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Axial Wraith Spawn Upgrades for Maximum Performance

The axial wraith spawn has a great shaft crawler with a nice wide stance. It also handles speed pretty well as a rock racer. The scale detail is good too.

But do you want better performance? Do you want to know the best axial wraith spawn Upgrades? Read this article to know both expensive and low-cost upgrade alternatives.

In each part, you will know the benefits of these upgrades, and what you are getting for the money.

For your convenience, I have gathered the upgrade suggestions from experts. Without further ado, let’s get started.

How Much Does Its Cost to Upgrade?

One has to spend around $80 for motor, $20 for ESC, $60 for wheels, $196 for axles, and $32 for tires.

Axial wraith spawn is a very popular model with lots of different mods and upgrades. Spending almost 500 bucks, you will be able to get a decent upgrade.

Adding some accessories to your buying list will increase the estimated cost. Also, keep in mind that the prices of the parts can be changed anytime.

However, I will always suggest you increase the budget if possible because you will be missing out on a lot in this budget.

7 Upgrades Axial Wraith Spawn:

Since we are upgrading the motor from brushed to brush-less, you need a gearbox that is more durable than the stock one. So, you can go for the billet gearbox from Integy. It will be smoother, stronger, and more durable than the other.

Integy RC Model C26305ORANGE Billet Machined Gear Box

If you want to go for a dependable option, I have brought two options – The expensive one and the budget-friendly one. 

The high-end one offers super strong and precision-made titanium gears for high durability that will survive heavy use.

And the budget-friendly one is made of Copper & Aluminum or Stainless Steel & Aluminum.

Option one: Savox .11/ 486. 1 7. 4V HV Coreless Digital Servo

Option two: ZOSKAY 35kg high Torque Coreless Motor servo

Option three: Hitec 37954S HS-7954SH High Voltage Ultra Torque Dual BB Servo

3. Metal driveshafts

The stock one is plastic-made. However, this won’t be an issue. But you should upgrade the drive-train from plastic to heavier metal for better results.

Gmade Hardened Universal Shaft Axial Wraith

For the smoothest steering experience, you need to upgrade the stock axle in your axial wraith spawn.

The aftermarket parts I am going to suggest here are also very durable. Take the one from Universal for example.

This Universal Joint Axle increases the steering angle to 50 degrees. The metal axles should be at both front and rear. And it would be nice if everything is metal.

Axial AX30780 Universal Axle Set

For tubes: GoolRC Stainless Steel Axle Tubes

According to my opinion, the most bang for your ESC buck is the Traxxas Castle Creations Mamba Max. It’s tuneable via the Castle Link USB connector.

Castle Creations Mamba Max Pro 1/10 Brushless ESC

You should upgrade to a fully waterproofed sensor-ed brush-less setup from the brushed motor. The whole range is widened and seems better all-around with much higher speed.

I highly recommend Holmes Hobby 3300kv Puller Pro Stubby in Wraith Spawn. You couldn’t be happier with the setup and water proof-sens.


Option two: BETAFPV 1805 1550KV/2550KV Brushless Motor

If you want a brushless, it must be sensored. 

Again, you can also go for brushed stuff. If the brushed motor you choose doesn’t quite give you the speed you want, you can always change the spur and pinion gears to make up for it. 

One of the must-have upgrades for RC cars is replacing their tires. Stock tires are not suitable for going over large objects. According to my research, duratrax has the best tires for wraith spawn.

I particularly like its super aggressive tire tread pattern with incredible big lugs. It is taller and wider than the stock ones.

Option one: Showdown CR 1.9″ Crawler Tires

Option two: Hot Bodies 67772 Rover Tire

Axial Wraith Spawn Accessories Upgrades

The first and most important accessory upgrade according to the pro racers is to have Axial Universal 5 Bucket Light Bar Set.

Clicking on the link, you will find a durable and high-quality lighting system for your wraith.

You can upgrade with TopCad Aluminum Heavy Duty Steering Block, Topcad Aluminum Hex Wheel Hub 3mm Widener, GMP Racing Alloy Front/Rear Axle Housing, TopCad Aluminum Steering Linkage Gun Metal for Axial, Vanquish Products Axial Wraith Steering Knuckles Grey Anodized

Those are some of the best axial wraith spawn upgrades with the best prices. For your convenience, I have included both expensive and low-budget options. So, everyone gets to upgrade their axial wraith and beat the competition. Or, having more power and performance will only increase the fun.

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Axial Wraith Spawn – Let the upgrades begin!

Hey Squidders, sorry I have been MIA for a couple of weeks, had some family issues that needed attending to. I’m back with some updates on the Wraith Spawn build thats been on my bench for a bit. When we left off I was getting ready to take it for it’s first spin and see how things play out. Which reminds me if you have not read the first volume of this build you can check it out here !

