byredo mojave ghost douglas

BYREDO Mojave Ghost Eau de Parfum

Mysteriöse verführung .

Mojave Ghost von Byredo ist inspiriert von der Geisterblume, die jedes Jahr in der unfruchtbaren Landschaft der Mojave-Wüste blüht. Den spannenden Aspekt ihres überlebens will Byredo-Gründer Ben Gorham mit dieser Duftkomposition nachempfinden. Deshalb hat er schwere Noten von moschusartigem indischem Hibiskus mit süßlich-erfrischender Nessbeere aus Jamaika und pudrig-zartes Veilchen mit Sandelholz und frischer Magnolie kombiniert und dem Ganzen zum krönendem Abschluss eine warme Note von Chantilly aufgesetzt. Kopfnote: Indischer Hibiskus, Nessbeere aus Jamaika. Herznote: Veilchen, Sandelholz, Magnolie. Basisnote: Chantilly Moschus, Amber Malz, Zedernholz.

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BYREDO - Mojave Ghost Eau de Parfum

BYREDO Mojave Ghost Eau de Parfum

Product details.

KEY NOTES : - Top notes: ambrette, Jamaican nesberry - Middle notes: violet, sandalwood, magnolia - Base notes: chantilly musk, crisp amber, cedarwood ABOUT THE FRAGRANCE : In the xeric wilderness of the Mojave desert, trees and vegetation more ancient than many civilizations defy conditions that prey on human vulnerability. The ghost flower is a rare species that dares to blossom above this baked, hard ground. Despite its arid surroundings and inability to produce nectar, the ghost flower, or mohavea confertiflora, maintains its perfect, majestic beauty and thrives year after year. In an astonishing feat of ingenuity, the flower uses mimicry to attract the pollinators of a neighboring plant species by developing markings that resemble those of a female bee genus attracted to its subject and duping the male bee into following suit. This moving, human-like behavior and captivating tale of survival lies in the foundation that inspired 'Mojave Ghost', an homage to this most bewitching flower. GOOD TO KNOW : - 84.3% natural -woody -genderless -medium intensity INGREDIENTS : Alcohol, parfum (fragrance), aqua (water), butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, alpha-isomethyl ionone, farnesol, cinnamal, bht. Please be aware that ingredient lists may change or vary from time to time. To confirm that a BYREDO product is suitable for your personal use, please consult the list of ingredients that is included on our product packaging.

Web ID: 3595430

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Byredo Mojave Ghost — Full Review in 2023

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byredo mojave ghost douglas

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What does byredo mojave ghost smell like, how long does byredo mojave ghost last, when to wear byredo mojave ghost, how many sprays of byredo mojave ghost is enough, where to buy byredo mojave ghost, summary — is byredo mojave ghost worth it.

Although Byredo Mojave Ghost was launched in 2014, I recently managed to get my hands on it, and it definitely matched my expectations.

An interesting fact is that the inspiration for Mojave Ghost was actually Mojave Desert (North America) and since the name itself promised a lot, the high expectations were set right at the beginning as the story was similar to L’Air du Desert Marocain, where Andy Tauer created the fragrance with a scent of Marocain desert.

Byredo is a Swedish perfume production company that released Mojave Ghost in 2014 a floral-oriented unisex fragrance that definitely stood out with its perfect blend and smooth scent.

byredo mojave ghost packaging on the grass

Buy Byredo Mojave Ghost

byredo mojave ghost douglas

What does it actually smell like, how does it perform, and is it actually worth it? Let’s see in a detailed review.

Byredo Mojave Ghost smells like a floral-sweet scent with a combination of woodiness and ambrette — this fragrance leaves a unique trace of bright and addicting aroma. It’s a unisex fragrance with linear projection and calming effect.

The main component of this alluring fragrance is actually sapodilla, the fruit from Central America, and the magnolia flower that can be found in heart notes. Woody notes can also be sensed but definitely in a less strong volume.

According to Byredo, concentration of Mojave Ghost is eau de parfum (EDP) and the notes are:

  • Ambrette (Musk Mallow)

Heart notes:

Base notes:

  • Chantilly Musk
  • Crisp Amber

Byredo described Mojave Ghost very poetically: “Mojave Ghost is a woody composition inspired by the soulful beauty of the Mojave Desert. In this xeric wilderness, rare are the plants that dare to blossom. With a light and graceful character top notes of musky Ambrette combine with fresh Jamaican Nesberry. Powdery Violet then unfurls to reveal Sandalwood. Finally, warm Chantilly Musk rounds out a base of crisp Amber and Cedar wood, leaving the raw spirit of Mojave Ghost to linger on the skin.”

…and truth be told, that’s pretty much what Mojave Ghost is like.

What made this fragrance so special is the brightness and lightness that it carries along the way. The sweet notes, such as sapodilla, magnolia, and violet, give this perfume a flowery effect that is very easily validated right with the first spray. Even though sapodilla is not mentioned in the notes pyramid, it can clearly be sensed.

The significant difference that separates Mojave Ghost from other flowery scents is a momentous touch of woodiness (especially coming from cedarwood) that is not so strong, but it is still present and it fills up the missing flick of this alluring fragrance.

Violet, from heart notes, can also be noticed, and even though this fragrance has a lot of “girly” tones, the whole composition is so heavenly blended that you cannot say it’s not for men. I tested it personally for over a month, and it’s most certainly a unisex fragrance that fits both genders very well.

Because of the amber, this fragrance will stick very close to your skin, and as earlier said, it’s very linear.

byredo mojave ghost notes pyramid

Basically, what you get in the first 15 minutes, you will have for the rest of the time that fragrance stays on your skin.

