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The iconic British brand, Ghost London, launched nearly four decades ago and has since become an established fashion house producing women's contemporary clothing. Maintaining a contemporary vintage feel, Ghost's collections are known for their feminine aesthetic, modern silhouettes and signature garment dyed pieces.

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ghost shop in london

The most haunted places in London

Feeling scared? For a genuine fright, venture to some of London鈥檚 seriously spooky locations and most haunted places

Ellie Walker-Arnott

London is an objectively scary place, with its sharp-elbowed commuters, dimly-lit pavements, and seven pound pints. But even scarier are the ghosts that stalk this city's historic streets. You might have already heard about the royal spooks that haunt  Hampton Court Palace and the Tower of London , but there are many less illustrious ghosts that infest London's dark corners. Prepare thyself for our definitive list of spooky spots in the capital, from haunted inns and pubs to weird stretches of woodland, crumbling cemetery catacombs and London’s exceptionally creepy museums . 

RECOMMENDED: Find more ghosts in London's most haunted pubs .

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Extremely spooky locations in London

Hyde Park

1.  Hyde Park

  • Sightseeing

Chill factor 馃拃馃拃馃拃馃拃

Cemeteries are creepy territory and London is home to plenty. This burial ground for pets in Hyde Park (just behind Victoria Gate Lodge) is an especially surreal one. It's rarely open to the public but look out for special  tours (around £12 and they sell out in a flash). The graveyard dates back to the 1880s and contains the remains of more than 1,000 pets, many in graves marked by tiny headstones. The garden graveyard isn’t far from Tyburn, the site where thousands of people have been executed over the centuries. And you thought Hyde Park was just a nice spot for a picnic.

The Parkland Walk Spriggan

2.  The Parkland Walk Spriggan

  • Parks and gardens
  • Finsbury Park

Chill factor  馃拃馃拃馃拃

Abandoned railway lines do get creeperier than this – the Parkland Walk, which runs between Finsbury Park and Alexandra Palace, is lush with vivid greenery – but there is still something unsettling about wandering along the overgrown cutting. The part that passes Crouch End is the spookiest stretch of the route, where a looming ‘spriggan’ spirit watches from a disused railway arch, ready to startle unsuspecting passers-by. 

Bruce Castle Museum

3.  Bruce Castle Museum

  • Classes and workshops

Chill factor  馃拃馃拃馃拃馃拃

That’s right, Tottenham has its own castle. There’s a downside, though, it’s a little on the haunted side. On bleak winter nights in November, you might catch the ghostly silhouette of Lady Constantia Lucy staring out the window. Lady Lucy killed herself by leaping off the balcony of the castle in the seventeenth century, taking her child with her. They say ‘great mystery’ surrounds the Lady’s death, but the fact that her husband kept her under lock and key in a tiny room might have something to do with it. As well as an unhappy spectre, the castle is home to a mini museum (open Wed-Sun 1pm-5pm), where you can see archive photos and documents on Haringey history.

Old Operating Theatre Museum

4.  Old Operating Theatre Museum

  • London Bridge

Chill factor 馃拃馃拃

It sort of goes without saying this place is probably haunted; it was an actual surgical practice back when surgery was pretty, well, raw. Surgical anaesthetic wasn’t invented until 1846, that's after the doctors in this practise were getting scalpel-happy. Most patients died despite the best intentions of the surgeons. It’s the oldest surviving surgical theatre in Europe, and has a certain ghastly edge because of it. 

The Ten Bells

5.  The Ten Bells

  • Bars and pubs
  • Spitalfields

Chill factor 馃拃馃拃馃拃

Once called the Jack the Ripper, this Spitalfields pub can't get away from its gory former namesake. In 1996, the landlord claimed The Ten Bells had been taken over by the ghost of Annie Chapman, murdered and mutilated by the Ripper in 1888. If that's not spooky enough, poltergeist activity and the possible ghost of an old landlord have been reported by staff. 

Greenwich Foot Tunnel

6.  Greenwich Foot Tunnel

You know that moment when you’re on the Eurostar, and it suddenly dawns on you that you’re sitting 380ft below sea level? Imagine that, but you’re strolling on foot through a long cast iron tunnel beneath the Thames. Enter the green dome by the Cutty Sark and you’ll find yourself in its dimly lit passage, accompanied only by the echoing footsteps of the walkers chasing your path and the drip-drip-drip of the leaky roof. Make it through that menacing shaft, and you’ll reach the pretty Island Gardens on the opposite side of the river. 

Epping Forest

7.  Epping Forest

Chill factor 馃拃馃拃馃拃馃拃 馃拃

This corridor of woodland in Essex has likely been the site of many dodgy and hastily done burials thanks to its size and collection of semi-deserted open spaces. Stories abound about ghostly sightings, no doubt thanks to Roman battles, Norman invaders, Boudicca’s Iceni tribe and highwaymen. Dick Turpin, notorious robber and murderer, is said to have used the Loughton Camp lookout spot as a hideout, and supposedly still haunts the place. He and the Essex Gang would use the forest as a hideout when they were busted for stealing deer. Oh, Dicky!

The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities

8.  The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities

  • Art and design

Viktor Wynd’s Museum of Curiosities is just that, a cramped shop filled to the brim with oddball curios for the public’s viewing pleasure. It’s a bit creepy: you’ll find the bones of a dodo, occultists’ paintings, two-headed kittens and, erm, old McDonald’s kids’ toys. It’s endearing in that it's beautiful and interesting artefacts sit alongside the everyday dross and gross, subverting the notion of what and how a museum should function. It will scare the bejesus out of you, but it’s not necessarily haunted.

The Flask

9.  The Flask

It doesn’t look scary, but Highgate's historic pub 'The Flask' boasts not one, but two hauntings. It's said that the ghost of a Spanish barmaid, who hanged herself in the cellar having been left broken-hearted by the publican, looms around the premises, as does a man in a Cavalier's uniform, who likes to wander the main bar. To add to the fright factor, one of the first-ever autopsies (most likely illegally conducted on a corpse stolen from nearby Highgate Cemetery) is said to have taken place in the pub's Committee Room.

Bleeding Heart Yard

10.  Bleeding Heart Yard

  • Restaurants

The name of this small square is enough to give you chills. It might look pleasant enough, but Bleeding Heart Yard in Farringdon has a horrific history. Legend has it that on January 27 1626 the mutilated body of society beauty Lady Elizabeth Hatton was found in the cobbled courtyard. She had been murdered and her limbs strewn across the ground, but her heart still pumped blood. Gruesome stuff. 