So to give the Spawn a good shake down I took it one of my favorite spots in Kansas City, Watts Mill Park. I’m happy to report that the Wraith is now, just like it was back then, still a blast to drive. The 13.5 power plant was plenty of zoot to get some good hopping and jumping action on the rocks. I got enough wheel time to take some mental notes on some handling problems I want to address. The suspension feels way too stiff and the ride height needs to be lower to address some tipping issues. Even with some suspension woes I still got to have some fun splashing in some shallow water and climbing some rock formations. I am unhappy to report however that my fun was cut short. A bad landing on a rather large jump snapped the stock C-hub and twisted the universal shaft off. Bummer!

I reached out to Vanquish Products who are well known for their Axial upgrades and ordered some bling to up the toughness factor of this super fun chassis. I picked up the Wraith Stage 1 upgrade kit which includes aluminum knuckles, C-hubs and rear lockouts. This will be a major durability upgrade on all four corners of the truck. This kit conveniently comes in red to go along with my color scheme I have going for the Spawn too, BONUS!

The more I began to think about it the more I started to draw some parallels between my damaged Spawn and the comic book anti-hero who is its namesake. The comic book hero narrative often has the protagonist getting his butt kicked before coming back stronger and in some fancy costume. Why not the same type of thing for my Wraith? Gears turning in my head for how cool this thing could look I reached out to Neal from Freqeskinz and threw my idea at him. He responded about an hour later with the words “it will never work” with this picture attached. My jaw was one the floor. This was exactly the look I was going for. Thank you Freqeskinz!

Installing the skin was pretty easy even for a novice like myself. The vinyl is forgiving to being re-applied and with the help of the heat gun it lays down quite nicely.

The the new Spawn wrap installed I could not just put it back together with the same old shoes. No way! Again I tapped Vanquish for some of their Awesome OMF Type R 2.2 bead-lock wheels paired with some 225 SLW hubs to give a near stock track width. I think the red and silver OMFs should compliment nicely! To go along with the new wheels I hit Eddie up from Crawler Innovations for some closed cell Deuce’s Wild foams to improve the performance of this trail/bash machine. The closed cell foams for those who don’t know will shed water instead of abosorbing it and becoming giant water balloons on the end of your axles. These foams are also a lot more firm so they will have improved performance when side hilling or going fast aroud corners because the tire will not roll under as easily. Win win! I’m staying with the Trepador right now because I think its a great tire.

To replace the broken universal I had to go back with stock because VP was out of their awesome VVD/CVD axles. But with the added rigidity of the stage 1 kit I highly doubt I will have anymore issues with the universals. The stock units are pretty rugged when paired with a good set of knuckles and chubs.

So that is all I have planned for this volume of Pimp Spawns ride. Al approves of his newly upgraded ride and I’m pretty pleased with it as well. I’ve got lots more goodies lined up to go into this build so be sure to check back regularly for updates. Thanks for sticking with me guys and I’ll catch ya on the next one!

To check out some of the performance goodies available from Crawler Innovations for your Wraith click here .

To see some Vanquish Products upgrades for your Axial rig click here .

To see some more of Freqeskinz vinyl wraps click here .

Want to find out more about the Axial Wraith Spawn ? Click here !

For more Axial news on BigSquid click here .

Posted by Evol in Axial , scale rc on Friday, August 28th, 2015 at 2:08 pm

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Step By Step Wraith Kit Build - Part I - Axles

Posted: 10/5/11


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Review: yeah racing aluminum hd upgrade combo set for the axial wraith.

Bayers May 17, 2015 Reviews 567 Views

If you’re looking to do some serious rock crawling, your first stop should be Axial’s Wraith. Available in a few different flavors, this rig can pretty much conquer it all with its AR60 OCP-Axles, 4-link suspension, WB8 Wild Boar Driveshafts and BFGoodrich Krawler T/A tires. Upgrades for this truck are overly-abundant, ranging anywhere from body conversions to heavy duty axles to super-sticky tires.

Specifics Product: Aluminum Heavy Duty Upgrade Combo Set for the Axial Wraith Manufacturer: Yeah Racing Product #: AXWR-S01 Average Cost: $80.00 Installation Time: About 25 minutes

What’s In The Box Yeah Racing has put together an aluminum upgrade kit for the Wraith, including parts that are commonly purchased individually. This kit contains a sharp-looking set of CNC-machined aluminum parts; wheel hexes, front/rear axle link mounts, servo mounts, rear lockouts and front C-hubs and steering knuckles. All of the parts are individually wrapped in sealed bags and contain new mounting hardware. Except for the wheel hexes, all of these are direct bolt-ons for the Wraith (more on the hexes in a sec).

Installation I started with the rear of the Wraith since it was the easiest to get to. After removing the rear tires, replacing the rear lockouts and rear link mount took only a few seconds with no drama. As I went to install the wheel hexes, I found that the original, plastic hexes bolt to the wheel and then are keyed to the pin in the axle; the YR hexes are standalone parts. To use these, you’ll need to get Axial’s IFD Hex Hub Conversion Kit (AX31074). Since I didn’t have this, I used the stock hex/hubs for now.