The initial smell that feels so bright and airy leaves you with a sense of calmness — it’s a light and well-rounded scent and can serve as your daily go-to fragrance.

The only change that I noticed is a little touch of muskiness at the edge of disappearing, so if you wear it long enough, you will probably smell it as well.

Mojave Ghost it’s not a sharp and not in-your-face type of fragrance, but as the name indicates, it leaves traces of uniqueness that will follow your every step.

To be honest, I cannot compare this scent to any other fragrance I know, so if you want to smell unique, Byredo Mojave Ghost will most certainly serve the purpose.

Mojave Ghost usually lasts around 7 hours with 2-3 hours of solid projections and sillage.

Byredo isn’t known for eternal longevity in their fragrances, which Mojave Ghost proves. Depending on the situation when and where you want to wear it, you may be required to apply it multiple times over hours.

However, even though longevity, in general, is around 7 hours, people will be able to smell it around you for about 3-4 hours , right after projections expires. After that time, Byredo Mojave Ghost becomes a very closed and private scent, that only the ones closest to you that come to whisper sweet nothing will be able to sense it.

The reason why Mojave Ghost closes after a few hours is the amber note that by default is the note that sits very close to you.

Projection is fair and as we said, you will get no more than 2-3 hours of it, which is completely fine as this is not the type of fragrance that is meant to be noticed by everyone.

With that being said, the silage is pretty moderate, maybe even weak , and Byredo Mojave Ghost definitely isn’t the perfume you want to wear when looking for attention.

Getting the most out of your fragrance is something you should definitely learn, so I’d recommend checking out our guide on the best ways to increase the longevity and performance of your perfume .

If you are someone who likes intimate, bright, and airy scents, then Byredo Mojave Ghost will do the job perfectly.

Mojave Ghost is a fragrance that is best to wear during spring and summer, so preferably for warmer, brighter days. It’s a great daytime fragrance that can be a perfect choice for office, and coffee breaks, but also vacation days.

Because of its calming and non-offensive texture, this fragrance has pretty wide versatility.

I like to wear it during my work-free days, but it is also a great choice for the office as well since it’s very intimate and will not bother anyone.

Byredo Mojave Ghost is a scent that should be used during summer and spring because flowery and sweet notes just fit perfectly in high temperatures. It’s definitely not the fragrance for fall and winter, and colder days in general, as lower temperatures won’t let it open and perform properly.

The scent of Byredo Mojave Ghost gives a bit more adult feeling, and it definitely doesn’t fit teenagers, high-schoolers, or younger people in general. The scent itself asks a wearer to be a bit more mature.

byredo mojave ghost

When applying Byredo Mojave Ghost it’s best to use 3 to 4 sprays since this fragrance can be overused. Too many sprays will not allow it to open and perform properly, so in the case of Mojave Ghost, less is more.

Fragrance can massively change if you apply it multiple times on the same spot.

If you want proper opening and performance then be careful with Mojave Ghost since this fragrance may get an unpleasant creamy note when it’s over-applied.

So, to get the best out of Mojave Ghost you should go with a few sprays: 2 behind your ears and 2 sprays in the dips of the collarbone.

Do not get confused since even if you apply more sprays, you will not get better projection and silage. That is a very common mistake many people do, but if you want to learn how to avoid all application mistakes and where to spray your perfume exactly, check our guide here .

To be sure what works best for you, try it for yourself since every skin reacts differently to perfume.

The best place to get Mojave Ghost is the local perfumery which is an authorized reseller of the Byredo brand. When it comes to online shoppers, you can get it from Byredo’s official website, Amazon, FragranceX, and FragranceNet.

As I always recommend, to make sure that Byredo Mojave Ghost (or any other fragrance as well) is a perfect choice for you, you should visit some local perfumery that is an authorized reseller of Byredo. That way you will gain the advantage of testing it on your skin before making a decision instead of risk making a bad blind buy.

If you’re buying online (and you love blind buys just as I do), then I’d advise making a purchase from trusted sources – I personally get all my fragrances from FragranceNet and they’ve been amazing with their discounts, and shipping times.

byredo mojave ghost promotional image

Besides that, few other trustworthy sources where you can buy Mojave Ghost are:

  • Byredo official website

You can rest assured that you will get the original bottle of Mojave Ghost if you order from any of these sources. However, you may find differences in prices which is okay considering that all 4 sources have different shipping policies.

FragranceX and FragranceNet are known fragrance discounters, but I personally purchased almost all my fragrances from them, and I never got a fake.

Speaking of fakes, always be aware when buying online, as perfumes and fragrances are often the subject of copycats and scammers. With these sources you can be safe you will get what you paid for and sleep peacefully, knowing you were not scammed!

White, simple, elegant, and clean are the words that fit the best description of Byredo Mojave Ghost packaging. As with every other fragrance from this collection, Mojave Ghost follows the collective appearance and it looks great.

Mojave Ghost comes in white cardboard that consists of the name of the fragrance, the name of the brand and the brand logo as well.

Once the cardboard is removed, you get a simple, white box that just screams elegant. The box has the name and the type of the fragrance, logos, and also two, stylish stickers on both sides that need to be removed in order to open the box.

As I said, every fragrance from that collection follows the theme, so Mojave Ghost comes in a transparent box, with a black cap and white label.

The atomizer has an engraved B letter on the top of it, and it does a pretty good job as well.

It comes in two sizes:

The entire packaging reminds me of the simplicity Frederic Malle fragrances have. All in all, the bottle and packaging of this perfume are beautiful, and if you are like me and you love to have your fragrance represented on the shelf, you won’t be disappointed.