St Bartholomew鈥檚 Hospital Museum

11.  St Bartholomew鈥檚 Hospital Museum

Chill factor 馃拃馃拃 馃拃

Barts is the oldest hospital in Britain (dating back to 1123), but sadly walls can’t talk, so it’s distilled its history into a museum in its north wing, where you can feed your morbid urges with displays of old surgical equipment, marble heads and dusty documents (including one signed by Henry VIII). The real attraction here, though is William Hogarth. Two giant canvases by the artist can be seen from the museum, just above the grand staircase. Apparently, Hogarth was so pissed off about the hospital planning to commission an Italian artist for the job, he painted these haunting Scripture stories for free. 

Old Queen's Head

12.  Old Queen's Head

This Islington boozer is said to be the location of dark goings-on – The Old Queen's House is haunted by both a lady and a little girl. You might not be able to hear her over the sound of karaoke, but the little girl has been reported to weep, slam doors, run around the pub and up the stairs, even overtaking punters as they climb. 

City of London Cemetery and Crematorium

13.  City of London Cemetery and Crematorium

Since the mid 1970's locals have complainted about a brilliant orange light emanating from one of the tombstones in the western section of the City of London Cemetery in Wanstead. Despite repeated attempts, investigators have been unable to find any light source outside the graveyard that could account for the phenomenon. Spooky, eh? 

West Norwood Cemetery Catacombs

14.  West Norwood Cemetery Catacombs

  • West Norwood

Chill factor 馃拃馃拃馃拃馃拃馃拃

Ah, a crepuscular evening among a stack of rotting coffins. How does that sound? That’s just what you’ll find in the dank chambers of the West Norwood Catacombs, an underground resting place for London’s Victorian dead. It might not look it, but these body pigeon holes were built out of a respect for the dead, a way of escaping the unkempt, swampy cemetaries that were overloaded with bodies from the cholera outbreak. The catacombs are rarely open to the public, save for occasional tours from the Friends of West Norwood Cemetery. Remember, it’s a resting place, not a box on the goth bucket list.

15.  Paxton Tunnel

Chill factor 馃拃 馃拃 馃拃 馃拃 馃拃

An old railway line running from Lordship Lane to Crystal Palace is part of Sydenham Hill Woods, its tunnels now inaccessible to walkers. Not that you’d want to step inside; there are (uncorroborated) whisperings of a train carriage that was found inside the blocked-up tunnels, full of skeletons fully dressed in Victorian finery. 

Spaniards Inn

16.  Spaniards Inn

  • Hampstead Heath

Chill factor 馃拃 馃拃

A joint steeped in criminal activity, this Hampstead drinking hole has tight connections with the legendary highwayman Dick Turpin, with one of the pub's bars named after him and some of his weapons on show to punters. The locals will tell you that The Spaniards Inn was Dick's birthplace, then later the location where his many crimes were plotted, and his ghost can supposedly be seen wandering the premises. Other dead dwellers include a former Spanish landlord, Juan Porero, who haunts the pub having been murdered by his brother, Francesco, over a shared love interest. The ghost of an unidentified lady wearing white has also been spotted.

Hunterian Museum

17.  Hunterian Museum

  • Science and technology

Chill factor 馃拃 馃拃馃拃

Bottled human foetuses, preserved monkey heads and misshapen skeletons are some of the creepy specimens that famed Georgian surgeon Sir John Hunter (considered to be the father of scientific surgery) collected to research disease - and they are all on display here (or, they will be, when the musuem re-opens in 2021) at the Royal College of Surgeons musuem. If deformed bodies and organs don't scare you, the early failed attempts at tranplants might. 

The Langham

18.  The Langham

Europe’s first Grand Hotel wowed European royalty with electric lights, hydraulic lifts and air conditioning when it opened in 1865, and it still pulls fans in from around the world – some of those are ghosthunters. The rumours go that room 333 is the hub of all the activity. Apparently, a man in Victorian clothing is often spotted there, while other ghosts have been reportedly seen roaming the corridors. 

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ghost shop in london

20 Of The Most Haunted Places In London To Scare Yourself Silly

Fancy a scare this Halloween ? Head to one of London's haunted places for a frighteningly fun day out.

Samuel Hopkins

Nothing screams Halloween like a building with a haunted past and fortunately, London has many. If the past two years haven’t already scared the living daylights out of you and you’re after a seriously spooky supernatural sighting, here are 20聽haunted places in London and聽near London that won’t disappoint! From children’s hospitals and pubs to the Tower of London itself, this list has it all. Just a thought: It might be a good idea to let your friends and family know you love them beforehand, you know, just in case…

1. The Langham Hotel, Marylebone

View this post on Instagram

You may not want to live the suite life after hearing this terrifying tale at this haunted hotel. The Langham was Europe’s first Grand Hotel and it completely stunned European royalty when it opened in 1895. It was one of the first to feature air conditioning, electric lights and hydraulic lifts, and therefore garnered a lot of attention. It somehow became increasingly popular after poltergeist activity began taking place in the hotel. Rumour has it room 333 was the centre of all activity, and many brave souls travelled far and wide to encounter the spectres. Apparently, a man dressed in Victorian clothing has an affinity with the room, while other ghouls prefers the corridors. Each to their own…

馃搷 1C Portland Place, Marylebone, W1B 1JA.

馃殗聽 Nearest station is Oxford Circus.聽

2. City of London Cemetery and Crematorium, Manor Park

Most cemeteries are terrifying in their own right but the City of London Cemetery may just come in first place. Aside from the towering tombstones and gaudy angel statues, this cemetery also had their fair share of supernatural sightings. For example, from the mid 1970’s dozens of people have complained of a brilliant orange light emerging from inside one of the tombstones! Investigators have attempted to find a light source outside of the graveyard to explain the occurrence but their efforts were to no avail. Lord knows what is going on in that grave…

馃搷 Aldersbrook Road, Manor Park, E12 5DQ.

馃殗聽 Nearest station is Manor Park.聽

3. The Spaniard’s Inn, Hampstead

One of our favourite haunted places in London here. This 16th-century boozer is one of the oldest pubs in London and Charles Dickens himself, no less, was a regular! This Hampstead pub is always buzzing but many are unaware of its chilling past. The legend goes that co-owners Francesco and Juan Porero fought over the affection of a woman and Juan was murdered as a result. He was buried in the garden of the Inn and his ghost has supposedly haunted the building ever since. So be careful when you tuck into your fish and chips or Sunday roast, you might have an unexpected dinner guest. Heck 鈥 even the highwayman Dick Turpin is supposed to make his presence known here too!

馃搷 Spaniards Road, Hampstead, NW3 7JJ.聽

馃殗聽 Nearest station is Golders Green.