Moving to the front, I started by removing the stock, plastic C-hubs and steering blocks (work with one side at a time). Replacing these is a little more involved, requiring you to swap the bearings and hat bushings over to the new aluminum parts. When re-installing, make sure you orient the parts correctly; check the other side of the Wraith to verify the installation (that’s why we’re only working with one side at a time). If you have some available, I suggest adding a very small drop of Threadlocker to the screws that attach the C-hub to the steering knuckle. This will help prevent the screws from backing out of the aluminum parts.

Once you have that all buttoned up, switch to the opposite side and replace the parts. Also notice that the new steering knuckles have additional mounting holes. For this install, I mounted the steering into the stock-hole location; I’ll be playing with the other holes later to see how they affect the steering.

The front link mount is also a little more complicated. Start by removing the servo horn from the servo, making sure to keep the servo horn straight up-and-down. Remove the link mount from the axle with the servo and servo tray attached, then remove the servo from the tray, then the tray from the link mount. Replace the servo mounts (with the included aluminum ones), then re-install everything in reverse order; attach the tray to the new aluminum link mount, the servo to the tray and this entire assembly to the axle. I suggest adding a small drop of Threadlocker to the screws from the tray to the aluminum link mount. Once that is complete, you can re-install the servo horn.

Performance You’re probably not going to notice much difference in performance as the stock parts are pretty solid, but if you’re heavy handed with your ride or are generally a bit abusive, you’ll be happy with the increased durability these parts provide. Being of aluminum, they also reduce a lot of flex, especially in the steering. Not only that, they look great and, thanks to the gunmetal coloring, aren’t over-blingy. I took the Wraith on one of my favorite hour-long trails, bouncing over some rocks, blasting down some dusty East Texas trails and fording a creek or two and am happy to say that I have had zero issues with my install.

Conclusion Yeah Racing makes it easy to upgrade your Wraith with a sampling of aluminum parts in a nice small package. The price is reasonable; you’re not only getting 14 aluminum bits but also some additional mounting hardware. The parts quality is excellent and the install was pretty easy, however it would be nice if the kit came in a few additional colors. Aside from that, this is an excellent kit to start with if you’re ready to begin boosting the look and performance of your Axial Wraith.

Price: 6.5 Fit and Finish: 9 Installation : 1=Complicated – 10=Easy: 8.5 Durability: 9.6 Value: 7.5

Connect Yeah Racing , www.yeahracing.com RCMart , www.rcmart.com

About Bayers

axial wraith upgrade guide

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axial wraith upgrade guide

Axial Wraith Guide – Upgrades Tips and Tricks- ESC + Motor

If you decide to change the stock parts out, you would need to make sure that you select the correct corresponding part that fits. The Higher the performance you want from the motor and ESC, the more amperage they will pull from the battery packs. The Battery packs need to be capable of that if not, it will damage you packs for sure. Stock ESC The stock Axial AE2 ESC isn’t a bad ESC overall, It performs well. It is a stock ESC, so it lacks of the tuning capabilities of other expensive units. As for a RTR ESC, it is a nice one. It is not advertised as waterproof, but people have no issue submerging the Wraith with appropriate precaution. Upgrading ESC There are a few reasons why you would want to change your ESC. It is not necessary to change it right out of the box. Most of the reasons why you would want to switch are because you have a better motor to support it. You would also need to decide if your truck is for bashing, crawling, or a mix of it. When considering a new ESC, you would have to find the voltage limit of it, also if it is water proof, or if it is programmable. What is the cost and if it has any crawling friendly features. Stock Motor The 20t stock brushed motor is another piece of motor. Nothing fancy ofcourse, also the life span of the stock motor is very limited depending on how you use it. Abusing it around dirty creek water would decrease its life span a lot. Upgrading Motor Replacing the motor is something that most people would want to do sooner or later. The stock one would also be dead after using it for a while. Basically for the Axial Wraith, you are either looking for speed or for crawling. Motor for Speed If you are going after some speed, then it would be the best f you have a brushless motor system. Both Sensored or Sensorless are great, but Sensored ones would give a better low speed control. A system between 2200 and 3600kv would be the best in our opinion. Running a 3700kv system would be a bit too much that the wheel speed is overkill for anything other than just a fast basher type of truck. Motor for Crawling If crawling or trail riding is what you like to do, then there would be a lot of options. The most economic way is to just replace the stock motor and still use the stock ESC. A motor around 25-45 turn is good, depending on how much wheel speed you would want for your Axial Wraith. If you would like a little more tune-ability or run a high voltage motor, then you would need to change the ESC as well. Upgrading it would need to look at the size, cost, voltage limits, motor limits, waterproof, and programming interface. For crawling, it is important to get a sensored system, for the stable low speed control.