Considering the price, structure, story, and scent itself, Byredo Mojave Ghost is definitely worth having in the arsenal when warmer spring and summer days arrive.

Mojave Ghost is a masterpiece in its own way. The smell you get from only a few sprays leaves a unique and interesting trace on your body and it cannot be compared with any other scents out there.

This sweet, bright, and fruity fragrance represents an intimate composition that evokes calmness and makes you feel relaxed and light.

It’s a unisex mixture that can be pulled off by any man or woman with great taste and a love for airy perfumes.

Since the name suggests a lot, this fragrance will follow you throughout your long journeys and even though it will not pop out from everywhere, the pleasant smell will stay close to your skin to remind you how delightful you smelled the whole day.

It may not be a dominant and striking type of perfume but it has distinctive magic to it that can easily become your everyday go-to fragrance.

Did you try Mojave Ghost or any other fragrance from Byredo?

What do you think of it?

Let’s talk in the comments!

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Mojave Ghost Byredo 2014 Eau de Parfum

Mojave Ghost (Eau de Parfum) by Byredo

Main accords

Fragrance pyramid.

Top Notes

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byredo mojave ghost douglas

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byredo mojave ghost douglas

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Byredo Mojave Ghost, 1.6 Ounce

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Byredo Mojave Ghost, 1.6 Ounce

Amber Wood

2.54 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

1.6 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

Purchase options and add-ons

About this item.

  • Launched by the design house of Byredo.
  • Released in the year of 2014.
  • Fragrance notes: ambrette, sapodilla, violet, sandalwood, magnolia, ambergris, and cedar.

byredo mojave ghost douglas

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Byredo Mojave Ghost, 1.6 Ounce

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Despite the differences in the quantity ratio, each fragrance component traditionally unfolds gradually according to the so-called fragrance pyramid. This consists of head, heart and base notes.

The fragrance pyramid


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Try it for yourself and find your unique favourite fragrance.

Product Description

Launched by the design house of Byredo in the year 2014. This oriental floral fragrance has a blend of mbrette, musk mallow, sapodilla, violet, sandalwood, magnolia, ambergris, and cedar notes.

Product details

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No
  • Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 4.72 x 3.15 x 3.15 inches; 0.02 Ounces
  • Item model number ‏ : ‎ 7340032810790
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Byredo
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B00NAX0ARW
  • #868 in Women's Eau de Parfum

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Important information, ingredients.

Alcohol, parfum (fragrance), aqua (water), butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, alpha-isomethyl ionone, farnesol, cinnamal, bht.

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byredo mojave ghost douglas

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byredo mojave ghost douglas

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Byredo Mojave Parfémová voda (EdP)


  • Číslo produktu: 501896

Mojave Ghost je dřevitá kompozice inspirovaná oduševnělou krásou Mohavské pouště. V této pustině jsou vzácné rostliny, které se odváží rozkvést. S lehkým a půvabným charakterem se horní tóny pižmového Ambrette snoubí se svěžími tóny jamajské Nesberry. Pudrová fialka se rozvine a odhalí santalové dřevo. Nakonec hřejivé pižmo Chantilly doplňuje základ z ostrého jantaru a cedrového dřeva a nechává na kůži doznívat ducha Mojave Ghost.

  • Expresní doručení
  • Ke každému nákupu vzorek zdarma
  • Dárkové balení zdarma
  • Doprava zdarma od 699 Kč
  • Výhody pro členy Karty Douglas

Betty Beautylicious

Best of Beauty and Skincare

Best 12 Byredo Mojave Ghost Dupes

December 19, 2023

Elevate your fragrance collection with these budget-friendly Byredo Mojave Ghost dupes that promise a long-lasting, sophisticated scent.

Byredo, the renowned Swedish luxury brand, has carved a niche for itself in the world of perfumery with its exquisite and unique fragrances. Among its captivating creations, one perfume stands out as a true masterpiece — Byredo Mojave Ghost.

This gem, launched in 2014, has garnered a cult following for its distinctive blend of notes that transport the wearer to the enchanting landscapes of the Mojave Desert.

In this article, we delve into the captivating journey of Byredo Mojave Ghost, exploring its aromatic composition, inspiration, and the allure that has made it an iconic scent in the fragrance industry and surely dupes and alternatives. Looking for more perfume dupes, check out The Best 7 Diptyque Do Son dupes.

We only feature products that we hope you will love. We may earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, at no cost to you .

Byredo Mojave Ghost

byredo Mojave Ghost dupes

To truly appreciate Mojave Ghost, one must first understand the inspiration behind its creation. Byredo’s founder and creative director, Ben Gorham, drew inspiration from the ethereal beauty of the Mojave Desert, a vast and otherworldly expanse stretching across the southwestern United States.

The Mojave Desert is known for its stark landscapes, where the arid air carries the essence of wildflowers and ancient woodlands. Gorham aimed to capture this mystical atmosphere in a bottle, and thus, Mojave Ghost was born.

Byredo Mojave Ghost dupes and alternatives

Mojave Ghost is a fragrance that unfolds like a journey through the mesmerizing desert terrain. The top notes of the perfume introduce the wearer to a burst of ambrette, a musky and slightly fruity scent that sets the stage for an adventure.

As the fragrance evolves, the heart notes reveal delicate whispers of violet, magnolia, and sandalwood. These floral and woody accords create a harmonious blend that mirrors the diverse flora found in the heart of the Mojave Desert.

The base notes of Mojave Ghost linger on the skin, leaving a warm and lingering trail. Ambergris and cedarwood come together, adding depth and sophistication to the fragrance. The result is a scent that embodies the contrasts of the desert — the cool, soft petals of flowers against the rugged, sun-soaked earth.