4. 50 Berkeley Square, Mayfair

Supposedly the most haunted place in London , the townhouse at 50 Berkeley Square was once home to PM George Canning. However, it was a Mr Meyers who is said to have haunted the building. The story goes that after being jilted by his fianc茅, he became a recluse, locked himself inside the attic and only left to wonder the halls at night by candlelight. He lived this way until died and had quite an impact on those to come. A number of subsequent tenants reported a putrid smell in the halls, the presence of an ominous spirit and many claimed to actually witness Mr Meyers roaming at night.

馃搷 50 Berkeley Square, Mayfair, W1J 5BA.聽

馃殗聽 Nearest stations are Bond Street and Green Park.

5. Tower of London, Tower Hill

This 900-year old fortress is the first place that comes to mind when we think of haunted London . Could it possibly be due to the thousands of executions linked to the Tower? Or perhaps it’s the ten ghosts that have been spotted roaming the halls over the years, including Anne Boleyn herself? Either way Tower Of London is a seriously spooky venue and for those brave enough to venture inside, you’re in for a real (trick or) treat.

One of the most historically famous tales of murder and foul play associated with the building is the story of the Princes in the Tower. The royal brothers Edward V and Richard Shrewsbury were locked in the tower by Richard III and left to die, as a plot to seize the throne. The ghosts of the murdered boys are thought to wander the fortress looking for revenge. Let’s just hope they don’t find you during your visit. There’s even supposedly the ghost of Margaret Pole, The Countess of Salisbury, whose execution in 1541 supposedly took eleven blows of the axe. Yikes!

馃搷 The Tower of London, St Katherine’s & Wapping, 聽EC3N 4AB.

馃殗聽 Nearest station is Tower Hill.

6. Greenwich Foot Tunnel, Greenwich

Ever wondered what it would feel like to star in a horror movie? Head to the Greenwich foot tunnel and you’ll soon find out. This creepy cast iron tunnel runs beneath the River Thames and connects the Isle of Dogs to Greenwich. It opened in 1902 and has served as a spooktacular way to cross the river ever since. Although there are no known (official) ghosts pacing this tunnel, you definitely wouldn’t want to find yourself here alone. The tunnel is 370-meters long with unbearably dim lighting, leaky ceilings and echoes of footsteps that could easily be mistaken for the grim reaper. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

馃搷 The Isle of Dogs / Greenwich, SE10 9HT.

馃殗聽 Nearest station is Cutty Sark.聽

7. Hyde Park Pet Cemetery, Hyde Park

You thought human ghosts were bad? Just you wait. The Secret Pet Cemetery of Hyde Park dates back to the 1880s and houses the remains of over 300 pets. The ghastly graveyard is filled with tiny headstones and the spirits of animals supposedly looking for affection a la Pet Cemetery 鈥 it’s a big fat no from me.

馃搷 Victoria Gate Lodge, W2 2LU.

馃殗聽 Nearest station is聽Paddington.聽

8. The Ten Bells, Spitalfields

The Ten Bells , formerly known as The Jack the Ripper , has a horrifying past. In 1888, Annie Chapman was murdered and mutilated by London’s most notorious serial killer 鈥 Jack the Ripper. In 1996, the pub’s landlord claimed that the building had been taken over by her ghost and has been haunted ever since. If that’s not terrifying enough, ghostly activity has been reported by the staff over the years, including numerous sightings of an elderly man in Victorian clothing walking the halls 鈥 and some staff members say they’ve even been shoved down the stairs. Maybe they just really fancied a pint?

馃搷 84 Commercial Street, Spitalfields, E1 6LY.

馃殗聽 Nearest station is Liverpool Street.聽

9. Bank Underground Station, Bank

Bank Underground Station is an undoubtedly scary place. Ever tried to change platforms in the middle of rush hour? Utterly terrifying. And apparently it’s past is even more harrowing (if that’s possible). From the late 1800s, there have been numerous sightings of a tall figure dressed in black , working its way through the tunnels. Turns out she has a name, The Black Nun, and legend has it she is mourning her executed brother who used to work at the former bank. Can we blame really her? Family comes first after all.

馃搷 Princes Street, EC3V 3LA.

馃殗聽 Nearest station is聽Bank.

10. Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children, Hackney

After the cholera outbreak in 1866, Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital opened in East London to treat hundreds of children and adolescents with the disease. The hospital is no longer functioning, but the abandoned building looks as if it has come straight out of an episode of American Horror Story . Perhaps haunted by the ghosts of its young patients, this hospital is certainly enough to keep you awake at night.

馃搷 Charles Hayward, Goldsmiths Row, E2 8FU.

馃殗聽 Nearest station is聽Cambridge Heath.

SEE ALSO: This Scary Map Of London Reveal’s Our City’s Horrible Past

11. bleeding heart yard, farringdon.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Euy Suk Kwon / 娆婄京閷 (@es_kwon)

Bleeding Heart Yard may look harmless, but looks can be deceiving 鈥 it’s one of the capital’s most haunted places. Back in 1626 the mutilated body of socialite Lady Elizabeth Hatton was found strewn across the courtyard. Her limbs were completely detached from her body and her heart was supposedly still beating, hence the name. Crikey! They say Lady Elizabeth still haunts the place where she died all these years later, which is enough to send chills down anybody’s spine.

馃搷 Bleeding Heart Yard, EC1N 8SJ.

馃殗聽 Nearest station is聽Farringdon.

12. The Flask, Highgate

As well as boasting a gorgeous roasting fireplace, this north London pub is home to a few creepier tenants. Not one but two spectres are thought to haunt The Flask. Apparently a young Spanish barmaid who hanged herself haunts the seating area, whilst a male ghoul sporting a Cavalier uniform lingers around the bar 鈥 it looks like all the bases are covered here! To make matters even worse, the pub’s committee room is where one of the first-ever autopsies took place. Enter at your own risk.

馃搷 77 Highgate West Hill, Highgate, N6 6BU.

馃殗聽 Nearest station is Highgate.

13. Highgate Cemetery, Highgate

And one more cemetery for luck! Highgate Cemetery 聽is notoriously one of the most haunted graveyards in Britain . If that’s not enough to give you nightmares, the half-buried gothic tombstones and headless angel statues may do the trick. It is also home to famous figures like Karl Marx and Douglas Adams, as well as a tall, sinister ghoul with bright red eyes that wonders the cemetery at night. There have even been reported encounters with vampires! Think I’ll be sitting this one out…

馃搷 Swain’s lane, Highgate, N6 6PJ.