By Felix Lam

Tags : Axial , Wraith , Guide

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Axial Wraith Manual

  • Axial Manuals
  • Motorized Toy Car

Axial Wraith Manual

  • page of 52 Go / 52

Table of Contents

  • Troubleshooting
  • Included Items
  • Tools and Equipment Required
  • Specifications
  • Charge Your Battery
  • Parts Reference
  • Wheels and Tires
  • Adding Weight
  • Shock Tuning


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Motorized Toy Car Axial wraith spawn User Manual

Summary of Contents for Axial Wraith

  • Page 1 封面...
  • Page 4 AXIAL LIMITED WARRANTY Your Axial product is warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship when new in the factory sealed box. This warranty does not cover damages option parts. This warranty lasts as long as the original purchaser owns the product and is not transferable (veri ed by dated itemized sales receipt accompanied with product).
  • Page 5 NOTES...
  • Page 6 Put the battery in the car. Install the battery. Turn on the transmitter. Connect firmly. Turn on the electronic speed controller.
  • Page 8 AX80045A LED Light Holder Set AX80070 Axial Diff Cover AX80084 UV Joint Driveshafts AX80045B LED Light Holder Set AX80049 LED Lens Set - Clear AX80078 Transmission Gear Cover AX80071 Straight Axle Adapter Rear AX80006 AX80035 Servo Set 10mm Shock Caps Set...
  • Page 9 AX80083 AX80088 AX80087 Rock Buggy Links Set Rock Buggy Main Frame Rock Buggy Main Frame AX80077 Rock Buggy Front End 1 AX80075 Wraith Tube Frame TOP AX80069 Offset Axle Housing AX80037 Interior Details Parts Tree - Black...
  • Page 10 AX80010 Gear Set AX30665 Spurs 48DP 80T AX80018 Hardware Parts Tree AX80033 AX80062 10mm Shock Set 1 XR10 C Hub Carrier Set AX80036 72-103mm Shock Body AX80034 10mm Shock Set 2 AX80051 Dig Transmission Case AX30419 Solid Axle Dogbone 7x69mm AX80061 Steering Knuckles Plastic Set AX30419...
  • Page 11 AX80080 Corbeau LG1 Seat(Grey) AX80074 Rock Buggy Main Frame AX80081 Radio Case AX80079 AX80076 Rock Buggy Skid Plate/Battery Tray Rock Buggy Battery Brace AX80076 Rock Buggy Rear Brace Set AX80089 Rock Buggy Front End 2 AX80073 Offset Axle Steering Link...
  • Page 12 AX30162 Pin 1.5x8mm AX30113 Rubber Bump Stop 3.6x7x4 AX30163 Pin 2x10mm AX30437 Dig Lockout Shaft AX30413 AX30166 AX30410 Slipper spring Pin 1.5x11mm Inner Slipper Plate AXA180 M3x3mm AX30368 AX30112 AXA0175 Axle 6x39mm Shock Diaphragm 13x4.5mm Screw Shaft M3x2.5x11mm AXA187 Set Screw M3x20mm AX30411 Outer Slipper Plate AX30784...
  • Page 13 AXA1040 M3 Thin Hex Nut AXA0414 AXA0109 M2.6x10mm M3x10mm Oversized Flat Hex Socket AXA1041 M2.5 Nylon Lock Nut AXA1356 AXA0416 Silicone Shock Bushing 7.5x8mm M2.6x18mm AXA1052 M3 Thin Nylon Locking Hex Nut AXA1393 E2.5 e-clip AXA463 AXA1053 M3x6mm M3 Nylon Locking Hex Nut AXA1045 M4 Nylon Lock Nut AXA1069...
  • Page 14 AXA015 AXA015 M2x10mm AXA015 AXA1230 Bearing 10x15x4mm AXA1230 AXA30392 AX30385 Diff Gasket 16x25x0.5mm AX30385 AX30500 AX30500 Heavy Duty Locker AX80002 AX30392 38T Bevel Gear AXA1230 AX30163 AX30395-38T/13T PIN 2.0x10mm AX30401-36T/14T AX30402-43T/13T AXA1393 AXA1393 E2.5 e-clip AX30408 AX30392 Input Shaft 5x29mm AX30408 AX30163 AX30392...
  • Page 15 AXA1221 AXA435 FRONT Bearing 5x11x4mm AXA435 M3x10mm AXA015 M2x10mm AX80070 Note Direction AXA1221 REAR AX80069 AXA015 AXA1221 Note Direction AX80070 Note Direction...
  • Page 16 AX30419 Solid Axle Dogbone 7x125mm AX30419 Solid Axle Dogbone 7x69mm AX30762 Aluminum C Hub Carrier AX30419 Front AX30780 AX30760 Universal Joint Axle Aluminum Steering Knuckle AXA1221 Front Note Direction LEFT AX30419 Rear AXA433 RIGHT AXA1221 AX80062 AXA433 Front Rear AXA1221 Bearing 5x11x4mm AXA433 AXA115...
  • Page 17 AXA433 M3x6mm AXA1221 Rear AXA1221 Bearing 5x11x4mm AX30776 AX30776 AXA433 AXA1221 AX80071 AXA433 AXA433 AX30789 Rear Straight Axle Aluminum Adapter AX80071 AXA433 AX30776 Straight Axle Shaft 6x104.2mm AX30776 Straight Axle Shaft 6x160.2mm...