Byredo mojave ghost dupes

The fragrance manages to be both ethereal and grounded, capturing the essence of a place that is simultaneously desolate and full of life. Mojave Ghost is a scent that transcends traditional olfactory boundaries, making it suitable for any gender and any occasion.

The longevity of Mojave Ghost is another aspect that has contributed to its popularity. The carefully selected notes and the masterful blending by Byredo’s perfumers result in a fragrance that stays with you throughout the day, evolving subtly on the skin and creating a unique and personal experience for each wearer.

Keynotes of Byredo Mojave Ghost

From the musky allure of ambrette that marks the beginning to the lingering richness of ambergris and cedarwood that concludes the aromatic narrative, Mojave Ghost’s keynotes invite us to decipher the language of scent and understand the magic that happens when individual notes come together to create a timeless poetry.

Top Notes: Ambrette

byredo mojave ghost keynotes

The journey begins with the top notes, where the distinctive musky sweetness of ambrette takes center stage. Extracted from the hibiscus plant’s seeds, ambrette introduces a unique and fruity fragrance that sets the initial tone for Mojave Ghost. This top note creates an intriguing opening, leaving a lingering and memorable impression

Heart Notes: Violet and Magnolia

keynotes of byredo mojave ghost dupes

As the fragrance evolves, the heart notes come into play, revealing the delicate florals of violet and magnolia. Violet contributes a touch of femininity, while magnolia adds a creamy and slightly citrusy quality.

Together, these heart notes create a harmonious bouquet, mirroring the diverse flora found in the heart of the Mojave Desert. The floral accord enhances the complexity of Mojave Ghost, adding sophistication to the composition.

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Ambergris, and Cedarwood

keynotes of byredo mojave ghost alternatives

The journey through Mojave Ghost concludes with the grounding and lingering base notes. Sandalwood, with its woody and earthy profile, adds depth and complexity to the heart of the fragrance. Ambergris, a prized and rare ingredient, takes center stage in the base, contributing a rich and warm character.

This base note ensures the fragrance evolves gracefully over time, leaving a long-lasting and memorable trail. Cedarwood anchors the composition, providing a solid foundation that balances the sweetness of the top and heart notes. The combination of these base notes results in a fragrance that leaves a lasting and enduring impression on the wearer.

Personality of Byredo Mojave Ghost

Mojave Ghost Woman exudes an air of confidence that is both magnetic and mysterious. The woman who wears Mojave Ghost confidently embraces her mysterious allure, leaving an indelible impression wherever she goes.

The woman who chooses Mojave Ghost embodies a classic elegance that transcends trends, appreciating the enduring beauty found in the simplicity of floral notes.

Byredo Mojave Ghost Woman is a fragrance that tells a story—a story of a woman who is confident, mysterious, feminine, adventurous, warm, resilient, and unapologetically individual. It is a narrative written in scent, capturing the essence of the Mojave Desert and the spirit of the woman who embraces the journey of self-discovery.

In every spritz of Mojave Ghost Woman, there is a celebration of the diverse facets that make each woman beautifully complex and utterly captivating.

Now that you’ve almost got the lowdown on this timeless and iconic fragrance, let’s dive into the juicy details. Is Byredo Mojave Ghost a must-have in your perfume collection? Without a doubt! But, do you have to shell out for the hefty price tag? Absolutely not.

Byredo Mojave Ghost Dupes

1. alt – desert phantom.

alt desert phantom as Mojave ghost byredo

Imagine a scent that’s as light as a summer breeze and feels like a sunny day captured in a bottle—that’s Desert Phantom for you. It’s like the essence of freshly shampooed hair kissed by the summer sun.

As you take in that first whiff, Desert Phantom kicks off with a burst of floral zest, almost like a lively circus of flowers. Picture the crispness of pears dancing in the air. Then, it gracefully mellows into this enchanting mix of Magnolia, Violet, and Sandalwood, creating a beautiful symphony of scents that’ll linger on your senses.

Given that ALT Desert Phantom shares some crucial keynotes with Byredo Mojave Ghost, it’s safe to say this fragrance is a spot-on dupe for Byredo Mojave Ghost—a must-try for sure!

2. Chez-Pierre – Bailey

Bailey as byredo mojave ghost dupe

Discover another fantastic dupe for Byredo Mojave Ghost from Chez-Pierre. Renowned for their successful and captivating perfume dupes, Chez-Pierre brings you “Bailey,” a creation inspired by the allure of Mojave Ghost. I must say, they’ve got a knack for this, and Bailey is no exception. They’re pretty skilled at what they do!

These two fragrances share the same keynotes—ambrette, cinnamon, sandalwood, white musk, and cedarwood. They smell almost identical. Here’s the thing: even Bailey has a massive following, with enthusiasts and hearty fans of its own. I highly recommend giving this masterpiece a try.

3. Champagne Socialist – In the Devil’s Garden

byredo mojave ghost dupes and alternatives

Drawing inspiration from the resilient blooms of the Mojave Desert, Champagne Socialist’s take on Byredo’s Mojave Ghost is like stepping into a dream. Picture this: Ambrette and Lemon notes dancing in a musky yet uplifting symphony.

It’s a fragrant ode to the rare flowers that choose to bloom far from the hustle and bustle of society, encapsulated in this enchanting woody scent.

At the top, you’re greeted with the fruity embrace of Jamaican Nesberry and the powdery allure of Violet. As the scent unfolds, it gracefully settles into a warm base of Chantilly Musk, crisp Amber, and Cedarwood.