14. The Old Queen鈥檚 Head, Islington

The back bar at the Old Queen's Head, with marble busts and ornate green wall details

Billing itself as 鈥楴orth London鈥檚 finest boozer鈥, Islington鈥檚 Old Queen鈥檚 Head is also one of the prettiest pubs around. With sculptures and plinths on show behind the bar and ornately-detailed walls, it鈥檚 an absolutely gorgeous place to unwind or party the night away at their many, regular events 鈥 including karaoke nights, gigs and even neon life-drawing ! And while it鈥檚 pretty as a picture, there is a bit of a dark side to this Islington-based boozer. Rumour has it that this spot is haunted by both a woman and a young girl dressed in Tudor clothing. The girl has apparently been running ahead of people up the stairs, crying and slamming the pub鈥檚 doors. So just your average Friday night then鈥

馃搷 44 Essex Road, N1 8LN.

馃殗 Nearest station is Essex Road.

15. West Norwood Cemetery Catacombs, West Norwood

The exterior facade of the West Norwood Catacombs, on of London's most haunted places

Now when it gets to haunted places in London, you couldn鈥檛 really get creepier than this one. The West Norwood Catacombs is a network of subterranean vaults and dark passages which are the final resting place for around 90 different souls who died back in the Victorian era. As you can imagine, it鈥檚 a fairly creepy place which is rarely open to the public 鈥 it is a burial place after all. The cemetery however, which is a part of London鈥檚 鈥楳agnificent Seven鈥, is open to the public for occasional guided walking tours, and there are numerous spooky-looking Grade I and Grade II-listed structures, tombs and mausoleums here. You can find out more here.

馃搷 Norwood Road, West Norwood, London, SE27 9JU.

馃殗 Nearest station is West Norwood.聽

16. Bruce Castle, Tottenham

The magnificent Bruce Castle and Museum in Tottenham, one of the most haunted places in London

So the name of this 16th Century, Grade I-listed former manor house is a bit of a cheat 鈥 it鈥檚 not technically a castle . However, it鈥檚 one of the two largest and most important Tudor houses remaining in the Greater London area, and it鈥檚 absolutely magnificent it has to be said. Dating back to the time of Robert the Bruce, the house and museum is surrounded by 20 acres of parkland and is rumoured to be haunted by Lady Constantina Lucy who met her grizzly end here back in 1680. Stuck in a loveless marriage, she was locked away in a tiny room under the clock tower by her husband Lord Coleraine. Driven mad by the noise, she managed to escape and then sadly hurled herself off the balcony to her demise.

馃搷 Lordship Lane, London, N17 8NU.

馃殗 Nearest station is Bruce Grove.

And now for some haunted places near London:

17. hampton court palace , hampton court.

The exterior of the magnificent Hampton Court in Hampton Court, Surrey

The magnificent, Grade I-listed Hampton Court Palace was created back in the early 1500鈥檚 and was home to Britain鈥檚 monarchs for well over 200 years, until it was opened to the public back in the early 19th century. Notably, the palace was home to all-round bad egg Henry VIII, who quite liked playing tennis here, in-between executing or divorcing his wives etc. One of those wives, poor Catherine Howard who had her noggin chopped off back in 1542, is believed to scream her way down the aptly-named 鈥楬aunted Gallery鈥 at night. There鈥檚 also been sightings of 鈥楾he Grey Lady鈥 and a shadowy man in a mask too. Yikes! No wonder this is one of the UK’s most haunted places then.

馃搷Hampton Court Way, Molesey, East Molesey, KT8 9AU.

馃殗 Nearest station is Hampton Court.

18. Epping Forest, Theydon Bois

A tree-lined, empty pathway in Epping Forest in London

A north-east London forest that spreads well into Essex, Epping Forest boasts over 6,000 acres of space to explore and it’s one of the haunted places near London for sure. It makes up Greater London鈥檚 largest open space and makes for the perfect spot to unwind and get away from the hustle and bustle of the Big Smoke. It鈥檚 got a rich history too as it dates all the way back to the Iron Age, which means that plenty of ghosts, ghouls and spectres are believed to reside here. It鈥檚 actually billed as the 鈥楿K鈥檚 most haunted forest 鈥, and there鈥檚 rumours of headless bikers, poltergeists, notorious highwaymen and even Boudicca herself haunting this vast and shadowy spot.

馃搷You鈥檒l find Epping Forest at CM16 in Essex.

馃殗 Nearest stations are Loughton and Theydon Bois.聽

19. Hindhead Commons, Surrey

The scenic Handheld Common in Surrey, one of the most haunted spots near London

Another spooky spot here, Hindhead Commons and the Devil鈥檚 Punch Bowl in Surrey are home to wildlife -rich heathland, Europe鈥檚 largest spring-eroded valley and Gibbet鈥檚 Hill 鈥 the second highest spot in the county. While all that sounds lovely, it鈥檚 also supposedly the spot where a sailor who was brutally murdered by three highwaymen 鈥 who were then hanged from a gibbet on 鈥 yep, you guessed it 鈥 Gibbet鈥檚 Hill. Since then, rumours of haunting spectres and shadowy figures have become commonplace. Maybe one to avoid when darkness falls perhaps鈥

馃搷 London Road, Hindhead, GU26 6AG.

馃殗 Nearest station is Haslemere.聽

20. Pluckley, Kent

An aerial view of the village of Pluckley in Kent, one of the most haunted places near London

Rounding off this list of the most haunted places near London is the quaint and picturesque village of Pluckley in Kent. You actually may have heard of this one, as it鈥檚 named in the Guinness Book of World Records as being the 鈥榤ost haunted village in England鈥 with twelve 鈥榦fficial鈥 ghosts! These include the phantom of an elderly woman, a screaming man, a 鈥榬ed lady鈥, a schoolmaster who hanged himself and a shadowy figure who is believed to be a highwayman who was run through with a sword at *ahem* 鈥楩right Corner鈥. Luckily, there鈥檚 a pub called 鈥 The Black Horse鈥 where you can relax with a pint and some tasty grub. Oh, wait 鈥 that鈥檚 supposedly haunted too!

馃搷 The St., Pluckley, Ashford, Kent, TN27 0QS

馃殗 Nearest station is Charing though we鈥檇 recommend driving to this one.

So there you have it 鈥 a roundup of 20 of the most haunted places in and near London. So if you’re wanting to up the fear factor this Halloween, then you now know where to head! Just don’t go when darkness falls…

Enjoy this haunted places in London roundup? Then check out our article on 7 of London’s most haunted underground stations .

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The London Eats List

The London Eats List

16 Haunted Places in London

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16 Haunted Places in London

As an old city, London’s haunted places are a plenty, with lots of ghosts just waiting to spook you! Whether you鈥檙e looking for a Halloween activity, or want to explore the spooky side of the Big Smoke – our guide to haunted London can help you plan your activities!

Table of Contents:

  • Haunted Pubs
  • Spooky Tourist Attractions
  • Haunted Hotels for Your Stay in London
  • Catch a Show at a Haunted Theatre
  • Famous Haunted Houses
  • Creepy Cemeteries

Is London Haunted?