  • Page 18 Front AXA464 AXA1052 Note Direction M3 Thin Nylon Locking Hex Nut AXA465 AXA464 AX80072 M3x8mm AXA0439 AXA465 M3x10mm AXA087 AXA087 AXA087 M3x16mm AXA1052 AXA0439 AX80070 M3x20mm AXA180 AXA180 M3x3mm AXA1052 AX80070 AXA180 Rear AXA465 AXA1052 Note Direction M3 Thin Nylon Locking Hex Nut AXA464 AX80072 AXA464...
  • Page 19 AXA1041 AX30155 M2.5 Nylon Lock Nut Shock Shaft 3x59.5 AX80036 AX30113 AXA1184 Rubber Bump Stop 3.6x7x4 AXA1202 AX80035 AXA1202 O-Ring 3.5x2mm AX80035 AX80035 AXA1184 O-Ring 7.5x1.5mm AXA1041 AX30113 AX80033 AX30112 AXA1069 Shock Diaphragm 13x4.5mm AX80034 AX30155 Do Not Over AX80018 AX80018 Tighten Hardware Parts Tree...
  • Page 20 AXA1356 Silicone Shock Bushing 7.5x8mm AXA1356 AX30218 Spring 14x70mm - Super Soft AX30218 AX80034 AX30218 AX30218 Spring 14x70mm 2.07 lbs-in - Super Soft Spring 14x70mm 2.07 lbs-in - Super Soft AX30219 AX30219 Spring 14x70mm 2.47 lbs-in - Soft Spring 14x70mm 2.47 lbs-in - Soft AX30220 AX30220 Spring 14x70mm 2.85 lbs-in - Medium...
  • Page 21 AX80018 AX80018 Hardware Parts Tree Note Direction AX80018 AX80083 AX80018 AX80083 AX80018 AX80018 AX80018 AX80083 AX80018 AX80083 AX80018 AX30796 Wraith Tube Links Set AX80018 AX80083 AX80018 AX80018 AX80018 AX80083 Note Direction AX80018 AX80083 AX80018 AX80018 AX80083 AX80018...
  • Page 22 Front AXA0175 Screw Shaft M3x2.5x11mm AXA0175 AXA1052 M3 Thin Nylon Locking Hex Nut (BLACK) AXA118 AXA118 M3x18mm AXA1052 AXA1052 AXA118 Front AXA1052 M3 Thin Nylon Locking Hex Nut (BLACK) AXA1053 M3 Nylon Locking Hex Nut (BLACK) AXA118 AXA091 AXA118 M3x18mm AXA1053 AXA091 M3x30mm...
  • Page 23 Front AX80072 AXA434 M3x8mm AX80072 AXA464 AX30777 AXA435 AXA464 M3x10mm AXA464 AXA435 M3x8mm AXA434 AXA0109 M3x10mm Oversized Flat Hex Socket AX30778 AXA435 AX30778 AXA0109 AXA0109 Front AXA117 AXA1070 Washer 3x6x0.5 mm AXA1052 AXA117 M3 Thin Nylon Locking Hex Nut (BLACK) AXA1053 M3 Nylon Locking Hex Nut (BLACK) AXA1052...
  • Page 24 Rear AXA0175 Screw Shaft M3x2.5x11mm AXA0175 AXA1052 M3 Thin Nylon Locking Hex Nut (BLACK) AXA118 AXA118 M3x18mm AXA1052 AXA118 Rear AXA1052 M3 Thin Nylon Locking Hex Nut (BLACK) AXA1053 M3 Nylon Locking Hex Nut (BLACK) AXA1053 AXA118 AXA118 M3x18mm AXA091 AXA091 AXA1052 M3x30mm...
  • Page 25 AXA1243 AX80010 AXA1225 Bearing 8x16x5mm AX30190 AXA1225 AXA013 AX80051 AX30437 AXA1243 Bearing 15x21x4mm AX80010 AX30435 AXA089 AX30437 Dig Lockout Shaft AX30435 Steel Outdrive Shaft AX80051 AX80078 AXA013 M2x6mm AX30491 AXA0437 M3x15mm AX80051 AXA089 M3x25mm AX30793 Dig Upgrade Set (Wraith) AXA0437...
  • Page 26 AX30162 Pin 1.5x8mm AXA1070 AX30665 AX30411 Washer 3x6x0.5 mm AX30162 AXA1071 AX30412 AXA1070 Washer 4x8x0.5mm AXA1091 Washer 5x10x0.5mm AXA083 AXA083 M3x6mm AXA1045 AX30410 AX30413 M4 Nylon Lock Nut (Black) AXA1091 AXA1045 AX30413 AXA1071 Slipper spring AXA180 AX30411 Outer Slipper Plate AX30578 AXA0414 AXA0414...
  • Page 27 Front AXA0175 Screw Shaft M3x2.5x11mm AXA465 M3x10mm AXA0175 AXA466 M3x12mm AXA0437 M3x15mm AXA187 M3x20mm Set Screw (Black Oxide) AX80079 AXA465 AXA466 AXA0437 AXA187 AXA0437 AXA187...
  • Page 28 Rear AXA0175 Screw Shaft M3x2.5x11mm AXA0175 AXA0437 M3x15mm AXA187 M3x20mm Set Screw (Black Oxide) AXA0437 AXA0437 AXA187 AXA187...
  • Page 29 AX80049 AXA013 M2x6mm AX80045B AX80045B AX80049 AXA013 AXA0413 M2.6x8mm AX80045A AX24253 AX80045B AXA013 AXA441 M3x30mm AX80045B AXA013 AX80045A AXA013 AXA013 AXA441 AXA0413 AX80077-001 AXA0413 AXA0413 AXA0413 AX80082 AX80082 AX30041 AX30041...
  • Page 30 Left AXA0437 M3x15mm AX80088 AX80077 AXA438 M3x18mm AXA438 AX80074 AXA438 AXA438 AXA0437 AXA0437 AXA438 AXA438 AX80081 AX80082...
  • Page 31 Right AXA0437 M3x15mm AX80074 AXA438 M3x18mm AX80077 AXA438 AXA0437 AXA438 AXA438 AXA0437 AX80087 AXA438 AXA438 M3x18mm AXA438 AXA438...