The result? A subtle trail that lingers on the skin, leaving behind a touch of the Mojave’s beauty. It’s not just a fragrance; it’s an experience waiting to unfold.

4. Oil Perfumery – Mojave Ghost

oil perfumery byredo mojave ghost

If you haven’t come across Oil Perfumery yet, you’re in for a treat. This company has made a name for itself by offering budget-friendly alternatives to high-end fragrances. What sets them apart is that these gems come in oil form instead of a traditional spray, giving you hours and even days of delightful fragrance.

Applying it is a breeze with the rollerball, and the size is just perfect for your bag or purse—talk about convenience! This little magical bottle shares the exact same keynotes as Byredo Mojave Ghost, only in oil form.

It’s practically identical; you can almost think of it as Mojave Ghost in a little bottle. The difference is so minimal, they’re practically twins. Trust me; you won’t notice much of a distinction between the two. It’s like having the luxury without the hefty price tag.

5. Unleashed – Mojave Ghost

unleashed as byredo mojave ghost

Unleashed Mojave Ghost is a truly unique creation, drawing inspiration from the original Byredo Mojave Ghost fragrance. It’s not just an alternative; it’s a genuine dupe that closely mirrors the essence of the original. Unleashed’s Mojave Ghost shares identical keynotes and even the name with Byredo’s version.

However, the significant difference lies in the price tag – it’s much more affordable, without compromising on quality. So, you get the same luxurious experience without breaking the bank.

6. Zara – Santal Glow

zara santal glow as byredo mojave ghost

Zara, not typically synonymous with enduring fragrances, pleasantly surprised me with Santal Glow. Remarkably, no midday touch-ups were needed.

Spritzing on this fragrance reveals a soft, powdery aroma that unfolds gracefully. The notes of freesia create an air of pure freshness, reminiscent of stepping out of an invigorating shower. What captivates me are the delicate traces of fresh freesia, a subtle touch absent in Mojave Ghost. Santal Glow takes a floral route, yet the embrace of sandalwood imparts a warmth remarkably akin to Mojave Ghost.

Adding to its allure, Santal Glow boasts a wallet-friendly price point. If you’re on the lookout for an affordable alternative to Mojave Ghost with a more floral and airy character, Santal Glow is definitely worth a try as Mojave Ghost dupe.

7. Bath & Body Works – Cactus Blossom

cactus blossom as byredo mojave ghost dupes

Bath & Body Works Cactus Blossom Mist is a delightful burst of fragrance that encapsulates the essence of a blooming desert landscape just like Byredo Mojave Ghost. Upon application, you’re greeted with a vibrant and invigorating blend that transports you to a sun-soaked oasis.

The mist unfolds with the captivating aroma of cactus flower, a sweet and slightly fruity note that sets the tone for a sensory journey.

As the mist settles, hints of coconut and vanilla emerge, adding a subtle warmth to the overall profile. The combination of these elements creates a well-balanced fragrance that is both refreshing and comforting.

The floralcy of the cactus blossom, complemented by the creaminess of coconut and the sweetness of vanilla, makes this mist a versatile and alluring choice for any occasion. Bath and Body Works Cactus Blossom is an approved dupe of Byredo Mojave Ghost – and one of the most available that you don’t wanna miss.

8. Miller Harris – Poirier d’un Soir

miller harris as byredo mojave ghost dupes

Diving into the world of Poirier d’un Soir by Miller Harris is like taking a stroll through a complex and captivating fragrance landscape. It shares the same cozy, warm vibes with Mojave Ghost, but with an added layer of intricacy that keeps you intrigued.

While Mojave Ghost leans into comforting woody and floral notes, Poirier d’un Soir cranks up the volume on projection and complexity. Imagine juicy pear and black currant whispers that linger longer than your average perfume adventure.

At the beginning, there’s a touch of sweetness, a dance between spun sugar and rum that’s there to charm but gracefully takes a step back, avoiding an overdose of sweetness.

The subtle entrance of fragrant rose in the middle of the dry-down. It’s like an unexpected guest at a party, bringing a new dimension to the fragrance. And the finale, oh, it’s like a cozy hug – woody, warm, and just as comforting as the base of Mojave Ghost.

So, in the grand symphony of scents, Poirier d’un Soir hits all the right notes, creating a fragrance experience that’s both familiar and delightfully surprising.

9. Chanel – Chance Eau Tendre

chanel chance dupe as byredo mojave ghost

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre is celebrated for its light and radiant composition, making it a perfect choice for those who prefer a delicate and elegant fragrance. Check out The Best 12 Chanel Chance dupes.

The scent opens with a burst of citrusy grapefruit and the sweet, fruity essence of quince, creating a fresh and invigorating introduction. The heart of the fragrance reveals a floral bouquet, with notes of jasmine and hyacinth adding a soft and romantic touch.

Maybe not an affordable dupe of Byredo Mojave Ghost but Chanel Chance Eau de Tendre is a perfect Mojave Ghost alternative with its smooth keynotes and musky, earthy notes.

Chance comes off a touch subtler compared to Mojave Ghost—think of it as Mojave Ghost’s polished older sibling. It exudes a certain maturity while maintaining a playful spirit, revealing delightful hints of spice that gracefully unfold and then gently linger in the air over time. Best Mojave Ghost dupe? Give Chance a chance.

10. Nomenclature – Wood Dew

affordable byredo mojave ghost alternative

Picture this: Modern Eclectics’ Wood Dew—like a snapshot in time when the vibrant blossoms have bid their farewell. What remains might not paint the landscape in bold hues, but it’s alive with a different kind of energy. Imagine a clearing, where the soothing scent of Australian sandalwood and palo santo weaves a tranquil forest scene.