The first civilisation in London was in 47 AD, and in those long years the city has seen a dark past – so it鈥檚 no surprise it鈥檚 haunted. From haunted cemeteries, to haunted pubs, and everything in between – there鈥檚 so much to discover in the dark corners of London鈥檚 past, including a ghost or two.

Haunted Pubs in London

The historic Spaniards Inn in Hampstead

As a nation, us Brits love a pub, and they鈥檝e been around for as long as we have. London is home to some of the oldest public houses in the whole of the UK, and with that comes ghosts and ghouls. Here are 3 of our top haunted London pubs :

  • The Ten Bells, Spitalfields – This 18th century pub has links to two of the victims of Jack the Ripper. It鈥檚 thought that both Mary Kelly and Annie Chapman frequented this pub, and Annie鈥檚 ghost remains to this day.
  • The Spaniards Inn, Hampstead – Located in Hampstead, this ghost is said to be haunted by the ghost of Juan Porero – one of the Spanish brothers who used to own the pub. It鈥檚 said he was killed by his brother over a love triangle. 
  • The Flask, Highgate – The Flask is a haunted place in London that has a resident ghost of a past barmaid. The story goes that the barmaid was in love with the landlord, who declined her advances. 

Haunted Tourist Attractions in London

ghost shop in london

When it comes to London鈥檚 haunted places, some of our tourist attractions are the best places to experience ghosts for yourself. Here are 3 of London’s most haunted tourist attractions to visit:

  • The Tower of London – This iconic London landmark has a long, and bloody history. With a history of executions, and prisoners, there are many ghosts present in the Tower of London. The most famous ghostly resident is Anne Boleyn, she is seen on the Tower Green – where she was beheaded. As well as wandering the corridors.
  • The Clink Museum – The Clink is on the site of the oldest prison in England, and is reported to be frequently haunted. 
  • London Tombs – The London Tombs is part of the London Bridge Experience. The Tombs are located where a plague pit was discovered in 2007. Visitors to the experience have reported feeling ghoulish presences on their visits. 

Haunted Hotels of London

We don鈥檛 know about you, but we鈥檇 probably avoid staying in a haunted hotel. However, if you want to stay in a haunted London hotel, these are the spots:

  • The Langham Hotel – The Langham is noted to be the most haunted hotel in London, with several ghostly residents. These include a German prince who stands by a window on the fourth floor, that he supposedly threw himself out of in life. In room 333, during October (the month of halloween in London ) you鈥檒l find a Victorian male ghost.
  • The Savoy – It is said that The Savoy has a haunted lift that operates on its own, as well as the ghost of a young girl who died in the building. 
  • Grange Blooms Hotel – The George Blooms hotel, close to the British Museum, is said to be haunted by the ghost of Dr John Cumming. You鈥檙e also likely to hear the noises of children playing in the corridor and banging on doors. 

London Theatres Haunted by Actors

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Opera Memories (@operamemories)

Those who love spending time in the West End will need to put these haunted theatres right at the top of their list to visit:

  • Her Majesty鈥檚 Theatre – This theatre is reportedly haunted by Sir Herbert Beerbohm-Tree, a past actor and manager at the place. Audiences who sit in the top box on stage right, complain of sudden temperature drops and the door unexpectedly swinging open.
  • Adelphi Theatre – Actor-manager William Terris haunts this theatre. He was rushed by a minor actor whilst entering the building one day, he died on the stage, with his last words being 鈥淚 will be back.鈥
  • Theatre Royal – Comedian, actor, and manager John Baldwin Buckstone haunts this entertainment spot. After his death he has been seen and heard by many actors to take the stage.

Haunted London Houses

View this post on Instagram A post shared by TheLittleHouseofHorrors (@the.little.house.of.horrors)

No city is without its haunted houses, and whilst we鈥檙e sure there are more than just two located in the Big Smoke, these are just a couple you can see in our city:

  • 50 Berkeley Square, Mayfair – It鈥檚 been said that this is one of the most haunted houses in London. The ghost is reported to be a girl who killed herself in the attic. But that鈥檚 not the only legend held by these 4 walls, it鈥檚 also said that two sailors stayed the night, with one being dead in the morning, the other noted a ghost aggressively watching them.
  • Charlton House, Greenwich – Residents in the house over the years have reported paranormal activity. It鈥檚 said the house is haunted by that of a grey lady, carrying a bundle – that is in the shape of a baby. Staff also report that their belongings mysteriously disappear to be found later in a different part of the house.

Haunted Cemeteries in London

bunhill fields cemetery in Shoreditch

Undoubtedly the most obvious place to feel ghosts in London, is in its old cemeteries, and we have both beautiful and spooky ones:

  • Hyde Park Pet Cemetery – Not usually open to the public, Hyde Park Pet Cemetery is supposedly haunted by the ghosts of the pets buried there. The cemetery was created in either 1880 or 1881, and was a place for Victorian Londoners to lay their pets to rest. 
  • Highgate Cemetery – This London cemetery has long been reported to be haunted by men in dark robes, red-eyed demons, and even a vampire!

About The London Eats List

We鈥檙e here to bring you the best thing to see, do, and eat in our city. Whether you鈥檙e after the best places to go pumpkin picking near London , or simply for the top romantic restaurants to take your amour to – we have the advice for you.

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Living London History

The Ghost Shop Signs Of Spitalfields: A Window To The Past

spitalfields ghost shop signs

Spitalfields is an undeniably fascinating area of London, with a unique sense of community and spirit.

The name comes from the hospital and priory of St Mary’s Spittel founded here in 1197.

Being just outside the old city walls, it has for much of its history been a first port of call in the city for immigrants fleeing hardship. French Huguenots fleeing religious persecution in France settled here in the late 17th century and since then many other migrants have followed suit. You can read more about the architectural legacy of the Huguenots in Spitalfields here .

fournier street houses

As well as this it has always been an area of commerce and production. The now world famous market was established here in the 13th century and each group of migrants brought their own skills and specialities to the area.

Clues to this history can be read in the ghost shop signs still to be seen today. Below I have used my favourite shop signs as a guide through the history of the area.

You know I love a map, so here is one if you wanted to seek them all out for yourself.

Donovan Bros: Irish Migration from the 1730’s

donovan bros spitalfields

After the French Huguenot weavers in the 17th century came the Irish weavers. The migration of the Irish into the area began in the 1730’s with the collapse of the Irish linen trade. There was also a large influx of Irish migrants into London following the potato famine in the 1830’s.

The Donovan Brothers were two such immigrants, fleeing the hardship brought on by the potato famine. Dennis O’Donovan went to America and Jeremiah came to London, at first settling in Aldgate. The paper bag company seen above was founded in the 1930’s . Donovan Bro’s are still operating today under descendants of the family in the New Spitalfields Market in Leyton.

