yourself in a realistic, heart-throbbing experience using fully interactive ghost hunting equipment to investigate several hauntings, that keeps changing with each time you play.

  6. 45 Scary Games To Play With Friends

    1. Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board There are a lot of things that went on at sleepovers that I'm glad I didn't think much about when I was at them. This game is said to be one of the...

  7. Horror Games Play on CrazyGames

    Play the Best Online Horror Games for Free on CrazyGames, No Download or Installation Required. 🎮 Play Exhibit of Sorrows and Many More Right Now!

  8. [Top 25] Best Paranormal Games That Are Fun

    Developed by Ignacio Maldonado and published by Torture Star Video, The Horror of Salazar House permits you to play as Elisa, a reporter examining the disappearances of renowned author Jaime Salazar and his family, and explore a haunted mansion in search of clues to reveal the Salazar family's fate.

  9. Ghost Detector Radar Simulator

    1) Start the app and allow camera access 2) Slowly walk around your house to recon and see if there's a ghost or spirit 3) The radar scope will show you the direction and distance to the entity...

  10. 30 Scariest Horror Games Ever Made

    Resident Evil 7. 2017 | Capcom. Resident Evil 7 is the scariest Resident Evil game ever made. While there are some notable contenders to that title (a couple of them are on this list), Resident ...

  11. 10 Creepy Games Like The "Charlie Charlie" Challenge

    Fun fact: A "Tsuji-ura senbei" is a type of Japanese rice cracker that functions sort of like a fortune cookie. It's savory, rather than sweet, but the idea is quite similar. 3. The Doors of ...

  12. This Halloween, try these 12 horror games you may have missed for PC

    With jump scares like there's no tomorrow, MADiSON sees you waking up in a locked room, your sister and mother have been massacred, and you're in possession of an instant camera - but when you...

  13. Ghosts Is a New FMV Horror Game That Only Truly Works at 10pm ...

    Ghosts is coming to PlayStation, PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Mac, and will be released by Limited Run Games on February 22, 2022. The game is written and directed by Jed Shepherd, the writer of ...

  14. 15 Most Horrific & The Best Scary Games To Play In Real Life Alone Or

    Tomaz May 2, 2023 The allure of playing scary games in the real world is undeniable. The soft flicker of a candle, a chilling reflection in a mirror, or the suspenseful button press in a paranormal elevator game - these experiences aren't just for the brave but for anyone seeking a thrill.

  15. 13 Ghost-Hunting Apps That Claim To Find Paranormal Activity

    Ghost Detector — Haunted Radar. The Ghost Detector — Haunted Radar app claims to be the most accurate ghost detecting app. It works by picking up changes in electromagnetic fields to identify ...

  16. GHOSTS

    GHOSTS - The Real-Time FMV Horror Game by Jed Shepherd Project We Love London, UK Video Games £183,245. pledged of £165,000 goal 2,231 backers Funding period. Apr 7, 2021 - May 7, 2021 (30 days) ...


    Our ghost games also include gruesome monsters and zombies. Fans of bloody action will love going head-to-head against ghouls in violent battles. For a dark detective challenge, try playing a game from the Ghostscape Mystery series! You will use modern ghost-hunting tools to reveal invisible spirits and solve puzzles.

  18. 10 Most Anticipated Horror Games Of 2024

    Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden is an upcoming immersive-action RPG set in a vivid and horrific world filled with otherworldy beasts, vengeful spirits, and ominous curses.Set in the late 1600s, the game follows two lovers and ghost hunters who set out to protect people from deadly ghosts and spirits that roam the town of New Eden.

  19. Scary Games: 30 So Sping-Tingling They're Addictive

    This game was a viral sensation online a few years ago, and a few people were insisting at the time that Charlie is a Mexican demon. We're not sure if that's true, or even if a ghost of any nationality is interested in visiting your home and answering yes-or-no questions with a pencil. But if it's true, be prepared to be amazed. 25. Three Kings

  20. Top Free Online Games Tagged Ghost

    Top Free Online Games tagged Ghost Play ghost games at Y8.com. Are souls trapped on Earth to forever haunt those they have unfinished business with or are ghosts made up? Either way they make for great stories and games. The spirits can in many forms, from white to translucent, and can be ghosts of people or animals.

  21. 32 Scary Games To Play With Friends

    By Chrissy Stockton Updated June 17, 2021 scary games to play Table of Contents Scary games are the best kind of games. This is a collection of scary games to play from across the internet. You will find scary games to play with friends and scary games to play by yourself. There are even scary video games and scary games to play on your phone.

  22. 7 totally normal games that scared the bejesus out of us

    Let's go through seven of them — ranging from current horror surprises to games from our childhood that left us too horrified to turn the console on again. 1. Uncharted. (Image credit: Naughty ...

  23. Ghost Games

    Ghost Games are scary games about supernatural spirits that haunt abandoned houses at night. Here at Silvergames.com we've collected only the very best fun online ghost games for kids and put them into a selection of new addicting challenges for girls and boys. Start hunting for restless souls in a scary 3D ghost town.

  24. Most Anticipated Horror Games Of 2024 And Beyond

    Most Anticipated Horror Games Of 2024 And Beyond. By Mark Delaney on January 9, 2024 at 10:00AM PST. After a banner year for scary games, 2024 is looking to follow up with even more hits and haunts.

  25. Play Free Online Ghost games on Kevin Games

    This archive consists of browser games for desktops and mobile platforms as well as titles specifically designed for tablets and phones. Here you will find some truly amazing gems like Kogama Ghost House , Horror Nights Story , Ghost Fight , Flappy Ghost Adventure , Spooky Ghosts Jigsaw, and tons of other awesome free games. Ghost games - Play ...

  26. Xbox Game Pass January 2024 games include Resident Evil 2, AC ...

    Here's the full rundown of January's Xbox and PC Game Pass games for the first half of the month: Close to the Sun (cloud, console, and PC) — Jan. 3. Hell Let Loose (cloud, PC, and Xbox ...

  27. Real Ghosts Game

    However, there is first time for everything. So this night Susan and Daniel will have the chance to meet real ghosts. Actually it was proven that there are real ghosts in this house, so their task is to find them and find a way how to get rid of them. You can play this game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun.

  28. Ghost Pirates Head Coach Rick Bennett played in one all-star game, but

    Ghost Pirates Head Coach Rick Bennett played in one all-star game, but will coach in one for first time ever on Monday. Updated: 48 minutes ago ... Stuffed animals collected during Ghost Pirates game given to children at Savannah hospital. Updated: Jan. 4, 2024 at 5:55 PM EST | News. First Alert Weather. Sports. WTOC Investigates. Community ...

  29. Open-World Games With Realistic Geological Systems

    TheHunter: Call Of The Wild creates a realistic hunting experience by placing target animals in accurate geological environments, adding depth to the game. The open-world genre is a fascinating ...