There’s a fresh breeze carrying the crisp aroma of Asian pear. Now, add the sweetness of peach nectar, the gentle allure of Turkish rose, and the soft embrace of white musk, and you’ve got a woody floral blend that feels like a warm hug for those seeking a grounding experience.

Nomenclature’s Wood Dew really nails the vibe of Byredo Mojave Ghost. It’s like catching a whiff of a fresh breeze, wrapping you in a cozy feeling that pays homage to the iconic original scent. If you’re a fan of Mojave Ghost, this one is a must-try dupe that captures the essence beautifully, offering a refreshing and soft alternative to the beloved fragrance. One of the greates dupes of Byredo Mojave Ghost.

11. Aerin – Cedar Violet

dupe of byredo Mojave ghost

Another successful Byredo Mojave Ghost dupe. A brisk autumn hike, immersing yourself in the enchantment of the forest, with vibrant leaves creating a colorful carpet on sunlit trails. In this uplifting woody-floral perfume, the crisp notes of violet leaf blend seamlessly with the comforting aroma of warm cedarwood and the radiant embrace of amber.

Aerin’s Fragrance Collection is like a personal wardrobe of unique perfumes, each one drawing inspiration from Aerin’s journeys, experiences, and cherished memories. Cedar Violet, in particular, captures the essence of a mountain forest in autumn, bringing to life the scents and hues of this magical season.

Cedar Violet gives off that cozy warmth reminiscent of Mojave Ghost, but with a subtler twist. I noticed I had to give it a little refresh a few hours in to keep the scent going strong. But, hey, this could be a win if you’re not a fan of scents that shout too loudly.

If you’re after a fragrance that shares the warmth of Mojave Ghost but adds a touch of aquatic vibes, Cedar Violet could be your new go-to. It’s like a gentle, warm hug with a subtle aquatic breeze – perfect for those moments when you want a fragrance that speaks, but not too loudly.

12. Marc Jacobs – Daisy

mojave ghost dupe byredo

If you’re on the hunt for a fragrance sharing those floral-woody vibes, Daisy by Marc Jacobs is a solid contender. While it doesn’t mimic Mojave Ghost as closely as some other alternatives I’ll chat about later, both Daisy and Mojave Ghost carry this enticing blend of sophistication and seduction that sets them apart in the perfume scene.

Similar to Mojave Ghost, Daisy doesn’t scream for attention but leaves a noticeable trail, making it a fantastic choice for your everyday hustle.

What makes Daisy special for me is its knack for playing hide-and-seek. It sort of fades away, only to sneak back in a few hours later, treating you to a delightful mix of wood and musk. This dry down? Reminds me a lot of Mojave Ghost, hanging around with those subtle hints of warm amber and musk.

All in all, if you’re after a fragrance with similar undertones and a captivating floral kick, Daisy gets my vote. It’s like finding a hidden gem in the world of scents.

Final Thoughts on Byredo Mojave Ghost Dupes

Byredo Mojave Ghost, renowned for its captivating blend of notes inspired by the Mojave Desert, has sparked a wave of interest. However, for those seeking an equally enchanting experience without breaking the bank, exploring Byredo Mojave Ghost dupes proves to be a rewarding journey.

These dupes, crafted by various brands and artisans, unveil a world of affordable alternatives that echo the distinctive aroma of Mojave Ghost. From the musky sweetness of ambrette to the delicate florals of violet and magnolia, these dupes artfully replicate the keynotes that define the iconic Byredo fragrance. The longevity of these alternatives, often presented in oil form, ensures that the allure lingers for hours, if not days.

What makes these dupes particularly enticing is not just their affordability, but the sheer craftsmanship that goes into creating scents that are almost indistinguishable from the original. The magic lies not only in the replication of notes but in the artistry of capturing the Mojave Ghost experience in a more accessible form.

Whether you opt for rollerballs, oils, or other forms, these dupes bring the allure of Mojave Ghost to your fingertips in a convenient and budget-friendly manner. The convenience of application, often with a rollerball for easy use on the go, makes them versatile companions for any occasion.

In conclusion, exploring Byredo Mojave Ghost dupes is not merely a pursuit of frugality but an appreciation of the art of perfumery. It’s an invitation to experience the enchanting landscapes of the Mojave Desert through a beautiful journey that doesn’t compromise on quality. So, for those with a love for luxury scents but a mindful eye on the budget, these dupes beckon as an alluring and satisfying alternative.

Elevate your fragrance collection with these budget-friendly Byredo Mojave Ghost dupes.

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Letovo Schoolcampus / atelier PRO

Letovo Schoolcampus / atelier PRO - Windows, Facade

  • Curated by Fernanda Castro
  • Architects: atelier PRO
  • Area Area of this architecture project Area:  39000 m²
  • Year Completion year of this architecture project Year:  2018
  • Photographs Photographs: NARODIZKIY , Dmitry Voinov , atelier PRO
  • Interior Design : Atelier PRO , Thijs Klinkhamer
  • Landscape Designer : Buro Sant en Co
  • Client:  Letovo
  • Project Architects:  Dorte Kristensen, Pascale Leistra, Karho Yeung
  • Design Team:  Thijs Klinkhamer, Abel de Raadt, Alessia Topolnyk
  • Russian Co Architect:  Atrium, Moscow
  • City:  Moscow
  • Country:  Russia
  • Did you collaborate on this project?