A. Gold: Jewish Migration from the 1880’s

a gold spitalfields

Between 1881 and 1914 over 2.5 million Jews migrated Westwards from Eastern Europe, fleeing religious persecution. The vast majority of these went to America but many also came to London and other cities in Western Europe. From 1880-1970 Spitalfields had a predominantly Jewish population and, with over 40 synagogues, likely one of the largest Jewish communities in Europe.

Annie Gold and her husband Jacob were two of these Jewish migrants. She set up her French millinery (hat-making) business here at 42 Brushfield Street in 1889. Annie and Jacob lived above the shop until 1892.

The synagogue at Sandy’s Row in Spitalfields was first established as a Christian Church in 1766 but was converted into a synagogue in 1867, again showing the changes each new set of migrants brought.

sandy's row synagogue spitalfields

David Kira: Jewish Migration through to today

david kira spitalfields

The Jewish links to the area go right through to the present day. Sam Kira was a Jewish immigrant from Poland who settled in Southend (my home town!) in the 1920’s. Sam set up a banana trading company called El Dorado Bananas.

His son David set up shop at 1 Fournier Street which is the sign that we can still see today. After the Second World War he built up the business to be the market’s foremost banana merchants. It was based here until 1991 and you can read a lovely article here on David’s son Stuart’s return to the site in 2011.

Godfrey Phillips: Industry and Production from the 1900’s

ghost shop in london

Not strictly a shop sign but the area’s industrial links are demonstrated by the Godfrey Phillips art deco cigarette factory on Commercial Street.

Godfrey Phillips founded his tobacco company in 1844. He registered the company as Godfrey Phillips Ltd in 1908, operating from Commercial Street with factories all over the world from Edinburgh to Bombay to Melbourne. In 1936 this new factory and HQ opened at 112 Commercial Street built by GG Scott.

Modern Saree Centre: Bangladeshi Migration from the 1950’s

modern saree centre spitalfields

From the 1950’s through to the 1970’s large numbers of Bangladeshis started migrated into the industrial cities of the UK. In London they settled predominantly in the Spitalfields and Brick Lane area.

This ghost shop sign at number 22 Princelet Street is a great reminder of this stage in the history of Spitalfields.

W & A Jones and Conservation from the 1990’s

Just one door down from David Kira you will find this slightly faded little number.

w & a jones spitalfields

It was apparently once a pawnbrokers but the main reason I have included it is its link to the conservation of the area’s heritage.

This sign was carefully restored by Jim Howett in 1998. He had to use a palette knife to pick away the paint and reveal the writing underneath. Jim also restored A. Gold, David Kira, Verde and Co, so we have a lot to thank him for! He was also commissioned to create signs for new shops so that they would remain in keeping with the character of the area.

Another great article from Spitalfields Life on Jim’s beautiful restoration of the shop signs here .

Verde & Co Ltd and Small Business Challenges from the 2000’s

verde and co spitalfields

The building with the lovely Verde and Co ghost shop sign dates from 1789 (the year of the start of the French revolution for reference). It was a fruit and veg shop on and off for much of its life, with market porters accommodation above.

The, then derelict, Georgian building was bought in 1996 by writer Jeanette Winterson and she opened a deli here in the early noughties.

Sadly she has had to sell it in more recent years due to business rate hikes. My inclusion of Verde and Co is not just for the beautiful sign and history that can be gleaned from it but also as an indication of the challenges the small businesses are facing now in Spitalfields and all over London.

I have heard Montezuma’s , the chocolate shop here now, is great.

The individuality and spirit of small business is what has makes Spitalfields such a popular destination for Londoners and tourists alike today.

Thanks for reading- I hope you enjoyed! More posts below and follow me on Instagram , Facebook or Twitter for more .

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The Hidden History Of Covent Garden: A Self-Guided Walk

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Ghost Whale Craft Beer Shop Putney

Ghost Whale - London's Best Craft Beer Bottle Shop

Welcome to Ghost Whale, a passion for independent craft beer and culture that got a little out of hand and quickly evolved into what's officially been recognised as two of the best craft beer shops in London in the Rate Beer Awards. We stock well over 500 craft beers in our Brixton and Putney bottle shops all available to drink in and take away, backed buy a constantly rotating tap list of incredible draft beer. We also have an online store so you can buy fresh craft beer online from us and have it delivered to your door.

We first opened Ghost Whale Brixton in December 2016. Our flagship bottle shop with a beer garden quickly became known as a friendly, fun neighbourhood beer shop with a huge range of craft beer and 6 tap lines from the best breweries in the UK and around the world.

In August 2019 Ghost Whale Putney opened bringing the concept to SW15 and expand the ever evolving stock further still. With 8 draft lines, 10 fridges and loads of comfortable seating, Ghost Whale Putney is a wonderful place to try some of the best craft beer in London.

Online Shop

Ghost Whale is more than just two great community bottle shops in London, we also have an online shop which means you can buy craft beer online from us hand have it delivered direct to your door. We have well over 400 fresh craft beers available from our fully refrigerated cold store with free shipping options available to the UK and much of Europe.

We work hard to bring you the freshest beers from the very best breweries in the UK, Europe, USA and the rest of the world.聽 UK breweries like Cloudwater , Pressure Drop , DEYA and Verdant are regularly available to buy online. Since first opening our doors in 2016, we have gone out of our way to bring in some of the best breweries from abroad such as Finback , Hoof Hearted , Laughing Monk and Alesmith .

Beer Subscription Clubs

The Ghost Whale Beer Subscription Club is an amazing way to discover new craft beers. Keeping up with the huge number of beers that are released into the world (and our fridges). To solve this first world problem we have created the Ghost Whale Beer Club meaning you'll get a curated box of fresh craft beer delivered to your door in the UK every month (or every 3 months if you'd rather). We'll never repeat a beer so you're always getting something new to try.

What's more, we are the first bottle shop in the UK to offer a Crowler subscription club. Crowlers are cans of fresh draft beer, packed and sealed in-store which can be delivered to your door. Our tap list is changing rapidly and we frequently have exclusive kegs pouring beer that the brewery hasn't packaged. If you can't get to one of our bottle shops in London then this is THE way to try some exclusive draft beers in the comfort of your own home.

With over 50 new craft beers arriving each week, new events and an ever changing tap list, it can be hard to keep up. Don't miss out on a thing, leave us your details to receive our weekly newsletter.

Our entire stock is always available to view and buy through our online shop . We offer a free collect in store service and delivery across the UK and most of the EU.