  • Page 32 AXA0416 AXA0414 AXA0416 M2.6x10mm AXA0416 M2.6x18mm AX80081 Front AXA0412 AXA0414 M2.6x6mm AXA0414 Rear AXA180 M3x3mm AX80081 AX24257 Simple LED Controller w/LED lights (4 white and 2 Red) AX30566 AX24257 AX80081 AXA30031 AX24259 AXA180 AXA30031 AX80081 AXA0414 AXA0412 AXA0412 AXA0412...
  • Page 33 AXA013 M2x6mm AX80080 AXA463 M3x6mm AXA465 M3x10mm AXA466 AXA466 AX80037 M3x12mm AX80037 AXA466 AX80080 AX80037 AX80037 AX4028 AXA013 AXA013 AX80037 AX80037 AX80080 AX80037 AXA463 AX80080 AXA465 AX80037 AX80037 AXA463 AXA465 AXA0113 AXA013 AXA0113 M3x6mm AXA1040 M3 THIN HEX NUT (BLACK) AXA1040...
  • Page 34 AXA0422 M2.6x6mm AXA0422 AXA0422 AXA013 M2x6mm AXA013...
  • Page 35 AXA436 M3x12mm AXA436 AXA438 M3x18mm AXA438 AXA438 AXA438 AXA438 AXA438 AX80076 AX80089 AX80077 AXA438 AX80076 AXA438 AXA438 M3x18mm AXA438 AXA438 AX80075...
  • Page 36 AXA0422 M2.6x6mm AXA436 M3x12mm AXA0422 AXA438 AXA0422 M3x18mm AXA438 AXA438 AXA438 AXA438 AXA438 AX80082 AXA436 AXA438 AXA438 AXA438 AXA438 AXA438 AXA438 AXA438 AXA438 AXA438...
  • Page 37 AXA013 M2x6mm AXA013 AXA433 AX80045A M3x6mm AX24258 AX80077 AXA434 AX80045A M3x8mm AX80045B AX80049 AXA434 AXA434 AXA433 AXA013 AXA433 AX80045 AX80075 AX24258 AX80049 AX80045 AX80045 AXA436 M3x12mm AXA438 M3x18mm AXA436 AXA436 AXA438 AXA438 AXA438 AXA438...
  • Page 38 AXA438 M3x18mm AXA438 AXA438...
  • Page 39 Front AXA0439 M3x20mm AXA0439 AX80034 AXA0439 Rear AXA440 M3x25mm AXA440 AX80034 AXA440...
  • Page 40 AX12015 AX12015 AX8137 AXA180 M3x3mm AX30163 PIN 2.0x10mm AXA1045 M4 Nylon Lock Nut (Black) AXA180 AX30163 AXA1090 Washer 4.8x14 (Green) AXA1090 AXA1045...
  • Page 41 AXA0422 AXA0422 AXA0422 AXA0422 M2.6x6mm AXA0422 AXA0422 AXA0422 AXA0422 AX4027 AXA0422 AXA0422 AX4027 AXA0422 M2.6x6mm AXA0422 AXA0422 AXA0422 AXA0422 AX4027 AXA0422 AXA0422 AXA0422 AXA0422 Left Right &...
  • Page 42 AXA433 AXA013 AX80045A AX80045A AX80045A AXA013 AX80049 AXA433 AX80045B AX80045A AXA013 AX80049 AX80045B AX80045A AX80045A AXA013 AX80049 AX80045B AX80045A AXA434 AX80049 AX80045A AX80045B AX30032 AXA434 AXA0416 AXA180 AXA0416 AX80080 AX80081 AX30031 AX80081 AXA466 AXA0414 AX80080 AXA0414 AXA466 AX80080 AXA466 AXA0414 AX80080 AX80080 AX80081...
  • Page 43 AXA0413 AX30041 AX80035 AXA0413 AXA0413 AXA1356 AXA0413 AX30112 AX30041 AXA1041 AXA1069 AX80033 AXA1069 AX80082 AX30155 AXA089 AXA1070 AXA180 AXA089 AXA083 AXA089 AX30578 AXA1070 AXA083 AX80036 AXA0113 AXA436 AX80051 AXA436 AX80051 AXA0113 AX30162 AX30162 AXA1218 AX80035 AXA013 AX80051 AXA1184 AX30198 AX30394 AX80035 AX80051 AXA1202...
  • Page 44 AXA0439 AXA187 AX80018 AXA1045 AX80034 AXA180 AXA438 AXA1090 AXA435 AXA438 AX80018 AX80083 AX30429 AXA435 AXA438 AX30163 AXA1221 AX30778 AX80018 AXA1052 AXA1052 AXA1090 AXA091 AXA115 AX80083 AX80018 AXA1230 AXA464 AX30450 AXA433 AXA465 AX30368 AX80018 AX80083 AX80072 AX80062 AX80018 AX80034 AXA438 AX30450 AXA0439 AXA1053 AXA433...
  • Page 45 AXA1045 AXA1230 AXA1090 AX80070 AXA015 AXA180 AXA435 AX30429 AX80070 AXA435 AXA433 AX80002 AXA015 AX30163 AX30500 AXA435 AX80071 AXA438 AXA435 AX80070 AX30385 AXA187 AXA1221 AXA464 AX80083 AXA433 AX80018 AX30392 AXA465 AX80018 AXA1053 AX80072 AXA1230 AX30776 AXA0439 AXA440 AXA015 AXA015 AXA438 AXA087 AXA015 AXA015 AXA1393...
  • Page 46 AXA149 AX30545 AX30545 AX30546 AXA1053 AXA1053 AX30546 AXA149...
  • Page 47 AX30222 AX30222 Spring 14x70mm 3.55 lbs-in- Super Firm Spring 14x70mm 3.55 lbs-in- Super Firm Shock Tuning / Stossdämpferabstimmung Standard Pistons Standard Pistons Provides the same dampening rate on both compression and extension Provides the same dampening rate on both compression and extension Less Less Soft...
  • Page 48 AXA0109 M3x10mm Oversized Flat Hex Socket...
  • Page 51 Pro-Line Flat Iron tires on the SCX10 line make it one of the most diverse R/C vehicles on the planet. Adventure the wild with an Axial SCX10 and bring your one of the most diverse R/C vehicles on the planet. Adventure the wild with an Axial SCX10 and bring your adventure dreams to reality.
  • Page 52 封底...