Letovo Schoolcampus / atelier PRO - Windows, Facade

Text description provided by the architects. The official grand opening of a special school, Letovo School , took place in Moscow last September. The assignment entailed a 20 hectare schoolcampus with educational facilities, student housing and school staff housing. The school campus offers extended outdoor sports facilities with a soccer stade, a running track, tennis courts and basketball courts. In addition there is a greenhouse, a treeyard and ample space for wandering and relaxation in the green.

Letovo Schoolcampus / atelier PRO - Image 2 of 36

While the architecture and interior of the school were designed by atelier PRO, the landscape design was developed by Buro Sant en Co landscape architecture. Russian firm Atrium Architectural Studio was responsible for the technical execution. In 2014 Atelier PRO had won the international design competition, the construction began mid-2016 and the campus was taken into use by mid-2018.

Letovo Schoolcampus / atelier PRO - Windows, Column

Letovo, a dream come true Letovo School is a special school for gifted and motivated children aged 12 to 17. The idea to create the school came from entrepreneur and philanthropist Vadim Moshkovich: ‘My dream was to offer talented children from all over the country access to high-quality education, regardless of their parents’ financial means. This school makes it possible for them to continue their studies at the 10 best universities in the country or at one of the top 50 universities in the world.’

Letovo Schoolcampus / atelier PRO - Windows, Facade

Landscape-inspired design and shape Located in Novaya Moskva,southwest of Moscow ,the campus sits atop a beautiful plot of land that slopes down to a forest-lined river. Distinctive level variations were applied in and around the school to integrate the architecture into the landscape.

Letovo Schoolcampus / atelier PRO - Windows, Facade

The shape of the large complex brings it down to a human scale for the children: the building appears to dance across the landscape due to its dynamic design. Due to the perspective effect one only ever sees part of the building's full size when walking around, which gives the impression of a refined scale. The building’s contours and flowing curves create surprising indoor and outdoor spaces as well.

Letovo Schoolcampus / atelier PRO - Chair

The heart of the school: the central hub The central hub is the place where day-to-day life at the school unfolds. This flexible, transformable space will be used throughout the day as an informal meeting place. The dance studio on the ground floor can be transformed through a few simple adjustments into a theatre with a stage, a cosy living room or an auditorium that can accommodate 1,000 people for special events such as graduation ceremonies and large celebrations, as seen at the grand opening. This central hub connects the building’s three wings: the art wing, the south wing with science- and general-use rooms and the sports wing

Letovo Schoolcampus / atelier PRO - Windows, Facade

Learning environment with a diversity in working spaces Letovo envisioned an innovative and modern take on existing education in Russia. In the spatial design, this perspective translates into space for theoretical education as well as special areas for group work and independent study in the tapered building wings. In the library wing there are silence spaces workshop spaces and a debating room. These are all supportive to the student’s personal development. 

Letovo Schoolcampus / atelier PRO - Image 13 of 36

Sports programme In addition to the extended sports outdoor facilities, the indoor supply of sports facilities is substantial. These cover fitness rooms, martial arts rooms, a swimming pool, a small and a large sports hall. Around the sports hall there’s an indoor running track which can be used throughout the year. It is available to school staff and external users as well.

Letovo Schoolcampus / atelier PRO - Image 14 of 36

The interior, also designed by atelier PRO, is tailored to the aims of the ambitious programme. The design of the interior also focuses extensively on the various spaces where students can go to chill and meet up with friends. The extreme cold in this area makes the school’s indoor atmosphere important for relaxation.

byredo mojave ghost douglas

Ambitous learning environment The Russian client has established a private, non-profit school which aims to be the most prestigious school in the country and to offer the best educational programme through a Russion and an IB (International Baccalaureate) curriculum. Students’ personal development is paramount, with the school adopting a holistic approach. It is a true learning environment that provides scope for a range of disciplines, areas of interest and recreational opportunities to foster children’s development. This aim is supported by the campus facilities and functions.

Letovo Schoolcampus / atelier PRO - Image 24 of 36

Project gallery

Letovo Schoolcampus / atelier PRO - Windows, Facade

Project location

Address: zimenkovskaya street, sosenskoye settlement, moscow, russia.

Click to open map

Materials and Tags

  • Sustainability


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Letovo School

Programmes offered, students are currently registered for the following subjects:.


More about IB Schools


School details incorrect?

The information on this page is pulled automatically from the IB information system (IBIS). If any details are incorrect, a school's coordinator can update them using My School .

  • Update your details

Online Diploma Programme pilot

In March 2022 the IB launched our online Diploma Programme pilot. This delivers a fully online Diploma Programme together with a small number of selected partners.

  • Read about this pilot and our partners


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  1. BYREDO Mojave Ghost » Eau de Parfum (EdP)

    Mojave Ghost von Byredo ist inspiriert von der Geisterblume, die jedes Jahr in der unfruchtbaren Landschaft der Mojave-Wüste blüht. Den spannenden Aspekt ihres überlebens will Byredo-Gründer Ben Gorham mit dieser Duftkomposition nachempfinden.

  2. BYREDO Mojave Ghost Eau de Parfum

    Mojave Ghost Eau de Parfum BYREDO $205.00 - $290.00 Free shipping What it is: An eau de parfum featuring a woody, aromatic scent inspired by the Mojave desert. Size 10 people are viewing Free Pickup at

  3. Mojave Ghost ⋅ Perfume

    Mojave Ghost is a woody composition inspired by the soulful beauty of the Mojave Desert. In this xeric wilderness, rare are the plants that dare to blossom. With a light and graceful character top notes of musky Ambrette combine with fresh Jamaican Nesberry. Powdery Violet then unfurls to reveal Sandalwood.