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York Ghost Merchants – A Quirky Little Gift Shop

  • Paranormal Websites
  • By Sam Ashford
  • First Published: July 15, 2023
  • Last Updated: November 3, 2023

The History of York Ghost Merchants Store

Angus McArthur and David Bloodworth launched The Sorrowful Guild of Master Ghostmakers. Instead of sharing ghost stories, they used their talent and created some of the finest York ghosts. This endeavour led to the launch of the ever-popular York Ghost Merchants in 2019. David Bloodworth explained that the Shambles-based store chose to focus on the 600-year-old tradition of ghost-making.

The tradition of ghost-making dates back to the 1400s. Pilgrims would buy souvenirs to take to the holy shrines to diffuse them with good energy. They would use them as a lucky charm, protecting the pilgrims from evil. York Ghost Merchants follows the very tradition, but the concept is to carve ghosts that can be used to protect against evil for years to come.

Regarded by many as the most haunted city in the world and named the City of a Thousand Ghosts, York houses this remarkable shop on 6 Shambles Street. The building occupied by the very traditional store dates to 1780. Stepping inside the doors of York Ghost Merchants, you get to experience the clear Georgian heritage and witness a piece of York’s rich history.

How Did York Ghost Merchants Become So Popular?

York Ghost Merchants offers unique handcrafted ghosts for sale without going through the traditional process of ghost hunting . Instead, you can buy original York ghosts to add to your collection.

No two ghost figurines are ever the same. The York ghosts are handmade from British materials and hand-painted. This ensures that each piece remains an exclusive and unusual souvenir. The York Ghost Merchant’s workshop is located above the store, but how it’s made remains one of the merchant’s best-kept trades secret.

The Ghostly Experience

The York Ghost Merchant store’s shelving houses more than 600 ghost figures. The walls proudly display eery imagery with spooky figurines in two sizes. What makes the shopping experience remarkable is that every ghost comes with its own ceremony when purchased.

When you find a ghost that selects you, you can photograph your souvenir on a lit pedestal compartment, cleverly hidden in the oak-panelled walls. There is a train set that delivers your ghostly figurine to you. Each ghost comes with a map of York and a carefully packed travel box designed to look like the store.

The York Ghost Product Line

York is famous for its ghost walks and rich history. As soon as you step onto the most extraordinary street in Shambles, you quickly realise why people queueing are content with the long wait. Once you own a ghostly figurine, you can be sure it’s exclusive and can’t be replicated.

Black Box Edition

The Black Box Edition is a highly desired and limited edition for collectors. The collection is sold in a commissioned black box. Each ghostly figurine is made in collaboration with selected skilled crafters and makers. The Black Box Edition includes an insert card providing information about the edition number, batch date, and initials of the Merchant that approved the ghost.

Previous Black Box Editions included polished brass, aluminium, and bronze ghosts. Other original ghosts have been made from oak, copper and stone. Since Black Box Editions are limited, you’ll have to watch the website for details of their release. What makes them so appealing is that these limited edition ghosts can only be purchased online, in-store, from The Understore, or through secret releases.


Strayghosts are compelling, which may be why a TikTok trend earned York Ghost Merchants 1.2 billion views. Strayghosts figurines can appear anywhere in the world. If you fancy a ghost hunt , York Ghost Merchants will post a photograph of the ghosts and provide details of the location鈥攁nyone who finds the spooky souvenir first will get to keep it.

Strayghosts will have the letter ‘R’ or the word ‘Stray’ accompanied by a number or crossed torches to validate their authenticity. So far, ghost figurines have been found in London, New York, and Edinburgh.

Special Events and Releases

Ghost week happens every October and runs from Saturday, the 28th of October, to Sunday, the 5th of November this year. This week-long celebration takes place in the city of York. Some events include exploring The Kirkgate Ghost Count at York Castle Museum and doing a bit of ghost hunting.

In this case, ghost hunting is not capturing disembodied voices or a glimpse of a shadow figure but refers to the ever-popular Little York Ghost Hunt. Hundreds of unique ghostly figurines are hidden in the city streets; anyone lucky to find them can keep them.

Clandestine Releases

Clandestine releases are a small batch of York ghosts that can be released without warning, with no prior announcement or can be run at unscheduled times. Ghost figurines can be released individually or in small numbers at any time and typically sell out quickly.

The Understore

A very creative concept from this impressive store is encrypted The Understore. Accessing The Understore can only be unlocked by solving a series of clues, a password, or finding the crossed torch symbol. The shop Merchants are left in the dark, and anyone asking for a hint or help will be sorely disappointed. However, their website states that an eighteenth-century bookseller can be a useful resource.

York Merchant Ghosts Online Store

The moment intrigued customers step into the store, they can fully enjoy the shopping experience. Shopping online, however, is a little different. Since every ghost is different and not mass-produced, finding an item in stock can be challenging.

The York Merchants Store regularly offers an open order for a limited time frame. They announce the release schedule on their social media pages ahead of time. However, the ghosts sell out quickly, so the store recommends creating an account beforehand to secure your York ghost.

Does York Ghost Merchants have a refund policy?

The store does not have a refund or return policy, nor are replacements for damaged ghosts available. When purchasing your Ghost, it is advised that the receipt and the correct number of the Ghost be checked before leaving the store.

Do York Ghost Merchants accept mail orders, special requests, or email orders?

York Ghost merchants do not accommodate mail orders, special requests, or email orders. You can, however, shop online and select the size and unique spooky figurine.

Are gift vouchers available?

No gift vouchers are available, but the store plans to introduce them in the future.

Is shipping available outside of the United Kingdom?

The store does offer shipping services outside of the UK. You can check their website for information on shipping costs and delivery times.

Sam Ashford

Hey, I'm Sam Ashford! I'm a ghost-hunting expert, writer and founder of SpiritShack. My mission is to help people like yourself learn about spirituality and how to hunt ghosts!

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York Ghost Merchants – A Quirky Little Gift Shop

Angus McArthur and David Bloodworth launched The Sorrowful Guild of Master Ghostmakers. Instead of sharing ghost stories, they used their talent and created some of the finest York ghosts. This endeavour led to the launch of the ever-popular York Ghost Merchants in 2019. David Bloodworth explained that the Shambles-based store chose to focus on the…

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ghost shop in london


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Welcome to the online craft beer shop for Ghost Whale. Here you can buy craft beer from a huge selection of breweries including Cloudwater, Verdant and Pressure Drop. We are proud to stock the biggest range of craft beer in London and it's all available to buy online right here. We have free delivery options to the UK as well as a click and collect option for both our Brixton and Putney stores -聽 click here 聽for details.聽


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  • Kings Walk Shopping Mall , 1588 miles

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  1. The Ghost Shop Signs Of Spitalfields: A Window To The Past

    ghost shop in london

  2. The Ghost Shop Signs Of Spitalfields: A Window To The Past

    ghost shop in london

  3. The Ghost Shop Signs Of Spitalfields: A Window To The Past

    ghost shop in london

  4. London Ghost Tour

    ghost shop in london

  5. The Ghost Shop Signs Of Spitalfields: A Window To The Past

    ghost shop in london

  6. Ghost London opens new store at premium retail outlet Gunwharf Quay

    ghost shop in london


  1. Ghost Shop

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  1. Buy Women's Dresses & Clothing

    SHOP SALE . . . Our Instagram Follow Ghost Buy women's designer fashion directly from Ghost Official online store. Ghost is a London fashion house producing contemporary, affordable luxury ladies clothing.