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1/10 Axial Wraith upgrade parts

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Best choice 1/10 Axial Wraith upgrade parts hop ups. Include wraith rc shocks, suspension, tires, drive shaft, bumper, turnbuckle, steering hub carries, motor, shocks mount....

RCAWD AXIAL UPGRADE PARTS RCAWD Alloy Front C-Hub Carrier AX30762 For 1/10 RC Hobby Car Axial Wraith 2pcs

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  1. 5 Most Effective Upgrades and Modifications for Axial Wraith

    Steering Upgrade Many Axial Wraith users have encountered issues with the Stock Chassis links and steering set up where they have noticed weak crawling capacity and even the Steering radius is not strong enough to handle tight obstacles on the way of driving.

  2. Wraith Beginners Guide

    1 2 3 4 5 6 11 51 > Last » LinkBack Thread Tools Display Modes Sponsored Links Page 1 of 53 1 2 3 4 5 6 11 51 > Last » « Previous Thread | Next Thread » This thread will walk you through many questions that are common with the Axial Wraith.

  3. 6 Axial Wraith 1.9 Upgrades with Accessories Recommendations

    INCISION SCX10-II 12.0″ Servo Recommendation: ProTek RC 370TBL While I recommend upgrading your Wraith's tactic Servo, many users may claim that you should not upgrade with a very powerful servo since it will increase the potential chance of your current ESC shutting down.

  4. Axial Wraith Spawn Upgrades for Maximum Performance

    2. Servo If you want to go for a dependable option, I have brought two options - The expensive one and the budget-friendly one. The high-end one offers super strong and precision-made titanium gears for high durability that will survive heavy use. And the budget-friendly one is made of Copper & Aluminum or Stainless Steel & Aluminum.

  5. Harley's Guide to a Bulletproof Wraith

    Welcome to RCCrawler Forums. It looks like you're enjoying RCCrawler's Forums but haven't created an account yet. Why not take a minute to register for your own free account now? As a member you get free access to all of our forums and posts plus the ability to post your own messages, communicate directly with other members, and much more.

  6. Axial Wraith Spawn Get MAJOR Upgrades!

    Axial Wraith Spawn Get MAJOR Upgrades! - YouTube 0:00 / 11:11 Intro Axial Wraith Spawn Get MAJOR Upgrades! 10th Scale Garage 36.2K subscribers Subscribe 17K views 1 year ago Project Hellspawn...

  7. Axial Wraith Spawn

    Axial Wraith Spawn - Let the upgrades begin! « Big Squid RC - RC Car and Truck News, Reviews, Videos, and More! Axial Wraith Spawn - Let the upgrades begin! Hey Squidders, sorry I have been MIA for a couple of weeks, had some family issues that needed attending to.