  4. BYREDO Mojave Ghost Eau de Parfum

    This moving, human-like behavior and captivating tale of survival lies in the foundation that inspired 'Mojave Ghost', an homage to this most bewitching flower. GOOD TO KNOW: - 84.3% natural. -woody. -genderless. -medium intensity. INGREDIENTS: Alcohol, parfum (fragrance), aqua (water), butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate ...

  5. Mojave Ghost Byredo for women and men

    Mojave Ghost by Byredo is a Amber Floral fragrance for women and men.

  6. Shop Byredo Mojave Ghost Eau de Parfum

    Founder Ben Gorham was looking to render memories into emotive scents when he launched Byredo in Stockholm in 2006. Today, the instantly recognizable fragrances—with names like Mojave Ghost and Gypsy Water—include sleek candles in chic vessels and small leather goods.

  7. Byredo Mojave Ghost

    $249.99 on Fourthsense What does it actually smell like, how does it perform, and is it actually worth it? Let's see in a detailed review. What Does Byredo Mojave Ghost Smell Like? Byredo Mojave Ghost smells like a floral-sweet scent with a combination of woodiness and ambrette — this fragrance leaves a unique trace of bright and addicting aroma.

  8. Mojave Ghost by Byredo (Eau de Parfum) » Reviews & Perfume Facts

    Mojave Ghost (Eau de Parfum) is a popular perfume by Byredo for women and men and was released in 2014. The scent is floral-fresh. It is being marketed by Manzanita Capital. Pronunciation. We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.


    Byredo's Mojave ghost eau de parfum celebrates rare beauty. The Mojave Desert is a desert located across southeastern California, southern Nevada and northwestern Arizona in the United States and is known to be one of the most arid desert in the world, mainly for its Death Valley. The term Mojave, originally used by the Native American Tribe, means the land 'beside the water'.

  10. Mojave Ghost

    Shop Mojave Ghost Eau de parfum, a luxury woody perfume • BYREDO's signature fragrance • Free shipping, Free returns.

  11. : Byredo Mojave Ghost, 1.6 Ounce : Beauty & Personal Care

    Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 4.72 x 3.15 x 3.15 inches; 0.02 Ounces. Item model number ‏ : ‎ 7340032810790. Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Byredo. ASIN ‏ : ‎ B00NAX0ARW. Best Sellers Rank: #75,522 in Beauty & Personal Care ( See Top 100 in Beauty & Personal Care) #862 in Women's Eau de Parfum.

  12. Full Review of Byredo Mojave Ghost

    November 10, 2022 / By Austin When you look into the abyss of the Mojave Desert, you are overwhelmed with a vision of nothingness except sand and blue skies. The sight is so simple yet so beautiful. This is the epitome of Byredo Mojave Ghost. But what does such simple beauty smell like?

  13. Byredo Mojave Parfémová voda (EdP) online

    Mojave Ghost je dřevitá kompozice inspirovaná oduševnělou krásou Mohavské pouště. V této pustině jsou vzácné rostliny, které se odváží rozkvést.

  14. Byredo Mojave Ghost Review

    #BYREDO #BYREDOPARFUMSPURCHASE BYREDO MOJAVE GHOST HERE AND SUPPORT THE CHANNEL! next is my review on one of the most talked about ...

  15. BYREDO Mojave Ghost Eau de Parfum

    BYREDO Mojave Ghost Eau de Parfum | Nordstrom Details & care What it is: An eau de parfum featuring a woody, aromatic scent inspired by the Mojave desert. Fragrance story: In the xeric wilderness of the Mojave desert, trees and vegetation more ancient than many civilizations defy conditions that prey on human vulnerability.

  16. Byredo Mojave Ghost Eau De Parfum 100ml

    Buy from $290.00: Mojave Ghost is a woody composition inspired by the soulful beauty of the Mojave Desert. In this xeric wilderness, rare are the plants that dare to blossom. With a light and graceful character top notes of musky Ambrette combine with fresh Jamaican Nesberry. Powdery Violet then unfurls to reveal Sandalwood. Finally warm Chantilly Musk rounds out a base of crisp Amber and ...


    Hey Ya'll. We will be talking about Mojave Ghost by Byredo. A lot of people like this niche parfum but how do we feel about the Hair Parfum?Thank you so much...

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    Best 12 Byredo Mojave Ghost Dupes - Betty Beautylicious IS IT WORTH THE HYPE? Byredo Mojave Ghost Review Share Watch on Indulge in luxury without breaking the bank with our best Byredo Mojave Ghost dupes and affordable alternatives. Elevate your fragrance collection with these budget-friendly options.

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    Byredo Perfume Icons Mojave Ghost Les Cheveux Mojave Ghost Les Cheveux Mojave Ghost Limited edition $USD 118 75 ml / 2.5oz Klarna Sold out Description A prelude to moments of magic.

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    Get directions to 1st Krasnogvardeysky Drive, 21с1 and view details like the building's postal code, description, photos, and reviews on each business in the building

  21. Letovo Schoolcampus / atelier PRO

    Completed in 2018 in Moscow, Russia. Images by NARODIZKIY, Dmitry Voinov, atelier PRO. The official grand opening of a special school, Letovo School, took place in Moscow last September. The ...

  22. Letovo School

    Middle Years Programme Ms Irina Tomashpolskaia school LETOVO poseleniye Sosenskoye, 3, Zimenkovskaya street

  23. Suburban Residential Moscow, Russia.

    More similar stock images. Suburban Residential Moscow, Russia. Photo about Suburban and residential district Kommunarka, Sosenskoye Settlement, Novomoskovsky Administrative Okrug, Moscow, Russia. Image of moscow, city, mortgage - 162791680.