  2. The York Ghost Merchants

    A most remarkable shop on the most extraordinary street in the most haunted city in the world. We are the makers and sellers of the Original and finest York Ghosts.

  3. Ghost London

    London W12 7GF 0208 740 5866 Opening Times Monday - Saturday: 10:00 - 21:00 Sunday: 12:00 - 18:00. [email protected]. Kingston . 20 Market Place ... Sign up to the Ghost Newsletter today to receive exclusive updates and offers. Submit. Assistance Delivery ; Returns ; How To Return ...

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    Dare to set foot in spine-tingling London scary attractions, go on a London ghost tour or get the chills at haunted hotspots. If you're in London on or around 31 October, you'll find many more spooky things to do on Halloween in London. 1. Historical horrors The Tower of London at night 漏 Historic Royal Palaces.

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    Recommended: Find spooky atmosphere galore at London's most haunted pubs. ... This cosy magical shop in east London sells all the right witchy accessories, including candles, potions and spell ...

  6. 20 Most Horrifying and Haunted Places in London

    1. Westminster Abbey Westminster Abbey in London, England Westminster Abbey is a must-see attraction in London as it is a 1000-year-old historical church located west of the Palace of Westminster. It is the "burial site" of several kings, queens, and artists. It was formerly named the Collegiate Church of St. Peter.

  7. SpiritShack: Paranormal and Ghost Hunting Equipment Shop

    Our SpiritShack online shop offers all the items that paranormal investigators and ghost hunters need. Unlike the rest, we have the expert knowledge and experience to help advise you. We have over 10 years of experience in the paranormal field. And we stock quality night vision lights to EMF meters and Ouija boards.

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  9. Ghost London Storefinder. All In London

    Find all of the Ghost stores in London Ghost (Shepherd's Bush) 2029A, Westfield London, Ariel Way, Shepherd's Bush, London, W12 7SH Nearest Station Wood Lane 0.17 miles Ghost (Hendon) 1, Brent Cross Shopping Centre, Prince Charles Drive, Hendon, London, NW4 3FL Nearest Station Brent Cross 0.44 miles Ghost (Mayfair)

  10. Ready To Wear Collection of Boho Inspired Clothing

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  11. About The Brand

    The iconic British brand, Ghost London, launched four decades ago and has since become an established fashion house producing women's contemporary clothing. Maintaining a contemporary vintage feel, Ghost's collections are known for their feminine aesthetic, modern silhouettes and signature garment dyed pieces.

  12. Ghost Store

    Ghost Store at Westfield London Ghost Open today From 10:00 AM to 09:00 PM Visit Website Go there The iconic British brand, Ghost London, launched nearly four decades ago and has since become an established fashion house producing women's contemporary clothing.

  13. The most haunted places in London

    1. Hyde Park. Attractions. Sightseeing. Hyde Park. Chill factor 馃拃馃拃馃拃馃拃. Cemeteries are creepy territory and London is home to plenty. This burial ground for pets in Hyde Park (just ...

  14. Haunted Places In London: 20 Spooky Spots In The City

    Aldersbrook Road, Manor Park, E12 5DQ. Nearest station is Manor Park. 3. The Spaniard's Inn, Hampstead View this post on Instagram One of our favourite haunted places in London here. This 16th-century boozer is one of the oldest pubs in London and Charles Dickens himself, no less, was a regular!

  15. 16 Haunted Places in London

    Culture London Guides Things to Do 16 Haunted Places in London As an old city, London's haunted places are a plenty, with lots of ghosts just waiting to spook you! Whether you're looking for a Halloween activity, or want to explore the spooky side of the Big Smoke - our guide to haunted London can help you plan your activities! Table of Contents:

  16. The Ghost Shop Signs Of Spitalfields: A Window To The Past

    From the 1950's through to the 1970's large numbers of Bangladeshis started migrated into the industrial cities of the UK. In London they settled predominantly in the Spitalfields and Brick Lane area. This ghost shop sign at number 22 Princelet Street is a great reminder of this stage in the history of Spitalfields.

  17. Ghost Whale

    Ghost Whale craft beer shop in London. 400+ craft beers to drink in or take away at our bottle shops in Brixton, Putney or buy online for free UK delivery.

  18. Ghost London

    London W12 7GF 0208 740 5866 Opening Times Monday - Saturday: 10:00 - 21:00 Sunday: 12:00 - 18:00. Kingston . 20 Market Place Kingston-Upon-Thames KT1 1JP ... Sign up to the Ghost Newsletter today to receive exclusive updates and offers. Submit. Assistance Helpdesk ; Delivery ; Returns ...

  19. York Ghost Merchants: A Unique Gift Shop with a Spooky Twist

    Regarded by many as the most haunted city in the world and named the City of a Thousand Ghosts, York houses this remarkable shop on 6 Shambles Street. The building occupied by the very traditional store dates to 1780.

  20. Sale

    SALE Enjoy our Sale collection, discover a range of our signature styles, from floral midi dresses, contemporary separates and satin occasionwear. Whether you're heading to a wedding, attending a party, or simply looking to refresh your wardrobe, there will be something to see you through the season.

  21. Ghost Whale: the best craft beer bottle shop in London

    Buy the best craft beer online from Ghost Whale. Our London shops in Brixton and Putney have over 500 craft beers in stock from breweries like Cloudwater, Deya and Pressure Drop. We also have fresh draft beer available to drink in or take away in Crowlers and Growlers.

  22. Ghost in London

    Ghost in UK near you. The Galleria 3813 miles. Kings Walk Shopping Mall 3822 miles. List of Ghost stores in London - 1 shops in directory - opening times, location and address, phone, contact information. Use Ghost in London store locator to find shops near you. Map view and GPS.

  23. The 13 Ghosts Of The Tower Of London

    Here are the 13 ghosts of the Tower of London, in all their gory glory. 1. Guy Fawkes. Guy Fawkes was taken to the Tower of London after his part in a plot to assassinate James I at Parliament in 1605. Imprisoned in the Queen's House, Guy Fawkes was subjected to intense torture, likely on the rack in the White Tower dungeons.