  8. Showing Everything I've Done To My Wraith (All Upgrades)

    Showing ALL the upgrades and modifications I've made to my Axial Wraith. Listed below is everything. I have spent lots of time and money to take my Wraith to...

  9. Wraith 1.9 Upgrades

    The Axial Wraith 1.9 is ready for it's next upgrade! New Incision Stainless Steel Links, a Protek 370TBL Servo, Chassis Bracing and Twin Turbos!Axial Wraith ...

  10. Step By Step Wraith Kit Build

    When you upgrade to the aluminum C-hubs the self tapping screws can no longer be used, since the C's are tapped for M3 hardware. Slide the axle C's into place, again note the direction in the manual. ... Axial Wraith Kit Build Series Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7. Tech Wraith Share this article. Share The Adventure. Sign up for ...

  11. Review: Yeah Racing Aluminum HD Upgrade Combo Set for the Axial Wraith

    Specifics. Product: Aluminum Heavy Duty Upgrade Combo Set for the Axial Wraith. Manufacturer: Yeah Racing. Product #: AXWR-S01. Average Cost: $80.00. Installation Time: About 25 minutes. What's In The Box. Yeah Racing has put together an aluminum upgrade kit for the Wraith, including parts that are commonly purchased individually.

  12. Axial Wraith Option Parts & Upgrades

    Awesome Aftermarket Scale Accessories for your Axial Wraith and AR60 based RC Vehicle. Innovative products like Cheap Seats, Bodies, Suspension Kits, High Clearance Skid Plates, Roof Racks, and more... Sold Out. Sold Out "Fast-Back" Roof Rack. $ 42.50 Sold Out. Sold Out 1.9 Wraith battery brace ...

  13. Axial Wraith 2.2 Parts, Upgrades, Hop-ups & Accessories

    4 Reviews $59.99 View Details

  14. Wraith 1.9 Upgrades

    The Axial Wraith 1.9 couldn't stay stock for long! So in this video its time for new Incision 90mm shocks, Proline Krawler tires, and Vanquish Method 310 bea...

  15. Axial Wraith Manual and Parts List

    AX30578 - Pinion 48DP 20 T AX30665 - Spur48DP80T AX30776 - AR60OCP Rear AxleSet (2pcs) AX30777 - 56x17mm Servo Plate

  16. Axial Wraith Upgrades Tips and Tricks

    Axial Wraith Upgrades Tips and Tricks - Transmission The Stock Internals The transmission in the Axial Wraith is not the same as the AX10 or SCX10 transmission. Since the Axial Wraith is newer, it uses the same gears but also incorporates a newer version of the rear case and steel outputs.

  17. Axial Wraith Guide

    Manufacturers 3Racing (1645) Ana-Digit Ltd (14) Arrowmax (1776) ATees (76) Austar RC (1) Axial Racing (29) BA Model Studio (18) Bonzai RC (4) Boom Racing (2632) Carisma Scale Adventure (407)

  18. AXIAL WRAITH MANUAL Pdf Download

    Motorized Toy Car Axial SCX 10 Instruction Manual. 1/10th scale electric 4wd rtr (29 pages) Motorized Toy Car Axial SCX10 RAM Power Wagon Instruction Manual. Trail proven off road (24 pages) Motorized Toy Car Axial EXO Terra Buggy Instruction Manual. (52 pages) Motorized Toy Car Axial Yeti R/C Instruction Manual.

  19. How To Replace The Axial Wraith Spur Gear DETAILED Guide/ Tutorial

    $39.99 Spring $15.99 Spring It's cable reimagined No DVR space limits. No long-term contract. No hidden fees. No cable box. No problems. Join this channel and unlock members-only perks Check out...

  20. Upgrade and Replacement Parts for RC Crawler Axial Wraith- INJORA

    For Axial Wraith. Upgrade parts, Spare & Replacement parts suit for 1/10 scale RC rock crawler Axial Wraith. Filter. Showing: 1-4 of 4 Results. INJORA Metal Front Axle Dogbone Shaft Gear for Axial Wraith. $6.89 - $9.99. Sold out. INJORA 130mm 12-Light Super Bright LED Light Bar with Switch for 1/10 RC Car. $13.99.

  21. Amazon.com: Axial Wraith Spawn Upgrades

    21 $2499 FREE delivery Mon, Jan 22 on $35 of items shipped by Amazon Only 13 left in stock - order soon. Ages: 10 years and up Winter Evening - for Axial Wraith & Spawn Bearings Kit (24 Pcs) 3

  22. BEST RC Axial Wraith ever built

    This video combined all videos of my Axial Wraith assembling - BEST RC Axial Wraith ever made.PART LISTS:Motor: Hobbywing Sensored Brushless motor 21.5TEsc: ...

  23. 1/10 Axial Wraith upgrade parts

    View. RCAWD Axial Wraith upgrade Alloy Front C-Hub Carrier AX30762 2pcs. $13.99. No reviews. Choose options. Quick view. RCAWD Axial Wraith Spawn upgrade aluminium Rear Link Base AR60 OCP 4-Link Mount also for 1/10 Axial Yeti, SCX10,RR10. $12.99. No reviews.